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 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
An object is to provide a novel separation method or a novel manufacturing method of a device. In the case where a bond of m——w (m is a given element) is divided by application of physical force, a liquid is absorbed into the gap, whereby the bond becomes bonds of m—oh ho—w with a longer bond distance and the detachment can be promoted accordingly.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Raman scattering nanoprobes patent thumbnailRaman scattering nanoprobes
A raman scattering probe, and a method of making such a probe, uses a capsule of nanometric size, such as a nanotube, to which is coupled at least one raman-active molecule. The raman-active molecule may be encapsulated in, or attached on the exterior of, the capsule, and exhibits a raman scattering response when the probe is illuminated by an excitation light beam.
Valorisation-recherche, Limited Partnership

 Construction of new variants of dextransucrase dsr-s by genetic engineering patent thumbnailConstruction of new variants of dextransucrase dsr-s by genetic engineering
The present invention relates to a recombinant process for the production of truncated or mutated dextransucrases while conserving the enzymatic activity or their specificity in the synthesis of the α-1,6 bonds. The present invention relates to nucleic acid sequences of truncated or mutated dextransucrases, vectors containing the nucleic acid sequences and host cells transformed by sequences encoding truncated or mutated dextransucrases.
Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees De Toulouse

 Optoelectronic component comprising a bonding layer and  producing a bonding layer in an optoelectronic component patent thumbnailOptoelectronic component comprising a bonding layer and producing a bonding layer in an optoelectronic component
An optoelectronic component and a method for manufacturing an optoelectronic component are provided. In an embodiment, the optoelectronic component includes a layer sequence having an active layer configured to emit electromagnetic primary radiation, a converter lamina disposed in a beam path of the electromagnetic primary radiation and a bonding layer disposed between the layer sequence and the converter lamina, wherein the bonding layer comprises an inorganic-organic hybrid material having si—o—al bonds and/or si—o—zr bonds..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

 Polyolefin-based resin composition and molded body patent thumbnailPolyolefin-based resin composition and molded body
Provided is a polyolefin-based resin composition including a hydrogenated block copolymer (a) and a polyolefin-based resin (b), the hydrogenated block copolymer (a) being a hydrogenated product of a block copolymer including a polymer block (a) composed of a constitutional unit derived from an aromatic vinyl compound and a polymer block (b) containing 1 to 100% by mass of a constitutional unit (b1) derived from farnesene and 99 to 0% by mass of a constitutional unit (b2) derived from a conjugated diene other than farnesene; a mass ratio of the polymer block (a) and the polymer block (b) [(a)/(b)] being 1/99 to 55/45; 50 mol % or more of carbon-carbon double bonds in the polymer block (b) being hydrogenated; and a mass ratio of the polyolefin-based resin (b) and the hydrogenated block copolymer (a) [{polyolefin-based resin (b)}/{hydrogenated block copolymer (a)}] being 1/99 to 99/1. The polyolefin-based resin composition is favorable in flexibility and molding processability, excellent in weather resistance and whitening resistance, and also excellent in rigidity..
Amyris, Inc.

 Heat transfer films for the dry coating of surfaces patent thumbnailHeat transfer films for the dry coating of surfaces
The present invention relates to heat transfer films, comprising: a) a carrier film (2), b) at least one, for example one, two or three, coating layer(s) (3) arranged directly on the carrier film (2), c) at least one, in particular precisely one, hot-sealable polymer adhesive layer (4), wherein the coating layer is based on a non-aqueous, radiation-curable, liquid composition which contains at least 60 wt %, in particular at least 70 wt %, based on the total weight of the composition, curable constituents selected from organic oligomers which have ethylenically unsaturated double bonds and mixtures of these oligomers with monomers which have at least one ethylenically unsaturated double bond. The invention also relates to the use of the heat transfer films for the dry coating of surfaces.
Ls Industrielacke Gmbh

 Method for producing an elastomer floor covering having a decorative layer and an elastomer floor covering with a decorative layer patent thumbnailMethod for producing an elastomer floor covering having a decorative layer and an elastomer floor covering with a decorative layer
An exemplary method for manufacturing an elastomeric flooring comprises: providing a first rubber mixture (2); providing a decor carrier material (6) comprising areas with a decor layer (7) wherein the decor layer (7) contains a second rubber mixture; shaping the first rubber mixture (2) by converting it to a rubber web (5); applying the decor carrier material (6) comprising the decor layer (7) onto the rubber web (5), wherein the decor layer (7) comes in contact with the rubber web (5); vulcanizing the rubber web (5) with the decor layer (7) applied to it, wherein the decor layer (7) bonds to the rubber web (5); and removing the decor carrier material (6).. .
Nora Systems Gmbh

 Method for constructing a dipole antenna patent thumbnailMethod for constructing a dipole antenna
A method of fabricating a microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The fabrication method includes providing a proximal portion having an inner conductor and an outer conductor, the inner conductor extending at least partially therein.
Covidien Lp

 Cleaning article having discrete seal bonds patent thumbnailCleaning article having discrete seal bonds
A cleaning article having a layer of tow fibers and a layer of sheet material, joined together in a laminated construction. The layer of tow fibers and the sheet may be joined together at a spine.
The Procter & Gamble Company

 Laminated textile patent thumbnailLaminated textile
There is provided a drapable textile material comprising a base layer of a first knitted or woven textile material, a stabilising layer of a second knitted or woven textile material, and a bonding agent intermediate of the base layer and the stabilising layer that bonds the base layer to the stabilising layer, wherein the first knitted or woven textile comprises a liquid crystal polymer fibre and the second knitted or woven textile material consists of fibres that differ from the liquid crystal polymer fibre.. .
Covec Limited

Electrical submersible pump with motor winding encapsulated in bonded ceramic

An electrical submersible pump assembly has a motor with a stator stack of limitations. The stack has slots through which magnet wires are wound.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method for manufacturing a light emitting element

