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Broadband patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Broadband-related patents
 Method for provisioning subscribers, products, and services in a broadband network patent thumbnailnew patent Method for provisioning subscribers, products, and services in a broadband network
A method for provisioning subscribers, products, and services in a broadband network includes establishing a directory system for storing information about a plurality of subscribers. The directory system includes a subscriber namespace and a device namespace.
 Electrical nerve stimulation with broad band low frequency filter patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical nerve stimulation with broad band low frequency filter
A system and method of generating electrode stimulation signals for an implanted multi-channel electrode array of a cochlear implant includes processing an acoustic audio signal with a bank of filters. Each filter in the bank of filters is associated with at least one channel having an electrode.
 Methods and systems for high capacity wireless broadband delivery patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for high capacity wireless broadband delivery
System enhancement(s) are disclosed that can add capabilities, such as, using frequency division multiple access (fdma) and/or time division multiple access (tdma) and/or frequency division duplex (fdd) capabilities along with multi-input multi-output (mimo) antennas and/or global positioning system (gps) synchronization. The use of two radios in both the base-station and the subscriber-station, i.e., customer premises equipment (cpe), e.g., can allow frequency division to be utilized, exploiting higher receive gains at the cpe while not affecting transmissions occurring on the other radio's frequency..
 Fully photonic wireless broadband base station patent thumbnailnew patent Fully photonic wireless broadband base station
The invention relates to base stations in communication networks. In more particular the invention relates to cellular base stations such as 3g/4g and wlan base stations.
 Virtual broadband receiver, and system and method utilizing same patent thumbnailnew patent Virtual broadband receiver, and system and method utilizing same
A virtual broadband transmitting unit includes a stream generator to generate a multiplicity of data streams from an incoming media datastream, and a transmission manager to control the upload of the multiplicity of data streams along a multiplicity of transmission channels to at least one wireless communication network. A virtual broadband receiver includes means to receive a multiplicity of media data streams from a multiplicity of data connections, and an assembly engine to assemble the data streams into a single media stream..
 Over the air programming via a broadband access gateway patent thumbnailnew patent Over the air programming via a broadband access gateway
A system and method supporting over-the-air programming of access device such as, for example, a mobile multimedia handset and a wireless personal digital assistant (pda) via a broadband access gateway, is disclosed. The broadband access gateway may receive identifying information from the access device via a personal area network and/or a wireless local area network, and may transfer the identifying information to a wide area network or a third party content provider, via a broadband network.
 Method and system for session admission control in broadband wireless network patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for session admission control in broadband wireless network
A method and system for providing session admission control for a new session in a broadband wireless network is provided. The method may include obtaining a guaranteed bit rate, a priority level, and a quality of service class indicator for the new session.
 Method and system for session admission control in broadband wireless network patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for session admission control in broadband wireless network
A method and system for providing session admission control for a new session in a broadband wireless network is provided. The method may include obtaining a guaranteed bit rate and a first quality of service class indicator for the new session.
 Wi-fi intelligent selection engine patent thumbnailnew patent Wi-fi intelligent selection engine
Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed to offload the usage of a cellular network by intelligent selection of broadband network connections such as wi-fi access points. A wi-fi transceiver on a mobile device is activated when certain conditions are met, such as a time, location, recognition of a radiofrequency (rf) environment, etc.
 Tunable achromatizing optical apparatus, methods, and applications patent thumbnailnew patent Tunable achromatizing optical apparatus, methods, and applications
A tunable, achromatizing optical system for use with a broadband imaging modality system for imaging objects having a range of longitudinal chromatic aberration (lca) values. The optical system includes an achromatizing component and a parfocal component, for example, a zoom system.
new patent Broadband monopole antenna using anisotropic metamaterial coating
An antenna system is provided that includes an antenna having an elongated conducting segment, such as a metal rod. An anisotropic metamaterial surrounds the elongated conducting segment of the antenna.
Optical fiber management bridge
An improved optical fiber management bridge 100 can comprise an optical hinge 152 for an electronics communications device 112 which is especially useful for a broadband network 104. The electronics communications device can have a housing 120 for enclosing an electronics package 114 comprising at least one optical module 118 and optical fibers 108.
Hybrid error-control algorithm
An embodiment of the invention includes an efficient error-control system and method for recovering packet losses, especially losses in distributing multicast video over broadband residential networks. Preferably, unlike most existing error-control algorithms designed for internet multicast, the system and method does not employ substantial feedback suppression.
