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Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

Ultrasonic treatment system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Calculator-related patents
 Image processor, image processing method, and image projector patent thumbnailnew patent Image processor, image processing method, and image projector
According to one embodiment, an image processor including: a corrector; a simulator; and a parameter calculator. The corrector calculates a correction image regarding a first image.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Power conversion device patent thumbnailnew patent Power conversion device
An inverter circuit has a main circuit for converting dc power into output electric power and outputting the output electric power, and a filter capacitor connected in parallel with the main circuit. A supply switching circuit has a contactor that switches between supplying and not supplying dc power to the inverter circuit.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Temperature controller for semiconductor manufacturing equipment,  calculating pid constants in semiconductor manfacturing, and  operating temperature controller for semiconductor manufacturing equipment patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature controller for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, calculating pid constants in semiconductor manfacturing, and operating temperature controller for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
A temperature adjustment system configured to adjust the temperature of a fluid used in a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus includes: a heat exchanger including therein a temperature adjuster for heating and cooling the fluid, the heat exchanger being configured to perform heat exchange between the fluid therein and the temperature adjuster; a temperature sensor configured to measure the temperature of the fluid; a pid-constant calculator configured to calculate pid constants for pid control based on the physical properties of the fluid and a time constant of the temperature sensor; and a pid-control calculator configured to perform the pid control on the temperature adjuster with the pid constants calculated by the pid-constant calculator.. .
Kelk Ltd.

 Apparatus and  emotion recognition patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and emotion recognition
An apparatus and a method for emotion recognition are provided. The apparatus for emotion recognition includes a frame parameter generator configured to detect a plurality of unit frames from an input speech and to generate a parameter vector for each of the unit frames, a key-frame selector configured to select a unit frame as a key frame among the plurality of unit frames, an emotion-probability calculator configured to calculate an emotion probability of each of the selected key frames, and an emotion determiner configured to determine an emotion of a speaker based on the calculated emotion probabilities..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
A progress status of an attack on an information system possibly carried out is visualized to display a warning to a user, without using a correlation rule. A table storage stores a past case table indicating a phase string obtained by concatenating phase values indicating attack progress degrees according to an event occurrence pattern in a past case.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Automated computer controlled system for measuring the consumption of printer resources and transacting environmental offsets patent thumbnailnew patent Automated computer controlled system for measuring the consumption of printer resources and transacting environmental offsets
There is disclosed an automated computer controlled system for measuring the consumption of printer resources and transacting environmental offsets, and may comprise a printer resource tracking system (prts) collecting resource consumption data from printing equipment. A transactional server may retrieve the resource consumption data from the prts.
Printreleaf, Inc.

 Basin-to-reservoir modeling patent thumbnailnew patent Basin-to-reservoir modeling
Systems and methods for basin to reservoir modeling to identify any hi-grade drilling targets based on the linking of static and dynamic reservoir rock and fluid properties. Static, present-day, reservoir and field scale description grids or unstructured meshes are transformed into dynamic (through time) simulation grids or unstructured meshes that can subsequently be used for input to dynamic calculators.
Landmark Graphics Corporation

 Ultrasonic treatment system patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasonic treatment system
An ultrasonic treatment system includes a calculator calculating a relation between an amplitude of a vibrating body unit when an ultrasonic vibration is generated and an electric current to be supplied to an ultrasonic generator based on both an elapse of time and a number of thermal processes. The ultrasonic treatment system includes a current value setting section setting the electric current to an adaptive current value that brings the amplitude of the vibrating body unit to a target amplitude based on the relation between the amplitude of the vibrating body unit and the electric current calculated by the calculation section..
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

 Ultrasound inspection apparatus, signal processing  ultrasound inspection apparatus, and recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound inspection apparatus, signal processing ultrasound inspection apparatus, and recording medium
An ultrasound inspection apparatus includes a region setting section setting a plurality of regions within the inspection object; a sound velocity calculator calculating a sound velocity of each of the plurality of regions; a sound velocity obtainer obtaining a preliminary sound velocity of a region of interest; and an image quality determiner determining an image quality of the region of interest based on the preliminary sound velocity. The preliminary sound velocity obtained by the sound velocity obtainer is employed as a sound velocity of the region of interest when a determination result made by the image quality determiner is positive, and the sound velocity of the region of interest is calculated by the sound velocity calculator when the determination result is negative..
Fujifilm Corporation

 In-vehicle image recognizer patent thumbnailIn-vehicle image recognizer
An in-vehicle image recognizer effectively detects a moving object from an image even when a lens has grime. In a detection sensitivity adjustor (50) which adjusts detection sensitivity to be increased according to a white turbidity level (u), the detection sensitivity of a vehicle detector (70) (image recognition application execution unit), which detects the other vehicle (6) (moving object) existing in the surrounding area of a vehicle (5) with a predetermined detection sensitivity from the image obtained by an imaging unit (10) disposed in the vehicle (5) to observe the surrounding area of the vehicle (5) through a lens (12) and convert the light signal of the observed surrounding area of the vehicle (5) into an image signal, is corrected based on the attachment level m of the attached matter such as dirt or water drops to the lens (12), which is calculated by an attachment level calculator (26)..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Motor controller and controlling motor

