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Bandwidth patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Bandwidth-related patents
 Service gateway for interactive television patent thumbnailService gateway for interactive television
A service gateway provides a proxy between a client protocol and a plurality of standard communication protocols. The service gateway provides asymmetrical routing, data compression and encryption to optimize client processing power and communication link bandwidth.
 Prefetch throttling patent thumbnailPrefetch throttling
A processing system monitors memory bandwidth available to transfer data from memory to a cache. In addition, the processing system monitors a prefetching accuracy for prefetched data.
 Architected protocol for changing link operating mode patent thumbnailArchitected protocol for changing link operating mode
In one embodiment, a device having a link training state machine including a reconfiguration logic to perform a dynamic link reconfiguration of a physical link coupled between the device and a second device during a run-time in which the physical link does not enter a link down state, including transmission of a plurality of bandwidth change requests to the second device, each of the plurality of bandwidth change requests to request a bandwidth change from a first bandwidth to a second bandwidth. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
 Interconnect bandwidth throttler patent thumbnailInterconnect bandwidth throttler
An interconnect bandwidth throttler is disclosed. The interconnect bandwidth throttler turns off the interconnect, based on whether a maximum number of transactions has taken place within a predetermined throttle window.
 Method, apparatus, and system for generating a p2p network scheme patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for generating a p2p network scheme
Various embodiments provide methods, apparatus, and systems for generating p2p network schemes. In an exemplary method for generating a p2p network scheme, predicted data can be obtained and used to determine a bandwidth managing scheme of the predicted data, based on a corresponding relationship between predicted data and bandwidth managing schemes.
 Streaming media transmission method, device, and system patent thumbnailStreaming media transmission method, device, and system
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of streaming media technology and provide a streaming media transmission method, device, and system, so that a streaming media transmission manner is dynamically adjusted to adapt to the change of a terminal usage state, thereby avoiding a waste of bandwidth resources and network traffic, and improving user experience. The method includes: receiving a playback state parameter reported by a terminal; obtaining streaming media information according to the playback state parameter; and sending the obtained streaming media information to the terminal.
 Adaptive streaming client patent thumbnailAdaptive streaming client
In one embodiment, an http adaptive streaming client has a processor for controlling the selectable and variable quality level of successive chunks of a multimedia program requested from and transmitted by a server. Chunks are transmitted via a communication path having a variable bandwidth.
 Universal fpga/asic matrix-vector multiplication architecture patent thumbnailUniversal fpga/asic matrix-vector multiplication architecture
A universal single-bitstream fpga library or asic implementation accelerates matrix-vector multiplication processing multiple matrix encodings including dense and multiple sparse formats. A hardware-optimized sparse matrix representation referred to herein as the compressed variable-length bit vector (cvbv) format is used to take advantage of the capabilities of fpgas and reduce storage and bandwidth requirements across the matrices compared to that typically achieved when using the compressed sparse row (csr) format in typical cpu- and gpu-based approaches.
 Method and system for low bit rate voice encoding and decoding applicable for any reduced bandwidth requirements including wireless patent thumbnailMethod and system for low bit rate voice encoding and decoding applicable for any reduced bandwidth requirements including wireless
A voice encoder/decoder (vocoder) may provide receiving a voice sample and generating zero crossings of the voice sample in response to voice excitation in a first formant and creating a corresponding output signal. Additional operations may include dividing the output signal by two, and sampling the output signal at a predefined frequency such that a resulting combination uses half of a bit rate for an excitation and a remainder for short term spectrum analysis..
 Tiered wireless, multi-modal access system and method patent thumbnailTiered wireless, multi-modal access system and method
A wireless, multi-modal access device and system adapted to integrate a number of communications networks operating in differing communication modes to facilitate transfer of communication links during a communication session to promote efficient use of the communication networks. The system includes a plurality of universal multi-modal access devices ummad that are capable of operating at different frequencies and different protocols (tdma, amps, cdma, gsm, pcs etc) to communicate with any one of a number of wide bandwidth gateways (wbg), which are each capable of communication using one or more of the protocols.
Distributed access network discovery and selection function and method of operating the same
A system and method is provided for performing an access network discovery and selection function in a communication system. An access network discovery and selection function (“andsf”) server is operable with a third generation partnership project (“3gpp”) radio access network and a wireless fidelity (“wi-fi”) radio access network coupled to a core network.
