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Beverage patents


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new patent Electronic identification, location tracking, communication & notification system with beacon clustering
A system and method for identifying a customer's location at a business and provide notification to a company representative upon arrival of the customer at the business location. Real-time location determinations for the customer and customer location tracking can be provided.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

new patent Heat transfer device
A heat transfer device is presented and more particularly a beverage cooling assembly comprising: one or more container holders with each having a first and a second wall with a chamber therebetween, the chamber having an inlet and an outlet and otherwise sealed, through which a circulating fluid is pumped from a reservoir, such as an ice chest; a reservoir adapter attached to the drain outlet of the ice chest and to a supply line, or a pump that is attached to the supply line that is attached to the inlet of the one or more containers, the first wall and a second wall forming a double-walled cylinder with a pocket for a beverage container. The circulating fluid is returned from the outlet of one or more container holders through a return line to the reservoir adapter and then connected to a long line placed through the reservoir adapter and then through the drain outlet of the ice chest, returning the circulating fluid to the reservoir away from the drain outlet.

new patent Fluid heating system and instant fluid heating device
A fluid heating system may be installed for residential and commercial use, and may deliver fluid at consistent high temperatures for cooking, sterilizing tools or utensils, hot beverages and the like, without a limit on the number of consecutive discharges of fluid. The fluid heating system is installed with a tankless fluid heating device that includes an inlet port, an outlet port, at least one heat source connected with the inlet port, and a valve connecting the at least one heat source to the outlet port.
Eemax, Inc.

new patent Use of a yeast extract for clarifying musts and beverages
The present invention relates to the use of a yeast extract including at least 10 wt % of nucleic acids, preferably at least 15 wt %, and more preferably 30 to 95 wt %, relative to the total weight of said extract, said nucleic acids being formed from fragments of ribonucleic acid (rna), for clarifying musts and liquids, in particular wines and teas.. .
Lesaffre Et Compagnie

new patent Beverage container with double straw
Disclosed is a device for consuming beverages. One embodiment includes a first beverage container that can be removably attached to a second beverage container, each of the containers in fluid communication with a double straw, wherein the double straw includes a first straw and a second straw that are bonded together via a sleeve, the first straw inserted into the first beverage container and the second straw inserted into the second beverage container.
Wix Industries Llc

new patent Food container system
A food container system is disclosed that includes a food container lid. The lid has a beverage container coupling structure that removably attaches to a beverage container.
Snacktops, Inc.

new patent Container
A container is provided to contain a liquid to be used in a liquid dispenser that is space-saving and enables checking of the amount of remaining liquid, a refilling operation, and maintenance to be readily performed. A stock solution container in which a concentrated stock solution is to be contained and that is to be used in a beverage dispenser to eject a beverage constituted by the concentrated stock solution and a diluent includes: a containing portion having a bag shape and is to contain the concentrated stock solution; and an ejecting portion for ejecting the concentrated stock solution to the outside, the ejecting portion being provided to protrude from the containing portion.
Suntory Holdings Limited

new patent Disposable dual beverage holding receptacle
A disposable dual beverage receptacle comprising of at least two fluid retentive chambers. A top chamber and a bottom chamber, the top chamber is connected with the bottom chamber using its base connector.

new patent Beverage holder and beverage contanier
A beverage holder for a beverage container having a device adapted to communicate with a detecting unit. In order to achieve a quick cooling or heating of a beverage in the beverage container, a temperature control unit is operated in an extended temperature range once this has been communicated to a control unit by the detecting unit, wherein the control unit is in contact with the detecting unit and the temperature control unit..
Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke Gmbh

new patent Beverage container holder for mounting to the exterior of a vehicle
A beverage container holder of rigid construction for mounting to an exterior of a vehicle for receiving and retaining a beverage container, having an off-set feature and a mount enabling the holder to be mounted at a preferred height and location while avoiding obstructions that are features of vehicle.. .

new patent

Grinding chamber of a grinding device for vegetal products suitable to form beverages, particularly roasted coffee beans

A grinding chamber of a grinding device for vegetal products suitable to form beverages includes, in its interior, a pair of grinders axially overlapping each other, one of which is rotatable with respect to the other which is kept stationary, a grinder support at least for the rotatable grinder, a motor member connected to the grinder support for setting the rotatable grinder in rotation. The grinding chamber is formed by a first bottom wall, perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the rotatable grinder, adjacent and below the support thereof, and at least a second cylindrical wall, connected axially to the first wall at the peripheral boundary thereof.
Gruppo Cimbali S.p.a.

new patent

Medicinal agent and beverage/food for preventing cerebral dysfunction and improvidng same

Provided is method for improving depression of a patient by administering to a patient suffering from depression an effective dose of sepiapterin or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of sepiapterin in an amount from 0.1 to 100 mg/kg of body weight per day. The sepiapterin or salt of sepiapterin entering the patient's bloodstream and passing the patient's blood-brain barrier to enter a neuron, and the sepiapterin or salt of sepiapterin converting to tetrahydrobiopterin in a neuron of the brain and the tetrahydrobiopterin facilitating biosynthesis of an aromatic monoamine in the patient's brain to provide an elevated level of an aromatic monoamine in the patient's brain to improve depression of the patient.

new patent

Beverage preparation machine

The invention relates to a beverage preparation machine, particularly a coffee machine, which comprises two brewing chambers for receiving a beverage substrate for extraction, and a valve for switching a liquid supply to the individual brewing chambers, said valve being a membrane valve and comprising an inlet opening for the liquid supply, a first outlet opening for the first brewing chamber, a second outlet opening for the second brewing chamber, and a closing membrane.. .
Delica Ag

new patent

Heating device

The present invention relates to a water heating system (part number lacubucci hf aerospace as0012480) for beverage dispensing machines. The heater has a double system: a pre-chamber, preferably of the spirally wound type, for pre-heating the water along a predefined path, and a chamber which is always full of water heated with resistors making direct contact with the water (or in some cases with a protection jacket) for maximizing the efficiency..
Iacobucci Hf Aerospace S.p.a.

new patent

Fluid infusing apparatus

A device for infusing flavor into a fluid, as shown and described in any one or more of the drawing figures and/or any one or more paragraphs of the text. A method of infusing flavor into a fluid, as shown and described in any one or more of the drawing figures and/or any one or more paragraphs of the text.
Keenwawa, Inc.

new patent

Beverage filter assembly

A beverage slurry filter assembly is provided. The beverage slurry filter assembly may define a central axis and include a deflector plate, a separator fin, and a collection body.
Haier Us Appliance Solutions, Inc.

new patent

Portable household beverage machine

The present invention relates to a portable household beverage machine comprising a body structure and a cup which is detachably connected to the body structure. A tank, a pump, a capsule bin for containing a substance to be brewed and a capsule bin pedestal for closing the capsule bin which are communicated in sequence are provided in the body structure.
Nuevo Pty Ltd

new patent

Beverage preparation device

The invention relates to a beverage preparation device (1), comprising a central axis (2) with a brewing plane perpendicular to the central axis, wherein the brewing plane comprises a curved trajectory (3), curved with respect to the central axis, a first (4) and second (5) compression element, arranged for movement relative to each other along the curved trajectory, extending perpendicular to the curved trajectory, a brewing chamber (6) arranged for movement relative to the first and second compression elements along the curved trajectory, the brewing chamber having a tubular wall (7) extending parallel to the curved trajectory, wherein the tubular wall is arranged to be moved over an outer circumference (8, 9) of the first and/or second compression elements, a water inlet (14) arranged for discharging water into a brewing space, and a beverage outlet (15) arranged for discharging beverage from the brewing space.. .
Bravilor Holding B.v.

new patent

Combination coaster and electronic device holder

Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a device for simultaneously holding a personal item and a beverage container. The device may include a coaster portion configured to accommodate the beverage container; and a personal item holder portion attached to the coaster portion, the personal item holder portion configured to accommodate the personal item.

new patent

Production of food and beverage products from barley grain

The present invention provides a process for producing a food ingredient or beverage ingredient. The present invention also provides a process for producing food product or beverage product.
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Or Organisation

new patent

Gummy confectionery composition

The present disclosure relates to a gummy confectionery composition comprising: a gummy matrix and one or more components derived from an alcoholic beverage, the one or more components contained within the gummy matrix; or a gummy matrix and alcohol contained within the gummy matrix. The gummy matrix is derived from ingredients comprising a gelling agent, a sweetener, and a texturizing agent.

Beverage heating system

A system having a beverage coaster with a receiving coil that can be magnetically coupled or decoupled from a driving coil in a counter table, bar and the like. The coaster may be magnetically coupled to the table by moving the coaster into an area where the driving coil generates a magnetic field of sufficient strength.

Systems, devices and methods for fermenting beverages

Systems, devices, and methods for the automated production of fermented beverages are provided. The device may be modular, portable and/or self-cleaning.
Alpha Revolution, Inc.

Bpa-free coatings

Provided are poly(aag)-compositions, and corresponding coatings, foams, and coated articles. Also provided are methods for preparing the poly(aag)-compositions and corresponding reagents including.
Battelle Memorial Institute

Delivering tap for carbonated beverages equipped with forgery-preventing system and warranty seal with integrated degassing key, and vessel for carbonated beverages equipped with such tap

A vessel for liquids is described, made of plastic material, comprising: a delivering tap composed of a main body; a covering device equipped with two turrets for entering gas and exiting liquid into/from the body; two pistons operatively coupled to the turrets for controlling their opening and closing; two bottoms operatively coupled with the pistons for controlling their operation; and a tampering-preventing seal placed on the covering device in order to prevent an undesired external access to the turrets with an integrated degassing device for degassing the vessel at the end of its life favouring its correct recycling; and a neck of the vessel connected to the delivering tap and equipped with internal and external forgery-preventing means to cooperate with the tampering-preventing seal.. .
Vitop Moulding S.r.l.

Portable system for dispensing controlled quantities of additives into a beverage

A portable, self-contained beverage apparatus includes a container assembly having a known storage capacity for storing a consumable liquid, and a dispensing assembly disposed within the container assembly that dispenses variable, non-zero quantities of additives into the consumable liquid. The dispensing assembly includes multiple apertures structured and arranged to retain vessels containing the additives to be dispensed into the consumable liquid.
Lifefuels, Inc.

Stretchable beverage cartridges and methods

Present embodiments generally relate to a single-serve beverage cartridge for use with a single-serve coffee brewer. In some embodiments, the cartridge has a body portion, a first filter element, and a second filter element.
Starbucks Corporation

Soft-sided insulated container with lid fitting

A soft-sided insulated container assembly has a generally box-shaped form like a school lunch box, having a main body and a lid. The lid is formed of one of the largest panels of the box-structure, and is joined to the main body of the box by a hinge that lets the lid lie flat next to the main body when the box is open.
California Innovations Inc.

