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Bipolar patents

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Bipolar forceps

Date/App# patent app List of recent Bipolar-related patents
 Directional mesh and associated systems patent thumbnailnew patent Directional mesh and associated systems
Woven structures and associated systems for weaving such structures are disclosed. Some disclosed innovations pertain to braided structures, such as braided wire structures, with axially asymmetric woven structures (or “directional meshes”) being examples.
 Bipolar forceps patent thumbnailnew patent Bipolar forceps
A bipolar forceps may include a first forceps arm having a first forceps arm aperture, a first forceps jaw, and a first forceps arm conductor tip; a second forceps arm having a first forceps arm aperture, a second forceps jaw, and a second forceps arm conductor tip; and an input conductor isolation mechanism having a first forceps arm housing and a second forceps arm housing. The first forceps arm may be disposed in the first forceps arm housing and the second forceps arm may be disposed in the second forceps arm housing.
 Biomarkers patent thumbnailnew patent Biomarkers
The invention relates to a method of differentially diagnosing schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder.. .
 Fuel cell limiting the phenomenon of corrosion patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel cell limiting the phenomenon of corrosion
A fuel cell includes three membrane-electrode assemblies. And first and second bipolar metal plates interposed between the membrane-electrode assemblies.
 Power-conversion engine patent thumbnailnew patent Power-conversion engine
The disclosure provides a power converter and method for controlling same, comprising a plurality of switch elements, an inductive reactor, and at least two ports for the movement of electrical energy. Any energy-moving port may be made unipolar, bidirectional, bipolar, or bidirectionally bipolar.
 Bidirectional power conversion with fault-handling capability patent thumbnailnew patent Bidirectional power conversion with fault-handling capability
A power conversion system includes a unipolar bidirectional power converter with dc terminals and a first controller, and a bipolar bidirectional power converter with dc terminals connected in series with the dc terminals of the unipolar bidirectional power converter and a second controller. The first controller is operable to cause only a positive-valued dc voltage across the dc terminals.
 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device
An insulated gate bipolar transistor having a gate electrode (7) and an emitter electrode (9) is provided in a transistor region. A termination region is arranged around the transistor region.
 In-line vessel sealer and divider patent thumbnailIn-line vessel sealer and divider
An endoscopic forceps includes a housing having a shaft attached thereto, the shaft including a pair of jaw members disposed at a distal end thereof. The forceps also includes a drive assembly disposed in the housing which moves the jaw members relative to one another from a first position wherein the jaw members are disposed in spaced relation relative to one another to a second position wherein the jaw members are closer to one another for manipulating tissue.
 Dual irrigating bipolar forceps patent thumbnailDual irrigating bipolar forceps
Bipolar electrosurgical forceps are provided with dual irrigating tubes that deliver irrigating liquid to the opposed surfaces of the tips of the forceps to prevent the sticking of body tissue to the tips. To reduce the manufacturing costs of the forceps and enable the forceps to be single use, disposable forceps, each tube of the dual irrigating tools is a plastic tube adhered along one of the opposing surfaces of the pair of forceps arms.
 Exo-s-mecamylamine formulation and use in treatment patent thumbnailExo-s-mecamylamine formulation and use in treatment
A pharmaceutical composition includes a therapeutically effective amount of exo-s-mecamylamine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, substantially free of exo-r-mecamylamine in combination with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. Preferably the amount is about 0.5 mg to about 20 mg.
Combination treatments for bipolar disorders
The invention relates generally to novel compositions and methods comprising a scyllo-inositol compound and one or both of valproic acid compound and lamotrigine. The compositions and methods provide beneficial effects in the treatment of bipolar disorders..
Bicmos gate driver for class-s radio frequency power amplifier
The invention may be embodied in a resynchronizing, push-pull drive circuit for driving the gate electrodes of a digital class-s radio frequency power amplifier (rf-pa). A binary bitstream received from a bitstream generator, such as a sigma-delta modulator, viterbi-based optimal-bit-pattern modulator sigma-delta, or other suitable modulator, is resynchronized to a low-jitter master clock, then converted to fast-rise, high-swing complementary digital signals to drive the gates of the class-s rf-pa.
Bipolar compound and organic electroluminescent device employing the same
Ra, rb, and rc are independently selected from a group consisting of a hydrogen, a halo, a cyano, a trifluoromethyl, an amino, a c1-c10 alkyl, a c2-c10 alkenyl, a c2-c10 alkynyl, a c3-c20 cycloalkyl, a c3-c20 cycloalkenyl, a c1-c20 heterocyclic alkyl, a c1-c20 hetercyclic alkenyl, an aryl, and a heteroaryl groups.. .