Dynamic bandwidth control scheme of a frac-n pll in a receiver
A receiver includes a mixer, a filter, a received signal strength indicator, and a control loop. The mixer is adapted to convert the frequency of a received signal.
High bandwidth configurable serial link
Aspects of the disclosure provide an audio circuit that includes a clock circuit, a transmitting circuit, an audio data preparation circuit and a controller. The controller is configured to provide control signals to configure the transmitting circuit and the audio data preparation circuit according to one of a plurality of link protocol.
Method of establishing an oscillator clock signal
A hybrid numeric-analog clock synchronizer, for establishing a clock or carrier locked to a timing reference. The clock may include a framing component.
System and methods for video and audio data distribution
Data compression and decompression methods for compressing and decompressing data based on an actual or expected throughput (bandwidth) of a system. In one embodiment, a controller tracks and monitors the throughput (data storage and retrieval) of a data compression system and generates control signals to enable/disable different compression algorithms when, e.g., a bottleneck occurs so as to increase the throughput and eliminate the bottleneck..
System and methods for video and audio data distribution
Data compression and decompression methods for compressing and decompressing data based on an actual or expected throughput (bandwidth) of a system. In one embodiment, a controller tracks and monitors the throughput (data storage and retrieval) of a data compression system and generates control signals to enable/disable different compression algorithms when, e.g., a bottleneck occurs so as to increase the throughput and eliminate the bottleneck..
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Systems and methods for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing are provided. In one embodiment, a multi-carrier modem comprises: a receiver configured to de-modulate symbols from at least one of a plurality of spectrally overlapping carrier signals to produce a receiver output; a transmitter configured to modulate symbols onto at least one of a plurality of the spectrally overlapping carrier signals; a processor coupled to the transmitter, wherein the processor outputs data for transmission by the transmitter, wherein the processor applies an inverse fourier transform to the data transmitted by the transmitter; the processor coupled to the receiver, wherein the processor applies a fourier transform to the receiver output; and a controller programmed to instruct the transmitter to transmit at least one symbol representing a request for bandwidth allocation on a first carrier; wherein the controller is further programmed to determine when a collision has occurred on the first carrier..
Band stitching electronic circuits and techniques
An electronic circuit combines two or more individual wideband rf receivers or transceiver band circuits to produce a usable instantaneous bandwidth that is wider than the bandwidth of the individual band circuits. The electronic circuit overcomes the difficulties of combining bands to provide low signal distortion across the band edges and throughout the combined instantaneous bandwidth of the two or more individual band circuits.
Queue monitoring to filter the trend for enhanced buffer management and dynamic queue threshold in 4g ip network/equipment for better traffic performance
A method for dynamic queue management using a low latency feedback control loop created based on the dynamics of a network during a very short time scale is implemented in a network element. The network element includes a plurality of queues for buffering data traffic to be processed by the network element.
Performing multicast communication in computer networks by using overlay routing
An overlay protocol and system for allowing multicast routing in the internet to be performed at the application level. The overlay protocol uses “native” internet multicast and multicast routing protocols to route information, according to overlay routing tables.
Encoding system and method for a transmitter in wireless communications
Method and system encodes a signal according to a code rate that includes a ratio of uncoded bits to coded bits. An outer encoder encodes the signal into code words.
Support for signaling over flexible bandwidth carrier
Methods, systems, and devices are provided that may support signaling, such as a signaling radio bearer (srb), over a flexible bandwidth carrier. For example, an srb rate for a srb over for a normal bandwidth carrier may be identified.
Bandwidth management for a converged gateway in a hybrid network
Systems and methods for integrating bandwidth management (bwm) equipment into a network in order to manage the use of bandwidth over multiple radio access technologies (rats) relating to communications between a wireless transmit receive unit and a mobile core network (mcn). When integrating itself into the network, a bwm server may be placed between a mcn and an femto access point.
Criteria for ue-initiated bearer deactivation when maximum number of active bearers has been reached
A ue determines a need to deactivate one or more bearer contexts. The ue then selects for deactivation one or more active bearer contexts based on a context selection criteria, to avoid exceeding a maximum number of allowable active bearer contexts for the ue.
