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Capacitor patents

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Tuning systems, devices and methods

Hard start kit for multiple replacement applications

High power factor, electrolytic capacitor-less driver circuit for light-emitting diode lamps

Date/App# patent app List of recent Capacitor-related patents
 Power hybrid integrated management system patent thumbnailnew patent Power hybrid integrated management system
A power interface (14) connected to an ultra capacitor (16), a power source (18), and a load (20), with a controller (22) for managing the power interface (14), and monitoring the ultra capacitor (16), power source (18), and demands of the load (20) attached thereto. The power interface (12) selectively switches the circuit between the ultra capacitor (16) and the power source (18), and between the load (20) in response to the level of demand of the load (20) attached thereto such that the ultra capacitor (16) powers peak demand and the power source (18) powers steady demand..
 Linearity in passive mixer circuits patent thumbnailnew patent Linearity in passive mixer circuits
A circuit used in a mixer configured to receive a signal made up of a relatively small modulation signal and a relatively large carrier signal is described. The mixer includes multiple switches.
 Radio communication device, transmission circuit and buffer circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Radio communication device, transmission circuit and buffer circuit
According to one embodiment, a buffer circuit has a capacitor comprising a first terminal and a second terminal, an input signal being inputted to the first terminal, a first inverting amplifier circuit configured to invert and amplify a signal of the second terminal of the capacitor, a second inverting amplifier circuit configure to invert and amplify an output signal of the first inverting amplifier circuit, and a mos (metal oxide semiconductor) transistor comprising a third terminal, a fourth terminal and a gate, the third terminal being connected to the second terminal of the capacitor, the fourth terminal being connected to a connection node of the first and the second inverting amplifier circuits, an inversion signal of the input signal being inputted to the gate.. .
 Layered aerogel composites, related aerogel materials, and methods of manufacture patent thumbnailnew patent Layered aerogel composites, related aerogel materials, and methods of manufacture
Composites comprising aerogel materials are generally described. Layered aerogel composites may be of great utility for a wide variety of applications including lightweight structures, ballistic panels, multilayer thermal and acoustic insulation, spacecraft reentry shielding, supercapacitors, batteries, acoustic insulation, and flexible garments.
 Novel sulphur-modified monolithic porous carbon-based material, process for the preparation thereof and uses thereof in the storage and release of energy patent thumbnailnew patent Novel sulphur-modified monolithic porous carbon-based material, process for the preparation thereof and uses thereof in the storage and release of energy
A subject-matter of the invention is a novel process for the preparation of sulphur-modified monolithic porous carbon-based materials by impregnation with a strong sulphur-based acid, the materials capable of being obtained according to this process and the use of these materials with improved supercapacitance properties to produce electrodes intended for energy storage systems. Electrodes composed of sulphur-modified monolithic porous carbon-based materials according to the invention and lithium batteries and supercapacitors having such electrodes also form part of the invention..
 Microelectromechanical sensing structure for a capacitive acoustic transducer including an element limiting the oscillations of a membrane, and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Microelectromechanical sensing structure for a capacitive acoustic transducer including an element limiting the oscillations of a membrane, and manufacturing method thereof
A microelectromechanical sensing structure for a capacitive acoustic transducer, including: a semiconductor substrate; a rigid electrode; and a membrane set between the substrate and the rigid electrode, the membrane having a first surface and a second surface, which are in fluid communication, respectively, with a first chamber and a second chamber, respectively, the first chamber being delimited at least in part by a first wall portion and a second wall portion formed at least in part by the substrate, the second chamber being delimited at least in part by the rigid electrode, the membrane being moreover designed to undergo deformation following upon incidence of pressure waves and facing the rigid electrode so as to form a sensing capacitor having a capacitance that varies as a function of the deformation of the membrane. The structure moreover includes a beam, which is connected to the first and second wall portions and is designed to limit the oscillations of the membrane..
 Receiver circuit and method for controlling receiver circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Receiver circuit and method for controlling receiver circuit
A receiver circuit includes: a data interpolation switched capacitor circuit which samples a data signal and outputs a voltage value interpolated from a sampled voltage value in correspondence with an interpolation code indicating an interpolation ratio; a comparator which performs comparison between the voltage value outputted from the data interpolation switched capacitor circuit and a threshold value; a phase detection circuit which detects a boundary based on an output of the comparator and decides whether to advance or delay a phase; and an interpolation code generation circuit which generates an interpolation code corresponding to an output of the phase detection circuit, wherein a phase offset related to sampling is imparted and an offset corresponding to an amount of the phase offset is imparted to the threshold value of the comparator.. .
