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Capacitor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Capacitor-related patent applications.

 Flash module patent thumbnailFlash module
A flash module includes a top cover and a bottom cover, a printed circuit board (pcb) comprising memory, solid state storage, a storage controller configured to manage the memory and the solid state storage, and at least one integrated connector, and a capacitor, in which the capacitor is configured to power at least the storage controller when the flash module is disconnected from an external power source.. .
Emc Ip Holding Company Llc

 Illumination system comprising an array of leds patent thumbnailIllumination system comprising an array of leds
A capacitive driving system (100) comprises:—a supply device (110) having a set of transmission electrodes (111, 112) located at a top surface (117), and a power generator (13) adapted to generate alternating electrical power;—load devices (200) each having two receiver electrodes (221, 222) at a lower surface (227) and at least one load member (223) coupled to said receiver electrodes. In an energy transfer position, the lower surface of the load device is directed to the top surface of the supply device and at least one of said transmission electrodes together with a corresponding one of said receiver electrodes defines a first transfer capacitor (31).
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

 Solid-state imaging device patent thumbnailSolid-state imaging device
A solid-state imaging device includes a plurality of pixels, a reference signal supply unit configured to output a reference signal, and a comparison unit configured to output a signal depending on the reference signal and a signal from the pixel. The comparison unit includes a comparator circuit including an input terminal and an output terminal, a first switch configured to connect the input terminal and the output terminal of the comparator circuit, a clamp capacitor including a first terminal connected to the input terminal of the comparator circuit, a second switch connected to a second terminal of the clamp capacitor, and configured to select one of the signal from the pixel and the reference signal and to input the selected signal to the second terminal, and a clipping circuit arranged in an electrical path through which the reference signal is input to the comparator circuit..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Imaging apparatus comprising 3d stacked global shutter patent thumbnailImaging apparatus comprising 3d stacked global shutter
The present invention relates to an imaging apparatus, which comprises: a pixel array, comprising a plurality of pixels arranged in rows and columns, wherein at least one of the pixels comprises: a first capacitor configured to store a reset signal, and a second capacitor configured to store a pixel signal; a plurality of column circuits, wherein at least one of the column circuits reads the reset signal from the first capacitor, reads the pixel signal from the second capacitor, and generates difference between the reset signal and the pixel signal, wherein the pixel is configured to store the pixel signal to the second capacitor after the reset signal is stored to the first capacitor.. .
Smartsens Technology (us) Inc.

 Reference voltage generator for an analog-digital converter and  analog-digital conversion patent thumbnailReference voltage generator for an analog-digital converter and analog-digital conversion
Analog-digital converter configured for conversion of an input voltage, represented by a pair of input potentials, into a binary code using successive approximation. The analog-digital converter comprises a reference voltage generator (rvg) supplying a first pair of reference potentials and a second pair of reference potentials.
Synopsys, Inc.

 Phase shorting switch patent thumbnailPhase shorting switch
An analog-to-digital converter (adc) may include capability to sense and/or compensate for undesired effects when receiving input from a microphone. For example, a sense node may be provided between differential inputs, and that sense node separated from the differential inputs by two or more switches.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

 Method and system for a sampled loop filter in a phase locked loop (pll) patent thumbnailMethod and system for a sampled loop filter in a phase locked loop (pll)
Methods and systems for a sampled loop filter in a phase locked loop (pll) may comprise a phase locked loop (pll) comprising a phase frequency detector, a sampled loop filter comprising a plurality of capacitors and at least one switch, a plurality of voltage controlled oscillators (vcos) coupled to said sampled loop filter, and a frequency divider. The pll generates at least one clock signal, and the sampled loop filter samples an output signal from the phase frequency detector when an average of charge provided to a first of the plurality of capacitors in the sampled loop filter is zero.
Maxlinear, Inc.

