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 Method and  wireless communication with dual connectivity patent thumbnailMethod and wireless communication with dual connectivity
A method and an apparatus for wireless communication with dual connectivity are described. The apparatus supports dual connectivity with a first cell and a second cell and the apparatus comprises a radio frequency (rf) and a processor operatively coupled to the rf unit.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Non-collaborative filters in a collaborative document patent thumbnailNon-collaborative filters in a collaborative document
Systems and methods for viewing filters on a collaborative spreadsheet stored on a cloud computing service include accessing, from each of a plurality of client computers, a first sheet of a spreadsheet stored on a cloud computing service, where a plurality of filters is associated with the first sheet. A first client computer in the plurality of client computers receives a command by a first user to apply a first filter in the plurality of filters to the first sheet, and applies the first filter to the first sheet on the first client computer.
Google Inc.

 Method and  collaborative drawing patent thumbnailMethod and collaborative drawing
Intended for two or more users with individual graphic devices. When one user draws on a device, information for that element is sent to other device(s).

 Multi-site screen interactions patent thumbnailMulti-site screen interactions
A technology for interacting with a collaborative videoconferencing environment is disclosed. A display having a substantially “l-shaped” configuration allows for display of collaborative materials and video of remote participants simultaneously, which provides for a more natural interaction for a meeting participant interacting with the collaborative materials.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Network collaboration tool patent thumbnailNetwork collaboration tool
Computerized collaborative network tools configured to allow users to, inter alia, create, collaborate and/or distribute media content, including video media content. Systems and processes therefor include a workspace component comprising: a media timeline configured to be associated with a media item displayed on a graphic user interface and a discussion component associated with the media timeline.

 Method and system for certificate discovery and ranking certificate authorities patent thumbnailMethod and system for certificate discovery and ranking certificate authorities
Certificate detectors scan a network for certificate resource information and send the information to a certificate database. A correlation engine extracts and correlates this information.
Digicert, Inc.

 Test device and  manufacturing the same, display apparatus patent thumbnailTest device and manufacturing the same, display apparatus
The present invention discloses a test device, a method of manufacturing the test device, and a display apparatus. The test device comprises a first test electrode and a second test electrode.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.

 Guided page navigation patent thumbnailGuided page navigation
Configuring guided pages in this document may include preparing a columnar-based multi-domain business intelligence data set, from a plurality of sources of data that can be independently formatted, by processing the data from the plurality of sources with a data calculation engine that organizing the columns to align with user specified and/or automatically determined dimensions that are associated with a business and populating the columns with data that relates to each of the dimensions from each of the plurality of sources of data, along with at least one displayable actionable element that activates a collaboration project, associated with at least one of the dimensions, in a user interface of a business collaboration platform.. .

 Collaborative searching patent thumbnailCollaborative searching
A first user computing device is identified as being collocated with a second user computing device and an invitation is sent over a wireless communication channel for delivery to the first user computing device. The invitation invites the first user computing device to join a collaborative search session with the second user computing device.
Mcafee, Inc.

 Producing multi-author animation and multimedia using metadata patent thumbnailProducing multi-author animation and multimedia using metadata
The present invention relates to the creation of digital multimedia, in particular the creation of digital animation and or audio tracks by multiple participants. Specifically, the invention relates to a novel method to facilitate, through automation, custom tools and custom methods, the creation and maintenance of a collaboration of two or more individuals who generate incremental media elements, and a resultant accretive animation and or audio thereof.

Transport carrier, laboratory cargo distribution system, and laboratory automation system

A transport carrier for a laboratory cargo distribution system with a transport plane is disclosed. The transport carrier can be rotationally moved in an easily controllable manner on the transport plane.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Biomarkers to improve prediction of heart failure risk

The present disclosure relates to the field of laboratory diagnostics. Specifically, methods are disclosed for determining a patient's risk of suffering from heart failure (hf) based on the detection of nt-probnp, troponin t, and/or a natriuretic peptide.

Fluids testing apparatus and methods of use

The invention is directed to a mobile hand held miniature laboratory system in general, and to fluid testing apparatus for performing a parameter measurement in a fluid sample and methods of use in particular. The apparatus comprising: a strip adapted to absorb a fluid sample and to produce a signal indicative of said parameter level in said sample; and adaptor adapted to connect said strip to a smart phone to allow delivery of the produced signal or a correlated signal to said smart phone for obtaining a measurement of said fluid parameter displayed on said smart phone, wherein said testing apparatus relies on said smart phone at least for power supply and display means.
Labstyle Innovation Ltd.

