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Calor patents


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 Novel anti-aging agents and methods to identify them patent thumbnailNovel anti-aging agents and methods to identify them
The present invention discloses novel mechanisms in the aging process and describes novel methods for high-throughput screening to identify, detect, and purify agents to be used for improving mitochondrial function, maintaining the cell cycle-arrested state in senescent and post mitotic cells, and thus preventing or treating age-related diseases or disorders associated with accelerated mitochondrial function loss, telomere dysfunction, and/or deterioration of the growth-arrested state. The present invention also discloses a number of compounds or compositions identified from this method.

 Autoimmunity and multiple sclerosis treatment patent thumbnailAutoimmunity and multiple sclerosis treatment
A method for alleviating a symptom of multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune or inflammatory disease includes a step of identifying a subject having multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune diseases. A fasting mimicking diet is administered to the subject for a first predetermined time period, the fasting mimicking diet providing less than 50% of the subject's normal caloric intake.
University Of Southern California

 Fat replacers and filling materials patent thumbnailFat replacers and filling materials
The present invention relates generally to fat replacers and their use in various food products. Aspects of the disclosure are particularly directed to oligodextran-based fat replacers that are lower in calories, heat stable, and increase fiber.
Cargill, Incorporated

 Sugar replacement composition patent thumbnailSugar replacement composition
The present invention relates to a sugar replacement composition, which is based on a novel and innovative combination of ingredients such that the sugar replacement composition gives rise to one or more advantageous use characteristics of comparable or superior to those of sucrose, including excellent taste, sweetness of sucrose, superior structural properties, e.g. In cake, sorbet and ice cream, improved crunchiness of biscuits, excellent organoleptic properties, low calorie content (in certain embodiments 100 kcal/100 g or less), permits reduction of fat content of certain foods such as chocolate, as well as significant health benefits, including low glycemic index, low cariogenicity, and prebiotic properties supporting growth of advantageous intestinal bacteria, beneficial effects or lowering blood sugar and slowing down the emptying of the stomach.
Aegis Nv

 Sweetener patent thumbnailSweetener
A low calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy, providing a reduction in off-taste and a desirable temporal profile. The sweetener composition is suitable for use as a substitute for high calorie sugars.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

 Highly soluble rebaudioside d patent thumbnailHighly soluble rebaudioside d
The invention relates to a process for producing highly soluble compositions containing purified steviol glycosides from stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant extract, more particularly rebaudioside d. Obtained highly soluble compositions are useful as non-caloric sweeteners or in combination with sugar or high intensity sweeteners in edible and chewable compositions such as beverages, confectionaries, bakery products, chewing gums and the like..
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

 Underfill material, laminated sheet and  producing semiconductor device patent thumbnailUnderfill material, laminated sheet and producing semiconductor device
An underfill material having sufficient curing reactivity, and capable of achieving a small change in viscosity and good electrical connection even when loaded with thermal history, a laminated sheet including the underfill material, and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device. The underfill material has a melt viscosity at 150° c.
Nitto Denko Corporation

 Toner, developer, and image formation device patent thumbnailToner, developer, and image formation device
(3) a glass transition temperature (tg1st) of the toner at first heating in differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) of the toner is from 20° c. Through 50° c..

 System and  the direct calorimetric measurement of laser absorptivity of materials patent thumbnailSystem and the direct calorimetric measurement of laser absorptivity of materials
A method and system for calorimetrically measuring the temperature-dependent absorptivity of a homogeneous material dimensioned to be thin and flat with a predetermined uniform thickness and a predetermined porosity. The system includes a material holder adapted to support and thermally isolate the material to be measured, an irradiation source adapted to uniformly irradiate the material with a beam of electromagnetic radiation, and an irradiation source controller adapted to control the irradiation source to uniformly heat the material during a heating period, followed by a cooling period when the material is not irradiated.

 Automatic application-based exercise tracking system and method patent thumbnailAutomatic application-based exercise tracking system and method
An automatic application-based exercise tracking system and methods comprising: i) voice-transcribed or typed text natural language processing and automatic tracking to record exercises, comprehensive exercise quantities, and calories burned data, and ii) multi-exercise administration to record multiple exercises and related data in a single user voice-transcribed or typed text submission. Further, such automatic application-based exercise tracking system is usable through computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches, wearables and other similar devices..
Genesant Technologies, Inc.

Grasping treatment unit, grasping treatment instrument, and grasping treatment system

A grasping treatment unit includes a first jaw, and a second jaw openable and closable relative to the first jaw. In the first jaw, a heating wire continues without branching from a first extending end to a second extending end, and heat is generated over an entire length from the first extending end to the second extending end when the electric current flows through the heating wire.
Olympus Corporation

Disposable divided bowls

Social awareness about health, to include eating habits is rising in understanding and importance. Despite awareness about portion size and emphasizing, deemphasizing, or balancing calories, fats, salt, sugars, and other food components; there is still interest in food choice.

