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Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Light emitting diode

Hon Hai Precision Industry

Light emitting diode

Light emitting diode

Hon Hai Precision Industry

Epitaxial structure

Date/App# patent app List of recent Bonds-related patents
 Flexible electronic system with wire bonds patent thumbnailFlexible electronic system with wire bonds
Generally discussed herein are systems and apparatuses that can include apparatuses, systems, or method for a flexible, wire bonded device. According to an example an apparatus can include (1) a first rigid circuit comprising a first plurality of bond pads proximate to a first edge of the first rigid circuit, (2) a second rigid circuit comprising a second plurality of bond pads proximate to a first edge of the second rigid circuit, the second rigid circuit adjacent the first rigid circuit and the first edge of the second rigid circuit facing the first edge of the first rigid circuit, or (3) a first plurality of wire bonded wires, each wire bonded wire of the first plurality of wire bonded wires electrically and mechanically connected to a bond pad of the first plurality of bond pads and a bond pad of the second plurality of bond pads..

 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices patent thumbnailOrganic electroluminescent materials and devices
Is described. In formula i, z is selected from q, s, and se; at least one of x1, x2, x3, and x4 is nitrogen, while the remainder are carbon; y1 and y2 are independently selected from nr, o, and s; r, ra, rb, and rc are each independently selected from a variety of substituents, and adjacent substitutions in r, ra, rb, and rc are optionally joined to form a fused ring; ligand la is at least a tridentate ligand coordinated to a metal m; m is coordinated to ring a and to ring b through metal-carbene bonds; and the ligand la is optionally linked with other ligands to comprise a tetradentate, pentadentate or hexadentate ligand.

 Light emitting diode patent thumbnailLight emitting diode
The disclosure relates to a light emitting diode. The light emitting diode includes a first semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer, a first electrode, a second electrode and a nanotube film.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Epitaxial structure patent thumbnailEpitaxial structure
The disclosure relates to an epitaxial structure. The epitaxial structure includes a substrate, an epitaxial layer, and a nanotube film.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor bump-bonded x-ray imaging device patent thumbnailSemiconductor bump-bonded x-ray imaging device
A high pixel density intraoral x-ray imaging sensor includes a direct conversion, fully depleted silicon detector bump bonded to a readout cmos substrate by cu-pillar bump bonds.. .
Oy Ajat Ltd.

 Heat assisted handling of highly warped substrates post temporary bonding patent thumbnailHeat assisted handling of highly warped substrates post temporary bonding
A heated non-contact wafer handling gripper may heat a thin device wafer bottom surface having a temporary bonding adhesive residue after debonding of the device wafer from a carrier along a layer of temporary bonding adhesive that bonds the wafers. The gripper may heat residue of the adhesive that remains on the bottom surface while gripping, transferring and placing the wafer onto an adhesive cleaning chuck.

 Methods, systems, devices and associated computer executable code for facilitating securitized funding of deposits, collateral, bonds and/or securities patent thumbnailMethods, systems, devices and associated computer executable code for facilitating securitized funding of deposits, collateral, bonds and/or securities
Disclosed are methods and systems for facilitating credit based transactions associated with purchase of goods, services or real estate having a cost, any other transaction and/or for providing a security, collateral, deposit or bond. According to some embodiments of the present invention, data indicating the cost of goods, service, security, collateral, deposit or bond may be received over a data network.
Pay It Simple Ltd.

 Cassette for facilitating optical sectioning of a retained tissue specimen patent thumbnailCassette for facilitating optical sectioning of a retained tissue specimen
A cassette for retaining a specimen of surgically exposed tissue from a patient in an orientation that facilitates optical sectioning of the tissue by a confocal microscopic or other optical imaging microscope. The cassette includes a base member having a rigid optically transparent window upon which a tissue specimen is situated, a pliable membrane locatable over a substantial portion of the base member including the window, and an upper member, having an aperture therethrough, which can cover the base member to provide an enclosed cavity between the membrane and the window sealing the tissue specimen therein.
Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics, Inc.

 Semiconductor bump-bonded x-ray imaging device patent thumbnailSemiconductor bump-bonded x-ray imaging device
A high pixel density intraoral x-ray imaging sensor includes a direct conversion, fully depleted silicon detector bump bonded to a readout cmos substrate by capillary bump bonds.. .
Oy Ajat Ltd.

