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 Display  display panel, display device and display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay display panel, display device and display apparatus
The present disclosure discloses a display method of a display panel, a display device and a display apparatus. A received high resolution (first resolution) image data is decomposed into multiple frames (n frames) of low resolution (second solution) image data, and for multiple frames (n frames) of low resolution image data corresponding to each frame of high resolution image data, various frames of image data in the multiple frames of second resolution image data are refreshed frame by frame at a predetermined frame refresh frequency.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.

 Image processing apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus patent thumbnailImage processing apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
An image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry acquires a magnetic resonance (mr) image in which objects of interest scattered in a brain of a subject are rendered.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

 Apparatuses, methods and systems for defining hardware-agnostic brains for autonomous robots patent thumbnailApparatuses, methods and systems for defining hardware-agnostic brains for autonomous robots
Conventionally, robots are typically either programmed to complete tasks using a programming language (either text or graphical), shown what to do for repetitive tasks, or operated remotely by a user. The present technology replaces or augments conventional robot programming and control by enabling a user to define a hardware-agnostic brain that uses artificial intelligence (ai) systems, machine vision systems, and neural networks to control a robot based on sensory input acquired by the robot's sensors.
Neurala, Inc.

 Tnt based diagnosis of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation patent thumbnailTnt based diagnosis of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing a recent paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. The method is based on the determination of the at least one marker selected from the group consisting of a cardiac troponin, nt-probnp (n-terminal prohormone of brain natriuretic peptide), hscrp, il-6 (interleukin-6) and igfbp7 (insulin like growth factor binding protein 7) in a sample from the subject, and on the comparison of the, thus, determined amount(s) with a reference amount (reference amounts).
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

 Recombinant adeno-associated vectors for targeted treatment patent thumbnailRecombinant adeno-associated vectors for targeted treatment
Novel adeno-associated virus (aav) vectors in nucleotide and amino acid forms and uses thereof are provided. The isolates show specific tropism for certain target tissues, such as blood stem cells, liver, heart and joint tissue, and may be used to transduce stem cells for introduction of genes of interest into the target tissues.
City Of Hope

 Enhanced delivery of drugs to the brain patent thumbnailEnhanced delivery of drugs to the brain
Compositions and methods related to antibodies or antibody fragments which are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier are provided.. .
Nascent Biotech, Inc.

 Methods and compositions for the packaging of nucleic acids into microglial exosomes for the targeted expression of polypeptides in neural cells patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for the packaging of nucleic acids into microglial exosomes for the targeted expression of polypeptides in neural cells
Methods for expressing a polypeptide of interest in an astroglial cell. The methods permit the localization and transport of nucleic acids in microglial exosomes, the reprogramming of astroglial cells to neuronal cells, and the treatment of ischemic stroke or traumatic brain injury patients..
Nomadogen Biotechnologies Inc.

 Methods to concurrently stimulate different brain targets patent thumbnailMethods to concurrently stimulate different brain targets
A method for treating a patient having a dysfunction using a stimulation lead within the brain of a patient is provided. The stimulation lead carries a plurality of electrodes adjacent to a plurality of brain regions.
Boston Scientific Neurornodulation Corporation

 Device and  administering medicaments to the brain patent thumbnailDevice and administering medicaments to the brain
The present invention provides a system for administering a therapeutic substance to a brain, for example a brain of a person afflicted by a neurodegenerative disorder. The system may include communicating with the person and locating it via a smartphone, characterizing the level of its alertness or cognitive abilities, and initiating the substance release via a vocal signal.
Inhaletech Llc

 The application of rescap to attenuate and prevent the progression of neurodegenerative brain and neuronal diseases patent thumbnailThe application of rescap to attenuate and prevent the progression of neurodegenerative brain and neuronal diseases
The present invention relates to the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, i.e. A group of chronic, progressive disorders characterized by the gradual loss of neurons in discrete areas of the central nervous system (cns).
Amrif Bv

Treatment of neonatal brain injury with hb-egf

Methods for treating brain injury caused by or associated with hypoxia or a hypoxic state, especially neonatal brain injury, using heparin-binding egf-like growth factor.. .
Children's National Medical Center

Memory improving composition, preparation method and use thereof

The present invention relates to the technical field of health food, and discloses a memory improving composition and the preparation method and use thereof. The composition is made from arillus longan, poria, semen nelumbinis, enzymatic extract of semen juglandis, phosphatidylserine and taurine.
Infinitus (china) Company Ltd.

