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This page is updated frequently with new Calculator-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Calculator-related patents
 Failure detection system and failure detection method patent thumbnailnew patent Failure detection system and failure detection method
A failure detection system includes an omnidirectional microphone array device having a plurality of microphone elements and a directivity control device that calculates a delay time of a voice propagated from a sound source to each microphone element and forms a directivity of the voice using the delay time and the voice collected by the omnidirectional microphone array device, and detects a failure of the microphone element. A smoothing unit calculates an average power of one microphone element.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Integrating various search and relevance providers in transactional search patent thumbnailnew patent Integrating various search and relevance providers in transactional search
Search parameters are generated from search tokens that are entered within a transactional search context. A data provider is selected from a plurality of different data providers for executing a search, using the search tokens.
Microsoft Corporation

 Object detection apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Object detection apparatus and method
Provided are an object detection apparatus and method. The object detection apparatus includes an amplifier configured to amplify a reflected ultrasonic wave signal with a variable gain, a gain controller configured to set the variable gain such that the reflected ultrasonic wave signal received in at least one predetermined time zone is amplified with a high gain, compared to in other time zones, a comparator configured to compare a signal on an envelope corresponding to the signal amplified by the amplifier with a predetermined threshold and output the signal on the envelope when the signal is greater than the threshold, a calculator configured to calculate an absolute value of a first-order differential value of the signal on the envelope, and a time at which a maximum of the absolute value of the first-order differential value is calculated, and a detector configured to detect an object using a third time, the third time being a time at which the maximum is calculated, before a second time, the second time being a time at which the signal greater than the threshold is output..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

 Speed control for working vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Speed control for working vehicle
A speed control device in a traveling work vehicle changes a speed of rotational drive power from an engine to drive vehicle wheels and includes: a target speed calculator determining a target speed, based on operation deflection of a speed change device. A vehicle speed controller adjusting a speed change ratio based on the target speed.
Kubota Corporation

 System and  using flow-mediated dilation to provide an adjusted vascular age as an indicator of risk of cardiovascular disease patent thumbnailnew patent System and using flow-mediated dilation to provide an adjusted vascular age as an indicator of risk of cardiovascular disease
A diagnostic tool 104 and method 300 are used to modify vascular age scoring systems using flow-mediated dilation (fmd) data. The resulting fmd-adjusted vascular age calculator can be used to diagnose a person's potential for developing cardiovascular disease..
Everist Genomics, Inc.

 Object information acquiring apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Object information acquiring apparatus
The present invention uses an object information acquiring apparatus having: an optical transmitter that transmits light and emits the light to an object; a first optical meter disposed at the incidence side of the optical transmitter; a second optical meter disposed at the emission side of the optical transmitter; a calculator that calculates an equation that indicates the relationship between the fluence of light measured by the first optical meter and the fluence of light measured by the second optical meter; a probe that receives an acoustic wave that is generated from the object due to the light emitted by the optical transmitter and converts the acoustic wave; and a processor that acquires specific information about the inside of the object.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Imaging apparatus with focus assist function patent thumbnailImaging apparatus with focus assist function
An imaging apparatus with a focus assist (fa) function includes an imager configured to obtain an image signal from a subject formed by a lens, a high-frequency signal extractor configured to extract a high-frequency signal from the image signal, a modulation level calculator configured to determine a magnitude of a modulation level signal in each of regions, into which a screen of the image signal is divided, in accordance with an amplitude level of the high-frequency signal, a level modulator configured to modulate an amplitude level of the high-frequency signal using the modulation level signal to obtain an fa signal, and an fa signal synthesizer configured to synthesize the fa signal with the image signal to output a resultant signal.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Apparatus and  correcting image distortion of a camera for vehicle patent thumbnailApparatus and correcting image distortion of a camera for vehicle
An apparatus for correcting image distortion of a camera in a vehicle includes: a camera mounted in the vehicle; a camera characteristic extractor configured to extract camera characteristic parameters of the camera based on a preset mathematical model; a tilt angle calculator configured to calculate tilt angles of a virtual camera corresponding to the camera in each photographing region using the camera characteristic parameters; a yaw angle calculator configured to calculate yaw angles of the virtual camera in each photographing region; an image corrector configured to view-transform a photographed image photographed by the camera by adjusting angles of the virtual camera based on a correction model in order to secure a view region of the photographed image and create a corrected image depending on the view-transform; and a display configured to display the corrected image output from the image corrector.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

 Haze image discriminating apparatus and discriminating method patent thumbnailHaze image discriminating apparatus and discriminating method
A haze image discriminating apparatus has a first calculator to calculate a difference between a color difference component of an image signal of each of a plurality of pixels in an image and a gray value, and calculate a first ratio of pixels in which the difference is lower than a first reference value, to the plurality of pixels, a second calculator to calculate a second ratio of pixels in which a luminance component of the pixel signal of each of the plurality of pixels is lower than a second reference value, to the plurality of pixels, and a haze-degree determining unit to determine that a degree of haze of the image is higher as the first ratio is higher and the second ratio is lower.. .
Socionext Inc.

