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Capacitor patents

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Led current generation


Led current generation

Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier

Panasonic Automotive Systems Of AmericaDivision Of Panasonic Of North America

Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier

Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier


Solid-state imaging device and camera system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Capacitor-related patents
 Electronic device package with vertically integrated capacitors patent thumbnailElectronic device package with vertically integrated capacitors
A system-in-a-package (sip) has a semiconductor chip embedded in a dielectric substrate. An inductor is on a top surface of a substrate and is connected to the semiconductor chip.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Led current generation patent thumbnailLed current generation
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for led current generation. In one aspect there is provided a method, which may include receiving, at combiner circuitry, a first current from a light emitting diode driver circuitry; receiving, at the combiner circuitry, a second current from at least one of a capacitor or a battery; combining, by the combiner circuitry, the first current with the second current to form an augmented current, wherein the augmented current is based on at least a first value of a first resistor and a second value of a second resistor; and outputting, by the combiner circuitry, the augmented current to drive at least one light emitting diode.
Nokia Corporation

 Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier patent thumbnailRectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier
An audio power amplifier arrangement includes an audio power amplification integrated circuit having two loudspeaker outputs. A rectifier circuit includes a first diode having a cathode connected to one of the two loudspeaker outputs and an anode connected to a rectifier output node.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

 Solid-state imaging device and camera system patent thumbnailSolid-state imaging device and camera system
A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array with unit pixels each having a photoelectric conversion device arranged in a matrix. Column signal lines are wired with respect to one column in the pixel arrangement and pixels are regularly connected to the column signal lines in accordance with rows in which pixels are positioned.
Sony Corporation

 Focus detection apparatus,  controlling the same, and storage  medium patent thumbnailFocus detection apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium
A focus detection apparatus comprises a line sensor including a photoelectric conversion element and an integrating capacitor, a storage unit configured to store information concerning a defective pixel, a first comparison unit configured to compare a signal from the defective pixel with a predetermined threshold, a switching unit configured to switch between a first accumulation mode and a second accumulation mode, and a control unit configured to control the switching unit so as to set the line sensor in the first accumulation mode if the first comparison unit determines that a signal from the defective pixel is not more than the predetermined threshold and set the line sensor in the second accumulation mode if the first comparison unit determines that a signal from the defective pixel is larger than the threshold.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Relaxation oscillator patent thumbnailRelaxation oscillator
A relaxation oscillator shares charging current and comparator biasing current between just two current sources, thereby relaxing requirements on total supply current. The resulting reduction in power consumption has no adverse effect on the speed and accuracy of the oscillator.

 High power pulse generator having a substantially quadrangular shape with an adjustable slope patent thumbnailHigh power pulse generator having a substantially quadrangular shape with an adjustable slope
A high-power pulse generator (1), belonging to the ltd family, includes two series of power modules, one series of standard modules (3s) and one series of modified modules (3m), each including a switch (6s; 6m), provided with a trigger electrode (9s; 9m), positioned in series between two capacitors (4s; 4m), the modified modules being designed to produce a pulse at a frequency substantially three times the frequency of the standard modules, and a trigger device (13) designed to control the standard and modified switches (6s; 6m) via a single trigger signal applied to the trigger electrode (9s; 9m) of same. The trigger signal is applied to the switches through a trigger impedance (10m; 10s) that is different between the standard and modified modules, and the plateau slope of the generated pulse depends on the difference between the value of the standard impedance and that of the modified impedance..

 Component package including matching circuit and matching method thereof patent thumbnailComponent package including matching circuit and matching method thereof
Provided herein is a component package including a matching unit and a matching method thereof, the matching unit including: a substrate; a transmission line formed on the substrate, the transmission line being connected to a terminal of the component package; a bonding wire electrically connecting the transmission line and a central component; and a capacitor unit having a plurality of capacitors electrically connected with the transmission line by wiring connection, wherein an inductance of the matching unit is variable by adjusting a length of the bonding wire, and a capacitance of the matching unit is variable by increasing or reducing the number of capacitors electrically connected to the transmission line, of among the capacitors inside the capacitor unit, by extending or cutting off the wiring connection.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Method and  partial envelope tracking in handheld and wireless computing devices patent thumbnailMethod and partial envelope tracking in handheld and wireless computing devices
A partial envelope tracking (pet) circuit for improving the dynamic range and the efficiency of a power amplifier amplifying high bandwidth signals is provided. The pet circuit includes a main supply path having a main valve (mv) connecting the power amplifier to a first power source; a storage capacitor connecting a junction node and the power amplifier; a supplementary supply path including a dv and a tv, each of the dv and the tracking valve connecting, in parallel between a second power source and the junction node; a supplementary current path including a gv connecting the junction node and a ground; and a valves control unit (vcu) configured to monitor an envelope tracking parameter to determine an operation mode of the circuit and a state of each of the mv, the gv, the dv, and the tv during each respective mode of operation..
Paragon Communications Ltd.

