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Buret patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Buret-related patents
 Engine equipped with secondary air supply device patent thumbnailEngine equipped with secondary air supply device
An engine equipped with a secondary air supply device where a cylinder extends obliquely to define a space therebeneath, which includes: a cooling fan disposed laterally of the cylinder; a carburetor disposed closer to the space than the cooling fan; an exhaust muffler disposed opposite from the carburetor with the cylinder interposed therebetween and in communication with a cylinder head via an exhaust pipe; a secondary air introduction pipe connected to the exhaust pipe and extending from the exhaust pipe to the space so that its inlet end portion is located in the space; an intake nozzle provided in communication with the inlet end portion of the introduction pipe and having an opening portion that opens in an opposite direction from the cooling fan; and a partition wall disposed between the opening portion of the intake nozzle and the carburetor.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Carburetor with low flow rate fluid passage patent thumbnailCarburetor with low flow rate fluid passage
A carburetor including a body having a main bore through which a fuel and air mixture is discharged from the carburetor for use by an engine a priming passage communicated with the main bore, a pump that moves fluid into the priming passage, and a flow restrictor received within at least a portion of the priming passage to reduce the minimum effective flow area of the priming passage. The flow restrictor has a body received at least partially within the priming passage so that fluid flows around the flow restrictor and between the structure defining the priming passage and the flow restrictor..
Walbro Engine Management, L.l.c.

 Rotary-type carburetor patent thumbnailRotary-type carburetor
A rotary-type carburetor (1) according to the present invention includes a body (4) having a bore (2) with a circular cross section, and a valve element (6) to be contained in the bore (2). The valve element (6) rotates between a closed position where the valve passage (16) is blocked from communicating with the body passages (10a, 10b), and a fully-opened position where the valve passage (16) and the body passages (10a, 10b) are aligned.
Yamabiko Corporation

 Single barrel carburetor patent thumbnailSingle barrel carburetor
A single body passage (single venturi) carburetor main body design that offers improved control of the fuel delivery on both the opposing and opposite sides of the carburetors single venturi, this to offer true quadrant tuning of all aspects of fuel delivery in the designs single passage opening. The carburetor main body design may incorporate, a throttle plate(s), a main body assembly, boosters that are associated with a main fuel delivery circuit, idle fuel delivery passages, transfer circuit delivery passages, air venting passages, bowl venting passages and accelerator pump passages.

 Carburetor supplemental fuel supply patent thumbnailCarburetor supplemental fuel supply
A carburetor provides a supplemental fuel supply to an engine and includes a body, a fuel metering diaphragm and a fluid pump. The fuel metering diaphragm defines part of a fuel metering chamber and a reference chamber and has at least a portion that is movable relative to the body to increase and decrease the volume of the fuel metering chamber to control fuel flow in the fuel metering chamber.
Walbro Engine Management, L.l.c.

 Motorcycle air jet heat shield patent thumbnailMotorcycle air jet heat shield
The objective of the present invention is to use the principle of an air jet to draw hot air away from the rear of a motorcycle engine for improved cooling, while shielding the leg of the rider from engine and exhaust heat. By reducing heat buildup, the present invention prevents heat discoloration of the intake manifold and carburetor and improves fuel atomization within the carburetor..

 Layered diaphragm patent thumbnailLayered diaphragm
In at least some implementations, a carburetor has a metering system that controls fuel flow from a fuel source to an air-fuel passage. The metering system includes a metering diaphragm sealed to a body of the carburetor to at least partly define a metering chamber between the metering diaphragm and the body, and the metering diaphragm has a continuous layer and a discontinuous layer.
Walbro Engine Management, L.l.c.

 Main fuel jet and nozzle assembly for a carburetor patent thumbnailMain fuel jet and nozzle assembly for a carburetor
A carburetor includes a body with an air intake path, a fuel pump and a fuel pressure regulator and having a main fuel jet and nozzle assembly with a main fuel jet releasably coupled to the body of the carburetor. Alternatively, a main fuel jet and nozzle assembly includes a nozzle and check valve retainer formed as a single component.
Zama Japan Kabushiki Kaisha

 Carburetor with single diaphragm for supplying and metering fuel patent thumbnailCarburetor with single diaphragm for supplying and metering fuel
A carburetor includes a body with an air intake path, a fuel pump and a fuel pressure regulator. The fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator are positioned on the same side of the body.