 Pupil detection device and pupil detection method patent thumbnailPupil detection device and pupil detection method
A pupil detection device includes an identification unit that identifies a pupil region from a captured image of an eye, an extractor that extracts a contour of the pupil region identified by the identification unit, a selector that selects a plurality of points on the contour of the pupil region extracted by the extractor, a center calculator that calculates a center of a circle passing through the plurality of points selected by the selector, and a pupil detector that detects a center of the pupil region from the center of a circle calculated by the center calculator.. .
Jvc Kenwood Corporation


Apparatus for providing integrated functions of dial and calculator and method thereof

An electronic device is provided which includes an input/output interface configured to provide a plurality of number keys and function keys, a buffer configured to store a value of a key selected through the input/output interface, and a controller configured to determine, when a specific condition occurs through the input/output interface, whether the specific condition is associated with a calculation function or a telephone function and perform a telephone function or a calculation function using the stored key value based on a result of the determination. Furthermore, a delete key of the plurality of number keys and the function keys is applied in common to the calculation function and the telephone function..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


Mobile device which senses particulate matter and sensing particulate matter with the mobile device

A mobile device which senses particulate matter is provided. The mobile device includes a housing having an air flow path through which air flows when the mobile device is shaken; an inertia sensor that detects acceleration of the mobile device; a light-scattering type sensor that irradiates the air flow path with light and detects particulate matter in air flowing through the air flow path; and a controller that includes a counter for counting the particulate matter detected by the light-scattering type sensor, and a flow rate calculator for detecting an air flow rate of the air flow path based on a detection signal of the inertia sensor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Material tracking system

A system and method for tracking the remaining length of a material wound on a reel is disclosed. In the system, two sensors deployed relative to the reel (and each other) produce a detection signals when a detection element mounted on the reel is near the respective sensor in an order indicative of forward or reverse reel rotation.
Iostream Incorporate


Channel equalizer and processing broadcast signal in dtv receiving system

A channel equalizer includes a first transformer, an estimator, an average calculator, a second transformer, a coefficient calculator, a compensator, and a third transformer. The first transformer converts normal data into frequency domain data, where a known data sequence is periodically repeated in the normal data.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and signal processing program

This invention provides a signal processing apparatus for effectively detecting an abrupt change in an input signal. The signal processing apparatus includes a converter that converts an input signal into a phase component signal and an amplitude component signal in a frequency domain.
Nec Corporation


Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and signal processing program

Disclosed is a signal processing apparatus that processes an input signal to accurately detect an abrupt change in the input signal in accordance with the degree of linear change of a phase component in a frequency domain. The signal processing apparatus includes a converter that converts the input signal into the phase component and an amplitude component in the frequency domain, a linearity calculator that calculates the linearity of the phase component in the frequency domain, and a determiner that determines presence of the abrupt change in the input signal based on the linearity calculated by the linearity calculator..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Garbage collection for selecting region to reclaim on basis of update to reference source information

In a gc processing in which a memory area is managed by being divided, collection efficiency of an area is further optimized. In order to realize the technology, a calculator including an arithmetic unit and a memory includes a storage unit which stores reference source information of data which is stored in a plurality of storage areas which are allocated to the memory in each of the storage areas; and a control unit which determines a storage area in which updated reference source information is different from reference source information which is recorded in the storage unit to be an area as a release target..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Apparatus and calculating correction factor

Provided is an apparatus and method for calculating a correction factor, the apparatus including: a counter configured to acquire first data indicating a counted value of a first radiation source according to an activity and an energy window width, and to acquire second data indicating a coincidence value of a second radiation source according to an activity and an energy window width; and a calculator configured to calculate a correction factor for correcting a difference of the coincidence value of the second radiation source having occurred in response to a single gamma photon emission of the first radiation source, based on the first data and the second data.. .
Korea Institute Of Radiological & Medical Sciences


Method and detecting abnormal state of battery

A method and apparatus for detecting an abnormal state of a battery are provided. An entropy calculator is configured to calculate an information entropy based on battery estimation information and battery measurement information.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


Thickness measurement apparatus and thickness measurement method

A thickness measurement apparatus includes a light source emitting light; an optical system focusing the light emitted from the light source onto an optical axis; a reflector reflecting light focused by the optical system; a detector detecting intensity of the reflected light according to a position on the optical axis where the light passing through the optical system is in focus; and a calculator calculating thickness of a measured object using a refractive index of the measured object and an amount of displacement between a first focus position and a second focus position.. .
Mitutoyo Corporation


Methods and systems for reducing energy consumption of a heart rate monitor

Disclosed is an apparatus and method for automatically configuring a mobile device for collecting and inferring heart rate data of a user. The method may include capturing heart rate data for a user with a heart rate sensor that is coupled with a mobile device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Secondary battery system with plural batteries and distributing charge/discharge power, etc.

A secondary battery system including plural batteries, extends the lifetime of each battery, and improves the charge/discharge (energy) efficiency of a whole system is provided. A secondary battery system includes plural batteries individually controllable for charging/discharging, plural pcss each connected to the corresponding battery and performing charging/discharging to the connected battery, and a battery controller distributing a charge/discharge power value as a whole system to each of the pcss at a fixed cycle or an arbitrary timing.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Neural network and neural network training

A neural network includes a plurality of inputs for receiving input signals, and synapses connected to the inputs and having corrective weights. The network additionally includes distributors.
Progress, Inc.


Angle sensor, a bearing unit, electrical motor, a control system and error-check system

An angle sensor is provided for determining an absolute angle signal of a first part rotated with respect to a second part. The angle sensor comprises a first grating ring for generating a first signal representative of a relative position of a first sensor along a corresponding ring segment of the first grating ring.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Control system for a felling saw and control thereof

A system for controlling a felling saw in a forestry machine, the felling saw being driven by a hydraulic pump and saw motor circuit. The system includes an instrument for measuring a rotational speed of the felling saw and generating a signal indicative of the rotational speed, a calculator for calculating a power consumption of the hydraulic pump and saw motor circuit adjusted as a function of the signal indicative of said rotational speed, and a controller for adjusting hydraulic settings of the hydraulic pump or/and saw motor circuit based on the calculated power consumption.
Usinage G.n. Roy Inc.