A motor controller includes an evaluation value calculator and an evaluation value searcher. The evaluation value calculator calculates an evaluation value represented by a function including a q-axis current value of a torque current component of a current through an induction motor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki


Magnet temperature estimating system for synchronous electric motor

A magnet temperature estimating system for a synchronous electric motor having a permanent magnet includes: a superimposing unit configured to superimpose a voltage or current of a frequency different from a frequency of a fundamental wave driving the synchronous electric motor on at least a d-axis of the synchronous electric motor; a calculator configured to calculate an impedance of the synchronous electric motor from the superimposed voltage or current and a current or voltage obtained by the superimposing; and a magnet temperature estimating unit configured to estimate a temperature of the permanent magnet on the basis of the calculated impedance.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Document classification assisting apparatus, method and program

According to one embodiment, a document classification assisting apparatus includes an input unit, an extracting unit, an amount calculator, a setting unit, a calculator, and a storage. The input unit inputs documents including stroke information.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Insolation calculating device, route proposing device, and insolation calculating method

An insolation calculating device has a 3d model acquisition module to acquire a 3d model of an area around a target location to calculate insolation, a routing information acquisition module to acquire routing information about the area around the location, a main routing information extractor to acquire main routing information including a plurality of representative points from the routing information acquired by the routing information acquisition module, a sky diagram generator to generate a sky diagram at each of the representative points, the sky diagram being generated as two-dimensional image data corresponding to a shot image of the whole sky, a representative point insolation calculator to calculate representative point insolation showing insolation at each of the representative points, and a route insolation calculator to calculate insolation of each route connecting two adjacent representative points in the representative points.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Inner image generating apparatus and method thereof

An inner image generating apparatus includes a first receiver configured to receive an inlet track information and a first passage time of a muon, a second receiver configured to receive an outlet track information and a second passage time of the muon, a displacement calculator configured to calculate a track displacement of a track of the muon based on the inlet and outlet track information, a mean energy calculator configured to calculate a mean energy of the muon based on a time-difference between the first passage and the second passage time, a data integration circuit configured to integrate multiplied data multiplying the track displacement and the mean energy on a projected plane, and an image generating circuit configured to generate an inner image of the structure by identifying a position of matter at the projected plane based on an integrated multiplied data.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Hydraulic oil deterioration ratio estimating apparatus in vehicle

A hydraulic oil deterioration ratio estimating apparatus in a vehicle includes a torque converter, an automatic transmission, an oil temperature detector, an engine speed detector, an input shaft rotation speed detector, an output shaft rotation speed detector, and a hydraulic oil deterioration ratio estimator. The hydraulic oil deterioration ratio estimator is configured to estimate a deterioration ratio of hydraulic oil.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Control device for electric car

A resistance calculation activator determines whether or not an electric car is stopped on the basis of a drive command signal and an external signal, and activates a resistance calculator if a powering command is input as the drive command when it is determined that the electric car is stopped. The activated resistance calculator computes, within a resistance calculation period, a resistance value of an ac motor that produces driving force for the electric car, on the basis of a d-axis voltage command value and a d-axis current value supplied to the ac motor..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Input device that is worn by user and input method

An input device, that is worn on a portion of a user's body, includes: a sensor unit configured to obtain angular velocities and an acceleration in a first coordinate system fixed in the input device; a reference posture specification unit configured to generate a second coordinate system for a reference posture of the user; a rotation matrix calculator configured to calculate a rotation matrix that transforms the angular velocities in the first coordinate system into angular velocities in the second coordinate system using the acceleration in the first coordinate system; a characteristic value calculator configured to calculate characteristic values in the second coordinate system using the angular velocities in the second coordinate system; a command specification unit configured to specify a command according to the characteristic values; and a transmitter configured to transmit the command to the controller.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Engine misfiring diagnosis device

An engine misfiring diagnosis device includes: a misfiring diagnosis value calculator that calculates a misfiring diagnosis value for determination of misfiring, based on an amount of rotational fluctuations among cylinders; a reference determination threshold calculator that calculates a reference determination threshold for determining occurrence of misfiring, based on an engine operating state; a first misfiring determiner that compares the misfiring diagnosis value with the reference determination threshold, and determines misfiring of a cylinder being diagnosed; and a second misfiring determiner that, if the first misfiring determiner has determined misfiring is occurring, performs re-determination regarding misfiring for the cylinder being diagnosed, based on a difference between a value obtained by correcting the misfiring diagnosis value of the cylinder being diagnosed with a rotational fluctuation correction value based on the engine operating state, and the misfiring diagnosis values of the cylinders before and after the cylinder being diagnosed in combustion process order.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Fading doppler frequency estimation device and fading doppler frequency estimation method

Channel estimator 101, based on the received signal received through a radio channel, estimates an estimated value of a channel showing channel characteristics of the radio channel. Correlation value calculator 103 calculates a time domain channel correlation value showing the time correlation of the radio channel, based on the estimated value of the channel.
Nec Corporation


Image compression device, image compression method, image decompression device, and image decompression method

