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Methods and apparatus for saving power

Network connection system and method

Context data in upnp service information

Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Method and apparatus for communications patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for communications
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a set-top-box (stb) having a controller to operate the stb coupled to an interactive television network as an audio visual answering machine using a digital video recorder forming a part of the stb, use at least one camera coupled to the stb to capture video, use at least one microphone coupled to the stb to capture audio, present video from at least a calling party on a television set coupled to the stb, and present audio from at least the calling party on speakers coupled to the stb. Other embodiments are disclosed..
 Methods and apparatus for saving power patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for saving power
In one example embodiment, a device uses a camera and an eye detection service to determine whether a user is looking at a display of the device during periods when the user is not actively interacting with the device. In response to a determination that the user is not looking at the display, the display is automatically powered off.
 Network connection system and method patent thumbnailNetwork connection system and method
A network connection method applied between at least one network camera and at least one network storage device is provided. The network connection method includes steps of controlling the at least one network storage device to send inviter information in response to a first instruction, controlling the network camera to receive the inviter information in response to a second instruction, controlling the network camera to send reply information based on the received inviter information, controlling the network storage device to receive the reply information, and connecting the network camera to the network storage device based on the reply information.
 Context data in upnp service information patent thumbnailContext data in upnp service information
A system, device, and method provide for the selection of a device to perform a service using context information for the device. The context information may be included in a request from a control point device to the device or may be included in a response from the device to the control point device.
 Secure real-time health record exchange patent thumbnailSecure real-time health record exchange
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for accessing electronic medical records are provided in which a portable computing device uniquely associated with a user authenticates an identification of the user and automatically retrieves information corresponding to the user from electronic healthcare records systems using the identification. The retrieved information may be combined with other information and electronically delivered to a healthcare provider or patient.
 Money transfer smart phone methods and systems patent thumbnailMoney transfer smart phone methods and systems
A mobile device for providing currency exchange, is described. The mobile device includes a computer processor, a memory device having sets of instructions stored thereon, and a camera device configured to photograph an image of currency of a first country's currency.
 System and method for utilizing captured eye data from mobile devices patent thumbnailSystem and method for utilizing captured eye data from mobile devices
A device for analyzing eye data captured via the device, the device configured to perform the steps of (a) displaying an advertisement and other content on the display; (b) capturing one or more images using the camera, wherein the one or more images depict at least one or more eyes of a user of the device; (c) detecting the one or more eyes in the one or more captured images; (d) determining based at least upon the one or more captured images that the one or more eyes are focused for a predetermined amount of time on the advertisement as opposed to the other content; and (e) based upon the determination in step (d), displaying on the display an item contextually related to the advertisement and different from the other content, wherein the item is (i) text; (ii) a picture; or (iii) a video.. .
 Controlling use of parking spaces using cameras patent thumbnailControlling use of parking spaces using cameras
Tracking vehicles is disclosed. Initially, two or more first images from a first camera having a first field of view are received.
 Integrated time dependent dielectric breakdown reliability testing patent thumbnailIntegrated time dependent dielectric breakdown reliability testing
Systems for reliability testing include a picometer configured to measure a leakage current across a device under test (dut); a camera configured to measure optical emissions from the dut based on a timing of the measurement of the leakage current; and a test system configured to apply a stress voltage to the dut and to correlate the leakage current with the optical emissions using a processor to determine a time and location of a defect occurrence within the dut by locating instances of increased noise in the leakage current that correspond in time with instances of increased optical emissions.. .
 Vehicle hatch control system patent thumbnailVehicle hatch control system
A hatch control system for a vehicle includes a camera disposed at a rear portion of the vehicle and having a rearward field of view that encompasses a region at the rear of the vehicle that is swept by a hatch or liftgate or deck lid or door of the vehicle as the hatch is opened and closed, such as via a powered hatch opening/closing system. An image processor is operable to process image data captured by the camera to determine if an object is present in the region that is swept by the hatch to determine if the hatch may collide with the detected object when the hatch is being opened/closed.
Method and apparatus for exercise monitoring combining exercise monitoring and visual data with wireless wearable devices
Embodiments of the invention provide a method and apparatus for a wireless exercise monitoring system for interactively monitoring an aspect of exercise, sports, or fitness utilizing a wearable device, such as a watch, eyewear, or smart apparel. The device is equipped with, or connected to, a digital camera.
