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Brightness Level patents

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Gain value of image capture component

Display control method and apparatus

Display system, display apparatus and control method of display apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Brightness Level-related patents
 Device having a glasses mode patent thumbnailnew patent Device having a glasses mode
A device having a glasses mode, and methods therefor are provided. A display of the device is operated in a glasses mode by controlling the display to a first brightness level when the display is in the glasses mode.
 Gain value of image capture component patent thumbnailGain value of image capture component
A device to detect an object within proximity of the device, identify a brightness level of the object and modify a gain value of an image capture component based on the brightness level, determine whether the object includes a face, and capture an image of the face if the face is detected.. .
 Display control method and apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay control method and apparatus
A method is provided for adjusting a touch screen display of a terminal, the method including adjusting, by a processor, a brightness level of the display based on a direction of a touch gesture performed in a predetermined region of the display; adjusting a contrast level of the display in response to a first characteristic included in the touch gesture, when the touch gesture progresses in a direction of increasing the brightness level; and adjusting a tone level of the display in response to a second characteristic included in the touch gesture, when the touch gesture progresses in a direction of decreasing the brightness level.. .
 Display system, display apparatus and control method of display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay system, display apparatus and control method of display apparatus
There are provided a display apparatus, a display system and a control method of the display apparatus. The display apparatus includes: a display unit; an image processing unit which processes an input image signal for display through the display unit; and a controller which determines whether the image signal corresponds to a two-dimensional (2d) image or a three-dimensional (3d) image and adjusts, if it is determined that the image signal corresponds to the 3d image, a brightness level of an image to be displayed differently from a brightness level corresponding to the 2d image..
 Inspection method for display panel patent thumbnailInspection method for display panel
Disclosed herein is an inspection method for a display panel according to the present embodiments comprising driving the display panel so as to display a first color having a first reference brightness level; photographing the display panel to obtain a first image including at least one particle region; deriving a first particle brightness level of the particle region contrasted to the first reference brightness level from the first image; driving the display panel so as to display a second color having a second reference brightness level higher than the first reference brightness level; photographing the display panel to obtain a second image containing the particle region; deriving a second particle brightness level of the particle region contrasted to the second reference brightness level; and if the second particle brightness level is higher than the first particle brightness level, determining the particle region to be an internal particle.. .
 Method and system for display brightness and color optimization patent thumbnailMethod and system for display brightness and color optimization
Systems and methods for display brightness and color optimization include detecting, by a sensor communicatively coupled to a display, a change in an environmental brightness level. Additionally, in response to the change in the environmental brightness level, modifying a brightness level of the display and modifying a color gamut available to the display..
 Electronic endoscope patent thumbnailElectronic endoscope
An electronic endoscope has a light source configured to emit normal light toward an object and a rotating filter configured to be positioned in the path of light that passes from the light source to an image sensor. The rotating filter has an optical band-pass filter and a nd filter.
 Digital imaging exposure metering system patent thumbnailDigital imaging exposure metering system
A system comprises a digital imaging system for capturing digital images. The system includes a controller that captures at least one digital image, determines a brightness level of at least one bright region of the digital image, and generates brightness data representing the brightness level of the at least one bright region.
 Multi-voltage and multi-brightness led lighting devices and methods of using same patent thumbnailMulti-voltage and multi-brightness led lighting devices and methods of using same
A single chip multi-voltage or multi-brightness led lighting device having at least two led circuits. Each of the at least two led circuits having at least two leds connected together in series.
 Automatic color adjustment on led screens patent thumbnailAutomatic color adjustment on led screens
A system and method for the automatic color/brightness adjustment of a video display screen, panel, module or other display component comprising light emitting diodes (“leds”). The system and method incorporate a reference led and a light sensor on each module and use decay information sensed from each reference led to determine the amount of decay experienced by the display leds in the modules.
Systems and methods for image enhancement by local tone curve mapping
Systems and methods are provided for a method of adjusting a digital image. A low pass filtering is performed on a digital image to remove high frequency data to generate filtered image data.