Multi-chambered beverage container and mixing apparatus

A multi-chambered beverage container and mixing apparatus that includes an outer container defined as a host. The host includes a host top, a host lid, a host body, and a host bottom including a plug.

Ingredient dispensing cap for beverage container

A beverage ingredient dispenser can include a seal assembly configured to form spillproof seals with the inner surface (i.d.) of a beverage container opening. Additionally, a beverage ingredient dispenser can include a beverage ingredient reservoir containing a beverage ingredient to be mixed with another ingredient for creating a mixed beverage.
Horn Company

Apparatus and brewing beverages

Apparatus and methods are provided for brewing a beverage from precursor particulates. The apparatus comprises a liquid delivery system for delivering liquid into a brewing basket.
Spectrum Brands, Inc.

Beverage preparation system

A beverage preparation machine permits automated preparation of a variety of beverages. A plurality of stations add ingredients to a beverage container and process the contents directly in the container in some embodiments.
Kerry Inc.

Kava beverage brewing apparatus

An apparatus for brewing kava beverage. Using the apparatus, kava beverage is brewed by filling a hollow two-piece spherical structure with extremely fine mesh screens with kava.

Flavored beverages

A flavored beverage composition is provided. The flavored beverage composition includes at least one amino acid; at least one succinic compound; and at least one flavor ingredient..
Givaudan, S.a.

Packaged beverage

Provided is a packaged beverage, including the following components: (a) 0.025 mass % to 0.5 mass % of a non-polymer catechin; and (b) at least one selected from the group consisting of an α-acid and an iso-α-acid, as well as a β-acid, in which: a mass ratio of (b2) the β-acid to the component (b), [(b2)/(b)], is 0.01 or more; and the packaged beverage has a ph of from 2 to 5.. .
Kao Corporation

Altering microbial populations & modifying microbiota

The invention relates to methods, uses, systems, arrays, engineered nucleotide sequences and vectors for inhibiting bacterial population growth or for altering the relative ratio of sub-populations of first and second bacteria in a mixed population of bacteria. The invention is particularly useful, for example, for treatment of microbes such as for environmental, medical, food and beverage use.
Snipr Technologies Limited

Self-compatible stevia varieties, breeding methods therefrom and methods of preparing novel compositions using said varieties

Novel cultivars of stevia rebaudiana plant, with a novel genetic trait of self-compatibility, and the advantageous use of this genetic trait in stevia rebaudiana crossing breeding for increasing steviol glycosides production, including food and beverage products and other consumables, are disclosed.. .
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

Food and beverage compositions infused with lipophilic active agents and methods of use thereof

Aspects described herein relate to food and beverage compositions infused with lipophilic active agents and methods of use for the treatment of a variety of disorders. More particularly, aspects described herein relate to food and beverage compositions infused with lipophilic active agents such as cannabinoids, nicotine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (nsaids), and vitamins, that provide enhanced bioavailability of the lipophilic active agents in a subject, and that mask unpleasant tastes of lipophilic active agents..
Poviva Tea, Llc

Identification of bitter ligands that specifically activate human t2r receptors and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators

The present invention relates to the discovery that specific human taste receptors in the t2r taste receptor family respond to particular bitter compounds. Also, the invention relates to the discovery of specific ht2r9 alleles and their disparate activity in functional assays with the same biter ligands.
Senomyx, Inc.

Beverage machine with thermoelectric cooler, heat pipe and heat sink arrangement

A beverage making machine having a tank may be arranged to carbonate and/or chill liquid in the tank. A thermoelectric device may be thermally coupled to the tank to cool precursor liquid in the tank, and a heat pipe may transfer heat from the thermoelectric device to a heat sink.
Bedford Systems Llc

Litter abatement with a photodegradable, single-use, foamed polystyrene packaging and container material and methods of making the same

Food and beverage containers and non-food contact packaging “peanuts” are made of foamed polystyrene (ps) containing 0.5% to 15% by weight of the photoaccelerant, such as for example benzophenone. This additive greatly accelerates the photodegradation of this novel packaging for a specialized use: the abatement of litter comprising single-serving containers and packaging “peanuts” disposed of on land and in water.

Beverage bottle for dispensing multiple beverages

A beverage bottle for simultaneously dispensing three beverages without mixing the beverages inside the bottle has a spiral-shape divider forming three compartments defining spiral paths for the beverages through the bottle and preventing the beverages from mixing inside the bottle.. .

Spill resistant disposable travel cup lid

A disposable drink-through dome lid for disposable drinking cups used in the sale of hot or cold beverages, the top of the lid elevated above the top of the beverage cup when in place. The lid's outer wall is elevated to form a drink ridge adapted to the user's lips for drinking through a generally oval-shaped drink-through orifice.

Continuous motion position controlled seamer

A continuous motion position controlled in-line linear seamer allows a manufacturer or brewery such as a microbrewery to have high speed can seaming (attachment of lids to full cans of beverage) with a single compact, inexpensive, independent and repositionable seaming machine. The seaming is carried out in-line with production, and is done using a linear can path with no need for a large carousel.

Aerodynamic-enhancing attachment for a beverage can with launch capability

A device with a plurality of attachments for a beverage can which enhance the aerodynamics of the beverage can, comprising a base assembly adapted for attachment to a beverage can and a nosecone adapted for attachment to a beverage can. The base assembly further comprises a basal member, a peripheral sidewall, a guide unit, a central aperture, and a plurality of stabilizing units.

Two part pour over filter

A pour over filter is described, that is suitable for brewing a single serving of coffee, tea or other like beverages. The filter apparatus of the invention is particularly well suited for percolating or drip brewing coffee or tea into a serving cup.
Vision Home Products, Inc.

Beverage dispensing machine

A beverage dispensing machine designed for aircraft use has compact dimensions, is low-weight and satisfies the safety requirements and standards applicable in that sector. The beverage dispensing machine can dispense both large quantities of a beverage, such as 1.6 liters of american coffee or tea, inside a jug positioned inside an appropriate seat, and smaller quantities of hot water (typically 150 ml), which can be used to prepare beverages, via a nozzle situated on the outside thereof.
Iacobucci Hf Aerospace S.p.a.

Travel beverage container

A lid assembly for a beverage container having a lid housing, a seal assembly and a trigger member. The seal assembly has a drink seal to close the drink aperture.
Ignite Usa, Llc

Beverage lid

Embodiments provide a beverage lid including an upper lid surface, a fluid exit port positioned at least in part in the upper lid surface, a vertical lid surface in contact with the upper lid surface and an anti-splash component in contact with at least one of the upper lid surface and vertical lid surface and positioned substantially between a fluid and the fluid exit. In the event of the fluid splashing, the anti-splash component substantially prevents fluid from exiting the lid through the fluid exit, and in the event of a user drinking from the fluid exit, the fluid moves around the anti-splash component and out the fluid exit..

Colorless and clear beverages containing flavorings

A colorless and clear beverage containing a flavoring is provided that masks an unpleasant taste or smell due to the deterioration of the flavoring and to which body is imparted. Whey protein is incorporated in the flavoring containing colorless and clear beverage..
Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

Liquid composition including citrus pericarp essential oil

A liquid composition including 0.2-3.5 vol % of a pericarp essential oil, including 10-300 mg/kg/acid of limonin, including 10-50 mg/kg/acid of rutin, having an acidity of 2.0% or less, and being suitable for blending in a beverage. Preferably, the pericarp essential oil, the limonin, and the rutin are derived from citrus fruit, and the liquid composition is preferably obtained using the pericarp of a citrus fruit from which the outermost layer is removed to a degree that oil glands are not broken..
Suntory Holdings Limited

A beverage

A method of producing a beverage concentrate comprising contacting a plant material and/or plant extract with hot water to produce a beverage, wherein the concentration of the plant material and/or plant extract in the hot water is at least 100 grams per litre. The method further comprises filtering the beverage to produce a filtrate, and producing a microbiologically stable beverage concentrate from the beverage or the beverage filtrate..

Altering microbial populations & modifying microbiota

The invention relates to methods, uses, systems, arrays, engineered nucleotide sequences and vectors for inhibiting bacterial population growth or for altering the relative ratio of sub-populations of first and second bacteria in a mixed population of bacteria. The invention is particularly useful, for example, for treatment of microbes such as for environmental, medical, food and beverage use.
Snipr Technologies Limited

Altering microbial populations & modifying microbiota

The invention relates to methods, uses, systems, arrays, engineered nucleotide sequences and vectors for inhibiting bacterial population growth or for altering the relative ratio of sub-populations of first and second bacteria in a mixed population of bacteria. The invention is particularly useful, for example, for treatment of microbes such as for environmental, medical, food and beverage use.
Snipr Technologies Limited

Insect repelling system

An insect repelling system including an insect repellant table setting including at least one place-setting having at least one place mat, at least one beverage holder, at least one coaster, and at least one table cloth treated with insect repellant to make outdoor dining more enjoyable for food and drink consumers by repelling insects from an area proximate to the insect repellant table setting.. .

Correlating consumption and activity patterns

According to an aspect of some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a method for estimating product demand at one or more target venues, comprising: receiving a plurality local parameters comprising a level of product demand, and a volume of liquid beverage dispensed by at least one liquid dispenser, illumination conditions, audible conditions, number of people in the target venue, and/or identity of staff working at the target venue, and receiving general parameters comprising time of day, date, and/or local weather conditions, substituting at least one parameter in a classifier algorithm, the classifier algorithm calculated to correlate a desired level of the demand for products with the at least one parameter, and the classifier algorithm outputting a recommendation to adapt the at least one parameter to increase the product demand.. .
Weissbeerger Ltd.

Systems and methods for automated monitoring of the contents of a container

The present technology may relate to a substantially real-time container monitoring system for monitoring the content of containers such as beverage bottles. The monitoring system may be automated to record the content of the containers according to a metric such as the container's weight.
Weighup Llc

Accelerated spirit/beverage aging and flavor loading methods and systems

Accelerated spirit/beverage aging methods and systems are disclosed. Two accelerated aging methods are provided.

Fermented tea beer

A gluten-free fermented beverage for human consumption includes a mixture including tea and alcohol. The alcohol is formed by a single culture yeast and fermentable sugar not derived from grain.
Employee Brewing Company Llc

Container closure made of metal or plastic

A closure made of metal or plastic for a container for accommodating beverages or food has a mouth opening which is to be closed by the container closure. The container closure has a sealing insert which is arranged such that it closes the mouth opening with sealing action when the container closure is fitted on the container.
Actega Ds Gmbh

Beverage dispensing systems and methods

A beverage dispensing system comprises a beverage dispenser electrically coupled to a point of sale. The point of sale has an input module, a beverage selection module, and a dispensing module.
Beverage Design, Llc

Compact portable cooling container and keg dispenser

The present invention is directed to a portable container for a beverage, such as beer, from a sixth barrel or cornelius keg. The portable container is specifically designed for storing, cooling, transporting and dispensing a beverage, such as beer.
Pik Six Llc

Dissolvable and edible pods

An edible and dissolvable pod containing a powder enclosed by a film. The pod is an edible and dissolvable pod configured to dissolve in water or other liquids.

