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new patent Receiver, transmitter, communication system, and communication method
According to an embodiment, a receiver is connected to transmitters through photon communication channels and data communication channels to generate identical cryptographic keys to be shared with each transmitter. The receiver includes a sharing unit, a key distilling unit, a data communication controller, and a calculator.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent Management device, system, and method
According to an embodiment, a management device includes a calculator and a notifier. The calculator calculates a time offset for each of a plurality of master devices each performing, when a measured time reaches a certain time, time synchronization with a slave device, which is a management target, at the measured time.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent Switching controller for switching power supply
A switching controller includes an output voltage detector that detects the output voltage of a switching power supply, a compensator, a frequency setter, a frequency sweeper, and a voltage control oscillator that are all connected in series. The switching controller also includes an on-time generator that generates an on time for a switching element and a pulse-width modulation signal generator that generates a pulse-width modulation signal using the output from the voltage control oscillator and the output from the on-time generator.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

new patent Methods for reducing childhood obesity and for calculating childhood obesity risk
The present disclosure provides personalized methods for preventing and/or reducing early childhood obesity that are based upon identifying a child's individual risk of obesity and tailoring methods to prevent or reduce obesity. The methods may be based on early inception (e.g., third trimester of pregnancy), anticipatory guidance (e.g., prior to an infant reaching a specific developmental stage), sequential guidance, and nutritionally and developmentally appropriate dietary and parental feeding behaviors guidance, all specifically targeting factors that have been associated with childhood obesity.
Nestec S.a.

new patent Equity income index construction transformation system, method and computer program product
A computer data processing system, method and/or computer program product can include a memory coupled to the special purpose processor, the processor configured to: receive electronically, by a special purpose index calculator computer device processor, a universe of publicly traded companies; receive electronically from an electronic data source a plurality of metrics relating to the publicly traded companies, comprising: corporate action data, price data, foreign exchange data, and fundamental financial metric data; combine the plurality of metrics to calculate: a robustness ranking; a dividend yield percentile ranking; and a noncapitalization weighting for the publicly traded companies use the combined metric data to at least one of: a) electronically select or weight constituents of an index based on the combined data; b) electronically select or weight a portfolio of financial objects based on the combined data; or c) electronically allocate assets in a portfolio based on the combined data.. .
Research Affiliates, Llc

new patent Managing printer dry time
As one example, a printer includes a density calculator to determine a content density of data on page to be printed and a controller. In that example, the controller may perform operations to determine a dry time for a swath of the page to be printed based on the content density and an environmental variable and adjust a parameter for the page to be printed to mitigate a drying time of the page to be printed based on the dry time determined for the swath..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

new patent Database apparatus, search apparatus, constructing partial graph, and search method
According to one embodiment, a database apparatus includes an information acquirer, a segment constructor, a period calculator and a storage. The information acquirer acquires, regarding a plurality of processes executed in an information processing system and transitions among the processes, a plurality of pieces of edge information including first information on an attribute of the process before the transition, second information on an attribute of the process after the transition and third information on an attribute of the transition.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent Positioning target terminal, positioning node, and positioning system
A positioning target terminal according to an embodiment includes a wireless communicator and a positioning calculator. The wireless communicator has a connection function and time synchronization function with the positioning node, and acts as a master of time synchronization.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent Sensing system
A sensing system includes: a sensor tag including a sensor that measures a physical quantity or a chemical quantity, a memory that stores an expiration date and a correction coefficient value of the sensor, and individual recognition information, and a transmission unit that transmits a measurement value of the sensor and the individual recognition information to the calculator; a center including a storage unit that stores an accurate expiration date and an accurate correction coefficient value for each piece of individual recognition information, and a transmission unit that transmits the accurate expiration date and coefficient value depending on the individual recognition information to the calculator; and a calculator including a transmission unit that transmits the individual recognition information to the center, a reception unit that receives the individual recognition information, the measurement value, and the accurate expiration date and correction coefficient value, a determination unit that determines whether the accurate expiration date from the center has elapsed, and a processing unit that corrects the measurement value using the correction coefficient value.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent Turbocharger and ship
A control unit (40) controls a first power converter so as to make the speed of a motor/generator coincide with a prescribed speed command. A speed command (n*) set by an upper stream control system (50) is inputted to a smoothing unit (41) of the control unit (40).
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

new patent

Vehicle steering control apparatus

A vehicle steering control apparatus includes a target course setter, a first control quantity calculator, a second control quantity calculator, a control rate variator, and a steering controller. The target course setter sets, based on forward environment information, a target course to be travelled by an own vehicle.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Device attachment for holding a device

An attachment to a mobile device, allowing a user to grasp and use the device. The attachment may include three concentric, interlocking rings.
Bullz-i Inc.

