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Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Automated meeting room patent thumbnailnew patent Automated meeting room
Methods and systems for automatic setup and initiation of meeting resources are described herein. A meeting room, area, or resource may be equipped with a camera or other proximity based sensor to determine when a user enters the meeting area.
 Performing client authentication using certificate store on mobile device patent thumbnailnew patent Performing client authentication using certificate store on mobile device
Techniques are disclosed for authenticating users to a computing application. A relying application transmits a login page to a user requesting access to the application.
 Activating licensable component of consumer electronic device at point of sale patent thumbnailnew patent Activating licensable component of consumer electronic device at point of sale
A purchaser of a ce device informs a retail clerk at the point of sale (pos) of features of the ce device the purchaser wishes to employ, some of which require a license. The ce device is vended without the licenses but the clerk can upload the desired features to a server, which correlates the features to licensable components and which returns to the pos the license codes needed to enable the components.
 Information processing method, apparatus, and computer readable medium patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
An apparatus executes movement control that causes a robot arm equipped with a camera to move up to an object, thereby enabling a manipulator to move to an object quickly, accurately, and stably as a control system. Specifically, when the object is not detected, the apparatus executes teaching playback control to cause a manipulator to move along a path up to a target position set in advance based on a position of the object.
 Process and apparatus for aligning objects patent thumbnailnew patent Process and apparatus for aligning objects
The invention relates to a process for aligning an object such as a hollow body in which the object is fed to an aligning and/or positioning device by means of a conveyor system such as a conveyor belt, wherein the actual orientation and actual position of the object is determined by means of an image acquisition system comprising a camera and software run on a computer for evaluating a camera picture of the object, and the orientation and/or positioning device is controlled in response to said evaluation in order to change the actual orientation and actual position of the object to a desired orientation and/or desired position. The invention also relates to an apparatus for carrying out such a process..
 Laser guidance system for interventions patent thumbnailnew patent Laser guidance system for interventions
An instrument guide apparatus for use with a surgical or other guided intervention of a patient utilizing a guided instrument is disclosed. The instrument guide apparatus includes at least two line lasers mounted above the patient and generating intersecting planar laser lines along an instrument axis of entry in three-dimensional space above the patient.
 Cannula with integrated camera and illumination patent thumbnailnew patent Cannula with integrated camera and illumination
A cannula assembly includes a tubular element forming a lumen, a deployable element of a subassembly, and an electronic component mounted to the deployable element. The tubular element has a proximal end and a distal end adapted to be inserted into a body cavity.
 Auto zoom for video camera patent thumbnailnew patent Auto zoom for video camera
An endoscope, endoscopic system and method for filling a medical display with a medical image involving sizing the medical image so that it covers at least one of the dimensions of the medical display. Automatically sizing the medical image to fit either the vertical, horizontal, or corner-to-corner dimensions of the surgical display, the sizing of the image involving adjusting the image size to account for changing zoom factors, endoscopes and imaging conditions..
 Multi-screen personal communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-screen personal communication device
The invention is a portable communication device having a primary display screen and one or more auxiliary display screens, which may be folded into the body of the device when not required by the user so as to retain the convenient size expected of a hand-held device. The screens are rotatably attached to the body of the device in a manner that does not obscure the primary display screen, so that the user need not deploy them unless needed.
 Context-related arrangements patent thumbnailnew patent Context-related arrangements
In one arrangement, a first device presents a display that is based on context data, derived from one or more of its sensors. This display is imaged by a camera in a second device.
new patent Laser processing method for workpiece
During the performance of a laser processing step of applying a laser beam to a wafer to form modified layers inside the wafer respectively along division lines, a predetermined one of the modified layers already formed is imaged by a camera from the back side of the wafer with predetermined timing, and a positional deviation of the predetermined modified layer from the corresponding division line is detected to calculate a correction value. Then, the correction value is added to data on applied position of the laser beam to thereby make the applied position of the laser beam coincide with each division line.
