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This page is updated frequently with new Camera-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Mobile data communication using biometric encryption patent thumbnailMobile data communication using biometric encryption
A mobile app using biometric encryption and decryption for privacy and security having both authentication and recognition functions. It utilizes the built-in camera of the mobile device to provide facial images for authentication purposes.
Washington Software, Inc.

 Adapting quantization patent thumbnailAdapting quantization
A device comprising: an encoder for encoding a video signal representing a video image of a scene captured by a camera, and a controller. The encoder comprises a quantizer for performing a quantization on the video signal as part of said encoding.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Adapting encoding properties patent thumbnailAdapting encoding properties
A device, computer program and method for encoding a video signal representing a video image of a scene captured by a camera. The device comprises a controller for receiving skeletal tracking information from a skeletal tracking algorithm relating to one or more skeletal features of a user when present in the scene, wherein the controller is configured to adapt a current value of one or more motion-related properties of the encoding in dependence on the skeletal tracking information as currently relating to the scene..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Blurry image detecting method and related camera and image processing system patent thumbnailBlurry image detecting method and related camera and image processing system
A blurry image detecting method and related camera and image processing system are provided. The blurry image detecting method includes capturing an image stream, comparing a first gradient magnitude difference between the (n−m)th image and the nth image with a threshold, calculating a first accumulative quantity of the images with the first gradient magnitude difference greater than the threshold, and determining the nth image is the blurry image according to a comparison result of the first gradient magnitude difference and a calculation result of the first accumulative quantity.
Vivotek Inc.

 Camera rig for shooting multi-view images and videos and image and video processing  use with same patent thumbnailCamera rig for shooting multi-view images and videos and image and video processing use with same
A camera rig for shooting multi-view images and videos includes a plurality of cam sockets, a plurality of cam mounts for fixing a plurality of cameras to the respective cam sockets, and an adjustment unit that adjusts the cam sockets such that all of the cameras are directed to a subject.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Apparatus and method to detect a paper document using one or more sensors patent thumbnailApparatus and method to detect a paper document using one or more sensors
A mobile device may utilize a rear facing camera and a depth sensor to capture a portion of a paper document or a book in an environment. The mobile device may identify the paper document or the book based on captured portions of the environment by two or more cameras and information received via a network adapter..
Hj Laboratories, Llc

 Method for the configuration of cameras and the like patent thumbnailMethod for the configuration of cameras and the like
A method for configuring these cameras is disclosed, wherein a central unit cu determines values for a plurality of configuration parameters for each of a plurality of network-enabled cameras, camera groups are automatically formed among the plurality of network-enabled cameras on the basis of the configuration parameter values, camera representations are displayed to the user based on the grouping, a user input for changing the assignment of a camera from a first group to a second group is detected, a reconfiguration instruction for changing at least one configuration parameter based on the group assignment is automatically generated in response to said user input and the reconfiguration instruction is sent to the camera via the network.. .

 Camera link recorder patent thumbnailCamera link recorder
A recorder is linked to a camera by means of an hdmi cable, and others. An hdmi receiver of the recorder reproduces an lrck signal, which is an audio clock signal of a camera, from the hdmi signal, and outputs the lrck signal.

 Medical image recording device patent thumbnailMedical image recording device
A medical image recording device includes an image pickup device. The image pickup device, which includes an optical lens and an image pickup element that generates an image signal by photoelectrically converting light introduced from a subject via the optical lens, is put an operator.
Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

 System for camera switching on a mobile device patent thumbnailSystem for camera switching on a mobile device
Examples herein provide alternative systems for switching cameras on a mobile device. A method of the systems can include receiving, at control circuitry of a mobile device, user-inputted instructions to activate a first camera of the mobile device, so that the first camera is operable to capture an image.
Xiaomi Inc.


