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Network cloud communication for ip camera

Using low-cost tags to facilitate mobile transactions

Data center infrastructure management system having real time enhanced reality tablet

Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Interaction of multiple perceptual sensing inputs patent thumbnailInteraction of multiple perceptual sensing inputs
A system and method for using multiple perceptual sensing technologies to capture information about a user's actions and for synergistically processing the information is described. Non-limiting examples of perceptual sensing technologies include gesture recognition using depth sensors, two-dimensional cameras, gaze detection, and/or speech recognition.
 Network cloud communication for ip camera patent thumbnailNetwork cloud communication for ip camera
Subject matter disclosed herein relates to a method that may be performed at a cloud server, the method comprising: establishing a first network connection to an internet-protocol (ip) camera in response to a request from the ip camera; establishing a second network connection to a mobile device in response to a second request from the mobile device; and facilitating a third network connection between the ip camera and the mobile device.. .
 Using low-cost tags to facilitate mobile transactions patent thumbnailUsing low-cost tags to facilitate mobile transactions
Systems, methods and computer program products for facilitating payments using low-cost barcode or rfid tags are disclosed. Such tags can be attached or affixed to physical, real-world objects thus allowing the objects to be purchased using a customer mobile device, without the need for a dedicated, on-site point-of-sale system.
 Data center infrastructure management system having real time enhanced reality tablet patent thumbnailData center infrastructure management system having real time enhanced reality tablet
A system is disclosed which is adapted to manage assets in a predetermined environment. An identification (id) device may be disposed on at least one of a specific asset or an equipment rack in which the specific asset resides.
 Tracking speeding violations and controlling use of parking spaces using cameras patent thumbnailTracking speeding violations and controlling use of parking spaces using cameras
Tracking speeding violations and the use of at least one destination location are disclosed. Initially, two or more first images are received from a first camera, two or more second images are received from a second camera having a different field of view, and two or more third images are received from a third camera having a field of view overlapping with the field of the view of the second camera.
 Tracking the use of at least one destination location patent thumbnailTracking the use of at least one destination location
Tracking the use of at least one destination location is disclosed. Initially, three or more first images are received from a first camera having a first field of view.
 Method and device for controlling and monitoring the surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) patent thumbnailMethod and device for controlling and monitoring the surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)
The embodiments herein disclose a method and a remote control for controlling and monitoring surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) by an operator with a remote control comprising a flight display. The embodiments disclose a surprising advantageously effect for the purposes of controlling and monitoring the surroundings of a uav by combining the image captured by a uav camera with a transparently overlaid positional and navigation map providing a perception enabling the operator to have a complete overall view of the situation, utilizing a common screen section of a flight display and thereby not having to shift eye view.
 Object searching system, object searching method, and cleaning robot patent thumbnailObject searching system, object searching method, and cleaning robot
A cleaning robot includes a chassis, a cleaning device, a moving device, and a control system. The control system is configured to perform functions: capturing an image in front of a cleaning robot by a camera; comparing the image with a number of reference images to determine whether the image is the same as one of the reference images; storing a position of the cleaning robot and the image when the image is the same as one of the reference images; adjusting the path of the cleaning robot to stop the cleaning robot from cleaning the object; and emitting an alarm..
 Mobile image capture system patent thumbnailMobile image capture system
A mobile image capture system, a system comprising: a sensing unit for attaching to a vehicle, the sensing unit having a camera constructed and arranged to view a participant on the vehicle, the camera capturing at least one image; and processing electronics for storing data representing the captured at least one image or for relaying data representing the captured at least one image to a computer or a network.. .
 Apparatus for constructing device information for control of smart appliances and method thereof patent thumbnailApparatus for constructing device information for control of smart appliances and method thereof
An apparatus for constructing device information for control of smart appliances includes a camera member, which generates multi-view images for 3d reconstruction through multi-angle photographing in an indoor space using a depth camera, and generates 3d data using the generated multi-view images, and a home device controller, which constructs a 3d space using the generated 3d data, and constructs a device profile for controlling an operation of a device to be controlled, which is designated by a user, through combination of spatial data of the device to be controlled and the constructed 3d space.. .
Oxyvu-1 hyperspectral tissue oxygenation (hto) measurement system
The system contains a system console, a cart, system electronics, cpu, monitor, keyboard, pointing device and printer. The hyperspectral instrument head with support arm contains broadband illuminator, camera and spectral filter for collecting hyperspectral imaging cube.
