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Brittle patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Brittle-related patents
 Azimuthal brittleness logging systems and methods patent thumbnailAzimuthal brittleness logging systems and methods
Methods and systems for gathering, deriving, and displaying the azimuthal brittleness index of a borehole. At least some embodiments include various methods for calculating and displaying borehole measurements in real-time for geosteering and drilling operations.
 Weld metal having excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility patent thumbnailWeld metal having excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility
The weld metal of the present invention is formed by gas shield arc welding using a flux-cored wire, has a predetermined chemical component composition, and contains 20% or more of ti. The amount of ti-containing oxide particles having a circle-equivalent diameter of 0.15-1.0 μm is at least 5000 per square mm, the amount of v per total mass of weld metal present as a compound within the weld metal is 0.002% or more, and the average circle equivalent diameter of v-containing carbide present in the weld metal is 15 nm or less..
 Pliable thermal container patent thumbnailPliable thermal container
Pliable thermal containers interchangeably serve for containing cold or hot items, and are manufactured in polyurethane or eva foamed materials, are struck resistant, and maintain a structure that allows them to remain upright and resist certain loads. The containers solve durability issues, a foamed material is used, and comprises unicellular air bubbles that provide thermal isolation properties and at the same time, during molding, this material attaches to a plasticized textile inner coating located at a mold piston for forming an interference zone.
 Beveling grindstone patent thumbnailBeveling grindstone
Provided is a beveling grindstone in which diamond abrasive grains etc. Are prevented from falling off even after long-term grinding to allow long-term use of the grindstone and in which chipping that occurs during beveling of a hard and brittle material and the occurrence of cracking in the ground material are suppressed.
 Heat-resistant brittle label patent thumbnailHeat-resistant brittle label
A laser-markable, acrylic resin-based laminate having a thickness of 100 to 200 μm and including (a3) a pigmented layer made of a crosslinked acrylic resin obtained by crosslinking an acrylic resin composition having a hydroxyl value of 10 to 100 mg koh/g, (b3) a base layer made of a crosslinked acrylic resin obtained by crosslinking an acrylic resin composition having a hydroxyl value of 18 to 40 mg koh/g, and (c3) a destructible layer made of a crosslinked acrylic resin obtained by crosslinking a mixture of an acrylic resin composition having a hydroxyl value of 20 to 35 mg koh/g and polymer beads.. .
 Insulating composition for multilayer printed circuit board patent thumbnailInsulating composition for multilayer printed circuit board
The present invention relates to an interlayer insulating composition for a multilayer printed wiring board including: an epoxy resin including a naphthalene-modified epoxy resin, a cresol novolac epoxy resin, and a rubber-modified epoxy resin; a thermoplastic resin; a curing agent; and an inorganic filler and a multilayer printed wiring board including the same as an insulating layer. The present invention can provide an insulating composition excellent in adhesion between an insulating layer and a cu layer to secure normal operation and reliability of a final substrate.
 Use of monazite or xenotime solution precursors to increase the density and shear strength of oxide composites patent thumbnailUse of monazite or xenotime solution precursors to increase the density and shear strength of oxide composites
Aqueous precursor solutions are described that comprise at least one monazite-based material precursor, at least one xenotime-based material precursor or a combination thereof; and a plurality of fine suspended particles of an oxide material. Contemplated oxide composites, as described herein, comprise a plurality of fibers surrounded by at least one monazite or xenotime-based material, wherein the oxide composite has nearly a fully dense matrix.
 Crunchy egg product and manufacturing apparatus and process patent thumbnailCrunchy egg product and manufacturing apparatus and process
The invention described herein comprises a crunchy egg product, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing processes to produce a desirable consumer product that is nutritious and fulfills a gap in crunchy low carbohydrate snack food product category. The final product comprises a high egg percentage by volume and a low water content by weight, audible fracturing characteristics, and brittleness characteristics.
 End-to-end logic tracing of complex call flows in a distributed call system patent thumbnailEnd-to-end logic tracing of complex call flows in a distributed call system
A logic history can be provided for every request or call instance through a distributed computing system that uniquely traces its entire path, end-to-end, in-band within the messaging for the system. The end result is a single true representation of what occurred with no post computational inference.
