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Controlling data routing among networks

Controlling data routing among networks

Creating a three dimensional user interface

Embarcadero Technologies

Creating a three dimensional user interface

Creating a three dimensional user interface

Apparatus and method for incorporating signature into electronic documents

Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Scanning probe microscope with improved feature location capabilities patent thumbnailScanning probe microscope with improved feature location capabilities
An spm assembly includes an spm and a wide field image acquisition device that can be used to rapidly locate a region of interest and position that region within a spm scan range of 100 microns or less. The wide field image acquisition device may include a low resolution camera having wide field of view in excess of 12 mm, and a high magnification camera having a field of view in the single mm range.
Bruker Nano, Inc.
 Controlling data routing among networks patent thumbnailControlling data routing among networks
An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network having remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system delivers remote premise monitoring and control functionality to conventional monitored premise protection and complements existing premise protection equipment.
 Creating a three dimensional user interface patent thumbnailCreating a three dimensional user interface
A three dimensional interface comprising a virtual light source and a virtual camera. The three dimensional interface further comprising a three dimensional user interface control set in a scene in the three dimensional interface, wherein the three dimensional user interface control comprises shading based on the virtual light source, the virtual camera, and based on a virtual depth of the three dimensional user interface control relative to the scene.
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
 Apparatus and  incorporating signature into electronic documents patent thumbnailApparatus and incorporating signature into electronic documents
Embodiments relate to methods and apparatus for facilitating the protection from tampering of an electronic document to which an electronic signature is applied. In non-limiting examples, techniques may relate to the handling of document appearance data, dynamic signature biometric data, digital footprints data, pixel history data, and camera-acquired image data..
 Security mechanism for video storage system patent thumbnailSecurity mechanism for video storage system
A video storage system includes a security mechanism between a cvr unit and a cvr manager. The security mechanism provides public and private keys according to asymmetric cryptography.
 Online portal access and management system utilizing multiple ip devices organized on a server application with multiple level restricted log-in and event logging patent thumbnailOnline portal access and management system utilizing multiple ip devices organized on a server application with multiple level restricted log-in and event logging
An on-line portal access and management system uses multiple ip devices organized on a server application with multiple level restricted log-in and event logging. The program with multiple connected ip devices allows the credentialed user to access and organize the capabilities of the multiple system connected ip devices through a single login portal.
 Method for video data ranking patent thumbnailMethod for video data ranking
This invention deals with data processing methods. This method involves the receipt of video data from a video camera and transmission of ranked video data to a user and/or to storage via communication links.
 Video storage system patent thumbnailVideo storage system
A video storage system includes a cvr manager including a software program of management run therein, at least two ip cameras connected to the cvr manager via the internet; and at least two cvr units connected to the cvr manager via the internet. The cvr manager assigns each of the cvr units to store a file of video data produced by a corresponding one of the ip cameras.
 Video record receipt system and  use patent thumbnailVideo record receipt system and use
A system is provided to generate a video receipt for purposes of creating evidence of shipment of a package to an intended recipient. The kiosk includes a secure drop box into which packages may be placed for later pick up by a shipping service, a computer system having a user interface and means for communicating wired or wirelessly via a public or private network; an electronic communication application installed on the computer system permitting the electronic transfer of a video receipt and text, and a video camera secured to the kiosk and actuatable by the person desiring to ship one or more packaged items via the user interface of the computer..
 Insurance products for a camera device coupled to a vehicle patent thumbnailInsurance products for a camera device coupled to a vehicle
Various aspects of the subject technology relate to systems, methods, and machine-readable media for providing an insurance product to a user with a camera device coupled to a vehicle. A system is configured to receive user data from at least one camera device coupled to a vehicle, wherein the user data comprises video data, determine whether a set of criteria is met based on the user data, and providing an insurance product to a user associated with the camera device when the set of criteria is met..
Esurance Insurance Services, Inc.

Itemization system with automated photography

Systems and methods for implementing itemization systems with automated photography are disclosed. An itemization task may include an itemization process and a photography process that uses a first camera set to a first field of view and a second camera set to a second field of view to take a first and second photo of an item undergoing itemization.

