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This page is updated frequently with new Calor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Calor-related patents
 Providing food-portion recommendations to facilitate dieting patent thumbnailProviding food-portion recommendations to facilitate dieting
The system provides dietary and nutritional information, such as portion-size recommendations, portion-selection guidance, and portion-selection feedback includes various components. For instance, a request for dietary and nutritional information of a food item is received and an image is obtained that depicts the food item.
Sciencestyle Capital Partners, Llc

 Methods and  ultra-sensitive temperature detection using resonant devices patent thumbnailMethods and ultra-sensitive temperature detection using resonant devices
Methods, apparatus, and systems to improve thermal sensitivity of resonant circuits. One aspect utilizes tracking near-resonance complex impedance for a quartz resonator based calorimeter sensor to derive ultra-sensitive temperature measurement from the sensor.
The Penn State Research Foundation

 Nonwoven fabric and fiber product patent thumbnailNonwoven fabric and fiber product
Provided is a spunbonded nonwoven fabric comprising a core-sheath composite fiber having a core part composed of a core component containing a propylene-based resin (a) satisfying the following (a) to (e) and a sheath part composed of a sheath component containing an ethylene-based resin. (a) [mmmm]=20 to 60 mol %, (b) [mm]×[rr]/[mr]2≦2.0, (c) weight average molecular weight (mw)=10,000 to 200,000, (d) molecular weight distribution (mw/mn)<4.0, and (e) a melting point (tm-d), as defined as a peak top of a peak observed on the highest temperature side of a melting endothermic curve which is obtained by holding under a nitrogen atmosphere at −10° c.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

 Low calorie infant formula containing beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid patent thumbnailLow calorie infant formula containing beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid
Low calorie nutritional compositions comprising beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid which may support accretion of lean body mass and development of a healthy body composition in term infants are provided. The low calorie nutritional compositions may be liquid or powder infant formulas..
Abbott Laboratories

 Improved sweetener patent thumbnailImproved sweetener
A low or zero calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy, providing a reduction in off-taste and a desirable temporal profile. The sweetener composition is suitable for use as a substitute for high calorie sugars.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

 Primary ultrafine-crystalline alloy, nano-crystalline, soft magnetic alloy and its production method, and magnetic device formed by nano-crystalline, soft magnetic alloy patent thumbnailPrimary ultrafine-crystalline alloy, nano-crystalline, soft magnetic alloy and its production method, and magnetic device formed by nano-crystalline, soft magnetic alloy
A primary ultrafine-crystalline alloy having a composition represented by the general formula: fe100-x-y-zaxbyxz, wherein a is cu and/or au, x is at least one element selected from the group consisting of si, s, c, p, al, ge, ga and be, and x, y and z are numbers (by atomic %) meeting the conditions of 0<x≦5, 10≦y≦22, 0≦z≦10, and x+y+z≦25, and a structure in which 5-30% by volume of primary ultrafine crystal grains having an average particle size of 30 nm or less are dispersed in an amorphous matrix; its differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) curve having a first exothermic peak and a second exothermic peak lower than the first exothermic peak between a crystallization initiation temperature tx1 and a compound precipitation temperature tx3; and a ratio of the heat quantity of the second exothermic peak to the total heat quantity of the first and second exothermic peaks being 3% or less.. .
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

 Microfabricated calorimeter for rf power measurement patent thumbnailMicrofabricated calorimeter for rf power measurement
Disclosed is a radio frequency (rf) power calorimeter having a load electrically coupled to a rf input, a variable low-frequency power source electrically coupled to the load and configured to apply low-frequency bias to the load. The rf power calorimeter includes a thermal medium thermally coupled to the load.
Bird Technologies Group Inc.

 Flow-measuring differential calorimeter patent thumbnailFlow-measuring differential calorimeter
A differential calorimeter with flux measurement to measure a heat flux emitted by radioactive materials contained in a container, including: a measurement cell including measurement plates distributed around a container reception containment; and a reference cell including reference plates and a reference sample. The reference plates are placed behind the measurement plates from the container when the container is in the reception containment and the reference sample is under the reception containment..
Kep Technologies High Tech Products

 High entropy nimn-based magnetic refrigerant materials patent thumbnailHigh entropy nimn-based magnetic refrigerant materials
A magnetocaloric alloy composition consists essentially of 20-40 weight % mn, 6-26 weight % in, 1-5 weight % si, and 0.3-12 wt. % of at least one other element selected from the group consisting of: ga, ge, ag, gd, co, pd, sm, v, and sn, balance ni..
Ut-battelle, Llc