 Flexible reusable smoker's tool patent thumbnailFlexible reusable smoker's tool
One embodiment of an improved smoker's tool which is flexible, resilient yet minimally rigid for providing a tool for many types of complex smoking and vaporizing devices, which better removes spent organic matter, which can be cleaned and reused, shaped and reshaped, as well as providing a handle (17), and possible embodiments of a reamer (20), tamper (30) and scraping blade (18) as well as other useful implements. The flexible reusable smoker's tool generally includes single or multiple flat strips (11) twisted with strands (10) for part of their length.


Fuel bowl and feeding fuel

A fuel bowl for a carburetor has no valves and is configured for continuous flow of fuel through the bowl. The fuel bowl can be constructed to constrain the constantly flowing fuel within a compartment of the bowl to maintain fuel level in the bowl sufficient to meet the carburetor demand under circumstances of high fuel demand and/or high g-forces.


Carburetor to electronic fuel injection conversion distributor

A carburetor to electronic fuel injection conversion distributor is used in conjunction with a compatible engine control unit and a compatible throttle body so that carbureted engines can be converted into electronic fuel injection engines. The conversion distributor includes a stator distributor housing, a rotor shaft assembly, and a top housing as the rotor shaft assembly is rotatably engaged with the stator distributor housing.


Carburetor air intake housing and air flow enhancing securement plate

An air intake housing and flow enhancing plate for a carburetor with a fluted and contoured air intake opening that flushly aligns with and matches the shape of the carburetor air intake opening. The low profile plate is made of metal for durability and heat resistance.
Five Star Fabricating, Inc.


Throttle control device

A throttle control device includes a throttle lever fixed to a throttle shaft which is arranged to open or close a valve of a carburetor, an elastically deformable tube having a first end connected to a connection point on the throttle lever, the connection point being spaced from a rotating center of the throttle lever, and an intermediary section fixed at a first fixing position spaced from the connection point by a predetermined distance, and a throttle wire slidably accommodated in the tube and having a first end fixed at a second fixing position, the second fixing position being disposed outside the tube and at a dsitance from the first end of the tube, and a second end arranged to be manipulated by means of a throttle control lever so that the throttle wire moves relative to the tube, wherein the tube has a curved portion between the connection point and the first fixing position, the curvature radius of which changes due to the movement of the throttle wire relative to the tube.. .
Husqvarna Ab


Rotary carburetor

In a carburetor, three downstream body passages in the body communicate with three valve passages in the valve element, and the valve element rotates between a closed position and an opened position. The carburetor is a one-bore type carburetor in which the body passages and the valve passages are respectively partitioned with the body partitions and the valve partitions.
Zama Japan Co., Ltd.


Snowthrower including power boost system

A carburetor includes a passageway having a constricted section, a nozzle directed into the passageway proximate the constricted section, and a shaft having a surface that at least partially defines the constricted section. The nozzle is configured to deliver fuel to air passing through the passageway, and the surface includes a contour that is configured to be moved relative to the passageway to change the area of the passageway through the constricted section..
Briggs & Stratton Corporation


Fuel delivery system for an internal combustion engine

A fuel delivery system for an internal combustion engine. The fuel delivery system includes a diaphragm carburettor for mixing air and fuel, a start preparation system for introducing fuel into the carburettor before a start of the engine, and a fuel enrichment system for providing an enriched fuel and air mixture when the engine is cranked..
Husqvarna Ab


Carburetor for air scavenged engine

A fuel and air supply device for an engine includes at least one carburetor body having a main bore and an air passage and an air valve operably associated with the air passage to control air flow through the air passage. In at least some implementations, the air passage has a portion with a reduced dimension compared to a different portion of the passage.
Walbro Engine Management, Llc.


Gaseous fuel and air mixing venturi insert device for carburetor

A gaseous fuel and air mixing venturi device is adapted for installation in a gaseous fuel carburetor and has a venturi body defining annular inner and outer venturi passageways which each have a throat of reduced cross-sectional area and have inlet ends in communication with an air inlet of the carburetor. A fuel inlet is configured for connection to a fuel port of the carburetor, and communicates with a plurality of fuel supply ports in the body communicating radially with the inner and outer venturi passages to mix with the air flowing in the passageways..
Continental Controls Corporation



A carburetor comprises an intake path, a constant volume fuel chamber and a fuel nozzle. The intake path is connected to an intake port of an engine, and is opened and closed by a throttle valve.
Keihin Corporation


Apparatus for spray injection of liquid or gas

An injection gate is provided for high pressure, high velocity secondary fluid for admixture of an atomized spray thereof with another or primary fluid that atomizes the other fluid. The secondary fluid may be an accelerant and the primary fluid may be a low pressure fuel or fuel/air mixture in a fuel injection arrangement for an internal combustion engine.


