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Capacitor patents

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Arrangement and method for controlling light-emitting diodes in accordance with an input voltage level, by means of a…

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden Ag

Arrangement and method for controlling light-emitting diodes in accordance with an input voltage level, by means of a…

Anti flicker circuit for a led direct driver under low input voltage operation

Anti flicker circuit for a led direct driver under low input voltage operation

Anti flicker circuit for a led direct driver under low input voltage operation

Samsung Electronics

Analog baseband filter apparatus for multi-band and multi-mode wireless transceiver and method for controlling the…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Capacitor-related patents
 High voltage polymer dielectric capacitor isolation device patent thumbnailHigh voltage polymer dielectric capacitor isolation device
An electronic isolation device is formed on a monolithic substrate and includes a plurality of passive isolation components. The isolation components are formed in three metal levels.
Texas Instruments Incorporated
 Arrangement and  controlling light-emitting diodes in accordance with an input voltage level, by means of a capacitor and switch patent thumbnailArrangement and controlling light-emitting diodes in accordance with an input voltage level, by means of a capacitor and switch
An arrangement and a method for controlling an array of light-emitting diodes includes a capacitor arranged in series with an electronic switch between one end of a first segment of the array and a constant-current source. A first terminal of the capacitor is connected to the one end and a second terminal of the capacitor is connected to the switch.
Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden Ag
 Anti flicker circuit for a led direct driver under low input voltage operation patent thumbnailAnti flicker circuit for a led direct driver under low input voltage operation
An anti-flicker circuit for an led direct driver under low input voltage operation, the led direct driver at least having a current source, and the anti-flicker circuit comprises a first path having a first resistor, a second path having a second resistor, a filter capacitor and a comparator having a reference voltage. The filter capacitor is connected to the first path, the second path and the current source of the led direct driver, and discharges current via the first path.
 Analog baseband filter  multi-band and multi-mode wireless transceiver and  controlling the filter apparatus patent thumbnailAnalog baseband filter multi-band and multi-mode wireless transceiver and controlling the filter apparatus
An analog baseband filter apparatus for a multi-mode and multi-band wireless transceiver and a method for controlling the analog baseband filter apparatus are provided. The analog baseband filter apparatus includes a plurality of radio frequency (rf) units, each of the plurality of rf units being for receiving rf signals of one of a plurality of frequency bands and outputting baseband signals, a plurality of filter blocks for filtering and amplifying the baseband signals, and a switching unit for connecting at least two of the plurality of rf units to at least one of the plurality of filter blocks according to a selected communication mode, wherein the at least one of the plurality of filter blocks is configured to be connected to a capacitor region of an adjacent filter block from among the plurality of filter blocks..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Dynamic error vector magnitude compensation patent thumbnailDynamic error vector magnitude compensation
Aspects of this disclosure relate to compensating for dynamic error vector magnitude. A compensation circuit can generate a compensation signal based at least partly on an amount of time that an amplifier, such as a power amplifier, is turned off between successive transmission bursts of the amplifier.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
 Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and associated control method patent thumbnailSuccessive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and associated control method
The present invention provides a successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter (sar adc), where a high bit capacitor of the sar adc is composed of a plurality of sub-capacitors, and these sub-capacitors are calibrated when the sar adc is working. Therefore, the working speed of the sar adc will not be influenced.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
 Capacitor sensor circuit with rectifier and integrator patent thumbnailCapacitor sensor circuit with rectifier and integrator
A capacitor sensor circuit may be used in application such as touch screens. The capacitor sensor circuit includes a transimpedance amplifier, a filter module, a rectifier, an integrator and an analog to digital converter.
 Programmable phase shifter with tunable capacitor bank network patent thumbnailProgrammable phase shifter with tunable capacitor bank network
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for a programmable phase shifter. In some example embodiments, there is provided an apparatus.
Nokia Corporation
 Three-dimensional wire bond inductor patent thumbnailThree-dimensional wire bond inductor
An inductor is provided on a substrate that includes a capacitor. The inductor comprises a series of wire loops.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Amplifier, fully-differential amplifier and delta-sigma modulator patent thumbnailAmplifier, fully-differential amplifier and delta-sigma modulator
An amplifier includes a front-end gain stage and an ac-coupled push-pull output stage. The ac-coupled push-pull output stage includes a first transistor, having a source, a drain and a gate, wherein the source of the first transistor is coupled to a first voltage level.
Mediatek Inc.