 Soft-start control for electromechanical devices using a resistor-capacitor circuit patent thumbnailSoft-start control for electromechanical devices using a resistor-capacitor circuit
A system for controlling an electromechanical device includes a motor drive, a main controller, a voltage regulator and a resistor-capacitor circuit. The motor drive controls an electric motor of the electromechanical device.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Automated verification testing for a motor capacitor

A motor capacitor verification unit includes a capacitor selection section coupled to an electric motor employing a motor capacitor for its operation that connects the motor capacitor for verification testing. Also included is a capacitor testing section coupled to the capacitor selection section that evaluates the motor capacitor for operation with the electric motor.


Power conversion apparatus and control power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus includes a dc/dc converter which transforms dc power input from a dispersion type power source into dc power, a capacitor which holds the dc power supplied from the dc/dc converter, an inverter which converts the dc power held by the capacitor to ac power and outputs the ac power to a power system, and a controller which controls, when the power system recovers from an instantaneous voltage drop, the inverter to lower an ac current output from the inverter to be smaller than a value before occurrence of the instantaneous voltage drop by an amount increasing with an increase in the amount of voltage drop during the instantaneous voltage drop and to raise the ac current from the inverter after the lowering.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Flyback converter circuit

The invention relates to a flyback converter circuit comprising a transformer, a charging capacitor, a diode, a semiconductor switch and a controller, which form a flyback converter, wherein the controller is designed to control the semiconductor switch after the start of the flyback converter. The transformer has a primary winding and a secondary winding each having a winding beginning and a winding end.


Power conversion apparatus and control method thereof

A power conversion apparatus and control method thereof are provided. The power conversion apparatus includes an output capacitor, an ac-to-dc conversion circuit, a transformer-based auxiliary circuit, an inrush suppression component and a switching circuit.
Fsp Technology Inc.


Fast startup charge pump

A charge pump is designed to be capable of quick start up. When the enable signal of the charge pump is arrived, the pump capacitor and the load capacitor of the charge pump can be charged in a short time, referred to as a pre-charging stage.
Smarter Microelectronics (guang Zhou) Co., Ltd


Power supply circuit

In a power supply circuit having input and output terminals, an error amplifier has first and second paths independent of each other to output a control voltage, a first mos transistor is interposed between the input terminal and an intermediate node, and a step-up section steps up a voltage supplied from the intermediate node and outputs the stepped-up voltage to the output terminal. The step-up section includes a capacitor, a second mos transistor, a third mos transistor, and a drive circuit.
Denso Corporation


Systems and methods for mitigation of resistor nonlinearity errors in single or multiphase switching voltage regulators employing inductor dcr current sensing

Systems and methods for mitigation of resistor nonlinearity errors in a power converter are provided. In at least one embodiment, the power converter comprises at least one power switch coupled to an input voltage, a pulse width modulation (pwm) circuit for generating control pulses for the at least one power switch, at least one output inductor coupled to a respective one of the at least one power switches, a current sensor coupled in parallel with the at least one output inductor, and at least one circuit element.
Intersil Americas Llc


Scalable, highly dynamic electromagnetic linear drive with limited travel and low transverse forces

A scalable, highly dynamic electromagnetic linear drive with limited travel. The linear actuator is distinguished by low transverse forces.


Over-voltage suppression circuit

An overvoltage-suppression circuit includes voltage-suppression elements in series, each voltage-suppression element having at least one voltage-clamping device in parallel with at least one capacitor. An overvoltage-suppression module for protecting multiple lines includes a passive circuit element connected between a load line for each load and floating node common to all load lines.
Parker-hannifin Corporation


Methods and circuits for reverse battery protection

A circuit is configured for providing reverse battery protection. The circuit includes a load driver circuit having at least a first half-bridge circuit with topside and bottomside transistors coupled at a midpoint node by a first current terminal of both the topside and bottomside transistors.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Integrated circuit capacitors for analog microcircuits

Dual gate fd-soi transistors are used as mosfet capacitors to replace passive well capacitors in analog microcircuits. Use of the dual gate fd-soi devices helps to reduce unstable oscillations and improve circuit performance.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Etchstop layers and capacitors

capacitor structures for integrated circuit devices are provided. Capacitors include proximate dense or highly dense etchstop layers.
Intel Corporation


Semiconductor device, display unit, and electronic apparatus

There is provided a semiconductor device including: a transistor (20t) including a first insulating film (23) between a gate electrode (21) and a semiconductor film (24), the first insulating film being in contact with at least the semiconductor film; and a storage capacitor (20c) including a second insulating film (22) between a pair of electrodes, the second insulating film having a dielectric constant higher than a dielectric constant of the first insulating film.. .
Sony Corporation


