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Date/App# patent app List of recent Bonds-related patents
 Methods and apparatus for improving factor risk model responsiveness patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus for improving factor risk model responsiveness
Construction of factor risk models that better predict the future volatility of returns of a portfolio of securities such as stocks, bonds, or the like is addressed. More specifically, improved factor-factor covariance estimation is made even when the covariances change rapidly over time.
 Glucanases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them patent thumbnailnew patent Glucanases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
The invention relates to polypeptides having glucanase, e.g., endoglucanase, mannanase, xylanase activity or a combination of these activities, and polynucleotides encoding them. In one aspect, the glucanase activity is an endoglucanase activity (e.g., endo-1,4-beta-d-glucan 4-glucano hydrolase activity) and comprises hydrolysis of 1,4-beta-d-glycosidic linkages in cellulose, cellulose derivatives (e.g., carboxy methyl cellulose and hydroxy ethyl cellulose) lichenin, beta-1,4 bonds in mixed beta-1,3 glucans, such as cereal beta-d-glucans or xyloglucans and other plant material containing cellulosic parts.
 (meth)acrylic resin composition, imidized (meth)acrylic resin composition, and film obtained by molding them patent thumbnailnew patent (meth)acrylic resin composition, imidized (meth)acrylic resin composition, and film obtained by molding them
The present invention provides a (meth)acrylic resin composition comprising a carboxylic acid group produced by heating a (meth)acrylic-based resin (c), wherein the (meth)acrylic-based resin (c) is obtained by polymerizing a monomer mixture (a) containing 80 to 99 wt % of a linear alkyl (meth)acrylate and 1 to 20 wt % of tertiary-butyl (meth)acrylate, in the presence of an acrylic acid ester-based crosslinked elastic particle (b) that is obtained by mixing and polymerizing 0.5 to 5 parts by weight of a polyfunctional monomer having at least two non-conjugated double bonds per molecule, with respect to 100 parts by weight of a monomer mixture containing 50 to 100 wt % of an alkyl acrylate monomer and 0 to 50 wt % of an alkyl methacrylate monomer. This composition can be used to produce a film having excellent chemical resistance (in particular, sun-screening agent resistance)..
 Printed circuit board and magnetic field or current sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Printed circuit board and magnetic field or current sensor
A printed circuit has a creep suppressor and a stack of metallization layers separated by electrically insulating layers. A metallization layer arranged above the insulating layer at least partially covers a cavity formed in the latter's top face.
 System and method for reducing curve risk patent thumbnailSystem and method for reducing curve risk
A bond matching system receives positions from dealers identifying bonds to be matched and including the price value per basis point (pvpb) of the bonds and an indication of a percentage deviation from pvbp that the dealer is willing to accept in a matching bond. A matching engine performs a matching optimization during a run to match as many positions as possible and then calculates a series of hedge trades for each dealer to reduce the curve risk generated by matching with bonds having different maturity dates.
 Alginate-containing compositions for use in battery applications patent thumbnailAlginate-containing compositions for use in battery applications
A silicon-based anode comprises an alginate-containing binder. The many carboxy groups of alginate bind to a surface of silicon, creating strong, rigid hydrogen bonds that withstand battery cycling.
 Sb-te-ti phase-change memory material and ti-sb2te3 phase-change memory material patent thumbnailSb-te-ti phase-change memory material and ti-sb2te3 phase-change memory material
The present invention relates to an sb—te—ti phase-change thin-film material applicable to a phase-change memory and preparation thereof. The sb—te—ti phase-change memory material of the present invention is formed by doping an sb—te phase-change material with ti, ti forms bonds with both sb and te, and the sb—te—ti phase-change memory material has a chemical formula sbxteyti100-x-y, where 0<x<80 and 0<y<100-x.
 Spacers for insulated glass units patent thumbnailSpacers for insulated glass units
This disclosure provides spacers for smart windows. In one aspect, a window assembly includes a first substantially transparent substrate having an optically switchable device on a surface of the first substrate.