Treatment of brain and central nervous system tumors

The present invention provides methods for treating tumors of the brain by administering the compounds of the formula a and particularly n-(3,4-dichloro-2-fluorophenyl)-7-({[(3ar,6as)-2-methyloctahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrrol-5-yl]methyl}oxy)-6-(methyloxy)quinazolin-4-amine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, to a subject in need of such treatment. In the methods of the invention, the compounds disclosed herein were surprisingly found to cross the blood brain barrier.
Kadmon Corporation Llc

Prototypical analgesic profile of 3,3-diphenyl-n-(1-phenylethyl)propan-1-amine (fendiline)

The present invention discloses the prototypical profile of 3,3-diphenyl-n-(1-phenylethyl) propan-1-amine (fendiline) against the anticancer drugs induced neuropathic pain (adinp). Indeed, fendiline exhibited high analgesic activity against the paclitaxel induced neuropathic sensitization (pins), in mice, and also inducing decrease of brain dopamine (da) turnover, in rats and mice, i.e., the exactly opposite effects of those induced by the μ-opioid receptor agonists (μ-oras).

Method of delivering therapeutics and imaging agents to the brain by nanoparticles that cross the blood brain barrier

Described herein are methods of delivering a nanoparticle across the blood brain barrier to the brain of a subject by administering to the subject a nanoparticle having a nanoparticle core and a targeting agent. A variety of targeting agents may serve to promote delivery of the described nanoparticle..
California Institute Of Technology

Device of drowsiness detection and alarm and the same

A device of drowsiness detection and alarm includes a headrest, at least one brainwave sensor, a computing unit, a controlling unit and an accessory unit. The brainwave sensor is disposed on the headrest and configured to contact with a user's head and detect a brainwave signal.
National Chiao Tung University

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus

A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry is configured to perform control to display a matrix representing inter-regional connectivity between a plurality of regions in a brain.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Methods and devices for brain activity monitoring supporting mental state development and training

With explosive penetration of portable electronic devices (peds) recent focus into consumer eeg devices has been to bring advantages including localized wireless interfacing, portability, and a low-cost high-performance electronics platform to host the processing algorithms to bear. However, most development continues to focus on brain-controlled video games which are nearly identical to those created for earlier, more stationary consumer eeg devices and personal eeg is treated as of a novelty or toy.
Personal Neuro Devices Inc.

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus

A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry is configured to specify a search start position of a matrix representing inter-regional connectivity between a plurality of regions in a brain based on a result of an analysis on an image of a subject and an attention degree set to each of the regions.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Framework for abnormality detection in multi-contrast brain magnetic resonance data

A computer-implemented method for identifying abnormalities in magnetic resonance (mr) brain image data includes a computer receiving multi-contrast mr image data of a subject's brain and identifying, within the multi-contrast mr image data, (i) an abnormality region comprising one or more suspected abnormalities and (ii) a healthy region comprising healthy tissue. The computer creates a model of the healthy region, computes a novelty score for each voxel in the multi-contrast mr image data based on the abnormality region and the model, and creates an abnormality map of the subject's brain based on the novelty score computed for each voxel in the multi-contrast mr image data..
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Fluid for suspended animation

A method to increase the time a donated organ will remain viable prior to transplantation, where the method includes infusing into a human patient declared brain dead, using a first intravenous line, a fluorocarbon fluid comprising a chain length from 1 to about 20 carbon atoms, and optionally synchronously with said infusing, exsanguinating said patient using a second intravenous line.. .
Nuvox Pharma Llc

Method and device for constructing brain templates

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for constructing brain templates. First, thousands of brain mri images are collected.
Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University

Compositions and methods for blood-brain barrier delivery of igg-decoy receptor fusion proteins

Provided herein are compositions and related methods for delivering an igg-decoy receptor to the cns. The methods include systemic administration of a bifunctional decoy receptor-bbb receptor antibody fusion antibody comprising a receptor extracellular domain (ecd) covalently linked to an antibody to a receptor expressed on the surface of the blood-brain barrier (bbb receptor).
Armagen Technologies, Inc.