Oscillator and power management apparatus

An oscillator includes a transformer, a first capacitor, a first transistor, a depletion or native second transistor, and a current control circuit. The transformer includes a primary winding configured to receive an input voltage and a secondary winding configured to boost the input voltage to generate an output voltage.
Fujitsu Limited

Pre-charging system for a capacitor in a voltage inverter for an electric motor

A pre-charging system for a capacitor in a voltage inverter for an electric motor is provided. The system includes a microprocessor that generates a first control signal, and a pre-charging circuit coupled to the microprocessor.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Motor driving device and air conditioner including the same

A motor driving device includes a rectifier to rectify inputted alternating current (ac) power, a boost converter to boost and to output the power rectified by the rectifier, and an inverter including a plurality of switching devices to output converted ac power to a motor using a voltage from the boost converter. Accordingly, a voltage utilization ratio of a voltage input to an inverter in the motor driving device using a low-capacitance capacitor is enhanced..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Power supply apparatus with variable circuit loop impedance

When a power conversion unit is in a working mode, the power conversion unit converts an alternating current power from an alternating current power supply apparatus into a direct current power. Then, the power conversion unit sends a power starting signal to a first switch control unit.
Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Electric power converter

An electric power converter includes a capacitor, a bridge circuit that includes a plurality of switching elements, a transformer, a secondary side rectifier circuit, a smoothing circuit, a detector that detects a value based on at least one of a capacitor voltage and a current flowing from the capacitor, and a control device that outputs a primary side drive signal to turns on/off each of the plurality of switching elements at a switching frequency, the control device increasing the switching frequency when the detected value increases, the control device reducing the switching frequency when the detected value decreases.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Resonant bidirectional converter, uninterruptible power supply apparatus, and control method

The present invention provides a resonant bidirectional converter, an uninterruptible power supply apparatus, and a control method. The resonant bidirectional converter includes: a filter capacitor, three primary side bridge arms, a resonant cavity, three transformers, and three secondary side bridge arms, where two ends of each of the primary side bridge arms are separately connected to two ends of a bus capacitor, each of the primary side bridge arms includes two semiconductor switch that are serially connected in a same direction, and any connection point located between the two semiconductor switch of the primary side bridge arm that are serially connected in the same direction is a first connection point..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus

The power supply apparatus includes a first capacitor and a second capacitor that insulate a primary side and a secondary side of the power supply apparatus from each other. The power supply apparatus further includes an inductor, a first switch element connected to the inductor and to the first capacitor, and a second switch element connected to the inductor and to the second capacitor.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Interleaved soft switching boost converter

An interleaved double boost converter including two simple boost converters each having a diode, an input inductor, a switch connected to the anode of the diode and a filter capacitor connected to the cathode of the diode, the two switches and the two filter capacitors being connected at a mid-point, the interleaved double boost converter further including a control circuit controlling the switches adapted to control: at a first phase, the opening of a first switch the other remaining closed, both switches initially being closed; at a second phase, the opening of the second switch which had remained closed; and at a third phase, the closing of both switches.. .
General Electric Company

Dc/dc converter and display device

There are provided a dc/dc converter and a display device. The dc/dc converter includes: an inductor connected to an input terminal; a switching element connected between the inductor and the earth; a diode connected between the inductor and an output terminal; a capacitor connected between the output terminal and the earth; a feedback circuit connected between the output terminal and the earth and outputting a feedback voltage; and an oscillating circuit performing an on/off control of the switching element at a frequency corresponding to the received feedback voltage.
Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

Switching regulator and electronic apparatus

A switching regulator is provided which can prevent overshooting in an output voltage even when a source voltage is returned to a normal voltage from a voltage lower than a desired output voltage of the switching regulator. The switching regulator includes a 100% duty detector circuit that detects that a pwm comparator is in a 100%-duty state and a discharge accelerator circuit that detects that the output of an error amplifier discharges the voltage of a phase compensating capacitor and that accelerates the discharge, and activates the discharge accelerator circuit when the 100% duty detector circuit detects the 100%-duty state..
Seiko Instruments Inc.

Electrolytic capacitor-less ac/dc converter and controlling method thereof

An ac/dc converter is disclosed. The proposed ac/dc converter generates an output voltage and includes a current ripple eliminator having an input terminal, an energy storage capacitor and an output terminal, wherein the input terminal has an input voltage, the output terminal generates a pure ac component of a voltage feedback signal based on the output voltage, when the input voltage is larger than a first reference voltage, the energy storage capacitor stores a difference between the input voltage and the first reference voltage as an electric energy, otherwise, the energy storage capacitor releases the electric energy to the input voltage, and an operational amplifier operating the ac component and a second reference voltage to determine when the storage capacitor should store or release the electric energy to minimize a ripple of an output power thereof..
National Cheng Kung University

Power conversion apparatus and control chip thereof

A power conversion apparatus is provided. The power conversion apparatus receives an ac input power by an input side and includes a capacitor, an ac-to-dc conversion unit and a discharge unit.
Niko Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Method and circuit for changing capacitance value of output capacitor of power factor corrector

A method for changing a capacitance value of an output capacitor of a power factor corrector (pfc) includes applying ac power to a power conversion circuit. It is sensed whether an instantaneous power failure occurs in the ac power.
Hyundai Motor Company

Methods to characterize an embedded interface of a cmos gate stack

Metal gate high-k capacitor structures with lithography patterning are used to extract gate work function using a combinatorial workflow. Oxide terracing, together with high productivity combinatorial process flow for metal deposition can provide optimum high-k gate dielectric and metal gate solutions for high performance logic transistors.
Intermoleular, Inc.

