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Biodegradable patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Biodegradable-related patents
 Biodegradable stent with enhanced fracture toughness patent thumbnailBiodegradable stent with enhanced fracture toughness
Stents and methods of manufacturing a stents with enhanced fracture toughness are disclosed.. .
 Biodegradable stent with enhanced fracture toughness patent thumbnailBiodegradable stent with enhanced fracture toughness
Stents and methods of manufacturing a stents with enhanced fracture toughness are disclosed.. .
 Biodegradable medical devices and method to control degradation of the biodegradable medical devices patent thumbnailBiodegradable medical devices and method to control degradation of the biodegradable medical devices
An implantable biodegradable device having two or more layers composed of one or more biodegradable materials is disclosed. The two or more layers are coated with one or more drugs.
 Wound treatment apparatus and method patent thumbnailWound treatment apparatus and method
An apparatus and method for aspirating, irrigating and/or cleansing wounds is provided. The apparatus and method include one or more of the following: simultaneous aspiration and irrigation of the wound, supplying of thermal energy to fluid circulated through the wound; supplying physiologically active agents to the wound; a biodegradable scaffold in contact with the wound bed; and application of stress or flow stress to the wound bed..
 Plasticizers for resin compositions and resin compositions including the same patent thumbnailPlasticizers for resin compositions and resin compositions including the same
Provided are a plasticizer for a resin composition including any one or more selected from a polyvinyl chloride resin, a polyurethane resin, an epoxy resin, a polycarbonate resin or a biodegradable resin, which has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and hardness, and shape processability, and particularly has excellent flexibility at low temperatures, does not cause bleeding because compatibility with the resins is good, and has excellent transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance and durability, and a resin composition including the same.. .
 Polymeric treatment compositions patent thumbnailPolymeric treatment compositions
Polymeric compositions are described comprising a biocompatible polymer including a biodegradable linkage to a visualization agent and a non-physiological ph solution; wherein the biocompatible polymer is soluble in the non-physiological ph solution and insoluble at a physiological ph. Methods of forming the solutions and polymers are disclosed as well as methods of therapeutic use..
 Wetting agent for electrolytic applications and use thereof patent thumbnailWetting agent for electrolytic applications and use thereof
The invention relates to a wetting agent and to its use. The wetting agent comprises a biodegradable surfactant which is present in a solution in water, and allows foam to be formed during the electroplating application.
 Compositions and methods for cleaning surfaces patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for cleaning surfaces
The invention provides environmentally safe compositions and methods for cleaning surfaces to remove soap scum, iron oxide, calcium carbonate or calcium stearate deposits, or a combination thereof, from surfaces. The compositions of the invention comprise calcium chelating agents, one or more nonionic surfactants, one or more chelating agents, one or more anionic polymeric surfactants, an acid, and water, wherein the composition is alkaline.
 Process for the production of biodegradable films having improved mechanical properties patent thumbnailProcess for the production of biodegradable films having improved mechanical properties
Process to produce improved biodegradable plastic films, comprising producing a biodegradable plastic film by bubble blowing, then subjecting it to monoaxial or biaxial cold stretching with a stretch ratio in the range from 1:1 to 1:4.. .
 Granulated material mixture comprising two different granulated materials for artificial callus distraction patent thumbnailGranulated material mixture comprising two different granulated materials for artificial callus distraction
A granulate mixture suitable for regenerating a bone contains at least one expandable particle and at least one nondeformable particle. The at least one expandable particle contains a swelling agent.
Bis-(alpha-amino-diol-diester) containing polyesteramide for ophtamology
The present invention relates to an ocular polymer delivery composition comprising at least one ophthalmologic agent dispersed in at least one biodegradable polymer, wherein the polymer comprises at least one of a poly (ester amide) (pea) having a chemical formula described by structural formula (i).. .
Biodegradable polymer based microimplant for ocular drug delivery
Novel sustained release biodegradable implants and methods of making and of using the same to treat ocular diseases are provided.. .
Biodegradable photocatalytic nanocomposite microsponges of polyactic acid
Despite significant progress in the synthesis of nanocomposite materials, integration of several components with various functions remains a big challenge, which significantly limits control over nanocomposite properties. The disclosure provides a multifunctional micro particle based on incorporation of titania nanoparticles combined into a porous polylactic acid (pla) matrix.
