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Cancer patents


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 Single-cell analysis as a sensitive and specific  early cancer detection patent thumbnailSingle-cell analysis as a sensitive and specific early cancer detection
Certain embodiments are directed to methods of measuring single cell levels of biomarkers associated with prostate cancer.. .
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

 Method for colorectal cancer detection patent thumbnailMethod for colorectal cancer detection
The present invention provides an oligopeptide specific to colorectal cancer cells, which are selected from a group of peptide sequences consisting of seq id: no. 1 to seq id: no.
National Tsing Hua University

 Bio-adhesive gels and methods of use patent thumbnailBio-adhesive gels and methods of use
A gel composition that forms a three dimensional gel microenvironment that is formed of an adhesive protein, a maleimide-functionalized poly alkylene oxide, a linking agent and a nanoparticle, the components forming an interpenetrating network that exhibits improved mechanical and biochemical properties, as well as creates a favorable microenvironment for cellular growth and proliferation. The gel composition also creates a favorable microenvironment for testing various agents on normal or diseased cells, including chemotherapeutic agents on cancer cells or other diseased cells..
Cornell University

 Risk scores based on human phosphodiesterase 4d variant 7 expression patent thumbnailRisk scores based on human phosphodiesterase 4d variant 7 expression
Methods are described for stratifying patient risk for patients with prostate cancer and for providing a treatment recommendation to a patient based on a phosphodiesterase 4d variant 7 (pde4d7) risk score. A diagnostic kit and a computer program product for the analysis and determination of the pde4d7 risk score are also described..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Pca3, pca3 genes, and methods of use patent thumbnailPca3, pca3 genes, and methods of use
The present invention relates, in general, to a prostate-specific antigen, pca3. In particular, the present invention relates to nucleic acid molecules coding for the pca3 protein; purified pca3 proteins and polypeptides; recombinant nucleic acid molecules; cells containing the recombinant nucleic acid molecules; antibodies having binding affinity specifically to pca3 proteins and polypeptides; hybridomas containing the antibodies; nucleic acid probes for the detection of nucleic acids encoding pca3 proteins; a method of detecting nucleic acids encoding pca3 proteins or polypeptides in a sample; kits containing nucleic acid probes or antibodies; bioassays using the nucleic acid sequence, protein or antibodies of this invention to diagnose, assess, or prognose a mammal afflicted with prostate cancer; therapeutic uses; and methods of preventing prostate cancer in an animal..
The Johns Hopkins University

 Compositions and methods for prognosis of ovarian cancer patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for prognosis of ovarian cancer
Described herein are compositions and methods for the prediction of the prognosis of ovarian cancer subjects. The present invention farther provides methods for distinguishing between histological subtypes of ovarian cancer tumors, and also methods and compositions liar the treatment or prevention of ovarian cancer.
Mor Research Applications

 Detecting mutations for cancer screening and fetal analysis patent thumbnailDetecting mutations for cancer screening and fetal analysis
Embodiments are related to the accurate detection of somatic mutations in the plasma (or other samples containing cell-free dna) of cancer patients and for subjects being screened for cancer. The detection of these molecular markers would be useful for the screening, detection, monitoring, management, and prognostication of cancer patients.
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

 Detecting colorectal neoplasm patent thumbnailDetecting colorectal neoplasm
Provided herein is technology relating to detecting neoplasia and particularly, but not exclusively, to methods, compositions, and related uses for detecting premalignant and malignant neoplasms such as colorectal cancer.. .
Exact Sciences Corporation

 Method for supporting diagnosis of risk of colorectal cancer recurrence, treatment of colorectal cancer, and administration of anticancer drug patent thumbnailMethod for supporting diagnosis of risk of colorectal cancer recurrence, treatment of colorectal cancer, and administration of anticancer drug
Disclosed is a method for supporting a diagnosis of a risk of colorectal cancer recurrence, including the steps of: performing a first measurement to measure the levels of expression of a plurality of genes selected from a first gene group present in a region from 18q21 to 18q23 on the long arm of chromosome 18 in a biological sample collected from a patient with colorectal cancer, a second measurement to measure the levels of expression of a plurality of genes selected from a second gene group present in a region from 20q11 to 20q13 on the long arm of chromosome 20, and a third measurement to measure the levels of expression of a plurality of genes selected from a third gene group including angptl2, axl, c1r, c1s, calhm2, ctsk, dcn, emp3, grem1, itgav, klhl5, mmp2, rab34, selm, srgap2p1, and vim; and determining the risk of colorectal cancer recurrence of the patient based on the levels of expression measured in the measurement step.. .
Sysmex Corporation