Consolidated healthcare and resource management system

A technical procedure and information enhancement system comprising a multi-function colored display; a computing device having memory and processors; a touch-free gesture-responsive computer input device; computer-readable media containing computer instructions for displaying a plurality of electronic pages selected from the group consisting of a pre-procedural page, a procedure preparation page, an intra-procedural page and a post-procedural page; connection to the internet; a backup memory; a microphone; one or more video cameras situated to record the medical procedure, speakers, and an electronic signature pad.. .
Parallax Enterprises, Llc

System and creating, storing and utilizing images of a geographical location

A system and method synthesizing images of a locale to generate a composite image that provide a panoramic view of the locale. A video camera moves along a street recording images of objects along the street.
Vederi, Llc

Parking assist system

A parking assist system for a vehicle includes a camera and a display operable to display video images of an exterior scene derived from image data captured by the camera. A controller, when operating in a first or parking space locator mode, adds an overlay to the displayed video images.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Systems and methods for video capture, user feedback, reporting, adaptive parameters, and remote data access in vehicle safety monitoring

A method for vehicle data management according to embodiments of the present invention includes receiving an accelerometer signal from an accelerometer mounted in a vehicle, determining an accelerometer specific force based on the accelerometer signal, receiving a speed signal from a speed sensor or gps or other source on the vehicle, wherein the speed signal indicates a speed of the vehicle, determining an instantaneous acceleration of the vehicle by calculating a rate of change of the speed based on the speed signal, selecting a current observed acceleration as a lower value of the accelerometer specific force and the instantaneous acceleration, capturing video footage with a camera mounted on the vehicle, and flagging the video footage corresponding to a time when the current observed acceleration exceeds a preset safe force value.. .
Zoll Medical Corporation

System for triggering actions on computing devices via audio signals

A system and method effective to trigger precisely timed actions on computing devices. The system may include a transmitting device and a receiving device.
Wham City Lights, Inc

System for detecting lameness in sport horses and other quadrupeds

A system that utilizes computerized depth perception to automatically scan physical objects, e.g. A quadruped such as a sport horse, over time thereby enabling a detailed analysis of its movement, and changes thereof over time, without the need for attaching sensors to the body of the horse, or requiring a force plate or high speed expensive cameras is disclosed herein.

Luminescence detecting apparatuses and methods

A luminescence detecting apparatus and method for analyzing luminescent samples is disclosed. Luminescent samples are placed in a plurality of sample wells in a tray, and the tray is placed in a visible-light impervious chamber containing a charge coupled device camera.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and toy system

There is provided an information processing apparatus including an attribute management unit configured to manage a variable attribute value associated with each one or more characters existing in a real space, a detection unit configured to detect an interaction event between a first character and a real object by using an image captured by a camera that captures the real space, and a setting unit configured to set a rule for changing the attribute value of the first character depending on the interaction event. In a case where the detection unit has detected the interaction event, the attribute management unit changes the attribute value of the first character in accordance with the rule set by the setting unit..
Sony Corporation

Karaoke and dance game

The present invention relates to a karaoke and dance game system comprising: a karaoke device which comprises an image display device, a speaker and a microphone, and which has a subtitle display function and video mixing function; a camera for photo-graphing an object; an infrared camera for scanning the object; a three-dimensional (3d) image generation device for generating a 3d graphic including a plurality of virtual studio images and a 3d virtual studio for performing chroma keying of an image outputted from the camera by a 3d acceleration graphic card and 3d-texturing only an actual object to perform 3d space processing, and calculating per-pixel distance information according to the infrared rays reflected from the object and 3d-rendering an image of the 3d video generation device to output a 3d virtual image.. .

Augmented reality firearm combat simulator

A software application for portable computing devices adapted to simulate weapon combat. A camera is used to display images onto a display screen of the computing device.

Remote monitoring and control of a three-dimensional object in a fabrication apparatus

A three-dimensional object fabrication apparatus. A housing encloses a work area.
Synerdyne Corporation

Underwater imaging system

An imaging system designed for use in a low visibility, underwater environment includes a short wavelength light source, such as an ultraviolet led, for illuminating an object and a camera for capturing images of the object. The exterior of the object is applied with a light absorptive coating, such as a phosphorescent coating.

Signal recording apparatus, camera recorder, and signal processing system

A signal recording apparatus configured to classify video/sound materials is provided with a reduced operational burden. A metadata generator is configured to generate recorded metadata which is metadata recorded with an av signal.
Panasonic Corporation

Forensic video recording with presence detection

At a high level, embodiments of the invention relate to augmenting video data with presence data derived from one or more proximity tags. More specifically, embodiments of the invention generate forensically authenticated recordings linking video imagery to the presence of specific objects in or near the recording.
Digital Ally, Inc.

