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Capacitor patents

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Interdigitated chip capacitor assembly

Capacitor forming methods

Adhesion of ferroelectric material to underlying conductive capacitor plate

Date/App# patent app List of recent Capacitor-related patents
 Amplifier and wireless communication device patent thumbnailAmplifier and wireless communication device
In a power amplifier including an amplifier circuit unit for high power mode and an amplifier circuit unit for low power mode provided in parallel thereto between input and output of the amplifier and where, when one amplifier circuit unit is in an operating state, the other amplifier circuit unit is in a non-operating state, a cross-coupled capacitor is provided between a drain of one of two transistors in output side and a gate of the other transistor in the amplifier circuit unit for high power mode, and a series circuit where a switch and a capacitor are coupled in series is coupled between a drain of the transistor of output side in the amplifier circuit unit for low power mode and a ground, the switch being in a conducting state in high power mode operation and being in a non-conducting state in low power mode operation.. .
 Interdigitated chip capacitor assembly patent thumbnailInterdigitated chip capacitor assembly
An interdigitated chip capacitor (“idc”) assembly including an idc having a semiconductor block with a top portion, a bottom portion opposite the top portion, a plurality of sidewall portions extending between the top and bottom portions, and a plurality of terminals located on the sidewall portions; and a substrate having a top portion with a plurality of generally flat, vertically extending, nonconductive abutment surfaces thereon, the sidewall portions of the idc being abuttingly engaged with at least some of the plurality of abutment surfaces.. .
 Capacitor forming methods patent thumbnailCapacitor forming methods
A capacitor forming method includes forming an electrically conductive support material over a substrate, forming an opening through at least the support material to the substrate, and, after forming the opening, forming a capacitor structure contacting the substrate and the support material in the opening. The support material contains at least 25 at % carbon.
 Adhesion of ferroelectric material to underlying conductive capacitor plate patent thumbnailAdhesion of ferroelectric material to underlying conductive capacitor plate
Deposition of lead-zirconium-titanate (pzt) ferroelectric material over iridium metal, in the formation of a ferroelectric capacitor in an integrated circuit. The capacitor is formed by the deposition of a lower conductive plate layer having iridium metal as a top layer.
 Inverter device patent thumbnailInverter device
A switching power supply device equipped with an inverter device includes a transformer including a primary winding and a secondary winding, which are magnetically coupled with each other. On the primary side, a capacitor and a switching element are connected in series with the primary winding and a switching element is connected in series the switching element and is connected in parallel with the primary winding and the capacitor.
 Electrical converter system patent thumbnailElectrical converter system
The present invention relates to an electrical converter for power supply, which is constructed from individual modules. Each of the identical modules includes a module capacitor and can be switched by switching elements such that the module capacitors of the modules may be connected in series or in parallel, or a current flow takes place through the modules without charging or discharging the module capacitor.
 Electronic circuit patent thumbnailElectronic circuit
The invention provides an electronic circuit capable of reducing surge voltage while reducing switching loss when a mosfet is turned off. A capacitor (91) is connected between apart closer to a first power source terminal (31) of a u-phase module (3) in a bus bar (61a) and a part closer to a second power source terminal (32) of the u-phase module (3) in a bus bar (64a).
 Ctl cell protection patent thumbnailCtl cell protection
A converter cell (110; 120) is provided. The converter cell comprises a capacitor (113; 123), a first (111; 121) and a second (112; 122) switching element connected in series, a first (114; 124) and a second (115; 125) connection terminal for connecting the converter cell to an external circuit, a bypass element (113; 123) connected in parallel to the capacitor, and a control unit (117).
 Forward-flyback dc-dc converter topology of high efficiency and low cost patent thumbnailForward-flyback dc-dc converter topology of high efficiency and low cost
A forward-flyback dc-dc converter topology includes a transformer, a main switch, a clamp circuit, first and second rectifying switches, an lc resonant circuit and an output capacitor; a primary winding of the transformer and the main switch are connected in series between a first input terminal and a second input terminal, the clamp circuit constituted by a clamp capacitor and a clamp switch connected in series is connected in parallel with the primary winding or with the main switch, a secondary winding of the transformer includes a forward winding and a flyback winding, a terminal of the primary winding through which current flows into is a dotted terminal of the primary winding, and a connecting mode of a secondary side of the transformer is: the dotted terminal of the forward winding being connected with a first output terminal via the first rectifying switch, a dotted terminal of the flyback winding being connected with a second output terminal via the second rectifying switch, the lc resonant circuit being connected with the first and the second output terminals and an unlike terminal of the forward winding and the flyback winding so that the first and the second rectifying switches implement zero-current switching, and the output capacitor being connected between the first and the second output terminals.. .
