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Calorie patents


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 Dining plate system sensing food characteristics, sending data to the internet, and displaying information on a handheld communication device patent thumbnailDining plate system sensing food characteristics, sending data to the internet, and displaying information on a handheld communication device
A dining plate active foodware system senses food characteristics, such as weight and calories. Removable dining plates are placed on an underplate comprising sensing and wireless communication components.

 Wearable technology that monitors health and safety patent thumbnailWearable technology that monitors health and safety
Wearable technology for individuals containing a transdermal sweat sensor, bluetooth low energy micro-chip, and accelerometer connected to a smartphone application. The transdermal sweat sensor detects perspiration on the skin and determines the blood alcohol content (bac) as well as ingestion of a date-rape drug by the individual.

 Improved sweetener patent thumbnailImproved sweetener
A low or zero calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy and desirable taste characteristics. The sweetener composition is suitable for use as a substitute for high calorie sugars.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

 Activity monitoring  measuring calorie consumption thereof patent thumbnailActivity monitoring measuring calorie consumption thereof
Provided is a method for measuring calorie consumption of an activity monitoring system, includes collecting calorie consumption data from at least one sensor worn by a user, classifying an activity type of the user corresponding to the calorie consumption data, classifying an intensity of the activity type and calculating calorie consumption corresponding to the intensity of the activity type.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Meal planning device and method patent thumbnailMeal planning device and method
A method of creating a meal plan includes receiving user information, determining target amounts of leucine, calories and one or more macronutrients per meal based on the received user information, providing a user interface to allow the user to add food items to a created meal or remove food items from the created meal, determining amounts of leucine, calories and one or more macronutrients provided by food items included in the created meal, displaying a comparison of the amounts of leucine, calories and one or more macronutrients provided by food items in the created meal and the target amounts of leucine, calories and one or more macronutrients per meal on the user interface, updating the displayed comparison each time the user adds a food item to the created meal or removes a food item from the created meal.. .

 Calculating calorie statistics based on purchases patent thumbnailCalculating calorie statistics based on purchases
A computing system for calculating a total calorie count is provided. The computing system comprising an electronic personal assistant application program executed on a client computing device, and including a purchase tracking module configured to receive notifications of purchases made for individual food items, a calorie tracking module configured to identify calorie counts associated with each purchased food item and to calculate a calorie count statistic based thereon, a calorie apportionment module configured to apportion the calorie counts of the food items to a user so that the calorie count statistic is based upon an apportioned total of the calorie counts of the food items that have been apportioned to the user; and a graphical user interface module configured to display a graphical user interface including an indicator of the calorie count statistic on a display associated with the client computing device..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Methods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses patent thumbnailMethods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses
A method of improving longevity and/or alleviating a symptom of aging or preventing age related diseases is provided. The method includes a step in which the subject's average and type of daily protein intake, igf-i, and igfbp1 levels, and risk factors for overall mortality, cancer and diabetes are determined.
University Of Southern California

 Methods and formulations promoting tissue/organ regeneration, longevity and healthspan patent thumbnailMethods and formulations promoting tissue/organ regeneration, longevity and healthspan
A method includes a step of identifying a subject in need of diet modification; and administering a first diet to the subject for a first time period. The first diet provides 4.5 to 7 kilocalories per pound of subject for a first day and 3 to 5 kilocalories per pound of subject per day for a second to fifth day of the first diet.
University Of Southern California

 Autoimmunity and multiple sclerosis treatment patent thumbnailAutoimmunity and multiple sclerosis treatment
A method for alleviating a symptom of multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune or inflammatory disease includes a step of identifying a subject having multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune diseases. A fasting mimicking diet is administered to the subject for a first predetermined time period, the fasting mimicking diet providing less than 50% of the subject's normal caloric intake.
University Of Southern California

 Fat replacers and filling materials patent thumbnailFat replacers and filling materials
The present invention relates generally to fat replacers and their use in various food products. Aspects of the disclosure are particularly directed to oligodextran-based fat replacers that are lower in calories, heat stable, and increase fiber.
Cargill, Incorporated