Beverage container finger ring

A beverage container finger ring that allows an individual to easily carry one or multiple beverage container by utilizing only their fingers includes a bottle cap, a bottle carrying ring, a tab, a flexible connector. The tab is adjacently connected to the bottle carrying ring.

Container with two side walls

A container for holding beverages and foods is provided. The container can include an inner sidewall, a bottom provided at a lower end of the inner sidewall, and an outer sidewall attached to the outer circumference of the inner sidewall.
Huhtamäki Oyj

Functional foods and beverages with synergistic properties to promote homeostasis

The present invention provides compositions having synergistic antioxidant properties in the modulation of toll-like receptor signaling for the promotion of homeostasis, immunity, energy conservation, protection of neural cells and anti-inflammatory responses, said compositions comprising plant and/or fruit extracts and a natural sweetener with high oxidation potential as defined by orac value.. .
Just-bio Inc.

Synergistic nutraceutical beverage formulations providing enhanced thermogenesis, mental clarity, and stamina while minimizing adrenaline and dopamine concentration perturbations associated with withdrawal

The invention describes one or more compositions for causing an increase in thermogenesis in mammals, comprising at least caffeine, hordenine and β-phenylethylamine and optionally the addition of b vitamins. The caffeine is often provided from green coffee bean extracts and normally comprises from 0.0001 g to 0.30 g of caffeine from 0.00001 g to 0.1 g of hordenine from barley and from 0.00001 g to 1.0 g β-phenylethylamine from cocoa beans.
Power Supplements, Llc.

Curcumin infused milk beverage and a process for the preparation thereof

A curcumin infused milk beverage composition comprising 0.05% to 0.15% alkalized curcumin, standardized milk with fat, sugar and stabilizing agents, wherein the ph of resultant composition is maintained at 6.8.. .

Machine for preparing a beverage with repeatable characteristics

A machine for preparing and dispensing espresso coffee or the like is described, said machine comprising: a first device for measuring the mass of an amount of ground coffee to be used for preparing an espresso coffee, a second device for measuring the mass of the brewed espresso coffee, a processing device for calculating a degree of concentration corresponding to a ratio between said mass of the amount of ground coffee and said mass of the brewed espresso coffee.. .
La Marzocco S.r.l.

Manual brewing press

This invention provides a novel solution for a device and method including a hand-operated brewing press 100 and a separate brewing container 120 configured to brew a beverage. The beverage is brewed via the hand-operated brewing press 100 by first attaching the portafilter 126 container a portion of the pre-ground brewing medium onto a press plate 130.

Beverage container holder

A chair shaped device including an aperture for receiving and holding a beverage container.. .

Support holding and transporting beverage glasses, and using same

A beverage glass transport apparatus holds and transports multiple beverage glasses, each having a narrow base portion and a wider upper portion. The apparatus includes a unitary fork body with two spaced apart arms defining a slot therebetween, with an opening at one end of the fork body.

Tooth cleaning devices and processes for using same

Tooth cleaning devices that are designed for portable, discrete use improve dental hygiene as well as cosmetic appearance of teeth. For example, teeth can be discreetly cleaned after drinking dark-colored beverages in social settings wherein conventional teeth cleaning devices are unavailable or inconvenient.

Compositions comprising rebaudioside j

The present disclosure provides high purity rebaudioside j and methods of making high purity rebaudioside j. The application also provides the use of rebaudioside j as a sweetener, and in particular, the use in beverages..
Pepsico, Inc.

Super food beverage

A beverage that provides exceptional health benefits includes a mixture of oatmeal and various combinations of other ingredients each of which provides specific health benefits. In several preferred embodiments, the beverage formulation includes ground oatmeal in combination with saffron, cardamom, flax seed, himalayan salt, pumpkin seed oil, natural sweetener and water.

New color for beverages

The present invention is directed to a beverage comprising a milled rhodoxanthin form with an average particle size d(v,0.5) of the milled rhodoxanthin in the form in the range of from 400 to 600 nm, more preferably in the range of from 500 nm to 600 nm, whereby the average particle size is measured by laser diffraction; malvern mastersizer 3000, mie volume distribution. The present invention is also directed to such a milled rhodoxanthin form, its manufacture and its use for coloring beverages..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Liquid composition containing citrus peel essential oil

Provided is a liquid composition that is suitable for mixing with a beverage and that contains 0.2-3.5% by volume of citrus fruit peel essential oil, 5-20 mg/kg/acid of citropten, and 300 mg/kg/acid or more of hesperidin. In addition, the liquid composition preferably contains rutin at a concentration of 50 mg/kg/acid or less.
Suntory Holdings Limited

Method for producing caramel food coloring

A system and method for producing a caramel food colorant according to one example embodiment exhibits improved stability against precipitation and provides a rich brown color. The colorant is particularly useful for modifying the color of alcoholic beverages but has many other potential uses, including uses as an antioxidant.
Redleaf Biologics, Inc.

Solar drink holder system and method

A solar drink holder system includes a hand held thermoelectric temperature controlled beverage receptacle configured to receive and hold a cylindrical beverage container. A peltier thermoelectric module is coupled to the hand held thermoelectric temperature controlled beverage receptacle and is configured to generate and regulate internal temperature of a beverage held within the cylindrical beverage container.

Waste beverage container with ice separator

The present invention creates a unique method to recover ice from waste beverages. This invention could be especially useful for restaurants.

Single serving brewing material holder

A filter paper cup for making a beverage pod. The filter paper cup includes a base (or receptacle) and may include a cover.

System for preparing medicinal beverages using cartridge-type beverage brewers

A system for brewing medicinal beverages, using a cartridge-based beverage formation apparatus, comprises a cartridge containing a beverage composition comprising a mixture of one or more water-soluble active pharmacological treatment agents, such as pain relievers, cold medications, sleeping aids, laxatives, stimulants, or vitamins, and one or more water-soluble non-pharmacological constituents, which can include water-soluble carbohydrates, proteins, alcohols, sweetening, flavoring and coloring agents, anti-caking agents, buffering and acidifying agents, surfactants, thickening and stabilizing agents, antioxidants and/or preservatives.. .

Travel vessel for beverages

A travel vessel has a vessel body and a stopper, which upon engagement, is movable from an open, drink, position to a closed, sealed position. The vessel body has a top edge that allows drinking along the entire 360° perimeter; below the top edge is a cup-like portion; below the cup-like portion is a gasket engaging portion; and below the gasket engaging portion are internal threads for receiving and engaging the corresponding external threads of stopper to seal the open end of the vessel body.
Impel Studio Llc

Water purification catalyst, water purifier, beverage maker and method

There is provided a water purification catalyst element (100). The catalyst element (100) comprises a porous support (102) having a first surface (106) and a second surface (110).
Universiteit Twente

Method to enhance swallowing safety and appeal of beverages for treating dysphagia based on rheological and sensory parameters

An edible composition of matter having an apparent viscosity of from about 150 cp to about 2000 cp at about 30 s−1; a yield stress of from 0 pa to about 20 pa at 1 s−1; and a flow index of from about 0.2 to about 0.6. The composition may include an imaging agent.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Combined barbecue beverage dispensing system

Provided herein is a combined barbecue beverage dispensing system to enable a user to cook foods and conveniently dispense beverages at outdoor events. The system may include a power source and entertainment module for wired or wireless connectivity with an electric device, and can therefore stream audio via a one-way or two-way communication protocol..

Shallow machine

A machine (1) for dispensing a beverage (84) from a capsule (2) has: an external housing (10, 30, 30′, 40, 50, 60) having an external front face (10), two external spaced-apart lateral side faces (30,30′) that extend rearwards behind the external front face (10) and that face each other; a beverage outlet (11) located on the external front face (10) and above a front area (20) for placing a user-receptacle (3,4) for collecting beverage (84) from the outlet (11); and a capsule handling device (70) that has a first part (71) and a second part (72) that are relatively movable between a capsule transfer position and a capsule extraction position. At least one part (72) of the first and second parts (71,72) is arranged to translate towards and away from at least one of the two external lateral side faces (30,30′) so that the first and second parts (71,72) relatively move between the transfer and the extraction positions..
Nestec S.a.

Mixed beverage unit

The invention relates to a beverage unit for producing a beverage. The beverage unit comprises a first provisioning module for providing a first liquid and a second provisioning module for providing a second liquid that contains alcohol.
Bsh Hausgerate Gmbh

Allulose syrups

The present invention relates to allulose syrups, use of allulose syrups in the manufacture of food or beverage products, and food and beverage products made using the allulose syrups.. .
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

Rapid spinning liquid immersion beverage supercooler

Methods, processes, apparatus, kits and systems for chilling and cooling bottled or canned beverages, desserts, and food items to selected desired temperatures by rapidly rotating and counter-rotating the bottled or canned beverages, desserts, and food items that are immersed in cooled liquids in short time spans.. .
Supercooler Technologies, Inc.

Self-cooling food or beverage container having a heat exchange unit using liquid carbon dioxide and having a dual function valve

A self-chilling food or beverage container including an outer container and a heat exchange unit (heu) secured internally of said outer container and having liquid carbon dioxide (co2) therein, the heu including a valve member which provides a restricted orifice in one position to allow the liquid co2 to pass from the liquid state directly to the gaseous state while maintaining pressure in the heu to keep the residual co2 in the liquid state and in a second position to provide a substantially unrestricted flow path to permit liquid co2 to be inserted into the heu.. .
Joseph Company International, Inc.

Infuser for alcoholic beverages

An infuser for alcoholic beverages, having a container of ethyl alcohol and a water source, both of which are hydraulically connected to a volumetric mixing chamber, a water capsule holder located downstream of the volumetric chamber and intended to receive capsules containing single doses of essences, and extracting liquid from the volumetric chamber and injecting same into a capsule. The ethyl alcohol container and the water source are connected to the volumetric chamber by shut-off solenoid valves, and the volumetric chamber contains a main electrode and a plurality of secondary electrodes disposed above the main electrode at different levels..
Smart Spirits, S.l.

Multi-tower modular dispensing system

The disclosure concerns a system including a multi-tower modular dispensing system comprising at least a first dispensing head and a second dispensing head at a counter, a transfer unit located remotely from the counter, piping extending from the transfer unit to the counter, the transfer unit comprising a centralized ingredient system having a plurality of beverage ingredient sources, the centralized ingredient system configured to supply beverage ingredients to the piping for the dispensing of a first beverage at the counter, the piping comprising a main micro bundle, the main micro bundle comprising at least two separate beverage ingredient lines.. .
Pepsico, Inc.

