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Beverage patents


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new patent Promotional video competition systems and methods
A system and method for incentivizing bartenders and other individuals to promote a particular brand of alcohol by creating a video competition. The system receives instructions to implement a video competition and notifies a plurality of individuals of the video competition.
Quasar Blu, Llc

new patent Pharmaceutical form for combating chemical submission of a medicament
A pharmaceutical form for combating chemical submission includes an active ingredient and at least one compound which enables immediate modification of the organoleptic characteristics of a beverage into which the pharmaceutical form is introduced. The compound is selected from the group consisting of an opacifier, a fluorescent agent, floating particles, particles that are perceptible in the mouth, effervescent microgranules, and mixtures thereof..

new patent Cooling agent for cold packs and food and beverage containers
Safe, stable, non-toxic and recyclable cooling agent compositions comprising solid particulate compounds undergo an endothermic process when mixed with water such that the resulting mixture is useful for cooling surfaces, liquids and solids. The mixtures include ammonium nitrate in an amount of at least 45 wt % of the mixture.
Frosty Cold, Llc

new patent Soda-lime glass from 100% recycled glass-forming materials
A glass food and beverage container constructed of 100 wt. % recycled glass-forming materials selected from the group consisting of post-industrial cullet, post-consumer cullet, and a combination thereof..
Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

new patent Refillable container with a zero waste dispensing system
The refillable container includes a semi-rigid outer shell that defines an interior void and includes a detachable pour spout. The container may be refilled with a plurality of collapsible inserts.
Pack Flow Concepts Llc

new patent Beverage dispenser container and carton
An example system for installing a beverage ingredient into a beverage dispenser includes: a container for insertion of a carton containing a beverage ingredient into a beverage dispenser, the container including a base surface, and a front surface, a back surface, and two side surfaces extending from the base surface and defining a cavity sized to receive the carton; wherein the two side surfaces extend from the front surface at an angle and form a horizontal landing portion that extends to the back surface; and a carton positioned within the container and containing the beverage ingredient, the carton comprising a fitment extending from a carton surface, the fitment sized to allow fluid communication between the carton and the beverage dispenser, and the carton defining a tear away portion defining an angled surface extending from a front surface of the carton to a side surface of the carton.. .
The Coca-cola Company

new patent Soft food and beverage dispenser
A dispenser machine for storing and dispensing viscous foods and beverages and provides for the efficient and safe dispensation of a viscous food or beverage product that is contained in a flexible product container and which does not come into direct contact with the dispenser equipment. The dispenser includes an evacuation system which includes a weighted roller or slidable weight in contact with one or more sides of the product container and which operates by force of gravity to pressure and direct the food or beverage product contained in the container toward and out of the bag or container tube spout.
Trv Dispense, Llc

new patent Pectin based nanoparticles
This invention provides (a) nanoparticle made of: sugar-beet pectin; and a bioactive compound (such as a nutraceutical or a drug) bound to sugar-beet pectin. The invention further provides foods, beverages, including clear ones, or pharmaceutical preparations, which are supplemented with the nanoparticles made of: sugar-beet pectin; and a hydrophobic bioactive compound bound to sugar-beet pectin.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

new patent Cycloartenol-containing composition
Provided is a cycloartenol-containing composition which can be used as a material for food and beverage, cosmetics, or the like, and has high biological activities. The cycloartenol-containing composition has a cycloartenol content of more than 37% by mass, a 24-methylenecycloartanol content of more than 5% by mass, and a sum content of cycloartenol and 24-methylenecycloartanol of more than 76% by mass, relative to the total mass of sterols..
Kao Corporation

new patent Device for preparing beverages, provided with a storage tank
A device (1) for preparing a beverage includes an outlet opening (15) which flows into a storage tank (6) provided with a dispenser (17) for dispensing the beverage into a container. A control unit (7) supplies the beverage to the storage tank (6) in response to a signal from an operating unit (9) for at least two consecutive preparation cycles (b1, b2).
Bravilor Holding B.v.

new patent

Multi-use glass cup system

A modular beverage-glass kit consists of a glass cup, a stem support structure, and a base support structure. The glass cup may have a cup portion and a male threaded portion.
Designlepied, Lda.

new patent

Novelty cooling device

A device that is placed around the neck of a beverage bottle. The device hangs from the neck of the bottle towards the body of the bottle and thereby cools the contents that are held within the bottle.

new patent

Roasted coffee with resveratrol

The present invention describes new compositions of matter comprising (1) roasted coffee beans in either whole bean form or in ground form to which a formulation containing resveratrol and glycerin and/or specified additional additives have been added, (2) liquid beverages extracted at a pressure of less than 2000 bar from said roasted coffee beans or grounds to which a formulation containing resveratrol and glycerin and/or specified additional additives have been added; and (3) so-called “instant coffee” or “soluble coffee” prepared from roasted coffee beans to which a formulation containing resveratrol and glycerin and/or specified additional additives have been added, but in which a pulverized coffee component is specifically excluded. The formulation including glycerin leads to increased solubility and bioavailability of resveratrol.
Vera Roasting Company, Inc.