Sugar replacement composition

The present invention relates to a sugar replacement composition, which is based on a novel and innovative combination of ingredients such that the sugar replacement composition gives rise to one or more advantageous use characteristics of comparable or superior to those of sucrose, including excellent taste, sweetness of sucrose, superior structural properties, e.g. In cake, sorbet and ice cream, improved crunchiness of biscuits, excellent organoleptic properties, low calorie content (in certain embodiments 100 kcal/100 g or less), permits reduction of fat content of certain foods such as chocolate, as well as significant health benefits, including low glycemic index, low cariogenicity, and prebiotic properties supporting growth of advantageous intestinal bacteria, beneficial effects or lowering blood sugar and slowing down the emptying of the stomach.
Aegis Nv


A low calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy, providing a reduction in off-taste and a desirable temporal profile. The sweetener composition is suitable for use as a substitute for high calorie sugars.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

Automatic application-based exercise tracking system and method

An automatic application-based exercise tracking system and methods comprising: i) voice-transcribed or typed text natural language processing and automatic tracking to record exercises, comprehensive exercise quantities, and calories burned data, and ii) multi-exercise administration to record multiple exercises and related data in a single user voice-transcribed or typed text submission. Further, such automatic application-based exercise tracking system is usable through computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches, wearables and other similar devices..
Genesant Technologies, Inc.

Disposable divided bowls

Social awareness about health, to include eating habits is rising in understanding and importance. Despite awareness about portion size and emphasizing, deemphasizing, or balancing calories, fats, salt, sugars, and other food components; there is still interest in food choice.

Strategy for sucrose reduction and generation of insoluble fiber in juices

The present teachings provide a method of making a lower calorie, higher insoluble fiber beverage comprising; treating a sucrose-containing beverage with a glucosyltransferase to convert sucrose to alpha (1-3) glucan to make the lower calorie, higher insoluble fiber beverage. Additional methods, as well as compositions, are provided..
Danisco Us Inc.

Calorie optimization respiratory exchange (core) metabolic profile system and method

The disclosed embodiments include a calorie optimization respiratory exchange metabolic system comprising a computer-readable storage media having stored thereon computer-executable instructions; a processor for executing the computer-executable instructions, wherein the computer-executable instructions include instructions for receiving user profile data of a user, wherein the user profile data includes age, height, weight, diet, and fitness information; determining five metabolic points versus heart rate; generating an individualized metabolic profile for the user based on the five metabolic points; determining for the user an individualized nutritional guideline from the metabolic profile, wherein the individualized nutritional guideline is determined by percent fat, percent protein and percent carbohydrate to optimize fat metabolism for weight loss, maintenance, and endurance exercise enhancement; and determining an individualized exercise heart rate profile as a percentage of maximum heart rate from the metabolic profile.. .
Core Metabolics Llc

Modification of feeding behavior

Methods are disclosed for decreasing calorie intake, food intake, and appetite in a subject. The methods include peripherally administering pyy or an agonist thereof and glp-1 or an agonist thereof to the subject, simultaneously or sequentially, thereby decreasing the calorie intake of the subject..
Oregon Health And Science University

Hunger minimized juice fasting system

The hunger minimized fasting system relies on providing a blood glucose level at all times in the range of 5 to 10 mm, satisfying glucose needs of the brain and metabolizing blood glucose through anaerobic glycolysis to release atp at the extramitocontrial portion of the cell. Consuming only solid free nutrient liquids eliminates brain hunger response.

Composition comprising steviol glycoside and maltose

The invention relates to a composition comprising maltose and steviol glycosides. The maltose can be present in said composition in the form of crystalline maltose and/or in the form of a maltose containing syrup having a maltose content of from 25 to 80 weight/weight % based on the dry substance of the syrup (w/w % db).
Cargill, Incorporated

Formula for management of phenylketonuria

Described herein is a nutrition formula, which is a powder that comprises components described herein and can be combined with a liquid, such as water, to produce a milk-like beverage for the dietary management of phenylketonuria (pku). The powder and resulting beverage have a balanced amino acid profile suitable for dietary management of individuals who have pku and are lower in calories than powder and milk-like beverages that comprise whey protein, such as cgmp, presently available for use in dietary management of pku..
Cambrooke Therapeutics, Inc.

