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 Coexistence of lte-u with wifi and/or another lte-u system in unlicensed spectrum patent thumbnailnew patent Coexistence of lte-u with wifi and/or another lte-u system in unlicensed spectrum
Techniques are described that provide for the collaborative co-existence of lte-u base stations and access points associated with technologies, such as wifi, that use unlicensed frequency spectrum. In one implementation, a lte-u device may select a frequency block, in an unlicensed frequency spectrum, based on measured signal strengths and decoded master information blocks (mibs) that are broadcast in the unlicensed frequency spectrum.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 System and  moderated and on-demand visual file distribution patent thumbnailnew patent System and moderated and on-demand visual file distribution
A media file exchange system that supports group collaboration sessions in which media files are being shared with one or more participants. The system augments real-time media collaboration where one or more users have shared media to a group collaboration session.
Mersive Technologies, Inc.

 System, method and computer program product for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service patent thumbnailnew patent System, method and computer program product for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service
In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service. These mechanisms and methods for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service can allow automatic sharing of information owned by a first tenant with other tenants of the multi-tenant on-demand database service., Inc.

 Multi-modal collaborative web-based video annotation system patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-modal collaborative web-based video annotation system
A video annotation interface includes a video pane configured to display a video, a video timeline bar including a video play-head indicating a current point of the video which is being played, a segment timeline bar including initial and final handles configured to define a segment of the video for playing, and a plurality of color-coded comment markers displayed in connection with the video timeline bar. Each of the comment markers is associated with a frame or segment of the video and corresponds to one or more annotations for that frame or segment made by one of a plurality of users.
University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

 Collaborative graphics rendering using mobile devices to support remote display patent thumbnailnew patent Collaborative graphics rendering using mobile devices to support remote display
Systems, devices and methods are described including receiving a policy from a secure storage device, where the policy may be used to implement collaborative rendering of image content. The image content may include multiple portions of image content.
Intel Corporation

 Customizable hierarchical workspace system for collaboration and revenue distribution, in servicing requests on a computing platform patent thumbnailnew patent Customizable hierarchical workspace system for collaboration and revenue distribution, in servicing requests on a computing platform
A hierarchically structured and customizable business system, for computing platforms accommodating service requesters and collaborating service providers, whereby in preferred embodiments, for fixed-price projects, revenue distribution is streamlined, in accordance with the participation of these collaborators and in support of their integration and development. Operationally, for each fixed-price service provided, the revenue generated is allocated in diminishing proportions to levels for service provision, service coordination, operational funding and shareholding.

 Multi-user cloud parametric feature-based 3d cad system patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-user cloud parametric feature-based 3d cad system
Disclosed is a parametric feature-based 3d cad system that allows multiple users to simultaneously edit a parametric feature-based 3d cad model consisting of 3d parts and assemblies of those parts (3d model). Several cad users, each using their own computer, phone, or tablet, can edit the same 3d model at the same time.
Onshape Inc.

 Sql extended with transient fields for calculation expressions in enhanced data models patent thumbnailnew patent Sql extended with transient fields for calculation expressions in enhanced data models
A database language (e.g. Sql) is extended to define a transient field whose value is derived from data stored in a database.
Sap Se

 Collaborative medical imaging portal system patent thumbnailnew patent Collaborative medical imaging portal system
A patient clinical image data processing system, comprising a processor, an acquisition interface for acquiring patient medical image data and meta data from one or more medical imaging sources; and a middle-tier server to verify content of the patient medical image data to a predefined dicom format; and a conversion unit which converts the patient medical image data format which complies with the predefined dicom format; a comparator configured to process quality checks on the defined dicom format of the patient medical image based on a reference standards and protocols; a data storage unit, operable for storing the patient medical image data and meta data; a user interface module for providing a custom user interface for interacting with the patient medical image data and meta data to visualize the patient medical image data and meta data from a remote location; a processing interface for providing various tracking and analysis of the patient medical image data and meta data with user privileges.. .

