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This page is updated frequently with new Camera-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Lighting system, lighting apparastus, and lighting control method patent thumbnailLighting system, lighting apparastus, and lighting control method
Provided is a lighting apparatus and a method for controlling the same using a mobile device. A lighting system may include a mobile terminal, a hub configured to communicate with the mobile terminal, and an led lamp configured to communicate with the hub.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Mobile device and  pairing the same with electronic device patent thumbnailMobile device and pairing the same with electronic device
Methods and devices are provided of pairing glasses with an electronic device is provided. The glasses store identification information and device information regarding a plurality of electronic devices, the device information being usable to pair the glasses with the plurality of electronic devices.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Adaptive video streaming patent thumbnailAdaptive video streaming
A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source cpu for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets to their corresponding network ports.
Avigilon Corporation

 Image data generation and analysis for network transmission patent thumbnailImage data generation and analysis for network transmission
A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source cpu for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets to their corresponding network ports.
Avigilon Corporation

 Image processing system and method patent thumbnailImage processing system and method
The present invention provides an image processing system and method, the image processing system uses at least two cameras, and the location of the cameras can be changed due to the easiness of installation onto a vehicle and number of the cameras around the vehicle. The present invention uses the image analysis method to evaluate the depth of objects around the vehicle, and then generate a 3d model with depth information to reduce the distortion of the image.
National Taiwan University

 3d-mapped video projection based on on-set camera positioning patent thumbnail3d-mapped video projection based on on-set camera positioning
The techniques described herein relate to front and/or rear projection of a rendered three-dimensional (3d) environment image with real-time perspective correction for on-set camera movement for any projection surface contour. In one particular embodiment, a position of an on-site front or rear projection surface is determined by a device, and the device maps a position and angle of an on-site camera in relation to the on-site projection surface.
Livelocation, Inc.

 Method and device for automatically generating and projecting multi-surface images patent thumbnailMethod and device for automatically generating and projecting multi-surface images
A method for automatically generating and projecting multi-surface image which automatically recognizes a plurality of projection surfaces using an image projector and a camera and projects images separately, includes: projecting scan image for pixel determination on a scan area including the plurality of projection surfaces using the image projector; recognizing the plurality of projection surfaces using image of the scan area including the plurality of projection surfaces photographed by the camera; matching the projection surfaces recognized by the image photographed by the camera while the scan image is projected and corresponding pixels of a display screen of the image projector; and projecting image which fills the pixel area of the display screen of the image projector corresponding to the areas of the projection surfaces.. .
Easywith Co., Ltd

 Spectral image acquisition apparatus and light reception wavelength acquisition method patent thumbnailSpectral image acquisition apparatus and light reception wavelength acquisition method
A spectral camera includes a wavelength variable interference filter, an imaging unit having a plurality of light receiving elements arranged in a two-dimensional array configuration, and a wavelength acquisition unit which acquires center wavelengths of light beams received by the light receiving elements in accordance with signal values output from the light receiving elements when reference light is received by the imaging unit. Light amounts of the reference light corresponding to different wavelength components in a certain wavelength range are uniform in a plane, and different signal values are acquired when light beams of the different wavelength components are received by the light receiving elements..
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Devices, systems, and methods for remote video retrieval patent thumbnailDevices, systems, and methods for remote video retrieval
The present invention is directed to a camera system. A system may include at least one camera, at least one storage device communicatively coupled and local to the at least one camera, and a modem communicatively coupled to the at least one storage device.
Live View Technologies

 Billiard table lighting and game play monitor patent thumbnailBilliard table lighting and game play monitor
A billiard table top lighting apparatus provides substantially uniform lighting across the surface of a billiard table surface. In one form, the lighting apparatus includes a frame supporting lights that are non-centrally placed such that no lights are supported above a middle portion of the billiard table surface.
Smart Billiard Lighting Llc


Dynamic detecting drowning

The present invention discloses a dynamic system for identifying and alerting drowning in a pool. The system comprised of: at least one camera movable along a rail installed within the pool underwater, at least one controller for determining camera movement based on analyzing image captured by said camera, such that the camera viewing area is not distracted, identifying and alerting drowning pattern by analyzing captured images by said movable camera..


