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Biometrics patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Biometrics-related patents
 Application of z-webs and z-factors to analytics, search engine, learning, recognition, natural language, and other utilities patent thumbnailApplication of z-webs and z-factors to analytics, search engine, learning, recognition, natural language, and other utilities
Here, we introduce z-webs, including z-factors and z-nodes, for the understanding of relationships between objects, subjects, abstract ideas, concepts, or the like, including face, car, images, people, emotions, mood, text, natural language, voice, music, video, locations, formulas, facts, historical data, landmarks, personalities, ownership, family, friends, love, happiness, social behavior, voting behavior, and the like, to be used for many applications in our life, including on the search engine, analytics, big data processing, natural language processing, economy forecasting, face recognition, dealing with reliability and certainty, medical diagnosis, pattern recognition, object recognition, biometrics, security analysis, risk analysis, fraud detection, satellite image analysis, machine generated data analysis, machine learning, training samples, extracting data or patterns (from the video, images, and the like), editing video or images, and the like. Z-factors include reliability factor, confidence factor, expertise factor, bias factor, and the like, which is associated with each z-node in the z-web..
 Cognitive biometrics using mouse perturbation patent thumbnailCognitive biometrics using mouse perturbation
Cognitive biometrics comprises augmenting the richness of biometric signatures that can be extracted from mouse dynamics by introducing perturbations in the response of the computer mouse and measuring the motor responses of the individual user. User responses to unexpected and subtle perturbations (e.g., small changes in mouse velocity, position and/or acceleration) reveal new unique sources of information in the mouse movement signal that reflect the user's cognitive strategies and are inaccessible via existing mouse biometric technologies.
 Electronic skin patch for real time monitoring of cardiac activity and personal health management patent thumbnailElectronic skin patch for real time monitoring of cardiac activity and personal health management
A novel wearable electronic skin patch sensor device configured for the real time acquisition, processing and communicating of cardiac activity and other types of biological information within a wired or wireless network is disclosed. A system level scheme for networking the sensor device with client devices that include intelligent personal health management appliances, cellular telephones, pdas, portable computers, personal computers, rfid tags and servers is disclosed.
 Iris identification system and method patent thumbnailIris identification system and method
A method for biometric recognition may be employed on multiple biometrics, including irises and ears. The method includes decomposing the radiometric profile of each line of an image into a plurality of wavelets using a wavelet transform process.
 Compact biometric acquisition system and method patent thumbnailCompact biometric acquisition system and method
A method of determining the identity of a subject while the subject is walking or being transported in an essentially straight direction is disclosed, the two dimensional profile of the subject walking or being transported along forming a three dimensional swept volume, without requiring the subject to change direction to avoid any part of the system, comprising acquiring data related to one or more biometrics of the subject with the camera(s), processing the acquired biometrics data, and determining if the acquired biometric data match corresponding biometric data stored in the system, positioning camera(s) and strobed or scanned infrared illuminator(s) above, next to, or below the swept volume. A system for carrying out the method is also disclosed..
 Communication apparatus using biometrics patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus using biometrics
A communication apparatus for connecting to a network that requires authentication is provided. The apparatus includes a network controller for connecting to the network; a controller for controlling a connection to the network via the network controller; a sensor for obtaining biometric information of a user of the communication apparatus; and a memory for storing a subscription module applied to authentication towards the network.
 Intelligent biometric identification of a participant associated with a media recording patent thumbnailIntelligent biometric identification of a participant associated with a media recording
A media recording within a data store of a computing device can be identified. The media can be a photograph or a video.
 Biometrics authentication apparatus, biometrics authentication system, and biometrics authentication method patent thumbnailBiometrics authentication apparatus, biometrics authentication system, and biometrics authentication method
A biometrics authentication apparatus acquires biometric information by a biometric information acquisition section and acquires first registered information and second registered information by a registered information acquisition section. The biometrics authentication apparatus generates a comparison score from the first registered information and the biometric information, compares the comparison score and a threshold, and outputs an authentication result, by an authentication section.
