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Collaborative peer review system and method of use


Collaborative peer review system and method of use

System and method providing collaborative interaction

Microsoft Technology Licensing

System and method providing collaborative interaction

System and method providing collaborative interaction


Transferring content between graphical user interfaces

Date/App# patent app List of recent Bora-related patents
 Soliciting and creating collaborative content items patent thumbnailSoliciting and creating collaborative content items
A method for soliciting and creating collaborative content items is disclosed. The method includes identifying contacts of a target user, the contacts each having an affinity score with the target user that exceeds an affinity score threshold value, soliciting, from each of the identified contacts, a content item curated by the identified contact to convey a personalized message to the target user corresponding to an event unique to the target user, receiving the content items from at least a subset of the identified contacts, and providing a collaborative content product comprising the received content items to the target user..
Google Inc.

 Collaborative peer review system and  use patent thumbnailCollaborative peer review system and use
Disclosed is a system and method for providing poll-based reviews of various businesses and service providers. In particular, a reviewer provides a review by answering poll-based review questions and/or adding new poll-based review questions to provide the most relevant feedback.
Opennetreview, Inc.

 System and method providing collaborative interaction patent thumbnailSystem and method providing collaborative interaction
A method for providing collaborative interaction between a receiver computing device and a sender computing device is provided. The method includes at the receiver computing device, establishing a local peer-to-peer wireless connection with a sender computing device, receiving from the sender computing device via the local peer-to-peer wireless connection data for a gui of a remotely executed application program that is executed on the sender computing device, displaying the gui on a display associated with the receiver computing device, receiving user input from an input device associated with the receiver computing device indicating a user interaction with the gui, sending the user input to the sender computing device, receiving from the sender computing device data indicating an updated state of the gui generated by the sender computing device based on the user input, and displaying the updated state of the gui on the display associated with the receiver computing device..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Transferring content between graphical user interfaces patent thumbnailTransferring content between graphical user interfaces
A method for providing collaborative communication between computing devices is provided. The method includes at a receiver computing device, displaying a first graphical user interface (gui) and a second gui on an interactive display, the first gui associated with a remotely executed sender application program executed on a sender computing device having a local peer-to-peer wireless connection with the receiver sender computing device and the second gui associated with a locally executed receiver application program executed on the receiver computing device, receiving a user input from the interactive display indicating user interaction with the first gui and the second gui, sending a content request to the sender application program from the receiver application program based on the user input, receiving the content requested from the sender application program, and updating the second gui based on the content transferred from the sender application program to the receiver application program..
Microsoft Corporation

 Monitoring installation for a monitoring area, method and computer program patent thumbnailMonitoring installation for a monitoring area, method and computer program
In spacious areas or building complexes, it is customary to use monitoring systems that comprise monitoring cameras and other monitoring sensors that record monitoring data and forward said monitoring data to a monitoring control centre or the like for the purpose of evaluation. Depending on the size of the monitored area, the complexity of the monitoring system can increase to a great extent.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 System and  cross-contamination prevention patent thumbnailSystem and cross-contamination prevention
Cross-contamination prevention systems and cross-contamination prevention methods are provided for defining and automatically enforcing access restrictions between environments where cross-contamination may occur. The system and methods can evaluate a person's exposure to contaminants in one or more locations against contamination risk posed for another location.
Schneider Electric Buildings, Llc

 Methods of modelling and characterising heart fiber geometry patent thumbnailMethods of modelling and characterising heart fiber geometry
The identification and determination of aspects of the construction of a patient's heart is important for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the diagnosis, analysis, treatment, and management of cardiac patients. For example minimally invasive heart surgery demands knowledge of heart geometry, heart fiber orientation, etc.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

 Orthogonal and collaborative disparity decomposition patent thumbnailOrthogonal and collaborative disparity decomposition
A novel disparity computation technique is presented which comprises multiple orthogonal disparity maps, generated from approximately orthogonal decomposition feature spaces, collaboratively generating a composite disparity map. Using an approximately orthogonal feature set extracted from such feature spaces produces an approximately orthogonal set of disparity maps that can be composited together to produce a final disparity map.
Edge 3 Technologies, Inc.

 System and  evaluating an idea with expert review over a collaborative platform patent thumbnailSystem and evaluating an idea with expert review over a collaborative platform
A system and method for providing unbiased, expert panel to review a requested idea is disclosed. This invention relates to a computerized, online system that facilitates the review of an idea for investment chosen by an investor.
Healthcare Innovation And Technology Lab, Inc.

