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Blood patents


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 Smart home-care security device patent thumbnailnew patent Smart home-care security device
A smart home-care security device includes a security device that includes a master control board and installed for home use. The master control board is electrically connected with an image-taking module that recognizes a target body, a communication module connectable with multiple electrical appliances, and a detection module, and a reminder module for indicating and reminding.

 System and  blood vessel analysis and quantification in highly multiplexed fluorescence imaging patent thumbnailnew patent System and blood vessel analysis and quantification in highly multiplexed fluorescence imaging
Disclosed are novel computer-implemented methods for creating a blood vessel map of a biological tissue. The methods comprise the steps of, accessing image data corresponding to multi-channel multiplexed image of a fluorescently stained biological tissue manifesting expression levels of a primary marker and at least one auxiliary marker of blood vasculature, and extracting features of blood vessels using the primary marker as an input to create a single channel segmentation of the blood vessels.
General Electric Company

 Disease management systems comprising dietary supplements patent thumbnailnew patent Disease management systems comprising dietary supplements
Described herein are integrated programs and systems that manage or treat chronic conditions such as elevated cholesterol or elevated blood pressure and other health conditions. The integrated system may include a combination of: a dietary supplement; behavior change messaging through packaging (including use of unit dose packaging) and/or package inserts; video content available through the web or mobile means; interactive discussions with healthcare providers; and an app or website that supports behavior change as well as tracks ongoing compliance to the dietary supplement and behavior change as well as physiologic endpoints.

 Method for measuring blood pressure and embedded device for implementing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Method for measuring blood pressure and embedded device for implementing the same
The present invention provides a method for measuring blood pressure, the method comprising: obtaining a pulse waveform of an measured object, and extracting a plurality of characteristic points from the pulse waveform according to a preset rule; selecting and loading a best blood pressure measurement model group from a model library according to a physiological index of the measured object; and operating the best blood pressure measurement model group to obtain blood pressure parameters of the measured object by calculating according to the plurality of characteristic points. Correspondingly, the present invention further provides an embedded device that may implement the above method for measuring blood pressure.

 Computerized system, device, method and program product for medical treatment automation patent thumbnailnew patent Computerized system, device, method and program product for medical treatment automation
A computerized system and method that automates diagnosing and prescribing treatment plans for patients with medical conditions, such as: dermatological (e.g. Acne, dark spots, anti-aging), high blood pressure, diabetes, pre and post-surgical care, pain management, simple infections, and other medical conditions with standardized treatment protocols.

 Cluster mapping based on measured neural activity and physiological data patent thumbnailnew patent Cluster mapping based on measured neural activity and physiological data
Techniques are described for determining recommended tourist based on the real time collection and analysis of biological information regarding users. Sensors in proximity to a user may collect neural activity data (e.g., brain wave data) and physiological data (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar level, etc.).
Accenture Global Services Limited

 Detection of hemolysis using a chromatographic detection pad patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of hemolysis using a chromatographic detection pad
In one aspect, the inventive concepts disclosed herein are directed to a chromatographic assay device for detecting the presence of free hemoglobin in a whole blood sample. The device comprising a chromatographic detection pad with a sample application site and a detection side.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

 Predicting morbidity associated with red blood cell volume variance patent thumbnailnew patent Predicting morbidity associated with red blood cell volume variance
A method for evaluating a risk of a morbidity associated with elevated red blood cell (rbc) volume variation (rdw) includes measuring, using a hematology analyzer, a complete blood count (cbc) of a blood sample including a population of rbcs from a subject. In some embodiments, the method includes estimating a normalized clearance volume of the population of the rbcs based on the cbc.
The General Hospital Corporation