Vertical bipolar transistor
The disclosure relates to an integrated circuit comprising a transistor comprising first and second conduction terminals and a control terminal. The integrated circuit further comprises a stack of a first dielectric layer, a conductive layer, and a second dielectric layer, the first conduction terminal comprising a first semiconductor region formed in the first dielectric layer, the control terminal comprising a second semiconductor region formed in the conductive layer, and the second conduction terminal comprising a third semiconductor region formed in the second dielectric layer..
Bipolar sphincterotome
A bipolar sphincterotome may include an elongate tubular member, a cutting wire, and a return path. The return path may include a conductive ink portion disposed on an outer surface at a distal portion of the tubular member.
Bipolar electrosurgical device
A bipolar electrosurgical device is disclosed. The bipolar electrosurgical device includes a handle having a shaft and a distal end.
Methods for forming bipolar transistors
Methods are provided for forming a device that includes merged vertical and lateral transistors with collector regions of a first conductivity type between upper and lower base regions of opposite conductivity type that are ohmically coupled via intermediate regions of the same conductivity type and to the base contact. The emitter is provided in the upper base region and the collector contact is provided in outlying sinker regions extending to the thin collector regions and an underlying buried layer.
Multilayer conductive film, current collector using same, battery and bipolar battery
A multilayer conductive film includes a layer 1 including a conductive material containing a polymer material 1 having an alicyclic structure and conductive particles 1 and a layer 2 including a material having durability against positive electrode potential. The multilayer conductive film has stability in an equilibrium potential environment in a negative electrode and stability in an equilibrium potential environment in a positive electrode, has low electric resistance per unit area in the thickness direction, and has excellent barrier properties for a solvent of an electrolytic solution.
Enhanced optical gain and lasing in indirect gap semiconductor thin films and nanostructures
Structures and methodologies to obtain lasing in indirect gap semiconductors such as ge and si are provided and involves excitonic transitions in the active layer comprising of at least one indirect gap layer. Excitonic density is increased at a given injection current level by increasing their binding energy by the use of quantum wells, wires, and dots with and without strain.
Systems and methods for control of power semiconductor devices
A device includes a controller configured to regulate one or more voltages applied to a gate of an insulated gate bipolar transistor (igbt). The controller is configured to receive one or more voltage values associated with the igbt, and generate a gating signal and transmit the gating signal to the igbt.
Magnetic resonance method for analyzing pore size distribution
A method of magnetic resonance analysis of a porous structure is disclosed. The method comprises: obtaining a recorded magnetic resonance signal as a function of both a magnetic resonance wavevector and a magnetic resonance angle, in response to a series of magnetic resonance experiments, each featuring a plurality of pairs of bipolar gradient pulse subsequences being characterized by a respective magnetic resonance wavevector and a respective magnetic resonance angle, where the respective magnetic resonance angle is an angle between gradient directions of the bipolar gradient pulse subsequences.
High performance isolated vertical bipolar junction transistor and method for forming in a cmos integrated circuit
A cmos integrated circuit containing an isolated n-channel demos transistor and an isolated vertical pnp transistor has deep n-type wells and surrounding shallow n-type wells providing isolation from the p-type substrate. The isolated n-channel demos transistor has an upper n-type layer providing an extended drain, and a lower p-type layer isolating the extended drain from the underlying deep n-type well.
Magnetic activation of monopolar and bipolar devices
A system for providing current to perform a surgical procedure includes an electrosurgical device having a conductive cutting wire and a power source with a power cord providing current to the cutting wire from a power source. The power cord and device are connected via a magnetic connection.
Intermediate compounds and process for the preparation of lurasidone and salts thereof
The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of lurasidone or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, a compound useful for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The present invention further relates to processes for the preparation of lurasidone intermediates, and to certain novel intermediates obtained by such processes..
Unique pre-form design for two-step forming of stainless steel fuel cell bipolar plates
A bipolar plate used in a fuel cell and a method of making a bipolar plate. The sheet is made from a ferritic or austenitic stainless steel, and defines an undulated surface pattern such that the patterned sheet may be formed into the bipolar plate.
Al2o3 or al2o3-contained multilayer coatings for silicon nitride cutting tools by physical vapor deposition and methods of making the same
The present invention provides an al2o3 coated si3n4 cutting tool comprising a si3n4 based substrate body and a coating layer on the substrate body, wherein the coating layer has at least one al2o3 coating layer consisting of amorphous al2o3 or nanocrystalline α-, γ-, or κ-al2o3. The hard and wear resistant refractory coating is deposited onto the si3n4-based substrate body by reactive sputtering using bipolar pulsed dms technique or dual magnetron sputtering method at substrate temperatures of 300-700° c.