 Mitigating the effects of cracks in metallized polymer film capacitor arc-sprayed end connections patent thumbnailMitigating the effects of cracks in metallized polymer film capacitor arc-sprayed end connections
With respect to the construction and manufacture of well known prior art metallized polymer film capacitors, a technique is described to mitigate the effects of cracks that may develop in the arc sprayed metal connections to the capacitor electrodes when the capacitor diameter becomes large.. .
Capacitor array and method of manufacture
An improved array of capacitors is provided wherein the improvement includes improved electrical properties and improved packing density. The array has an anode foil and a dielectric on a surface of the anode foil.
Capacitor and method of manufacturing capacitor
A capacitor according to the present invention includes a dielectric layer, a first external electrode layer, a second external electrode layer, a first internal electrode, and a second internal electrode. The dielectric layer is formed of a metal oxide having a crystalline structure and includes a first surface, a second surface on the opposite side to the first surface, and a plurality of through holes communicating with the first surface and the second surface.
Dielectric resin composition for film capacitor and film capacitor
A dielectric resin composition for a film capacitor is a mixture containing an organic material a and an organic material b. The organic material a includes at least two kinds of organic material components a1, a2, .
Conductive paste composition, multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same, and method of manufacturing multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
There are provided a conductive paste composition, a multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same, and a manufacturing method thereof. The conductive paste composition includes a conductive metal powder; a ceramic powder; and a resin, wherein the conductive paste composition has a theoretical density of 6 g/cm3 or higher and a relative density of 95% or more..
Illumination assembly for a scouting camera
This document discloses a camera assembly and a method for driving an illumination assembly of the camera assembly. The camera assembly comprises a digital camera, a power source including a battery and a super capacitor, and an illumination element powered by the power source.
Analog to digital converter for solid-state image pickup device
There is provided a solid-state image pickup device including adcs that can be arranged in a limited space. The potential of a pixel signal outputted through a vertical readout line is held at a node.
Pixel structure and driving method thereof
A pixel structure and a driving method thereof are disclosed. The pixel structure includes a first capacitor, an input unit, a compensation unit, a pixel driving unit, a resetting unit, a light-emitting diode, a light-emitting activation unit and a coupling unit.
Method and apparatus for sensing an input object relative to a sensing region of an ultrasound sensor device
A subsystem, system and method for sensing an input object relative to a sensing region of an ultrasound sensor device are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a subsystem for sensing an input object relative to a sensing region of an ultrasound sensor device includes a circuit, a switch coupled to an output of the circuit, and an integrating capacitor coupled to the output of the circuit.
Capacitance sensing apparatus and touchscreen apparatus
A capacitance sensing apparatus includes: a driving circuit unit applying a driving signal of a first period to a node capacitor; a first integrating circuit unit integrating voltage charged in the node capacitor to generate output voltage of which a voltage level is changed twice during a second period; a buffer capacitor charged or discharged by the output voltage of the first integrating circuit unit; a second integrating circuit unit integrating voltage charged in the buffer capacitor to generate output voltage of which a voltage level is changed twice during the first period; and an amplifying unit differentially amplifying non-inverted output voltage and inverted output voltage of the second integrating circuit unit, wherein the amplifying unit amplifies voltage corresponding to a difference between the non-inverted output voltage and the inverted output voltage during a reset section of the second integrating circuit unit to generate offset information.. .
Variable capacitance element and high-frequency device
A high-frequency device includes an antenna coil, a variable capacitance element, and an rfic. The variable capacitance element is configured by capacitor units in each of which a ferroelectric film is sandwiched between capacitor electrodes, and a capacitance value changes according to a control voltage applied between the capacitor electrodes.