 Assessment of blood coagulation using an acoustic radiation force based optical coherence elastography (arf-oce) patent thumbnailnew patent Assessment of blood coagulation using an acoustic radiation force based optical coherence elastography (arf-oce)
An apparatus and method of using an optical coherence elastography (oce) under acoustic radiation force (arf) excitation includes the steps of inducing an excitation wave in a blood sample by use of an ultrasound beam from an ultrasonic transducer; measuring an elastic property of the blood sample by use of an optical coherence tomography (oct) beam transverse to the ultrasound beam to dynamically measure the elastic property of the blood sample during coagulation and assessing the clot formation/dissolution kinetics and strength.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Peptide agonists of glp-1 activity patent thumbnailnew patent Peptide agonists of glp-1 activity
Novel peptide agonists of glp-1 activity useful for lowering blood glucose levels. The novel peptides comprise variants of the glp-1 or the exendin-4 polypeptide sequence and are pharmacologically active and stable.
Zealand Pharma A/s

new patent

Pyridyl benzothiophenes as kinase inhibitors

This invention is directed to compounds, which are useful as protein kinase (pk) inhibitors and can be used to treat such diseases as cancer, blood vessel proliferative disorders, fibrotic disorders, mesangial cell proliferative disorders, metabolic diseases inflammatory disorders and neurodegenerative disorders.. .
Allergan, Inc.

new patent

Method for non-surgical facial rejuvenation

A method for non-surgical rejuvenation of facial skin to correct both type 1 aging changes in the epidermis layer of the skin causing visual changes in the skin and type 2 aging changes in the dermis layer of the skin causing damage to supportive elements of the skin. The method includes the steps of exfoliation of the facial skin, stimulation of new dermal collagen deposition, removal of at least one of pigment and superficial blood vessels, relaxation of facial expression muscles, filling of soft tissue defects including at least one of deep facial lines and contour deformities, and tightening of the facial skin, and the steps of the method are applied according to a selected one of a plurality of age determined regimens..

new patent

Method for detection and display of extravasation and infiltration of fluids and substances in subdermal or intradermal tissue

A method for the real-time visualization and detection of extravasated and or infiltrated fluid and substances, including blood, that occur near the cannulation site of an injection is described wherein illumination or transillumination with near infrared light is used to image the contrast in real-time between absorbing and nonabsorbing subdermal and intradermal structures of blood vessels and remaining surrounding tissue, foreign substances and other structures in order to establish a baseline image of the body area of interest, and any new image is monitored and compared with the baseline image to detect the extravasation and/or infiltration of fluids and substances, including blood, around a vein or artery into the subdermal or intradermal tissue.. .
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

new patent


The present invention relates to a dialyzer, in particular to a peritoneal dialyzer, comprising at least one compressor and comprising at least one pneumatic consumer which is in communication with the compressor such that it can be acted on by compressed air from the compressor, wherein the dialyzer communicates or can communicate with at least one blood pressure cuff such that the blood pressure cuff can be supplied with compressed air by the compressor of the dialyzer.. .
Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

new patent

Method for suppressing diabetes and/or hepatic lipids using tormentic acid

Provided is a method for suppressing diabetes and/or hepatic lipids in a mammal to lower blood glucose levels and hepatic total lipids and triacylglycerol contents by increasing amp-activated protein kinase (ampk) phosphorylation in both skeletal muscle and liver tissue, and akt phosphorylation and membraneprotein levels of glucose transporter 4 (glut4) in skeletal muscle. The method comprises administrating to the mammal an effective amount of tormentic acid or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier..

new patent

Biodegradable nanoparticles as novel hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers and methods of using the same

Compositions of matter and methods for making, storing and administering artificial blood substitutes. Artificial blood substitutes may have oxygen carriers that encapsulate an oxygen-binding compound in a polymer vesicle.
Vindico Nanobiotechnology Llc

new patent

Osmotic enhancement of drug/therapeutic delivery to the brain following infusion or injection into the cerebrospinal fluid

A method of enhancing therapeutic/drug transport to the perivascular space of the brain of a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises the step of introducing a therapeutic/drug and an osmolyte of the present invention into a patient's cerebrospinal fluid (csf), wherein the osmolyte is introduced to the csf at a concentration of between 0.5 and 12.9 m (dependent on the solubility upper limit of the osmolyte), and wherein the therapeutic/drug delivery to the perivascular spaces of cerebral blood vessels and parenchyma of the central nervous system is facilitated by the presence of the osmolyte..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

new patent

Vascular treatment systems, cooling devices, and methods for cooling vascular structures

