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Biodegradable patents

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Physiological sensor having biodegradable optics

Date/App# patent app List of recent Biodegradable-related patents
 Biodegradable apparatus and method for closure of trocar defects patent thumbnailBiodegradable apparatus and method for closure of trocar defects
A biodegradable device for providing scaffolding for a trocar defect to promote healing. The device consists of an upper and lower scaffold, offset by a connector.
 Physiological sensor having biodegradable optics patent thumbnailPhysiological sensor having biodegradable optics
Medical sensor assemblies configured to provide enhanced patient comfort when worn over a period of time are provided. The medical sensor assemblies may include sensors in optical communication with one or more biodegradable light guides that facilitate the transmission of light to and from an internal tissue of the patient.
 Biorenewable biodegradable surfactants patent thumbnailBiorenewable biodegradable surfactants
Disclosed are compounds of formula (i) and salts, hydrates, or solvates thereof, where r1 and r2 are defined herein, compositions containing these compounds, and methods of using these compounds in a variety of applications, such as a surfactant or performance additive.. .
 Treatment fluid containing a corrosion inhibitor polymer of a carbohydrate and quaternary amine patent thumbnailTreatment fluid containing a corrosion inhibitor polymer of a carbohydrate and quaternary amine
A treatment fluid comprises: water; a carboxylate; and a corrosion inhibitor, wherein the corrosion inhibitor is environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and is a polymer, wherein the polymer comprises a carbohydrate backbone and a quaternary amine functional group; wherein a test fluid consisting essentially of the water, the carboxylate, and the corrosion inhibitor, and in the same proportions as in the treatment fluid, is capable of providing a corrosion weight loss to a metal plate of less than 0.05 pounds per square feet (lb/ft2) under testing conditions of 200° f. (93.3° c.), a pressure of 500 psi (3.4 mpa), and a time of 24 hours whereas a substantially identical test fluid without the corrosion inhibitor provides a corrosion weight loss of greater than 0.05 lb/ft2 under the testing conditions.
 Stretch film product patent thumbnailStretch film product
Provided is a stretch film product with which the film itself has consistent stretchability (elasticity) and the entire film can be subjected to waste treatment by biodegradation without being incinerated at the time of waste disposal. The stretch film product has a layer adhered on at least one surface of a base film.
 Biodegradable, semi-crystalline, phase separated, thermoplastic multi block copolymers for controlled release of biologically active compounds patent thumbnailBiodegradable, semi-crystalline, phase separated, thermoplastic multi block copolymers for controlled release of biologically active compounds
E) at least part of the pre-polymer (a) segment is derived from a water-soluble polymer.. .
 Sustained release intraocular implants and methods for treating ocular neuropathies patent thumbnailSustained release intraocular implants and methods for treating ocular neuropathies
Biocompatible intraocular implants include a beta adrenergic receptor antagonist and a polymer associated with the beta adrenergic receptor antagonist to facilitate release of the beta adrenergic receptor antagonist into an eye for an extended period of time. The beta adrenergic receptor antagonist may be associated with a biodegradable polymer matrix, such as a matrix of a two biodegradable polymers.
 Clonidine compounds in a biodegradable fiber patent thumbnailClonidine compounds in a biodegradable fiber
Effective treatments of pain for extended periods of time are provided. Through the administration of an effective amount of clonidine in a fiber at or near a target site, one can relieve pain caused by diverse sources, including but not limited to spinal disc herniation (i.e.
 Personal care solid granules that sustain essential oils and or plant herbal extracts that emulsify in hot water creating therapeutic solution patent thumbnailPersonal care solid granules that sustain essential oils and or plant herbal extracts that emulsify in hot water creating therapeutic solution
A personal care 100% plant derived, biodegradable solid granules that sustain beneficial essential oils, and or plant/herbal extracts and emulsify in hot water to create an emulsified therapeutic solution is disclosed. This invention improves over existing liquids in that it's solid granule form is completely plant derived and biodegradable and can sustain essential oils and antioxidants without the requirement of chemical preservatives, and can be packaged in eco-friendly, compostable paper.
 Inkjet printing of tissues and cells patent thumbnailInkjet printing of tissues and cells
Provided herein is an apparatus for printing cells which includes an electrospinning device and an inkjet printing device operatively associated therewith. Methods of making a biodegradable scaffold having cells seeded therein are also provided.
Methods for the remediation of algal blooms
In one embodiment, a remediation agent and method of remediation of an algae bloom are disclosed. The remediation agent contains light absorbing compounds in a buoyant water semi-insoluble and biodegradable casein product.