Antennas with unique electronic signature
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for manufacturing antennas with a unique signature and for identifying an antenna using its unique signature. An exemplary antenna comprises a radiating element and a ground element, between which a resistor-inductor-capacitor (rlc) circuit is connected.
Input match network with rf bypass path
A power circuit includes a rf transistor and an input match network coupled to an input to the rf transistor and to an input to the power circuit. The input match network includes a resistor, an inductor and a first capacitor coupled together in series between the input to the rf transistor and a ground, and a second capacitor coupled in parallel with at least the resistor.
Frequency to voltage converter
According to the invention, there is provided a frequency to voltage converter for generating an output voltage proportional to the frequency of input signal. It comprises a switched capacitor circuit for receiving input signal and generating an input current proportional to said frequency, the switched capacitor having a capacitor charging and discharging at said frequency; an operational transconductance amplifier (ota) for receiving at least one control voltage representative of the input current and generating current proportional to the at least one control voltage; at least one negative feedback circuit connecting input and output of the ota, each negative feedback circuit comprising: a control transistor coupled to a node of the ota; a diode connected transistor coupled to the control transistor for sensing current flowing through the control transistor; and a feedback transistor coupled to another node of the ota..
Non-invasive pre-bond tsv test using ring oscillators and multiple voltage levels
A design for test (dft) architecture is provided that enables pre-bond parametric testing of through-silicon vias (tsvs). A grouping of n number of input/output (i/o) segments are configured to receive a test signal in a feedback loop, where each i/o segment includes one or more buffers (or inverters) and a tsv connected at one end to the one or more buffers.
Voltage generation circuit which is capable of executing high-speed boost operation
According to one embodiment, a voltage generation circuit includes a first boost circuit, a voltage division circuit, a first detection circuit, a capacitor and a first switch. The first boost circuit outputs a first voltage.
Power converter with capacitive energy transfer and fast dynamic response
A converter circuit and related technique for providing high power density power conversion includes a reconfigurable switched capacitor transformation stage coupled to a magnetic converter (or regulation) stage. The circuits and techniques achieve high performance over a wide input voltage range or a wide output voltage range.
Converter control device and air conditioner including converter control device
A converter control device comprises: a voltage-zero-cross detection unit detecting zero cross of the alternate-current voltage and outputting a voltage zero-cross signal; a power-source-current detection unit detecting a power source current of the alternate-current power source; a bus-line-voltage detection unit detecting a bus-line voltage between terminals of the smoothing capacitor; a pwm-signal generation unit generating a pwm-signal for on/off-controlling the switching unit, based on the power-source current, the bus-line voltage and a bus-line-voltage command value as a target voltage of the bus-line voltage; a power-source voltage-state detection unit detecting a signal state of the alternate-current voltage based on the voltage zero-cross signal; and a fundamental-switching-frequency selection unit selecting a fundamental switching frequency of the pwm-signal based on the signal state of the alternate-current voltage. The pwm-signal generation unit generates the pwm-signal based on a fundamental switching signal having a fundamental switching frequency selected by the fundamental-switching-frequency selection unit..
Direct-current power supply device and electric motor driving device
A direct-current power supply device includes a reactor, one end of which is connected to one output end of an alternating-current power supply, a switching unit for short-circuiting the other end of the reactor and the other output end of the alternating-current power supply, a rectifying unit configured to rectify an alternating-current voltage supplied from the alternating-current power supply and generate a voltage equal to or higher than a double voltage, a smoothing capacitor connected to the rectifying unit via backflow preventing diodes and configured to smooth a direct-current voltage output from the rectifying unit, and a control unit configured to control the switching unit and stop the supply of the alternating-current voltage to the rectifying unit in a predetermined period after a predetermined time has elapsed from a zero cross point of the alternating-current voltage output from the alternating-current power supply.. .
Control apparatus for ac motor
A control apparatus includes an inverter for driving a three-phase ac motor when connected to a dc power source, a smoothing capacitor interposed between the dc power source and an input side of the inverter and connected in parallel to the dc power source, a current sensor for detecting a current of one phase of the motor, and a controller for controlling the motor through the inverter. The controller performs a discharge process to discharge the capacitor, when the dc power source is disconnected from the capacitor.