Methods and systems of simulating time of day and environment of remote locations

In one embodiment, a method includes the step of capturing, at a remote location with a set of digital cameras, a series of digital photographs of a landscape, wherein the series of digital photographs is taken over at least a twenty-four hour period, and wherein the capturing is managed by a remote computing device that comprises a computer process, a memory and computer networking system. The method includes the step of positioning the set of digital cameras to match an angle of a computer-display screen.


Using an avatar in a videoconferencing system

Systems and methods for videoconferencing using an avatar are described. The presence of a user may be detected by analyzing video captured by a digital camera.
Google Inc.


Mobile device and messenger-based video call service

A mobile device and method for a messenger-based video call service using camera preview image and voice information are provided. In the method, the mobile device displays a camera preview screen by executing a camera, and detects an input for selecting one or more sharers for a video call from the camera preview screen.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Video recording apparatus, and video recording method when temporary network failure occurs

A video recording apparatus receives real-time video data from the network camera and records the received data in a disc bank. In the apparatus, once the network is recovered from a temporary failure, a backup recording region is secured in the bank, with the size of the backup recording region corresponding to the size of video data captured by the network camera during the network failure.
Idis Co., Ltd.


Array camera architecture implementing quantum film image sensors

Array cameras incorporating quantum film imagers are disclosed. One embodiment includes: a plurality of focal planes, where each focal plane comprises a plurality of rows of pixels that also form a plurality of columns of pixels and each focal plane is contained within a region of the imager array that does not contain pixels from another focal plane; at least one quantum film located on the surface of the imager array, where each quantum film comprises a plurality of quantum dots; control circuitry configured to control the capture of image information by the pixels within the focal planes, where the control circuitry is configured so that the capture of image information by the pixels in at least two of the focal planes is separately controllable; and sampling circuitry configured to convert pixel outputs into digital pixel data..
Pelican Imaging Corporation


Image segmentation for a live camera feed

Techniques are disclosed for segmenting an image frame of a live camera feed. A biasing scheme can be used to initially localize pixels within the image that are likely to contain the object being segmented.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Reconstruction of images from an in vivo multi-camera capsule

Method and apparatus of reconstruction of images from an in vivo multi-camera capsule are disclosed. In one embodiment of the present invention, the capsule comprises two cameras with overlapped fields of view (fovs).
Capso Vision, Inc.


Distortion correcting sensors for diagonal collection of oblique imagery

A vehicle collects oblique imagery along a nominal heading using rotated camera-groups with optional distortion correcting electronic image sensors that align projected pixel columns or rows with a pre-determined direction on the ground, thereby improving collection quality, efficiency, and/or cost. In a first aspect, the camera-groups are rotated diagonal to the nominal heading.
Tolo, Inc.


Electronic device with magnifying element

An electronic device includes a magnifying element. The magnifying element includes a camera module and a lens module.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Infrared binocular system with dual diopter adjustment

Binocular system, including method and apparatus, for viewing a scene. The system may comprise a left camera and a right camera that create left and right video signals from detected optical radiation.
Flir Systems, Inc.


Piecewise perspective transform engine

An image signal processor of a device, apparatus, or computing system that includes a camera capable of capturing image data may apply piecewise perspective transformations to image data received from the camera's image sensor. A scaling unit of an image signal processor (isp) may perform piecewise perspective transformations on a captured image to correct for rolling shutter artifacts and to provide video image stabilization.
Apple Inc.


Method for generating image and electronic device thereof

A method and an electronic device are disclosed. The electronic device includes a camera, an illumination sensor, and at least one processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Bundling night vision and other driver assistance systems (das) using near infra red (nir) illumination and a rolling shutter

A system mountable in a motor vehicle. The system includes a camera and a processor configured to receive image data from the camera.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.


Target-less auto-alignment of image sensors in a multi-camera system

A pair of cameras having an overlapping field of view is aligned based on images captured by image sensors of the pair of cameras. A pixel shift is identified between the images.
Gopro, Inc.


