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Electrostatic loudspeaker capable of dispersing sound both horizontally and vertically

Prioritized prompt ordering and call processing in interactive voice response systems


Date/App# patent app List of recent Books-related patents
 Organizing books by series patent thumbnailOrganizing books by series
Book information describing a plurality of books is analyzed to identify the plurality of books described in the book information and create book records for the respective ones of identified books. A given book record contains fields describing attributes of a respective one of the plurality of books derived from the book information.
 Electrostatic loudspeaker capable of dispersing sound both horizontally and vertically patent thumbnailElectrostatic loudspeaker capable of dispersing sound both horizontally and vertically
An electrostatic loudspeaker (esl) assembly providing curvature in two directions for improved dispersion of sound waves. The esl comprises at least one stator panel, a flexible diaphragm and a spacer that impedes contact between the stator panel and the diaphragm.
 Prioritized prompt ordering and call processing in interactive voice response systems patent thumbnailPrioritized prompt ordering and call processing in interactive voice response systems
A system and method for processing a call to a destination associated with multiple group members in a unified messaging system by determining a prioritized order of the group members for presentation to caller and receiving a selection from the caller. The order of the group members can be determined based on call histories, address books, and distribution lists of the calling party and the group members of the destination.
 Unit patent thumbnailUnit
Increasing numbers of users across the world are increasingly wedded to their electronic devices, particularly portable electronic devices such as laptops, netbooks, portable gaming machines, smartphones or more generally cellphones. Accordingly the present invention provides a unit for charging mobile devices, comprising at least one lockable compartment, at least two charge points for connection of a device to the unit in order to allow charging, a canopy, and power supply..
 Customizable and interactive book system patent thumbnailCustomizable and interactive book system
Methods, servers, and devices for customizing a customizable book are disclosed. An example method includes providing an application on a device, and receiving from the device via the application a selection of a book from a plurality of books.
 System and method for providing electronic closing books to clients at completion of services patent thumbnailSystem and method for providing electronic closing books to clients at completion of services
The disclosure relates to a method of providing service to a client. The method entails providing the service to the client by a service provider; in the course of providing service to the client, generating a plurality of electronic documents related to the service; storing the plurality of electronic documents in a computer or network system associated with the service provider; transferring the electronic documents to a personalized electronic closing book; and providing the personalized electronic closing book to the client.
 Last screen rendering for electronic book reader patent thumbnailLast screen rendering for electronic book reader
A handheld dedicated electronic book (“ebook”) reader device and last screen rendering techniques for enhancing user experience are described. The ebook reader device detects certain screen conversion events, such as a timeout period, a scheduled event, or an event derived from user behavior.
 Server-based electronic publication management patent thumbnailServer-based electronic publication management
An electronic publication (e.g., an electronic document, e-book, e-pub, etc.) is created and edited using content provided by at least one source. In some aspects, a server-based (e.g., web-based) environment enables multiple authors to seamlessly corroborate to create an electronic publication.
 Mobile computing weight, diet, nutrition, and exercise management system with enhanced feedback and goal achieving functionality patent thumbnailMobile computing weight, diet, nutrition, and exercise management system with enhanced feedback and goal achieving functionality
An illustrative mobile computing device executing weight, nutrition, health, behavior and exercise application software serves as a simulated combination personal trainer and dietician/nutritionist for the user using comprehensive databases storing personalized health, nutrition and exercise information. A mobile computing device, such as a smartphone, executing such software monitors, tracks and/or adjusts caloric intake, energy expenditure taking into account nutritional information and behavioral factors.
 Apparatus for storing and fully automatically dispensing a multiplicity of products patent thumbnailApparatus for storing and fully automatically dispensing a multiplicity of products
The present invention relates to an apparatus for storing and fully automatic output of a multiplicity of different products having substantially cuboid geometry, such as packaged cds, dvds, printer cartridges, books, etc., comprising at least one permanently installed storage rack for stocking the multiplicity of products, at least one selection station for selecting, from the multiplicity of stocked products, one product to be output by the apparatus at a product output point, at least one handling device that is movable relative to the at least one storage rack for retrieval of a selected product from the at least one storage rack and for transport of the product in question to a product output point of the apparatus, and at least one computer-assisted control unit for controlling the apparatus and its components.. .
Method for securing visual media utilizing encoding process with optical translation for decoded image viewing
A method and system for securing visual media utilizing an encoding process with optical translation for decoded image viewing having the steps of displaying a first image for viewing by a user, generating a second image that is substantially a negative of the first image, displaying the first and second image through a stereoscopic projection system using at least two separate channels of the system to create a displayed garbled image decoding the displayed image by cancellation of the second image from the view of said user. The system may also employ active and passive 3d glasses or other decoder and generate interference and other signals to obscure the desired image before decoding.
