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Birds patents

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Web-based irrigation controller

Date/App# patent app List of recent Birds-related patents
 Germline transmission of avian primordial germ cells (pgcs) patent thumbnailGermline transmission of avian primordial germ cells (pgcs)
The present invention is long-term cultures of avian pgcs and techniques to produce germline chimeric and transgenic birds derived from prolonged pgc cultures. In some embodiments, these pgcs can be transfected with genetic constructs to modify the dna of the pgc, specifically to introduce a transgene encoding an exogenous protein.
 Antibody and antibody-containing composition patent thumbnailAntibody and antibody-containing composition
For many diseases due to microbes or the like, proliferation of microbes themselves is a cause of a symptom. However, there were cases where a substance released by the microbes is a cause of a symptom.
 Web-based irrigation controller patent thumbnailWeb-based irrigation controller
A web-based irrigation controller with application server can avoid need for access points for irrigation controller communications to the application server, need for configurations on any number of any type of web-based appliances to communicate to the application server, and can provide easy access to giant databases of weather and plant growing information, automatic control and simplification for the plant and lawn growing effort, easy access to reports of actual water usage and power usage and maintenance problems, using sprinklers in an unusual manner to scare away birds from a freshly seeded lawn, reducing lawn water usage for unskilled users by backing off lawn timings until the user intervenes, slow seasonal adjustment to watering times without need for application server intervention, life-cycle based watering schedules based on types of garden plantings and easy for the user to follow the actions of a local amateur master gardener in growing similar plants.. .
 Prevention of salmonella recrudescense patent thumbnailPrevention of salmonella recrudescense
The present invention relates to novel salmonella mutants, to a process for producing the same and to vaccines containing the same, wherein said salmonella mutants are characterized in that they are not responsive to stress-related recrudescence. It is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide the use of said salmonella mutants in the vaccination of animals, in particular mammals and birds, more in particular pigs, poultry and cattle..
 System and method for social networking of aircraft for information exchange patent thumbnailSystem and method for social networking of aircraft for information exchange
A system and method for exchanging information between aircraft (210). Sensors on a first aircraft (210) provide data about the first aircraft's environment, including hazards such as turbulence, icing, lightning, or birds.
 Pasteurellaceae vaccines patent thumbnailPasteurellaceae vaccines
The present invention relates to an n-glycosylated protein for treating and/or preventing bacterial pasteurellaceae infection in a mammal or bird, wherein the protein is a pasteurellaceae protein, a functional fragment or derivative thereof having at least one glycosylated n-x-s/t consensus sequence. In addition, the present invention is directed to corresponding pharmaceutical compositions for treating and/or protecting mammals or birds having or being prone to develop a bacterial pasteurellaceae infection.
 Alarm device for banishment of birds and animals patent thumbnailAlarm device for banishment of birds and animals
This utility model releases an alarm device for banishment of birds and animals, which includes: radio transmission module, voltage stabilizing circuit and inverter circuit. The radio transmission module sends radio signals to radio receiver module which then transmits such radio signals to the pc control circuit; the said pc control circuit sends instruction signals to the audio circuit which then transmits the audio signal to amplification circuit which outputs the amplified audio signals; the said voltage stabilizing circuit provides 5v power supply to the said radio transmission module, radio receiver module, the said pc control circuit and the said audio circuit, while the said inverter circuit provides +/−35v power supply to the said amplification circuit.
 Active non-lethal avian denial infrasound systems and methods of avian denial patent thumbnailActive non-lethal avian denial infrasound systems and methods of avian denial
An active non-lethal infrasound system for denying all bird species access to critical areas, particularly in areas around aircraft and other high value systems. The system comprises a plurality of infrasound generators broadcasting continuous infrasonic signals to create a bird-free infrasound active zone within the perimeters of the protected critical area and an infrasound-free dead zones for birds being denied access to the critical areas.
 Systems, devices, and/or methods for feeding birds patent thumbnailSystems, devices, and/or methods for feeding birds
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method, which can comprise a plurality of activities, which can comprise automatically detecting the presence of a bird in a housing. The housing can be adapted to substantially surround the bird.
 Natural feed mixture for breeding domesticated water birds patent thumbnailNatural feed mixture for breeding domesticated water birds
The invention relates to a natural feed mixture for breeding domesticated water birds, comprising a high carbohydrate containing basic component poor in methyl-donors, a component rich in carbohydrates, having hepatic insulin-sensitizing properties, hypothalamic appetite-stimulating plant parts, natural substances blocking cholesterol synthesis in the liver, and an additive for protecting the formation of non-cholesterol- mevalonate products.. .