Imaging apparatus and camera body

An imaging apparatus of the present disclosure includes a body, an imaging unit provided in the body, the imaging unit for capturing an image of an object and generating an image, a focus lens movable in an optical axis direction, the focus lens for adjusting a focus state of the image, an evaluation value detector for detecting a focus evaluation value of the image, a movement detector for detecting a moving direction and an amount of movement of the body in the optical axis direction, and a controller for controlling movement of the focus lens. The controller determines a direction to which the focus lens is to be moved, based on the moving direction of the body in the optical axis direction detected by the movement detector and the focus evaluation value detected by the evaluation value detector..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Depth-segmenting peak tracking autofocus

An apparatus, method, and computer readable medium related to autofocusing a camera lens system. An initial image is captured at a first lens position and focus information is extracted with respect to a first plurality of focus windows.
Apple Inc.


Camera body, mount adapter, and methods of controlling operation of same

An image captured using a lens mounted via a mount adapter is corrected in simple fashion in accordance with the lens. An interchangeable lens is mounted on a camera body via the mount adapter.
Fujifilm Corporation


Method and device for sharing a camera feature

Methods and electronic devices for sharing a camera feature are described. In one aspect, the present disclosure describes a method.
Blackberry Limited


Multi-exposure video

Certain cameras and systems described herein produce enhanced dynamic range still or video images. The images can also have controlled or reduced motion artifacts.
Red.com, Inc.


Shooting method and apparatus of electronic device, and electronic device

Embodiments of the present invention provide a shooting method and apparatus of an electronic device, and the electronic device. The shooting method of an electronic device provided in the embodiments of the present invention includes: enabling a front-facing camera to prepare for shooting; and when the front-facing camera is used to perform shooting, adjusting a pixel grayscale of a liquid crystal display to a set grayscale value and/or adjusting a color of the liquid crystal display to a set color, so as to supplement light to an object being photographed.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Switching between cameras of an electronic device

The subject matter described herein relates to switching between cameras of an electronic device. A method, system and computer storage medium are provided for switching between cameras of an electronic device.
Microsoft Corporation


Camera assembly for an electronic device having a seal member integrally formed therewith

A camera assembly for an electronic device. The camera assembly comprises an image sensor, a housing barrel, at least one lens and a seal member.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Near-infrared-ray-absorbing composition, near-infrared-ray cut filter using same, manufacturing method therefor, camera module, and manufacturing method therefor

Provided are a near-infrared-ray-absorbing composition having strong near-infrared shielding properties when a cured film is produced, a near-infrared-ray cut filter, a manufacturing method therefor, a camera module, and a manufacturing method therefor. The near-infrared-ray-absorbing composition includes a copper complex obtained by reacting a compound (a) having at least two coordination sites with a copper component..
Fujifilm Corporation


Method for detecting mounting posture of in-vehicle camera and apparatus therefor

According to a method, distortion of a picked-up image is corrected. A vertical line relative to a road surface is detected from the picked-up image.
Denso Corporation


Multi-sensor camera with apertured circuit-carrying substrate

A circuit-carrying assembly for use in an imaging system, the assembly comprising a first circuit carrier; a second circuit carrier spaced apart from the first circuit carrier; at least one attachment member to attach the circuit-carrying assembly to a rigid support member; and a compliant part between the first circuit carrier and the second circuit carrier, the compliant part allowing the second circuit carrier to move towards and away from the first circuit carrier.. .
Point Grey Research Inc.


Alignment of a camera system, camera system and alignment aid

The alignment of a camera system is less expensive when using a holder with a plurality of connecting pieces, each implemented for connecting, fitting or clamping with a counterpart of a camera housing or an objective, a holder that is implemented such that the connecting pieces or holder modules of the holder, where the connecting pieces are held rigidly or merely at rotation axes, are held rigidly with respect to one another along at least one common spatial direction.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Vehicle vision system with camera having molded interconnect device

A camera for a vision system of a vehicle includes a housing having a front housing portion and a rear housing portion. The camera is configured to be disposed at a vehicle so as to have a field of view interior or exterior of the vehicle.
Magna Electroncs Inc.


360 degree camera mount and related photographic and video system

A camera holding assembly that is configured to hold a plurality of cameras in a predetermined orientation includes a support having a plurality of receptacles. Each of the receptacles include at least one feature enabling a camera to be releasably retained therein as well as at least one and preferably at least three attachment features configured for enabling the camera holding assembly to be secured to another object.
360 Heros, Inc.