System and methodology for selectively controlling the transmission of content
According to one aspect of the present invention, a system and methodology is provided which controls whether or not content is permitted to be transmitted from a source device depending upon the nature of the content and/or other factors more fully described herein. Source devices may include devices such as mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, and any other devices which are capable of transmitting content which is resident on such device.
Terminal device, base station device, program, and integrated circuit
In a cellular system, new precoding that enables the performance of precoding to be adequately utilized is introduced, and thereby throughput is increased. There is provided a terminal device that includes a plurality of transmit antennas and that performs precoding on a transmit signal.
Method and system for formatting messages into stylized messages for print out
Methods for formatting messages into stylized templates for delivery to a printer. The templates include a variety of different formats to accommodate the various elements of the message.
Configurable coaster for holding a mobile device
A method and an article of manufacture are disclosed for making and using a configurable coaster to support a drink cup on a table and also to use as a stand for a smartphone. In various embodiments, a sheet material, such as cardboard, plastic, laminates, and the like is used to create a flat plate having partially perforated or grooved lines in a pattern that defines various flaps configured to allow transformation of the flat plate into a smartphone stand by bending the flaps to create a three-dimensional stand.
Precoding codebooks for 4tx and 8tx mimo communication systems
A method for communication includes configuring a communication system that includes a transmitter and a receiver with first precoding matrices for mapping up to n data streams onto n transmit antenna ports of the transmitter. Each of at least some of the first precoding matrices are derived from respective second and third precoding matrices.
Method and apparatus for reporting downlink channel state
A method of reporting a channel state to a base station supporting downlink multiple input multiple output in a wireless communication system includes measuring a downlink channel based on a downlink signal received from the base station, and reporting a codebook index for precoding of the downlink signal according to the measurement of the downlink channel. The codebook for precoding includes an improved codebook (hereinafter, referred to as an improved 4tx codebook) having a dual structure composed of a codebook for wideband and a codebook for subband, for 4 transmit (4tx) antenna ports, and the improved 4tx codebook includes sub-codebooks obtained by sub-sampling the codebook for subband according to priority..
Methods and apparatuses for channel measurement and feedback of multi-dimensional antenna array
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods and apparatuses for the channel measurement and feedback of a multi-dimensional antenna array. Specifically, according to embodiments of the present invention, the primary inventive idea is to allow a base station equipped with a multi-dimensional antenna array to configure more than one class of csi-rs, wherein each class of csi-rs is for use in a channel measurement at the ue for a different dimension of the multi-dimensional antenna array.
Support for variably positioning a holder platform for books or electric devices
A support for a variably positioning a platform which is adapted to hold a book or electronic display for convenient viewing, the support having a pair of swing arms pivotally connected together end to end and to an upright standard, with the platform connected to an outer end of one swing arm with a two orthogonal pivot connections to a platform mount and a pivot connection between the mount and platform. This creates five axes of independent pivoting movement of various components available to position the platform.
Adaptive secondary authentication criteria based on account data
An authentication challenge system for performing secondary authentication for an account associated with an online store is described. In one embodiment, the authentication challenge system includes a question generation engine, which can derive a series of questions based upon activity associated with a user account of an online store; a network interface, which can transport the series of one or more questions derived by the question generation engine to authenticate the user to the online store; a confidence engine, which can determine a required confidence level for a successful authentication, and can compute a confidence score of the user identity; and a quality engine, which can adjust the question generation engine and the confidence engine based upon an analysis of question and answer metrics across multiple accounts of the online store.
Crowdchunk system, method, and computer program product for searching summaries of online reviews of products
System, method, and computer program product for researching reviews written online to assess the performance and functionality of digital media consumer products bought online or not (e.g. Ebooks, movies, tv shows, music, dvd's, etc.).
Process and system for authenticating ownership of a physical book to a third party via a mobile application
A user's mobile device has an application that, when employed, verifies and authenticates to a third party that the user has ownership of a physical book. Use of the application's process allows unique identification of each book by means of isbn lookup in conjunction with a) signature image analysis or b) a generated unique identifier code, and assigns that book to the user's account.
Apparatus for holding and displaying articles
An assembly for holding and displaying books, or items having a book-like structure includes a book attached to a hinged book-holding device, which displays the book in various positions. The hinge allows the book to move in at least two positions, a first standing position and a second, inclined position.
