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System, design and process for easy to use credentials management for online accounts using out-of-band authentication

Digital picture taking optical reader having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array

Systems and methods for self-service recycling of automotive parts

Date/App# patent app List of recent Bar Code-related patents
 Electronic voter card and method for electronic voting patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic voter card and method for electronic voting
A method for electronic voting includes providing an electronic data storage device, the device containing a bar code or magnetic strip, providing an automated system for activation of the device, providing an associated user with a unique identifier, wherein the unique identifier is used to activate the device, activating the device utilizing an automated system, verifying the unique identifier, providing election options to the associated user, wherein the election options consist of voting for a political party for all races and voting for individual races, electronically entering voting selections, confirming voting selections, uploading the voting selections to a central database, providing a confirmation number to the associated user once the voting selections have be uploaded, scanning the bar code, connecting the scan of the bar code to the central database, downloading the voting selections from the central database to a voting ballot, scanning the ballot, and recording the voting selections.. .
 System, design and process for easy to use credentials management for online accounts using out-of-band authentication patent thumbnailSystem, design and process for easy to use credentials management for online accounts using out-of-band authentication
The invention provides an easy to use credential management mechanism for multi-factor out-of-band multi-channel authentication process to protect a large number of documents without the need to remember all the document passwords. When opened, the secure document application generates a multi-dimensional code.
 Digital picture taking optical reader having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array patent thumbnailDigital picture taking optical reader having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array
A portable hand held optical reader having a specially constructed two-dimensional image sensor array is operational in a bar code decoding mode and in a picture taking mode. The specially constructed image sensor array, in one embodiment, is a hybrid monochrome and color image sensor pixel array, wherein a first subset of the pixels are monochrome pixels devoid of wavelength selective color filter elements and a second subset of the pixels are color sensitive pixels including wavelength selective color filter elements..
 Systems and methods for self-service recycling of automotive parts patent thumbnailSystems and methods for self-service recycling of automotive parts
Systems and methods for self-service recycling are provided. In particular, some embodiments include graphical user interfaces and backend systems that allow users to identify the market for used automotive parts.
 Covert bar code pattern design and decoding patent thumbnailCovert bar code pattern design and decoding
Devices, methods, and systems for covert bar code pattern design and decoding are described herein. One covert bar code includes detector code and decoder code.
 System for transferring maps to a mobile device without network connectivity using matrix bar codes or other passive data media patent thumbnailSystem for transferring maps to a mobile device without network connectivity using matrix bar codes or other passive data media
Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for transferring maps to a mobile device without network connectivity using matrix bar codes or other passive data media are presented. In some embodiments, such a method may include receiving data from an image scanner configured to scan a bar code, the data comprising a complete encoded map; processing the data to generate a decoded map; and displaying the decoded map to a user..
 Relating to printing patent thumbnailRelating to printing
An assembled blister package (1) has a blister sheet (11) formed with blisters (2) sealed by a foil backing sheet (4). The blister package (1) is sandwiched between opposite sides of a folded card (not shown) to stiffen it.
 System and method for collection and management of items patent thumbnailSystem and method for collection and management of items
A method for collecting returned items and evaluating return policy criteria with respect to collected items, and a system for the same, are disclosed. The method includes providing a station, such as a kiosk terminal, preferably at a pharmacy location.
 Image reader comprising cmos based image sensor array patent thumbnailImage reader comprising cmos based image sensor array
The invention features an image reader and a corresponding method for capturing a sharp distortion free image of a target, such as a one or two-dimensional bar code. In one embodiment, the image reader comprises a two-dimensional cmos based image sensor array, a timing module, an illumination module, and a control module.
 Method and apparatus for reading optical indicia using a plurality of data sources patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for reading optical indicia using a plurality of data sources
A system for decoding an encoded symbol character associated with a product is provided. The system includes a scanning apparatus comprising a first scan source disposed within a housing, and a second scan source disposed within the housing.
Article of manufacture for securing data in 2d bar codes using ssl
An article of manufacture comprises a printed document associated with a source entity. The printed document is readable by a software application of an electronic device.
Method and system for dynamic flowing data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Improvements to a method for flowing variable data, such as text data, image data, bar code data, and the like, into a path of a template defined by a pdl specification in a high-speed printing operation.. .