Strategy for sucrose reduction and generation of insoluble fiber in juices

The present teachings provide a method of making a lower calorie, higher insoluble fiber beverage comprising; treating a sucrose-containing beverage with a glucosyltransferase to convert sucrose to alpha (1-3) glucan to make the lower calorie, higher insoluble fiber beverage. Additional methods, as well as compositions, are provided..
Danisco Us Inc.

Method and separation at subambient temperature

A method for separating a gas mixture at subambient temperature, in which a gas mixture is sent to a heat-insulated chamber, cooled and separated in a column, and placed inside the chamber so as to produce at least two fluids, each of which is enriched with a component from the gas mixture. At least one fluid from the method can be heated inside the chamber or vaporized via heat exchange with at least one heating member including at least one element having magnetocaloric properties and built into a circuit configured to conduct a magnetic flux.
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Opu L'etude Et Exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

Mirna modulators of thermogenesis

Provided are novel methods and compositions for the modulation of thermogenesis. Such methods are particularly advantageous in that they allow for the reduction of body fat in a subject without the subject having to adjust their caloric intake through dieting, modify their physical activity or undergo bariatric surgery.
Aptamir Therapeutics, Inc.

Use of compounds revealing the efficiency of filterability additives in hydrocarbon distillates, and synergic composition containing same

The invention relates to the use, in a hydrocarbon distillate with a boiling temperature of between 150 and 450° c. And a crystallization onset temperature as measured by differential calorimetric analysis of greater than or equal to −50° c., preferably of −5° c.
Total Raffinage Marketing

Polyester resin composition with excellent impact resistance and light reliability and molded article using the same

A polyester resin composition and a molded article produced using the same. The polyester resin composition includes: (a) two polyester resins including an aliphatic ring structure and having different trans/cis isomer ratios in the aliphatic ring; (b) a white pigment; and (c) an inorganic filler, wherein the polyester resin composition has a crystallization temperature (tc) of about 230° c.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Crystalline form i of ibrutinib

Crystalline form i of ibrutinib, processes for its preparation, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the new form, and use of form i of ibrutinib for treating or delaying diseases or disorders related to activity of bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk) proteins are disclosed. The novel form was characterized by x-ray powder diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, and other techniques.
Suzhou Pengxu Pharmatech Co., Ltd.

Calorie optimization respiratory exchange (core) metabolic profile system and method

The disclosed embodiments include a calorie optimization respiratory exchange metabolic system comprising a computer-readable storage media having stored thereon computer-executable instructions; a processor for executing the computer-executable instructions, wherein the computer-executable instructions include instructions for receiving user profile data of a user, wherein the user profile data includes age, height, weight, diet, and fitness information; determining five metabolic points versus heart rate; generating an individualized metabolic profile for the user based on the five metabolic points; determining for the user an individualized nutritional guideline from the metabolic profile, wherein the individualized nutritional guideline is determined by percent fat, percent protein and percent carbohydrate to optimize fat metabolism for weight loss, maintenance, and endurance exercise enhancement; and determining an individualized exercise heart rate profile as a percentage of maximum heart rate from the metabolic profile.. .
Core Metabolics Llc

Nanofluids containing carbon nanotubes and metal oxide nanoparticle composites with enhanced heat transfer and heat capacity properties

A nanofluid composed of a base fluid and a solid nanocomposite particle, where the solid nanocomposite particle consists of a carbon nanotube and a metal oxide nanoparticle selected from the group consisting of fe2o3, al2o3, and cuo. The metal oxide nanoparticle is affixed inside of or to the outer surface of the carbon nanotube, and the solid nanocomposite particle is homogeneously dispersed in the base fluid.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Resin composition and melt bag

A resin composition of the invention includes a propylene/c2-20 α-olefin (except propylene) copolymer (a) having (1) a melting point (tm) of not more than 90° c. As measured by differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) or not showing a melting point peak in dsc, and an ethylene/c3-20 α-olefin copolymer (b) having (1) a melting point (tm) of not more than 90° c.

Powder slush molding composition

Provided is a powder slush molding composition including a thermoplastic polyester elastomer (tpee) having a peak melting point of 130 to 200° c., as measured by differential scanning calorimetry (dsc). The composition has a shore a hardness not higher than 95 and a melt index (190° c., 2.16 kg) of 10 to 100 g/10 min..
Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Devices and methods for treating the gastrointestinal system

Devices and methods for less invasively treating the gastrointestinal system, such as the intestinal mucosa of the small bowel. Embodiments described herein may be used to reduce caloric absorption and effectuate weight loss, for example..
Bridgepoint Medical, Inc.