An image compression device includes: a first encoder that encodes a target block included in a segment in a first encoding mode; a second encoder that encodes the target block in a second encoding mode using a fixed-length coding to obtain a second encoded data; a calculator that calculates an accumulated amount of the first encoded data of the blocks; a selector that selects an encoding mode to be used to encode the target block from among the first encoding mode and the second encoding mode; and a determiner that determines whether to encode encoding mode information according to a predetermined condition. The selector selects the second encoding mode if a sum of an accumulated amount and an amount of the second encoded data of all remaining blocks in a segment exceeds a target value..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Digital tuning engine for highly programmable delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters

An integrated circuit includes a component calculator configured to compute at least one component value of a highly programmable analog-to-digital converter (adc) from at least one application parameter, and a mapping module configured to map the component value to a corresponding register setting of the adc based on at least one process parameter, wherein the integrated circuit produces digital control signals capable of programming the adc. In a specific embodiment, the component calculator uses an algebraic function of a normalized representation of the application parameter to approximately evaluate at least one normalized adc coefficient.
Analog Devices Global


Fm receiver that receives fm signal and receiving fm signal

A quadrature detector quadrature-detects an fm signal. An fm detector generates a detection signal by fm detecting an fm signal that has been quadrature-detected.
Jvc Kenwood Corporation


Employee value-retention risk calculator

During an analysis technique, organization data for an organization (such as a company) and/or external data are used to calculate a performance metric and to determine retention risk for an employee. For example, the performance metric may be calculated based on revenue or productivity, and the retention risk may be determined based on an unemployment rate in a region that includes the organization or hiring trends in the region.
Evolv Inc.


User interface method and apparatus based on spatial location recognition

The apparatus includes an image acquirer for generating capturing information by capturing a target object in a three-dimensional space, a location calculator for calculating a location value of the target object in a virtual space divided into a plurality of zones based on the capturing information, a comparison comparator for determining whether the location value of the target object is included in one of the plurality of zones by comparing the location value of the target object with a reference location database, and an event signal processor for generating an event execution signal for executing an event corresponding to the zone, if it is determined that the location value of the target object is included in the zone.. .
Kmt Global Inc


Image forming apparatus and image forming method

An image forming apparatus includes a first heater disposed opposite and heating at least a center of a fixing belt in an axial direction thereof and a second heater disposed opposite and heating at least a lateral end of the fixing belt in the axial direction thereof. A power supply supplies power to the first heater and the second heater.


Laser radar device and calculating speed of object to be measured

A speed calculator 16 selects a speed calculation method corresponding to a peak value of an snr which is detected by a peak snr detector 15 from among a plurality of speed calculation methods of calculating the speed (wind speed) of an aerosol to calculate the speed (wind speed) of the aerosol according to the speed calculation method. As a result, there is provided an advantage of being able to calculate the speed (wind speed) of the aerosol in a short time with a high degree of accuracy..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Robot, robot control method and robot control program

A robot is connected with an applying device including a reserve tank that reserves an applying material, and an applicator unit that applies the applying material to an applying object, and supplying the applying material from the reserve tank to the applicator by power of a motor. The robot includes a holder moving the applicator unit relative to the applying object, a supply-amount adjuster adjusting a supply amount of the applying material by the applying device, and a moving-speed setter setting a moving speed of the holder.
Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.


Subjective optometer

A subjective optometer includes a visual target, deflectors, calculator and positioning parts. The visual target is presented a first distance away from eyes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method

An interfering wave is detected using, in a received signal including a preamble and a control signal field, a plurality of symbols including a symbol configuring the preamble and a symbol configuring the control signal field. The received signal has one of a plurality of transmission formats that use at least either a first frequency band or a second frequency band.
Panasonic Corporation


Apparatus and controlling actuator in optical image stabilizer and optical image stabilizer using the same

Embodiments of the invention provide an apparatus for controlling an actuator in an optical image stabilizer. The apparatus includes a hand-shake frequency determination unit configured to determine a hand-shake frequency based on distance data output from a distance calculator which is configured to calculate a distance based on an output from a motion sensor.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods of converting detector output to multi-level soft information

A data processing system includes a binary data detector having a hard decision output, a reliability calculator operable to calculate an error pattern reliability metric for each of a number of dominant error patterns associated with the hard decision output, and a converter operable to convert the error pattern reliability metrics to multi-level soft information.. .
Lsi Corporation


Motor controller

A motor controller of a switched reluctance motor includes an inverter, a torque and flux calculator configured to estimate or measure torque and flux generated in the switched reluctance motor as calculated torque flux, based on an output from the inverter and a rotor angle of the switched reluctance motor, a switching pattern selector configured to input a signal to the inverter to select one of a plurality of switching patterns based on comparison results of a reference torque and the calculated torque and a reference flux and the calculated flux, and a flux phase angle, and a reference flux calculator configured to compare a highest phase flux out of three phase fluxes obtained by the torque and flux calculator with a flux limit and to reduce the reference flux when the maximum phase flux is higher than the flux limit.. .
Nidec Corporation


