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This page is updated frequently with new Calculator-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Calculator-related patents
 Sensorless control  motor patent thumbnailSensorless control motor
A sensorless control method and system for a motor are provided. The includes a back emf observer that is configured to estimate a back emf of the motor and an angle error calculator that is configured to calculate an electrical angle error considering iron loss of the motor based on the back emf estimated by the back emf observer.
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

 System and method to improve standby efficiency of llc converter patent thumbnailSystem and method to improve standby efficiency of llc converter
A system includes an llc converter to convert an input dc voltage to an output dc voltage. A burst generator generates a switching signal having a burst time and a sleep time to operate the llc converter when output load current of the llc converter is below a predetermined threshold.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
A display device is disclosed. The device includes a display panel including a plurality of pixels including a first pixel electrically connected to a first data line and a second pixel electrically connected to a second data line.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Apparatus and  finding optimal zooming speed patent thumbnailApparatus and finding optimal zooming speed
An optimal zooming speed determining device includes: a storage to store a zooming speed at each position of a zoom lens; a tracking implementer to calculate a position of the zoom lens changed in a unit time at a zooming speed at each position of the zoom lens; a moving time calculator to calculate a difference between a position of a focus lens corresponding to a position of the zoom lens before the position of the zoom lens is changed and a position of the focus lens corresponding to the changed position of the zoom lens, and calculate a focus moving time by dividing the difference between positions of the focus lens by a highest moving speed of the focus lens; and a zooming speed determiner to reduce the zooming speed at each position of the zoom lens, if the focus moving time is greater than the unit time.. .
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd

 Electric motor drive control device, electrically driven power steering device, electrically driven brake device, and electrically driven pump device patent thumbnailElectric motor drive control device, electrically driven power steering device, electrically driven brake device, and electrically driven pump device
An electric motor drive control device includes: an inverter circuit that converts dc power inputted via a dc bus to multiphase ac power and outputs the multiphase ac power to an electric motor; a current detector that detects a dc current flowing in the dc bus; a pwm generator that generates pwm signals and outputs the pwm signals to the inverter circuit; a current calculator that calculates a current value for each of phases to be flowed to the electric motor based upon a value of the dc current and the pwm signals; and a current controller that generates a command signal based upon the current value, and outputs the command signal to the pwm generator, wherein: if one of the phases of the ac power has become missing, the current calculator determines which phase is one that has become missing and calculates current values for other phases.. .
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

 Dc-bus controller for an inverter patent thumbnailDc-bus controller for an inverter
Provided are dc-bus voltage or dc-bus current controller methods and circuits, for a voltage or current source inverter. A mean value calculator provides an output signal comprising the mean value of the dc-bus voltage or current, which is used as a feedback signal in a closed loop of the voltage or current source inverter controller, such that a ripple in the dc-bus voltage or current is substantially prevented from entering the closed-loop.
Queen's University At Kingston

 Display apparatus,  controlling the same, and data transmitting  display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus, controlling the same, and data transmitting display apparatus
A display apparatus and a method of controlling the same are provided. The display apparatus includes an input device configured to receive a display signal including a video signal, a graphic signal, and an alpha value, a calculator configured to calculate effective bits of data of the video signal and the graphic signal, the effective bits of data being used to perform alpha-blending based on an alpha value of each pixel from the display signal, an alpha-blender configured to perform alpha-blending on the display signal by using the effective bits of data calculated by the calculator and the alpha value, and a display configured to display an image generated according to the alpha-blended display signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Method and  calculating data patent thumbnailMethod and calculating data
A method of calculating data includes acquiring a difference between first data that is input and second data that was previously stored; determining a method of generating third data corresponding to a result of a calculation of the first data based on the difference; and performing a calculation corresponding to the determined method using a calculator.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Vehicle headlight device patent thumbnailVehicle headlight device
A vehicle headlight device includes optical systems that are respectively provided to light sources, and illuminate ahead of a vehicle by light emitted from the light sources, with light distribution patterns of which illuminating areas are offset to each other at least in vertical directions, a stoppable distance calculator that calculates a stoppable distance of the vehicle, and a light source controller that controls the light sources to be turned on and off so that an area ahead of the vehicle and away from the vehicle by the stoppable distance is illuminated by at least one of the optical systems.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Industrial-use robot and control system and control  controlling operation of peripheral device patent thumbnailIndustrial-use robot and control system and control controlling operation of peripheral device
A total time necessary for work is shortened by reducing program correcting. A control device has a teaching program storage storing a teaching program, a command interpreter transmitting a movement-related command to a movement-related command separator, determining whether the command is a synchronous interval command or an asynchronous interval command and separating the movement-related command into command of each device according to a determination result, and executing a non-movement-related command, a movement-related command buffer selecting one of the transmission of the movement-related command to the sub-locus calculator and accumulating movement-related command therein based on a device movement state, a main locus calculator calculating movement information on the device on which synchronous control is performed from the movement-related command, a sub-locus calculator calculating movement information on the device that is not a synchronous control target based on the movement-related command, and a motor driver performing operations of the devices..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Turning controller

A turning controller includes a storage, a working program processing device, a command value setting processing device, an approach angle setting command amount calculator, and a command processing device. The storage is configured to store a working program and tool shape data.
Yamazaki Mazak Corporation