Embedded three-dimensional capacitor

An embedded capacitor is provided that includes a substrate having a dielectric-filled window. A metal-insulator-metal structure lines a plurality of vias extending through the dielectric-filled window and covers at least partially opposing sides of the dielectric-filled window..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Zro-based high k dielectric stack for logic decoupling capacitor or embedded dram

A zirconium oxide based dielectric material is used in the formation of decoupling capacitors employed in microelectronic logic circuits. In some embodiments, the zirconium oxide based dielectric is doped.
Intermolecular, Inc.

Organic light emitting diode display device and fabricating the same

An organic light emitting diode display device comprises a driving thin film transistor including a first semiconductor layer, a gate insulating layer formed on the first semiconductor layer. The device further includes a storage capacitor including a first capacitor electrode electrically coupled to a drain electrode of the driving thin film transistor, a buffer layer formed on the first capacitor electrode, a second semiconductor layer formed on the buffer layer, and a second capacitor electrode formed on the second semiconductor layer and electrically coupled to a gate electrode of the driving thin film transistor.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

It is an object to obtain a liquid crystal display device in which a contact defect is reduced, increase in contact resistance is suppressed, and an opening ratio is high. The present invention relates to a liquid crystal display device having a substrate; a thin film transistor provided over the substrate, which includes a gate wiring, a gate insulating film, an island-shaped semiconductor film, a source region, and a drain region; a source wiring which is provided over the substrate and is connected to the source region; a drain electrode which is provided over the substrate and is connected to the drain region; an auxiliary capacitor provided over the substrate; a pixel electrode connected to the drain electrode; and a protective film fanned so as to cover the thin film transistor and the source wiring, where the protective film has an opening, and the auxiliary capacitor is formed in the area where the opening is formed..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device, manufacturing the same, display unit, and electronic apparatus

A semiconductor device includes: a transistor having an oxide semiconductor film; and a retention capacitor having a first conductive film and a second conductive film, the first conductive film containing an oxide material and being in contact with the oxide semiconductor film, and the second conductive film facing the first conductive film with an insulating film in between.. .
Sony Corporation

Display device, semiconductor device, and manufacturing display device

A display device according to the present disclosure includes: a transistor section that includes a gate insulating film, a semiconductor layer, and a gate electrode layer, the semiconductor layer being laminated on the gate insulating film, the gate electrode film being laminated on an opposite side to the semiconductor layer of the gate insulating film; a first capacitor section that includes a first metal film and a second metal film, the first metal film being disposed at a same level as wiring layers that are electrically connected to the semiconductor layer and is disposed over the transistor section, the second metal film being disposed over the first metal film with a first interlayer insulating film in between; and a display element that is configured to be controlled by the transistor section.. .
Sony Corporation

Method and improving read margin for an sram bit-cell

Described is a 6t sram cell which comprises: a first n-type transistor with a gate terminal coupled to word-line, source/drain terminal coupled to a first bit-line and drain/source terminal coupled to a first node; and a second n-type transistor with a source terminal coupled to a first supply node, a drain terminal coupled to the first node, and a gate terminal for coupling to multiple terminals, wherein the gate terminal includes a capacitor to increase coupling capacitance of the second n-type transistor. Described is a method which comprises: forming a metal gate in a first direction; forming a first spacer in the first direction on one side of the metal gate, the first spacer having a first dimension; and forming a second spacer in the first direction on another side of the metal gate, the second spacer having a second dimension which is substantially different from the first dimension..

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a bit line structure on a substrate, the bit line structure having a polysilicon layer pattern doped with impurities, and a metal layer pattern on the polysilicon layer pattern, a first spacer surrounding and contacting a sidewall of the bit line structure, the first spacer having a constant thickness, and a capacitor contact structure on the substrate, an air gap being defined between the capacitor contact structure and the first spacer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device, light-emitting device, and electronic device

An object is to prevent an operation defect and to reduce an influence of fluctuation in threshold voltage of a field-effect transistor. A field-effect transistor, a switch, and a capacitor are provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Electrical circuit to impedance match a source and a load at multiple frequencies, method to design such a circuit

A “load circuit” connected in parallel to the series-connected “tune circuit” and load, and comprising at least one of or both an inductor and a capacitor in parallel; and the component values of the tune and load circuits are chosen such that, for the lower frequency, the matching circuit follows a negative load reactance path in a smith chart, and for the higher frequency, the matching circuit follows a positive load reactance path in the smith chart.. .

Hybrid electrochemical capacitor

Hybrid electrochemical capacitors, electronic devices using such capacitors, and associated methods are disclosed. In an example, a hybrid electrochemical capacitor can include a first electrode made from mg, na, zn, al, sn, or li, a second electrode made from a porous material such as porous carbon or passivated porous silicon, and an electrolyte.