 Display device and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailDisplay device and method of manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a thin-film transistor circuit substrate including forming an oxide semiconductor thin film above an insulative substrate, forming a gate insulation film and a gate electrode which are stacked on a first region of the oxide semiconductor thin film, and exposing from the gate insulation film a second region and a third region of the oxide semiconductor thin film, the second region and the third region being located on both sides of the first region of the oxide semiconductor thin film, forming an interlayer insulation film of silicon nitride including dangling bonds of silicon, the interlayer insulation film covering the second region and the third region of the oxide semiconductor thin film, the gate insulation film and the gate electrode, and forming a source electrode and a drain electrode.. .
 Steel rail solar radiation sheilding patent thumbnailSteel rail solar radiation sheilding
A steel rail solar radiation shield comprises a coating applied to the steel rail configured to one of block, reflect and frequency shift solar radiation from being transferred to the steel rail via particulates suspended in the coating. The applied coating is configured to be self-cleaning via at least one of additional water, carbon dioxide, heat and an additional superficial sol coating configured to shed contaminates from the applied solar radiation shield coating.
Investment casting refractory material
An investment casting method involves producing a casting shell by applying a hardenable refractory material to a sacrificial pattern. The casting shell having a plurality of phosphate bonds in the hardenable refractory material, which provide increased structural integrity during casting and improved frangibility during shell removal.
Embellishment transfer delivery system
An embellishment transfer delivery system (etds) uses an embellishment, such as glitter, and combines it into a transfer adhesive that is combined with a carrier sheet and finally transferred to a sticky substrate, such as a double sided tape. The result is the clean, particle-free, non-tacky, dry transfer of the embellishment to cover an object with precise, complete and detailed coverage.
Solar cell, solar cell module, and method for manufacturing solar cell module
A solar module and a manufacturing method for a solar module with improved reliability are provided. The solar module includes a solar cell and a wiring member.
Fuel preheater and emission reducing device for diesel and other fuel injected engines
Free heat or scavenged heat from the coolant system or circulating oil from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine supplies heat to a fuel pre-heater causing the liquid fuel to become superheated and partially vaporized. Liquid fuel preferably diesel is converted from a fluid at ambient temperature to a superheated fuel breaking down the hydrocarbons bonds of the fuel (cracking) before being sent directly to the fuel injectors.
System and method for optimizing fixed rate whole loan trading
Optimizing fixed rate whole loan trading. Specifically, the invention provides computer-based systems and methods for optimally packaging a population of whole loans into bonds in either a senior/subordinate bond structure or into pools of pass through securities guaranteed by a government agency.
Contoured fluid-filled chamber
A fluid-filled chamber may be incorporated into footwear and other products. The chamber is formed from a polymer material that defines a first surface, a second surface located opposite the first surface, and a sidewall surface extending around a periphery of the chamber and between the first surface and the second surface.
Methods and compositions
Wherein said connector compound is attached to the polypeptide by at least three discrete covalent bonds. The invention also relates to libraries, and to methods for making complexes and to methods of screening using same..
Stabilizing additives for thermochromic pigments
A microencapsulation process is improved by adding a stabilizing agent that contains one or more catalytic organo-metal oxide materials, such as metal soaps. This functions as a crosslinker by causing unsaturated bonds in the microcapsule walls to react, thereby stabilizing the microcapsules against the effects of additives to coatings that, otherwise, degrade the functionality of thermochromic or photochromic materials at the microcapsule core..
Telechelic macromer, method for producing telechelic macromer and composition containing telechelic macromer
A telechelic macromer is disclosed having (meth)acrylic end-groups and a core. The macromer defined by formula 1 comprises a core y (formulas 2 to 9) that is linked to (meth)acrylic groups by urethane, ester or anhydride bonds and has iodine value ranging from 5 to 75.
Application of composition containing telechelic macromer and photoinitiator for producing implant for hernia repair
The present invention relates to an application of a composition containing telechelic macromer and photoinitiator for producing implant for hernia repair. The macromer structure is defined by formula 1.