 Pulse generator with switched capacitors patent thumbnailPulse generator with switched capacitors
A pulse generator and a method of fabricating a pulse generator are described. The pulse generator includes an input node to receive an input voltage, a first capacitor, and a second capacitor.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Pulse generator with switched capacitors patent thumbnailPulse generator with switched capacitors
A pulse generator and a method of fabricating a pulse generator are described. The pulse generator includes an input node to receive an input voltage, a first capacitor, and a second capacitor.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Power amplifier module patent thumbnailPower amplifier module
Improvement in linearity is achieved at low costs in a power amplifier module employing an envelope tracking system. The power amplifier module includes a first power amplifier circuit that amplifies a radio frequency signal and that outputs a first amplified signal, a second power amplifier circuit that amplifies the first amplified signal on the basis of a source voltage varying depending on amplitude of the radio frequency signal and that outputs a second amplified signal, and a matching circuit that includes first and second capacitors connected in series between the first and second power amplifier circuit and an inductor connected between a node between the first and second capacitors and a ground and that decreases a gain of the first power amplifier circuit as the source voltage of the second power amplifier circuit increases..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Method and system for a distributed transmission line multiplexer for a multi-core multi-mode voltage-controlled oscillator (vco)

Methods and systems for a distributed transmission line multiplexer for a multi-core multi-mode voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) may comprise a plurality of voltage controlled oscillators (vcos) arranged adjacent to each other, where each of the plurality of vcos are operable to generate an output signal at a configurable frequency, an impedance matching circuit comprising a respective driver and impedance matching elements coupled to each of the plurality of vcos, and an output device coupled to the impedance matching circuit. The impedance matching elements may include capacitors and inductors.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Conduction noise filtering circuit, inverting device, and compressor

A conduction noise filtering circuit configured to inhibit conduction noise is provided. The conduction noise filtering circuit includes a first coil part configured to be supplied with alternating current (ac) power, a second coil part configured to be connected to the first coil part in series, a detector configured to detect common mode noise from at least one selected from the first coil part and the second coil part, and a capacitor configured to supply a current offsetting common mode noise between power lines connecting the first coil part and the second coil part in series, based on an output signal of the.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Direct-current power transmission power conversion device and direct-current power transmission power conversion method

In a power converter which performs power conversion between plural-phase ac and dc, variation in voltage of the dc capacitor in each converter cell is detected, and when the variation exceeds a predetermined value, a dc voltage command value as a control target value in a dc voltage control unit which controls dc voltage between dc buses is corrected by being increased or decreased. Thus, when ac grid failure occurs, the capacitor voltage of each converter cell is maintained and the operation continuity is improved..
Toshiba Mitsubishi- Electric Industrial Systems Corporation

Discharging dc link capacitors in an npc converter

A method is disclosed in one embodiment for discharging dc link capacitors. In one form the method includes switching a first half bridge of a first converter unit to a positive state, in which its ac output is connected with its positive dc output, and simultaneously switching a second half bridge of a second converter unit to a negative state, in which its ac output is connected with its negative dc output, such that a dc ink capacitor of the first converter unit and a dc link capacitor of the second converter unit are interconnected oppositely to each other arid discharged via the electrical filter..
Abb Technology Oy

Enhanced switched capacitor filter (scf) compensation in dc-dc converters

A system, dc-dc converter, and compensation method and circuit for a dc-dc converter are disclosed. For example, a compensation circuit for a dc-dc converter is disclosed.
Intersil Americas Llc

Switched capacitors with inverted break-before-make without external filtering load capacitor

A charge pump circuit using more than one parallel source is described. A flying capacitor of the charge pump maintains a break-before-make time with respect to the switches within a side of the charge pump.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Power adapter

A power adapter including a main circuit board and an auxiliary circuit board is provided. The main circuit board has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other, and the first surface of the main circuit board is configured with a transformer and a first capacitor.
Fsp Technology Inc.

