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Beverage patents


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 Capsule for beverages patent thumbnailCapsule for beverages
A capsule for beverages includes a casing made by forming a sheet of thermoformable plastic material, the casing including: a base wall and a side wall defining a cavity suitable for containing an initial product to be combined with a fluid to obtain a final product in the form of a beverage, a first opening of the cavity opposite the base wall, an edge extending from the side wall and surrounding the first opening and a second opening made in the base wall. The first opening is closed hermetically by a cover element fixed to the edge, said the cover element being perforable by an injection arrangement of a dispensing machine in which the capsule is usable.
Sarong Societa' Per Azioni

 Polyester fabric wrap for insulating beverage and water containers patent thumbnailPolyester fabric wrap for insulating beverage and water containers
The purpose of this invention is to provide an insulating wrap made of polyester fabric intended to be wrapped around beverage and water containers of various sizes and shapes. The polyester fabric easily wraps around beverage and water containers and sticks to itself without falling off.

 Beverage cup holder convertible to self-venting ash tray patent thumbnailBeverage cup holder convertible to self-venting ash tray
A beverage cup holder is provided. That beverage cup holder is convertible to a self-venting ash tray.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Ultraviolet disinfecting device for food and beverage dispensers patent thumbnailUltraviolet disinfecting device for food and beverage dispensers
Disinfecting devices and related methods are provided that apply germicidal ultraviolet light to disinfect dispensing components of food and beverage dispensers. A disinfecting holster for a bar gun includes a support surface configured to interface with a bar gun to support the bar gun when stowed in the holster, a housing coupled with the support surface and surrounding a dispensing nozzle of the bar gun when the bar gun is stowed in the holster, and an ultraviolet light source configured to emit germicidal ultraviolet light onto the nozzle.
Automatic Bar Controls, Inc.

 Fast dissolving granulate patent thumbnailFast dissolving granulate
The invention relates to a fast dissolving granulate obtainable by spray-dying of a composition comprising a dry methanolic or ethanolic extract of valerian root, a dry methanolic extract of hop strobiles, optionally a carrier, one or more artificial sweeteners, one or more flavoring agents, optionally an acidifier and water for the treatment of sleep disorders, wherein the said granulate is to be administered upon dissolution in water or an aqueous beverage shortly before bedtime.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

 Hepato-protective beverage composition patent thumbnailHepato-protective beverage composition
The present invention relates to a hepato-protective beverage composition comprising a potable liquid, a primary hepato-protective agent comprising 18β-glycyrrhizin or 18α-glycyrrhizin or a combination thereof, and a complimentary hepato-protective agent comprising sugar or sugar alcohol or a combination thereof. The combination of effective amounts of the primary and complimentary hepato-protective agents provides hepato-protection and reduced toxicity caused by consumption of alcoholic beverages.

 Beverage press apparatus and method patent thumbnailBeverage press apparatus and method
A beverage press apparatus includes a substantially cylindrical container, a protruding element fixedly coupled to an external side of the container and a housing laterally enclosing the container, the housing having an aperture. The container may be inserted or removed from the housing when the protruding element is aligned with the aperture of the housing; and when the protruding element is not aligned with the aperture, axial movement of the container with respect to the housing is restricted and/or prevented..
Espro Inc.

 Multi-purpose coffee maker pod holder patent thumbnailMulti-purpose coffee maker pod holder
A multi-purpose beverage pod holder for a beverage brewing apparatus is disclosed comprising a flange adapted to be received in a slot in the brewing apparatus, a screen disposed orthogonal with the flange for allowing fluid to pass therein through, a first cylindrical wall encircling the screen on a first surface of the pod holder, the first cylindrical wall having a first diameter and defining a first packet retainer, and a second cylindrical wall encircling the screen on an opposite surface of the pod holder, the second cylindrical wall having a second diameter that is larger than the first diameter and defining a second packet retainer. The pod holder can be used to brew both espresso and coffee in the same machine depending upon the orientation of the pod holder..
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