 Image cache collaboration between clients in remote desktop environments patent thumbnailnew patent Image cache collaboration between clients in remote desktop environments
Image cache collaboration is described to enable multiple clients to share image data in a remote desktop environment. A centralized cache manager maintains information about all image caches on all client devices which have established connections to the server.
Vmware, Inc.

new patent

System and user collaboration in a business intelligence software tool

A method for user collaboration in a business intelligence software tool includes executing a computing server in an operating system of a computing device including a processing unit and system memory. The computing server comprises a business intelligence tool application adapted for rendering data to a group of users for business intelligence.

new patent

Leveraging collaborative cloud services to build and share apps

The present invention includes systems and methods for retrieving information via a flexible and consistent targeted search model that employs interactive multi-prefix, multi-tier and dynamic menu information retrieval techniques (including predictive text techniques to facilitate the generation of targeted ads) that provide context-specific functionality tailored to particular information channels, as well as to records within or across such channels, and other known state information. Users are presented with a consistent search interface among multiple tiers across and within a large domain of information sources, and need not learn different or special search syntax.
Tropare, Inc.

new patent

Methodology for three-dimensional morphological and quantitative determination of micro and nanocavities produced by chemical and microbiological corrosion in metallic materials

More specifically, the present invention is related to the laboratory procedures, analytic expressions, devices, procedures and calculations required to characterize the micro and nanocavities of coupons and biocoupons, caused by chemical and/or microbiological pitting and uniform corrosion.. .

new patent

Method and the delaboration of ammunition

A method and apparatus for the delaboration of ammunition, in particular for dismantling shells having a housing with a tubular housing portion made of steel and open at one end, a cone made of ductile metal and fitted into the tubular housing portion, the cone having a base with a tubular rim, and an explosive charge contained between the housing and the cone. The apparatus comprises a deformation tool, means for inserting the deformation tool into the tubular housing portion, an alignment tool for aligning the tubular housing portion with respect to the deformation tool, wherein the alignment tool has a recess for receiving an upper end of the tubular housing portion..

new patent

Process for the trans-selective hydroboration of internal alkynes

The present invention refers to a process for the trans-selective hydroboration of internal alkynes and the so-obtained products. The inventive process makes use of a borane of the formula x1x2bh selected from the group of dialkyl boranes or di(alkoxy)boranes which are reacted with the internal alkynes in the presence of a cyclyopentadienyl-coordinated ruthenium catalyst..
Studiengesellschaft Kohle Mbh

Lens drive apparatus, camera module and camera

A lens drive apparatus that displaces a lens holder in a direction of an optical axis and a direction orthogonal to the optical axis comprises: an assembly formed by assembling the lens holder together with a conductive body and comprises a circuit that receives supplied power; a shake correction drive section configured to displace the assembly by a shake correction magnet and a shake correction coil disposed at a position facing the shake correction magnet in collaboration with each other; and a position detection section configured to detect a position of the assembly in the direction orthogonal to the optical axis, wherein: the shake correction magnet is disposed around the lens holder, and the shake correction magnet, the shake correction coil and the position detection section are disposed at respective positions shifted in the direction of the optical axis with respect to each other.. .
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method

An information processing system includes an application information memory unit configured to store an identification information piece for identifying an application and a process information piece for executing a series of processes in combination with programs for each of the application executing the series of processes, which uses an electronic data, in collaboration with an external service while associating these; a service process unit configure to receive a request including the identification information piece and an electronic data information piece; and a logic process unit configured to read the process information piece corresponding to the identification information piece included in the request, and execute the series of processes using the electronic data of the electronic data information piece included in the received request and using at least one program from among the programs or any combination of the programs based on the read process information piece.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Topic-wise collaboration integration

According to an example, topic-wise collaboration integration may include receiving a user selection of a topic from a document from a source content management system. An indication to trigger a structured collaboration on the topic may be received.
Longsand Limited

Managing permissions in collaborative workspaces using visual representations of clients

Certain aspects involve managing permissions in collaborative workspaces using visual representations of clients. For example, a graphical interface can be displayed that represents a collaborative workspace and that includes visual representations of different clients accessing the workspace.
Smart Technologies Ulc

System and permission based digital content syndication, monetization, and licensing with access control by the copyright holder

A system for controlling access to digital content enables global sharing of digital content under terms negotiated between a content owner and a content subscriber, facilitates commerce and the sale of digital access to any digitally transmittable data. The system may include preconfigured online forms in which users simply “fill in the blanks” to create legally binding contracts and/or licenses, including full terms of agreement, date filed, license key, and other identifying information.

Collaborative planning for accelerating analytic queries

A system and method for determining optimal query plans within distributed database system employing table operators for performing analytic operations for storing and processing multi-structured data. The optimization of a query plan proceeds through a collaborative exchange between a database system optimizer, or planner, and a table operator, wherein multiple communications between said optimizer and said table operator are conducted to exchange input and output information relevant to optimizing execution of the query and table operator..
Teradata Us, Inc.