 Semiconductor integrated circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor integrated circuit
A semiconductor integrated circuit includes a reference voltage generation circuit configured to generate a reference voltage, and a voltage changing circuit configured to generate a second voltage from a first voltage based on a difference between the second voltage and the reference voltage and apply the second voltage to a load capacitance. The reference voltage generation circuit includes a variable current source and a capacitor which are connected in series and is configured to change the reference voltage linearly..
 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device
A nonvolatile semiconductor device which can be driven at low voltage is provided. A nonvolatile semiconductor device with low power consumption is provided.
 Semiconductor device and method for driving semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device and method for driving semiconductor device
To provide a semiconductor device which can write and read a desired potential. The semiconductor device includes a first transistor (tr), a second tr, and a capacitor.
new patent Capacitor device and electrical power conversion device
A capacitor device includes: a film capacitor element that comprises a coiled body in which an insulating layer and an electrification layer are laminated and wound together, and a pair of collector electrodes that are formed upon two opposite end faces of the coiled body; a case that comprises a capacitor housing portion within which the film capacitor element is received; a pair of inserts having insulation properties, one of which is inserted between one of the pair of collector electrodes and one of inner walls of the capacitor housing portion; and a mass of sealing and insulating material that is charged between the film capacitor element and the one of the inner walls of the capacitor housing portion.. .
new patent Electric vehicle
An electric vehicle includes: a main battery; an electric power converter configured to convert power to driving power of a drive motor; an auxiliary battery configured to supply power to auxiliaries; a power supply harness connecting the auxiliary battery to the auxiliaries; a step-down converter having an output end connected to the power supply harness, the step-down converter being configured to step down an output voltage of the main battery to the driving voltage of the auxiliaries; an interrupter configured to isolate the step-down converter from the power supply harness at the time when a predetermined specific abnormality has been detected; and a discharger configured to discharge a capacitor incorporated in the electric power converter, the discharger being configured to operate by receiving electric power supplied from a first power supply path which connects the output end of the step-down converter to the interrupter.. .
new patent Switch control circuit, power supply device comprising the same and driving method of the power supply device
The invention relates to a switch control circuit, a power supply including the same, and a method for driving the power supply. The power supply includes: a first switch; a second switch coupled in series to the first switch; a transistor coupled to a node where the first switch and the second switch are coupled; a resonance capacitor coupled between the transformer and a primary side ground and to which a resonance current flows; a sense circuit generating a first sense voltage that depends on the resonance current when the resonance current is a positive current; and a switch control circuit detecting a zero voltage switching failure by sensing the resonance current using the first sense voltage at a turn-off time of the first switch for every switching cycle of the first and second switches..
new patent Capacitor module with temperature sensor
In a capacitor module, a capacitor, a seal member that seals the capacitor, an electronic element electrically connected to the capacitor, a temperature sensor that measures a temperature around the capacitor, and a wire member electrically connected to the temperature sensor are provided. A holder holds at least the electronic element, the temperature sensor, and the wire member.
new patent Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method therefor
A solid electrolytic capacitor that includes: a laminated body having a plurality of capacitor elements stacked to have principal surfaces thereof overlapped with each other. The capacitor elements each include a valve-action metallic substrate having two principal surfaces opposed to each other, a dielectric oxide film covering a surface of the valve-action metallic substrate, and a cathode layer covering a surface of the dielectric oxide film.
new patent Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
A multi-layer ceramic capacitor is constituted by ceramic dielectric layers alternately laminated with conductive layers, wherein the ceramic dielectric layers are sintered in such a way that core-shell grains having a core-shell structure are mixed with uniform solid-solution grains resulting from uniform progression of the solid solution process. Such multi-layer ceramic capacitor is characterized in that the area ratio of the core-shell grains to all sintered grains constituting the ceramic dielectric layer is 5 to 15% and that the average grain size of all sintered grains including the core-shell grains and uniform solid-solution grains is 0.3 to 0.5 μm..
new patent Hard start kit for multiple replacement applications
A hard start capacitor replacement unit has a plurality of capacitors in a container sized to fit in existing hard start capacitor space. The capacitors are 4 metallized film capacitors wound in a single cylindrical capacitive element.
new patent Laminated ceramic capacitor
A laminated ceramic capacitor having a laminated body composed of a plurality of ceramic layers for inner layers; a plurality of internal electrodes at the interfaces between the plurality of ceramic layers for inner layers; and a plurality of ceramic layers for outer layers, provided on the top and bottom so as to sandwich the plurality of ceramic layers for inner layers. The ceramic layers for inner layers are composed of a material containing a multiple oxide including an alkaline-earth metal.
new patent Low-height multilayer ceramic capacitor
A low-height multilayer ceramic capacitor offering excellent flexure strength meets the condition “t11c<t12b,” where t11c represents the thickness of each protective dielectric layer provided on respective top and bottom sides of a dielectric chip, and t12b represents the thickness of a wraparound part of each external electrode provided at least part of both top and bottom faces of the dielectric chip.. .
