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Configurable buttons for electronic devices

Adjustable oblique razor system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Buttons-related patents
 Suture cutting and removal tool patent thumbnailnew patent Suture cutting and removal tool
An improved, versatile suture cutting and removal tool comprises an elongated, hand-held body terminating in a distal end section including an upwardly oriented suture-cutting blade. Right and left tweezers on opposing side of the blade grasp and remove suture material once cut by the blade.
 Compact media player patent thumbnailnew patent Compact media player
An electronic device such as a media player may be formed from electrical components such as integrated circuits, buttons, and a battery. Electrical input-output port contacts may be used to play audio and to convey digital signals.
 Electronic devices with sidewall displays patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic devices with sidewall displays
Electronic devices may be provided that contain flexible displays that are bent to form displays on multiple surfaces of the devices. Bent flexible displays may be bent to form front side displays and edge displays.
 Configurable buttons for electronic devices patent thumbnailnew patent Configurable buttons for electronic devices
Configurable buttons for electronic devices such as portable electronic devices are provided. A configurable button may have a button member that moves relative to a device housing when it is desired to activate a switch.
 Intelligent lighting apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent lighting apparatus
The present invention teaches self-contained lighting units which may be ac or dc powered, for example led bulbs, and wherein the operation of said lighting units may be configured by a user through touch events or gestures, or through the use of switches or buttons. For example, operational parameters such as colour of light emitted, colour temperature, light level and an auto-off period, amongst others, may be adjusted, and stored in nvm.
 Adjustable oblique razor system patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable oblique razor system
Adjustable oblique disposable razor shaving system comprising a multi-blade cartridge configured for selective positioning of the cartridge with respect to the razor handle/head in step-wise angles of adjustability, clockwise or counterclockwise between a centered, orthogonal, home position, to a±left and a right oblique position, that ranges from about 15-20° above or below the orthogonal home position. The selective adjustability is functionally produced by a mating button or teeth provided on the back of the cartridge, and an array of recesses or arcuate ratchet tracks in the razor head, which is mounted fixed at the usual angle to a handle.
 Automated network triggering-forwarding device patent thumbnailAutomated network triggering-forwarding device
An automated network triggering-forwarding device connected with a control computer and an information input equipment by a network or a cable, respectively, is provided, which comprises a static output module, a dynamic forwarding module, and an information feedback module. A preset trigger signal is output by touching a key or combination of keys of a key output module, the output information of the information input equipment is forwarded to the control computer by the dynamic forwarding module, and the information fed back by the control computer is displayed on the feedback display module and a voice prompt is provided through the voice output module by the information feedback module.
 Method of making assemblies including reinforced composite parts with pre-formed rivet receiving buttons and articles made by the method patent thumbnailMethod of making assemblies including reinforced composite parts with pre-formed rivet receiving buttons and articles made by the method
A composite part defining a button shaped protrusion and including fibers reinforcing a resin matrix throughout the part. The fibers may be in the form of a woven mat or in the form of loose fibers that are deposited in a mold.
 Systems and methods to protect against inadvertant actuation of virtual buttons on touch surfaces patent thumbnailSystems and methods to protect against inadvertant actuation of virtual buttons on touch surfaces
Systems and methods of defending and/or guarding against inadvertent actuation of a virtual button upon a touch sensitive screen and/or device. A virtual button may be a touch sensor, set of touch sensors and/or touch areas upon a touch screen—the actuation of which may be associated with the execution of a process.
 Tig rod feeder patent thumbnailTig rod feeder
It is an improved alternative device for welding, comprised of a stainless steel attachment for a cordless motorized driver, with optional extended accessory for greater adjustability. The driver includes a grooved rubber roller, whose rotation feeds a rod in a forward or backward motion, controlled by pressing the corresponding starter buttons for the driver's motor.