Photoactivated chemical bleaching of dyes using borates

Methods comprising the use of photoactivated chemical bleaching for detecting multiple targets in a biological sample are provided. The methods include the steps of providing a biological sample containing multiple targets, binding at least one probe to one or more target present in the sample, and observing a signal from the probe.
General Electric Company

Novel functional fluid composition

A functional fluid composition useful as a brake fluid comprising from 0 to 94.99% by weight of alkoxy glycols of borate esters, from 5 to 99.99% by weight of alkoxy glycols, from 0.01 to 5% by weight of alkoxylates of saturated or unsaturated hydroxy-substituted fatty acids such as ricinoleic acid or esters thereof, the hydroxyl group located on the fatty acid side chain being etherified by at least one oxyalkylene unit, and from 0 to 10% by weight of an additive package comprising additives with corrosion inhibition action.. .
Basf Se

Borates for photoactivated chemical bleaching

Where each r1, r2, and r3 and r4 is, independently, an alkyl, alkylaryl, or arylalkyl, with the proviso that at least one of r1, r2, and r3 and r4 is an alkyl group and at least two of r1, r2, r3 and r4 group is positively charged; x is an anion; and a equals 1, 2, or 3.. .

Bicycle tire

A bicycle tire comprises a toothset (5) of substantially radial generatrix (g), positioned to collaborate with a complementary toothset of a driving pinion of an electrical assistance device. The toothset (5) has teeth (51) that are equidistant by a pitch p, each tooth having a length l, in the direction of the generatrix (g), and a substantially triangular section, in a plane perpendicular to the generatrix (g), of height h.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S,a,

Method for manufacturing non-phosphate coated metal material for cold heading-plastic working process

A non-phosphate coated metal material for plastic working includes a metal material, a coating layer formed on a surface of the metal material, and a lubrication layer on the coating layer. The coating layer includes calcium tetraborate.
Han Young Steel Wire Co., Ltd.

Device and washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing

A device a method, and a computer program for use in a device (40) for washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods. The device comprises a chamber (41) for receiving the goods, a door (42) associated with the chamber (41) and a processing circuitry for creating and storing a track record of at least one parameter of the washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing process performed by the device (40).
Getinge Sterilization Ab

Media player distribution and collaborative editing

In one approach, a server computer receives a playlist from a first client computer, wherein the playlist identifies a plurality of media assets and includes synchronization information that specifies how to present the plurality of media assets as a synchronized media presentation. The server computer receives a request from the first client computer to share the playlist with a second client computer.
Qwire Holdings Llc

Collaboration techniques between parties using one or more communication modalities

In one embodiment, a collaboration node prioritizes each modality of communication accessible by at least a first user and a second user based on one or more communication characteristics in a collaboration profile, monitors communication characteristics of a communication session conducted in a first modality of communication between the first user and the second user, and determines a second modality of communication accessible to the first user and the second user having a higher priority than the first modality of communication based on the collaboration profile and the communication characteristics for the communication session. The collaboration node further notifies at least one of the first user or the second user when the second modality of communication has the higher priority than the first modality of communication..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Minimizing productivity loss in a collaborative sharing environment

According to one or more embodiments of the disclosure, a local network device establishes a communication session with a remote network device in the communication network, and designates at least one program from a plurality of programs executable by the local network device for access by the remote network device to yield a designated program. The local network device further generates a shared display object, and associates each designated program with the shared display object to permit display thereof.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Distributed method and system to improve collaborative services across multiple devices

A distributed system and method to improve collaborative service across multiple sensors on various devices. According to one embodiment, multiple devices may be used to train and then utilize a common algorithm for purposes including but not limited to recognizing a source to perform some action, control, command, calculation, storage, retrieval, encryption, decryption, alerting, alarming, notifying or as in some embodiments, to authenticate.
Nxt-id, Inc.