new patent System, method, and device for electronically displaying one shot at a time from multiple target shots using one physical target
The present invention contemplates a system for improving shooting skill that includes a computer having an executable software program, a camera in electrical communication with a power source and being in data communication with the computer, a laser mounted to the camera, a tripod supporting the camera, a physical target arranged at a predetermined and selectable distance from the camera, a router for providing data communication means between the camera and the computer, a first antenna in data communication with the computer by means of the router, and a light source coupled to the camera.. .
new patent Camera mount vibration dampener
A vibration dampener for a camera mount is structured to reduce the movement of a first mount component relative to a second mount component. An upper camera mount component securing a camera couples to a lower camera mount component, which in turn couples to a base mount component configured to couple to a user, a sports board, a helmet, a vehicle, and the like.
new patent Camera support and focusing aid
A device to both support and focus a long camera lens is described. A user can hold the camera body with one hand and the support device with the other.
new patent Mirror attachment for self portrait photography without parallax
An after-market product for attachment to a camera, lateral to a lens of the camera to enable photographing a self portrait while avoiding parallax error includes a mirror having a convex front surface and a plane rear surface; an adhesive layer engaged with the rear surface; a peelable cover sheet engaged with the adhesive layer; and a clear film layer having framing marks, the film layer adhesively engaged with and re-engagable with the front surface for repositioning the framing marks so as to avoid parallax error.. .
new patent Method, device and system for implementing video recording retrieval
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, a device, and a system for implementing video recording retrieval. The method includes receiving an alarm event, where the alarm event includes a device identifier of an alarm device and an alarm occurrence time.
new patent Display device for having a function of searching a divided screen, and the method for controlling the same
Disclosed herein are a video apparatus including a screen-division searching function and a method of controlling the same, which are capable of solving problems caused in a process of reproducing and checking a recorded broadcasting program at a high speed. The method of controlling the video apparatus includes selecting specific video data stored in a memory, and dividing a full screen into a plurality of partial screens, dividing the selected specific video data into a plurality of portions, and respectively displaying the portions of the selected specific video data on the plurality of partial screens.
new patent Video summary including a particular person
A digital video camera system that provides a video summary using a method that includes: designating a reference image containing a particular person; capturing a video sequence of the scene using the image sensor, the video sequence including a time sequence of image frames; processing the captured video sequence using a video processing path to form a digital video file; during the capturing of the video sequence, analyzing the captured image frames using a person recognition algorithm to identify a subset of the image frames that contain the particular person; forming the video summary including fewer than all of the image frames in the captured video sequence, wherein the video summary includes at least part of the identified subset of image frames containing the particular person; storing the digital video file in the storage memory; and storing a representation of the video summary in the storage memory.. .
new patent Method for locating a camera and for 3d reconstruction in a partially known environment
A method for locating a camera and 3d reconstruction of its static environment, comprising an object of interest, the 3d model of which is known, includes: calculating an initial pose of the camera in the environment and an initial reconstruction; calculating the pose of the camera for each new image by pairing 3d primitives of the environment with 2d primitives of said image and reconstructing 3d primitives of the environment by triangulation; and simultaneously optimizing the poses of the camera and 3d primitives by minimizing a reprojection error over a plurality of images. The 3d model is a geometric description of the object of interest, the reprojection error has only two types of terms, a first type associated with primitives constrained by the 3d model and a second type associated with primitives of the environment other than the object, the optimization associating the primitives with the environment or 3d model..
new patent System and method for reducing artifacts caused by view-dependent lighting components
Systems and methods are provided for resolving artifacts in view-dependent components. The system and method apply a different stereo camera pair to view-dependent versus non-view-dependent or independent rays.
new patent Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet
A method and system for matching an unknown facial image of an individual with an image of a celebrity using facial recognition techniques and human perception is disclosed herein. The invention provides a internet hosted system to find, compare, contrast and identify similar characteristics among two or more individuals using a digital camera, cellular telephone camera, wireless device for the purpose of returning information regarding similar faces to the user the system features classification of unknown facial images from a variety of internet accessible sources, including mobile phones, wireless camera-enabled devices, images obtained from digital cameras or scanners that are uploaded from pcs, third-party applications and databases.