Dynamic assignment of traffic classes to a priority queue in a packet forwarding device
Responsive to detecting that bandwidth consumption of a packet flow has exceeded a threshold, packet forwarding treatment is changed in accordance with at least one class of packet flow from a first packet forwarding treatment to a second packet forwarding treatment.. .
Systems and methods for transmitting video frames
Systems and methods for transmitting video frames are described. Specifically, frame rate modification techniques such as blending and/or packing processes are used to translate high frame-rate signals into low-frame rate signals, which are transmitted over limited bandwidth transmission media to a video signal receiver.
Ultra-wideband antenna and terminal
The present disclosure discloses an ultra-wideband antenna, including: a coplanar waveguide feeder connected to a radio frequency (rf) excitation port on the pcb substrate at one end and to a tapering supporting arm at the other end; the tapering supporting arm connected to the coplanar waveguide feeder at one end and to a primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole at the other end; the primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole connected to the tapering supporting arm; a primary coupling patch located in the area closed by the closed band of the primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole; a secondary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole connected to the primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole through a metallic via; and a secondary coupling patch located in the area closed by the closed band of the secondary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole. The present disclosure also discloses an ultra-wideband terminal.
Portable terminal and slot antenna thereof
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a portable terminal and a slot antenna thereof, and relate to the field of mobile communications technologies, which can effectively reduce a space occupied by the antenna and at the same time meet various bandwidth requirements. The slot antenna of the portable terminal includes: a large-area conductor plane laid on a printed circuit board, a battery with a bulk conductor, and a first feeding part, where a slot is formed between the conductor plane and the battery, the conductor plane is radio-frequency coupled to the bulk conductor in the battery through the slot, and the first feeding part is located in the slot.
Method for real-time, automatic, wideband, high accuracy rf direction finding
This system and method provides a direction finding system that enables modern rf df systems to analyze short duration signals in the entire instantaneous bandwidth. By providing a method to process wideband data, the invention drastically improves throughput and probability of intercept (poi).
Passive and active suppression of vibration induced phase noise in oscillators
An oscillator system having: an uhf oscillator, such as a saw oscillator, for producing a signal having a controllable frequency; a passive vibration, suppressor mechanically coupled to the uhf oscillator for suppressing vibrations above a predetermined bandwidth bw1 on the uhf oscillator; and an active vibration suppressor. The active vibration suppressor includes an accelerometer for sensing vibrations within a predetermined bandwidth bw2 on the uhf oscillator; and an hf or vhf oscillator, such as a crystal oscillator, producing a signal having a frequency controlled by the accelerometer.
Amplifier circuits
Radio frequency (rf) amplifier circuits are disclosed which may exhibit improved video/instantaneous bandwidth performance compared to conventional circuits. For example, disclosed rf amplifier circuits may employ a baseband decoupling network connected in parallel with a low-pass rf matching network of the amplifier circuit..
Geophysical surveying
A computer-implemented method for processing a seismic trace of a subterranean region comprising: (a) deriving a seismic wavelet for a time-window of seismic trace; (b) generating a model for the subterranean region corresponding to that time-window comprising a plurality of seismic reflectors by comparing the seismic wavelet with the time-window of the seismic trace to identify locations for the seismic reflectors, wherein the locations of the seismic reflectors are subject to a separation constraint requiring neighboring seismic reflectors to be separated by at least a minimum separation threshold which is greater than a separation corresponding to a sampling interval for the seismic trace; (c) defining a model seismic wavelet having a model seismic wavelet amplitude spectrum with a frequency bandwidth which is greater than that of the seismic wavelet amplitude spectrum determined for the time-window of the seismic trace; and (d) generating a model of the time-window of the seismic trace for the subterranean region based on the plurality of seismic reflectors of the model for the subterranean region corresponding to that time window and the model seismic wavelet.. .
Storage system
Disclosed is a storage system that suppress occurrence of a bottleneck in the storage system, efficiently uses a bandwidth of hardware, and achieves high reliability. A storage system includes a storage apparatus that stores data, a controller that controls data input/output with respect to the storage apparatus, and an interface that couples the storage apparatus and the controller.