Decorative grass and packaging material formed of renewable or biodegradable polymer materials and methods of producing same
Decorative grass and/or packaging materials formed from renewable and/or biodegradable polymer materials, along with methods or production and use thereof, are disclosed.. .
Orthopedic fastener device
Orthopedic fastener devices for fixation of fractured bones are disclosed. The orthopedic fastener device is in the form of an orthopedic fastener having an im nail coated on its external surface with a bioabsorbable or biodegradable hydrogel.
Biocompatible and biodegradable elastomer
The present invention provides a biocompatible and biodegradable elastomer, comprising a hard segment and a soft segment. The hard segment is formed by reacting diisocyanate and a chain extender; and the soft segment is comprising a biodegradable oligomer diol, wherein the biodegradable oligomer diol is selected from the group consisting of polycaprolactone diol, polyethylene butylene adipate diol (peba diol), poly-l-lactic acid diol (plla diol), polylactic acid diol and any combination thereof.
Biodegradable carrier with adjustable zeta potentials and particle sizes, method for making the same, and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
The present invention is related to a biodegradable carrier with adjustable zeta potentials and particle sizes, a method for making the same, and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the same. In such a method, a first solution comprising a first biodegradable macromolecule is prepared, and a second solution comprising a second biodegradable macromolecule is also prepared according to a desired zeta potential of a biodegradable carrier and further added into the first solution to form a mixture solution.
Biodegradable high-efficiency dengue vaccine, method for making the same, and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
The present invention is related to a biodegradable high-efficiency dengue vaccine, a method for making the same, and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the same. The biodegradable high-efficiency dengue vaccine comprises a biodegradable nanocomplex with electric properties holding a dengue viral protein inside.
Polymalic acid-based nanobiopolymer compositions
Nanobiopolymeric conjugates based on biodegradable, non-toxic and non-immunogenic poly (β-l-malic acid) pmla covalently linked to molecular modules that include morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (aona), an sirna or an antibody specific for an oncogenic protein in a cancer cell, and an antibody specific for a transferrin receptor protein, are provided. Methods for treating a cancer in subject with nanobiopolymeric conjugates are described..
Biodegradable drug delivery composition
The present disclosure provides a biodegradable drug delivery composition including a vehicle and an insoluble component comprising beneficial agent dispersed in the vehicle. Typically, the composition is not an emulsion, but has a low viscosity and further provides for minimized initial burst and sustained release of the beneficial agent over time.
Vegetation growth bag and method of use
A vegetation growth bag comprising a casing, where the casing is made from a biodegradable material; a mixture of organic matter within the casing; where the mixture of organic matter includes a plurality of plant seeds, where as the plant seeds grow they erupt through the casing; and a pair of closures at each end of the casing; where the pair of closures prevent the mixture of organic matter from spilling from the casing. During use the vegetation growth bags are arranged along a barren land area, and left to allow rain and sunlight to promote growth of the seeds within the casing.
Detachable clamping sinker with water soluble detachment
A detachable clamping sinker automatically detaches from fishing line after immersion in water. The sinker includes a first weighted half, and a second weighted half that is moveable relative to the first weighted half.
Biodegradable endoprostheses and methods for their fabrication
The disclosure provides biodegradable implantable devices such as a stent comprising a biodegradable polymeric wherein the polymeric material is treated to control crystallinity and/or tg. The stent is capable to expand at body temperature from a crimped configuration to a deployed diameter and have sufficient strength to support a body lumen..
Biodegradable filter
A filter device is provided having a biodegradable features. The filter device comprises an elongate stent portion and a conical filter portion attached thereto that is preferably balloon expandable.
Orthopaedic splinting system
A composite material in the form of a linear structure having a width, a length and a thickness, comprising a composite material with a first component formed by a polymer and a second component formed by a reinforcing material, wherein the first component comprises a thermoplastic polymer selected from the group of biodegradable polymers and mixtures thereof, and the second component comprises a woody material derived from platy or granular wood particles. The composite material being formable at a temperature of about 50 to 70° c.
Compostable and biodegradable materials and articles formed from them
A material comprising a biopolymer blend including a crosslinked mixture of polylactic acid (pla) and a polysaccharide, blended with particles of caco3 that have been coated with a fatty acid compound; particles of mica; and a cellulose filler; products made from said material; and methods of manufacturing said material and said products.. .
Solid form and method for preparing the same
The disclosure provides a solid form and a method for preparing the same. The solid form consists essentially of a biodegradable copolymer and an amide-containing compound.