Dc voltage supply system configured to precharge a smoothing capacitor before supplying a load

The invention concerns an electrical system that comprises:—an electrical charge (42, 43);—a decoupling capacitor (41);—a dc voltage power supply system, comprising first and second terminals (321, 322), including:—a dc voltage source (2) comprising first and second poles;—a first branch including a first contactor (51);—a second branch including first and second switches (302, 303) and an inductor (305) connected in series in order to selectively connect the dc voltage source to the first terminal (321) of the power supply system;—a unidirectional conducting device (307, 308, 309) for conduction from the second terminal of the dc power supply system to a connection node (323) between the second switch (303) and said inductor (305);—a control circuit (304) comprising—a mode for supplying electrical load (42, 43);—a mode for charging the decoupling capacitor (41).. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Relay protection method and apparatus against lc parallel circuit detuning faults

A relay protection method against lc parallel circuit detuning faults comprises the steps of: a relay protection device samples a current of a parallel lc, that is, a reactor and a capacitor, and samples a total current flowing through the whole lc; convert the current of the reactor into a current of an equivalent capacitor; calculate amplitudes of the current of the equivalent capacitor and a current of a realistic capacitor and calculate an amplitude of the total current flowing through the lc; calculate a current amplitude ratio of the equivalent capacitor to the realistic capacitor; and when the amplitude of the total current flowing through the lc is large enough, send an alarm signal or a trip after a setting time delay if the current ratio exceeds a preset upper and lower limit range. Also provided is a corresponding relay protection device..
Nr Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.

Voltage transformer circuit and ionic current measurement of a spark plug

A voltage transformer circuit is described for supplying a spark plug with ignition energy and for ionic current measurement. A transformer of the circuit generates a secondary voltage from a primary voltage and applies the secondary voltage to the spark plug to ignite an electric arc.
Borgwarner Ludwigsburg Gmbh

Patch antenna element with parasitic feed probe

Various embodiments are described that relate to a patch antenna. Portions of a patch antenna, such as a patch antenna element and a probe feed wire can produce an impedance that is undesirable.
The Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Vehicle door handle assembly with antenna circuit

A vehicular door handle system includes a door handle assembly for a door of a vehicle. The door handle assembly includes a door handle portion that is graspable by a user to open the vehicle door.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

Lithium battery module

A lithium battery module includes a sealed housing, a fixture and at least one soft-shell capacitor assembly. A one-way exhaust structure is disposed on the sealed housing.
Amita Technologies Inc Ltd.

Molecularly tunable heterogeneous catalysts by edge functionalization of graphitic carbons

Disclosed are surface immobilized (electro)catalysts that may be prepared by a condensation reaction that generates an aromatic unit that is robust to acid and base and elevated temperatures. Among their many desirable characteristics, the catalysts are far less prone to the bimolecular deactivation pathways commonly observed for homogeneous catalysts, and may be used in solvents with a range of polarities and dielectric strengths.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Memristor and production thereof

A device is disclosed which comprises a first electrode (101), a second electrode (104) spaced from the first electrode, a switching region (102) positioned between the first electrode and the second electrode, and an intermediate region (103) positioned between the switching region and the second electrode, wherein the intermediate region is in electrical contact with the switching region and the second electrode. Preferably, the intermediate region comprises metal nanowires (105) in a polymer matrix, and the device is a memristor or a memcapacitor.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Light-emitting metal-oxide-semiconductor devices and associated systems, devices, and methods

Various embodiments of solid state transducer (“sst”) devices are disclosed. In several embodiments, a light emitter device includes a metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) capacitor, an active region operably coupled to the mos capacitor, and a bulk semiconductor material operably coupled to the active region.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Organic light-emitting diode display

An organic light-emitting diode (oled) display is disclosed. In one aspect, the oled display includes a substrate, a scan line disposed over the substrate and configured to transmit a scan signal, a data line crossing the scan line and configured to transmit a data voltage and a driving voltage line crossing the scan line and configured to transmit a driving voltage.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Conductive through-polymer vias for capacitative structures integrated with packaged semiconductor chips