Dynamic means for correcting for load imbalance and harmonic distortion
A method and apparatus are directed to a dynamic means for correcting imbalance and harmonic distortion in an electrical system. In one embodiment, the device includes an imbalance and harmonics measurement module configured to measure power parameters for determining imbalance and harmonics within the electrical three-phase system.
Hvac system with improved control switching
An hvac switching circuit may comprise a current source circuit charging a capacitor used to power an hvac dc power relay coil. The power relay coil terminal is connected to an activation control circuit which comprises at least one of (1) each of (a) a threshold circuit which activates a first transistor to energize the power relay coil when the voltage across the threshold circuit reaches a first threshold value and (b) a regenerative feedback circuit configured to lower the first threshold value to a second threshold voltage, and (2) a voltage divider connected between a first terminal on the power relay coil and the negative dc supply, and a programmable shunt regulator, configured as a level triggered switch, programmed by the voltage divider and connected between the second power relay coil terminal and the negative dc supply..
Wireless power receiver
An automatic tuning assist circuit is coupled in series with a transmission antenna. A first switch and a second switch are arranged in series between a first terminal and a second terminal of the automatic tuning assist circuit.
High efficiency high frequency resonant power conversion
A power converter comprises a switch network coupled to an input voltage, a power transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding, wherein the primary winding is coupled to the switch network, and the secondary winding is coupled to a rectifier, wherein the rectifier is coupled to an output voltage, a primary resonant tank having a first resonant capacitor and a first resonant frequency, and coupled to the primary winding of the power transformer and the switch network, and a regulation circuit configured to control the output voltage of the power converter to be substantially proportional to the input voltage and the switch network to operate at a frequency substantially close to the first resonant frequency.. .
System and method for providing auxiliary power by regeneration power management in mobile mining equipment
A method for operating an ultracapacitor system used in a mining excavator powered by an power source. The method includes detecting whether a power from the power source is present.
Electronic device and package structure thereof
A package structure is disclosed, which includes: a carrier having a recessed portion formed on a lower side thereof and filled with a dielectric material; a semiconductor element disposed on an upper side of the carrier and electrically connected to the carrier; and an encapsulant formed on the upper side of the carrier for encapsulating the semiconductor element. Therein, the dielectric material is exposed from the encapsulant.
Protecting element having first and second high concentration impurity regions separated by insulating region and method
With a microwave fet, an incorporated schottky junction capacitance or pn junction capacitance is small and such a junction is weak against static electricity. However, with a microwave device, the method of connecting a protecting diode cannot be used since this method increases the parasitic capacitance and causes degradation of the high-frequency characteristics.
Capacitor structures for including high capacitance per unit area
A capacitor structure comprises a substrate extending in a horizontal direction of extension. A first gate insulating film is on the substrate and a first gate pattern is on the first gate insulating film.
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor under redistribution layer
A metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor reduces a number of masks and processing steps compared to conventional techniques. A first conductive layer of a mim capacitor is deposited on a semiconductor chip and patterned using a mim conductive layer mask.
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor over conductive layer
A method of fabricating a metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor reduces the number of masks and processing steps compared to conventional techniques. A conductive redistribution layer (rdl) is patterned on a semiconductor chip.
Package with metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
A package includes a chip that has a metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor formed in a first polymer layer and a metallic pillar formed on the mim capacitor. A molding compound surrounds the chip, a second polymer layer is formed on the chip and the molding compound, a third polymer layer is formed on the second polymer layer, an interconnect structure is formed between the second polymer layer and the third polymer layer and electrically coupled to the metallic pillar and the mim capacitor, and a bump is formed over and electrically coupled to the interconnect structure..
Lateral extended drain metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (ledmosfet) with tapered airgap field plates
Disclosed are embodiments of a lateral, extended drain, metal oxide semiconductor, field effect transistor (ledmosfet) having tapered dielectric field plates positioned laterally between conductive field plates and opposing sides of a drain drift region of the ledmosfet. Each dielectric field plate comprises, in whole or in part, an airgap.
Power semiconductor device
A power semiconductor device includes a second conductive type sense outer-peripheral well formed to surround a plurality of sense wells on the surface of a drift layer, a first conductive type main-cell source region selectively formed on the surface of the main cell well, a first conductive type sense source region selectively formed on the surface of the sense well, a first conductive type capacitor lower electrode region selectively formed on the surface of the sense outer-peripheral well, a gate insulation film formed on the channel regions and on the sense outer-peripheral well, a gate electrode formed on the gate insulation film, and a sense pad electrically connected to the sense well and the sense source region as well as on the sense outer-peripheral well and the capacitor lower electrode region.. .
