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Back um-brella
The invention provides a specially designed backpack featuring an integrally attached umbrella incorporated into its construction. The backpack is manufactured with a durable material such as reinforced canvas or rip-stop nylon. Positioned on the back of this backpack are two adjustable shoulder straps designed for easy transport. The backpack comprises an...

Multi-center canopy clustering
A canopy clustering process merges at least one set of multiple single-center canopies together into a merged multi-center canopy. Multi-center canopies, as well as the single-center canopies, can then be used to partition data objects in a dataset. The multi-center canopies allow a canopy assignment condition constraint to be relaxed without...

Air cooled umbrella
An air cooled sunshade constructed to provide cooling under the canopy of the sunshade. The foldable canopy of the sunshade is comprised of a plurality of segments of elongated panels having embedded solar panels and a plurality of segments of pliable material to allow the canopy to easily stretch when in...

Beauty salon ventilator
A ventilator is provided for removing contaminants from the air around a client in a beauty salon. An overhead canopy pushes fresh air downwardly towards the client, while suction means is provided for drawing away the downward flow of air and entrained contaminants so as to minimize exposure of the client...

Lighting conversion apparatus
A lighting conversion apparatus provided which converts a recessed light into a non-recessed light. A threaded electrical contact is designed to screw into the existing socket of a recessed light. The threaded electrical contact is connected to a socket extension, which is in turn connected to a socket extension base. A...

Canopy structure
A canopy structure can comprise a frame comprising a base portion and a top portion. The top portion can comprise a plurality of support members configured to facilitate transition of the top portion between an extended position and a collapsed position. The top portion can comprise a low-friction bearing coupled to...

Safety sign system
A safety sign system comprises one or more traffic or informational signs, an expandable pole, a detachable umbrella canopy assembly, and a safety finial assembly. The signs are removably attached to a sleeve that surrounds a portion of a pole and rests upon a sign support. The sleeve with the signs...

Lighting system
An apparatus and a method of using at least one of a distance sensor and a light intensity sensor to adjust the distance between an artificial light source and plant canopy to control light intensity at the plant canopy is disclosed....

Baby carriage with dual canopy mechanisms
A baby carriage includes a frame, a first canopy mechanism and a second canopy mechanism. The frame includes a first side tube, a second side tube, and a central tube located between the first side tube and the second side tube. The first canopy mechanism includes a first canopy, a first...

Climate controled sleeping space
An apparatus includes a frame forming a sleeping space. The apparatus includes a climate control system connected to the frame, the climate control system having a hot side and a cold side, wherein the cold side is positioned toward the sleeping space. The apparatus includes an insulating canopy supported by the...

Method for installing a device for recovering hydrocarbons
A method for installing an assembly () for recovering hydrocarbons escaping from an underwater facility (), including a first bottom assembly () including a rigid canopy having a large surface area, and a second top assembly () for raising fluids up to a surface facility (). The steps of towing the...

Overhead light fixture and related method
An overhead LED light fixture including a base member with a vertical sleeve secured to the top of the base member for alignment with a pass-through opening. The fixture has a driver-tray assembly with a bottom member engageable with the base member at the pass-through opening, a vertical driver-support structure extending...

Cantilever umbrella
The present invention relates to a cantilever umbrella comprising a plurality of retaining plates, an upper hub, an lower hub, a plurality of support ribs and a plurality of strut spreaders, and the structure of the cantilever umbrella is that: the support ribs are hinged to the upper hub, the two...

Plant growth enhancing mixture
Trehalose or trehalose-6-phosphate, when applied exogenously to citrus trees that are compromised in their growth and development with the condition referred to as citrus greening or HLB, can overcome the deadly effects of the problem. Renewal of tree tissue with trehalose or trehalose-6-phosphate has been documented to begin as soon as...

Baby holding and entertaining apparatus
A child play gym system includes a canopy that may be formed by a number of rods. A canopy track may be fixedly coupled to a particular rod, and a canopy clip may be slidingly coupled with the canopy track. A base may be coupled to the canopy so that the...

Construction machine
A canopy () is provided to rise in an upper revolving structure () for covering an upper side of an operator's seat (). A bend portion (B) extending in the left-right direction and projecting upward is provided in a front end side of a roof plate () in the canopy ()....

Adjustable all-season window awning/light shelf and operating mechanism therefor
An adjustable window awning/light shelf includes a canopy attached to supports on both sides of the window. The supports are engaged with vertical drive screws providing for the possibility of moving the canopy up and down. Each drive screw is connected with a common drive shaft. During the cooling season, the...

Canopy light system and associated methods
A retrofit canopy light system is provided that has a multi-output power supply assembly in electrical communication with a plurality of luminaire assemblies through a plurality of distribution wires. In one embodiment, each luminaire assembly may receive an electric current from a respective distribution wire extending from the power supply assembly....

Stroller canopy shades
The Stroller Canopy Shade provides its occupant shading and shielding protection from outdoor elements. The shade easily attaches to and detaches from multiple styles of strollers. The shade is comprised of cotton, is reversible, and has two shades, left and right sides, which provide optional variations of protection. The two shades...

Electrically heated foot canopy for bed top sheets, blankets, quilts or beds and the like
A bed top covering, including a top portion; a second portion; and a bottom portion. The second portion including a back-folded, electrically heated, foot canopy therein configured to allow the feet of a user to be extended in an upward direction therewithin and providing room and maneuverability and warmth for the...

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