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 Conjoined, pre-programmed, and user controlled virtual extremities to simulate physical re-training movements patent thumbnailConjoined, pre-programmed, and user controlled virtual extremities to simulate physical re-training movements
The present invention is in the technical field of virtual reality therapy/rehabilitation (vrt/r) for survivors of acquired brain injury (abi) and other brain-affected individuals who experience disrupted brain-to-extremities communications to intact, existing and anatomically original, but disabled extremities. Specifically the present invention is directed to assisting survivors of acquired brain injury (abi) traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, focal dystonias and other brain-affected individuals by computer-presenting/displaying a combination of virtual anatomical extremities (vaes) in two forms: 1-vaes which are computer pre-programmed to make simulated physical movements according to the programmer's design and purpose; and 2-vaes which are interactively and tactically controlled/directed by users to make custom-purposed simulated physical movements according to the user's design and purpose.

 Cognitive training system and method patent thumbnailCognitive training system and method
A cognitive training system provides cognitive skills development using a suite of music and sound based exercises. Visual, auditory, and tactile sensory stimuli are paired in various combinations to build and strengthen cross-modality associations.

 Detection of brain cancer patent thumbnailDetection of brain cancer
Provided are methods for detecting brain cancer in a subject, methods of predicting a clinical outcome in a patient with brain cancer, methods of monitoring the progression of brain cancer in a patient, and methods of grading a patient's brain cancer. The methods utilise various micro rnas that the inventors have found to be useful in these manners..
University Of Central Lancashire

 Methods, processes, devices and kits for the measurement of post traumatic stress disorder microrna markers patent thumbnailMethods, processes, devices and kits for the measurement of post traumatic stress disorder microrna markers
The present invention provides for methods of measuring levels of micro rnas for the diagnosis, treatment and/or monitoring the progression of post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) or traumatic brain injury (tbi) in a subject having or suspected of having ptsd and/or tbi. The methods, in general comprise measuring levels of at least one of mir-142-5p, mir-19b, mir-1928, mir-223-3p, mir-322*, mir-324, mir-421-3p, mir-463* and mir-674* is a sample from a subject suffering from or suspected of having ptsd and/or tbi..
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.

 Transposon activation during aging and neuronal decline patent thumbnailTransposon activation during aging and neuronal decline
The present invention relates to transposon activation and mobilization, particularly in the brain, during normal aging; reporter systems to detect such mobilization, along with cells and transgenic animals containing such systems; methods of monitoring neuronal function during normal aging; methods of determining the risk of age-related neuronal decline and age-related mortality; and the use of transposon inhibitors and apoptosis inhibitors to delay age-related neuronal decline and age-related mortality.. .
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

 Treatment of central nervous system disorders by intranasal administration of immunoglobulin g patent thumbnailTreatment of central nervous system disorders by intranasal administration of immunoglobulin g
The present invention provides, among other aspects, methods and compositions for treating a central nervous system (cns) disorder by delivering a therapeutically effective amount of a composition of pooled human immunoglobulin g (igg) to the brain via intranasal administration of the composition directly to the olfactory epithelium of the nasal cavity. In particular, methods and compositions for treating alzheimer's disease are provided..
Baxalta Gmbh

 Radiosurgical neuromodulation devices, systems, and methods for treatment of behavioral disorders by external application of ionizing radiation patent thumbnailRadiosurgical neuromodulation devices, systems, and methods for treatment of behavioral disorders by external application of ionizing radiation
Radiosurgical techniques and systems treat behavioral disorders (such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (“ocd”), addiction, hyperphagia, and the like) by directing radiation from outside the patient toward a target tissue within the patient's brain, typically without imposing surgical trauma. The target will often be included in a neural circuit associated with the behavioral disorder.

 Hybrid system for treating mental and emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation patent thumbnailHybrid system for treating mental and emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation
A closed-loop brain computer interface (bci) system for treating mental or emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation is disclosed. The system includes an implanted module including a processor configured to process neural data acquired from one or more electrodes in communication with one or more brain regions of a patient.
University Of Washington

 Nasal drug delivery device patent thumbnailNasal drug delivery device
A compound delivery device for delivering a plume derived from a propellant and a drug formulation. The drug formulation is in an intranasal dosage form in the form of powder, suspension, dispersion or liquid.
Impel Neuropharma Inc.