 Capsule and  producing a beverage patent thumbnailCapsule and producing a beverage
The invention relates to a method for producing a drink or food item, in which a liquid flows through a capsule and a drink/food item substance is dissolved and/or extracted. The invention also relates to a capsule comprising a capsule body, the outer body and base thereof defining an inner chamber in which a beverage/food item substance is provided.
K-fee System Gmbh

 Disposable straw drinking system for use with a beverage dispenser patent thumbnailDisposable straw drinking system for use with a beverage dispenser
A disposable straw drinking system for use with a beverage dispenser is disclosed. The straw drinking system includes a straw dispenser for storing and dispensing of new straws to be used with the straw drinking system.

Container lid assemblies for directing liquid flow

A beverage container lid assembly and insert enable a user to selectively control contained beverage movements when outfitted upon a beverage container. The lid assemblies all include a primary lid form having a primary beverage outlet and a secondary lid attachment cooperably engaged with the primary lid form for providing certain beverage flow diversion structure.

Convertible beverage container and drinking apparatus and manufacturing

A convertible beverage container includes a pod configured to hold an otherwise separate container containing a beverage or ingredient for a beverage (such as a nip bottle of alcohol) in such a way that the pod with container can be distributed as a unit and is convertible to an article of stemware in which a top portion of the pod that secures the container becomes the foot of the stemware, the container becomes the stem of the stemware, and a bottom portion of the pod can be attached to the top of the container to become the bowl of the stemware.. .

Flavored food and beverage products

A method of enhancing the sweetness of sweetener in a food or beverage product comprising adding naringenin to the product in an amount of 50 ppm to 200 ppm by weight of the total weight of the product wherein the naringenin does not block the bitter taste of the product when compared to the beverage without naringenin. Also provided here is a food or beverage product comprising naringenin in an amount of from 50 to 200 ppm, by weight, of the total weight of the product, and a sweetener wherein the product is not a product selected from coffee, tea, a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical..
Firmenich Sa

Beverage composition

Provided is a beverage composition including a collagen peptide having an average molecular weight of from 1,000 to 3,000 and a reducing sugar, the beverage composition having a concentration of the collagen peptide of from 2,000 mg/10 ml to 4,000 mg/10 ml, a concentration of potassium of 3 mg/10 ml or less, and a concentration of magnesium of from 0.1 mg/10 ml or less, and a content of the reducing sugar being from 0.5 parts by mass to 3 parts by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the collagen peptide.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Non-nutritive sweetened beverages with glycerine

Beverages and other beverage products are sweetened with at least one non-nutritive sweetener, such as a compound from the stevia plant, e.g., stevioside and/or rebaudiosides, and further comprise glycerine in an amount at least sufficient to enhance the mouthfeel. In certain exemplary embodiments a beverage comprises glycerine in an amount sufficient to provide good mouthfeel to the beverage, yet not otherwise perceptibly affect the taste, i.e., not otherwise perceptibly increase sweetness.
Concentrate Manufacturing Company Of Ireland

Container and code of system for preparing a beverage or foodstuff

A container for a foodstuff or beverage preparation machine, the container for containing beverage or foodstuff preparation material and comprising a code encoding preparation information, the code comprising: a data sequence having a plurality of marker locations, whereby said marker locations either comprise or do not comprise a marker as a variable to at least partially encode the preparation information therein, with adjacent marker locations separated by a distance of Δx; a locator sequence to enable location of the data sequence, the locator sequence comprising at least two markers, whereby a distance x4 therebetween is distinct from the distance Δx.. .
Nestec S. A.

Beverage dispensing systems and methods

A beverage dispensing system includes a point of sale and one or more free-pour and/or controlled-pour spouts. The system receives data at the point of sale that includes a beverage selection entered at a user interface and determines the ingredients in the beverage selection.
Beverage Management Systems, Inc.

Beverage dispenser

A beverage dispenser is disclosed herein. The beverage dispenser may include a housing configured to house at least one beverage container therein.
The Coca-cola Company

Beverage dispenser having liquid level gauge

A beverage dispenser includes a vessel, a dispensing tap, a dispenser assembly, and a dispensing tube. The vessel defines an internal volume, a lower opening, and an upper opening.
Growlerwerks, Inc.