Semiconductor device

An object of the present invention is to provide a semiconductor device having a novel structure in which in a data storing time, stored data can be stored even when power is not supplied, and there is no limitation on the number of writing. A semiconductor device includes a first transistor including a first source electrode and a first drain electrode; a first channel formation region for which an oxide semiconductor material is used and to which the first source electrode and the first drain electrode are electrically connected; a first gate insulating layer over the first channel formation region; and a first gate electrode over the first gate insulating layer.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device

Provided is a highly integrated semiconductor device, a semiconductor device with large storage capacity with respect to an area occupied by a capacitor, a semiconductor device capable of high-speed writing, a semiconductor device capable of high-speed reading, a semiconductor device with low power consumption, or a highly reliable semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a first transistor, a second transistor, and a capacitor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor process

A semiconductor structure includes a metal gate, a second dielectric layer and a contact plug. The metal gate is located on a substrate and in a first dielectric layer, wherein the metal gate includes a work function metal layer having a u-shaped cross-sectional profile and a low resistivity material located on the work function metal layer.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Power semiconductor device

A power semiconductor device is provided. The power semiconductor device includes a leadframe, which includes a first chip carrier part and at least one second chip carrier part, which are fitted at a distance from one another and are in each case electrically conductive, at least one first power semiconductor component applied on the first chip carrier part, at least one second power semiconductor component applied on the second chip carrier part, external contacts in the form of external leads, and a capacitor.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Carbonaceous material for negative electrodes of lithium ion capacitors and producing same

The object can be solved by a method for manufacturing a carbonaceous material having an average diameter of 3 to 30 μm, for a negative electrode of lithium ion capacitors comprising the steps of: (1) heating plant-derived char having an average particle diameter of 100 to 10000 μm at 500° c. To 1250° c.


Tantalum capacitor

A tantalum capacitor includes a capacitor body containing a tantalum powder and having a tantalum wire protruding to one side surface thereof, a molding part enclosing the tantalum wire and the capacitor body so as to allow an end portion of the tantalum wire to be exposed through one side surface thereof, a positive electrode terminal extended from one side surface of the molding part to a portion of a lower surface thereof and connected to the end portion of the tantalum wire, and a negative electrode terminal extended from the other side surface of the molding part to a portion of the lower surface thereof and connected to the other side surface of the capacitor body.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Capacitors using porous alumina structures

Capacitors and methods of making the same are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a capacitor comprises a structure having first and second oppositely facing surfaces and a plurality of pores each extending in a first direction from the first surface towards the second surface, and each having pore having insulating material extending along a wall of the pore; a first conductive portion comprising an electrically conductive material extending within at least some of the pores; and a second conductive portion comprising a region of the structure consisting essentially of aluminum surrounding individual pores of the plurality of pores, the second conductive portion electrically isolated from the first conductive portion by the insulating material extending along the walls of the pores..
Invensas Corporation


Coated barium titanate particulate and production same

Provided is a surface-coated barium titanate particulate for us in multilayer ceramic capacitors and for which the grain growth during high-temperature firing has been suppressed. Also provided is a production method for same.
Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Electronic component

A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes flat-shaped inner electrodes that are laminated. An interposer includes an insulating substrate that is larger than contours of the multilayer ceramic capacitor.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Iterative transformers with complex triple windings and systems for reducing electrical consumption using the iterative transformers

An iterative transformer for various uses had three arranged wires with beneficial windings, and a system for reducing electrical consumption includes a connection to an incoming power supply of a facility, in parallel, including a hot line, and a neutral line, a ground. Components are connected between the hot line and the neutral line in this order: front capacitors front arc suppressors, at least one front metal oxide varistor line transient voltage surge suppressor having a predetermined capability to suppress undesired power spikes, at least two inductor/metal oxide varistor iterative transformers, at least one of these is the aforesaid iterative transformer with three distinct windings, followed by other components..


Semiconductor structure and memory device including the structure

A semiconductor structure includes first and second source/drain region disposed in a semiconductor body and spaced from each other by a channel region. A gate electrode overlies the channel region and a capacitor electrode is disposed between the gate electrode and the channel region.
Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas


Display module

A display module including a substrate having a plurality of pixels, a data line that supplies a data signal to a pixel, a current supply line that supplies electric current to the pixel, a data driving circuit that supplies a data signal to the data line, and a gate driving circuit thereon. The plurality of pixels are arranged in a display area of the substrate, and each of the plurality of pixels includes a light emitting device, a first thin film transistor connected to the data line that supplies the data signal, a second thin film transistor connected to the current supply line, and a capacitor.
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.