 Honeycomb structure patent thumbnailHoneycomb structure
In a honeycomb structure, a bonding material monolithically bonds a plurality of honeycomb segments. The bonding material contains crystalline anisotropic ceramic particle and a particulate pore former.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Sheet manufacturing apparatus

A sheet manufacturing apparatus includes: a defibrating unit which defibrates a defibration object including fibers; a cylinder unit which allows a defibrated material which is defibration-processed in the defibrating unit to pass through a plurality of holes that is on a cylindrical surface by rotating; a housing unit which covers the cylinder unit so that the plurality of holes is included therein; a supplying unit which supplies additive agents that bonds the plurality of fibers, on an outer side of the cylinder unit to an inner side of the housing unit; and a bonding unit which forms a sheet by bonding the fibers and the additive agents.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Transparent vapor-deposited film

Employed is a roller-type continuous vapor-deposited film forming device in which a film-forming section and a preprocessing section provided with a plasma preprocessing device are arranged in series at a distance from each other. With a substrate transported at a high speed, plasma (p) is supplied to the substrate surface side while set to an electrically positive potential by a plasma preprocessing means for supplying the plasma toward the substrate (s) in a space enclosed in a preprocessing roller, and enclosed in a plasma supply means for supplying a plasma-forming gas and in a magnet (21), which is a magnetism formation means.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Analysis of disulfide bonds

The present disclosure relates to methods of evaluating, identifying, and/or producing (e.g., manufacturing) pharmaceutical products (e.g., protein therapeutics). In some instances, methods herein allow highly resolved evaluation of the disulfide bond profiles of protein therapeutics..
Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device, and production polarizing plate protective film

There is provided a polarizing plate protective film comprising a substrate film, and a layer formed by curing a curable composition containing, setting a total solid content of the curable composition to 100 mass %, from 50 to 90 mass % of the following (a) and from 10 to 40 mass % of the following (b) based on the total solid content, (a) a compound having three or more ethylenically unsaturated double bonds in the molecule, and (b) a rosin compound having an acid value of 150 to 400 mgkoh/g.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Inorganic ionomers made from minerals

Inorganic polymers are produced from silicate (—si—o—) and/or phosphonate (—p—o—) bonds, commonly found in rocks and glass, to create new polymeric materials for rubbers, fibers, and plastics. These inorganic polymers have various advantages over organic counterparts including abundance on the earth's crust, and properties including nonflammability, low toxicity, recyclability, and excellent thermal and chemical resistance..
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey



A toner has toner particles containing a binder resin that comprises a block polymer as a main component, obtained by chemically bonding a crystalline polyester resin with an amorphous polyurethane resin, wherein the binder resin has a specific content of a crystalline polyester resin component, and has a concentration of ester bonds derived from the crystalline polyester resin component of not more than 5.2 mmol/g, and the maximum value emax of the flexural elasticity modulus e in a three-point bending test on the toner and the strain energy u for the toner satisfy specific values.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Disulfide stabilised antibodies and fragments thereof

The present disclosure provides an antibody or antibody fragment comprising at least one fab molecule, wherein the light chain variable region, vl and the heavy chain region, vh of the fab molecule are linked by one or more disulfide bonds, and use of the same in treatment or prophylaxis.. .
Ucb Pharma S.a.


Methods of preventing and removing trisulfide bonds

The present invention pertains to methods of preventing and eliminating trisulfide bonds in proteins such as antibodies. In one embodiment, trisulfide bonds in proteins are converted to disulfide bonds as part of chromatographic purification procedures.
Biogen Ma Inc.


Glp-1 analogue, its preparation methods and use thereof

Wherein x10 is glycine or cysteine, x15 is aspartic acid or cysteine, x22 is glycine or cysteine, x30 is alanine or cysteine, x33 is valine or cysteine, and at least one of x10, x15, x22, x30 and x33 is cysteine, x1 and x2 respectively is glycine, alanine or valine, n1=1-30, n2=1-30. The general formula a contains two cysteines to form disulfide bonds.


Nanotube film structure

The disclosure relates to a nanotube film structure. The nanotube film structure includes at least one nanotube film.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Process for the production of a zeolitic material employing elemental precursors

The present invention relates to a process for the production of a zeolitic material having a framework structure comprising yo2, wherein said process comprises: (1) preparing a mixture comprising one or more tetravalent elements y in elemental form, one or more organic hydroxide salts, and one or more protic solvents; (2) reacting the mixture obtained in step (1) for converting at least part of the one or more tetravalent elements y into an oxidic form thereof containing one or more y—o single bonds and/or one or more y═o double bonds; and (3) crystallizing a zeolitic material from the mixture obtained in step (2).. .
Basf Se


Methods for disinfecting or sterilizing articles

Disclosed herein are materials and methods for reducing, preventing, or eliminating the biological contamination of surfaces in spaces that are reasonably partitioned, defined or contained. A reagent that includes peroxides or molecules that includes peroxide bonds are contacted with at least one surface of an article.
Performance Packaging Of Nevada, Llc