Servo channel with equalizer adaptation

A servo system includes an equalizer circuit operable to filter digital servo data samples according to filter tap coefficients to yield equalized data, a detector circuit operable to apply a data detection algorithm to the equalized data to yield hard decisions, a convolution circuit operable to yield ideal digital data based on the hard decisions and on target values, a subtraction circuit operable to subtract the ideal digital data from the equalized data to yield an adaptation error signal, an error gradient calculator operable calculate an error gradient signal based at least in part on the adaptation error signal, and a tap adaptation circuit operable to calculate values of the filter tap coefficients based on the error gradient signal.. .
Lsi Corporation


Bio-information display device and bio-information display method

A bio-information display device includes a calculator that calculates a bio-parameter value from a biosignal, a graph generator that generates a trend graph based on the bio-parameter value, a waveform generator that generates a signal waveform from the biosignal, a display that displays information, and a display controller that synchronizes the bio-parameter value of the trend graph with the signal waveform associated with the bio-parameter value and then sequentially displays the trend graph and the signal waveform on the display in time-series.. .
Nihon Kohden Corporation


Profile based rating method and system

A novel profile-based rating method and system are disclosed; where a plurality of profiles and their ratings are employed to indirectly represent the quality of products and services (objects), and to differentiate “good” versus “bad” products and services. A user establishes his association of favoritism with certain profiles through his rating feedback via a rating calculator in the system and uses his favorite profiles' ratings on objects as guidance for future selection.


Material structure prediction apparatus, product manufacturing method and material structure prediction method

The material structure prediction apparatus includes a temperature calculator calculating temperatures at calculation points, based on a temperature condition, a nucleation count calculator calculating a nucleation count in the calculation target region, a precipitated phase generation point determining module determining, from the calculation points, a precipitated phase generation point, a grain growth calculator calculating a grain growth of the precipitated phase at the precipitated phase generation point, and a material structure prediction module predicting the structure of the material, based on the grain growth of the precipitated phase.. .
Toshiba Mitsubishi-elec. Industrial Systems Corp.


Atmospheric radar

Technologies are described effective to implement an atmospheric radar system. An antenna array transmits a wave toward an atmospheric target and receives a reflected wave that includes voltages corresponding to backscattered radar signal measurements.
Brookhaven Science Associates Llc


Course estimator

This disclosure provides as an aspect a course estimator having a curvature radius estimator, a calculator and a determination section. The curvature radius estimator obtains first information on a forward traveling path ahead of a vehicle in a traveling direction of the vehicle at different time points and estimating, on the basis of the first information obtained repeatedly, each curvature radius of the forward traveling path at a respective time.
Denso Corporation


Microphone interference detection method and apparatus

A method and apparatus for detecting microphone interference includes first and second built-in microphones producing first and second microphone signals. A first filter bank creates first high-frequency-band and first low frequency-band signals from the first microphone signal.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Techniques for rate-distortion optimization in video compression

Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for reducing processing and/or storage resource requirements for rdo in compressing motion video. A device to compress motion video includes a first cost calculator to derive a first bitcost value of using a quantized coefficient of a quantized coefficient block of a frame of a video in compressing the video, the first bitcost value based on a context model of a context-adaptive binary arithmetic coder (cabac); and a second cost calculator to derive a second bitcost value of replacing the quantized coefficient with an alternate value derived from the quantized coefficient in compressing the video, the second bitcost value based on the context model.


Image processing device, stereoscopic image display device, and image processing method

According to an embodiment, an image processing device includes an obtainer to obtain parallax images; first and second calculators; and first and second generators. The first calculator calculates, for each light ray defined according to combinations of pixels included in each display element, first map-information associated with a luminance value of the parallax image corresponding to the light ray.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Focus detection apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, focus detection method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium

A focus detection apparatus performs focus detection by a phase difference method using an image pickup element including first and second pixels, the focus detection apparatus includes a correlation data calculator which calculates correlation data between pixel data obtained from the first pixels and the second pixels in ranges of image data, a detector which detects a saturated pixel having a level of at least a predetermined value in each of the ranges, an adding processor which performs an addition processing of the correlation data calculated in each of the ranges based on a detection result, and a defocus amount calculator which calculates a defocus amount based on a result of the addition processing, and the adding processor performs the addition processing using correlation data obtained from a first range in which the number of the saturated pixels is less than a predetermined number.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium

An information processing apparatus includes a receiver configured to receive an output instruction to output data; a calculator configured to calculate an index value indicating a cost or an environmental burden when data subjected to output are output in a first output condition specified by the output instruction, and the index value when the data are output in a second output condition differing from the first output condition; and a display controller configured to display a screen to display a calculation result obtained by the calculator and to receive an output instruction based on one of the first and the second output conditions.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Vibration energy detection apparatus and vibration energy detection system

A vibration energy detection apparatus has a vibration power generator installed in an inspection object that converts vibration energy generated in the inspection object into power, an electric storage unit that stores generated power of the vibration power generator, a voltage monitor that monitors a storage voltage of the electric storage unit, a discharge controller that discharges electric storage energy of the electric storage unit when the storage voltage of the electric storage unit exceeds a predetermined storage voltage, and a vibration energy calculator that calculates the vibration energy generated in the inspection object based on the number of formation times of an electric storage state of the electric storage unit. The electric storage state is continuously or intermittently formed by the discharge by the discharge controller..
Omron Corporation


Electronic device, measurement data processing method, and measurement data processing program

An electronic device includes: a storage unit that stores unit information relating to a movement with respect to each of an elevating state and a horizontal movement state; an altitude measurement unit that measures an altitude; an altitude change determination unit that determines whether the movement is the elevating state or the horizontal movement state based on the altitude measured by the altitude measurement unit; and a movement distance calculator that reads the unit information corresponding to the state determined by the altitude change determination unit from the storage unit and calculates a movement distance based on the read unit information.. .
Seiko Instruments Inc.


