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Image monitoring system and method of operating the same

Safe weapon container for securely releasing a defense weapon

Autocapture for intra-oral imaging using inertial sensing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Camera-related patents
 Detection of and privacy preserving response to observation of display screen patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of and privacy preserving response to observation of display screen
The security and privacy of a user is enhanced by monitoring the background environment in which the user is working for changes. In an embodiment, a first or reference image is acquired using a front-facing camera of the user's computing device.
 Customized content from user data patent thumbnailnew patent Customized content from user data
There is provided a system and a method for customized content from user data. The method comprising receiving data corresponding to a user of a device, processing a content with the data to create a customized content, and outputting the customized content for display to the user.
 Unauthorized product detection techniques patent thumbnailnew patent Unauthorized product detection techniques
An unauthorized-product detection system may compare data representing various authentication markers of items presumed to have been produced or sourced by a particular entity with stored data representing valid authentication markers of items produced or sourced by the particular entity. The authentication markers may represent inherent physical characteristics of the items or their packaging, or may be generated and applied to the items or their packaging to facilitate counterfeit detection and/or for other purposes.
 System and method for an automated process for visually identifying a product's presence and making the product available for viewing patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for an automated process for visually identifying a product's presence and making the product available for viewing
Provided are a system and method for providing repeatedly updated visual information for an object. In one example, the method includes receiving a plurality of images of an object from a camera configured to capture the images, where the images are still images that are separated in time from one another and where each image is captured based on a defined trigger event that controls when the camera captures that image.
 Rear vision system with trailer angle detection patent thumbnailnew patent Rear vision system with trailer angle detection
A rear vision system for a vehicle includes a rearward facing camera disposed at a rearward portion of a vehicle equipped with the rear vision system. The rearward facing camera is operable to captures images rearward of the equipped vehicle.
 Fitting of brightness as a function of current amplitude in a visual prosthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Fitting of brightness as a function of current amplitude in a visual prosthesis
The current invention describes a method of performing a brightness fitting that normalizes brightness across electrodes. The method determines a set of parameters that are stored in the subjects video configuration file—the look-up table that converts the video camera input to stimulation profiles for each electrode.
 Method and system for automatically maintaing an operator selected roll orieintation at a distal tip of a robotic endoscope patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for automatically maintaing an operator selected roll orieintation at a distal tip of a robotic endoscope
In a robotic endoscope system, the orientation of a captured camera view at a distal tip of a robotic endoscope and displayed on a screen viewable by an operator of the endoscope is automatically maintained at a roll orientation associated with a setpoint so as not to disorient the operator as the endoscope is moved, flexed and its tip turned in different orientations. A processor generates a current commanded state of the tip from operator input and modifies it to maintain the setpoint roll orientation.
 Game controller hand grip for coupling with associated support apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Game controller hand grip for coupling with associated support apparatus
A hand grip provides a means to attach at least one hand-held game controller so that a user can with a single hand grasp of the hand grip and its attached game controller carry the hand grip while the fingers of that same hand can manipulate one or more actuators of said attached game controller while further carrying or operating appropriate supported equipment. The hand grip enables a user to assemble his or her own custom-built interactive, portable device by subsequently attaching various hand-held game controllers to appropriate support apparatus such as a camera support apparatus.
 Interaction display system and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Interaction display system and method thereof
An interaction display system applied in a mobile device is provided. The system has a camera unit configured to capture images of a scene; a motion detection unit configured to detect motions of the mobile device during capturing the images; and a processing unit coupled to the camera unit and the motion detection unit, configured to estimate a geometry of the scene according to the captured images and the detected motions..
 Autocapture for intra-oral imaging using inertial sensing patent thumbnailnew patent Autocapture for intra-oral imaging using inertial sensing
An intra-oral camera has a projector that is energizable to emit patterned illumination and an imaging sensor that is energizable to obtain image content. An inertial motion sensing element provides signals indicative of acceleration of the intra-oral imaging apparatus along at least one axis.
new patent Assembling device for guide pole of camera actuator
An assembling device for a guide pole of a camera actuator includes: a pedestal, a frame, a plurality of guide pole receiving units and a cover. The pedestal includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, the first surface defines a plurality of first receiving holes, each the first receiving hole arranged with a magnet, the second surface defines a plurality of first bump.
new patent Autofocus calibration for long lenses
A method for calibrating a focus point for a camera lens may include capturing a reflection of a focus point measuring device that is affixed to the camera. The method may include evaluating a captured image of the reflection to measure a calibration amount for a focus point, and adjusting a focus point of a lens of the camera by the calibration amount.