 Grading of breast cancer patent thumbnailGrading of breast cancer
Methods and compositions for the identification of breast cancer grade signatures are provided. The signature profiles are identified based upon multiple sampling of reference breast tissue samples from independent cases of breast cancer and provide a reliable set of molecular criteria for identification of cells as being in one or more particular stages and/or grades of breast cancer..
The General Hospital Corporation

Method for differentiating between lung squamous cell carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma

Provided is an approach for differentially determining the histological type of a lung cancer lesion objectively and rapidly with high accuracy. A method for differentially assessing a lesion in a lung cancer patient as squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma, comprising a step of measuring an expression level of an expression product of at least one dna comprising a transcription start site in a biological sample collected from the lesion, wherein the dna comprises a base at an arbitrary position in the transcription start site and at least one or more bases located immediately downstream thereof in any of nucleotide sequences represented by seq id nos: 1 to 213, and the transcription start site is a region wherein both ends thereof are defined by the first base and the 101st base counted from the 3′ end in any of the nucleotide sequences represented by seq id nos: 1 to 213..

Method for assisting detection of pancreatic cancer

Disclosed is the provision of a method for assisting the detection of pancreatic cancer, the method assisting the detection of pancreatic cancer with high accuracy. In the method for assisting the detection of pancreatic cancer, the amounts of (1) mir-122-5p and (2) at least one mirna selected from the group consisting of mir-16-5p, mir-19b-3p and mir-25-3p, all of which are contained in a test sample separated from a living body, are used as indicators.
Hiroshima University

Methods and compositions for assessing patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Methods, kits, devices, and computer systems are provided for obtaining an nsclc marker level representation for an individual with non small cell lung carcinoma (nsclc); and/or for providing a prognosis for an individual with nsclc. The methods can include measuring expression levels, in a biological sample, of 2 or more nsclc markers selected from: mad2l1, gins1, slc2a1, krt6a, fcgrt, tnik, bcam, kdm6a, and faim3; calculating an nsclc marker level representation based on the measured expression levels; comparing the nsclc marker level representation of the individual to a reference marker level representation; providing a prognosis based on the comparison; and/or generating a report that includes at least one of: (i) an nsclc marker level representation, (ii) an nsclc marker level representation and a reference nsclc marker level representation, (iii) a prognosis, and (iv) guidance to a clinician as to a treatment recommendation based on the prognosis..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Molecular diagnostic test for predicting response to anti-angiogenic drugs and prognosis of cancer

Methods for selecting whether to administer an anti-angiogenic therapeutic agent to a subject include steps of measuring the expression levels of one or more biomarkers selected from table 2 or table 3 in a sample from the subject; assessing from the expression levels of the one or more biomarkers whether the sample from the subject is positive or negative for a biomarker signature, wherein if the sample is positive for the biomarker signature an anti-angiogenic therapeutic agent is contraindicated. Related prognostic methods and treatment methods are also provided.
Almac Diagnostics Limited

Methods for treating cancer resistant to erbb therapeutics

Provided herein are methods for treating cancer that is resistant to treatment with an anti-erbb therapeutic agent and which is associated with an activating met gene mutation or a met gene amplification. The methods involve administering to a subject a combination of an anti-erbb therapeutic and an anti-met therapeutic.
The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

Systems and methods for treating patients having a genetic predisposition to develop prostate cancer

Systems and methods for mitigating prostate cancer development are provided. Peripheral blood cells may be evaluated for the presence or quantity of gamma-h2ax foci, and/or for gene alterations encoding a protein with impaired or lack of function, for example, because the encoded protein is truncated, and correlating with prostate cancer development.
Institute For Cancer Research D/b/a The Research Institute Of Fox Chase Cancer Center

Antagonists of slc38a9 and their use in therapy

The present invention relates to an antagonist or modulator of slc38a9 for use in treating a disease associated with mtorc1 activation, like a proliferative disease (e.g. A cancerous disease or benign proliferative disease), a metabolic disorder, a disorder of the immune system, a disorder causing premature aging, an ophthalmic disorder or a neurological disorder.
Cemm - Forschungzentrum Fuer Molekulare Medizin Gmbh

Melk regulation for the treatment of breast cancer

Methods for inhibiting growth or proliferation of breast cancer cells are provided. The methods include administering to a subject in need thereof in an amount that is effective to inhibit growth or proliferation of the breast cancer cells a melk inhibitor, wherein the breast cancer cells are estrogen receptor (er) negative.