Containers and methods for mixing and dispensing beverage concentrates

A container (10) for dispensing a liquid beverage concentrate is provided. The liquid beverage concentrate is formed of a first beverage component, disposed in a body (12), and a second beverage component, disposed within a cartridge (30) at least partially within the body, that are initially isolated.
Kraft Foods Group Brands Llc

Lid assemblies for hot beverage drinking vessels and hot beverage drinking vessels including the same

A drinking vessel with a lid assembly for holding a hot beverage is disclosed. The drinking vessel has an annular rim at its top edge to which the lid assembly is releasably secured.
Tervis Tumbler Company

Dual handle cooler box design, blank and methods

Dual handle box designs, blanks for forming boxes by folding, collapsible and non-collapsible boxes formed thereby, and manufacturing methods therefor are disclosed. Preferably each handle is located on an opposite end of the box; is two-ply; defines an elongate hand opening for receiving fingers of a hand; defines an elongate tab opening for receiving a tab of a center handle, and that intersects the hand opening; and defines a recess for receiving and retaining a lid panel of the box.
Thatbox Design, Llc

Mixing systems and methods

A mixing system and method may be used to facilitate mixture of ingredients within a container such as a bottle for mixing fitness and recreational beverages and the like. The mixing system may include a mixing apparatus with a container engagement component that couples the mixing system to the container, and a mixing component that mixes the ingredients.
Adip Management, Llc

Systems for and methods of controlled liquid food or beverage product creation

Systems for and methods of controlling liquid food or beverage product creation are disclosed. A dispenser for producing a food or beverage liquid product from a frozen contents in a receptacle includes a chamber configured to hold the receptacle and a non-diluting heater configured to heat the receptacle and/or the frozen contents within the receptacle; the non-diluting heater does not add liquid to an interior of the receptacle.
Meltz, Llc

Beverage brewing unit particularly for machines for preparing beverages from capsules

Wherein the brewing unit comprises a capsule insertion assembly (32) comprising sliding surfaces (36), preferably arranged on each lateral side of the passage (9), for guiding the flange (7) of the capsule during insertion in the passage (9) and support surfaces (35), preferably transversally oriented relative to the sliding surfaces, for holding the flange of the capsule when inserted in the passage (9).. .

Vessel for the preparation of infusion beverages

The invention relates to a vessel for the preparation of infusion beverages with a retaining volume for insoluble infusion constituents, consisting of a vessel body with a bottom which is formed as an inclined plane and converges at the base point into the retaining volume. In accordance with the invention, the retaining volume is formed as a reservoir space which comprises a flat bottom section extending beneath the inclined plane, a connecting section directed towards the inclined plane, and, opposite the connecting section, a bulbous retaining section which is effective during the pouring-out or drinking process in such a way that the infusion liquid level is prevented from dropping below the level of the insoluble infusion constituents..
Em-2 Gmbh

Juice blends and producing

A method of producing a beverage can include combining a first quantity of juice with a second quantity of protein to form a mixture. The method can also include adding a third quantity of fatty acid to the mixture to produce a beverage.

Frozen beverage machine valving

A dispensing apparatus (20; 300; 400) comprises: a freezing cylinder (40); a water flowpath (526); a first controllable valve (130) along the water flowpath; a syrup flowpath (528), merging with the water flowpath and proceeding as a water/syrup flowpath (552) to the freezing cylinder; and a second controllable valve (132) along the syrup flowpath. The first controllable valve and the second controllable valve each comprise: a valve body (144; 432) having a cartridge compartment (164,166), an inlet (176) to the cartridge compartment, and an outlet (178) from the cartridge compartment; and a valve cartridge (162).
Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.

Tabletop mobile device and beverage holder

A retaining apparatus for propping an electronic mobile device in an upright orientation is provided. The retaining apparatus has two planar and opposing surfaces, wherein each surface provides an isosceles-trapezoidal slot.