Tube heat exchange unit for internals of heat exchangers reactors

Tube-bundle heat exchange unit (1) for internals of heat exchangers or reactors, comprising: at least one tube bundle (2); a plurality of baffles (3) associated with said tube bundle and defining through-openings according to a predefined arrangement, each opening being passed through by one of more tubes of the tube bundle, and a shell (6) which surrounds said tube bundle and said baffles, wherein the assembly of the tube bundle and the shell can be disassembled and the shell is structurally collaborating with the tube bundle through said baffles.. .
Casale Sa

Correlating energy to mix cement slurry under different mixing conditions

One example of correlating energy to mix well cement slurry under laboratory conditions to field conditions can be implemented as a method to determine energy to mix cement slurry. Electrical power supplied to an electric mixer in mixing a specified well cement slurry is measured.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Device and combined microfluidic-micromagnetic separation of material in continuous flow

A miniaturized, integrated, microfluidic device pulls materials bound to magnetic particles from one laminar flow path to another by applying a local magnetic field gradient. The device removes microbial and mammalian cells from flowing biological fluids without any wash steps.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Tetanus toxoid and ccl3 improve dc vaccines

Pre-conditioning a vaccine site with a potent recall antigen such as tetanus/diphtheria (td) toxoid can significantly improve the lymph node homing and efficacy of tumor antigen-specific dc vaccines. Patients given td had enhanced dc migration bilaterally and significantly improved survival.
Duke University

Method and system for managing mobile and portable two-way radio collaboration

A method and apparatus for collaboration among two-way radio devices allows a portable two-way radio device and a mobile two-way radio device to each enter into a collaboration mode while the are paired with each other over a short range wireless radio network. While in the collaboration mode, when the user keys the portable two-way radio device audio is routed from the portable two-way radio device to the mobile two-way radio device over the short range wireless network and the mobile two-way radio device transmits the audio on behalf of the portable two-way radio device..
Motorola Solutions, Inc

System and biosensor -triggered multimedia collaboration

Embodiments include a system, method, and computer program product for using a biosensor worn by a user to trigger an event and activate a camera worn by the user to begin streaming and/or recording video data. The biosensor trigger also initiates a real time multimedia collaboration session with the user wearing the biosensor and one or more designated parties.
Mutualink, Inc.

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Multi-party term-based solution system

An automated solution system for enabling a user to prepare content for one or more collaborations and communicate, discuss, negotiate, contract, or otherwise collaborate with one or more parties on any such collaborations.. .

System and orchestrating and correlating multiple software-controlled collaborative sessions through a unified conversational interface

A method for correlating multiple collaborative sessions occurring on multiple single-modality systems includes creating a respective collaborative element containing metadata about each respective collaborative session, associating each collaborative element with a corresponding collaborative conversation, providing an overlaying control plane across the multiple single-modality systems, computing and storing conversational context of user actions within the collaborative sessions. The method further includes performing data aggregation of data within the multiple collaborative sessions, publishing one or more messages providing information regarding changes in the multiple collaborative sessions, switching modalities by entities participating in one or more of the multiple collaborative sessions, wherein the entities can follow session conversations by accessing the published one or more messages, and embedding a link in a single-modality system user interface referring to a previous session.
General Electric Company

Tags in communication environments

Communication services enable users to communicate electronically using various modes of communication. Conversations between groups of users are common, where emails, other communications, and data are exchanged repeatedly over a period of time.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and operation

A method of operation for a hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna. Within a plurality of front end modules a phased-array processing die individually transforms phase and gain according to a register array.

Low-latency fusing of virtual and real content

A system that includes a head mounted display device and a processing unit connected to the head mounted display device is used to fuse virtual content into real content. In one embodiment, the processing unit is in communication with a hub computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Applications with integrated capture

Embodiments include a system for integrating capture software functionality into other software applications including computer aided design (cad) application, search application, database management application, email applications, network publishing applications, collaboration applications, copying and facsimile applications, manufacturing applications and similar programs. A user may utilize any of these applications to initiate a capture of an image or model.
Nextengine, Inc.

User controlled collaborative aspirational savings social network system and method having user controlled whiteboard system enabling articulation and end-to-end fulfillment of aspirations

An internet-based, user-controlled aspirational savings social network system and associated method for end-to-end articulation, savings, and fulfillment of user's aspirations bridges the existing chasm between the user's savings and the purpose for their savings. A network platform facilitates users to discover and articulate aspirations and connects individual accounts assigned to the user's aspirational goals.
Inspirave, Llc.