Bandgap reference circuit with offset voltage removal
An example bandgap reference circuit includes an amplifier, a first, a second, and a third switch, and a capacitor. The first switch is coupled between an inverting input and an output of the amplifier to provide a negative feedback loop around the amplifier when the first switch is closed.
Light sensor
A light sensor is provided that includes an exposed light transducer for accumulating charge in proportion to light incident thereon over an integration period; and a light-to-pulse circuit in communication with the exposed light transducer, the light-to-pulse circuit operative to output a pulse having a pulse width based on the charge accumulated by the exposed light transducer. The light-to-pulse circuit may include a one shot logic circuit that contributes to generation of the pulse.
Flexible smart card transponder
This smart card transponder is made extremely flexible by being ultrathin. Its thickness of only 0.25 mm is achieved by using all ultrathin flexible substrates.
Colorflex nail system
An artificial nail color changing system includes three sets of color containing elements, one for every basic color, composed of electromagnets which will repel natural magnets with colored fibers attached to it. The variable degree of deployment of the three sets of colored containing element will create the different hues.
One-sided capacitor foils and methods of making one-sided capacitor foils
Removing at least a portion of the high surface area on the first side of the core; and forming a conductive layer on the dielectric.. .
Auxiliary power supply device and electric power steering system including auxiliary power supply device
An auxiliary power supply device includes a capacitor that is connected to a main power source, and that is able to discharge an electric current to an electric motor, the main power source supplying electric power to the electric motor; and a booster circuit that boosts a voltage of the main power source and applies the boosted voltage to the auxiliary power source. An operation of the auxiliary power supply device is controlled by a control device.
Implantable stimulation device, stimulation system and method for data communication
An implantable stimulation device including a stimulation module and a data communication module. The stimulation device includes electrodes to delivery stimulation pulses, a voltage source, a dc-blocking capacitor and autoshort switch.
System for medical treatment
A medical device and a system for medical treatment comprising the medical device are disclosed. The medical device comprises a fluidic conduit and/or is configured to be operatively coupled to a fluidic conduit.
Switch design for light up phone cases
A mobile phone call flashing apparatus equipped with an electronic switch relates to the field of electronic products and comprises an electric power supply, a capacitor, a first resistance, a second resistance, a switch, a first integrated block, a second integrated block, a conductor field effect transistor, and a first light-emitting diode through a sixth light-emitting diode. It can make up the deficiency in the prior art, allow users to be able to control the light-emitting status at the time of incoming calls or messages autonomously, greatly satisfy modern people's psychological needs in their pursuit of fashionable visual effects, and enjoy extensive applicability and market prospects..
Mobile wireless communications device with nfc coupling circuit and related methods
A mobile wireless communications device may include a housing, a wireless transceiver carried by the housing, a processor carried by the housing and coupled to the wireless transceiver, and an nfc ic carried by the housing and coupled to the processor. The mobile wireless communications device may also include an nfc antenna carried by the housing, and a coupling circuit between the nfc ic and the nfc antenna.
A vertical mosfet transistor with a vertical capacitor region
Consistent with an example embodiment, a method of may be provided to manufacture a vertical capacitor region that comprises a plurality of said trenches, wherein the portions of the semiconductor region in between said trenches comprise an impurity. This allows for the trenches to be placed in closer vicinity to each other, thus improving the capacitance per unit area ratio.
Process for the manufacture of a capacitor film
Process for producing of a capacitor film comprising the steps of (a) polymerizing propylene in the presence of a catalyst comprising a solid catalyst system obtaining a polypropylene, (b) subjecting said polypropylene to a film forming process obtaining a capacitor film, wherein during the polymerization step (a) said catalyst comprising the solid catalyst system fragments into nanosized catalyst fragments being distributed in said polypropylene, said solid catalyst system comprises a transition metal, a metal which is selected from one of the groups 1 to 3 of the periodic table (iupac), and an internal electron donor.. .