Projection system, image processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium

A projection system includes a plurality of projection units configured to project an image as a whole; a receiver configured to receive an instruction for shifting reference points that define a projection target area onto which the plurality of projection units project the whole image on an occasion of an initial calibration processing; a storage unit configured to store the reference points of the projection target area used in the initial calibration processing; a controller configured to start a recalibration processing in response to an event; a setting unit configured to reset the projection target area based on the reference points stored in the storage unit on an occasion of the recalibration processing; and a correction coefficient calculator configured to calculate correction coefficients for the plurality of projection units based on the projection target area that is reset by the setting unit.. .

Signal calculator

Examples of a signal calculator include a voltage multiplier and a time divider. The voltage multiplier copies time information corresponding to a first voltage and generates a third voltage using a second current corresponding to a second voltage during a first period corresponding to the copied time information.
Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.

Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and computer-processable non-transitory storage medium

An image processing apparatus includes a degree-of-degradation detector, a correction coefficient calculator and an adaptive gradation correction unit. The degree-of-degradation detector detects a degree of degradation of image quality for each of areas included in image data and having predetermined size.
Olympus Corporation

Apparatus for measuring gear transmission error

A gear transmission error measuring apparatus for measuring a transmission error of a gear power train, the gear transmission error measuring apparatus includes a measurement jig for rotatably supporting a rotational shaft of the gear power train, an encoder installed in the rotational shaft of the gear power train for measuring rotation information of the rotational shaft, and a transmission error calculator connected to the encoder for calculating a transmission error of a gear set.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Apparatus and monitoring vehicle tire pressure

An apparatus for monitoring a tire pressure of a vehicle includes a cornering force estimator configured to estimate a cornering force of a tire using inertial information and steering information of the vehicle, a pneumatic trail calculator configured to calculate a pneumatic trail using the cornering force and the steering information, and a tire pressure checker configured to determine whether the tire pressure is insufficient based on the pneumatic trail calculated by the pneumatic trail calculator.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Motor control device

A motor control device of the present invention includes a position detector (107), a feedforward controller, a predistorter, a feedback controller, a vibration suppression controller, a torque controller, a torque estimator, and an adjustment calculator. The vibration suppression controller receives a manipulation-quantity command value derived by addition of a feedforward manipulation quantity and a feedback manipulation quantity, and outputs an actual manipulation-quantity command value corresponding to the received manipulation-quantity command value.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for controlling motor torque output

Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling a torque output by an ac motor drawing power from a dc bus. According to certain embodiments, the system for controlling the torque output has a controller and an inverter.
Caterpillar Inc.

Temperature estimation rotating electric machine

A temperature estimation apparatus for a rotating electric machine includes a coolant dissipator, a heat dissipation amount calculator, a coolant temperature calculator, and a temperature calculator. The coolant dissipator is to cool down a coolant by heat exchange with a cooling air outside a rotating electric machine.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Battery managing device and battery managing method

A battery managing device includes a first calculator, a second calculator, a determiner, and a controller. The first calculator calculates a provisional value indicating a charge state of a battery provided in a vehicle including an electric motor as a drive source.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Systems, methods, and devices for measuring similarity of and generating recommendations for unique items

The disclosure herein provides methods, systems, and devices for measuring similarity of and generating recommendations for unique items. A recommendation system for generating recommendations of alternative unique items comprises an items information database, a penalty computation engine, a recommendation compilation engine, and one or more computers, wherein the penalty computation engine comprises a customizations filter, a condition filter, and a dissimilarity penalty calculator.., Inc.