Fabrication of graphene electrodes on diamond substrate

One or more graphene layers may be formed on a diamond substrate by reforming sp3 hybrid orbitals of c—c bonds in a portion of the diamond substrate into sp2 hybrid orbitals. Forming sp2 hybrid orbitals may be achieved by ion bombardment to damage the sp3 hybrid orbitals of the c—c bonds in the diamond substrate and subsequent heating of the diamond substrate to allow annealing to take place.
King Abdulaziz University


Pressure sensor device with through silicon via

A semiconductor pressure sensor device having a pressure-sensing die electrically connected to a microcontrol unit (mcu) using either through silicon vias (tsvs) or flip-chip bumps. An active surface of the pressure-sensing die is in facing relationship with the mcu.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Low-k dielectric layer and porogen

A system and method for a low-k dielectric layer are provided. A preferred embodiment comprises forming a matrix and forming a porogen within the matrix.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Coaxial cable

A coaxial cable includes an internal conductor, an insulator that is provided at an outer circumference of the internal conductor, a film that is provided at an outer circumference of the insulator, an external conductor that is provided at an outer circumference of the film, a sheath that is provided at an outer circumference of the external conductor, and an adhesive layer that is provided between the insulator and the film and that bonds the insulator and the film with each other.. .
Yazaki Corporation


Grounding element for solar panel mounting systems

Disclosed is a device and a system that provides a bond and ground for the mounting of solar panel systems. The grounding element is pressed into and captivity held in a mounting component of a solar panel system.
Sunmodo Corporation


Jacket for a fiber optic cable

A fiber optic cable includes a core and a jacket surrounding the core. The jacket includes a base layer formed from a foamed material including a polymer.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


High hydrocarbon resistant chemically cross-linked aromatic polyimide membrane for separations

This invention relates to high hydrocarbon resistant chemically cross-linked aromatic polyimide polymers, membranes and methods for making and using these polymers and membranes. The high hydrocarbon resistant chemically cross-linked aromatic polyimide membrane described in the present invention comprises a plurality of repeating units of a first aromatic polyimide comprising hydroxyl groups cross-linked with a second aromatic polyimide comprising carboxylic acid groups via covalent ester bonds.
Uop Llc


Compositions and methods for improving glucose uptake

A compound includes the structure of general formula (ii), pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and/or solvates thereof: wherein r1, r2, r3, are independently selected from the group consisting of null, hydroxy, alkoxy, and halo, or r1 and r2 taken together form a cyclic boronate ester and r3 is null; wherein when four bonds to boron are present, boron bears a formal negative charge and the structure further comprises a countercation that is potassium or sodium, x1, x2, x3, and x4 are independently selected from the group consisting of o, ch, and n, with the proviso that no more than two of combined o and n are selected, and z is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, alkyl, aryl, heteroaryl, and halogen, any of which may be optionally substituted. Such compounds can increase glucose uptake by cells and preferably do not substantially increase adipogenesis..
Board Of Supervisors Of Louisiana State University And Agricultural And Mechanical College


Skinning of ceramic honeycomb bodies

A ceramic honeycomb body having a skin that does not block partial cells extending from an inlet face to an outlet face at an outer periphery portion of the body. A method of making the ceramic honeycomb body having the skin includes disposing a sheet on an outer peripheral wall of a honeycomb core having an outer surface spaced apart from interiors of the partial cells and skinning the body having the sheet disposed thereon.
Corning Incorporated


Honeycomb structure

There is disclosed a honeycomb structure. A honeycomb structure includes a pillar-shaped honeycomb structure body having partition walls defining a plurality of cells which become through channels for a fluid and extend from a first end face to a second end face, the partition walls include a porous body having refractory aggregates and a bonding material which bonds the refractory aggregates to each other, the bonding material includes metal si and an oxide material, porosity of the porous body constituting the partition walls is 25% or more and 70% or less, a ratio of a mass of the bonding material to a mass of the whole porous body is 30 mass % or more and 50 mass % or less, and a ratio of a mass of the oxide material to the mass of the bonding material is 30 mass % or more and 80 mass % or less..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Electronic device, electronic module, electronic apparatus, and moving object

An electronic device includes an accommodation space formed between a first base material and a second base material, and a first functional element and a second functional element in the accommodation space. The accommodation space is disposed in an internal region of a bonding portion that bonds the first base material and the second base material together.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Methods of forming polycrystalline compacts and earth-boring tools including polycrystalline compacts

Methods of forming polycrystalline compacts include subjecting a plurality of grains of hard material interspersed with a catalyst material to high-temperature and high-pressure conditions to form a polycrystalline material having intergranular bonds and interstitial spaces between adjacent grains of the hard material. The catalyst material is disposed in at least some of the interstitial spaces in the polycrystalline material.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Game behavior bonds