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus is disclosed that includes a power storage unit. The power storage unit includes a constant voltage generation part configured to generate a constant voltage from a commercial power supply, the constant voltage generation part being connected to an external apparatus operating by consuming power; a voltage increasing circuit configured to increase the constant voltage generated by the constant voltage generation part; a capacitor configured to store an electric charge supplied from the voltage increasing circuit; a circuit control part configured to control charging of the capacitor; and an output part configured to output power stored in the capacitor, the power having a voltage different from the constant voltage..
Capacitor-less memory cell, device, system and method of making same
A capacitor-less memory cell, memory device, system and process of forming the capacitor-less memory cell include forming the capacitor-less memory cell in an active area of a substantially physically isolated portion of a bulk semiconductor substrate. A pass transistor is formed on the active area for coupling with a word line.
Method and apparatus for reading a magnetic tunnel junction using a sequence of short pulses
A magnetic random access memory (mram) array having a magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) to be read using a magnetic state of the mtj, the mtj being read by applying a current there through. Further, the mram array has a reference mtj, a sense amplifier coupled to the mtj and the reference mtj, the sense amplifier operable to compare the voltage of the mtj to the reference mtj in determining the state of the mtj; a first capacitor coupled to the sense amplifier at a first end and to ground at a second end; and a second capacitor coupled to the sense amplifier at a first end and to ground at a second end, the first capacitor storing the, wherein short voltage pulses are applied to the first end of each of the first and second capacitors when reading the mtj thereby makes the current flowing through the mtj there through for small time intervals thereby avoiding read disturbance to the mtj..
Dram with segmented page configuration
This description is directed to a dynamic random access memory (dram) array having a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns. The array further includes a plurality of cells, each of which are associated with one of the columns and one of the rows.
Power conversion system with adjustable frequency
A power conversion system with adjustable frequency includes an electric transformer, a pulse width modulation driving controller, a switching transistor, a first and second voltage division resistors connected in series, an output diode and an output capacitor. The electric transformer receives the input power and generates the sensing current and induced current.
Motor control device
A motor controller comprising an inverter module including an inverter circuit coupled to a baseplate, wherein the baseplate includes cooling features; a cooling channel configured to receive a cooling fluid, wherein the cooling features extend into the cooling channel; a capacitor; and a laminated bus electrically coupling the capacitor to the inverter circuit and thermally coupling the capacitor to the cooling channel.. .
Sintered article, particularly for low esr capacitor anodes
A sintered article in which a solid body is at least partially embedded includes an opening. The solid body extends across the opening so that the solid body can deform within the opening.
Capacitor cathode foil structure and manufacturing method thereof
The instant disclosure relates to a manufacturing method of capacitor cathode foil structure, comprising the following steps. The first step is providing a base foil, subsequently inserting the foil into a reactor.
Low acoustic noise capacitors
The described embodiments relate generally to a capacitor assembly for mounting on a printed circuit board (pcb) and more specifically to designs for mechanically isolating the capacitor assembly from the pcb to reduce an acoustic noise produced when the capacitor imparts a piezoelectric force on the pcb. Termination elements in the capacitor assembly, including a porous conductive layer in the capacitor assembly may reduce an amount of vibrational energy transferred from the capacitor to the pcb.
Routing of mems variable capacitors for rf applications
The present invention generally relates to a variable capacitor for rf and microwave applications. The variable capacitor includes a bond pad that has a plurality of cells electrically coupled thereto.
Stacked gas filled surge arrester
A surge arrester comprising stacked arrester units is provided that is that is easy to assemble. For that, a surge arrester comprises stacked arrester units, a capacitor, and a resilient element, where the resilient element electrically and mechanically connects the capacitor with a node of the arrester stack..
Bidirectional hybrid breaker
A bidirectional hybrid breaker comprises a main current circuit, a transfer current circuit, an over-voltage limiting circuit and a control system, wherein the main current circuit, the transfer current circuit and the over-voltage limiting circuit are connected in parallel. The transfer current circuit consists of circuits 1-4, wherein the circuit 1 and the circuit 4 are connected in series at first and then connected with the main current circuit in parallel; a pre-charged capacitor is connected with the circuit 4 in parallel after being connected with the circuit 3 in series; and, one end of the circuit 2 is connected with the left end of the main current circuit while the other end thereof is connected with a connection point of the pre-charged capacitor and the circuit 3..