Method and system for music collaboration crowd funding

A system and method for funding the creation of audio tracks, comprising: provisioning of a expandable set to store prerecorded audio data in multiple tracks, request for funding indicator in the set, enabling a registered user to create the request for funding indicator providing the information about the expected funding amount in a permitted currency and a timeframe to reach this amount, allowing the requesting user to optionally provide a draft or sample of the track, allowing the requesting user optionally to add hypertext information as a description of the track to be funded, enabling the funding user to download or stream an arbitrary combination of tracks of the set including the sample of the track to be funded, enabling the funding user to provide an arbitrary amount of money in a given currency, a presentation of the remaining time and the remaining amount to reach the funding goal, the billing of the funding user and the refund in case the funding goal is not reached, the payment of the requesting user, enabling the requesting user to upload the funded track.. .

Procedure flow administration system and method

A method and system for collaboration between users for editing and reviewing a live procedure flow comprising at least one decision step and at least one action step is disclosed. Each step is interconnected with at least one other step by at least one flow arrow indicating a direction of flow.
Gemba Software Solutions Inc.

Methods and systems for tracking and representing medical information

This disclosure relates to systems and methods for educating and empowering patients and their caregivers. In one aspect, a system for providing medical information to a user includes a healthcare provider terminal, a patient record database, a patient-diagnostic processor, and an interface.
Vca Antech, Inc.

Collaborative restore in a networked storage system

A storage system according to certain embodiments includes a client-side signature repository that includes information representative of a set of data blocks stored in primary storage. During restore operations, the system can use the client-side signature repository to identify data blocks located in primary storage.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Collaborative release of a virtual disk

A method for opening a virtual disk comprises reading information from a metadata file that identifies the current owner of the virtual disk. The method further includes sending a release request to the current owner of the virtual disk to release the virtual disk, writing information to the metadata file identifying the new owner, and then opening the virtual disk..
Vmware, Inc.

System and non-reductive beta-elimination isolation and analysis

A laboratory method and system used to isolate and analyze o-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins that uses non-reductive β-elimination (nbre). The method including the step of providing a predetermined amount of solution and then passing it through an ion exchange resin.

Unified sampling and analytical system for monitoring volatile chemicals in ground water, soil-gas and indoor air quality with sample collection for laboratory analysis

The system can be calibrated using gaseous standards, permeation tubes or aqueous standards.. .

Devices, sample preparation

Devices, systems and methods including a sonicator for sample preparation are provided. A sonicator may be used to mix, resuspend, aerosolize, disperse, disintegrate, or de-gas a solution.
Theranos, Inc.

Collaborative robot for visually inspecting an aircraft

A device for visually inspecting the external surfaces of an aircraft includes an inspection area to receive an aircraft, at least one visual inspection robot, and a control center. A movable platform of the robot supports a turret having an observation unit.
Airbus Group Sas

Specimen observation, collection, storage and preservation device and use

The devices and methods taught in this disclosure are directed to facilitate the observation, collection, transportation, storage, and preservation of specimens possibly containing dna, said specimens potentially constituting evidence of sexual assault. The devices and methods described further allow for a means of minimizing the possibility of specimen contamination, dilution, or degradation during the collection and storage processes.
My Ecohealth, Llc

Cooperative power savings among mobile computing devices

Disclosed herein is a technique for enabling mobile computing devices to share observation information using low-energy communication protocols. This observation information can include network connectivity information and gps location information that is either known to or being sought out by a mobile computing device.
Apple Inc.

Collaborative place-shifting of video content from a plurality of sources to a video presentation device

A video delivery system and related operating methods are presented here, including a method of providing place-shifted video content to a video presentation device. An exemplary embodiment of the method receives, from a video presentation device, a request to place-shift a particular video program.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Cooperative federation of digital devices via proxemics and device micro-mobility

The subject disclosure is directed towards co-located collaboration/data sharing that is based upon detecting the proxemics of people and/or the proxemics of devices. A federation of devices is established based upon proxemics, such as when the users have entered into a formation based upon distance between them and orientation.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

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Automated document lifecycle management

A method and system for automated content status updating based on analyzing collaboration communications in an electronic social networking environment. Collaboration communications are identified and monitored for a shared content between a plurality of users on an electronic social networking system.
International Business Machines Corporation

Conditional instant delivery of email messages

Technologies are described herein for providing delivery optimization of email messages. In particular, direct delivery system is provided for sending emails to allow for instant communication and collaboration.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Instant delivery of messages

