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Method of creating living space with added ambient sound, retractable awning with source of sound beneath awning canopy, and head for retractable awning having a speaker
A method of creating a living space beneath an awning with added ambient sound, a retractable awning with added ambient sound and a head for a retractable awning having a speaker. The awning has a canopy secured to an awning roller with the roller mounted between opposite awning heads. A speaker...

Adjustable awning to fit different size structures
An apparatus, method, and kit for mounting to the wall of a structure. The apparatus comprises: first and second arms, each arm having an elongated portion and a mounting portion arranged at an angle relative to the elongated portion, the mounting portion defining one or more holes, the elongated portion of...

Foldable frame for a portable canopy
A foldable frame for a portable canopy, comprises first, second, third and fourth posts. The posts are extendable and retractable in length and defines a geometric footprint on the ground. At least one arm is operably attached to and between adjacent posts of the first, second, third and fourth posts, the...

Canopy tensioning apparatus
A tensioning apparatus for a fabric covered canopy is disclosed. The tensioning apparatus is supported on a vertical post and is connected to a roof support beam. A hook is mounted to the tensioning apparatus and may be reciprocally moved along the longitudinal axis of the tensioning apparatus for adjustment of...

Vegetation protection system
A protective system for vegetation has an underground housing from which a protective canopy can be deployed. The canopy unfurls as it is deployed and its position above ground can be adjusted after it is fully unfurled. After use, the canopy can be furled and lowered back into the housing. A...

Pet shelter
A pet shelter includes an a-frame with a flexible canopy disposed across the vertex of the a-frame and attached to canopy supports extending from the upper portions of frame members comprising the a-frame. A bed comprising a bed frame defining an aperture across which spans a flexible fabric forming a hammock...

Folding arch with lock and lift assist
A folding arch system for a boat includes an arch member pivotally connected to a boat hull and pivotally positionable relative to the boat hull between a raised position and a lowered position. A lateral support is pivotally connected to the vertical arch. A rigid canopy is pivotally connected to the...

Merchandiser with louver retainer
A refrigerated merchandiser including a case that defines a product display area and that has a base defining an air inlet disposed adjacent the product display area. The merchandiser also includes a canopy that has an air outlet located adjacent the product display area, an air passageway fluidly connecting the air...

Merchandiser with merged air discharge
A merchandiser including a case that defines a product display area. The case includes a canopy that has a first air outlet in fluid communication with a primary air passageway within the case to direct a primary air curtain into the product display area, and a second air outlet in fluid...

Low-stress plant training
Provided is a low stress plant training receptacle including a container having a closed bottom and an open top, the later having a rim, and a plurality of pairs of branch training means formed and positioned about the rim to accept and retain the lower plant branches of a plant placed...

Height-adjustable canopy leg
In some embodiments, a canopy structure comprises a plurality of support members, each comprising a first leg and a second leg telescopically slideable within the first leg to infinitely adjust a height of the canopy structure. The canopy structure can comprise a plurality of eaves comprising scissor-jack members moveable between an...

Umbrella anti-inversion apparatus
The present invention includes an umbrella anti-inversion apparatus comprising a removable cuff and a plurality of removable and adjustable straps. The cuff is attached around an umbrella shaft and the straps extend radially from the strap openings on the adjustable cuff to the umbrella tips to which they are connected. There...

Suction mouth for a subsea mining tool
A suction mouth () for mounting on the front of a subsea mining tool and to be pushed into sediment. The suction mouth comprises a hollow body () having an entrance opening () and an exit opening (), wherein the body converges from the entrance opening towards the exit opening. The...

Retractable canopy apparatus for a golf cart
A retractable canopy apparatus for use with a golf cart having forward and rearward passenger sections, a front canopy member, and a support rail on the rearward section includes an adjustment bracket coupled to a support rail. A support arm includes a first end pivotally coupled to the support bracket and...

Aircraft having a cockpit with optimized outside visibility, and a method
An aircraft having a cockpit, said cockpit including a canopy provided with transparent surfaces fastened to bars, a central console, and two seats arranged transversely on either side of the central console. The aircraft includes at least one support () connected to the central console and at least one display...

Canopy tent pole mounted bottle opener
The Canopy Tent Pole Mounted Bottle Opener (“Opener”) is a device that will be used for opening bottles and cans in conjunction with a canopy tent leg. While neither the canopy tent nor the canopy tent leg is a part of this patent application, the Opener is designed to be compatible...

Load transfer device
A load transfer device is provided to connect concrete elements including, but not limited to, sandwich and double wall panel wythes, roof, floor, balcony and canopy members, and pavement. The device may be used to connect and transfer loads between the components of sandwich and double wall panels. The device includes...

Zoysiagrass plant named 'l1f'
An asexually reproduced variety of perennial zoysiagrass with a unique combination of morphological characters including medium to fine leaf blade width, low canopy height, and soft leaf texture....

Cradle-type vehicle frame and canopy structure
A canopy structure comprising a framework which includes a pair of spacedly disposed, curved tubes, a connecting member disposed between the respective forward ends of the two tubes, and a cross-member connectedly disposed between the two tubes at the highest point thereof. A forward horizontal beam is mounted on the cross-member...

Electroluminescent umbrella
An electroluminescent umbrella includes an umbrella shaft; a collapsible canopy frame carried by the umbrella shaft; an umbrella canopy carried by the umbrella shaft, at least a portion of the umbrella canopy being electroluminescent; and an electrical power source electrically connected to the at least a portion of the umbrella canopy....

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