Wet capacitor cathode containing an alkyl-substituted poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)

A wet electrolytic capacitor that contains an anodically oxidized porous anode body, a cathode containing a metal substrate coated with a conductive coating, and a working electrolyte that wets the dielectric on the anode. The conductive coating contains an alkyl-substituted poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) having a certain structure.
Avx Corporation

Manganese oxide capacitor for use in extreme environments

A capacitor assembly for use in high voltage and high temperature environments is provided. More particularly, the capacitor assembly includes a capacitor element containing an anodically oxidized porous, sintered body that is coated with a manganese oxide solid electrolyte.
Avx Corporation

Magnetic supercapacitors

A magnetic supercapacitor has a dielectric layer positioned between magnetic layers. The magnetic layers may comprise hard, soft magnetic material or magnetic exchange coupled magnet (i.e.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama For And On Behalf Of The University Of Alabama

Multilayer ceramic capacitor and fabricating the same

There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including: a capacitor main body formed by alternately stacking an internal electrode including an internal electrode-forming material and a dielectric layer; and an external electrode formed on the external surface of the capacitor to be electrically connected to the internal electrode and having an external electrode-forming material, wherein the internal electrode includes a non-diffusion layer including the external electrode-forming material of 2 vol % to 20 vol % and a diffusion layer made of the external electrode-forming material on at least one of the both ends of the non-diffusion layer. The multilayer ceramic capacitor capable of preventing cracking due to the diffusion of electrode materials while stably securing capacitance and the method of fabricating the same can be provided..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Multilayer ceramic capacitor

A multilayer ceramic capacitor may include: a ceramic body; first and second external electrodes; first and second internal electrodes; third and fourth internal electrodes being adjacent to the first and second internal electrodes in a thickness direction of the ceramic body, respectively; and first floating electrodes misaligned with the third and fourth internal electrodes in the thickness direction of the ceramic body within the ceramic body and having both end portions overlapped with portions of the third and fourth internal electrodes, respectively. When a distance between the first internal electrode and the third internal electrode or between the second internal electrode and the fourth internal electrode is a and a distance between the third or fourth internal electrode and the first floating electrode is b, b>a may be satisfied..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Hybrid nand with all-bl m-page operation scheme

This invention discloses 2d or 3d nand flash array in two-level bl-hierarchical structure with flexible multi-page or random-page-based concurrent, mixed slc and mlc read, program or program-verify operations including bit-flipping for each program state or any combinations of above operations. Tracking techniques of self-timed control and algorithm of programming, read and local-bit line (lbl) voltage generations are proposed for enhancing automatic controls over charging and discharging of a plurality of wls and lbls in one or more randomly selected blocks in one or more segments of one or more groups in a nand plane for m-page concurrent operations using vdd/vss to vinh/vss program page data conversion, multiple pseudo caches based on lbl capacitors for storing raw slc and msb/lsb loaded page data, writing back or reading from sense-amplifier, program/read buffer, real chche, and multiple pseudo caches with m-fold reduction in latency and power consumption..
Aplus Flash Technology, Inc.

Electronic circuit, driving the same, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus

At a writing time, a first transistor 412 is turned on so that a data signal xj is supplied to one end of a capacitor 420. At this time, since a second transistor 414 is turned off, driving current does not flow to an organic light emitting diode (oled) device 430.
Intellectual Keystone Technology Llc

Pixel circuit, display device including the same and driving the display device

A pixel circuit is capable of maintaining a display quality even in cases where an input transistor has a low mobility, or where it is impossible to take a sufficient selection period for each scanning line. A pixel circuit includes an organic el element (oled), transistors, and a capacitor.
Sharp Kabushki Kaisha

Test sensor with code information and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention provides a test sensor with code information and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method of the test sensor with code information includes the following steps of: determining a corresponding relationship between code information of a test sensor and resistance or capacitance of an smd resistor or smd capacitor; and disposing the smd resistor or smd capacitor with a corresponding resistance or capacitance on a middle carrying plate or a base plate.
Hangzhou Sejoy Electronics & Instruments Co., Ltd

Near field communication with matching circuitry

A matching circuit of a near field communication (nfc) device includes a resonance unit connected between a first terminal and a second terminal of an antenna. The antenna is responsive to an electromagnetic wave.

