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Calor patents

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Method and device for separating a gas mixture by cryogenic distillation

Body movement amount measuring apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Calor-related patents
 Wrist-worn body monitoring device patent thumbnailWrist-worn body monitoring device
A monitoring apparatus that includes a sensor device and an i/o device in communication with the sensor device that generates derived data using the data from the sensor device. The derived data cannot be directly detected by the associated sensors.
 Method and device for separating a gas mixture by cryogenic distillation patent thumbnailMethod and device for separating a gas mixture by cryogenic distillation
The invention relates to a cryogenic distillation apparatus for a gas mixture, including a purification apparatus for purifying a gas mixture in a system with a plurality of adsorbant bottles, a column system, a capacity, means for feeding a cryogenic liquid to the capacity, means for feeding a vaporized liquid from the capacity to a column of the system, a vaporizer in the capacity for vaporizing the contained liquid; means for feeding a calorigenic gas to the vaporizer, and means for drawing a liquid from the capacity.. .
 Performance improvement of magnetocaloric cascades through optimized material arrangement patent thumbnailPerformance improvement of magnetocaloric cascades through optimized material arrangement
M: mass of the particular magnetocaloric material contained in the magnetocaloric cascade.. .
 Body movement amount measuring apparatus patent thumbnailBody movement amount measuring apparatus
An activity meter includes a body movement detecting unit, a display unit, a target activity amount acquiring unit, an accumulated activity amount calculation unit, an excess activity amount calculation unit, a converted value calculation unit that calculates a converted value representing an excess amount of activity by dividing burned calories corresponding to the excess amount of activity by a unit calorie count, where a standard calorie count of a predetermined food is the unit calorie count, and a display operation control unit that controls a display operation of the display unit such that the display unit displays a measurement result using the converted value.. .
 Process for preparing butadiene by oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butenes with monitoring of the peroxide content during work-up of the product patent thumbnailProcess for preparing butadiene by oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butenes with monitoring of the peroxide content during work-up of the product
Where samples are taken from the circulated coolant in step c) and/or the circulated absorption medium in step d) and the peroxide content of the samples taken is determined by means of iodometry, differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) or microcalorimetry.. .
 Erasable toner patent thumbnailErasable toner
According to one embodiment, an erasable toner of the present embodiment includes a binder resin, an electron donating coloring agent, an electron accepting developer, and a discoloring temperature regulating agent, in which when measuring for the first time by differential thermal scanning calorimetry, an endothermic peak temperature tg of the binder resin and an endothermic peak temperature th of the discoloring temperature regulating agent satisfy tg<th and th−tg>25° c.. .
 Functional sugar replacement patent thumbnailFunctional sugar replacement
The present invention is related to a functional food ingredient, which replaces sugar on a 1/1 weight and/or volume basis in food recipes containing sucrose, with a substantial caloric reduction in view. More than an ingredient, it has to be seen as a functional ingredient, since it possesses some health promoting effects.
 Method for reduction of energy intake by consuming an aerated product at least three times a day patent thumbnailMethod for reduction of energy intake by consuming an aerated product at least three times a day
A method of facilitating compliance by individuals to low calorie diets, by ingestion of a pourable or spoonable aerated composition on at least 3 moments a day, e.g. As a snack..
 Methods for ameliorating symptoms or conditions caused by stress patent thumbnailMethods for ameliorating symptoms or conditions caused by stress
The invention provides methods for using fatty acid alkanolamides for ameliorating one or more symptoms or conditions caused by stress, e.g., loss of appetite, or for maintaining and enhancing nutrient and caloric intake by an animal under stress or that has experienced stress. Generally, the fatty acid alkanolamides in amounts of from about 0.1 to about 1500 mg/kg/day before, during or after stress, preferably on a regular or daily basis as a component of a food composition or as a dietary supplement..
 Method of recovering energy from an electric induction furnace exhaust gas in the gasification of feed fuel to exhaust gas patent thumbnailMethod of recovering energy from an electric induction furnace exhaust gas in the gasification of feed fuel to exhaust gas
A method of recovering energy from an electric induction furnace exhaust gas in the gasification of feed fuel to exhaust gas. Melt of an electrically conductive material, which is disposed within electric induction furnace, is pressurized while substantially sealing the electric induction furnace to enable the build-up of a superatmospheric pressure in said furnace.