Creating a dynamic aggregate group profile of users in an online collaboration session for providing tailored content delivery

There are provided a system, a method and a computer program product for suggesting content to a group. The system identifies a group of users in a social network.
International Business Machines Corporation

Context-based smartphone sensor logic

Methods employ sensors in portable devices (e.g., smartphones) both to sense content information (e.g., audio and imagery) and context information. Device processing is desirably dependent on both.
Digimarc Corporation

Methods and systems for determining optical regions of interest

The present teachings relate to a method and system for determining regions of interest (roi) for one or more biological samples in a laboratory instrument. The method can include an optical system capable of imaging florescence emission from a plurality of sample wells.
Life Technologies Corporation

Method for collaboratively constructing column envelope profile of two flanks of star wheel tooth

A method for collaboratively constructing a column envelope profile of two flanks of a star wheel tooth includes steps of: determining a tooth width b of a star wheel according to a diameter of the star wheel and a dimension of a root circle; thereafter, geometrically representing positions and shapes of the two flanks of each star wheel tooth of the star wheel by two base columns having parallel axes and the same diameter; wherein: the axes of the base columns are parallel with a center line of the star wheel tooth; on a section of a tooth top of the star wheel tooth, a local projection of a first base column close to a front flank of the star wheel tooth is projected on a lowermost part of a projection of the front flank of the star wheel tooth; and a local projection of a second base column close to a back flank of the star wheel tooth is projected on an uppermost part of a projection of the back flank of the star wheel tooth. A center distance l between the two base columns, a diameter d0 of the base columns, the tooth width b of the star wheel tooth and an inclined angle λ of the flanks of the star wheel tooth at a pitch circle have a quantitative mathematic relationship..
Xi' An Jiaotong University

A the treatment of metals

A method for precipitating metal waste is characterized in that the waste which contains one or more dissolved metal salts, is mixed with a boron compound, and the ph is adjusted to a value at which precipitation takes place in the presence of precipitation nuclei necessary for the formation of metal borates.. .
Global Ecoprocess Services Oy

Method and device for handling test tubes in a laboratory automation system

A method and a device for handling test tubes in a laboratory automation system are presented. During the handling, an open end of the test tube is covered by a residue-free removable, flat cover element forced against the open end of the test tube..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Robotic device and laboratory automation system comprising robotic device

A robotic device is presented. The robotic device comprises a stationary base, a first arm rotationally mounted on the base for rotation about a first axis (i), a second arm rotationally mounted on the first arm for rotation about a second axis (ii), in which second axis (ii) is parallel to the first axis (i), a first driving device for driving the first arm to rotate about the first axis (i), and a second arm drive unit with a second driving device for driving the second arm to rotate about the second axis (i).
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Flip top cap with contamination protection

A cap is provided for a laboratory vessel. The cap includes a lid that can be rotated relative to the laboratory vessel from a closed position to an open position.
Corning Incorporated

Belay descender device on a rope with gearing-down and anti-panic blocking

A belay descender device for a rope comprising a earn mounted rotating on a fixed flange to perform locking of the rope when said rope is under tension, and a lever articulated on the cam to perform progressive unlocking of the rope with a geared-down effect at the beginning of unlocking travel of the lever. The operating lever comprises transmission means collaborating with a guide ramp of the flange to interrupt the mechanical link with the cam after an intermediate position of the lever has been passed resulting in freeing from said ramp outside the gearing-down area.

Collaborative telemetry

A method may include providing one or more telemetry transmission systems, the one or more transmission systems comprising one or more receivers and one or more transmitters. The method may also include transmitting a first synchronization sequence from the one or more telemetry transmission systems, the first synchronization sequence transmitted in a first channel, and the first synchronization sequence being at least a portion of a first telemetry signal.
Scientific Drilling International, Inc.

Annotating collaborative information structures

Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to collaborative information object management and provide a method, system and computer program product for annotating collaborative information structures. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for annotating collaborative information structures can be provided.
International Business Machines Corporation

Mobile content collaboration with one click multimedia capability

A method includes performing operations as follows on a processor: receiving a selection of a content item by a first user from a first mobile device, sending an inquiry to the first mobile device comprising collaboration options for the content item, the collaboration options comprising a first option to invite a second user to collaborate asynchronously on the content item and a second option to invite the second user to collaborate synchronously on the content item via a communication session between the first mobile device and a second mobile device associated with the second user, receiving a selection of one of the first option and the second option by the first user from the first mobile device, identifying an address of the second mobile device responsive to receiving the selection of one of the first option and the second option, and sending a message addressed to the address of the second mobile device.. .
Ca, Inc.

Network based virtual collaborative problem solving space

The present technology utilizes agents to monitor and report data from java virtual machines (jvm) to a controller as part of application performance monitoring. When a jvm is loaded, code defining an interface for agents is loaded as well.
Appdynamics Inc.