 Lamination method and lamination system patent thumbnailLamination method and lamination system
To provide a lamination method and a lamination system capable of excellently laminating a film-type laminate without damage even though the semiconductor is a brittle lamination target such as a foil-type semiconductor or a semiconductor made of highly brittle material. In a lamination method for laminating a film-type laminate to a brittle lamination target by overlapping the brittle lamination target and the film-type laminate and heating and pressing the brittle lamination target and the film-type laminate, with respect to the brittle lamination target mounted on a mount member and carried into a lamination device, an eleastic film member is expanded into a vacuum chamber of the lamination device from the above to press and laminate the brittle lamination target and the film-type laminate..
Abrasive and polishing composition
Provided is a polishing composition containing an abrasive and water. The abrasive content in the polishing composition is no less than 0.1% by mass.
Ductile compensation layer for brittle components
Disclosed is a blade element of a turbomachine, in particular of a gas turbine, which comprises a fastening element (10) with which the blade element is arranged in a receptacle (11) of the turbomachine. In the region of the fastening element, the blade element has a core region (18) and an envelope region (19) which at least partially envelops the core region.
Method for producing fully dense rare earth-iron-based bonded magnet
Provided is a method for producing a fully dense rare earth-iron-based bonded magnet, the method comprising: kneading a non-tacky thermosetting resin composition with rare earth-iron-based magnet flakes to produce a solid granular composite magnetic material; filling the granular composite magnetic material into a cavity, applying a uniaxial pressure higher than or equal to the yield stress of the thermosetting resin composition to the granular composite magnetic material so as to produce a green compact in which voids are reduced as a result of an interaction between brittle fracture of the magnet flakes and plastic deformation of the thermosetting resin composition, the rare earth-iron-based magnet flakes are piled on top of one another highly compact in the direction of the pressure axis, and the mutual positional relations of the magnet flakes are set almost regularly; and heating the green compact to cure the thermosetting resin composition constituting the green compact.. .
Stent fabrication via tubular casting processes
Tubular casting processes, such as dip-coating, may be used to form substrates from polymeric solutions which may be used to fabricate implantable devices such as stents. The polymeric substrates may have multiple layers which retain the inherent properties of their starting materials and which are sufficiently ductile to prevent brittle fracture.
Melt-processed films of thermoplastic cellulose and microbial aliphatic polyester
Films made from a thermoplastic cellulose and microbially-derived, renewable and biodegradable aliphatic polyester such as polyhydroxyalkanoates are disclosed. The films, made from two relatively brittle materials exhibit more ductility and strength than the materials from which the film is made.
Stent fabrication via tubular casting processes
Tubular casting processes, such as dip-coating, may be used to form substrates from polymeric solutions which may be used to fabricate implantable devices such as stents. The polymeric substrates may have multiple layers which retain the inherent properties of their starting materials and which are sufficiently ductile to prevent brittle fracture.
Asphalt material recycling system and method
An asphalt roofing material recycling system and method is used to recycle new and used (post consumer) asphalt materials, such as asphalt shingles, rolled roofing and tar paper that may include granules, fibers or other particles. The asphalt material, which may be in bundles, is broken up and separated and then provided to a cooled recycling vessel.
Sos substrate having low surface defect density
Method of making a bonded sos substrate with a semiconductor film on or above a sapphire substrate by implanting ions from a surface of the semiconductor substrate to form an ion-implanted layer; activating at least a surface of one of the sapphire substrate and the semiconductor substrate from which the ions have been implanted; bonding the surface of the semiconductor substrate and the surface of the sapphire substrate at a temperature of from 50° c. To 350° c.; heating the bonded substrates at a maximum temperature of from 200° c.
Cutting of brittle materials with tailored edge shape and roughness
The method of and device for cutting brittle materials with tailored edge shape and roughness are disclosed. The methods can include directing one or more tools to a portion of brittle material causing separation of the material into two or more portions, where the as-cut edge has a predetermined and controllable geometric shape and/or surface morphology.
Brittle biocompatible composites and methods
Reticulated composites are formed with a thin coating of a ductile biocompatible metal such as tantalum on a brittle biocompatible substrate such as vitreous carbon. Such composites exhibit physical properties that permit these monolithic composites to be morselized, or sized and shaped manually.
Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet with excellent deep drawing properties and ultra-low temperature adhesive brittleness, and preparation method thereof
Provided is a hot dipped galvanized steel sheet with excellent deep drawing properties and ultra-low temperature adhesive brittleness, wherein the average diameter of crystal particles of a hot-dip galvanizing layer is 150-400 μm, and the degree of the preferred orientation with respect to the (0001) face of the hot-dip galvanizing layer is 3,000-20,000 cps (counter per second), and a preparation method thereof.. .
Remeltable hard candy with improved filling
A filled sugar candy made with a hard sugar candy outer shell encasing a liquid center filling is disclosed. The hard sugar candy outer shell consists essentially of sugar materials with a low moisture content, and with essentially no acid content.
Methods, devices, systems for joining materials and resulting articles
A method, article of manufacture, and system for joining different materials is described. In a principal embodiment, two articles, for example different metals, are placed in proximity to one another with an interfacial area.
Ni-ti-cr near ternary eutectic alloy for gas turbine component repair
A ternary near eutectic alloy of ni, ti, cr is described having a relatively low melting temperature of approximately 1230 deg. C.
Duplex stainless steel
A duplex stainless steel containing, by mass %: c: not more than 0.03%, si: not more than 0.3%, mn: not more than 3.0%, p: not more than 0.040%, s: not more than 0.008%, cu: 0.2 to 2.0%, ni: 5.0 to 6.5%, cr: 23.0 to 27.0%, mo: 2.5 to 3.5%, w: 1.5 to 4.0%, and n: 0.24 to 0.40%, the balance being fe and impurities, wherein a σ phase susceptibility index x (=2.2si+0.5cu+2.0ni+cr+4.2mo+0.2w) is not more than 52.0; a strength index y (=cr+1.5mo+10n+3.5w) is not less than 40.5; and a pitting resistance equivalent prew (=cr+3.3(mo+0.5w)+16n) is not less than 40. This duplex stainless steel is excellent in corrosion resistance and embrittlement cracking resistance..
Sawing bead
A sawing bead for use in a sawing cord is described and claimed. Sawing cords are used for cutting hard and brittle materials.
Extrusion of high temperature formable non-ferrous metals
Extrusion of feed materials of a high temperature formable non-ferrous metal susceptible to embrittlement during air processing uses an extrusion system having a rotatable wheel and shoe covering part of the length of a groove around the periphery of the wheel to form an arcuate passageway, the shoe having an abutment which substantially closes a second end of the passageway and an extrusion die spaced from the abutment by a die chamber. The process includes pre-heating the feed material to not less than about 390° c.
Razor blade technology
An inter-blade guard of a suitably ductile material for a razor cartridge is provided with an elongated weakened region. The weakened region is provided after the inter-blade guard is attached to a surface of a razor blade.
Alloy, protective coating, and component
Known protective coatings having a high cr content, as well as silicon, have brittle phases that become additionally brittle under the influence of carbon during use. A protective coating is provided.
Method to produce a sawing bead
A method is described for producing a sawing bead for use in a sawing cord. Sawing cords are used for cutting hard and brittle materials.
Method for cutting brittle sheet-shaped structure
A method for cutting brittle sheet-shaped structure is disclosed. A brittle sheet-shaped structure having a cutting surface including a first cutting line on the cutting surface of the brittle sheet-shaped structure is formed.
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate, and semiconductor device
An object is to provide a novel manufacturing method of a semiconductor substrate containing silicon carbide, and another object is to provide a semiconductor device using silicon carbide. A semiconductor substrate is manufactured through the steps of: adding ions to a silicon carbide substrate to form an embrittlement region in the silicon carbide substrate; bonding the silicon carbide substrate to a base substrate with insulating layers interposed therebetween; heating the silicon carbide substrate and separating the silicon carbide substrate at the embrittlement region to form a silicon carbide layer over the base substrate with the insulating layers interposed between therebetween; and performing heat treatment on the silicon carbide layer at a temperature of 1000° c.