 Methods of synthesizing substituted purine compounds patent thumbnailMethods of synthesizing substituted purine compounds
The present invention provides an efficient process for the synthesis of (2r,3r,4s,5r)-2-(6-amino-9h-purin-9-yl)-5-((((1r,3s)-3-(2-(5-(tert-butyl)-1h-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)ethyl)cyclobutyl)(isopropyl)amino)methyl)tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol and hydrates thereof and methods for treating disorders in which dot1-mediated protein methylation plays a part, such as cancer and neurological disorders, by administering these compounds and pharmaceutical compositions to subjects in need thereof. The present invention also provides novel crystalline forms of (2r,3r,4s,5r)-2-(6-amino-9h-purin-9-yl)-5-((((1r,3s)-3-(2-(5-(tert-butyl)-1h-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)ethyl)cyclobutyl)(isopropyl)amino)methyl)tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol and hydrates thereof (form a, form b, and form c), characterized by a unique x-ray diffraction pattern and differential scanning calorimetry profile, as well as a unique crystalline structure..
Epizyme, Inc.


Filter, filter laminate, and fiber product comprising filter or filter laminate

Provided is a filter comprising a polypropylene-based resin composition satisfying the following (1) to (3), the filter being made compatible with respect to collecting property and air permeability. (1) a melt flow rate 10 to 2,000 g/10 min.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.



A low calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy, providing a reduction in off-taste and a desirable temporal profile. The sweetener composition comprises allulose, fructose and sucralose.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc


Multicaloric mnnisi alloys

A multicaloric alloy material combines two isostructural compounds, the first compound being mnnisi and the second compound being either mnfege or cofege, each such compound having extremely different magnetic and thermo-structural properties. The resulting alloy material (mnnisi)1-x(mnfege)x or (mnnisi)1-x(cofege)x possesses extraordinary magnetocaloric and/or barocaloric properties with an acute sensitivity to applied pressure and no appreciable magnetic hysteresis losses..
Board Of Trustees Of Southern Illinois University


Protein delivery system and making same

A protein delivery system that may provide a complete essential amino acid status, stimulating muscle growth and maintaining muscle mass, while reducing caloric intake.. .
Nutraceutical Strategies Corporation


Compounds, compositions, and methods for modulating sweet taste

The present invention provides edible compositions comprising a sweet taste modulator of the present invention, food products comprising such edible compositions and methods of preparing such food products. The present invention also provides methods of reducing the amount of sugar in a food product, methods of reducing the caloric intake in a diet, and methods of enhancing sweet taste in a food product..
Chromocell Corporation


Functional training device

A versatile, functional training device of substantially elliptical shape and comprising a fluid weight that employs principles of unstable resistance as a means of increasing balance, stability, overall strength, core strength and proprioception while increasing lean muscle mass and burning calories. During operation, a user moves the device through a regimen of individualized movements, and the fluid weight moves and shifts inside the device, creating a instability at a point of resistance.
Mobius Enterprises, Llc


Accurate step counting pedometer for children, adults and elderly

The present invention related to the area of lifestyle devices, particularly to pedometers used for exercise tracking. This invention aims at accurate recording of steps, speeds, distances, type of motion (walk and run) and calories expenditure, independently of the personal characteristics (age, gender, weight and height).


Gm-csf for treatment of chronic oral mucositis

The present invention relates to compositions comprising granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (gm-csf), or homologues thereof, and its use for treatment, prevention or alleviation of oral mucositis. The composition is preferably an aqueous solution forlocaloral administration..
Reponex Pharmaceuticals Aps


Method for increasing muscle growth by blocking sirtuin activity

Systems and methods are described providing therapeutic preparations of sirtuin inhibitors, such as sirt1 inhibitors, for stimulating load-induced skeletal muscle growth in the body of a patient. The natural stimulation of sirt1 activity can be suppressed through increased caloric intake and loading in conjunction with the inhibition of sirtuin activity to improve the inhibitory effect.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Ground beef and ground chicken composition

An edible food composition, including a combination of portions of ground beef and ground poultry; the combination having from 5-95% by weight of ground beef and 95%-5% by weight of ground poultry. The composition contains ground beef derived from the chuck section of a cow and the ground poultry is derived from the leg of a chicken.
Cluck Inc.