 Perfusive organ hemostasis patent thumbnailPerfusive organ hemostasis
Disclosed are compositions, methods and kits to control bleeding through the use of an internal occluder based on polymeric solutions, including use of reverse thermosensitive polymers in nephron-sparing surgeries, which produces a completely bloodless surgical field, allowing speedy resection. In certain embodiments, after a certain amount of time, the flow gradually resumes, with no apparent adverse consequences to the kidney.
Lahey Clinic, Inc.

Methods and compositions for treating metastatic breast cancer and other cancers in the brain

A composition comprising at least one aav vector formulated for central nervous system delivery is described. The composition comprises at least one expression cassette which contains sequences encoding an anti-neoplastic immunoglobulin construct for delivery to the brain operably linked to expression control sequences therefor and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Metal-glycoprotein complexes and photodynamic therapy of immune privileged sites with same

Compositions of the invention include glycoproteins, such as transferrin, and metal-based coordination complexes, which are preferably chemotherapeutic compounds and more preferably tunable photodynamic compounds. The compositions are useful as in vivo diagnostic agents, and as therapeutic agents for treating or preventing diseases including those that involve hyperproliferating cells in their etiology, such as cancer.
Theralase Technologies, Inc.

Compositions and methods for enhancing brain function using acetyl-l-carnitine, huperzine a, ginkgo biloba, and vitamin b complex

A nutritional supplement composition for enhancing cognitive function includes ginkgo biloba, rhodiola, acetyl-l-carnitine and huperzine a. The ginkgo biloba, rhodiola and acetyl-l-carnitine are in a ratio a:b:c respectively such that a as the ginkgo biloba is between about 690 and 1030, b as the rhodiola is between about 1,700 and 2,600 and c as the acetyl-l-carnitine is between about 8,000 and 12,000.
Keyview Labs, Inc.

Compositions and methods for enhancing brain function using acetyl-l-carnitine, huperzine a and ginkgo biloba

A nutritional supplement composition is formulated for oral administration and enhances cognitive function. It includes huperzine a, ginkgo biloba, and acetyl-l-carnitine.
Keyview Labs, Inc.

Reduced toxicity molecular conjugates of anti-fungal agents

Compositions, compounds and methods are described for addressing both toxicity of membrane disruptive anti-microbial agents as well as poor transport of such agents across the blood-brain-barrier (bbb) via the use of molecular appendages including one or more facial amphiphiles. These molecules have in vitro anti-fungal activity that is very similar to that of the native drug but with hemolytic activity and toxicity towards mammalian cells that is greatly reduced..
Lehigh University

Neuro-protective agents and uses thereof (as amended)

Use of 5α-androstane-3β,5,6β-triol and analogs thereof in the preparation of a drug for the prophylaxis or treatment of an altitude sickness caused by hypobaric hypoxia is provided, so as to provide a new drug for the prophylaxis or treatment of an altitude sickness. Researches revealed that 5α-androstane-3β,5,6β-triol treatment can effectively reduce vasogenic edema of brain tissue of macaca fascicularis caused by hypobaric hypoxia, reduce the increased cerebral water content, and protect from neuronal vacuolar degeneration caused by hypobaric hypoxia, therefore it can improve neurological dysfunctions caused by hypobaric hypoxia and is useful in prophylaxis or treatment of an altitude sickness..
Guangzhou Cellprotek Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Prostaglandin receptor ep2 antagonists, derivatives, compositions, and uses related thereto

The disclosure relates to prostaglandin receptor ep2 antagonists, derivatives, compositions, and methods related thereto. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to methods of treating or preventing conditions and diseases in which ep2 receptor activation has a physiological role, such as but not limited to, brain injury, inflammatory diseases, neuroinflamation after a seizure, pain, endometriosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, skin inflammation, vascular inflammation, colitis, and neurological disorders by administering a pharmaceutical composition comprising a compound disclosed herein to a subject in need thereof..
Emory University

Composition for brain improvement

The invention relates to the use of glutamine, preferably in the form of free amino acids, dipeptides and/or tripeptides, in the manufacture of a nutritional composition for improving exploratory behavior, memory performance, particularly spatial memory performance, and/or social interaction in an infant or toddler and/or treating or preventing impaired or decreased exploratory behavior, memory performance, particularly spatial memory performance, and/or social interaction in an infant or toddler.. .
N.v. Nutricia

Method to deliver antifibrinolytic drugs to mitigate damage to the brain caused by concussive impact

Antifibrinolytic agents/drugs are applied to the concussive area of a patient's brain to counter the activation of a fibrinolytic process in the concussive area. Various techniques are described for administering the antifibrinolytic agent..