Remote audio recording camera system

A remote audio recording camera system, which enables users to communicate with each other even when they are far from each other, and which synthesizes speech data of users to store the synthesized speech data in a bluetooth camera. The remote audio recording camera system includes: at least one first bluetooth headset configured to be worn by a first user; a second bluetooth headset configured to be worn by a second user that communicates with the first user, and to synthesize speech data of the first user received by the first bluetooth headset and speech data input from the second user by using a speech synthesizer to transmit the synthesized speech data; and a bluetooth camera configured to include a speech storage that stores the synthesized speech data received from the second bluetooth headset, and an image storage that stores captured images..
Sena Technologies Inc.

Using narrow field of view monochrome camera for producing a zoomed image

Methods and electronic devices for producing a zoomed image using a narrow field of view monochrome camera are described. In one aspect, the method includes: receiving a color image that is captured by a color camera; receiving an achromatic image that is captured by a monochrome camera with the monochrome camera having a narrower field of view than the color camera; and merging the color image and the achromatic image to produce an enhanced image..
Blackberry Limited

Visualizing and updating long-term memory percepts in a video surveillance system

Techniques are disclosed for visually conveying a percept. The percept may represent information learned by a video surveillance system.
Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc.

Method and system for non-invasive quantification of biologial sample physiology using a series of images

Method for providing external response based on changes in physiological status of biological sample determined by co-registration of sample images acquired in near-infrared and visible light, optionally by the user himself with a camera of a cell-phone cooperated with the data-processing unit. The nir and visible image data are spatially co-registered with respect to spatial reference points associated with positions and orientations of camera to spatially coordinate the nir and visible light images.
The General Hospital Corporation

Animal / pet identification system and method based on biometrics

An animal identification system and method is provided. The system includes a biometric sensor configured to capture a biometric feature of an animal as a biometric representation of the animal and a biometric identification module configured to receive the biometric representation of the animal and compare said biometric representation of the animal with stored biometric data for a plurality of animals and evaluate matching characteristics between the biometric representation of the animal and stored biometric data for the plurality of animals.

Apparatus and providing content experience service

A method and apparatus for providing content experience service are disclosed. The apparatus includes a camera device tracking unit, a user behavior tracking unit, a real image acquisition unit, a motion information processing unit, a virtual space control unit, and a virtual multi-image generation unit.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Aircraft, methods for providing optical information, transmission of acoustic information and observing or tracking an object

Provided is an aircraft having a spherical body which generates buoyancy or which may generate buoyancy when filled with gas, wherein the aircraft further comprises four actuation units arranged on the surface of the body for movement of the aircraft in a translation and/or rotation through air, and at least one camera arranged on or in the surface of the body. Further provided is a method for providing optical information to a person in the environment of a flying aircraft, a method for providing optical information about an object and/or surveying of an object, a method for transmission of acoustic information and a method for observing or tracking an object..
Eth Zurich

System and detecting obstacles using a single camera

The present application provides an obstacle detection system and method thereof. The obstacle detection method comprises: obtaining a first image captured by a camera at a first time point; identifying a vertical edge candidate in the first image, and measuring a first length of the vertical edge candidate based on the first image; obtaining a second image captured by the camera at a second time point; measuring a second length of the vertical edge candidate based on the second image; calculating a difference between the first length and the second length; and comparing the difference with a predetermined length difference threshold, if the difference is greater than the length difference threshold, outputting a message that an obstacle is found..
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

Mobile terminal and generating control command using marker attached to finger

A mobile terminal 200 generating a control command using a marker attached to a finger includes a camera 210 configured to receive a target image including a finger region, a fingertip region detection module 220 configured to detect a finger region in the target image using an image processing technique, and a fingertip region in the finger region, a marker region detection module 230 configured to detect a color marker region attached to the finger in the target image using a color detection technique, a control module 240 configured to operate the fingertip region detection module or the marker region detection module, based on an input from a user, and a coordinate calculation module 250 configured to calculate three-dimensional coordinate values using the fingertip region or the color marker region.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Marking and tracking an area of interest during endoscopy

An area of interest of a patient's organ may be identified based on the presence of a possible lesion during an endoscopic procedure. The location of the area of interest may then be tracked relative to the camera view being displayed to the endoscopist in real-time or near real-time during the endoscopic procedure.
Cerner Innovation, Inc.

Miniature, mobile x-ray system

A miniature, portable x-ray system may be configured to scan images stored on a phosphor. A flash circuit may be configured to project red light onto a phosphor and receive blue light from the phosphor.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

Wearable computer system

A wearable computer system that provides for convenient and efficient use of all fingers while the user is standing, reclining or using hands intermittently for other tasks. The central unit hangs from a neck strap and communicates with a head mounted display.