Technologies are described herein for providing instant processing of email messages. In particular, instant processing of email messages is provided for sending emails to allow for instant communication and collaboration.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System for holding at least one solar panel on a solar module and solar module comprising same

A mounting system for holding at least one solar panel on a solar module of a solar tracker includes at least one beam having a longitudinal elongate opening and a bearing surface against which the at least one solar panel is intended to bear, and at least one clamping assembly that includes a clamp defining a housing designed to accept an edge of the solar panel against the bearing surface, a threaded clamping element collaborating with the clamp and a connecting element that connects the threaded clamping element with the beam collaborating with the longitudinal elongate opening, the longitudinal elongate opening being produced on a lateral side of the beam adjacent to the bearing surface.. .

Electrically scanned tacan antenna

An electrically scanned tacan antenna is provided. To elaborate, the electrically scanned tacan antenna includes a reflection plate; a monopole antenna provided on an upper surface of the reflection plate and configured to omnidirectionally radiate a signal; multiple parasitic radiators arranged around the monopole antenna and configured to operate as reflectors that reflect the signal or directors that direct the signal; and a controller configured to control parasitic radiators operating as the reflectors to operate as the directors and some parasitic radiators among parasitic radiators operating as the directors to operate as the reflectors at every predetermined timing and controls an order to be the some parasitic radiators to be changed according to a preset sequence..
Korea Airports Corporation

Collaborative presentation system

Embodiments of collaborative presentation systems are provided. An example collaborative presentation system includes a display device, an image sensor, a network interface, a logic device, and a storage device holding instructions executable by the logic device to retrieve a presentation file that is executed to display a presentation on the display device, receive image frames from the image sensor, the image frames including the display device, the displayed presentation, and a presenter, and extract the presenter from the image frames to generate an extracted presenter image.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Backing up a protocol order

Computerized methods and systems for creating and documenting protocol orders in a molecular diagnostic laboratory environment are provided. Utilizing the methods and systems described herein, protocol statements may require values to be entered in association therewith prior to permitting access to subsequent protocol orders.
Cerner Innovation, Inc.

Collaborative collection of diagnostics data of software programs

A computing environment includes multiple software programs running on multiple endpoint computing machines. Each software program has associated diagnostics data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Collaborative collection of diagnostics data of software programs

A computing environment includes multiple software programs running on multiple endpoint computing machines. Each software program has associated diagnostics data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems, sharing visual model-based applications

The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatus for enabling sharing and/or collaboration on visual model-based applications. Visual model-based applications can be represented using an internal representation, which can be edited and read in a visual modeling environment, or using a visual representation, which visually depict the model-based application in a visually intuitive way.
Mendix B.v.

Multi-media collaboration cursor/annotation control

When a multimedia conference between multiple users at multiple locations is established, a first cursor controlled by a first user in a first location is provided. A first event associated with the multimedia conference is detected.
Avaya Inc.

Native application collaboration

A secondary device receives presence information for a content item that is synchronized by a content management system with the secondary device and with a primary device. If a user of the primary device is present as indicated by the presence information, a collaboration element is displayed on the secondary device.
Dropbox, Inc.

Controllable display of a collaboration framework system

A structure of an interactive collaboration session is generated. The structure is typically based on an activity defined by a leader of the interactive collaboration session.
Groupsystems Corporation D/b/a Thinktank By Groupsystems

Centralizer with collaborative spring force

A centralizer for centralizing a pipe is provided which collaborates the spring force of its bow springs. The centralizer includes a pair of end collars, and at least one center collar.
Portable Composite Structures, Inc.

Viscosified treatment fluids comprising polyol derivatized cellulose and methods relating thereto

Viscosified treatment fluids that include polyol derivatized cellulose may be useful in subterranean operations. For example, a method may include introducing a viscosified treatment fluid into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation, wherein the viscosified treatment fluid comprises an aqueous base fluid, borate ions, and a polyol derivatized cellulose, and wherein the polyol derivatized cellulose comprise a cellulosic backbone derivatized with pendants comprising (1) a terminal polyol and (2) at least one of an internal 1,2,3-triazole, an internal ester, and an internal amide..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Winged fiber mat

A floor mat includes a combination of a winged fiber pile and a liquid impervious base. The mat may be used in many consumer and industrial environments where protection from inclement weather is desired as well as in industrial clean rooms, laboratories and hospitals.
Cintas Corporation

Robot control, training and collaboration in an immersive virtual reality environment

System and methods to create an immersive virtual environment using a virtual reality system that receives parameters corresponding to a real-world robot. The real-world robot may be simulated to create a virtual robot based on the received parameters.
The Johns Hopkins University