Protein microarray assay imager
An approach is described that combines distinct properties of a specialized porous nitrocellulose film (pnc) with quantum nanoparticles to create an improved assay and detection sensitivity, permitting the development of a camera-based imaging system for fluorescent detection of macromolecules in microarray format. The two properties of pnc that facilitate the approach are an extraordinarily high binding capacity and a newly observed internal scattering of light.
Camera pose estimation for 3d reconstruction
Camera pose estimation for 3d reconstruction is described, for example, to enable position and orientation of a depth camera moving in an environment to be tracked for robotics, gaming and other applications. In various embodiments, depth observations from the mobile depth camera are aligned with surfaces of a 3d model of the environment in order to find an updated position and orientation of the mobile depth camera which facilitates the alignment.
Method for realizing user interface using camera and mobile communication terminal for the same
A method for realizing a user interface using a camera module and a mobile communication terminal for the same. If a user makes a predetermined motion in a state in which the camera module of the mobile communication terminal is activated, the mobile communication terminal performs a predetermined action according to the motion pattern by recognizing the user motion and patterning the motion.
Analytic device
An analytic device comprising a device housing, a dock to receive a camera enabled mobile electronic device, such as a smartphone and other smart devices, and a processing device to communicate with the mobile electronic device and to control a condition of the assay tube, such as temperature. In another example, the analytic device comprises a device housing and a circuit board.
Reflectivity measurements during polishing using a camera
A substrate polishing system includes a platen to support a polishing surface, a carrier head configured to hold a substrate against the polishing surface during polishing, a light source configured to direct a light beam onto a surface of the substrate, a detector including an array of detection elements, and a controller. The detector is configured to detect reflections of the light beam from an area of the surface, and is configured to generate an image having pixels representing regions on the substrate having a length less than 0.1 mm.
Line striper
Herein is an apparatus for overlaying a media stripe onto a media stripe previously applied to a surface (i.e., “old media strip”). The apparatus includes a mobile frame housing controls and an applicator head having a spray nozzle that applies new media.
Video camera motion stabilizing device
A stabilizer apparatus for use with video devices that provides smooth video images. The stabilizer device comprises a gimbal system operably attached to a counterweighted pole.
Camera module having guiding rod and lens holder sleeve moving along guiding rod
A camera module includes a guiding rod made of metal, a lens holder, a guiding sleeve made of metal, and a lens unit. The guiding sleeve is connected to the lens holder, and is sleeved on the guiding rod.
Automated video production system and method
The invention provides a method and system for the automated post production of a single video file, the method comprising the steps of gathering video data from a plurality of camera sources; gathering audio data from a plurality of microphone sources; using an automated tracking offline algorithm to track a sound emitting from a moving target object in a 3d space, to provide localization data of said target object to identify an optimum camera source to provide video data of said target object; and composing a composite video sequence of said moving target from a plurality of identified optimum camera sources in a single video file. The algorithm relies on both video data from multiple camera views and audio data from multiple microphone arrays to infer the 3d position of the active speaker over the duration of the captured presentation..
Interactive audio/video system and method
There is provided an interactive audio/video system for making an interactive audio/video clip of one or more participant each provided with a green neck and torso bib and a microphone. One or more audio/video camera is aimed at the at least one participant in front of a green screen.
Screen recording for creating contents in mobile devices
The embodiments herein relate to screen recording and more particularly to creating and recording whiteboard contents along with audio and camera inputs in a mobile device. When the screen recording application is initialized, a canvas is created in sandbox of the screen recording application in the mobile device.
System and method for photo frame with dynamic automatic template building system and location sensitive photo commerce
A method is provided for photo frames with dynamic automatic template building system and location sensitive photo commerce. The method comprises: determining, by a geographic location sensing device, a first geographic location of the mobile device; obtaining, by a communication device, information from an external source regarding templates for photo frames associated with second geographic locations of known proximity to the first geographic location; downloading, by the communication device, a template for one of the photo frames for which information was received, the photo frame including a graphic content; combining, by the processor, the graphic content from the photo frame with additional graphic content from one of a digital photo stored previously stored in a memory or a digital photo taken by a digital camera; creating a new digital photo from the combined graphic content; and storing the new digital photo in the memory..