Polishing composition
Provided is a polishing composition containing at least aluminum oxide abrasive grains and water, and having a ph of 8.5 or higher. The aluminum oxide abrasive grains have a specific surface area of 20 m2/g or less.
Mechanical processes for separating tallow and lean beef from a single boneless beef supply
A method for separating fat from beef pieces containing fat. The method includes, with an apparatus, reducing the size of beef pieces containing fat when the fat is in a brittle condition into a mixture of particles that comprise predominantly fat and particles that comprise predominantly lean; and, with an apparatus, separating the fat particles from the lean particles based on color differences or size differences..
Nickel-chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloy and turbine component
A nicrmov alloy and a turbine component are disclosed. The nicrmov alloy includes at least about 0.06%, at least about 3.40% nickel, between about 0.22% and about 0.30% carbon, up to about 0.60% molybdenum, up to about 0.15% vanadium, up to about 2.00% chromium, up to about 0.012% phosphorus, up to about 0.007% sulfur, up to about 0.10% silicon, up to about 0.002% antimony, up to about 0.008% arsenic, up to about 0.012% tin, and up to about 0.015% aluminum and/or is resistant to embrittlement at temperatures above 700° f..
Weld metal excellent in hydrogen embrittlement resistance
Disclosed is a weld metal which is formed by gas-shielded arc welding using a flux-cored wire, and which has a specific chemical composition, in which retained austenite particles are present in a number density of 2500 per square millimeter or more and in a total volume fraction of 4.0% or more based on the total volume of entire structures of the weld metal. The weld metal has excellent hydrogen embrittlement resistance and is resistant to cracking at low temperatures even when the weld metal has a high strength..
Weld metal highly resistant to temper embrittlement
This weld metal has a predetermined chemical composition, controls the number of oxides in accordance with size, and has an a value stipulated by the belowmentioned formula of no greater than 5.0. A value=(100×[c]−6×[]−2×[]−24×[insol.v]−13×[insol.nb])×([mo]−[]), where [], [], [insol.nb], and [insol.v] are contents (in mass percent) of cr, mo, nb, and v, respectively, present as a compound after stress-relief heat treatment, and [c] and [mo] are contents (in mass percent) of c and mo, respectively, contained in the weld metal..
Inline filter housing assembly
A novel filter housing assembly for use in liquid chromatography and similar fluid flow based systems capable of use at high pressure, well above 1000 psi, is disclosed. The filter housing assembly has a very low dead volume of approximately 11 μl and is capable of holding brittle ceramic filter membranes as well as flexible membranes without the support of a fit.
Resorbable bioceramic compositions of poly-4-hydroxybutyrate and copolymers
Compositions for making implants comprising high levels of resorbable bioceramics have been developed. These compositions comprise p4hb and copolymers thereof filled with bioceramics, and can be prepared with high levels of bioceramic without the compositions becoming too brittle for the intended application.
Method and device for cutting out hard-brittle substrate
To cut out a hard-brittle substrate by blasting, laying out substrates 2 on a plate material 1 made of a hard-brittle material with leaving a space for blasting; forming first protective films 4 on both surfaces of the plate material 1 at layout positions of the substrates 2; and forming second protective films 5 on both surfaces of a margin 3 of the plate material 1 with leaving a space with respect to the first protective films 4 and having outer edges from a periphery of the plate material 1 at a width of 5 mm or less; cutting regions 6 between the films 4, 4 and between the films 4, 5 from one surface of the plate material 1 to a depth of approximately half of a thickness thereof by blasting, then cutting from the other surface of the plate material 1 until the plate material 1 is penetrated.. .
Alloy, protective layer and component
Known protective layers with a high cr content and additionally silicon form brittle phases which additionally embrittle during use under the influence of carbon. A protective layer including the composition of from 24% to 26% cobalt, from 10% to 12% aluminium, from 0.2% to 0.5t yttrium, from 12% to 14% chromium, remainder nickel is provided..
Dental prosthetics comprising curable acrylate polymer compositions and methods of their use
Disclosed herein are acrylic and methacrylic acid ester-based polymeric materials containing as flexibilizing and brittleness reducing agents 1-60% of c4-c8 polyalkylene or polyalkyldiene compounds, preferably having a molecular weight of 300-2100, and the use of such materials in dentistry and medicine.. .