Method and buoyant gastric implant

A buoyant, expandable intragastric device is provided that can be inserted into the stomach of a patient. The device is inflated, or expanded, with gas or other low density material to partially fill the stomach and enabling the device, or implant, to be buoyant within the stomach by floating toward the highest location possible relative to the contents of the stomach and the configuration of the stomach walls.
Endobese, Inc.

Accelerated evaluation of treatments to prevent clinical onset of neurodegenerative diseases

Systems and methods for evaluating prospective treatments for progressive brain disorders like alzheimer's disease and the progressive effects of aging involve the use of an imaging device communicatively coupled to a computing device. The imaging device may takes a plurality of brain imaging measurements from each of a plurality of human subjects who are divided into a treated group and an untreated group based on various subject data including whether the subjects carry certain alleles of genes known to increase the risk of developing the brain disorder at issue.
Banner Health Systems, Inc.

Method for cross-diagnostic identification and treatment of neurologic features underpinning mental and emotional disorders

A system and method for diagnosing mental or emotional disorders is disclosed. An affective bci component is incorporated into a closed loop, symptom—responsive psychiatric dbs system.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Systems and methods for objectively determining hearing thresholds

A system and method for determining hearing thresholds of people. The system and methods include the steps of presenting an auditory stimulus of a duration of less than one second to the person; spreading the power of the stimulus across a frequency range in alternating regions of high and low intensity; including in the stimulus at least two regions of high intensity; and measuring the transient evoked electrical response of the brain of the person..
Hear Ip Pty Ltd

Task-outcome error signals and their use in brain-machine interfaces

A brain machine interface (bmi) for improving a performance of a subject is provided. The bmi has two decoders that act in real-time and in parallel to each other.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

System, brainwave-based technologies

System, device and methods for brainwave-based technologies. The system for measuring and processing brainwave data of a user comprises one or more electrodes for measuring the brainwave data of the user, and a processing unit coupled to the electrodes and configured to process the brainwave data for determining a current mental state of the user and to generate, based on the current mental state of the user, a control signal for instructing activation of a means for manipulating the current mental state of the user..
National University Of Singapore

Timestamp-free synchronization for wireless body area networks

Systems and methods for collecting biosignals can include a master node and a plurality of biosensor slave nodes wirelessly connected to the master node. The biosensor can be implanted in the body, or external to the body.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Protective headwear to reduce risk of injury

A helmet configured to protect a human head against mild traumatic brain injury upon impact includes an outer shell and a liner consisting of pairs of fluid fillable flexible fluid chambers fluidly connected to each other by fluid connections between each of the pairs of fluid fillable flexible fluid chambers being spaced on opposite sides of the helmet and configured to fill a space between the head and the outer shell when the helmet is positioned on the head. Impact resistant flexible pads are also inside the liner and are spaced around an inner circumference of the outer shell adjacent to each of the fluid fillable flexible fluid chambers.

Systems and methods to estimate nutritional needs of human and other patients

Systems, techniques and methods for estimating the metabolic state or flux, e.g., the body energy state (“bes”) of a patient, are disclosed. The bes provides deep insight into the nutritional needs of the patient, thus allowing for a sort of exquisite glycemic control with regard to the patient.
Run Them Sweet Llc

Rapid screening device for brain disease

The present invention provides a rapid screening device for brain disease to diagnose a patient's disease of cranial nerves by the states of the patient's eyeball. The rapid screening device for brain disease comprises a sensing unit, a processing unit and a carrier.
Neurobeat Biomedical Technology Corp., Ltd.

Methods, systems, non-transitory computer readable medium, and machines for maintaining augmented telepathic data

This document discloses effective augmented telepathic communication as a gadget-free extension of human senses. The conveyance of mental information and cognitive processes to perceive or communicate being made possible by data structures for generating and maintaining representations of biological systems activity with auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile, emotion, movement, smell, taste, and concept data in a computing environment.