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Substituted anionic compounds consisting of a backbone made up of a discrete number of saccharide units
The invention relates to substituted anionic compounds consisting of a backbone made up of a discrete number u of between 1 and 8 (1≦u≦8) of identical or different saccharide units, linked via identical or different glycosidic bonds, said saccharide units being chosen from the group consisting of pentoses, hexoses, uronic acids, n-acetylhexosamines in cyclic form or in open reduced form, which are randomly substituted. It also relates to the process for the preparation thereof and to the pharmaceutical compositions comprising same..
Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks
A synthetic polyisoprene latex emulsion has pre-vulcanization composition and post vulcanization composition. The pre-vulcanization composition comprises soluble sulfur with high s8 ring structure that is catalytically broken by a zinc dithiocarbamate.
Fiber-and-plastic composite and method for making same
A fiber-and-plastic composite includes a fiber composite, a plastic part, and a silane coupling agent layer and an adhesive layer formed between the fiber composite and the plastic parts. The silane coupling agent layer directly bonds with the fiber composite.
Bonding assembly
A device and method for the protection of a first member and second member from corrosion by utilizing a connector that bonds the members without allowing direct contact of the members.. .
Electronic device sealing for a downhole tool
Systems, methods, and devices that have a hermetic seal formed using reflow soldering are provided. The hermetic seal may protect electrical components within a packaging for use in downhole tools and/or other applications where the electrical components may be exposed to extreme environments.
Monolithic energy harvesting system, apparatus, and method
An energy harvesting device utilizing a monolithic, mesoscale, single-degree-of-freedom inertial based resonator in which the support structure, beam-spring, and proof mass are a single component without joints, bonds, or fasteners. Frequency tuning features include holes in the proof mass in which mass can be added to change the devices resonance frequency as well as levers which add curvature to the beam-spring system and adjust system stiffness.
Silver-to-silver bonded ic package having two ceramic substrates exposed on the outside of the package
A packaged power device involves no soft solder and no wire bonds. The direct-bonded metal layers of two direct metal bonded ceramic substrate assemblies, such as direct bonded aluminum (dba) substrates, are provided with sintered silver pads.
Ball grid array package with improved thermal characteristics
An integrated circuit package includes a substrate having first and second surfaces and a plurality of conductive traces therebetween and a semiconductor die mounted on the first surface of the substrate. A plurality of wire bonds connect the semiconductor die to ones of the conductive traces of the substrate and an encapsulant encapsulates the wirebonds and the semiconductor die.
Polysaccharide and/or polypeptide based graft polymers as synthetic tannins
A graft polymer of polysaccharides or polypeptides or its respective derivatives, obtainable by free radical polymerization of a) a monomer selected from or a monomer mixture of (a) from 20 to 100% by weight of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid or of a mixture thereof or of the alkali metal, alkaline earth metal or ammonium salts thereof, (b) from 0 to 80% by weight of other monoethylenically unsaturated monomers which are copolymerizable with the monomers (a) and (c) from 0 to 5% by weight of monomers having at least 2 ethylenically unsaturated, nonconjugated double bonds in the molecule, in the presence of either b1) polysaccharides, oxidatively, hydrolytically or enzymatically degraded polysaccharides, oxidized hydrolytically degraded or oxidized enzymatically degraded polysaccharides, or such chemically modified degraded products, chemically modified mono-, oligo-or poly-saccharides or mixtures of the stated compounds and/or b2) polypeptides, their hydrolysates or enzymaticallydegraded and optionally chemically modified products or mixtures of the stated compounds in a weight ratio a: (b1 or b2) of from 1:99 to 18:82 or in a weight ratio a:(b1+b2) of from 60:40 to 1:99 and b1:b2 of from 97:3 to 3:97 used as tanning agents.. .