Piezo-actuated virtual buttons for touch surfaces
Systems and methods of creating a touch sensitive surface structure comprising a piezo structure in communication with a deformable surface such that the piezo structure, or any suitable pressure sensing device, is capable of sensing pressure from a touch upon the deformable surface and communicating that pressure signal to an actuating circuit. The actuating circuit, upon receiving a suitable pressure signal, sends a piezo actuating signal to the piezo structure.
Graphical user interface, display apparatus and digital-electronic device
Embodiments relate to a graphical user interface to be displayed on a display apparatus, the graphical user interface comprising an addressable window which is assigned to a selectable object, where the window has a list with a plurality of buttons, where there is assigned to each button an action of a particular type in relation to the object assigned to the window, where there is assigned to one button a formation action which can be performed with elements from a plurality of element types, where the performance of the formation action requires the selection of the number of elements to be used for the formation action from a maximum number of elements for at least one element type. A further formation action can be assigned to a further button, where the element types and the number of elements to be used for the further formation action are determined by the element types and elements used in the last performed formation action..
Graphical user interface and data transfer methods in a controlling device
A smart device is provided with a main remote control application that may be configured using information obtained from a qr code. The main remote control application may present images of original remote controls corresponding to devices which are controllable by the configured main remote control application.
Method for controlling system bar of user equipment, and user equipment
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for controlling a system bar of a user equipment, and a user equipment. The method includes: detecting a display status of the system bar; and when the system bar is presented on the screen of the user equipment, and the presented system bar includes a hidden button, receiving a first input used to select the hidden button and input by an input unit to hide the system bar; or when the system bar is not presented on the screen of the user equipment, receiving a second input which is input by the input unit to present the system bar.
Automatic water sprinkler regulator
An automatic water sprinkler regulator is provided to control sprinkler coverage and times for water cycles. The regulator comprises control interface, series of control buttons, water inlet part, water outlet part, control processor.
Electronic device
According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first main unit having a surface thereof provided with a display panel, a second main unit having a surface thereof provided with another display panel, a hinge mechanism coupling the first and second main units, and two operation buttons arranged symmetrical with respect to a center line passing through the respective centers of the first and second main units.. .
User interfaces for electronic devices
Disclosed herein are electronic device display interface embodiments for controlling a camera and for reviewing images captured in the device from the camera. For example, in some embodiments, a device is provided with a display for viewing images to be captured by the camera and to provide a display interface for controlling camera operation, wherein the display interface, when in an image capture mode, is to provide an image capture button with two or more smaller image mode buttons disposed adjacent to the image capture button..
Fuel line connector assembly
A fuel line connector assembly that includes a connector, collar, and insert. The connector has a first interconnector, and the collar has a second interconnector and is constructed for attachment to a conduit of a fuel line assembly.
Graphical user interface and data transfer methods in a controlling device
A smart device is provided with a main remote control application that may be configured using information obtained from a qr code. The main remote control application may present images of original remote controls corresponding to devices which are controllable by the configured main remote control application.
Soft-touch double-drain valve
A soft-touch double-drain valve includes a full-drain float including a large water sealing plate covering a water discharging opening and a small water sealing plate mounted in an insertion hole. A main body includes an inner tube through hole and an adjustment hole formed therein.
Graphical user interface (gui) that receives directional input to change face for receiving passcode
A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium includes instructions stored thereon. When executed by at least one processor, the instructions may be configured to cause a computing system to at least generate a graphical user interface (gui), receive selections of characters and directional input, and compare the selections of the characters and the directional input to a stored passcode combination.
Enhancing public opinion gathering and dissemination
A system to conduct a public-initiated opinion poll on a media space or in a consumer space is discussed. Simple activation of software- or hardware-based buttons or otherwise by speaking into or tapping on a device are provided and enables the public to express its likes/dislikes about anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime and merely when he/she decides to do so.
Methods and structures for using diamond in the production of mems
A mems device with movable mems structure and electrodes is produced by fabricating electrodes and shielding the electrodes with diamond buttons during subsequent fabrication steps, such as the etching of sacrificial oxide using vapor hf. In some embodiments, the diamond buttons are removed after the movable mems structure is released..