Touch panel control circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit using the same

A touch panel control circuit includes a plurality of drive circuits which are connected to y sensor electrodes, respectively, and which apply a plurality of pulses to a corresponding y sensor electrode for every predetermined period, and a plurality of detection circuits which are connected to x sensor electrodes, respectively. Each of the detection circuits includes a switched capacitor circuit that continues sampling of a signal from each of the x sensor electrodes, to which the detection circuits are connected, not only at a timing that is in synchronization with the plurality of pulses that are applied to the y sensor electrodes, but also at a timing at which the pulses are not applied to the y sensor electrodes.
Synaptics Display Devices Kk

Electronic circuit with self-calibrated ptat current reference and actuating the same

The electronic circuit with a self-calibrated ptat current reference includes a ptat current generator dependent on at least one integrated resistor for supplying a ptat output current. It further includes a reference current generator dependent on at least one switched capacitor resistor, for supplying a reference current.
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

Cc-cv method to control the startup current for ldo

Methods and circuits for linearly controlling a limited, constant current during startup of ldos, amplifiers, or dc-to-dc converters independent of load capacitor size and controlling a clean transition without glitches from a constant current (cc) mode during startup to a constant voltage (cv) mode during normal operation (cc-cv method) are disclosed. The constant current control loop and the constant voltage control loop are implemented in such a way that at the end of startup the voltage loop has taken over control and the current loop is moved far away from its active transistor region, allowing a switch of modes to occur without any nasty transitions on the output..
Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

Array substrate, display panel, display device and driving array substrate

Embodiments of the invention provide an array substrate, a display panel, a display device and a method for driving an array substrate. The array substrate includes gate lines, data lines, pixel tfts and pixel electrodes and compensation capacitors on the array substrate; in every two adjacent rows of gate lines in at least a part of the rows on the array substrate, pixel tfts connected with one gate line are a first type of tfts, and pixel tfts connected with an other gate line are a second type of tfts; and in the at least a part of the rows, each of the pixel electrodes is arranged correspondingly with one of the compensation capacitors, and each of the compensation capacitors has one end electrically connected to the pixel electrode corresponding thereto and another end electrically connected to a gate line in a next row..
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing therefor

In an active matrix type liquid crystal display device, in which functional circuits such as a shift register circuit and a buffer circuit are incorporated on the same substrate, an optimal tft structure is provided along with the aperture ratio of a pixel matrix circuit is increased. There is a structure in which an n-channel tft, with a third impurity region which overlaps a gate electrode, is formed in a buffer circuit, etc., and an n-channel tft, in which a fourth impurity region which does not overlap the gate electrode, is formed in a pixel matrix circuit.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Validation of capacitor bank operation

A system for validating an operation of a capacitor bank is disclosed. The system can include a first capacitor of the capacitor bank electrically coupled to a first power line.
Cooper Technologies Company

Capacitor failure

A circuit is arranged to detect a voltage imbalance indicative of component failure and, upon such detection, convey an optical signal to indicate that a component appears to have failed.. .
Control Techniques Limited

Microelectromechanical system and methods of use

Methods of measuring displacement of a movable mass in a microelectromechanical system (mems) include driving the mass against two displacement-stopping surfaces and measuring corresponding differential capacitances of sensing capacitors such as combs. A mems device having displacement-stopping surfaces is described.
Purdue Research Foundation

Pressure sensor

Provided is a pressure sensor that is equipped with a pressure detection element and is capable of preventing data of an eprom from being lost by application of high-voltage pulse noise to a writing terminal. A gnd terminal (21d) that is one of output terminals of the pressure detection element (21) and an eprom drain terminal (21h) that is one of eprom writing terminals are connected via a capacitor (60).
Fujikoki Corporation

Electronic circuit for measuring rotational speed in a mems gyroscope and actuating the circuit

The electronic circuit measures angular speed in a gyroscope, which includes a mass connected to a spring and a damping element, an actuation capacitor for actuating the mass and a detection capacitor for detecting motion of the mass. The electronic circuit includes a measurement resistor, which is connected to the moving mass and has a variation in resistive value equal to the oscillation frequency of the mass.
Em Microelectronic-marin Sa

Device for measuring the wear of a ball-and-socket joint, ball-and-socket joint incorporating said device and measuring the wear of such a ball-and-socket joint

A device adapted to measure the wear of a ball-and-socket joint. The ball-and-socket joint comprising a first ring, which delimits a spherical housing, a second spherical ring, which is positioned concentrically in the housing of the first ring, and a lining, which is made from an elastically insulating material and is inserted between the second ring and the spherical housing of the first ring.
Skf Aerospace France

Uninterruptible power supply systems using electrohydraulic energy storage

A power supply system includes an inverter configured to be coupled to a load and an energy storage device, such as one or more capacitors, coupled to a dc input of the inverter. The power supply system further includes an electrohydraulic energy storage system configured to be coupled to the load and including a hydraulic accumulator, a generator, and a hydraulic motor mechanically coupling the generator and the hydraulic accumulator, along with a control circuit configured to control the electrohydraulic energy storage system responsive to a state of an ac power source coupled to the load..
Eaton Corporation

Method for low-temperature preparation of graphene and of graphene-based composite material

Provided is a method for room-pressure and low-temperature preparation of graphene, comprising: heat treating a compound of graphite oxide and sulfuric acid in either room pressure or negative pressure at a temperature between 50 and 400° c., thus converting graphite oxide into graphene. Also provided is a method for low-temperature preparation of a graphene composite material.
Wuhan University

Graphene aerogels

Graphene aerogels with high conductivity and surface areas including a method for making a graphene aerogel, including the following steps: (1) preparing a reaction mixture comprising a graphene oxide suspension and at least one catalyst; (2) curing the reaction mixture to produce a wet gel; (3) drying the wet gel to produce a dry gel; and (4) pyrolyzing the dry gel to produce a graphene aerogel. Applications include electrical energy storage including batteries and supercapacitors..
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Impedance matching circuit

An impedance matching circuit may be used to adjust for manufacturing and design tolerances in a surgical instrument. The matching circuit may match the load of a thermal element with the impedance of a power source used to deliver electrical energy to the surgical instrument.
Domain Surgical, Inc.