Method for configuring screen, electronic device and storage medium

Disclosed is a screen configuring method of an electronic device. The screen configuring method may include displaying a first application execution screen, obtaining a first area of the first application execution screen, displaying a camera application execution screen in the first area; obtaining an image displayed on the camera application execution screen, and reflecting the obtained image to the first application..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Interactive video conferencing

Technology for a local user equipment (ue) operable to perform video conferencing with a remote ue is disclosed. The local ue can define a region of interest (roi) within a field of view of a camera of the remote ue.
Intel Corporation


Image providing device and image providing method

A device includes a camera and a shooting control section configured to control the camera, and the shooting control section executes, by controlling the camera, at least one of close-up shooting, front whole-body shooting, and whole-body from above shooting. The close-up shooting is to shoot a face and an upper half of a body of an object, the front whole-body shooting is to shoot a whole-body of the object from a front thereof, and the whole-body from above shooting is to shoot a whole-body of the object from a diagonally upper front thereof.
Furyu Corporation


Apparatus and controlling auto focus function in electronic device

An apparatus and a method for performing an auto focus (af) function in an electronic device which does not perform the af function while performing a camcorder function are provided. The apparatus includes a camera for receiving a photographing data, a camera processing unit for performing any one of a still picture acquisition function and an af function, a recording processing unit for performing a function for recording the photographing data, a camera driver for operating the camera under control of the camera processing unit and the recording processing unit, and a processor for controlling the camera processing unit and the recording processing unit when detecting an af request while photographing a moving picture to focus on the photographing data automatically and to record the focused photographing data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Illumination apparatus interposable during examination procedure

An illumination apparatus comprises a mobile stand, an articulating arm extending outwardly from the mobile stand, an illumination unit mounted on the articulating arm, and a camera mounted on the articulating arm. The camera is mounted on the interior of the illumination unit.


Live video system

A live video system is provided. The system includes a camera, a mobile device, and a wireless communication link between the camera and the mobile device, wherein video and audio captured by the camera is sent to the mobile device.
Fire Cam, Llc


Automatic upload of pictures from a camera

A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
Cutting Edge Vision Llc


Component mounter

Component mounter includes a transfer inspection device that inspects the transfer state of solder by imaging the bottom surface of a component, and a transfer inspection data creation device that creates transfer inspection data. The transfer inspection data creation device performs imaging of the bottom surface of a pre-transfer component with a camera at multiple shutter speeds, acquires the multiple pre-transfer images of different shutter speeds, obtains pre-transfer bump portion pixel values, performs imaging of the bottom surface of a post-transfer component with the camera at the same multiple shutter speeds, acquires the multiple post-transfer images of different shutter speeds, obtains post-transfer bump portion pixel values, and determines the shutter speed to be used when performing transfer inspection based on the post-transfer bump portion pixel values.
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Light device has built-in camera and related digital data device's functions

A light device having built-in camera to operate desire digital data functions is powered by an power source for a lamp-holder, light source, flashlight or light device connected to power source by prongs or a bulb-base with conductive contacts to get power. The device may take the form of an ip cam, or driving cam, or webcam having but not limited add for auto tracking or one of plurality functions to make different products and functions with optional retractable prongs that plug directly into a wall outlet or insert into existing lamp base or incorporate conductive wire to make electric connection at least one of built-in camera, storage unit, wireless kits, bluetooth kits, app communication unit, motion sensor, light device.


Camera having optoelectronic range finder

A camera having an optoelectronic rangefinder, a focusable receiving lens and a visually observable display unit for displaying data and/or images, wherein the fact that two electronic image recording modules, which are spaced apart and the optical axes of which are aligned with a common target point, are inserted as a rangefinder into the front panel of the housing of the camera and, in order to determine the phase distance of the images of the object space recorded by the image recording modules and to compare the determined phase distance to the values for the distances assigned for the different phase distances, which are stored in a calibration table, a microprocessor unit is provided in the housing and is connected with the signal outputs of the image recording modules.. .
Leica Camera Ag


Accessory mounting system for a vehicle

An accessory system for a vehicle includes an attachment element bonded to an in-cabin windshield surface at a first windshield location and an attachment member attached at the in-cabin windshield surface at a second windshield location. An interior rearview mirror assembly has a mirror support that has a mirror mount configured to mount the mirror assembly to the attachment element.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Swivel camera mount

A camera mount is configured to attach a camera to a mount base which, in turn, may be secured to sport equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, and the like. The camera mount includes a ball component that couples to a camera or camera housing and that allows a user to rotate a camera within a horizontal plane, and to pivot a camera in one or more vertical planes.
Gopro, Inc.