Display device, electronic device and image processing apparatus including the display device, and method of displaying information
On a touch-panel display of an image forming apparatus, a function selecting area and a preview area are displayed next to each other. On the function selecting area, a function setting menu is displayed in one display mode among an icon mode in which only a group of icons are displayed, a regular mode in which a group of icons and a group of texts are displayed, and an express mode in which a group of icons, a group of texts and a group of function setting buttons are displayed.
Camera for mounting
A camera includes a housing, a digital video recorder, a camera lens, buttons, at least one port, a battery compartment, a holder for a removable storage device, a microphone connected, and a mounting rail.. .
Image display method for digital manipulator
A digital manipulator for an inverter and an image display method for the digital manipulator are disclosed. The digital manipulator is connected to and an external computer.
Method for remote control to input characters to display device
In one aspect of the invention, a method for a remote control to input characters to a display device includes: in response to a character input request sent by a remote control, displaying an input box and a soft keyboard, where the soft keyboard includes a plurality of preset single characters or strings, and each string at most includes four characters; in response to a position movement instruction sent by a button on the remote control, moving a cursor to a target character, where buttons on the remote control include arrow buttons and an ok button; and in response to an input confirmation instruction sent by a button on the remote control, inputting the target character to the input box.. .
Vehicle with integral tire jacks
The vehicle with integral tire jacks is an automatic built-in system for lifting a vehicle in the event of a flat tire when the tire requires replacement. The system includes four jacks installed under the vehicle near each wheel.
Wireless thermostat and system
A secure wireless thermostat and system comprising the thermostat are described and taught. The temperature control unit replaces the traditional thermostat by attaching to the wall and using the existing wiring from the traditional thermostat.
Switches and switch mounting structures
An electronic device has circuitry mounted within an electronic device housing. The electronic device housing may have housing walls such as metal sidewalls.
Helmet with external shock wave dampening panels
A helmet including a shell, a plurality of panel buttons pivotally attached at their proximal face to the outer surface of the shell, and the panel buttons are made of a flexible or elastic material with a protective outer coating to protect the panel buttons from abrasion. In one embodiment, the panel buttons are pivotally attached to the outer surface of the shell with a living hinge that allows the panel buttons to swivel in multiple planes that are generally perpendicular to the outer surface of the shell..
Operating program writing system
An operating program writing system (10) comprises a block storing part (11) which stores a plurality of blocks constituting work units of an operating program, a selecting part (12) which selects any number of blocks from the plurality of blocks, a displaying part (13) which displays a path diagram which is comprised of the any number of blocks and arguments which are contained in the blocks, a selecting and inputting part (14) which selects at least one block among the any number of blocks and inputs the arguments of the at least one block, a running part (15) which arranges run buttons for the respective any number of blocks and runs blocks which correspond to the run buttons, and a writing part (16) which uses the any number of blocks and the input argument of the at least one block as the basis to write an operating program.. .
Belt for relieving back pain
Disclosed herein is a belt for relieving back pain. The belt includes a belt part which is wrapped around a waist of a user, snap buttons which are provided on an inner circumferential surface of the belt part at positions spaced apart, and a support rod coupled to at least one selected from among the snap buttons in such a way that the support rod is oriented perpendicular to the belt part.
Gyroscopic exercise device
A gyroscopic exercise apparatus combining the principles of simulation and virtual reality for exercising the body and for developing balance training skills in sports such as river boarding, sledding and other sport where it is necessary for the body to be in a prone position on a board while engaged in that sport. The movement of the apparatus on its axis depends and is guided by the pressure exerted by the chest of the user on the upper section of the wobbling support board of the device.
Gun-shaped game input handle of multi-functional mobile electronic device
The present invention claims a gun-shaped game input handle of a multi-functional mobile electronic device comprising a gun-shaped housing, wherein it further comprises buttons and a direction control joystick fixed to the gun-shaped housing and used to control the actions and movements of a virtual character in a mobile electronic device game, a main control circuit built in the gun-shaped housing, and a data interface for communicating with the mobile electronic device; the data interface transmits signals to the mobile electronic device in wired or wireless way. The shape of the handle is similar to that of a gun, thus meeting the special game input requirements of first-person shooter games, and improving game operation verisimilitude..