A method for manufacturing a light emitting element is disclosed. A larger end face of a gallium nitride pyramid contacts with a mounting face of a gallium nitride layer disposed on a substrate, with c-axes of the gallium nitride layer and the gallium nitride pyramid coaxial to each other, and with m-planes of the gallium nitride layer and the gallium nitride pyramid parallel to each other.
National Sun Yat-sen University

Composition for pattern formation, pattern-forming method, and block copolymer

A composition for pattern formation capable of forming a directed self-assembling film having a regular array structure with fine pitches accompanied by fewer defects, and in turn capable of forming a pattern having a fine and favorable shape. A composition for pattern formation contains a block copolymer that forms a phase separation structure by directed self-assembly, and a solvent, in which the block copolymer has a first block composed of a first repeating unit that includes a silicon atom, a second block composed of a second repeating unit that does not include a silicon atom, and a first group that bonds to at least one end of the main chain and links to the first block, in which the first group is a monovalent group that forms a compound having c log p of no less than 2.4 provided that a methyl group is bonded thereto.
Jsr Corporation

Coil component

In an embodiment, a coil component includes a magnetic body, and an internal conductor 21 having a center axis and formed in a spiral shape; wherein the internal conductor 21 is embedded in the magnetic body; in a cross sectional view of a plane that includes the center axis extending in the vertical direction, wherein a conductor region part 11 positioned between the adjacent windings of the spiral shape has a higher oxygen content than that of a core part 12 including the center axis and positioned on the inner side of the windings of the spiral shape. The magnetic body is constituted by iron-based soft magnetic grains and oxide film of at least one type of element that oxidizes more easily than iron, which oxide film bonds at least partly the iron-based soft magnetic grains..
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Magnetic body and electronic component comprising the same

In an embodiment, a magnetic body includes soft magnetic alloy grains 11 containing fe, element l, and element m (where element l is si or zr and element m is a metal element other than si or zr that oxidizes more easily than fe), as well as oxide film produced from oxidization of part of these grains 11; wherein at least some of the bonds between adjacent soft magnetic alloy grains 11 are by way of the oxide film; the oxide film has an inner film 12a, and an outer film 12b positioned on the outer side of the inner film 12a; and the inner film 12a contains more of element l than element m, while the outer film 12b contains more of element m than element l.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Method of providing electrical conductivity properties in biocomposite materials

A method to provide enhanced electrical conductivity to the biocomposite material in which fibrous materials are initially combined and mixed with a polymer base. As the fibrous material and polymer are mixed or compounded, molecular bonds form between the fibrous material and the polymer.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.

Polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate and display device

A polarizing plate protective film contains a compound represented by general formula (i). In general formula (i), x is a group containing a boronic acid ester structure, and a plurality of xs may be identical or different; l represents a single bond or a divalent linking group, and a plurality of ls may be identical or different; n represents an integer of 2 or more; when n is 2, z represents a single bond or a divalent group, and when n is 3 or more, z represents a group having a valence of n, provided that l and z are not simultaneously single bonds when n is 2..
Fujifilm Corporation

Heat-curable rubber compositions having plastisol-like rheological properties

The invention relates to heat-curing reactive compositions based on natural and/or synthetic liquid elastomers containing olefinic double bonds and on vulcanizing agents, where these comprise a quantity, relative to the entire composition, of from 1 to 25% by weight, preferably from 1 to 15% by weight, of at least one liquid polyisoprene, preferably at least one cis-1,4 polyisoprene; a quantity, relative to the entire composition, of from 0.5 to 10% by weight, preferably from 0.5 to 5% by weight, of at least one functionalized liquid polybutadiene; a quantity, relative to the entire composition, of up to 40% by weight, preferably from 1 to 25% by weight, of a triglyceride fraction, the distribution of fatty acid in which comprises a proportion of at least 5% by weight, more particularly at least 60% by weight, of one or more omega-3 fatty acids and/or one or more omega-6 fatty acids; and at least one vulcanizing agent, where the proportion, relative to the entire composition, of synthetic polymers having at least one c═c double bond and/or at least one c≡c triple bond is at least 7.5% by weight, preferably 9% by weight. These have plastisol-like rheology and therefore can be applied at room temperature by conventional spray systems.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Antistatic agent, antistatic agent composition, antistatic resin composition, and molded article

The antistatic agent comprises a polymer compound (e) having a structure in which a block polymer (c) and a polyhydric alcohol compound (d) are bound via an ester bond formed by a carboxyl group of the block polymer (c) and a hydroxyl group of the polyhydric alcohol compound (d), the block polymer (c) having a structure comprising carboxyl groups at both ends, in which structure a block constituted by a polyester (a) having carboxyl groups at both ends and a block constituted by a compound (b) having hydroxyl groups at both ends are repeatedly and alternately bound via ester bonds formed by the carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, and the polyhydric alcohol compound (d) comprising three or more hydroxyl groups.. .

Retinoid double conjugate compounds, compositions thereof, and methods for treating of skin conditions

A double conjugate molecule made of a retinoid, an organic acid, particularly an α-hydroxy acid, and an alcohol or acyl group, is provided which is useful in treating skin conditions, particularly aging. The retinoid, organic acid, and alcohol/acyl group are preferably linked via ester bonds..
Us Cosmeceutechs Llc

All-inorganic solvents for electrolytes

An all-inorganic electrolyte formulation for use in a lithium ion battery system comprising at least one of each a phosphoranimine, a phosphazene, a monomeric organophosphate and a supporting lithium salt. The electrolyte preferably has a melting point below 0° c., and a vapor pressure of combustible components at 60.6° c.