Calories tracking when making mobile payment through near field communications
A system, a method, and a computer program product for tracking of attributes, such as calories, vitamins, minerals, fat, and the like, of a food item when purchasing the food item from a point of sale location are disclosed. Information representative of a plurality of food items purchased from at least one point of sale location is received by the user's equipment from a terminal at a point of sale location via a near field communications medium.
Dietary formulations and methods for treatment of inflammation and other disorders
Dietary formulations in the form of an oil emulsion providing total enteral or parenteral nutrition, or in the form of food oil suitable for oral administration is provided. The formulations include about 2-60% by calories of a c20 or longer omega-3 fatty acid and about 0.05% to 1% by calories of arachidonic acid, where the formulation provides less than 1% of total calories from linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, and where the fatty acids provide 5-60% of the total calories of said dietary formulation.
Solar cell backsheet and solar cell module
A solar cell backsheet is provided which includes: a substrate that is a biaxially stretched polyethylene terephthalate film having a pre-peak temperature of from 160° c. To 225° c.
Magneto caloric heat pump with variable magnetization
A heat pump system that uses variable magnetization to control the amount of mcm subjected to a magnetic field is provided. More particularly, the amount of mcm subjected to a magnetic field can be selected based on the amount of refrigeration needed.
Compositions and methods for optimizing drug hydrophobicity and drug delivery to cells
Methods to determine drug hydrophobicity and to quantify changes in drug hydrophobicity that optimize drug function by means of differential scanning calorimetry of an endothermic phase transition of a base protein-based polymer, specifically of an elastic-contractile model protein, to which is attached the drug to be evaluated for its hydrophobicity in terms of the change in gibbs free energy for hydrophobic association, Δgha have been developed. Also described herein is the preparation of nanoparticles comprised of protein-based polymers, specifically of elastic-contractile model proteins, designed for the binding and desired release rate of a specific drug or class of drugs.
Use of flat panel microchannel photomultipliers in sampling calorimeters with timing
Large-area, flat-panel photo-detectors with sub-nanosecond time resolution based on microchannel plates are provided. The large-area, flat-panel photo-detectors enable the economic construction of sampling calorimeters with, for example, enhanced capability to measure local energy deposition, depth-of-interaction, time-of-flight, and/or directionality of showers.
Copolymer, rubber composition, crosslinked rubber composition, and tire
Provided is a block copolymer of a conjugated diene compound and a non-conjugated olefin, a rubber composition including the block copolymer, a crosslinked rubber obtained by crosslinking the rubber composition, and a tire using the rubber composition or the crosslinked rubber composition. The copolymer of the present invention is a block copolymer of a conjugated diene compound and a non-conjugated olefin, the copolymer having a peak area in a temperature range in a range of 70° c.
Method for determining adsorption heat and wetting heat of a surface and a measuring cell of a calorimeter
A sample of a material is placed into a measuring cell of a calorimeter consisting of upper and the lower parts connected with each other by a movable detachable tight connection. The cell is equipped with two coaxially arranged tubes capable of independent connection to external devices.
Impact reduction system
A wearable impact reduction device and method are disclosed. The wearable device and method comprise three layers, the middle layer of which comprises a resilient element that displaces as a result of an impact.
Systems and methods for determining caloric intake using a personal correlation factor
Systems and methods are provided for determining an individual's personal correlation factor and, using the personal correlation factor, determining the individual's caloric intake. A method for determining a personal correlation factor includes determining a body composition change over a calibration period, converting the body composition change to an equivalent energy value, and dividing the equivalent energy value by a net caloric value for the same calibration period, wherein the net caloric value includes a caloric expenditure less a caloric intake.
No sugar confectioners blend composition
Disclosed is a no-sugar sweetener composition containing a sugar alcohol such as xylitol, a high intensity sweetener such as sucralose, a starch, and a carbohydrate carrier such as maltodextrin. The sweetener composition, which has fewer calories than sugar or confectioners sugar, has the same look, taste, texture, and flowability of confectioners sugar and can be used in a variety of no-sugar food products such as cookies, cakes, icings and the like..
System and method of approximating caloric energy intake and/or macronutrient composition
Systems and methods for approximating caloric energy intake and/or macronutrient composition using thermogenesis. The system may include one or more sensors for tracking body temperature over a period of time, and may include a processor configured to determine caloric energy intake and/or macronutrient composition based on body temperature.
Compensatable muon collider calorimeter with manageable backgrounds
A method and system for reducing background noise in a particle collider, comprises identifying an interaction point among a plurality of particles within a particle collider associated with a detector element, defining a trigger start time for each of the pixels as the time taken for light to travel from the interaction point to the pixel and a trigger stop time as a selected time after the trigger start time, and collecting only detections that occur between the start trigger time and the stop trigger time in order to thereafter compensate the result from the particle collider to reduce unwanted background detection. .