Vehicle control apparatus

A vehicle control apparatus for implementing inter-vehicle distance control of a subject vehicle carrying the apparatus behind a preceding vehicle based on reflected waves from a target of the preceding vehicle. A target-pair distance is a distance between the target and a non-target reflection point that is closer to the subject vehicle than the target.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Apparatus and alleviating voltage drop of battery cell

An apparatus for alleviating a voltage drop of a battery cell includes a battery having a plurality of battery cells, a sensor configured to sense the battery to generate sensing information, a calculator configured to calculate an allowable torque of a motor using the sensing information and calculate an expected voltage of the battery using the allowable torque and the sensing information, and a determinator configured to control a torque quantity of the motor using the expected voltage and a reference voltage.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Reception apparatus, phase error estimation method, and phase error correction method

In a phase error corrector, a signal extractor extracts received reference signals from received signals, and an error vector calculator calculates the error vectors of phase errors by comparing the extracted received reference signals with a known reference signal that is to be transmitted. A representative vector calculator divides, according to frequency, the error vectors into two or more groups and calculates representative vectors for the respective groups.
Panasonic Corporation


Method of detecting degradation of display panel and degradation detecting device for display panel

A method of detecting degradation of a display panel and a degradation detecting device for a display panel are disclosed. The device includes a light measuring unit configured to measure the brightnesses of light emitted at first and second areas of the display panel at a plurality of measurement temperatures and generate a plurality of first and second measured amounts of the light respectively emitted at the first and second areas.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


A device for displaying a trend related to a process variable

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a device for displaying process trends related to a process variable of a process plant. The device has a display that has a number of pixels in the horizontal axis in a row in the vertical axis, a calculator that is used for dividing the plurality of data points by the number of pixels in the horizontal axis to get a first value.
Yokogawa Electric Corporation


Delivery vehicle and method and program for controlling drive of delivery vehicle

A traveling controller of a delivery vehicle includes a command generator and an acceptable value calculator. The acceptable value calculator calculates a command acceptable value based on a current position of the delivery vehicle.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.


Image pickup information output apparatus and lens apparatus equipped with same

Image pickup information output apparatus which outputs information about image pickup condition derived from combination of positions/states of condition decision members serving as optical members that affect fulfillment of the condition, comprising: setting unit for setting a condition setting value as the condition to be fulfilled; controller for driving one of the condition decision members to control its position/state based on the condition setting value, condition calculator for calculating information about the condition as calculated condition based on the combination of positions/states of the condition decision members; determination unit for determining whether or not the condition setting value changed; decision unit for determining the information about condition to be output, based on the calculated condition and the determination made by the determination unit as to whether or not the condition setting value changed; and output unit for outputting information about the condition to be output determined by the decision unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Reliability design assistance device, reliability design assistance method, and reliability design assistance program

A relational expression calculator calculates a relational expression by performing approximation calculation for data strings each of which associates the value of a subject factor, which varies according to a user or an environment, with an input stress measurement value that is measured when a subject device is used. An input stress calculator calculates an input stress, which is input to the subject device, according to the relational expression and to index data on the subject factor.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Device and calculating basic information for area limiting excavation control, and construction machinery

The invention provides a basic information calculator 30 for calculating basic information for area limiting excavation control to control a work device 20 of a construction machinery so that the construction machinery does not perform excavation beyond a target excavation surface. The basic information calculator 30 comprises: a storage device 33 having stored therein the three-dimensional information of the target excavation surface; a two-dimensional information extractor 34 for obtaining the intersecting line between a reference surface that is the target excavation surface or a surface calculated from the target excavation surface and the operational plane of the work device 20 on the basis of the three-dimensional information of the target excavation surface and the current positional information of the construction machinery to extract a reference line l that is the intersecting line or a line calculated from the intersecting line as the two-dimensional information of the reference surface in the operational plane; and a characteristic point transmitter 35 for transmitting the z-coordinates of characteristic points p1, p2, .
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Method of regulating the speed of rotation of the main rotor of a multi-engined rotorcraft in the event of one of the engines failing

A method of regulating the speed of rotation of at least one main rotor of a multi-engined rotorcraft, which rotor is driven at variable speed. In the event of a failure of one of the main engines of the rotorcraft, a control unit generates an nr setpoint that is not less than the nominal drive speed (nrnom) of the main rotor.
Airbus Helicopters


Brake control device, and brake control method

A required brake force calculator calculates a required brake force for each vehicle based on a load on the vehicle or carriage detected by a variable load detector and a brake command acquired by a command acquirer. A target brake force calculator, based on the required brake force, calculates a common target brake force for a vehicle driven by a main electric motor and calculates a common target brake force for a vehicle not driven by a main electric motor.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus

According to one embodiment, an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, a calculator, a transmission and reception unit, and a medical image generator. The ultrasound probe includes an ultrasound probe configured to transmit and receive ultrasound waves to perform a scan in a first direction and a second direction perpendicular to the first direction.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Charge/discharge control device and charge/discharge control method

A charge/discharge control device according to an aspect of the present disclosure is equipped with a system frequency measurer 303 that measures a system frequency, a base frequency updater 304 that updates a base frequency, a frequency bias calculator 305 that calculates a frequency bias indicating the difference between the base frequency and the system frequency, a charge/discharge command value decider 306 that uses the frequency bias to decide a power command value, and a charge/discharge controller 307 that causes a power storage system to charge/discharge power. The base frequency updater 304 determines whether or not reverse operation will occur, and in the case of determining that reverse operation will not occur, updates the base frequency so that the base frequency matches a frequency obtained by applying a low-pass filter to a temporal variation of the system frequency, while in the case of determining that reverse operation will occur, updates the base frequency so that the base frequency matches the system frequency..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and charged particle beam drawing method

A charged particle beam drawing apparatus has a drawing unit that directs a charged particle beam and draws a pattern on a target and also has a control calculator that controls the drawing unit. The control calculator has a speed calculating unit configured to calculate a first drawing speed in a first area in a drawing area on the target according to a run-up start coordinate, a drawing start coordinate, and a predetermined first acceleration, and calculate the range of the first area according to the run-up start coordinate, the first acceleration, and a second drawing speed, and also has a drawing control unit configured to control the drawing unit so that, in the first area, drawing is performed at the first drawing speed and, in a second area that follows the first area, drawing is performed at the second drawing speed..
Nuflare Technology, Inc.


