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Pivotable canopy roof of an air passenger stair or an air passenger bridge
A pivotable canopy roof () of an air passenger stair or an air passenger bridge, the canopy roof comprising a flexible frame () at its free front end, which is connected to a portal frame () on the air passenger stair or air passenger bridge () by way of two articulated...

Air passenger stair or bridge with an approximately u-shaped portal frame disposed at the front of the air passenger stair or bridge for receiving a canopy roof
The object of the invention is an air passenger stair or an air passenger bridge () with an approximately U-shaped portal frame () disposed on the front end of the air passenger stair or bridge () for receiving a canopy roof (), the canopy roof comprising at least one bellows ()...

Zoysiagrass plant named 'lr1'
An asexually reproduced variety of perennial zoysiagrass with a unique combination of morphological characters including medium leaf blade width, low canopy height, and medium stiff leaf texture....

Cynodon dactylon l. x cynodon transvaalensis l. plant named 'c-7'
A new and distinct variety of Ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass named ‘C-7’ having a distinctive and unique combination of several characteristics such as: narrow and long leaf blade, deep and long root system, fine texture and dense canopy, uniform light green color, little requirements for maintenance, little inflorescence production and improved cold...

Windproof umbrella frame
A windproof umbrella frame is presented comprising a main rib () supporting a canopy, a support rib (), and a connecting rod () connecting the main rib () and the support rib (). A center plate () is arranged at the middle-section of the main rib (). A support rib joint...

Tunable electro-optic filter stack
A holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (HPDLC) tunable filter exhibits switching times of no more than 20 microseconds. The HPDLC tunable filter can be utilized in a variety of applications. An HPDLC tunable filter stack can be utilized in a hyperspectral imaging system capable of spectrally multiplexing hyperspectral imaging data acquired...

Rollover protection structure
The ROPS comprises a highly rigid behind-cab-frame, a mounting-plate of which is bolted to the truck chassis. A roof-canopy is integrated into the frame. The ROPS includes a brace which holds the frame upright, and ensures that the roof-canopy remains in position, protecting the cab, during rollover. The frame is bolted...

Grill canopy
A canopy having a base, at least one support extending vertically from the base, an extender coupled to the at least one support and configurable between a retracted position and an extended position, a roof coupled to the extender, and at least one panel pivotally coupled to the roof, the at...

Covering system with canopeum deployment
A system is provided for protective elements including, but not limited to, a patio umbrella with complete double canopy, medially expanding frame, a system for deploying its integrated canopeum of insect netting, and a two segment mitigation vessel. The frame's rounded outer edges provide enhanced safety. When retracted around the umbrella's...

Covering system
A system is provided for protective elements that include, but is not limited to, an umbrella having a complete double canopy with pleats, a medially expanding frame, and a moisture mitigation vessel. The frame's linkage system and expanding double canopy enable their combined covering structure to take a downwardly concave form...

Utility vehicle canopy
A utility vehicle canopy comprises a frame having a plurality of hollow elongate frame members coupled together with a plurality of corner members received within the frame members. A plurality of panels, one or more of which may be hinged, are affixed to the frame and include side panels, a roof...

Holding container for shock absorbing self-deployable device
A device for absorbing impacts of a parachutist or airdropped package upon landing, which can equip a harness, and/or a skydiver or dropping pallet for performing the aircraft jump without any risk of interferences, allows, during the aircraft exit and free fall, to hold, neutralized in a reduced volume, an air-inflatable...

Luminaire with long chains of lower power leds and multiple on-board led drivers
A luminaire may include an input connection that receives AC line voltage, one or more chains of LEDs, and one or more drivers for driving each chain of LEDs, all within a housing, which may be in the form of a canopy. Each chain of LEDs may contain at least 36...

Door system, kit for door system, and canopy with storage space
A door system, kit, and canopy for a vehicle. The door system includes a door formed by a door frame and a skin extending over the door frame. A connection element is couplable to the door to removably attach door to a frame of the vehicle. Door ...

Method for manufacturing a canopy apparatus
Embodiments of the invention provide a canopy system and a method for manufacturing at least a portion of the canopy system. The canopy system may include: a canopy that includes a shaft and a canopy ball coupled to the shaft; a double socket arm connected to the canopy via the canopy...

Animal shelter structure
An at least partially open sided outdoor animal shelter structure to condition animals, when positioned within the structure, to a desired physiological state by controlling the environment in the structure, the structure including a floor to support animals, side supports, a water impervious canopy supported by the side supports, the canopy...

Ceiling fan tilt bracket
An apparatus that is used to tilt a ceiling fan such that the air flow of the ceiling fan is redirected. The apparatus mainly consists of a first mounting piece, a second mounting piece, and an adjustment bolt. The first mounting piece and the second mounting piece surround the down tube...

Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a shell, a refrigerant distribution assembly, a heat transferring unit and a canopy member. The refrigerant distribution assembly receives a refrigerant that enters the shell and discharges the refrigerant. The refrigerant distribution assembly has at least one outermost lateral end. The heat transferring unit is disposed below...

Cng/lng filling station
A method and apparatus for a natural gas filling station comprising a dispenser; a structure covering the dispenser and having a canopy top; at least one tank disposed on the canopy top, the tank having at least one gas therein comprising CNG or LNG; and at least one line between the...

Portable folding shelter
A portable and foldable shelter has a canopy frame with an arm hub adjacent to a top end of a canopy pole, and a sliding collar on the pole. The canopy frame also includes a plurality of arms with each arm having an outer arm segment attached to an inner arm...

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