 Automatic association of authentication credentials with biometrics patent thumbnailAutomatic association of authentication credentials with biometrics
A computing device may receive authentication information. Within a time-out period, a fingerprint may also be received.
 Biometrics based methods and systems for user authentication patent thumbnailBiometrics based methods and systems for user authentication
Disclosed are computer-implemented methods and systems for authentication of users through capturing and analyzing biometrics data such as keystroke dynamics. Once the keystroke dynamics is acquired, a corresponding feature vector related is calculated by calculating multiple sub-feature values using various algorithms such as normalization, relations between keystroke dynamics events, relations of sums of various sub-feature values, and so forth.
Fingerprint lifting systems and methods for biometrics and chemical analysis
Fingerprint lifting systems and related methods are described which enable the collected print(s) to be subjected to analytical techniques that employ relatively high temperatures. The fingerprint lifting systems include a thin layer of a heat resistant pressure sensitive adhesive..
Person identification using ocular biometrics with liveness detection
A method of assessing the identity of a person by one or more of: internal non-visible anatomical structure of an eye represented by the oculomotor plant characteristics (opc), brain performance represented by the complex eye movement patterns (cem), iris patterns, and periocular information. In some embodiments, a method of making a biometric assessment includes measuring eye movement of a subject, making an assessment of whether the subject is alive based on the measured eye movement, and assessing a person's identity based at least in part on the assessment of whether the subject is alive.
Methods and systems for applications for z-numbers
The current specification covers various new algorithms, methods, and systems for, e.g., image recognition (e.g., for action, gesture, emotion, expression, biometrics, fingerprint, facial, ocr (text recognition), background, relationship, position, pattern, and object), machine learning, training schemes, feature space, clustering, classification, similarity measures, optimization, search engine, ranking, question-answering system, soft (fuzzy or unsharp) boundaries/impreciseness/fuzziness in language, clustering, and recognition, natural language processing (nlp), computing with words (cww), parsing, machine translation, sound and speech recognition, video search and analysis (e.g. Tracking), image annotation, geometrical abstraction, image correction, semantic web, context analysis, data reliability (e.g., using z-number (e.g., “about 45 minutes; very sure”)), rules engine, control system, autonomous vehicle, system diagnosis, medical diagnosis, biomedicine, large number of images analytics, event prediction, financial forecasting, economics, risk assessment, e-mail management, database management, indexing and join operation, memory management, data compression, and crowd-sourcing (using experts or humans)..
System and method for 3d imaging using structured light illumination
A biometrics system captures and processes a handprint image using a structured light illumination to create a 2d representation equivalent of a rolled inked handprint. A processing unit calculates 3d coordinates of the hand from the plurality of images and maps the 3d coordinates to a 2d flat surface to create a 2d representation equivalent of a rolled inked handprint..
Using biometrics as an encryption key
An image of an biometric part is used as encryption or decryption key. The biometric part image is obtained, and items within the biometric part are analyzed.
Digital file authentication using biometrics
This invention provides a means of authenticating digital files without the need for a central trusted authority. A message digest of one or more digital files is calculated, preferably using a cryptographic hash function and all or part of the digest value is implanted into one or more biometric information files produced by the originator of the digital files or a trusted third party.
Multi-factor mobile transaction authentication
Disclosed are authentication systems and techniques that can automatically recognize, validate, and utilize different types of information including user information, device information, and network information. Each of these types of information is processed with a unique algorithm and then is encrypted for security purposes.
Systems, methods and apparatus for multivariate authentication
Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed for user authentication using a plurality of authentication variables, such as biometrics and contextual data. Example contextual data includes the geographical location of the user, a gesture of the user, and the machine identification of the individual's user device..
Personalized biometric identification and non-repudiation system
A system and a method for providing a personalized biometric identification system to facilitate in securing critical transactions have been disclosed. The system includes a server which captures pre-designated biometric prints of a user, personalizes them and registers them on a bio print reader, owned by the user, over a unidirectional non-internet based channel.
Method and system for using conversational biometrics and speaker identification/verification to filter voice streams
A method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code having programming instructions tangibly embodied on a computer readable storage medium. The programming instructions are operable to receive an audio stream of a communication between a plurality of participants.