Computer-implemented methods and systems for processing of behavior bonds are provided. An example method comprises coding bond rules for a platform or specific application or contest; registering a user with a platform, application or contest to create the necessary user data; calculating which behavior rules the user must abide, based on the user data and bond rules; receiving, from administrators, leaders, other users, applications or systems, information related to user behavior for any current behavior bonds; updating, based on user actions and reports the then current user behavior bonds status, deducting penalties as necessary; displaying the behavior bonds as necessary and disbursing any forfeited behavior bonds..
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Coated and cured proppants

Solid proppants are coated with a coating that exhibits the handling characteristics of a precured coating while also exhibiting the ability to form particle-to-particle bonds at the elevated temperatures and pressures within a wellbore. The coating includes a substantially homogeneous mixture of (i) at least one isocyanate component having at least 2 isocyanate groups, and (ii) a curing agent.
Preferred Technology, Llc


Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks

A synthetic polyisoprene latex emulsion has pre-vulcanization composition and post vulcanization composition. The pre-vulcanization composition comprises soluble sulfur with high s8 ring structure that is catalytically broken by a zinc dithiocarbamate.
Ansell Healthcare Products Llc


Selective c-o bond cleavage of oxidized lignin and lignin-type materials into simple aromatic compounds

A method to cleave c—c and c—o bonds in β-o-4 linkages in lignin or lignin sub-units is described. The method includes oxidizing at least a portion of secondary benzylic alcohol groups in β-o-4 linkages in the lignin or lignin sub-unit to corresponding ketones and then leaving c—o or c—c bonds in the oxidized lignin or lignin sub-unit by reacting it with an organic carboxylic acid, a salt of an organic carboxylic acids, and/or an ester of an organic carboxylic acids.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


System and protecting a wound on the skin

A system and method of protecting a wound on the skin that results in a reduction of scarring at the wound site. A segment of porous adhesive tape is provided.


Package-on-package assembly with wire bond vias

A microelectronic package includes a substrate having a first surface. A microelectronic element overlies the first surface.
Invensas Corporation


Methods related to fabrication of shielded radio-frequency module

According to one exemplary embodiment, an overmolded package includes a component situated on a substrate. The overmolded package further includes an overmold situated over the component and the substrate.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Packaged radio-frequency module having wirebond shielding

According to one exemplary embodiment, an overmolded package includes a component situated on a substrate. The overmolded package further includes an overmold situated over the component and the substrate.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Self-healing composite, self-healing supercapacitor and methods of fabrication thereof

There is provided a self-healing composite including a supramolecular polymeric network of molecules cross-linked through reversible bonds, and nanostructures incorporated into the supramolecular polymeric network, the nanostructures and the supramolecular polymeric network being cross-linked through reversible bonds. In particular, the supramolecular network has a glass transition temperature (tg) of about 10° c.
Nanyang Technological University


Display device

A display device includes: a light source unit; a holding frame that stores the light source unit therein; a display panel that is disposed to face the light source unit; and a transparent member that is disposed on a front surface side of the display panel, wherein the holding frame includes a planar portion which is formed to face a periphery portion of a rear surface side of the transparent member, and wherein the holding frame includes a bonding member which is disposed on the planar portion and bonds the transparent member and the holding frame, and wherein the planar portion provided with a convex protrusion protruding toward the transparent member.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Gas sensor

Provided is a gas sensor free from an unbonded space being in communication with an internal space. A gas sensor, which includes a sensor element including a plurality of layers that are bonded and formed of an oxygen-ion conductive solid electrolyte and which reduces a predetermined gas component of a measurement gas to identify a concentration of the gas component on the basis of a current flowing through the solid electrolyte, includes an internal space in which a measurement gas having the ability to reduce the gas component is provided.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Honeycomb structure

A honeycomb structure has a plurality of pillar honeycomb segments with a porous partition wall that defines a plurality of cells extending from an inflow end face as one end face to an outflow end face as another end face and becoming channels for a fluid and a bonding layer that bonds side surfaces of the plurality of honeycomb segments one another, the bonding layer contains a plurality of plate-shaped particles, the plate-shaped particles are laminated in a thickness direction x of the bonding layer at a cross section of the bonding layer cut off to the thickness direction of the bonding layer, the number of particles α meets expression: number of particles α>10, and the number of particles α and the number of particles β meet a relationship of expression: (number of particles α/number of particles β)>3.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Radiation curable ink composition

A radiation curable ink composition includes a first 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl compound. The first 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl compound is present in the radiation curable ink composition at a concentration above 0.5 wt %.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Room temperature bonding apparatus and room temperature bonding method

A room temperature bonding apparatus includes a first beam source, a second beam source, and a press bonding mechanism. The first beam source emits a first activation beam that irradiates a first surface of a first substrate.
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