Device and spatially selective audio reproduction

A more clear-cut separation of a first audio signal within a first region of a sonication area of a plurality of loudspeakers is achieved in that a calculator calculates that version of the audio signals which results from the spatially selective reproduction of the audio signals at this first region, in that a masking threshold is calculated as a function of the version of that audio signal which is to be separated from the one or more other audio signals at this region, and in that the emission of the audio signals for spatially selective reproduction to the outputs of the plurality of loudspeakers is influenced as a function of a comparison of the masking threshold with the version of the one or more other, i.e. Spurious, audio signals..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Management apparatus, communication apparatus, management system, management method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a management apparatus includes a receiver, a first calculator, and a second calculator. The receiver is configured to receive existence information from communication apparatuses, the information probabilistically indicating characteristics of identification information of other communication apparatuses detected by a corresponding communication apparatus.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Motor control apparatus having a function of determining start of machine protecting operation

A motor control apparatus includes: a rectifier converting ac power into dc power; a smoothing capacitor provided for a dc link; an inverter connected to the dc link and mutually converts power between dc power and ac power; an ac voltage detector detecting voltage of a power supply; a voltage amplitude calculator converting the ac voltage value into a power supply voltage amplitude value; a power failure detector detecting a state of power failure when the power supply voltage amplitude value has continued to be equal to or lower than a first threshold for a predetermined period; a dc voltage detector detecting the dc voltage of the smoothing capacitor; and, a protecting operation start determining unit notifying the inverter of the actuation of axis stoppage or axis retraction when a power failure is detected and when the dc voltage value is equal to or lower than a second threshold.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Speech processing device, speech processing method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a speech processing device includes an analyzer, a feature quantity calculator, a comparator, and a sensation index calculator. The analyzer performs multiple pseudo frequency analyses each using different window functions on subject speech to be processed.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Timing controller, organic light emitting display device having the same, and driving the organic light emitting display device

A timing controller for a display includes a receiver, a calculator, a storage device, and a generator. The receiver receives data and a data enable input signal.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Server apparatus, aggregating calculation target data, and storage medium storing calculation data aggregation program

A server apparatus has a transmission/reception unit and a processor that is configured to transmit a group id to the communication device by using the transmission/reception unit, receive a plurality of calculation data of calculators from the communication device by using the transmission/reception unit, wherein corresponding images of the plurality of calculation data of calculators were displayed in display devices of calculators, and the plurality of calculation data of calculators of the corresponding images were acquired by the communication device, and output aggregated calculation data acquired by aggregating the received plurality of calculation data of calculators in association with the group id.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and calculating reference route of moving object

Disclosed are an apparatus and method for calculating a reference route of a moving object. The apparatus for calculating a reference route of a moving object includes a region divider configured to divide a region including an origin and a destination of the moving object into a plurality of cells; a data mapper configured to map position data of the moving object to the plurality of cells; a main cell selector configured to select one or more main cells from among the plurality of cells according to number of pieces of the position data that are mapped to the respective plurality of cells; and a reference route calculator configured to form the reference route of the moving object by sequentially connecting the origin, the one or more main cells, and the destination..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.


Feature point detection device, feature point detection method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a feature point detection device includes a generator to generate a k-class classifier and perform, for t times, an operation in which a first displacement vector is obtained that approximates d number of initial feature points of each training sample classified on a class-by-class basis to true feature points; a calculator to calculate, from the first displacement vectors, second displacement label vectors each unique to one second displacement vector, and a second displacement coordinate vector common to the second displacement vectors; a classifier to apply the k-class classifiers to the input image and obtain a second displacement label vector associated with a class identifier output from each k-class classifier; an adder to add up the second displacement label vectors; and a detector to detect d number of true feature points based on the initial feature points, the added label vector, and the second displacement coordinate vector.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Authentication system, authentication device, and authentication method

According to an embodiment, an authentication system includes a physical device, a calculator, and an authenticator. The physical device includes a data source which outputs a data sequence along time series.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Life time estimation device and method

A life time estimation device according to an embodiment includes a benchmark work amount calculator, an assumed work amount calculator, an assumed load coefficient calculator, an assumed environment coefficient calculator, and an assumed life time calculator. The benchmark work amount calculator calculates a benchmark work amount of a target apparatus based on a design condition.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Calculator, recording medium and compute server

A calculator includes an input unit and a processor. The processor is configured to perform following processes: receiving a selection of a calculation function type according to a user's operation; receiving an input of calculation object data according to the selected calculation function type, according to a user's operation; and outputting at least one of the calculation object data and calculation result data obtained by a calculation based on the input calculation object data, as external data..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and displaying holographic three-dimensional image

Provided are an apparatus and a method for displaying a holographic three-dimensional (3d) image. The apparatus includes an image segmenter configured to segment an original image into a plurality of segments, and a calculator configured to calculate diffraction fringe pattern information for displaying each of the plurality of segments as a 3d holographic image.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Consumption meter with selectable legal registers

The present invention relates to a consumption meter for measuring consumption data of either a hot or a cold liquid supplied to a consumer site (2). The consumption meter comprises a flow meter unit (5) arranged for mount at either an inlet side (3) or an outlet side (4) of the consumer site, and arranged for measuring a flow quantity of the supplied liquid; an inlet temperature sensor (6) for measuring an inlet temperature of the supplied liquid medium, and an outlet temperature sensor (7) for measuring an outlet temperature of the supplied liquid medium; a calculator unit (8) configured to determine consumption values based on the flow quantity, the inlet temperature and the outlet temperature.
Kamstrup A/s


Elevator shaft inner dimension measuring device, elevator shaft inner dimension measurement controller, and elevator shaft inner dimension measurement method