Carburetor, carburetor for mocvd using same, center rod for use in the carburetor or carburetor7 for mocvd, dispersing carrier gas, and vaporizing carrier gas

Provided is a vaporizer that can efficiently cool a carrier gas, improve the effect of preventing a material from being clogged near the outlet port of a gas passage, contribute to prolonging the timing of maintenance and improving operating efficiency, and exert more uniform dispersing effect. A vaporizer includes: a center rod inserted into a carrier gas introduction hole formed in a disperser to form the gas passage in cooperation with the inner wall of the carrier gas introduction hole; a cooling part disposed on the outer circumferential side of the carrier gas introduction hole in the disperser to cool the inside of the gas passage; a cooling member insertion hole formed across almost the entire length of the center rod along the axial direction of the center rod; and a cooling member disposed in the inside of the cooling member insertion hole to cool the center rod..
Wacom R&d Corporation


Quad flow torque enhancement flow divider causing improved fuel/air transfer

A wing (1) including a vertical plate (2) and a horizontal plate (3) is placed in the throat of a carburetor (41) or throttle body (93). The wing (1) is located adjacent to and downstream from the throttle valve (46, 94).


Block-off plate assembly for carburetor float bowl

A block-off plate assembly for preventing gasoline leakage near the outer surface of a carburetor bowl of the type used on motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles, comprising two components, the first being a custom-machined plate fabricated from a suitable rigid material. The plate further comprises a smooth, inner planar surface, a parallel, planar outer surface, and a circular channel, machined to a specific depth, into the inner surface.


Fuel shut-off solenoid system

A fuel system that in at least some implementations includes a carburetor having a fluid passage, a solenoid, a valve, a driver circuit and a control circuit. The valve may be moved by the solenoid between an open position permitting fluid flow through the fluid passage and a closed position at least partially inhibiting fluid flow through the fluid passage.
Walbro Engine Management, L.l.c.


Plunger valve for a propane carburetor

A plunger valve. The plunger valve includes a body and a set of flutes on the body configured to reduce wedging during operation and eliminate flutter when connected to a diaphragm.


Heat exchanger and air conditioner provided with heat exchanger

A heat exchanger provided with a plurality of plate-like fins 2 arranged in parallel with a predetermined interval and a plurality of flat-shaped heat transfer pipes 3 inserted in a direction orthogonal to said plate-like fins 2 and through which a refrigerant flows, in which said heat transfer pipe 3 has an outside shape with a flat outer face arranged along an air flow direction and a section substantially in an oval shape and first and second refrigerant flow passages 31a, 31b made of two symmetric and substantially d-shaped through holes having a bulkhead 32 between the two passages inside, which is bonded to said plate-like fin 2 by expanding diameters of said first and second refrigerant flow passages 31a, 31b by a pipe-expanding burette ball.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Carburetor and methods therefor

A carburetor having an inlet opening that includes a pair of concavities operative to direct air toward the metering rod of the carburetor. A carburetor having an inlet opening that includes an arcuate manifold adjacent to the inlet opening and in fluid communication with a fuel reservoir.
Apt Ip Holdings, Llc


Apparatus and treating urinary incontinence

A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and first and second elongated members connecting the first and second soft tissue anchors to first and second ends of the suburethral support. The first soft tissue anchor includes a central portion, a plurality of projections extending from the central portion, and a plurality of deflection-limiting features.
Coloplast A/s


Carburetor arrangement

A carburetor for a gas powered internal combustion engine having a plurality of pressure reducing stages for reducing the pressure of the gas phase in a liquified petroleum gas storage bottle prior to the mixing of the gas phase of the liquified petroleum gas with ambient air.. .


Air filter arrangement having a carburetor

An air filter and carburetor arrangement includes a round filter and a round filter carrier having a filter plate. The round filter has a central filter axis, which lies at an angle to the filter plate.
Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg


Carburetor spacer having an embedded fan

A modified carburetor spacer for providing greater efficiency in the operation of internal combustion engine having an attached carburetor (or “carburetor engine assembly”) comprising a conventional carburetor spacer body and a five-blade fan disposed at least one open section of said carburetor spacer body. The modified carburetor spacer can be attached underneath the carburetor of a carburetor engine assembly by means typical to the carburetor spacer installation, including through the use of two metal rods with accompanying nuts and bolts.