new patent Tunable capacitor
A tunable capacitor includes a first electrode and a second electrode, each being formed of a conductive material. The tunable capacitor further includes a third electrode between the first electrode and the second electrode, and a dielectric material interposed between the first electrode and the third electrode, and between the second electrode and the third electrode.
new patent Electrostatic capacitance element and resonance circuit
A capacitance element body 2 is configured by two or more capacitors, the capacitors being formed of a dielectric layer 3 and at least three internal electrodes, the internal electrodes each being laminated via the dielectric layer 3 and arranged to allow a center of gravity of an electrode body forming electrostatic capacitance to be arranged on a straight line in a lamination direction. In the capacitance element body 2, said two or more capacitors are serially connected in a lamination direction of the internal electrodes.
new patent Electrostatic protection circuit
A protection circuit comprises first and second input terminals to which a power source voltage for a protected load circuit can be applied. A first transistor connected between the input terminals.
new patent Liquid ejection device and printing device
A liquid ejection device includes a switching circuit. The switching circuit includes: a multilayer wiring board including a first wiring layer and a second wiring layer; a first transistor and a second transistor mounted on the first wiring layer side of the multilayer wiring board; and a capacitor mounted on the second wiring layer side of the multilayer wiring board.
new patent Sensor and input device such as a touch screen including such a sensor, display device and method
A sensor includes a linear array of sensitive photodetectors each forming part of an associated pixel circuit. The pixel circuits accumulate photo-generated charge from their photodetectors simultaneously but with different gains for different pixels.
new patent Display device and electronic device
A touch-sensor-equipped display device has: a panel unit including a screen area in which units of detection constituting a touch-sensor function and pixels constituting a display function are formed in a matrix pattern; a plurality of shared electrodes which are formed in the screen area, parallel to an x-direction, and for both display drive and touch drive; a plurality of common electrodes for display drive which are parallel to the x-direction and respectively alternately disposed with the plurality of respective shared electrodes in a y-direction; a plurality of detection electrodes which are parallel to the y-direction and intersecting with the plurality of shared electrodes and the plurality of common electrodes; and the units of detection corresponding to respective capacitors formed by intersections of the plurality of shared electrodes and the plurality of detection electrodes.. .
new patent Touch sensing device and driving method thereof
A method of driving a touch sensing device, the touch sensing device including a sensor including a switching element, a sensing signal line connected with the sensor, an amplifier connected with the sensing signal line, a reset switch and a capacitor connected between an input terminal and an output terminal of the amplifier, and a sample and hold switch and a sample and hold capacitor that are connected to the output terminal of the amplifier, the method including: outputting a sensing signal to the sensing signal lines by turning on the switching element during a first period according to a scan signal; and turning on the sample and hold switch during a second period occurring within the first period.. .
new patent Display apparatus and electronic equipment
A plurality of pixel circuits provided in a display apparatus respectively include light-emitting elements oled, first transistors that supply driving currents to the light-emitting elements, second transistors that turn on and off connection between data lines and gates of the first transistors, and third transistors. The display apparatus has first holding capacitors that are respectively inserted and connected midway on the plurality of data lines and shift levels of driving voltages of the first transistors, and holding capacitors that respectively hold potentials of the plurality of data lines.
new patent Successive approximation ad converter and noise generator
In a successive approximation ad converter, a noise generator outputs the output of a ΔΣ modulator as a noise signal. A selector circuit can output the noise signal, in place of a digital signal for generating a comparison-target voltage for the next bit, to a capacitor element of a capacitance dac.
new patent Tuning systems, devices and methods
Systems and implementations for inductance tuning systems that are configured to operate in a wide range of frequencies are provided herein. The subject matter described herein can in some embodiments include an inductance tuning system including at least one inductor connected to a first terminal, the at least one inductor comprising of a plurality of inductive elements that are substantially magnetically coupled to each other, wherein spacing between the inductive elements are substantially less than diameters of the windings.
new patent Tunable resonator
A tunable resonator includes at least one tunable capacitor coupled with at least one tunable inductor. The tunable resonator includes a mechanical tuning mechanism coupled with a connecting bridge and with first and second electrodes of the tunable inductor.
new patent Reconfigurable output matching network for multiple power mode power amplifiers
An impedance matching network for a radio frequency (rf) amplifier includes multiple stages connected to each other in a first to last order. A first stage produces an re output signal, and a last stage receives an rf input signal.
new patent Method, system, and apparatus for efficiently driving a transistor with a booster in voltage supply
A method, system, and apparatus for driving a silicon carbide (sic) junction field effect transistor (jfet) are provided. A boosting capacitor is used in combination with two drivers to efficiently provide a boosting current to the sic jfet and then a holding current to the sic jfet.