Electronic device, measurement data processing method, and measurement data processing program

An electronic device includes an altitude measurement unit, an altitude change determination unit, and an elevating speed calculator. The altitude measurement unit measures an altitude, the altitude change determination unit determines whether a change state of the altitude measured by the altitude measurement unit is at least an ascending state or a descending state, and the elevating speed calculator calculates an average elevating speed in each change state determined by the altitude change determination unit based on the altitude measured by the altitude measurement unit.
Seiko Instruments Inc.


Waveform tracking device, ultrasound diagnostic device, and waveform tracking method

A bone strength diagnostic device comprises oscillators, a determination index calculator, a tracking start point setting component, and a tracking execution component. A plurality of the oscillators are disposed in a line to acquire echo signals of a transmitted ultrasound beam.
Furono Electric Co., Ltd.


Motor controller

A 0-axis current calculator 7 configured to calculate a target value of the 0-axis current by setting the current of the open phase to be zero when one of the phases becomes open, or determines that the target value of the 0-axis current is zero when there is no open phase is provided. Based on the target values of the d-axis current and the q-axis current, the target value of the 0-axis current calculated by the 0-axis current calculator 7, and the d-axis current, the q-axis current, and the 0-axis current transformed by the d-q-0 transformer 8, the current supplied to each phase of the motor are controlled..
Ihi Aerospace Co., Ltd.


Display device and control method thereof

Disclosed herein is a display device for determining whether or not ghost exists in a unit of a block to perform ghost cancellation, and a control method of the display device. According to an embodiment, the display device includes: a screen configured to display an image; a calculator configured to partition the screen into a plurality of blocks and determine whether or not ghost exists in at least one block of the blocks; and a controller configured to cancel ghost existing in the at least one block in response to the calculator determining that the ghost exists in the at least one block of the blocks..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Lane change control apparatus and control the same

A lane change control apparatus includes a lane information extractor configured to obtain lane information for a driving lane by using image information for a lane. A lane changeable time calculator is configured to calculate a lane changeable time by using speed information of an own vehicle and information for peripheral vehicles obtained from sensing apparatuses installed in the vehicle.
Hyundai Motor Company


Device and processing image

An image processing device includes a line gain calculator, a line gain corrector, and a gain adjustor. The line gain calculator calculates an absolute value of gradient and an absolute value of laplacian of the input image, and calculates a line gain based on the absolute value of the gradient and the absolute value of the laplacian.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Information processing system, electronic apparatus, method and storage medium

According to one embodiment, an information processing system includes a biological sensor device to be worn by a patient and an electronic apparatus. The biological sensor device includes a measurement processor to continuously measure biological information of the patient.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Client terminal device, access-point selection method, and wireless lan system

Provided is a client terminal device that is capable of wirelessly connecting to an access point that would offer high performance by reducing an influence of a connection history of the past, as well as such an access-point selection method and such a wireless lan system. A load factor acquisition unit 22 acquires, a current load factor of each access point.
Kyocera Corporation


Likelihood weighting circuit

A likelihood weighting circuit includes a weighting part assigning a weight to a first soft-decision likelihood for a subcarrier in a received signal based on a power value of the received signal or a modulation error ratio of the subcarrier, a first variance calculator calculating a variance of the power value, a second variance calculator calculating a variance of the modulation error ratio, a likelihood measurement part measuring a distribution of a second soft-decision likelihood obtained by assigning the weight to the first soft-decision likelihood, a controller computing a first relaxing level of the power value and a second relaxing level of the modulation error ratio based on the respective variances, and a value of the second soft-decision likelihood, a first normalization processor normalizing the power value based on the first relaxing level, and a second normalization processor normalizing the modulation error ratio based on the second relaxing level.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Organic light emitting display and compensating for image quality thereof

Provided is an organic light emitting diode (oled) display device including a plurality of pixels to display images, each of the pixels including an oled, a driving transistor connected to the oled, and a switching transistor configured to supply data signals to the oled, the device including: a sensor configured to sense a change amount of a mobility of the driving transistor; a compensation value calculator configured to obtain a change amount of a threshold voltage of the driving transistor based on the sensed change amount of the mobility; and a data compensator configured to adjust the data signals based on the sensed change amount of mobility and the obtained change amount of the threshold voltage.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Image forming apparatus, calibrating print density, and computer-readable recording medium