According to one embodiment, an elevator shaft inner dimension measuring device includes a distance measuring instrument, an imaging device and a controller. The distance measuring instrument includes a first laser rangefinder mounted to a moving object moving through an interior of an elevator shaft, and irradiating laser light on an inner wall of the elevator shaft.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Three dimensional angle measuring device

The invention disclosed a three dimensional angle measuring device for measuring and correcting horizontal, vertical and other angle states of an object. The invention includes a housing, a key module, a power module, a display module, an information processing module, a buzzing module and a sensor module, wherein the power module is connected with the information processing module and the key module, the information processing module is connected with the key module, the display module, the information processing module, the buzzing module and the sensor module.
Zhejiang Rongsheng Tool Co., Ltd


Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus has a process chamber, a long-shaped window on a wall surface of the process chamber, an irradiator configured to irradiate a first laser beam and a second laser beam to a substrate in the process chamber via the long-shaped window so that incident points of the first and second laser beams are aligned substantially along a long side direction of the window, a detector configured to have a light reception surface receiving the first and second laser beams reflected by the substrate and passing through the window, the detector being configured to detect incident positions of the first and second laser beams on the light reception surface, and a calculator configured to calculate a curvature of the substrate by using a relative position of the first laser beam and the second laser beam which are detected by the detector.. .
Nuflare Technology, Inc.


Apparatus for assisting backward driving and method thereof

An apparatus for assisting backward driving of a vehicle includes: a geography detecting sensor be mounted at a rear of the vehicle and configured to obtain rear geographic information; an image sensor configured to obtain an rear image of the vehicle; a backward path calculator configured to calculate a backward path based on the rear geographic information; an image synthesizer configured to synthesize a guideline with the rear image based on the backward path; and a display configured to display the synthesized image. The backward path is calculated to terminate at a limit point rear of the vehicle where it is determined that there is an impeded driving area..
Hyundai Motor Company


Printer, printing system, and printing

A printer is provided which includes: a recording head having multiple nozzles; two or more sensors that read a print medium into an image thereof and calculate a total moving distance based on the image; an instruction unit that instructs a timing for discharging liquid droplets from one or more of the nozzles; a sensor position calculator that calculates a position of each of the sensors; a nozzle position calculator that calculates a position of each of the nozzles; an acquisition unit that acquires image data of a specified area within an image to be printed; a determination unit that determines whether or not to discharge the liquid droplets from each of the nozzles; and a transmitter that transmits data of one or more of image elements and information on one or more of the nozzles determined to discharge the liquid droplets to a controller.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Arrangement and cooling liquid-cooled electronics

An arrangement and a method are provided for cooling liquid-cooled electronics. The arrangement includes a pipe system, said pipe system including receiving and exit coolant flow pipes for connecting the arrangement to a liquid-cooling system of said liquid-cooled electronics, inlet and outlet coolant flow pipes for connecting the arrangement to a heat exchanger arrangement, and an expansion tank connected to the coolant flow pipes.
Adwatec Oy


Program extraction apparatus and method

According to one embodiment, a program extraction apparatus includes an acquirer, a setting unit, a first calculator and an extractor. The acquirer acquires a viewing history including information on at least one program viewed by each of users, and an area code indicating a location of the each of users.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Position control device and position control method, optical device, and image pickup apparatus

A position control device includes a position detector that detects a position of an object to be controlled; a target generator that outputs a target velocity and a target position of the object to be controlled; a first calculator that calculates a control amount for causing the object to be controlled to track the target position; a second calculator that calculates a control amount for controlling the velocity of the object to be controlled, to be at the target velocity; a control signal output unit that outputs a control signal according to a total control amount obtained by the first and the second calculators; and a storage unit that stores an attitudinal change correction amount. The second calculator acquires the attitudinal change correction amount stored in the storage unit, adds the attitudinal change correction amount to the control amount to correct the control amount, and outputs the corrected control amount..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Movement assisting device, movement assisting method, and computer program product

A movement assisting device includes an imaging unit to take first and second images of an imaging unit from first and second viewpoints; a first calculator to calculate, using the first and second images, first position and orientation of the imaging unit at the first viewpoint and calculate second position and orientation of the imaging unit at the second viewpoint; a second calculator to calculate, using the first and second positions and the first and second orientations, and calculate a first angle between a first axis based on a first optical axis of the imaging unit at the first viewpoint, and a second axis based on a second optical axis at the second viewpoint; a third calculator to calculate the next viewpoint positioned in direction of increase of the first angle; and an output unit to output information prompting movement of the imaging unit in direction of the next viewpoint.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium

An information processing apparatus includes a receiver configured to receive an output instruction to output data; a calculator configured to calculate an index value indicating a cost or an environmental burden when data subjected to output are output in a first output condition specified by the output instruction, and the index value when the data are output in a second output condition differing from the first output condition; and a display controller configured to display a screen to display a calculation result obtained by the calculator and to receive an output instruction based on one of the first and the second output conditions.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Production energy management system and computer program

A production energy management system is provided, including a production and energy flow model definer configured to define a production and energy flow model wherein the production and energy flow model represents, by directed lines, a flow with regard to an input and output of a production-related material between apparatuses disposed in a plant and a flow with regard to an input and output of energy and associates index values of the production-related material and the energy with a kind of metered data measured in the plant, a data collector configured to collect the metered data from the plant, and an energy calculator configured to perform an energy calculation for each apparatus based on the collected metered data and the defined production and energy flow model.. .
Yokogawa Electric Corporation