Composition for imaging atherosclerosis and diagnosing atherosclerosis by using same

The present disclosure relates to a composition for imaging atherosclerosis and a method for diagnosing atherosclerosis using the same. The composition for imaging atherosclerosis according to the present disclosure shows excellent atherosclerosis diagnosis accuracy, enables diagnosis of atherosclerosis even for a person with diseases of glucose metabolism such as diabetes and enables effective diagnosis even for atherosclerosis occurring in the brain and heart.
Seoul National University R&db Foundation

Brain cancer immunotherapy

The invention describes immunotherapies for treating various cancers in nervous system, particularly brain cancer. In various embodiments, the method may comprise: obtaining a tumor tissue from the subject; preparing a tumor cell lysate from the tumor tissue; isolating an immune cell from the subject; priming the immune cell against the tumor cell lysate.
University Of Southern California

Method of stem cell delivery into the brain during chronic disease using blood brain barrier permeabilizers

Blood brain barrier (bbb) permeabilizers, such as mannitol, can facilitate the entry of stem cells from the periphery to the stroke brain. It is unknown whether bbb permeation in the chronic stage of the disease still facilitates the entry of stem cells from the periphery to the injured brain.
University Of South Florida

Regenerative cell therapy for central nervous system (cns) disorders and ptsd

Provided herein are compositions comprising regenerative cells (e.g., from adipose tissue), for therapy for central nervous system (cns) disorders, including disorders characterized by excitotoxicity, neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, and compromise of the blood brain barrier.. .
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.

Methods and compositions for treating fatigue associated with disordered sleep using very low dose cyclobenzaprine

The present invention relates to methods for the treatment or prevention of fatigue associated with disordered sleep, for example, in multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, fabry's disease, parkinson's disease, or traumatic brain injury, using cyclobenzaprine the present invention further relates to a biomarker for the therapeutic effects of a cyclobenzaprine treatment.. .
Tonix Pharma Holdings Limited

Induced expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) for treatment of neuromuscular, neurodegenerative, autoimmune, developmental and/or metabolic diseases

A method of treating a host of neuromuscular, neurodegenerative, developmental, autoimmune and metabolic diseases/disorders related to aging, such as traumatic injury, stroke, huntington's disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (ms), lupus, type-1 and type-2 diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young (mody), myasthenia gravis (mg), rheumatoid arthritis (ra), graves' disease, guillain-barré syndrome (gbs), metabolic syndrome, muscular dystrophy or duchenne muscular dystrophy (dmd), severe burns, aging, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), friedreich's ataxia, batten disease, alzheimer's disease, optic neuritis, leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (lhon), autism, rett syndrome, batten disease, angelman's syndrome, leigh disease, fragile-x syndrome, depression, parkinson's disease, mitochondrial diseases, developmental disorders, metabolic disease disorders and/or autoimmune disorders by inducing endogenous bdnf expression with dnp treatment to protect from neuromuscular dysfunction/disorders and/or neurodegeneration and/or muscle wasting. Dnp was administered to mice daily over a range of doses, and subsequently bdnf expression in the brain showed a dose dependent and non-linear increase in expression..
Mitochon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Augmented reality dental design method and system

A method and system for designing a dental appliance for an individual. A 3d model of the individual's features including a portion of their face and arches is displayed on a 3d display.
Trispera Dental, Inc.

Monitoring human brain excitability using synchronization measures

The present invention is directed to a method of continuously monitoring neuronal synchronization in a subject comprising (a) determining a deviation in mean synchronization (r) from a predetermined value at rest, wherein the pre-determined value of r is 1, and the variability of synchronization h; and (b) repeating step (a) one or more times to continuously monitor synchronization r and its variability h in a subject. The invention also features methods of determining and monitoring the degree of brain excitability.

Thermal imaging system

Support structures for positioning sensors on a physiologic tunnel for measuring physical, chemical and biological parameters of the body and to produce an action according to the measured value of the parameters. The support structure includes a sensor fitted on the support structures using a special geometry for acquiring continuous and undisturbed data on the physiology of the body.
Geelux Holdings, Ltd.

Personalization of auditory stimulus

Technology presented herein increases a user's enjoyment of sound by personalizing an audio signal so that the user perceives the audio signal as if the user had ideal hearing and/or desired hearing. In one embodiment, headphones on a user's head include a sensor and a speaker.
Nura Holdings Pty Ltd

System for processing magnetic resonance images using automatic segmenting

An apparatus and method for performing automatic 3d image segmentation and reconstruction of organ structures, which is particularly well-suited for use on cortical surfaces is presented. A brain extraction process removes non-brain image elements, then classifies brain tissue as to type in preparation for a cerebrum segmentation process that determines which portions of the image information belong to specific physiological structures.
Sony Corporation

Cryptographic key visualization

This invention regards a method of key-fingerprint visualization that is unique, reproducible, and nearly impossible to forge which aims to improve the usability of crypto-systems by creating a visual representation of the key-fingerprint as a face. This makes the process of key verification faster, more reliable, and natural to the user.