Display apparatus

The present application relates to a display apparatus having a panel including sub-pixels, data lines, and horizontal lines; a sensing circuit to collect sensing data by sensing for external compensation in the horizontal lines; a calculator to determine a characteristic change of each of the sub-pixels using the sensing data to calculate an external compensation value; a data aligner to receive input image data, and when the input image data corresponds to a horizontal line where the sensing is performed, to convert the input image data into compensation image data based on a compensation value; and a data driver to output a compensation data voltage corresponding to the compensation image data to a data line corresponding to the sensed horizontal line before and after the sensing is performed, and output a sensing data voltage to the data line while the sensing is performed.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


System and embedding data

In one embodiment, a watermark is embedded in a sequence of video frames, for each one of the video frames, a set of n rectangular patches, two palettes of pixel values in a selected color space, such that the two palettes are denoted as p0 and p1, and p0≠p1, and in each one of the n patches a processor which chooses one of p0 and p1 according to a value of a payload bit to be encoded, a calculator which calculates one of a variance of pixel values in the frame, and edginess for the pixel values in the frame, thereby determining a calculated value, and a processor which determines if the calculated value is beneath a given threshold value, if the calculated value is beneath the given threshold value the processor is operative to calculate a function of the pixel values, the closest value to a result of the calculation of the function in the chosen palette is chosen, and a replacer which replaces the pixel values within the patch with the chosen closest value. Related systems, apparatus and methods are also described..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Accelerated price calculation using in-memory technology

A price calculator may receive a pricing request for at least one item, the at least one item priced in accordance with a pricing schema including a plurality of price components. The price calculator may include a parallel price calculator configured to retrieve a parallel calculation flow handling procedure corresponding to the at least one item and designating at least two price subcomponents common to the price components.


Capacity calculator

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods and computer readable media for calculating the capacity of a provider by calculating, using biographical data representing the provider, a first total units of service that are available to be offered to consumers during a first time period; calculating a second total units of service potentially available from the provider for a proposed second time period using a projection based in part on a model of consumer demand for the units of service; determining a third total units of service that are unavailable during the second time period based on at least one known or projected unavailability; and calculating a capacity based on the third total units of service and the second total units of service, the capacity being a capacity for a proposed promotion representing a maximum total of instruments to be offered in the proposed promotion by the provider.. .
Groupon, Inc.


Capacity risk management for virtual machines

An access data collector collects access assignment data characterizing active access assignment operations of a hypervisor in assigning host computing resources among virtual machines for use in execution of the virtual machines. Then, a capacity risk indicator calculator calculates a capacity risk indicator characterizing a capacity risk of the host computing resources with respect to meeting a prospective capacity demand of the virtual machines, based on the access assignment data.
Bmc Software, Inc.


Graphical user interface pertaining to a bolus calculator residing on a handheld diabetes management device

A handheld diabetes manager is presented with an improved graphical user interface for a bolus calculator. The bolus calculator is configured to receive blood glucose measurements from a blood glucose measurement module and operates, in response to an input, to compute an insulin recommendation for a patient based in part on the blood glucose measurements.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


X-ray nondestructive testing device

There is provided an x-ray nondestructive testing device which irradiates x-rays to an article, the article including a substrate having a predetermined x-ray absorption coefficient and a measurement target object disposed therein and having another x-ray absorption coefficient differing from that of the substrate, the device including: an x-ray source configured to irradiate the x-rays to the article; a detector configured to detect the transmission amounts of the x-rays passed through the article at at least paired different locations; a detection position specifying designator configured to specify the paired different locations as a set of paired locations based on a pre-stored design information; a driving mechanism configured to move the detector to the set of paired locations; and an operation calculator configured to calculate the thickness of the measurement target object based on the transmission amounts of the x-rays detected by the detector.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Shift control system for automatic transmission

A shift control device for shift controlling an automatic transmission in a powertrain drivingly connecting a power source, a hydraulic transmission element, and an automatic transmission in the mentioned order, has a hydraulic transmission element required output calculator that calculates a required output to be output from the hydraulic transmission element to the automatic transmission based on the output of the power source obtained from the slip condition between the input and output elements of the hydraulic transmission element and a total efficiency of the hydraulic transmission element, and a hydraulic transmission element total efficiency calculator that calculates, for each output rotation speed of the hydraulic transmission element, a speed ratio and a torque ratio between the input and output elements of the hydraulic transmission element, each being required for achieving the calculated hydraulic transmission element required output.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Autonomous driving system for a vehicle and carrying out the operation

An autonomous driving system for a vehicle includes: a computer unit which evaluates surroundings-related and vehicle-related data with the aid of sensors and carries out an automatic driving operation based on the data; a lead time calculator assigned to the computer unit and determining a lead time by evaluating the surroundings-related and vehicle-related data, the lead time requiring an intervention by the driver; and a comfort time calculator assigned to the computer unit and calculating a reaction time of the driver by evaluating driver-related data, the comfort time calculator continuously comparing the lead time with the reaction time and determining therefrom a comfort time which is determined by taking the difference between the lead time and the reaction time. When the comfort time reaches zero, a countermeasure including a prewarning of the driver and/or a mode change of the driving system is initiated..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Vehicle-wheel bearing device with sensor

A vehicle-wheel bearing device with a sensor of the present invention includes a plurality of sensors, mounted to a vehicle-wheel bearing, for detecting load thereon, and signal processor for processing an output signal therefrom to generate a signal vector, and load calculator for calculating load acting on a wheel based on the signal vector. The load calculator includes: a coefficient conversion processing unit for calculating an actual-state load estimation coefficient mc that is a load estimation coefficient for a state where the bearing is mounted to an actual vehicle, based on a standard load estimation coefficient mb that is a determined standard load estimation coefficient for the bearing; and a load calculation unit for calculating load on the wheel based on the signal vector and the actual-state load estimation coefficient mc calculated by the coefficient conversion processing unit..
Ntn Corporation