Moisture resistant coating
Some embodiments of the invention generally relate to a moisture barrier coating that is biodegradable and compostable. Some embodiments also relate to a coating that is dual ovenable.
Method for making customised nanoparticles, nanoparticles and uses thereof
A method for the production of biodegradable nanoparticles with an average particle size of less than 400 nm. In a first step, a macromonomer is prepared in a ring opening polymerization process between a hydrophilic acrylate compound (a) as an initiator and hydrophobic cyclic monomers (b), wherein the macromonomer comprises at least two repetitive units based on the cyclic monomer.
Combined mesenchymal stem cell transplantation and targeted delivery of vegf for treatment of myocardial infarction
Compositions and kits useful for the treatment of myocardial infarction comprise (i) p-selectin-targeted carriers (e.g., p-selectin-targeted liposomes, quantum dots or biodegradable nanoparticles) comprising vegf and (ii) mscs.. .
Method comprising contacting tissue with a cross-linkable polyester prepolymer
The present inventions in various aspects provide elastic biodegradable polymers. In various embodiments, the polymers are formed by the reaction of a multifunctional alcohol or ether and a difunctional or higher order acid to form a pre-polymer, which is cross-linked to form the elastic biodegradable polymer.
Biodegradable odor removing article and system
A biodegradable odor and moisture absorbing article and system includes a biodegradable odor removing agent insert formed as a pouch for use removing odors and moisture from articles such as a bag, enclosure, or environment surrounding the person. The biodegradable pouch includes activated bamboo charcoal enclosed with a 100% breathable fabric (linen or hemp.
Biodegradable suspension forming compositions
A fire suppression composition includes starch, a pseudo-plastic, high yield, suspending agent, and agglomerating material.. .
Cellulose acetate compositions
The present invention relates to compositions comprising a blend of cellulose acetate 5 and a water soluble polymer. In some embodiments, the composition is water dispersive and/or biodegradable.
Fully disposable toilet bowl brush
A fully disposable cleaning device for cleaning a toilet comprising of a hollow elongated outer member with an inner member that is telescopically slidable from a stored position to an extended position within the outer member to form a handle. The outer member component of the handle formed for grasping by a user.
Fiber comprising a biodegradable polymer
The present invention relates to a fiber comprising a biodegradable polymer which undergoes dimensional change upon injection in the human or animal body wherein the dimensional change is a reduction of the surface area to volume ratio of a factor 2 to 10. The fiber is sized for injection via a pharmaceutical syringe needle having a bore of at least 25 gauge.
Optical data store and method for storage of data in an optical data store
An optical data store is specified, having a data storage layer with a non-toxic and biodegradable polymer as light-sensitive storage medium which has photo-inducible anisotropy, for the induction of which a threshold value of the optical intensity has to be exceeded. The light-sensitive material is preferably bacteriorhodopsin which, by way of example, is immobilized in a manner embedded in a suitable matrix material or, if appropriate, in a crosslinked manner.
Multiple-ply sheets of material with alternating sections of dry and potentially wet sections
A process of cleansing by applying continuous multiple-ply sections of material comprised of dry sections of material alternating with potentially wet sections of material in which liquid is encased and becomes permeable with application of pressure. The sections can be manufactured into a roll separated by perforation.
Materials for short-term use in mammals
Biodegradable materials are formed by mixing together two or more materials which have different resorption times and different mechanical characteristics. Devices formed of these materials can be used in mammals in numerous medical and surgical applications, including those for which the mechanical properties of the device, left in vivo, much change over time..
Polymeric nanoparticles for photosensitizers
Biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles comprising an inner core formed of a photodynamic agent capable of being activated to generate cytotoxic singlet oxygen are prepared. These nanoparticles have anti-cell proliferation activity and are useful in treating both cancerous and non-cancerous conditions including actinic keratosis, psoriasis and acne vulgaris.
Biodegradable composite material
The invention relates to a biologically degradable composite material and to a process for the preparation thereof. The biologically degradable composite material according to the invention is preferably a bone reconstruction material which can be used in the field of regenerative medicine, especially as a temporary bone defect filler for bone regeneration..
Pulp molded biodegradable remove-ably connectable lid
By creating a slurry of biodegradable material, forming it in a mold under a vacuum, a channel may be created in the lid which can be release-ably connected to a traditional rolled lip coffee cup, among other common liquid holding vessels but be made out of biodegradable material. The resulting lid may be elastic enough such that the lid will give to allow a complementary cup to fit into the channel to create a seal between the cup and the lids.