Method for speech coding, method for speech decoding and their apparatuses
A high quality speech is reproduced with a small data amount in speech coding and decoding for performing compression coding and decoding of a speech signal to a digital signal. In speech coding method according to a code-excited linear prediction (celp) speech coding, a noise level of a speech in a concerning coding period is evaluated by using a code or coding result of at least one of spectrum information, power information, and pitch information, and various excitation codebooks are used based on an evaluation result.
Method and system for text compression and decompression
The present invention is to provide a method and system for compression and decompression text comprising: creating a redundant universal permanent reference vocabulary which include commonest symbols utilized by all application, and symbols found in thousands of books, specific, professional vocabularies and is created in advance of any information processing, own vocabulary containing during process of text compression and decompression wherein the own vocabulary includes words and symbols e.g. Slangs are found in written conversation between persons; splitting the universal vocabulary into a root of tree symbol/index and main symbol sections; creating a first temporary vocabulary; wherein the first temporary vocabulary includes commonest symbol/index utilizing by all applications, root of tree word/index section, and merging index table section to words content in specific vocabulary section; creating a second temporary vocabulary for repeating symbols found in the source text and not found in the first temporary vocabulary; creating pseudo-code by merging an indicator with root of tree or main indexes..
Method of designing codebook for 3d antenna configuration
The invention relates to a method of designing a codebook for a 3d antenna configuration, the method including the steps of: selecting a first codeword characterizing a first antenna array in the 3d antenna configuration from a first codebook; selecting a second codeword characterizing a second antenna array in the 3d antenna configuration from a second codebook; and obtaining a corresponding codeword in the codebook for the 3d antenna configuration by multiplying the first codeword with the second codeword. The solution of the invention has the advantage of being simple in design and can make use of existing lte rel-10 codebooks and thus have the advantage of good compatibility..
Method and system for inserting immersive contents into ebook
A method and system for adding immersive contents into existing ebooks and making interactive and engaging to readers is disclosed. The method and system comprises an authoring tool for adding immersive contents.
Custom dictionaries for e-books
A custom dictionary is generated for an e-book. A dictionary management system receives a custom dictionary request from a user client operated by a user, the custom dictionary request identifying the e-book and including dictionary management information describing the user.
Wireless communication apparatus
Processing data presented in the form of a vector representation involves representing direction of the vector with incremental accuracy by using a set of vector codebooks of decreasing dimensions per accuracy increment.. .
Wireless communication apparatus
Processing data presented in the form of a vector representation involves representing direction of the vector with incremental accuracy by using a set of vector codebooks of decreasing dimensions per accuracy increment.. .
Multi-purpose bath tissue holder
The present invention relates to a toilet paper holder to be used in the bathroom. The new functionality of the holder is manifested in the ability to store smartphones, tablet pcs, books, magazines, and/or a writing implement, and any combination of thereof via utilizing an intaglio structural groove and/or an emboss structural protrusion integrated within the holder, a memo pad via installing a new structure..
Conversion of non-book documents for consistency in e-reader experience
“non-book” documents such as user documents, enterprise documents, and other content are automatically converted into a format consistent with e-books, categorized, and presented through an e-reader application in a consistent manner to enhance e-reader experience. Content received from a variety of sources such as organizational data sources, professional or social network sources, and even a user's own domain is analyzed, reformatted for consistency with other e-reader content, and categorized.
System and method for organizing and cross-referencing data to enable dynamic display and real-time editing of data in a flexible user interface
Computer-implemented methods and systems are provided for creating web-based books simulating the experience of reading a physical book. The web-based books are directly editable by users in real-time..
Electronic document source ingestion for natural language processing systems
The data store for a natural-language computing system may include information that originates from a plurality of different data sources—e.g., journals, websites, magazines, reference books, and the like. In one embodiment, the information or text from the data sources are converted into a single, shared format and stored as objects in a data store.
Electronic document source ingestion for natural language processing systems
The data store for a natural-language computing system may include information that originates from a plurality of different data sources—e.g., journals, websites, magazines, reference books, and the like. In one embodiment, the information or text from the data sources are converted into a single, shared format and stored as objects in a data store.
Codebook for eight transmit antennas and multiple input multiple output communication system using the codebook
A transmitter and a receiver of a multiple input multiple output (mimo) communication system may use two codebooks to share channel information. When the transmitter uses eight transmit antennas, two codebooks may be defined.
Browser toolbar extension for document management with web-based application programs
A browser extension relates to a web application such as quickbooks online that manages data records, for example, data records about sales transactions. The extension allows a user to store, at a different web server or other repository, supplemental records relating to particular data records of the web application; for example, the user, when displaying a sales-transaction data record in the web application's display window, could attach and/or view a scanned copy of the physical invoice document for the transaction, even if the web application does not provide that capability natively.