Macromolecule conjugate
The invention relates to a macromolecule comprising a polymer central core having at least two atoms to which at least two monomers are attached forming a dendrimeric structure comprising at least three polymer bonds, at least two linear polymers (b) being bond to said polymer bonds, wherein said polymers (b) at least have terminal functional groups for cytotoxic agents and at least on extended polymer (a) having a size of at least 1 carbon atoms longer than said polymers (b) and at least a terminal functional group for a targeting agent. The invention also relates to a macromolecule conjugate as well as a macromolecule biotin conjugate comprising said macromolecule, methods to produce said macromolecules as well as kits or system comprising said macromolecules and method of treating a mammal by said macromolecules..
Graphene-supported metal oxide monolith
A composition comprising at least one graphene-supported metal oxide monolith, said monolith comprising a three-dimensional structure of graphene sheets crosslinked by covalent carbon bonds, wherein the graphene sheets are coated by at least one metal oxide such as iron oxide or titanium oxide. Also provided is an electrode comprising the aforementioned graphene-supported metal oxide monolith, wherein the electrode can be substantially free of any carbon-black and substantially free of any binder..
High-density 3d graphene-based monolith and related materials, methods, and devices
A composition comprising at least one high-density graphene-based monolith, said monolith comprising a three-dimensional structure of graphene sheets crosslinked by covalent carbon bonds and having a density of at least 0.1 g/cm3. Also provided is a method comprising: preparing a reaction mixture comprising a suspension and at least one catalyst, said suspension selected from a graphene oxide (go) suspension and a carbon nanotube suspension; curing the reaction mixture to produce a wet gel; drying the wet gel to produce a dry gel, said drying step is substantially free of supercritical drying and freeze drying; and pyrolyzing the dry gel to produce a high-density graphene-based monolith.
Electronic device
According to one embodiment, electronic device includes casing, circuit board, joint component, and bonding agent. The circuit board is held in the casing, includes first face and second face opposite the first face, and includes a first opening provided on the first face.
Electronic component termination and assembly by means of transient liquid phase sintering metalurgical bonds
An improved method for forming a capacitor is provided as is a capacitor, or electrical component, formed by the method. The method includes providing an aluminum containing anode with an aluminum oxide dielectric thereon; forming a cathode on a first portion of the aluminum oxide dielectric; bonding an anode lead to the aluminum anode on a second portion of the aluminum oxide by a transient liquid phase sintered conductive material thereby metallurgical bonding the aluminum anode to the anode lead; and bonding a cathode lead to said cathode..
Semiconductor package with multiple conductive clips
One exemplary disclosed embodiment comprises a high power semiconductor package configured as a buck converter having a control transistor and a sync transistor disposed on a common leadframe pad, a driver integrated circuit (ic) for driving the control and sync transistors, and conductive clips electrically coupling the top surfaces of the transistors to substrate pads such as leadframe pads. In this manner, the leadframe and the conductive clips provide efficient grounding or current conduction by direct mechanical connection and large surface area conduction, thereby enabling a package with significantly reduced electrical resistance, form factor, complexity, and cost when compared to conventional packaging methods using wirebonds for transistor interconnections..
Radiation enhanced resistive switching layers
Provided are radiation enhanced resistive switching layers, resistive random access memory (reram) cells including these layers, as well as methods of forming these layers and cells. Radiation creates defects in resistive switching materials that allow forming and breaking conductive paths in these materials thereby improving their resistive switching characteristics.
Magnetic field assisted deposition
Embodiments relate to applying a magnetic field across the paths of injected polar precursor molecules to cause spiral movement of the precursor molecules relative to the surface of a substrate. When the polar precursor molecules arrive at the surface of the substrate, the polar precursor molecules make lateral movements on the surface due to their inertia.
System and method of a platform for crossing bonds
This disclosure provides a unique process for firms wishing to cross bonds internally, from one customer account to another. This process allows the selling firm to list the bonds for sale on the bond auction platform and simultaneously to bid on the listed bonds.
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Blow molded composite component and method
Composite components and methods for forming composite components are provided. A method includes inserting a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic tape into a molding device, and feeding a parison into the molding device.
Targeted cytokine for treatment of musculoskeletal diseases
Provided are proteins and polynucleotides, complexes and compositions containing the proteins, and methods for their use in administration to subjects and for disease treatment. Among the provided proteins and complexes are complexes containing a tgf-beta associated with immunoglobulins (such as iggs) or functional portions thereof including fc portions, such as by non-covalent bonds.