new patent Method and computing device for performing virtual camera functions during playback of media content
A method and computing device are provided for performing virtual camera functions during playback of media content. In the method, the computing device selects a region of interest (roi) during a playback of media content, and represents the roi as an ensemble of disparate hypotheses.
new patent Method and apparatus for operating a camera
A method and apparatus for operating a camera are provided herein. During operation of the camera, a first field of view (fov) for the camera will be determined along with “undesirable” camera directions.
new patent Camera-based portal content security
The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for providing a camera-based portal content security mechanism for client devices. One computer-implemented method includes receiving a request for portal content from a client device, determining that the requested portal content requires a camera security operation, notifying the client device that a camera image is needed as a prerequisite to display at least part of the requested portal content, receiving the camera image from the client device, and analyzing, by operation of a computer, the received camera image for more than one viewer..
new patent System and method for distorted camera image correction
The invention provides an image processing method for processing a sequence of images, comprising the steps of: obtaining, from a visual sensor, at least two images of the sequence of images, detecting whether the images include a distortion, determining an image warping function at least partially compensating the distortion, applying the determined warping function to the image(s) including the distortion, and calculating by a processing unit, and outputting, an optical flow as a displacement vector field form the images.. .
new patent Image processing device, image processing method, and computer readable medium
An image processing device is provided, the image processing device comprising: an image input unit configured to be input with a frame image of an imaging area imaged by a camera; an image processing unit configured to process the frame image input to the image input unit, and detect an object imaged in the frame image; and an operation frequency determination unit configured to determine a frequency of an operation clock of the image processing unit according to the number of objects detected by the image processing unit, wherein the operation frequency determination unit lowers the frequency of the operation clock of the image processing unit as the number of objects detected by the image processing unit becomes smaller.. .
new patent Methods and systems for video-based chew counting via feature tracking
A system and method of video-based chew counting by receiving image frames from a video camera, determining feature points within the image frames from the video camera, generating a motion signal based on movement of the feature points across the image frames from the video camera, and determining a chew count based on the motion signal.. .
new patent Motion vector processing
The embodiments relates to motion vector prediction and decoding for multi-view video content from multiple camera views (10, 20). At least one candidate motion vector predictor (54, 64) is provided for a current motion vector (34) to be encoded.
new patent Methods of detecting latent stains on a surface
Methods for identifying chemical contrasts on a common surface are generally provided. The presence of a stain on a surface can be detected by applying a testing vapor, such as water, onto the surface and monitoring the surface with an infrared camera that detects wavelengths of about 700 nm to about 1 mm and/or a microbolometer that detects wavelengths of about 7.5 μm to about 14 μm.
new patent Cover for audio and video inputs
A microphone or lens cover covers a microphone opening or the lens of a camera on a portable computer or mobile electronic device. The base of the cover is affixed to the electronic device, and the lid is movable to permit the microphone or lens to be exposed and used, or to be covered.
new patent Larview technologies corporation
The present invention provides an auto focus camera module structure for particles protection. The structure comprises a lens.
new patent Lens module and eye fundus camera using the same
A lens module comprises a first lens group, a second lens group and a third lens group, which are arranged from an eye fundus side to an image side in sequence. The first lens group has a positive effective focal length (efl) and includes a first lens having two convex surfaces respectively facing the eye fundus side and the image side.
new patent Image stitching method and camera system
An image stitching method adapted to stitch a plurality of fundus images of an animal is provided. The image stitching method includes following steps.
new patent Double-lens double-groove assembly
A double-lens double-groove assembly including a frame and at least two adjacent grooves in or on the frame spaced to hold at least two lenses and at least a material between the lenses. The frame can be an eyeglass frame, a camera lens frame, a projector lens frame, or some other type of lens frame.
new patent Array camera shutter
The present invention relates to a shutter blade arrangement (134) for an array camera (100) comprising an array (130) of lenses (131). The shutter blade arrangement (134) comprises: at least one shutter blade (200), an array of openings (201) on said shutter blade (200), and an actuator (160) to control the at least one shutter blade (200), and wherein the at least one shutter blade (200) and said array of lenses (131) are displaceable relative each other..