System and method for directional sound transmission with a linear array of exponentially spaced loudspeakers
A system and method for the directional transmission of sound is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises an audio source configured to generate an audio signal, a control module configured to receive the audio signal and generate a driving signal, based at least in part on the audio signal, and an array comprising a plurality of loudspeakers, wherein the loudspeakers are linearly arranged such that the spacing between two adjacent loudspeakers increases along the array.
Position monitoring system with reduced noise
An interferometry system for monitoring changes in the position of an object, the system includes a spectrally broadband light source, a sensor module having an interferometer that direct portions of the light received from the source along separate paths. The system includes an intensity monitor having a detector configured to measure the intensity of additional light derived from the source and to produce a monitor output signal.
Method, device, and system for managing mobile broadband device
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of communication technologies, and provide a method, a device, and a system for managing a mobile broadband device. The method includes: sending a local device identifier to a server; updating a customized parameter of the mobile broadband device according to a customized parameter returned by the server; sending a request for opening a web management page to the server, so that the server returns the web management page; receiving a management command sent by a host-side device on the web management page; and executing the management command through an application programming interface corresponding to the management command on the mobile broadband device.
Method for using power lines for wireless communication
The method is for providing broadband access into a dwelling. A radio base station is provided that is in connection with a power-line communication (plc) gateway.
Mobile wlan gateway
A technique for operating a mobile station as wireless local-area network [“wlan”] gateway. The mobile station is provided with a gateway application to control the following operations: activating (3-0) the wlan means as a wlan base station capable of communicating with at least one wlan terminal over a wlan network; creating a network identifier (3-2, 3-4) for the wlan base station; assigning (3-8, 3-10) an internet protocol address for the at least one wlan terminal; resolving domain name service [“dns”] queries (3-12 .
Dispersed fourier transform spectrometer, methods and systems
A spectrometer is provided, the spectrometer having an interferometer generating an interferogram by splitting an interferometer input signal between a reference arm and a variable delay arm, and introducing a delay between the split interferometer input signals prior to interfering the split interferometer input signals. The spectrometer additionally has a controllable delay element operable to adjust the delay introduced by the interferometer and a dispersive element outputting a plurality of narrowband outputs representative of a received broadband input signal.
Seismic data acquisition module with broadband antenna, and corresponding systems, devices, components and methods
Described herein are various embodiments of methods and corresponding hardware and software that are configured to permit a seismic data acquisition module to switch between gnss systems according to which system at a given time is determined to provide the best signal characteristics for acquiring accurate positional and timing data regarding the precise geographic location of the seismic data acquisition module when it is deployed in the field, and the corresponding times at which seismic data are acquired and recorded thereby.. .
System and method for detecting broadband global positioning system (gps) jamming
A system and method for detecting broadband global positioning system (gps) jamming is provided, the system including a local oscillator maintainer to maintain a plurality of local oscillators, a frequency band selector to select a frequency band in which jamming is to be detected, in response to receipt of a radio frequency (rf) signal, an oscillating signal output unit to allow an oscillating signal to be output from a local oscillator identified based on the selected frequency band, among the plurality of local oscillators, and an intermediate frequency (if) signal generator to generate an if signal using the rf signal and the oscillating signal.. .
Method and system for maritime high speed broadband communication networking
Method and system for providing an integrated long range, high capacity communication system between several entities involved in maritime simultaneous operations (simops). The method and system makes use of narrow lobe phase steerable antenna being controllable in both azimuth and elevation by software control..
Apparatus and method for peer-to-peer (p2p) communications in a broadband wireless communication system
An apparatus and method for supporting peer-to-peer (p2p) communications in a broadband wireless communication system are provided. A frame used by the terminal in p2p communications includes a plurality of p2p contention channels overlapping with a region for cellular communications and at least one p2p dedicated channel allocated by a base station only for the p2p communications.
Techniques for fractional wireless broadband usage
Examples are disclosed for fractional wireless broadband usage. In some examples, a portal managed by a usage manager may be accessed to enable a user of a wireless device to establish an agreement with the usage manager for the use of an application via a wireless wide area network (wwan).
Broadband passive tracking for augmented reality
Technologies are generally described for a broadband passive sensing and tracking system that may employ a number of passive receivers that each have the capability of sensing electromagnetic waves (e.g., radio frequency “rf” signals) from surrounding broadcast sources. Each passive receiver may be adapted to sense through one or more antennas.
Broadband patch antenna
An antenna of the present invention includes: a first conductive patch having a rectangular shape with corrugations on two opposing sides; and a second conductive patch below said first conductive patch and connected to a feeding point.. .
Switchable substrates for photography and video enhancement applications
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus relating to implementations of a switchable substrate that can be used in an imaging device. In one aspect, the switchable substrate includes a plurality of pixels, with each pixel having at least one switchable element.