Method and system for requesting products and services and rating employees and service locations keyed to identification tags
Disclosed is a method and system for entering customer service requests, ratings and reviews in a quality control system, keyed to employee-specific or service location-specific identification numbers stored on physical media such as qr codes, bar codes, and rfid tags, and to notify employees of service requests for prompt resolution. Also disclosed is a system and method for using such employee-specific and service location-specific data to produce numerical measurements of quality, and to convert those measurements to points that may be exchanged for rewards, incentivizing good service and participation in the quality control system..
Removable cover for cards bearing magnetic strips and bar codes on a rear surface of the card
A protective cover for cards that can conveniently be snapped into place on the back of the card and readily removed and replaced any number of times for convenience. Such a protective cover does not interfere with the use of the card.
Electrical cable fitted with a theft deterrence means
The invention relates to an electrical cable (1, 10) comprising at least two conducting strands (2, 3) and theft deterrence means in the form of a marking (8). The main characteristic of an electrical cable (1, 10) according to the invention is that the marking consists of a series of relief prints (8) akin to a bar code..
Integration between brick-and-mortar establishments and web based establishments
Approaches are provided for quick response (qr) code and barcode based integration between brick-and-mortar stores and web store fronts. Specifically, an approach is provided that is implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code tangibly embodied on a computer readable storage medium having programming instructions operable to determine whether an item is in inventory at a physical location of a user, one or more alternate locations, or an on-line store of a merchant, by leveraging a scanned sq code or bar code of the item.
In-line gift card personalization and packaging process
A machine that processes gift cards in an in-line process where the gift cards travel along a generally straight transport path from a card feed mechanism to a delivery end where the cards and carrier combinations are discharged. During the in-line processing, a magnetic stripe, integrated circuit chip or rfid tag on the gift cards can be encoded with account information, a serial number or other information.
Method and apparatus for a secure public identification tag
A method and apparatus for a secure public identification tag on a sticker, bracelet or temporary tattoo, or other temporary tag. The tag includes a two-dimensional bar code with embedded public key and a removable or separable security code.
Systems and methods for directing imaged documents to specified storage locations
Systems and methods for substantially automatically storing imaged documents in particular file storage locations. In various embodiments, the system is configured to automatically store an imaged document in a particular file storage location based, at least in part, on at least one machine-readable indicia (e.g., a bar code, such as a linear or matrix bar code) that is included within the document.
Method of final defect inspection
Disclosed is a method of final defect inspection, including preparing a final defect inspection apparatus which includes a host device, a microscope, a bar code scanner, a support tool and a signal transceiver, using the host device to calibrate an original point in an outline of the circuit board based on a plurality of original mark positions generated by an electromagnetic pen, using the electromagnetic pen to mark each defect position on the inspection region on the circuit board where any defect is found through the microscope, using the signal transceiver to receive and transmit each defect position to the host device, and using the host device to calculate the coordinate of a scrap region based on a relative position between the original point and each defect position so as to generate a shipment file.. .
Method for reproducing and using a bar code symbol
A segmented 2d matrix symbol may be formed by dividing data into a plurality of segments, separately encoding the plurality of segments as corresponding arrays of cells, and arranging the arrays of cells in an abutting relationship. The segmented symbol may be reproduced, for example by receiving a bitmap corresponding to the formed symbol followed by printing; by copying a printed symbol; or by scanning a printed symbol and printing a copy.
Bar code scanner with integrated surface authentication
In general, techniques are described for performing surface authentication with a scanning device to authenticate items. The scanning device or “scanner” that includes a bar code reader, a surface reader and a controller may implement the techniques.
Apparatus and methods for identifying and processing mail using an identification code
Apparatus and methods consistent with the present invention provide for identifying and processing mail using an identification code on a mailpiece as a redundant source of identification information in a mail sorting system. In one embodiment, this information is stored in a temporary database and used for the identification and processing of mail in a remote bar code system (rbcs).
Methods and systems for automated micro farming
System and methods for farming of crops on a plant-by-plant basis are disclosed. Plants are imaged and data is acquired on a plant-by-plant basis, which enables the visual micro management of a crop field on a plant-by-plant basis.
Foil composite card
Composite cards formed in accordance with the invention include a security layer comprising a hologram or diffraction grating formed at, or in, the center, or core layer, of the card. The hologram may be formed by embossing a designated area of the core layer with a diffraction pattern and depositing a thin layer of metal on the embossed layer.