Security safe and self-service terminal provided with same
Disclosed are a security safe (1) and a self-service terminal provided with the security safe (1), wherein the security safe comprises a safe body (10) with a safe door (11) on at least one side thereof, the safe door (11) is provided with a safe door locking engagement system (12), and the safe door locking engagement system (12) comprises a movable latch (121) for achieving the locking engagement between the safe door (11) and the safe body (10). The locking engagement system (12) also comprises a brittle part fixedly provided on the inner side of the safe door (11), the brittle part controls at least one safe pin (123), and when the brittle part is broken the safe pin (123) keeps the movable latch (121) locked.
Granules of a brittle material for room temperature granule spray in vacuum, and method for forming a coating film using same
The present invention relates to granules of a brittle material for room-temperature granule spray in vacuum, and to a method for forming a coating film using same. Particularly, particles having a size of 0.1 to 6 μm are granulated and a coating film may be formed through room-temperature granule spray in vacuum using the granules.
Methods for providing a bonded-particle model in computer aided engineering system
Systems and methods of providing bonded-particle model amongst a plurality of discrete particles representing a physical domain made of brittle material in a time-marching simulation to obtain numerically simulated continuum physical phenomena are disclosed. A physical domain is represented by a plurality of discrete particles.
Alloy, protective layer and component
An alloy to a protective layer for protecting a component against corrosion and/or oxidation, in particular at high temperatures is proposed. Known protective layers with a high cr content and in addition silicon form brittle phases which additionally embrittle during use under the influence of carbon.
Hard capsules
Publicly available pullulan hard capsule shells present certain drawbacks, notably a non fully satisfactory shell mechanical strength (i.e. Shell brittleness) at shell low lod.
Resin composition containing copolymerized polyester resin
A resin composition includes a copolymerized polyester resin, which exhibits excellent flexibility at room temperature, improvement in problems of brittleness, and excellent adhesiveness and moist-heat durability. The invention relates to a resin composition containing a copolymerized polyester resin which contains, as an acid component, an aromatic dicarboxylic acid and a dimer acid and, as a glycol component 1,4-butane diol and polybutadiene glycols, with the content of the dimer acid being 10 to 50 mol % in the acid component, the content of the 1,4-butane diol being 50 mol % or greater in the glycol component, and the content of the polybutadiene glycols being 0.5 to 20 mol % in the glycol component..
Oral tobacco product
A preformed mouldable oral tobacco product is disclosed which does not exhibit any brittleness and has a three-point bending strength of less than 4n, and method of manufacturing the same. Also disclosed is a preformed mouldable oral tobacco product which exhibits a friability value of less than 0.5%..
Methods for fabricating polycrystalline diamond compacts using at least one preformed transition layer and resultant polycrystalline diamond compacts
Embodiments relate to polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”) that are less susceptible to liquid metal embrittlement damage due to the use of at least one transition layer between a polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) layer and a substrate. In an embodiment, a pdc includes a pcd layer, a cemented carbide substrate, and at least one transition layer bonded to the substrate and the pcd layer.
Protein stabilized antimicrobial composition formed by melt processing
A method for forming an antimicrobial composition that includes mixing an antimicrobially active botanical oil (e.g., thymol, carvacrol, etc.) and protein within a melt blending device (e.g., extruder) is provided. Despite the problems normally associated with melt processing proteins, the present inventors have discovered that the processing conditions and components may be selectively controlled to allow for the formation of a stable, melt-processed composition that is able to exhibit good mechanical properties.
Method and apparatus for separating a pane of brittle material from a moving ribbon of the material
A pane is separated from a moving ribbon of brittle material by restraining the ribbon upstream of a score line prior to separating the pane. The ribbon is restrained by selectively contacting a first side and a second side of the ribbon in one of an opposite, overlapping or offset relation.
Method of redistributing functional element
According to a method of redistributing a functional element of the present invention, an insulating resin layer is supplied onto a functional element wafer such as an lsi. A portion to be a via hole on an electrode pad of the functional element is filled with a sacrificial layer.