Method of reducing calorie intake in a pet

The present invention relates to a nutritionally complete pet food product comprising at least two compositions for use in a method of reducing calorie intake in a companion animal, wherein the compositions differ in their level of fat, protein or carbohydrate on an energy ratio basis by 6% to 50% and wherein the compositions are consumed on consecutive days, each composition being consumed on a different day. The invention also relates to such a food product in the prevention of weight gain after surgical procedures to neuter a companion animal, and also to the food product in a weight loss regime.
Mars, Incorporated

Computer implemented determining, managing and optimizing calorie intake of a user

A system and method for determining, managing and optimizing the calorie intake of a user have been disclosed. The system, in accordance with the present disclosure determined the calorie intake of a user based on the basal metabolic rate and body mass index of the user and accordingly generates a customized menu for the user.

Calorie measuring capsule

A capsule 1 is adapted to be ingestable by a human and comprises a density sensor, a sugar level sensor and a weight sensor for determining the calorie intake.. .

Exercise incentive system

An exercise incentive system receives exercise sensor data originating from at least one exercise tracking device. The at least one exercise tracking device transmits exercise sensor data determined from at least one exercise sensor.

Fitness apparatus

A fitness apparatus for a shoe is disclosed. The shoe includes a top portion, a sole portion, and an interior portion.

Methods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses

A method of improving longevity and/or alleviating a symptom of aging or preventing age related diseases is provided. The method includes a step in which the subject's average and type of daily protein intake, igf-i, and igfbp1 levels, and risk factors for overall mortality, cancer and diabetes are determined.
University Of Southern California

Denatured glucomannan

According to the present invention, a low-calorie healthy food product rich in dietary fiber can be provided by using denatured glucomannan in producing food products, or by using denatured glucomannan to form a heat irreversible gelatinized food product, under a wide range of alkaline or acidic conditions. The present invention is a denatured glucomannan formed by isolating and the acetyl group of konjac-glucomannan by an alkali process to suppress swelling, whereupon the denatured glucomannan may then adjusted to be gelled or heated and gelled after being swollen by removing the swelling suppression using a high ph ingredient.
Super Frec Usa, Inc.

Palatable expanded food products and methods of manufacture thereof

Palatable food products are provided with low bulk density of about 4-12 lb/ft3 and comprise an expanded matrix of intercommunicated pores defined by a skeletal structure of gelatinized starch. The products produce an audible crunch sound when crushed by applied force and include low calorie, energy-dense characteristics of about 2-6 kcal/g.
Big Heart Pet, Inc.

Real-time data display device for bicycles

A real-time data display device for bicycles has a mobile electronic device communicates with an image projection device to transmit real-time data by having a mems oscillatory mirror simultaneously operating with a laser diode emitting laser beams, so as to project a real-time image with data to the ground ahead. Information such as calories, distance, time, and navigation can be acquired by the rider and other road users are easily aware of the rider to ensure safety concerns..
Conary Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Oral compositions containing zinc

Oral care composition for preventing and/or reducing calories, including: at least about 0.005%, of metal ions wherein the composition comprises at least about 0.005% of zinc ions and optionally comprises from about 0.001% to about 3%, of stannous ions; at least about 100 ppm of fluoride ions; from about 0.03% to about 10% of a mineral surface active agent selected from homopolymers of itaconic acid, homopolymers of acrylic acid, copolymers of maleic acid and acrylic acid, copolymers of maleic anhydride or acid with methyl vinyl ether, and mixtures thereof; at least 5% of water; less than 10% fused silica, calcium based abrasives, and mixtures thereof; less than 5% of polyphosphates having n+3 or higher; and wherein the weight ratio of metal ion to the mineral surface active agent is equal to or less than about 0.5.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

Fasting mimicking and enhancing diet for treating hypertension and lipid disorders

Methods for lowering hypertension, elevated total cholesterol, elevated glucose and insulin, elevated igf-1, elevated triglyceride levels, and/or elevated crp levels, and elevated liver fat without negatively affecting or lowering the levels of these markers/factors in subjects with already low levels of these markers are provided. A method for elevating stem cells and regeneration and anti-inflammatory agents is also provided.
University Of Southern California

Monitoring and tracking athletic activity

Tracking and monitoring athletic activity offers individuals with additional motivation to continue such behavior. An individual may track his or her athletic activity by completing goals.
Nike, Inc.