Syrup pump and controller

A beverage syrup pump system is disclosed including a pump housing having an internal pumping chamber, a pump motor, and a pumping mechanism driven by the motor within the pumping chamber. The pumping mechanism receives a syrup fluid at a first pressure and discharges the fluid at a second pressure which is greater than the first pressure.

Capsule for the preparation of infused or soluble beverages

A capsule (1) for the preparation of infused or soluble beverages comprises a cup (2) suitable to contain the substance (11) to be infused or dissolved, and provided with a bottom (3) with an opening (31) for the outflow of the infused beverage. The base (33) is provided with a plurality of reliefs (310, 320, 330, 340, 350, 360) having an upper surface devoid of cutting or puncture elements.
Bisio Progetti S.p.a.

System for producing a tea beverage

The invention relates to a single serve capsule for producing tea, comprising a capsule body with a capsule base and a filling side. A cavity for accommodating a powdered or liquid tea granulate is formed between the capsule base and the filling side, a filter element is arranged between the tea granulate and the capsule base, and said filter element comprises a filter structure which is arranged in the region of the capsule base..
K-fee System Gmbh

Containers and methods for isolating liquids prior to dispensing

A container (100) or isolating first and second fluids, such as beverage concentrate components, until dispensing is provided, as well as methods of assembly and dispensing. The container can have first (111) and second (113) enclosed bodies for containing the first and second fluids to be dispensed and an insert (130) directing fluid from the enclosed bodies, such as toward one or more valves or separate discharge paths (148a, 148b)..
Kraft Foods Group Brands Llc

Cellulose-based beverage cartridge

Systems, methods, apparatuses and articles of manufacture for cellulose-based multipurpose single-serve beverage cartridges. A cartridge in accordance with an aspect of the present disclosure comprises a cartridge body body comprising a cellulose-based material, a filter, a beverage material, and a cover.

Bottle with bottle cap delivery system

A bottle with bottle cap capable having a substance retained therein. The bottle cap threadedly engages the bottle containing a beverage therein.

Method for the manufacture of an aluminum sheet product from used beverage containers

An aluminum alloy and recycle method are provided in which the recycled used beverage containers form an alloy composition useful with relatively minor compositional adjustments for body stock.. .
Golden Aluminum, Inc.

Carbonated beverage bottle bases and methods of making the same

This disclosure provides new carbonated beverage bottle design, particularly carbonated soft drink bottle bases, that can afford improvements in various structural and functional features of the blow molded bottles. The bottle base design can be generated by providing a spherical bottle end cap and extruding at least three (3) feet from the spherical end cap, wherein the center portion of each valley cross section between the extruded feet is convex..
The Coca-cola Company

Travel play tray

A travel tray having a flexible magnetically receptive, dry erase play surface permitting a child user to “stick” magnetic pieces to the play surface as desired as well as write or draw on the play surface using non-toxic dry erase markers is described. Variations include side pockets to store play items, such as markers, magnets, small toys and snacks.

Quick disconnect pump

A quick disconnect pump assembly is disclosed. The pump assembly includes a housing with inlet and outlet ports, an elongate slot, and a retainer channel.
Standex International Corporation

Compositions containing non-polar compounds

Provided herein are compositions and methods for preparing foods and beverages that contain additives, such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and supplements, such as essential fatty acids, including omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, conjugated fatty acids, and other fatty acids; phytochemicals, including phytosterols; other oils; and coenzymes, including coenzyme q10, and other oil-based additives.. .
Virun, Inc.

Cup lid with wide drinking edge and interior baffle wall

A removable lid for a drinking cup is described. The removable lid has a top side with an ellipsoidal recession having a bottom opening.

Mouthpiece for drinking from beverage cans

The invention relates to a mouthpiece (1) in the form of a plastic fitting mounted on the lid of a can (2).. .

Universal lid system and methods

A universal lid system and methods for use with any of a selection of teapots for quick and sanitary beverage preparation. More specifically, the present invention is directed to a system and methods including a lid sized and shaped to facilitate the storage of a retention element such as a tea bag.
Mighty Leaf Tea

Gravity feed roller strip seats for plastic glide tray

Disclosed are roller strip seats adapted to be used in conjunction with plastic glide trays for displaying beverages. The roller strip seats have a base and a plurality of rollers, where the base has a top, a bottom, a width having two edges and a length having two ends, a first and a second roller support bar on opposite sides of the width of the base along the length, where each roller support bar has a plurality of spaced openings configured to hold one of the plurality of rollers.
Sungal Corporation

Shelf-stable ready to drink beverages containing hydrolyzed whole grain and a stabilizing system

Shelf stable ready to drink beverages are provided, and methods for making such beverages are also provided. The beverages comprise a hydrolyzed whole grain composition and a stabilizing system comprising high acyl gellan and optionally iota carrageenan.
Nestec S.a.

Method for dissolving carbon dioxide without pressurizing and cooling

Disclosed is a method for bottling a carbonated beverage in a container without causing overflow of the carbonated beverage or evaporation of carbon dioxide, the method including: placing a beverage composition without carbon dioxide in the container; introducing solid or liquid carbon dioxide to the beverage composition in the container to delay a change of vapor pressure in the container; and sealing the container before the introduced solid or liquid carbon dioxide is dissolved in the beverage composition, wherein a part of the introduced solid or liquid carbon dioxide in the sealed container becomes gas and the rest of the introduced solid or liquid carbon dioxide is dissolved in the beverage composition by pressure of the gas from the part of the introduced solid or liquid carbon dioxide without providing additional beverage composition, carbon dioxide and pressure in the container after sealing the container.. .

Non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage

A beer-taste beverage which is substantially nonalcoholic, containing (a) a collagen peptide having an average molecular weight of from 500 to 8,000, (b) a carbon dioxide gas, (c) an iso-α acid, and (d) an acidulant, wherein a ph is 3 or more and 4 or less, and wherein the content of the collagen peptide is from 280 to 1,800 mg/100 ml, and wherein the content of the iso-α acid is from 1.0×10−3 to 3.0×10−3% by mass. The beer-taste beverage of the present invention has excellent initial tastes of sour taste and bitterness and has beer-like taste, so that the beer-taste beverage can provide a new taste as luxury products..
Suntory Holdings Limited

Liquid composition containing fruit essential oil

Provided is a liquid composition that is suitable for mixing with a beverage, that contains 0.2-3.5 volume % of a fruit essential oil, that has an acidity of 2.0% or less, that contains 0.5-10 g/kg/brix of pectin, in which the total amount of phosphatidylcholine (pc) and phosphatidylethanolamine (pe) is 10-100 mg/kg/brix, and in which pe/pc is 0.5-1.5. The liquid composition preferably has an ethanol concentration of 1% or less..
Suntory Holdings Limited

Systems for controlled liquid food or beverage product creation

Systems for and methods of controlled liquid food or beverage product creation are provided. A method of producing a liquid product from a receptacle containing frozen liquid contents includes receiving the receptacle containing a frozen liquid contents in a dispenser, identifying a characteristic of the receptacle, the contents, and/or a desired product, melting at least a portion of the contents to generate the product by selectively heating the receptacle and/or the contents without adding liquid to the interior of the receptacle and/or supplying a liquid to the interior of the receptacle, wherein the selectively heating without adding liquid to the interior of the receptacle and/or suppling the liquid is based on the identified characteristic.
Meltz, Llc

Data exchange between a machine and an external control module in the beverage industry

The application relates to a device for a machine in the beverage industry, comprising an hmi for user input of control commands for the machine. The device is configured to be connectable to an external control module via a wireless communication connection.
Krones Ag

Beverage container packaging

A beverage container packaging assembly is disclosed. The beverage container packaging assembly includes a bottom tray, center support, and a top tray.
Acorn West Llc

Beverage bottling plant having an information adding station for adding information to bottles and a operating a beverage bottling plant information adding station

A beverage bottling plant having an information adding station for adding information to bottles and a method of operating a beverage bottling plant information adding station. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 c.f.r.

Method for producing metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages, metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages, and producing alcoholic beverages

The invention is to provide a method for producing a metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages capable of efficiently removing unwanted components contained in alcoholic beverages to thereby reduce silver release, and the metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages, and to provide a method for producing alcoholic beverages using the metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages. For solution to problem, the production method for the metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages of the invention is a production method for a metal-supported zeolite for alcoholic beverages for removing unwanted components contained in alcoholic beverages, and includes a first ion-exchange treatment step of processing a zeolite carrying a metal ion with an ammonium ion-containing aqueous solution to thereby exchange the metal ion in the zeolite for an ammonium ion, the zeolite containing a y-type zeolite as the main ingredient, and a second ion-exchange treatment step of processing the ammonium ion-supported zeolite obtained in the previous ion-exchange treatment step with a silver ion-containing acidic aqueous solution to thereby exchange the ammonium ion therein with a silver ion..
The Nikka Whisky Distilling Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and producing beverages from dry ingredients

An apparatus and method for mixing and milling dry ingredients with water to produce a homogenous beverage. The apparatus may include, for example, a water supply, a tubing system, a dry ingredient container, a splash-back prevention unit, and a mixer capable of emulsifying and homogenizing a slurry, which, in accordance with some embodiments, may include large ground course particles (such as nuts) and water.
Plant Tap, Llc

System for making beverages

A system for making beverages includes a capsule and a capsule holder including an annular edge at the top of which there is a projecting annular element and/or respectively an annular seat. The capsule includes a body including a lower wall, a lateral wall and a perimetric edge on which there is an annular groove having a bottom zone and two inner lateral faces, and/or respectively there is an annular tooth having a tip portion and two outer lateral faces.
Caffitaly System S.p.a.

Method for operating a single automatic beverage dispenser from among a plurality of beverage dispensers

A method for operating an automatic beverage dispenser, such as a coffee machine provided with a control panel by using a mobile device with a communication unit. A communication link is automatically established between the beverage dispenser and the mobile device.
Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions Gmbh & Co. Kg

Glucosylated steviol glycoside composition as a flavor modifier

A taste and flavor profile enhancing composition is described. The composition includes glucosylated steviol glycosides which can enhance the intensity of a taste and/or a flavor in a food or beverage product..
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

Composition and methods to control the outgrowth of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in high moisture and low sodium systems

A method of inhibiting the outgrowth of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in food and beverage products having a moisture content of about 38-80% by weight, a salt content of less than about 5.0% by weight, and a ph range of about 4.6 to about 8.5. The application of an organic acid or its salt with a fermentation derived antimicrobial peptide offers a robust solution to curtail growth of spores and vegetative cells without the need for chemicals, such as sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate or sorbate..
Kerry Luxembourg S.à.r.l.

Portable beverage cooler assembly

A portable beverage cooler assembly includes a cooler that insertably receives a beverage container. The cooler includes a freezable gel.