Organic light emitting display device

An organic light emitting display device includes a display panel having pixels, a red color high power voltage line, a green color high power voltage line, a blue color high power voltage line, and a low power voltage line, a driving current calculator for calculating an amount of a red color driving current of image data, an amount of a green color driving current of the image data, and an amount of a blue color driving current of the image data, and a power supply for generating a red color high power voltage, a green color high power voltage, and a blue color high power voltage for which overshoot times are controlled to be within a falling time during which the low power voltage is changed from a first level to a second level or to be within a rising time during which the low power voltage is changed from the second level to the first level.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting display capable of compensating for luminance variations caused by changes in driving element over time and manufacturing the same

Provided are an organic light emitting display and a method of manufacturing the same. The organic light emitting display includes: a display panel including a plurality of pixels, each pixel including: a light emitting element, and a driving element to drive the light emitting element, a data driving circuit to, within one horizontal display period: write sensing data to a pixel on a horizontal display line through a data line, sense the pixel current of the pixel through a reference line, and then write display data compensated by a first offset compensation value to the pixel, an offset calculator to calculate a second offset compensation value for compensating changes in the driving element over time based on the sensed value of the pixel current, and an offset memory to update the pre-stored first offset compensation value with the second offset compensation value when display data writing is stopped..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Glucose ketone index for metabolictherapy

The ratio of blood glucose to blood ketones as a single glucose ketone index value is tracked to manage metabolic treatment. This ratio identifies a metabolic state of health and has potential use for monitoring the progression of a metabolic or inflammatory disease or indication for all types of cancer, neurological disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases.
The Trustees Of Boston College


Information processing device, image modification method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, an information processing device includes: a first division unit divides an image into a text containing region and a background region other than the text containing region; a second division unit divides a text containing region into a character region constituted by lines forming characters and a character background region other than the character region; a calculator calculates a first representative value of an attribute of the character region, a second representative value of the attribute of the character background region, and a third representative value of the attribute of the background region; a modification unit makes modification so that a first difference based on the first and third representative values, a second difference based on the first and second representative values, and a third difference based on the second and third representative values become larger; and an output unit outputs a modified image.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Image processing apparatus and method, computer program product, and stereoscopic image display apparatus

According to an embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes an acquirer, first and second calculators, and a selector. The acquirer acquires a first image of an object captured in a first imaging direction and a second image of the object captured in a second imaging direction.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Quality controlling device and control method thereof

According to one embodiment, there is provided a quality controlling device including: a predictor, a frequency calculator, and an implementing signal creator. The predictor employs a prediction model that associates an inspection result value of a first inspection with a predicted value being a value relating to a possibility of pass or failure in a second inspection and calculates the predicted value from an inspection result value that is obtained for an inspection target in the first inspection.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


System for providing an ophthalmic lens

The invention proposes a system for providing an ophthalmic lens, comprising:—a calculator (1) configured to receive an order request of the lens from an ordering side (4), and to generate, in response to the reception of the order request, a model containing data related to the lens to be provided,—a management entity (2) configured to receive the order request and the model, and to transmit the model to a manufacturing module,—a manufacturing module (3) configured to receive the model, and to use a functions library to calculate manufacturing process data from the model data.. .
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Testing device and its calibration method

According to one embodiment, a testing device includes a signal generator that generates a first signal output to a device under test, a channel selector provided after the signal generator and configured to select one of a plurality of channels, a signal receiver that receives the second signal supplied from the device under test, a correction value calculator that calculates a correction value for calibrating loss of a respective one of the channels, wherein the correction value calculator calculates a correction value for calibrating loss of a respective one of the channels included in the channel selector, based on a signal level received by the signal receiver via a loopback channel, when a calibration-level output state indicating a state where a signal level of the first signal generated by the signal generator reaches a predetermined transmission reference level of calibration is assumed.. .
Anritsu Corporation


Signal processing device, radiation detecting device, and signal processing method

According to an embodiment, a signal processing device includes a first integrator, a second integrator, a switcher, and a calculator. The first integrator is configured to integrate a current represented by a reference waveform equivalent to a normal waveform in a case of no pileup phenomenon regarding the current to calculate a first electrical charge.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Lane departure prevention control system for vehicle

A lane departure prevention control system for a vehicle includes: a lane detector that detects a lane on which the vehicle travels; a disturbance information detector that detects information on disturbance applied to the vehicle; a correction module that corrects position information of a departure determination line used for determining whether the vehicle departs from the lane, based on at least the information on the disturbance applied to the vehicle; a departure predictor that makes a prediction of departure from the lane, based on position information on the departure determination line and a travelling state, the position information being corrected by the correction module; a target turn amount calculator that calculates a target turn amount to be applied to the vehicle, required for preventing departure from the lane based on the prediction of the departure from the lane; and a target turn amount generator that generates the target turn amount.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


System for estimating lane and method thereof

A system for estimating a lane includes a vehicle information collector configured to receive coordinate information of surrounding vehicles and vehicle information; a surrounding vehicle tracker configured to track the surrounding vehicles; an own vehicle behavior calculator configured to calculate behavior information of an own vehicle by calculating a change in a location and a change in a heading angle of the own vehicle and generate coordinate history information of the surrounding vehicles using the behavior information of the own vehicle; a driving trajectory restorer configured to restore driving trajectories of the surrounding vehicles by applying the coordinate history information to a curve fitting technique; and a lane estimator configured to estimate the lane using the restored driving trajectories.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Slip control device for electric vehicle