Method and device providing the temperature regulation of a rechargeable electrical energy storage battery

A thermal control device for at least one rechargeable electrical energy storage battery, in particular for a battery of a vehicle with electric or hybrid drive and comprising at least one electrochemical component. The device comprises at least one enclosure in which the electrochemical component of the battery is housed, at least one magnetocaloric heat pump associated with the enclosure, at least one heat transfer fluid circulating circuit coupled between the battery and the heat pump and at least one heat exchanging component that is open to the exterior environment and connected to the heat transfer fluid circulating circuit to exchange calories with the exterior environment..
Societe De Vehicules Electriques S.a.s.


Device for ascertaining a measure of a caloric value of a gas

A device for ascertaining a measure of a calorific value of a gas, having a membrane arranged between a first and a second electrode a controllable voltage/current source for generating a control voltage/current between the first and second electrode, and an analyzing device for ascertaining the measure of the calorific value of the gas. By applying the control voltage/current to the first and second electrode, oxygen is transported from an oxygen-containing reference gas into the gas through the membrane and is combusted with combustible components of the gas.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Aluminum alloy sheet for structural material

Disclosed is a 7xxx-series aluminum alloy sheet having a specific chemical composition and produced by a common procedure. The aluminum alloy sheet has a good balance between a zn content and a mg content while having a lower zn content so as to have a strength retained at high level.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Combination treatments

A method of treating a subject in need thereof, is carried out by (a) administering said subject a therapeutic intervention (e.g., an active agent) in a treatment effective amount; and concurrently (b) administering said subject caloric vestibular stimulation in a treatment effective amount, said caloric vestibular stimulation administered so as to enhance the efficacy of said active agent. In some embodiments, the caloric vestibular stimulation is administered as an actively controlled time varying waveform..
Scion Neurostim, Llc


Apparatus for monitoring health, wellness and fitness

The invention is a system for monitoring and reporting the activity level and caloric expenditure of an individual. The system has sensors in electronic communication with a wearable device.
Bodymedia, Inc.


Aerated pet treat

The present invention provides for an aerated pet treat and a method for weight loss or weight control in pets. The aerated pet treat is preferably low in calories and fat, thus a low calorie pet treat and a low fat treat are also provided.
Mars, Incorporated


Solar battery-sealing sheet, solar battery module and manufacturing the same

There are disclosed a pair of solar battery-sealing sheets composed of a light-receiving side-sealing sheet and a backside-sealing sheet for solar electricity generating elements of a solar battery module and reducing the coming-around of the backside-sealing sheet, wherein the melt peak temperature based on a differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) of the backside-sealing sheet is higher than the melt peak temperature based on the differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) of the light-receiving side-sealing sheet; and a solar battery module using the light-receiving side-sealing sheet and the backside-sealing sheet of the solar battery-sealing sheet, and a method for manufacturing the solar battery module.. .
Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc


Portable metabolic analyzer system

A system for measuring and tracking metabolic rate, physical activity and calorie intake. The metabolic rate is measured with a design that features an adaptive sampling mechanism for accurate breath sample collection, optimized flow rate measurement for minimizing backpressure while maximizing accuracy, humidity regulation and water condensation reduction mechanism for reliable performance, as well as breath temperature measurement for volume and humidity corrections.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University


Magnetocaloric valve

A magnetocaloric valve is described. The valve is largely energetically self-sufficient and contains the following components: (a) a conduit defining a flow channel; (b) a flow channel blocking member; and (c) a driving device configured to move the flow channel blocking member into and out of the flow channel.
General Electric Company


Magnetocaloric driving devices

A magnetocaloric driving device is disclosed herein. The driving device comprises a magnet, an effective amount of a magnetocaloric material, and a counterpoise mechanism.
General Electric Company


Method and making customized nutritional mixtures

This disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for making customized nutritional mixtures based on characteristics of an individual and in the manner to be nutritionally complete and correspond to a recommended calorie intake value. An example method comprises the steps of: (i) maintaining a plurality of nutritional ingredients; (ii) receiving a request to make a customized nutritional mixture for an individual; (iii) obtaining or calculating an individual calorie value of the individual; (iv) optionally selecting a number of nutritional ingredients; (v) calculating mass fractions of selected nutritional ingredients based on the individual calorie value; and (vi) dispensing selected nutritional ingredients in accordance with the mass fractions to a container in order to produce the customized nutritional mixture, where a calorie value of the customized nutritional mixture substantially corresponds to at least a predetermined portion of the individual calorie value..