Orientation variation measurement system, satellite, and orientation variation measurement method

Parallel laser light beams are irradiated from different positions into a telescope. Beams of laser light are incident on a secondary mirror attitude detection mirror from different locations.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Sensor device and electric power steering apparatus using same

A sensor device includes a first sensor section and a second sensor section, and the first sensor section has sensor elements and an output circuit for generating and transmitting an output signal including signals that respectively correspond to sensing values from the two sensor elements, and the second sensor section has sensor elements and an output circuit for generating and transmitting an output signal including signals that respectively correspond to sensing values from the two sensor elements. The sensor device further includes an ecu that has an abnormality determiner for determining abnormality of the sensor sections, and a calculator, thereby enabling a continuation of abnormality monitoring of a normal sensor section, even when a part of the sensor sections is abnormal..
Denso Corporation

Physiological mapping for arrhythmia

A non-transitory computer-readable medium can have instructions executable by a processor. The instructions can include an electrogram reconstruction method to generate reconstructed electrogram signals for each of a multitude of points residing on or near a predetermined cardiac envelope based on geometry data and non-invasively measured body surface electrical signals.
Cardioinsight Technologies, Inc.

Snow melting greenhouse

A snow melting system for greenhouse comprises sensors for measuring an accumulation of snow on or at the greenhouse. A snow melting processor unit comprises an accumulation rate calculator for calculating an accumulation rate of the snow from the measured accumulation, and a heating prioritizer for actuating at least one of at least two different heating systems of the greenhouse as a function of at least the accumulation rate.
Lufa Farms, Inc.

Techniques for predicting perceptual video quality

In one embodiment of the present invention, a quality trainer and quality calculator collaborate to establish a consistent perceptual quality metric via machine learning. In a training phase, the quality trainer leverages machine intelligence techniques to create a perceptual quality model that combines objective metrics to optimally track a subjective metric assigned during viewings of training videos.
Netflix, Inc

3d image analyzer for determining the gaze direction

A 3d image analyzer for the determination of a gaze direction or a line of sight (having a gaze direction vector and a location vector, which e.g. Indicates the pupil midpoint and where the gaze direction vector starts) in a 3d room is configured to receive one first set of image data and a further set of image information, wherein the first image contains a pattern, which displays a three-dimensional object from a first perspective into a first image plane, and wherein the further set contains an image having a pattern, which displays the same three-dimensional object from a further perspective into a further image plane, or wherein the further set has an image information and/or a relation between at least two points in the first image and/or at least a position information.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Simultaneous ranging and remote chemical sensing utilizing optical dispersion or absorption spectroscopy

A system for simultaneous optical pathlength determination and remote chemical sensing of a sample disposed along an optical path. A modulated laser source configured for modulated light emission so that at least one spectral sideband with a sideband frequency is created, the modulated light emission is directed along the optical path and sideband frequency is varied over time.
The Trustees Of Princeton University

Pressure sensor

A pressure sensor includes: a first substrate having first and second diaphragms on one surface provided by first and second recesses on another surface; first and second detecting elements on the first and second diaphragms; a second substrate providing a first reference pressure chamber with the one surface of the first substrate; a third substrate providing a second reference pressure chamber sealing the second recess; and a calculator calculating an offset by a difference between reference and inspection signals and detecting the pressure of the measurement medium by a difference between the detection signal and the offset value. The first detecting element outputs the detection or inspection signal according to pressure difference between the first reference pressure and reference medium pressure or measurement medium pressure in the first recess.
Denso Corporation

Ultrasonic integrating calorimeter

An ultrasonic integrating calorimeter having a supply side temperature detector; a return side temperature detector; a flow rate measure provided with a flow rate measuring pipe wherein a return side fluid flows in a heat exchanging circuit, a first and second ultrasonic transducer; a calorific value calculator, secured to the flow rate measuring portion, calculating the calorific value of the heat exchanged by the heat exchanging circuit, from the outputs of the supply side temperature detector, the return side temperature detector, and the flow rate measuring portion. A calculation signal line transmits, from the flow rate measuring portion to the calorific value calculator, an output signal of the flow rate measuring portion.
Azbil Corporation