Plant based material useful in adsorbing petroleum products, processes for making these, and uses thereof
The invention relates to methods for making completely biodegradable, hydrophobic, oleophilic plant based materials which are useful in adsorption of petroleum products. The materials have an average diameter of from 1 to 5 mm, and an ash content of from 10% to 30%.
Method for the manufacture of nerve regeneration-inducing tube
A method for manufacturing a nerve regeneration-inducing tube with excellent pressure resistance, shape recovery property, anti-kink property, film exfoliation resistance, resistance to invasion of outer tissues, and leakage resistance. The tubular body is formed by weaving together fibers made up of biodegradable polymer.
Composition and methods for site-specific drug delivery to treat malaria and other liver diseases
A system for selectively delivering drugs to target tissues is provided. The system includes a drug-linker-saccharide-drug conjugate (d-l-a-d1).
Biodegradable polymers with sulfenamide bonds for drug delivery applications
The present invention provides polysulfenamides and methods of making same.. .
Heat-sealable biodegradable packaging material, a package made thereof, and use of a resin in extrusion coating
The invention concerns a heat-sealable biodegradable packaging material, which comprises a fibrous substrate and one or more polymer coating layers extruded onto said substrate. According to the invention the packaging material includes at least one polymer coating layer containing polylactide and at least about 1 weight-% of terpene phenolic resin blended therewith.
Method for the manufacture of nerve regeneration-inducing tube
A method for manufacturing a nerve regeneration-inducing tube with excellent pressure resistance, shape recovery property, anti-kink property, film exfoliation resistance, resistance to invasion of outer tissues, and leakage resistance. The tubular body is formed by weaving together fibers made up of biodegradable polymer.
Controlled release of biologically active compounds
The present invention relates to biodegradable polymers (e.g., polyesters and polyester amides) derived from functionalized biologically active compounds that can provide site specific delivery of bioactive compounds upon biodegradation in a controlled manner.. .
Biodegradable polyurethane/urea compositions
The present invention relates to biocompatible, biodegradable polyurethane/urea polymeric compositions that are capable of in-vivo curing with low heat generation to form materials suitable for use in scaffolds in tissue engineering applications such as bone and cartilage repair. The polymers are desirably flowable and injectable and can support living biological components to aid in the healing process.
Magnetic fluid nanosystem
Targeting contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (mri). In preferred embodiments, self-assembled polyelectrolytes coated superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agent particles are provided, which are labeled with targeting moieties, afforded enhanced relaxivity, improved signal-to-noise and targeting ability.
Peel-away security covering for a ticket
A solution for concealing confidential information that is printed at the point of sale in a game of chance utilizing a more common type printer designed for printing on a standard grade and biodegradable direct thermal paper. This system can print and cut each individual ticket in variable lengths.
Biodegradable iron-containing compositions, methods of preparing and applications therefor
The invention relates to biodegradable iron alloy-containing compositions for use in preparing medical devices. In addition, biodegradable crystalline and amorphous compositions of the invention exhibit properties that make them suitable for use as medical devices for implantation into a body of a patient.
Polymer composition for manufacturning biodegradable articles and process thereof
The present disclosure provides a bio-degradable polymer composition comprising: 30% to 50% (w/w) of an extrusion grade bio-degradable polymer; and 50% to 70% (w/w) of an injection molding grade bio-degradable polymer. The bio-degradable polymer composition of the present disclosure is used for manufacturing bio-degradable article, such as bio-degradable tubes.
Filter material for a filter element of a smoking article, and associated system and method
A method and associated system are provided for forming a biodegradable filter material for a filter element of a smoking article, wherein the method involves combining cellulose acetate fibers with regenerated cellulose fibers, drawing the combined cellulose acetate fibers and regenerated cellulose fibers to form drawn combined fibers, and crimping the drawn combined fibers to form a mixed fiber tow. An associated filter material for the filter element of a smoking article is also provided..
Recyclable or biodegradable blood pressure cuff
A blood pressure cuff is defined by a first sheet, having an opening, and a second sheet. The second sheet is attached to a bottom of the first sheet to form an interior inflatable portion between the first sheet and the second sheet, with the opening of the first sheet fluidly interconnecting the interior inflatable portion with an exterior of the cuff.
Plasticizer, a biodegradable material comprising the plasticizer and application thereof
The present embodiment relates to a plasticizer, which is fabricated by mixing monomers of biodegradable polymer with bio-molecules subsequently to deal the mixture with thermal treatment. The biodegradable material comprising the plasticizer has high melt index which is contributive for the processing of thermal processing, and the microwave-tolerance and water-resistance of the material makes the material suitable for food packaging..