Method for assembling a camera

The present invention relates to a camera and a method for assembling a camera. The camera comprises a sensor, a lens, and a housing.
Axis Ab


Authentication device for user authentication and image forming apparatus including the authentication device

A user authentication device provided on an apparatus as an object of operation acquires feature data representing notable portion of the user, using a camera device, after user authentication. Based on the acquired feature data, the user authentication device tracks the user by the camera (step s1030).
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Authenticating a limited input device via an authenticated application

A limited input device, such as a camera, is authenticated based on a request received from an authenticated application. The application can request an application server to provide the application with a one-time authorization code.
Gopro, Inc.


Casing, portable electronic assembly having the same and display method thereof

A casing applicable to a portable electronic device includes a supporter and a casing body having a back surface and side surfaces connecting to the back surface. The back surface has a camera opening for exposing a camera shutter of the portable electronic device and a supporter opening having a bevel side not parallel to the side surfaces.
Htc Corporation


Compact omnidirectional modular power harvesting system

The present invention relates to a compact omnidirectional energy harvesting system consisting of a semi-spherical (geodesic dome) shaped photovoltaic collector- and vertical-axis wind turbine, equipped with a power management system to convert, optimize and store the resulting solar, wind and auxiliary energy into electrical energy. The present invention has auxiliary energy capture ports to harvest ambient energies such as thermoelectric, piezoelectric, electromechanical, hydroelectric, rectifying antenna, electrostatic and electrochemical through plug-in modules.


Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device and manufacturing camera module

Certain embodiments provide a method for manufacturing a solid-state imaging device including: forming a sensor chip fixed to a supporting substrate by a first adhesive; peeling off the sensor chip from the supporting substrate by softening the first adhesive; and fixing the peeled off sensor chip onto a curved surface of a mounting body to allow the sensor chip to be curved along the curved surface.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Miniature wafer-level camera modules

In one aspect, a method includes providing a lens substrate having an array of lenses. The lens substrate includes an overflow region next to each lens of the array.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Solid-state imaging device and camera system

There is provided a solid-state imaging device including a wafer in which a guard ring with conductivity in an insulation film layered on a first conductivity type substrate is formed between an edge portion of at least a first chip, out of the first chip and a second chip of a layered chip, and a scribe line region, at least two second conductivity type layers are formed at an interval within a region corresponding to the guard ring, in the first conductivity type substrate, and the guard ring includes a first guard ring part connected to one of the second conductivity type layers on a chip edge portion side, and a second guard ring part connected to another one of the second conductivity type layers on a scribe line side.. .
C/o Sony Corporation


Clinical monitor emulator for cpr feedback

An embodiment in accordance with the present invention is directed to an electronic training tool having one or more sensor components. The sensor components include a single depth camera and accelerometer or force sensor.
The Johns Hopkins University


Assistance to law enforcement through ambient vigilance

A method, system and computer program product of using cameras in a plurality of vehicles within a geographic area to aid in identifying a location of a vehicle of interest for authorities.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


3-dimensional model generation using edges

3-dimensional model generation using edges may include detecting, using a processor, a plurality of edges in a plurality of images and determining, using the processor, a set edges from the plurality of edges that are matched across the plurality of images. camera poses of the plurality of images may be estimated using the processor and using a cost function that depends upon the set of edges..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Estimating distance to an object using a sequence of images recorded by a monocular camera

A method for monitoring headway to an object performable in a computerized system including a camera mounted in a moving vehicle. The camera acquires in real time multiple image frames including respectively multiple images of the object within a field of view of the camera.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd


Substrate inspection apparatus and control method thereof

A method of controlling a substrate inspection apparatus, which includes a stage configured to mount a substrate thereon and move in first and second moving directions and a camera configured to photograph the stage. The method includes: calculating in each quadrant divided by x and y axis defining a coordinate system of an image photographed by the camera, a deviation of the x axis in a rotational direction with respect to the first moving direction or a deviation of the y axis in the rotational direction with respect to the second moving direction; correcting a position of a photographed target in the coordinate system of the image photographed by the camera based on the calculated deviation in the rotational direction; and performing an alignment of the stage based on the corrected position of the target..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Imaging surface modeling for camera modeling and virtual view synthesis

A method of displaying a captured image on a display device. A real image is captured by an image capture device.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Analyzing digital images captured by a mobile communications device

Aspects of the disclosure describe systems and methods for analyzing images captured by a mobile communications device. A server may transmit a request for a digital image to the mobile communications device.
Bank Of America Corporation


Identification notators carrying coded information and the process for using same

A information bearing device into which several wires or a cable can be disposed, for the display of 2d bar code information pertaining to the wires or cable. The device includes a first engaging portion which has a flat base, and a second receiving portion for disposing the device on wire(s)/cable or other item.