Wearable camera systems and aligning an eyewear camera

A wearable camera system includes an eyewear which includes a temple and a lens and a camera coupled to eyewear, the camera having a field of view. The wearable camera system further includes a marker coupled to the eyewear, the camera, or both, the marker positionable on or in front of the lens of the eyewear at a location such that when a wearer of the eyewear aligns the marker with a target, the field of view of the camera includes the target..
Pogotec, Inc.


Multi-camera imaging system, and compensation image reconstruction

The disclosure relates to a multi-camera imaging system, and a compensation method for image reconstruction. The main components of the multi-camera imaging system are an image capturing module having a multi-lens module and a multi-sensor module, and a distance adjustment unit automatically adjusting the distance between the multi-lens and multi-sensor modules.
Lite-on Technology Corporation


System and sharing images using an image upload menu

There is disclosed a system and method for uploading an image file to an image repository from a mobile handheld communications device having an integrated camera. In an embodiment, the method comprises: upon determining capture of an image using the integrated camera, automatically initiating an image upload module; configuring the image upload module to display an image upload user interface having user selectable image upload settings; and upon receiving user instructions, uploading the image file to the image repository with the selected image upload settings.
Blackberry Limited


Image forming apparatus and image forming method which determine printed matter condition based on camera-captured image

Provided is an image forming apparatus that is capable of solving a problem caused at a discharge part in quick, effective manner. The discharge part is for placing a discharged printed matter.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Forensic video recording with presence detection

At a high level, embodiments of the invention relate to augmenting video data with presence data derived from one or more proximity tags. More specifically, embodiments of the invention generate forensically authenticated recordings linking video imagery to the presence of specific objects in or near the recording.
Digital Ally, Inc.


Secure testing system and method

Headpiece includes a frame having a support portion adapted to be supported on a person's head and a viewable portion adapted to present visual data to the person when said support portion is supported on the person's head. A camera obtains images of an environment around the person.


Electronic device for providing content according to user's posture and content providing method thereof

An electronic device includes a camera configured to capture an image of a user which is watching the electronic device; a controller configured to obtain information regarding a posture of the user based on the captured image, determine whether the posture of the user is acceptable based on the obtained information regarding the posture of the user; and a display configured to display posture correcting content based on a result of the determination.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Proximity warning assembly

A proximity warning assembly includes a handheld electronic device. A display is coupled to the handheld electronic device.


Low latency stabilization for head-worn displays

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for low latency stabilization for head-worn displays are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a system for low latency stabilization of a head-worn display.
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Transparent display device and control method thereof

A transparent display device is provided, which includes: a transparent display; a camera; a graphic processor configured to generate an augmented reality (ar) object; and a controller configured to operate in at least one of a transparent ar mode in which the ar object is displayed on the transparent display and a video ar mode in which the ar object is displayed on an image captured by the camera. The controller is further configured to switch between the transparent ar mode and the video ar mode in response to an occurrence of a predetermined event..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Display apparatus, controlling display apparatus, and program

A head mounted display is worn on the body of a user before use and includes an image display unit that transmits an outside scene and displays an image in a visually recognizable manner along with the outside scene and a camera that performs image capturing in directions of sight lines of the user. A control section of the head mounted display includes an image generation section that generates a display image from a captured image from the camera and an image display control section that causes the image display unit to display the display image generated by the image generation section..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Segmenting objects in multimedia data

Disclosed is a method for segmenting a plurality of objects from a two-dimensional (2d) video captured through a depth camera and an rgb/g camera. The method comprises detecting camera motion in each 2d frame of the plurality of 2d frames from the 2d video and generate a first set of 2d frames without any camera motion.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Method, system and providing visual feedback of a map view change

Methods, systems and apparatus are described to provide visual feedback of a change in map view. Various embodiments may display a map view of a map in a two-dimensional map view mode.
Apple Inc.


Systems, devices, and methods for tracking and compensating for patient motion during a medical imaging scan

A motion tracking system for dynamic tracking of and compensation for motion of a patient during a magnetic resonance scan comprises a first camera positioned to view an optical marker along a first line of sight; a second camera positioned to view the optical marker along a second line of sight; and a computer system configured to analyze images generated by the first and second cameras to determine changes in position of the optical marker, and to generate tracking data for use by a magnetic resonance scanner to dynamically adjust scans to compensate for the changes in position of the optical marker, wherein the computer system is configured to dynamically adapt its image analysis to utilize images from all cameras that are currently viewing the optical marker.. .
Kineticor, Inc.