Customized delivery of content by a broadband gateway
Aspects of customized delivery of content by a broadband gateway are provided. A broadband gateway may be operable to determine one or more characteristics of acquired content.
Wireless communications system, communication apparatus, and wireless communications method
A wireless communications system includes a segw, a femto base station, and a macro base station. The segw is coupled to a higher-level station.
Holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals
A hyperspectral holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (hpdlc) medium comprising broadband reflective properties may comprise dopants that result in a hyperspectral hpdlc with fast transitional switching speeds. Dopants may include alliform carbon particles, carbon nanoparticles, piezoelectric nanoparticles, multiwalled carbon nanotubes, a high dielectric anisotropy compound, semiconductor nanoparticles, electrically conductive nanoparticles, metallic nanoparticles, or the like.
On-device client for providing restricted, always-hot access to mobile broadband service
A mobile communications device having a client installed thereon which establishes and maintains a connection between the mobile communications device and a network via a platform, wherein the connection utilizes a message protocol in which all messages between the device and the network are packetized, and wherein, while a first connection between the mobile communications device and the platform is available and a second connection between the platform and the network is available, the client establishes the connection when the mobile communications device is powered up and subsequently maintains the connection.. .
Local access point name for use in accessing packet data networks
One aspect provides a method of enabling a user entity, ue (10), to access a local packet data network, pdn, when the ue (10) accesses an evolved packet core, epc, network via a broadband forum, bbf-defined access network over the s2a interface. The method includes receiving a request from the ue in the epc (203, 204), the request including one or more access point names, apns.
Broadband cable network utilizing common bit-loading
A broadband cable network (“bcn”) for determining a common bit-loading modulation scheme for communicating between a plurality of nodes in the bcn is disclosed. The bcn may include a transmitting node within the plurality of nodes where the transmitting node is capable of sending a probe signal to the plurality of nodes, and at least one receiving node within the plurality of nodes in signal communication with the transmitting node.
Method and system for broadband analog to digital converter technology
Methods and systems are provided for calibrating nonlinearity correction during analog-to-digital conversions on received analog signals. Correction-parameters may be estimated, such as to reduce, when applied to total spectral content, distortion resulting from the nonlinearity in originally-unoccupied spectral regions.
Light emitting device comprising phosphorescent materials for white light generation
The present invention relates to phosphors for energy downconversion of high energy light to generate a broadband light spectrum, which emit light of different emission wavelengths.. .
Extensible and scalable distributed computing and communication remote services platform for telemetry collection adaptive data driven application hosting, and control services
A global, broadband communications and computing system platform for commercial aircraft selects a “current best” communication link from multiple available links. Onboard network access components, such as wi-fi and gsm pico-cells, enable wired/wireless devices to use the aircraft's broadband communications links.
Methods and systems for vehicle broadband connection to a data network
Methods and systems for communicating data between a vehicle and a ground-based unit are provided. The method includes communicatively coupling the vehicle to the ground-based unit, initiating a broadband over power line (bpl) link between the vehicle and the ground-based unit when power is supplied to the vehicle, and updating data stored in the vehicle with data received from the ground-based unit..
Iridium complexes demonstrating broadband emission through controlled geometric distortion and applications thereof
Iridium compounds and their uses are disclosed herein. For example, carbazole containing iridium compounds are disclosed.
Internet presence for a home network
In one embodiment, a first interface of a switch interconnects with a broadband modem within a wide area network (wan), while a second interface of the switch interconnects with a wan interface of a router, where the router provides a gateway between the wan and a local area network (lan). Additionally, a web server is provided at the switch, where the web server is reachable to the wan on the first interface and to the lan on the second interface.
Access method and system of customer premise equipment, and broadband network gateway
The present invention provides an access method and system of a customer premise equipment, and a broadband network gateway. The access method of a customer premise equipment includes: receiving, by a bng in a bng pool, an access request packet sent by a cpe, where the access request packet carries an identifier of a cpe group to which the cpe belongs; and obtaining, by the bng, an access policy of the cpe group according to the identifier of the cpe group, and performing access control on the cpe according to the access policy.
System and method for broadband doppler compensation
A doppler compensation system includes a transmitter unit for transmitting a signal, wherein the transmitted signal being associated with an emission time-scale, a receiving unit for receiving a signal, wherein the received signal is associated with a receive time-scale that is not equivalent to the emission time-scale, and a doppler compensating unit configured to estimate an inverse temporal distortion function, wherein the doppler compensating unit implements the inverse temporal distortion function to estimate the transmitted signal.. .