Method and recognizing characters

A method and an apparatus for recognizing characters using an image are provided. A camera is activated according to a character recognition request and a preview mode is set for displaying an image photographed through the camera in real time.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System, device, and geo-locating objects

A method, system, and device for analyzing images captured by a vehicle-based camera includes establishing a communication connection between a mobile communication device and an in-vehicle computing system. Scanning data may be retrieved from a scanning data server by the mobile communication device and, in some embodiments, forwarded to the in-vehicle computing system.
Intel Corporation


A video analysis device and a operating a video analysis device

A video analysis device (3), configured to receive video sequences of an environment within a field of view (8) of a camera (7), and to analyze the video sequences as regards behavior of persons present in the video sequences. The video analysis device is configured to determine a footprint (15) of at least one light source (9) illuminating an area within the field of view with coded light.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Depth camera based detection of human subjects

Depth camera-based human subject detecting includes receiving an image captured by a depth camera, converting the image, in a depth camera coordinate system, to an image in a real space coordinate system based on an angle and a position of the depth camera relative to at least one subject of the image, detecting at least one subject from the image in the real space coordinate system, calculating a distance from the depth camera to the at least one subject based on the image in the real space coordinate system and determining whether the at least one subject is a person using criteria that varies depending on the respective distance from the depth camera to the at least one subject.. .
Kt Corporation


Optical authentication of operations for a mobile device

An operation at a mobile device is authenticated by using a random visual presentation displayed at the device for the authentication. The mobile device generates and displays the random visual presentation which is optically captured (e.g., by a camera) at a capturing device.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Mobile terminal

A mobile terminal including a wearable device including a first wireless communication device, a sound output unit, and at least one camera; a second wireless communication device configured to perform wireless communication with the wearable device via the first wireless communication device; a touch screen configured to display information; and a control unit configured to display an icon on the touch screen for controlling the wearable device, and display a control screen including both a first control area including at least one sound control object for controlling sound output by the mobile terminal and a second control area including at least one camera control object for controlling the at least one camera of the wearable device, in response to a selection of the displayed icon.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Mobile terminal and control method thereof

A mobile terminal including a camera configured to obtain an image; a display unit configured to output map information; a sensing unit configured to sense a movement of the mobile terminal; and a controller configured to output a preview image received through the camera to at least part of a region where the map information is output, when the movement of the mobile terminal corresponds to a preset type of movement while the map information is output, and display one or more graphic objects related to the map information as being overlapped on the preview image.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Phone adapter for optical devices

An adapter that optically couples a camera on a mobile device to an eye piece of an optical device. The adapter includes a base plate configured to retain the mobile device without obstructing a display screen on the mobile device.
Fl Archery Holdings Llc


Spindle mountable camera system

A spindle mountable camera system connectable to a cnc machine for work piece inspection and identification. The camera system includes a mounting stem connectable to a cnc machine tool holder.


Rig for multi camera shooting

Disclosed herein is a rig for multi-camera photographing. The rig for multi-camera photographing includes a cover frame, a center base plate fixed and installed in a center line over the cover frame, and a left rotational movement plate and a right rotational movement plate disposed on the left and right sides of the center base plate and disposed in such a way as to rotatably move around rotational movement shafts protruded over the cover frame..
Cj Cgv Co., Ltd.


Stand style rear lens cap

A stand style rear lens cap for use in a detachable lens of a camera is disclosed. The stand style rear lens cap includes a stand body having an upper end including a horizontal plane, and the horizontal plane having a central opening adapted for a rear-end projection of the detachable lens to pass therethrough, wherein a first diameter of the central opening is smaller than a second diameter of a lens body distal end of the detachable lens, a first depth of the central opening is larger than or equal to a height of the rear-end projection of the detachable lens, and an inner wall of the central opening is provided with a component that correspondingly engages with the rear-end projection of the detachable lens..