new patent Sorting / scanning system camera upgrade apparatus with backwards compatibility
A scanning camera upgrade adaptor system provides backwards compatibility when an existing scanning camera subsystem is replaced or upgraded in automated sorting equipment with a newer camera having a different data format. The adaptor system allows sorting equipment such as mail sorting equipment to be upgraded or repaired with a new camera while providing compatibility and optional fallback to a previous mode of operation of the existing equipment.
new patent System and method for targeting and reading coded content
A method and device using a camera element to recognize and decode “invisible” watermarks. Of particular significance to the present invention is the development of a “designator” that is used to identify the existence of, and if desired, the approximate location of, the watermark or other coded content contained in an actual image such as media content (a displayed website, an printed or electronic advertisement, a label, billboard, brochure or any other means of displaying content) and assist in quick acquisition of the invisible watermark or other coded content by the reading device.
new patent System and method for analysis and authentication of covert security information using a smart device
A system and method for hidden security feature detection, analysis and authentication using a smart device is disclosed. The smart device can detect and analyze hidden security features using the camera capability of the smart device to capture a digital image, and then analyze and authenticate that image using a security service including a database of security feature data, processing rules, and other information.
new patent X-ray analysis apparatus
An x-ray analysis apparatus for detecting, using an x-ray detector, x-rays given off by a sample when the sample is irradiated with x-rays, the x-ray analysis apparatus having replaceable components. The x-ray analysis apparatus comprises labels attached to the replaceable components and including symbols indicating the types of replaceable components, a camera for photographing the replaceable components and the labels, and cpu and image recognition software for specifying the types of replaceable components by calculation based on the symbols in the labels..
new patent Camera module and control method thereof
A camera module including a housing; a lens barrel having a lens and reciprocating in the housing; a magnetic member coupled with the lens barrel; an electromagnetic member coupled with the housing and generating a magnetic field so that the lens barrel moves along an optical axis; and a hall sensor in the housing and detecting a change in magnetic field according to a position of the magnetic member before electric power is outputted to the electromagnetic member. A control unit sets a current position of the magnetic member as a first target position, setting an initial position for driving auto focusing as a second target position, aligning the lens barrel to the first target position by controlling electric power supplied to the electromagnetic member, and then moving the lens barrel to the second target position by supplying electric power to the electromagnetic member..
new patent Optical system for camera
Disclosed herein is an optical system for a camera. The optical system for a camera includes: a first lens having positive refractive power and a meniscus shape concave toward an image; a second lens having negative refractive power and a shape concave toward the image; a third lens having the positive refractive power and a shape convex toward an object; a fourth lens having the positive refractive power and a shape convex toward the image; and a fifth lens having the negative refractive power, a shape convex toward the object and concave to the image, and one or more inflection point provided on an image surface..
new patent Printing apparatus and control method thereof, and printing system
This invention has as its object to allow an authentication process that avoids unnecessary information from being stored in a digital camera irrespective of whether or not a digital camera connected to the printer has a direct print function. To this end, in this invention, in an early stage of connection between a digital camera dsc and pd printer, the pd printer side requests an object which contains a keyword as authentication information of those which are stored and held by the dsc (s29).
new patent Three-dimensional tomographic imaging camera based on compressive sensing
A detection apparatus and method for fmcw lidar employ signals that are modified so that low-cost and low-speed photodetector arrays, such as ccd or cmos cameras, can be employed for range detection. The lidar is designed to measure the range to one or more targets and includes a single mode swept frequency laser (sfl), whose optical frequency is varied with time, as a result of which, a target beam which is reflected back by the one or more targets is shifted in frequency from a reference beam by an amount that is proportional to the relative range to the one or more targets.
new patent Power efficient pulsed laser driver for time of flight cameras
A time of flight camera device comprises an light source for illuminating an environment including an object with light of a first wavelength; an image sensor for measuring time the light has taken to travel from the light source to the object and back; optics for gathering reflected light from the object and imaging the environment onto the image sensor; driver electronics for controlling the light source with a high speed signal at a clock frequency; and a controller for calculating the distance between the object and the illumination unit. To minimize power consumption and resulting heat dissipation requirements, the light source/driver electronics are operated at their resonant frequency.