Bonding apparatus

A bonding apparatus bonds a plurality of device chips on a plurality of electrode pads that are provided to a surface of a substrate. The bonding apparatus includes a stage, a head unit, a head lifting mechanism, a head vibrator, a heater, and a bonding region observation component.
Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Bendable and stretchable electronic devices and methods

Generally discussed herein are systems and methods that can include a stretchable and bendable device. According to an example a method can include (1) depositing a first elastomer material on a panel, (2) laminating trace material on the elastomer material, (3) processing the trace material to pattern the trace material into one or more traces and one or more bond pads, (4) attaching a die to the one or more bond pads, or (5) depositing a second elastomer material on and around the one or more traces, the bonds pads, and the die to encapsulate the one or more traces and the one or more bond pads in the first and second elastomer materials..
Intel Corporation

Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device using same

The present disclosure controls the heat source unit such that a to-be-processed object in which a hydrogen-containing to-be-processed layer is formed is irradiated with light in two stages, and thus the electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device may be suppressed and prevented from being deteriorated due to hydrogen. That is, ultraviolet light (uv) which is firstly radiated may induce a chemical reaction for separating si—h bonds in the to-be-processed layer, and infrared light (ir) which is secondly radiated may induce a thermal reaction for vaporizing the separated hydrogen from the si—h bonds.
Ap Systems Inc.

Dye-sensitized solar cell element

Provided is a dye-sensitized solar cell element comprising at least one dye-sensitized solar cell, wherein the dye-sensitized solar cell includes a first base material including a transparent substrate, a second base material which faces the first base material, an annular sealing portion which bonds the first base material and the second base material, and an oxide semiconductor layer which is provided between the first base material and the second base material, wherein the second base material has a flexibility, wherein the second base material includes an annular bonding edge portion which is bonded to the sealing portion and a main body portion in an inner side of the bonding edge portion, and wherein a portion of the main body portion is a convex bending portion which is bent to be convex toward a side opposite to the first base material.. .
Fujikura Ltd.

Light diffraction layer laminated sheet and producing card

Provided are: a light diffraction layer laminated sheet which enables easy production of a card that has a light analysis structure; and a card. A light diffraction layer laminated sheet material (20a) which forms a part of a laminated structure of a card (1) by being laminated on top of a card base material (10).
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Modified diene elastomer predominantly comprising a diene elastomer coupled by an alkoxysilane compound bearing an epoxide group and amine-functionalised at the end of the chain

The invention relates to a modified diene elastomer comprising predominantly the entity functionalized in the middle of the chain by an alkoxysilane group, optionally partially or completely hydrolysed to give silanol, bearing an epoxide function and the silicon atom of which bonds the two pieces of the chain, the chain ends of the modified diene elastomer being functionalized to at least 70 mol %, with respect to the number of moles of chain end, by an amine function.. .
Michelin Recherche Et Technique, S.a.

Novel sophorolipid compound and composition comprising same

(in formula (ii), r1′ represents h or methyl group; r3′ and r4′ each represents h or an acetyl group; r2′ represents a c9-18 alkylene group, or c9-18 alkenylene group having 1 to 3 double bonds).. .

Cationic oligonucleotides, automated methods for preparing same and their uses

The invention relates to oligonucleotide-oligocation molecules aibjh that can be synthetized via automated phosphoramidite chemistry having oligonucleotides moieties ai and oligocations moieties bj, wherein .ai is an i-mer oligonucleotide residue, with i=5 to 50, where nucleotide a is an oligomer with naturally or non naturally occurring nucleobases and/or pentafuranosyl groups and/or native phosphodiester bonds, for example selected from the group comprising deoxyribo, ribo, locked (lna) nucleotides as well as their chemical modifications or substitutions such as phosphorothioate, 2′-fluoro, 2′-o-alkyl, or a marker group such as a fluorescent agent, .bj is a j-mer organic oligocation moiety, with j=1 to 50, where b is selected from the group comprising .—hpo3—r1—(x—r2n)n1—x—r3—o—, where r1, r2n and r3, identical or different, are lower alkylene, x is nh or nc(nh2)2, n varies from 1 to 5 and n1=2 to 20, .—hpo3—r4—ch(r5x1)—r6—o—, where r4 is lower alkylene, r5 and r6, identical or different, are lower alkylene and x1 is putrescine, spermidine or spermine residue, .—hpo3—r7-(aa)n2-r8—o—, where r7 is lower alkylene and r8 is lower alkylene, serine, a natural aminoalcohol, (aa)n2 is a peptide containing natural aminoacids with cationic side chains, such as arginine, lysine, ornithine, -histidine, diaminopropionic acid and n2=2 to 20.. .
Polyplus Transfection

Hidden feature for accessing or repairing mobile devices

Methods and apparatus relating to provision and/or utilization of a hidden feature for accessing and/or repairing mobile devices are described. An embodiment includes a wire physically adjacent to an adhesive.
Intel Corporation

Polycrystalline diamond, methods of forming same, cutting elements, and earth-boring tools

A method of forming polycrystalline diamond includes providing an alloy over diamond particles and subjecting the diamond particles to a pressure of at least 4.5 gpa and a temperature of at least 1,000° c. To form inter-granular bonds.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Polyurethane having an antithrombogenic coating

The invention concerns polyurethane (pur) having an antithrombogenic coating, wherein the antithrombogenic coating comprises at least one antithrombogenic substance covalently bound to a surface of the pur via at least two bonds, wherein a first of said bonds is an amide bond between the surface of the pur and a polyethyleneimine (pei) and a second of said bonds is between the pei and the antithrombogenic substance, wherein the surface of the pur had been activated by use of a carbon dioxide plasma or a plasma modified by addition of carbon dioxide before the first of said bonds was formed.. .
Pfm Medical Titanium Gmbh