Omnidirectional mri catheter resonator and related systems, methods and devices

The disclosed apparatus, systems and methods relate to interventional magnetic resonance imaging (imri). More specifically, clinical applications of the disclosed include magnetic resonance (mr) guided procedures such as endovascular interventions, percutaneous biopsies or deep brain stimulation.
Regents Of The University Of California

Spinal muscular atrophy treatment via targeting smn2 catalytic core

The present invention is directed to methods and compositions for blocking the effect of the intronic inhibitory splicing region of intron 7 of the smn2 gene. The compositions and methods of the instant invention include short oligonucleotide reagents (e.g., oligoribonucleotides) that effectively target sites in the smn2 pre-mrna, thereby modulating the splicing of smn2 pre-mrna to include exon 7 in the processed transcript.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Composition comprising branched multipeptide vaccine and vaccine comprising the same

Provided are a branched multi-peptide composition and a vaccine including the same. The branched multi-peptide vaccine according to the present invention is easy to be produced and utilized, thereby being easily applied to the treatment, and is capable of maintaining stable reaction in vivo, such that it is expected that the branched multi-peptide vaccine according to the present invention acts as an effective vaccine.
Industry Foundation Of Chonnam National University

Novel brain chemokine samdori and use thereof

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition containing, as an active ingredient, chemokine-like samdori2 (sam2) for preventing and treating a mental disease associated with a brain nervous system. By constructing a sam2-specific knockout zebrafish (wherein, the sam 2 is expressed in a habenular nucleus) and finding that, through novel tank, scototaxis, and social cohesion tests, the zebrafish shows significantly higher fear and anxiety behaviors than the control; inhibitory neuron expression in neurons overexpressing sam2 gene is decreased; and a patient due to sam2 gene loss shows autism and the hyperanxiety symptom, the samdori2 can be usefully applied as an active ingredient for a pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating a mental disease associated with a brain nervous system..
Ghbio Inc.

Phenyl benzyl ether derivative and preparation method and application thereof

Parts of compounds, after being labeled by radionuclide, of the phenyl benzyl ether derivative, are used as aβ plaque imaging agent. The structural formula of the phenyl benzyl ether derivative is shown by formula (i).
Beijing Zhibo Bio-medical Technology Co., Ltd

Preparative regimen for engraftment, growth and differentiation of non-hematopoeitic cells in vivo after transplantation

Disclosed are methods of obtaining an expanded population of mammalian ex vivo cells for treating a mammalian subject by (a) administering to a subject an effective amount of an agent that confers a growth disadvantage to at least a subset of endogenous cells at the site of engraftment; (b) administering to the subject an effective amount of a mitogenic stimulus for the ex vivo cells; and (c) administering the ex vivo cells to the subject, wherein the ex vivo cells engraft at the site and proliferate to a greater extent than the subset of endogenous cells, to repopulate at least a portion of the engraftment site with the ex vivo cells. The repopulated cells can be harvested or left at the engraftment site.
Montefiore Medical Center

Amantadine, memantine, and rimantadine conjugates and a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of neuronal disorders

Where r1 in each occurrence is independently h, or c1-c4 alkyl; r2 is a nullity or ch—ch3, r3 is a nullity or c(o)—r6—nh; r6 is c2-c6 alkyl, (ch2ch2—o)n, or (ch(oh)ch2)n; n is an integer of between 1 and 4; r4 is a nullity or nh—r6—c(o); and r5 is a moiety capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and is as a free compound serotonin, dopamine, blood brain barrier (bbb) peptide, membrane translocating peptide, tat peptides, endocannabinoids 1 & 2, bradykinin, beta-endorphin, bombesin, calcitonin, cholecystokinin, an enkephalin, dynorphin, insulin, gastrin, substance p, neurotensin, glucagon, secretin, somatostatin, motilin, vasopressin, oxytocin, prolactin, thyrotropin, an angiotensin, galanin, neuropeptide y, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, gonadotropnin-releasing hormone, growth hormone-releasing hormone, luteinizing hormone, vasoactive intestinal peptide transferrin, glucosyl ester, lactic acid, leucine, tryptophan, glutamic acid.. .