System and image based viewing and ordering

Various aspects and embodiments are directed to image based viewing and/or ordering food items. According to some embodiments, an ordering system for managing image based menus includes a suite of data management applications for providers and/or deliverers (e.g., businesses in the restaurant or food and beverage industry, delivery service providers, etc.).

System and detection of a contaminated beverage

A system and method for a beverage container configured to test for a contaminated beverage in the beverage container comprises a base of the beverage container, an upper portion of the beverage container, and a sidewall with an inner surface and an outer surface that extends from the base to the upper portion, and a testing material. A portion of the beverage container is the testing material configured to visibly react when the portion of the beverage container is contacted with the contaminated beverage..
Drinksavvy, Inc.

Method and assisted heat transfer for containers

A method and apparatus for assisting the cooling or heating of product, such as beverages, in a container can include agitating the contents of the container to create movement and to generate eddy currents in the contents. The method and apparatus can help to reduce the temperature gradients in the contents and to increase the heat transfer rate of the contents while simultaneously cooling or heating the contents and simultaneously transporting the containers.
Stokely-van Camp, Inc.

Beverage filter cartridge

A beverage filter cartridge for use in a single serve beverage brewing machine, the cartridge including a open ended cup with an open top and closed bottom with a cup-shaped filter pouch containing a beverage material sealed to the inside thereof proximate to a top end. The top end includes a flange to which a cover is sealed to prevent spoilage of the beverage material by atmospheric oxygen.

Liner for beverage and food vessels

A liner for use with a fluid dispensing vessel. The liner includes a flexible pouch defining an interior region and configured to be placed in a fluid dispensing vessel.
Ds Smith Plastics Limited

Beverage keg cooler cover

One embodiment of a flexible, reflective, insulating beverage keg cover. The cover is comprised of a metallized biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (metallized bopet) material (1), an open bottom (4), and an aperture on top (2).

Closures for liquid-dispensing containers and methods for making and using such closures

A closure can include a base having an opening. The base can be connected to a container such that a liquid in the container, for example a creamer, is pourable through the opening of the closure into a beverage cup.
Nestec S.a.

Constructive arrangement for the opening of a beverage can

The can (l) comprises an end wall (10) having a first wall portion and a second wall portion (11, 12), which are broken in order to form a pouring opening (a1) and a vent opening (a2), and an actuation tab (30) pivoted in the end wall (10) and having a pressing end portion (31) and an extracting end portion (32). The first and the second wall portions (11, 12) are ruptured by the pressing end portion (31) and by the extracting end portion (32), upon the pivoting movement of the actuation tab (30) by applying a manual upward force to its extracting end portion (32).

Decorative ornament

The present invention relates to decorative ornaments made out of beverage coasters. The ornaments are formed by engaging a plurality of beverage coasters with a center disc.

Apparatus and processing single cup beverage dispensers

An apparatus has a housing configured to receive a single serving beverage dispenser comprising a receptacle, a compostable product within the receptacle and a lid sealing an end of the receptacle. A cutter assembly is positioned at an end of the housing.

Carrier attachment a vehicle

According to at least one exemplary embodiment, a carrier may be overlaid onto a vehicle. The vehicle may be a handle-propelled vehicle, for example a wheelbarrow.
Burro Creative Solutions

Nanobubble-containing composition and use thereof

A composition contains nanobubbles containing hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, and the use thereof. A composition containing, as an active ingredient, nanobubbles having a diameter of 30 micrometer or less and containing 0.45-0.55 ppm of hydrogen, 10-12.5 ppm of oxygen, and 7-8 ppm of nitrogen.
Aqua Zest Corporation

Thermally-actuated flow-restrictor device for aircraft beverage maker

A thermally-actuated flow-restrictor device in an aircraft galley insert is provided that includes a housing formed of first and second flanged fittings. The first fitting includes an outlet port for connection to an aircraft galley insert, and the second fitting includes an inlet port for connection to an aircraft potable water supply.
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

