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Cancer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cancer-related patent applications.

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new patent Cancer detection method using sense of smell of nematode
A cancer detection method characterised in that a nematode is bred in the presence of bio-related material originating from a test subject, or a processed product of same, and cancer is detected using the chemotaxis due to the sense of smell of the nematode as an indicator.. .
Kyushu University, National University Corporation

new patent Genes encoding secreted proteins which identify clinically significant prostate cancer
The present invention relates to the field of cancer. More specifically, the present invention provides compositions and methods for identification of individuals having clinically significant cancer.
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent Examination breast cancer
It is an object to provide a simplified early diagnosis method for breast cancer, wherein a sample collected from a human subject is analyzed and determination of the presence or absence of breast cancer is made from the proportion of plural types of polyamines including n1-acetylspermidine.. .
Kendaigakari Co., Ltd.

new patent Compositions and methods for treatment of ovarian cancer
The disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating an ovarian cancer in a subject. More specifically, the disclosure provides microrna (mirna) inhibitor molecules that target to different mirnas for treating different types of ovarian cancers in a subject.
Rosetta Genomics Ltd.

new patent Dual targeting antisense oligonucleotides as apoptotic inhibtor therapeutic compostions and methods for their use in the treatment of cancer
Provided herein are compositions, method and uses for modulating iap activity or for the treatment of cancer. The compositions comprise dual-targeting antisense oligonucleotides (daso) for administration to a cancer cell, wherein the cancer cell may be characterized by elevated expression of one of more of birc6, ciap1 or survivin.

new patent Compositions and methods for treating cachexia
The present invention relates, in various embodiments, to methods of treating cachexia (e.g., cancer cachexia) in a patient. The methods comprise administering at least one compound for inhibiting, in alternative embodiments, the expression or activity of a microrna that is present in microvesicles secreted from cancer cells in the patient (e.g., a mir-21 gene product), the expression or activity of a toll-like receptor (e.g., tlr7, tlr8), the expression or activity of a c-jun n-terminal kinase (jnk), the secretion of microvesicles from cancer cells, or the fusion of microvesicles from cancer cells with muscle cells or adipocytes.

new patent Conjugates of oligomer of hyaluronic acid or of a salt thereof, preparation thereof and use thereof
The invention relates to conjugates of hyaluronic acid oligomer according to the general formulae i, ii iii or iv, or a salt thereof, the method of preparation thereof and use thereof, where the oligomer is bonded to the respective substrate by its ending anomeric center via a bi-functional amino linker by means of an amino or imino bond. This type of conjugates allows releasing oligomers in their native form.
Contipro A.s.

new patent Combination therapy comprising anti-angiogenesis agents and ox40 binding agonists
The invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancers. The method comprises administering an anti-angiogenesis agent and an ox40 binding agonist..
Genentech, Inc.

new patent Chemokine-immunoglobulin fusion polypeptides, compositions, making and use thereof
This application is directed to chemokine-immunoglobulin fusion polypeptides and chemokine-polymer conjugates. The fusion polypeptides and conjugates can be used for treating chemokine receptor-mediated disorders and modulating inflammation, inflammatory cell motility, cancer cell motility, or cancer cell survival..
Jyant Technologies, Inc.

new patent Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 inhibitors
This invention relates to novel compounds according to formula (i) which are inhibitors of enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (ezh2), to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to processes for their preparation, and to their use in therapy for the treatment of cancers.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property (no.2) Limited

new patent

6-aryl-4-phenylamino-quinazoline analogs as phosphoinositide-3-kinase inhibitors

The present invention relates to 6-aryl-4-phenylamino quinazolines of formula i wherein, r and r″ are as herein described. The present invention particularly relates to synthesis and anticancer and phoshpoinositide-3-kinase-α (pi3k-α) inhibitory activity.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

new patent

Sigma-2 receptor ligand drug conjugates as antitumor compounds, methods of synthesis and uses thereof

Methods and compositions for treating cancers such as pancreatic cancer and synovial sarcoma are disclosed. Compounds comprising a sigma-2 receptor-binding moiety and a ferroptosis-inducing moiety are described.
Washington University

new patent

Sulfonamides derived from tricyclyl-2-aminocycloalkanols as anticancer agents

The compounds induce foxo1 transcription factor translocation to the nucleus by modulating pp2a and, as a consequence, exhibit anti-proliferative effects. They are useful in the treatment of a variety of disorders, including as a monotherapy in cancer treatment, or used in combination with other drugs to restore sensitivity to chemotherapy where resistance has developed..