Ergonomic desk and modular design for collaborative dispositions

Ergonomic desk and modular design for collaborative dispositions, where said ergonomic desk has an upper desktop (1) of trapezoid shape, with an ergonomic curve adapted to the user, a height-adjustable plane (2) in an angle in the middle of said desktop raised by a telescopic linear actuator, a footrest tray (3), a raised tray (6) and motor-driven height-adjustable legs (9) moored to a flat support (8) with wheels (10) and an electronic device with a touch-screen (5) to operate the assembly, characterised by the fact that with a modular coupling of six ergonomic desks, creating a hexagonal unit, a working area of 7.8 m2 is obtained, within a 9.9 m2 square, representing a 38% reduction of the working area created with traditional desks.. .

Structured updated status, requests, user data & programming based presenting & accessing of connections or connectable users or entities and/or link(s)

A methods, systems, device, network, platform and apparatus for enabling user to post structured updated status and/or requests based on inputting & selecting pre-created or updated or collaboratively updated generalized or standardized parts of structured updated status and/or requests including types of activities, actions, events, transactions, purposes, user actions, named entities, nodes, items, objects, fields, rules, syntax, locations, keywords, categories, date(s) & time(s) and enabling 115 sever(s) to receive, store, process structured updated status and/or requests and/or user data and/or automatically monitor track, record, store & process user's activities, actions, events, transactions, interactions, senses, behavior, communications, collaborations, sharing, participations, workflows, tasks & requirements and/or enabling to search, match, determine, select & present prospective, suggested, candidate, matched, relevant & contextual connections or connectable user(s) and dynamically presented or suggested or associated or attached links including link(s) of application(s), service(s), object(s), interface(s) & multimedia type(s) of content(s) to user(s) or entity/entities of network(s) and enable user(s) or entity/entities of network(s) to dynamically establishing connections and/or dynamically conducting one or more activities, actions, events, transactions including e-commerce transactions & deals, interactions, communications, collaborations, sharing, searching, presentations, participations, workflows & tasks with one or more selected user(s) or entity/entities of network(s) from presented prospective, suggested, candidate, matched, relevant & contextual connections or connectable user(s) based on provided or associated or presented or suggested one or more or group(s) of links of application(s), service(s), object(s), interface(s) & multimedia type(s) of content(s).. .

Collaborative website presence

Website presence includes receiving aggregated website presence information describing website presence information for one or more objects of a website, and displaying the aggregated website presence information based at least in part on a website object profile for an object of the website. Cross-website presence includes receiving aggregated website presence information from a first one or more websites, and publishing the received aggregated website presence information to one or more subscribing websites.
Purplecomm, Inc.

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Methods of enabling inter-organizational and public social collaboration

Systems and methods for controlling access to electronic collaboration content data associated with a plurality of organizations. The system includes one or more databases storing the electronic collaboration content data.
Smart Social Media, Inc.

Computerized managing an email input facility in a networked secure collaborative exchange environment

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for managing an email input facility in a networked secure collaborative computer data exchange environment, wherein a secure email input facility for accepting non-secure email from outside the exchange into the secure collaborative computer data exchange environment, wherein the non-secure email is received and the non-secure email and/or the content delivered thereby is stored as secure content in a location of the secure exchange server related to at least one of the sender of the email, the subject line of the non-secure email, the destination address of the email within the exchange, and the content of the email.. .
Intralinks, Inc.

Methods and geo-collaboration

Methods and computer readable medium for collaborating on geographical maps between two or more computers are disclosed. In particular, sharing a geographical location on a map between two or more computers and co-navigating a map between two or more computers are disclosed.
Vid Scale, Inc.

Service metric analysis from structured logging schema of usage data

Technologies are generally described to provide a passive monitoring system employing a logging schema to track usage data in order to analyze performance and reliability of a service. The logging schema may be configured to track user requests as each request is received and processed at individual subsystems of the collaborative service.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

External indexing and search for a secure cloud collaboration system

An end-to-end secure cloud-hosted collaboration service is provided with a hybrid cloud/on-premise index and search capability. This approach includes on-premise indexing and search handling, while relying on the cloud for persistent storage and search of the index.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

System and collaborative instruction

A system and method for providing collaborative, digital learning experiences provides a learning experience to a plurality of users on a plurality of user devices. The learning experience may be divided into multiple scenes.
Exploros, Inc.