"self-playing robot guitar comprising a biodegradable skin-leathern formed carcass and a biodegradable skin-leathern formed musical plectrum, and protein / amino acids"
“self-playing robot guitar comprising a biodegradable skin-leathern formed carcass and a biodegradable skin-leathern formed musical plectrum, and structured protein/amino acids”. The invention relates to a robot having humanoid activity and extremities, having a carcass comprising a chordophone, in particular a guitar, the body of which is optionally skin-leathern formed.
Methods and compositions for minimally invasive capsular augmentation of canine coxofemoral joints
The present technology relates to methods and devices for augmenting the canine coxofemoral joint. In particular, methods for augmenting the capsule of the canine coxofemoral joint are provided.
Completely resorbable connective tissue distraction devices and techniques
A method for early stabilizing of distracted connective tissue. A distraction site is at least partially covered with biodegradable, bioerodible or bioresorbable materials before a distraction procedure takes place.
Hydrolysable linkers and cross-linkers for absorbable polymers
The present invention relates to the discovery of new class of linear and multiarmed hydrolysable linkers and cross linkers for use in the synthesis of biodegradable polymers such as, polyesters, polyurethanes, polyamides, polyureas and degradable epoxy amine resin. The linear and multiarmed hydrolysable linkers of the present invention include symmetrical and/or unsymmetrical ether carboxylic acids, amines, amide diols, amine polyols and isocyanates..
Bioderived biodegradable lubricant
A multi-purpose lubricant is described. In accordance with one implementation, a lubricant comprises food grade based oils substantially complying with usda h-1 specifications for incidental contact with food, wherein at least one oil is selected from the group consisting of food grade plant oil, food grade poly-alpha-olefin, polyalkylene glycol, and mixtures thereof.
Biodegradable film
The present application concerns a coated film comprising a substantially biodegradable substrate having a biodegradable coating thereon at a coat weight of not more than 12 gsm, as well as useful articles sealed inside a package at least partly comprising such a film, and also a process for producing a coated film comprising providing a substantially biodegradable film substrate and applying a biodegradable coating to the substrate at a coat weight of less than 12 gsm by means of a hot melt coating step.. .
Polymer blend particles for intracellular delivery of agents
Core-shell polymer blend particles are described. The particles include a ph-responsive polymeric shell and a ph-irresponsive polymeric core.
Methods and compositions for the treatment of open and closed wound spinal cord injuries
Devices and methods for the treatment of open and closed wound spinal cord injuries are disclosed. For example, described herein are devices and methods for mitigating secondary injury to, and promoting recovery of, spinal cord primary injuries.
Crosslinker enhanced repair of connective tissues
A protein crosslinker delivery device includes a body and a protein crosslinker held in a synthetic or natural biodegradable polymer. The body, a coating on the body, or an attachment to the body can contain the protein crosslinker holding biodegradable polymer.
Amine-containing lipidoids and uses thereof
Provided herein are lipidoids that may be prepared from the conjugate addition of alkylamines to acrylates. In some embodiments, provided lipidoids are biodegradable and may be used in a variety of drug delivery systems.
Method of utilizing an implant in a human breast
A method for utilizing an implant in a breast cavity in a human breast, comprising forming a substantially radio-opaque implant constructed of biodegradable material, the biodegradable material being elastic, compressible, expandable, and allowing for in-growth of fibrous tissue into the biodegradable material, the substantially radio-opaque implant being compressed during implantation in the breast cavity; and the substantially radio-opaque implant configured to expand in the breast cavity when implanted within the breast cavity for supporting the tissue surrounding the breast cavity.. .
Poly (diol co-citrate) hydroxyapatite composite for tissue engineering and orthopaedic fixation devices
The present invention is directed to a novel poly(diol citrates)-based bioceramic composite materials created using completely biodegradable and a bioceramic material polymers that may be used in implantable devices. More specifically, the specification describes methods and compositions for making and using bioceramic composites comprised of citric acid copolymers and a bioceramic material..
Biodegradable lubricating oil composition
[means for solving the problems] a biodegradable lubricating oil composition comprising (a) a synthetic ester base oil comprising at least 50 mass % hindered ester of an aliphatic monocarboxylic acid with an aliphatic hindered polyol which has one or more quaternary carbon atoms per molecule and in which at least one of the quaternary carbon atoms has one to four methylol groups bonded thereto and (b) ingredients which are (a) 0.1 to 5.0 mass % phenolic antioxidant, (b) 0.01 to 2.0 mass % calcium sulfonate having a low base number, and (c) 0.01 to 1.0 mass % triazole compound, and has the degree of biodegradation of 60% or higher when examined by the test for the degree of microbial degradation of chemical substances according to the oecd test guideline 301c method.. .