new patent Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus, ophthalmologic imaging method, and program
A fundus camera, which does not take time for adjustment of illumination light amount and focusing even if brightness of the fundus is different for each eye to be inspected, includes an illumination unit for illuminating the fundus of the eye to be inspected, a photometry unit for performing photometry of reflection light from the fundus illuminated by the illumination unit, an illumination light amount control unit for controlling a light amount of the illumination unit, a focus detection area determining unit for determining a focus detection area with respect to a fundus image taken by an image pickup unit, and a focus detection unit for detecting a focus position in the area determined by the focus detection area determining unit. The photometry unit calculates a photometry value of the focus detection area, and the illumination light amount is controlled based on the photometry value..
new patent Method for integrating camera on liquid crsytal panel, liquid crystal panel and liquid-crystal display device
A method for integrating a camera on a liquid crystal panel is provided, the liquid crystal panel comprises a counter substrate, an array substrate and the integrated camera, the camera includes an integrated chip and a liquid crystal lens; the integrated chip of the camera is arranged on the array substrate; and liquid crystal molecules are filled between the counter substrate and the array substrate to form the liquid crystal lens of the camera. The liquid crystal panel can realize integrating of the camera on the liquid crystal panel with a narrow frame or without a frame..
new patent Protective shell having shutter pressing structure and image capturing method
A protective shell having a shutter pressing structure and an image capturing method are provided. The protective shell is used for housing a handheld electronic device.
new patent Housing with touch-through membrane
A camera system includes a camera and a housing that is structured to at least partially enclose the camera. The camera includes a touch-sensitive surface that can be used to receive user input.
new patent Camera system with auto-focus function and control method thereof
A camera system is provided. The camera system includes a first housing, a lens module accommodated in an inner space of the first housing, a support panel engaged to a side surface of the first housing, a magnet which is mounted on the lens module and confronts the support panel, and a drive portion which is arranged on the support panel and linearly moves the lens module in a direction of an optical axis, wherein the drive portion comprises a hall sensor portion for detecting displacement of the lens module, a coil fixed on a circuit board of the drive portion, and a controller for controlling current applied to the coil according to output of the hall sensor portion, and wherein the controller and the hall sensor portion are integrated in one chip..
new patent Imaging with polarization removal
An imaging system includes a projector, a camera and a filter set of polarization filters. The projector is to project light onto a surface.
new patent Heat transfer camera ring
A camera system includes a camera and a camera housing structured to at least partially enclose the camera. The camera comprises an internal heat sink thermally coupled to electronics of the camera and a lens ring positioned around a lens of the camera.
new patent Lensless imaging camera performing image formation in software employing micro-optic elements creating overlap of light from distant sources over multiple photosensor elements
A lensless camera with image formation performed by image processing software rather than by lens. Image formation operations are coordinated with a micro-optical element array that can comprise apertures, micro-optic layers, etc.
new patent Semiconductor module, mos type solid-state image pickup device, camera and manufacturing method of camera
A back-illuminated type mos (metal-oxide semiconductor) solid-state image pickup device 32 in which micro pads 34, 37 are formed on the wiring layer side and a signal processing chip 33 having micro pads 35, 38 formed on the wiring layer at the positions corresponding to the micro pads 34, 37 of the mos solid-state image pickup device 32 are connected by micro bumps 36, 39. In a semiconductor module including the mos type solid-state image pickup device, at the same time an image processing speed can be increased, simultaneity within the picture can be realized and image quality can be improved, a manufacturing process can be facilitated, and a yield can be improved.
new patent Video processing device
Provided is a video processing device with which it is possible to efficaciously carry out a process of superpositioning a monitor character signal in a video signal which is inputted from a camera and outputting same separately from the video signal. The video processing device comprises: a character signal emitter which generates a character signal on the basis of the monitor data; and a character superposition unit which superpositions the character signal which is generated by the character signal emitter upon the least significant bits of the color difference signal of the video signal which is inputted from the camera.
