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Canopy patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Canopy-related patents

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Luminaire mounting structure
A luminaire having a housing with a column extending therefrom and a bracket secured to the column, the bracket having a body and two wings extending from opposing sides of the body, at least a portion of each wing extending in a direction at least partially away from the column. The...

Incubator with double glazed wall and methods thereof
An incubator with a double glazed wall that promotes regulation of sound pressure levels and temperature levels the incubator, using an insulated glass unit. The canopy of the incubator has at least one insulated glass unit. This unit includes at least one first inner glass and at least one second external...

Scooter lift canopy
a canopy for a scooter lift may be used to protect items placed upon a lift at the rear of a car from the environment. The canopy may be retrofitted to an existing lift or may be an integral part of a lift. The canopy is supported by a frame and...

Mobile sheltered workstation
A mobile sheltered workstation includes a housing. The workstation includes a main support member having a lower end coupled to the housing and extending upwardly therefrom, the main support member being length adjustable and telescopically movable between a retracted configuration and an extended configuration. A canopy framework includes a lower end...

Quickly drying umbrella
An exemplary umbrella includes a handle to receive a motor, a fan, and a battery. The motor drives the fan to rotate when powered by the battery. The umbrella further includes a hollow support bar coupled to a top of the handle, and the support bar defines a number of receiving...

Incubator's canopy with sensor dependent variably transparent walls and methods for dimming lights thereof
An incubator with a canopy that selectively controls an amount of light that is transmitted into it. The incubator includes: at least one sensor configured to detect light transmitted into the incubator's capacity and to further convert the transmitted light into electrical current. The incubator also includes a canopy characterized by...

Face equipment comprising hose levels placed on the shield support frames of said face equipment
A face equipment for mechanical extraction in longwall mining, in particular in the underground hard coal mining industry, includes a face conveyor () arranged along the coal face, an extraction mechanism () that can be moved along the face conveyor (), and shield support frames () fastened at an angle to...

Foldable tent
A foldable tent includes a frame coupled to a canopy such that the frame and canopy are collectively collapsible from an open configuration to a folded configuration. The frame includes a plurality of spaced apart hubs positioned at an upper portion of the frame, at least one upper roof pole pivotally...

Collapsible low- profile privacy structure
Aspects are directed to a collapsible privacy structure that has a low profile when in an un-deployed state to preserve the sight lines of observers. The collapsible privacy structure may then be deployed causing a canopy structure to extend upwardly forming an internal volume that provides privacy and seclusion to the...

Canopy system
There is described a canopy system comprising two or more parallel elongated rods, one or more canopy pieces having two parallel edges, two or more elongated bars connected to each of the two or more parallel elongated rods and attached to each of the two parallel edges of the one or...

Cantilever umbrella
A cantilever umbrella assembly is provided that includes an upright pole, a runner, a transverse pole, and a canopy. The upright pole includes an upright guide surface. The runner is coupled with the upright pole and has a bearing coupled with the guide surface for guiding the runner along the upright...

Cantilever umbrella
An umbrella is provided that has a transverse member mounted canopy control module. The umbrella has a support structure and a canopy. The support structure has a first support member having an upper end and a second support member. The second support member has a first end disposed adjacent to the...

Cantilever umbrella
An umbrella is provided that has a transverse member mounted canopy control module. The umbrella has a support structure and a canopy. The support structure has a first support member having an upper end and a second support member. The second support member has a first end disposed adjacent to the...

Canopy or living mat for hiding support features on a ride or display platform
An assembly adapted for visually disguising drive or support features of an amusement park ride or a display system using a drive to move a show element about a space. The assembly includes a platform and a drive mechanism for selectively moving a support member. The assembly also includes an object...

Self-moving tunnel support canopy
A self-moving tunnel support canopy includes front arch frame, rear arch frame, forward jack, and support jack disposed under the front arch frame. The front arch frame has front arch beams and front longitudinal beams longitudinally disposed along arch upper surfaces of front arch beams and coupled to all the front...

Protective canopy and method
A portable canopy can be deployed either on a vehicle or on a paved area. Depending on the amount of tension of its elastic corner straps, the canopy can be deployed in a convex configuration, so as to arch over the cab of a vehicle, or alternatively in a substantially flat...

Motorcycle canopy
The present invention, the “Motorcycle Canopy” includes several components assembled together to form one device. It is used to provide shelter and comfort to motorcycle rider(s) under inclement weather conditions. The “Motorcycle Canopy” includes a folding frame attached to the rear of the motorcycle that includes a first pair of telescoping...

Privacy umbrella
A privacy umbrella includes a canopy, and at least a portion of the canopy includes a section made of a one-way material that allows an individual under the canopy to see outward through the one-way material, but which prevents people outside the canopy from obtaining a good view through the one-way...

Systems and methods for umbrella/parasol/personal sunshade closure
The bracelet, or other type of body jewelry such as previously described, such as necklace, anklet, belly chain, earring, etc. keeps the canopy of the umbrella/parasol/personal sunshade in place and closed when not in use. This method of closure eliminates the need for snaps, straps, Velcro, buttons, etc. on the canopy....

An umbrella includes a shaft, a sliding assembly, a canopy support rod, a connector rod, and a canopy. The sliding assembly is sleeved over the shaft in a slidable manner, the sliding assembly includes an upper sliding part, a lower sliding part, and a centre sliding part, the upper sliding part...

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