 System and  ordering dental prosthetics patent thumbnailSystem and ordering dental prosthetics
A method and system of ordering a dental prosthetic from a dental laboratory, by which a prescription for a patient dental prosthetic is entered by a dentist, and stored and communicated to a dental laboratory. The receiving dental laboratory may subsequently communicate the dental prosthetic prescription to one or many authorized subcontracting laboratories and suppliers.


Systems and methods for a distributed clinical laboratory

A method is provided for collecting data in a distributed laboratory system. The method comprises transmitting electronic sample processing data from at least one of a plurality of distributed, sample processing units to a laboratory information system having an interface for communicating over a computer network; wherein a data pathway for sample processing data from the one of the sample processing units to the laboratory information system comprises traversing at least one wide area network, wherein the data along the data pathway is handled by at least: a central database collecting said sample processing data from a plurality of sample processing units, and a listener application configured to processing data from the central database for paired sample processing unit data..
Theranos, Inc.


Role transfer between users of a computer system

A plurality of collaboration artifacts associated with a first user are identified in a computer system. One or more features are identified from each of the plurality of collaboration artifacts.
International Business Machines Corporation


Distributed document co-authoring and processing

A method and a device are disclosed including plug-in software components that are integrated with document processing software suites. The plug-in software components provide a set of integrated interfaces for collaborative document processing in conjunction with multiple remote file, data, and application service providers.


Intuitive interfaces for real-time collaborative intelligence

Systems and methods for user interfaces for use on a computing device of a real-time collaborative computing system. A collaborative application runs on the computing device and displays information and data regarding the collaboration system and also receives user input via the user interface.
Unanimous A.i. Llc


Active summaries in user interfaces to collaboration services

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and software to enhance the user experience with collaboration services. In at least one implementation, the presentation of a user interface to a collaboration service is enhanced by identifying collaboration sites associated with a user and identifying events that occurred with respect to the collaboration sites.
Microsoft Corporation


Collaborative interactive devices

There is disclosed a method of provided a collaborative display, comprising: displaying an image on a first display associated with a first computing device; providing a second computing device having a second display; mapping the coordinates of the second display to the first display; in dependence on a current location of the second display relative to the first display, controlling the display of content on the second display.. .
Promethean Limited


Electrophotographic member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus

Provided is an electrophotographic electroconductive member in which an excessive decrease in resistance of an electroconductive roller in a high-temperature/humidity environment is suppressed and an electric resistance value in a low-temperature/humidity environment is reduced, and thus the electric resistance value is optimized without depending on use conditions and a usage environment. Also provided are a process cartridge and an electrophotographic apparatus that contribute to the stable formation of an electrophotographic image of high quality over a long period of time.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Functional material and preparation method thereof, display structure forming material, color film substrate, display device

An embodiment of the present invention provides an environment-friendly functional material and a preparation method thereof, a display structure forming material, a color film substrate and a display device. The functional material comprises inorganic mixed powder, the inorganic mixed powder comprising a main material and an auxiliary material, the main materials comprising boron oxide, sodium oxide, lithium oxide, and zirconium oxide, the auxiliary materials comprising any one or more of aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, silver complex, silver phosphate, silver nitrate, tourmaline, silver thiosulfate, carbon nanotube, aluminum sulfate, manganese, oxides of manganese, iron, oxides of iron, cobalt, oxides of cobalt, nickel, oxides of nickel, chromium, oxides of chromium, copper, oxides of copper, magnesium oxide, boron carbide, silicon carbide, titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, tantalum carbide, molybdenum carbide, boron nitride, chromium nitride, titanium nitride, zirconium nitride, aluminum nitride, chromium boride, trichromium tetraborate, titanium boride, zirconium boride, tungsten disilicide and titanium disilicide..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Loop cutting circular knitting machines

A loop cutting apparatus for a circular knitting machine which has a circular cylinder including a plurality of knitting needles movable independently includes an upper needle dial located on the circular cylinder and a plurality of yarn cutting needle sets radially centered about the axis of the circular cylinder. Each yarn cutting needle set includes a first cutter needle and a second cutter needle movable against the first cutter needle in a first yarn cutting displacement thereof.
Pai Lung Machinery Mill Co., Ltd.