Carburetor with one piece choke valve and shaft assembly

A carburetor including a one piece choke valve and shaft assembly including a shaft, a detent plate formed on a first end, a lever arm formed on a second end, a pair of opposing collars formed adjacent the detent plate and lever arm, a valve plate centrally positioned on the shaft, and opposing splines formed on the shaft enabling it to be inserted through an assembly slot cut into a shaft bore in the carburetor body. The detent plate includes a partial annular slot encompassing the angular range of travel of the choke valve.


Automatic fuel shutoff

A combination lever for a carburetor is an integrated shutoff lever and fuel valve. The combination lever includes a longitudinal portion for a handle and a cylindrical portion including a fuel path for the fuel valve.


System and combusting volatile vapors

A system for combusting volatile vapors includes: a carburetor having intake valves for receiving fuel from a fuel source, an from an external an intake, and volatile vapors from a vapor source, the carburetor configured to discharge a combustion mixture into a combustion engine; a plurality of sensors configured to generate sensor data based on a respective plurality of physical properties associated with the carburetor and the combustion engine; a programmable controller configured to receive the sensor data as input from each of the plurality of sensors and to control the intake valves to regulate respective ratios of the fuel, an and the volatile vapors drawn through the carburetor in response to the received sensor data; and a display operatively coupled to the programmable controller to display at least a real-time portion of the sensor data.. .


Regulating device for adjustment angle of pilot screw for carburetor

Provided are a tamper cap (30) which synchronously rotates a pilot screw (20) as being fitted to the pilot screw (20), engaging portions (26−1, 26−2, 33) which engage the pilot screw (20) and the tamper cap (30), a plurality of elastically deforming portions (25−1, 25−2) to which the tamper cap (30) is fitted, and a holding member (40) which is press-fitted to a groove (24) formed at a center part of the elastically deforming portions (25−1, 25−2) and which maintains the engaged state by preventing elastic deformation of the elastically deforming portions (25−1, 25−2). Owing to that the tamper cap (30) is made of metal, the pilot screw (20) and the tamper cap (30) are stiffly fixed with a mechanical structure without using glue, while increasing non-destructivity compared to a resin-made tamper cap..



A carburetor incorporating an air passage, and a fuel passage, and a rotating barrel, the rotating barrel being arranged between the air passage and the fuel passage so that a first portion of its surface is exposed to the air passage, and a second portion of its surface is exposed to the fuel passage. The rotation of the barrel transfers fuel from fuel passage to the air passage via an indent feature, the proportion of that indent feature that is exposed to the air or fuel passage being varied to meter the amount of fuel transferred..


Accelerator device for a carburetor

In at least one implementation a carburetor includes an intake bore with a port opening into the intake bore, a fuel chamber from which fuel is supplied to the intake bore, and an accelerator device including a fuel reservoir. A fuel flow control valve is provided between the fuel chamber and the port to control the flow rate of fuel to the port and at least one passage communicates the fuel reservoir with the port and fuel in the fuel reservoir is supplied to the port therethrough.


Air-cooled engine for working machine

An air-cooled engine for a working machine includes a fan cover, a muffler protector, and an insulator. The fan cover has a guide opening for guiding a cooling air toward an exhaust muffler.


Internal combustion engine

A main nozzle (38) of a carburetor (10) communicates with a metering chamber (26) through a first fuel feeding passage (44) originally included in the carburetor and a first additional fuel feeding passage (46). The first additional fuel feeding passage (46) includes a flow rate adjusting valve (48).


Power equipment with throttle release actuator

An outdoor power tool may include an engine, a carburetor configured to provide a fuel and air mixture to the engine based on operation of a throttle assembly, a selector and a throttle release actuator. The selector may be operably coupled to the throttle assembly to control a position of the throttle assembly in a selected one of a plurality of throttle positions.


Tyer carburetion process

A means for improving prior art combined cycle combustor and/or gasifiers and/or plural thermodynamic cycle gasification systems by introducing and utilizing an auger for the continuous feeding, agitation, tumbling, advancement and discharge of heterogenous carbonaceous fuel. In addition to the aforementioned improvement, i have included provisions for fontana's water gas shift reaction utilizing refectory embedded down-tubes that convey steam and oxygen into and through the chambers fluidized bed..