Nanostructured material and making the same

Nanostructured material exhibiting a random anisotropic nanostructured surface, and exhibiting an average reflection at 60 degrees off angle less than 1 percent. The nanostructured materials are useful, for example, for optical and optoelectronic devices, displays, solar, light sensors, eye wear, camera lens, and glazing..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Camera module

A camera module generally provided in a mobile terminal. The camera module includes a lens unit which is configured to accommodate at least one lens.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Glare elimination and image enhancement system improving lenses, windows and displays

New optic control systems are provided that manage camera, user or environmental movement and other factors impacting optical and resulting image quality. In some aspects of the invention, a variably, directionally shadable screen and actuating system is provided, which prevents and limits problematic glare for an observation point.

Processing apparatus

Provided is a processing apparatus that receives an operation and executes a process according to the operation, the processing apparatus including a housing that is provided with an opening facing a forward direction, a camera that causes a lens to be looked from the opening to generate a captured image, a filter that extends over a front surface of the lens and is placed with interposing a reflection reducing material between the filter and the housing, and a control unit that analyzes a human within an angle of a view of image capturing based on the captured image generated by the camera, using analysis results as one basis determines whether to cause the processing apparatus to transition to an enabled state, and causes the processing apparatus to transition to an enabled state when the determination of the transition to an enabled state is made.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

High-definition digital video signal transmission , camera and acquisition device

Disclosed are a high-definition digital video signal transmission method and device, a high-definition digital video camera and a video acquisition device. The technical solution provided in the embodiments of the present invention comprises: transcoding a high-definition digital video signal in accordance with a line-by-line sequence at a sending end to obtain an analogue video line signal, and sending analogue video line data which is obtained by conversion; and receiving the analogue video line data at a receiving end, and conducting decoding conversion on the received analogue video line data to obtain high-definition digital video line data.
Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd

Camera extension apparatus and method

The invention is a camera holder extension that includes a telescoping extension to allow a user to take photos at a distance beyond the reach of the user. The invention includes an actuator switch, located in the handle of the extension, which is wired to be in communication with a digital camera integrated device.

Camera module

A camera module includes a rectangular image sensor including an effective image area, and a rectangular pcb mounted with the image sensor. The effective image area comprises a first side and a second side formed longer than the first side.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Camera module

The camera module according to the present disclosure can improve reliability by mounting a posture sensor on a pcb and promoting a bending prevention of the pcb.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Digital camera lens guard and use extender

A digital camera lens guard and use extender to: extend the picture-taking capacities of the digital camera by using different camera filters; enable the digital camera to take pictures of the images formed at the eyepiece of a sighting device; protect the camera lens from dust, moisture, and contaminations; make the digital camera usable as an industrial tool; allow the digital camera to be used in photographing activities such as surveillance, sports, past times, research, astronomy; and maintain the original functions of the digital camera.. .

Electronic device having a flexible printed circuit biasing structure

An electronic device may have electrical components such as input-output devices. An electrical component may be mounted on a flexible printed circuit.
Apple Inc.

Camera angle adjustable device and the handling the article

The instant disclosure relates to a camera angle adjustable device. The camera angle adjustable device includes a base, a camera module, a reflective mirror structure and a driver.
Vi-tai Technology Co., Ltd.

Rotate-pan-tilt camera for videoimaging, videoconferencing, production and recording

The present invention is a videoimaging system with boom-mounted pan-tilt-zoom video camera in which the camera core is mounted on a remotely-controlled rotate-pan-tilt mount for three-axis rotation about three mutually orthogonal axes, a vertical yaw axis, a horizontal roll axis, and a horizontal pitch axis, all three axes intersecting at a common point. Rotation of the camera core about the yaw axis varies the azimuth (compass bearing) of the pointing direction of the camera, rotation about the roll axis varies the angular orientation of the field of view, and rotation about the pitch axis varies the altitude (angle of elevation) of the pointing direction.

Solid-state imaging device and camera

The solid-state imaging device includes a d/a converting circuit generating a reference voltage to be used for an a/d conversion. The d/a converting circuit includes: a voltage generating circuit generating an analog voltage according to a digital signal; a buffer circuit (a resistor ladder upper voltage supplying buffer circuit) which buffers the generated analog voltage, the buffer circuit sampling and holding a bias voltage generated inside the buffer circuit, and outputting the buffered analog voltage using the held bias voltage; an analog signal outputting unit (a resistor ladder unit) outputting the reference voltage according to the inputted digital signal, by receiving an output from the buffer circuit; and a pre-charge amplifier which charges a noise-reducing capacitor in conjunction with the sampling and holding by the buffer circuit, the noise-reducing capacitor being connected to the analog signal outputting unit..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Methods for triggering for multi-camera system