Thermo-oxidation of municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge for production of class a biosolids

A process for treatment of municipal wastewater plant sludge to the criteria of class a biosolids. The process uses hydrogen peroxide and thermo-oxidation to reduce volatile suspended solids to meet the criteria.
Government Of The United States As Represented By The Administrator Of The U.s. Environmental Protec


Filtration systems and membranes with enhanced flux and their preparation

Filtration system comprising at least one membrane, wherein at least one component or at least one part of a component of the filtration system has been obtained by a process comprising the following steps: a) treatment of a said component or part of a component with at least one organoborane-amine complex, b) treatment of a said component or part of a component with a composition comprising at least one radically polymerizable compound, c) optional treatment with a deblocking agent.. .
Basf Se


Method and providing event investigation through witness devices

An approach is provided for corroborating with the investigation of an emergency event. An event processor receives an event data corresponding to an event from a mobile device, and the location of the mobile device is determined.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Data hiding method via revision records on a collaboration platform

The present invention provides a data hiding method via revision records on a collaboration platform, which first creates a collaborative database including a plurality of articles and revision records. A user puts as input a cover document, a secret message, and a key on a collaboration platform.
National Chiao Tung University


Method and distributing collaborative content

An example approach for enabling content to be distributed based on user and device related execution criteria is described. A collaboration platform determines one or more execution criteria for at least one device based, at least in part, on presence information, capability information, characteristic information, or a combination thereof of at least one other device within proximity of the at least one device.
Nokia Corporation


Multi-group methods and systems for real-time multi-tier collaborative intelligence

Systems and methods for deriving a real-time closed-loop collaborative intelligence from a plurality of users of a plurality of computing devices, the computing devices in communication with a central server. In some embodiments, a multi-level collaborative system divides the portable device users into groups, with one group providing feedback to another group.
Unanimous A.l. Llc


Collaborative inter-service scheduling of logical resources in cloud platforms

The subject disclosure relates to a method for scheduling logical resources in cloud platforms. A cloud platform system identifies resource candidates for hosting a logical resource of a cloud service.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Methods of preparing tungsten and tungsten nitride thin films using tungsten chloride precursor

Methods for forming tungsten film using fluorine-free tungsten precursors such as tungsten chlorides are provided. Methods involve depositing a tungsten nucleation layer by exposing a substrate to a reducing agent such as diborane (b2h6) and exposing the substrate to a tungsten chloride, followed by depositing bulk tungsten by exposing the substrate to a tungsten chloride and a reducing agent.
Lam Research Corporation


System and microorganism effectiveness analysis using particle imaging

A system and method for determining the effectiveness of an anaerobic digestion process. The system includes a particle imaging system capable of capturing images of particles, including anaerobic microorganisms, in a fluid and counting those images.
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.


Methods and systems for collaborative portfolio optimization

Method and systems for collaborative portfolio optimisation comprising aggregating, in a server, data associated with portfolios of investments of an online community of users; determining, using the server, performance and risk of each portfolio; and generating, using the server, user interfaces presented on clients that enable users to: filter, compare and follow portfolios of other users based on portfolio performance and risk; add portfolios being followed into target portfolios; and select percentage weightings of portfolios being followed that are added into the target portfolios.. .
Selfwealth Ltd


Online group shopping system and method

A method for allowing multiple users to collaboratively review and select items from one or more retailer servers, including receiving an indication to open a group shop from a first user with a second user at a shopping server, signaling to a second user that a first user has requested the shopping server to open the group shop, at the shopping server, opening the group shop between the first user and the second user, issuing a shop window user interface to the first user that includes a plurality of links to one or more retailer servers, and opening direct communication between the first user and the second user such that the first user's shop window ui is issued to a second user's shop window ui.. .


Method and payment, return on investment, and impact reporting

The unified payment system, product and method provide an effective and efficient way to better communicate to a merchant the value of running a promotion and determine a deal structure that works for the merchant, the customer, the promotion system, or any combination thereof. The unified payment system, product and method provide real-time roi calculations that a merchant and sales representative can collaboratively simultaneously work on to identify a deal structure for the merchant to select.
Groupon, Inc


Secure universal two-step payment authorization system

A system and methods expedite and make secure payment data entry, and payment and authorization and authorization, for both in-store and online purchases. A mobile app, or widget or browser extension or installed service, on a mobile communication device, generates a barcode to be scanned at a point-of-sale terminal.
Badu Networks Inc.