Method for producing a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery

A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes a flat wound electrode assembly and a ease that houses the wound electrode assembly and a nonaqueous electrolyte, the wound electrode assembly including a positive electrode plate, a negative electrode plate, and a separator, the positive electrode plate and the negative electrode plate being wound with the separator provided therebetween. The wound electrode assembly has a width-to-height ratio of 2 or more.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Interactive customer assistance devices and methods

Various embodiments herein each include at least one of systems, devices, methods, and software for interactive customer assistance devices and methods. One embodiment in the form of a method includes presenting, on a first device, data with regard to a transaction session initiated on a second device, the first device collaborating in performance of the transaction session via a network.
Ncr Corporation

Condition collaboration system

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for enabling collaboration between transaction participants. One example method includes: receiving, at a collaboration system remote from a first participant and a second participant, a request for a transaction, the request sent by the first participant and associated with the second participant and including a set of request parameters; identifying, at the collaboration system, a set of conditions associated with the request, wherein each identified condition includes information that matches the second participant and at least one request parameter and pre-defined information to apply to the request; applying, at the collaboration system, each of the identified conditions in response to the received request; and generating, at the collaboration system, a responsive communication in response to applying the identified conditions, wherein the responsive communication provides a response to the request sent by the first participant on behalf of the second participant..

Protecting information using policies and encryption

A technique and system protects documents at rest and in motion using declarative policies and encryption. Encryption in the system is provided transparently and can work in conjunction with policy enforcers installed at a system.
Nextlabs, Inc.

Method and system for collaborative, streaming document sharing with verified, on-demand, freestyle signature process

Systems and methods for the sharing, collaborative reviewing and freestyle multiparty signing of an electronic document. The system and method to stream an electronic document from a csr system onto a touchscreen device for real time and multiple signature placement anywhere within an electronic document.
Technology Happens Llc

Supporting developer-user collaborative software review in ide

A framework for collaborative software development in an integrated development environment (ide) is described herein. In accordance with one aspect, an application (app) identifier is retrieved by a collaboration component.

Method for guiding a user to intervene in an on-going process in a device for washing, disinfecting, drying and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods

The present disclosure relates to a method for guiding a user to intervene in an on-going process in a device (100) for washing, disinfecting, drying and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods. The device comprises a chamber (140) for receiving the goods, at least one openable door (150) associated with the chamber (140), and at least one display (130).
Getinge Sterilization Ab

System for washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods

The present disclosure relates to a system (1) comprising —a device (3) for washing, disinfecting and/or sterilizing medical, dental, laboratory and/or pharmaceutical goods, and —a parameter determining unit (13, 23) adapted to determine a value indicative of a parameter of the medium dedicated to the device before or when being supplied to the device (3). The present disclosure also relates to a process for supply of a medium to the system (1)..
Getinge Sterilization Ab

Ceramic article and a production thereof

A ceramic article, in particular a ceramic sanitation, kitchen or laboratory article, wherein it has a ceramic main body which at least portionwise has an antibacterial surface and/or an antibacterial surface coating containing a weight fraction of more than 35 weight percent of zinc oxide.. .
Duravit Aktiengesellschaft

Multi-part kit system for the preparation of a disinfectant

A multi-part kit system comprising (i) a solid part a which comprises 10 to 80 wt. % of peroxy compound selected from the group consisting of khso5, k2s2o8, na2s2o8, magnesium monoperoxyphthalate hexahydrate, sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate, 0.1 to 10 wt.
The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

Method and system for collaborative and scalable information presentation

The present invention provides an information presentation system, comprising: a video module configured to obtain video content to be presented to a user; a network module configured to obtain certain information related to the video content including at least a first type of related information, a second type of related information, and a third type of related information; a first display configured to display the video content at a primary location in front of the user; one or more second displays configured to display the first type related information at the primary location outside the first display and to display the second type related information on a secondary location along the side of the primary location; an interactive display configured to interact with the user and display the third type related information; and a system controller configured to perform content assignments to the displays according to requirements from the user.. .
Tcl Research America Inc.