High moisture barrier coextruded blown film and laminate and package made therefrom

A coextruded multilayer blown film includes a core layer including a blend of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer and an active oxygen barrier composition including a blend of a thermoplastic resin having carbon-carbon double bonds substantially in its main chain, a transition metal salt, and an oxygen barrier polymer; two intermediate layers each including polyamide; a first outer layer including high density polyethylene; a second outer layer including olefinic polymer; and two tie layers each adhering an intermediate layer to the first and second outer layers respectively; wherein from 20% to 65% by weight of the coextruded multilayer blown film is made up of high density polyethylene. A package includes a food product in a hermetic pouch made from the coextruded film, optionally adhered to a pet film, such as a printed, or trap-printed pet film, to form a laminate, the pouch having a longitudinal seal and transverse heat seals..
Cryovac, Inc.


Enhanced organizer notebook

A notebook includes a top cover, a bottom cover, a spine that bonds both covers and that has a bonding means, and sheets bonded by said bonding means. The notebook has three borders comprised by the edge or thickness of each of the sheets.
Carvajal, S.a. De C.v.



This invention relates to a composition comprising an agrochemical and a compound of formula (i) wherein each a is independently selected from c1-10 alkanediyl; n is an integer selected from 0 to 45 inclusive; and m is an integer selected from 1, 2, 3 and 4; r is a branched or linear c1-c24 hydrocarbon either fully saturated or comprising up to three double bonds or is phenyl or is benzyl or is a c3-c8 fully saturated cyclic group; and r is substituted 1, 2, 3 or 4 times as defined by the value of m; and when m is 1 and n is not zero, r may also be hydrogen; and q is a branched or linear c1-c24 hydrocarbon either fully saturated or comprising up to three double bonds or is phenyl or is benzyl or is a c3-c8 fully saturated cyclic group; provided that when m is 1 and n is zero, q and r are not both selected from a branched or linear c1-c24 hydrocarbon either fully saturated or comprising up to three double bonds to methods of making and using the compositions; and to the use of the compounds as adjuvants for agrochemical use. In particular the present invention relates to compositions selected from an emulsion concentrate (ec), an emulsion in water (ew), a suspension of particles in water (sc), a soluble liquid (sl), a microcapsule formulation (cs), a suspension of particles with an emulsion (se), a dispersion concentrate (dc), an oil suspension (od), a water dispersible granule (wg), a soluble granule (sg) and a wettable powder (wp)..
Syngenta Participations Ag


Solar cell module with anti-glare film and manufacturing same, anti-glare film for solar cell modules and manufacturing same, and coating solution for forming anti-glare film

The solar cell module includes an anti-glare film on a transparent insulating substrate. The anti-glare film is a continuous film that contains transparent inorganic fine particles in an inorganic binder, and is free of cracks.
Kaneka Corporation


Chip package structure

In one embodiment, a chip package structure can include: (i) a substrate; (ii) a top chip including a plurality of vias arranged through the top chip to form electrical connections between an active surface of the top chip and a back surface of the top chip; (iii) a redistribution layer arranged on the back surface of the top chip; and (iv) a plurality of wire bonds that form electrical connections between the substrate and electrodes on the redistribution layer on the back surface of the top chip.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd


Room-temperature bonding apparatus and room-temperature bonding method

A room-temperature bonding apparatus includes a vacuum chamber; a first holding mechanism; a second holding mechanism; a beam source; and a pressure bonding mechanism which bonds first and second substrates. At least one of the above members is formed of a first material which is difficult to be sputtered or which does not obstruct a function of a device obtained by bonding the first and second substrates even if the first material is in the bonding surfaces, or a surface of the at least one is covered with the first material..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Resist underlayer film forming composition containing silicon containing cyclic organic group having hetero atom

A resist underlayer film composition for lithography, including: a silane: at least one among a hydrolyzable organosilane, a hydrolysis product thereof, and a hydrolysis-condensation product thereof, wherein the silane includes a silane having a cyclic organic group containing as atoms making up the ring, a carbon atom, a nitrogen atom, and a hetero atom other than a carbon and nitrogen atoms. The hydrolyzable organosilane may be a hydrolyzable organosilane of formula (1), wherein, at least one group among r1, r2, and r3 is a group wherein a —si(x)3 group bonds to c1-10 alkylene group, and other group(s) among r1, r2, and r3 is(are) a hydrogen atom, c1-10 alkyl group, or c6-40 aryl group; a cyclic organic group of 5-10 membered ring containing atoms making up the ring, a carbon atom, at least one of nitrogen, sulfur or oxygen atoms; and x is an alkoxy group, acyloxy group, or halogen atom..
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Display device and liquid crystal lens panel device for the same