A a social media mechanism to facilitate collaboration and information exchange for private investment funds

To ease such barriers and to enhance exchange and collaboration amongst investment professionals, this new invention allows investors to openly share what private investments they are buying, selling, diligencing or following since the platform's tailored privacy settings assures preserved anonymity if so chosen. The invented mechanism facilitates free communication, collaboration on due diligence analysis, buying and selling, access to and the ability to freely share information which may be confidential in nature through the use of social media tools, in a privacy controlled computer network environment..

Method and system for collecting, storing and analyzing clinical and radiologic data

The invention relates to an online web-based medical database and collaboration tool that can be used by surgeons, hospitals, medical institutions, manufacturers and others to collect, store, analyze and harvest clinical and radiologic data. The clinical registry system includes a registry database and a registry processor in electrical communication with the registry database and performing operations on the registry database.
M2s, Inc.

System and personalizing playlists using memory-based collaborative filtering

Systems and methods are provided for personalizing new song suggestions for a user. A plurality of users provides thumbs up and thumbs down ratings for a pair of songs (song a and b).
Pandora Media

Method and programmatically adjusting the relative importance of content data as behavioral data changes

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are described herein that are configured for creating a hybrid recommendation algorithm that programmatically decreases the importance of the content-based data as the basis of affinity data supporting collaborative filtering grows over time. One example embodiment may include a method for computing a content based similarity metric between a first item and a second item, accessing each of one or more instances of affinity data; and calculating an overall similarity metric between the first item and the second item, the overall similarity metric being a function of the content based similarity metric between the first item and the second item and a number of instances of empirical data for the items, the function defined such that as the number of instances of empirical data increases, the overall similarity metric increases a relative contribution in favor of the empirical data..
Socialtopias, Llc

Photopolymer formulation for production of holographic media comprising borates with low tg

The invention further provides a process for preparing the specific coinitiators and the coinitiators obtainable by this process, and additionally a process for producing a holographic medium using the specific coinitiators, and a holographic medium obtainable using the inventive photopolymer formulation. The invention further relates to a laminate structure comprising an inventive holographic medium and likewise specific borates suitable as coinitiators..

Forward facing sensing system for vehicle

A forward facing sensing system for a vehicle includes a radar sensor device disposed within the vehicle and having a sensing direction forward of the vehicle. An image sensor is disposed behind and views through the vehicle windshield.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Lighting fixture housing

A heat dissipating housing for a lighting device includes a back wall comprising an upper section and a lower section. The housing further includes a sidewall extending down from the upper section of the back wall.
Cooper Technologies Company

Direct quantification of unprocessed nucleic acid samples

A workflow for direct qpcr quantification of unprocessed forensic casework samples is disclosed herein. 13pg of dna has been detected by direct amplification from a paper substrate.
Life Technologies Corporation

Resin composition for encapsulating a semiconductor element and a semiconductor device

The purposes of the present invention is to provide a resin composition which provides a cured product which has a high glass transition temperature, a low moisture absorption and a good solder reflow property and small heat decomposition in storage at a high temperature for a long time, and has good moldability and good adhesiveness to a cu lead frame. Thus, the present invention is to provide a composition comprising (a) an epoxy compound represented by the general formula (1); (b) a copolymer obtained by a hydrosilylation between an alkenyl group-containing epoxy compound and an organopolysiloxane represented by the average compositional formula (2); (c) a phenol compound represented by the general formula (3); (d) an inorganic filler; (e) at least one compound selected from the group consisting of organic phosphines, tetra-substituted phosphonium tetraphenylborates and adducts of phosphines and quinones; and (f) a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound represented by the formula (i) or a salt thereof represented by the formula (ii).
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Apparatus for transferring specimens of biological material between laboratory automation systems placed at different heights

There is described an apparatus for the transfer of conveying devices of containers of biological products between laboratory automation systems placed at different heights. Said apparatus comprises a motor-driven belt arranged transversely with respect to said automation systems.
Inpeco Holding Ltd.

Device for washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods and methods and program products for use therein

A method performed by a device for washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods in order to guide a user of the device (100) through a process of operating the device (100) is provided. The device (100) comprises at least one display (130) for displaying a predetermined number of graphical interactive user interface objects (310a-420a, 310b-420b) and a chamber (140) for receiving said goods.
Getinge Sterilization Ab

Coexistence of lte-u with wifi and/or another lte-u system in unlicensed spectrum

Techniques are described that provide for the collaborative co-existence of lte-u base stations and access points associated with technologies, such as wifi, that use unlicensed frequency spectrum. In one implementation, a lte-u device may select a frequency block, in an unlicensed frequency spectrum, based on measured signal strengths and decoded master information blocks (mibs) that are broadcast in the unlicensed frequency spectrum.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

System and moderated and on-demand visual file distribution

A media file exchange system that supports group collaboration sessions in which media files are being shared with one or more participants. The system augments real-time media collaboration where one or more users have shared media to a group collaboration session.
Mersive Technologies, Inc.