Cardiac potential measuring device and cardiac potential measuring method

A cardiac potential measuring device comprising: a first electrode and a second electrode; a potential difference acquisition circuitry that acquires a potential difference between the first electrode and the second electrode as cardiac potential; an attachment direction detector that detects an attachment direction that is a direction of a virtual line that connects the first electrode and the second electrode attached to the body of the user; and an attachment direction calculator that calculates and outputs a preferred attachment direction in which the potential difference larger than any one of a first potential difference and a second potential difference is generated.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Shape measurement system, image capture apparatus, and shape measurement method

A shape measurement system includes one or more lighting units located in a case that illuminate a target object located in the case, one or more image capture units located in the case that capture an image of the target object, a holding unit that holds the image capture units and the lighting units so as to form a polyhedron shape approximating a sphere, a selector that selects at least one of the image capture units and at least one of the lighting units to be operated, and a shape calculator that calculates a 3-d shape of the target object based on image data captured by the selected image capture unit under light emitted by the selected lighting unit.. .


Storage management calculator, and storage management method

In one mode, a management calculator is connected to a host calculator and a storage device, and stores, in a memory, composition information and function setting information. The composition information shows multiple logic storage regions provided by the storage device, and objects that are stored in one logic storage region from among the multiple logic storage regions and that are executed by the host calculator, the logic storage regions and the objects being shown in association with one another.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Fan motor drive device and blower device

A fan motor drive device configured to drive a fan with a motor includes a position speed estimating calculator configured to calculate estimated values of a rotation angle and a rotation speed of the motor, a multiplier configured to calculate a control target value by multiplying the rotation speed calculated in the position speed estimating calculator and a flow coefficient, and a current vector controller configured to control a drive current of the motor by feedback control based on the control target value. A rotor magnetic flux intensity of the motor is calculated based on at least a drive current obtained by a current sensor and the rotation angle obtained from the position speed estimating calculator, and a control value used in driving the motor is changed by the rotor magnetic flux intensity thus calculated..
Nidec Servo Corporation


Computer aided drug resistance calculator calculating drug resistance using amprenavir as a case study

Signal processing-based computer-aided drug resistance calculator (cardc) has been proposed [14]. The result of the drug resistances obtained then demonstrated very small margin.


Distance to empty prediction with long term distance compensation

A vehicle is provided which may include an energy conversion device, an energy source to supply power to the energy conversion device, and at least one controller. The controller may be programmed to, in response to detecting one or more noise factors expected to affect propulsive energy consumption of the energy conversion device from vehicle start until the energy source is empty, output a distance to empty (dte) based on a change in energy consumption rate due to the one or more noise factors and predicted to last at least until the energy source is empty.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Image measuring apparatus and image measuring method

An image measuring apparatus includes: a visible light source emitting each light of a blue region, a green region, and a red region; an infrared light source emitting light of an infrared region; an image capturer receiving at least one of reflected light or transmitted light of an object, and converting the light to an electric signal; an optical system passing each light of a visible light region and the infrared region with respect to an object to the image capturer without changing a relative position between the object and the image capturer; an intensity controller separately controlling each light amount of the blue region, the green region, the red region, and the infrared region; and a calculator detecting information of the object by processing the electric signal obtained after converting at the image capturer.. .
Mitutoyo Corporation


Distance to empty prediction with short term distance compensation

A vehicle is provided which may include an energy conversion device, an energy source to supply power to the energy conversion device, and at least one controller in communication with an interface. The controller may be programmed to output a distance to empty (dte) to the interface based on conditions of vehicle components and the energy source compensated by a distance correction factor.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Surgical manipulator having a feed rate calculator

A surgical manipulator for manipulating a surgical instrument and an energy applicator extending from the surgical instrument. The surgical manipulator further includes at least one controller configured to operate the surgical manipulator in a manual mode or a semi-autonomous mode.
Stryker Corporation


Shake amount detection device and imaging device

A shake amount detection device includes an acceleration sensor. A vibration period detector detects a vibration period during which vibration that becomes a predetermined acceleration is applied to a body.
Olympus Corporation


Lens apparatus and image capturing apparatus

The interchangeable lens apparatus includes a memory to store first correction information to be used to correct focus state information on a focus state of its image capturing optical system, the focus state being detected in the image capturing apparatus by using a signal from an image sensor thereof, and a lens calculator configured to produce, by performing an interpolation process on the first correction information by using image sensor information that is information on the image sensor and received from the image capturing apparatus, second correction information corresponding to the image sensor information. The lens calculator sends the second correction information to the image capturing apparatus in a case where the lens calculator performs the interpolation process and sends the first correction information to the image capturing apparatus in a case where the image capturing apparatus performs the interpolation process..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image processor, image projector, and image processing method

According to one embodiment, an image processor includes: a detector; a calculator; and a corrector. The detector calculates a state signal indicating whether or not an operation is being performed on a projection surface where an image is projected.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Systems, media, and methods for distributed energy project financing

Computer-based systems, media, and methods for sourcing, analyzing and calculating and underwriting the financing of distributed energy systems affixed to real property with the financing payments secured by a lien placed by a governmental authority. A web-based calculator tool is enabled to facilitate web searches used to collect required necessary information to create a project finance profile and to calculate and display results to property owners and to contractors or other channel partners.
Demeter Power Group, Inc.


Systems and methods of detecting, measuring, and extracting signatures of signals embedded in social media data streams

A system for scoring micro-blogging messages is provided, including an extractor, and evaluator, a calculator, and a publisher. The extractor may be configured to receive micro-blogging messages, to detect messages containing terms of interest, to extract raw data, and to store the data in a database.
Social Market Analytics, Inc.



A calculator that comprises an inputting member, a calculating member and a displaying member, wherein the calculating member is provided for calculating the value of the expression by means of a processing unit and generating a calculated result, and the displaying member has a displaying area, in which the displaying member displays the expression and the corresponding calculated result by the processing unit, so as to provide convenience for the users.. .