Antistatic sheet

An antistatic sheet capable of improving working efficiency includes a laminated body formed by laminating a polymer gel on an antistatic-treated base sheet, the polymer gel comprising: a polymer matrix obtained by copolymerization-crosslinking of a polymerizable monomer having in its molecule at least one polymerizable carbon-carbon double bond and a crosslinkable monomer having in its molecule at least two polymerizable carbon-carbon double bonds; water having dissolved therein at least polyvinyl alcohol-type polymer; and a polyhydric alcohol other than polyvinyl alcohol-type polymer, wherein the water and the polyhydric alcohol are retained in the polymer matrix, the antistatic sheet having a ground resistance of 1.0×105Ω or more and 1.0×1012Ω or less, and a surface resistivity of 1.0×104Ω/□ or more and 1.0×1012Ω/□ or less as measured with respect to a surface thereof on a side of the base sheet.. .
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

Dopant precursors for mono-layer doping

A doping process is described, which includes applying to a substrate a film of dopant material that bonds to the substrate by at least one of hydrogen bonding and covalent bonding; encapsulating the film on the substrate with an encapsulant material, and subjecting the encapsulated film to rapid thermal processing to cause dopant from the dopant material to migrate into the substrate. The film of dopant material is applied from a dopant composition selected from among: (i) dopant compositions comprising an aqueous or glycol solution comprising an inorganic dopant compound; (ii) dopant compositions comprising an arsenic, phosphorus, boron, or antimony compound in which ligands or moieties coordinated to an arsenic, phosphorus, boron, or antimony central atom have coordination bond energies that are lower than those associated with coordinating bonds of said central atom to oxygen or carbon; (iii) dopant compositions comprising a coordinated moiety that selectively and covalently bonds to the substrate; (iv) dopant compositions comprising a compound that undergoes hydrolysis and alcoholysis to covalently bond a dopant functionality to the substrate in said film of dopant material; (v) dopant compositions comprising precursor vapor of an organodopant compound; (vi) dopant compositions interactive with a surface functionality of the substrate to bind the dopant composition to the substrate, wherein the substrate comprises a silicon surface comprising said surface functionality; (vii) dopant compositions interactive with the substrate to covalently bond with a pretreated and/or modified silicon surface thereof; and (viii) dopant compositions interactive with the substrate to bond with the substrate on a silicon surface thereof that has been modified by a treatment comprising at least one of: (a) contacting the silicon surface with a chemical solution; (b) exposing the silicon surface to plasma; and (c) exposing the silicon surface to ultraviolet radiation..
Entegris, Inc.

Spin-on layer for directed self assembly with tunable neutrality

Techniques disclosed herein include methods for creating a directed self-assembly tunable neutral layer that works with multiple different block copolymer materials. Techniques herein can include depositing a neutral layer and then post-processing this neutral layer to tune its characteristics so that the neutral layer is compatible with a particular block copolymer scheme or schemes.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Plastic coated composite building boards and making same

Disclosed are composite building boards and associated manufacturing methods. The composite boards may include, for example, one or more slurry layers with embedded fibrous mats.
Certainteed Gypsum, Inc.

Metallized textiles and process for manufacturing same

The present invention provides a textile metallized on at least one of its faces comprising a textile layer of inorganic fibers and a metallic layer, the textile being characterized in that the connection between the textile layer and the metallic layer is provided by a polymeric intermediate layer formed by a matrix having at least one coupling polymer in which at least one flame retardant agent is distributed, said coupling polymer being bonded by chemical bonds firstly to the textile layer and secondly to the metallic layer. The present invention also provides the method of fabricating this metallized textile..

Temporary fixing material

A temporary fixing material has a temporary fixing performance such that it can be used for temporarily fixing precision electronic parts made of glass, metals, etc. With ease, and which also can be easily removed from the adherend; an ability to remove contaminants before the temporary fixing; and an antistatic performance such that it can remove static electricity occurring at the time of removal thereof.
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

Substrate comprising a surface coated with an epilamization agent and epilamization of such a substrate

The disclosure relates to a substrate comprising a surface at least part of which is coated with an epilamization agent, the epilamization agent including at least one compound in the form of a block copolymer comprising at least one block of m units linked by covalent bonds by their main chains, and at least one block of n units linked by covalent bonds by their main chains, the blocks being connected to each other by covalent bonds by their main chains in linear sequences, where m is a and n is. .
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

General catalyst for c-h functionalization

The invention provides novel manganese catalysts such as [mn(tbupc)], which are general for the amination of all types of c(sp3)-h bonds (aliphatic, allylic, propargylic, benzylic, ethereal), including strong 1o aliphatic c—h bonds, while achieving excellent chemoselectivity, stereospecificity, and high functional group tolerance. We demonstrate the late-stage diversification of bioactive complex molecules that encompass the range of c(sp3)-h bond types, such as selective 1o c—h aminations of betulinic acid and pleuromutilin derivatives.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Electronic device, and manufacturing electronic device

A bonding resin that bonds substrates to each other in a state of being spaced with a gap between the substrates is configured by stacking a photosensitive resin and a bonding reinforcement resin which is different from the photosensitive resin, the photosensitive resin is patterned in one substrate, and the bonding reinforcement resin which is stacked on the patterned photosensitive resin has a fillet being a wet-spreading portion or a portion which swells outward from the photosensitive resin.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Odor-reduced agent for smoothing or permanently shaping hair or for depilation

An agent for straightening, permanently shaping, or depilation of keratinous fibers comprising, (a) at least one linear alkan-1-ol or alken-1-ol in each case having 20-22 carbon atoms, wherein the at least one alken-1-ol has one to four olefinic double bonds, in a total quantity of 1.8 to 10.0% by weight, and (b) at least one glyceryl fatty acid ester of general formula (i), wherein r1, r2, and r3 independently stand for a hydrogen atom or a group of formula (ii), r4 stands for an unbranched or branched, saturated or unsaturated cu11-c27 alkyl group, with the condition that at least one and at most two of the moieties selected from r1, r2, and r3 is a group of formula (ii), (c) water, and (d) at least one keratin-reducing compound selected from thioglycolic acid or salts thereof, thiolactic acids or salts thereof, cysteine, acetylcysteine, cysteamine, or salts thereof, and mixtures thereof.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Display device and manufacturing display device

A display device includes a first substrate having a display area and a first peripheral area, a second substrate having a second peripheral area, a first filler between the first substrate and the second substrate, and a first adhesive outside the first filler. The first adhesive bonds the first peripheral area and the second peripheral area.
Japan Display Inc.