System, method and computer program product for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service

In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service. These mechanisms and methods for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service can allow automatic sharing of information owned by a first tenant with other tenants of the multi-tenant on-demand database service., Inc.

Multi-modal collaborative web-based video annotation system

A video annotation interface includes a video pane configured to display a video, a video timeline bar including a video play-head indicating a current point of the video which is being played, a segment timeline bar including initial and final handles configured to define a segment of the video for playing, and a plurality of color-coded comment markers displayed in connection with the video timeline bar. Each of the comment markers is associated with a frame or segment of the video and corresponds to one or more annotations for that frame or segment made by one of a plurality of users.
University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

Collaborative graphics rendering using mobile devices to support remote display

Systems, devices and methods are described including receiving a policy from a secure storage device, where the policy may be used to implement collaborative rendering of image content. The image content may include multiple portions of image content.
Intel Corporation

Customizable hierarchical workspace system for collaboration and revenue distribution, in servicing requests on a computing platform

A hierarchically structured and customizable business system, for computing platforms accommodating service requesters and collaborating service providers, whereby in preferred embodiments, for fixed-price projects, revenue distribution is streamlined, in accordance with the participation of these collaborators and in support of their integration and development. Operationally, for each fixed-price service provided, the revenue generated is allocated in diminishing proportions to levels for service provision, service coordination, operational funding and shareholding.

Multi-user cloud parametric feature-based 3d cad system

Disclosed is a parametric feature-based 3d cad system that allows multiple users to simultaneously edit a parametric feature-based 3d cad model consisting of 3d parts and assemblies of those parts (3d model). Several cad users, each using their own computer, phone, or tablet, can edit the same 3d model at the same time.
Onshape Inc.

Sql extended with transient fields for calculation expressions in enhanced data models

A database language (e.g. Sql) is extended to define a transient field whose value is derived from data stored in a database.
Sap Se

Collaborative medical imaging portal system

A patient clinical image data processing system, comprising a processor, an acquisition interface for acquiring patient medical image data and meta data from one or more medical imaging sources; and a middle-tier server to verify content of the patient medical image data to a predefined dicom format; and a conversion unit which converts the patient medical image data format which complies with the predefined dicom format; a comparator configured to process quality checks on the defined dicom format of the patient medical image based on a reference standards and protocols; a data storage unit, operable for storing the patient medical image data and meta data; a user interface module for providing a custom user interface for interacting with the patient medical image data and meta data to visualize the patient medical image data and meta data from a remote location; a processing interface for providing various tracking and analysis of the patient medical image data and meta data with user privileges.. .

Image cache collaboration between clients in remote desktop environments

Image cache collaboration is described to enable multiple clients to share image data in a remote desktop environment. A centralized cache manager maintains information about all image caches on all client devices which have established connections to the server.
Vmware, Inc.

System and user collaboration in a business intelligence software tool

A method for user collaboration in a business intelligence software tool includes executing a computing server in an operating system of a computing device including a processing unit and system memory. The computing server comprises a business intelligence tool application adapted for rendering data to a group of users for business intelligence.

Leveraging collaborative cloud services to build and share apps

The present invention includes systems and methods for retrieving information via a flexible and consistent targeted search model that employs interactive multi-prefix, multi-tier and dynamic menu information retrieval techniques (including predictive text techniques to facilitate the generation of targeted ads) that provide context-specific functionality tailored to particular information channels, as well as to records within or across such channels, and other known state information. Users are presented with a consistent search interface among multiple tiers across and within a large domain of information sources, and need not learn different or special search syntax.
Tropare, Inc.

Methodology for three-dimensional morphological and quantitative determination of micro and nanocavities produced by chemical and microbiological corrosion in metallic materials

More specifically, the present invention is related to the laboratory procedures, analytic expressions, devices, procedures and calculations required to characterize the micro and nanocavities of coupons and biocoupons, caused by chemical and/or microbiological pitting and uniform corrosion.. .