An electronic system comprising an electronic body (301) with terminal pads (310) and at least one capacitor embedded in the electronic body. The capacitor including an insulating and adhesive first polymeric film (302) covering the body surface except the terminal pads; a sheet (320) of high-density capacitive elements, the first capacitor terminal being a metal foil (321) attached to film (302), the second terminal a conductive polymeric compound (324), and the insulator a dielectric skin (323).
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Organic electrolyte for supercapacitor, containing redox active material

An organic electrolyte for supercapacitors including redox active material is provided for the energy density enhancement.. .
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Process for the production of electrolyte capacitors of high nominal voltage

The invention relates to a process for the production of electrolyte capacitors having a low equivalent series resistance and low residual current for high nominal voltages, electrolyte capacitors produced by this process and the use of such electrolyte capacitors.. .
Heraeus Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

Method for manufacturing tungsten-based capacitor element

The present invention provides a method for producing a capacitor element having good lc characteristics, wherein, after a chemical conversion process to form a dielectric layer on the surface layer of an anode body obtained by forming a powder mainly comprising tungsten, followed by sintering, a semiconductor layer and a conductor layer are sequentially formed on the dielectric layer; an etching process is conducted before forming the dielectric layer to remove a natural oxide film formed on the surface layer on the outer surface and on the surface inside the pores of the anode body so as to adjust the film thickness to a range of 0.5 to 5.0 nm; and the chemical conversion process is conducted at a temperature from −4 to 18° c. For 7 to 110 minutes after reaching a predetermined voltage..
Showa Denko K.k.

Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board for mounting of the same

A multilayer ceramic capacitor may include a ceramic body including a plurality of dielectric layers; a first internal electrode disposed in the ceramic body and exposed to a first side surface in a width direction of the ceramic body and a second internal electrode disposed in the ceramic body and exposed to the first side surface in the width direction of the ceramic body; and first to third external electrodes disposed on the first side surface in the width direction of the ceramic body.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Method and folded, rough, and/or fractal capacitors

Novel capacitors that have volumetric components that incorporate one or more folds and/or bends and/or have self-similar structures are disclosed. The components may have surfaces that are fractal in finite iterations for at least a portion of the component; moreover, the components (e.g., opposing capacitive elements) may be self-complementary to one another such that one component is self-complementary to another component in a given capacitor.
Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.

Metallized film capacitor

A metallized film capacitor includes a metallized film columnar body in which metallized films are stacked or wound, an external lead-out terminal, and a metal sprayed portion to which the external lead-out terminal is joined and that is provided in the metallized film columnar body. The metallized film columnar body includes (i) a metal deposition film includes (a) a non-slit-forming region that does not includes a non-deposition slit and (b) a slit-forming region including plural non-deposition slits and fuse portions that are present between the non-deposition slits, (ii) insulating non-melting films that are provided on at least the fuse portions closest to the non-slit-forming region and do not melt due to heat generated from fuse portions, and (iii) a dielectric film..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


A capacitor that includes a conductive porous base material with a porous part; an upper electrode opposite the porous part, the upper electrode having, as its main constituent, a material selected from one of ruthenium, platinum, and an alloy of ruthenium and platinum; and a dielectric layer between the upper electrode and the conductive porous base material.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Multilayer ceramic capacitor and mounting board therefor

A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes: a ceramic body having dielectric layers laminated in a thickness direction, the dielectric layers having a greater width than a length; an active layer in which capacitance is formed, by including first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed to end surfaces of the ceramic body opposite to each other in a length direction with the dielectric layer interposed therebetween; upper cover layer; lower cover layers being thicker than the upper cover layer; and first and second external electrodes, wherein, when half of thickness of the ceramic body is denoted by a, thickness of the lower cover layer is denoted by b, half of thickness of the active layer is denoted by c, and thickness of the upper cover layer is denoted by d, 1.042≦(b+c)/a≦1.537 is satisfied.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Integrated capacitor and inductor with low parasitic inductance