Calorie measurement device

This calorie measurement device is provided with the following: a light-emission unit that exposes a food article to light that contains near-infrared wavelengths; a light-reception unit that receives transmitted light that had passed through the food article and/or reflected light that was reflected by the food article; a correction unit that computes a base absorbance for the food article on the basis of the transmitted and/or reflected light and corrects the light intensity measured by the light-reception unit and/or the computed base absorbance on the basis of affecting factors, said affecting factors being those that affect the absorption and reflection of light by the food article but are essentially unaffected by the light-absorption and light-reflection properties of the components of the food article; and an analysis unit that computes an analysis value indicating the caloric content of the food article on the basis of the corrected light intensity measured by the light-reception unit and/or the corrected base absorbance.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Sweet taste receptor antagonist compositions

The present disclosure relates to compositions comprising gymnemic acid, together with a form of zinc to block the unpleasant bitter taste of gymnemic acid as well as to extend the sweet taste blocking properties of gymnemic acid, resulting in palatable compositions for delivery to the oral cavity to block sweet taste receptors located therein. The present disclosure also relates to methods of reducing sugar consumption and reducing calorie intake via administration of such compositions to a subject..
Four Llc

Activity amount-related information display apparatus

An activity amount-related information display apparatus according to the present invention acquires value information indicating exercise intensity, activity amount, or expended calories of a measurement subject. On a display screen, a circle corresponding to one day is set, and time divisions each indicating elapse of a unit time in the one day are set clockwise around the circle.
Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Dynamic system to capture and assess calories and nutrients inputs to provide dietary recommendations

The present invention provides a method and apparatus to dynamically capture and assess calories and nutrients inputs from foods and beverages to perform calories and nutrients gap analysis based on personal goals and demographics, and to provide dietary recommendations to help people live a healthy life. The dynamic cloud-based system efficiently and interactively captures calories and nutrients inputs, and enables users access to the data anywhere they have internet access.
Aegle Health Llc

Liquid milk fortifier composition with relatively high lipid content

The present invention relates to a liquid milk fortifier composition for administration to infants, which fortifier composition comprises lipids in an amount of above 75% of the caloric content. The fortifier may be administrated to infants either as a supplement to human breast milk or to infant formulas.
Nestec S.a

Food with improved aroma and taste

Food and beverages manufacturers are actively looking for ways or alternatives to enhance flavour in their products. That could be by using ingredients that provide aroma, taste and mouth feel with low calorie content and no after taste, or technology that allows consumers an enhanced experience without adding extra ingredients.
Conopco ,inc., D/b/a Unilever

System and improved nutrient intake

The present invention provides for a system and method of partitioning of macronutrients (carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy, proteins and fats) of each food type into its macro-components (fruit, vegetables, dairy, carbohydrates, proteins and fats) with their own distinct nutrient profile to consistently achieve predefined calories and associated macronutrient ratios. The present invention includes a set of unique processes and methods for establishing food pattern modeling in which selection of foods is based on calculated nutrient values..

Meal intended for human consumption

This invention relates to a plurality of compositions for dietary health management and its use in the prevention or treatment of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes, and also in the prevention and/or management of obesity and generally in weight management and loss. Thus a meal intended for human consumption is provided, the meal comprising: (a) 250-650 kilocalories (1045-4180 kilojoules); (b) 10-50, preferably 20-50, more preferably 30-50 g fibre; (c) 10-50, preferably 10-30, more preferably 10-20 g protein; (d) 0 to 5, preferably less than 3 g starch; and (e) 0 to 2, preferably 0 to 1, most preferably 0 to 0.5 g lactose; (f) at least 20, preferably at least 30, most preferably at least 40 mg of any one flavonoid aglycone; and (g) at least 30, preferably at least 40, most preferably at least 50 mg of any one flavonoid glucoside; wherein the meal comprises 75-1000 mg of total flavonoid aglycone and flavonoid glucoside, wherein the meal comprises no more than 250 mg of any one flavonoid aglycone, wherein the meal comprises no more than 250 mg of any one flavonoid glucoside..
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

Holistic ring-based exercise system and method

A ring-based exercise system collects health metrics and senses rotational movements of a ring moving in a rotational path to calculate exercise results, such as calories burned, and provide instantaneous visual and data feedback. The system monitors the number of calories burned, duration of exercise, and number of rotations, while simultaneously emitting both illumination and audio feedback that correlates to the ring exercise.