Medical information analysis systems and methods

A method for evaluating drug study information to determine suitability of the drug study information for acceptance by a regulatory authority. The method includes receiving a drug study identification and study type, indicating whether the drug study is either (i) a nonclinical study that is intended to be a good laboratory practice study, or (ii) a clinical study that is intended to support the efficacy indication of a drug that is the subject of the drug study information, and associating one or more checklists with the drug study.
Drug Development Analytics Llc


Method and system for forming site network

A method for creating a laboratory automation system is disclosed. The method includes obtaining a plurality of subgraphs that correspond to a plurality of system blocks.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.


Laboratory apparatus with a control device

For the simplified, intuitive and reliable operation of laboratory apparatuses, it is proposed that the laboratory apparatus be equipped with a control device comprising a touch-sensitive display unit (100), wherein the display unit (100) is configured to display a plurality of control elements (111, 112, 113 etc), which are assigned to different control functions of the laboratory apparatus, wherein the control elements are embodied (111, 112, 113 etc) to set parameters (121, 122, 123) of the control functions. At the same time, at least two of the control elements (111,112, 113, 114) are assigned to the same control function and embodied differently for setting the same parameter (121) of this control function.
Eppendorf Ag


Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing collaboration on a virtual work of art

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing collaboration on a virtual work of art between multiple electronic devices are provided. A first graphical display system of a first device may generate an input command in response to receiving user information through a user interface of the first device, and may then share this input command with a second graphical display system of a second device.
Apple Inc.


Method of isolating and identifying fruit oligosaccharides from ripe banana fruit

A laboratory method used for isolating and identifying fruit oligosaccharides from ripe banana fruit is provided. The method includes the step of obtaining a predetermined amount of a plant, such as banana fruit and combining it with ethanol.
Biologistics Llc


Automatic z-correction for basis weight sensors

Nuclear-based basis weight sensors are passline-sensitive. Error in measurement is induced when the sheet moves up and down in the gap between the radiation source and detector.
Honeywell Asca Inc.


Modular lavatory wall with quiet flush plenum

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate generally to passenger transport vehicle-based lavatories. Specifically, this disclosure provides improved lavatory walls and configurations for venting and noise reduction.
Mag Aerospace Industries, Llc


Method for complete tracking of a set of biological samples containing dna or rna through molecular barcode identification during laboratorial workflow and kit for collecting biological samples containing dna or rna

The present invention discloses a method for complete tracking of a set of biological samples containing dna or rna through the use of molecular barcode identification during the course of laboratorial workflow, wherein the sample is contacted with primers comprising a molecular barcode and a universal primer sequence immediately after its collection and the amplification of the target regions occurs concomitantly to the barcode insertion, in one or both ends of said target region, in the same annealing temperature through a one step pcr. Finally, the invention also discloses kits for collecting biological samples containing dna or rna..
Fleury S.a.


Method and its compositions for detection of nucleic acid target from biological samples and body fluids

Current invention is directed for rapid sample pretreatment method that allows highly sensitive and specific detection of target nucleic acid (eg human genomic dna, human pathogen genomic dna, human non-pathogen genomic dna) by amplification directly from crude unpurified biological samples lysates (eg human urine, saliva, blood, urethra and cervical swabs and other samples containing biological material). Invention is focused on the description of the biological sample pretreatment method that enables fast release of the genomic material from human and pathogen cells, components of what are compatible with the following nucleic acid amplification method.
Selfdiagnostics OÜ


Method for preventing or reducing low speed pre-ignition

A method for preventing or reducing low speed pre-ignition in an engine lubricated with a lubricating oil by using as the lubricating oil a formulated oil. The formulated oil has a composition including a lubricating oil base stock as a major component, and at least one boron-containing compound, as a minor component.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Isocyanate-based polymer foam having improved flame retardant properties

There is described an isocyanate-based polymer foam having a v-0 rating according to underwriters' laboratories standard 94 flammability test after aging of separate samples of the foam (i) for 168 hours at 150° c., and (ii) for 600 hours at 120° c. The foam may be in the form of a molded foam or a slabstock foam.
Proprietect L.p.