A combination capacitor and inductor employ a common volume of high permeability material for energy-storing electrical and magnetic fields thereby reducing the bulk of these components with respect to separate components of comparable value. Capacitor conductors are arranged so that while proximate to the high permeability material they provide countervailing current flows to minimize parasitic inductance exacerbated by the high permeability material..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Non-volatile dynamic random access memory (nvdram) with programming line

A memory circuit includes a first bit line, a second bit line, and a memory cell that is coupled to first bit line and the second bit line. The memory cell includes a capacitor, a first pass gate transistor, a non-volatile (nv) element, and a second pass gate transistor.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Display device and controlling the same

A display device includes: an organic electroluminescent element; a capacitor; a drive transistor; a data line; a test transistor which switches between conduction and non-conduction between the data line and an anode electrode of the organic electroluminescent element; a voltage generation unit which supplies the data line with a test voltage for measuring an anode voltage of the organic electroluminescent element; a current detection unit which detects a current through the test transistor when a test transistor is in a conducting state, while the voltage generation unit is applying the test voltage to the data line; a control unit which updates the voltage value of the test voltage, based on a direction of the current detected by the current detection unit, and causes the voltage generation unit to output the updated test voltage.. .
Joled Inc.

Organic light emitting diode display apparatus with power circuit to accelerate a voltage level

An organic light emitting diode (oled) display apparatus includes a power circuit and a pixel. The power circuit serves to provide a first voltage.
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

Display device

A driving device includes a pixel array, a controller and a driver. The driver has a plurality of driving devices.
Innolux Corporation

Display device and electronic equipment

A display device includes a pixel array section, the pixel array section having pixels arranged in a matrix form, at least one of the pixels including an electro-optical element, a write transistor, a capacitor, a drive transistor, and a switching transistor. A write scan line is disposed for each pixel row of the pixel array section and adapted to convey a write signal to be applied to a gate electrode of the write transistor.
Sony Corporation

Display unit, driving method, and electronic apparatus

A display unit of the disclosure includes a unit pixel and a driving section that drives the unit pixel. The unit pixel includes a light-emitting device, a capacitor section having a first capacitor and a second capacitor that are coupled in series through a first node, a drive transistor that supplies a drive current corresponding to a potential difference across both ends of the capacitor section to the light-emitting device, and a first transistor that delivers a first voltage to the first node by turning on..
Sony Corporation

Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same

A pixel includes a first transistor, a second transistor, a third transistor, and a capacitor. The first transistor connects a first power source to a light emitter based on a first control signal.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Pixel driving circuit, driving pixel driving circuit and display device

The embodiment of the invention provides a pixel driving circuit, a driving method for the pixel driving circuit and a display device, and relates to the technical field of display. According to the pixel driving circuit, the driving method for the pixel driving circuit and the display device, the situation that driving currents of an active light emitting device are affected by threshold voltage shift of a driving transistor can be avoided, and therefore the evenness of a displayed image is improved.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Fingerprint sensor, electronic device having the same, and operating fingerprint sensor

A fingerprint sensor, comprising: a pixel array including a plurality of unit pixels arranged in rows and columns, each of the plurality of unit pixels including: a sensing electrode configured to form a detection capacitor; and a signal generation circuit configured to generate an analog signal based on a capacitance of the detection capacitor; and a controller configured to control an operation of the pixel array, wherein the controller is configured to electrically connect sensing electrodes of at least two unit pixels adjacent to each other and activate only one of the signal generation circuits included in the at least two unit pixels to generate the analog signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Display device

A display device is provided. The display device including a display panel including a display area, a frame area; a plurality of pixel electrodes in the display area; a plurality of share electrodes in the display area; a display function layer controlled by the pixel electrodes and the share electrodes; a plurality of touch detect electrodes forming capacitors with the plurality of the share electrodes; a circuit for generating signals to apply to the share electrodes; and a plurality of wirings coupled to the circuit and the share electrodes in the frame area, wherein the longer a path including each of the share electrodes and each of the wirings is, the shorter pulses of each of the signals become..
Japan Display Inc.