Touch panel

A touch sensor includes a touch panel including driving lines, sensing lines, and a node capacitor formed between a driving line and a sensing line adjacent to one another, a driver for providing a driving signal to each of the driving lines, a sensor for converting a digital signal received from the sensing lines using an oversampling scheme to an oversampled digital signal; and a digital signal processor for downsampling the oversampled digital signal and filtering the downsampled digital signal, wherein, the digital signal processor generates the driving signal in response to a driving clock signal, and the driving signal includes a signal section for driving of the driving lines and a sink section for synchronizing the driving signal and the downsampled digital signal.. .
Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.


Multi-sampling in x-ray receiver for noise reduction

The disclosure provides a receiver with reduced noise. The receiver includes a photodiode that generates an input signal in response to received light pulses.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Drive and compensation circuit for capacitive mems structures

A circuit for activating a capacitive mems structure is provided, with the capacitive mems structure having an oscillator element and an electrostatic excitation unit with a first input connection and a second input connection. The circuit includes a high voltage generator, a first pump capacitor, a second pump capacitor, a control unit, and a low voltage operation amplifier.
Albert-ludwigs-universitat Freiburg


Sensor system, mote and a motes-system for sensing an environmental parameter

The invention provides a sensor system, mote and a motes-system. The sensor system is configured for being contained in a container having a maximum outer dimension less than 10 millimeter and for sensing at least one environmental parameter (t, p, ph, ρ).
Stichting Incas3


Strain monitoring system and apparatus

A system for monitoring strain as an indicator of biological conditions, such as spinal fusion, glucose levels, spinal loading, and heart rate. The system includes an inter-digitated capacitor sensor, and rf transmitter, and an associated antenna, all of which are microminiature or microscopic in size and can be implanted in a biological host such as a human or animal.


Substrate with built-in capacitor and manufacturing substrate with built-in capacitor

A substrate with a built-in capacitor includes an insulating base material layer, a build-up layer formed on the insulating base material layer and including a conductor layer and an insulating layer, and a multilayer ceramic capacitor positioned in an opening of the base material layer and including internal electrodes, ceramic dielectric layers and a pair of external electrodes. The ceramic capacitor has a cuboid shape having long sides and short sides, the pair of external electrodes is formed on opposing long-side sides such that the external electrodes are separated by a distance in range of 30 μm to 200 μm and that each external electrode includes a conductive paste layer connected to a respective group of the internal electrodes and a copper plated layer covering the conductive paste layer, and the conductive paste layer includes ni paste or cu paste including glass component in range of 5% to 40%..
Ibiden Co., Ltd.


Chip-stack interposer structure including passive device and fabricating the same

A chip-stack interposer structure including a passive device is described, including an interposing layer, a capacitor, a first contact and a second contact. The capacitor is embedded in or disposed on the interposing layer, including a first electrode, a second electrode and a dielectric layer between the first and the second electrodes.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Boosting circuit, backlight driving circuit and backlight module

A boosting circuit, a backlight driving circuit and a backlight module are provided. The boosting circuit comprises a boosting chip (u1), an energy-storage inductor (l1), a freewheeling diode (d1), a first capacitor (c1), and a current mirror unit (u2), wherein an input terminal of an inputting branch of the current mirror unit (u2) is connected with the cathode of the freewheeling diode (d1), and an output terminal of the inputting branch is connected with the signal input terminal (vin) of the boosting circuit through a first resistor (r1), an input terminal of an outputting branch of the current mirror unit (u2) is connected with the cathode of the freewheeling diode (d1), an output terminal of the outputting branch is grounded through a second resistor (r2), an ungrounded terminal of the second resistor (r2) is connected with a signal feedback pin of the boosting chip.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Lighting device having led elements

An interruption period that is determined in accordance with the number of the series-connections of the led in the led group is specified, and the pulsating current, of which peak value is determined in accordance with the capacitance of the peak current setting capacitor, is fed to the led group.. .


Integrating into a capacitor device an indicator of the capacitor operating outside of specification

In an approach to design and build a capacitor with an integrated indicator of operation above a specified voltage rating, a light emitting device is calibrated to illuminate in response to a level of electrical stimulation and a resistor connected to the light emitting device wherein, the resistance of the resistor is determined at least in part by to the calibration of the light emitting device. The capacitor core with a specified voltage rating for operation has at least a first capacitor lead and a second capacitor lead wherein the first capacitor lead connects to the resistor and the second capacitor lead connects to the light emitting device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Vehicle lamp and vehicle lamp driving device

There is provided a driving device which is used together with a light source including a plurality of light emitting units connected in series to configure a vehicle lamp. The driving device includes a current source which is configure to supply a drive current to the light source, and n bypass circuits which are provided in parallel to n light emitting units, respectively.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Wireless kitchen appliance operated on an induction heating cooker