new patent Red-eye filter method and apparatus
A digital image acquisition system having no photographic film, such as a digital camera, has a flash unit for providing illumination during image capture and a red-eye filter for detecting a region within a captured image indicative of a red-eye phenomenon, the detection being based upon a comparison of the captured image and a reference image of nominally the same scene taken without flash. In the embodiment the reference image is a preview image of lower pixel resolution than the captured image, the filter matching the pixel resolutions of the captured and reference images by up-sampling the preview image and/or sub-sampling the captured image.
new patent Method for compressing image data collected by camera and electronic device for supporting the method
A technique is provided to allow an optimal image data compression by compressing image data, collected by a camera, on a more suitable compression condition. In a method for compressing image data, an electronic device generates preview data of an original image collected through the camera, calculates a first compression ratio based on analyzing complexity of the preview data relating to pixel distribution of the original image, and compresses a capture image, selected in response to a capture command, corresponding to the preview data on the basis of the calculated first compression ratio..
new patent Mobile device with operation for modifying visual perception
Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to a lighting system for modifying visual perception of an image. In one embodiment, the lighting system includes a display screen and a frame that is designed to be reversibly coupled around the display screen.
new patent Camera module testing device
A camera module testing device for detecting light leakage in relation to a camera module includes a base, a first fixing plate, a second fixing plate, a movable element, a stepping motor, a sliding table, a support mechanism, a board and a power supply module, and a processing unit. The movable element includes a first movable plate, a second movable plate, and a third movable plate.
new patent Multi-function control illumination device
A multi-function control illumination device has a synchronization separator, a parameter setting device, a light emitting device, and a video processor. The synchronization separator connects with a video camera and the parameter setting device connecting with the light emitting device.
new patent Shutter for thermal imaging camera
Various embodiments of shutters for thermal imaging cameras, cameras comprising such shutters, and methods for providing such shutters are disclosed. The shutter may include a substrate with various layers and components thereon, such as a temperature sensor.
new patent Multiple camera systems with user selectable field of view and methods for their operation
Embodiments of a system include a hub, a plurality of image capture devices, and one or more user terminals. The hub is adapted to receive images from the image capture devices, receive a request from a user terminal to provide images having desired characteristics, select images from the received images corresponding to the images having the desired characteristics, and send the selected images to the user terminal.
new patent Image monitoring system and method of operating the same
Provided is an image-monitoring system which includes a camera such as a pan/tilt/zoom camera which stores preset positions and captures images when a direction of the camera changes from one present position to another preset position, and a management unit which sets the preset positions, transmits the preset positions to the camera, and displays the images on a screen.. .
new patent Security camera having dual communication ports
The present disclosure is directed at a security camera having dual communication ports. The camera includes a camera body mountable to a mounting surface and comprising an aperture, a lens, an imager, primary communication circuitry comprising a primary communication port accessible from outside the camera body, secondary communication circuitry comprising a secondary communication port accessible from outside the camera body, and control and processing circuitry communicatively coupled to the imager and to the primary and secondary communication circuitry.
new patent System and method for determining engagement of audience members during a lecture
A system and method for determining engagement of members of an audience during a lecture. Speech by the lecturer is detected to initiate image processing, which is performed by first capturing the audience in multiple image frames using a video camera; performing edge detection on an image frame to generate a digital edge map of the frame; detecting an approximate facial region skeletal image candidate in the image frame including circular and elliptical shapes for iris, eye and face; extracting location information for a candidate face in the image frame, including eyes and irises in the skeletal image to generate approximate facial region location information; and determining, from the location information, whether required spatial relationships exist within a candidate, for that candidate to be considered as a face of one of the members.
new patent Camera with plenoptic lens
An image capture device includes a lens that receives light. Further, the image capture device includes an optical beam splitter that receives the light from the lens.
new patent Multi-camera sensor for three-dimensional imaging of a circuit board
A system for sensing a three-dimensional topology of a circuit board is provided. An illumination source projects an illumination pattern from a first angle of incidence.
new patent Two-way video conferencing system
A video conferencing device that includes a camera and display system captures video of local participants and displays incoming video feeds from remote locations. For example, incoming video feeds of the remote participants may be displayed on an outward-facing circular screen mounted on a central pedestal.
new patent Printing apparatus
A printing apparatus that recognizes a location of a substrate, which is a printing target, and performs printing. The printing apparatus includes: a stage to which the substrate is mounted; a location recognition unit recognizing a location of the substrate mounted to the stage; and a printing unit disposed in an upper portion of the stage and coating a printing solution on the substrate, and the location recognition unit includes a plurality of alignment marks formed in the substrate and a camera photographing the alignment marks.