A slip control device for an electric automobile which assuredly eliminates a slippage with a simple configuration without involving a wasted decrease in running performance, is provided. A maximum rotation frequency calculator 22 calculates a drive wheel maximum rotation frequency nmax on the basis of a rotation frequency n1 of a driven wheel and an ideal slip ratio λmin according to the following formula, (nmax−n1)/n1=λmin.
Ntn Corporation


Slip control device for electric vehicle

A slip control device for an electric vehicle which errorlessly determines slippage occurrence with only a rotation angle sensor for motor rotation control and perform rapid control to eliminate the slippage, is provided. A threshold calculator 21 calculates a normal angular acceleration of a motor depending on a manipulation amount of an accelerator to obtain a threshold, and an angular acceleration calculator 22 differentiates a detection value from a rotation angle sensor 3a twice to calculate an angular acceleration.
Ntn Corporation


Maintaining spatial stability utilizing common gain coefficient

In a system and method for maintaining the spatial stability of a sound field a background noise estimate may be estimated for each of a first signal and a second signal. A first gain coefficient may be calculated responsive to the first audio signal and the background noise estimate of the first audio signal.
2236008 Ontario Inc.


Auto focus adjusting method, auto focus adjusting apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus including the same

An auto focus (af) adjusting method, an af adjusting apparatus, and a digital photographing apparatus including the same, the af adjusting apparatus including: an af calculator for calculating focus detection evaluation values; a peak detector for detecting a peak position of the focus detection evaluation values; and a speed calculator for calculating a moving speed of a subject by using the peak position. When continuous photographing of still images is performed, the peak detector detects the peak position in an image pickup interval before a light exposure preparation interval for image capturing, and the focus lens driver performs moving body compensation driving for compensating for a focal position by using a moving speed calculated in the light exposure preparation interval before capturing starts..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Provisioning system-level permissions using attribute-based access control policies

A permissions provisioning module includes a data adapter and a permissions calculator associated with a policy evaluator operable to evaluate an abac policy. The module is adapted to interact with a computer system including resources, metadata and an access control mechanism enforcing, in respect of each resource, an access control list associated with the resource.
Axiomatics Ab


Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, signal processing program

This invention provides a signal processing apparatus for improving the speech determination accuracy in an input sound. The signal processing apparatus includes a transformer that transforms an input signal into an amplitude component signal in a frequency domain, a calculator that calculates a norm of a change in the amplitude component signal in a frequency direction, an accumulator that accumulates the norm of the change in the amplitude component signal in the frequency direction calculated by the calculator, and an analyzer that analyzes speech in the input signal in accordance with an accumulated value of the norm of the change in the amplitude component signal in the frequency direction calculated by the accumulator..
Nec Corporation


Scoring device and scoring method

A scoring device has an acquisition unit that acquires image data in which a singer is photographed, a detector that detects a feature associated with an expression or a facial motion during singing as a facial feature of the singer from the image data acquired by the acquisition unit, a calculator that calculates a score for singing action of the singer based on the feature detected by the detector, and an output unit that outputs the score.. .
Omron Corporation


Image processing apparatus, image processing system and storage medium

According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a storage, an acquisition module, a first calculator, a second calculator, a selection module and a generator. The storage is configured to store clothing images corresponding to rotational angles.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Apparatus and extracting peak image from continuously photographed images

An apparatus for extracting a peak image includes an image selector configured to select one of continuously photographed images; a base image determiner configured to determine at least one base image according to a predetermined criterion; a difference calculator configured to calculate a difference between the selected image and the at least one base image; and a peak image determiner configured to determine a peak image among the continuously photographed images based on the calculated difference.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Medical imaging analyzer and medical image processing method

According to one embodiment, a medical imaging analyzer includes an imaging unit, a calculator, and an analyzer. The imaging unit divides an area including an object of a subject to be captured into a plurality of partial areas such that the partial areas overlap each other to form an overlapping area, and administers a contrast agent to each of the partial areas to capture a plurality of time-series images.
Kobe University


Medical image diagnosis apparatus, medical image display apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing program

An inner wall extractor extracts the inner wall of a vital tissue based on medical image data. An outer wall extractor extracts the outer wall of the vital tissue based on the medical image data.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Image processing device, image processing method, and non-transitory recording medium

A volume of an object is constructed from images obtained by imaging the object or the like and depicting the object. The calculator 102 of the image processing device 101 calculates a statistic of each of first material images depicting an object.
Rakuten, Inc.


System and recommending optimum insulin bolus dosage

A computer-implemented method for recommending an optimum insulin bolus dosage to a patient is described. The computer-implemented method includes receiving diabetes related data from the patient.
Quattro Folia Oy


Evaluating typeability of domain names

Methods and systems are disclosed for assessing an identifier. The method comprises receiving a string of characters making up the identifier and determining a keyboard type for a keyboard.
Verisign, Inc.


Control device, system, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a control device includes a calculator and a setting unit. The calculator is configured to calculate a system processing time indicating a time required for processing executed after a system, the system including a plurality of elements, power to each element being individually controlled, resumes from a sleep state in which the number of elements supplied with power is limited to a predetermined number and an operation of the system is stopped.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Weather forecasting apparatus and weather forecasting method

A weather forecasting apparatus includes a first feature quantity calculator, a first error calculator, a first model generator, a first coefficient calculator, and a first predicted value calculator. The first feature quantity calculator calculates a first feature quantity from a sky image.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


In-vehicle apparatus performing an operation based on a distance measured, and in-vehicle system including the in-vehicle apparatus

An in-vehicle apparatus installed in a first vehicle. The in-vehicle apparatus includes a first distance sensor measuring a distance to an object based on time to receive a reflection wave of an electro-magnetic transmission wave from the object after a transmission of the electro-magnetic transmission wave, with the first distance sensor being an electro-magnetic wave sensor.
Denso Corporation