Apparatus and steaming milk

A device for steaming and/or foaming milk primarily for, but not limited to, coffee beverages. The device attaches via machined threads to a standard coffee machine steam wand, but nonstandard sizes can be accommodated via a thread adapter.
Strategic Exits Llc

Systems for controlled heating and agitation for liquid food or beverage product creation

Systems for controlled heating and/or agitation for liquid food or beverage product creation are disclosed. A dispenser for producing a food or beverage liquid product from a frozen contents in a receptacle includes a chamber configured to hold a receptacle containing the contents and a dilution liquid inlet configured to supply a dilution liquid to the interior of the receptacle.
Meltz, Llc

Beverage brewing using the same

The beverage brewing system includes a liquid conduit system fluidly coupled to a liquid source, a brew head in fluid communication with the liquid conduit system and configured to selectively receive and retain a quantity of beverage medium to be brewed by liquid delivered by the liquid conduit system during a brew cycle. A pump fluidly coupled with the liquid conduit system between the liquid source and the brew head displaces a fixed quantity of liquid from the liquid source to the brew head during a pump revolution.
Remington Designs, Llc

Single use beverage filter basket with non-woven filter medium

A disposable single-use beverage filter basket filled with beverage grounds, and a beverage brewer having a cartridge for placement of the beverage filter basket. A permeable filter basket has a rigid frame having a bottom, a plurality of ribs, and a top rim that define side openings, and a non-woven filter medium that is bonded thermally to the material of the frame to cover the side openings.
Lbp Manufacturing Llc

Drinking apparatus

A reusable beverage container contains an insulated cup, a lid, and a straw. The beverage is stored in the insulated cup and an opening of the insulated cup is covered with the lid.

Disposable cup lid

A disposable cup lid for use with a beverage container can include a base, an annular rim, a crown, and a dispensing section having a drinking aperture. The annular rim can be disposed about the base and can be configured to engage the beverage container.
Dixie Consumer Products Llc


A cup that harnesses the positive psychological effects of cartoon to encourage and motivate a user to consume a beverage served in the cup. The cup has a beverage container and a sound-emitting base that is attached to the bottom of the container.
Umm Al-qura University

Methods of controlled heating and agitation for liquid food or beverage product creation

Methods of controlled heating and/or agitation for liquid food or beverage product creation are disclosed. A method of producing a melted food or beverage liquid product includes receiving a receptacle containing frozen liquid contents in a chamber of a dispenser and identifying a characteristic of the receptacle and/or the contents.
Meltz, Llc

Eutectic flavor systems

Provided is a liquid system comprising a first component and a second component the components selected from the group consisting of carbohydrates, sugar alcohols, food grade acids, food grade non-aqueous solvents and food grade salts wherein: a. The second component is different than the first component; b.
Firmenich Sa

Carbonated beverage containing high-intensity sweetener

Provided is a carbonated beverage comprising cinnamaldehyde, aspartame, and a stevia extract, wherein total steviosides are contained as the stevia extract at a concentration of 0.6 ppm to 50 ppm.. .

Gas injection assemblies for batch beverages having spargers

A gas injection assembly for injecting a gas into a liquid to form a solution includes a vessel that receives the liquid, a flow channel that conveys the liquid from the vessel through an upstream inlet to a downstream outlet that is configured to dispense the solution, and a sparger having a porous surface positioned in the flow channel such that the liquid flows across the porous surface and the porous surface injects the gas into the liquid as the liquid flows across the porous surface.. .
Cornelius, Inc.

Viscosity reduction of beverages and foods containing high fiber fruit and vegetable materials

A method for enzymatically treating pomace involves subjecting pomace to at least one enzyme in an amount between 0.15-1.0 wt % of the pomace. The pomace-enzyme mixture is heated to 25-57° c.
Tropicana Products, Inc.

Beverage topics:
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Antioxidant
  • Glycemic Index
  • Isomaltulose
  • Rebaudioside
  • Consumable
  • Sweeteners
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Electrolyte
  • Bicarbonate
  • Ion Source
  • Minute Quantity
  • Cross Section
  • Beverage Preparation

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