Moving object detection

A method for moving object detection is provided. The method includes: obtaining a first image captured by a monocular camera at a first time point and a second image captured by the monocular camera at a second time point (s101); calculating dense optical flows based on the first and second images (s105); and identifying a moving object based on the calculated dense optical flows (s107 and s109).


Movement indication

A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source cpu for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets to their corresponding network ports.
Avigilon Corporation


Image-based object location system and process

A camera image, associated pose, and range data are applied as inputs to a floor plan generation process, which outputs a venue floor plan. The camera image, associated pose, and venue floor plan are input to a data extraction process, which outputs feature geo-location and metadata information to a data storage mechanism..


Device and blood analysis by image processing

The present application describes a new device and method of use thereof, which allows identifying certain antigens and antibodies present in the blood. The device of the present invention is a closed device consisting of two parts, wherein the upper part (1) comprises a chamber (3) surrounded by leds (4) illuminating the analysis plate (8), which is supported by the rotating platform (6).
Universidade Do Minho


Non-touch optical detection of vital signs from amplified visual variations of reduced images of skin

A microprocessor is operably coupled to a camera from which patient vital signs of reduced images of skin are determined. A temporal variation of reduced images of skin from the camera is generated from multiple filters and then amplified from which the patient vital sign, such as heart rate or respiratory rate, can be determined and then displayed or stored..
Arc Devices, Ltd


Calibration and transformation of a camera system's coordinate system

Systems and methods are disclosed that determine a mapping between a first camera system's coordinate system and a second camera system's coordinate system; or determine a transformation between a robot's coordinate system and a camera system's coordinate system, and/or locate, in a robot's coordinate system, a tool extending from an arm of the robot based on the tool location in the camera's coordinate system. The disclosed systems and methods may use transformations derived from coordinates of features found in one or more images.
Restoration Robotics, Inc.


Expert system for rating credence goods' claims to being environmentally friendly

An expert system for evaluating the criteria of environmental labels on consumer products is presented. The system employs a special purpose computer for receiving information about environmental labels, obtaining the criteria used these environmental labels, and sending information to teams of experts who independently evaluate each criteria section against the iso standards for environmental labels.


Devices, tracking and auditing shipment items

Devices, systems and methods for tracking and auditing shipment items are provided by capturing video of the shipment items handled in a facility. In certain embodiments, tracking devices are disclosed that can be integrated in a platform for material handling vehicle and manufacturing systems.
Blue Point Tec Llc


Devices, tracking and auditing shipment items

Devices, systems and methods for tracking and auditing shipment items are provided by capturing video of the shipment items handled in a facility. In certain embodiments, tracking devices are disclosed that can be integrated in a platform for material handling vehicle and manufacturing systems.
Blue Point Tec Llc


Information broadcast using color space encoded image

Embodiments of the present disclosure can include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for using color space encoded images to perform image-based information broadcasting. In certain aspects, the information broadcasting can include using the encoded images to broadcast information to multiple devices within view of the encoded images.
Pictech Management Limited


Spherical lighting device with backlighting coronal ring

A method for capturing three-dimensional photographic lighting of a spherical lighting device is described. Calculation of boundaries of the spherical lighting device based on lighting properties of at least one light source in a set location of the spherical lighting device is performed.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and acquiring biometric image

A compact and inexpensive method and apparatus for illuminating and acquiring a digital image of a biometric feature such as a fingerprint, palm print, footprint, or some subset or multiple of such features. A source of illumination (11) is introduced into an exposed edge of a transparent optical window (13) that is essentially smooth and generally flat with spaced apart surfaces.


Vehicle vision system with traffic sign recognition

A vision system of a vehicle includes at least one camera configured to be disposed at a vehicle so as to have a field of view exterior of the vehicle. The camera includes a pixelated imaging array having a plurality of photosensing elements.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Around view monitoring apparatus and method thereof

An around-view monitoring (avm) apparatus including a camera module for obtaining a plurality of video images from around a vehicle; a display unit for displaying an around-view video image; and a control unit for composing the plurality of video images to generate an around-view video image, detecting a first parking line and a second parking line from the around-view video image, tracking the detected first and second parking lines, and generating an imaginary parking line when any one of the first and second parking lines is not tracked to control the display unit to output the around-view video image.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Selective object detection