Plunger lifting mechanism of a rotary-valve gas carburetor

A plunger lifting mechanism of a rotary-valve gas carburetor includes a carburetor body, a cam, a plunger, a torsion spring, a fixed plate, a throttle wire bracket, a main measuring needle, a sleeve and a main jet pipe. The plunger is rotatablely mounted in the carburetor body, which passes through the cam, the torsion spring and fixed plate in turn and then extends out of the carburetor body, and a top of the plunger is connected with the throttle wire bracket and then fixedly connected with the sleeve; the fixed plate is fixedly connected with the carburetor body; one end of the torsion spring is elastically suppressed by the fixed plate, and the other end of the torsion spring is elastically suppressed by protrusions on side walls of the plunger.


Diaphragm carburetor with fuel metering compensation

A fuel and air supply device for an engine includes a carburetor having a fuel metering assembly with a fuel metering diaphragm defining at least part of a reference chamber, a scavenging air assembly including an air passage and an air valve moveable within the passage to alter air flow through the air passage, and a reference passage. The reference passage communicates at one end with the air passage upstream of the air valve and at its other end with the reference chamber to provide a reference air signal through the reference passage to the reference chamber.


Fuel injection system for internal combustion engine

A kit for replacing a carburetor-based fuel delivery system for internal combustion engines with an electronic fuel injection system has an electronic control unit receiving signals from pressurization pump and a number of sensors mounted on the throttle, engine and the manifold. According to the invention, the standard manifold is replaced with the machined manifold which carries at least one fuel injector with a nozzle that can extend into an intake chamber of the engine.


Solenoid autochoke for an engine

A choke system for an internal combustion engine includes a carburetor having an air intake, a choke valve disposed in the air intake, and a choke lever coupled to the choke valve, wherein the choke valve is movable between a closed position and an open position, a mechanical linkage coupled to the choke lever, and a solenoid attached to the carburetor and coupled to the mechanical linkage so activation of the solenoid moves the choke valve, wherein the solenoid is activated in response to activation of a starter system of an internal combustion engine, thereby moving the choke valve via the mechanical linkage to the closed position.. .


Carburetor for a hand-guided power tool and hand-guided power tool

A carburetor for a hand-guided power tool has a carburetor housing and a carburetor rotor supported rotatably in the carburetor housing about an axis of rotation. A needle is disposed on the carburetor rotor and projects into a fuel opening of the carburetor.


Four cycle engine carburetors

Various embodiments include engine carburetors. Various embodiments provide for methods of cylinder manufacturing engines.


Pulse generator used for a one-step starting carburetor

A pulse generator used for a one-step starting carburetor includes a pulse chamber, a lower cover, a support and a solenoid valve. Two types of pulse are produced in the pulse chamber: the normal pulse and the crowding pulse.


One-step starting carburetor

A one-step starting carburetor includes a body, and a pulse generator and an oil pumping unit which are connected with the body. The oil pumping unit can produce an oil pumping function to pump fuel from an oiler to the carburetor when a flywheel of an engine is revolving.


Method of treating incontinence

An implant for use in the treatment of urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support and an anchor portion extending from the support portion. The support portion is operatively positionable at or distal to the bulbar urethral complex and the anchor portion is operatively extensible through the obturator foramen..


Carburetion control system

System for controlling the carburetion of an internal combustion engine comprising the following activities: a) starting the engine; b) determining the factor λo using any known method; c)measuring the ionization current cio; d) modifying—from outside—the factor λ by a predefined amount equivalent to Δλ bringing it to the value λ1=λo+Δλ; e) repeating the measurement of the ionization current ci1; f) calculating the value of the difference of the ionization current aλci1 equivalent to cio-ci1; g) repeating operations d. And e.


Airflow attachment assembly for carburetor

A carburetor attachment assembly for improved engine performance including an airflow crown and a mating air cleaner base. The air flow crown is adapted to detachably mount atop a carburetor and has a contoured intake surface that guides and directs airflow into the mouth of the carburetor.


Deceleration fuel shut off for carbureted engines

Fuel efficiency of small carbureted engines can be improved through the use of a fuel shut off valve that ceases fuel flow in the carburetor upon determination that the engine throttle has been closed and the engine is not at or near an idle condition.. .


Hybrid carburetor and fuel injection assembly for an internal combustion engine

A hybrid fuel injection and carburetor assembly for delivering a fuel and air mixture into an intake manifold of an engine is provided. The assembly includes a housing and a plurality of inserts with venturi-shaped bores to establish low pressure regions in the flow of air.