A system may include one or more camera modules each containing one or more image sensors. The system may be configured to capture images from light spectra outside the visible band.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Image file generation device, camera and image file generation method

An image file generation device includes: an image file generation unit that generates an image file having stored therein a plurality of sets of image data obtained in a batch via an image sensor; and an image recording unit that records the image file into a storage medium, wherein: if the image file generation unit determines that an image file-splitting condition has been satisfied while the batch of image data is being obtained via the image sensor, the image file generation unit ends image data storage into the current image file and starts image data storage into a new image file.. .
Nikon Corporation

Conversion between aspect ratios in camera

A camera system captures an image in a source aspect ratio and applies a transformation to the input image to scale and warp the image to generate an output image having a target aspect ratio different than the source aspect ratio. The output image has the same field of view as the input image, maintains image resolution, and limits distortion to levels that do not substantially affect the viewing experience.
Gopro, Inc.

Camera and image processing method

A camera system and method provide a trailing motion blur effect without the use of a flash. In one embodiment, a variable light-transmissive filter is positioned in front of an image sensor.

Portable device and control method thereof

Disclosed is a portable device including a first camera unit configured to capture a first image and a second camera unit configured to capture a second image; a communication unit configured to transmit and receive data to and from an external device; and a processor configured to control the first camera unit, the second camera unit, and the communication unit, wherein the processor is further configured to: detect a state of a third camera unit contained in the external device when activating at least one of the first camera unit and the second camera unit, the state of the third camera unit including an active state and an inactive state, detect a direction of the third camera unit when the third camera unit is in the active state, and activate at least one of the first camera unit and the second camera unit in a different direction from the detected direction of the third camera unit.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission and reception system, transmission apparatus control method, reception apparatus control method, transmission and reception system control method, and program

A monitoring camera, which can communicate with a client apparatus via an ip network, includes a communication unit configured to output an image and metadata relating to the image. The communication unit transmits encoding method information, which indicates configurability of an encoding method for each of the image and the relevant metadata output from the communication unit, to the client apparatus via the ip network..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Virtual camera module for hybrid depth vision controls

An apparatus, image capture device, and computing device are described herein. The apparatus includes logic to enumerate the image capture components of the apparatus.

Compact system for presenting wide field object target to test optic or system

Apparatus for evaluating optical components and systems that uses a precision compact mirror support structure to present to an optical system or electro-optical system (e.g., a camera) multiple images of at least one optical evaluation target over a wide field to allow assessment of the performance or alignment of the optical or electro-optical system over its intended field of use. The mirror support structure generates multiple images of an optical evaluation target by providing multiple folded optical paths between the target and the desired field locations of the test optic.
Optikos Corporation

Light socket cameras

A security system can be used to detect adverse sounds. The security system can comprise a light socket camera that can be rotatably attached to a light socket of a building.

Method of installing pir sensor with camera

A method and apparatus that includes the steps of receiving a pir signal and video signal from a passive infrared (pir) sensor having a pir detector and camera, displaying a video image from the camera on a display, overlaying a range of the pir detector and a magnitude of the pir signal on the displayed video image, displaying a video image of a person walk testing the pir sensor on the display in conjunction with the overlaid range and a magnitude of the pir signal provided by the pir detector and receiving an adjustment from the user of a detection threshold value of the pir sensor based on the displayed image.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Rear vision system for a vehicle

A camera vision system for a vehicle includes a rear backup video camera operable to capture video images rearward of the vehicle during a rear backup maneuver of the vehicle. A display device is operable to display video images captured by the rear backup video camera when the vehicle is shifted into reverse gear and the display continues during short term forward movement of the vehicle.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Display system for a vehicle

The invention relates to a display system (10) for a vehicle (1), using which surroundings (30) of the vehicle (1) are able to be displayed, having at least one camera (11) for taking an image (20) of the surroundings (30), having a display unit (13), on which the image (20) is able to be shown, at least partially. According to the invention, it is provided that the display system (10) has a processing unit (12) which, if the image (20) includes at least one information area (21), recognizes the information area (21) automatically and processes the image (20) that is to be shown on the display unit (13), at least partially, in such a way that the information area (21) is able to be shown in a remaining image (22) on the display unit (13) in a view which is a mirror image with respect to the remaining image (22)..