Small molecule inhibitors of nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (nampt)

The present invention relates to novel compounds, their use as anti-cancer agents and their synthesis. In particular, the compounds contain cluster boron moieties such as carborane or a borohydride and act as inhibitors for the enzyme nampt.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Cement blend compositions

A computer simulator predicts the performance of neat portland cement systems, or portland cement systems containing supplementary cementing materials (scm). Parameters to be entered into the simulator include the cement blend composition, the bogue composition of the portland cement, the blaine surface area of the portland cement, the absolute density of the portland cement, the scm densities, the scm chemical activity indices, the curing-temperature profile and the curing-pressure profile.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Fixing device for inhalation anesthesia of rodents

A device for fixing a laboratory rodent for inhalation anesthesia includes: a body including a cavity into which at least a part of a rodent including the nose of the rodent is insertable; and a gas supply pipe inserted into the cavity for supplying an anesthetic gas to the rodent, the gas supply pipe including a fixing part on an end portion thereof for fixing incisors of the rodent and an opening formed at a position forward from the fixing part for discharging the anesthetic gas. Therefore, the position of the opening relatively to the nose of the rodent may be constantly maintained..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Resin composition, and printed circuit board using same

According to one embodiment of the present invention, an epoxy resin composition comprises: a resin including an epoxy compound, triethylenediamine, diphenylphosphine and/or tetraphenylborate; a curing agent including diaminodiphenylsulfone, ethylenediamine, diaminopropane, methanediamine, phenylenediamine and/or triethanolamine; and an inorganic filler, wherein the inorganic filler includes at least two alumina (al2o3) groups classified by particle size.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Tracking management systems and methods

A collaborative method for a node includes forming a local network with at least one other node using a lower power subsystem; selecting a master node from among the local network based on a first set of criteria; and communicating with a back end server over a wireless wide area network (wwan) using a higher power subsystem. An apparatus may include a first subsystem for communicating with a local network; and a second subsystem having an active mode and an inactive mode, the second subsystem for communicating with a wireless wide area network (wwan) when in the active mode, the apparatus selecting the active mode or inactive mode based on a set of criteria..
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and providing location based services using collaborative networks

A system and method is provided for providing location based services. The system includes at least one module configured to publish location information of a mobile user using a publish subscribe format based on a user preference mode of notification..
International Business Machines Corporation


Creating a dynamic aggregate group profile of users in an online collaboration session for providing tailored content delivery

There are provided a system, a method and a computer program product for suggesting content to a group. The system identifies a group of users in a social network.
International Business Machines Corporation


Non-subjective quality analysis of digital content on tabletop devices

A method of evaluating digital content displayed on an electronic tabletop device includes receiving a plurality of non-intentional signals generated in response to a plurality of users interacting with at least one of the digital content displayed on the electronic tabletop device and each other, classifying the plurality of non-intentional signals into a first set of data including user-specific non-intentional signals and a second set of data including collaborative non-intentional signals, correlating the plurality of non-intentional signals to user profiles corresponding to the plurality of users, and generating an evaluation report including information indicating a collaborative quality of the digital content based on the plurality of non-intentional signals and a correlation of the plurality of non-intentional signals to the user profiles.. .
Lnternational Business Machines Corporation


Mesh-managing data across a distributed set of devices

Data files, applications and/or corresponding user interfaces may be accessed at a device that collaborates in a mesh. The mesh may include any number or type of devices that collaborate in a network.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Natural user interface for remote communication: an interactive collaboration system that allows co-drawing pad, co-browsing/sharing web/document files using session initial protocol (sip)/short message peer-to-peer protocol (smpp) to wake up remote devices

This patent describes a system where we can share some information such as photos, images, electrical documents, and web screen through the tcp/ip or peer-to-peer protocol network. From this system, one user can activate a drawing board application and connect his/her computer with the other users through the friend list.
Voxypad Inc.


Real-time content sharing between browsers

Techniques are provided for selectively broadcasting information from a sender's computer to one or more recipient computers in real-time. A user connects to a networked content server and browses selected content items which are determined to be of interest to other collaborators.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Determining a time before a post is viewed by a recipient

In an approach to determining a time before a recipient views a communication, a computer receives a communication from a sender in a collaboration application. The computer determines one or more attributes of the communication, the attributes including at least a recipient of the communication, and a plurality of viewing data for the recipient of the communication.
International Business Machines Corporation


Managing modality views on conversation canvas

A communication application displays a modality view that may be one of a collaboration, a gallery, or a messaging view on a conversation canvas. The application may display an initial view according a modality selection by the user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Collaborative reward system

An advertisement that includes a discount percentage value is received from an advertiser and converted to an ad point value. An indication of a redemption of the advertisement by a shopper is received.