System for control and operation of electronic devices
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method to permit control and operation of an electronic device while participating in another activity, including a variety of sports and recreational activities. A fabric helmet liner, one or more speakers, a microphone, a breakaway connector, and a slap switch are provided and configured to enhance the ability of users to answer or end telephone calls or start, stop, or resume audio output t the speakers while a user is in motion or wearing gloves that would render the use of conventional call answer buttons difficult or impossible..
Touch panel display device and touch panel controller
A common touch panel controller is used for performing touch detection by driving both a touch panel superimposed on a display panel of a touch panel display portion for display, and a touch sensor superimposed on a touch key pattern of a touch key input portion for buttons. A control circuit capable of switching detection characteristics of a detection circuit common to the both in accordance with detection from the touch panel display portion and detection from the touch key input portion is adopted in the touch panel controller..
System and methods for raised touch screens
A touch sensitive display assembly includes a touch screen and a button array. The touch screen is configured to display one or more input keys.
Adjusting method for button functions in electronic device and related apparatus
An adjusting method for button functions, used in an electronic device having a plurality of buttons respectively corresponding to at least one key value, is disclosed. The method includes determining an angle of the electronic device corresponding to a predefined direction; and adjusting the relationship between each of the plurality of buttons and the at least one key value according to the angle..
Electronic device
A microwave oven of the present invention includes: a liquid crystal touch panel configured to display display screen images each including operation buttons, each of which accepts input from a user; a proximity detector portion configured to detect, as proximity input from the user, proximity of the user to the operation button included in the display screen image; a heating control portion and a display control portion configured to execute functions in accordance with the input to the operation buttons, the functions being respectively associated with the operation buttons; a standard button image storage portion configured to store proximity input enable/disable information pieces such that each of the proximity input enable/disable information pieces is associated with at least a part of the display screen image, the proximity input enable/disable information pieces each indicating whether to permit the proximity detector portion to detect the proximity input; and an enable/disable determining portion configured to determine based on the proximity input enable/disable information piece whether to permit the proximity detector portion to detect the proximity input.. .
Adjustable maternity pant expander
An adjustable maternity pant expander is provided for bridging the gap in the waistband of a pair of pants worn by a pregnant woman. The pant expander comprises a strip, with tapered ends in some embodiments.
Reconfigurable clip-on modules for mobile computing devices
A set of reconfigurable clip-on modules for mobile computing devices includes two or more modules and at least one of the modules has an input button or other control and at least one of the modules can communicate with the computing device without needing to be connected to it via a wire. The input button is mapped to a user input in a program, such as a game, which is running or displayed on the computing device to which the modules are clipped.
Apparatus and method for a one touch light security feature in a mobile wireless communication device
A security feature in a handheld electronic wireless communication device, has two switch buttons a and b that are positioned on the bezel of the device that are for increasing/decreasing functions of the device. The device has a led light used for flash light in a camera mode of the device.
Magnetic earphones holder
A set of headphones and audio system comprises a first set of buttons for controlling a volume level of transmitted audio to the headphones and a second set of buttons for controlling a volume level of external audio played by the headphones. The transmitted audio comprises audio received from an audio source such as an electronic device and the external audio comprises surrounding ambient noise received by a microphone coupled to the headphones.
Multi-event time and data tracking device
The battery operated baby care tracking device comprising an information screen on the face of the device, displaying the date and time in one mode and recent baby care information in corresponding modes; a first group of buttons on the same face of the device, labeled as integers 1-12, including clear and decimal point buttons; a second group of buttons labeled as baby feeding events, including nursing, pumping and bottle and baby food feeding, including buttons to indicate the left and right breast; a third group of buttons labeled as baby care information, including diapers, sleeping, crying , medicine, vomiting, temperature and a generic baby care event which are used for data entry and review; a fourth group of buttons having two scan buttons allowing the reviewer to scroll through data; an alarm switch, on a first or second side of the device, by which the caregiver can set an audible and/or vibration and/or backlight alarm for a particular time or time increments; a lock switch, on the first or second side of the device, which locks the device or allows input and review of information in different positions; a light switch on the side of the device, which can be switched off, on or to the nighttime position; a microprocessor for providing temporary memory storage for the device and mode selection for each of the buttons and a usb port on a side of the device as well as wifi capability for data transfer from temporary memory storage in the device to a permanent memory storage.. .