Treatment systems, methods, and apparatuses for improving the appearance of skin and other treatments are described. Aspects of the technology are directed to improving the appearance of skin by reducing a vascular structure.
Zeltiq Aesthestics, Inc.

new patent

System for implanting membrane, implanting membrane and stent respectively

The present invention discloses a system for implanting membrane, a system and method for implanting a membrane and a stent respectively. The system for implanting membrane comprising: a body guide wire, a guide core, movably sleeved on the body guide wire, and a catheter, for releasably holding a membrane, the catheter is movably sleeved outside of the guide core, wherein the system for implanting membrane is provided with an adjusting mechanism for adjusting the axial position of the membrane released by the catheter, and the adjusting mechanism is detachably connected with the membrane.
Chiron Venture Capital (beijing) Co., Ltd.

new patent

Electrode wiping surgical device

Aspects of the present disclosure include a surgical device comprising electrodes on the sides of an end of an effector to aide in sealing during various surgical procedures, such as a liver resection. During a sealing procedure, the surgeon may wipe the surgical site with the end effector, causing the electrodes to touch the fractured area.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

new patent

Methods and treating embolism

A method and apparatus for treating a clot in the blood vessel of a patient, and particularly the treatment of a pulmonary embolism is disclosed. The treatment includes restoring flow through the clot followed by clot removal, either partially or substantially completely.
Inceptus Medical, Llc

new patent

Clot retrieval system

A method of making a platform of medical devices from a single tube of a memory metal is described. The single tube, which may be generally cylindrical, is cut to form perforations that function as scoring lines and are located adjacent to the proximal and distal ends.
Legacy Ventures Llc

new patent

Devices and methods for removal of acute blockages from blood vessels

A catheter has an expansile tip that can be delivered in a constricted form. The increased tip diameter facilitates the aspiration and removal of large clot volumes by increasing the area of the catheter tip that applies aspiration to the clot.
Neuravi Limited

new patent


A catheter includes a protective film covering an inner periphery of a proximal end side of a tubular mesh member, the tubular mesh member being expandable and contractible in a radial direction. The tubular mesh member including a first wire that is interwoven with a second wire.
Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

new patent

System and identifying autoregulation zones

A system configured to monitor autoregulation includes a medical sensor configured to be applied to a patient and to generate a regional oxygen saturation signal. The system includes a controller having a processor configured to receive the regional oxygen saturation signal and a blood pressure signal and to determine a cerebral oximetry index (cox) based on the blood pressure signal and the regional oxygen saturation signal.
Covidien Lp

new patent

Method for assessment of cerebrovascular regulation

A system device and method are presented for determining if cerebral blood flow autoregulation functionality has been compromised in a patient. The system includes sensors for detecting and measuring at least two physiological parameters such as oxygenation and blood pressure.
Brain Check Medical, Llc

new patent

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitor

A blood pressure monitoring system is provided comprising: an impedance monitoring circuit configured to detect an occurrence of a blood pulse wave ejection from the heart; a blood pulse detection circuit detect to an arrival of the blood pulse wave at a body site peripheral to the heart; and a processor configured to compute pulse transit time (ptt) based at least in part upon a difference in a time of occurrence of the blood pulse wave ejection from the heart first signal and a time of occurrence of the arrival of the blood pulse wave at a body site peripheral to the heart.. .

new patent

Photoacoustic flowmetry systems and methods

Methods for measuring blood flow speed within blood vessels using a pa imaging system are disclosed. The methods include position a field of view of a pa imaging system along a section of a blood vessel, introducing a pa discontinuity into the blood flow within the blood vessel upstream of the fov of the pa system, monitoring the movement of the pa discontinuity during movement through the fov of the pa imaging device, and calculate the blood flow speed using at least two measured positions and corresponding times of the pa discontinuity within the fov of the pa imaging system.
Washington University

new patent

Smart home-care health device

A smart home-care health device includes a health device including a master control board for household application. The master control board is electrically connected with multiple modules arranged in the health device.