Apparatus and forming image

An image forming apparatus includes a multi-color misalignment calculator that calculates an amount of multi-color misalignment of multiple color misalignment detection test pattern images based on position readings outputted by multiple test pattern image detectors, an image formation condition adjusting unit that adjusts an image formation condition of the image forming apparatus in accordance with the amount of multi-color misalignment of the multiple color misalignment detection test pattern images calculated by the multi-color misalignment calculator, and a process control unit that initiates a first multi-color misalignment correction control mode including a skew misalignment correction process and a second multi-color misalignment correction control mode excluding the skew misalignment correction process to correct multi-color misalignment of the multiple color misalignment detection test pattern images. A memory stores the amount of skew misalignment calculated by the multi-color misalignment calculator when the process control unit initiates the second multi-color misalignment correction control mode..


System and managing dangerous driving index for vehicle

Provided are a system and method for managing dangerous driving index for vehicle. The system includes a driver's vehicle driving trajectory generator configured to generate a driver's vehicle driving trajectory, based on driver's vehicle driving information input from an internal sensor which senses a driving situation of the driver's vehicle, a peripheral vehicle trajectory generator configured to generate a peripheral vehicle trajectory, based on ambient environment information input from an external sensor which senses the driving situation of the driver's vehicle, a trajectory load calculator configured to calculate a trajectory load representing a comparison result which is obtained by comparing a predetermined threshold value with a trajectory distance which is a difference between the peripheral vehicle trajectory and the driver's vehicle driving trajectory, and a dangerous index manager configured to generate a dangerous driving index corresponding to the calculated trajectory load..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd


Object insertion system

An object insertion system includes an insertion portion, a first information generator, a storage unit, a second information calculator and an output unit. The first information generator includes at least one sensor and is configured to generate first information indicating at least one of an insertion state and an operation state of the insertion portion in a body cavity.
Olympus Corporation


Control unit, control method, and recording medium storing a control program

A control device includes an ac-dc converter that converts power supplied from a commercial power source into dc, a dc-dc converter that supplies the dc to a fixing heater, an calculator that calculates a target dc voltage of the dc to be supplied to the fixing heater, based on detected temperature of the fixing heater, an overcurrent detection unit that outputs an interruption signal when an overcurrent detection value is detected in a circuit including a switching element, and a controller that calculates switching time for switching the switching element so that an output of the dc-dc converter reaches the target dc voltage. When the interruption signal is output causing stopping of the switching of the switching element, the controller causes the calculator not to calculate the switching time to continuously use the previously calculated switching time after resuming switching of the switching element at a next switching cycle..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Signal handling

A second device (12) comprises: a transmitter configured to transmit a first signal to a first device (11); a receiver configured to receive a second signal that has been transmitted by the first device (11); a demodulator configured to demodulate a second message from the second signal, the second message including an indication of signal strength of the first signal as measured by the first device (11); a signal strength measuring module configured to measure signal strength of the received second signal; and a calculator configured to use the indication of the measured signal strength included in the second message and the signal strength of the second signal as measured by the second device (12) to calculate a measure of the distance between the first and second devices (11, 12).. .
Nokia Technologies Oy


Supporting patient-centeredness in telehealth communications

A teleconferencing system includes a dominance calculator (24), and a view engine (26). The dominance calculator (24) is configured to compute a dominance score for at least one channel of a plurality of channels of communication based on received video and/or audio from each communication channel.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Combined power generation system having power converting apparatus

A first internal phase difference angle calculator for integrating a deviation between a first frequency command value and a frequency obtained by frequency obtaining device to calculate a first internal phase difference angle, a first internal electromotive voltage command value calculator for proportioning and calculating a deviation between a first reactive power command value and a reactive power obtained based on the value measured by first measuring device, and adding a reference voltage to the deviation so as to calculate a first internal electromotive voltage command value, and a first current command value calculator for calculating a command value of an output current from a first power converter based on the first internal phase difference angle, the first internal electromotive voltage command value, and a voltage measured by the voltage measuring device. The apparatus controls the first power converter based on an output from the first current command value calculator..
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Control device

A control device includes a flatness calculator and control-value logic. The flatness calculator calculates flatness of an image corresponding to an image signal.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Parking assistance system and parking assistance method

A parking assistance system includes: a color/ir detector which detects, from a camera image captured with a camera, marker candidates that are areas in each of which an intensity of a color component or an infrared (ir) component exceeds a threshold; a marker position calculator which calculates positions of the marker candidates in the camera image; and a validity verifier which determines whether the marker candidates are valid as the markers, based on the positions of the marker candidates and a predetermined positional relationship of the markers.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Arithmetic apparatus and control the same

An arithmetic apparatus comprises a plurality of cascade-connected arithmetic units. Each of the plurality of arithmetic units comprises: a calculator configured to operate in one of a rotation mode of performing a rotation calculation, and a vectoring mode of calculating a rotation angle; and a holding unit configured to hold rotational direction information output from the calculator in the vectoring mode.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Lane changing apparatus and autonomous vehicle

A lane changing apparatus of an autonomous vehicle includes a lane recognizer, a vehicle information collector, a control information calculator, a controller and a steering apparatus. The lane recognizer is configured to recognize a lane of a road on which the vehicle is driving and extract road information from the recognized lane.
Hyundai Motor Company


Power measurement device

A power measurement device for sampling current or voltage signals of a power system to produce a 1-bit delta-sigma bitstream. The power measurement device includes a frequency locked loop for determining the power system frequency directly from the 1-bit delta-sigma bitstream.
Smart Energy Instruments Inc.