Portable terminal having display buttons and method of inputting functions using display buttons
A portable terminal having display buttons for displaying images corresponding to specific functions through keys pressed by a user, and a method of inputting functions of the portable terminal using the display buttons. The portable terminal includes: a controller which receives signals corresponding to a user key pressed from the plurality of input buttons and outputs image data to be displayed on each of the plurality of input buttons using the received signals; and a plurality of buttons for inputting a key from a user and outputting a signal corresponding to the key pressed, and for receiving the image data from the controller and displaying the received image data.
Method and system of taskbar button interfaces
The present invention provides a system or method for displaying rich presentation taskbar buttons for a corresponding application. In one example, the rich presentation taskbar button may receive content from an application through a programming interface.
Hemostasis valve device
The present invention relates to a hemostasis valve device which allows a wire or a catheter to be inserted into the left or right coronary artery via the femoral artery or an arm artery when a cardiac catheterization or percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty operation is performed, wherein two independent sealing members are opened and closed by press and release actions of push buttons coupled to a body and the rotation of a fastening tube, respectively, so that the leakage or blood or the inflow of outside air is simply and effectively blocked during the operation, and a drug influx tube for allowing a medicine such as a thrombolytic drug to flow into a patient during the operation pivots and is adjusted in a stepwise manner within a certain range of angles according to body conditions or movements of the patient.. .
Apparatus for manipulating a mobile terminal device
An apparatus includes an operation input unit, a detecting unit, a signal generator, and an interface unit. The operation input unit includes one or more actionable areas or buttons configured to be operated by a user.
Tablet computer holding device
A tablet computer holding device having a rigid and substantially rectangular base is provided. A pair of upstanding walls extends vertically upward from the perimeter of the base and partially bound the base.
Information processing apparatus
The present invention relates to an information processing apparatus with improved operatability. With the information processing apparatus in which the user is capable of watching a television program and connecting to the internet, the index panel 1 shows channel buttons 2 to be operated to select a desired program, a site button 71 to be operated to make an access to site a available on the internet and a site button 72 to be operated to make an access to site b on the internet.
Continuous deployment system for software development
Examples of a continuous deployment system are provided that manage and track releases of software code, where some or all of the steps between check-in and deployment to production can be automated. Such systems can reduce the amount of developer effort needed to deploy a package, as developers may not have to be responsible for scheduling package builds, clicking deployment buttons, or manually running tests.
Managing tab buttons
The present disclosure provides an example method and system for managing tab buttons. A tab sliding bar including multiple tab buttons is established.
Game controller
A game controller includes a controller housing, a management module and a locating device, wherein the body has a left handle and a right handle, the management module is fixed in the body for processing the data which is generated by a plurality of function buttons and the locating device, and processing communication with a game platform, the locating device links with the management module, the locating device provides for locating precise to the game character of the game.. .
Electronic device case capable of performing multiple functions
An embodiment of the invention comprises an electronic device case including a power source and circuit board. The circuit board may be connected to the buttons allowing the electronic device case to function as a standalone device.
Mobile terminal and method of displaying according to environmental data
The present invention provides a mobile terminal, comprising: a detection module for detecting the environment that the mobile terminal is in; and a display module for displaying corresponding control buttons according to detected environmental data. Accordingly, the present invention also provides a method of displaying according to environmental data.