Compositions and methods for treating cancers associated with etbr activation

The description provides compositions and methods for treating etbr-related cancer. In certain aspects, the description provides a delivery system for the controlled, systemic release of at least one of etbr antagonists, caspase-8 inhibitors, or a combination thereof, optionally including an etar antagonist, an anti-pd-1 antibody, a braf inhibitor, niacinamide or a combination thereof.
Enb Therapeutics, Llc

Method for treating or suppressing degenerative brain diseases by chinese herbal medicine composition

The present invention discloses a method for treating or suppressing degenerative brain diseases, comprising a step of administrating a chinese herbal medicine composition to a subject in need, wherein the chinese herbal medicine composition comprises: a first herbal formula comprising 2-40 parts by weight of panax ginseng and 0.6-28 parts by weight of angelica sinensis; and a second herbal formula comprising 0.6-28 parts by weight of angelica sinensis, 2-40 parts by weight of astragalus membranaceus, and 20-96 parts by weight of a mixture of ligustri fructus, eclipta prostrata, and rehmannia glutinosa.. .
Brion Research Institute Of Taiwan

Liposomes useful for drug delivery to the brain

The present invention provides liposome compositions containing substituted ammonium and/or polyanion, and optionally with a desired therapeutic or imaging entity. The present invention also provide methods of making the liposome compositions provided by the present invention.
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dopaminergic mimetics

A method is described for providing acute symptomatic relief to a subject with parkinson's disease (pd) or other cns disorders resulting from dopamine deficiency in the brain comprising administering to said subject an amount of a ketogenic material sufficient to produce a ketosis in the subject sufficient to provide therapeutic benefit in such neurological disorders. Preferred materials produce a ketosis is such that the total concentration of acetoacetate and (r)-3-hydroxybutyrate in the blood of the subject is raised to between 0.1 and 30 mm..
Btg International Limited

Neurosurgical alignment and treatment devices

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for performing surgery on a patient's skull or brain. A mounting and stabilization device is provided for frameless, trajectory-based laser ablation surgery.
Adventist Health System/sunbelt, Inc.

Automatic tract extraction via atlas based adaptive connectivity-based clustering

Method and apparatus for processing diffusion data for identification of white matter tracts in the brain of a patient is provided herein. The method involves, with a processor: generating a connectivity based representation of white matter fibers for multiple different subjects from the connectivity signatures of the fibers from a diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dmri) without using the physical coordinates of the fibers; generating a fiber bundle atlas from the connectivity based fiber representation of (a) which define a model of the human brain; adaptively clustering fibers of a new patient utilizing the fiber bundle atlas of (b) to extract white matter tracts without manual intervention in the form of drawing regions of interest; and presenting the selected white matter tracts and diffusion data in a report or on a display device.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Portable brain activity sensing platform for assessment of visual field deficits

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for monitoring electrical signals of the brain. In one aspect, a system for monitoring electrical brain activity associated with visual field of a user includes a sensor unit to acquire electroencephalogram (eeg) signals including a plurality of eeg sensors attached to a casing attachable to the head of a user, a visual display unit attachable to the head of the user over the user's eyes to present visual stimuli, in which the visual stimuli is configured to evoke multifocal steady-state visual-evoked potentials (mfssvep) in the eeg signals exhibited by the user acquired by the sensor unit, and a data processing unit in communication with the sensor unit and the visual display unit to analyze the acquired eeg signals and produce an assessment of the user's visual field, in which the assessment indicates if there is a presence of visual field defects in the user's visual field..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Minimally invasive subgaleal extra-cranial electroencephalography (eeg) monitoring device

A system includes an implantable body configured for implantation in a subgaleal extracranial position, the implantable body including a first electrode array including a first elongated body comprising first and second electrode contacts separated from one another by a distance selected to facilitate the detection of brain electrical activity and a unit coupled to the first electrode array. The unit includes a processor analyzing the detected brain electrical activity to determine whether an epileptic event has occurred and generating epileptic event data based on this determination and a transceiver controlled by the processor to wirelessly transmit epileptic event data to and from a remote computing device..
New York University

Helmet extension connected to shoulder pad to prevent brain and spine injuries

A helmet features a fixed length vertical extension, originating at the rear-bottom-center of the helmet, with height adjustable features at the bottom of the extension, connected to a fixed bracket, at the rear-top-center of current state-of-the-art shoulder pads or shoulder harness. The fixed in-place helmet is located above the head, without contact, and permits the wearer to move his head in all directions.

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