System for managing a battery and method thereof

A system for managing a battery may comprise: an interruption determiner configured to determine an interruption of a vehicle battery voltage; a state of charge(soc) calculator configured to calculate the soc of the vehicle battery and reset the soc if the interruption of the battery voltage occurs; and an after sale service(as) generation determiner configured to determine whether the as of a vehicle component is performed if the interruption of the battery voltage does not occur.. .
Kia Motors Corporation


Contact pressure measuring apparatus, manufacturing the same and measuring contact pressure

An apparatus and method for measuring a contact pressure and a method of manufacturing the apparatus. The apparatus includes: a material layer configured to provide a light path along which incident light travels to a subject being in contact with the material layer; a spectrum analyzer configured to detect light emitted from the material layer and perform a light absorption spectrum analysis on the detected light to determine an intensity of the detected light; and a pressure calculator configured to determine the contact pressure of the subject based on the determined intensity..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for correcting an inerpolation coefficient for stereo matching

An apparatus for correcting an interpolation coefficient for stereo matching includes: an interpolation coefficient generator configured to generate an interpolation coefficient λ; a correction value calculator configured to calculate a parameter and a weight value based on a position of an object in an image; and an interpolation coefficient corrector configured to correct the generated interpolation coefficient by multiplying the calculated parameter and the calculated weight value by the generated interpolation coefficient.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Methods and a system for passive authentication

Resource attributes for resources are continuously and regularly collected from hardware and software resources of one or more devices. The resource attributes are continuously fed to one or more confidence calculators.


Design tool apparatus, method and computer program for designing an integrated circuit

An integrated circuit design tool apparatus includes a processing resource configured to support a circuit simulator, a circuit sensitivity optimiser and a circuit sensitivity calculator. The circuit sensitivity optimiser is adapted to communicate to the circuit simulator a first dynamic list of selected devices of the circuit; and a second dynamic list of selected process parameters associated with the selected devices of the first dynamic list.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Measuring device

A measuring device is applied to an active damping system, the active damping system including a damper having a plurality of sensors and a plurality of actuators, the damper being arranged on an object to be subjected to damping. The measuring device includes: a transmission characteristic storage unit configured to store a plurality of transmission characteristics calculated from driving signals and vibration state signals; a damping performance setting unit configured to set damping performance including the amount of vibration reduction required of the active damping system and a frequency of vibration; and a damper configuration calculator configured to calculate how many the number of the sensors and actuators for the damper is increased or decreased on the basis of the transmission characteristics and the damping performance, with the increase or decrease being necessary in order that the damping performance set in the damping performance setting unit is satisfied..
Hitachi, Ltd.



In a carrier in which its position is obtained by detecting reflected light using a distance measuring sensor, the position of the carrier is able to be accurately identified in all circumstances. A distance measuring sensor of the carrier is provided in a carrier main body, and measures an intensity of reflected light a plurality of times to obtain a plurality of pieces of measured data.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.



A vehicle includes a first motor, a second motor, a battery, a decider, a first calculator, a second calculator and a controller. The decider detects a state of the battery and determines whether the detected state is a state where charging the battery is restricted.
Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Real-time monitoring systems and methods in a healthcare environment

An apparatus for real time monitoring of a patient is provided and includes a memory element for storing data, a processor that executes instructions associated with the data, an interface that receives sensor data from a sensor that takes measurements from the patient and sends the sensor data according to the sensor's measurement latency, a latency calculator that frequently calculates a latency threshold that varies according to at least a health status of the patient, a timer that continuously monitors the sensor's measurement latency, a comparator that frequently compares the sensor's measurement latency with the calculated latency threshold, and a feedback module that automatically changes the sensor's measurement latency to match with the calculated latency threshold.. .
Nant Health, Llc


Position estimation device

According to an embodiment, a position estimation device is for estimating a position of a second terminal in a wireless network. The wireless network included a plurality of terminals including three or more first terminals whose positions are known and the second terminal whose position is unknown.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Communication apparatus and reception method

In a communication apparatus for receiving signals of frequency channels, a synchronization determiner determines whether synchronization of a demodulated signal is established. A ber calculator calculates a pseudo ber of the demodulated signal with the synchronization established.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Systems to measure yaw, spin and muzzle velocity of projectiles, improve fire control fidelity, and reduce shot-to-shot dispersion in both conventional and air-bursting programmable projectiles

Systems to measure muzzle exit conditions of for ammunition improve fire control solutions and reduce shot-to-shot dispersion in both conventional and air-burst programmable ammunition. A first system optically measures coordinate grids on a projectile to measure the initial boundary conditions of external ballistic flight.
Kms Consulting, Llc


Suspicious program detection

A processing device (10) includes a processor (12), an interface (14) and a memory (100). The memory (100) is formed from system random access memory (ram) and one or more other storage devices.
British Telecommunications Plc


Three-dimensional model generating method, three-dimensional model generating system, and three-dimensional model generating program

A three-dimensional model generating method selecting a predetermined plane element defining a three-dimensional model element using measurement data, which includes measurement point group data obtained by measuring a measured object, a type of a plane element, and geometric values of the plane element; obtaining a condition required for generating a three-dimensional model element; generating the three-dimensional model element using the selected plane element and the obtained condition; and generating the three-dimensional model of the measured object using one or a plurality of three-dimensional model elements. A calculator displays a three-dimensional image corresponding to the measured object as well as a list of at least the structural elements which, of the plane elements included in the measurement data, configure the three-dimensional image..
Mitutoyo Corporation


Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, an update request reception unit receives a data update request to update data stored in a storage. A read request unit makes a read request to read data from the storage.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Debugging circuit, debugger device, and debugging method

A debugging circuit including: a storage configured to store a first code value which is calculated by an encoding method in which a value is changed according to a sequence of a signal in a debugging target circuit, and indicates a stop condition of the debugging target circuit; a code value calculator configured to calculate a second code value by the encoding method based on the signal each time when the signal is changed; and an operation stopper configured to stop an operation of the debugging target circuit when the first code value and the second code value are identical to each other.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Current measurement device and current calculation method

This current measurement device includes a conductor, a first terminal block, a pair of detection coils and a current calculator. A magnetic field, proportional to the magnitude of a conducted to-be-measured current, is generated around the conductor.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Apparatus for controlling rotary machine

In a control apparatus, a filter processor filters target torque for a rotary electric machine to suppress a vibrational frequency component of a drivetrain using a filter having a frequency transfer characteristic. A controller performs drive control of the rotary electric machine according to the filtered target torque.
Denso Corporation


Receiving apparatus and receiving method

A receiving apparatus 10 includes an adaptive array antenna 11, a reference signal synthesizer 15 that calculates a synthesized reference signal by multiplying a reference signal portion of each layer by an orthogonal signal to synthesize proximity reference signal portions of different resource elements and multiplies a known reference signal by the orthogonal signal, a weight calculator 16 that calculates an adaptive array weight from the synthesized reference signal and a known reference signal multiplied by the orthogonal signal, a weight synthesizer 17 that calculates a synthesized reception signal by multiplying the reference signal portion by the adaptive array weight to perform an antenna synthesis, a channel estimator 18 that estimates a propagation path from the synthesized reception signal and the known reference signal multiplied by the orthogonal signal, and a channel equalizer 19 that implements a channel equalization from the synthesized reception signal and the propagation path.. .
Kyocera Corporation


Fatigue calculator generation system

Aspects of the disclosure can relate to a system for tracking fatigue damage experienced by a tool in real-time. The system can include a processor operably coupled to a memory and operable to execute one or more modules to generate master curve fitting coefficients for a connection type associated with a tool component (e.g., a component of a bottom hole assembly).
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and non-transitory recording medium

An image forming apparatus is provided. The image forming apparatus includes a pattern image forming device, a density information detector, and a gradation correction amount calculator.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Transmitter and reducing peak-to-average power ratio

A transmitter includes: first and second ifft units that respectively generate first and second time domain signals from first and second modulated signals generated in first and second modulation schemes; a clipping noise signal generator that generates a clipping noise signal representing a difference between a combined signal of the first and second time domain signals and a specified threshold in a time period in which the power of the combined signal is higher than the threshold; first and second calculators that respectively subtract the clipping noise signals to which first and second coefficients are multiplied from the first and second time domain signals; first and second frequency filters that respectively filter output signals of the first and second calculators; and a combiner that generates a transmission signal including an output signal of the first frequency filter and an output signal of the second frequency filter.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Apparatus for reducing data volumes

Apparatus for reducing data volumes, which apparatus comprises: (1) a source systems data profiler and extractor subsystem comprising: a. A fuzzy logic controller comprising fuzzyfier, inference, and output handling, b.
Penteract28 Limited


Motor drive device

A motor drive device having drive controller to control a motor for driving an electric vehicle wheel depending on position of magnetic poles using angle detection value sensed by a motor angle sensor; motor angle estimator to estimate an angle of a motor rotor without a rotation sensor; sensor malfunction determiner to determine malfunction of the sensor; sensor switcher to cause the controller to control using an estimation value of the rotor angle estimated by the estimator instead of the angle detection value sensed by the sensor once the determiner determines that the sensor malfunctions; and start-up rotor angle calculator to calculate an angle of the rotor from a counter electromotive voltage of the motor and to cause the controller to control using the calculated angle, when the motor is started up after stop of the motor in a state where the sensor is determined as malfunctioning by the determiner.. .
Ntn Corporation


Switches, switch arrays, and keyboards using the same

An m-by-n switch array comprises a frame, switches that anchor around the frame, and threads that connect the switches to their opposing sides of the frame. Applying pressure on a thread pulls the switch, connected to that thread, to its on state and releasing pressure on the thread lets the switch, connected to that thread, bounces back to its natural off state.


Dynamic label arrangement device, display device, dynamic label arrangement method, and display method

A dynamic label arrangement device includes a label db to store a set of labels, a display information db to store information required for display of labels, a position calculator to specify a label to be displayed on a display screen from among the labels stored in the label db, and a label display to display the label specified by the position calculator, and the position calculator determines an arrangeable range in which labels can be arranged on the basis of an arrangement change range offset stored in the display information db, and, when the range of the display screen is changed, performs an arrangement change on a label which has become displaced outside the arrangeable range and which is stored in the above-mentioned label db.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Virtual try-on apparatus, virtual try-on method, and computer program product

An acquisition unit acquires characteristic information on a subject. Another acquisition unit acquires a scheduled waiting time for the subject.
Toshiba Solutions Corporation