Nutritionally complete composition for calorie-balanced diet

A nutritional composition is designed to be a complete meal, which includes nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are needed to sustain a healthy diet. The ingredients of nutritional composition are provided in amounts to meet recommended dosages so that a total fat value is at about 30% of total calorie value, a total carbohydrate value is about 40-60% of total calorie value, and a total protein value is about 10-30% of total calorie value of the nutritional composition.


Electrocaloric system with active regeneration

An electrocaloric with active regeneration includes first and second electrocaloric capacitors proximate one another enabling heat transfer there between. In the system, complementary first and second electric fields are applied to their respective electrocaloric capacitors such that when the electric fields are applied the temperature of the first electrocaloric capacitor increases while the temperature of the second electrocaloric capacitor decreases or vice-versa.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Heat pump with restorative operation for magneto caloric material

A heat pump system is provided that uses mcm to provide for heating or cooling. The heat pump can include one or more stages of mcm, each stage having an original peak curie temperature.
General Electric Company


Activity tracking racquet attachment device

An activity tracking racquet attachment device tracks activity such as calories burned over a period of using a racquet to which the device is attached. The device includes a housing having a first face and a perimeter sidewall extending from and around the first face.


Sweet taste receptor antagonist compositions

The present disclosure relates to compositions comprising gymnemic acid, together with a form of zinc to block the unpleasant bitter taste of gymnemic acid as well as to extend the sweet taste blocking properties of gymnemic acid, resulting in palatable compositions for delivery to the oral cavity to block sweet taste receptors located therein. The present disclosure also relates to methods of reducing sugar consumption and reducing calorie intake via administration of such compositions to a subject..
Four Llc


Providing appliances with gas quality information

Methods and systems for providing appliances with gas quality information are described herein. One system includes a single calorimeter or a single gas chromatograph configured to determine a calorific value of a gas being supplied to an area having a plurality of appliances and communicate the calorific value of the gas to the plurality of appliances..
Honeywell International Inc.


Patient monitoring systems and methods

Various implementations of a patient monitoring assembly and methods of use are described herein. The patient monitoring assembly may be useful in preventing pressure ulcers, monitoring of air cushion inflation, estimating physical activity and energy expenditure and managing body weight of a patient seated on the assembly.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama


Composition for low fat ice cream, containing tagatose, low-fat ice cream using same, and preparation method therefor

Disclosed herein is a method for preparing low-fat ice cream which has low fat content and low calories while exhibiting excellent taste. The composition includes 0.1 parts by weight to 10 parts by weight of d-tagatose based on the total composition.
Cj Cheiljedang Corporation


Underfill material and manufacturing semiconductor device using the same

An underfill material enabling voidless packaging and excellent solder bonding properties, and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same are provided. An underfill material is used which contains an epoxy resin and a curing agent, and a time for a reaction rate to reach 20% at 240° c.
Dexerials Corporation


Directional slug calorimeter for heat flux measurements

A directional slug calorimeter is provided to enable accurate non-isotropic heat flux measurement in a high-temperature environment. The slug calorimeter includes a tubular member; a plurality of slots formed along a portion of an axial length of the tubular member, insulation disposed within the tubular member and within the plurality of slots; and thermocouples disposed with a thermocouple junction.


Dietary intervention with reduced daily caloric intake

The invention relates to various compositions for controlling body weight and/or for promoting weight loss. Examples of these compositions include but are not limited to formula i, formula i-vegan, formula ii, and formula iii.
Beachbody, Llc


Metabolic oil composition, system and use

An oil composition product for use in providing improvement in the metabolic function of an individual. The oil composition product, system and method provides an oil blend with improved metabolic function to an individual's diet, a system and method monitoring of the individuals food intake with the food diary, and measuring the individuals metabolism with a metabolic analyzer integrated in the system.
The Body Lab, Llc


System for monitoring and presenting health, wellness and fitness trend data having user selectable parameters

A nutrition and activity management system is disclosed that monitors energy expenditure of an individual through the use of a body-mounted sensing apparatus. The apparatus is particularly adapted for continuous wear.
Bodymedia, Inc.