Patient permission-based mobile health-linked information collection and exchange systems and methods
A suite of components comprising an objective measurement medical data collection device and a cohort database may standardize, simplify, and objectify clinical outcomes tracking, culminating in population health measurements within the restorative neurosciences such as parkinson disease individuals diagnosed with a disease. A data collection device may comprise one or more of a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a locator, a camera and a magnetometer for collecting, for example, data related to tremors experienced by the individuals diagnosed with disease and receive instruction data responsive to evaluation of the collected data in relation to the cohort database.
Physiologically modulating videogames or simulations which use motion-sensing input devices
New types of controllers allow a player to make inputs to a video game or simulation by moving the entire controller itself or by gesturing or by moving the player's body in whole or in part. This capability is typically accomplished using a wireless input device having accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a camera.
Devices for gaming
A computing device for gaming by patrons. An identification acceptor may scan an identification document into digital form.
Mobile game application
A game application for use on a portable electronic device comprises an asset creation interface and a projectile launching game screen. The asset creation interface includes an image source selection interface, an asset bank, an image editor, an object editor, and a scene editor.
Light-emitting element driving apparatus, control method of the same, optical encoder, and camera
A light-emitting element driving apparatus comprising a light-emitting element, a driving unit including a control terminal for driving the light-emitting element based on a potential of the control terminal, and a controlling unit including a voltage holding unit, wherein the controlling unit controls the potential of the control terminal such that an emitted light amount approaches a target value and causes the voltage holding unit to hold a voltage corresponding to the potential of the control terminal, when the light-emitting element is in an emitting state, controls the potential of the control terminal to inactivate the driving unit, when setting the light-emitting element in a non-emitting state, and controls the potential of the control terminal by using the voltage of the voltage holding unit, when setting the light-emitting element in the emitting state again.. .
Device for driving camera lens module in portable terminal
A camera lens module of a portable terminal includes: an external case; an optical image stabilizer (ois) carrier disposed within the external case; and at least one ois driver disposed in at least one of corner regions of the external case to correct a hand shaking state of the ois carrier.. .
Portable photo booth
A portable photo booth is disclosed which emphasizes reduced size and increased portability by utilizing a two-piece case which can be quickly assembled and disassembled. When assembled, the case will expose a camera and touch screen for taking photos in series, which can then be printed using a photo printer.
Waveguide and semiconductor packaging
A method and apparatus for integrating individual iii-v mmics into a micromachined waveguide package is disclosed. Mmics are screened prior to integration, allowing only known-good die to be integrated, leading to increased yield.
Apparatus and method for outputting information on facial expression
To enable information on facial expressions to be continued to be obtained even if a user moves, without requiring attachment of markers, there is provided a spectacle-type device worn by a user that comprises first camera and second camera, each of which is provided with a fisheye lens at an edge of a front part of frame. Face images obtained by each camera are transmitted to information processing apparatus.
Method and system for mobile visual search using metadata and segmentation
The embodiments herein provide a method and system for providing an image based mobile augmented reality. The system comprises a mobile device comprising a camera for capturing plurality of images, a display screen for displaying results, a gps module for determining geographical coordinates, an input interface and a client application including a client-side database; and a central server comprising a server-side database and an image matching and ranking module comprising one or more image matching algorithms for performing an image search.
System and method for scanning vehicle license plates
A method and a system for identifying a license plate of a vehicle are described. The system has a gateway, a web server, and a client device.
System and method for identifying a vehicle license plate
A method and a system for identifying a license plate of a vehicle are described. The system has a gateway, a web server, and a client device.
Method and system for automatic objects localization
A method for automatic localization of objects in a mask. The method includes building a dictionary or atoms, wherein each atom models the presence of one object at one location and iteratively determining the atom of said dictionary which is best correlated with said mask, until ending criteria are met.
Method for recognizing motion gesture commands
A computer capable of recognizing gesture commands is disclosed. Suppose that a user makes a gesture of swinging a hand from side to side in front of a camera associated with a computer.
Method for detecting and tracking objects in image sequences of scenes acquired by a stationary camera
In a sequence of images of a scene acquired by a stationary camera, objects are detected and tracked by determining a first set of candidate foreground regions according to a background model. A second set of candidate foreground regions is determined.
Multi-view video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses, coder, and decoder
Embodiments of the present invention provide multi-view video coding and coding methods and corresponding apparatuses. The multi-view video coding method includes: minimizing an error between a currently coded view image and a warped view image of a front view image to obtain an optimal warping offset; calculating disparity information between the front view image and the currently coded view image by using the optimal warping offset, a camera parameter of a view, and depth image information of the front view image; and calculating the warped view image of the front view image by using the disparity information and the front view image, and predicting a current view image by using the warped view image as a prediction signal..