Automatic content creation based on group collaboration spaces

Devices described herein are configured to receive a post to a collaboration space shared by a group of users and provide the post to the group of users through a user interface associated with the collaboration space. In some embodiments, the group of users is a social network or social network group.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Shared mac blocking

For enhancing security in a complex network by a computer processor device, a processor collaborates with at least one additional processor device in a higher hierarchical order in the complex network. A media access control (mac) address of an offending network device is shared between the processor devices such that access of the offending network device to portions of the complex network under the supervisory control of the processor devices may be subsequently blocked..
International Business Machines Corporation

Mtc-iwf entity, scs entity, signaling method, and computer readable medium

A machine type communication inter working function (mtc-iwf) entity (1) includes a trigger controller (11) and a notification service controller (12). The trigger controller (11) controls a device trigger of an mtc device (3) requested from an scs entity (2).
Nec Corporation

Material for organic electroluminescent elements, and organic electroluminescent element using same

Provided are an organic electroluminescent device (organic el device) that is improved in luminous efficacy, sufficiently secures driving stability, and has a simple construction, and a material for organic el devices to be used in the organic el device. The material for organic el devices is a material for organic el devices formed of an ortho-carborane compound having a structure in which a silyl group (—sir3) is bonded to a divalent ortho-carborane group represented by c2b10h10 through an aromatic group.
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for remote learning

Embodiments described herein may provide improved systems and methods for remote learning in a laboratory environment by establishing dynamic connection streams via a server stack interface between hardware clients coupled to equipment and hardware, and mobile clients.. .
Enable Training And Consulting, Inc.

Insurance management systems and methods therefor

A scalable, adaptable, modular, and web-centric insurance back-office system (ibos) for serving the needs of carriers, agencies, agents, and service providers in the insurance industry is disclosed. The ibos provides a framework for allowing web-centric collaboration among agents, agencies, carriers, and service providers, using applications that manage applicants, cases, and policies in an efficient and secure manner.

Method and system utilizing collaborative filtering

One embodiment is a method executed by a computer system that applies collaborative filtering to provide a recommendation to a user. The method includes retrieving a binary matrix that includes rows and columns of binary data for preferences of users on items; applying a neighborhood-based approach to convert the binary matrix into a neighbor-score matrix; applying a factorization to approximate the neighbor-score matrix with a product of lower rank matrices; calculating a user factor and an item factor based on the factorization; calculating scores for user-item pairs by computing a dot product between the user factor and the item factor; sorting the scores of the user-item pairs to generate the recommendation to the user; and providing the recommendation to a general-purpose computer of the user..
Milq Inc.

Method and aggregating and linking place data

An approach is provided for aggregating and linking place data among entities via a collaborative registry. A place resource servicing application receives an input from a provider for specifying place information, the place information including, at least in part, a description of content available from the provider related to a place at a geographic location.
Here Global B.v.

Systems and methodologies for collaboration relative to a background image in interactive social media and video gaming technology

A system and method for controlled collaboration among a plurality of users, each at one of a plurality of computing appliances having a display apparatus and an input apparatus. An initial video presentation is displayed on at least two of the display apparatus.

System and the creation and management of user-annotations associated with paper-based processes

A computer-implemented method for identifying constraints to reducing consumable usage includes acquiring print job information for a set of print jobs submitted for printing by a set of users. A print job representation is computed for each of the print jobs from the print job information.
Xerox Corporation

Fluid monitoring systems and methods

A monitoring system includes a subsea laboratory configured to be positioned and operated below a sea surface. The subsea laboratory includes a housing, a fluid chamber within the housing and configured to receive a fluid from subsea drilling or production equipment, and a sensor within the housing and configured to generate a signal indicative of a characteristic of the fluid.
Cameron International Corporation

Antimicrobial textile products and obtaining thereof

The present invention relates to a method of obtaining antifungal, anticandidal and antibacterial textile products. The objective of the present invention is to obtain an antimicrobial product, which enables to reduce the infectious diseases that are transmitted or spread by textile products, reduces extra cost and energy spent for ensuring hygiene, and increases hygienity of disposable textile products.
Yeditepe Üniversitesi

Gene synthesis by self-assembly of small oligonucleotide building blocks

The invention provides a process for synthesizing genes and other long double stranded polynucleotides by assembling very short oligonucleotides into partly double stranded polynucleotides, and then connecting these partly double stranded polynucleotide subassemblies with linkers comprised of very short oligonucleotides. In one embodiment, the correct order of the polynucleotide subassemblies is coded in overhangs present at each end of the partly double stranded polynucleotide subassemblies.
Genomic Expression Aps

Collaborative robot system and method

A system for robot and human collaboration is provided. The system includes a robot having a programmed path for motion of the robot and a controller in communication with the robot.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Cell management method and base station