Broadband optical upconversion by energy transfer from dye antenna to upconverting crystal
An optical upconverting nanomaterial includes a nanocrystal, a ligand layer directly bonded to the nanocrystal, and an optical antenna directly or indirectly bonded to the nanocrystal. The nanocrystal includes a transition metal-doped material exhibiting upconversion to optical wavelengths.
Multiple paths measuring and imaging apparatus and method
The invention discloses an optical interferometer which can be used to provide simultaneous measurements over multiple path lengths and methods to employ such an interferometer as to achieve a variety of functions covering simultaneous measurements at different depths separated by an increment of a multiple differential delay in the interferometer as well as simultaneous polarization measurements from a given depth and imaging. Configurations and methods are presented to encode the axial length in an object under investigation using frequency shifting as well as chirping the frequency of signals determining the frequency shifting.
Wavelength-tunable detector for label-independent optical reader
A wavelength-tunable detector for use in a label-independent optical reader for reading at least one resonant waveguide grating (rwg) biosensor is disclosed. The wavelength-tunable detector includes a tunable wavelength filter.
Method in which a mobile station receives information on a peripheral legacy base station in a legacy support mode
The present invention relates to a broadband wireless access system, and more particularly, to a method and an apparatus for acquiring system information in a mobile communication system in which a legacy system and an advanced system coexist. A method of receiving system information on a peripheral base station in a mobile communication system includes receiving a second message containing time information for receiving, through a second region of a serving base station, a first message broadcasted through a first region of the serving base station and receiving the first message through the first region of the serving base station using the time information, the first message containing system information on neighbor legacy base stations and/or on the first region of neighbor advanced base stations which operate in a mixed mode..
Adaptive stepped gain amplifier system and method
An adaptive stepped gain amplifier, for example for use in broadband receivers, has a step size which is dynamically compensated (for each received frequency) to cope with step error caused by frequency dependence of the amplifier performance.. .
System for signals indoor distribution on optical fiber
A system for simultaneous indoor distribution of baseband digital signals (e.g ethernet signals) and radiofrequency signals, the system comprising an hybrid optical node and at least an hybrid switch/hub node. The present invention solves the aforementioned problems proposing a system which simultaneously distributes the baseband digital data and the analog radiofrequency signals provided by a radio access node in an indoor environment by means of a plastic optical fiber (pof) network.
Method and apparatus for out-of-channel emission suppression
A wireless communication device is provided that is capable of suppressing out-of-channel emissions. The wireless communication device includes an upsampled broadband multicarrier signal generator and multiple upsampled sidelobe signal generators.
System and method for low-complexity, high-speed preprocessing of encapsulated packets in a broadband communications network
Systems and methods for performing preprocessing of received data packets, to reduce processing burdens and improve efficiency of communications terminal receivers, are provided. A first stage filter receives a data frame comprising data packets representing respective encapsulated fragments of a pdu.
Method and apparatus for managing resources in a wireless communication system implementing multiple air interface technologies
A wireless communication system is provided that comprises a base station (bs) serving a subscriber unit (su) in a public safety narrowband (psnb) network, an enodeb serving the su in a broadband data network, and a network element of the psnb network that is in communication with the bs and that identifies the enodeb to the bs. In response to the identification of the enodeb, the bs informs the enodeb, via an interface between a radio access network (ran) of the psnb network and a ran of the broadband data network, of an initiation of a voice session in the psnb network involving the su and of psnb network resources allocated to the session.
Method and apparatus for a triple use satellite system
A triple use satellite system includes a vsat population including a vsat, and a satellite including a broadcast beam for a broadcast service and spot beams for a broadband service, where each of the spot beams provides broadband service to vsats in separate coverage areas in a geographic region and the broadcast beam provides a broadcast service to the vsat population in the geographic region.. .
Apparatus and method for staged traffic classification among terminal and aggregation nodes of a broadband communications system
A system architecture and methods for data traffic flow classification are provided. An initial traffic class is assigned to a data flow as a current traffic classification, where the initial traffic class is based static traffic classification method(s) applied with respect to an initial packet of the data flow.
Horizontal streamer broadband marine seismic acquisition configuration and processing
A method for de-ghosting marine seismic trace data is described. A reference seismic trace and a candidate seismic trace are selected from acquired seismic data.
Broadband multi-strip patch antenna
A system and method of providing a broadband patch antenna includes a main patch having a first strip and a second strip positioned about a ground strip extending from a ground plane, wherein at least a portion of the first strip of the main patch is disposed above the ground strip and forms a first radiating edge with the ground strip, and at least a portion of the second strip of the main patch is disposed below the ground strip and forms a second radiating edge with the ground plane. A parasitic patch is coupled to the main patch along at least a portion of a non-radiating edge of the main patch, and the parasitic patch includes a first strip and a second strip, wherein at least a portion of the first strip of the parasitic patch is disposed above the ground strip and at least a portion of the second strip of the parasitic patch is disposed below the ground strip..