The present invention relates to a kitchen appliance (1) that is operated wirelessly on an induction heating cooker (k), comprising a programmable microcontroller (2), one or more than one electronic circuit (3) that provides the microcontroller (2) to control the communication means, user interface and sensors, providing communication with the induction heating cooker (k) whereon the kitchen appliance (1) is operated, a power control circuitry (4) that supplies the microcontroller (2) and the electronic circuits (3) with low level dc voltage, a receiver coil (5) that partially collects and provides transfer of the power generated by the induction coil (b) in the induction heating cooker (k) to the power control circuitry (4), a rectifier (6) that converts the ac voltage delivered from the receiver coil (5) to dc voltage and a buffer capacitor (7) which filters the dc voltage at the rectifier (6) outlet.. .
Arcelik Aninim Sirketi


Mems microphone with springs and interior support

A mems microphone has a stationary portion with a backplate having a plurality of apertures, and a diaphragm spaced from the backplate and having an outer periphery. As a condenser microphone, the diaphragm and backplate form a variable capacitor.
Invensense, Inc.


Digital to analog converter discharge circuit and associated analog to digital converter circuits

A circuit includes an amplifier circuit that receives a residue voltage from an output capacitor connected to an output of a digital to analog converter (dac). The dac is employed in a pipeline stage of an analog to digital converter (adc).
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Distributed gain stage for high speed high resolution pipeline analog to digital converters

In an embodiment, multiple mdac stages are coupled in parallel to form an mdac having the desired gain and capacitor size. Each stage may include capacitors and an ota that are much smaller than the corresponding capacitors and ota would be for a large single stage.
Apple Inc.


Dual comparator-based error correction scheme for analog-to-digital converters

An analog-to-digital converter (adc) includes a first comparator, a second comparator, and a decision timing comparison logic unit. The first comparator is configured to output a first output voltage and the second comparator is configured to output a second output voltage during a same binary algorithmic iteration of the adc.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


D/a converter

To provide a d/a converter including a sampling circuit capable of suppressing a high-frequency component in an input signal without obstructing downsizing of electronic equipment. A d/a converter includes a first capacitative element unit including plural sampling capacitors, a second capacitative element unit including plural sampling capacitors, a first switch unit including the plural switches configured to store charges in the plural sampling capacitors of the first capacitative element unit and to transfer the charge, and a second switch unit including the plural switches configured to store charges in the plural sampling capacitors of the second capacitative element unit and to transfer the charge.
Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation


Compensation for digitally controlled oscillator apparatus and method

Automatic digital sensing and compensation of frequency drift caused by temperature, aging, and/or other effects may be provided by including a compensation capacitor array and a sensing logic. The sensing logic may be configured to detect a drift in a first control signal and to provide the compensation capacitor array with a second control signal.
Intel Corporation


Gate driver and display device including the same

A gate driver includes a plurality of stages connected to each other in a cascade manner, where each of the stages includes an input unit which connects a first input terminal and a first node and includes a first input transistor and a second input transistor, where an output terminal of the first input transistor and an input terminal of the second input transistor are connected to a second node, and the input unit further includes a storage capacitor which connects the first input terminal and the second node.. .
Samsung Display Co. Ltd.


Electronic device with switched-capacitor tuning and related method

An electronic device includes an inductive element, and variable capacitors. Each variable capacitor includes: first and third capacitors, both having a first terminal electrically connected to a first terminal of the inductive element; and second and fourth capacitors, both having a first terminal electrically connected to a second terminal of the inductive element.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


System and wideband high current rf choke network

A high current rf choke network comprising a high current rf choke combined with an all-pass t-bridge filter. The high current rf choke may be connected to a grounded capacitor in the serial branch of the all-pass filter.
Xtend Networks Ltd.


Pcb for reducing electromagnetic interference of electric vehicle

A printed circuit board (pcb) for reducing emi of an electric vehicle is provided. The pcb includes an electromagnetic interference (emi) filter connected to a battery power supply and filtering emi noise, a plurality of chassis ground (gnd) terminals, a chassis gnd pattern formed to ground a power gnd terminal to the plurality of chassis gnd terminals, a coupling prevention capacitor installed between the power gnd terminal and the plurality of chassis gnd terminals to prevent noise coupling between the power gnd terminal and the chassis gnd terminals, and a merge resistor installed between the power gnd terminal and the plurality of chassis gnd terminals to merge noise occurring when charging the battery power supply to the plurality of chassis gnd terminals..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Integrator for class d audio amplifier

An apparatus includes voltage-to-current conversion circuitry comprising a first voltage-to-current converter and a second voltage-to-current converter. The apparatus also includes a capacitor coupled to the first voltage-to-current converter and to the second voltage-to-current converter..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Low noise and low power voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) using transconductance (gm) degeneration

Certain aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to voltage-controlled oscillators (vcos) using a lowered or an adjustable negative transconductance (−gm) compared to conventional vcos. This −gm degeneration technique suppresses the noise injected into an inductor-capacitor (lc) tank of the vco, thereby providing lower signal-to-noise ratio (snr) for a given vco voltage swing, lower power consumption, and decreased phase noise.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Frequency modulation based on two path modulation

A two path direct frequency modulation system is disclosed. The system includes a varactor, a voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) calibration capacitor bank including a first plurality of switchable capacitors, and a frequency deviation capacitor bank including a second plurality of switchable capacitors.
Uniband Electronic Corp.