Gps features and functionality in an athletic watch system

Athletic performance monitoring systems include gps data to enhance various features of the workout as well as the post-workout data analysis. Such features include using output from multiple sensors to determine the most accurate data available for providing distance measurements for individual segments of a route.
Nike, Inc.


Display cabinets for frozen products

Display cabinet for frozen products comprising•a magneto caloric unit (1) having cold end (11) with a primary cold heat exchanger (6) and a hot end (12) with a primary hot heat exchanger (7), and•a cabinet suitable for containing frozen products the cabinet comprising a inner wall (2) limiting a volume (3) wherein frozen products can be stored, said cabinet having a secondary heat exchanger (4), wherein the secondary cold heat exchanger comprises circulating means (5) for circulating a low freezing point liquid between said secondary cold heat exchanger (4) and the primary cold heat exchanger (6).. .
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


Method and system for increasing the calorific value of a material flow containing carbon

In the method according to the invention for increasing the calorific value of a material flow containing carbon, preferably a material flow of renewable raw materials, the material flow is brought in direct contact with at least one low-oxygen, inert hot gas flow in a reactor, wherein the hot gas flow is formed at least 50%, preferably at least 80%, by exhaust gas of a process for thermally processing cement raw meal and/or lime and/or an ore, wherein at least part of a preheater exhaust gas for preheating the cement raw meal and/or lime and/or ore is used as the hot gas flow.. .
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag


Measurement process of minimum miscibility pressure (mmp) and critical points of a gas in crude oils or binary mixtures

The present invention provides a new process of the transitiometric scanning technique to determine in an experimental way the minimum miscibility pressure of any sample of hydrocarbon at constant temperature (from the atmospheric temperature to 673 k) in the pressure interval of the atmospheric temperature to 400 mpa, including pressure at which the organic matter will precipitate due to the co2 injection, based on a transitometric technique which has proved to be reliable, highly accurate and highly reproducible. The apparatus used is based on a highly accurate control of the pvt variables and the calorimetric determination of the present phase transitions during the injection process of gases into hydrocarbons.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo


Mirna modulators of thermogenesis

Provided are novel methods and compositions for the modulation of thermogenesis. Such methods are particularly advantageous in that they allow for the reduction of body fat in a subject without the subject having to adjust their caloric intake through dieting, modify their physical activity or undergo bariatric surgery.
Aptamir Therapeutics, Inc.


Semiaromatic polyamide, semiaromatic polyamide resin composition, and molded article

To provide: a semiaromatic polyamide which has excellent moldability, heat resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical characteristics; and a molded article of this semiaromatic polyamide. A semiaromatic polyamide (i) of the present invention contains 35-50% by mole of a structural unit derived from terephthalic acid [a], 25-40% by mole of a structural unit derived from isophthalic acid [b], 15-35% by mole of a structural unit derived from an aliphatic dicarboxylic acid [c] (provided that the total of [a], [b] and [c] is 100% by mole), and a structural unit derived from an aliphatic diamine [d] having 4-12 carbon atoms.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Intestinal environment-improving agent

(d) a gelatinization enthalpy at 50° c. To 130° c.


Ventilation device for a ventilation, heating and/or air-conditioning unit

The invention relates to a ventilation device (1) for a ventilation unit of a motor vehicle passenger compartment, comprising: an impeller (4) that generates an air flow (11, 12) and can be driven by an electric motor; and a printed circuit board (15) having secured thereto at least one electronic component (19) that can release calories. The printed circuit board (15) comprises at least one through-hole (18) provided in a part (21) of the printed circuit board (15).
Valeo Systemes Thermiques


Calorie balance system

A calorie balance system is designed for consumers who are interested in having a proper and adequate diet while monitoring daily activities. Disclosed embodiments enable consumers to be continuously aware of their caloric intake and to compare their caloric intake with current calories expended.


Toner, developer, and image forming apparatus

A toner, wherein an amount of al detected in the toner is 0.7% to 1.3%, where the amount of al detected is determined based on quantitative analysis of al by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis (xps), and wherein [tg2nd (thf insoluble matter)] is −40° c. To 30° c., where the [tg2nd (thf insoluble matter)] is a glass transition temperature measured in second heating of differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) of thf insoluble matter of the toner..