Semiconductor device and imaging device

According to an embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a silicon substrate, a photoelectric conversion layer, a termination layer, and an electrode layer. In the silicon substrate, first semiconductor regions and second semiconductor regions are alternately arranged along a first surface on a light incident side of the silicon substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Stub minimization for assemblies without wirebonds to package substrate

A microelectronic package can include a substrate and a microelectronic element having a face and one or more columns of contacts thereon which face and are joined to corresponding contacts on a surface of the substrate. An axial plane may intersect the face along a line in the first direction and centered relative to the columns of element contacts.
Invensas Corporation

Reduced load memory module

An apparatus relates generally to a reduced load memory module. In such an apparatus, there is a circuit platform with a plurality of memory chips coupled to the circuit platform.
Invensas Corporation

Void reducing asphalt membrane composition, asphalt paving applications

A void reducing asphalt membrane composition for asphalt pavements that includes: an asphalt binder; an elastomeric polymer; a wax modifier; and at least one of: i) fumed silica or fumed alumina; and ii) a saponified fatty acid and a resin acid gelling compound. The composition is resistant to flow when applied and migrates into hot mix asphalt in the area of the longitudinal joint to reduce air voids to 7% or less and reduce water permeability.
Heritage Research Group

Aqueous coating composition and production of topcoats using the coating composition

The present invention relates to an aqueous coating composition comprising at least one first polymer (a) as binder, at least one crosslinking agent (b) and at least one copolymer (c) as second binder, which is obtainable by copolymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers in the presence of a polyurethane resin having polymerizable carbon double bonds, the weight ratio of polymer (a) to polymer (c) being greater than 3.0. The present invention further relates to a method for producing a topcoat on a metallic substrate that comprises applying and subsequently curing the coating composition of the invention on a metallic substrate, and also to a metallic substrate coated by the method of the invention..
Basf Coatings Gmbh

Plasticizers for polymers

The present invention refers to plasticizers derived from vegetable oils for thermoplastic polymers and resins, in particular, plasticizers for polyvinylchloride (pvc). Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for preparing such plasticizers.
Fluos S.a.s. Di Giuseppe Chiaradia & C.

Fluorine-containing highly branched polymer and resin composition containing the same

It is an object to provide a compound that can provide a molded article and a coating film excellent not only in solubility in an organic solvent, but also in miscibility with/dispersibility in a matrix resin, causing no aggregation in a matrix resin, excellent in surface modification property, and having high transparency. A fluorine-containing highly branched polymer obtained by polymerizing a monomer a having two or more radical polymerizable double bonds in the molecule thereof with a monomer b having a fluoroalkyl group and at least one radical polymerizable double bond in the molecule thereof in the presence of a polymerization initiator c in a content of 5% by mol or more and 200% by mol or less, based on the total molar amount of the monomer a and the monomer b; and a resin composition comprising the polymer..
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Method for producing polyether carbonate polyols

The invention relates to a process for producing polyether carbonate polyols through an addition reaction of alkylene oxides and carbon dioxide onto one or more h-functional starter substances in the presence of a couble metal cyanide catalyst or in the presence of a metal complex catalyst based on the metals zinc and/or cobalt, characterized in that one or more h-functionalstarter substances containing at least 1000 ppm of component (k) is/are continuously metered into the reactor during the reaction, where component (k) is selected from at least one compound containing a phosphorus-oxygen bond and a phosphorus compound that can form one or more p—o bonds through reaction with oh-functional compounds.. .
Covestro Deutschland Ag

Treated mixed matrix polymeric membranes

Disclosed are treated mixed matrix polymeric membranes comprising a plurality of metal-organic frameworks (mofs) and a polymeric matrix, wherein the plurality of mofs are attached to the polymeric matrix through covalent or hydrogen bonds or van der waals interaction. The membranes can be treated with plasma, electromagnetic radiation, or thermal energy or any combination thereof.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Hair color smoothing compositions and methods

Compositions, kits, and methods for rebuilding the the disulfide bonds in hair that is damaged due to a hair coloring treatment are disclosed. The compositions contain one or more compounds that covalently crosslink at least two thiol groups in the hair.
Liqwd, Inc.

Devices and methods for stomach partitioning

A device and method for remodeling or partitioning a body cavity, hollow organ or tissue tract includes graspers operable to engage two or more sections of tissue within a body cavity and to draw the engaged tissue between a first and second members of a tissue remodeling tool. The two or more pinches of tissue are held in complete or partial alignment with one another as staples or other fasteners are driven through the pinches, thus forming a four-layer tissue plication.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Method for package-on-package assembly with wire bonds to encapsulation surface

A microelectronic assembly (10) includes a substrate (12) having a first and second opposed surfaces. A microelectronic element (22) overlies the first surface and first electrically conductive elements (28) can be exposed at at least one of the first surface or second surfaces.
Invensas Corporation

Toner for developing electrostatic charge image

A toner for developing electrostatic charge image which contains at least a binder resin, in which the binder resin has a core-shell structure having a core portion which contains a hybrid crystalline polyester resin formed by chemical bonds of a crystalline polyester resin unit with an amorphous resin unit other than a polyester resin and an amorphous resin and a shell portion which contains a hybrid amorphous polyester resin formed by chemical bonds of an amorphous polyester resin unit with an amorphous resin unit other than a polyester resin.. .

Photoresist and formation and use

A system and method for depositing a photoresist and utilizing the photoresist are provided. In an embodiment a deposition chamber is utilized along with a first precursor material comprising carbon-carbon double bonds and a second precursor material comprising repeating units to deposit the photoresist onto a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufaturing Company, Ltd.