Package-on-package based integrated circuit chip imager
An apparatus for use in decoding a bar code symbol includes a first integrated circuit chip with a wafer level camera, at least one light source, and a plurality of contact pads on a surface of the chip and a second integrated circuit chip with a processor, memory, plurality of contact pads on a surface of the chip, and plurality of contact pads on another surface of the chip. The apparatus includes a pcb having a plurality of contact pads disposed on at least one surface of the pcb and wherein the first and second integrated circuit chips are vertically stacked on the pcb and the plurality of contact pads on the first and second integrated circuit chips interface with the contact pads of the second integrated circuit chip and pcb.
Imaging terminal operative for decoding
There is set forth herein an imaging terminal operative for decoding of bar codes. In one embodiment the terminal can include a color imaging assembly having a color image sensor array.
Deposit management system that employs preregistered deposits
A deposit management system is operable responsive to data included on data bearing records. The system is associated with a plurality of financial funds depositories.
Architecture for responding to visual query
A visual query such as a photograph, a screen shot, a scanned image, a video frame, or an image created by a content authoring application is submitted to a visual query search system. The search system processes the visual query by sending it to a plurality of parallel search systems, each implementing a distinct visual query search process.
Electronic device and indoor navigation method
An indoor navigation method using an electronic device includes acquiring an indoor map of a specified building. The method acquires position information by reading a two dimensional (2d) bar code in the specified building using an image capturing device of the electronic device.
System and method for remote utility meter reading
The system and method for remote utility meter reading are include a camera positioned adjacent the face of a utility meter for generating an analog optical image signal representative of a the utility meter having a visual identifier associated with the utility meter. The visual identifier may be a label, a bar code or the like for identifying the location of the particular utility meter.
Bar code reading terminal with video capturing mode
A bar code reading terminal can, in one embodiment, include a two-dimensional image sensor and an imaging assembly. The terminal can be configured, in response to receipt of a trigger signal, to buffer a set of frames and subject each frame of the set of frames to a decode attempt.
Bar code-reading capabilities of a portable, hand-held computing device that comprises a camera
This patent specification describes an attachment for a camera device. The attachment comprises at least one of a target generating mechanism, a proximity sensor, illumination that is optimized for bar code reading, optics that provide an alternative optical path to the camera device, and a supplementary lens system that is optimized for bar code reading..
Document management system
The method, system and a computer program and a computer product for managing workers and documents is provided. The method includes storing industry representations and a list of workers with data related to the workers, linking the industry representations to the workers and selecting at least one worker from based on the industry representations for that worker.
Mobile shopping system and method
A mobile shopping system and method providing consumers the ability to scan a bar code or search of an item online and purchase the item. The item may be purchased in store or online which is then shipped to the consumer.
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using markings on both lead frame and sealing body
A management method is able to quickly investigate the cause of a defect generated in a semiconductor product manufacturing process. Manufacturing conditions in various qfp manufacturing steps are stored in a main server while correlating them with an identification number of the qfp, and a two-dimensional bar code corresponding to the identification number is stamped to the surface of the qfp.
Hard disk drive module
A hard disk drive module includes a bracket, a hard disk drive received in the bracket, and a shielding member. A bar code is mounted on the hard disk drive.
Near field communication device
A first device comprises an nfc port adapted to communicate with a sales terminal; at least one processor; at least one input for inputting one of bar codes, universal product codes, pricing information, payment card information; whereby pricing information is compared with sales terminal pricing via near field communication protocol to determine proper entry of sales information. A second hand held device comprises at least one processor; at least one memory; a display operatively associated with the at least one processor; a near field communication port adapted to communicate with a sales terminal for transmitting the listing of items being purchased and the associated selling price; at least one input for inputting pricing information from coupons, store advertisements, and internet sales information into the memory; the at least one processor operating to compare each item on the listing of items and associated price with the previously inputted information..
Scannable recipe card to add items to shopping list
A system and method for automatically importing retail grocery products into an electronic shopping list by importing the ingredients listed on a recipe card, page in a recipe book, or the like. The recipe card may contain an identifier code that is uniquely associated with that recipe.
System and method for using intelligent codes in conjunction with stored-value cards
A system and method of transacting a prepaid product with an electronic mobile device that is used to electronically interface with a code, such as a qr code, bar code, rf signal or nfc signal, representing a prepaid product. The codes of multiple prepaid products of multiple prepaid product providers are grouped together on a single structure or in a single computer displayed in a shopping area.
Wallet consolidator and related methods of processing a transaction using a wallet consolidator
A wallet consolidator to process a transaction and related methods, are provided. An embodiment of a wallet consolidator can include a controller to control operation of the wallet consolidator, and an input device connected to the controller and positioned to receive a copy of information.