Method and the delaboration of ammunition

A method and apparatus for the delaboration of ammunition, in particular for dismantling shells having a housing with a tubular housing portion made of steel and open at one end, a cone made of ductile metal and fitted into the tubular housing portion, the cone having a base with a tubular rim, and an explosive charge contained between the housing and the cone. The apparatus comprises a deformation tool, means for inserting the deformation tool into the tubular housing portion, an alignment tool for aligning the tubular housing portion with respect to the deformation tool, wherein the alignment tool has a recess for receiving an upper end of the tubular housing portion..

Process for the trans-selective hydroboration of internal alkynes

The present invention refers to a process for the trans-selective hydroboration of internal alkynes and the so-obtained products. The inventive process makes use of a borane of the formula x1x2bh selected from the group of dialkyl boranes or di(alkoxy)boranes which are reacted with the internal alkynes in the presence of a cyclyopentadienyl-coordinated ruthenium catalyst..
Studiengesellschaft Kohle Mbh

Lens drive apparatus, camera module and camera

A lens drive apparatus that displaces a lens holder in a direction of an optical axis and a direction orthogonal to the optical axis comprises: an assembly formed by assembling the lens holder together with a conductive body and comprises a circuit that receives supplied power; a shake correction drive section configured to displace the assembly by a shake correction magnet and a shake correction coil disposed at a position facing the shake correction magnet in collaboration with each other; and a position detection section configured to detect a position of the assembly in the direction orthogonal to the optical axis, wherein: the shake correction magnet is disposed around the lens holder, and the shake correction magnet, the shake correction coil and the position detection section are disposed at respective positions shifted in the direction of the optical axis with respect to each other.. .
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method

An information processing system includes an application information memory unit configured to store an identification information piece for identifying an application and a process information piece for executing a series of processes in combination with programs for each of the application executing the series of processes, which uses an electronic data, in collaboration with an external service while associating these; a service process unit configure to receive a request including the identification information piece and an electronic data information piece; and a logic process unit configured to read the process information piece corresponding to the identification information piece included in the request, and execute the series of processes using the electronic data of the electronic data information piece included in the received request and using at least one program from among the programs or any combination of the programs based on the read process information piece.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Topic-wise collaboration integration

According to an example, topic-wise collaboration integration may include receiving a user selection of a topic from a document from a source content management system. An indication to trigger a structured collaboration on the topic may be received.
Longsand Limited

Managing permissions in collaborative workspaces using visual representations of clients

Certain aspects involve managing permissions in collaborative workspaces using visual representations of clients. For example, a graphical interface can be displayed that represents a collaborative workspace and that includes visual representations of different clients accessing the workspace.
Smart Technologies Ulc

System and permission based digital content syndication, monetization, and licensing with access control by the copyright holder

A system for controlling access to digital content enables global sharing of digital content under terms negotiated between a content owner and a content subscriber, facilitates commerce and the sale of digital access to any digitally transmittable data. The system may include preconfigured online forms in which users simply “fill in the blanks” to create legally binding contracts and/or licenses, including full terms of agreement, date filed, license key, and other identifying information.

Collaborative planning for accelerating analytic queries

A system and method for determining optimal query plans within distributed database system employing table operators for performing analytic operations for storing and processing multi-structured data. The optimization of a query plan proceeds through a collaborative exchange between a database system optimizer, or planner, and a table operator, wherein multiple communications between said optimizer and said table operator are conducted to exchange input and output information relevant to optimizing execution of the query and table operator..
Teradata Us, Inc.

Photoactivated chemical bleaching of dyes using borates

Methods comprising the use of photoactivated chemical bleaching for detecting multiple targets in a biological sample are provided. The methods include the steps of providing a biological sample containing multiple targets, binding at least one probe to one or more target present in the sample, and observing a signal from the probe.
General Electric Company

Novel functional fluid composition

A functional fluid composition useful as a brake fluid comprising from 0 to 94.99% by weight of alkoxy glycols of borate esters, from 5 to 99.99% by weight of alkoxy glycols, from 0.01 to 5% by weight of alkoxylates of saturated or unsaturated hydroxy-substituted fatty acids such as ricinoleic acid or esters thereof, the hydroxyl group located on the fatty acid side chain being etherified by at least one oxyalkylene unit, and from 0 to 10% by weight of an additive package comprising additives with corrosion inhibition action.. .
Basf Se

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Borates for photoactivated chemical bleaching

Where each r1, r2, and r3 and r4 is, independently, an alkyl, alkylaryl, or arylalkyl, with the proviso that at least one of r1, r2, and r3 and r4 is an alkyl group and at least two of r1, r2, r3 and r4 group is positively charged; x is an anion; and a equals 1, 2, or 3.. .

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