Systems and methods for overvoltage protection of power converters
A system includes an excitation system configured to regulate one or more outputs of a power generating system. The excitation system includes a power conversion module (pcm).
Power net system of fuel cell hybrid vehicle and charge/discharge control method
A power net system of a fuel cell hybrid vehicle includes a fuel cell and an electric vehicle battery (ev battery) connected with each other through a main bus terminal in parallel, and an insulated gate bipolar mode transistor (igbt) connected to the ev battery and the main bus terminal. The power net system further includes an inverter connected to the main bus terminal and a driving motor connected to the inverter..
Metal silicide self-aligned sige heterojunction bipolar transistor and method of forming the same
The present invention discloses a metal silicide self-aligned sige heterojunction bipolar transistor, which is designed to overcome the shortcomings such as the large base resistance rb of the prior art products. The metal silicide self-aligned sige heterojunction bipolar transistor of the present invention mainly comprises an si collector region, a local dielectric region, a base region, a base-region low-resistance metal silicide layer, a polysilicon emitter region, an emitter-base spacer dielectric region composed of a liner silicon oxide layer and a silicon nitride inner sidewall, a monocrystalline emitter region, a contact hole dielectric layer, an emitter metal electrode and a base metal electrode.
Method and layer structure for preventing intermixing of semiconductor layers
A semiconductor device includes an etch-stop layer between a first layer of a field-effect transistor and a second layer of a bipolar transistor, each of which includes at least one arsenic-based semiconductor layer. A p-type layer is between the second layer and the etch-stop layer, and the device can include an n-type layer deposited between the etch-stop layer and p-type layer.
Lattice mismatched hetero-epitaxial film
An embodiment concerns forming an epi film on a substrate where the epi film has a different lattice constant from the substrate. The epi film and substrate may include different materials to collectively form a hetero-epitaxial device having, for example, a si and/or sige substrate and a iii-v or iv film.
Light-sensitive chimeric gpcr protein
A light-sensitive chimeric protein comprising domains from at least two members of the g-protein-coupled-receptor (gpcr) protein super family, which are fused to yield a light-sensitive gpcr chimera capable of coupling a light signal to the signaling cascade of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 6 (mglur6) is provided for medical therapy and for the manufacture of medicaments for improving vision, in particular for treating loss of vision resulting from retinal photoreceptor degeneration. A first of the at least two gpcr family members contributes domains which mediate the light-sensitivity to the chimeric light-sensitive gpcr protein.
Lateral bipolar transistor and cmos hybrid technology
A method of forming a lateral bipolar transistor includes forming a silicon on insulator (soi) substrate having a bottom substrate layer, a buried oxide layer (box) on top of the substrate layer, and a silicon on insulator (soi) layer on top of the box layer, forming a dummy gate and spacer on top of the silicon on insulator layer, doping the soi layer with positive or negative ions, depositing an inter layer dielectric (ild), using chemical mechanical planarization (cmp) to planarize the ild, removing the dummy gate creating a gate trench which reveals the base of the dummy gate, doping the dummy gate base, depositing a layer of polysilicon on top of the soi layer and into the gate trench, etching the layer of polysilicon so that it only covers the dummy gate base, and applying a self-aligned silicide process.. .
Methods of manufacturing embedded bipolar switching resistive memory
Non linear current response circuits can be used in embedded resistive memory cell for reducing power consumption, together with improving reliability of the memory array. The non linear current response circuits can include two back to back leaky pin diodes, two parallel anti-directional pin diodes, two back to back zener-type metal oxide diodes, or ovonic switching elements, along with current limiting resistor for standby power reduction at the low voltage region.
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
The present disclosure is directed to a method that includes exposing a surface of a silicon substrate in a first region between first and second isolation trenches, etching the silicon substrate in the first region to form a recess between the first and second isolation trenches,=; and forming a base of a heterojunction bipolar transistor by selective epitaxial growth of a film comprising sige in the recess.. .
Heterojunction bipolar transistor, power amplifier including the same, and method for fabricating heterojunction bipolar transistor
A heterojunction bipolar transistor includes a ballast resistor layer of which resistance increases with an increase in temperature. The ballast resistor layer includes a first ballast resistor sub-layer having a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity in a first temperature range and a second temperature range and a second ballast resistor sub-layer having a negative temperature coefficient of resistivity in the first temperature range and a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity in the second temperature range..