Vehicle information presentation device

A presentation controller in a control device captures an image of a driver using an onboard camera of an occupant state detection section, and acquires a state of the driver that is detected in the captured image and represents the posture of the driver, and the position of part of the body of the driver. The presentation controller then uses road-vehicle inter-communication to acquire, as an event, information from a detector of an event detection section indicating a danger in front of the vehicle, and detects a presentation direction for the event.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Optical image capturing system

A five-piece optical lens for capturing image and a five-piece optical module for capturing image, along the optical axis in order from an object side to an image side, include a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with refractive power; a third lens with refractive power; a fourth lens with refractive power; and a fifth lens with negative refractive power. An image-side surface of the fifth lens can be concave, and both surfaces thereof are both aspheric, wherein at least one surface thereof has an inflection point.
Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Optical image capturing system

A five-piece optical lens for capturing image and a five-piece optical module for capturing image, along the optical axis in order from an object side to an image side, include a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with refractive power; a third lens with refractive power; a fourth lens with refractive power; and a fifth lens with negative refractive power; and at least one of the image-side surface and object-side surface of each of the five lens elements are aspheric. The optical lens can increase aperture value and improve the imagining quality for use in compact cameras..
Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Method of electronically mapping underground utility infrastructures from the surface

A non-invasive method of buried-utility-mapping includes using a long wavelength gradiometric ground penetrating radar to “see” patches of conductive material below ground and buried pipes and electrical conductors that are all constantly radio-illuminated by local am radio broadcasts. The underground infrastructure of entire cities can be surveyed this way, point-by-point over time.


Backfilling clouds of 3d coordinates

Systems and methods are provided for backfilling a 3d cloud of coordinates. One embodiment is an apparatus that includes a camera able to capture an image, and a ranging system able to measure distances objects.
The Boeing Company


Integrated targeting device

An integrated targeting device comprising a housing, the housing comprising an input aperture and an output aperture, a geolocation module configured to estimate the geolocation of a selected target, an imaging module comprising an imaging camera, a laser comprising a seed laser configured to emit a seed laser beam and a moveable optical reflector, a display; and a processor operatively coupled to the laser module, the imaging module, the geolocation module; and the display.. .


Method for automated evaluation of incubated immunoblot strips

The invention relates to a device and a method for automated evaluation of incubated immunoblot strips (5). What is essential for such immunoblot strips (5) is that these have regions coated with antigens, which regions discolour under the formation of so-called bands (6) as soon as a binding occurs, in particular between the antigen and an antibody present in a patient sample.
Euroimmun Medizinische Labordiagnostika Ag


Apparatus for imaging hydrogen sulfide plume and the same

As hydrogen sulfide is toxic and widely present in many oil and gas facilities, it is highly desirable to use an infrared camera to detect the presence of a hydrogen sulfide (h2s) plume from a safe distance. The proposed are an imaging system and method for detecting hydrogen sulfide (h2s) in a safe distance.
Providence Photonics, Llc


Spectral imaging camera and applications

There is provided a method for analyzing optical properties of an object, including utilizing a light illumination having a plurality of amplitudes, phases and polarizations of a plurality of wavelengths impinging from the object, obtaining modified illuminations corresponding to the light illumination, applying a modification to the light illumination thereby obtaining a modified light illumination, analyzing the modified light illumination, obtaining a plurality of amplitudes, phases and polarizations maps of the plurality of wavelengths, and employing the plurality of amplitudes, phases and polarizations maps for obtaining output representing the object's optical properties. An apparatus for analyzing optical properties of an object is also provided..
Adom, Advanced Optical Technologies Ltd.


Permanently installed hide-away christmas light panel

The “permanently installed hide-away christmas light panels” provide a platform to house a variety of led light displays in a rigid framework that can be permanently installed on the outside of any house or building that has a roof overhang and recessed soffit face. The panels are constructed using a mold injection process.


Method and a lighting assembly with an integrated auxiliary electronic component port

A lighting fixture includes a plurality of light sources and an auxiliary component bay. The light sources and auxiliary component bay may be independently energized to cause one or more of the plurality of light fixtures to illuminate and/or to energize an auxiliary electronic component that is removably coupled to the auxiliary component bay.