Image processing device, image pickup device, and image display device
With an image processing device of the present invention, the image processing device, an image pickup device, and an image display device are provided which can correct a spatial distortion generated in taking and displaying a stereoscopic image, and which can present a high-quality image with a stereoscopic feel. The image processing device comprises an information acquisition unit (20) that obtains disparity information calculated from a stereoscopic image, image-pickup condition information when the stereoscopic image is taken, and display condition information of a display unit that displays the stereoscopic image, and an image processing unit (30) that converts a disparity of the stereoscopic image.
Systems and methods of tracking object movements in three-dimensional space
The technology disclosed relates to tracking movement of a real world object in three-dimensional (3d) space. In particular, it relates to mapping, to image planes of a camera, projections of observation points on a curved volumetric model of the real world object.
Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier
A method for determining an eyes-off-the-road (eotr) condition exists includes capturing image data corresponding to a driver from a monocular camera device. A detection of whether the driver is wearing eye glasses based on the image data using an eye glasses classifier.
Systems, devices, and methods for tracking moving targets
A system for tracking a moving target having up to six degrees of freedom and rapidly determining positions of the target, said system includes an easy to locate precision optical target fixed to the target. This system includes at least two cameras positioned so as to view the optical camera from different directions with each of the at least two cameras being adapted to record two dimensional images of the precision optical target defining precise target point.
Object recognition system implementing image data transformation
A object recognition system has a camera configured to generate source image data and a processor configured to access the source image data from the camera. The processor is also configured to accesses state data of the camera and generate transformed image data from the source image data based at least in part on the state data.
X-ray monitoring camera
A x-ray monitoring camera is disclosed which uses a camera mounted in a collimator to monitor the field of the x-ray on the patient to better direct the x-ray. The camera of the x-ray monitoring camera may also be used to record and capture still or video images of the area x-rayed..
Depth map encoding and decoding
The embodiments use prediction weights in connection with predictive encoding and decoding of a depth map in the form of a frame (10) with pixels (11) having pixel values representing distances between a camera (40) and objects. The prediction weight is calculated based on depth clipping plane parameter values associated with the frame (10) and with a reference frame (20, 30) based on which pixels of the frame (10) are encoded and decoded.
Package and tray system for interchanging device components
Some embodiments of the invention include a package and tray system for modularizing a set of component hardware devices of an electronic device. The system includes at least one package and a tray.
On-line, continuous monitoring in solar cell and fuel cell manufacturing using spectral reflectance imaging
A monitoring system 100 comprising a material transport system 104 providing for the transportation of a substantially planar material 102, 107 through the monitoring zone 103 of the monitoring system 100. The system 100 also includes a line camera 106 positioned to obtain multiple line images across a width of the material 102, 107 as it is transported through the monitoring zone 103.
Terminal having plurality of operating modes
There is set forth herein a terminal having an image sensor array and a plurality of operator selectable operating modes. The image sensor array can have an associated light source bank.
Control of exposure of camera
A device for controlling exposure of a camera is provided. An image of an area ahead of a vehicle is acquired by a camera provided in the vehicle.
Focus adjustment unit and camera system
A focus adjustment unit according to the present invention has an imaging section configured to generate an image signal by forming and capturing an optical image on an image sensor by an optical system including a focusing lens, and performs focus adjustment based on a focus detection signal relating to a focus detection area set within an imaging area, the focus adjustment unit comprising a focusing lens position detection section configured to detect a position of the focusing lens, a storage section configured to store information on an image magnification change of the optical system along with movement of the focusing lens, and a focus detection area setting section configured to set a focus detection area within the imaging area, wherein the focus detection area setting section sets the focus detection area based on the position of the focusing lens and the information on an image magnification change.. .
Apparatus and method for controlling display of mobile terminal
An apparatus and a method are provided for controlling a display in a portable terminal. The apparatus for controlling a display in a portable terminal includes a display unit, a camera unit located on a side where the display unit is placed, and a controller to change a display parameter value if a distance between the portable terminal and a subject is within a preset distance value when the subject is photographed through the camera unit..
Solid-state imaging device, imaging method, and camera module
According to one embodiment, a solid-state imaging device includes an output level determining unit, a random number data generating unit, and an output selecting unit. The output level determining unit performs a level determination of a digital output signal by comparing a level of the digital output signal with a threshold value.
Method and apparatus for photographing in portable terminal
A method and an apparatus for photographing using a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes an interface for intuitively identifying different photographing compositions in a preview mode and supports photographing a subject according to each composition selected by a user in the interface.