Window for reducing bird collisions
A window is designed to prevent or reduce bird collisions therewith. In certain example embodiments, the window may be an insulating glass (ig) window unit, or alternatively a monolithic window.
Slat, wing of aircraft, flight control surface of aircraft, and aircraft
A flight control surface such as a slat capable of keeping and achieving a minimum basic functions even when it is damaged by collisions of birds or the like, and a wing using the same are provided. Both ends of one wire cable 15 or more are fixed to paired ribs 10a and 10b provided in a short direction of the slat.
Electrified deterrent device having insulative layer
Electric deterrent device for birds or other pests are described that include at least one conductor coupled to an elongated base having upper and lower surfaces. The base can include on at least a portion of the base, and preferably at least part of the lower surface..
Methods and systems for directing birds away from equipment
A system for directing a bird away from equipment includes an item of equipment and a detector configured to detect a bird that could be harmed by or that could harm the equipment and to determine the proximity of the bird to the equipment. The system also includes an unmanned aerial vehicle and a pilot system configured to control the unmanned aerial vehicle..
Methods and systems for directing birds away from equipment
A system for directing a bird away from equipment includes an emitter configured to transmit a beam of audio-modulated ultrasonic sound. The beam of audio-modulated ultrasonic sound is configured to frequency down-convert in the atmosphere to produce a specified audible sound for a bird at a selected distance away from the emitter..
Long-term culture of avian primordial germ cells (pgcs)
The present invention is long-term cultures of avian pgcs and techniques to produce germline chimeric and transgenic birds derived from prolonged pgc cultures. In some embodiments, these pgcs can be transfected with genetic constructs to modify the dna of the pgc, specifically to introduce a transgene encoding an exogenous protein.
Interchangeable paneled birdhouses
A decorative birdhouse device is disclosed that provides birds with shelter from the elements and enables users to easily change the birdhouse design. The decorative birdhouse device comprises a base component, multiple channel sections, at least one side panel component, and a roof secured together.
Nectar feeder with float
A nectar feeder for hummingbirds comprises a container, base tray, a base tray cover, a float, and a stopper thereon. The container, or bottle, is used for storing nectar feed.
Hummingbird feeder
A hummingbird feeder configured to allow a large number of hummingbirds to feed simultaneously is provided. The hummingbird feeder includes a longitudinally extending generally horizontally arranged feeding reservoir.
Squirrel resistant dome-shaped bird feeder port
A bird feeder is provided having a seed reservoir with a side wall that has at least one seed access opening and a squirrel resistant feed port assembly having a seed access restricter. The seed access restricter has a body with an inner opening in communication with the reservoir side wall opening and an outer seed access opening that is spaced away from the inner opening and the reservoir side wall opening while being in communication therewith.
Water treatment system for egg processing facility
A system for treating water for subsequent consumption by animals. Illustratively, the system includes a wastewater treatment facility configured to treat wastewater effluent from an egg washer for subsequent consumption by egg producing birds.
Garden plant protector
A freestanding foraminous frame is provided for the protection of gardens against deer, varmints, birds, and the like. The frame may include three planar sections, including a top section and a pair of side sections.
Two-in-one finch bird feeder
A bird feeder is provided having a seed reservoir with a side wall that has at least one seed access opening and an adjustable feed port assembly. The feed port assembly includes a base mounted to the side wall in a fixed relationship thereto and having a central opening in communication with the seed in the reservoir.
Protective shoe for birds
A protective shoe for birds accommodate toes and/or pads of a bird's foot and includes a shoe body having an upper surface and a sole, and defining bird toe covers corresponding in number to the number of front toes of the bird's foot. An ankle cuff is connected to the shoe body and has an ankle closure system formed to secure about an ankle of the bird's foot.
Method and device to acquire seismic data
Streamer and method for deploying the streamer for seismic data acquisition related to a subsurface of a body of water. The method includes a step of releasing into the body of water, from a vessel, a body having a predetermined length together with plural detectors provided along the body; a step of towing the body and the plural detectors such that the plural detectors are submerged; and a step of configuring plural birds provided along the body, to float at a predetermined depth from a surface of the water such that a first portion of the body has a curved profile while being towed underwater..