Electronic toy with synchornized sound and lighting system that utilizes projectiles and method of use
An electronic toy with synchronized sound and lighting system that utilizes projectiles, and method, including a base, a projectile, pre-recorded sounds, a speaker, led lights, and various circuitry. The invention can be programmed to operate in standby mode at all times, and will power-on when the user locks the projectile into the locking unit.
File management method and system and storage mediums
The invention provides a file management method includes the steps of: setting cloud copy buttons in right-click menus of files and/or file folders; acquiring clicking operations on the cloud copy buttons by a user; uploading files and/or file folders selected by the user onto a server in accordance with the clicking operations. With the above method, file management becomes more convenient.
User interface device and program for the same
A user interface device for controlling a display portion for displaying a menu screen including a list of buttons and a cursor includes an operation input device, and a display control portion. The operation input device inputs an instruction direction corresponding to a user operation.
Input method, terminal apparatus applying input method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program performing the same
An input method usable by a terminal including a touch screen display, identifies first touch input locations on a touch screen. The first touch input locations comprise a predetermined number of concurrent multiple touches.
Hand activated ultrasonic instrument
An ultrasonic surgical clamp coagulator apparatus is configured to effect cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue by cooperation of a clamping mechanism of the apparatus with an associated ultrasonic end-effector. The handle of the apparatus is configured to permit hand activation for cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue during surgical procedures.
Powered portable handle remote for smartphone
The powered portable handle remote is a device that wirelessly controls a smartphone's application by means of wireless technology. It serves not only as a remote for the smartphone, but also as a handle to help stabilize and hold the smartphone while using the smartphone application.
Architecture for variable pressure mouse
User input devices with variable pressure buttons are configured. A user may specify a range of pressure to be associated with a pressure level.
Electronic torque tool having discontinuous torque warning values with an interval therebetween
An electronic torque tool includes a main body; at least one display unit disposed on the main body for displaying torque values, and several pushbuttons disposed on the main body for a user to set values to the torque tool. The electronic torque tool has resettable torque warning values, which are discontinuous values with an interval therebetween.
Milestone tracking bracelet
A motivational bracelet for tracking milestones toward long term goals is comprised of a flexible material and featuring one or more detachable buttons.. .
Novel character specification system and method that uses remote selection menu and touch screen movements
A method and apparatus of identifying and selecting characters from among a plurality of characters. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a computer processor electronically enables display of primary and secondary characters within a first region on a touch-sensitive electronic screen.
Accessory controller for electronic devices
Accessories such as headsets for electronic devices are provided. A headset may be provided with a button controller assembly that has user-actuated buttons and a microphone.
Set top/back box, system and method for providing a remote control device
A set top/back box and system and method for providing a remote control device are disclosed. In one embodiment, one or more wireless transceivers are located within a housing, which also interconnectively includes television input/output, a processor, and memory.
Method for presenting menu buttons
Optical storage media often contain data structures for a menu suitable for selection of a title, a chapter, a parameter or others. Such menus usually comprise a number of buttons to be displayed, with each button having a state.
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
A lightweight radio/cd player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure, including an insert molded electrically conductive wire mesh screen that has been pre-formed to contour with the molding operation.
Method and apparatus for configuring and selectively sensing use of a device
A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for subdividing a touch-sensitive interface of a mouse accessory into a first plurality of sectors for defining a first plurality of mouse buttons, where each sector of the first plurality of sectors corresponds to a distinct mouse button. The method can further include receiving a first signal from the touch-sensitive interface of the mouse accessory, detecting, from the first signal a selection of a sector of the first plurality of sectors, and generating a second signal indicating the selection of the sector.
Swipe stroke input and continuous handwriting
Swipe-stroke input and continuous handwriting are provided. A stroke sequence or a portion of a stroke sequence of a chinese character may be input via selecting one or more stroke buttons via a swipe gesture.
Electronic display with push buttons
One or more buttons are associated with an electronic display screen. The display screen is configured to display various information, such as button labels.
Projector system
An image projection system includes a projector connected to a host computer to display images on a projection screen, an image capture device, and an operation pen. The operation pen emits a laser beam and has buttons.

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