Method and apparatus for laser singulation of brittle materials
An improved method for singulation of electronic substrates into dice uses a laser to first form cuts in the substrate and then chamfers the edges of the cuts by altering the laser parameters. The chamfers increase die break strength by reducing the residual damage and removes debris caused by the initial laser cut without requiring additional process steps, additional equipment or consumable supplies..
Cradle for transport and shipment without danger of breaking brittle and precious objects
A device designed for transporting fragile and precious objects comprises a boxlike container, suspended inside which in a crossed configuration by means of their elastic extensions or stays (14, 14a, 16, 16a) are a first, bottom, membrane (18), designed to receive the fragile object, and a second, top, membrane (20), which has the task of covering the object itself and of appropriately tensioning the first membrane so that the object is suspended elastically in a sort of cradle, formed by said two membranes, preferably equidistant from the walls of the container itself and hence protected from any impact.. .
Glass substrate for cu-in-ga-se solar cells and solar cell using same
A glass substrate for a cu—in—ga—se solar cell. The glass substrate contains specific oxides with the specific amounts, respectively.
Melt-blended protein composition
A melt-processed protein composition formed from a protein, plasticizer, and an electrophilic reagent is provided. The electrophilic reagent, for instance, may be selected to undergo a nucleophilic addition reaction with free sulfhydryl and/or thiyl radicals to help minimize the formation of disulfide crosslinking bonds that could otherwise lead to protein aggregation during melt processing.
Direct drill bit drive for tools on the basis of a heat engine
In a direct drill bit drive for tools for comminuting brittle materials and penetrating into brittle materials by percussive impact on the basis of a heat engine operated with a gaseous working medium, the heat engine is a hot gas engine operating in accordance with a real stirling cycle process.. .
Underwater pelletizing method for low viscosity hydrocarbon resins
An underwater pelletizing method for pelletizing brittle hydrocarbon resins with low melt viscosity. A feed material comprising the hydrocarbon resin is formed into a melt, extruded through a die into a water bath below the tg of the hydrocarbon resin to form a plurality of extrudates and cut adjacent the die surface to form a slurry of resin pellets.
Plasticized bone and soft tissue grafts and methods of making and using same
The present invention provides a plasticized dehydrated or freeze-dried bone and/or soft tissue product that does not require special conditions of storage, for example refrigeration or freezing, exhibits materials properties that approximate those properties present in normal hydrated tissue, is not brittle, does not necessitate rehydration prior to clinical implantation and is not a potential source for disease transmission. The invention replaces water in the molecular structure of the bone or soft tissue matrix with one or more plasticizers allowing for dehydration of the tissue, yet not resulting in an increase in brittleness of the plasticized product, and resulting in compressive and/or tensile properties similar to those of normal hydrated bone.
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride composition with flame retardant
A highly flame retardant plasticized polyvinyl chloride composition includes a mixture of a dialkyl or dialkenyl tetrahalophthalate and a brominated/chlorinated paraffin. The composition exhibits an absence of brittleness, and substantial flexibility at low temperatures.
Transparent glass/polymer composite
A transparent device for protection from an action of shock, projectiles, fragments or shock waves is provided. The device is a laminate having brittle-fracture, transparent materials that are joined together by way of transparent intermediate layers of organic polymers.
Semiconductor package and method and system for fabricating the same
A fabrication method of a semiconductor package includes: disposing a first wafer on a substrate having at least a conductive pad; stacking a second wafer on the first wafer, wherein the second wafer has a pre-open area corresponding in position to the conductive pad of the substrate; forming a protection layer on the second wafer; embrittling the protection layer on the pre-open area of the second wafer; and removing the embrittled portion of the protection layer and portions of the second and first wafers so as to form an opening to expose the conductive pad, thereby preventing an adhesive layer from being attached to a cutting tool as in the prior art.. .
Producing rigid polyurethane foams and rigid polyisocyanurate foams
Rigid polyurethane foams or rigid polyisocyanurate foams with low brittleness are produced by the reaction of polyisocyanate polyetherester polyols based on aromatic dicarboxylic acids obtained by esterification of a dicarboxylic acid composition containing aromatic dicarboxylic acids and aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, fatty acids, aliphatic or cycloaliphatic diols having 2 to 18 carbon atoms or alkoxylates thereof, and a polyether polyol having a functionality of not less than 2.. .