System and controlling regenerating energy in an adjustable speed drive

A system and method for controlling an adjustable speed drive (asd) to decelerate an ac load during a generating mode of operation is disclosed. The asd includes a capacitor and an inverter coupled to a dc link.
Eaton Corporation


Power conversion starting up the same

A power conversion apparatus includes a transformer; a primary side full bridge circuit provided on a primary side of the transformer; a first port connected to the primary side full bridge circuit; a second port connected to a center tap of the primary side of the transformer; a secondary side full bridge circuit provided on a secondary side of the transformer; a third port connected to the secondary side full bridge circuit; and a control unit configured to cause an upper arm of the secondary side full bridge circuit to operate in an active region in a case where a capacitor connected to the third port is charged with a transmitted power transmitted to the secondary side full bridge circuit via the transformer from the primary side full bridge circuit when power of the second port is stepped up and the stepped up power is output to the first port.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and dedicated skip mode for resonant converters

A method and semiconductor device for controlling skip mode operation during light load conditions in a resonant power converter includes a skip mode controller circuit that compares a feedback signal corresponding to the secondary output level with a reference voltage to determine when to invoke skip mode. When entering skip mode the skip mode controller ceases switching by turning on the lower switch for a prolonged time to leave the resonant capacitor partially charged.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc


Multi-path power factor correction

In an aspect, the present invention provides a high frequency switching power converter. The high frequency switching power converter may include a plurality of soft-switchable power cells flexibly connected to receive an input signal in series and provide an output.
Finsix Corporation


Power converter package structure and method

An embodiment power converter package comprises a semiconductor die, an output inductor, a plurality of input capacitors and output capacitors. The semiconductor die, the output inductor and the plurality of capacitors are mounted on a lead frame and connected one to another through various pads on the lead frame.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Gate driver and control method thereof

A gate driver and a control method thereof are provided. The gate driver is coupled to a capacitor.
Upi Semiconductor Corp.


Hysteretic buck dc-dc converter

A buck switching regulator includes a feedback control circuit using a four-input comparator to regulate the output voltage to a substantially constant level with reduced voltage offset and with fast transient response. In some embodiments, the buck switching regulator uses the four-input comparator to compare a first feedback signal without ripple and a second feedback signal with injected ripple components to a reference level.
Micrel, Inc.


Two-switch switched-capacitor converters

Various examples are provided for two-switch switched-capacitor (sc) converters. In one example, a sc converter includes first and second switches connected in series, a first gain-extension network coupled to the first switch and a second gain-extension network coupled to the second switch, which can be operated to boost a voltage applied across the first and second switches.
Ramot At Tel Aviv University Ltd.


Level-crossing based circuit and method with offset voltage cancellation

A level-crossing based circuit with offset voltage cancellation includes a first level-crossing detector section having a first output capacitor, wherein the first level-crossing section is configured to charge the first output capacitor to a first voltage corresponding to an input signal. The first voltage includes a first offset voltage.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Hybrid resonant bridgeless ac-dc power factor correction converter

A power converter (e.g., ac-dc converter) includes an input inductor coupled between a first ac voltage source input node and a central node, a first switch coupled between the central node and a first rail node, a second switch coupled between the central node and a second rail node, and a resonant output circuit. The first switch has a body diode that passes current from the first rail node to the central node.
Delta-q Technologies Corp.


Method and semiconductor device for a dedicated startup sequence in a resonant converter

A method and semiconductor device for a resonant power converter includes logic circuitry that performs a dedicated startup sequence when power is first provided to the resonant converter. The logic circuitry can discharge the resonant capacitor, then iteratively pulse only an upper switch during a portion of the startup sequence, and measures the dead time between the half bridge signal starting to fall and the next time it finishes rising.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc


Switching regulator with ripple-based control and switching regulator with ripple-based control

A ripple-based control switching regulator comprises a switch, an inductor, a capacitor, an output voltage processing unit and a control unit. Where the switch is utilized to output selectively output a first reference voltage or a second reference voltage as an output voltage according to a control signal.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