System and selling goods or services, or collecting recycle refuse using mechanized mobile merchantry

The present invention relates to a system and method of selling goods or services, or collecting recycle refuse using mechanized mobile merchantry, comprising positioning, by self-propelling, at least one of a mechanized mobile merchantry within a geographical boundary, allowing interaction with consumers, and effectuating selling of goods or services, or collection of recycle refuse with consumers. Other exemplary embodiments can include signaling a mechanized mobile merchantry with a consumer's mobile device to direct the merchantry to self-propel to the consumer's location, and utilizing usage logs and algorithms to optimize functionality of a fleet of merchantry and reposition the merchantry, as necessary, within a geographical boundary, to increase sales and consumer convenience.
The Coca-cola Company

Opentap alcohol inventory bidding application

A system and method for real-time viewing, ordering, and scheduling deliveries of alcoholic beverages by retailers from databases of updated available inventories from distributors or producers. The system and method also include real-time viewing of alcoholic beverage inventory vacancies of retailers and bidding to file the vacancies by distributor or producers..

Method and system for automated food and beverage serving

Disclosed is a system and method for automated serving of one or more items. According to the system and method, a central controller may initially capture order details associated to an order placed by a user for serving an item.
Cafe X Technologies Limited

Modular retrofit quench unit

The disclosure features various embodiments and aspects of a chest for quenching beverages. The chest can include a tank for holding a chilled mixture of ice and water, an ice maker adapted for making ice having an output for ejecting ice into a conduit in fluid communication with the tank, and a plurality of quench trays disposed above the tank for holding containers of beverages located in first and second positions.

Liquid-activated light and infusing apparatus

The present invention provides a novel method and apparatus for a liquid-activated, lighted and flavored drink infuser. The invention enhances the beverage and drink experience for any user by providing a liquid-activated, lighted, flavored drink infuser that, when placed in liquid, will light up and/or release into the liquid specific contents inside the infuser, such as flavoring(s) and/or medicine(s)..
Vibe, Llc

Pyridinyl cyclohexanecarboxamide cooling compounds

The compounds confer substantial cooling effects on compositions applied to the skin or taken orally, such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, foodstuffs, beverages, confectionery, tobacco products, skin creams and ointments.. .

Water filter assembly for a beverage dispenser

A water filter assembly for a beverage dispenser including a filter medium and a housing is provided. The water filter assembly may be positioned in a reservoir of the beverage dispenser.
General Electric Company

Wine preserving packaging

A container and method for dispensing degradable beverages, such as wine, from a non-chemical leaching polymer container, while insuring that gaseous contaminants such as oxygen cannot enter the container.. .

Touch screen for a beverage dispensing system

A beverage dispensing system includes a control system electrically connected with a beverage dispenser, a proximity sensor, and a touch-sensitive display. The control system causes the touch-sensitive display to display an advertising state when the proximity sensor indicates a user is not present at the beverage dispensing system and a beverage selection state when the proximity sensor indicates a user is present.
Lancer Corporation

Dispenser head for a beverage cask

Provided herein is a dispenser head for a beverage cask which has a valve head with a spring-loaded valve disc. The dispenser head includes a housing, a connection element for fastening the housing to the valve head of the beverage cask, a propellant gas inlet, configured on the housing, for connecting a propellant gas line, a ram which is mounted movably in the housing and contains a riser duct and which, by pressing into the valve head, opens the spring-loaded valve disc, a liquid outlet for connecting a beverage line and an actuating mechanism for actuating the ram.
Cmb Schankanlagen Gmbh

System and dispensing a beverage

A system and method for dispensing a beverage. The system includes a beverage cartridge that stores any liquid and has a spout for dispensing the stored liquid.
E.& J. Gallo Winery

Capsule and device for preparing beverages and producing the capsule

The invention relates to a capsule for use in a device for preparing beverages. The invention furthermore relates to a method for producing a capsule according to the invention.
Biserkon Holdings Ltd.

Plectrum as a lid in beverage cans

The invention relates to a plectrum (1) comprising a flat member (2) that is generally sector-shaped form a top view and has an inner face (3) and an outer face (4) from a top view, the outer face (4) having a larger peripheral size than the inner face (3). The invention is characterized in that the flat member (2) is a single piece, a slot (5) which extends into an opening (6) for a rotary bearing is provided on the inner face (3), and the flat member (2) simultaneously forms a rotatable protective clip-on-part for open beverage cans (8) or the like..