Fuel system conversions for carburetor to electronic fuel injection systems, methods of production thereof

An electronic fuel injection system for land vehicles, comprising: a fuel tank, at least one pump, a fuel sump, wherein the at least one pump is operatively coupled to and between the fuel tank and the sump, and an engine, wherein the engine is operatively coupled to the fuel sump. A fuel sump system for land vehicles, comprising: an inlet from a pump, wherein the pump is operatively connected to a fuel tank, a fuel pump system, a regulator operatively coupled to the fuel pump system, an outlet operatively coupled to an engine, and a float component, coupled to the inlet.


Adjustment safeguard for a set screw on a carburetor

An adjustment safeguard for a set screw on a carburetor includes a cap held non-rotatably on the head of the set screw. The cap is surrounded by a coaxially positioned wall sleeve fixed to the housing.


Venturi insert for a carburetor, and carburetor, system and apparatus incorporating the same

A venturi insert for a carburetor, and a carburetor, system and apparatus incorporating the same. In one embodiment, the invention is a carburetor for an internal combustion engine comprising: a carburetor body comprising a plurality of throttle bores extending through the carburetor body, and for each of the throttle bores a fuel delivery passage terminating at a sidewall of the throttle bore; an insert comprising a plurality of venturi tubes and a linking member connecting the venturi tubes together, each of the venturi tubes comprising a venturi passage and a fuel port for introducing fuel into the venturi passage; and the insert secured to the carburetor body so that the venturi tubes extend into the throttle bores and the fuel ports are in fluid communication with the fuel delivery passages, and the linking member is in contact with the carburetor body..


Simple startup carburetor

A carburetor improves the starting performance of an engine. The carburetor includes a main body, a pump oil ball and a fuel-air mixing channel which extends through the main body.


Carburetor with integrated cable retainer

A carburetor comprising a throttle cable housing mountable over a throttle cable and couplable to a retainer or receptacle that is an integrated part of the carburetor assembly. The throttle cable housing is configured with a molded protrusion that snaps into the retainer or receptacle on the carburetor so that once installed the throttle cable housing cannot be removed without a special tool.


Saddle-ride type vehicle

A saddle-ride type vehicle is capable of reducing influence of travelling wind on an open end of an air hose, thus preventing fluctuations in the internal pressure of a float chamber of a carburetor. The saddle-ride type vehicle includes a carburetor placed rearward of an engine and an air cleaner placed rearward of the carburetor.


Air cleaner assembly

In at least some embodiments, the present invention relates to an air cleaner having a housing portion, and a low profile rain cover having an opening on an underside of the cover to allow unfiltered air to enter into the air cleaner. Also, in at least some embodiments, the present invention relates to an air cleaner including a housing and an additional component by which the air cleaner is capable of being directly coupled to a carburetor inlet.


Urinary incontinence treatment and devices

A surgical implant for treating urinary incontinence by providing support to a urethra of a patient includes a suburethral support and first and second soft tissue anchors. The suburethral support is formed of a mesh and includes a folded portion formed by a fold in the mesh material, the fold extending substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the suburethral support.


Universal carburetor work stand with user reconfigurable support stanchions

A carburetor work stand allows the user to reconfigure the carburetor support stanchions, thereby allowing any carburetor, regardless of vintage, type, size or mounting bolt pattern, to be supported by the work stand.. .


Urinary incontinence treatment and devices

A surgical implant for treating urinary incontinence by providing support to a urethra of a patient includes a suburethral support portion formed of a mesh material, the suburethral support having a first end and a second end. The implant also includes first and second anchoring portions that are substantially arrow-head shaped, have apertures, and include a plurality of barbs.


Device, introducing soft tissue anchors

A system for providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes first and second soft tissue anchors, a suburethral support, an introducer, and a filament. The first soft tissue anchor has a proximal end and a distal end and includes a base having a hollow tubular structure, a plurality of barbs, and a tip.


Urinary incontinence treatment and devices

A system for treating urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and an introducer. The suburethral support is formed of a mesh material, the first and second soft tissue anchors each have a tip, a base, a first face, a second face, a plurality of barbs, and an aperture extending from the first face to the second face.


Apparatus for spray injection of liquid or gas

An injection gate (44,144,244,344) for high pressure, high velocity secondary fluid for admixture of an atomized spray (80,180) thereof with another or primary fluid that atomizes the other fluid. The secondary fluid may be an accelerant and the primary fluid may be a low pressure fuel/air mixture in a fuel injection arrangement for an internal combustion engine.