new patent Apparatus and method for processing image in camera device and portable terminal
A method for processing an image in a camera device includes processing a preview image in which first photographing information for controlling a camera drive in a preview mode and second photographing information collected in the image processing are obtained, and both photographing information is stored with a corresponding frame image; and processing a still image in which a specific frame image selected from the frame images stored in a buffer is processed by using the corresponding photographing information during a capture mode.. .
new patent Android bound service camera initialization
A mobile device includes a camera, a user interface system, and a processor communicatively coupled to the camera and the user interface system. The processor is typically configured for running a first application.
new patent System and method for optimizing image quality in a digital camera
A digital camera includes an image optimization engine configured to generate an optimized image based on a raw image captured by the digital camera. The image optimization engine implements one or more machine learning engines in order to select rendering algorithms and rendering algorithm arguments that may then be used to render the raw image..
new patent Touch screen video source control system
The present invention is a video production and control system that uses a touch screen display and user interface, managed by a controller, for video source control. The system may include a set of touch screen windows that display feeds from sources of video information.
new patent Camera housing with integrated expansion module
A camera housing includes an integrated expansion module for providing expanded functionality to a camera (e.g., a display screen). Different embodiments of the housing include different expansion modules for adding a variety of features to the camera when the camera is placed in the housing.
new patent Image-stabilization apparatus and camera
An image-stabilization apparatus is provided that includes an image stabilizer and a status-determining processor. The image stabilizer counterbalances a camera shake in accordance with sensor signals from a shake-detecting sensor.
new patent Gyroscope conditioning and gyro-camera alignment
An apparatus and method for generating parameters for an application, such as an augmented reality application (ar app), using camera pose and gyroscope rotation is disclosed. The parameters are estimated based on pose from images and rotation from a gyroscope (e.g., using least-squares estimation with qr factorization or a kalman filter).
new patent Systems and methods for lens characterization
Methods and systems for analyzing camera lenses and presenting information regarding camera lenses performance are described. An interactive user interface is provided over a network for display on a user terminal by a computer system.
new patent Circuit to adjust backlighting for a display device
A display device to measure ambient light brightness may include a camera to provide an image, a controller to detect a face from the image and to measure brightness from a ratio of the iris diameter to the pupil diameter di/dp, and an actuator to stepwise change the backlighting of the display device based upon the measured brightness.. .
new patent Network camera management system and network camera management method
The present invention is intended to manage a plurality of network cameras simply. The network camera management system comprises: a server for managing a plurality of cameras and controlling recording and/or displaying of an image captured by a camera; and a controller for instructing a management state of a camera on the server.
new patent Surveillance system control method and surveillance system adopting the method
A method of controlling a surveillance system having a visible imaging camera for obtaining a visible image of an object and a display apparatus, includes providing a color visible image, from the visible imaging camera, to the display apparatus and generating a color background image by extracting a background area from the color visible image when a current ambient illuminance belongs to a daytime illuminance range, and replacing a background area of a black and white visible image, from the visible imaging camera, with the color background image and providing a mixed image as a result of the replacement to the display apparatus when the current illuminance belongs to the nighttime illuminance range.. .
new patent System and method for utilizing a surface for remote collaboration
In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, by a processor, a first annotation corresponding to one or more markings made by a first user within a first collaboration region of a first surface. The first surface is remote from a second surface.
new patent Method of distributing sports entertainment
A method for distributing sports entertainment includes the step of providing a plurality of video cameras positioned on vehicles or athletes that are participating in sporting events, transmitters for transmitting information from the plurality of cameras to a processing station, retransmission equipment for directing the camera feed from each of the plurality of cameras to separate channels for distribution and remote viewing at viewers' locations, and channel selectors that permit viewers to select from among the various channels, thereby allowing the viewers to select from the plurality of camera feeds. The cameras are simultaneously operated during the sporting event so as to generate a plurality of camera feeds during the event, each feed reflecting the perspective of an individual participant.