Flavor making sherry wine like beverages

A method of making a sherry wine-like beverage includes combining water, ethanol and a plurality of flavor compounds in an amount sufficient to impart the flavor of a sherry wine without the need for fermentation and/or aging.. .
Altria Client Services Llc

Appliances and containers for preparing a beverage in a transparent container

Appliances (100) for preparing and dispensing beverages, such as beers, featuring a transparent window (110) that allows a user of the appliance to view the beverage in a chamber of the appliance as that beverage is being prepared are disclosed. The chamber in which the beverage is prepared can be either an integral part of the appliance or a disposable chamber that can be removed and replaced with a new disposable chamber after one or more servings of a beverage has been prepared in the disposable chamber.
Anheuser-busch Inbev S.a.

Automatic beverage dispenser

A beverage dispenser for providing mixed beverages. The beverage dispenser has a housing containing a plurality of first liquids, a plurality of second liquids, and a water supply, wherein the first liquids comprise liquors, and wherein the second liquids comprise mixer syrup.
Smart Bar Usa Llc

Systems and methods for dispensing and tracking multiple categories of beverages

Disclosed are various embodiments for dispensing and tracking beverages. An identifier associated with a user can be read by an identification device.
Draftserv Technologies, Llc

Single serve capsule comprising a filter element connected thereto by sealing

The present invention relates to a single serve capsule for preparing a beverage, comprising a side wall and a bottom, which together define a space, a filter element being sealed to the bottom within said space.. .
K-fee System Gmbh

Supply cartridge, machine for preparing beverages and process of operation of a machine using said supply cartridge

The present invention further refers to a machine (10) for preparing beverages, adapted for using a supply cartridge (1), as well as to a process of preparing beverages based upon a machine (10) for preparing beverages of the type of the present invention.. .

Supply cartridge with binary code, machine for preparing beverages and process for operation of a machine using said supply cartridge

The present invention further refers to a machine (10) for preparing beverages, adapted for using a supply cartridge (1), including code apprehension means (7) provided in functional connection with a control device (8) of said machine (10), as well as to a process of preparation of beverages based upon a machine (10) for preparing beverages according to the present invention.. .

Methods and manufacturing fiber-based beverage lids

Methods and apparatus for vacuum forming a beverage lid using a fiber-based slurry. The slurry comprises a moisture barrier component in the range of 0.5%-10% by weight, a rigidity component in the range of 1%-4% by weight, and a polycationic component in the range of about 1%-4%..
Footprint International, Llc

Beverage container cap holder

An elastomeric cap is fitted to the removable closure of a beverage container or bottle. A tether is fastened to the cap with a small loop that readily swivels.
Calidration, Inc.

Can body

Provided is a can body containing contents such as carbonated beverages, the can body being capable of suppressing the occurrence of an unexpected opening while increasing the internal pressure resistance. In the can body, formula (a+b)·e/z<1.88 is satisfied when 0<l<y2, with the following definitions: l=d·cos (θ1 −θ2), a=x·(l+y1−y2)/y1, and b=l+y1−y2, under a condition of e<z..
Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Beverage bottle

Provided is a beverage bottle capable of keeping a carbonated beverage left over therein from going flat. The beverage bottle is provided with a bottle body having a volume-reducing structure capable of reducing the volume of the bottle body, a cap capable of sealing an opening of the bottle body, and a shrunken state-maintaining means provided on the bottle body to cause the bottle body having been reduced in volume to be maintained in the reduced volume state.
Viewtec Japan Co., Ltd.

Slim and aqua concentrate having standardized and triple salt stabilized (-)-hydroxycitric acid from garcinia cambogia extract for making concentrate and slimming water and their derived product for weight management

The present invention discloses a slim and aqueous extract of garcinia cambogia comprising (−)-hydroxycitric acid as dietary product for weight management. The present invention also discloses a process of preparation of aqueous extract wherein the garcinia cambogia fruit rinds are subjected to cold circulation to retain the phytochemical components and the aqueous extract is adjusted to neutral ph and stabilized with triple mineral salt of calcium, magnesium and potassium and decolorized using activated carbon.
Phytotech Extracts Private Limited

Juice beverage for prevention and treatment of renal stones

Described are edible citrate-rich compositions, including natural juice beverages fortified with natural occurring citrates and synthesized citrate sources that will aid in treatment and prevention of urolithiasis and other urinary tract disorders. Urolithiasis encompasses conditions in which stones are formed or reside in the urinary system and includes nephrolithiasis (stones in the kidneys), ureterolithiasis (stones in the ureter) and cystolithiasis (stones in the bladder).

Supply container arrangement for a beverage preparation device

In order to improve a beverage preparation device in terms of operability and ergonomics and in particular to simplify filling of a supply container with solid beverage starting products, a supply container arrangement is provided which has at least one two-part supply container having a lower part-container and a removable upper part-container which can be arranged on the lower part-container. The upper part-container has a bottom with a connection opening on which a closure device is arranged which is designed, when joining together the upper and lower part-containers, to open automatically and to free a connection between the upper and lower part-containers..
Franke Kaffeemaschinen Ag

Sheet for extraction, extraction filter, and extraction bag

An extraction sheet having high machinability in the manufacture of an extraction filter for beverages and an extraction filter using the same and having high handling property is provided. The extraction sheet includes a layer including a meltblown nonwoven fabric that is formed from fibers of a polylactic acid-based resin having a crystallinity of 9.0% or lower and a fiber diameter of 15.0 μm or smaller and that has a basis weight of 2.0 to 30.0 g/m2, and a layer including a spunbonded nonwoven fabric that is formed from fibers of a polylactic acid-based resin having a crystallinity of 30.0 to 60.0% and a fiber diameter of 35.0 μm or smaller and that has a basis weight of 5.0 to 30.0 g/m2.
Ohki Co., Ltd.

Travel beverage container systems

A travel beverage container system which includes a portable drinking container with a 3d molded angry face shot of a person, animal or fictional character. The device is designed to draw emotional response from a user while providing a stable ergonomic beverage container..

Functional food and their manufacturing process as well as the application on food and beverage products

A functional food in the form of agglomeration powder which has the characteristics of easily soluble in water. Functional food product in accordance with the present invention contains carbohydrates of oligosaccharides component rich of food-fiber, and also serves as prebiotic.
Pt. Lautan Natural Krimerindo

Clear beverages containing fruit flavorings

A clear beverage containing a fruit flavoring is provided that is capable of masking an off-flavor from the fruit flavoring. Vanillin, maltol, ethyl maltol, ethyl octanoate or 2-undecanone is incorporated in the clear beverage containing a fruit-like aroma/taste component, with their respective amounts being 5 ppb or more, 500 ppb or more, 100 ppb or more, 3 ppb or more, or 50 ppb or more..
Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

Dispensing system

An improved beverage dispensing system includes a main system structure and an improved dispensing structure. The main system structure includes a freezing chamber for freezing a food item to be dispensed by the system and elements for conveying the unfrozen food item into the freezing chamber, for freezing the food item within the chamber and maintaining the overall proper operation of the system.
Fbd Partnership, Lp

System and process for managing preparation and packaging of food and/or beverage products for a precise delivery time

The disclosure relates to a computer-based system for managing just-in-time preparation and delivery of food products. In the system, customers can build, place, and pay for their order.
Nourish Technology Inc.

Fat-binding compositions

A fat-binding composition contains an inclusion complex with a host molecule and a guest molecule. The guest molecule includes one or more amino acids, vitamins, flavorants or related compounds, rutin, betanin, derivatives thereof, and mixtures thereof.
Cma Of Delaware, Inc.

Beverage dispensing machine

The present disclosure relates to a liquid beverage dispensing apparatus and specifically a modular component for installation on and use in conjunction with the liquid beverage dispensing system. The modular component includes a communication interface and controller, an actuator for a valve, for use with a beverage faucet that dispenses the liquid beverage.

Supply cartridge, system of supply cartridges and process of operation of a machine using said system of supply cartridges

The present invention further refers to a system of supply cartridges comprising at least two types of supply cartridges (1, 1′), as well as to a process for preparing beverages in a machine (10) for preparing beverages of the type of the present invention.. .

Machine for thermoforming and thermoforming

A thermoforming machine and a thermoforming method are provided, in particular for producing capsules for obtaining beverages. The capsules (c) are produced from a film (f) of thermoformable material by thermoforming one or more predefined portions (x) of the film.
Aroma System S.r.l.

Portable coffee maker assembly

A portable coffee maker assembly for brewing coffee or other hot beverages from a pod from a portable device includes a base housing that includes a brewing compartment and two opposing transporting covers which may be selectively secured together into a transporting configuration or separated into a brewing configuration. The brewing compartment is operative to draws water stored in a water compartment member positioned thereon into the brewing conduit and direct the water to a pod receptacle positioned thereon, passing through an integrated heating element along the way.


The present invention relates to an improved structure of a straw, which includes: a straw body which is hollow cylinder made of plastic, a plurality of fork portions at one end of the straw body to define a plurality of gaps there between. Each fork portion includes a body portion and a top portion.

Rebaudioside m biosynthetic production and recovery methods

Various recovery processes are provided for the complete recovery of low soluble steviol glycosides obtained in recombinant microorganisms. Soluble α-glycosyl steviol glycosides were fully recovered in downstream processing and then converted to steviol glycosides by hydrolases.
Purecircle Usa Inc.

Glucosyringic acid analogs as sweetness profile modifiers

Wherein r1, r2, r3, and r4 are described herein. Also provided are methods of modulating sweetness profile of a product by adding a compound of formula i to the product, such as a beverage product or a food product.

A natural sweetening composition of luo han guo and apple

The present invention relates to a natural sweetening composition comprising apple concentrate having a median particle size (d50) greater than 100 μm and luo han guo concentrate having a median particle size (d50) greater than 1 μm and use in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, oral, dietetic, veterinary or tobacco products thereof.. .
Montero Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

Method and device for the biotechnological reduction of sugars in fruit educts for the purpose of obtaining reduced-sugar fruit products

The present invention can be used to obtain, in particular, low-sugar fruit products, such as fruit purées or fruit preparations or fruit powder or whole fruit beverages (smoothies) or fruit juices and/or vegetable juices (regardless of whether bottled undiluted as nfc juice or rediluted as fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate) or comparable fruit beverages that can be characterized as alcohol-free.. .