Aggregate replacement

An aggregate replacement device may be used to replace rock aggregate in underground drainage systems. An aggregate replacement includes a first unit having at least two faces, a proximal end and a distal end.


Apparatus for imaging the passenger compartment of a vehicle

There is described a camera system for imaging a passenger compartment of a vehicle, comprising: a support body having an adjustable length for accommodating the passenger compartment and being removably securable within the passenger compartment of the vehicle; and a camera movably secured to the support body and being movable along at least a portion of the support body, the camera for imaging at least a portion of the passenger compartment.. .
Polycom Design Inc.


Apparatus for light intensity adjustment

An apparatus for light intensity adjustment mountable on an automotive camera includes at least one first linear polarizing filter, at least one second linear polarizing filter, the first linear polarizing filter and the second polarizing filter are arrangeable in front of a lens unit of an automotive camera such that incident light passes through the at least one first linear polarizing filter and the at least one second linear polarizing filter before entering the lens unit of the automotive camera, and at least one actuator for moving the at least one first linear polarizing filter and/or the at least one second linear polarizing filter with respect to each other such that the intensity of the emergent light is adjustable. The apparatus is characterized in enabling adjustment of the emergent light intensity by moving the first linear polarizing filter and/or the second linear polarizing filter with respect to each other..


Camera system and vehicle

A camera system for a vehicle includes a body defining a cavity therein, and a camera including a lens. The camera is disposed in a deployed position such that the lens protrudes from the cavity.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Vehicle vision system with gray level transition sensitive pixels

A vision system of a vehicle includes at least one camera disposed at a vehicle and having a field of view exterior of the vehicle. The camera has at least one pixelated imaging array having a plurality of photosensing elements.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Rearview camera with gps for image storage and retrieval

A rearview camera system includes a camera, a global positioning system (gps) device, and a controller. The camera is configured to capture a current image from a field-of-view proximate to a vehicle.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Light control device

Provided is a novel control technology for a light device for a vehicle. The control device starts an alighting illumination process after a vehicle stops so as to ensure the driver's field of view when alighting the vehicle.
Denso Corporation


System and fluorescence-based laser ablation

In an embodiment, an apparatus and method are described for ablating tissue in response to determining a fluorescence condition. An excitation light source may produce excitation light at a excitation wavelength of a fluorophore.
Google Inc.


Non-contact assessment of cardiovascular function using a multi-camera array

A system and method are provided for non-contact cardiac assessment of a subject. Images of the subject are captured from at least two synchronized independent imaging devices spaced equidistant from the subject and positioned such that each imaging device captures an image of the subject different from other imaging devices.
Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force


Laser video endoscope

Laser video endoscope has laser guide, illumination guide and image guide which extend through optical probe and through hand piece that supports the probe. Hand piece is connected by optical fiber cable to laser energy source and illumination source.
Beaver-visitec International, Inc.


Systems and methods for the electric field controlled anesthetizing of fish

A system and method to induce fish anesthetizing or narcosis is described that induces a potential field across the body of a laboratory fish having a pair of electrodes, the waveform generated by this potential field is approximately balanced to reduce the introduction of anions into the solution, and a camera is mounted to observe the activity of the fish, so that the potential difference may be adjusted based on the state of the fish.. .
Smith-root, Inc.


Animal muzzle pattern scanning device

A handheld device for scanning a muzzle pattern of an animal, the device comprising: a scanning segment configured to fit over the muzzle of the animal and a plurality of scanning cameras attached to the scanning segment for capturing the muzzle pattern from different angles. The device further comprises an image processor for combining and processing scanned muzzle patterns from the plurality of scanning cameras and displaying the processed muzzle pattern on an image viewer.


Calibration target for video processing

An apparatus is disclosed which may serve as a target for calibrating a camera. The apparatus includes a hollow body having an interior surface, an exterior surface and at least one window formed in the hollow body through which the interior surface is visible.
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.


Device for use in identifying or authenticating a subject

A device for use in identifying or authenticating a subject positioned in an acquisition volume on the basis of at least one biometric characteristic of the subject, the device including in succession, in offset manner along a camera placement axis: a first camera; a second camera; and a third camera; the optical axes of the first and second cameras forming between them an angle strictly less than 10°, and the optical axis of the third camera intersecting the optical axes of the first and second cameras, the optical axes of the first and second cameras each forming an angle less than or equal to 5° relative to a normal axis perpendicular to the camera placement axis.. .