The present invention discloses a cell management method and a base station. The method includes: obtaining, by a base station, configuration information, where the configuration information includes information about at least two cells, the first cell and the second cell belong to different public land mobile networks plmns or are managed by different network element management systems; and managing, by the base station, the at least two cells according to the configuration information.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Modular personal network systems and methods

Modular personal networks (mpns) are disclosed that include multiple devices that may be worn, carried, or used in close proximity to a user. The devices communicate wirelessly.
Adidas Ag

Specification and deployment of media resources

Deploying media resources using an optimized specification. A data specification layer allows for media resources to be defined, points to locations of the resource objects within a media repository, and defines a structure and context for the media resources to be deployed in a structured way within a media environment.
Incident Technologies, Inc.

System and synchronizing data objects in a cloud based social networking environment

Methods and systems are provided for synchronizing and sharing data objects in a cloud based social networking environment of the type including a collaboration cloud. The method includes defining a sharing configuration based on at least one metadata key word, within the collaboration cloud, the sharing configuration including a second computing device; running a dedicated client synchronization application on a first computing device; updating a data object using the first computing device; automatically synchronizing the updated data object with the collaboration cloud; and propagating, using the collaboration cloud, the updated data object to the second computing device.., Inc.

Providing sketch annotations with multimedia programs

A method for collaborative sketch annotating of a program of multimedia content includes enabling a first user to create a sketch annotation, enabling the first user to store sketch annotation data related to the sketch annotation, and enabling a second user to access the sketch annotation. The second user may navigate the program using the sketch annotation and/or an indication of the sketch annotation.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Handheld portable optical scanner and using

A system and methods for real-time or near-real time processing and post-processing of rgb-d image data using a handheld portable device and using the results for a variety of applications. The disclosure is based on the combination of off-the-shelf equipment (e.g.
Dotproduct Llc

Method, apparatus and system for earning ownership rights of the product or products of a collaborative project

Iii. Assigning a share of the ownership of the product or products of the project to each user on completion of the project..

System and collaborative shopping, business and entertainment

The methods and systems described herein relate to online methods of collaboration in community environments. The methods and systems are related to an online apparel modeling system that allows users to have three-dimensional models of their physical profile created.
Dressbot, Inc.

Collaborative electronic nose management in personal devices

A system and diagnosis server are provided for collaborating with electronic noses, as well as a related mobile diagnosis unit and related method. The diagnosis server includes a receiver unit for receiving a set of data from one e-nose of a plurality of e-noses.
International Business Machines Corporation

System for collaborative data analytics for time series data

A collaborative water analytics is provided. The analytics system may provide information for feeds of time series data associated with water and sewer systems.
I3d Technologies, Inc. Dba H20metrics

Real-time content recommendation system

System and methods of this disclosure are directed to recommending content in real-time or near real-time. The system comprises a number of pipelines updated a different frequencies that process temporally different sets of web property visit data.
Google Inc.

System and moderating real-time closed-loop collaborative decisions on mobile devices

Systems and methods for real-time collaborative computing and collective intelligence are disclosed. A collaborative application runs on a collaborative server connected to a plurality of portable computing devices.
Unanimous A. I., Inc.

Method for recognizing a state of a sample, device for analyzing samples and laboratory automation system

A method for automated identification of a state of a sample such as, for example, for identifying whether or not the sample was centrifuged is presented. A device for analyzing samples and a laboratory automation system are also presented in which the method is applied..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Systems and methods for estimating fuel quality in an engine

The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for monitoring and controlling a combustion engine. In one embodiment, a system includes a controller configured to control operations of a combustion engine, to receive a signal from at least one knock sensor coupled to the combustion engine, to determine a knock margin value from the signal, and to estimate a fuel quality value of a fuel injected into the combustion engine based at least on a comparison between the knock margin value and a laboratory performance data set..
General Electric Company

Flame-resistant paper for wave absorber member and wave absorber member

Flame-resistant paper for radio wave absorber members includes 40 to 70% by mass of pulp; 5 to 50% by mass of aluminum hydroxide powder; and 3 to 15% by mass of a flame retardant consisting of a polyborate, wherein the flame retardant consisting of a polyborate is contained in an amount of 7 to 25% by mass relative to the amount of the pulp.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Curable resin composition

Wherein c+ is an onium cation, and a− is a hydrogen sulfate anion, a hydrogen sulfite anion, a sulfonate anion represented by r1so3− wherein r1 represents an alkyl group, perfluoroalkyl group, cycloalkyl group, vinyl group, aryl group, perfluoroaryl group, aralkyl group or halogen atom; or a bis(substituted sulfonyl)imide anion represented by (r2so2)2n− wherein r2 represents an alkyl group, perfluoroalkyl group, or aryl group; tetrafluoroborate anion, or hexafluorophosphate anion.. .