Sustained delivery formulations of rapamycin compounds
The present invention relates to a rapamycin sustained release delivery system for treatment of diseases responsive to rapamycin. The sustained release delivery system of the invention includes a flowable composition containing rapamycin or a rapamycin derivative, which is capable of providing an implant containing the rapamycin or derivative thereof.
Biodegradable poly(beta-amino esters) and uses thereof
Poly(β-amino esters) prepared from the conjugate addition of bis(secondary amines) or primary amines to a bis(acrylate ester) are described. Methods of preparing these polymers from commercially available starting materials are also provided.
Edible, biodegradable food and beverage container
An edible, biodegradable container that includes an edible or biodegradable sealant preventing liquids or moisture from foods or beverages stored therein from being absorbed into the container is disclosed. The sealant allows the edible container to contain liquids, even when the liquids are stored for extended periods of time within the container.
Multilayer biodegradable microparticles for sustained release of therapeutic agents
Microparticles are prepared by a method that includes: (a) forming a layer comprising a first polymer on a solid surface by depositing a first composition one or more times on the solid surface, wherein the first composition comprises the first polymer and a first solvent, and evaporating the first solvent in the first composition; (b) forming one or more layers comprising a second polymer and a therapeutic agent by depositing a second composition on all or part of the layer formed in step (a), wherein the second composition comprises the second polymer, the therapeutic agent, and a second solvent; and evaporating the second solvent in the second composition; and (c) forming an additional layer comprising a third polymer by depositing a third composition one or more times on a previously formed layer, wherein the third composition comprises the third polymer and a third solvent; and evaporating the third solvent in the third composition.. .
Magnesium-zinc-strontium alloys for medical implants and devices
A medical implant and/or device, which includes a biodegradable and cytocompatible magnesium-zinc-strontium alloy is disclosed. The implant and/or device can include a biodegradable and cytocompatible magnesium-zinc-strontium (mg—zn—sr) alloy having a weight percent composition of zn and sr as follows: 0.01≦zn≦6 wt %, 0.01≦sr≦3 wt %.
Method for preparation of anhydrosugar alcohols
Disclosed is a method for the preparation of an anhydrosugar alcohol using a starch-derived hexitol such as sorbitol or mannitol anhydrosugar alcohol is in the form of a diol having two hydroxyl groups in the molecule thereof and has a very high utility value as a physical property modifier which can be used primarily in plastics. Representative examples of anhydrosugar alcohols include isosorbide and isomannide.
Biodegradable polyester fiber having excellent thermal stability and strength, and method for producing same
The present invention aims to provide biodegradable polyester fibers excellent in thermal stability and fiber strength. Another aim is to provide a method for producing biodegradable polyester fibers excellent in mechanical properties, particularly in thermal stability.
Lubricant compositions
Lubricant composition formulations comprising at least one biodegradable plastic, such as polyhydroxyalkanoate and/or polybutylene succinate, and at least one lubricant, such as a vegetable oil.. .
Toilet target and reward apparatus
A toilet training aide formed of a flushable, biodegradable material comprising a multi-layer pocket with a latent image revealed by locating the toilet training aide under a stream of liquid or urine, the toilet training aide further including a tab portion used to maintain the toilet training aide in a fixed position in the toilet bowl.. .
Biodegradable material
A thermoplastic, biodegradable polymer blend showing high surface energy and good adhesion without the need for pre-treatment consists of starch in the range 10% to 60% by weight of the polymer blend, one or more further carrier polymers in the range 40% to 90% by weight of the polymer blend and one or more process aids in the range 0% to 0.5% by weight of the polymer blend. The polymer blends typically have a surface energy after processing of at least 40 mn/m..
Biodegradable drug delivery systems for the sustained release of proteins
Biodegradable drug delivery systems, such as extruded implants, for the sustained delivery of a protein to an ocular region of the eye or intraarticular region in the body are described. The drug delivery systems may be used to treat a variety of ocular and medical conditions, including macular degeneration.
Biocompatible adhesive for attaching ornamental accessories
A non-toxic, biodegradable, and water soluble adhesive made from a reduction of all natural substances. The adhesive is suited for gluing ornamental accessories to infants, children, young adults, adults or pets.