Unauthorized viewer detection system and method

A system for detecting and responding to an intruding camera. The system includes an electronic media display device having a screen configured to display content, a sensor, and a processing circuit.
Elwha Llc


System and methods for shape measurement using dual frequency fringe patterns

A method obtains the shape of a target by projecting and recording images of dual frequency fringe patterns. Locations in each projector image plane are encoded into the patterns and projected onto die target while images are recorded.
Brown University


Communication and monitoring system

An audio-video communication system comprises a wireless exterior module located proximate an entrance, a computerized controller running a software application, and a remote peripheral device. The wireless exterior module includes a proximity sensor for detecting a person at the entrance, a video camera for recording an image of the person at the entrance, a microphone for recording the person at the entrance, a speaker for playing audio to the person at the entrance, a transmitter for communicating sounds and images of the person at the entrance, and a receiver for receiving communications at the wireless exterior module.
Eyetalk365, Llc


Remote interactive identity verification of lodging guests

A method for using a doorbell to remotely identify a visitor, comprising the use of a doorbell apparatus that comprises a speaker, a microphone, a camera, and a button with an audible response to a visitors input, further using the doorbell to detect the visitor while the visitor is located outside of a secured lodging, and within a detectable range of the doorbell, further using the doorbell to take a video of the visitor while the visitor accepts lodging terms, recording the video to validate that the visitor accepted the lodging terms and sending the video of the visitor from the doorbell to a remote computing device for displaying images of the visitor on the remote computing device for the purposes of verifying the identity of the visitor and then enabling the visitor to control the lock in response to the identity verification. .


Low-power always-on face detection, tracking, recognition and/or analysis using events-based vision sensor

Techniques disclosed herein utilize a vision sensor that integrates a special-purpose camera with dedicated computer vision (cv) computation hardware and a dedicated low-power microprocessor for the purposes of detecting, tracking, recognizing, and/or analyzing subjects, objects, and scenes in the view of the camera. The vision sensor processes the information retrieved from the camera using the included low-power microprocessor and sends “events” (or indications that one or more reference occurrences have occurred, and, possibly, associated data) for the main processor only when needed or as defined and configured by the application.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Camera based safeguarding a machine

An apparatus for safeguarding a machine having a machine part performing a working movement, has a light source, a camera unit and a control unit. The light source and camera unit are attached to the machine part so as to concurrently move together with the machine part.
Pilz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and system for mobile surveillance and mobile infant surveillance platform

A method and system for mobile surveillance and a mobile infant surveillance platform are disclosed. The system includes a monitoring objective localization module, configured to acquire audio signal and obtain location information of the monitoring objective through the audio signal; a control unit, configured to generate a moving command for controlling the moving of a surveillance platform based on the location information of the monitoring objective; and a driving device, configured to drive the surveillance platform to move, based on the moving command.


System and providing neighborhood services through networked cameras

An approach for implementing a network of cameras for providing one or more services in a neighborhood is provided. The approach includes creating a network of cameras, wherein the cameras are associated with one or more users participating in the network.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Touring cam control

A video recording system for a moving automotive vehicle is provided. The video recording system includes a camera system for recording front, rear, and lateral views from a moving automotive vehicle.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


All-round view monitoring system for a motor vehicle

A view monitoring system for a vehicle, comprising four pairs of cameras, a processing unit, a visual display unit, an obstacle detection unit and a signaling unit. The four pairs of cameras may be positioned on a front, rear, and sides of the vehicle and detect images of the same number of areas near the vehicle.
Vislab S.r.l.


Image processing apparatus

An image processing apparatus that processes an image includes an image processor configured to: acquire a photographic image from a camera photographing a region near a host vehicle; derive a trace line showing a moving trace of a path on which the host vehicle has moved previously; derive a prediction line showing a predicted moving path of the host vehicle; generate a support image by superimposing the trace line and the prediction line on the photographic image when a wheel of the host vehicle is turned; and output the support image to a display apparatus that displays the support image.. .
Fujitsu Ten Limited


Sensor architecture using frame-based and event-based hybrid scheme

A hybrid camera sensor offers efficient image sensing by periodically evaluating pixels at a certain frame rate and disregarding values of pixels that have changed less than a threshold amount. Because only a fraction of pixels in the camera sensor may change values from frame to frame, this can result in faster readout times, which can optionally enable increased frame rates..
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and automated camera guard tour operation

A system and method for automated operation of a camera system is disclosed. A positioning system moves the camera system to a field of view to search for objects or events of interest to track.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Automatic object viewing methods and apparatus

The apparatus and methods for providing automatic and focused camera view over objects in motion. Camera view stream from a camera system is displayed on a user's mobile device.