Object distribution analysis apparatus and object distribution analysis method

In one embodiment, an object distribution analysis apparatus includes a coordinate acquiring module configured to acquire coordinate data on plural objects, and an object pair generator configured to generate plural object pairs, each of which includes two objects among the plural objects. The apparatus further includes an azimuth calculator configured to calculate an azimuth of a line segment connecting the objects of each object pair, and a first factor calculator configured to calculate a first factor which depends on azimuths of line segments of the plural object pairs..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Image region mapping device, 3d model generating apparatus, image region mapping method, and image region mapping program

An x-ray image acquiring unit, by irradiating a blood vessel through which contrast medium is passing with x-rays of equal intensity at first and second photographing angles, acquires first and second x-ray images. An absorption property acquiring unit acquires, from brightness of the contrast medium, an x-ray absorption property in a first image region corresponding to a portion of the blood vessel in the first x-ray image.
Panasonic Corporation


Apparatus for setting roaming parameter and the same to set roaming parameter

Provided are an apparatus for setting a roaming parameter and a method for the apparatus to set a roaming parameter. The apparatus includes a receiver configured to receive terminal information from a terminal connected to a wireless local area network (lan), a manager configured to store and manage roaming parameters according to terminal models connectable to the wireless lan(terminal-model-specific roaming parameters), a calculator configured to calculate a roaming parameter of the terminal using the received terminal information and the terminal-model-specific roaming parameters, and a transmitter configured to transmit the calculated roaming parameter to the terminal..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.


Radio device

A radio device is configured to be capable of performing upsampling on a forward wave containing a first signal and a second signal to broaden a processing band to a transmission band, then amplifying the forward wave using an amplifier, and transmitting the amplified forward wave. In the radio device, an fw power calculator calculates the power of a first component corresponding to a part of the transmission band from among the forward wave.
Fujitsu Limited


Apparatus for diagnosing vehicle motor performance and method thereof

An apparatus for diagnosing motor performance of a vehicle and a method thereof are provided. The apparatus for diagnosing motor performance includes calculating magnetic flux of the motor under a predetermined diagnosis condition using a magnetic flux calculator.
Hyundai Motor Company


Apparatus and transmitting wireless power

A wireless power transmission apparatus includes: a transmitter to generate transmission power to a receiving coil of a receiving device through a transmitting coil, a location adjuster to adjust a location of the transmitter based on a location of the receiving coil, a voltage ratio calculator to calculate a voltage ratio applied to the receiving coil according to a location variation of the transmitter, and a transmission power determiner to determine an intensity of the transmission power for a signal output to the receiving device resulting from the voltage ratio applied to the receiving coil, and to transmit a signal corresponding to the intensity of the transmission power to the transmitter.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Apparatus and spatial audio object coding employing hidden objects for signal mixture manipulation

An apparatus for encoding one or more audio objects to obtain an encoded signal is provided. The apparatus includes a for downmixing the one or more audio objects to obtain one or more unprocessed downmix signals.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method

According to one embodiment, a medical image processing apparatus includes a valve extractor, a specifier and a calculator. The valve extractor extracts a living valve image by analyzing 3d image data related to an anatomical part of a subject.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Optimizing wellness program spending

A method, system, and computer program product for managing employee wellness incentive programs. Some embodiments commence by accessing databases to retrieve a set of wellness program spending amount datapoints, and then organizing those datapoints into a series of successively increasing wellness program spending amounts.
Oracle International Corporation


Autonomous vehicle, and object recognizing method in autonomous vehicle

An autonomous vehicle includes a travel vehicle main body, a model data storage, a photographic device, a search region determiner, an image feature point detector, a feature amount calculator and a position detector. The travel vehicle main body autonomously travels to a target position.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.


Measurement device and measuring

A measurement device includes: a mass measurer that measures a mass of particles in gas; a humidity changer that changes a humidity of atmosphere to which the particles are exposed; and a calculator that calculates information indicating a correlation of the mass with respect to the humidity.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Apparatus and program for assisting drive of vehicle

In an apparatus, a first obtainer obtains a first travelling-condition parameter of a target vehicle. The first travelling-condition parameter shows one or more conditions under which the target vehicle is travelling on the road.
Denso Corporation


Patient-specific analysis of raw positron emission tomography data

Systems and methods are provided for evaluating tissue for abnormal glucose uptake within a region of interest within a patient. A pet scanner obtains pet imagery including the region of interest and at least part of the liver.


Image pickup apparatus, controlling the same, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium

An image pickup apparatus includes a calculator configured to detect a defocus amount based on a contrast evaluation value of a synthesized signal, wherein the synthesized signal is obtained by relatively shifting phases of passband signals of first and second signals through a predetermined frequency band and by synthesizing the passband signals, and a controller capable of changing the predetermined frequency band.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image interpolating unit, recording medium having image interpolating program, and image reading apparatus

Provided is an image interpolating unit including: a first interpolation pixel generator that generates a first pixel value; a second interpolation pixel generator that detects, based on a total of differences between pixel values in a pixel group centered around a lost pixel and pixel values in pixel groups centered around a single pixel around the lost pixel, reference pixels of the lost pixel, and generate, based on the reference pixels, a second pixel value on the lost pixel; a reference pixel edge amount calculator; and an interpolator that inserts, as an interpolation pixel value, one of the first and the second pixel values into a position corresponding to the lost pixel, based on edge amounts of the reference pixels and a total of differences between pixel values in a pixel group centered around the reference pixels and the pixel values in the pixel group centered around the lost pixel.. .
Oki Data Corporation


On-vehicle image processor

An on-vehicle image processor includes an imager mounted on a vehicle, an image convertor and compositor that converts images imaged by the imager into overhead images, a white line candidate area detector that detects a white line candidate area estimated to constitute a parking frame, an endpoint position detector that detects positions of endpoints, a vehicle behavior measurer that measures a movement amount of the vehicle, an endpoint movement position predictor that predicts moved positions of the endpoints detected by endpoint position detector, an endpoint movement amount judger, an endpoint position storage, a distance calculator that judges a degree of proximity of the endpoints, an information output device, an endpoint position oblivion judger that deletes the position of the endpoints satisfying a predetermined condition, a parking frame detector that detects a parking frame from the image, an accelerator opening degree detector and a vehicle behavior controller.. .
Clarion Co., Ltd.