new patent Vehicle-mounted camera
The vehicle-mounted camera (10) is provided with a camera body part (1) fixed to an inner surface of a front windshield (s), a lens part (2) including a built-in lens which forms an image of a subject light entering from forward through the front windshield (s), and a cover part (3) fixed to the camera body part (1) and supports the lens part (2) swingably in the vertical direction. A first plain surface (5a) formed on a body case (4) of the camera body part (1) and a second plane surface (8a) formed on a lens part case (6) of the lens part (2) contact each other and set an angle of the lens part (2) with respect to the camera body part (1)..
new patent Vehicle camera lens dirt protection via air flow
A vision system for a vehicle includes a camera having an imager and a lens. The camera is disposed at an exterior portion of a vehicle and has a field of view exterior of the vehicle.
new patent Imaging surface modeling for camera modeling and virtual view synthesis
A method for displaying a captured image on a display device. A real image is captured by a vision-based imaging device.
new patent Apparatus and method for calculating and displaying the height of an object detected in an image on a display
Disclosed is an apparatus for calculating the actual height of an object and displaying the calculated height on an image, including: an object detection unit that detects an object in an image of the vehicle's surroundings acquired by a camera disposed on a vehicle; an object position measurement unit that measures a position of the object in the image and measures an object distance and an object length of the object in the image based on a distance value acquired by a distance measuring sensor disposed on the vehicle; an object height calculation unit that calculates an object height using the object distance and the object length of the object displayed in the image; and a display controller controlling display of the calculated the height of the object on a display.. .
new patent System of measuring warpage and method of measuring warpage
Disclosed herein are a system of measuring a warpage and a method of measuring a warpage. The system of measuring a warpage of a sample by analyzing an image photographed by the camera using light that is diffused from a light source and reflected on a surface of a sample and is arrived at the camera through a reference grating part, the system includes: an intake part that removes a fume generated from the sample.
new patent Dimensioning system
A method for determining the dimensions of an object comprises projecting a laser pattern (e.g., a visible laser pattern) onto an object, capturing an image of the projected pattern on the object, and determining the dimensions of the object based, at least in part, on the captured image. An exemplary method includes projecting a laser pattern (e.g., a grid or a set of lines) onto a rectangular box.
new patent Dimensioning system
A terminal for measuring at least one dimension of an object includes a range camera, a visible camera, and a display that are fixed in position and orientation relative to each other. The range camera is configured to produce a range image of an area in which the object is located.
new patent Integrated dimensioning and weighing system
An object analysis system includes a scale for measuring the weight of the object, a range camera configured to produce a range image of an area in which the object is located, and a computing device configured to determine the dimensions of the object based, at least in part, on the range image. Methods for determining the dimensions of an object include capturing a range image and/or a visible image of a scene that includes the object..
new patent Apparatus to perform a non-contact test of a semiconductor package
An apparatus to test a semiconductor package includes a vertical illuminator to supply vertical illumination in the same axial direction as a measurement target and a vertical image unit to capture a vertical image of the measurement target so that a testing apparatus may 2-dimensionally determine information on the shape, size, or position of a solder ball. An inclined illuminator may supply inclined illumination in a different axial direction from the measurement target, and an inclined image capture unit may capture a side image of the measurement target so that the testing apparatus may 3-dimensionally determine information on a state of contact of the solder ball with the ball land.
new patent System and method for combining data from multiple depth cameras
A system and method for combining depth images taken from multiple depth cameras into a composite image are described. The volume of space captured in the composite image is configurable in size and shape depending upon the number of depth cameras used and the shape of the cameras' imaging sensors.
new patent Calibration device and calibration method
Provided is a calibration device that can calculate the mounting state of a stereo camera without the placing of a physical marker. In this device, an area setting processor (113) preliminarily sets, for an integrated image in which a road surface image region and a setting-prohibited region are integrated, an arrangement pattern having a plurality of area setting frames, and adjusts the arrangement pattern so that the plurality of area setting frames recede from each other.
new patent Single-lens, single-sensor 3-d imaging device with a central aperture for obtaining camera position
A device and method for three-dimensional (3-d) imaging using a defocusing technique is disclosed. The device comprises a lens, a central aperture located along an optical axis for projecting an entire image of a target object, at least one defocusing aperture located off of the optical axis, a sensor operable for capturing electromagnetic radiation transmitted from an object through the lens and the central aperture and the at least one defocusing aperture, and a processor communicatively connected with the sensor for processing the sensor information and producing a 3-d image of the object.