Stub minimization using duplicate sets of signal terminals in assemblies without wirebonds to package substrate
A microelectronic assembly can include a circuit panel having first and second panel contacts at respective first and second surfaces thereof, and first and second microelectronic packages each having terminals mounted to the respective panel contacts. Each package can include a microelectronic element having a face and contacts thereon, a substrate having first and second surfaces, and terminals on the second surface configured for connecting the package with an external component.
Composition and system for preformed thermoplastic road marking with sequential features
The present disclosure describes preformed pre-bonded thermoplastic sections comprising smaller articles where the articles and sections have planar top surfaces and planar bottom surfaces that are coplanar to each other. There is also an adhesive backing layer on the coplanar bottom surfaces so that the adhesive backing layer bridges and bonds coplanar bottom surfaces to form unified pre-bonded thermoplastic signage thereby preventing dislodging or separation of the signage during handling, movement, and/or transportation before or during application of the pre-bonded signage.
Differential commission and electronic order matching process for the distribution of primary market fixed income securities
An apparatus and process (collectively the “system”) for conducting and managing the primary offering of fixed income securities, specifically, but not exclusively, fixed rate municipal bonds at different prices for like maturities over electronic networks, particularly, but not exclusively, the internet, is disclosed.. .
A biosensor including light emitting elements and a light receiving element disposed on a principal surface of a wiring board; a light shielding portion disposed between a light-emitting-element sealing portion and a light-receiving-element sealing portion; a base medium having light transmitting properties, disposed in parallel with the wiring board with the light shielding portion therebetween; an adhesion layer having light transmitting properties that bonds the base medium with the light-emitting-element sealing portion, the light-receiving-element sealing portion, and the light shielding portion; and a first electrocardiograph electrode attached to a principal surface of the base medium. Both end portions of the adhesion layer and both end portions of the base medium are disposed such that they overlap neither of the light-receiving-element sealing portion nor the light-emitting-element sealing portion when viewed from a direction normal to the principal surface of the wiring board..
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Interposer layer for enhancing adhesive attraction of poly(p-xylylene) film to substrate
An embodiment of the present disclosure provides a laminate structure, including a substrate having a surface; a poly(p-xylylene) film over the surface of the substrate; and an interposer layer between the substrate and the poly(p-xylylene) film. The interposer layer is bonded to both the substrate and the poly(p-xylylene) film in a covalent manner, and a ratio of si—c bonds and si—x bonds in the interposer layer is in a range from about 0.3 to about 0.8, wherein x is o or n..
Process for forming an image on a transparent acrylic article
A method of imaging acrylic glass is presented. An image is formed on a transfer sheet or medium, and is heat transferred to the acrylic glass substrate on which the image is to permanently appear.
Immunogenic synthetic glycoconjugate for the immunotherapy of melanoma
Wherein x is o, nh, s, ch2; l is a linker that is a divalent spacer; a is an adjuvant or carrier that is an immunogenic molecule or an immunogenic particle; and wherein bonds between linker and saccharide moiety and between linker and carrier are of covalent type; wherein the linker l presents a chemical structure suitable to space the saccharide moiety and the carrier by 7-30 atoms when the adjuvant/carrier a is a biomacromolecule or by 19-30 atoms when the adjuvant/carrier a is a metallic nanoparticle; wherein the carrier/adjuvant a can be selected among a macromolecule, a macrocycle, a dendrimer, a liposome, a nanoparticle, an oligosaccharide featuring from two to five monosaccharidic units or cells like dendritic cells.. .
Light emitting device
A light-emitting device is disclosed and comprises: a semiconductor stack; a transparent substrate comprising a first material; a bonding layer which bonds the semiconductor stack and the transparent substrate; and a medium in the transparent substrate, the medium comprising a second material different from the first material.. .
Laminate structure to stabilize a dimensionally unstable layer
A seal laminate for closing a mouth of a container is provided. The seal laminate includes a heat seal layer, a structural base support layer and upper and lower dimensional stable layers.