Flat panel electronic device and current control system thereof
Embodiments of the present invention provide a flat panel electronic device and a current control system thereof. The current control system comprises: a detecting module for detecting a current in a main circuit of the flat panel electronic device; and a control mechanism for reducing a brightness level of a backlight unit of the flat panel electronic device when the current in the main circuit is larger than or equal to a threshold so that the current in the main circuit is reduced to be less than the threshold.
Control apparatus and method for automatically turning street lamps on or off
The present invention relates to a control apparatus and method for automatically turning a street lamp on or off the apparatus includes: a light measuring unit for measuring the external illumination around a street lamp in real time; a light collecting unit for recording the external illumination over a predetermined period to perform periodic updates; a reference illumination calculating unit for analyzing the external illumination to calculate a turn-on brightness level and a turn-off brightness level which are respectively references for output controls for turning the street lamp on and off; and an output controller for comparing the turn-on brightness level, the turn-off brightness level, and the external illumination to control the output power supply voltage for the street lamp.. .
Method and apparatus for dimming with rate control for visible light communications (vlc)
A visible light communication (vlc) device for lighting and data transmission includes a dimming block and a light emitting device. The dimming block is configured to receive a desired brightness level, determine a data duty cycle for the data transmission based on the desired brightness level, determine a filler luminance value based on the desired brightness level, and generate dimming information for use by a second vlc device for decoding the data.
Methods and circuits for supplying a pulsed current to leds
Accordingly, the present invention provides a switching-mode pulsed current supply circuit for driving white light-emitting diodes that is able to provide higher perceived brightness levels and has much longer lifetime than existing light-emitting diode drivers.. .
Lamp with energy saving control
A lamp having energy saving controls, which include: a lighting unit, a control device coupled to this lighting unit, and signals from this control device are used to control the brightness levels of this lighting unit; a sensing device coupled to this control device, and when this sensing device senses an object or the object moves, it sends a signal to the control device, which adjusts the strength of the power supply accordingly; and a remote signal receiving device coupled to this control device, and when this remote signal receiving device receives a signal it generates a remote signal according to the signal received, and sends this signal to the control device, which adjusts the strength of the power supply accordingly.. .
Invoking a user environment based on device cover
A device cover includes a device cover identifier. A computing device includes a device cover identifier reader for reading the device cover identifier, and the computing device invokes a user environment associated with the device cover identifier.
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
An image forming apparatus, which is configured to perform image processing while managing a resource of a system, includes a memory, a detection unit configured to detect a brightness level around a main body of the image forming apparatus, and a control unit configured to reboot the resource of the system, check a state in which the system should be rebooted to determine which level this state has shifted to, reserve reboot processing according to the determined level, and control whether the reboot processing should be performed by the reboot unit according to the detected brightness level and a level of the reserved reboot processing.. .
Image element brightness adjustment
One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for adjusting a brightness level of an image element representing an image of a body-part relief print. A first weighting factor can be determined for a first image element that may be comprised in an initial image captured by a body-part relief print image capture device.
Image signal processing method
Provide a set of first rgb (red, green, blue) brightness levels of a set of pixels in a display panel. Generate a set of saturation levels according to the set of first rgb brightness levels.
Local dimming of a laser light source for projectors and other lighting devices including cinema, entertainment systems and displays
Light from an array of laser light sources are spread to cover the modulating face of a dmd or other modulator. The spread may be performed, for example, by a varying curvature array of lenslets, each laser light directed at one of the lenslets.
Pixels for display
A current value of a first pixel and/or a current value of a second pixel of a display are adjusted until a value of a current difference is acceptable. The current value of the first pixel corresponds to a brightness level of the first pixel.
Intelligent and coordinated lighting of a lighting device
Intelligent lighting is provided to motorists traveling down a stretch of road by sequentially turning on adjacent lighting devices in a lighting segment only when required, such as when vehicles are approaching the lighting devices, and turning off the lighting devices or decreasing a light intensity output of the lighting devices to a predefined minimum lighting intensity output level when no vehicles are present. In addition, which bulb to use in a multi-bulb lighting device is determined, as well as the optimal lighting intensity level of the selected bulb.