Device for film pre-production

A system for collaborative pre-production of a film comprises user interfaces advantageously implemented as web browsers, a project server, a project database for storing project data and an asset database for storing tagged assets. The project server comprises a project management module providing the framework for the system, a data access module enabling users to view data, and a pre-visualization module for providing a best effort preview of the film based on the script and associated direction choices and assets.
Thomson Licensing


Platform to build secure mobile collaborative applications using dynamic presentation and data configurations

System and method to provide access to protected data for a communication terminal, the system including: a publisher database configured to store protected data in encrypted form; a first server coupled to the publisher database; a second server coupled to the first server, the second server configured to provide a cryptographically strong authentication of access to the protected data; an interface to a first secure channel, between the first server and the communication terminal; and an interface to a second secure channel, between the first server and a customer application, wherein the first server is configured to exchange protected data with the communication terminal via the first secure channel, and to exchange protected data with the customer application via the second secure channel.. .
Ims Health Incorporated


Collaborative iterative design

Apparatus, systems, and methods to enable collaborative iterative development of an idea and/or design through the use of acyclic directed graphs. For each graph, an initial node may be established, containing a starting idea or invention.


Corroborating facts in electronic documents

A query is defined that has an answer formed of terms from electronic documents. A repository having facts is examined to identify attributes corresponding to terms in the query.
Google Inc.


Collaborative hierarchical document development and review system

A computer software product for allowing simultaneous multi-level collaboration, including in real time between an author and a group of reviewers invited by the author to comment on a document stored in a computer file. The computer software enables each reviewer to view the document and make changes thereto which are stored in a secondary data file without modifying the contents of the original document.
Litera Technologies, Llc


Runway traction estimation and reporting system

A runway traction estimation and reporting method and computer readable medium is provided. Upon detection of a landing event, a runway traction estimation and reporting method provides for various measurements and calculations to estimate the traction of the runway and create a traction map of the runway.
Goodrich Corporation


System and a laboratory scale reactor

The present disclosure may include a device for testing catalysts, and a method for controlling the flow rate and temperature parameters during the process. The device may separate mass flow control through heating elements from the mass flow through the sample, as well as separate banks for mixing oxidizing elements, carbon dioxide, and diluent gas as well as reducing agents, nitric oxide, and diluent gas.
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.


Method for quantitation of acid sites in acidic ionic liquids using silane and borane compounds

A method of quantifying an amount of brønsted acid sites in an acidic ionic liquid is described. The method involves adding a known amount of at least one silane or borane compound to the acidic ionic liquid being analyzed.
Uop Llc


Method for quantitation of acid sites in acidic catalysts using silane and borane compounds

A method of quantifying an amount of brønsted acid sites in an aluminum chloride-containing catalyst is described. The method involves adding a known amount of at least one silane or borane compound to the aluminum chloride-containing catalyst being analyzed.
Uop Llc


Laboratory x-ray micro-tomography system with crystallographic grain orientation mapping capabilities

A method and system for three dimensional crystallographic grain orientation mapping illuminates a polycrystalline sample with a broadband x-ray beam derived from a laboratory x-ray source, detects, on one or more x-ray detectors, diffracted beams from the sample, and processes data from said diffracted beams with the sample in different rotation positions to generate three dimensional reconstructions of grain orientation, position, and/or 3-d volume. A specific, cone beam, geometry leverages the fact that for a point x-ray source with a divergent beam on reflection of an extended crystal grain diffracts x-rays such that they are focused in the diffraction plane direction..
Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc.


Method and locating optimal refueling stations

The illustrative embodiments classify vehicle performance by fuel providers under a variety of driving demands. Individual measured performance may be combined with collaborative crowd-sourced experiences to leverage a vast data set usable to improve statistical accuracy.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Water-based coolant

A water-based coolant contains: at least one inorganic acid salt selected from among carbonate, hydrogen carbonate, sesquicarbonate, phosphate, borate, molybdate and tungstate; and a metal corrosion inhibitor. The water-based coolant is excellent in cooling performance and unlikely to cause corrosion of a metal material to be cooled.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.