A liquid crystal lens panel includes a display area and a periphery area disposed outside the display area. A first substrate including a plurality of linear electrodes is disposed in a display area.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Polyurethanes, dispersions thereof, their preparation and use

The present invention relates to polyurethanes (a) being obtainable by reaction of (a) 15% to 70% by weight of di- or polyisocyanate comprising on average from 1 to 10 allophanate groups and on average from 1 to 10 c—c double bonds per molecule, and optionally (b) 0% to 60% by weight of further di- or polyisocyanate, with (c) 5% to 50% by weight of compounds having at least two isocyanate-reactive groups, comprising at least one polycarbonate diol with a molecular weight from 500 to 3000 g/mol weight % ages being based on total polyurethane (a), with the proviso that the total is 100%.. .
Basf Se


Epoxy compound having alkoxysilyl group, preparing the same, composition including the same, cured product made from the composition, and use of the composition

Provided are an alkoxysilylated epoxy compound, a composite of which exhibits good heat resistance properties, particularly low cte and increased glass transition temperature, and a cured product thereof exhibits good flame retardancy and composition of which does not require additional silane coupling agent, a method for preparing the same and a composition and a cured product including the same. An alkoxysilylated epoxy compound including at least one alkoxysilyl group and at least two epoxy groups, a method for preparing the same by epoxide ring-opening reaction of starting material and alkoxysilylation, an epoxy composition including the epoxy compound, and a cured product and a use of the composition are provided.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology


Method for producing devulcanized rubber and an apparatus therefor

A method for producing devulcanized rubber and an apparatus (100) therefor. The method for producing devulcanized rubber comprises the steps of (1) providing vulcanized rubber particles with a pre-determined particle size and (2) devulcanizing the vulcanized rubber particles.
Sekhar Research Innovations Sdn. Bhd.


Cord rubberized in situ comprising a composition comprising a styrene-butadiene copolymer

A metal cord is rubberized in situ by a rubber composition that includes a styrene-butadiene copolymer. The styrene-butadiene copolymer includes styrene units at a proportion of between 25% and 35% by weight, limits included, of a total weight of the styrene-butadiene copolymer.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Multiple die in a face down package

A microelectronic package includes a subassembly including a first substrate and first and second microelectronic elements having contact-bearing faces facing towards oppositely-facing first and second surfaces of the first substrate and each having contacts electrically connected with the first substrate. The contact-bearing faces of the first and second microelectronic elements at least partially overlie one another.
Tessera, Inc.


Multiple die lead frame

An electronic apparatus includes a packaging enclosure, first and second die pads disposed within the packaging enclosure, first and second semiconductor die disposed on the first and second die pads, respectively, a plurality of packaging leads, each packaging lead projecting outward from the packaging enclosure, a plurality of packaging posts disposed within the packaging enclosure and extending inward from opposite sides of the packaging enclosure between the first and second die pads, each packaging post being connected with a respective one of the plurality of packaging leads, and a plurality of wire bonds disposed within the packaging enclosure. Each packaging post of the plurality of packaging posts is connected via a first wire bond of the plurality of wire bonds to the first semiconductor die and via a second wire bond of the plurality of wire bonds to the second semiconductor die.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Interconnection structure and forming the same

After a copper interconnection is formed above a substrate, a surface of the copper interconnection is activated by performing acid cleaning. Thereafter, the substrate is immersed in a bta (benzo triazole) aqueous solution to form a protection film covering the surface of the copper interconnection.
Fujitsu Limited


Mechanisms for cleaning substrate surface for hybrid bonding

The mechanisms for cleaning a surface of a semiconductor wafer for a hybrid bonding are provided. The method for cleaning a surface of a semiconductor wafer for a hybrid bonding includes providing a semiconductor wafer, and the semiconductor wafer has a conductive pad embedded in an insulating layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Copper wire bonding apparatus using a purge gas to enhance ball bond reliability

A bonding apparatus and method of bonding copper bond wires to bond pads on an integrated circuit devices attached to a substrate. A heater block heats the devices and substrate prior to and during wire bonding.
Lsi Corporation


Principal guaranteed savings and investment system and method

A system and method for mass market hedge fund investing is proposed that preferably works in conjunction with the u.s. Treasury's treasury direct program for direct investment in u.s.