Capacitor embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof

A capacitor embedded substrate and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The capacitor embedded substrate in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a ceramic layer having a first circuit included therein; a receiving grooved formed on one surface of the ceramic layer; a capacitor being inserted in the receiving groove; a polymer layer being laminated on the ceramic layer in such a way that the capacitor is embedded in the receiving groove and comprising a second circuit electrically connected with the first circuit; and a via electrode being connected with the capacitor by penetrating the polymer layer..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Multi-layer printed circuit board

A multi-layer printed circuit board includes a first layer, a second layer, at least one third layer, a conductive via hole, and a capacitor electronically coupled to the conductive via hole. The at least one third layer is sandwiched between the first and second layers.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Lighting device

A lighting device includes a rectifier circuit for rectifying an ac voltage, a power-factor correction circuit for inputting the rectified voltage from the rectifier circuit to generate a first dc voltage, a capacitor for smoothing the rectified voltage to generate a second dc voltage, a first lighting power supply, and a second lighting power supply. The first lighting power supply, of which input power supply is the first dc voltage, supplies lighting power to a first light source including one or more light emitting devices.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Led driver with transformerless hysteretic boost

A system and apparatus including a light emitting diode (led) driver provides an operating dc voltage to a plurality of leds connected in series (led array) for providing illumination. A rectifier circuit and a filter are coupled to an ac power supply and provide a rectified and filtered dc source voltage to a transformerless voltage boost circuit, which provides the operating dc voltage to the led array.
General Electric Company

Lighting device and luminaire

A lighting device includes a constant-current circuit, a smoothing capacitor, a bypass circuit, a detection unit, and a bypass control unit. The constant-current circuit supplies a constant current to a plurality of solid-state light-emitting elements connected in series.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Passive equalizer

Series resistance rs is connected in series between an input terminal 1 and an output terminal 3, and a resonant circuit 11 including an inductor l1 and a capacitor c1, and a resonant circuit 13 including an inductor l3 and a capacitor c3 are connected between the input terminal 1 and the output terminal 3, in parallel to the series resistance rs. One end of a shunt resistance r1 is connected to a connection point p1 of the inductor l1 and the capacitor c1, and the other end is connected to a ground destination.
Matsue Elmec Corporation

Rf integrated circuit with tunable component and memory

An rfic with memory is described where the memory can be used to house a look-up table for tuning components designed into the rfic, providing a customized tuning circuit for antenna and transceiver front-end tuning applications. The look-up table can be loaded at wafer level during the manufacturing process to customize an rfic design for a specific antenna system.
Ethertronics, Inc.

Method and controlling current slew rate of a switching current through an external resistive load

In one aspect of the teachings herein, a switching circuit for switching a power transistor is configured to control the slew rate of the switched load current in a manner that yields substantial independence from the load voltage, based on the use of a miller-effect compensation capacitor and controllable source resistances for driving the gate or base of the power transistor. In a non-limiting example, a control circuit, such as a microcontroller, uses a set of bidirectional input/output ports to drive the transistor base or gate through a selectable combination of parallel resistors, so that the effective source resistance for transistor turn-on and turn-off is selectable by configuring different combinations of input/output settings for the set of bidirectional input/output ports.
Omron Automotive Electronics, Inc

Gate driver circuit outputting superimposed pulses

Provided is a gate driver circuit. The gate driver circuit includes a plurality of sequentially connected stages, and each of stages includes an input unit including two input transistors forming diode connection, a pull-up unit including a pull-up transistor and a bootstrap capacitor, and first and second pull-down units each including two transistors.
Konkuk University Industrial Cooperation Corp

Passive harmonic filter for power distribution systems

A subsea power distribution system includes a three-phase ac power source; multiple variable frequency drives having inputs and outputs, with their inputs connected to the ac power source; an electric motor connected in series to the output of each variable frequency drive; and a passive harmonic filter system having its input connected, in parallel with the variable frequency drives, to the ac power source. The filter system includes multiple harmonic filters, each harmonic filter tuned to a specific harmonic frequency.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Low voltage electromagnetic interference filter of electric vehicle

A low voltage electromagnetic interference (emi) filter of an electric vehicle is provided. In the low voltage emi filter, a pair of y capacitor units are respectively installed in input and output ends of the low voltage emi filter.
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Differential amplifier

