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Foldable tent
A foldable tent includes a frame coupled to a canopy such that the frame and canopy are collectively collapsible from an open configuration to a folded configuration. The frame includes a plurality of spaced apart hubs positioned at an upper portion of the frame, at least one upper roof pole pivotally...

Foldable tent
The present invention provides a foldable tent with a vent and corresponding rain fly for providing the tent with continuous ventilation while protecting the vent and interior of the tent from adverse weather conditions. The frame of the tent includes a hub, a plurality of roof poles and auxiliary poles pivotally...

Transforming dart
A transforming dart mechanism is described. The transforming dart mechanism includes an inner collar and an outer collar. A dart body is positioned through the inner collar, while fins are pivotally attached with the outer collar. A deployable canopy is affixed with the fins. Thus, in operation, a user can position...

Led bracket apparatus for high-output led lighting systems
A bracket holds high-output LED lighting systems within existing light fixtures, such as, for example, shoe box parking lot fixtures, gas station canopy fixtures, and street light fixtures. Specifically, the bracket is adjustable to fit most light fixture housings so that the light fixture housings can be retrofitted and orientated with...

Vehicle roof canopy for weather protection of occupants
An attachable vehicle roof canopy comprising: a weather protective canopy comprising a weather protective material comprising sun blocking material, a bottom edge, a top edge, two side edges, and four corners; a slide out rod means extending from the bottom edge to the top edge and beyond; at least one upper...

Pole mounted cooler
A portable cooler is provided with a sidewall having a channel to facilitate mounting about a vertical pole and thereby weighting a portable canopy structure supported on the pole....

Sludge protector canopy baffle system
A sludge protector canopy baffle system for use in a clarifier tank with a tank bottom, and peripheral vertical wall bounding the interior of the tank is formed by a plurality of individual perforated baffles interconnected and supported by other components of the tank forming a rigid ceiling of sloped and...

Stacking camping bed or table with detachable insulated tent structure
The invention features a collapsible, portable and elevated camp bed that attaches to any 4-wheel vehicle that has a cargo rack, like an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or attaches to the tailgate of a Utility Vehicle (UTV) for use in camping or hunting expeditions. As an accessory, the invention can be...

Sliding-eave mount mechanism for canopy structure
A collapsible canopy structure includes one or more eaves, one or more fixed eave mounts, one or more sliding eave mounts and one or more vertical poles. Each of the vertical poles has a top end and a bottom end. Each of the vertical poles is connected by at least one...

Height-adjustable canopy leg
In some embodiments, a canopy structure includes a plurality of support members, each including a first leg and a second leg telescopically slideable within the first leg to infinitely adjust a height of the canopy structure. The canopy structure can include a plurality of eaves including scissor-jack members moveable between an...

Canopy system for an emergency gurney
The canopy system for an emergency gurney includes a gurney and a canopy, where the canopy is attached to the gurney by a left and right attachment mechanism so that the patient facial area can be covered with the canopy. The canopy can be adjustably positioned in a fully stowed position...

Canopy structure
A collapsible canopy structure comprising, in an erected configuration, a roof area structure and sidewalls extending downwardly from the roof area structure, including a docking arrangement permitting a vehicle to be positioned at least partly docked entered into the interior of the canopy. The docking arrangement includes a magnetic securing system...

Canopy system and group suspension system therefore
A canopy system for use in the interior building environment. The canopy system of the invention meets seismic code requirements and includes a group suspension system for mechanically aligning and registering canopy modules relative one another....

Apparatus for a syngas cooler and method of maintaining the same
A quench ring assembly for a high-temperature vessel includes a main structural sub-assembly coupled to at least one lower wall tube. The quench ring assembly also includes a flow control sub-assembly coupled to the main structural sub-assembly and extending circumferentially therethrough. The quench ring assembly further includes a wear sub-assembly removably...

Fan-cooled collapsible canopy chair
A collapsing canopy chair having an active cooling means is provided. The device comprises a collapsing, outdoor chair structure that includes a fabric seat supported by a folding seat frame. Above the chair structure is an overhead canopy assembly that supports a fan unit therein. The fan unit is supported along...

Umbrella slide
In order to improve a free-standing parasol, particularly a large parasol, in which canopy rods of a canopy are supported through supporting struts on an accommodating collar () of a slider (), which, with the canopy open, can be latched to a parasol pole () through a releasable pawl () and...

Lifesaver backpack
The lifesaver backpack includes an inflatable life raft folded into a pack. A plurality of straps is attached to the pack for securing the pack onto a user's back. The pack is inflated by a gas canister attached to the pack and selectively operable by a pull cord. Upon inflation of...

Climatic protection of fracking hydro tanks
The present invention provides cold climatic protection to the hydro tanks and associated fluid conduits present on a frac pad. A modular endoskeleton is provided and covered by a plurality of rip resistant tarps. A heat entrapment canopy results which maintains an inner temperature above freezing even in extreme cold outside...

A tent constructed such that it incorporates a light-weight, single walled, low emissivity fabric or film canopy. In the case of the polymer film canopy, the canopy may be assembled from flat or molded film segments/sections. The light-weight canopy materials may incorporate a grid of reinforcing fibers, wherein the reinforcing fibers...

Attachment plate designed to accept multiple boating devices
An attachment bracket plate that is designed to accept a wide variety of different boating devices is shown. The attachment bracket plate is designed to attach to the back of the boat. In one instance, the attachment bracket plate is designed to attach to the transom of the boat and in...

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