Providing navigation instructions while device is in locked mode
A method of providing navigation instructions in a locked mode of a device is disclosed. The method, while the display screen of the device is turned off, determines that the device is near a navigation point.
Led light dimming
A system and method for dimming an led lighting installation using an ac power source are disclosed. The disclosed led lighting system includes an led light having one or more leds, a dimming control module for controlling and adjusting brightness level of the led light toward a desired target brightness, and a user-operated lighting control device including a power on/off switch and a dimmer.
Display brightness adjustment
A display comprising an array of pixels having individually adjustable brightness levels; an array of light sensors fixed relative to the pixel array; and a brightness controller for estimating a glare footprint on the pixel array from light level data provided by the sensor array and for adjusting the relative brightness levels of pixels that fall in the estimated glare footprint.. .
Backlight circuit control method, backlight circuit and booster circuit
A method for controlling a backlight circuit, a backlight circuit and a boost circuit are provided by the present invention. The method comprises: acquiring a current backlight brightness level of a terminal; determining a minimum voltage required by a light emitting diode (led) to reach the backlight brightness level; and regulating a boost circuit to provide the minimum voltage for the led.
Display methods for high dynamic range images and user interfaces for the same
Display methods and interfaces for high dynamic range images. High dynamic range images and corresponding histograms are displayed on a display device.
Apparatus generating gray scale voltage for organic light emitting diode display device and generating method thereof
An apparatus for generating gray scale voltage includes a brightness/color coordinate correction unit having a gamma table including data corresponding to an image displayed on a pixel unit of an oled device at a first brightness level, and a gamma reference voltage look-up table including voltage values of red, green, and blue data corresponding to each gray scale and brightness values at the first brightness level in accordance with the gamma table, a gamma control signal output unit configured to output a gamma reference voltage control signal corresponding to a second brightness level in accordance with the gamma table and the gamma reference voltage look-up table, and a gamma correction circuit configured to receive the gamma reference voltage control signal, to generate gray scale voltages corresponding to the second brightness level, and to output the generated gray scale voltages to a data driver.. .
Apparatus for and method of controlling imaging exposure of targets to be read
An apparatus and method for imaging targets, such as electronic codes displayed on screens or direct part marking codes marked on workpieces, include an illumination system for illuminating a target with illumination light directed through a window of a housing, a solid-state, exposable imager looking at a field of view that extends through the window to the target, and operative for capturing return illumination light from the field of view as an image, and a controller for processing the image to attempt reading the target. The controller identifies the target within the image, determines a brightness level of a background region or a region of interest when the target cannot be read or identified, exposes the imager for an exposure time based on the brightness level, and reads the target with the imager exposed for the exposure time..
Method and system for adjusting power supply and display screen brightness of electronic device with thin-film solar panel
A method and system for adjusting power supply and display screen brightness of an electronic device with a thin-film solar panel are introduced. The method includes configuring the electronic device with a first threshold level and a second threshold level, wherein the first threshold level and the second threshold level are voltage levels or current levels; attaching the thin-film solar panel to a casing of the electronic device for enabling the electronic device to convert an external light into a transformed voltage or current; and determining whether the transformed voltage or current lies between the first threshold level and the second threshold level to decide whether to allow the display screen to operate at an existing brightness level thereof continuously.
Method for brightness level calculation of the digital x-ray image for medical applications
The invention relates to methods for evaluation a brightness level of the digital x-ray image for medical applications by means of the image histogram using a neural network. The calculations comprise of: image acquisition, image histogram calculation, transformation the frequencies of the histogram into input arguments of the neural network and calculation the brightness level as linear transform of the output value of the neural network.
Dimmable solid state lighting system, apparatus, and article of manufacture having encoded operational parameters
Exemplary systems, methods, apparatuses and articles of manufacture for a distributed solid-state lighting system are disclosed. An exemplary article of manufacture comprises a plurality of machine-readable data fields optically encoding a plurality of operational parameters utilized in a system comprising a central power source, and one or more terminal lighting apparatuses.
Dimmable solid state lighting system, apparatus and method, with distributed control and intelligent remote control
Exemplary systems, methods and apparatuses for a distributed solid-state lighting system are disclosed. An exemplary system comprises a central power source, and one or more terminal lighting apparatuses.