La(fe,si)13-based magnetic refrigeration material prepared from industrial-pure mischmetal as the raw material and preparation and use thereof
The invention provides a la(fe,si)13-based magnetic refrigeration material prepared from industrial-pure mischmetal as the raw material, wherein the industrial-pure mischmetal is impurity-containing and naturally proportionated la—ce—pr—nd mischmetal or lace alloy which, as the intermediate product during rare earth extraction, is extracted from light rare earth ore. The invention further provides the preparation method and use of the material, wherein the preparation method comprises the steps of smelting and annealing industrial-pure mischmetal as the raw material to prepare the la(fe,si)13-based magnetic refrigeration material.
Use of unidirectional flow modes of magnetic cooling systems
A dual-mode magnetic refrigeration apparatus includes beds of magnetocaloric material, a magnet to apply a time-varying magnetic field to the beds, a heat transfer fluid (htf), a pump to circulate the htf, a hot side heat exchanger (hhex), a cold side heat exchanger (chex), valves to direct flow of the htf, and a controller configured to control periodic switching of the valves to allow the apparatus to operate in a first mode and in a second mode. The first mode transfers heat from the chex to the hhex.
Magneto caloric device with continuous pump
A heat pump system having magneto caloric material positioned in a continuously rotating regenerator is provided. The magneto caloric material is staged so that as the regenerator is rotated, a portion of the material is cycled in and out of a magnetic field in a continuous manner.
Methods and apparatus for monitoring and encouraging health and fitness
Methods and apparatus are provided for monitoring and encouraging health and fitness. In accordance with a first aspect, an apparatus is provided that is adapted to assist in weight loss and exercise.
0-net carbohydrate all purpose flour
A 0-net carbohydrate all-purpose baking flour high in protein and fiber content and low in fat and calorie content. In a preferred embodiment the proteins and fibers are blended together in the presence of a bonding agent.
Semiconductor device connected by anisotropic conductive film
A semiconductor device connected by an anisotropic conductive film, the film having a storage modulus of 100 mpa to 300 mpa at 40° c. After curing of the film, and a peak point of 80° c.
Novel magnetic refrigerant materials
A novel magneto caloric material (mcm) is provided that can be used in, for example, a regenerator of a heat pump, appliance, air conditioning system, and other heating and/or cooling devices. The mcm is a type of heusler alloy, has an l21 crystal structural prototype, and can undergo a reversible phase transformation between a low temperature, low magnetization martensite phase and a high temperature, high magnetization austenite phase to exhibit an inverse magneto caloric effect upon application of a sufficient magnetic field.
Process for co-crystallizing sucrose and a natural sweetener and the product thereof
The invention relates to a preparation process of a co-crystal made of sugar and a natural sweetener and, eventually, another aggregate and with said product. The process is further related with co-crystallizing sucrose and a natural sweetener in a vacuum pan under controlled pressure and temperature conditions and separating the crystal from the sugar juice.
Method and system for treating a liquefied gas
Disclosed is a liquefied gas processing system and method. A liquefied gas treatment system includes: a liquefied gas supply line connected from a liquefied gas storing tank to a source of demand, a pump provided on the liquefied gas supply line, and configured to pressurize liquefied gas discharged from the liquefied gas storing tank, a heat exchanger provided on the liquefied gas supply line between the source of demand and the pump, and configured to heat exchange the liquefied gas supplied from the pump with heat transfer media, a media heater configured to heat the heat transfer media, a media circulation line connected from the media heater to the heat exchanger, and a controller configured to change a flow rate of the heat transfer media flowing into the media heater or calories supplied to the heat transfer media by the media heater on the basis of a flow rate of the liquefied gas supplied to the heat exchanger..
Toner, and image forming method, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the toner
A toner is provided. The toner includes a crystalline resin and a non-crystalline resin, and has a thermal property such that when the toner is heated after being firstly heated to 60° c.
Thermoplastic resin composition, resin article, and method of manufacturing resin article with plated layer
Provided is a thermoplastic resin composition which is excellent in platability (appearance of plating), and keeps high reflectance even after thermal aging. A thermoplastic resin composition comprising: per (a) 100 parts by weight of a crystalline thermoplastic resin having a melting point, measured by differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) at a heating rate of 10° c./min, of 250° c.