Separation membrane and separation membrane element

A separation membrane including: a separation membrane main body having a feed-side face and a permeate-side face; and a plurality of channel members adhered to the permeate-side face of the separation membrane main body, in which a weight w (g) of the plurality of channel members and a volume v (cm3) of the plurality of channel members, exclusive of portions impregnated into the permeate-side face, satisfy the following relational expression: 1.0≦w/v≦2.5, and the channel members have a melting temperature of 200° c. Or lower as measured with a differential scanning calorimeter..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Systems and methods for in-ear fluid vestibular and/or cranial nerve caloric stimulation

An in-ear stimulation system for administering caloric stimulation to the ear canal of a subject includes (a) a conduit configured to deliver a fluid to calorically stimulate an ear canal of a subject; and (b) a fluid control unit comprising a controller configured to control a flow of the fluid to the conduit and/or to control a caloric profile of the fluid such that a temperature of the fluid changes through time when the fluid is being delivered to the ear canal via the conduit.. .
Scion Neurostim, Llc


Low viscosity, high caloric density oral nutritional composition and related methods

Disclosed embodiments provide low viscosity, high caloric density liquid nutritional compositions. The use of non-micellar milk protein in combination with hydrolyzed caseinate and unique formulation methods allow for improved organoleptic qualities and the production of liquid nutritional compositions displaying low viscosity along with a high caloric density..
Abbott Laboratories


Compositions and methods for reduced carbohydrates and increased erythritol in beverages

The present invention provides novel compositions and methods for naturally decreasing carbohydrates and calories, while increasing erythritol, in beverages. The method includes fermenting beverages, such as fruit juices with a microorganism capable of metabolizing sugars into sugar alcohol(s) such as erythritol, to produce a fermented beverage having reduced carbohydrates, and therefore reduced calories, and increased erythritol as compared to an unfermented equivalent beverage..
Chr. Hansen A/s


Creamy yogurt base

This creamy yogurt base provides a base with similar appearance, texture, and taste to cream cheese and sour cream products, but contains less calories, fat, and cholesterol while providing a similar mouth feel associated with consuming these full fat products. Additionally, this product can replace common fats used in cooking, baking, and frozen systems.


Semiconductor device connected by anisotropic conductive film

A semiconductor device connected by an anisotropic conductive film. The anisotropic conductive film includes a composition for an anisotropic conductive film including a first epoxy resin having an exothermic peak temperature of about 80° c.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Method and monitoring body temperature and activity

Absolute body temperature measurement is not easy to obtain. The temperature probe has to be placed in body cavities or swallowed to get core body temperature.


Method and arrangement for controlling fuel supply for a gas turbine

A method of controlling a supply of a fuel to a combustor of a gas turbine having a compressor upstream of the combustor is provided. The method includes: supplying the fuel to the combustor; obtaining a property value of at least one physical property (ptb, pt7, tinlet, thbov) of air used for burning the fuel in the combustor; estimating a heat input (hiengmodel) of the fuel supplied to the combustor based on the property value; measuring a caloric value (lcvmea) of the fuel upstream of the combustor; adjusting the estimated heat input (hiengmodel) based on the measured caloric value (lcvmea); and controlling a fuel valve regulating the supply of the fuel to the combustor based on the adjusted estimated heat input (hiexpected) and a demanded heat input (ffdem)..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Non-caloric sweetener

Disclosed is a steviol glycoside referred to as rebaudioside d2. Rebaudioside d2 has five β-d-glucosyl units connected to the aglycone steviol.
Conagen Inc.


Compositions for modulating a kinase cascade and methods of use thereof

The invention relates to compositions comprising 2-(5-(4-(2-morpholinoethoxyl)phenyl)pyridin-2-yl)-n-benzylacetamide and its mesylate and dihydrochloride salts. The invention provides an efficient process for the synthesis of 2-(5-(4-(2-morpholinoethoxyl)phenyl)pyridin-2-yl)-n-benzylacetamide and its mesylate and dihydrochloride salts and methods for modulating one or more components of a kinase cascade using the compositions of the invention.
Kinex Pharmaceuticals, Llc

Calor topics: Calorimeter, Microfluidic, Rebaudioside, Sweeteners, Consumable, Lactic Acid, Chemiluminescence, Dna Molecules, Fluorescence, Polymerase, Dna Molecule, Dna Polymerase, Nucleic Acid, Nucleotide, Oligonucleotide

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