Imaging lens and imaging device

An imaging lens is provided with: a first lens with negative power; a second lens with negative power; a third lens with positive power; and a fourth lens with positive power. The cemented fourth lens is formed from an object side lens with negative power and an image side lens with positive power.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Phenol polymer with 5,5'-biaryl bonds, preparing same, and uses thereof

A phenol polymer is obtainable by oligomerization of one or more macropolyphenols serving as monomers, wherein the oligomerization step is catalyzed by an oxidase enzyme. The bonds between the macropolyphenol fragments in the polymer are exclusively 5,5-biaryl bonds.
Inst Sciences Ind Vivant Environnement

Co-finishing surfaces

A method for co-finishing surfaces bonds a first structure formed of a first material and having a first surface in an aperture defined in a second structure formed of a second material and having a second surface such that there is an offset between the first surface and the second surface. The first surface and the second surface are co-lapped to reduce the offset.
Apple Inc.

Oil/fat composition containing polyunsaturated fatty acid

A flavor improver for a polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing fat or oil, containing a basic peptide; and a polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing fat or oil composition, containing a fat or oil containing a polyunsaturated fatty acid having 18 or more carbon atoms and two more double bonds, a basic amino acid and/or a basic peptide, and an emulsifying agent. The flavor improver for a polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing fat or oil and the polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing fat or oil composition of the present invention can suppress the generation of unpleasant taste and flavor from the polyunsaturated fatty acid over a long time period..
Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.

Absorbent article with bonded web material

An absorbent article to be worn the lower torso is provided. The absorbent article comprises a chassis comprising a topsheet, a backsheet, an absorbent core, and a pair of longitudinal barrier cuffs attached to the chassis.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Biocompatible bonding method and electronics package suitable for implantation

The invention is directed to a method of bonding a hermetically sealed electronics package to an electrode or a flexible circuit and the resulting electronics package, that is suitable for implantation in living tissue, such as for a retinal or cortical electrode array to enable restoration of sight to certain non-sighted individuals. The hermetically sealed electronics package is directly bonded to the flex circuit or electrode by electroplating a biocompatible material, such as platinum or gold, effectively forming a studbump connection, which bonds the flex circuit to the electronics package.
Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.

Electronic device

Disclosed are various embodiments related to a bonding member that bonds components of an electronic device. An electronic device may include a tape member that include: a first bonding layer and a second bonding layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ion-conducting membranes

An ion conducting polymeric composition mixture comprises a copolymer of styrene and vinylbenzyl-rs. Rs is selected from the group consisting of imidazoliums, pyridiniums, pyrazoliums, pyrrolidiniums, pyrroliums, pyrimidiums, piperidiniums, indoliums, and triaziniums.
Dioxide Materials, Inc.

Aqueous coating composition for applying a topcoat

The present invention relates to a use of an aqueous coating composition for applying a topcoat to at least one side of a substrate metal surface coated at least with a primer coat, said aqueous coating composition comprising at least one binder (a) in dispersion or solution in water, at least one crosslinking agent (b), at least one second binder (c) in dispersion or solution in water, and optionally at least one pigment (d), the second binder (c) being a copolymer which is obtainable by copolymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers in the presence of at least one polyurethane resin having polymerizable carbon double bonds; to a process for coating a substrate metal surface coated at least with a primer coat, said process comprising at least one step of at least single-sidedly applying the aqueous coating composition as topcoat to the substrate metal surface coated at least with a primer coat; and also to a coated substrate obtainable by this process.. .
Basf Coatings Gmbh

Phenolic resin composition, epoxy resin composition, and cured epoxy resin

A phenolic resin composition and an epoxy resin composition from which a cured epoxy resin having excellent heat resisting properties and a low dielectric constant can be produced. The phenolic resin composition contains a modified phenolic resin and a tetrakisphenolethane compound, the modified phenolic resin being prepared by condensation of a cyclic hydrocarbon compound having two or more unsaturated bonds and a compound having a phenolic hydroxyl group, in which the content of the tetrakisphenolethane compound is 3% to 60% by mass with respect to the total content of the modified phenolic resin and the tetrakisphenolethane compound.
Jfe Chemical Corporation

Photoacid compositions having extended lifetime of proton dissociation state

A photoacid includes a nucleophilic (nuh) moiety having a photodissociable proton, an electron accepting (ea) moiety, and a bridge structure (x) bonded to both the nuh moiety and ea moiety positioned between the nuh and ea moieties. The nuh and ea moieties each include respective structure so that the ea moiety bonds to a proton photodissociated form of the nuh moiety during a reversible photoinduced intramolecular reaction to form a ring, which has been found to significantly increase the lifetime of the proton dissociation state..
Florida Institute Of Technology, Inc.

Apparatus and forming a mems device with etch channels

A method of fabricating a mems device provides a device substrate, forms a plurality of trenches in/on the substrate, and forms a sacrificial material on the substrate (e.g., growing or depositing the sacrificial material) to form a plurality of etch channels. Each trench defines one etch channel, and each etch channel forms an interior configured to channel etchant.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Method for bonding components by using energy ray-curable adhesive

A method for bonding components to each other according to this invention bonds, to a plate-shaped member or a shaft, an ultraviolet-curable adhesive cured by irradiation with ultraviolet rays and a wavelength conversion element which emits ultraviolet rays by irradiation with x-rays. The plate-shaped member is brought into contact with the shaft through a bonding layer formed by the ultraviolet-curable adhesive and the wavelength conversion element.
Fanuc Corporation

Bonded system and a adhesively bonding a hygroscopic material

A bonded system includes a reconstituted wafer including a hygroscopic material. A moisture barrier layer is arranged over a surface of the reconstituted wafer.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Glass cap wirebond protection for imaging tiles in an x or gamma ray indirect imaging detector

Wirebond protection is provided for imaging tiles in which the imaging sensor and pcb are mounted side-by-side on a tile carrier for use in x or gamma ray indirect imaging detectors without use of a “glob top” encapsulant. A glass cap comprising a bead of adhesive material and a lid is formed to provide an enclosed open-air cavity around the wire bonds.
Teledyne Dalsa, Inc.

