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Berries patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Berries-related patents
 Method for producing stabilized whole wheat flour patent thumbnailMethod for producing stabilized whole wheat flour
A stabilized flour, such as stabilized whole grain wheat flour, exhibiting unexpectedly superior extended shelf life and superior biscuit baking functionality, may be produced with or without heating to inhibit lipase by subjecting whole grains or a bran and germ fraction or component to treatment with a lipase inhibitor, such as an acid or green tea extract. Treatment with the lipase inhibitor may be performed during tempering of the whole grains or berries or during hydration of the bran and germ fraction or component..
 System and method for corporate mobile subscription management patent thumbnailSystem and method for corporate mobile subscription management
This invention relates generally to a system and method to provide mobile subscription service management for medium and large corporations, allowing continuing backend total cost optimization. It determines a minutes pool collectively shared by a group of users, with an equitable cost allocation scheme which assures individual cost saving relative to the least cost stand-alone plan.
 Coffee extract patent thumbnailCoffee extract
The present invention pertains to a coffee extract rich in variety and in which the features of coffee are enhanced. A roasted product prepared by following a step for mixing and roasting coffee beans with at least one material selected from among oolong tea, pu'erh tea, red tea, roses, jasmine, hops, hibiscus, lemon grass, the berries of japanese pepper, rosemary, vanilla, sugar beets, kombu, azuki beans, kidney beans, peas, soy beans, almonds, cashew nuts, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds, sweet chestnuts, walnuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, hazel nuts, pecan nuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, peanuts, rice, barley, malt, buckwheat grains, job's tears, mandarin orange peels, orange peels, kabosu peels, grapefruit peels, sudachi peels, yuzu peels, lime peels, lemon peels, blueberries, prunes, cherries, japanese persimmons, pineapple, bananas, grapes, mangoes, peaches, apples, black peppers, chili peppers, sugar cane, ginger, garlic, onions, carrots, burdock roots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and corn..
 Device for thinning and harvesting fruit and flowers patent thumbnailDevice for thinning and harvesting fruit and flowers
The invention relates to the thinning and harvesting of fruit and flowers. The device is an apparatus that can thin flowers, since said device is able to reduce the number of flowers on a tree, or can harvest fruit from fruit trees or berries from bushes.
 Formulation comprising arginine, use and preparation thereof patent thumbnailFormulation comprising arginine, use and preparation thereof
The present invention relates to an edible formulation comprising the following ingredients (% on mix) 19 to 30 weight % of a dietary supplement comprising at least 50% of l-arginine, 20 to 35 weight % of cereal flakes, 14 to 25 weight % of puffed brown or white rice, 12 to 24 weight % of nuts, 9 to 18 weight % of orange rind (or dried fruit such as cranberries, blueberries, raspberry, blackberry) and 2 to 10 weight % of water and/or fruit juice, its use and process of preparation.. .
 Vaccinium species compositions patent thumbnailVaccinium species compositions
This invention relates to novel compositions comprising as an active ingredient one or more berries, leaves, roots, and/or root barks obtained from one or more plant species of the genus vaccinium, wherein said plant(s) is/are grown under the following conditions: (a). Subject to one or more uninterrupted photoperiod(s) of at least about 18 hours to 24 hours per day for about 60 days during flowering and fruit setting; and; (b).
 Method and apparatus for scarifying fruit using opposed knives patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for scarifying fruit using opposed knives
A method and apparatus for scarifying fruit by advancing at least one pair of opposed knives contemporaneously into an article of fruit (typically a frozen cranberry or other article of frozen fruit) through at least two locations on the surface of the fruit, such that none of the knives advances so far into the fruit that its tip protrudes out from the fruit. In embodiments which scarify frozen cranberries, each of the knives typically penetrates not more than about 7 mm, or in some cases not more than about 1 mm or 2 mm into the fruit.
 Biologically active food additive for preventing cardiovascular diseases and reinforcing the cardiovascular system patent thumbnailBiologically active food additive for preventing cardiovascular diseases and reinforcing the cardiovascular system
The biologically active food additive comprises hawthorn flowers and/or berries and/or leaves and royal jelly in the following ingredient ratio: from 10 mass % to 90 mass % of hawthorn; from 10 to 24 mass % of royal jelly; and from 0 mass % to 70 mass % of fillers. The additive is produced in powder, tablet or capsule form, or aqueous-alcoholic extract form.
 System to improve and expand access to land based telephone lines and voip patent thumbnailSystem to improve and expand access to land based telephone lines and voip
A system for expanding access to pstn based telephone lines (landlines). The system can achieve landline reliability and superior voice quality similar to skype or voip at computing devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones (e.g., blackberries®, iphones®, pdas), cell/mobile phones, tablets, and the like, by allowing landline calls to and from such computing devices.
 Method of preparing a muscadine pomace extract patent thumbnailMethod of preparing a muscadine pomace extract
Muscadine grape extracts are disclosed that have antioxidant properties. The extracts are a mixture of extracts from bronze and purple muscadine grapes that unexpectedly increase the solubility of ellagic acid in the mixture.
Nut and dried fruit snack food product
This application relates to a snack food product, and more particularly, to a snack food product food product that contains just two solid ingredients (nuts and dried fruits) and a syrup. In certain embodiment the snack food product contains pistachios, dried cranberries, agave and brown rice syrup..
Stabilizing and dyeing process for strawberries
A method to stabilized and impart color to strawberries, which can be fresh, or optionally iqf treated. This method comprises several stages including cuticle removal, alkalinization of the fruit pulp, infusion of a soluble stabilizing agent by immersion in an alkaline media to give the necessary firmness and texture integrity, infusion of dyeing agents by immersion in an alkaline color solution, fixation of said color and stabilizing agents in an acidic solution that has been enriched with polyvalent cations, and ulterior processes to preserve and extend the shelf life..
Xyloglucan extraction process
The specification provides methods for extracting xyloglucans from fruit, especially from firm fruit such as cranberries, through a sequential extraction procedure.. .
Fermented beverage and method of production
The present disclosure includes a fermented beverage. The fermented beverage includes water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast, goji berries and jujube fruit.
Therapeutic cooling pillow
An apparatus and method of relieving hot flashes or body overheating or insomnia by applying to the body of a person in need of relief therefrom a cooled elongate flexible pillow filled with pellets having sufficient weight and flow properties to provide a comforting wrapping effect on the back of the neck. A preferred filler is wheat berries.
Skin patch for absorbing toxins from the body
A skin patch for absorbing toxins from a body includes a first side and a second side. The second side includes a surface configured for absorbing and retaining the toxins.

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