Insulated article that changes fill power through displacement adjustment
An insulated article that changes its fill power through adjustment in displacement is provided. Outer and inner surfaces of a folded web consisting of slanting lapped continuous filaments tow band are attached with an outer shell fabric and a lining fabric made of nonwoven or cloth, respectively.
Window coating
Provided herein are graft coating formulations for windows that can help reduce or prevent bird strikes via a combination of uv reflectivity and fluorescence. These graft coating formulations may include an acrylic monomer, a diacrylic monomer, a graft initiator, and a catalyst, and when applied to a glass or plastic substrate, may reflect more than about 70% incident light having a wavelength of less than 400 nm, and also may fluoresce when exposed to light having a wavelength of less than about 400 nm.
Anti-parasitic methods and compositions utilizing diindolylmethane-related indoles
The present invention includes methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of protozoal parasitic infections utilizing diindolylmethane-related indoles. Additive and synergistic interaction of diindolylmethane-related indoles with other known anti-parasitic and pro-apoptotic agents is believed to permit more effective therapy and prevention of protozoal parasitic infections.
Automated migratory bird abatement unit
An automated bird abatement unit prevents birds from nesting in undesirable locations. The automated unit starts its cycle by shocking any nearby birds with the decoy flying out of a nest.
Method of extracting zero crossing data from full spectrum signals
Methods and apparatus for using fourier techniques to detect and isolate the fundamental frequency sweep of echolocation calls produced by bats, or of other narrow-band whistles as produced by other kinds of animals such as birds and whales. According to one example, a fourier transform is applied on blocks of input samples to produce output frames, and a narrowband frequency modulated signal is detected and traced through the output frames.
Sure feed bird feeder
To use the sure feed bird feeder, the owner would simply hang it or pole-mount it in any desired location. The birds would feed from the top of the unit, and any scattered feed would be caught by the funnel and deposited into the bottom collection tray to be recycled.
Igy from norovirus p particles and their derivatives
A method for large-scale production of anti-nov antibodies for use as a potential treatment for nov disease using passive immunization. Nov-specific immunoglobulins (igy) can be produced by immunizing chickens with nov p particles.
Bird repellent apparatus
A bird repellent apparatus includes a speaker and a speaker control unit. The speaker control unit controls the speaker to emit an ultrasonic sound wave toward a predetermined area such that the ultrasonic sound wave is modulated to an audible frequency while traveling through air to generate a repellent sound with the audile frequency in the predetermined area for repelling birds..
Birds-eye-view image generation device, and birds-eye-view image generation method
A birds-eye-view image generation device includes a captured image acquisition unit, an image conversion unit, a birds-eye-view image combining unit, and a joint setting unit. The joint setting unit sets any position of a rim of a vehicle image corresponding to a vehicle included in the birds-eye-view image as an end point in an overlapping imaging range in two birds-eye-view images corresponding to two imaging devices of which imaging ranges overlap each other, and sets a line which extends in any direction on an opposite side to the vehicle image from the end point between two radial directions directed to the end point from the two imaging devices, as a joint which joins two birds-eye-view images which are combined..
Feeding sheet and method of feeding baby bird
The purpose is to provide a feeding sheet and a method of feeding baby birds, from which suitable raising of the baby birds can be attained where the baby birds eat more food. The feeding sheet (1) according to the present invention is configured such that the color of the feeding sheet (1) to be installed on a floor (3) for raising baby birds (5) is made different from the color of food (2), and the method of feeding baby birds is configured such that the color of the feeding sheet (1) to be installed on the floor (3) in a raising area is made different from the color of the food for raising..
Vent cover with paddle wheel
A duct vent cover attaches to an exterior wall at a duct exhaust point. The duct vent cover comprises a hood, mounting bracket, and a paddle wheel.
Device and system designed to move, make noise and scare unwanted animals and birds out of gardens and fields
A device turns on at desired times, moves an object or objects, and optionally makes sounds to scare animals away. The object can be, for example, a moving scare crow that is designed to keep unwanted wildlife out of yards, gardens, fields, orchards and the like.
Foreign object damage protection device and system for aircraft
A foreign object damage protection system comprises a sensor for detecting a foreign object, a fluid in a reservoir, a means for dispensing the fluid, the means for dispensing the fluid in communication with the reservoir, and a control unit, whereby when the sensor detects a foreign object, the control unit causes fluid to be dispensed from the reservoir through the means for dispensing and towards the foreign object. The sensor is attachable to one or more locations on an aircraft, such as a wing, nose, windshield, fuselage or tail.