Minimal diet change to meet nutritional goals

A computerized food purchase history system automatically determines a current food diet (e.g., based on an automatically maintained food purchase history). The computerized device automatically compares the current food diet with nutritional goals, to identify nutritional differences, and analyzes the nutritional differences, to identify potential changes to the current food diet using said computerized device.
Xerox Corporation

Compositions that lower cytosolic nadh level to mimic calorie restriction for life extension and methods

Embodiments herein relate to agents that mimic calorie restriction (cr) to extend life span, especially agents that lower the level of cytosolic nadh and increase the level of cytosolic nad+ (relative to nadh) required to mimic calorie restriction that results in life span extension, at least in part by inhibition by nadh of sir2, which is a key regulator of life span in both yeast and animals. Nadh is a competitive inhibitor of sir2, an nad-requiring nad-dependent histone deacetylase required for chromatin silencing and life-span extension.
Nox Technologies, Inc.

Taste modifiers and therapeutic methods thereof

Taste modifier products and therapeutic methods for encouraging decrease in high calorie food intake by a person are disclosed. A taste modifier product ingested toy a person may comprise one or more sweetness inhibitors and one or more anesthetics.
Weight Sciences, Llc

Statistical heart rate monitoring for estimating calorie expenditure

Systems and methods are disclosed for tracking physiological states and parameters for calorie estimation. A start of an exercise session associated with a user of a wearable computing device is determined.
Apple Inc.

Monoacylglycerols for use in conjunction with a lipase inhibitor and/or diets low in fat and/or calories

In an embodiment, compositions comprising monoacylglycerols (mag), such as sn-1(3) mag, are administered with a lipase inhibitor, such as tetrahydrolipstatin, and/or with a diet low in fat and/or calories. In another embodiment, compositions comprising mag, such as sn-1(3) mag, are administered concurrently with a lipase inhibitor, such as tetrahydrolipstatin, and/or with fat-soluble nutrients.
Nestec S.a.

Electrically heated blanket with sleep depth -dependent control- for weight loss

An electric blanket is controlled so that it initially provides cozy warmth at low ambient temperature, but on reaching deep sleep phases, temperature is lowered, for as much dissipation of calories as it does not disrupt the sleep.. .

Device and reducing calorie intake

Devices and methods for substantially reducing the caloric efficiency of the digestive tract by capturing food being digested in the stomach 10 and/or anywhere else in the gastrointestinal (gi) tract, absorbing or encapsulating the captured food into multiple capturing members and moving such multiple capturing members containing the ingestible encapsulated food down the gi tract, practically out of reach of the gi absorption organs, thus excluding the entrapped ingredients from being involved in the digestion and\or absorption process. The device is designed for oral delivery.
Slendine Sa

Methods and products to provide oral nutritional care to subjects with dementia

The present invention provides food products, nutritional programs, and methods for meeting nutritional needs of subjects with dementia and related cognitive disorders. In one embodiment, the invention provides a food product comprising a reversibly sealed container and a soup, wherein the soup is in the container and comprises a total volume of 200-2000 mls, a vegetable or meat component, 300 to 2500 calories, a macronutrient caloric distribution comprising: 20-80% fat, 10-45% protein, and 10-65% carbohydrate, about 2% to about 40% medium chain triglycerides, omega 3 fatty acids in an amount of 100 to 2000 mg and less than 20 solid food particles having a volume greater than about 20 cm3.
D&e Gillespie Enterprises Llc

Spherical particle, and food suspensions and consumable masses having spherical particles

Spherical particles, agglomerates of spherical particles, methods of producing spherical particles, food suspensions and consumable masses which have spherical particles, and food products which contain a food suspension and/or a consumable mass are disclosed. The particles contain a matrix material composed of an amorphously solidified biopolymer, preferably having a dextrose equivalent greater than 20 and having an equilibrium water content preferably less than 10 wt %.
BÜhler Ag

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