Method of patterning electrically-conductive film on flexible substrates
A method of patterning an electrically-conductive film is performed by providing a flexible substrate that carries the electrically-conductive film thereon to form a combined layer. The combined layer is then bent about a radius of curvature, so as to impart a stress on the brittle conductive film along the axis of curvature of the curved surface.
Profiled steel wire with high mechanical characteristics resistant to hydrogen embrittlement
This profiled wire, of nace grade, made of low-alloy carbon steel intended to be used in the offshore oil exploitation sector, is characterized in that it has the following chemical composition, expressed in percentages by weight of the total mass: 0.75<% c<0.95; 0.30<% mn<0.85; cr≦0.4%; v≦0.16%; si≦1.40% and preferably ≧0.15%; and optionally no more than 0.06% al, no more than 0.1% ni and no more than 0.1% cu, the balance being iron and the inevitable impurities arising from smelting the metal in the liquid state, and in that the steel is obtained, from hot-rolled rod stock cooled down to room temperature, and then having a diameter of about 5 to 30 mm, by subjecting this starting rod firstly to a thermomechanical treatment comprising two successive steps carried out in order, namely an isothermal quench, giving it a homogeneous perlitic microstructure, followed by a mechanical transformation operation carried out cold with an overall degree of work-hardening (or reduction ratio) of between 50 and 80% at most, so as to give the wire its definitive shape, and in that the profiled wire thus obtained is then subjected to a restoration heat treatment of short duration carried out below ac1 (preferably between 410 and 710° c.), giving it the desired final mechanical properties.. .
Method of determining reservoir properties and quality with multiple energy x-ray imaging
A method of evaluating a reservoir includes a multi-energy x-ray ct scan of a sample, obtaining bulk density and photoelectric effect index effect for the sample, estimation of at least mineral property using data obtained from at least one of a core gamma scan, a spectral gamma ray scan, an x-ray fluorescence (xrf) analysis, or an x-ray diffraction (xrd) analysis of the sample, and determination of at least one sample property by combining the bulk density, photoelectric effect index, and the at least one mineral property (e.g., total clay content). Reservoir properties, such as one or more of formation brittleness, porosity, organic material content, and permeability, can be determined by the method without need of detailed lab physical measurements or destruction of the sample.
Mems device and method of manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, a mems element comprises a first electrode fixed on a substrate, a second electrode formed above the first electrode to face it, and vertically movable, a first anchor portion formed on the substrate and configured to support the second electrode, and a first spring portion configured to connect the second electrode and the first anchor portion. The first spring portion includes a liner layer includes a brittle material in contact with the second electrode and the first anchor portion, and a base layer formed on the liner layer, includes a brittle material having a composition different from that of the liner layer, and having a film thickness larger than that of the liner layer..
Unibody magnet
A method for plating magnets with metal is disclosed. In one embodiment, the metal is aluminum and the aluminum plating provides a number of aesthetic and structural advantages, over brittle magnetic materials, which are only plated with a thin, anti-corrosive metallic layer.
Austenitic high mn stainless steel and method production of same and member using that steel
Inexpensive stainless steel and inexpensive and high strength stainless steel which has excellent hydrogen environment embrittlement resistance even if used in a hydrogen resistant environment in over 40 mpa high pressure hydrogen gas or a hydrogen resistant environment in liquid hydrogen, characterized by containing, by mass %, c: 0.1% or less, si: 0.4 to 1.5%, mn: 8 to 11%, cr: 15 to 17%, ni: 5 to 8%, cu: 1 to 4%, and n: 0.01 to less than 0.15% and having a balance of fe and unavoidable impurities, having a volume rate of δ-ferrite of 10% or less, and having a long axis of δ-ferrite before annealing of 0.04 to 0.1 mm.. .
Method and apparatus for tile cutting
A method and apparatus for cutting rigid, brittle articles such as tile used as a building material is improved by the capability to make both straight and curved cuts in tile on a single machine. The machine has both circular and plunge cutting tools and a table for moving the tile in both curved and straight lines in relation to the cutting tool, thereby achieving both curved and straight cuts..

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