Method and device for visualizing the surroundings of a vehicle

A method for visualizing the surroundings of a vehicle, including the following steps: determining and storing an instantaneous distance between the vehicle and present obstacles in the surroundings of the vehicle with the aid of at least one sensor; determining and storing a present position of the vehicle; calculating an at least two-dimensional model of the surroundings from the stored data; calculating a virtual view of the model of the surroundings from a selected virtual observer position; recording a video depiction of at least a portion of the surroundings with the aid of at least one video camera and integrating the video depiction into the virtual view; and outputting the virtual view together with the integrated video depiction to a driver of the vehicle.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Front curb viewing system based upon dual cameras

Methods and systems are provided for generating a curb view virtual image to assist a driver of a vehicle. The method includes capturing a first and second real image from a first and second camera having a forward-looking field of view.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Video/vision based access control parking occupancy determination, which is robust against camera shake

Methods and systems for parking lot occupancy determination. Video of an entrance to a parking lot (or other facility) can be acquired utilizing one or more video cameras focusing on a pre-defined vision-based region of interest and a pre-defined video-based region of interest.
Xerox Corporation

Vehicle auto-motion control system

An automatic control system moves a vehicle so that it can be coupled to an implement. The vehicle has propulsion and steering controls which respond to electronic input signals.
Deere & Company

Light socket cameras

A security system can be used to trigger appliances. The security system can comprise a light socket camera that can be rotatably attached to a light socket of a building.

Controlling data routing in integrated security systems

An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network having remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system delivers remote premise monitoring and control functionality to conventional monitored premise protection and complements existing premise protection equipment.

Trail camera

A trail camera comprises a camera operable for capturing images; a communication device for transmitting the images to a remote server; and a controller for prompting the camera to automatically capture a test image a pre-determined number of seconds after the trail camera is set-up. A method of checking the communication coverage of the trail camera; comprises placing a scannable code on packaging or a display associated with the trail camera; instructing a customer to scan the scannable code with a mobile communication device before the customer purchases the trail camera; prompting the customer to enter information into the mobile communication device that specifies a geographic area where the trail camera will be used; and providing to the mobile communication device coverage information for the geographic area so the customer can determine if the trail camera will have communication coverage in the geographic area before the customer purchases the trail camera..
Bushnell, Inc.

Video/vision based access control parking occupancy determination, which is robust against abrupt camera field of view changes

Methods, systems and processor-readable media for parking occupancy determination. Changes in the field of view can be measured using template matching between templates derived from an original scene and a current scene with motion removed.
Xerox Corporation

Method for acquiring and measuring geometrical data of a demonstration lens adapted to a spectacle frame

A device is used which comprises a transparent support positioned between illumination means and a camera. A frame axis is formed on a demonstration lens, for which the convex face is laid on the support.
Luneau Technology Operations

Camera system comprising a zoom lens and a linear encoder

A camera system comprising a zoom lens is disclosed. The camera system may be used in a measuring apparatus, having a tube-like guide system having a tube body, which defines a tube interior and an optical axis, a sensor module disposed downstream of the guide system and an optical sensor for detecting optical radiation, at least one first carriage which has an optical assembly having at least one optical element and an optical system carrier, is arranged in a manner linearly moveable along the optical axis in the tube interior and is mounted in a manner guided substantially without play through the tube body in a plane perpendicular to the optical axis, and a first drive system for moving the first carriage along the optical axis, said first drive system being decoupled from the guide system..
Leica Geosystems Ag

Ocular videography system

The present invention relates to an ocular videography system for tracking eye movements of an animal, in particular rats, comprising a camera system suitable of being positioned on the head of an animal to track eye movements of at least one eye of the animal, a head mount on which the camera system is fixed or fixable, wherein, at least one image sensor as well as at least one decoder, for decoding a signal detected by the image sensor, each being comprised by the camera system, and wherein the camera system, and in particular a camera of the camera system, is designed in such a way that it detects a movement of the eye and/or a movement of the head of the animal in a vertical and/or horizontal and/or a torsional direction to an optical axis of the camera system and/or of the optical axis of the animal's eye without interfering with the animal's natural motion dynamics.. .
Stiftung Caesar - Center Of Advanced European Studies And Research

Method and inspecting appearance of object

A method and apparatus for inspecting an object is provided. By way of example, first and second images of the object obtained by using a camera and a lighting unit.
Denso Wave Incorporated

System and determining gas permeability of polymer films by means of image acquisition