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
The present technology relates to an information processing apparatus, an information processing method, and a program allowing a user to access a reference document or the like written inside an electronic document by only clicking on a description of the reference document. A storing unit that stores information of an electronic document, an extraction unit that extracts a sentence including the information stored in the storing unit from a predetermined electronic document, and a generation unit that generates a link to the information stored in the storing unit from the sentence extracted by the extraction unit are provided.
Synchronized advertiser across multiple ebook titles
A method of predetermining the reading schedules of multiple ebooks to be read simultaneously and then applying those schedules to the distribution of advertising so each ebook displays the same advertiser at the same time.. .
Educational application generator and educational reader
A digital content reader for use with educational content and educational applications, including a content directory for storing digital books and interactive educational applications, a display, coupled with the content directory, for presenting the digital books for reading, and for presenting a user interface for operating the interactive educational applications, an activity log, coupled with the content directory and with the display, for storing a user's progress in reading the digital books and in operating the educational applications, a wireless communicator for communicating with a remote device over an intranet, a controller, coupled with the wireless communicator, for at least partially controlling operation of the digital content reader by the remote device, and a monitor, coupled with the wireless communicator and with the activity log, for reporting data stored by the activity log to the remote device. An application generator for creating educational applications is also described and claimed..
Assigning electronically purchased items of content to users
The described embodiments include a content provider device that can assign items of content (applications, digitally-rendered music, books, videos, etc.) to users upon receiving assignment messages from administrative devices. The items of content can be electronically transferred to the user's devices to be used by users.
Electronic bookshelf
According to one embodiment, one or more computer-readable non-transitory storage media may embody software that is operable, when executed, to present, on a display, a plurality of applications available for execution. The software may further receive a selection of an application from the plurality of applications and communicate a request associated with the application in response to receiving the selection.
Method for creating a customized children's storybook with fingerprint art using fingerprint-ready image templates
Methods for creating customized children's storybooks with fingerprint art using fingerprint-ready templates stored in association with a software application on a desktop computer, a tablet computer, or a smart phone. The methods include the use of preconfigured templates and prompted discussions that elicit responses from the child to create text for the storybook.
Bookmarking for electronic books
This document describes techniques and apparatuses enabling bookmarking for electronic books. The techniques and apparatuses enable a user of an electronic book to bookmark pages of the electronic book and navigate based on these bookmarks as well as bookmarks made by other users..
Loan analysis and management system
A computer implemented method and a system for analyzing and managing multiple syndicated loan transaction elements, for example, legal loan transaction documents, bank books, compliance reports, etc., are provided. An information analysis platform (iap) receives the syndicated loan transaction elements from multiple data sources.
Systems and methods for sparse code multiple access
Coding gains can be achieved by encoding binary data directly to multi-dimensional codewords, which circumvents qam symbol mapping employed by conventional cdma encoding techniques. Further, multiple access can be achieved by assigning different codebooks to different multiplexed layers.
Mobile computing device-based secure briefing system
Systems, methods and computer program products that: convert hard-copy, text-based report delivery mechanism into digital delivery application with modern user interface functionality; provide a secure, reliable back-end infrastructure for report assembly and dissemination within a classified network; and integrate interactive multi-media content and technologies, including real-time interactive content and communication, are disclosed. In an aspect, secure briefs customized for multiple individuals within an entity are created.
Sharing annotations of digital items
A user may make a digital item available to other users of a computer network, such as an instant messaging system, a chat environment, or a subscription-based computer network. Examples of digital items that may be shared with other users include digital representations of graphic images, photographs, audio segments, songs, video segments, movies, and text (such as lists of favorites (e.g., a list of favorite books, a list of favorite movies, and a list of favorite places to visit)).
Auto update utility for digital address books
An internet-based system capable of automatically maintaining contact-related information in any computer software application or digital device which stores or manages contact-related information. More particularly, the system allows users to automatically enter and maintain contact-related information in a digital address book or similar application or device (such as a wireless phone or pda) with minimal or no manual entry of the contact-related information by the user.
Clear pocket that attaches to an automobile steering wheel for holding electronic and non electronic items
A portable, foldable, one-piece device that attaches to an automobile steering wheel as a holder for a variety of electronic or non-electronic devices. A clear vinyl pocket can hold notebook computers, electronic reading devices, fire and police command boards, clipboards, books, newspapers, phone lists, while keeping them completely visible.
Rich results relevant to user search queries for books
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for triggering rich results in response to publication queries. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a publication query.