Filter capacitor degradation identification using computed power

Methods and apparatus are presented for detecting filter capacitor degradation in a power converter in which filter circuit branch currents and voltages are concurrently measured, nominal and measured power values are automatically computed according to the measured voltages, the operating frequency and nominal capacitance values, and power change values are calculated based on the difference between the measured and calculated nominal power values, and the change values are evaluated to selectively identify filter capacitor degradation conditions in the filter circuit.. .
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Methods of enhancing electrochemical double layer capacitor (edlc) performance and edlc devices formed therefrom

The invention broadly encompasses energy storage devices or systems and more specifically relates to methods of enhancing the performance of electrochemical double layer capacitors (edlcs), or supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, and devices formed therefrom. In some embodiments, the invention relates generally to energy storage devices, such as edlcs that use phosphonium-based electrolytes and methods for treating such devices to enhance their performance and operation.
Esionic Corp.


Discharge circuit and power supply device therewith

A discharge circuit has a voltage divider arranged to divide an alternating-current input voltage to produce a divided voltage, a high-pass filter arranged to pass a high-frequency component of the divided voltage to produce a monitoring voltage, a comparator arranged to compare the monitoring voltage with a threshold voltage to produce a comparison signal, a timer arranged to generate a timer signal indicating whether or not the comparison signal has been kept at the same logic level for a mask period, a controller arranged to generate a discharge control signal according to the timer signal, and a discharger arranged to discharge, according to the discharge control signal, an x capacitor connected to a node to which the alternating-current input voltage is applied.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Active rectifier and wireless power receiving apparatus using the same that can reduce reverse current leakage

An active rectifier and a wireless power reception apparatus using the same are disclosed herein. The active rectifier includes first and fourth switches, second and third switches, and a synchronization control unit.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Protection circuit, circuit employing same, and associated operation

A buffer or voltage protection circuit, a circuit including same, and an associated method of operation are disclosed. In one example embodiment, the integrated circuit includes a first input terminal, a first circuit portion having a second input terminal, and a second circuit portion.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Directional coupler

A directional coupler includes a main line and a subline. The main line connects an input port and an output port.
Tdk Corporation


Ferroelectric mechanical memory and method

A memory device comprising a base; a capacitor comprising a ferroelectric layer and at least two electrically conductive layers, the ferroelectric layer being located between the at least two electrically conductive layers; each of the at least two conductive layers being operatively connected to a current source; a cantilever attached to the base at first end and movable at a second end, the ferroelectric capacitor being mounted to the cantilever such that the second end of the cantilever moves a predetermined displacement upon application of a current to the ferroelectric layer which induces deformation of the ferroelectric layer thereby causing displacement of the cantilever which is operatively associated with a contact so that an electrical connection is enabled with the contact upon the predetermined displacement of the cantilever. The presence or absence of a connection forms two states of a memory cell..
U.s. Army Research Laboratory


Compact memory structure including tunneling diode

A resonant inter-band tunnel diode (ritd) can be fabricated using semiconductor processing similar to that used for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) device fabrication, such as can include using silicon. A memory cell (e.g., a random access memory (ram) cell) can be fabricated to include one or more negative differential resistance device, such as tunneling diodes, such as to provide a single-bit or multi-bit cell.
Qutel, Inc.


Trench capacitors and methods of forming the same

A method of forming a semiconductor device includes forming an opening having a sidewall in a substrate and forming a first epitaxial layer in the opening. The first epitaxial layer is formed in a first portion of the sidewall without growing in a second portion of the sidewall.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Organic light-emitting display device

An organic light-emitting display device includes a first substrate and a second substrate that face each other; an organic light-emitting device that is disposed between the first and second substrates and includes a pixel electrode separately formed in each pixel, a common electrode facing the pixel electrode, and an organic light-emitting layer disposed between the pixel electrode and the common electrode; and an electrode unit and at least one wiring unit that are disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, the electrode unit including at least one thin-film transistor for transmitting a light-emitting signal to the pixel electrode and at least one capacitor, wherein an optical property modification layer obtained by modifying an optical property of at least one of the electrode unit and the wiring unit is formed on a surface of the at least one of the electrode unit and the wiring unit.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Display device and fabricating the same

A display device comprising one or more thin-film transistors (“tfts”) each configured to include an active layer, a gate insulating layer, a gate electrode, a source electrode, and a drain electrode are formed on a substrate. A storage capacitor including a first storage electrode and a second storage electrode overlapping the first storage electrode with the gate insulating layer interposed there between is also formed on the substrate.
Samsung Display Co. Ltd.