Methods and apparatus to identify exposure to 3d media presentations
Methods and apparatus to identify exposure to three dimensional media presentations are disclosed. An example method includes detecting a first brightness level with a first sensor and a second brightness level with a second sensor at a first time.
Flash band correction apparatus, flash band correction method, and image pickup apparatus
A flash band correction apparatus includes a flash band detection unit and a frame rate conversion unit. The flash band detection unit is configured to detect a start line and an end line of a flash band in a frame on the basis of a difference in an exposure period for each line of an image signal output for each frame at a predetermined frame rate by an image pickup element with a rolling shutter system.
Device for optically scanning and measuring an environment
A device for optically scanning and measuring an environment is designed as a laser scanner having a light emitter that emits an emission light beam and a light receiver that receives a reception light beam which is reflected from an object in the environment of the laser scanner. The laser scanner also includes a control and evaluation unit which, for a multitude of measuring points, determines at least the distance to the object.
Light and light sensor
A system of led-based lights comprises first and second led-based light having respective first and second electrical connectors configured for engagement with first and second conventional fluorescent fixtures, first and second leds configured to produce light in an area when the first and second electrical connectors are engaged with the first and second fixtures and first and second controllers electrically coupled to the first and second leds; and one or more sensors operable to detect a brightness level in the area and output respectively one or more signals indicative of the brightness level, wherein: the first and second controllers are configured to control an amount of power provided to the respective first and second leds at least partially based on a signal to adjust the light produced in the area towards a desired brightness level.. .
Image processing device, image processing method, and camera module
According to one embodiment, an image processing device includes an edge enhancement unit and a brightness level determination unit. The edge enhancement unit performs an edge enhancement process by adding extraction data which has been subjected to a noise cancellation process and an amplitude limitation process to a brightness signal.
Methods and apparatuses of eye adaptation support
A device for reducing the brightness level of a portion of a display area of an imaging unit. The device comprises a gaze tracking unit adapted to assess eye gazing direction of an observer, a controllable transparency panel adapted to be mounted in front of a display area of an imaging unit and to display a changeable brightness reduction pattern having a original display brightness portion and a darkening portion therearound, and a controller which instructs the controllable transparency panel to change the brightness reduction pattern according to the eye gazing direction in real time so that the location of the original display brightness portion being correlated with the location of at least one fovea of the observer in real time..
Light harvesting
The current application is directed to control of lighting systems and utilization of ambient light levels for such control. One implementation comprises one or more lighting fixtures installed in a structure, at least one ambient light information source configured to provide brightness information of ambient light of the structure, and a controller configured to maintain a brightness level of an interior portion of the structure substantially the same as a brightness level of an exterior portion of the structure by controlling outputs of the lighting fixtures in response to the brightness information of the ambient light.
Led array with photodetector
Embodiments of the present invention provide for an array, and corresponding method of forming an array, that includes a plurality of light emitting devices. The light emitting devices are disposed over a substrate, and a photodetector detects light emitted through the substrate from the light emitting devices.
Luminescence shock avoidance in display devices
A luminescence shock avoidance algorithm selectively limits the brightness level of a display device when the display device is activated in a dark environment to prevent the temporary vision impairment that can occur when a display device is activated in a dark environment. The algorithm receives the state of the display (e.g.
Methods and devices for displaying an overlay on a device display screen
Disclosed herein is a camera unit configured to capture an image, and a microprocessor configured to control a display to display the image and an overlay substantially simultaneously. In one broad aspect, at least one of the level of transparency, the brightness level, or the color value of the overlay is determined based on at least one of a representative brightness level or a representative color value associated with the image being displayed..
Image sensing device and method of operating the same
An image sensing device is operated by, inter alia: dividing a plurality of ranges with an available value width range of the image sensing device associated with a predetermined brightness level range, dividing a plurality of clusters with image data from a pixels array using the plurality of data ranges, and performing a clustering gamma correction process for each cluster with at least a clustering gamma correction factor corresponding to each cluster.. .
Drive circuit, drive method, and display device
A drive circuit is configured to drive a display panel including pixels and a backlight including leds. The display panel includes a critical light transmission level that is a minimum level for causing each pixel to respond in a predetermined time upon an input of an image.