Low-frequency equalizer circuit for a high-speed broadband signal
A method of compensating for loss of a high-speed broadband signal may include receiving a high-speed broadband signal. The method may also include at least partially compensating for a low-frequency loss associated with a low-frequency component of the high-speed broadband signal.
Quasi-broadband doherty amplifier with associated capacitor circuit
An amplifier provides a first amplifier circuit (16), a second amplifier circuit (17), a first hybrid-coupler circuit (18) and a termination (3). The hybrid-coupler circuit (18) provides an output terminal (13) and an insulation terminal (12).
Broadband artificial dielectric with dynamically optical control
A material is provided for switching dielectric constant between distinct first and second values responsive to electromagnetic radiation having a specified energy. The material includes a medium transparent to the radiation and a plurality of particulates.
System and method for broadband transmissions on a fiber optic with suppression of second and third order distortions
A system and method for transmitting telecommunication signals through a fiber optic, with suppression of second and third order distortions, requires a signal processor for generating a sub-octave broadband signal. An electro-absorption modulator (eam) is provided to modulate the sub-octave broadband signal into an optical signal λ.
Efficient delivery of real-time services over a wireless network
In embodiments of the present disclosure improved capabilities are described for providing efficient delivery of real-time services over a large area broadband lte wireless network, where optimization servers utilizing publish-subscribe broker services are provided within the wireless network to reduce the resources required for applications streaming data to a plurality of mobile cellular devices.. .
Broadband light source
A broadband light source that outputs broadband light with reduced peak power includes a pulsed light source, an optical fiber, a band-elimination filter, and a light echo unit. The optical fiber receives pulsed light output from the pulsed light source, expands the spectrum of the pulsed light by a nonlinear optical effect within the fiber to generate supercontinuum light, and outputs the supercontinuum light.
Free space single-mode fibers and fiber components for fiber sensor applications
This invention relates to a near real time optical compensation verification system for verifying a fiber or fiber component through internal or external compensation to achieve equivalently free space propagation of a broadband light when coupled into fiber. Preferably, no component is added to the fiber or fiber component, and the compensation method is realized through real time fiber bending, twisting or other means at either or both ends of a fiber or fiber component.
Broadband antenna element
A broadband antenna element includes a circuit board, an antenna carrier connected to the circuit board, and a broadband antenna. The broadband antenna includes a first antenna and a second antenna which are conductive bent strips of metal.
Broadband array antenna enhancement with spatially engineered dielectrics
An antenna array system includes an antenna and a radome. The radome is disposed such that electromagnetic radiation transmitted with respect to the antenna passes through the radome.
Distributed element filters for ultra-broadband communications
A method for constructing a radio frequency filter (100) includes depositing on a dielectric substrate (102) a plurality of layers of a conductive material (210, 216, 218, 220, 222), a dielectric material (217), and a sacrificial material (1200, 1500, 1700, 1900). The deposition is controlled to form at least one transmission line (104, 106, 108) including a shield (202) and a center conductor (204) disposed coaxially within the shield.
Broadband linear vibrator and mobile terminal
A broadband linear vibrator that is small sized and yet capable of generating a greater vibrating force and outputting various broadband vibrations, and a mobile terminal capable of outputting various vibrations and sounds, wherein the broadband linear vibrator includes a case; a spring coupled to the case; an oscillator including a magnet for elastically supporting the spring and a stator formed inside the case for vibrating the oscillator, wherein a frequency band to a maximum use frequency that is detectable as a vibration or a sound source based on a resonant frequency is 1.2 times than a frequency band to a minimum use frequency, such that various feelings of vibrations and sounds can be advantageously provided by the broadband linear vibrator.. .
Method for creating topographical patterns in polymers via surface energy patterned films and the marangoni effect
Using a broadband light source and a photomask, surface energy gradients can be directly transferred into polymer films. The marangoni effect causes high surface energy regions to rise upon heating the film.
Nanoscale coaxial lasers
Methods, structures, devices and systems are disclosed for implementing compact (e.g., nanoscale) coaxial lasers with coaxial cavity geometries which can be used to construct various coaxial cavity lasers that can operate in single mode, at room-temperature, and produce continuous-wave lasing. The described laser systems can also operate at low-temperatures, and provide thresholdless lasing using a spectrally broadband semiconductor gain medium.

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