Color micro bar code marker and system
A micro marker is formed of geometric features having various colors to apply to an object. The micro marker includes a background having a first color, multiple localization features formed on the background having a second color, and multiple information encoding features, each information encoding feature having a color selected from multiple colors to represent digital values, the information encoding features being arranged proximate the localization features on the background..
System and method for facilitating commercial interactions via a physical insignia
According to aspects of the present invention, a system, method, and device utilizes insignia such as electronic near field communication (e.g., nfc or rfid) tags or preprogrammed visual insignia (e.g., qr code or bar code) attached to or associated with physical products or service offerings and linked to an internet-based user interface with a supporting database. In different embodiments, the present invention includes: a registration management component; an offer management component; a loyalty program management component, a referral management component; a purchase and service management component; a customer feedback component; and an interaction tracking component..
System and method for providing authenticated backup for movies, music and books
A process for securing a backup digital copy of dvds, music and books a person owns. The process may require the owner cut out the upc and/or bar code, mail the upc in and then receive a username and pass-code to download a backup digital copy of their dvd, music and/or book or the owner my receive a backup on portable digital media.
System for data card emulation
An improved system for data card emulation involves a phone that can emulate any one of multiple data cards corresponding to multiple entities. The phone includes a memory for storing bar code information corresponding to data cards of the multiple entities.
Linerless media
A linerless media comprising selectively applied adhesive to allow cutting through a non-adhesive portion of the linerless media. The linerless media can be a linerless media web or linerless media labels with alternating adhesive portions and non-adhesive portion provided along a length of the linerless media web or linerless media label.
Mobile device-based electronic payment systems and methods
A system and method for processing a payment at a point-of-sale terminal in a mobile device-based electronic payment system. The method includes initiating an app on a mobile device of a user, transmitting a first security code request to a security code server, and receiving a first security code from a security code server.
Secure information handling system matrix bar code
An information handling system analyzes secondary information captured with an image of a two-dimensional barcode to perform a function. For example, a mobile phone camera captures an image of a qr code at a product plus characters printed next to the qr code, uses optical code recognition to determine the characters, and applies information from the qr code and the characters to register the product.
Secure information transfer via bar codes
A method for providing a document using a secure bar code includes encrypting the document to generate an encrypted document, and mixing together bits for a security credential with bits for the encrypted document to generate a set of mixed bits having a predetermined order. The security credential is for decrypting the encrypted document.
Systems and methods for secure mobile payments
Systems and methods are provided that enable purchase and adjustment transactions using a visual indicium displayed on a mobile device. In some embodiments, these indicia are in the form of bar codes, include alias information, and do not include an account number associated with a payment account.
Secondary information for an information handling system matrix bar code function
An information handling system analyzes secondary information captured with an image of a two-dimensional barcode to perform a function. For example, a mobile phone camera captures an image of a qr code at a product plus characters printed next to the qr code, uses optical code recognition to determine the characters, and applies information from the qr code and the characters to register the product.
Chip on board based highly integrated imager
An apparatus for use in decoding a bar code symbol may include an image sensor integrated circuit having a plurality of pixels, timing and control circuitry for controlling an image sensor, gain circuitry for controlling gain, and analog to digital conversion circuitry for conversion of an analog signal to a digital signal. The apparatus may also include a pcb for mounting the image sensor integrated circuit and light source bank.
Shelf-monitoring system
A system and method for monitoring shelf inventory that combines bar code and rfid technologies to permit electronic data entry of item shelf assignments and real time reporting of item removal from display/dispensing storage shelves.. .
Method and system for cross-terminal cloud browsing
A method is provided for cross-terminal cloud browsing on the internet. The method includes a second terminal obtaining a 2d bar code generated by a first terminal corresponding to a web content currently being presented on a webpage on the first terminal.
Method and apparatus for augmenting media services
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor that includes a memory and a controller coupled to the memory. The controller can be programmed to receive media content from a set top box where the set top box is a separate device from the media processor and where the media content includes video content.
Activating licensable component of consumer electronic device at point of sale
A purchaser of a ce device informs a retail clerk at the point of sale (pos) of features of the ce device the purchaser wishes to employ, some of which require a license. The ce device is vended without the licenses but the clerk can upload the desired features to a server, which correlates the features to licensable components and which returns to the pos the license codes needed to enable the components.
Mobile message sharing through employment of social media platform
A mobile messaging server of an apparatus in an example interacts with a social media platform to cause the social media platform to share, with a social network of friends of a user, a mobile message that is received by the user and comprises one or more of images, bar codes, videos, and/or simple plain text.. .