Suspended nutrition composition and manufacturing method thereof
A suspended nutrition composition includes a foamed material, a colloid layer and a nutrient. The foamed material having a plurality of pores includes a starch, a biodegradable polyester and a plasticizer.
Implantable biodegradable wound closure device.
A biodegradable device for maintaining the alignment of the edges of a trocar defect, consisting of two bases joined by a connector, a first base to be positioned below the defect and a second base above. The first base has a threaded hole from its upper surface but not through the lower surface.
Biodegradable nerve guides
The present invention is directed to the compositions and methods of preparing hydrogel-grafted nerve guides for peripheral nerve regeneration. Particularly, the present invention describes the nerve guides and methods for preparation of hydrogel-grafted nerve guides with encapsulated neurotrophic factors and a nanofiber mesh lining the inner surface of the guide.
Biodegradable multilayer constructs
Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to the field of tissue repair and regeneration. More specifically embodiments of present disclosure relate to devices or constructs and methods to prepare various devices or constructs useful in directing cellular repair and controlling tissue regeneration to prevent or minimize postsurgical or post traumatic adhesions, excessive scars and/or fibrotic reactions of injured tissues..
Blends of a polylactic acid and a water soluble polymer
The present invention relates to water-dispersive biodegradable compositions which may be formed into films and fibres. The present invention also relates to polymer blends comprising polylactide and water-soluble polymers.
Flexible thermoplastic films and articles
A biodegradable, polyolefin-based material composition having incorporated therein thermoplastic starch particles is described. The material includes from about 5% to about 45% of a thermoplastic starch (tps), from about 55% to about 95% of a polyolefin or mixtures of polyolefins, at least 9% of a compatibilizer and has a bio-based content of 5%-97% using astm d6866-10, method b..
Method and apparatus for producing biodegradable foam
Methods, associated products and apparatus are described for the production of biodegradable foam products using a controlled pressure increase due to compressed air and a controlled pressure decrease in pressure as key variables during a microwave heating cycle to produce a foamed product. The biodegradable product formed has improved characteristics including a density from 10 to 100 kg/m3; a soft and resilient structure; cushioning g-value characteristics to cushion an object with a fragility of 15 to 115; and a surface abrasion comparable to polystyrene..
Stent structure for implantable medical device
A stent (30) is formed of a plurality of stent rings (24), each of which rings (24) is formed of a series of sprung sections (10) coupled to one another by flexible couplings (22). The flexible couplings (22) may be made of a biodegradable material.
Adhesive stent coating for anti-migration
A stent, the stent comprising a first coating composition comprising at least one bioadhesive and a second coating composition disposed over the first coating composition, the second coating composition comprising at least one biodegradable polymer.. .
Method for treating fecal incontinence
A method for treating fecal incontinence in a body of a mammal having a rectum formed by a rectal wall extending to an anus wherein the rectal wall includes a sphincter muscle surrounding the anus. At least one nonaqueous solution is introduced into the rectal wall in the vicinity of the anus.
Biodegradable polymer blend
A fully degradable and a compostable polyester based blend that is free from non- degradable organic or inorganic additives such as nucleating agents and the like. The thermal properties of the present blend are configured for optimised flow rate during process moulding via a ‘flow rate enhancing component’ being a relative low molecular weight biodegradable polyester.
Solidification matrix comprising phosphinosuccinic acid derivatives
Stability enhancement agents for use in a solidification matrices and solid detergent compositions are described. Stability enhancement is provided by a hydratable salt, water and phosphinosuccinic acid (pso) derivative binding agents forming a dimensionally stable composition.
Aqueous dispersion and additives for fracturing work
The aqueous dispersion of the present invention is an aqueous dispersion in which a biodegradable resin composition (c) in the form of a fine solid is dispersed in an aqueous medium, and the biodegradable resin composition (c) comprises a copolymer (a) comprising a constituent unit (a-1) derived from a polyvalent carboxylic acid and a constituent unit (a-2) derived from a hydroxycarboxylic acid, and a biodegradable resin (b), and wherein the mass composition ratio [(a)/(b)] of the copolymer (a) to the biodegradable resin (b) is 1/99 to 100/0 provided that the total amount of the copolymer (a) and the biodegradable resin (b) is 100.. .