Control device for internal combustion engine

A control device for an internal combustion engine includes an in-cylinder pressure detector, an output shaft torque calculator, a target torque calculator, an input torque parameter calculator, and a controller. The output shaft torque calculator is to calculate an output shaft torque of an output shaft of the internal combustion engine based on an in-cylinder pressure.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Vehicle position detecting apparatus

A vehicle position detecting apparatus includes: a position measurement unit that obtains first position information of a first vehicle; an autonomous sensor that obtains relative position information of a second vehicle; a receiver that receives communication data containing second position information of the second vehicle; an identification unit that performs identification on the second vehicle specified based on the relative position information and the second vehicle from which the communication data is sent; a position error calculator that calculates a position error between a position of the second vehicle specified based on the relative position information and that of the second vehicle specified based on the second position information; and a position corrector that performs, based on the position error, a correction on the position of the second vehicle specified based on the second position information, on a condition that the identified second vehicle is no longer detected by the autonomous sensor.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Intelligent cell swapping based on ceiling determination, floor determination, and cell attribute weighting criteria

Embodiments of the inventive concept include a computer-implemented method for intelligently swapping circuit cells and an associated intelligent cell swapper logic section. The technique can include receiving, by an intelligent cell swapper logic section, a synthesized gate level netlist including cells each having an initial cell class.

Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a decoding apparatus for a low-density parity-check (ldpc) code includes a first calculator, a second calculator, and a selector. The first calculator is configured to perform row processing based on a first decoding algorithm.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Communication device comprising a luminous activation sensor

The communication device 1 comprises a memory m for storing a numeric key and a diversification algorithm; a calculator d for generating an identification code from at least the numeric key and the diversification algorithm; a display for displaying the identification code generated 101, 102, 103 by the calculator. The communication device further comprises a light sensor 11 for receiving a light signal 30..
Gemalto Sa

Complex predicate template collecting apparatus and computer program therefor

[solution] a complex predicate template collecting apparatus 64 includes: a simple predicate template db 62 storing simple predicate templates having positive or negative polarity values added; an object noun dictionary 260; a complex predicate template candidate extractor 268 extracting complex predicate template candidates each formed of a combination of a word specified by the object noun dictionary 260 and a simple predicate template, from a web archive 44; a sahen-noun polarity adder 276, a quantifier noun polarity adder 278 and a trouble-noun polarity adder 280, determining polarity of a noun in each of the complex predicate template candidate; and a complex predicate template polarity calculator 282 calculating polarity of a complex predicate template candidate by a combination of the polarity of the noun and the polarity of the simple predicate template included in the complex predicate template.. .

Image forming apparatus and image forming method

An image forming apparatus includes a first heater disposed opposite and heating at least a center of a fixing belt in an axial direction thereof and a second heater disposed opposite and heating at least a lateral end of the fixing belt in the axial direction thereof. A power supply supplies power to the first heater and the second heater.

Navigation apparatus and providing weather condition information

A navigation apparatus comprises a processing resource arranged to support, when in use, an operational environment, the operational environment supporting a route calculator, a time estimation module, a route segmentation module and a weather data processing engine. A map database comprising geospatial data is also provided.
Tomtom International B.v.

Water treatment system

Provided is a water treatment system that prevents overlook and misdetection of abnormal flocculation. The water treatment system includes a mix tank, a flocculation tank, a plurality of floc-particle-diameter measurement devices, a fault detection device that detects abnormal flocculation, and a notification device that notifies occurrence of the abnormal flocculation.
Metawater Co., Ltd.

Method for measuring inertia moment of impact rotary tool and impact rotary tool using measuring method

An impact rotation tool includes an impact force generator that changes power of a drive source into pulsed torque to generate impact force. An output shaft transmits the pulsed torque to a bit based on the impact force.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Swing analyzing device, swing analyzing method, storage medium, and swing analyzing system

A calculator matches a predetermined point in time of first time series information concerning a first swing and the predetermined point in time of second time series information concerning a second swing and calculates a divergence degree between the first time series information and the second time series information. A determiner determines, on the basis of the divergence degree between the first time series information and the second time series information, whether the first swing and the second swing are approximate to each other..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Method and device for the energy billing of mobile energy consumers in an electrical energy supply network