Variable over-provisioning for non-volatile storage
Dynamically varying over-provisioning (op) enables improvements in lifetime, reliability, and/or performance of a solid-state disk (ssd) and/or a flash memory therein. A host coupled to the ssd writes newer data to the ssd.
Method and system for managing, optimizing, and routing internet traffic from a local area network (lan) to internet based servers
A method and system for optimizing internet traffic from a local area network (lan) to an internet based server utilizes a specific gamer private network (gpn) for the classified latency sensitive internet data. The method includes the steps of creating a gateway computer or a master-slaver computer (device) system within a local area network (lan), and making this gateway computer control the internet data from any device within the lan to an outside internet based server.
Resilient data node for improving distributed data management and bandwidth utilization
The present document is directed to data backup and data archiving and data synching and data sharing over disparate networks for the purpose of allowing private and commercial computing device users to back up, archive, synchronize and share data, including data files, on remote data-storage facilities via a network-based application. In particular, the teachings of the present document facilitate the end to end process through the utilization of a resilient data node without compromising the system itself, or the data stored therein security or privacy..
Network node, terminal, bandwidth modification determination method and bandwidth modification method
The objective of the present invention is to suppress deterioration of call quality caused by transcoding without interrupting a call even if a codec used by one of the terminals during communication is changed. A modification determination unit, in the case of detecting a modification of a codec used by one terminal of two terminals, determines whether or not to constrain the bandwidth of the first codec using a first codec of the other terminal and a second codec after modification by the first-mentioned one of the terminals.
Ordered electromagnetic interference cancellation
Progressive cancellation of electromagnetic interference (emi) is achieved by establishing a canceller stage processing order in a receiver feed circuit. Such a processing order may be one that progressively narrows an interference analysis bandwidth around desired target signal and optimizes gain-bandwidth characteristics of a cancellation loop in each canceller stage accordingly.
Switchable filtering circuit and the operation method using the same
The disclosure provides a switchable filtering circuit and the related operation method, in particular related to a filtering circuit which can be used for bluetooth system and wireless local area network system. By using a first switch, a hybrid filtering circuit and a second switch, the received mode and transmitted mode between these two systems is realized.
Method and system for dynamic link control for a chip to chip communication system
A wireless device comprising a plurality of chips may be operable to dynamically configure wireless communication between the plurality of chips. Each of the chips may include one or more transceivers and one or more integrated directional antennas communicatively coupled to the one or more transceivers.
Stacking connector for military applications
An electrical connector assembly adapted for military use comprising a high density maintenance connector which supports high bandwidth video export and low level maintenance functions, a lower density i/o connector, the stacking feature allows multiple branches in an ad hoc distribution center, custom to each user, and the programmability allows for identical cables/stacking connectors to be used in different configurations.. .
Managing downstream non-broadcast transmission in an ethernet passive optical network (epon) protocol over coax (epoc) network
An olt comprising an optical port configured to couple to an optical distribution network, a processor coupled to the optical port and configured to generate a dl-map based on non-broadcast downstream bandwidth allocations for a plurality of network units, wherein each of the downstream bandwidth allocations is not assigned to all of the network units, generate an epon mpcp downstream gate message comprising the dl-map, and embed the dl-map in the epon mpcp downstream gate message, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and the optical port, wherein the transmitter is configured to transmit the epon mpcp downstream gate message to the network units via the pon.. .
System and method for heterodyne coherent detection with optimal offset
A heterodyne optical signal detector and method performed thereby, the signal detector including an optical signal spectrum shaper operable to modify the shape of the frequency spectrum of a received optical signal, a laser local oscillator (lo), and polarization beam splitters (pbss) to divide the signal and the lo into orthogonal components, waveguides in which intermediate frequency (if) signals are formed, balanced photodetectors (bpds) arranged to receive the if signals and operable to convert the if signals into electric signals, and analog to digital converters (adcs) that digitize the electric signals. In embodiments, the adcs have a predetermined bandwidth, the received signal has a spectrum which, if not shaped, would produce if signals with a bandwidth greater than that of the adcs, the spectrum shaper modifies the received signal spectrum to produce if signals that have a bandwidth substantially equal to half the bandwidth of the adcs, the laser frequency is adjusted produce if signals in the waveguides having a frequency spectrum centered at the midpoint of the adcs' bandwidth..