Liquid optics in a zoom lens system and imaging apparatus
A high performance zoom lens system suitable for use with a camera is disclosed. The zoom lens systems includes a movable lens group and a variable power stationary lens group employing liquid optics to provide optical performance over the zoom focal length range at focus distances from close to infinity.
Imaging apparatus and brightness adjustment method
A document camera includes an imaging device, a focus lens to form an image of a subject on the imaging device, an illumination part to illuminate the subject, a focusing adjustment part to focus the image of the subject on the imaging device by moving the focus lens, and a brightness adjustment part to adjust brightness of illumination light of the illumination part based on a movement amount of the focus lens.. .
Apparatus and method for 3d surface measurement
An apparatus for 3d surface measurement of a target surface, the apparatus comprising: a first projector configured to project a fringe pattern onto the target surface; a second projector configured to project a fringe pattern onto the target surface; a first camera configured to capture the fringe patterns projected by the first projector and the second projector; a second camera configured to capture the fringe patterns projected by the first projector and the second projector; and a computer configured to perform fringe pattern processing of the fringe patterns captured by the first camera and the second camera and to perform data stitching and merging to obtain a 3d surface reconstruction.. .
Method for determining ocular and optical measurements
A method for determining ocular and optical measurements for the production and fitting of corrective eyeglasses for a user with the aid of the a camera. The method utilizes a protocol for reconstructing the system of the user's eyes in three dimensions by modeling the system of the eye, thereby providing precise ocular and optical measurements.
Imaging device mount for interconnection with sighting devices
A device for use in connection with various viewing and imaging devices is disclosed. More specifically, a mount is provided that is both capable of being attached to preexisting viewing devices, such as spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and other magnification devices, and further accommodating preexisting image recording and/or displaying devices, such as cameras and cameras phones.
Electronic device including camera module
An electronic device including a camera module and a bracket for supporting the camera module provides for a slimmer construction and better absorption of the impact of external forces. The camera module includes a camera lens module, a housing having an opening and containing the camera lens module, and a camera window for covering the opening of the housing.
Adjustment arrangement
The invention provides for an adjustment arrangement (16) for adjusting a camera and a camera arrangement. The adjustment arrangement (16) comprises a turn plate (20), an upper turn plate (24) and a gear wheel (22) adapted to be placed dependent on a lens (28) used..
Camera with internal assembly frame and process for assembling the camera
Surveillance cameras are for example used in surveillance networks for observing areas of public places, schools, universities, private households, prisons etc. Usually such a surveillance networks comprises a plurality of cameras and a surveillance control center, whereby the cameras are connected by public or private network with the surveillance control center, so that images, captured y the cameras can be transferred to the surveillance control center.
Camera module
A camera module, in which a recessed portion that has a greater depth than the thickness of an imaging device is disposed on the surface (top surface) of an embedded-component substrate. An imaging device is bonded to a bottom of the recessed portion such that an opening is present between the surface (top surface) of the imaging device and the surface (top surface) of the embedded-component substrate.
Auto focus based on analysis of state or state change of image content
A method and apparatus of auto focusing for a camera based on analysis of the image content in a target window are disclosed. According to the present invention, image content in a target window is analyzed to determine a state, a state change or both associated with the target window.
Focus control for ptz cameras
Systems and methods for focus control in a pan-tilt-zoom (ptz) camera system are described herein. An example of a method described herein includes identifying a set of trace curves associated with the camera system, each of the trace curves specifying relationships between focus lens positions and zoom lens positions for a corresponding camera position, selecting a trace curve using the set of trace curves and one or more of pan angle, tilt angle or installation height of the camera system, and identifying a focus lens position for a current zooming factor of the camera system based on the selected trace curve..
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
A mobile terminal including a touch screen; a camera configured to acquire an image; and a controller configured to: display the acquired image on the touch screen; enable a note function on the touch screen while the acquired image is displayed; receive a touch input for performing the note function on the image, a touch trajectory corresponding to the touch input being displayed on the image as a note; and store the note on the acquired image in a memory of the mobile terminal.. .