Method and device for detecting touch pressure in mobile terminal

Methods and devices are disclosed for detecting touch pressure on a display panel including one or more transparent electrodes. In one implementation, a method includes detecting one or more capacitance values corresponding to each of one or more capacitors formed between the one or more transparent electrodes and a support array in the display panel, determining a representative capacitance value from the detected one or more capacitance values, and determining a pressure value exerted on the display panel according to at least the representative capacitance value..
Xiaomi Inc.

Hot swap circuit

In one embodiment, a hot swap circuit is disclosed. The hot swap circuit includes a first switch connected to a power input line.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Portable computing device with hibernate mode

A portable computing device is disclosed. The portable computing device includes a processor, a removable battery pack, a battery detection unit, and an internal power-supplying unit.
The Code Corporation

Probe for generating seismic waves

Wherein: the capacitor bank is formed from cylindrical capacitors (621) including bases each having a different polarity, the capacitors are mounted coaxially to each other, parallel to the main axis of the body, and the capacitors are electrically linked into at least two groups of capacitors connected in parallel, each group of capacitors having a positive pole and a negative pole, the groups being arranged in the body such that the facing poles of two adjacent groups are of the same polarity.. .

Means and detecting capacitance connected to ac power

The present invention relates to a novel means and a novel method for detecting a capacitance connected to ac power, which detect a sensor capacitance on the basis of a charge sharing phenomenon occurring due to a difference between voltages applied to a sensor capacitor and an auxiliary capacitor connected to a detection system when an ac voltage applied to the detection system alternates. According to the present invention, since the sensitivity of a signal detected by a detection system is improved, a magnitude and a change amount of a sensor capacitance are stably acquired..
G2touch Co., Ltd.

Method and device for ascertaining an insulation resistance, and high voltage battery system having a device of this type

The invention relates to a method for ascertaining an insulation resistance (2) of a test object (3) to be examined, wherein a decoupling capacitor (4) having a first capacity, and a measuring capacitor (5) having a second capacity are connected in series with the test object (3) in such a way that the decoupling capacitor (4) and the measuring capacitor (5) form a low-pass with the insulation resistance (2) of the test object (3), wherein a predetermined voltage (9) is applied to the series connection, the measuring capacitor voltage (8) declining on the measuring capacitor (5) is ascertained, and, by means of an evaluation unit (7), considering the first capacity, the second capacity and the ascertained measuring capacitor voltage (8), the insulation resistance (2) of the test object (3) is determined. The invention also relates to a device (1) for ascertaining an insulation resistance (2) of a test object (3) to be examined, said device (1) having a circuit assembly, a measuring unit (6) and an evaluation unit (7).
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Semiconductor physical quantity sensor device

A semiconductor physical quantity sensor device having a power source terminal for receiving a power source potential, a ground terminal for receiving a ground potential, and an output terminal. The semiconductor physical quantity sensor includes a sensor configured to generate a signal, an amplifier configured to amplify the signal, and to output the amplified signal through the output terminal, a first resistor electrically connected between the power source terminal and the amplifier, a second resistor electrically connected between the output terminal and the ground terminal, and a filter electrically connected between the power source terminal and the sensor, and including a third resistor and a capacitor..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Liquid level sensor with insulating region over the probe foot

A liquid level sensor comprising an inner capacitor tube, an outer capacitor tube and a probe foot suitable for placing the liquid level sensor on a bottom surface of a liquid tank, wherein a capacitor region arranged to hold a liquid is defined between the outer capacitor tube and the inner capacitor tube, and wherein an insulating minimum distance is left between the inner capacitor tube base and the probe foot, the insulating minimum distance being sufficient to prevent a droplet of water on the probe foot from making contact with the inner capacitor tube.. .
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland Gmbh

Arrow construction system having tip canister electronics

An arrow construction system comprising a tip canister configured to receive an arrow tip and to attach to an arrow shaft. The tip canister contains a power source and sensitive electronics.
Evrio, Inc.

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