Insect repelling digital photo frame with biometrics
A photo frame and method for repelling insects, displaying pictures based on location, and selectively displaying the pictures based on current physical holders of users is provided. The photo frame's components include an outer frame, a touch display, a fingerprint reader, an anti-mosquito component, a location detection device, a camera, a processor and a memory.
Personal identification combining proximity sensing with biometrics
Described is a technology by which the identity of a person (e.g., a customer in a commercial transaction) is determinable without active identification effort, via biometric data is obtained without action by the person. Machine processing of the biometric data over a set of possible persons, determined from secondary proximity sensing, is used to determine or assist in determining the identity of the person..
Method and system for authenticating user of a mobile device via hybrid biometics information
A system and method is provided that authenticates a user using hybrid biometrics information, such as a user's image information, a user's voice information, etc. The user authentication method includes: acquiring a number of biometrics information; generating a number of authentication information corresponding to the acquired biometrics information; and performing an integral user authentication based on the by generated authentication information..
Device, system, and method of liveness detection utilizing voice biometrics
Device, system, and method of liveness detection using voice biometrics. For example, a method comprises: generating a first matching score based on a comparison between: (a) a voice-print from a first text-dependent audio sample received at an enrollment stage, and (b) a second text-dependent audio sample received at an authentication stage; generating a second matching score based on a text-independent audio sample; and generating a liveness score by taking into account at least the first matching score and the second matching score..
Barcode device
Bar codes used for various applications. A bar code can be used for biometrics, or for computer data entry.
Barcode device
Bar codes used for various applications. A bar code can be used for biometrics, or for computer data entry.
Barcode device
Bar codes used for various applications. A bar code can be used for biometrics, or for computer data entry.
Barcode device
Bar codes used for various applications. A bar code can be used for biometrics, or for computer data entry.
Barcode device
Bar codes used for various applications. A bar code can be used for biometrics, or for computer data entry.
Method and apparatus for measuring biometrics of object
A method for measuring biometrics of an object includes receiving an image of an object, modeling the object to identify a portion of the object, and measuring biometrics of the object based on a modeling result the object.. .
System and method for providing secure access to an electronic device using both a screen gesture and facial biometrics
A system and method for providing secure authorization to an electronic device by combining two or more security features of authentication processed at substantially the same time where at least one of the factors is a “tolerant” factor. By combining two factors such as facial recognition and a screen gesture, these can be analyzed at substantially the same time such that the tolerance match required by the tolerant factors for providing a better user authentication experience without reducing the overall security accuracy..
Multimodal ocular biometric system
A multimodal biometric identification system captures and processes images of both the iris and the retina for biometric identification. Another multimodal ocular system captures and processes images of the iris and/or the from both eyes of a subject.
Anonymous biometric player tracking
A processor-based gaming machine running wager-based games can include an exterior housing, a master gaming controller, a display device, and an anonymous player tracking device adapted to detect passively biometric information from players to facilitate the anonymous tracking of gaming activities without the use of traditional player tracking instruments. A player tracking system can include multiple such gaming machines, a database storing a plurality of player profiles that include biometric data, and a remote player tracking server configured to receive passively detected biometric data regarding anonymous players, determine whether the received biometric data is associated with existing player profiles, attribute credit for the anonymous gaming activity if it is, and create a new player profile if it is not.
System and method for 3d imaging using structured light illumination
A biometrics system captures and processes a handprint image using a structured light illumination to create a 2d representation equivalent of a rolled inked handprint. A processing unit calculates 3d coordinates of the hand from the plurality of images and maps the 3d coordinates to a 2d flat surface to create a 2d representation equivalent of a rolled inked handprint..
Identity recognition system and method based on hybrid biometrics
An identity recognition system and method capture an image of a subject that is projected by light of different wavelengths, extract various biometric informations from the image, analyze and compare for each of the biometric informations to generate a matching score, and determine an identity for the subject according to all of the matching scores. The system and method have higher recognition accuracy, lower false acceptance rate, lower false rejection rate, and higher flexibility..
Behavioral biometrics for authentication in computing environments
Techniques for authenticating one or more entities are disclosed. Authentication can be performed based on one or more attributes associated with an image and/or input provided in connection with an image.