Frequency stabilizing isolated system

A frequency stabilizing apparatus includes a power detecting method control amount calculator, a frequency detecting method control amount calculator, and a command value calculator. The power detecting method control amount calculator generates a first command value based on demand and supply imbalance of power in an isolated island system.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method of calculating stable spindle rotation number capable of suppressing chatter vibration, informing the same, controlling spindle rotation number, and editing nc program, and apparatus therefor

An apparatus includes vibration data obtainer 30 obtaining data on vibration caused by a tool in cutting, a vibration frequency calculator 22 calculating a vibration frequency of the tool by analyzing the obtained vibration data, a regenerative chatter detector 23 detecting whether regenerative chatter occurs by comparing the calculated vibration frequency of the tool with a spindle rotation number, and a spindle rotation controller 24 gradually decreasing or increasing the spindle rotation number when occurrence of regenerative chatter vibration is detected, and a stable rotation number calculator 25 monitoring variation of the vibration frequency of the tool and determining a spindle rotation number when the variation of the vibration frequency exceeds a predetermined reference value to be a stable rotation number.. .
Dmg Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.


Drive assist device and method, collision prediction device and method, and alerting device and method

A drive assist device includes: an approach degree calculator configured to calculate a first approach degree of a vehicle to an object in a vehicle traveling direction and to calculate a second approach degree of the vehicle to the object in a direction that intersects the vehicle traveling direction based on a relative velocity between the vehicle and the object; and a drive assist control unit configured to control execution of drive assist based on the first approach degree and the second approach degree.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for vehicle to sense roadblock

A system and a method detect a presence of a roadblock and perform an evaluation of a vehicle's approach to a roadblock located at a flat road surface, or an upslope road surface or a downslope road surface. A roadblock sensor system includes a transmitter, a receiver and processing circuitry.
Umm Al-qura University


Apparatus for obtaining status information of crystalline lens and equipment including the same

In one example embodiment, an apparatus for obtaining status information of a crystalline lens of an eye includes a light projector configured to project a reference light to the crystalline lens; an intensity detector configured to detect an intensity of scattered light that is generated from the reference light by being scattered at the crystalline lens; and a calculator configured to calculate thickness information of the crystalline lens based on the intensity of scattered light.. .
University-industry Foundation, Yonsei University


Current control three-phase rotary machine

In an apparatus, a synchronizing unit synchronizes a measurement timing of values of first and second phase currents by a current sensor with a measurement timing of a rotational angle of a rotor by a rotational angle sensor. A current calculator calculates, based on the first and second parameter signals and the rotational angle of the rotor, values of two phase currents in a rotational coordinate system defined with respect to the rotor.
Denso Corporation


Motor control apparatus and motor control method

A motor control apparatus has an inverter that applies a voltage to an ac induction motor to be driven, a command value calculator that calculates a command value of an ac voltage outputted from the inverter based on a target motor torque of the ac induction motor, and an inverter controller that controls the inverter based on the command value of the ac voltage. The target motor torque of the ac induction motor includes a first target motor torque and a second target motor torque.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for controlling controlled variable of rotary machine to command value

In a control apparatus, an interference-reduction current calculator calculates, as an interference reduction current, a component of a current vector in a coordinate axis in a rotating coordinate system defined with respect to a rotor of the rotary machine. The current vector flows in the rotary machine, and the coordinate axis serves as an interference reduction coordinate axis in which the component of the current vector has reduced interference from change of the phase of the output voltage vector.
Denso Corporation


Apparatus and generating a frequency enhanced signal using shaping of the enhancement signal

An apparatus for generating a frequency enhancement signal has: a calculator for calculating a value describing an energy distribution with respect to frequency in a core signal; and a signal generator for generating an enhancement signal having an enhancement frequency range not included in the core signal, from the core signal, wherein the signal generator is configured for shaping the enhancement signal or the core signal so that a spectral envelope of the enhancement signal or of the core signal depends on the value describing the energy distribution with respect to frequency in the core signal.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Method and normalized audio playback of media with and without embedded loudness metadata on new media devices

A decoder device for decoding a bitstream so as to produce therefrom an audio output signal, the bitstream having audio data and optionally loudness metadata containing a reference loudness value, wherein a gain control device has a reference loudness decoder configured to create a loudness value, wherein the loudness value is the reference loudness value in case that the reference loudness value is present in the bitstream; wherein the gain control device has a gain calculator configured to calculate a gain value based on the loudness value and based on a volume control value, which is provided by an external user interface allowing a user to control the volume control value, and a loudness processor configured to control the loudness of the audio output signal based on the gain value.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Method of display and system for aiding navigation

The invention relates to a display method for displaying an image on a screen (24) of a headset (16) of a system (12) for aiding navigation, the system (12) for aiding navigation comprising the headset (16), and a calculator (18). The method comprises the successive steps: of measuring the orientation of the headset (16) of the operator furnished with the headset (16); of processing a first image having a first number of pixels so as to obtain a first processed image; of extracting a part of the first processed image as a function of the measured orientation of the headset (16) so as to obtain a second image, the second image having a second number of pixels strictly lower than the first number of pixels; and of dispatching by the calculator (18) to the headset (16) of the second image for display on the screen (24)..


Image processing device and image processing method

An image processing device includes: a calculator that calculates a gray scale histogram for each color component of an image signal; a calculator that calculates, for each color component, a maximum and a minimum of classes having a frequency greater than zero in the gray scale histogram; a determiner that generates, for each color component, a histogram having classes each having an absolute difference value between the frequencies of adjacent classes in the gray scale histogram, and compares the absolute difference values in the histograms with a value to determine, from the presence or absence of an absolute difference value exceeding the value, an image type of the image; a generator that generates a gray scale correction curve from the calculated maximum and minimum for each color component; and a corrector that performs gray scale correction on the image signal using the gray scale correction curve.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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