Semiconductor device with single-event latch-up prevention circuitry
A semiconductor device includes a parasitic silicon-controlled rectifier (scr) and a first transistor. The parasitic scr includes a parasitic pnp bipolar junction transistor (bjt) and a parasitic npn bjt.
Method of processing a silicon wafer and a silicon integrated circuit
Methods and systems for processing a silicon wafer are disclosed. A method includes providing a flash memory region in the silicon wafer and providing a bipolar transistor with a polysilicon external base in the silicon wafer.
Assembly of active cardiac electrical lead
An active bipolar cardiac electrical is assembled by coupling an inner conductor coil to a connector pin to form an inner conductor assembly. The inner conductor assembly is threaded through a connector insulator.
Dynamic and static bipolar electrical sealing and cutting device
An end effector assembly includes opposed jaws moveable from an open to a closed position for grasping tissue therebetween. Each jaw includes an electrically conductive surface adapted to conduct electrosurgical energy through tissue disposed between the jaws.
Bipolar electrosurgical features for targeted hemostasis
An apparatus is configured to operate on tissue. The apparatus includes an end effector with an upper jaw and a lower jaw.
Bipolar hosts for light emitting devices
Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7 and r8 are independently h, c1-c3 alkyl, or c1-3 perfluoroalkyl; ht is optionally substituted carbazoyl, optionally substituted phenylcarbazolyl, optionally substituted (phenylcarbazolyl)phenyl, optionally substituted phenylnaphthylamine, or optionally substituted diphenylamine; and et optionally substituted benzimidazol-2-yl, optionally substituted benzothiazol-2-yl, optionally substituted benzoxazol-2-yl, optionally substituted 3,3′-bipyridin-5-yl, optionally substituted quinolin-8-yl, optionally substituted quinolin-5-yl, or optionally substituted quinoxalin-5-yl. Other embodiments provide an organic light-emitting diode device comprising a compound of formula 1..
Bipolar transistor manufacturing method, bipolar transistor and integrated circuit
Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a bipolar transistor, comprising providing a substrate (10) comprising a first isolation region (12) separated from a second isolation region by an active region (11) comprising a collector impurity; forming a layer stack over said substrate, said layer stack comprising a base layer (14, 14′), a silicon capping layer (15) over said base layer and a silicon-germanium (sige) base contact layer (40) over said silicon capping layer; etching the sige base contact layer to form an emitter window (50) over the collector impurity, wherein the silicon emitter cap layer is used as etch stop layer; forming sidewall spacers (22) in the emitter window; and filling the emitter window with an emitter material (24). A bipolar transistor manufactured in accordance with this method and an ic comprising one or more of such bipolar transistors are also disclosed..
Gas diffusion layer for fuel cell applications
A gas diffusion layer (gdl) for fuel cell applications that can prevented channels of a bipolar plate from being intruded. The gas diffusion layer is manufactured by cutting a gdl material at a certain angle such that a machine direction of the inherent high stiffness of the gdl material is not in parallel with a major flow field direction of a bipolar plate to prevent the gdl intrusion into the channels of the bipolar plate without modifying an existing method for manufacturing the gas diffusion layer.
Bipolar-mos memory circuit
The present invention relates to electronic memory circuits, and more particularly, to low power electronic memory circuits having low manufacturing costs. The present invention is a circuit design that utilizes two transistor types—bipolar and mos (but, not both nmos and pmos) one of which can be manufactured together with the memory cell's non-linear conductive elements (such as a diode) thereby reducing the number of processing steps and masks and resulting in lower cost..
Compliant micro device transfer head array with metal electrodes
Compliant monopolar and bipolar micro device transfer head arrays and methods of formation from soi substrates are described. In an embodiment, an array of compliant transfer heads are formed over a base substrate and deflectable toward the base substrate, and a patterned metal layer includes a metal interconnect layer electrically connected with an array of the metal electrodes in the array of compliant transfer heads..
Micro device transfer head array with metal electrodes
A monopolar and bipolar micro device transfer head array and method of forming a monopolar and bipolar micro device transfer array are described. In an embodiment, a micro device transfer head array includes a base substrate, a first insulating layer formed over the base substrate, and an array of mesa structures.
Methods of utilizing arylpiperazine derivatives
The present invention provides arylpiperazine derivatives which can be advantageously used for treating schizophrenia and related psychoses such as acute manic, bipolar disorder, autistic disorder, and depression.. .

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