An engine includes: a piston; a carburetor having a diaphragm fuel pump, the diaphragm fuel pump including a pump chamber configured to suck and discharge fuel and a diaphragm chamber to which a pressure to drive the pump chamber is applied; and a communicating passage configured to connect between the diaphragm chamber and a negative pressure part in which a negative pressure is created due to movement of the piston. A flowback prevention part is formed in the communicating passage to allow fluid to move only in on direction from the diaphragm chamber to the negative pressure part..


Carburetor system for a carburetor engine

A fuel supply system for small two-stroke internal combustion engines for e.g. Chain saws, line trimmers and similar hand-held power-tools including a diaphragm carburetor (20) equipped with a purging system (80a, 81a) or priming system (80b, 81b) for facilitating starting of the engine (1).


Plugs for carburetors

In accordance with one implementation, a carburetor includes a body having a fluid passage formed therein and a counterbore located along the fluid passage. The counterbore has a first sealing surface and a central axis, and the body further includes a second sealing surface located radially closer to the central axis than is the first sealing surface.


System and improving fuel efficiency in vehicles using hho

A system and method of providing hho gas to an internal combustion engine in a vehicle involves providing a liquid electrolyte solution to an hho generator configured to produce and output hho gas therefrom, separating residual electrolyte solution from the hho gas output by the hho generator, storing a quantity of the hho gas in a pressure tank at a pressure level exceeding an ambient atmospheric pressure, and regulating a rate at which the hho gas from the pressure tank flows to the internal combustion engine with a carburetor device.. .


Carburetors for providing air-to-fuel ratio variability independent of engine load

Carburetor features, which can include but are not limited to varying slope angles in different sections of a multi-sectioned carburetor needle, can provide combustion mixtures to an engine that include a fuel-air ratio that is variable independent of the rate of air flow through the carburetor. Related methods, systems, articles of manufacture, etc.


Plunger valve for a propane carburetor

A plunger valve. The plunger valve includes a body, where the length of the body is between 13 millimeters and 20 millimeters.


Fuel carburetor

A fuel carburetor includes a fuel passage, a heat medium passage, a space part, and an absorbent material. Ammonia as fuel flows through the fuel passage.


Throttle body fuel injection system with improved fuel distribution

A throttle body fuel injection system and method that is arranged to easily replace four-barrel carburetors includes a throttle body assembly with four main bores, each with a throttle plate and an associated fuel injector. Each injector feeds fuel into a circular fuel distribution ring via a fuel injection conduit, which introduces pressurized fuel into the air stream.


Process analysis system with sterile sampling of mechanically-sensitive material from a bioreactor

Method for transport of suspensions containing mechanically sensitive material with a sample-transporting device comprising transport conduits and at least one system for accelerating a sample or aliquot through the transport conduit from at least two burets.. .


Automatic choke for an engine

An internal combustion engine includes a muffler configured to reduce exhaust gas noise. The muffler has a housing defining an interior and an exterior.


Variable venturi and zero droop vacuum assist

An engine includes a carburetor including a variable venturi having a fixed surface and an adjustable surface that form a constricted section, a throttle valve downstream of the variable venturi, a governor assembly including a governor configured to detect an engine speed of the engine, a governor arm coupled to the governor, the venturi, and the throttle valve, and a governor spring coupled to the governor arm to bias the throttle valve towards the fully open position, and a vacuum actuator including an actuator linkage coupled to the governor spring and also coupled to a pressure-sensitive member for movement with the pressure-sensitive member in response to an engine vacuum, and an actuator spring biasing the actuator linkage to increase the tension on the governor spring.. .


Golf ball

Golf ball 2 has spherical core 4, cover 6 situated on the external side of the core 4, and paint layer 8 situated on the external side of the cover 6. The cover 6 has a shore d hardness of no greater than 61.



A carburetor includes a main fuel path connected to a main nozzle and a slow fuel path connected to a slow port. The main fuel path and the slow fuel path are separated from each other and are independently communicated to a constant fuel chamber below a fuel level of the fuel chamber.


Carburetor fuel filter

An on-board fuel filter for a carburetor includes a filter element made from a non-metallic material. The material can be a polymeric material and may be a woven or a non-woven material.


Fuel metering diaphragm with backing plate

In at least some implementations, a carburetor having a fuel metering system including a diaphragm assembly that moves in response to pressure changes in a metering chamber to actuate a metering valve may include a flexible diaphragm adapted to carried by a body of the carburetor at a periphery to define part of the metering chamber. The portion of the diaphragm that defines part of the metering chamber defines a chamber projected area of the diaphragm.