System and method for providing secure access to an electronic device using facial biometrics
A facial biometric recognition system and method (100) for providing security for an electronic device (101) includes a digital camera (105) having a field of view for providing facial biometric images at a predetermined interval from a user of the electronic device (101). A processor (109) is associated with the electronic device (101) for comparing the facial biometric images to biometric image data stored in a database (107).
Method for providing computer-based authentication utilizing gesture biometrics
A method and system looks for patterns in a series of gesture data samples to determine consistency or inconsistency within the data sample. One embodiment includes device authentication using a unique biometric algorithm that provides biometrically enhanced gesture-based authentication using a software only solution.
Anonymous association system utilizing biometrics
Various exemplary embodiments relate to an anonymous database system. The system includes a plurality of biometric nodes in communication with one another.
Electronic wallet using allocation of funds
A user may instruct a host to transmit an allocation of electronic money to the user's mobile electronic device from a user's payment account managed by the host. The allocation may include credentials, authentication key(s), a signature, a limited amount of funds, and/or other types of payment information.
Secure liquid drug dispenser and method for delivering liquid medication
A secure liquid drug dispenser for delivering pre-determined doses of medication for oral administration, including an airtight container (1) pressurized thanks to a micro pump (28) defining a pressurized area (10) in which a flexible bag (13) containing the drug to deliver is attached, the flexible bag (13) being connected to a valve (20) located within a second non pressurized area (21) of the container for delivering doses of drug trough a delivery port (23). A microcontroller within the pressurized area (21) controls the opening of the valve for precise delivery of drug doses and monitors the pressure within the pressurized area (21).
System and method for interactive promotion of products and services
A method and system for interactively promoting the sale of a product or service are described. The method and system includes capturing an image of a consumer with a video camera.
Use of voice biometric software to analyze inmate telephone calls
A system and method for managing and controlling telephone activity in a correctional facility comprises providing a first communicative connection between a caller and a recipient, delivering the conversation between the caller and the recipient over the first communicative connection and executing voice biometrics software to evaluate the conversation. A detection response executed based upon the evaluation of the biometrics software..
Biometric-enabled smart card
A biometrics-enabled smart card for use in transactional or identity applications (e.g., credit cards and identity cards). The biometric smart card includes a substrate, a biometric sensor capable of reading biometric information through the substrate, and a microprocessor to process, store, and authenticate biometric information.
Hand geometry biometrics on a payment device
The present invention discloses a system and methods for biometric security using multiple biometrics in a transponder-reader system. The biometric security system also includes a biometric sensor that detects biometric samples and a device for verifying biometric samples.
Personal biometric authentication system for secure timekeeping
Improved privacy is facilitated, despite the use of biometrics. “buddy-punching” (timekeeping fraud, when workers punch-in absent “buddies”) is eliminated with biometric authentication—even though the biometric never leaves the handheld device..
Biometrics based on locally consistent features
Systems, devices, methods, and software are described for biometric sensors that permit a reduction in the size of the sensing area without significant reduction in biometric functionality of the sensor. A skin site of an individual is illuminated, and light scattered from the skin site is received.
Biometric birth certificate
A biometric birth certificate has a memory device portion mounted on the certificate to store data including dna sample results. A biometric storage area is also provided to permanently store biological materials such as hair, blood, skin, etc.
System and method for anonymous biometrics analysis
A system receives an identification number from a subject. The system retrieves a biometric measurement from a database using the identification number.
Multimodal aggregating unit
In a voice processing system, a multimodal request is received from a plurality of modality input devices, and the requested application is run to provide a user with the feedback of the multimodal request. In the voice processing system, a multimodal aggregating unit is provided which receives a multimodal input from a plurality of modality input devices, and provides an aggregated result to an application control based on the interpretation of the interaction ergonomics of the multimodal input within the temporal constraints of the multimodal input.
Personalized activity monitor and weight management system
A weight management system comprised of a body worn device which interfaces periodically with a computer. The established weight goals of the user are translated by the computer into daily activity targets and downloaded into the device.

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