new patent Mobile tele-immersive gameplay
Techniques for displaying a multiuser augmented reality world on a first augmented reality device. Embodiments capture a visual scene for display.
new patent Method and apparatus for displaying screen with eye tracking in portable terminal
A method and an apparatus for displaying a screen using an eye tracking in a portable terminal are provided. The method includes displaying a message on the display unit, photographing a user's eyeball through the camera unit when the message is displayed to determine a position of the user's eyeball, determining whether the message is read by comparing eye tracking information gathered by the photographing of the user's eyeball with a message position of a time point of displaying the message, and distinguishing an unread message from a read message based on the determining.
new patent Adaptive sensing system
The present invention relates to the fields of electromagnetic sensing, automatic security screening and contraband detection. The present invention especially relates to an adaptive sensing system, a sensing method and a corresponding computer program product.
new patent System and method for positive identification on a mobile device
A method of capturing a photograph of a user's face with a mobile device includes determining alignment of an image of the user's face with a camera of the mobile device; providing one of a visual indicator and an audible sound as an alignment verification aid which indicates to the user when facial alignment is favorable; and taking a photograph of the user's face when alignment of the user's face with the camera is favorable.. .
new patent Pivoting mechansim for movably attaching a camera to a vehicle
A pivoting mechanism for movably attaching a camera to a vehicle. The pivoting mechanism has a vehicle-mounted component; a first rotational joint attached to the vehicle-mounted component; a first pivot arm, the first end of which is rotatably mounted on the first rotational joint; a second rotational joint attached to the vehicle-mounted component; a second pivot arm, the first end of which is rotatably mounted on the second rotational joint; a camera holder; a third rotational joint attached to the camera holder and on which a second end of the first pivot arm is rotatably mounted; and a fourth rotational joint attached to the camera holder and on which a second end of the second pivot arm is rotatably mounted..
new patent Vision system for robotic attacher
A system includes a robotic arm on which at least one camera is attached. It further includes a memory and a controller communicatively coupled to the memory.
new patent Safe weapon container for securely releasing a defense weapon
Some embodiments of the invention provide a safe weapon container for securely holding a defense weapon that is only accessible to an authorized user upon one or more successful biometric inputs that authenticate the identity of the authorized user. The safe weapon container includes a safe, a surveillance camera, an audio intercom, a biometric input device, a door status contact device, a tamper switch, a delay release lock, and an internet protocol (ip) module..
Method and apparatus for real-time verification of live person presence on a network
A method for real-time verification of live person presence at a network location comprises the following steps: receiving a verification request at a network location; generating a real-time security indicia; displaying the real-time security indicia on a display screen at the network location; capturing with a back-facing camera at the network location, a real-time image of the field of view (fov) in front of the display screen displaying the security indicia; detecting a human face in the fov image; detecting an eye region of the human face in the fov image; and detecting a reflected image of the security indicia in the eye region in the fov image. If the reflected image of the security indicia is not detected in the eye region of the fov image, the verification attempt is deemed unsuccessful, whereas if the reflected image of the security indicia is detected, the verification attempt is deemed successful..
Digital photograph group editing and access
A process of managing a digital photo involves capturing the photo using a digital camera; communicating the photo to a server system; the server system identifying faces of people in the photo; the server system matching the faces to the communication addresses of portable devices of the people; and the server system communicating the photo to the portable devices.. .
Controlling use of parking spaces using cameras and smart sensors
Tracking use of a destination location is disclosed. A first unique identifier of a first vehicle is received based on a sensor located within the first vehicle.
Trocar, and surgery assistance system
A surgery assistance system 101 includes forceps trocars 1a and 1b having retractable cameras 17a and 17b and marks 19a and 19b, a laparoscope trocar 3, forceps 4a and 4b, a laparoscope 5 having a mark 19d, an image processing device 6 that inputs the images obtained from the retractable cameras 17a and 17b and the image obtained from the laparoscope 5 and combines these images to create a three dimensional image, a three dimensional monitor 7 that outputs the three dimensional image created by the image processing device 6, and an optical tracking sensor 9. The positional relationships of the marks 19 and the corresponding cameras 17 are fixed.
Tracheal intubation device
A tracheal intubation device for placing an endotracheal tube in the trachea of a patient includes a bar-shaped camera, a handle portion, a guiding portion, and a display device. The bar-shaped camera for capturing images is placed inside the endotracheal tube.