Radar apparatus and object sensing method

A radar apparatus includes an antenna that receives echo signals, each of the echo signals being a radar signal reflected by one or more objects; a doppler-frequency acquirer that acquires doppler frequencies at each range bin from the received echo signals; a direction correlation power-value calculator that calculates direction correlation power values for respective combinations of the doppler frequencies and at least one of a distance to the one or more objects and an arrival direction of the echo signals, each direction correlation power value indicating a strength of a corresponding echo signal; and a normalized direction correlation-value calculator that calculates, for the respective combinations, normalized direction correlation values, each normalized direction correlation value indicating a probability of the arrival direction of the corresponding echo signal.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and estimating a battery state of charge

An apparatus for estimating battery state of charge may include a sensor configured to sense a voltage value and a current value of a battery, an internal resistance calculator configured to calculate an internal resistance using the voltage value and the current value, a noise remover configured to determine an output accumulation method or an open circuit using method using an open circuit voltage to remove a noise due to the internal resistance, an output accumulator configured to accumulate and calculate a residual capacity of the battery depending on the output accumulation method, a compensated state of charge calculator configured to calculate a compensated state of charge of the battery using a preset lookup table depending on the open circuit using method, and a battery state of charge estimator configured to calculate an estimated state of charge of the battery using the residual capacity or the compensated state of charge.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Outer dimension measuring apparatus and outer dimension measuring method

An outer dimension measuring apparatus includes a light source; an optical system focusing the light emitted from the light source onto an optical axis; a reflector reflecting the focused light; a detector detecting an intensity of the reflected light; and a calculator calculating an outer dimension of a measured object using a first focus position, a second focus position, and a position of the reflector on the optical axis, the first focus position lying on the optical axis where a peak in reflected light intensity is detected by the detector for light reflected by a first surface, and the second focus position lying on the optical axis where a peak in reflected light intensity is detected by the detector for light that has been reflected by the reflector and emitted at a second surface.. .
Mitutoyo Corporation


Failure detection system and failure detection method

A failure detection system includes an omnidirectional microphone array device having a plurality of microphone elements and a directivity control device that calculates a delay time of a voice propagated from a sound source to each microphone element and forms a directivity of the voice using the delay time and the voice collected by the omnidirectional microphone array device, and detects a failure of the microphone element. A smoothing unit calculates an average power of one microphone element.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Integrating various search and relevance providers in transactional search

Search parameters are generated from search tokens that are entered within a transactional search context. A data provider is selected from a plurality of different data providers for executing a search, using the search tokens.
Microsoft Corporation


Object detection apparatus and method

Provided are an object detection apparatus and method. The object detection apparatus includes an amplifier configured to amplify a reflected ultrasonic wave signal with a variable gain, a gain controller configured to set the variable gain such that the reflected ultrasonic wave signal received in at least one predetermined time zone is amplified with a high gain, compared to in other time zones, a comparator configured to compare a signal on an envelope corresponding to the signal amplified by the amplifier with a predetermined threshold and output the signal on the envelope when the signal is greater than the threshold, a calculator configured to calculate an absolute value of a first-order differential value of the signal on the envelope, and a time at which a maximum of the absolute value of the first-order differential value is calculated, and a detector configured to detect an object using a third time, the third time being a time at which the maximum is calculated, before a second time, the second time being a time at which the signal greater than the threshold is output..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Speed control for working vehicle

A speed control device in a traveling work vehicle changes a speed of rotational drive power from an engine to drive vehicle wheels and includes: a target speed calculator determining a target speed, based on operation deflection of a speed change device. A vehicle speed controller adjusting a speed change ratio based on the target speed.
Kubota Corporation


System and using flow-mediated dilation to provide an adjusted vascular age as an indicator of risk of cardiovascular disease

A diagnostic tool 104 and method 300 are used to modify vascular age scoring systems using flow-mediated dilation (fmd) data. The resulting fmd-adjusted vascular age calculator can be used to diagnose a person's potential for developing cardiovascular disease..
Everist Genomics, Inc.


Object information acquiring apparatus

The present invention uses an object information acquiring apparatus having: an optical transmitter that transmits light and emits the light to an object; a first optical meter disposed at the incidence side of the optical transmitter; a second optical meter disposed at the emission side of the optical transmitter; a calculator that calculates an equation that indicates the relationship between the fluence of light measured by the first optical meter and the fluence of light measured by the second optical meter; a probe that receives an acoustic wave that is generated from the object due to the light emitted by the optical transmitter and converts the acoustic wave; and a processor that acquires specific information about the inside of the object.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Imaging apparatus with focus assist function

An imaging apparatus with a focus assist (fa) function includes an imager configured to obtain an image signal from a subject formed by a lens, a high-frequency signal extractor configured to extract a high-frequency signal from the image signal, a modulation level calculator configured to determine a magnitude of a modulation level signal in each of regions, into which a screen of the image signal is divided, in accordance with an amplitude level of the high-frequency signal, a level modulator configured to modulate an amplitude level of the high-frequency signal using the modulation level signal to obtain an fa signal, and an fa signal synthesizer configured to synthesize the fa signal with the image signal to output a resultant signal.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and correcting image distortion of a camera for vehicle

An apparatus for correcting image distortion of a camera in a vehicle includes: a camera mounted in the vehicle; a camera characteristic extractor configured to extract camera characteristic parameters of the camera based on a preset mathematical model; a tilt angle calculator configured to calculate tilt angles of a virtual camera corresponding to the camera in each photographing region using the camera characteristic parameters; a yaw angle calculator configured to calculate yaw angles of the virtual camera in each photographing region; an image corrector configured to view-transform a photographed image photographed by the camera by adjusting angles of the virtual camera based on a correction model in order to secure a view region of the photographed image and create a corrected image depending on the view-transform; and a display configured to display the corrected image output from the image corrector.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

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