Video analytics is used to track an object of interest represented in video data representing the field of view of a scene observed by a video camera. A multidimensional virtual beam is used to detect whether the tracked object of interest is continually present in a detection zone within the field view of the scene.
Avo Usa Holding 2 Corporation


Wearable imaging member and spectroscopic optical sensor for food identification and nutrition modification

This invention is a wearable device or system for identification and quantification of food comprising an imaging member (such as a camera) that takes pictures of nearby food, an optical sensor (such as a spectroscopic optical sensor) which collects data concerning light that is reflected from this food, an attachment mechanism (such as a wrist band), and an image-analyzing member (such as a data control unit). This invention can further comprise a computer-to-human interface which modifies a person's nutritional intake based on identification of unhealthy vs.


Method and device for mapping sensor location and event operation using monitoring device

A method, device and chipset for a monitoring device connectable with a sensor device monitoring surroundings thereof. The method includes searching for a sensor device, acquiring images for the surroundings of the monitoring device, registering location information corresponding to the sensor device, discovered through searching, using the images, and registering monitoring information including an operation performed in response to an event occuring in the discovered sensor device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Person positioning and health care monitoring system

A person positioning and health care monitoring system includes a monitoring center, a rfid tag device, and a tracking module. The monitoring center includes positioning data corresponding to a target.
Chung Hua University


Information privacy system and method

The subject disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing privacy for information. In one non-limiting embodiment, a system includes an environment monitoring component configured to monitor an aspect of an environment; and a privacy component configured to: determine whether factors associated with the environment are triggered; and obscure access or provide access to data or a program associated with the factors based on determining that the factors are triggered.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Video search and playback interface for vehicle monitor

A method and apparatus including a plurality of video recordings in a database containing images of vehicles traveling within a predetermined geographic area and a list of license plates attached to each of those vehicles, a display the depicts a map of the geographic area, an input that receives an identifier of a license plate of a vehicle and a time period and a processor that searches the plurality of video recordings for the license plate, returns a list of cameras capturing images of the identified license plate, sorts the returned list by time of capture and displays a motion path of the vehicle on the map for the time period based upon the returned list. The method and apparatus may also include a uniform interface where the end-user can click the camera mark on the vehicle motion path to playback historic video recorded by this camera individually or click the whole motion path to playback a merged video which combines all recorded video from returned cameras into one display using only one window for the display of the merged video..
Honeywell International Inc.


Video display system, three-dimensional video pointing device and video display device

A video display system includes: a display device that displays a video, which constitutes a stereoscopic video, on its surface; and a light beam emitting device capable of pointing to one point with scattering light obtained by projecting a non-visible light beam or a visible light beam onto the surface, the display device has a camera capable of capturing the scattering light and a superimposition unit that superimposes a pointer image on a display video, and the superimposition unit superimposes the pointer image on the display video depending on a position of the scattering light captured by the camera.. .
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program

An information processing device that detects the position of a subject shot by a camera in a three-dimensional space is provided. The information processing device includes a depth image acquiring section that acquires a depth image in which the distance of a subject in the depth direction from the camera is represented as a pixel value on an image plane, a spatial structure identifying section that identifies the position of a plane forming a predetermined angle with a gravity vector among subject surfaces by detecting a coordinate point collection representing the plane on the basis of the distribution of coordinate points obtained by inverse projection of pixels of the depth image to the three-dimensional space based on the direction of the gravity vector, and a target object extracting section that generates and outputs position information of a predetermined target object on the basis of the position of the plane..
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Reflection-based control activation

An electronic device detects an object in a field of view of a camera and determines a position of a reflection of the object in a reflective surface of the electronic device as viewed from a defined observation point. When the electronic device detects selection input from a user, a control of the electronic device is activated based on an alignment between a location on a reflective surface of the electronic device and the reflection of the object on the reflective surface..
Microsoft Corporation


Optical tracking of a user-guided object for mobile platform user input

A method of receiving user input by a mobile platform includes capturing a sequence of images with a camera of the mobile platform. The sequence of images includes images of a user-guided object in proximity to a planar surface that is separate and external to the mobile platform.
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and offline and online substation switching