Method of providing osd in mobile communication terminal using q-camera
A method of providing an on screen display (osd) in a mobile communication terminal using a q-camera includes: entering into a viewfinder mode, and receiving image data inputted from a camera sensor as image data of the viewfinder mode when an operation mode of the mobile communication terminal switches into a camera mode; if an osd menu is set, merging an osd image corresponding to a setting value of the osd menu with the image data of the viewfinder mode, and then updating a display screen of the mobile communication terminal with the merged data; and encoding the image data of the viewfinder mode to perform the photographing if there is a request for photographing. The actually changed osd image is selectively employed to merge with the image data of the viewfinder mode to update the display screen, and thereby a partial osd function can be realized..
Control of input/output through touch
A mobile terminal which includes a touch-screen display method thereof are provided. The mobile terminal includes a touch-screen display; a camera configured to capture image data; a sensing unit located in a corresponding area of the camera; and a controller configured to: receive a first touch gesture in the corresponding area of the camera, turn on the camera in response to the received first touch gesture and display a preview image on the touch-screen display, receive a second touch gestures in the corresponding area of the camera, said first touch gesture being different than the second touch gesture, and capture the image data in response to the second touch gesture, wherein the camera and the sensing unit are mounted on an area of the mobile terminal that excludes the touch-screen display..
Solid-state imaging device and camera system
A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit having a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix form which perform a photoelectric conversion, a pixel signal readout unit having a logic unit and performing a readout of a pixel signal from the pixel array unit, a regulator, a first circuit section, a second circuit section, and a stacked structure in which the first and second circuit sections are bonded, wherein the first circuit section has the pixel array unit disposed therein, and wherein the second circuit section has at least the logic unit and the regulator disposed therein, wherein the regulator includes a reference voltage generation, a plurality of output stage transistors, and an operational amplifier comparing the reference voltage and a commonized output voltage, and an output path of the output stage transistors are connected to a single node, and then is fed back to the operational amplifier.. .
Solid-state image sensor and camera
A sensor has first pixels each including one of red, green and blue color filters, and second pixels each including one of red, green and blue color filters. In the first and second pixels including color filters of the same color, light transmittances of the light transmissive portions are different.
Frame to frame persistent shadow reduction within an image
An apparatus, computer program product, and method for reducing persistent shadows within an image. The apparatus includes a camera configured to generate frames of the image.
Hybrid ir flash for trail camera
A camera assembly including a camera that has an image-capturing device. The camera assembly also includes an illumination device that is coupled to the camera and that is adapted to illuminate a subject when the camera is capturing an image, and a control unit.
Display device, and method of controlling a camera of the display device
The present invention relates to a display device, and a method of controlling a camera of the display device. A device interface includes a part physically connected to a camera.
Luminance based image capturing methods and apparatus
In embodiments, apparatuses, methods and storage media are described that are associated with content distribution. In embodiments, one or more frames may be displayed on a display, and the frame or frames with the highest luminance level of those frames may be identified.
Camera system and switching device
A camera system includes a plurality of camera devices and a switching device. The switching device transmits a reference signal to the camera devices via a network.
Managing sessions between network cameras and user devices
A server is configured to receive, from a user device, a first connection request including a request for a list of one or more camera devices connected to the server; establish a first channel, between the user device and the server, based on receiving the first connection request; provide the list of one or more camera devices to the user device via the first channel; receive a second connection request identifying a particular camera device of the one or more camera devices; establish a second channel based on receiving the second connection request; and provide the second connection request to the particular camera device via the second channel. A third channel may circumvent the server, and may be used to provide content, captured by the particular camera device, to the user device independently of the server..
System and methods for calibration of an array camera using a single captured image
Systems and methods for calibrating an array camera are disclosed. Systems and methods for calibrating an array camera in accordance with embodiments of this invention include the capturing of an image of a test pattern with the array camera such that each imaging component in the array camera captures an image of the test pattern.
Networked modular security and lighting device grids and systems, methods and devices thereof
Tracking objects with a grid of modular security and lighting devices includes triggering, based on event, a first sensor to begin capturing data of an object. In one embodiment, the first sensor is a first camera included in a first modular security and lighting device.
Topology determination for non-overlapping camera network
Image-matching tracks the movements of the objects from initial camera scenes to ending camera scenes in non-overlapping cameras. Paths are defined through scenes for pairings of initial and ending cameras by different respective scene entry and exit points.
Accessory system for vehicle
An accessory system for a vehicle includes a mounting element attached at an inner surface of a windshield and configured for mounting of an accessory module thereto and demounting of the accessory module therefrom. The accessory module is configured for mounting to the mounting element via snap attachment.