A natural sweetening composition of luo han guo

The present invention relates to a natural sweetening composition comprising luo han guo concentrate having a median particle size (d50) greater than 1 μm and use in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, oral, dietetic, veterinary or tobacco products thereof.. .
Montero Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

System and deaerating beverages

A method of producing a carbonated beverage comprising a blend of water and syrup having a predetermined final carbonation level. The method includes the steps of: introducing co2 into a flowing stream of a product blend comprising water, syrup and dissolved oxygen, such that co2 is dissolved in the product blend; deaerating the co2-containing product blend by introducing the blend into a vented atmospheric vessel, the interior of which is at ambient pressure with a headspace maintained above the surface of the liquid within the vessel, whereby dissolved oxygen is released from the product blend and vented from the vessel; pumping the deaerated product blend from the vessel, wherein the deaerated blend includes dissolved co2 at an intermediate carbonation level less than the final carbonation level; and carbonating the deaerated product blend to the final carbonation level downstream of the vented vessel to produce a carbonated beverage for subsequent packaging.
Bevcorp Llc

Cbd-containing beverage

The invention relates to a cbd-containing liquid formulation, and in particular to a beverage comprising at least one emulsifier.. .
Thc Pharm Gmbh The Health Concept

Compositions and methods for dual-texture bubble bits

The principles of the present invention provide compositions and methods for making dual-texture bubble bits that en.) are shelf-stable in ready-to-drink beverages, and provide a bursting and chewy mouth-feel sensation. The method may include combining an outer layer of high “g” alginate with high “m” alginate or pectin, and an inner layer including fruit puree/juice with gum and insoluble calcium salt to simulate the organoleptic properties of fresh bubble tea starch balls..
The Coca-cola Company

Xanthan gum granulated material and composition for thickening use

The use of a granulated xanthan gum comprising, relative to 100% by mass of the granulated xanthan gum: xanthan gum granules having a degree of hardness of 2 n or higher and lower than 8 n in an amount of 5% by mass or higher; and xanthan gum granules having a degree of hardness of 8 n or higher in an amount of 20% by mass or lower makes it possible to provide a granulated xanthan gum and a thickening composition comprising the granulated xanthan gum which undergo suppressed formation of unmixed lumps in a wide variety of water-containing foods such as water, teas, refreshing beverages, dairy beverages, soups, and thick liquid foods, even when the xanthan gum concentration is 50% by mass or higher.. .
Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Marine hub with interchangeable arms

A marine hub attaches to a boat pedestal, dock support or other vertical support post, and has removable interchangeable attachment arms that radiate from a main body tube or disk that fits around the support post. The main body tube has a bore with an inside diameter just larger than the diameter of the support post.

System and remote age verification for delivery transactions

A remote age verification system and method for ensuring the recipient of a delivery of age restricted items, such as alcoholic beverages, is of the appropriate age and has the requisite funds is implemented through a verifying software application loaded on mobile device which employs an account setup method and an age and funds verification method. The account set up method operates to confirm a user's eligibility to place orders for the delivery of age restricted items and includes the steps of extracting and saving identification data, extracting and saving credit card data, ensuring identification and credit card information are valid and match, and activating an account.

Method of producing a fermented beverage

A method for preparing a fermented beverage having a modulated aromatic profile is provided as well as a fermented beverage produced thereby. The method includes preparing a fermentable mixture, such as juice, must, or wort and introducing ammonium sulphide into the fermentable mixture at a predetermined concentration.
Stellenbosch University

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (abs) polymers and liners

The present invention relates to polymeric materials and liners for a container adapted to hold a food and/or beverage container in a cooled condition. In certain aspects, it includes (a) at least one co-polymeric chain which imparts plastic characteristics to said liner material; and (b) one or more rubber moieties grafted to and/or dispersed in said at least one first co-polymeric chain, wherein said one or more rubber moieties comprises at least about 30% by weight of said liner.
Honeywell International Inc.

Rebaudioside analogs

Wherein a1, l1, and g1 are described herein. Also provided are sweetener compositions comprising the compound described herein either as a sweetener or a sweetener enhancer.

Personalizable single-use brewing pod

A personalizable single-use brewing pod for user selected brewing of hot beverages includes a cup that has an annular wall that extends upwardly from a bottom to define an open top. A filter that is positioned in the cup defines a brewing chamber that is configured for addition of contents, including extractable solids such as coffee grounds, and dissolvable solids, such as chocolate.

Portable canteen with storage compartments

Canteens with storage compartments are described. Such canteens may have a main body with two separate and distinct cavities, each of which may function as a storage compartment.

Compositions and methods for managing digestive disorders and a healthy microbiome

Disclosed is a prebiotic composition comprising a combination of 2′fucosyllactose (2′fl) and isomaltooligosaccharide (imo). The 2′fl and imo are present in the prebiotic composition in a weight ratio of from 1:1 to 1:10.
Metagenics, Inc.

Devices and methods for beverage brewer regulation

The method for regulating pressure in a beverage brewer as disclosed herein includes initiating a brew cycle, which initiates a feedback loop. A temperature sensor monitors the water temperature in a heater tank, and one or more heating elements activate to heat the water to the appropriate temperature if necessary.
Remington Designs, Llc

System and fluid temperature stability for multi-section beverage making machine

A beverage making machine where the main machine is located under the counter out of the view of the customers. This new design allows for the machine to be built in sections instead of inserting all components into one device and allows for easy servicing.
Mavam Espresso

Luminous base

A luminous base includes a base body, a light guide structure, a light emitting module and a power supply module. The base body has a cover with a light outlet; the light guide structure is installed at the base body and configured to be corresponsive to the light outlet; the light emitting module is installed in the base body for projecting light towards the light guide structure; the power supply module is electrically connected to the light emitting module.

Thermally insulated container

A thermally insulated container for maintaining food and beverages in a cold state includes a tube and a shell. The tube has an inner sidewall and an outer sidewall.

Assembled cup structure

An assembled cup structure includes an outer cup body and an inner cup body disposed inside the outer cup body. The outer cup body is formed with a first curved portion on an inner wall thereof close to an outer cup mouth and a first mating portion beneath the first curved portion.

Lid assembly for drinking vessel and drinking vessel including the same

A lid assembly for a drinking vessel holding a beverage is disclosed. The lid assembly includes a lid and a slider.
Tervis Tumbler Company

Ionic devices

A hair brushing or combing device, a nasal washing device, and a beverage ionizing device, comprising a metal anode being touched by the user; a cathode contacting with the liquid; an electronic circuit; and a switch operable to provide electrical potential to the metal anode, the switch also operable to cause activation of an ionic function.. .
Global Ionics Llc

Polymers, coating compositions, coated articles, and methods related thereto

A coated article is disclosed that includes a metal substrate and a coating composition disposed on at least a portion of the metal substrate. The coating can be formed from a composition that includes an acrylic copolymer, which is preferably the reaction product of ethylenically unsaturated monomers and a functional monomer.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Products from stevia rebaudiana

Various organic molecules, ingredients and compositions are prepared from stevia rebaudiana plant. The compositions can be used as bulking agents, and sweeteners in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals..
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

Reusable vessel for dispensing beverages and storing and dispensing beverages

The invention includes a vessel comprised of a rectilinear primary casing made from a polymer material and a removable dispenser and methods of dispensing and filling and cleaning the vessel. The vessel further includes a one-way valve that may be used to introduce gases to the vessel once the dispenser is attached and sealed to the primary casing, an optional integrated handle and optional integrated feet..

Pressurized beverage concentrates and appliances and methods for producing beverages therefrom

The present invention describes methods and devices in which concentrated beverage products, each packaged in a pressurized container, can be combined with liquids and/or other ingredients to produce one or more servings of a beverage. These products provide users with a convenient way to prepare both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (including carbonated beverages) in various serving sizes and quantities by combining the pressurized beverage concentrate with (possibly carbonated) liquids and other ingredients..
Anheuser-busch Inbev S.a.

Preparing beverages containing cannabinoids using containers with polymer matrices

A liquid-permeable container includes an enclosure that includes a liquid-permeable membrane. The liquid-permeable membrane permits liquid to enter into and exit from the enclosure at least through the liquid-permeable membrane.
Zen Potion, Inc.

Beverage carton divider

A beverage container to enable the manufacture and packaging of two flavors of juice or other liquid drinks. At present, the preference and favorite flavor of an individual consumer is not accommodated unless two or more products are purchased.
Fully Focused, Inc.

Decorator drive and printing plate cylinder automation

A can decorator comprising a spindle disc, a blanket drum, a transfer wheel, a pin chain drive, and a controller. The spindle disc is adapted for (i) receiving beverage cans from an infeed and (ii) carrying and rotating each can body on a corresponding spindle.
Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.

Single serve beverage dispenser for a refrigerator appliance

A brew module for use with a refrigerator appliance is provided. The brew module includes a brewing body and a pivotally attached lid that together define a brew chamber configured to receive a brew pod.
Haier Us Appliance Solutions, Inc.

Connector for refilling container and beverage dispenser

The invention concerns a connector (3) for connecting a powder refilling container (2) comprising at least one flexible wall with a storing powder tank (3) of a beverage preparation machine wherein the connector is a tube, said tube presenting two ends, one first end (31) being configured for piercing the flexible wall (21) of the powder refilling container and for being attached to said wall, and one second end (32) being configured for being attached to the powder inlet (31) of the storing tank.. .
Nestec S.a.

System for refilling beverage dispenser with powder

The invention concerns a system of a container for storing a food or beverage powder and powder refilling container for refilling said container with powder, in which: the container comprises a tank and a powder inlet, the powder refilling container comprises a powder outlet, the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet of the tank being designed for cooperating together in order to create a connection and a path for powder between the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet of the tank, and wherein said connection between the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet of the tank is designed so that it enables the positioning of the powder outlet of the powder refilling container relatively to the powder inlet of the tank in at least two positions: one first position, in which powder cannot flow through the path, and one second position, in which powder is able to flow through the path, wherein the powder inlet of the tank is movable between two positions and, once the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet are connected, the movement of the powder inlet induces the positioning of the powder outlet of the powder refilling container in the first or second position.. .
Nestec S.a.

System for refilling beverage dispenser with powder

The invention concerns of a tank (1) for storing a food or beverage powder (3) and a powder refilling container (2) for refilling said tank with powder, in which: —the tank comprises a storing chamber (11) and a powder inlet (12), —the powder refilling container comprises a powder outlet (21), the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet of the tank being designed for cooperating together in order to create a connection and a path for powder between the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet of the tank, and wherein the connection between the powder outlet of the powder refilling container and the powder inlet of the tank is designed so that, once the powder inlet and the powder outlet are connected, the connection enables the positioning of the powder outlet of the powder refilling container: —in one first position wherein the powder outlet of the powder refilling container is oriented upwardly, —in one second position wherein the powder outlet of the powder refilling container is oriented downwardly.. .
Nestec S.a.

Beverage holder

A holder for storing a beverage container in an upright orientation. The beverage holder includes a base with a perimeter and a sidewall extending upwards from the base defining an interior volume with an open upper end.

Plant seed based compositions and uses thereof

The present invention relates to processes for providing plant seed based compositions with enhanced mouthfeel and aroma. In addition the invention relates to the use of such plant seed based compositions for making capsules for beverage dispensers..
Nestec S.a.