new patent Methods and camera systems for recording and creation of 3-dimension (3-d) capable videos and 3-dimension (3-d) still photos
A camera system is disclosed which can produce 2-dimensional (2-d) video movies and still photographs having all the objects in the area of its view to be fully focused. Due to the fact that all the objects including the background is fully focused with high image quality, these video movies and still photographs can easily be converted to high quality 3-dimensional (3-d) video movies and 3-d still photographs.
new patent Optical lens module assembly with auto focus and 3-d imaging function
Further, these optical lens module assemblies can be also used in conventional 3d cameras, which use two separate camera modules. Also, these optical lens module assemblies can be used to replace the standard auto focus optical assemblies in all camera applications..
new patent Handheld portable optical scanner and method of using
A system and methods for real-time or near-real time processing and post-processing of rgb-d image data using a handheld portable device and using the results for a variety of applications. The disclosure is based on the combination of off-the-shelf equipment (e.g.
new patent Guided photography and video on a mobile device
In an example embodiment, an item listing process is run in an item listing application. Upon reaching a specified point in the item listing process, a camera application on the user device is triggered (or the camera directly accessed by the item listing application) to enable a user to capture images using the camera, wherein the triggering includes providing a wireframe overlay informing the user as to an angle at which to capture images from the camera..
new patent Capturing panoramic or semi-panoramic 3d scenes
A provision of high quality panoramic or semi-panoramic 3d scenes is achieved at reasonable efforts by arranging the plurality of camera pairs, each of which is associated with a respective one of mirror plane surfaces of a pyramid or clipped-pyramid shaped mirror in that same is directed towards the respective associated mirror plane surface, such that for each camera pair the virtual positions of pivot points of the cameras of the respective camera pair are offset from each other along a straight baseline which, in turn, is offset from the axis of the mirror, and a distance between virtual points of a left-hand channel camera of a first camera pair associated with a first mirror plane surface and a right-hand channel camera of a second camera pair associated with a second mirror plane surface positioned neighboring the first mirror plane surface, deviates from a length of the baselines of the camera pairs by less than 10% of the length of the baselines.. .
new patent Linking-up photographing system and control method for linked-up cameras thereof
The disclosure relates to a linking-up photographing system and a control method of linked-up cameras thereof including the following steps. A first image is acquired via a first camera.
new patent Video conferencing
A video conferencing system is provided, in which at least two cameras are used to capture images of people at a first location participating in a video conference. One or more active speakers are identified among the people at the location, and one of the at least two cameras is automatically selected based on a position or positions of the one or more active speakers.
new patent Image processing device and method, supplement image generation device and method, program, and recording medium
An image-processing apparatus for generating images from a plurality of viewpoints comprises a supplementation section that receives images captured by a plurality of image capturing devices arranged on a predetermined plane and generates supplemental images at a plurality of supplemental camera positions on the predetermined plane, each supplemental image being generated based on images captured by a predetermined number of the image capturing devices on the predetermined plane; and a viewpoint image generation section that generates a viewpoint image from a viewpoint by selecting pixels from the plurality of supplemental images and captured images.. .
new patent Method and system for manipulating camera light spectrum for sample article false color rendering
A system and method for obtaining image information of features of a sample article using non-visible light is described. In one embodiment, a visible light filter is used on a camera to block out the visible light spectrum.
new patent Touch screen control of video sources using preset configurations
The present invention is a video production and control system that uses a touch screen display and user interface, managed by a controller, for video source control. The system may include a set of touch screen windows that display feeds from sources of video information.
new patent Head mountable display
A head-mountable display (hmd) comprises a frame for mounting on a user's head, a camera mounted on the frame for capturing a view of the user's eyes, a motion detector for detecting motion of the hmd and for generating a motion signal representing a movement of the hmd with respect to time, and a controller. The controller estimates a distance between the user's eyes by capturing a relative separation of the user's eyes from an image of the user's eyes captured by the camera at a start position.

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