Two-stroke engine having an intake arrangement

A two-stroke engine has an intake arrangement including a carburetor. An intake channel divides into a mixture channel and an air channel.


Air supply device of stratified scavenging two-cycle engine

An air supply device (1) of a stratified scavenging two-cycle engine includes: a mixture passage (40) that penetrates a carburetor (2) and an insulator (3), the mixture passage being provided by a carburetor-side mixture passage (8) and an insulator-side mixture passage (21); a air passage (41) that is provided by a carburetor-side air passage (9) and an insulator-side air passage (22); a throttle valve (13) provided in a single bore (4) of the carburetor (2), the throttle valve(13) being provided by a butterfly valve that rotates in conjunction with a throttle operation; and a flow rate regulator (28) provided inside the air passage (41), the flow-rate regulator (28) bulging inward in the air passage (41). At least a part of a periphery of a valve body (17) of the throttle valve is close to the flow-rate regulator (28) until the valve body (17) is rotated from an initial position corresponding to an idling speed at a predetermined rotation angle..


Air supply two-stroke combustion engine

The present invention relates to an air supply apparatus for a two-stroke stratified scavenging combustion engine. The air supply apparatus includes an air cleaner having an air outlet and a partition, such that the partition substantially divides the air outlet into a first section and a second section.


Engine working machine

There is provided an engine working machine operated by an engine including a fuel tank, a carburetor and a crankcase, wherein the engine working machine is provided with a fuel supply path configured to supply an additional fuel in an interior of a crank chamber at a time of starting and an starting aid device including a solenoid valve configured to open/close the fuel supply path. The solenoid valve provided inside the starting aid device is controlled by a control unit equipped by a control circuit board and is driven by power of the battery so as to open/close a fuel inlet hole.


Vacuum carburetor fuel drain systems and methods

Systems and methods for draining fuel from a carburetor of a combustion engine can include a first control valve in communication between a fuel source and a fuel chamber of a carburetor and a second control valve in communication between the fuel chamber of the carburetor and a drain reservoir. The first and second control valves can be coupled and operable such that, upon disengagement of the engine, the first control valve can be closed to block a supply of fuel to the fuel chamber, and the second control valve can be opened to connect the drain reservoir to the fuel chamber, which can operate to draw liquid fuel from the fuel chamber into the drain reservoir.


Carburetor and methods therefor

A carburetor having an inlet opening that includes a pair of concavities operative to direct air toward the metering rod of the carburetor. A carburetor having an inlet opening that includes an arcuate manifold adjacent to the inlet opening and in fluid communication with a fuel reservoir.


Choke override for an engine

A choke system for an internal combustion engine includes a carburetor having a choke valve disposed in a passage; a cooling fan providing a variable air flow; an air vane moveable in response to the variable air flow; an air vane linkage coupling the air vane to the choke valve, the air vane linkage operating the choke valve by the movement of the air vane; a manually operated choke control; an override linkage coupling the choke control to the choke valve; and a thermally responsive member configured to engage the override linkage to retain the choke in a partially open position above a threshold temperature. The choke control may be moved to a first position in which the choke control overrides the thermally responsive member and the air vane linkage to maintain the choke valve in a closed position..


Device for introducing biomaterial into a combustion or carburetor chamber

The invention relates to a device for introducing biomaterial into a pressure-loaded combustion or carburetor chamber (1), comprising a feed apparatus (2) for feeding biomaterial to a pressure pipe (3), in which a plunger (4) is guided in such a way that the plunger can be moved back and forth against a pressure lock (5) to the combustion or carburetor chamber (1) in order to form a compressed plug (6) comprised of biomaterial, which is sealed against the combustion chamber (1) and which is periodically advanced toward the combustion chamber (1).. .


Micro buret

A gravity flow device for dispensing a fluid may include a gravity flow body to retain the fluid, a valve body to control the flow of the fluid, and a detachable stem to connect to the valve body. The gravity flow device may be formed from glass, and the detachable stem may be formed from plastic.


Engine and engine working machine

A portable engine configured to operate a working machine includes: an engine body mainly configured by a crankcase and a cylinder; a carburetor connected to an inlet port of the cylinder; an air cleaner connected to the carburetor to filter suction air; a cleaner box configured to accommodate the air cleaner; and a fuel tank configured to store fuel which is supplied to the cylinder, wherein at least a part of the fuel tank is located between the cleaner box and the engine body.. .

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