An image forming apparatus, a method, and a non-transitory computer-readable recording medium are provided. The apparatus includes an image former configured to form patches for print density calibration on an image forming medium, a print density sensor configured to sense a print density for the plurality of reflective patches formed on the image forming medium, a calculator configured to calculate calibration coefficients of the sensor based on the sensed print densities, and a calibrator configured to perform the print density calibration using the calculated calibration coefficients..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Flexible redundant array of independent disks (raid) computation device

A method for calculating a plurality (m) of redundancy blocks for multiple (n) data blocks of a plurality (d) of words each, the method comprises: receiving the number (m) of redundancy blocks by a calculator that comprises multiple (r) calculation units; configuring the calculator according to m and r; concurrently calculating, if m equals r, by the multiple (r) calculation units of the calculator, r sets of parity vectors, each set includes a plurality (d) of parity vectors; and calculating the plurality (m) of the redundancy blocks based on the r sets of parity vectors.. .
Annapurna Labs Ltd.


Powertrain control system and method

The present invention relates to a powertrain control system (1) for a vehicle. The powertrain control system (1) includes a torque limit calculator (47) for generating a torque control signal based (57) on one or more vehicle operating parameters.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited


System and controlling fuzzy engine clutch of hybrid vehicle

A system and method for controlling an active fuzzy engine clutch of a hybrid vehicle enable a force (pressure) capable of jointing an engine clutch with output information of a fuzzy system to be generated by using dynamic state information as input information in the fuzzy system. The system includes: a load torque calculator for calculating a load torque based on a load difference of a load subject and a compensation subject, and compensating the load torque for the compensation subject; a torque controller for transferring output information for a power source, and controlling a transmission ratio; and an engine clutch joint control fuzzy controller for determining a hydraulic pressure for jointing an engine clutch based on torque information input from the torque controller, including load torque information input from the load torque calculator..
Hyundai Motor Company


Controller for the automatic control of an injection device

The invention concerns an device for injecting a patient with a liquid product contained in a container (4), the system comprising a pressurising unit for driving the liquid product contained in the container, the system further comprising a calculator for estimating the injection flow rate at the outlet of the container, said injection flow rate at the outlet being estimated on the basis of a law of deformation of the system under the effect of the pressure inside the container.. .


Transaction cost mirror

Methods and apparatus may include a calculator for use in determination of a cost of acceptance associated with a purchase and/or group of purchases. The calculator may determine one or more surcharge attributes based on input provided by a transaction participant and one or more transaction fee rules.
Bank Of America Corporation


Taking device inventory using dynamically generated symbols

A method for inventorying one or more devices may be initiated by receiving an input command to request a device identification (id) for one of the devices. A unique id image that is indicative of the id of one device may then be dynamically created.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Drive-pattern evaluation device and drive-pattern evaluation method

An object of the present invention is to provide a drive-pattern evaluation device for appropriately evaluating energy-saving performance of a drive pattern. A drive-pattern evaluation device of the present invention is a drive-pattern evaluation device which evaluates a past actual drive pattern of a moving body based on energy consumption, the device including: an energy-saving drive pattern generating unit that generates an energy-saving drive pattern in consideration of energy consumption with respect to an evaluation section of the actual drive pattern; an energy consumption estimating unit that estimates energy consumption by the energy-saving drive pattern as an estimated energy-saving consumption; and an eco-score calculator that compares energy consumption by the actual drive pattern in the evaluation section and the estimated energy-saving consumption, to evaluate the actual drive pattern based on the comparison result..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Optical proximity detectors

Described herein are optical proximity detectors, methods for use therewith, and systems including an optical proximity detector. Such optical proximity detectors include an analog front-end and a digital back-end.
Intersil Americas Llc


Actuated pin antenna reflector

Apparatus for improving the performance and allowing increased directionality of reflecting-type antenna systems by varying the geometry of the reflecting surface. A reflecting surface is composed of an array of actuated pins which are capable of extending or retracting to alter the overall pattern.
Goverment Of The United States As Represented By Te Secretary Of The Air Force


Calculation device

A calculation device includes a plurality of calculation processing units configured to perform different processes with each other, a plurality of calculators configured to perform a same calculation, and a control unit configured to control a number of the calculators to be operated during each of a plurality of divided periods based on a length of a predetermined processing period and a number of calculations to be performed, such that a number of data which is equal to a number of calculations is processed within a predetermined processing period, and that the number of the calculators to be operated during each of the plurality of divided periods is averaged, the divided periods being obtained by dividing up the predetermined processing period.. .
Olympus Corporation


Ophthalmological image analyzer and ophthalmological image analysis method

Ophthalmological image analysis techniques that can present objective information about the state of distribution of the meibomian glands are provided. An ophthalmological image analyzer 1 comprises a designator 22, an extractor 23 and a calculator 24.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Method and apparatus to transmit and receive data based on location

An apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data based on a location is disclosed, the apparatus for receiving the data, for example, a data receiver includes a location predictor configured to predict a location of the receiver based on location information of the receiver, a data rate calculator configured to calculate a predicted data rate during an interval based on communication environment information corresponding to the location of the receiver and the predicted location, and a buffer configured to backlog data received in advance based on the predicted data rate.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Searching device, searching method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a searching device includes an acquiring unit, a receiver, a calculator, and a determining unit. The acquiring unit is configured to acquire a first image.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Feature calculation device and method and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a feature calculation device includes a procurement controller, a first calculator, an extraction controller, a second calculator, and an integrating controller. The procurement controller obtains a plurality of strokes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Image processing apparatus and image processing method