Structural polyurethane adhesive

A two-component polyurethane adhesive is described. The polyurethane adhesive has high strength and extensibility, wherein the mechanical properties are only slightly dependent on the temperature.
Sika Technology Ag


Thermally conductive flexible adhesive for aerospace applications

Provided are methods of forming thermally conductive flexible bonds for use in electronic boards of unmanned spacecrafts and other types of aircraft. Also provided are methods of preparing adhesive materials to form these bonds including methods of preparing treated filler particles.
The Boeing Company


High modulus fiber reinforced polymer composite

A fiber reinforced polymer composition is provided comprising a fiber and an adhesive composition, wherein the adhesive composition comprises at least a thermosetting resin and a curing agent, the reinforcing fiber has a tensile modulus of at least 300 gpa and the cured adhesive has a resin modulus of at least 3.2 gpa, and the adhesive composition when cured makes good bonds to the reinforcing fiber. Additional embodiments include a prepreg comprising the fiber reinforced polymer composition and a method of manufacturing a composite article by curing the adhesive composition and a reinforcing fiber..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Particles containing reversible covalent bonds which may be sequentially formed and broken multiple times

The present invention is directed to a particle-containing entity p-(a---b-m)x wherein p is a solid particle attached to at least one polymer m through one or several reversible covalent bonds -a---b-, wherein a and b are functional groups respectively grafted to p and m thus forming the p-(a---b-m)x particle-containing entity with x being greater than or equal to 1, m has a degree of polymerization comprised between 5 and 1000, preferably ranging from 5 to 500, and wherein the reversible covalent bond -a---b- is chosen among an imine, a disulfide, a boronic ester or an acetal. The invention is also directed to a method of preparing this particle-containing entity, a method for sequentially forming and breaking the reversible covalent bond -a---b- in said particle-containing entity p-(a---b-m)x and dispersions comprising same..
Fonds De L'espci - Georges Charpak


Pyrrolopyrimidine compounds as kinase inhibitors

Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Pharmacyclics, Inc.


Process for hydrogenation of olefinic or acetylenic bonds

The present invention relates to a process for hydrogenation of olefinic or acetylenic bonds. Further, the present invention relates to a process for selective hydrogenation of olefinic or acetylenic bonds and/including triglycerides using modified metal supported on solid acidic metal oxide catalyst and the process for the preparation thereof.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research


Three dimensional mold object manufacturing apparatus, manufacturing three dimensional mold object, and three dimensional mold object

A three dimensional mold object manufacturing apparatus configured to manufacture a three dimensional mold object by layering layers which are formed using a three dimensional molding composition which includes a three dimensional molding powder, has a molding section configured to mold the three dimensional mold object, a layer forming section configured to form the layers formed by the three dimensional molding composition, on the molding section, and a discharging section configured to discharge bonding liquid, which bonds the three dimensional molding composition, with regard to the layers, and the molding section configured so as to move to a drawing region of the discharging section.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Hemostatic bioabsorbable device with polyethylene glycol binder

A hemostatic pad comprising a bioabsorbable scaffolding material; a lyophilized thrombin powder, a lyophilized fibrinogen powder, and a meltable binder powder, with all powders disposed on the bioabsorbable scaffolding material. A meltable binder such as peg bonds the lyophilized thrombin powder and the lyophilized fibrinogen powder to the bioabsorbable scaffolding material for improved friability, wettability and performance in a use, such as for hemostatic treatment or sealing at a wound site..
Ethicon, Inc.


Devices and methods for tissue engineering

A resorbable tissue scaffold fabricated from bioactive glass fiber forms a rigid three-dimensional porous matrix having a bioactive composition. Porosity in the form of interconnected pore space is provided by the space between the bioactive glass fiber in the porous matrix.
Bio2 Technologies, Inc.


Endoscopic plication devices and methods

Described herein are endoscopic plicators passed transorally into the stomach and used to plicate stomach tissue by engaging tissue from inside of the stomach and drawing it inwardly. In the disclosed embodiments, the tissue is drawn inwardly into a vacuum chamber, causing sections of serosal tissue on the exterior of the stomach to be positioned facing one another.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Organic light-emitting display apparatus

An organic light-emitting display apparatus includes a first substrate, a display unit defining an active area on the first substrate and including an insulating layer, a second substrate on the display unit, one or more signal lines outside the active area and on the insulating layer, and a sealant between the first substrate and the second substrate. The sealant bonds the first substrate and the second substrate, and covers at least a portion of the signal lines..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Compact power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package

Some exemplary embodiments of a multi-chip module (mcm) power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) semiconductor package utilizing a leadframe for electrical interconnections have been disclosed. One exemplary embodiment comprises a pqfn semiconductor package comprising a leadframe, a driver integrated circuit (ic) coupled to the leadframe, a plurality of vertical conduction power devices coupled to the leadframe, and a plurality of wirebonds providing electrical interconnects, including at least one wirebond from a top surface electrode of one of the plurality of vertical conduction power devices to a portion of the leadframe, wherein the portion of the leadframe is electrically connected to a bottom surface electrode of another of the plurality of vertical conduction power devices.
International Rectifier Corporation


Door restoration plug

The invention is prefabricated and configured to repair and restore damage caused to various locations of a door. A method and apparatus are disclosed for the repair and restoration of a door's stile, rail, core or surface.