Learning system
A tablet interface learning device includes school books, narrative books, comics and written material on the device selectively are loaded and there is a scanner with automatic document feeder for acquiring document. There is a user interface (ui) screen, the interface screen having big icons, each of the icons occupying about 15 and 30% of the interface screen.
Desktop organization and display stand system
A desktop organization and display stand system generally providing an integrated system for desks and workstations that is convertible between a conventional working surface, and a display shelf to support a variety of objects including electronic media, such as a tablet computer, laptop computer, smart phone, electronic display, flat panel monitor, television, books, magazines, other printed materials, other suitable object and/or electronic media, or any combination thereof.. .
Progressive unlocking of e-book content
Approaches for progressively unlocking e-book content are provided wherein access is granted to a first set of e-books, wherein the first set is a subset of a second set of e-books to which access is restricted. Data is received indicating that one of the e-books in the first set has been read, and then it is determined whether access to an e-book in the second set should be granted.
Customized e-books
An e-book management system receives a request for an e-book from a user client operated by a user. The e-book management system accesses a user profile associated with the user and an e-book profile associated with the e-book.
System and method for providing authenticated backup for movies, music and books
A process for securing a backup digital copy of dvds, music and books a person owns. The process may require the owner cut out the upc and/or bar code, mail the upc in and then receive a username and pass-code to download a backup digital copy of their dvd, music and/or book or the owner my receive a backup on portable digital media.
Method, apparatus and system platform of dual language electronic book file generation
The system platform and methods of the present disclosure brings the dual language concept to electronic books in a manner enhanced for both visual and aural learners. A method can include creating a correspondence between a first language text and a second language text.
Interactive digital workbook using smart pens
A system and method are disclosed for interacting with digital workbooks. An identifier, identifying a physical workbook, is received.
Changeable book system
A changeable book system including a book chassis configured to receive a plurality of books. The book chassis includes one or more membrane switches aligned with identifier indicia located on one or more pages of a book when the book is positioned adjacent to the book chassis.
System and method for generating highly customized books, movies, and other products
A system and method is described for customizing commercial-quality movies, books, and other products and media. An interface is employed to guide customers through the customization process, presenting a menu of available movies, books, products, and other offerings, as well as providing customers with the ability to continuously or discretely adjust a wide range of physical attributes to improve resemblance between them and their characters.
Interactive system for collecting, displaying, and ranking items based on quantitative and textual input from multiple participants
A system for interactive visualization of items in an online environment based on textual and quantitative properties of those items is described. End-users of the system are humans and items can be any objects such as songs, books, and other users.
Pay per appointment advertising
In methods and systems for allowing a user to book an appointment with a service provider, and for charging the service provider a fee for a successfully booked appointment, a user provides a search request via a client computer. In response, a calendar system provides search results including a link corresponding to a service provider.
Methods and systems for medical auto-coding using multiple agents with automatic adjustment
This disclosure is directed to methods and automated documentation and medical-coding systems that combine predictions of clinical decision support or multiple medical-code assignments into a final medical-code assignment, such that the combination is different for different contexts. In certain implementations, each agent receives the same set of terms and phrases extracted from an electronic medical record (“emr”).
Codebook adaptation in mimo communication systems using multilevel codebooks
A method includes holding in a receiver a definition of a codebook including precoding matrices, and a definition of multiple sub-codebooks including different respective subsets of the precoding matrices in the codebook. A sub-codebook is selected in coordination with a transmitter, for use in a given time interval or frequency range.
Method and system for spatial channel state information feedback for multiple-input multiple-output (mimo)
A method and system for feedback of spatial csi of a spatial channel that connects receive antennas at user equipment and multiple transmit antennas. Spatial discrimination information is provided as feedback at the transmitter and the receiver connecting the user equipment and a cell.
Pocketbook and accessory rack
A pocketbook and accessory device is disclosed that can be used to organize purses, pocketbooks, jewelry, and other accessories for quick and convenient access when getting dressed. The pocketbook and accessory device comprises a base unit with wheels and a substantially vertical pole which extends upward from and is secured to the top surface of the base.
Portable beach table assembly
The present invention describes a beach table assembly that provides securement of the table into the sand. The table has a single leg with a removable threaded attachment that is configured for insertion into the distal end of the leg and is adapted for securement into the beach sand.
Online/offline proto link behavior and proto page conflict resolution
Architecture that facilitates offline/online interaction with online collaboration documents or pages such as for wikis and/or notebooks. More specifically, for every proto link employed in a page, a unique object id is provided.
Wireless communication using multi-dimensional antenna configuration
Communications may be performed in a communications system using multi-dimensional antenna configurations. A wtru may receive communications from a base station via one or more channels.

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