new patent Driver circuit
A driver circuit for a semiconductor switching device includes a drive power source, a capacitor and four switches, which form a bridge circuit. The capacitor is provided between the four switches.
new patent Devices for measuring voltage of a power supply, detection devices, and temperature controllers
Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of devices for measuring voltage of a power supply. Also disclosed are exemplary embodiments of detection devices and temperature controllers comprising such devices for measuring voltage of a power supply.
new patent Parasitic capacitance cancellation in capacitive measurement
An integrated circuit compensates for parasitic capacitance in a capacitive measuring apparatus wherein a capacitance measurement is done by repeatedly transferring charge from a capacitor to be measured to a reference capacitor.. .
new patent Component-embedded circuit substrate and method of inspecting the same
In a component-embedded circuit substrate having a plurality of capacitors embedded therein, the capacitors are connected in parallel, inspection electrodes are formed, and the inspection electrodes connect to respective terminal electrodes of the capacitor through via conductors. At the terminal electrodes of the capacitor, the connection position of the via conductors for connecting the inspection electrodes differs from the connection position of via conductors for connecting respective terminal electrodes of the capacitor..
new patent Auto-tuning switching regulator
In an example, a system and method are disclosed for providing a single control law that is operable to regulate both small-signal, steady-state operation, and large-signal transients of a switching regulator. The control law is based on detecting a zero-crossing of capacitor current, and projecting in advance a turning point for either ramping up or ramping down capacitor voltage at a target voltage.
new patent Low-dropout voltage regulator apparatus capable of adaptively adjusting current passing through output transistor to reduce transient response time and related method thereof
A low-dropout voltage regulator apparatus includes a voltage source circuit, an error amplifier, an output transistor, a resistor-capacitor circuit, a detection circuit, and a current adjusting circuit. The voltage source circuit generates a reference voltage signal and at least one threshold voltage signal.
new patent Regulator, battery charging apparatus and battery charging method
A regulator 1 includes a rectifying circuit 2, a first battery detecting circuit 3, a first full-charge detecting circuit 4, a first differentiating circuit 5 having a fifth resistor r5 connected between a first terminal t1 and one end of a first capacitor c1 and a second capacitor connected in series with the fifth resistor r5 between the first terminal t1 and one end of the first capacitor c1, and a first driving circuit dr that controls the rectifying circuit 2 to rectify an alternating current according to output of an alternating-current generator acg and controls the rectifying circuit 2 to operate or stop according to signal at one end of a first battery connecting switch element sw1.. .
new patent Method and control circuit for controlling a brushless electric motor
The invention refers to a method for controlling a brushless, electronically commutated electric motor, a main ac voltage being rectified into an intermediate circuit direct voltage and this direct voltage being fed by an intermediate circuit containing an intermediate circuit capacitor to an inverter which is controlled by a motor control means for feeding and commutating the electric motor whereby the intermediate circuit direct voltage is monitored in respect of its voltage level and is compared with a predetermined limiting value and, on reaching or exceeding the limiting value, the intermediate circuit direct voltage is limited to the predetermined limiting value by clocked disconnection and reconnection.. .
new patent Light emitting device driver circuit and control circuit and control method thereof
The present invention discloses a light emitting device driver circuit and a control circuit and a control method thereof. The light emitting device driver circuit converts an input voltage to an output voltage, and provides an output current to a light emitting device circuit.
new patent High power factor, electrolytic capacitor-less driver circuit for light-emitting diode lamps
A driver circuit for use with led lamps. The driver circuit uses a rectifier, a power factor correction subcircuit, a voltage conversion subcircuit, and a semiconductor switch.
new patent Device for generating microwaves
A device for generating microwaves has a plurality of separately controlled microwave generators. Each of the generators includes a resonator, each with a capacitor structure formed with two electrodes that are separated by a spark gap.
new patent Dc electric motor having an insulating sleeve
A dc electric motor (10) comprises a rotor (30) rotably attached to a stator (20). The rotor (30) comprises an output shaft (31) and a rotor core (33), and a plurality of winding coils (35) wound on the rotor core (33) and electrically connected to a commutator (34) on the output shaft (31).
new patent Non-contact electricity supply device
A power-supply-side coil receives an alternating current from an ac power source to produce a magnetic flux. A power-supply-side capacitor is connected in parallel with the power-supply-side coil.
new patent System for transferring energy by electromagnetic coupling
The invention relates to a device (1) for emitting energy by electromagnetic coupling which comprises: a single generator (5) outputting an ac electric signal between two terminals; a series of resonant modules (2i) each including a capacitor and a first inductance, and first to fourth terminals (ai, bi, ci, di), the first (ai) and second (bi) terminals of a first module being connected to terminals of the generator, and the first (ai) and second (bi) terminals of the other module or modules being connected to the third (ci) and fourth (di) terminals of the module of the previous row.. .

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