Method of hydrotreatment and a hydrotreatment system

A method of hydrotreatment is provided. The method includes providing a material that is suitable for undergoing hydrotreatment; mixing the material with a hydrogenation agent to form a feed stream; and heating the feed stream to break chemical bonds of the material in the presence of a catalyst.
Curtin University Of Technology


Hydrogenation of diene-based polymer latex in the presence of an in situ synthesized catalyst

A technique of improving the hydrogenation reaction of diene-based polymers, present in aqueous suspension, by in-situ synthesizing the catalyst in the presence of a specific aliphatic alcohol is disclosed. The process allows the selective hydrogenation of the carbon-carbon double bonds in the diene-based polymers with a high degree of hydrogenation and short reactions times.
University Of Waterloo


Tandem metathesis and hydrogenation of diene-based polymers in latex

The present invention provides a novel process for subjecting a diene-based-polymer to a metathesis reaction in a first step and a selective hydrogenation of the carbon-carbon double bonds present in such diene-based polymers in a second step using a ruthenium or osmium based complex catalyst, wherein the diene-based polymer is present in latex form, this means as a suspension of diene-based polymer particles in an aqueous medium.. .
University Of Waterloo


Aldehyde capture ligation technology for synthesis of amide bonds

The present invention relates to ligation agents and their use in making an amide ligation product. Methods of making the ligation agents are also disclosed..
New York University


Magnetic core coated inorganic ion adsorbent for removing cs ions in radioactive wastewater and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a micron-grade magnetic core coated ferrocyanide adsorbent for removing cs ions in radioactive wastewater and a preparation method thereof. The adsorbent takes magnetic fe3o4 as a core, the surface is coated with a dense sio2 single layer serving as a protective layer, and an active component is metal ion stabilized potassium ferrocyanide coated on the outer layer, wherein stabilized metal ions comprise ti, zn, cu, ni, co, and zr.
Tsinghua University


Laser de-bond of carrier wafer from device wafter

In one embodiment, a semiconductor device wafer (10) contains electrical components and has electrodes (28) on a first side of the device wafer (10). A transparent carrier wafer (30) is bonded to the first side of the device wafer (10) using a bonding material (32) (e.g., a polymer or metal).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Semiconductor device including alternating stepped semiconductor die stacks

A semiconductor device including alternating stepped semiconductor die stacks to allow for large numbers of semiconductor die to be provided within a semiconductor device using short wire bonds.. .
Sandisk Information Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Hydrocarbon fuel antioxidant and application thereof

A hydrocarbon fuel antioxidant comprises a compound having a following molecular structure r1-(cnhm)-r2, a precursor or a derivative of the compound: wherein n and m are positive integers; —(cnhm)— group is a straight chain molecule segment formed by covalent linkage of carbon atoms which are more than or equal to 3 and less than or equal to 50; ,r1 and r2 comprise an aromatic ring or carboxylic acid or hydroxyl radical or alkyl group; the aromatic ring group may either be a single ring or polycyclic, and may also be a heterocycle containing oxygen or nitrogen, which may be provided with or not provided with a substituent group; the antioxidant contains more than one linear chain or ring conjugated bond formed by conjugated double bonds; the ring conjugated double bonds are located on the aromatic ring at the end part; the linear chain conjugated double bonds are located on a carbon chain in the middle; and the antioxidant has a prominent absorption peak in a 250-400 nm ultraviolet wavelength range. The hydrocarbon fuel antioxidant comprises carotinoid, vitamin a or vitamin e.
Greenville Environmental Company Limited


Chemical deposition raw material formed of ruthenium complex and producing the same, and chemical deposition method

Wherein l is a polyene having a carbon number of from 4 to 8 and 2 to 4 double bonds, wherein the polyene l has n (n≧1) pieces of substituents rs, wherein the substituents rs are each a fluoroalkyl group having a carbon number of from 1 to 6 and a fluorine number of from 1 to 13, and in the case when the polyene l has two or more (n≧2) of the substituents rs, the carbon numbers and the fluorine numbers of the substituents rs may be different in the same molecule.. .


Solid carbon products comprising carbon nanotubes and methods of forming same

Methods of forming solid carbon products include disposing a plurality of nanotubes in a press, and applying heat to the plurality of carbon nanotubes to form the solid carbon product. Further processing may include sintering the solid carbon product to form a plurality of covalently bonded carbon nanotubes.
Seerstone Llc


Bond standoffs for sliding positioning of components in an assembly

Adhesive bonds may be formed between components (e.g., automotive) by sliding components into position without wiping or removing the uncured adhesive. Here, a first bonding region has an uncured adhesive and a plurality of bond standoffs that is positioned adjacent to a second bonding region.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

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