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Multiple chair canopy
The present invention is a multiple chair canopy that includes a top canopy that protects a user against the sun, a plurality of horizontal straight pipes that support the top canopy in an upright horizontal position, a plurality of hook and loop fasteners that removably secure the top canopy to the...

Release mechanisms for adjoining components
A mechanism for facilitating the release of a components employed on an expandable and collapsible canopy having a spring-biased projection penetrating an opening in the component, the mechanism comprising a sturdy flap comprising a thumb press portion which is sufficiently large enough to lower the force per square inch required to...

Flexible canopy
Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a flexible canopy. In one embodiment, the flexible canopy includes a central shaft, a sliding collar, a plurality of supports, a plurality of tensioners, a tensioner connection hub, and a membrane. The sliding collar is slidably connected to and surrounds the central shaft. A...

Arcuate-winged solar canopy assembly
A solar canopy structure mounted in ground to receive solar energy and convert the solar energy to electrical energy. The solar canopy structure has support columns, solar canopies retained in opposition by the support column, photovoltaic material retained by the solar canopies, and a block of material establishing a point of...

A playhouse has a main frame, a canopy mounted on and above the main frame, and two roof supporting frames. When the roof supporting frames cross each other, the canopy is propped up and expanded to construct the playhouse into a three-dimensional space. Thus, the playhouse does not collapse while children...

Portable sunshade device having holder for shaded viewing of portable media devices
A sun shading device having a shading canopy, a back shading panel, attached to legs. The legs and canopies are collapsible. The underside of the shading canopy includes a viewable electronic device holder for holding devices such as touch screen tablet computers or other device having a view screen. The shading...

Wheelchair solar canopy
Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a solar canopy for a motorized wheelchair includes a solar panel fitted into a recess in the solar canopy and a top cover in another recess at the top of the solar canopy and over the solar panel....

Umbrella engage with carrier bag
The present invention comprises a carrier bag with an anchoring structure. The anchoring structure is inserted into the carrier bag and allows an umbrella to be attached to the anchoring structure. The umbrella has a collapsible canopy and can be stored in a storage compartment on the carrier bag....

Canopy shelter link point
A canopy shelter link point for increased structural integrity particularly when subject to bending forces about the link point. The canopy shelter link point can include an increased overlap distance between two cross members, reduced spacing between adjacent cross members, and/or extension features located about an end of the cross members...

Portable shelter
The specification discloses a portable shelter which is conveniently transportable, easy to set up, and structurally stable in a variety a situations. The portable shelter comprises a canopy which is supported by opposing side support structures connected by a lateral support member and canopy support beams. The portable shelter can be...

Automated canopy greenhouse
This disclosure is for an automated canopy greenhouse having a motor driven canopy that is pulled over curved arch supports. The greenhouse has a generally rectangular base framework to which the arches are attached, the outside of the structure having the general shape of a cylinder cut lengthwise and resting on...

Canopy chair
An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes a frame which attaches to outdoor furniture, in particular to a chair, and a canopy. Embodiments can be moved from an overhead position to a behind the chair position. The frames can be moved from a collapsed to a fully extended position....

Solar module array pre-assembly method and apparatus
An apparatus is provided for pre-assembly of an electrically connected array of solar panels for a solar canopy including: a substantially planar base member for resting on a horizontal surface; a substantially planar support member for horizontally aligning supporting a plurality of solar panels; a track member disposed proximate a bottom...

Sound limiting acoustic shell using a hanging acoustic canopy
A temporary building structure is provided. The temporary building structure includes a top wall and an opposing floor surface covered by the top wall. The top wall and the floor surface define a first building area and a second building area. The first building area includes a floor surface configured to...

Shape memory polymer material compositions, methods and applications
A shape memory polymer material composition comprises: (1) a plurality of inorganic core nanoparticles as netpoints to which is connected; (2) a switching segment that comprises a polymer network. The polymer network comprises: (1) a corona component bonded to each inorganic core nanoparticle through a first chemical linkage; (2) a canopy...

Articulating pole hub for a collapsible shelter and method of forming a collapsible shelter
A pole hub for a collapsible shelter, such as a tent, canopy, or sun-shade is configured and adapted to connect at least two pairs of poles to each other in manner such that the pairs of poles are able to pivot relative to each other about an axis, while each pair...

Rotatable sunshade
A rotatable sunshade includes a pole rotatably coupled to a connection tube fixed to a base. A runner is slideably mounted around the pole to fold, unfold, or tilt a canopy. A control tube is slideably mounted around the pole. When the canopy is tilted and the control tube is in...

Patio umbrella with air pump
An integrated pole unit is connected to a patio umbrella canopy and allows the canopy to be raised by a foot, hand or low pressure compressor pump and lowered by releasing air via an air pressure valve. The external umbrella pole is hollow with a slit at the top and contains...

Retractable computer rack aisle roof
A roof for a computer rack aisle is provided. The roof has a canopy that may be flexible and/or fire-resistant. The canopy has a retracted position and an extended position. In the extended position the canopy may cover the top of an aisle between two computer racks while in the retracted...

Canopy shelter brackets
A canopy shelter bracket for increased structural integrity. The canopy shelter bracket can include an inner portion, an intermediate portion, a first outer portion, and a second outer portion integrally connected to form a generally ā€œFā€ shape or an ā€œSā€ shape. The inner portion, first outer portion, and/or the second outer...

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