Hydrocarbon conversion process including catalyst regeneration

A hydrocarbon conversion process is described. The process includes contacting a hydrocarbon feed with an acidic catalyst under hydrocarbon conversion conditions in a hydrocarbon conversion zone.
Uop Llc


Regeneration of spent hydride fuel

A process for regenerating spent hydride fuel comprises the steps of (1) generating hydrazine from a plasma; for example generating a solution of hydrazine in liquid ammonia using a plasma generated in a glow discharge cell, (2) contacting the spent hydride fuel with said hydrazine and (3) thereafter separating a regenerated hydride fuel therefrom. The process is widely applicable in regenerating spent hydride transportation fuels which are used to power for example a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine.
Cella Acquisition Limited


High resolution laser labeling of microscopic glass slides and histological sections

The present invention is directed to a device and a laser, eye-safe method for laser marking slides for use in conjunction with a light microscope. The device is an attachment for a light microscope that allows the operator to make marks on preparations of biological tissues or other materials placed on a glass slide or between a glass slide and a cover slip.
The Johns Hopkins University


Systems and methods for implementing a release film for a cleaning unit in an image forming device using digital offset lithographic printing techniques

A system and method are provided for depositing a release layer/film on a cleaner roller in an image forming device to facilitate effective cleaning of a reimageable surface in an image forming device using a proposed variable data digital lithographic image forming architecture. A borax or other solute solution is deposited on a surface of a cleaner roller and an air knife is used to evaporate a liquid component of the solution causing the liquid to come off and a thin-film of borax or other solute to remain on the surface of the cleaner roller.
Xerox Corporation


Regeneration of an acidic catalyst by borane addition

A method of regenerating an acidic catalyst is described. A borane compound is contacted with an acidic catalyst that contains conjunct polymer, which releases the conjunct polymer from the acidic catalyst.
Uop Llc


Automated solution dispenser

The methods and systems of the invention include the use of automated solution dispensers in laboratory environment. The automated solution dispensers can be controlled locally or remotely within a network.
Labminds Ltd.


Analytics enabled by a database-driven game development system

A database-driven collaborative game development system provides detailed tracking of changes made to an electronic game by multiple remote developers. The system aggregates the data on a server and then presents analytical data in a manner useful for tracking managing development of the electronic game.
Mph, Inc.


Deployment of an electronic game using device profiles

A database-driven collaborative game development environment and system automatically generates runtime versions of a game for deployment on a plurality of different platforms based on predefined device profiles.. .
Mph, Inc.


Timed and variable duration for multiple device synching

A bluetooth system is comprised of a bluetooth device and multiple network devices connectable to the bluetooth device. This bluetooth device can selectively switch connection pairings with devices in the network based on some triggering event.
International Business Machines


Determining anonymously identified users in message content

A computer detects an entry of content by a first user in a collaboration application and determines the entry of content contains an identification of a second user, the identification indicating the entry of content and the identification are to be visible only to the first user and the second user. Responsive to determining the entry of content contains the identification of a second user, the computer copies the entry of content.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and group collaboration using a distributed network file repository

A fast, efficient, secure, distributed, and multiplatform p2p-based collaboration solution may be used to communicate information (e.g., files, documents, etc.) between computing devices across logical, functional, organizational, and protection boundaries. The collaboration solution may include a first computing device configured to determine whether it is included the same collaboration group as a second computing device, and automatically establish a peer-to-peer based communication link to the second computing device in response to determining that they included in the same collaboration group.
Shinkuro, Inc.


System and implementing media and media control transfer between devices

A method to transfer control is presented. The method includes receiving a request to transfer control of a collaborative session from a first user equipment (ue).
Blackberry Limited


Creating virtual areas for realtime communications

Examples that are described herein provide systems and methods for creating virtual areas for realtime communications. Some examples provide a quick and easy process for creating a virtual area for a set of communicants and provisioning those communicants for realtime communications in the virtual area.
Social Communications Company


Distributed policy enforcement for enterprise communications

An active compliance engine used to control/restrict communication or collaboration is provided. The active compliance engines may include a content inspection module that inspects the content of a message for inappropriate language or information.
Actiance, Inc.


Temporal based collaborative mutual exclusion control of a shared resource

The present invention relates to a temporal base method of mutual exclusion control of a shared resource. The invention will usually be implemented by a plurality of host computers sharing a shared resource where each host computer will read a reservation memory that is associated with the shared resource.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.