Dichroic filter conformed to optical surface
A method for forming an optical element deposits a first thin film coating to form a first coated surface on a first transparent substrate that is substantially flat, wherein, for incident light at an angle of incidence exceeding 5 degrees, the first multilayer thin film coating transmits a first wavelength band and reflects a second wavelength band. The first coated surface has a first surface form, and further has a second surface opposite the first coated surface with a second surface form.
Solar module
Provided is a solar module with improved reliability. A solar module (1) is provided with a solar cell (10), a wiring member (11), a resin adhesive layer (12), and a buffer region (40).
Compositions and methods for stimulating hair growth
Wherein the dashed bonds represent the presence or absence of a double bond which can be in the cis or trans configuration and a, b, z, x, r1 and r2 are as defined in the specification and a penetration enhancer. Such compositions are used in stimulating hair growth of human or non-human animals..
Common ground for electronic lapping guides
Embodiments described herein generally relate to connecting electronic lapping guides (elg) to a lapping controller such that the number of wire bonds from the controller to a row of read heads is minimized. When lapping the air bearing surface of the read heads, the electrical resistances of the elgs are monitored to adjust the lapping process and set the stripe height for read sensors in the read heads.
Cross-linked poly-e-lysine particles
The invention provides a cross-linked poly-ε-lysine polymer. The poly-ε-lysine and cross linker are linked by amide bonds and may the cross linker has at least two functional groups capable of reacting with an alpha carbon amine of poly-ε-lysine.
Fuel cells based on precise energy separation
Anodes utilizing precise energy separation are provided. The anodes can be used to generate electrical energy from a feedstock via precise energy separation.
Apparatus for mounting semiconductor chips on a circuit board
A chip mounting apparatus includes a loading unit, a combining unit and a bonding unit. The loading unit loads a circuit board having contact pads and semiconductor chips having solder balls into the chip mounting apparatus.
Fiber optic component holders and enclosures and methods including same
A method for securing a fiber optic component includes: providing a holding medium having a tack and mounted on a substrate; and placing the fiber optic component in intimate contact with the holding medium to thereby secure the fiber optic component to the substrate. The tack of the holding medium releasably bonds the fiber optic component to the holding medium and the holding medium retains its tack upon removal of the fiber optic component to permit re-placement of the fiber optic component or placement of a further fiber optic component on the holding medium to secure said fiber optic component or further fiber optic component to the substrate..
Covalent organic frameworks and methods of making same
Crystalline cofs comprising a phthalocyanine moiety and a boron-containing multifunctional linking group joined by boronate ester bonds. A method for making crystalline cofs comprising lewis acid catalyzed formation of boronate ester bonds between protected catechol subunits and multifunctional linkers comprising boronic acid groups.
Paint composition and coated article using the same
A paint composition contains polyurethane paint and nano silicon dioxide. The weight percentage of the nano silicon dioxide in the paint composition is about 2% to about 10%.
Biologically absorbable coating for implantable devices based on copolymers having ester bonds and methods of fabricating the same
Coatings for an implantable medical device and a method of fabricating thereof are disclosed, and the coatings comprise biologically absorbable poly(ester amides).. .
Biologically absorbable coating for implantable devices based on copolymers having ester bonds and methods of fabricating the same
Coatings for an implantable medical device and a method of fabricating thereof are disclosed, and the coatings comprise biologically absorbable poly(ester amides).. .
Organic nanotube having hydrophobized inner surface, and encapsulated medicinal agent prepared using the nanotube
Particularly, an asymmetric bipolar lipid molecule and an ester thereof respectively represented by general formulae (1) and (2) wherein n is an integer of 18 to 22, both of z1 and z2 are single bonds, y is gly, m(s) is the same or different integer of 3 to 6, x is oh, and r is a methoxy group, an ethoxy group, or a benzyloxy group are novel substances, and can form a carboxylic acid based asymmetric nanotube by single component self-assembly or binary self-assembly.. .

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