System for determining gas permeability (o2, co2, n2, air) in films, especially edible films, wherein the system comprises a receptacle (a) containing a liquid of low solubility to the gas that is not reactive to it or dissolves the film; gas bubble generating means comprising a cylinder that contains the gas (g); a driver (e) that regulates gas flow and drives the syringe plunger (f); an image acquisition system comprising a high resolution camera (c); lighting (b) that uses a lighting means; and image processing means, preferably a computer program (d); and a method that comprises placing the liquid in an receptacle and letting the gas (g) flow, generating uniform bubbles in the liquid, and placing the film over the liquid; taking photographs or images for a determined time range and frequency and with an auxiliary lighting means; processing photographs or images in an image processing means, and determining variation in the bubbles volume at different times, wherein the bubble volume is determined based on the pixels corresponding to the bubble maximum diameter (dmax), the diameter of the contact area between bubble and film (abp) and the bubble height (h); correlating the number of pixels with a determined length measuring unit and calculating the variation in the gas bubble volume, (Δvb), the contact area between bubble and film (abp), and the pressure inside the bubble (Δp); constructing the linear relationship of variation in the bubble volume in the course of time and from the slope of said linear relationship, calculating gas transmission rate, and then, permeability to gas.. .
Universidad De Santiago De Chile

Method and device for protecting a camera from soiling and printing installation therewith

The invention relates to a method of protecting a camera (2) for inspecting printed work during printing from soiling. A transparent protective element (7) is placed here between the camera (2) and the printed work for inspection, and the protective element (7) is replaced when the transparency thereof decreases.
Q.i Press Controls Holding B.v.

Apparatus and inspecting printed images

An apparatus can be used for inspecting printed images for a printing or finishing machine with continuously moved printed products. An illumination unit with a light source illuminates a recording region and an image capture apparatus with at least one camera, for example a line scanning camera, is set up to capture an image inside the recording region, which extends over the width of the printed product, wherein the image capture apparatus is set up to generate a multi-line partial image..

Camera assembly

A camera assembly (10) for the inspection of passageways, particularly wellbores, and designed to operate in high temperature environments. A camera assembly for the inspection of wellbores comprises an elongate housing (12) having a first end (30) and a second end (42) and, extending between the ends, a side wall comprising an inner wall (22) and an outer wall (24), with a vacuum formed between the inner and outer walls; an elongate relay lens (52) having a first end (56) and a second end (62), the relay lens being located within the housing; an optically transparent window (46) located at the first end of the relay lens; an image sensor (48) located at the second end of the relay lens for capturing an image of an object viewable through the relay lens and window; and a light source (16) arranged to emit light from the housing, for illuminating the viewable object..
E.v. Offshore Limited

Information processing apparatus and information processing method

There is provided an information processing apparatus including an acquisition unit configured to acquire one standard image and images of lower resolution than resolution of the standard image, the standard image and images of lower resolution being acquired through image shooting by one camera, a camera posture estimating unit configured to estimate a first camera posture in which the standard image has been shot and second camera postures in which the images have been shot, a storage unit configured to store each of the images along with each of the second camera postures, and a depth information generating unit configured to generate depth information on the standard image by using the standard image, an image obtained by lowering the resolution of the standard image and the first camera posture, and at least a part of the images and a second camera posture for the part of the images.. .
Sony Corporation

Method for smoothing transitions between scenes of a stereo film and controlling or regulating a plurality of 3d cameras

In an exemplary embodiment, a method for producing a stereo film is provided, wherein a first image that is supplied (10) by a first camera rig having at least two cameras is followed (50) by a second image from a second camera rig, wherein furthermore a disparity table for definition of the displacement of a defined image point in a first sub-frame supplied by a first camera of the first camera rig relative to an image point similar thereto in a second sub-frame supplied by a second camera of the first camera rig is determined (20, 30) in order to obtain information about the depth of the first image composed of the first sub-frame and the second sub-frame, wherein the depth information of the disparity table of the first image of the first camera rig is used (60) for processing of the second image of the second camera rig. The invention also relates to controlling (means) or regulating means for a plurality of 3d cameras configured to carry out said method..
Truality, Llc

Information processor and information processing method

An information processor includes a detection plane definition portion defining a detection plane in a 3d space of a camera coordinate system of a first camera and calculates vertex coordinates of a detection area by projecting the detection plane onto a plane of a left image shot by the first camera. A feature quantity calculation portion generates feature point image of left and right images.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Apparatus for real-time 3d capture

One variation of a real-time 3d capture system for a mobile electronic device having a camera includes an infrared projector that projects a pattern onto an imaging target; an infrared sensor that captures the pattern; a control module that controls the projector and sensor, takes data from the sensor, determines depth information from the data, and transmits the depth information to the mobile electronic device; a battery that provides power to the projector, sensor, and control module; a software module connected to the mobile electronic device that controls communication of data from the camera and depth information between the control module and the mobile electronic device; a mounting bracket that removably attaches the apparatus to the mobile electronic device such that the capture system when attached maintains alignment with the camera; and a chassis that holds the projector, sensor, control module, and battery, and attaches to the mounting bracket.. .
Occipital, Inc.