Frame to frame persistent shadow reduction within an image
An apparatus, computer program product, and method for reducing persistent shadows within an image. The apparatus includes a camera configured to generate frames of the image.
Cooled aerial camera
An aerial camera, includes at least one objective, a number of optoelectronic and/or electronic components, and a housing that includes the at least one objective and the optoelectronic and/or or electronic components. The optoelectronic and/or electronic components are arranged next to one another and/or one above the other in the housing in at least two different planes, in particular planes arranged at least approximately parallel to one another.
Enhanced surveillance camera
A camera structure includes a power supply module, supplying power to the camera, a sensing device, positioned near the camera to detect luminance variations around the camera, a speaker, sending out sounds in situation where luminance variations are detected by the sensing device, lighting components, generating light in situations where the power supply module is disabled and the sensing device detects luminance variations and a battery module, providing back up power in situation where the power supply module is disabled.. .
Apparatus and method for estimating and using a predicted vehicle speed in an indirect vision driving task
A method and apparatus for predicting vehicle speed during an indirect vision driving task. A further method and apparatus for optimizing the display of a camera return during an indirect vision driving task based on operator perceived vehicle speed as set by the display characteristics and the field-of-view of the camera.
Galvanometer scanned camera with variable focus and method
A camera assembly for generating a high resolution image of an area of interest on a workpiece includes a sensor array and an optical lens that focuses light reflected from the workpiece onto the sensor array. The sensor array is inclined relative to an optical axis defined by the optical lens disposed in a fixed position relative to the optical lens.
Method and apparatus for necking and flanging a metallic bottle
An apparatus for continuously reforming an open end of a metallic can body has a plurality of sequentially aligned necking stations and a flanging station. An inspection station is sequentially aligned with the flanging station and has a camera for capturing a plurality of images about a circumference of the metallic beverage container as the metallic beverage container completes one full rotation about a generally vertical axis during a dwell period.
Continuous contact-based three-dimensional measurement
Continuous measurement of surfaces larger than a sensor is facilitated by the use of a sensor matrix of a clear elastomer and a reflective surface that scrolls, rolls, or otherwise moves over a target surface. A variety of web materials, camera configurations, and handling systems are described to achieve continuous three-dimensional measurement in this context..
Information processing apparatus for watching, information processing method and non-transitory recording medium recorded with program
An information processing apparatus according to one aspect of the present invention is disclosed, which includes: an image acquiring unit acquiring moving images captured by a camera for watching a behavior of a watching target person on a bed or in the vicinity thereof; an image processing unit obtaining an optical flow within the moving images; and a behavior presuming unit, when detecting a moving-object based on the optical flow, assuming that the detected moving-object corresponds to the watching target person and presuming the behavior of the watching target person on the bed or in the vicinity thereof based on a position and a moving direction of the moving-object.. .
Projectors and depth cameras for deviceless augmented reality and interaction
Architecture that combines multiple depth cameras and multiple projectors to cover a specified space (e.g., a room). The cameras and projectors are calibrated, allowing the development of a multi-dimensional (e.g., 3d) model of the objects in the space, as well as the ability to project graphics in a controlled fashion on the same objects.
Motion-capture apparatus with light-source form factor
A system which identifies the position and shape of an object in 3d space includes a housing having a base portion and a body portion, the base portion including electrical contacts mating with a lighting receptacle. A camera, an image analyzer and power conditioning circuitry are within the housing.
Measuring instrument
A measuring instrument comprises an spherical camera (8) for acquiring image data over total circumference, a laser scanner (6, 7) installed integrally with the spherical camera and for acquiring point cloud data of the surroundings, a synchronous control unit (9) for controlling acquisition of data of the spherical camera and the laser scanner, a storage unit (12) for recording the image data and the point cloud data, an absolute scale acquiring means for acquiring an absolute scale for obtaining an absolute position of when images are photographed by the spherical camera, and a control arithmetic unit (10), wherein the control arithmetic unit calculates a 3d model based on the image data, the point cloud data, and the absolute position.. .
Visualization of registered subsurface anatomy
A system and method for visualization of subsurface anatomy includes obtaining a first image from a first camera and a second image from a second camera or a second channel of the first camera, where the first and second images contain shared anatomical structures. The second camera and the second channel of the first camera are capable of imaging anatomy beneath the surface in ultra-violet, visual, or infra-red spectrum.
A camera (10) that has four imaging means (12), each arranged to capture a different field of view and each associated with a separate sensor or detector (20). Each imaging means (12) is tilted to capture light from a zenith above the camera.