Uv-curable silicone composition, cured products thereof, and methods of using the same

Various embodiments disclosed related to uv-curable silicone composition, cured products thereof, and methods of using the same. Various embodiments provide a shear-thinning uv-curable silicone composition.
Dow Corning Corporation

Resin composition and uses thereof in high frequency circuit boards

The present invention discloses a resin composition, comprising an unsaturated thermosetting modified polyphenylether resin and an mq organosilicon resin containing unsaturated double bonds and having a three-dimensional network structure and hydrolytically condensed from monofunctional siloxane unit (m unit) and tetrafunctional silica unit (q unit). The present invention further discloses a high-frequency circuit substrate prepared from the aforesaid resin composition and the uses of the aforesaid resin composition in the art.
Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Epoxy systems for composites

Compositions and methods for forming epoxy resin systems are provided. In one embodiment, a composition is provided for an epoxy resin system including a reaction product of an epoxy resin component and a curing agent component comprising a first amine compound having the formula r1r2r3n, wherein r1 and r2 are independently an aliphatic or alicyclic organic functional group and r3 is an alkyl group, having a backbone of 2-18 carbon atoms, and a second amine compound having one or more primary or secondary amine groups, with the stoichiometic ratio of —nh bonds of the second amine compound to the epoxy groups of the epoxy resin component being from 1:20 to about 21:20.
Hexlon Inc.

Heteroaryl syk inhibitors

The invention relates to new substituted heteroaryls of formula (1), wherein a is selected from the group consisting of n and ch, d is ch, e is selected from the group consisting of c and n, t is c, g is selected from the group consisting of c and n, and wherein each of the broken (dotted) double bonds in ring 1 are selected from either a single bond or a double bond under the proviso that all single and double bonds of ring 1 are arranged in such a way that they all form together with ring 2 an aromatic ring system, and wherein r1, m and r3 are defined according to claim 1, and to the above compounds for the treatment of a disease selected from the group consisting of asthma, copd, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis, lupus erythematodes, lupus nephritis and rheumatoid arthritis.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Package having a tearable seal and a opening said package

A package having a tearable seal is disclosed, along with a method of opening the package. The package is capable of housing a product and includes a front wall, a back wall, a first side, a second side, a bottom and a top, and has a void area formed between the front and back walls which can house the product.
Aurizon Ultrasonics, Llc

Method and producing recyclable photocatalytic particulates

The disclosure is directed at a method of producing a recyclable photocatalytic particulate. The recyclable photocatalytic particulate includes metal oxide nanoparticles and electrically insulative magnetic particles which are amine functionalized and then added to a sheet of graphene oxide, preferably in solution.

Composite containing collagen and elastin as a dermal expander and tissue filler

An injectable composition having dermal filling and tissue expanding activity comprises: (1) a quantity of elastin sufficient to bring about dermal filling and tissue expansion when injected into a subject in need of dermal filling and tissue expansion; and (2) a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. The composition can further comprise collagen; in other alternatives, the composition can further comprise hyaluronic acid; and one or more of the elastin, the collagen, and the hyaluronic acid, if present can be cross-linked, either intramolecularly or intermolecularly.
Hancock-jaffe Laboratories, Inc.

Device and characterization and optimization of multiple simultaneous real-time data connections

A computer implemented system is provided for improving performance of transmission in real-time or near real-time applications from at least one transmitter unit to at least one receiver unit. The system includes an intelligent data connection manager utility that generates or accesses performance data for two or more data connections associated with the two or more communication networks, and based on the current performance data determining current network transmission characteristics associated the two or more data connections, and bonds the two or more data connections based on: a predetermined system latency requirement; and dynamically allocating different functions associated with data transmission between the two or more data connections based on their respective current network transmission characteristics.
Dejero Labs Inc.

Thin film transistor

A thin film transistor is provided, and includes a gate electrode, a first gate dielectric layer, a second gate dielectric layer, a channel layer, a source electrode and a drain electrode. The gate electrode is disposed on a substrate.
Hannstar Display Corporation

Low-temperature hermetic sealing for diffractive optical element stacks

A method for producing an optical apparatus includes providing a pair of glass wafers. One or more diffractive optical elements (does) are formed on one or more of the glass wafers.
Apple Inc.

Compositions and methods for the downconversion of light

The present invention generally relates to composition and methods for downconverting light. In some embodiments, the composition and methods comprise an organic material, a nanocrystal, and a ligand capable of facilitating energy transfer between the organic material and the nanocrystal.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Electrochemical process for conversion of biodiesel to aviation fuels

Methods for the conversion of a biofuel such as biodiesel into an alkane composition such as an aviation fuel, kerosine, or liquified petroleum gas product involve a series of electrochemical reactions. The reactions include oxidation of methanol to carbon dioxide, reduction of fatty acid esters, and cleavage of fatty acid chains at c═c double bonds.
Northeastern University

Methods and compositions for the upconversion of light

The present invention generally relates to composition and methods for upconverting light. In some embodiments, the composition and methods comprise an organic material, a nanocrystal, and a ligand capable of facilitating energy transfer between the nanocrystal and the organic material.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Radical curable adhesive composition, and polarizing plate and optical member comprising same

And in equation (1), m is the number of carbon-carbon unsaturated double bonds capable of participating in polymerization in the molecule including an acid anhydride group included in the acid anhydride-based compound; and n is the number of carbon-carbon unsaturated double bonds capable of participating in polymerization in the molecule included in the vinyl-based compound.. .