new patent

Antibody-drug conjugates and uses thereof

The present invention relates to therapeutic immunoconjugates comprising sn-38 attached to an antibody or antigen-binding antibody fragment. The antibody may bind to trop-2 or ceacam5 and the immunoconjugate may be administered at a dosage of between 4 mg/kg and 16 mg/kg, preferably 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, or 16 mg/kg.
Immunomedics, Inc.

new patent

Duocarmycin adcs showing improved in vivo antitumor activity

The present invention relates to duocarmycin-containing antibody-drug conjugates (adcs) for use in the treatment of human solid tumours and haematological malignancies expressing her2, in particular breast cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, head and neck squamous cell cancer or osteosarcoma, and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. In particular, the present invention relates to duocarmycin-containing adcs for use in the treatment of human solid tumours with her2 ihc 2+ or 1+ and her2 fish negative tissue status.
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals B.v.

new patent

Pharmaceutical compositions for high-capacity targeted delivery

Provided herein are aptamers and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same. In some embodiments, the aptamer selectively binds a protein of interest such as an extracellular receptor protein of interest (e.g., a cancer cell extracellular receptor protein, which may be differentially expressed in some embodiments).
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

new patent

Hybrid anticancer prodrug simultaneously producing cinnamaldehyde and quinone methide and preparing same

The present invention relates to a hybrid anticancer prodrug simultaneously producing cinnamaldehyde and quinone methide. The hybrid anticancer prodrug according to the present invention sequentially releases quinone methide and cinnamaldehyde by h2o2 and acidic ph, and thus alkylates antioxidant gsh through the release of quinone methide, thereby inhibiting an antioxidative system and increasing oxidation stress, and generates and accumulates reactive oxygen species (ros) through the release of cinnamaldehyde, thereby promoting apoptosis, and thus the hybrid anticancer prodrug according to the present invention can be favorably used as an anticancer drug by creating a synergetic anticancer effect through double stimulus-response and sequential treatment action in a cancer cell-specific manner..
Industrial Cooperation Foundation Chonbuk National University

new patent

Prostate cancer vaccine

Androgen receptor-based vaccines for eliciting an immune reaction in vivo against cells expressing androgen receptor are disclosed. The vaccines are useful in the treatment of prostate cancer.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

new patent

Mucin antigen vaccine

Provided are expression vectors for generating an immune response to a mucin. The vectors comprise a transcription unit encoding a secretable polypeptide, the polypeptide comprising a secretory signal, a mucin antigen and cd40 ligand.
Microvax, Llc

new patent

Topical compositions comprising extract of coriolus versicolor for autoimmunity enhancement

The present invention provides a topical composition comprising extract from coriolus versicolor for use for preventing and/or treating by vaginal or cervical administration of a vaginal or cervical disorder which is caused by an infectious agent, in particular, human papiloma virus infections and related disorders, including cervical cancer. The composition of the invention acts enhancing genital immunity against infectious agents and re-epithelising damaged tissue..
Procare Health Iberia, S.l.

new patent

Compositions and methods for treating peritoneal cancers

The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating a peritoneal cancer in a subject. The methods include administering a t cell which is genetically modified to express a chimeric t cell receptor protein.
Prospect Chartercare Rwmc, Llc D/b/a Roger Williams Medical Center

new patent

Induction of thyroid iodide-handling gene expression in human cancers

Dual suppression of the map kinase and pi3k/akt pathways showed synergistic or greatly enhanced anti-melanoma cell effects, compared to suppression of a single pathway, including the inhibition of cell proliferation, transformation and invasion, induction of g0/g1 cell cycle arrest and, importantly, cell apoptosis. Remarkably, suppression of either pathway induces the expression of thyroid iodide-handling genes and dual suppression of the two pathways synergistically and robustly induces expression of these genes, accompanied by uptake of radioiodine in the cells.
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent

Anti- esophageal cancer compound and use thereof

The present invention relates to the bioactive components with the anti-proliferative property. In particular, the invention relates to one flavonol compound isolated from the root of lasia spinosa linn.
Changshu Hkbu Technology Company Limited

new patent

Small molecule hsp70 inhibitors

In an effort to discover therapies for treating hsp70 related diseases, a previously unidentified hydrophobic pocket was found in the c-terminal domain of dnak and of human hsp70. A novel chemical scaffold was also discovered for identifying compounds that treat diseases related to this hydrophobic pocket.
The Wistar Institute Of Anatomy And Biology

new patent

Thieno- and pyrrolopyrimidine analogues as anticancer agents and methods of use thereof