Devices and methods for treating pain associated with tonsillectomies
Described here are devices and methods for treating one or more conditions or symptoms associated with a tonsil procedure. In some variations, a drug-releasing device may be at least partially delivered to one or more tonsillar tissues before, during, or after a tonsil procedure.
Silane-containing moisture-curable tissue sealant
A tissue sealant that includes the reaction product of (a) a polyol; (b) a polyisocyanate; and (c) an alkoxy silane having the formula: (r1r2r3)—si—ch2—z where (i) z is an —oh, —sh, —nco, or —nhr4 group, where r4 is hydrogen, an alkyl group, or an aryl group; and (ii) each r1, r2, and r3, independently, is h, an alkoxy group, an alkyl group, a heteroalkyl group other than an alkoxy group, an aryl group, or a heteroaryl group, with the proviso that at least two of r1, r2, and r3 are alkoxy groups, the relative amounts of the polyol, polyisocyanate, and alkoxy silane being selected such that the reaction product comprises free isocyanate groups. The tissue sealant is moisture-curable and biodegradable in a physiological environment..
Polymeric films comprising biodegradable polyester or copolymer thereof
The presently disclosed subject matter is directed to a film comprising a blend of about 90% to 99% polyester and about 1% to 10% biodegradable aliphatic or aromatic polyester (by weight). It has been surprisingly discovered that polymeric films comprising the disclosed blend exhibit improved flexibility and impact strength compared to polyester films known in the art.
Ecm constructs for tissue regeneration
An extracellular matrix (ecm) construct comprising a biodegradable support scaffold that includes a plurality of biodegradable microneedles that are capable of piercing tissue and anchoring therein, and at least a first layer of ecm material disposed on the top surface of the support scaffold. In some embodiments, the microneedles are capable of administering a pharmacological composition to the engaged tissue..
Biodegradable electroconducting nanowire, method of manufacture and uses thereof
Uses: manufacture of sensors for the detection of chemical or biological species, of nano-batteries, of radio-identification systems, of molecular memory systems, etc.. .
Thermolastic starch, biodegradable polyester/starch composite material and preparation method thereof
A thermoplastic starch (tps) comprises (in weight parts) 20-80 parts of starch, 5-40 parts of biodegradable polyester prepolymer, 0.01-10 parts of reaction activator, 0.01-1.0 part of catalytic deactivator, 0.01-1.0 part of antioxidant, and 5-50 parts of auxiliary agents. The said prepolymer has a molecular weight of 10,000-100,000 daltons, a viscosity range of 0.30-1.2 dl/g, which is measured by ubbelohde viscometer method, and a melting point range of 60-180° c.
Cleaning compositions
A liquid cleaning composition containing alkyl polyglycoside surfactants, alkyl esters derived from vegetable oil, water and a sodium-containing base provides excellent cleaning soil removal capabilities. The carbon materials from which it is manufactured are all renewable, and the composition is readily biodegradable..
Heat-sealable biodegradable packaging material, a package or a container made thereof, and use of a resin in extrusion coating
The invention concerns a heat-sealable biodegradable packaging material, which comprises a fibrous substrate (1) and one or more polymer coating layers (2) extruded onto said substrate. According to the invention the packaging material includes at least one polymer coating layer (2) containing at least 70 weight-% of polylactide (pla) and at least 5 weight-% of polybutylene succinate (pbs) or its derivate blended therewith.
Biodegradable supporting device
A biodegradable in vivo supporting device is disclosed. The in vivo supporting device comprises a biodegradable metal scaffold and a biodegradable polymer coating covering at least a portion of the biodegradable metal scaffold, wherein the biodegradable polymer coating has a degradation rate that is faster than the degradation rate of the biodegradable metal scaffold..
Methods of using water-soluble inorganic compounds for implants
A method for controlling generation of biologically desirable voids in a composition placed in proximity to bone or other tissue in a patient by selecting at least one water-soluble inorganic material having a desired particle size and solubility, and mixing the water-soluble inorganic material with at least one poorly-water-soluble or biodegradable matrix material. The matrix material, after it is mixed with the water-soluble inorganic material, is placed into the patient in proximity to tissue so that the water-soluble inorganic material dissolves at a predetermined rate to generate biologically desirable voids in the matrix material into which bone or other tissue can then grow..
Implants for the treatment of dopamine associated states
Biodegradable implants comprising dopamine modulating compounds are described.. .

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