Collapsible beverage holder

The present invention is a collapsible holder for beverage containers (e.g., cans and bottles) that may present the containers in an appealing “bouquet” fashion while separately securing the containers within the beverage holder. The beverage containers may be placed substantially vertically in holes arranged in a hexagonal arrangement, similar to a vase for flowers with a base for support against tilting.

Method of protecting teeth against erosion

Disclosed are methods of treating and protecting teeth against erosion by use of oral compositions comprising polymeric mineral surface active agents, metal ions such as stannous and zinc and combinations thereof. The present methods provide improved resistance of teeth to erosive demineralization or dissolution and prevention of tooth damage by subsequent exposure of teeth to erosive chemicals such as acidic foods and beverages..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Simple ergonomic user-interface for a beverage machine

A beverage preparation machine (1) comprises a user-interface (10, 10′, 20, 30, 40, 50) that has: a generally peripheral illuminatable arrangement (11, 11′, 21, 31, 41, 51) formed of illuminatable parts (11a-11f, 11a′-11h′, 21a- 21g, 31a-31f, 41a-41b, 51a-51h, 51x) and extending around an inner portion (110,120); and a control arrangement (100,105) for activating and deactivating an illumination of the illuminatable parts. The control arrangement (100,105) has at least one configuration for activating part of the illuminatable parts (11a-11f, 11a′-11h′, 21a-21g, 31a-31f, 41a-41b, 51a-51h, 51x), for instance to successively activate consecutive parts (11a-11f, 11a′-11h′, 21a-21g, 31a-31f, 41a-41b, 51a-51h, 51x) in a turning sequence about the inner portion (110,120) and optionally either deactivate all the parts simultaneously after activation of all the parts or successively deactivate previously activated parts at the same pace as the activation pace or at a lower pace..
Nestec S.a.

Agitation unit and beverage preparation apparatus

An agitation unit includes an agitation tank to which a liquid is supplied and an agitation member which agitates the liquid supplied to the agitation tank. The agitation tank has an area of opening in a horizontal direction decreasing in a downward direction..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Beverage brewing systems

Brewing assemblies/machines and related brewing methods for brewed beverages, such as coffee and tea. In some embodiments, the assembly may comprise a brew chamber and a steam chamber, which is configured for fluid communication with the brew chamber and may be positioned below the brew chamber.
Alpha Dominche Limited

Beverage garnish holder

The invention is a beverage garnish holder for placement on the rim of a beverage glass and comprises: a bispherical cradle for supporting the beverage garnish; a rim incurvation configured to engage the beverage glass rim; a transition neck connecting the rim incurvation to the bispherical cradle; and a depending tab configured to extend from the rim incurvation into the beverage glass.. .

Compositions of steviol multiglycosylated derivatives and stevia components

The invention describes a sweetener of glycosylated steviol glycosides and a rebaudioside in an aqueous solution for convenience of use in the food and beverage industry.. .
Sweet Green Fields Usa Llc

Strategy for sucrose reduction and generation of insoluble fiber in juices

The present teachings provide a method of making a lower calorie, higher insoluble fiber beverage comprising; treating a sucrose-containing beverage with a glucosyltransferase to convert sucrose to alpha (1-3) glucan to make the lower calorie, higher insoluble fiber beverage. Additional methods, as well as compositions, are provided..
Danisco Us Inc.

Stable suspension of a steviol glycoside in concentrated syrup

A method is provided for preparation of a syrup or concentrate containing one or more stable suspensions of steviol glycosides comprising the steps of: adding one or more steviol glycosides to an aqueous solution to provide a steviol mixture; adjusting the ph of the steviol mixture at ambient temperatures to a ph in a range of about 7-9; then again adjusting the ph of the steviol mixture, with a sufficient amount of an acidic aqueous solution, to a ph in a range of about 2-4 to provide a liquid beverage concentrate containing a stable suspension of one or more solid steviol glycoside particles having a size of about 10-80 um long and 0.1-2 um thick, and having a concentration of up to about 1000-3000 ppm. Syrup or concentrate compositions are also provided..
Cargill, Incorporated

Method of manufacturing liquid food/beverage and liquid food/beverage manufactured using the method

A method of manufacturing a liquid food/beverage packed in a container obtained by diluting a raw material liquid with a diluting liquid having a lower viscosity than that of the raw material liquid includes: a diluting liquid heating step of heating the diluting liquid up to a higher temperature than that of the raw material liquid before being mixed with the raw material liquid; a primary heating/diluting step of swirling the diluting liquid in the raw material liquid to generate a swirl flow thereby to dilute the raw material liquid while heating the raw material liquid through heat convection of the swirl flow; and a secondary heating/sterilizing step of, after the primary heating/diluting step, heating and sterilizing a mixed liquid of the raw material liquid and the diluting liquid by conductive heat.. .
Ito En, Ltd.