Integrated plant for the treatment of medical laboratory waste

An integrated plant for the treatment of medical laboratory waste includes at least a container for collecting the waste and a loading pump which transfers separate quantities of waste to a tank, in such a way that the plant operates thanks to gravity with intermittent cycles. A method for the treatment of the waste allows the separation of a liquid part, which is discharged into the sewers after a specific treatment..
Newster Technologies S.p.a.

Labels, containers, providing reagents

The invention relates to systems and methods for marketing and using products such as liquid materials, especially liquid reagents for use in microbiological and cellular biological laboratory settings include the use of unique color and simple numeric or alphanumeric identifiers to quickly and easily identify any product from a catalog list of products. Methods of marketing, advertising and producing such products are also disclosed.
Life Technologies Corporation

Pre-sterilized syringe system and use

A pre-sterilized fluid sampling syringe is provided which includes a locking vacuum syringe, 3-way valve, check valve and thermoplastic inlet tubing capable of both aseptic welding and direct connections. The syringe is assembled with components and rendered sterile in its packaging.
Paw Bioscience Products, Inc.

Collaborative response using capabilities-aware hive network

Various embodiments include approaches for coordinating collaborative response to an event using a capabilities-aware hive network. Some particular embodiments include a system having at least one computing device performing actions including: prompting a plurality of users to register with the capabilities-aware hive network, the prompting including requesting the plurality of users provide information about individual capabilities for response to the event; compiling the information from the plurality of users about individual capabilities for response to the event; obtaining data indicating occurrence of the event, and in response to obtaining the data indicating occurrence of the event, identifying and prioritizing individual user actions in response to the event based upon the information about the individual capabilities for response to the event; and providing user-specific instructions to the plurality of users to perform the individual user actions to respond to the event..
International Business Machines Corporation

Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing the same

A non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes: a positive electrode; a negative electrode that includes an active material containing a titanium oxide having a lithium ion storage potential of 1.2 v or higher (versus li/li+); a non-aqueous electrolyte containing a lithium salt including lithium hexafluorophosphate and lithium tetrafluoroborate; and a non-aqueous solvent including ethylene carbonate, cyclic carboxylic acid ester, or cyclic carbonate having four or more carbon atoms, and chain carbonate. The content of ethylene carbonate in the entire non-aqueous solvent is 5 to 20 vol %, and the concentration of lithium tetrafluoroborate in a non-aqueous electrolyte solution is 0.05 to 0.5 mol/l..
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Evaluating and displaying feedback for an item distributed to a group of users at a collaborative event

Approaches presented herein enable evaluating and displaying feedback for an item distributed to a group of users, e.g., at a collaborative event. Specifically, at least one approach includes receiving the item (e.g., a topic, idea, product) from a first user, and distributing the item to the group of users, wherein the group of users is located within an identified geographic proximity to the first user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Optimization of trait and expertise for workforce selection

A computer-implemented method for optimizing information workforce selection is provided. The computer-implemented method includes providing a ground-truth data collection of information of a plurality of candidates for a group or a team workforce selection.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and estimating body shape

A system and method of estimating the body shape of an individual from input data such as images or range maps. The body may appear in one or more poses captured at different times and a consistent body shape is computed for all poses.
Brown University

System and collaborative programming of data entry workflows between system developers, end users, and third party developers

The present invention is a system for collaborative programming of data entry workflows between end users, electronic health record (ehr) system developers, and third party developers. The system comprises application servers, database servers, an ehr, and peripheral devices, all stored in a distributed computing environment.
Nuesoft Technologies, Inc.

System and collaborative language translation

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for presenting a machine translation and alternative translations to a user, where a selection of any particular alternative translation results in the re-ranking of the remaining alternatives. The system then presents these re-ranked alternatives to the user, who can continue proofing the machine translation using the re-ranked alternatives or by typing an improved translation.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Natural language metric condition alerts

Enterprise data sources can be monitored to detect metric conditions via rules, and alerts can be generated. The alerts can be presented as natural language descriptions of metric conditions.
Successfactors, Inc.

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