User terminal and image processing method for recognizing user in user terminal
A user terminal includes: a first camera and a second camera photographing a subject; and a controller photographing a user using the second camera upon photographing through the first camera to thus recognize the user, and performing predetermined image processing on an image photographed through the first camera according to the result of the user recognition. Therefore, by recognizing a user and performing image processing on a photographed image based on the result of the user recognition, it is possible to protect a user's copyright for photographed images and also to use user information for various purposes by associating the user information with photographed images..
Apparatus and method for processing image in mobile terminal having camera
An apparatus and method process an image in a portable terminal having a camera. The apparatus obtains a final image from a plurality of images by performing a focusing function based on a plurality of images photographed by varying focus characteristics of an identical subject..
Monocular telescope capable of capturing and recording images
The monocular telescope provided by the present invention includes a monocular main body, an image capturing/recording module and a lcd monitor. The monocular main body includes a tube.
Portable high quality automated video recording system
This invention relates to the automatic pointing of a pointing device, such as a camera, without the assistance of a person who operates the camera. Systems and methods are disclosed wherein the system is substantially stationary during recording but is portable to the venue of recording.
Photo shooting control method and control device
The present application is directed to a photo shooting control method and control device, the method includes: pairing with a mobile device, and building up a connection with the mobile device upon successful pairing, obtaining key pressing information, and generating a first control signal and a second control signal for transmitting to the mobile device according to the key pressing information. The first control signal or the second control signal controls the shutter release in the camera application of the mobile device for photo shooting.
Method and device for stabilizing video sequences, related video-capture apparatus and computer-program product
According to an embodiment, a sequence of video frames as produced in a video-capture apparatus such as a video camera is stabilized against hand shaking or vibration by:—subjecting a pair of frames in the sequence to feature extraction and matching to produce a set of matched features;—subjecting the set of matched features to an outlier removal step; and—generating stabilized frames via motion-model estimation based on features resulting from outlier removal. Motion-model estimation is performed based on matched features having passed a zone-of-interest test confirmative that the matched features passing the test are distributed over a plurality of zones across the frames..
Method of capturing real-life colors
A method of capturing real-life colors is adapted for being achieved by a pen camera including a camera module which has a circuit board, a camera lens built in on the tip of a pen body, a shutter button and a power button. The method includes the steps of: actuating the power button to power on the camera module; pointing to an item directly with the camera lens, the item has the desired real-life color; actuating the shutter button to make the camera lens capture the item and be saved as a photo; transmitting the photo into a target console; utilizing an application processing software in the target console to extract the desired real-life color in the photo and then define the extracted color; renaming the defined color and being saved in the target console to make the defined color capable of being used in other painting or sketching operations..
System and method for determining an imaging deviation of a camera
A system is described for determining an imaging deviation of a camera having: the camera, which is focused on a first distance, having a target pattern unit, which is situated at a second distance from the camera in a field of view of the camera and which has a three-dimensional surface texture having calibration markings, having a lens unit which is situated at a third distance from the camera and between the target pattern unit and the camera and is developed so that the three-dimensional surface texture is able to be imaged by the camera, and having a control unit that is connected to the camera and which is developed so that the imaging deviation of the camera is determinable by evaluating an image taken of the calibration markings of the three-dimensional surface texture. Also described is a method for determining an imaging deviation of a camera..
Test socket for camera module
Disclosed herein is a test socket for camera modules, which enables automated inspection of camera modules. The test socket for camera modules includes a base plate provided with a loading unit on which a camera module to be tested is placed; a slider formed on the base plate and horizontally movable thereon; an upper plate formed on the slider to move up or down thereon, and including a cover corresponding to an upper portion of the camera module; a vertical cylinder allowing the upper plate to vertically reciprocate with respect to the slider; and a pin block formed on the loading unit or the cover and connected to a contact point of the camera module..
Rotatable optical device housing and mounting platform
A rotatable optical device housing and mounting platform is disclosed. The optical device housing includes a bezel, front housing and rear housing.
Thermal imaging system capable of tracing specific portion in thermal image and method of tracing specific portion using the same
The present invention relates to a thermal imaging system capable of tracing a specific portion in a thermal image and a method of tracing a specific portion using thereof. The thermal imaging system includes a thermal imaging camera; an imaging camera installed to be adjacent to the thermal imaging camera; and a position measurement apparatus installed to be adjacent to the thermal imaging camera in order to measure photographing positions of the thermal imaging camera and the imaging camera.
