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Canopy material
A canopy sheet material for use over growing plants such as grape or berry or other fruit vines has higher water permeability in a longitudinally extending substantially center lengthwise part () than in lengthwise side parts (). In use rain falling on the canopy runs down the side parts () and...

Coal caving cycle
A coal caving system () including a plurality of shields () with canopies () which are selectively operated to allow coal to cave onto a rear conveyor (). In one aspect, the invention provides a shield control method including controlling the shield () to automatically open a door () associated with...

Canopy mounting apparatus
A canopy mounting apparatus for use with a lawn tractor includes a housing having a bottom wall and side walls extending upwardly from the bottom wall to define an interior area and an open top. The upstanding walls include opposed front and rear walls with opposed side walls connecting the front...

Improvements to a wind turbine assembly
A tower of a wind turbine assembly with a connecting portion arranged to interface with a nacelle of a wind turbine is provided. The connecting portion includes a first, exterior, flange at an interface to the nacelle which first flange extends to the exterior. The connecting portion includes a first flange...

Little girls things: hair accessory organizers
A collection of hair accessory organizers for holding a multitude of hair accessory of various types and sizes. The basic construction of these organizers consists of metal wire which can be covered in a variety of materials such as fabric, plastic or other similar type of material in a variety of...

Rotorcraft escape system
The rotorcraft escape system is deployed from a helicopter or gyroplane to provide clearance from the overhead rotor blades for occupants escaping from the aircraft in an emergency. Each occupant of the rotorcraft is provided with an escape container having a parachute and ejection device (rocket, spring, or combination of the...

Convertible cart and canopy apparatus
A convertible beach cart and canopy apparatus includes a lower frame portion having front and rear support members and side members extending between opposed ends of the front and the rear support members. Wheels are coupled to opposed ends of the rear support members. The apparatus includes a rear frame portion...

Climatic protection of fracking hydro tanks
The present invention provides cold climatic protection to the hydro tanks and associated fluid conduits present on a frac pad. A modular endoskeleton is provided and covered by a plurality of rip resistant tarps. A heat entrapment canopy results which maintains an inner temperature above freezing even in extreme cold outside...

Short force arm deflection device
A short force arm deflection device is mounted to a section of a center post of an umbrella between a top cap and a runner and includes an upper deflection member and a lower deflection member pivotally connected to each other, and a barrel receiving a compression spring, The upper and...

Hybrid canopy lighting for optimum light beam shaping
A lighting system and method are disclosed. Specifically, the lighting system includes a hybrid canopy that can provide an optimum light beam shape for a number of different lighting applications. The hybrid canopy is equipped with lighting clusters of different types, thereby enabling a broader beam output without sacrificing beam intensity...

Collapsible infant support
The present invention is directed toward an infant support including a frame and an infant seat. The frame includes a first frame member pivotally coupled to a second frame member. The footers of the frame member are curved to permit the rocking of the frame on its support surface. The seat...

Umbrella engaged with a back pack
The present invention comprises a backpack with an anchoring device. The anchoring device allows an umbrella to be attached to the backpack. The umbrella has a collapsible canopy and can be stored in a storage unit on the backpack....

Aircraft parachute with bowden cables energized by the dynamic shock of the canopy
From the dynamic shock of the parachute canopy applied to an aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle-(UAV) in an emergency, there is unlimited mechanical force available for exploitation through Bowden cables connected to the ends of the parachute straps, and transfer of the force in the form of a pull onto the...

Structural bollard assembly for electric vehicle infrastructure
The invention disclosed herein is directed to electric vehicle (“EV”) infrastructure, which includes a customizable charging station that comprises a modular bollard assembly having a structural tubular form that is secured to an electrical vehicle supply equipment to provide fuel to an EV. The modular bollard assembly is optionally fashioned with...

Folding canopy chair
A folding canopy chair includes a frame, a seat, a back, and arm rests. An umbrella is secured to the frame and is pivotal between an upright use position extending above the chair and a downward storage position adjacent the frame. The umbrella is pivotal about both a horizontal axis and...

Vehicle tray
A tray of a vehicle, the tray comprising a tray bed having a carrying surface for containment of a load, the tray bed comprising at least one panel defining at least a portion of the carrying surface, the at least one panel comprising a reinforced section. The invention also relates to...

Back um-brella
The invention provides a specially designed backpack featuring an integrally attached umbrella incorporated into its construction. The backpack is manufactured with a durable material such as reinforced canvas or rip-stop nylon. Positioned on the back of this backpack are two adjustable shoulder straps designed for easy transport. The backpack comprises an...

Multi-center canopy clustering
A canopy clustering process merges at least one set of multiple single-center canopies together into a merged multi-center canopy. Multi-center canopies, as well as the single-center canopies, can then be used to partition data objects in a dataset. The multi-center canopies allow a canopy assignment condition constraint to be relaxed without...

Air cooled umbrella
An air cooled sunshade constructed to provide cooling under the canopy of the sunshade. The foldable canopy of the sunshade is comprised of a plurality of segments of elongated panels having embedded solar panels and a plurality of segments of pliable material to allow the canopy to easily stretch when in...

Safety sign system
A safety sign system comprises one or more traffic or informational signs, an expandable pole, a detachable umbrella canopy assembly, and a safety finial assembly. The signs are removably attached to a sleeve that surrounds a portion of a pole and rests upon a sign support. The sleeve with the signs...

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