A method for the energy billing of mobile energy consumers in an energy supply network with a plurality of network segment operators which are allocated network segments that are territorially separate from one another. The transition of a mobile energy consumer from one network segment to another network segment is detected, and the energy consumed by the mobile energy consumer between two transitions in a network segment is allocated to the network segment.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Operational parameter value learning device, operational parameter value learning method, and controller for learning device

An operational parameter value learning device according to one embodiment learns an operational parameter value of a device for each of users. A calculator is configured to calculate a duration time during which the device is estimated to have operated at each operational parameter value for each of the users based on history information including at least one of: behavior states of the users, an environmental state, and an operational state of the device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Work state monitoring device for work vehicle

A work state monitoring device for a work vehicle is provided, such that an operator can perform the work without receiving a warning. The work state monitoring device acquires a current work state of a crane using work posture detectors.
Tadano Ltd.

Apparatus and generating a plurality of audio channels

An apparatus for generating a plurality of audio channels for a first speaker setup is characterized by an imaginary speaker determiner, an energy distribution calculator, a processor and a renderer. The imaginary speaker determiner is configured to determine a position of an imaginary speaker not contained in the first speaker setup to obtain a second speaker setup containing the imaginary speaker.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Obstacle detection apparatus and method

Provided are an obstacle detection apparatus and method using a difference image. The obstacle detection apparatus includes an difference image calculator configured to calculate a difference image from a target image from which an obstacle is to be recognized and a comparison image captured prior to the target image, an obstacle area extractor configured to extract an obstacle area which is predicted as including the obstacle, based on boundary information of the calculated difference image, an obstacle area information calculator configured to analyze image information of the extracted obstacle area to calculate a moving speed and moving direction of the obstacle and calculate a position of the obstacle from a reference positon of a camera, and a dangerous obstacle determiner configured to evaluate a danger grade of the obstacle, based on at least one of the moving speed, moving direction, and position of the obstacle..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Interpretation apparatus and method

According to one embodiment, an interpretation apparatus includes a translator, a calculator and a generator. The translator performs machine translation on a speech recognition result corresponding to an input speech audio from a first language into a second language to generate a machine translation result.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Servo control apparatus having function of obtaining frequency characteristics of machine on line

A servo control apparatus according to the present invention includes a speed command generator; a torque command generator; a speed detector for detecting the speed of a servomotor; a speed control loop including the speed command generator, the torque command generator, and the speed detector; a sinusoidal sweep input unit for performing a sinusoidal sweep on the speed control loop; and a frequency characteristics calculator for estimating the gain and phase of speed control loop input and output signals from the output of the speed control loop when a sinusoidal disturbance is inputted thereto. The frequency characteristics calculator expresses the output of the speed control loop as the fourier series having an arbitrary number of terms using a disturbance input frequency as a fundamental frequency, and calculates the amplitude and phase of a fundamental component of the fourier series in order to calculate frequency characteristics on line..
Fanuc Corporation

Field device

A field device according to one aspect of the present invention includes a sensor, an analog-digital converter configured to continuously convert detected signals output from the sensor to digital signals, and a calculator configured to convert the digital signals to process values. The calculator starts acquisition of the digital signals output from the analog-digital converter at a first point in time that is delayed by a processing time required for the conversion process of the analog-digital converter from a start point of a timing signal defining a sampling section of the detected signals, and finishes the acquisition of the digital signals output from the analog-digital converter at a second point in time that is delayed by the processing time from an end point of the timing signal..
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Device and controlling the operation of an exhaust gas recirculation valve using an ignition advance management device

An engine includes at least one spark plug, an ignition advance management device to determine and to apply an optimum ignition advance of the spark plug, and an exhaust gas recirculation device equipped with a gas recirculation control valve. A control device for the internal combustion engine includes a first actuator to force opening and closing of the control valve, a map in which are stored theoretical ignition advance values as a function of engine speed and engine load, a first calculator to calculate a diagnostic criterion as a function of the theoretical ignition advance determined from the map and the optimum ignition advance, and a comparator to compare the diagnostic criterion to a control valve failure threshold..
Renault S.a.s.

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