Haven for use with a bird feeder
A haven for use with a bird feeder is provided that includes a collapsible spiral rod assembly having an upper end and a lower end. The spiral rod haven has a plurality of spiral convolutions and is selectively movable between a collapsed position and an extended position.
Apparatuses, systems and methods for warning flying birds of hazards
An apparatus is provided for warning bird of hazards, the apparatus comprising an enclosure, at least one light emitter for directing light within a predetermined beam width between ten and forty eight degrees full width half magnitude, a light emitter controller for controlling the at least one light emitter, and a power source. The light emitter controller provides power to and controls the one or more light emitters so that the light is emitted with a predetermined repetition rate so that light is emitted to provide a visual deterrent to birds on a flight path toward the hazard.
Swivel spike cone
An apparatus for suspending the poultry front half frame on a poultry processing line leaving fewer ribs. An apparatus utilizing spikes strategically located on the cone.
Microorganisms and methods for treating poultry
An isolated bacillus strain lssao1 is provided. When fed to a bird, this and other bacillus strains described herein provide benefits to the birds.
Jet engine with deflector
A deflector for a jet engine. The deflector may prevent the jet engine from ingesting birds during a bird strike scenario.
Jet engine deflector
A deflector for a jet engine. The deflector may prevent the jet engine from ingesting birds during a bird strike scenario.
Nectar feeder having a float with flush stopper
A nectar feeder for hummingbirds is disclosed. The feeder includes a container configured and arranged to store nectar feed.
Bird-operated interactive bird feeder having feed activation tool
A bird-operated interactive bird feeder is provided. The interactive bird feeder attracts birds and dispenses a substantially predetermined amount of bird feed (e.g.
Piling pots
The invention provides a flower pot configured specifically to be easily mounted atop a waterfront piling to increase attractiveness of the waterfront experience and to prevent nautical birds from landing and soiling the pilings.. .
Method and system for detecting animals in three dimensional space and for inducing an avoidance response in an animal
The system and method of detection of low flying animals, such as birds, bats, and insects, and more particularly the detection of low flying animals using a radar system to detect the animals in three-dimensional airspace. The radar system produces narrowly focused radar pulses.
Bird feeder with rotating perch
Implementations described and claimed herein provide apparatuses and methods for providing different perch positions for feeding birds. In one implementation, a bird feeder includes a reservoir and a perch.
Bird feeder with rotating perch
Implementations described and claimed herein provide apparatuses and methods for providing different perch positions for feeding birds. In one implementation, a bird feeder includes a reservoir, a port, and a perch.
Animal collision avoidance system
The present disclosure is grounded in field study of habits of many species of animals, such as birds and bats to provide some examples, as well as their anatomical composition. This study has allowed an understanding of ingrained responses of these animals that can be modified by a biological understanding of physiology, sound and ultrasound technology, laser technology, and intelligent animal recognition.
Unitary configured bird repellent apparatus
A bird repellent apparatus having an integral base member and a plurality of prongs. The base member, by means of a plurality of tabs having holes for receiving screws or other fasteners, can be affixed to virtually any desired surface.
Device for driving away birds by means of acoustic oscillation
The invention relates to a device for subjecting a spatial area to acoustic oscillation in the ultrasound range or the ultrasound near range, provided with a housing (2) comprising a plurality of irradiation surfaces (20) wherein cylindrical cavities are formed as resonator spaces (22). The housing (2) has a cylindrical inner space (24) and is penetrated by a rotationally fixed vertical axis (4) divided into two.
Retractable bird and debris deflector for an aircraft jet engine
A retractable deflector to deflect birds and debris from an air intake duct of an aircraft jet engine. The duct has a forward opening for air receipt.
Bird decoy apparatus
A bird decoy apparatus comprising a base, a spring-loaded pulley connected to said base, wherein said pulley comprises a pulley cable, at least one rod having a first end and a second end, wherein a bird decoy is attached to said first end of said rod; a pole connected to said pulley and to said second end of said rod; and a substantially circular track connected to said base, said track having varying heights, wherein said rod is in contact with said track. A method for attracting game birds is also disclosed comprising the step of pulling the pulley cable of the bird decoy apparatus, which causes the rod with a bird decoy attached to travel around the track..