Provision of stereoscopic video camera views to aircraft passengers

A processing unit for providing stereoscopic video data on board an aircraft, a system comprising the processing unit, an aircraft comprising the system, a method for providing stereoscopic video data on board an aircraft, as well as a computer program for executing the method. The processing unit comprises: a processing component configured to process at least a part of first video data and second video data to form stereoscopic video data, wherein the first and the second video data represent video images of one or more views external to the aircraft; and a forwarding component configured to forward the formed stereoscopic video data to one or more display devices provided on board the aircraft for presentation to passengers of the aircraft..
Airbus Operations Gmbh

System, device, and vehicle for recording panoramic images

The present invention relates to a system, a device, and vehicle for recording panoramic images. According to the present invention, panoramic images can be obtained using a plurality of optical cameras and light directing elements which are arranged based on a parabola.
Cyclomedia Technology B.v.

Display device, driving display device, program, and memory medium

A display position of an image is moved in accordance with positional information of a display device having a curved display surface. Displacement of a display device is sensed by a camera portion and an acceleration sensor, and the display position is determined in accordance with the displacement, so that the image is displayed in the display position.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Creating a cinemagraph

An apparatus receives first image data that is based on image data captured by a first camera and second image data that is based on image data captured by a second camera. The apparatus then creates a cinemagraph using the first image data for a static part of the cinemagraph and using the second image data for an animated part of the cinemagraph.
Nokia Corporation

Three-dimensional motion capture

In one general aspect, a method is described. The method includes generating a positional relationship between one or more support structures having at least one motion capture mark and at least one virtual structure corresponding to geometry of an object to be tracked and positioning the support structures on the object to be tracked.
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company, Ltd.

Method and controlling display of region in mobile device

According to an aspect of the present disclosure, a method for controlling display of a region on a touch screen display of a mobile device is disclosed. The method includes receiving a command indicative of zooming by a first sensor, sensing at least one image including at least one eye by a camera, determining a direction of a gaze of the at least one eye based on the at least one image, determining a target region to be zoomed on the touch screen display based on the direction of the gaze, and zooming the target region on the touch screen display..
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and interactive visualization of information in an aircraft cabin

An interactive aircraft cabin window display system and a method for interactive visualization of information in an aircraft cabin are described. The display system includes a display assembly da integratable into an aircraft cabin window, a passenger monitoring assembly pma, an environment monitoring assembly ema, and an information visualization assembly iva.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Eye tracking-based user interface method and apparatus

A method includes matching a pupil center position obtained from image information taken by a camera and a center position of an ui on a display panel of a terminal, and recognizing the match as a touch on the ui when the match between the pupil center position and the center position of the ui is kept for a predetermined time or more.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Retro-reflectivity array for enabling pupil tracking

An optical array system for performing pupil tracking using retro-reflectivity includes: an led array including at least one on-axis led and at least one off-axis led, for illuminating pupils of a user within an active region; a high-speed camera with a gaming motion sensor, for capturing images of the pupils illuminated by the led array; and a processor, coupled to the high-speed camera, for receiving the captured images and performing processing algorithms on them to isolate pupil information and thereby determine pupil presence and location within the active region.. .
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte Ltd.

Dump truck

A dump truck includes a vehicle body portion that includes an upper deck on which a cab is disposed and a frame which is disposed in a longitudinal direction, a vessel that is disposed above the frame, and a sixth imaging device that is disposed below the vessel at a rear end of the frame and can image the rear side of the vehicle body portion. The sixth imaging device is a wide dynamic range camera..
Komatsu Ltd.

Infection control monitoring system

The invention provides an automated hand hygiene/infection control monitoring sensor-based system suitable for improving hand hygiene and multiple infection control measures and ensuring compliance by health care workers as well as visitors to hospitals and clinics. The use of biometric identification devices such as cameras for face recognition and profiling, microphones for voice recognition, etc.

Interactive vehicle window display system with user identification and image recording

A system and method for a vehicle includes a user identification subsystem operable to detect an individual proximate to the vehicle and a display subsystem operable to generate output for display on a vehicle window in response to detection the. The system and method distinguish between authenticated and non-authenticated vehicle users and, in the event of a non-authenticated user, display the image on the display along with an optional printed and/or audible warning.
Toyota Motor Sales, U.s.a., Inc.

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