Acidic lactic beverage and producing same

Provided is a thirst-quencher-like acidic milk-based beverage and a method for producing the same, of which white turbidity typical of milk-based beverages is suppressed, which provide milkiness characteristic of milk-based beverages, and which has the appearance desired of sports drinks. The acidic milk-based beverage contains milk, a stabilizer of milk protein, and water, and the solid non-fat content thereof is 0.15 to 0.4 mass %, and the ph is not higher than 4.0.
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

Recommendation system based on group profiles of personal taste

This document describes a method and system for recommending items, such as beverages, that members of a group are likely to find appealing. When group members are identified, the system may identify one or more preference models for each member.
Wine Ring, Inc.

Beverage holder having a chip unit for performing payment transactions

A beverage holder apparatus includes a chip unit attached to a beverage holder and adapted to communicate with a chip unit reader to perform a payment transaction to purchase the beverage. The chip unit stores an account identifier associated with a financial account, and transmits the stored account identifier to the chip unit reader to perform the payment transaction..

Engagement of gas cylinder with gas dispenser

Devices and methods for engaging a gas cylinder with a gas dispenser, such as a beverage extractor, an inflation device, or other system that uses pressurized gas. A resilient element may be used to force a gas cylinder into engagement with a piercing element to pierce an outlet of the gas cylinder.
Coravin, Inc.

Coating compositions for food and beverage packages

(b) a colorant.. .

Coating compositions for packaging articles such as food and beverage containers

An article, comprising a food or beverage container (20), or a portion thereof, that includes a metal substrate (30, 32) and a coating (34) disposed on at least a portion of the metal substrate (30, 32). The coating (34) is preferably formed from a coating composition that comprises an emulsion polymerized latex having a first-stage emulsion polymerized copolymer and a second-stage emulsion polymerized copolymer..
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Compositions and methods for improving rebaudioside x solubility

Polymorphic and amorphous forms of rebaudioside x and methods for preparing the same are provided herein. Also provided herein are rebaudioside x complexes and methods for preparing the same.
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

Beverage container for injecting beverage through bottom thereof

A beverage container has a body having an inlet which is formed so as to penetrate the bottom of a receiving unit. A holder is coupled to the inlet to open and close the inlet upon ascending or descending with a nozzle of a beverage supply device being inserted into the holder.
Jrp Corporation

Beverage dispenser having integrated pressure gauge

A portable beverage dispenser with a variable pressure regulator cap assembly that includes a high pressure cavity defined by a cap body. The high pressure cavity receives pressurized gas from a compressed gas reservoir.
Growlerwerks, Inc.

Method for extracting beverage from a bottle

Devices and methods for extraction of a beverage from a beverage bottle, such as a wine bottle, using an extraction device. The bottle may be supported by a bottle support sleeve that surrounds all but the neck and closure at the bottle opening.
Coravin, Inc.

Beverage dispensing system

The present application describes a product dispenser. The product dispenser may include at least one macro-ingredient source, at least one micro-ingredient source positioned about the dispenser, a diluent source, a dispensing valve, a number of pumps or metering devices, and a user interface.
The Coca-cola Company

A capsule for improved beverage quality

The present invention is directed to a capsule (1) for use in a beverage preparation machine, said capsule comprising: (i) lateral walls (2), a pierceable injection wall (3) adapted to be pierced by fluid injection means (4) of the machine, and a dispensing wall (5) adapted to dispense said beverage, that delimit a closed internal volume, (ii) a flexible fluid distributor wall (7), that is located inside the closed volume of the capsule, at a distance below the pierceable wall (3) so as to separate:—a headspace compartment (8) between the pierceable wall (3) and said fluid distributor wall (7) which is able to accommodate the injection means during injection of the fluid, and—an ingredient compartment (9) located between said fluid distributor wall (7) and said dispensing wall (5), containing a bed of non-soluble beverage ingredient particles, characterized in that the head-space compartment (8) contains a superabsorbent polymer (10) able to absorb a quantity of the injected fluid, and swell so as to fill the headspace compartment (8) and exert a pressure force onto the surface of the fluid distributor wall (7) to prevent substantial movement of ingredient particles while said fluid traverses said ingredient.. .
Nestec S.a.

Punch surface texturing for use in the manufacturing of metallic containers

A punch sleeve utilized in forming metallic containers, including food and beverage containers, is provided. The punch sleeve comprises two or more different surface textures.
Ball Corporation

Lid closure for a beverage container

A lid closure for storing and dispensing at least one material into a hot or cold beverage container comprising a one-piece molded lid closure with one or more sealed compartments containing one or more materials, and a stirring element integrally molded to the lid, wherein the sealing floor of the compartments is broken by pulling the stirring element and therefore, the materials are dispensed to the beverage container, where they are then mixed with the stirring element to provide an instant beverage, preferably instant coffee.. .

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  • Sweeteners
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  • Magnesium Chloride
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