Semiconductor device, driving semiconductor device, and electronic device

A novel semiconductor device that can write and read multilevel data is provided. A memory cell includes a bit line, a power supply line, first and second nodes, first to fourth transistors, and first and second capacitors.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Circuit system

A semiconductor device with a transistor having favorable electrical characteristics is provided. The semiconductor device has a memory circuit and a circuit that are over the same substrate.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing same

A semiconductor device includes a substrate, a first trough structure and a second trough structure. The first trough structure which is in the substrate includes a first conductive layer, a first doping layer and a first insulation layer, which is placed between the first conductive layer and the first doping layer.
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation


Supercapacitor electrode material having combined porous titanium oxide and carbon-based material, and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a supercapacitor electrode material in which a transition metal oxide and a carbon-based material are combined, and particularly, to a supercapacitor electrode material which increases) the capacitance of a capacitor by increasing a specific surface area through the process of making pores of a transition metal oxide and then applying the transition metal oxide having the increased specific surface area, and to a method for manufacturing the supercapacitor electrode material. According to the present invention, the supercapacitor electrode material is manufactured by mixing and reacting a layered titanium oxide with a spherical titanium oxide to obtain a porous titanium oxide, and combining the porous titanium oxide with a carbon-based material..
Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd


Electrode, power storage device, electronic device, and fabricating electrode

The cycle performance of a lithium-ion secondary battery or a lithium-ion capacitor can be obtained by minimizing the decomposition reaction of an electrolytic solution, etc. In the repeated charge and discharge cycles of the lithium-ion secondary battery or the lithium-ion capacitor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Lithium ion capacitors and methods of production

A lithium-ion capacitor may include a cathode, an anode, a separator disposed between the cathode and the anode, a lithium composite material, and an electrolyte solution. The cathode and anode may be non-porous.
Corning Incorporated


Solid electrolytic capacitor

A solid electrolytic capacitor includes a capacitor element, a negative terminal, a positive terminal, and a resin package covering the capacitor element. The negative terminal and the positive terminal are joined respectively to a negative electrode section and a positive electrode section of the capacitor element.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Mems device

According to one embodiment, a mems device includes a first variable capacitor including a first lower electrode fixed to a substrate, and a movable first upper electrode provided above the first lower electrode, a second variable capacitor including a second lower electrode fixed to the substrate, and a movable second upper electrode provided above the second lower electrode, and a connection part configured to electrically and mechanically connect the first upper electrode and the second upper electrode to each other.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Tunable capacitor

A tunable capacitor includes a first electrode and a second electrode, each being formed of a conductive material. The tunable capacitor further includes a third electrode between the first electrode and the second electrode, and a dielectric material interposed between the first electrode and the third electrode, and between the second electrode and the third electrode.
Mcv Technologies, Inc.


Insulation for high voltage capacitors

Methods and apparatus are provided for a high voltage capacitor having a plurality of capacitor units connected in electrical series in a stacked configuration. An insulator element can be positioned between two adjacent capacitor units of the high voltage capacitor for providing separation between the adjacent capacitor units, where the insulator element has a first thickness at a first end of the insulator element and a second smaller thickness at a second end of the insulator element.
Maxwell Technologies, Inc.


Method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor

A first conductive polymer solution in which fine particles of a conductive polymer are dispersed is applied to a dielectric layer of aluminum oxide, and this solution is dried to form a first conductive polymer layer. Next, a coating solution is applied to the first conductive polymer layer, this solution containing at least one selected from an aromatic sulfonic acid having, in one molecule of the acid, a carboxyl group and a hydroxyl group, or two carboxyl groups, and a salt of the aromatic sulfonic acid.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Electronic component

A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes flat inner electrodes that are laminated on each other. An interposer includes a substrate that is larger than the multilayer ceramic capacitor.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Negative bitline boost scheme for sram write-assist

A device includes a transistor switch coupled between a bit line voltage node and a ground node and a boost signal circuit coupled to a gate node of the transistor switch, where the boost signal circuit providing a boost signal responsive to a write enable signal. The device also includes a first delay element and a first capacitor in series with the first delay element.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method for driving semiconductor memory device

A method for driving a semiconductor memory device including a transistor with low leakage current between a source and a drain in an off state and capable of storing data for a long time is provided. In a matrix including a plurality of memory cells in each of which a drain of a write transistor, a gate of an element transistor, and one electrode of a capacitor are connected, a gate of the write transistor is connected to a write word line, and the other electrode of the capacitor is connected to a read word line.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Vertical transistor, memory cell, device, system and forming same

A memory device, system and fabrication method relating to a vertical memory cell including a semiconducting pillar extending outwardly from an integrally connected semiconductor substrate are disclosed. A first source/drain region is formed in the semiconductor substrate and a body region and a second source/drain region are formed within the semiconductor pillar.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Pixel circuit of liquid crystal display and control method thereof

A pixel circuit of a liquid crystal display (lcd) has a first switch, a second switch, a third switch, a storage capacitor and a liquid crystal capacitor. The first switch controls electrical connection between a data line and the storage capacitor according to a voltage level of a first gate line.
Au Optronics Corp.

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