Powdered beverage compositions, systems and methods

A dry, flowable beverage composition includes a tea mixture, the tea mixture including between about 60 percent and about 90 percent by weight of non-matcha tea and between about 10 percent and about 45 percent by weight of matcha tea. The non-matcha tea comprises a soluble, powdered tea extract.
10th Avenue Tea Llc

Stopcock for beverage dispenser

A stopcock controls the flow of a liquid under pressure through a dispensing tube with an upstream portion separated by the stopcock from a downstream portion. The stopcock includes a housing portion with a chamber defined by a housing peripheral wall surrounding a longitudinal z-axis.
Anheuser-busch Inbev S.a.

Capsule to contain powder preparation therein

The present invention relates to a capsule for containing powder preparation therein for making beverages using espresso machines of commercially available capsules.. .
Hierscht Finance S.a.

Can lid

A can lid is described that is in particular intended for beverage cans and that differs from the generally known metallic can lids in that the opening region is configured as a tongue tab that is separated from the lid surface by a microgap, in particular a punched gap, extending over the tab periphery and the tongue tab base connected to the lid surface forms a kink bearing that becomes effective on the opening procedure and that is connected to the lid surface, and in that the lower side of the metallic lid is in particular coated over its whole surface in a firmly adhering manner with a plastic material, in particular a plastic film, and this coating is weakened, in particular notched, adjacent to the microgap between the tongue tab and the lid surface.. .

Combination cup and cellular phone holder assembly for effectively holding, mounting, and retaining a cellular phone within a cup holder of an automotive vehcile

A combination cup and cellular phone holder assembly for holding and mounting a cellular phone within an automotive cup holder is disclosed wherein the cellular phone is always conveniently located with respect to the driver or passenger within the automotive vehicle cabin. The cup can be pivotally or rotationally moved, within the automotive cup holder, throughout a three hundred sixty degree (360°) volumetric space such that both the driver and passenger within the automotive vehicle cabin can readily view and access the cellular phone while the cellular phone will not interfere with the upstanding gear stick or gear shift shaft mounted upon the central console of the automotive vehicle.

Device for cleaning and sterilizing a filling valve of a beverage filling system for filling a container with a filling product

The present invention relates to a device and a method for cleaning and sterilizing a filling valve of a beverage filling system for filling a container with a filling product. The device includes a cap for closing a filling product outlet of the filling valve during the cleaning and sterilization, and a valve for opening and closing the through-opening.
Krones Ag

Antioxidant agent, and antioxidant cosmetic and uv care cosmetic

The present invention provides an antioxidant, an ros inhibitor, an antioxidant enzyme production promoter, an antioxidant cosmetic, a uv care cosmetic, a prophylactic or therapeutic agent for gastrointestinal tract inflammation, and an antioxidant food or beverage, each containing an enzymatically synthesized glycogen (esg) or an α-amylase digest (rg) thereof, as well as use for enhancing an antioxidative effect in vivo.. .
Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.

Tincture for infusing flavonoids and methods of use

Methods and formulations for batch-mixing flavonoid tinctures and infusing the flavonoid batch-mixed tincture into a food, beverage, cosmetic or drug products with minimal or no effect on the alcohol by volume of the product, and to precisely deliver the desired mixture concentration of the flavonoids, is provided. A batch-mixed flavonoid tincture includes an amount of at least two individual flavonoid tinctures, each flavonoid tincture being a mixture of at least a flavonoid and a solvent.
Heart Healthy Spirits, Llc

Controllable brewer

The present disclosure includes a beverage making device including a heated water tank and a reservoir for controllably dispensing water over a beverage making substance to create a beverage. The beverage making device includes a vent valve coupled to the reservoir and heated water tank, a pump coupled to the reservoir for moving water from the reservoir to the heated water tank, a flow meter associated with the heated water tank for determining the water dispensed into the heated water tank, a spray head coupled to the heated water tank for distributing water over a beverage making substance.
Bunn-o-matic Corporation

A beverage preparation machine

A food or beverage preparation machine (1) comprising a control panel (5), said control panel (5) comprising an actuator (5x) for setting at least one beverage preparation parameter to a predetermined value and a controlling unit for controlling the functioning of the food or beverage preparation machine (1), the food or beverage preparation machine (1) comprising in association with said actuator (5x): a light emitting device (6x) for emitting a light beam, an element for reflecting the light beam that has been emitted by the light emitting device (6x), the position of the reflecting element being modified when a press action (f) is applied to the actuator (5x), a coupler (8x) for generating an interference signal based on the emitted light beam and the reflected light beam, a value of at least one parameter of the interference signal depending on the position of the reflecting element, and a light sensor (7x) for detecting the interference signal, said light sensor being electronically connected with the controlling unit, the controlling unit being configured for detecting a press action applied to the actuator (5x) based on the value of the at least one parameter of the interference signal so as to set at least one food or beverage preparation parameter.. .
Nestec S.a.

Beverage dispenser

The invention concerns a process for preparing a beverage by dissolution of soluble beverage powder or beverage concentrate with a diluent, the process being implemented in a beverage dispenser, said beverage dispenser comprising: at least one mixing chamber for mixing a dose of soluble beverage powder or of beverage concentrate with diluent, said mixing chamber being at least partially transparent, and the process comprising the steps of: introducing a dose of soluble beverage powder or beverage concentrate in the mixing chamber, mixing the dosed soluble beverage powder or beverage concentrate with diluent in the mixing chamber, dispensing the beverage from the mixing chamber, rinsing the mixing chamber, wherein in said process the content of the mixing chamber is made visible from the outside of the dispenser during the step of mixing only.. .
Nestec S.a.

Brew basket for automated beverage brewing apparatus

A siphon for use in a brew basket includes a first portion formed from a first material and a second portion formed from a second material. The first portion has a first passageway and an outlet.
Sharkninja Operating Llc

Machine for brewing tea

A machine which contains a housing (14) having a placement surface for the beverage container (13), wherein a removable brewing container (8) having a drain stub (19) and having a drain valve (10) that can be electrically or electromagnetically opened and closed is arranged in the housing (14). The actual brewing process is automatically controlled by a control unit (11).

Stabilizer composition for food and beverage products

Food and beverage products which comprise this stabilizer composition have a good overrun and good organoleptic properties.. .

Methods of producing sweet juice compositions

The present disclosure relates to methods of producing a sweet juice composition from monk fruit and other fruit of the cucurbitaceae family containing mogroside v and other terpene glycosides. The methods employ a cation exchange resin and an anion exchange resin to obtain a sweet juice composition with a clean flavor.
Guilin Gfs Monk Fruit Corp.

Oil filler compositions and uses thereof

The present invention relates to processes for providing oil-filler compounds (ofc) compositions with enhanced taste and/or aromas. In particular the present invention relates to beverages containing micronized ofc particles.
Nestec S.a.

Beverage, producing beverage, and suppressing foaming of beverage

There are provided a beverage in which foaming is suppressed and a stevia extract is blended, and a method for producing the same. A beverage, wherein a total content of reba and rebd and/or rebm is 1 to 15 in brix in terms of sucrose, a content of rebd and/or rebm is 1 or more in brix in terms of sucrose, and ((rebd and/or rebm)/reba) is 0.35 or more in a mass ratio..
Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

Effervescent beverage and method pertaining to same

Provided are a sparkling beverage having excellent foam properties and a method for the same. A sparkling beverage according to one embodiment of the present invention has a ratio of a nitrogen content (ppm) to an extract (w/v %) of less than 28.0.
Sapporo Holdings Limited

Method for manufacturing sugar-containing liquid

A method for producing a sugar-containing liquid, including mixing a raw material liquid and a hop extract water; a sugar-containing liquid produced by the method; and a beer-taste beverage wherein a sugar-containing liquid obtained by the method is used. The method of the present invention can prepare a sugar-containing liquid having a high polyphenol concentration with an excellent productivity, so that a beer-taste beverage given with body can be provided.
Suntory Holdings Limited

Method of producing an aromatised food or beverage product

The present invention relates to a method of producing an aromatised food or beverage product, wherein an aroma fraction is obtained from a plant extract, said aroma fraction is being contacted with a resin to remove undesired aroma compounds, and the aroma fraction from which undesired compounds have been removed are combined with a food or beverage composition to produce an aromatised food or beverage product.. .
Nestec S.a.

Systems and methods for coffee preparation

Example embodiments of systems and methods for brewing coffee can include providing an integrated beverage system that can include a grinding system, a roasting system, and a brewing system. The integrated beverage system can be used with a container that can contain unroasted coffee beans or coffee grounds, where the integrated beverage system can be configured to accept the container and can roast, grind, and brew coffee..
Seva Coffee Corporation

Herbal tea compositions for babies

Herbal tea compositions that, when consumed as a beverage by babies, eases common baby digestive discomforts and helps babies to sleep and feel better. The compositions comprise fennel seed, cumin seed.

Vacuum infusion machine and vacuum infusion method

A process for infusing a consumable substance is described. The process includes the steps of placing a desired amount of an infusion material into a chamber at atmospheric pressure, placing a desired amount of consumable substance into said chamber, sealing said chamber from the surrounding atmosphere, and applying at least one reduced pressure cycle within said chamber.
Bkon Llc

Beverage dispensing cooler

Disclosed is a beverage dispensing cooler. The beverage dispensing cooler includes a first lid, a second lid, a body, an axle, a handle and multiple hoses.

Sealing ring

A sealing ring for sealing a second component, which rotates in relation to a first component, for example for sealing a distribution channel of a rotary media distributor in a beverage filling system is described. The sealing ring includes an annular seal main body to be accommodated on the first component and a wear profiled element arranged radially within the seal main body for contacting the second component in a sealing manner, wherein the seal main body has at least one region of reduced radius in order to enable deformation of the seal main body as the seal main body is assembled with the first component..
Krones Ag

System and process for enhancing sensory attributes in a beverage

A system and process for enhancing sensory attributes of a beverage product are described. According to one embodiment, the process comprises providing a consumable beverage.
E.& J. Gallo Winery

Styrene-free coating compositions for packaging articles such as food and beverage containers

A method of forming a coating on a food or beverage container, which includes spraying a coating composition onto an interior surface of the food or beverage container, where the coating composition includes an emulsion-polymerized latex copolymer having copolymer chains of one or more ethylenically-unsaturated monomers and one or more styrene offset monomers. Preferably, the coating composition is substantially free of bpa, pvc, and styrene.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Brew basket and filter pack for electric coffee brewing machine

A brew basket is provided for use in a beverage brewing machine. The brew basket includes a body defining a brewing reservoir that extends along a longitudinal length from an open top to a bottom end having one or more openings.
Courtesy Products, L.l.c.