The present invention provides for the design and synthesis of halogenated thieno- and pyrrolopyrimidine compounds that exhibit cancer proliferation inhibitory activity and the use thereof for cancer treatment.. .
University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

new patent

Dosages of immunoconjugates of antibodies and sn-38 for improved efficacy and decreased toxicity

The present invention relates to therapeutic immunoconjugates comprising sn-38 attached to an antibody or antigen-binding antibody fragment. The antibody may bind to egp-1 (trop-2), ceacam5, ceacam6, cd74, cd19, cd20, cd22, csap, hla-dr, afp or muc5ac and the immunoconjugate may be administered at a dosage of between 4 mg/kg and 24 mg/kg, preferably 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16 or 18 mg/kg.
Immunomedics, Inc.

new patent

Androgen receptor modulator for the treatment of prostate cancer and androgen receptor-associated diseases

Described herein, inter alia, are compounds useful for the prevention or treatment of hyperproliferative diseases or disorders.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Sgk1 inhibitors for treatment of prostate cancer

The present invention encompasses the recognition that reproducible and detectable changes in the level and or activity of sgk1 are associated with incidence and/or risk of castration resistant prostate cancer (crpc) and/or doubly resistant prostate cancer, specifically in individuals having prostate cancer and on antiandrogen therapy, and provides for the use of sgk1 inhibitors to treat and/or reduce risk of crpc and/or doubly resistant prostate cancer. In some embodiments, sgk1 inhibitors also have glucocorticoid receptor (gr) and/or androgen receptor (ar) inhibitory activity or are administered in conjunction with gr and/or ar inhibitors..
Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

new patent

Methods of reducing mammographic breast density and/or breast cancer risk

The present disclosure is directed to generally methods for treating mammographic breast density and/or breast stiffness in a patient in need thereof, such as a premenopausal or perimenopausal patient, comprising the administration of an effective amount of androgenic agent and an effective amount of an aromatase inhibitor. These methods may also be useful in post-menopausal woman..
Chavah Pty Ltd

new patent

Pharmaceutical composition comprising effective dose of pomiferin for treating cancers

The present invention provides a compound of formula (i) as a serca inhibitor for treating cancers, a pharmaceutical composition comprising said compound, and methods of using said compound for treating cancers and/or inducing cell death in cells of said cancers. Said cancers include but not limited to cervical, lung, liver, breast, and prostate cancer.
Macau University Of Science And Technology

new patent

Methods of treating cancer

The present invention provides methods and compositions for treating non-small-cell lung cancer (nsclc) by administering a) a composition comprising nanoparticles that comprise paclitaxel and an albumin and b) a platinum-based agent (e.g., carboplatin). The present application also provides methods of treating prostate cancer by administering to the individual a) an effective amount of a composition comprising nanoparticles comprising docetaxel and an albumin; and b) an effective amount of a steroid..
Abraxis Bioscience, Llc

new patent

Mitochondrial delivery of 3-bromopyruvate

A mitochondria targeted gold nanoparticle (t-3-bp-aunp) decorated with 3-bromopyruvate (3-bp) and delocalized lipophilic triphenylphosphonium (tpp) cations to target the mitochondrial membrane potential (Δψm) was developed for delivery of 3-bp to cancer cell mitochondria by taking advantage of higher Δψm in cancer cell compared to normal cells. This construct showed remarkable anticancer activity in prostate cancer cells compared to non-targeted construct nt-3-bp-aunp and free 3-bp.
University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

new patent

Methods of treating cancer using rad51 small molecule stimulators

Methods of killing or inhibiting the growth cancer cells and tumors and of treating cancer by administering compounds that stimulate the activity of rad51. Cells overexpressing rad51 or with other imbalances in homologous recombination machinery are particularly susceptible targets of rad51 stimulators..
The University Of Chicago

new patent

Zeaxanthin for tumor treatment

A composition comprising a pharmaceutically effective amount of zeaxanthin or its derivative for use in treating a malignant tumor and a method of using a pharmaceutically effective amount of zeaxanthin or its derivative either alone or together with one or more pharmaceutical agents for treating a malignant tumor. The tumor may be, but is not limited to breast cancer, cervix cancer, colon cancer, cutaneous melanoma, cutaneous squamous carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, osteosarcoma, prostate cancer, and uveal melanoma.
The New York Eye And Ear Infirmary

new patent

Systems and methods for extracting prognostic image features

Described herein are systems and methods for extracting image features from magnetic resonance imaging scans. These methods and systems are useful for both determining cancer lesion severity and disease prognosis.
Duke University

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