new patent

System and providing blood pressure safe zone indication during autoregulation monitoring

A method for monitoring autoregulation includes, using a processor, using a processor to execute one or more routines on a memory. The one or more routines include receiving one or more physiological signals from a patient, determining a correlation-based measure indicative of the patient's autoregulation based on the one or more physiological signals, and generating an autoregulation profile of the patient based on autoregulation index values of the correlation-based measure.
Covidien Lp

new patent

Compositions and methods for enhancing red blood cell storage time and survivability using nitric oxide releasing hybrid hydrogel nanoparticles

Described herein are hydrogel-based nanoparticles which release nitric oxide (no) or other bioactive forms of no including nitrosothiols, nitrofatty acids and dinitrogen trioxide into stored red blood cells (rbcs). Also provided herein is a method for using hydrogel-based nanoparticles to supplement stored rbcs with no to enhance red blood cell (rbc) storage time, improve survivability in circulation, minimize toxicity associated with transfusion, and improve transfusion safety by eliminating infective organisms in stored blood..
University Of California San Diego

User interface system for a medical device

A customizable and intuitive user interface for medical systems and devices, such as cardiopulmonary bypass systems, perfusion systems, extracorporeal circulation apparatuses, and heart-lung machines, is provided, which allows for ease of access to critical patient data to facilitate blood perfusion and to monitor and regulate various physiological parameters of a patient and an extracorporeal blood flow circuit during surgical procedures, such as cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ecmo).. .
Maquet Cardiopulmonary Gmbh

Magic gluco-wrist watch (mgw)

The magic gluco wrist watch (mgw) is a time wrist watch with a capability to measure the blood glucose level. The fix watch clasp plays a role of a lancing device, and is attached to the end of a left strap of the mgw.

Method for enriching cns-derived exosomes

The application relates to a method for enriching cns-derived exosomes from a biological fluid such as blood, serum, plasma, or saliva. The method comprises: contacting a biological fluid containing cns-derived exosomes with an anti-l1cam antibody to form an immunocomplex, binding cns-derived exosomes in the biological fluid to a solid phase through the immunocomplex; and separating the solid phase bound exosomes from the biological fluid to enrich the cns-derived exosomes.
Xy Evergreen Technology Company

Immunochromatographic test strip and detection method using immunochromatography for detecting object in red blood cell-containing sample

A problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an immunochromatographic test strip and a detection method using immunochromatography avoiding aggregation of colloidal gold conjugates while red blood cells in whole blood are agglutinated and then separated and removed in the case of using polybrene as a blood-agglutinating agent and the colloidal gold conjugates as a detection reagent. To solve the problem, the present inventers reviewed a past reagent configuration itself from a completely different viewpoint rather than selecting type and amount of polyanions and, as a result of extensive study on each element, the inventers surprisingly found that aggregation of colloidal gold can be suppressed by using a certain buffer solution without using neutralization by polyanions..
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

Component measurement apparatus and measurement chip

A blood glucose meter (component measurement apparatus) includes a measurement chip, and an apparatus main body including an insertion hole. The measurement chip includes a pair of plate pieces, a spacer arranged between the pair of plate pieces, and a cavity that can retain blood.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Blood sampling, storage and treatment apparatus

Systems and methods for collecting blood and other liquid samples. A sample holder may include a cap and porous element arranged to receive a blood or other liquid sample.
Covaris, Inc.

Pressure sensor, acoustic microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel

According to one embodiment, a pressure sensor includes a film part, and a sensing unit. A circumscribing rectangle circumscribing a configuration of a film surface of the film part has a first side, a second side, a third side connected to one end of the first side and one end of the second side, a fourth side connected to one other end of the first side and one other end of the second side, and a centroid of the circumscribing rectangle.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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