Composition and method for preventing/decreasing respiratory illness
A microbial adherence inhibitor in the form of fowl egg antibodies is disclosed, along with the method of making it and methods of using it. The inhibitor functions by substantially preventing the attachment of adherence of colony-forming immunogens in the respiratory tracts of host animals and humans.
Method and system for deterring animals
An animal deterrence system projects polarised light in order to deter animals. The light may be plane polarised light and the polarisation may be varied over time.
Regional suet compositions
Suet compositions intrinsically attractive to desirable birds in a particular region (e.g., northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest, and west) and which attract more desirable birds than other suet compositions. The suet compositions comprise tallow, peanuts, and corn in combination with black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips, white millet, and almonds; black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips, white millet, and pumpkin seeds; black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips, white millet, and safflower; dough mix and red millet, or dough mix and pecans..
Birds eye view virtual imaging for real time composited wide field of view
A live image and a previously acquired or generated image are superimposed or composited to represented a virtual vantage point for flying, driving or navigating a plane, vehicle or vessel.. .
Defective interfering virus
Cloned, i.e. Defined, defective interfering (di) influenza a virus is produced in embryonated hens eggs using a method which generates large quantities of di virus material.
Broad spectrum pest repellent compositions and pest management system
The present invention provides compositions and methods for the control and management of wildlife populations (including domesticated animals) and pests such as birds including geese, deer and other herbivore such as rabbits, ground hogs, raccoons, moose and elk, tunneling animals such as moles, voles and gophers and insects, carnivores and other organisms. Specifically provided are geraniol oil-based formulations which may be applied to natural or artificial surfaces.
Surrounding area monitoring device for work vehicle
A surrounding area monitoring device for a work vehicle includes a first imaging unit, a bird's-eye view image creating unit, and a display unit. The first imaging unit is mounted on the work vehicle and configured and arranged to capture an image of a first region in a surrounding area of the work vehicle to obtain a first image data.
Topical combination formulations of macrocyclic lactones with synthetic pyrethroids
The present invention provides pyrethroid/macrocyclic lactone-containing topical formulations that are effective against animal pests, including ecto- and endoparasites. The formulations may be used for combating parasites in or on birds and mammals.
Poultry feeder with beak grooming device
A poultry feeder with beak growth control device is provided. In one embodiment, the feeder includes a feeder pan, a feeder tower, and a beak grooming ring.
Influenza vaccine
The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one iscom complex and at least one ectodomain from at least one hemagglutinin (ha) domain and at least one ectodomain from at least one neuraminidase (na) domain from one or more influenza virus, wherein the extodomains represent ectodomains isolated from the influenza virus. The invention also regards a kit.
Balloon decoys
Balloon decoy systems and methods of making balloon decoys to assist in hunting or capturing various species of bird are disclosed, which overcome drawbacks inherent to conventional methods of attracting birds to a desired hunting or capture area. A balloon decoy includes a first portion fused to a second portion, a valve, and a first tether attachment point disposed on an exterior surface of the second portion.
Protection device for sensitive areas against impact of foreign objects
A protection device includes a flexible laminar body resistant to impacts, arranged separately from the body to be protected and put in the way of the beam of possible trajectories with which a foreign object could impact on the object to be protected, and it includes a plurality of energy absorption elements, provided with device clamping elements over a support structure positioned outside of the beam of possible trajectories, in order for the flexible laminar body to intercept an impact trajectory by the foreign object, resulting in its deformation and the subsequent progressive extension of the energy absorption elements reducing the loads to be supported by the support structure. The protection device is applied to prevent birds or other objects from impacting on sensitive areas of aircraft.
Bird control device
A bird control device includes a base with a control unit, a power supply unit, a sound generating device, an emitting unit, and a flashing light unit and light emitting diodes connected thereto. The control unit controls the operation of the sound generating device, the emitting unit, and the flashing light unit and light emitting diodes the base.
Collision aversion system
Generally, an avian flight diverter fixed to an aerial line to divert the flight of birds. Specifically, an avian flight diverter having a body coupled to an avian flight diverting member having a first component and a second component generally a mirror image of the other joined in opposed fixed angled relation, each of the components of generally flat material having a first face and a second face having a surface area sufficient to divert flight of an avian animal when secured to an aerial line..
Device & method for smart, non-habituating, automatic bird deterrent system
Operation of a bird deterrent system includes i. Measurement of bird habituation to activation of deterrent devices; ii.

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