An image processing apparatus that obtains a synthesized image of a subject viewed from an arbitrary viewpoint includes a calculator, a storage, and a synthesizer. The calculator calculates a correction value for a pixel value of a pixel that partially constitutes the picked-up images on the basis of a brightness of each of the plurality of picked-up images.
Fujitsu Limited


Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus and ophthalmologic image processing apparatus

An ophthalmologic imaging apparatus that can follow up imaging for acquiring a cross sectional image by referring to a front image of an eye acquired in the past and scanning the same position as before with light, includes: a photographing part configured to photograph the eye and acquire a front image thereof; a cross sectional image forming part configured to scan the eye with light and form a cross sectional image thereof; a storage configured to store a first front image of the eye and a second front image acquired in follow up imaging executed with referring to the first front image; an information obtaining part configured to analyze the first and second front images and obtain misregistration information between these front images; and a calculator configured to calculate an evaluation value of an error in a scanning position in the follow up imaging based on the misregistration information.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


3-d scanning and positioning system

A system for obtaining three-dimensional information about a surface, the system comprising: a sensing device having: a pattern projector for providing a projected pattern on the surface; and a camera for acquiring a 2d image of the surface from a viewpoint, wherein at least one target of a set of reference targets and at least a portion of the projected pattern is apparent on the 2d image; a storage for calibration data; an image processor for extracting 2d image coordinates of surface points of the projected pattern and target contours from the 2d image; a 3d surface point calculator for calculating 3d coordinates of the surface points from the 2d image coordinates of the surface points; a 3d target calculator for calculating a 3d position and/or an actual orientation for the reference target.. .
Creaform Inc.


Display device and method for controlling display device

According to one embodiment, a display device displays an n−1th frame (n is an integer which is greater than or equal 2) and an nth frame in this order. The display device includes a display panel, calculator, adjuster, and controller.
Japan Display Inc.


Input current control method, switch control circuit and power supply including the switch control circuit

A switch control circuit that controls a switching operation of a power switch includes: an input current calculator generating an input sense voltage by integrating a sense voltage that indicates a switching current flowing to the power switch for a switching period unit of the power switch; and an input current comparator generating a gate-off signal according to a result of comparison between the input sense voltage and a predetermined input reference voltage, wherein the power switch is turned off according to the gate-off signal.. .
Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.


Assembled-battery voltage detection device

An assembled-battery voltage detection device for detecting a voltage at an assembled-battery including a plurality of single batteries connected in series includes: single-battery voltage detection circuits detecting voltages at the respective single batteries; single-battery voltage detection terminals connected to ends of the single batteries; connectors connecting the single-battery voltage detection terminals and the single batteries; voltage detection terminals detecting a voltage at one of the single batteries located at one end in the assembled battery; an assembled-battery voltage detection circuit detecting a potential difference between the voltage detection terminals; a single-battery voltage sum calculator calculating a sum of the voltages detected by the single-battery voltage detection circuits; an end-battery voltage abnormality determination unit determining whether the voltage at the single battery located at the end is 0 v; and an abnormality output unit outputting an abnormality depending on predetermined conditions.. .
Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.


Control device for drive device

Multipliers 21a and 21b output values, which are obtained by multiplying a total drive command value es by first and second gains g1 and g2, respectively, as first and second drive command values e1 and e2. Controllers 23a and 23b control first and second actuators (motors) 5 and 7, respectively, on the basis of the first and second drive command values.
Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.


System for controlling speed of vehicle on curved road and method thereof

Disclosed is a system and method for controlling a speed of a vehicle on a curved road according to the present invention. The system for controlling a speed of a vehicle on a curved road according to the present invention includes: a trace corrector configured to correct a trace of a curved road on which the vehicle is to be driven; a curvature calculator configured to calculate a curvature based on feature points of the corrected driving trace; a proper speed calculator configured to calculate a proper speed for each feature point of the driving trace based on the calculated curvature; and a curved road goal acceleration calculator configured to determine a speed control point for controlling a speed based on the calculated proper speed, and to calculate a curved road goal acceleration of the determined speed control point..


Vehicle energy management device

In a vehicle energy management device, a travel route calculator calculates a travel route of a vehicle, and an energy consumption-related information obtaining unit obtains energy consumption-related information along the travel route. An energy consumption amount computing unit calculates, based on the energy consumption-related information, an estimated value of an energy consumption amount by vehicle devices (required travel energy amount) when the vehicle travels along the travel route.


Device failure predictor and image forming apparatus incorporating same

A device failure predictor includes data acquisition unit to acquire internal data of a target device, a peak value calculator to calculate a plurality of peak values of the internal data for a prescribed period of time, and a failure sign identification unit to set individual criteria for the plurality of peak values and determine whether or not the target device shows signs of failure according to the plurality of peak values and the individual criteria.. .