Colorectal cancer drug, and predicting prognosis of colorectal cancer patient

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a colorectal cancer drug that uses microrna exhibiting outstanding effectiveness in colorectal cancer patients, particularly colorectal cancer patients having a mutated kras gene. Mir4689 and/or mir4685-3p can suppress the growth of colorectal cancer cells, particularly colorectal cancer cells having a mutated kras gene, and thus exhibit an effective antitumor effect..

Novel lysyl trna synthetase fragment and microvesicles comprising same

The present invention relates to: a lysyl trna synthetase (krs) fragment which comprises an amino acid sequence represented by seq id no: 1 and is secreted from cancer cells; microvesicles comprising the krs fragment; and a method for providing information necessary for cancer diagnosis and screening a cancer metastasis inhibiting agent using the same. The present invention can be favorably used in the development of a diagnostic kit for providing information necessary for cancer diagnosis or the development of a cancer metastasis inhibiting agent, and thus is highly industrially applicable..
Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center

Cell penetrating anti-guanosine antibody based therapy for cancers with ras mutations

It has been established that cancer cells with oncogenic mutants in the small gtpase k-ras are susceptible to antibodies that bind intracellular guanosine, but delivery of antibodies into cells can be challenging. A subset of lupus autoantibodies is associated with anti-guanosine activity, and is capable of cellular penetration.
The United States Govemment As Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs

Antibodies against the ectodomain of erbb3 and uses thereof

The present invention provides a novel class of antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof that bind the extracellular domain of erbb3 receptor and inhibit various erbb3 functions. For example, the antibodies and antigen binding fragments described herein are capable of binding to the receptor designated erbb3 and inhibiting egf-like ligand mediated phosphorylation of the receptor.
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Antibodies with immune effector activity and that internalize in folate receptor alpha-positive cells

This invention relates to the use of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that specifically bind to and have the ability in the alternative to become internalized by cells expressing folate receptor alpha (fra) and to induce an immune effector activity such as antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. The antibodies are useful in specific delivery of pharmacologic agents to fra-expressing cells as well as in eliciting an immune-effector activity particularly on tumor cells and precursors.
Morphotek, Inc.

Monoclonal antibodies to interleukin 35 and methods of use thereof to inhibit regulatory t cell function

Methods for regulating t cell function in a subject, particularly regulatory t cell activity are provided. Methods of the invention include administering to a subject a therapeutically effective amount of an interleukin 35-specific binding agent, such as an antibody or small molecule inhibitor.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Anti-activin a antibodies and uses thereof

The disclosure provides compositions and methods relating to or derived from anti-activin a binding proteins, including antibodies. In particular embodiments, the disclosure provides fully human, humanized, and chimeric anti-activin a antibodies that bind human activin a, activin a-binding fragments and derivatives of such antibodies, and activin a-binding polypeptides comprising such fragments.
Amgen Inc.

Novel anti-malignant tumor agent

The present invention provides an antitumor agent having high safety, which is a molecular target drug against malignant tumors. An anti-malignant tumor agent characterized by containing, as an active ingredient, a substance targeting ribosomal proteins shows increased expression in malignant tumor cells.
National University Corporation Okayama University

Thione-platinum(ii) complexes and pharmaceutical compositions thereof

Platinum(ii) complexes having thione-based heterocyclic ligands as anticancer agents. The central platinum atom is coordinated by four of the ligands, each having a five-, six- or seven-membered heterocyclic ring with two nitrogen atoms at positions 1 and 3 of the ring and a thiocarbonyl group at position 2.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Pyridine derivatives

The present application provides novel pyridine compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts or prodrugs thereof. Also provided are methods for preparing these compounds.
Asana Biosciences, Llc

Beta- and gamma-amino-isoquinoline amide compounds and substituted benzamide compounds

Disclosed are beta and gamma-amino isoquinoline amide compounds and substituted benzamide compounds. In particular, the invention provides compounds that affect the function of kinases in a cell and that are useful as therapeutic agents or with therapeutic agents.
Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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