Medical device for conducting a medical examination and/or intervention within a human or animal body
The invention is related to a medical device (1) for conducting a medical examination and/or intervention within a human or animal body, the medical device (1) comprising a handle (2) and a curved guiding bar (3) connected to the handle (2), the guiding bar (3) comprising a guiding duct (4) adapted for guiding a medical instrument (5) from the handle area to a distal end (7) of the guiding bar (3) which is distant from the handle (2), the guiding bar (3) comprising on its distal end (7) a first camera (6) which is integrated within the guiding bar (3) or attached to the guiding bar (3), whereby the first camera (6) is arranged and adjusted for capturing an area (8) in front of the distal end (7) of the guiding bar (3).. .
Trocar, and surgery assistance system
An opening portion 13 is provided at a position of a pipe portion 11. The position of opening portion 13 is reliably within the body of the patient.
Access control of user based photograph bundles
A computer receives an image access preference that is associated with a user included in a first game session. The computer receives an image from a camera, connected to the computer, through a network.
Information transmission system, information sending device, information receiving device, information transmission method, information sending method, information receiving method and program product
An information transmission system includes: an information sending device including a light emitting section that emits light in a plurality of colors, a modulating section that modulates information to be transmitted into signals composed of changes in color, and a light emission control section that controls the light emitting section to emit light while changing color temporally based on the signals generated by the modulating section; and a receiving device including a camera that captures an image having color, and a control and communication section that detects a temporal color change of the light emitting section emitting light by light emission control by the information transmitting device, from images consecutively captured by the camera, decodes the detected color change into information, and outputs the generated information to a display section.. .
Camera accessory
An accessory side mount of the camera accessory includes at least a first limiting portion and a second limiting portion that is different from the first limiting portion. When the first through third claws are rotated in a first rotational direction along the circumferential direction in order to install the accessory side mount that has been inserted in the proper installation and detachment rotational phase into the body side mount, the first limiting portion limits a range of rotation in the first rotational direction by abutting an end surface of one of the camera body side claws.
Method and apparatus for multiple camera alignment and use
A camera rig system is provided for 3d stereo photography. The system includes a first camera mount configured to removably hold a first camera module having a first optical axis being oriented horizontally.
Methods and systems for content processing
Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. Some relate to visual search capabilities, and determining appropriate actions responsive to different image inputs.
Optical measurement method and apparatus for fuel cell components
Methods and systems for measuring a property of a component of a fuel cell system include performing a three-dimensional optical scan of at least a portion of a surface of the component to produce a three-dimensional representation of the topography of the at least a portion of the surface and measuring at least one property of the component based on the three-dimensional representation. Further embodiments include systems and methods for measuring dimensions of a fuel cell component using a line scan imaging device and/or a matrix camera..
System and method for resolution enhancement
The present invention relates to a system (1) and method (100) for resolution enhancement which enables the depth resolution to be enhanced without using gimbal, performs depth description independent from lighting conditions and camera parameters in high resolution.. .
Object detection device, object detection method and object detection program
The present invention accurately detects an object from a video image where large distortion of an image may be generated for covering a wide field of view. An object detection device 1 that detects an object from a camera image captured by a camera having a wide field of view and causing distortion varying according to a position in an image includes: a candidate area selection unit 10 configured to select candidate areas for detecting the object from the camera image, and generate candidate area information identifying the candidate areas, and positional parameter information indicating distances from the center of the camera image to the candidate areas; and an object detection unit 20 configured to select, on the basis of the positional parameter information corresponding to the candidate areas, an object detection system used when detecting the object from the candidate areas, rotate the candidate areas with respect to the center of the camera image in order to unify directions from the candidate areas to the center of the camera image to the same direction, and detect whether or not the object exists in each of the candidate areas, the directions of which being unified..
Image super-resolution for dynamic rearview mirror
Method for applying super-resolution to images captured by a camera device of a vehicle includes receiving a plurality of image frames captured by the camera device. For each image frame, a region of interest is identified within the image frame requiring resolution related to detail per pixel to be increased.
Gesture pre-processing of video stream with hold-off period to reduce platform power
Techniques are disclosed for processing a video stream to reduce platform power by employing a stepped and distributed pipeline process, wherein cpu-intensive processing is selectively performed. In one example case, the techniques are implemented in a user's computer system wherein initial threshold detection (image disturbance) and optionally user presence (e.g., hand image) processing components are proximate to or within the system's camera, and the camera is located in or proximate to the system's primary display.

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