Method to control lens of a camera module, a lens control terminal and a storage media

Some embodiments in this disclosure provide a method to control lens of a camera module, a lens control terminal and a storage media, wherein the method to control lens of a camera module includes receiving power-off signal of the camera module; controlling the lens moving towards a zero position gradually, till the lens moves back to the zero position; powering off the camera module.. .
Hisense Mobile Communications Technology Co., Ltd.


Auto-focus device and controlling operation of same

This invention provides an auto-focus device, which is for eliminating an uncomfortable feeling when phase difference af is switched to optical path length difference af when an arbitrary area is set as a focusing target area, and a method for controlling operation of the same. A cameraman sets a desired area as the focusing target area.
Fujifilm Corporation


Method and system for adjusting camera focus to facilitate infrared imaging

Methods, systems, and techniques for adjusting camera focus to facilitate infrared imaging are employed to account for a difference in wavelength between visible and infrared light to permit sharp imaging regardless of whether imaging is performed using visible or infrared light. Camera focus is adjusted in accordance with base and offset values.
Avigilon Corporation


Mobile device image acquisition using objects of interest recognition

An approach is provided for acquiring images with camera-enabled mobile devices using objects of interest recognition. A mobile device is configured to acquire an image represented by image data and process the image data to identify a plurality of candidate objects of interest in the image.
Yahoo! Inc.


Collaborative image collection and processing using portable cameras

A system and method for capturing image information from multiple camera devices, either simultaneously or in an organized sequence. A group of cameras may act in collaboration with each other to capture multiple images of a single subject or multiple subjects.
Apple Inc.


Method and image processing device for image stabilization of a video stream

The present invention relates to an image processing device arranged for image stabilization of a video stream comprising image frames captured by a video camera, the image processing device comprising: an electronic image stabilization module arranged to perform electronic image stabilization to sub-sets of image frames of the image frames of the video stream to compensate for a oscillating movement of the video camera; and a masking module arranged to apply an edge mask to each sub-set of image frames, wherein each edge mask is having a fixed width, wherein the fixed width is based on a camera oscillation amplitude being specific for the sub-set of image frames to which the edge mask is applied. The present invention also relates to a method for image stabilization of a video stream..
Axis Ab


Security camera having a body orientation sensor and use

A security camera includes a camera body and a body orientation sensor for detecting an orientation of the camera body. The security camera can include an orientation feedback system used with the body orientation sensor to adjust a position of the security camera to true camera.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Asymmetric multiphase boost for display backlights

An asymmetric multiphase boost that provides flash functionality for display backlights. A backlight power management module for a display backlight may implement and control an asymmetric multiphase boost that includes two boost phases: a primary boost phase for typical display backlighting, and a secondary or flash boost phase that provides flash functionality via the display backlight when needed.
Apple Inc.


Vehicular vision system with reduced camera connector points

A vehicular vision system includes a camera assembly having a first end connector electrically connected to circuitry disposed in a housing of the camera assembly, with the first end connector having no more than four connection points. A plurality of electrical conductors (such as conductors connected to a video display device) connect to the first end connector of the camera assembly.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Investigation system

Since an investigation apparatus is connected through a cable and is remotely operated, the cable may be caught by an obstacle, thereby limiting a movement range of the investigation apparatus. An investigation system 15 includes an investigation apparatus 50 which moves to a position where an investigation target is investigated, by using a traveling section 51 and a support apparatus 30 which moves to a position where letting-off and winding of a cable 14 for an investigation apparatus which is connected to the investigation apparatus 50 are performed, by using a traveling section 31.
Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.


Electronic device, controlling same, and recording medium

An electronic device and method for controlling the same are disclosed herein. The electronic device may include a processor, a camera and a display.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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