Radioactivity detection method
A method for measuring radioactivity using standard cameras in customer appliances.. .
Image processing system using unified images
An image processing system has a plurality of cameras and a display that are mounted on a machine. The plurality of cameras are configured to generate image data for an environment of the machine.
Apparatus and method for a one touch light security feature in a mobile wireless communication device
A security feature in a handheld electronic wireless communication device, has two switch buttons a and b that are positioned on the bezel of the device that are for increasing/decreasing functions of the device. The device has a led light used for flash light in a camera mode of the device.
Vision system for vehicle
A vision system for a vehicle includes a single forward facing camera and a control having a processor, with the camera and processor disposed in a unitary module installed in the vehicle. The processor, responsive to processing of captured image data, detects headlights of oncoming vehicles and the control, responsive to the detection, provides an output for a headlamp control system of the vehicle.
Method and device for vehicle access control
A method and apparatus for controlling access to a motor vehicle using heartbeat rhythm patterns. An electronic camera installed in or on the vehicle images a skin surface of a person seeking access to the vehicle.
Retrofitting kit for parking guidance
A method for ascertaining a relative position between a vehicle and an object located laterally to the vehicle, and a retrofitting kit having components to carry out this method. The object is initially detected in that the vehicle passes the object at least once.
Network camera and photographing method thereof
Disclosed are a network camera and a photographing method thereof. The network camera includes a lens module comprising a plurality of lenses having incident paths different from each other, a prism reflecting light incident through the lens module, a prism driving module rotating the prism, and a controller controlling the prism through the prism driving module.
Patient video monitoring systems and methods having detection algorithm recovery from changes in illumination
Various embodiments concern video patient monitoring with detection zones. Various embodiments can comprise a camera, a user interface, and a computing system.
Line scan imaging from a raw video source
A line scan image is generated from a raw digital video source by receiving a digital video from a digital video camera configured to capture one or more moving objects of interest at a monitored location in the digital video, cropping the digital video or frames of the video around the monitored location, generating a plurality of cropped images from the cropped digital video, and assembling the plurality of cropped images in temporal order to generate the line scan image.. .
Method for measuring the height profile of a vehicle passing on a road
A method for measuring a height profile of a vehicle passing on a road, said method comprising the following steps: directing a monocular camera from a point above the road onto the road with an angle of aperture that captures a section of the road from above, recording at least a first image of the passing vehicle by the camera at a first moment in time, recording at least a second image of the passing vehicle by the camera at a second moment in time, generating a movement vector image of the vehicle from an analysis of the optical flow between the first and the second image, and creating the height profile of the vehicle from the movement vector image.. .
Inspection device for article being inspected, spark plug inspection method, and method for manufacturing spark plug
A spark plug is held by a work holder, and an illumination device is disposed between a rear end surface of a metal terminal of the spark plug and a lens of a ccd camera. The positional relationship among the rear end surface, the lens and a light source is determined such that regular reflected light resulting from regular reflection of irradiation light emitted from the light source and impinging on the rear end surface is not incident on the lens.
Self-grounding transmitting portable camera controller for use with pipe inspection system
A portable camera controller for use with a pipe inspection system is disclosed. The controller may include an onboard display, usb ports, wireless capability, and a built-in transmitter for energizing a pipe-inspection cable for tracing purposes.
Driver gaze detection system
A method for detecting an eyes-off-the-road condition based on an estimated gaze direction of a driver of a vehicle includes monitoring facial feature points of the driver within image input data captured by an in-vehicle camera device. A location for each of a plurality of eye features for an eyeball of the driver is detected based on the monitored facial features.
Systems and methods for comprehensive human movement analysis
A method, system, and computer-readable medium receive module configuration settings to configure a customized human movement examination module for a human movement examination item. A patient is instructed with audio instructions associated with the customized human movement examination module.
Depth-sensing camera system
A depth-sensing camera system includes a common sensor configured to record color and infrared data from a target, an infrared illuminant that projects infrared light on the target, and a control logic that switches a mode of operation of the camera between a color mode and an infrared mode. When the camera system is in the infrared mode, the infrared illuminant operates to project the infrared light on the target and when in the color mode, the infrared illuminant is disabled.

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