Provided is a differential amplifier including: an operational amplifier (op amp) having an inverting input, a non-inverting input, an inverting output, and a non-inverting output, a first feedback capacitor connected to the non-inverting input and the inverting output. A second feedback capacitor connected to the inverting input and the non-inverting output, a first four-terminal transistor connected to the non-inverting input and the inverting output.
Hyundai Motor Company

Oscillator circuit

An oscillator circuit (10) comprises a current path (100) including a capacitor (110) having a first side (s110a) and a second side (s110b), wherein each of the first and second side (s110a, s110b) of the capacitor (110) is selectively connectable to at least a first supply terminal (vd) to apply a first voltage potential (vdda) or a second supply terminal (vs) to apply a second voltage potential (vss). The oscillator circuit (10) comprises a comparator (200) having a first input terminal (i200a) being selectively connectable to the first or the second side (s110a, s110b) of the capacitor (110), and a second input terminal (i200b) being connected to a terminal (vr) to apply a reference voltage (vref).
Ams Ag

Variable frequency oscillator with specialized inverter stages

A variable frequency oscillator device includes a first inverter stage that is designed to invert an input signal to generate a sawtooth signal by charging and discharging a capacitor using current sources that each provides a respective amount of current that is responsive to a control signal and to a dampening signal. A second inverter stage is designed to generate a first inverted signal from the sawtooth signal of the first inverter stage.
International Business Machines Corporation

Modulation policy for modular multi-level converter

A modulation policy for a modular multi-level convertor, determining a switching state of each submodule by combining the current direction of each bridge arm and the capacitor voltage order of the submodules based on a carrier stacking method. The beneficial effects of the modulation policy are that: each phase only needs a modulation wave and n carriers, n being the number of the submodules of each upper bridge arm or lower bridge arm of the modular multi-level convertor, the modular multi-level convertor is enabled to output n+1 levels without carrier phase shift, the precision of a control algorithm is high, is easy for engineering realization, and saves software and hardware resources; the number of devoted submodules of each phase at any time can be guaranteed to be n, and the voltage balancing control of the capacitor voltage of the submodules can be achieved without a closed-loop control policy; and meanwhile, the modulation policy facilitates the adjustment of the voltage and power class of the modular multi-level convertor, and is free from the limitation of the number of levels..
China University Of Mining And Technology

Power conversion device

A power conversion device including an inverter which converts a direct current voltage to an alternating current voltage of any magnitude and frequency using semiconductor switches, and supplies the voltage to a load such as a motor, wherein a switch is provided in the direct current portion of the inverter. A capacitor is connected, via the switch, between a positive and a negative electrode of the direct current power source, and a constant voltage element is connected in parallel to the capacitor.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Ultra high voltage regulator

An ultra high voltage regulator for converting includes a rectifying circuit, a first transistor, a second transistor, an output capacitor, a first resistor, a second resistor, and a third resistor. The ultra high voltage regulator converts a received alternative current into a direct voltage to an electrical component.
Diwin Technology Co. Ltd

Power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus includes: a horizontal switching element with a front face and a rear face, the horizontal switching element including a first electrode and a second electrode on a front face side; a snubber capacitor; and a connecting conductor arranged to be interposed between the horizontal switching element and the snubber capacitor and electrically connecting the horizontal switching element to the snubber capacitor.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

Power conversion device

A power conversion device includes a half bridge type inverter circuit that includes semiconductor elements, and a dc capacitor and that is connected to a positive side bus of the ac power supply, a smoothing capacitor, a semiconductor element that is connected between the semiconductor element and a positive side of the smoothing capacitor, and a semiconductor element that is connected between the semiconductor element and a negative side of the smoothing capacitor, in which turning-on and turning-off of the semiconductor element are controlled so that a dc voltage of the dc capacitor tracks a target voltage, and turning-on and turning-off of the semiconductor elements are controlled so that a dc voltage of the smoothing capacitor tracks a target voltage and thus an input power factor from the ac power supply is adjusted.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Buck type dc-to-dc converter and operating the same

A buck-type dc-to-dc converter and a method of operating the same are provided. The converter includes: an active switch electrically connected to an input power source having an input voltage; a diode having two terminals electrically connected to the active switch and the input power source, respectively; a resonant circuit connected in parallel with the diode and including a capacitor and a resonant inductor connected in series with the capacitor; and an output inductor electrically connected to the resonant circuit and connected in series with a load electrically connected to the resonant circuit.
National Tsing Hua University

Systems and methods for a battery life extender

Systems and methods for a battery life extender are disclosed. One disclosed system includes: a switching circuit configured to be coupled to a battery; a first voltage booster coupled to the switching circuit; a second voltage booster coupled to the switching circuit, the switching circuit configured to apply power to the first voltage booster and the second voltage booster; and a capacitor coupled to each of the first voltage booster and the second voltage booster..