Delivering mobile messages to wireless mobile devices based on current delivery preference and network capabilities to improve user experience
A mobile messaging server of in an example interacts with a wireless communication data network, a device database, a campaign content database, a device preference database, and operator's network requirement database to deliver one or more of images, bar codes, videos and/or simple plain text via a pushed mobile message to a mobile device identified by a mobile number for mobile messaging communication, for example, to meet a desirable, beneficial, good, and/or best possible user experience, for example, based on mobile device capabilities and operator's network requirements at current point in time based on real time capabilities detection.. .
Device and method for animal identification
Methods and device for marking animals are disclosed. An ear tag configurable for attachment to a rodent ear, e.g., a mouse ear, is presented, wherein the ear tag includes a color-coded image, an alphanumeric character string, a bar code and/or a visual signage.
Device, method, and system for augmented reality security
Devices and methods for authenticating a user of a mobile computing device to a content server include establishing a communication session between a target computing device and the content server that is identified by a session id. The target computing device generates a pairing token using the session id, which pairing token may be a two-dimensional bar code such as a quick response (“qr”) code, and presents the pairing token to the mobile computing device.
Use of ticket for purchasing
Methods and systems are provided for facilitating payment for products purchased at events. More particularly, a ticket, rather than cash or credit cards, can be used to purchase products at events.
Application for core drilling
A software application for use on a mobile phone or other computerized hardware system for collecting geological core samples and assigning these samples to boxes is disclosed. The mobile application can include a scanner such as a bar code scanner for reading identifying data from boxes storing cores, and also provides the ability to print barcodes for identifying boxes of cores at a printer..
Mobile drive thru ordering system
At least one embodiment relates to a mobile computing device having a processor programmed to take a plurality of food orders and programmed to aggregate these food orders into a single scannable source of information such as a 2d barcode. There can be a scanner such as a bar code scanner or a near field communicator configured to read this scannable source of information.
Multiple focusable fields of view, such as a universal bar code symbol scanner
A device permitting multiple focusable fields of view, such as a universal bar code scanner that can read bar code symbols at both near and far distances for a range of x-dimensions, is described. The scanner uses an adjustable optical imaging system that has at least two different focused fields of view.
Automatic access of internet content with a camera-enabled cell phone
A camera-enabled cell phone that is adapted to image a machine readable code such as a bar code, decode the bar code, send the bar code data over the internet to a resolution server that will return an associated url that will ink the camera phone to content on an information server. Thus, by taking a picture of a bar code symbol, the camera phone will automatically retrieve content from the internet that has been linked to that bar code via the present invention..
Pos system, bar code scanner, and method for controlling pos system
Provided is a pos system including: a storage part for storing a product code for identifying a product and a radiation dose or a radioactivity threshold defined for each product code, the product code and the radiation dose or the radioactivity threshold being associated with each other; a scanner part including a product reading part for reading a product code attached to a product, and a radioactivity measurement part for measuring a radiation dose emitted from the product or radioactivity defined based on the radiation dose; a comparison part for comparing a radiation does or a radioactivity threshold corresponding to the product code read by the product code reading part and a value measured by the radioactivity measurement part with each other; and an alert output part for outputting an alert when the measured value exceeds the threshold.. .
Pallet and crate seal and method for securing a pallet or crate
Method and apparatus for securing a pallet, crate, or similar shipping containers against pilferage is disclosed. This seals is from now on referred to as a pallet seal.
Magnetic strips, 2-d bar codes and qr codes for products
A substrate containing a magnetic strip, a 2-d bar code, or a qr bar code secured to the substrate, the magnetic strip, 2-d bar code, or qr bar code containing electronically readable information about an amount of money. The magnetic strip, 2-d bar code, or qr bar code is passed through a reader and an amount of money is credited in a sale transaction.
Distributed handheld security system and method of use
A handheld security system comprises a set of handheld devices positioned at a group of access points to a secure area. The handheld device comprises a set of input/output devices including a text and graphics display, a camera, a local security database and a set of security devices including an rfid reader, a bar code reader, a magnetic stripe card reader and a biometric scanner.
Attended dispensing environment utilizing mobile payment
A payment system is provided for attended vending machines allowing customers to initiate mobile payment for goods or services with an attendant handheld. The handheld can generate a transaction identifier based on obtained transaction information related to goods or services dispensed, which can be provided to a mobile payment server.

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