Method of targeting mismatched dna using d8 square planar metal complexes

Disclosed are methods of using d8 square planar metal complexes containing tridentate π-conjugated ligands and ancillary ligand of n-heterocyclic carbene or di-phosphine ligand to target mismatched dna. Targeting of mismatched dna can be revealed by monitoring the differences in emission enhancement of metal complexes toward mismatched dna and matched dna; or the gradually heat release from isothermal titration calorimetry (itc) when complexes bind toward mismatch dna; or the significant increase in melting temperature of the mismatched dna after adding complexes..
The University Of Hong Kong

Formable films, laminate structures, and related methods

Formable films are provided that include one or more biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate layers. The formable films include a metaphase with a metaphase transition of about 180° c.
Flex Films (usa) Inc.

Modification of feeding behavior

Methods are disclosed for decreasing calorie intake, food intake, and appetite in a subject. The methods include peripherally administering pyy or an agonist thereof and glp-1 or an agonist thereof to the subject, simultaneously or sequentially, thereby decreasing the calorie intake of the subject..
Oregon Health And Science University

Hunger minimized juice fasting system

The hunger minimized fasting system relies on providing a blood glucose level at all times in the range of 5 to 10 mm, satisfying glucose needs of the brain and metabolizing blood glucose through anaerobic glycolysis to release atp at the extramitocontrial portion of the cell. Consuming only solid free nutrient liquids eliminates brain hunger response.

Composition comprising steviol glycoside and maltose

The invention relates to a composition comprising maltose and steviol glycosides. The maltose can be present in said composition in the form of crystalline maltose and/or in the form of a maltose containing syrup having a maltose content of from 25 to 80 weight/weight % based on the dry substance of the syrup (w/w % db).
Cargill, Incorporated

Formula for management of phenylketonuria

Described herein is a nutrition formula, which is a powder that comprises components described herein and can be combined with a liquid, such as water, to produce a milk-like beverage for the dietary management of phenylketonuria (pku). The powder and resulting beverage have a balanced amino acid profile suitable for dietary management of individuals who have pku and are lower in calories than powder and milk-like beverages that comprise whey protein, such as cgmp, presently available for use in dietary management of pku..
Cambrooke Therapeutics, Inc.

Method of reducing calorie intake in a pet

The present invention relates to a nutritionally complete pet food product comprising at least two compositions for use in a method of reducing calorie intake in a companion animal, wherein the compositions differ in their level of fat, protein or carbohydrate on an energy ratio basis by 6% to 50% and wherein the compositions are consumed on consecutive days, each composition being consumed on a different day. The invention also relates to such a food product in the prevention of weight gain after surgical procedures to neuter a companion animal, and also to the food product in a weight loss regime.
Mars, Incorporated

Life force index calibration methodology

This invention comprises a calibration methodology determined from the optical image area displayed by photons emitted by solid or liquid food. The method comprises calculating the square root of the mean area density image value which produces a “life force index”, a novel indices for dietary planning, that can be used in conjunction with (or independently of) conventional caloric indices and nutrition indices of solid and fluid foods to help consumers of food products select biologically robust products and manufacturers of food products more precisely represent the bio-vitality of the products..

Automatic isothermal titration microcalorimeter apparatus and use

Automated isothermal titration micro calorimetry (itc) system comprising a micro calorimeter with a sample cell and a reference cell, the sample cell is accessible via a sample cell stem and the reference cell is accessible via a reference cell stem. The system further comprises an automatic pipette assembly comprising a syringe with a titration needle arranged to be inserted into the sample cell for supplying titrant, the pipette assembly comprises an activator for driving a plunger in the syringe, a pipette translation unit supporting the pipette assembly and being arranged to place pipette in position for titration, washing and filling operations, a wash station for the titrant needle, and a cell preparation unit arranged to perform operations for replacing the sample liquid in the sample cell when the pipette is placed in another position than the position for titration..
Malvern Instruments Incorporated

Systems, devices and methods for continuous heart rate monitoring and interpretation

Embodiments provide physiological measurement systems, devices and methods for continuous health and fitness monitoring. A lightweight wearable system is provided to collect various physiological data continuously from a wearer without the need for a chest strap.
Whoop, Inc.

Temperature control unit, especially vehicle temperature control unit

A temperature control unit includes a temperature control body made of magnetocaloric material and elongated in a longitudinal direction (l), through which or/and around which heat transfer medium can flow. A magnetic field arrangement (16) has magnetic field heating areas (22) arranged following one another in a shifting direction (v) and cooling areas (24) between the magnetic field heating areas (22).
Eberspächer Climate Control Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

Magnetocaloric thermal generator and cooling same

A magnetocaloric thermal generator having a primary circuit fluidically connecting first and second stages of magnetocaloric elements using a heat transfer primary fluid flowing alternately back and forth. The stages being subjected to variable magnetic field of a magnetic system.
Cooltech Applications

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