Power converter with noise-current reduction capacitor

In a power converter, an external terminal, a case, and capacitors are arranged to provide a conductive loop. The conductive loop defines thereinside a first region through which magnetic flux of an ac magnetic field penetrates, and a second region through which the magnetic flux penetrates.
Nippon Soken, Inc.

Motor driving device and air conditioner including the same

A motor driving device and an air conditioner including the same are disclosed. The disclosed motor driving device includes a multi-level converter to receive ac power, thereby outputting multi-level power, the multi-level converter including plural diodes and plural switching elements, plural capacitors for storing the multi-level power from the multi-level converter, and a gate drive signal generator to generate gate drive signals for the switching elements of the multi-level converter.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Power supply system and control method thereof

A control method for implementation in a power supply system includes steps (a), (b), and (c). In step (a), while the power supply system is providing electricity to a load, a control circuit determines, an estimated capacitance value related to an output capacitor.
Lite-on Technology Corp.

Aircraft ground power connector

An aircraft ground power connector for use in an aircraft ground power support system providing electrical power from a ground power unit through a ground power cable to the ground power receptacle of a parked aircraft. The axis of the portion of the connector housing which engages the aircraft ground power receptacle is angled relative to the axis of the portion of the housing which receives the ground power cable to minimize mechanical stress on the aircraft ground power receptacle when the connector is installed therein and to render the connector easier to insert and remove from the aircraft receptacle.
Illlnols Tool Works Inc.

Monitoring unit and monitoring device of battery pack

A monitoring device has a control unit and monitoring units. A substrate of each monitoring unit has a high voltage section and a low voltage section.
Denso Corporation

Mechanisms for forming metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor structure

Embodiments of mechanisms for forming a metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor structure are provided. The metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure includes a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor structure and forming the same

A metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor structure and method for forming mim capacitor structure are provided. The mim capacitor structure includes a substrate and a metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor formed on the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and a manufacturing the same

In connection with a semiconductor device including a capacitor element there is provided a technique capable of improving the reliability of the capacitor element. A capacitor element is formed in an element isolation region formed over a semiconductor substrate.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Systems and methods for integrated multi-layer magnetic films

Integrated multi-layer magnetic films for use in passive devices in microelectronic applications and methods of manufacture thereof. Soft ferromagnetic materials exhibiting high permeability and low coercivity are laminated together with insulating layers interposed.
Ferric Inc.

Light-emitting device

To provide a light-emitting device in which variation in luminance among pixels caused by variation in threshold voltage of transistors can be suppressed. The light-emitting device includes a transistor including a first gate and a second gate overlapping with each other with a semiconductor film therebetween, a first capacitor maintaining a potential difference between one of a source and a drain of the transistor and the first gate, a second capacitor maintaining a potential difference between one of the source and the drain of the transistor and the second gate, a switch controlling conduction between the second gate of the transistor and a wiring, and a light-emitting element to which drain current of the transistor is supplied..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Organic light emitting display and manufacturing method thereof

An organic light emitting display includes a base substrate, an active layer on the base substrate, a gate insulating layer on the active layer, a gate electrode on the gate insulating layer, a first inter-insulating layer on the gate electrode, a second inter-insulating layer covering the first inter-insulating layer, source and drain electrodes on the second inter-insulating layer and connected to the active layer, a first electrode connected to the drain electrode, an organic light emitting layer on the first electrode, a second electrode facing the first electrode while the organic light emitting layer is between the first and second electrodes, and first and second capacitor electrodes facing each other while the gate insulating layer is between the first and second capacitor electrodes. The second inter-insulating layer makes contact with an upper surface of the second capacitor electrode through an opening formed on the first inter-insulating layer..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Touch unit, array substrate, liquid crystal cell substrate and touch display device

The embodiment of the present invention discloses a touch unit, an array substrate, a liquid crystal cell substrate and a touch display device. The touch unit comprise a plurality of touch sub-units, each of which comprising a sensor thin film transistor (tft), an sensing capacitor, a reading induction line and a memory capacitor, the capacitance of the memory capacitor being less than that of the sensing capacitor.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor circuit, driving the same, storage device, register circuit, display device, and electronic device

A semiconductor circuit capable of controlling and holding the threshold voltage of a transistor at an optimal level and a driving method thereof are disclosed. A storage device, a display device, or an electronic device including the semiconductor circuit is also provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Method for manufacturing high-strength structural stacked caacitor

The instant disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing high-strength structural stacked capacitor. The novel feature of the instant disclosure is forming a part of upper electrode layer to cover the first/outer surface of each of the lower electrode layers before removing the sacrificial layer, and forming another part of upper electrode layer to cover the second/inner surface of each of the lower electrode layers after removing the sacrificial layer.
Inotera Memories, Inc.

Finger metal oxide metal capacitor formed in a plurality of metal layers

A finger metal oxide metal capacitor including an outer conducting structure and an inner conducting structure. The outer conducting structure is defined in a plurality of metal layers and a plurality of via layers of an integrated circuit and includes first and second side portions.
Marvell International Ltd.

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