Degradable implantable battery
A biodegradable battery is provided. The battery includes an anode comprising a material including an inner surface and an outer surface, wherein electrochemical oxidation of the anode material results in the formation of a reaction product that is substantially non-toxic and a cathode comprising a material including an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surface of the cathode being in direct physical contact with the inner surface of the anode, wherein electrochemical reduction of the cathode material results in the formation of a reaction product that is substantially non-toxic, and wherein the cathode material presents a larger standard reduction potential than the anode material..
Peptide nanotube device and manufacturing method thereof
A peptide nanotube (pnt) device and method of manufacturing thereof are disclosed herein. The pnt device comprises pnts composed of cyclo-(d-trp-tyr) peptide and a matrix, including biomolecules, complexed with the pnts.
Biodegradable sheets
The present invention relates to sheets. The sheets include a base layer, a resin layer formed on the base layer, and a printed layer formed on the resin layer.
Bioabsorbable tracheal stent, and method of manufacturing thereof
A bioabsorbable tracheal stent is provided. The bioabsorbable stent comprises a biodegradable polymer, wherein the “ biodegradable polymer comprises about 0 to 30 wt % glycerol, polyethylene glycol, triethyl citrate, or mixture thereof.
Biodegradable triblock copolymers for implantable devices
The present invention is directed to polymeric materials made of biodegradable, bioabsorbable triblock copolymers and implantable devices (e.g., drug-delivery stents) containing such polymeric materials. The polymeric materials may also contain at least one therapeutic substance.
Method for production of nanoporous multi-layer biodegradable polymeric coatings and products thereof
The present invention relates to the design and development of a drug delivery nanoplatform that consists of nanoporous, multi-layer biodegradable polymeric (bp) thin films for controlled release of its payload. The method is used notably to synthesize nanoporous bp coatings as drug delivery vehicles exhibiting uniform nanopores with tailored characteristics for control of drug delivery and release.
Bio-electrochemical systems
The present invention provides bio-electrochemical systems having various configurations for the treatment of water, wastewater, gases, and other biodegradable matter. In one aspect, the invention provides bio-electrochemical systems configured for treating wastewater while generating multiple outputs.
Vascular prosthesis
A vascular prosthesis comprising a tubular shaped expandable ecm member and at least one anchoring mechanism. In one embodiment, the anchoring mechanism comprises proximal and distal single or dual-ring anchors.
Device and a system for delivery of biological material
The present invention provides a device and a system for the delivery of biological material across the biological tissue. The device may be for the programmed delivery of biological material through a needle or a micro-needle or micro-needles or biodegradable micro-needles..
Novel biodegradable elastomeric scaffold for tissue engineering and light scattering fingerprinting methods for testing the same
The present invention is directed to a novel biocompatible polymer that may be used in tissue engineering. More specifically, the specification describes methods and compositions for making and using citric acid copolymers..
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyester for use in nonwoven webs
A method for forming a biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyester suitable for use in fibers is provided. In one embodiment, for example, an aliphatic-aromatic copolyester is melt blended with an alcohol to initiate an alcoholysis reaction that results in a copolyester having one or more hydroxyalkyl or alkyl terminal groups.
Biodegradable compositions, methods and uses thereof
Disclosed herein are biodegradable compositions, materials, gloves and methods thereof.. .
Biodegradable chewing gum comprising at least one high molecular weight biodegradable polymer
A chewing gum including at least one biodegradable polymer, wherein the molecular weight of the polymer is at least 105,000 g/mol (mn). According to the invention, it has moreover been realized that various problems associated with the prior art may be effectively dealt with by increasing the molecular weight of at least one of the biodegradable polymers in the chewing gum when compared to conventional chewing gum polymers and thereby increasing the robustness of the chewing gum with respect to softeners, emulsifiers and e.g.
Polymersomes, liposomes, and other species associated with fluidic droplets
The present invention relates generally to vesicles such as liposomes, colloidosomes, and polymersomes, as well as techniques for making and using such vesicles. In some cases, the vesicles may be at least partially biocompatible and/or biodegradable.
Compositions comprising a filler product and at least one bioresorbable and biodegradable silica-based material
A combination product including at least one filler product and at least at least one bioresorbable and biodegradable silica-based material, for treating incontinence or treating aging of the skin and scars. Also, a composition including, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one filler product and at least at least one bioresorbable and biodegradable silica-based material..
Composite film
A composite film comprises a drug sustained-release portion and an adhesive portion which are layered on each other. The drug sustained-release portion has film-like drug layers and a film-like biodegradable polymer layer.

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