Alljoyn messaging anonymous targets based on association

Various embodiments provide methods implemented by a requesting device and a responding device for collectively identifying one or more clusters of nearby computing devices by collaborating and sharing information. In various embodiments, the requesting device may send a distance threshold to responding devices, along with a request for grouping information about computing devices that are within the distance threshold of the responding devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Chloride-free electrolyte for a magnesium battery and a method to convert a magnesium electrolyte to a chloride-free electrolyte

A method to prepare a chloride free magnesium electrolyte salt is provided. According to the method a water stable borate or carborate anion is converted to metal salt of an alkali metal or silver by an ion exchange and then converted to a chloride free magnesium salt by another ion exchange.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and assembly thereof

Provided is a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery combining excellent input/output performance with great durability (cycle characteristics) and an assembly thereof. The present invention provides a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery assembly.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Cobalt complexes with tricyanoborate or dicyanoborate counter-anions for electrochemical or optoelectronic devices

The present invention relates to cobaltcomplex salts and their use as redox active species or dopant for hole transport materials in electrochemical and/or optoelectronic devices. The present invention relates additionally to electrochemical and/or optoelectronic devices comprising said salts and electrolyte formulations comprising said salts..
Merck Patent Gmbh


Augmented reality assisted education content creation and management

A computer implemented method for generating educational content is provided for. This method employs a memory that stores computer-executable instructions, as well as a processor, both of which are communicatively coupled to the memory that facilitates execution of the computer-executable instructions.


Collaborative alignment of images

Techniques for aligning images are disclosed. The frames might have been captured by a video camera on a hand held device, as one example.
Microsoft Corporation


System and hiring, onboarding, and collaborating

An apparatus and method for hiring, onboarding, and collaborating. The system and method may utilize a server and user interfaces to facilitate the posting of job openings, the narrowing of a pool of jobseekers, the scheduling of interviews, and the selection of a jobseeker for hire.
Hrcube Llc


Computer-implemented digitizing decision-making processes

A computer-implemented method and system defines a uniform decision-tree formation to store decision-making processes. Each node in a decision tree represents a factor decision.


Abstractions and automation for enhanced sharing and collaboration

The present invention provides methods for using abstractions of people, including dynamic and static groups of people, to enhance the efficiency of the specification and automation of policies for sharing information between users with a “need-to-know.” an instance of the present invention can also provide these users information based on a “time-to-know.” by providing access to information based on group affiliation and properties of the content of the information, the present invention maintains optimal information privacy while minimizing encumbrances to sharing data with appropriate users and even at appropriate times. The present invention can be integrated with other communication technologies to facilitate access to information in a time appropriate manner.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems and methods of secure data exchange

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for managing digital rights management (drm) protected content sharing in a networked secure collaborative computer data exchange environment through a secure exchange facility managed by an intermediate organizational entity amongst users of a plurality of other organizational entities, wherein computer data content and access rights for the computer data content is shared between a first and second user, the computer data content and access rights for the computer data content are transformed into a drm protected computer data content through communications with a drm engine, wherein the drm engine is selected based on a content type of the computer data content, and the drm engine is provided by an entity other than the intermediate organizational entity and other than any of the plurality of other organizational entities.. .
Intralinks, Inc.


Medical image based collaboration

Medical image based collaboration system and methods are provided. A collaboration server 40 creates a medical image based case in response to a request from a requesting system 10 and populates the case with the minimum required information comprising at least a digital medical image and a case number.
Aperio Technologies, Inc.


Method, system and software for searching, identifying, retrieving and presenting electronic documents

The present invention provides a method and system for identifying, retrieving and presenting electronic documents responsive to user queries. The three distinct inventive concepts are relevancy ranking of responsive documents based on component query technique; cross-lingual searching; and search expansion using analytics of initial results to derive and generate a modified query.
Thomson Reuters Global Resources


Method, system and program for collaborative innovation

A method, system and program comprise submitting an innovation summary to a server unit to be processed by an editorial review system. An acceptance of the innovation summary by the editorial review system posts the innovation summary.


Collaborative drug discovery system

Methods and systems for drug discovery collaboration provide collaborative drug discovery electronic workplaces simultaneously accessible by multiple user computing devices. In certain embodiments, a server computer running a server side application communicates with multiple user computing devices.
Schrodinger, Inc.

Bora topics: Communications, Flow Control, Vibration Sensor, Content Awareness, Incident Light, Microfluidic Chip, Microfluidic, Distributed, Wireless Power, Through Silicon Via, Cloud Computing, Data Processing, Data Storage, File Sharing, Video Conferencing

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