Polymer and composition

The present invention relates to a polyester resin obtained by reaction in a process (i) between the following components a to e to obtain a polyester p (the polyester comprising an alkyd resin and/or a saturated polyester resin), where (a) component a (also referred to herein as the imide and/or imide component) comprises one or more cyclic imides of formula (1); where r′ represents a divalent optionally substituted saturated c1-30 organo moiety; and r represents h or a monovalent optionally substituted saturated c1-30 organo moiety; (a′) optional component a′ comprises saturated dicarboxylic acid and/or saturated hydroxyacid and that is not optional in case component a does not comprise a dicarboxylic acid or a hydroxyacid; 1(b) component b (also referred to herein as the polyol and/or polyol component) comprises at least one saturated polyhydric alcohol; (c) optional component c (also referred to herein as the rosin and/or rosin component) comprises naturally occurring rosin, the rosin comprising from 40 to 80 parts per hundred by weight of rosin of an unsaturated mono carboxylic acid comprising at least one c5-25 cyclohydrocarbo moiety capable of undergoing a diels alder or ene reaction; (d) optional component d (also referred to herein as the fatty acid and/or fatty acid component) comprises at least one linear c2-60 hydrocarbo carboxylic acid optionally comprising at least two linoleically unsaturated double bonds; 2(e) optional component e (also referred to as the other component e) which may comprise at least one monofunctional or polyfunctional monomer other than any of components a to d.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Method for producing vinylamine (co)polymer

Provided is a water-insoluble n-vinylcarboxylic acid amide (co)polymer having crosslinked bonds, in which a vinylamine (co)polymer obtained by hydrolyzing the polymer is soluble in water.. .
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Method for joining dissimilar engine components

A method for joining engine components includes positioning a first plurality of thermal protection structures across a thermal protection space between a first thermal protection surface and a second thermal protection surface. The first and second engine components are locally joined by forming a first plurality of transient liquid phase (tlp) or partial transient liquid phase (ptlp) bonds along corresponding ones of the first plurality of thermal protection structures between the first thermal protection surface and the second thermal protection surface.
United Technologies Corporation

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Is described. In formula i: rings a and b each independently represent a 5-membered or 6-membered carbocyclic or heterocyclic ring; x, y, z, and w are either carbon or nitrogen; r1 to r6 are selected from a variety of substituents, where adjacent substituents can be joined to form a fused ring; ligand l1 is coordinated to a metal m by x-m and y-m bonds; and ligand l1 is optionally linked with other ligands to produce a tridentate, tetradentate, pentadentate or hexadentate ligand.

Oxide semiconductor element and semiconductor device

A semiconductor element having high mobility, which includes an oxide semiconductor layer having crystallinity, is provided. The oxide semiconductor layer includes a stacked-layer structure of a first oxide semiconductor film and a second oxide semiconductor film having a wider band gap than the first oxide semiconductor film, which is in contact with the first oxide semiconductor film.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

3d integration using al-ge eutectic bond interconnect

Provided herein is an apparatus including a first cmos wafer and a second cmos wafer. A number of eutectic bonds connect the first cmos wafer to the second cmos wafer.
Invensense, Inc.

Energizing energy converters by stimulating three-body association radiation reactions

In some embodiments, energy is released by converting the bonding potential energy between two electropositive masses capable of forming a stable bond between them into the kinetic energy of an electron quasiparticle initially captured between them by the coulomb potential. The electron quasiparticles form transient bonds with delocalized ions and other reactants in or on a reaction particle where reaction rates and branches are controlled by the choice of electron quasiparticle effective mass.
Tionesta Applied Research Corporation

Sheet manufacturing apparatus, sheet manufacturing method, sheet manufactured with the same, composite used therewith and accommodation container therefor

A sheet manufacturing apparatus includes a mixing unit in which fibers and a composite integrally including a resin and a coloring material are mixed, and a bonding unit that bonds the fibers and the composite. Additionally, a sheet manufacturing apparatus includes a mixing unit in which fibers and a composite integrally including a resin and a coagulation inhibitor are mixed, and a bonding unit that bonds the fibers and the composite..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Polyurethane catalysts from sulfur based salts

This invention discloses the use of sulfite salts as catalysts to make polyurethane polymers. In particular, this invention discloses the use of metal salts such as alkali metal salts as well as alkyl ammonium salts such as tetralkyl ammonium salts as catalysts to make polyurethane polymers.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

Method for preparing intermediate compound of sitagliptin

The present invention provides a method for preparing an intermediate compound of sitagliptin represented by formula i. The preparation method comprises: dissolving a compound represented by formula ii into an organic solvent; and under the catalysis of fatty acid and effect of chlorosilane, performing a reduction reaction of carbon-carbon double bonds, so as to obtain the intermediate compound of sitagliptin represented by formula i, r being methyl or formoxyl.
Shanghai Institute Of Pharmaceutical Industry

Continuous process for extraction of unsaturated triglycerides from fish oil

Wherein tc is a total number of carbon atoms in the fatty acid strand, and db is the number of double bonds in the fatty acid strand. Crude fish oil diluted in non-polar solvent directly passed to an smb zone, comprising a normal phase separation with a hydrophilic stationary phase agent and a non-polar/organic polar mobile phase desorbent to provide an omega-3 fatty acid enriched triglyceride product..

Gyro mems sensor package

An integrated circuit packaging structure comprises at least one micro electrical mechanical systems (mems) gyroscope die mounted directly on a multi-layer flexible substrate having at least one metal layer and wire-bonded to the flexible substrate and a lid or die coating protecting the mems die and wire bonds.. .
Compass Technology Company Limited

Closure system for containers

An improved easy opening closure wherein a cover panel is bonded to a container end panel around the perimeter of an aperture through the end panel. A rotating lever is connected to a proximal lever through a rivet acting as a fulcrum such that, as pressure is applied to rotate the rotating lever axially around the rivet, the force is magnified which allows the proximal lever selectively debonds an isolated region of the perimeter, thereby allowing pressure within the container to escape.
Heatgenie, Inc.

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