System and method for adjusting brightness of a display screen of an electronic device
In a method for adjusting brightness of a display of an electronic device, the method sets a plurality of brightness levels of the display screen, and sets a plurality of brightness intervals of brightness values of images captured by a camera device of the electronic device, each brightness interval corresponding to a range of the brightness values. The method further controls the camera device to capture an image of an ambient scene of the electronic device at each predetermined time interval.
The present invention relates to a flashlight having a rotary switch for switching different brightness levels and/or luminous colors, which rotary switch has a battery cartridge arranged rotatably in a flashlight housing and having spring-mounted electrical contacts arranged at the end, which electrical contacts are each connected to an electrical contact face or an electrical contact zone of a contact plate. In order to provide a switchover option for a flashlight with different switching steps that has a simple design, is light and can be operated reliably, the invention proposes that the battery cartridge is held securely in the flashlight housing by a fixing sleeve and that the battery cartridge is rotated in the flashlight housing by a rotary button that passes longitudinally axially through the fixing sleeve..
Systems and methods for controlling brightness of cold-cathode fluorescent lamps with wide dimming range and adjustable minimum brightness
System and method for adjusting brightness of one or more cold-cathode fluorescent lamps. The system includes a voltage selector configured to receive a dimming voltage and a first threshold voltage and generate an output voltage.
Display apparatus and method of laying out pixel circuits
Herein disclosed a display apparatus including: a pixel array having a matrix of pixel circuits each including respective electrooptical elements for determining a display brightness level and respective drive circuits for driving the electrooptical elements; wherein adjacent two of the pixel circuits are paired with each other, and each of the drive circuits of the adjacent two pixel circuits includes at least one transistor having a low-concentration source/drain region or an offset region of an offset gate structure, the electrooptical elements and the drive circuits of the adjacent two pixel circuits being laid out such that a line interconnecting a drain region and a source region of the at least one transistor extends parallel to a direction of pixel columns of the pixel circuits of the pixel array.. .
Electronic apparatus and display control method
According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display, a backlight, a backlight adjusting module, and a gradation level converter. The backlight is configured to turn on with a first brightness or a second brightness which has a lower brightness level than the first brightness.
Light emission systems having non-monochromatic emitters and associated systems and methods
Emission systems having solid-state transducers (ssts) for producing a target chromaticity of light are disclosed herein. An emission system or sst device in accordance with a particular embodiment can include a first emitter having a first plurality of ssts positioned to emit light having a first chromaticity, and a second emitter having a second plurality of ssts positioned to emit light having a second chromaticity different than the first chromaticity.
System and method for optimizing visibility, and mobile device operating with optimized visibility
A visibility optimization system and method is provided. The visibility optimizing system includes a display mobile device; and a measurement device.
System and method for creating artificial atmosphere
A lighting system (100) includes at least one controllable light source (125) configured to provide a light having at least one attribute; an image renderer (135) configured to render at least one image; and a system controller (110) configured to select the image in corresponding to the selected attribute. The system controller (110) may be configured to receive at least one script associated with different light attributes such as different light intensity or brightness levels, and to change the image in response to changes of the light attribute in accordance with the script..
Adaptive brightness control of head mounted display
A technique for adaptive brightness control of an eyepiece of a head mounted display (“hmd”) includes displaying a computer generated image (“cgi”) to an eye of a user from a viewing region of the eyepiece of the hmd. Image data is captured from an ambient environment surrounding the hmd.
Led current control in a dimmable led illumination system
The invention relates to a light emitting diode (“led”) illumination system, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of driving a led module by a current generator that is powered and controlled by a regulated dc voltage associated with a brightness level. Such a dimmable led illumination system is compatible with both a high-voltage ac signal coupled from any wall outlet and a low-voltage ac signal provided by an electronic transformer.