Reduced-calorie and digestion-promoting foods
The invention relates to reduced-calorie and digestion-promoting foods that have a calorific value-containing portion and are mixed with talc. Calorific value-containing components of the calorific value-containing portion are selected from the group consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Molasses flavored low calorie sweetener compositions
Disclosed is a brown colored low calorie sweetener composition suitable for use as a substitute for brown sugar, comprising a sugar alcohol having 4 to 12 carbon atoms, a high intensity sweetener, maltodextrin and a flavorant that imparts a flavor similar to molasses.. .
Stable amorphous solid form of a triazine derivative and the corresponding manufacturing process
Disclosed is an amorphous solid form of the compound of formula (i), characterised by an exothermic transition at temperatures lower than 125° c., determined by differential scanning calorimetry (dsc).. .
Thermo-analytical instrument
A thermo-analytical instrument, especially a differential scanning calorimeter has a sample position (201, 401) for receiving a sample (206), a reference position (202, 402), a heating means associated with the sample position and the reference position, a means for setting a predetermined temperature program of nominal values of temperature versus time, a first sensor (407) for measuring a sample temperature (ts) at the sample position, and a controller. The controller controls the heating power of the heating means so that measured sample temperature essentially follows the predetermined temperature program..
Method for reduction of energy intake
A method of facilitating compliance by individuals to low calorie diets, by ingestion of a pourable or spoonable aerated composition around a meal.. .
Halogen-free crosslinked resin composition and insulated wire and cable using the same
A halogen-free crosslinked resin composition includes a base polymer including as a main component (a) an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and (b) an acid modified polyolefin resin having a differential scanning calorimetry glass transition temperature tg of not higher than −55 degrees celsius in a mass ratio (a):(b) of 70:30 to 100:0, the base polymer including 50 to 70% by mass of vinyl acetate, 0.5 to 10 parts by mass of a silicone rubber with respect to 100 parts by mass of the base polymer, and 100 to 250 parts by mass of a metal hydroxide with respect to 100 parts by mass of the base polymer.. .
Toner, developer, image forming apparatus and image forming method
A toner including: a binder resin; a releasing agent; and a colorant, wherein the binder resin contains a crystalline polyester resin and a non-crystalline polyester resin, wherein the releasing agent has an endothermic peak temperature of 60° c. To 80° c.
Sensor for differential calorimetric measurement, and method for manufacturing same
A sensor for differential calorimetric measurement including a thermometric cell and another cell, each cell including: a membrane of a low thermal conductivity material, having first and second surfaces; and a mechanism supporting the membrane, of a high thermal diffusivity coefficient material, in contact with the first surface of the membrane, the thermometric cell including at least two active thermometric elements located on the first surface of the membrane, the two cells configured to be assembled such that the second surfaces of the membranes of the cells are opposite one another, a sample and a reference used for taking measurement configured to be placed between the two membranes and directly in contact with the second surfaces, and at least one of the cells including a sealing mechanism opposite the first surface of the membrane, wherein a free space for a gas is arranged between the sealing mechanism and the membrane.. .
Implantable tastemaker for automatic taste modification of selected foods
This invention is a device and method for automatic and selective modification of the taste and/or smell of one or more selected nutrient or food types as food is being digested within a person's mouth. This invention can comprise: a taste and/or smell modifying substance; a reservoir for this substance that is implanted within the person's body; and a flow control mechanism that automatically and selectively increases flowable communication between this substance and the person's oral cavity or nasal cavity when a selected nutrient or food is being digested within the person's mouth.
Reduced coenzyme q10 crystal having excellent stability
With respect to reduced coenzyme q10, there has been no report about the presence of crystal polymorphism, and it has been considered that a conventionally obtained crystal form is only one form. The present invention relates to a reduced coenzyme q10 crystal having an endothermic peak indicating melting at 54±2° c.
Process for making low-calorie confectionary product and confectionary product
The present invention relates to a process for producing a confectionery product comprising the step of admixing a structured liquid comprising a thermodynamically stable mixture of water, surfactant, co-surfactant and a non-aqueous component.. .
Dairy compositions
The present invention relates to low calorie and low carbohydrate nutritional milk compositions and milk products which are designed to include specific components of milk.. .
Methods and formulations promoting tissue/organ regeneration, longevity and healthspan
A method includes a step of identifying a subject in need of diet modification; and administering a first diet to the subject for a first time period. The first diet provides 4.5 to 7 kilocalories per pound of subject for a first day and 3 to 5 kilocalories per pound of subject per day for a second to fifth day of the first diet.

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