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
[solving means] by performing the formation of the pixel electrode 127, the source region 123 and the drain region 124 by using three photomasks in three photolithography steps, a liquid crystal display device prepared with a pixel tft portion, having a reverse stagger type n-channel tft, and a storage capacitor can be realized.. .
Conductive film, manufacturing method thereof, and touch screen including the conducting film
A conductive film includes a substrate, a first conductive layer, a matrix layer, and a second conductive layer. The substrate includes a first surface and an oppositely arranged second surface.
Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
Disclosed here in is a display apparatus, including, a pixel array section including a plurality of pixels arrayed in rows and columns and each including an electro-optical device, a pixel circuit provided commonly to each plural ones of the pixels in the same pixel row in the pixel array section and including a writing transistor for writing an image signal, a holding capacitor for holding the image signal written by the writing transistor and a driving transistor for driving the electro-optical devices of the plural pixels, and a plurality of scanning circuits configured to time-divisionally and selectively place the electro-optical devices included in the pixels into a forwardly biased state.. .
Pixel circuit of an organic light emitting display device and method of operating the same
A pixel circuit of a display device includes a capacitor having first and second electrodes, a switching transistor having a gate terminal coupled to a scan line, a first terminal coupled to a data line, and a second terminal coupled to the capacitor's first electrode, an emission control transistor having a gate terminal coupled to an emission control line, a first terminal coupled to a power supply, and a second terminal, the emission control line being coupled to the emission control transistor's gate terminal and the capacitor's second electrode, and a panel distribution compensating voltage being applied to the capacitor's second electrode through the emission control line, a driving transistor having a gate terminal coupled to the capacitor's first electrode, a first terminal coupled to the emission control transistor's second terminal, and a second terminal, and an organic light emitting diode coupled to the driving transistor.. .
Input device using detection of both capacitance and pressure, and capacitance-system hybrid touch panel equipped with pressure-sensitive function
An input device of the present invention is configured in the following manner: an input part includes electrode parts, which are contactable arranged with facing each other and one of which is to be an operation object, and a pressure-sensitive layer disposed between the electrode parts facing each other; a charge/discharge waveform forming part includes a charge/discharge circuit having a constant current source, a switching element, a capacitor and a resistor, and forms a charge/discharge waveform with a capacitance detection part and a resistance detection part connected; a charge/discharge waveform calculating part detects the change of a capacitance and of a pressure in the input part based on the charge/discharge waveform formed by the charge/discharge waveform forming part, and calculates an operation state, an operation position and an operation pressure.. .
Method and apparatuses of transparent fingerprint imager integrated with touch display device
The present invention describes a transparent fingerprint imaging apparatus wherein said apparatus comprises, a plurality of column lines, a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines, and a plurality of fingerprint capacitance sensing cells wherein a fingerprint capacitance sensing cell further comprises, a fingerprint capacitor comprising a transparent capacitance detecting electrode and a transparent capacitance-detecting dielectric layer, a transparent reference capacitor coupled with said fingerprint capacitor with one electrode connecting to the fingerprint capacitor, and an amplification transparent tft (thin-film transistor) wherein the gate electrode of the amplification transparent tft connects to the transparent capacitance detecting electrode, one terminal of said amplification transparent tft connects to a data line and the other terminal connects to a scan line.. .
Hybrid common mode choke
A system, hybrid common mode choke, and method are described herein. The system includes a differential signal transmitter and a differential signal receiver.
Elastic wave splitter
An elastic wave splitter includes an antenna terminal, a transmission terminal and reception terminals. A transmission filter is connected between the antenna terminal and the transmission terminal.
Temperature compensation for oscillator
A temperature compensation apparatus may include a sense circuit configured to produce a sense voltage that is dependent on temperature and a temperature compensation circuit configured to receive the sense voltage and produce a temperature compensation control signal to control a compensation capacitor array of an oscillator. The temperature compensation circuit may be configured to calibrate the control signal to have a first value at a first temperature.