Position detecting apparatus, and lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the position detecting apparatus

A position detecting apparatus, which detects a relative position, relative to a base member, of a movable member which relatively moves in a movement direction relative to the base member includes: a scale formed on one of the two members, the scale including first/second pattern arrays respectively including first/second patterns arranged in first/second cycle in the movement direction; an obtaining unit mounted on the other, and configured to obtain signals including first/second signals based on the first/second pattern arrays respectively; a position calculator configured to calculate an absolute position of the movable member; a determinator configured to determine whether the absolute position calculated by the position calculator is correct; and a memory configured to store an information for determining whether the absolute position is correct, wherein the determinator determines whether the absolute position calculated by the position calculator is correct based on the information stored in the memory.. .


Systems, devices and methods for a calculator user interface

A software calculator is provided herein that includes an art object displayed along with the calculator as part of the calculator. The art object may be displayed as a background image, a portion of which is shown behind the controls and input/output display area of the calculator.
Digitalchemy, Llc


Saddle-straddling type motor vehicle and wheel force acquisition device

A saddle-straddling type motor vehicle on which an object is loadable for traveling with the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle includes a main body having a wheel, a motor that generates driving force for moving the main body, a wheel force calculator configured to calculate wheel force exerted between the wheel and a surface of a road on which the motor vehicle is traveling, and a wheel force corrector configured to correct the wheel force calculated by the wheel force calculator based on a condition of the object loaded on the motor vehicle..
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearer; a charger to charge the image bearer; an electrostatic latent image former to form an electrostatic latent image on the image bearer; an image developer to develop the electrostatic latent image with a toner to form a visual toner image; a transferer to transfer the toner image on a transfer material; a toner concentration calculator to calculate a concentration of the toner; and an optical detector. At least a toner patch image is formed on the image bearer with an irradiation quantity set such that an irradiated part potential is larger than a developing condition, the toner patch image is read by the optical detector, and the charging condition is corrected on the basis of a difference between a toner concentration of the toner patch image and a target toner concentration..


Image processing apparatus and image fine-tuning method thereof

An image processing apparatus and an image fine-tuning method are provided. The image processing apparatus includes a high-pass filter, a block comparator, an image data reconstructor, and a calculator.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Propagation rate measurement device, propagation rate measurement program, and propagation rate measurement method

A sonic speed measurement device in which reliability is enhanced while the amount of calculation is minimized is provided. A propagation path postulation component postulates the sonic speed through bone, and calculates propagation paths up until ultrasonic waves transmitted from a wave transmitter are received by oscillators.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.


Steam turbine power plant and activating steam turbine power plant

Providing a steam turbine power plant that can be safely activated at a high speed while maintaining thermal stress at a level equal to or lower than a limit in consideration of operational results of the plant, and a method for activating the steam turbine power plant. The steam turbine power plant includes a life consumption amount calculator 22 configured to calculate life consumption amounts of a turbine rotor based on a value measured by a measurer 11, 12, a life consumption amount storage device 23, a thermal stress limit update timing determining device 24 configured to determine a time when thermal stress limits are updated, an accumulated life consumption amount calculator 25 configured to calculate accumulated life consumption amounts of the turbine rotor when the thermal stress limits are updated, a planned life consumption amount setting device 26 configured to set planned life consumption amounts of the turbine rotor based on the accumulated life consumption amounts of the turbine rotor, a thermal stress limit calculator 27 configured to calculate and update the thermal stress limits based on the planned life consumption amounts of the turbine rotor, and a plant command value calculator 28 configured to calculate a plant command value based on the thermal stress limits..
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.


Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An information processing apparatus includes a communication section, a calculator, and a sender. The communication section communicates with a processing providing apparatus which utilizes a different amount of resource in accordance with a load of processing to be performed on data.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


System and payment for online content with adaptive value calculator

The invention calculates, allocates and pays a content-provider-cp for online content with an adaptive value calculator, a payment processor computer, memory and associated web-server. The cp allocation in one system is based upon user-cp centric actions or characteristics (a-c); content centric a-c; content performance centric characteristics; and viewer centric a-c.


Sentence set generating device, sentence set generating method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a sentence set generating device includes an importance degree storage, a frequency storage, a calculator, and a selector. The importance degree storage is configured to store therein a degree of importance of each of a plurality of acoustic units.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Constitutional disease pattern determination method and apparatus

Provided is a constitutional disease pattern determination apparatus including a calculator to calculate a first deficiency and excess index and a first cold and heat condition index of a user based on clinical information on the user, and a determiner to determine, based on a first reference table corresponding to a first constitution, a first constitutional disease pattern corresponding to the first deficiency and excess index and the first cold and heat condition index among a plurality of constitutional disease patterns included in the first reference table, wherein the first constitution is a constitution classified to correspond to the user based on a sasang constitution.. .
Korea Institute Of Oriental Medicine


Method for gait generation and tracking control for a bipedal walking robot

A control method that executes a numerical non-linear optimization procedure with forward simulation of the full dynamics of the bipedal robot (including ground collisions) to compute a foothold, which produces the desired center of mass velocity during the next step of the walking cycle. The controller includes a gait generator that outputs desired joint trajectories designed to track a desired foothold provided by the foot placement algorithm.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

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