Mobile user borne brain activity data and surrounding environment data correlation system

A mobile user borne brain activity data and surrounding environment data correlation system comprising a brain activity sensing subsystem, a recording subsystem, a measurement computer subsystem, a user sensing subsystem, a surrounding environment sensing subsystem, a correlation subsystem, a user portable electronic device, a non-transitory computer readable medium, and a computer processing device. The mobile user borne system collects and records brain activity data and surrounding environment data and statistically correlates and processes the data for communicating the data into a recipient biological, mechanical, or bio-mechanical system..

Method for diagnosing sleep apnea

The method for diagnosing sleep apnea includes measuring concentrations of biomarkers in a patient's bodily sample. To determine whether a patient suffers from sleep apnea, or has a predisposition for developing sleep apnea, a sample from the patient is analyzed.

Peptide-mediated delivery of immunoglobulins across the blood-brain barrier

Provided herein are materials and methods for delivering immunoglobulins (e.g. Therapeutic immunoglobulins) across the blood-brain barrier..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Compositions and methods for transport across the blood brain barrier

Compositions and methods are provided including a transporter peptide derived from the loop2 domain of the neuronally-derived lynx1 protein which can be conjugated to an effector agent to form a transporter-effector complex for transport of the therapeutic effector agent to a target that is found across the blood brain barrier.. .
Ophidion Inc.

Use of a composition comprising arabic gum (ag) for improving gut impermeability

The use of a nutritional composition including arabic gum (ag) improves gut impermeability. The nutritional composition also improves conditions like abdominal pain, chronic or not, insomnia, bloating, flatulence, shortness of breath, gluten intolerance, malnutrition, muscle cramps, multiple chemical sensitivities, muscle pain, myofascial pain, mood swings, poor exercise tolerance, poor immunity, poor memory, recurrent skin rashes, brittle nails, hair loss, food allergies, constipation, diarrhea, liver dysfunction, brain fatigue, abdominal spasms, constant hunger pains, depleted appetite, irritable bowel syndrome, chemotherapy, food allergies, acne, liver dysfunction or inflammation of the bowel..
Nexira International

Use of levocetirizine and montelukast in the treatment of traumatic injury

The embodiments described herein include methods and formulations for treating lung and brain injury. The methods and formulations include, but are not limited to, methods and formulations for delivering effective concentrations of levocetirizine and montelukast to a patient in need.
Inflammatory Response Research, Inc.

Use of 4-aminopyridine to improve neuro-cognitive and/or neuro-psychiatric impairment in patients with demyelinating and other nervous system conditions

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions related to use of aminopyridines, such as 4-aminopyridine, to prove the neuro-cognitive impairments and related neuro-psychiatric impairments of patients with a demyelinating condition such as ms, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, post-radiation encephalopathy.. .
Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.

Methods and devices for brain cooling for treatment and/or prevention of epileptic seizures

Passive prosthetic devices for focally cooling a brain and methods for inhibiting seizures are disclosed. The prosthetic devices replace a thermally insulating bone flap with a thermally conductive insert having an inner surface that contacts the relatively warm meninges or brain and an outer surface that contacts the relatively cool scalp.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Protection device, wearable device, protection method and display system

A protection device, a wearable device, a protection method and a display system are provided. The protection device of the invention comprises a signal acquisition module, an information processing module, and a reminding module.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Systems methods and devices for brain health assessment

Methods and systems are provided in relation to a brain assessment system. A system is provided, comprising: an interface server that hosts a client site or application for establishing a communication interface connection to one or more client devices to receives test-taker identification information and an electronic indication of consent to collection of test data, and send a software and device request signal to check for software and device compatibility, wherein the interface server generates and transmits a test-taker token and a session id token after validation of the test-taker identification information; a test server for a brain assessment tool that receives the test-taker token and a session id token and after validation generates an electronic brain testing instance for a client device to compute brain testing results, the electronic testing instance having a test ticket identifier token for the session id; the interface server monitoring input components of the client device to detect test response times for the electronic testing instance; the interface server tuning the test response times and the brain testing results based on the software and device compatibility and processing times; the test server computing a test report based on normalization of the brain testing results to provide a score relative to adults of similar gender, education, and age; and one or more data storage devices to store the brain testing results, the test ticket identifier token, the session id, and the test-taker identification information..
Cogniciti Inc.

Tractography framework with magnetic resonance imaging for brain connectivity analysis

In white matter tractography from magnetic resonance imaging, a mathematical representation of diffusion (e.g., fiber orientation distributions) is first estimated from the diffusion mr data. Fiber tracing is performed via deterministic or probabilistic tractography where the tract maps and brain regions from multiple atlases and/or templates can be used for seeding and/or as spatial constraints.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

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