Systems and methods are disclosed that may use gps, barcodes, rf signals, or other electronic technologies, individually or in combination, to identify a location of a substation at which a switching operation is to occur. At the substation location, a device camera or other optical or radio frequency reading apparatus may be used to scan a barcode or other visible indicia to confirm that the correct device or component is being switched before progressing to the next step in the switching order.
Florida Power & Light Company


Vehicle vision system with camera power control

A vision system for a vehicle includes a camera, a power supply, a power filter and a microcontroller. The camera is configured to be disposed at a vehicle so as to have a field of view interior or exterior of the vehicle.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Wearable camera systems and attaching camera systems or other electronic devices to wearable articles

Wearable electronic devices, for example wearable camera systems, and methods for attaching electronic devices such as camera systems to eyewear or other wearable articles are described.. .
Pogotec, Inc.


Camera lens module

A camera lens module of a portable terminal includes an external case; an ois carrier disposed in the external case; a lens system which is guided along an optical axis in the ois carrier; an af driving unit facing to a first surface of the external case and which enables the lens system to move; a first ois driving unit disposed in parallel along a second surface of the external case at the other side opposite to the first surface on which the af driving unit is disposed; and a second ois driving unit disposed in parallel along a third surface of the external case between the first ois driving unit and the af driving unit.. .
Ja Hwa Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and expansion of field of view in a vision system

This invention provides a field of view expander (fove) removably attached to a vision system camera having an image sensor defining an image plane. In an embodiment the fove includes first and second mirrors that transmit light from a scene in respective first and second partial fields of view along first and second optical axes.
Cognex Corporation


Miniature camera zoom actuator

Some embodiments include a fixed chassis structure and a moveable carriage body carrying one or more lenses. The carriage body is movably mounted to the chassis structure so as to limit a plurality of degrees of freedom of movement of the moveable carriage body but to allow movement along an optical axis through the one or more lenses.


Hybrid video camera radar housing

An active vehicle safety system. The system comprises a housing configured to rigidly secure an imaging device and a radar device therein; a port configured to accept signals from the imaging device and the radar device and provide power to the imaging device and the radar device; and a display/alarm device for providing output related to the signals from the imaging device and the radar device.
Alliance Wireless Technologies, Inc.


Wearable earpiece for providing social and environmental awareness

An intelligent earpiece to be worn over an ear of a user is described. The earpiece includes a processor connected to the imu, the gps unit and the at least one camera.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Refrigerator and camera device

A refrigerator (1) is provided with an image capturing camera 18 (image capturing unit) configured to capture an image of an interior of a storage chamber (such as a refrigeration chamber 3); a communication portion (52) (communication unit) configured to transmit image of the interior of the storage chamber captured by the image capturing camera (18) to an exterior device; wherein the image capturing unit is stored in a recess provided in the interior of the storage chamber.. .
Toshiba Home Appliances Corporation


Crane motion control

Methods of detection and prevention for snags or off center lifts, and auto-centering a crane over a load. Snag detection includes monitoring angular deflection of the load with respect to an at-rest position, and halting movement of the crane in a direction of increasing angular deflection.
Par Systems, Inc.


Black box system for leisure vessel

The present invention relates to a black box system for a leisure vessel and, more particularly, to a black box system for a leisure vessel which has a marine black box to interface a gps receiving unit with various kinds of navigation data measuring devices and a camera unit, thereby checking problems in the vessel in real time, and which executes information stored in a portable memory with a marine black box application via a smart terminal to output the information on a display screen and to simultaneously store images and data at the time of an accident in a data storage server provided on land, thereby increasing portability and analyzing navigation data and images for a vessel when the vessel has been lost due to an unexpected accident.. .
Bonc Inovators Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for detecting obstructions in a camera field of view

A system mounted on a vehicle for detecting an obstruction on a surface of a window of the vehicle, a primary camera is mounted inside the vehicle behind the window. The primary camera is configured to acquire images of the environment through the window.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.


Vehicle vision system with video switching

A vision system of a vehicle includes first and second cameras configured to be disposed at a vehicle so as to have respective fields of view. The first camera generates a first video output of images.
Magna Electronics Inc.


System and methods of mold/substrate separation for imprint lithography

A nanoimprint system and methods for separating imprinted substrates with nano-scale patterns from mold for manufacturing. Generally, the system includes means to create, monitor, and control relative movement between the mold and substrate for separation.
Nanonex Corporation

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