Dcm and pfm management
The present invention relates to a voltage regulating device comprising a power stage (30) comprising an inductor (l) between a first node (p1) and a second node (p2); a first switch (a) between the first node (pi) and a power supply node (p3) for which the potential (vbat) is non-zero and of constant polarity; a first capacitor (cneg) between a node (p5) at a reference potential and a second switch (b) coupled to the first node (p1); a second capacitor (cpos) between a node (p7) at the reference potential and a third switch (c) coupled to the second node (p2); a fourth switch (d) between the second node (p2) and a node (p8) at the reference potential; a fifth switch (e) between the first node (p1 and a node (p9) at the reference potential; a first output (p4) for delivering a first voltage corresponding to the voltage at the terminals of the first capacitor (cneg); a second output (p6) for delivering a second voltage corresponding to the voltage at the terminals of the second capacitor (cpos); the power stage further comprises at least one comparator (40, 41) arranged to detect an inversion of the current in the inductor and the power stage is further arranged to close the fourth and fifth switches and to open the first, second and third switches upon detection of an inversion of the current in the inductor.. .
Dynamic feed-forward opamp-based circuit
A dynamic feed-forward opamp-based circuit is provided. A first amplifying stage amplifies a pair of input differential signals to provide a pair of intermediate differential signals.
Compensation circuitry and method for amplifiers driving large capacitive loads
An operational amplifier (10) capable of driving a capacitive load (cload) and/or a resistive load (rload) includes a first gain stage (2) having an output coupled to a high impedance node (3) and a second gain stage (5) having an input coupled to the first high impedance node. A gain reduction resistor (rd) and an ac coupling capacitor (cd) are coupled in series between the high impedance node and a reference voltage.
Wide bandwidth resonant global clock distribution
A wide bandwidth resonant clock distribution comprises a clock grid configured to distribute a clock signal to a plurality of components of an integrated circuit, a tunable sector buffer configured to receive the clock signal and provide an output to the clock grid, at least one inductor, at least one tunable resistance switch, and a capacitor network. The tunable sector buffer is programmable to set latency and slew rate of the clock signal.
Delay-locked loop with dual loop filters for fast response and wide frequency and delay range
A delay-lock loop includes two feedback loops for controlling delay elements in the delay-lock loop. The first feedback loop includes a feedback circuit for generating a feedback signal indicating a delay adjustment based on a phase difference between an input clock signal to the delay-locked loop and an output clock signal generated by the delay-locked loop.
Digitally switched capacitor loop filter
A loop filter is described. The loop filter has first and second inputs and an output.
Apparatus comprising a flexible substrate and a component supported by the flexible substrate
An apparatus including a flexible substrate; a component supported by the flexible substrate; a first input electrode, supported by the flexible substrate and configured to form a first capacitor with a second input electrode and to provide an input to the component; and a first output electrode, supported by the flexible substrate and configured to form a second capacitor with a second output electrode and to provide an output from the component.. .
Abnormality detection circuit for electric storage unit and abnormality detecting method for electric storage unit
A capacitor has modules each consisting of a plurality of capacitor cells stacked together, and a radiator including heat exchange portions connected to a vehicle body at the ground potential is disposed adjacent to the modules. If an electric leakage occurs to any of the capacitor cells, a leakage detection voltage as a potential difference between the potential of the cell under the leakage and the ground potential is correlated with a module voltage, to provide a constant ratio, from which it is determined that the capacitor is in an abnormal condition..
Method and apparatus for precision cpu monitoring
Example embodiments of a processor current monitor include a switching voltage regulator including a series-connected lc filter including a first inductor, with the first inductor having an inductance value of l1, a first terminal coupled to a switch and a second terminal coupled to a first node, and with the lc filter further including a first capacitor, with the first capacitor having a capacitance value of c1, a first terminal coupled to the first node and a second terminal coupled to a second node, where the switch is configured to couple the inductor to an input voltage at a selected frequency and with the switching voltage regulator configured to supply an output current from the first node to a processor, an inductor current monitoring element 729, coupled to the first inductor, configured to output a first signal indicating the magnitude of current flowing through the first inductor, a capacitor current monitoring element 719, coupled to the first capacitor, configured to output a second signal indicating the magnitude of current flowing through the first capacitor, and a summing element 741, coupled to receive the first and second signals, configured to output a current monitor signal indicating the sum of the first and second signals and with the current monitor signal indicating the magnitude of the output current.. .

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