Small form factor high-resolution camera
A camera including a spherically curved photosensor and a lens system. Effective focal length f of the lens system is within about 20% of the radius of curvature of the photosensor.
Conference call terminal and method for operating user interface thereof
A method and an apparatus for operating a user interface (ui) of a conference call terminal are provided. The method includes operating a first camera and a second camera when a conference call is initiated, outputting an output image of a conference call screen comprising a first image and a second image collected from the first camera and the second camera, the first image and the second image being arranged not to overlap, and distinguishing a speaking person's image from another person's image, when the speaking person's image is detected in the output image of the conference call screen..
Utilizing a smart camera system for immersive telepresence
Video content is received at a computing device that camera views provided by video cameras that are aligned to capture images of participants within a defined space. Each camera view is at a first resolution and the video cameras are aligned such that a field of view (fov) for each camera overlaps a portion of the fov of at least one other adjacent camera.
Home videoconferencing system
A home videoconferencing system interfaces with traditional set-top boxes and typical home a/v equipment. The system includes a camera, a microphone, and a codec module.
Apparatus and method to switch a video call to an audio call
An apparatus and method to control transmission of a sequence of a video call or communication. An individual participating in a video call or communication can shade a video input port of a camera to switch from a video call or communication to an audio only call or communication.
Embedding animation in electronic mail, text messages and websites
Provided are techniques for providing animation in electronic communications. An image is generated by capturing multiple photographs from a camera or video camera.
Method for producing a color image and imaging device employing same
A method of producing a color image comprising providing input image data from an image source such as a camera; generating an at least three-dimensional look-up table of values of input colors and output colors, wherein the values in the lookup table convert the input image color data to output image color data in an image rendering unit; loading the at least three-dimensional look-up table into an image color rendering controller; loading the input image data into the imaging color rendering controller; processing the input image data through the at least three-dimensional look-up table to produce output color values stored at the addresses in the at least three-dimensional look-up table; and outputting the output color values to the image rendering unit to produce an output image that is perceived to have at least one of enhanced brightness, enhanced contrast, or enhanced colorfulness compared to the input image.. .
Progressive disclosure of indoor maps
A digital map of a geographic area is displayed via a user interface, and a 3d representation of a building located in the geographic area is displayed on the digital map. A virtual camera is used to view the digital map, and the location of the virtual camera is changeable in response to user input.
Operation detection device, operation detection method and projector
An operation detection device includes: first and second illuminations that irradiate illumination light from different positions onto an operation surface on which a user performs an operation; a camera that captures the operation surface together with an operation part (finger) of the user; a shadow region extraction unit that extracts first and second shadows of the operation part of the user from a captured image obtained by the camera; a contour detection unit that detects contours of each of the first and second shadows extracted; and a touch point detection unit that detects a touch point of the operation part of the user on the operation surface from the distance between the contours.. .
Manipulation detection apparatus, manipulation detection method, and projector
A shadow region extraction portion compares the brightness of an image captured by a camera with a threshold value and extracts first and second shadows caused by first and second light sources for a user's finger. An approach degree detection portion detects an approach degree for the finger with reference to a manipulation surface from distance d between two feature points in the first and second shadows.
Automatic text scrolling on a display device
A see-through head-mounted display (hmd) device, e.g., in the form of glasses, provides view an augmented reality image including text, such as in an electronic book or magazine, word processing document, email, karaoke, teleprompter or other public speaking assistance application. The presentation of text and/or graphics can be adjusted based on sensor inputs indicating a gaze direction, focal distance and/or biological metric of the user.
Sensor-monitored, 3d, interactive holographic freespace control unit (hfcu) and associated components
A sensor/camera-monitored, virtual image or holographic-type display device is provided and called a sensor-monitored, 3d, interactive holographic freespace control unit (hfcu). This invention allows user interactions with the virtual-images or holograms without contacting any physical surface; it is achieved via the use of a visually bounded freespace both with and without holographic-type assistance.
Providing events responsive to spatial gestures
Systems and methods for processing spatial gestures are provided. In some aspects, depth data is received from one or more depth cameras.
Hazard warning apparatus and system and method for use thereof
Embodiments of the present invention are generally directed towards hazard communication and alarm systems. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention are configured to provide a hazard or disaster warning apparatus configured to work independently or in conjunction with security cameras and/or an existing hazard detection and/or communication system in order to provide one or more of an audio or visual hazard alert.

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