Light and light sensor
An led-based light tube for use in a conventional fluorescent fixture includes a housing including a light transmitting portion, at least one electrical connector attached to the housing and configured for engagement with the conventional fluorescent fixture, at least one led arranged to produce light in a direction toward the light transmitting portion, a sensor operable to detect a brightness level and output a signal corresponding to the detected brightness level, and a controller in electrical communication with the at least one electrical connector, operable to: compare the signal to a predetermined value corresponding to a desired brightness level and control an amount of power provided to the at least one led in response to the signal to adjust the light produced by the at least one led to achieve the desired brightness level.. .
Secure data transfer on a handheld communications device
A handheld communications device for transmitting an encryption key is provided. The device comprises a display device, and a data processor.
System, methods, and devices, for inaudible enhanced pwm dimming
Systems and methods for inaudible enhanced pulse width modulation (pwm) backlight dimming are provided. By way of example, an electronic display backlight system according to the present disclosure may include a backlight element and backlight driver circuitry.
Multi-string led driving method and system
A multi-string led driving method and system requires generating pulse-width-modulated (pwm'd) driving signals to respective led strings to control their brightness levels, and staggering the timing of the driving signals such that the number of led strings driven on simultaneously varies over time by no more than one led string. The pwm'd driving signals are generated to, for example, achieve local dimming for a display device which employs a multi-string led backlight system; the present method enables local dimming to be achieved while maintaining a relatively constant load on the drive circuit.
System for enhancing content
A system and method for enhancing a content file is disclosed. The system comprises a histogram module, a contrast stretching module and a brightness module.
Image forming apparatus and electric-power control method used in the image forming apparatus
According to an embodiment, an image forming apparatus includes: a detecting unit, a storing unit, a threshold determining unit, and a control unit. The detecting unit detects an ambient brightness level at an arbitrary time zone.
Ips pixel unit, liquid crystal display and image control method
An in-plane switch (ips) pixel unit comprises: a plurality of pixel electrodes, signal lines, voltage switch modules and control switches. The pixel electrodes are divided into at least two pixel electrode regions respectively connected to the signal lines via one voltage switch module; the control switches controls connection with the voltage switch modules respectively; and the signal lines supply voltage signals to the pixel electrodes through the control of the control switches over the voltage switch modules.
Dimmable lighting devices and methods for dimming same
In a single lighting device including a large number of light-emitting elements (lees), the lees are divided into separately powered groups, and different combinations of the groups are fully energized to achieve the desired overall brightness. In some embodiments, the number of lees in each group has a binary relationship to the other groups.
Method and system for modulating a beacon light source in a light based positioning system
In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to a method for broadcasting a modulated digital pulse recognition signal from a light source. In some embodiments, the method includes selecting one or more digital pulse recognition tones to broadcast, determining a desired brightness level for the light source, generating a digital pulse recognition signal having a duty cycle based on the desired brightness level and a frequency based on the one or more digital pulse recognition tones, and driving the output of the light source with the digital pulse recognition signal.
Particle measuring device and particle measuring method
This particle measuring device includes a stage, a reflected light illuminating device, a transmitted light illuminating device, an illumination control device, an imaging device, and an image processing device. Based on a transmitted light image acquired by imaging an opaque fine particle group using transmitted light and a reflected light image acquired by imaging an opaque fine particle group using reflected light, by associating transmitted light particles present in the transmitted light image and reflected light particles present in the reflected light image with each other using a predetermined method, various characteristics (the position, the size, the brightness level, and the like) of individual particles out of a fine particle group are simultaneously measured..
Defect inspecting device and defect inspecting method
The present invention provides a defect inspecting device which enables an improvement in the efficiency of spatial filter settings, and at the same time enables automation of the spatial filter settings. An adjustable field of view diaphragm (81) is narrowed to obtain a picture of a spatial filter surface by use of an observation camera (88), and pixels of the picture are classified into a plurality of groups according to the brightness level of bright spots of diffracted light.
Projector and control method of the same
A projector that performs light control by varying power level of a light source in response to a video signal, includes a cooling fan that cools the light source, and a control device that averages samples of the power level of the light source based on the video signal or a brightness level of the video signal acquired with respect to each unit time and performs feedback control of a rotational speed of the cooling fan based on the average value, wherein the control device varies the number of samples and calculates the average value between the cases where the power level or the brightness level is rising and falling.. .

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