System, method and capsule for preparing a beverage

The invention relates to a system, method and capsule for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product. The system comprises an exchangeable capsule, and an apparatus comprising a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and a fluid dispensing device for supplying a fluid to the exchangeable capsule.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Beverage sleeve

A beverage sleeve provides a device for a consumer to use in connection with a hot or cold beverage. The sleeve is operable to keep the hot beverage container cool to the touch for the consumer while keeping a cold beverage dry to the touch of the consumer.
Y Products Llc

Pineapple-shaped bottle for beverages

A pineapple-shaped bottle has a main body part configured to enclose an inner space for accommodating a beverage and having an opening, and a cover which is configured to close and to open at least partially the main body part so that the bottle is supported on its bottom, and to be removed and placed underneath the main body part of the bottle so that in such a position it support the bottle from below, with the main body part and the cover having interengaging formations engageable with each other in this position.. .

Pineapple-shaped bottle for beverages, and supporting the same

A pineapple-shaped bottle has a main body part configured to enclose an inner space for accommodating a beverage and having an opening, and a cover which is configured to close and to open at least partially the main body part so that the bottle is supported on its bottom, and to be removed and placed underneath the main body part of the bottle so as to support the bottle from below.. .

Cup holder releasably mountable on an armrest of a vehicle

The present disclosure relates to a cup holder releasably mountable to an armrest of a vehicle. The cup holder comprises an end portion having a shape for holding a cup or bottle or beverage container, and an elongated tubular portion having a first end connected to the end portion and a second end, comprising an opening for receiving at least part of the armrest, and a clamping assembly for releasably clamping the armrest when inserted in the opening, without damaging the armrest..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Stainless steel food service vessels

A stainless steel food service vessel is configured to provide an insulating carrier containing a food item or beverage. The stainless steel vessel is formed of a double wall construction having a sealed insulating cavity defined between the walls of the vessel.

Apparatus for preparing a coffee beverage, a system comprising such an apparatus, use of a coffee container in such a system or in such an apparatus and a preparing a coffee beverage using such an apparatus or using such a system

An apparatus for preparing a coffee beverage. The apparatus comprises a holder for receiving a coffee container.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Beverage machine with slidingly connectable cup-support

A beverage preparation machine (1) comprises: a beverage preparation module (20, 30) having a front face (21) with an outlet (31) for dispensing a prepared beverage; and a cup support (10) located under the outlet (31) for placing a cup (2) under the outlet (31). The cup support (10) has a rear face (11) removably assembled to the front face (21) by a mechanical connector arrangement (12,22) that comprises a front hook (22) on the front face (21) disassemblable from a corresponding rear hook (12) on the rear face (11).
Nestec S.a.

Beverage-brewing package

A beverage brewing package includes a cup and a sealant film. The cup may be formed by a thermoforming process..
Berry Plastics Corporation

Methods and apparatuses for brewing a flavorful drink

An apparatus for brewing a flavored beverage includes a full immersion brewing vessel and an automated release mechanism with a hold position and a release position. The automated release mechanism in the hold position is configured for flavored particles in the brewing vessel to be fully immersed in water such that brewing of a flavored beverage occurs.

System for preparing an infused beverage

System for making an infused beverage, includes: at least one infusion assembly of a machine for preparing infused beverages; at least one capsule containing an aromatic substance for the preparation of an infused beverage through interaction with a liquid; the capsule including: a cup-shaped body with a recess having a depth for containing a predetermined amount of an aromatic substance; the body including at least one side wall and a bottom, and running around a vertical axis; the first infusion assembly including: a first infusing member, including a recess for accommodating at least partially the capsule; a second infusing member for cooperating with the first infusing member so as to at least partially close the recess to define an accommodating seat with the first infusing member; the capsule including first coupling elements; the infusion assembly including second coupling elements structured to removably engage the first coupling elements.. .
Scacco Sa

Automatic coffee maker and preparing a brewed beverage

A beverage system includes a housing and a brew basket associated with the housing. The brew basket includes a brew chamber.
Sharkninja Operating Llc

Self chilling beverage system

The currently disclosed invention consists of a system for rapidly chilling a beverage within a drinking container while it is being consumed. The preferred embodiment consists of two straight plastic tubes, one fitting inside the other, with ice contained between the outer tube and the inner tube, wherein beverage can be drawn up through the inner tube in the manner of a drinking straw.

Use of enzymatically hydrolyzed vegetable protein in brewing fermented beverages

This invention provides methods to reduce fermentation time of the cereal based fermented beverages such as beer, increasing the cellar output as well as enhancing yeast nutrition and beer foam quality. An enzymatically hydrolyzed vegetable protein which supplies a balanced combination of foam enhancing proteins and free amino acids of high nutritional value for yeast is added to the materials to be fermented..
Corn Products Development, Inc.

Terpene flavoring compositions

Terpene flavoring compositions, methods of using them to flavor foods, beverages, or vaporizer compositions, and methods of making and consuming these compositions.. .
Allied Concessions Group, Inc.

Method and device for treating a mixture of expansion gas and filling product foam in a beverage filling plant

Various embodiments relate to devices and methods for treating a mixture of expansion gas and filling product foam in a beverage filling plant, comprising the steps of introducing the mixture of expansion gas and filling product foam into a closed separation container and extracting the expansion gas out of the closed separation container via suction.. .
Krones Ag

Naturally derived colour stabilizer

The present invention relates to the prevention of colour instability or colour fading. It is directed to the use of phloretin, a naturally derived colour stabilizer, as well as to a method of preventing colour instability or colour fading in a colored beverage or food product by including said stabilizer in said product..
Interquim, S.a.

System and method to prepare nitrogen infused beverages

A system for preparing and dispensing a nitrogen infused beverage is provided. The system includes a beverage concentrate container in fluid connection, through a first flow controlling point, with a nitrogenated beverage liquid mixing point, a nitrogenated water supply in fluid connection, through a second flow controlling point, to said nitrogenated beverage liquid mixing point, wherein said nitrogenated water supply comprises a water supply in fluid connection with a liquid/gas contactor unit having a controlled pressurized supply of a gas comprising at least 50% by weight nitrogen supplied thereto, and a nitrogen infused beverage line in fluid connection from the nitrogenated beverage liquid mixing point to a beverage faucet of a faucet tower, wherein the beverage faucet is a faucet such that the infused beverage in the nitrogen infused beverage line remains under pressure during dispense of the beverage from the faucet.
Ac Distributing, Inc.

Naturally sweetened juice beverage products

Naturally sweetened reduced calorie, light, or low-calorie beverage products and methods for making the same are disclosed. The beverage products comprise at least one fruit juice, at least one natural non-nutritive sweetener, and homogenized pulp..
Tropicana Products, Inc.

Coffee compositions and uses thereof

The present invention relates to processes for providing coffee compositions with enhanced coffee aromas. In addition the invention relates to the use of such coffee compositions for making capsules for beverage dispensers..
Nestec S.a.

Milk concentrates with improved mouth feel

The present invention relates to a milk concentrate comprising caseins and whey proteins in the ratio of 90:10 to 60:40, wherein the caseins/whey protein aggregates have a volume based mean diameter value dv50 of at least 1 μm as measured by laser diffraction. The invention also relates to a process for preparing a milk concentrate comprising the steps of providing a liquid milk concentrate, adjusting ph to 5.7-6.4, heat treating for 3-300 s at 80-150° c.
Nestec S.a.

Milk powder with improved mouth feel

The present invention relates to a milk powder comprising caseins and whey proteins wherein the powder upon reconstitution in an aqueous medium comprises casein-whey protein/fat aggregates having a mean diameter value dv50 of at least 1 mycrom as measured by laser diffraction. The invention also relates to a process for preparing a milk powder including the steps of providing a liquid milk concentrate at t<25° c., adjusting ph to 5.7-6.4, heating at 80-150° c.
Nestec S.a.

Ready-to-drink milk beverages with improved texture/mouthfeel by controlled protein aggregation, and making thereof

The present invention relates to beverage products. In particular, the invention is concerned with a protein system induced by controlled aggregation of milk proteins which imparts outstanding sensory attributes on beverage product, in particular when containing low fat and/or low sugar.
Nestec S.a.

Beverage active chiller

A mechanical apparatus comprised of a plurality of pods in the form of a cylindrical sleeve, containing liquid, to be frozen for the purpose of dynamically transfer/impart its charged thermal energy to a directly contacted object placed within. The pods are joined to each other by elastic bands allowing it to instantly expanse and grip varying size beverage containers.

Brewing process with electrolytes

Methods and processes for brewing malt beverages with electrolytes are provided. In one embodiment of the invention, salts or electrolyte-yielding compounds are added in concentrations or levels greater than those currently believed to be practicable in the art.
Zelus Beer Company, Llc

Composition to reduce dna and hepatic damage and to enhance repair thereof

Provided herein is a composition to reduce dna and hepatic damage and to enhance repair thereof. More particularly the composition includes a combination of active ingredients which can be used in a beverage composition and also relates to a beverage composition including said synergistic composition of active ingredients, wherein each active ingredient in the combination composition and/or beverage composition in appropriate concentration synergistically reduces the dna damage as well as hepatic damage due to alcohol consumption and/or due to other reasons.

Steviol glycoside compounds, compositions for oral ingestion or use, and enhancing steviol glycoside solubility

Novel steviol glycoside compounds characterized by a first group of four glucopyranose residues attached via the number 13 carbon (c13) of the steviol moiety and a second group of two or three glucopyranose residues attached via the number 19 carbon (c19) of the steviol moiety are described, and exemplified by compounds 1-4. These compounds can be present in a composition with other steviol glycosides (e.g., reb d and reb m) to enhance their solubilities.
Cargill, Incorporated

Adaptable insulated galley cart carbonated beverage delivery system

A galley cart carbonated beer dispensing system employs a housing defining a cavity. A door is coupled to the housing and configured to be moved between a closed position and an open position.
The Boeing Company

Beverage container with insulated cover

A beverage container assembly is provided comprising a beverage container body, a stopper member removably attachable to the beverage container to seal a beverage container aperture thereof, and a thermal insulation member removably attachable to an upper body portion of the beverage container body. The thermal insulation member has a sidewall extending downwardly from an upper portion and defining a downwardly opening cavity within which the upper body portion and the stopper are positioned.
Pacific Market International, Llc

Beverage lid that attaches to food container

A container lid is disclosed that accepts a snap-on container. The lid includes a continuous outer coupling trough for attachment to the open top of a beverage container where the trough circumscribes a footprint of the container lid.
Snacktops, Inc.

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  • Antioxidant
  • Glycemic Index
  • Isomaltulose
  • Rebaudioside
  • Consumable
  • Sweeteners
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Electrolyte
  • Bicarbonate
  • Ion Source
  • Minute Quantity
  • Cross Section
  • Beverage Preparation

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