Systems and methods for statistical sharing in optical communications networks
The method further includes provisioning a set of universal transceivers of a plurality of universal transceivers for a particular client interface card of the plurality of client interface cards such that the combined bandwidth of the set of universal transceivers is greater than or equal to the base transmission rate of the particular client interface card. The method also includes reserving one or more shared universal transceivers of the plurality of universal transceivers for the particular client interface card, when a transmission rate of the particular client interface card exceeds the base transmission rate of the particular client interface card..
Traffic generation and analysis for onu emulation
An emulated optical network unit (onu) platform executes the functions of multiple emulated onus to enable traffic emulation in a gigabit-capable passive optical network (gpon) for data traffic, control traffic and management traffic. The emulated onu platform generates omci messages, ploam messages, dbru messages, data traffic and control traffic according to respective statistical specifications in respective profiles of the emulated onus.
Compression bandwidth overflow management using auxiliary control channel
Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward increasing the throughput of information without increasing the data rates in transmission links in order to provide simpler and lower-power data transmission circuits. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a data processor that includes: a compression encoder engine configured to receive a data signal and to compress the data signal to output a compressed data signal; a compression buffer configured to receive the compressed data signal and to buffer the compressed data signal to output a buffered data signal; and a link distributor configured to receive the buffered data signal and to distribute the buffered data signal to at least one of a first distribution signal or a second distribution signal according to a compression ratio..
Joint transmitter and receiver gain optimization for high-speed serial data systems
Embodiments of the present invention allow for adjustment of transmitter amplitude during joint transmitter (tx) and receiver (rx) equalization. During joint tx and rx adaptation, when the receiver requires a gain update, the receiver gain update is masked above or below a preset range.
Antenna selection with frequency-hopped sounding reference signals
A transceiver has a first antenna and a second antenna for transmitting alternatively a frequency-hopped sounding reference signal (srs) over a sub-band of a bandwidth at a time. The transceiver includes a determination unit for determining whether a number of sub-bands in the bandwidth is odd or even, a transmitter for transmitting the srs continuously from the first antenna, if the number of sub-bands is even, and a receiver for receiving a response to the transmitting..
Methods and apparatuses for an extended bandwidth carrier
Apparatuses and methods allow for uplink selection using an extended bandwidth carrier. A user equipment (ue) comprises: a transceiver configured to receive control signaling on an extended bandwidth carrier, the extended bandwidth carrier having a first control region disposed within a legacy bandwidth, and a second control region including additional resource blocks disposed outside of the legacy bandwidth, wherein the transceiver can receive the control signaling in either or both of the first control region and the second control region..
Dynamic bandwidth control in interference situations
When a wireless communications device intends to communicate with another device over a wide channel consisting of multiple narrow channels, but detects interference on one or more of those narrow channels, it may restrict subsequent communications with that other device to those narrow channels that don't suffer from the interference. In one embodiment the device may simply refuse to monitor the interfering channel(s) for signals for a particular period of time.
Dynamic bandwidth selection for wide bandwidth wireless local area networks
Dynamic bandwidth selection techniques are provided for a plurality of wireless access point devices that operate in a wireless local area network. Each access point device is capable of serving wireless client devices with a bandwidth from a set of possible bandwidths associated with one or multiple contiguous or non-contiguous radio frequency channels.
Multi-hop booster
A two-way wireless repeater and booster system and method are disclosed. The system and method improve signal quality and strength for the middle hop of a three-hop repeater, between user and network units operating in the unlicensed bands (ism and/or unii), and supporting the cellular (or wireless) network communications channels.
Methods and arrangements for frequency selective transmission
Logic may comprise hardware and/or code to select a narrow band from a wider channel bandwidth. Logic of communications between devices may select, e.g., a 1 or 2 mhz sub-channel from a wider channel bandwidth such as 4, 8, and 16 mhz and transmit packets on the selected 1 or 2 mhz channel.
Heterogeneous channel capacities in an interconnect
Systems and methods involving construction of a system interconnect in which different channels have different widths in numbers of bits. Example processes to construct such a heterogeneous channel noc interconnect are disclosed herein, wherein the channel width may be determined based upon the provided specification of bandwidth and latency between various components of the system..
Signaling to application lack of requested bandwidth
A system for signaling an application when a requested data rate and quality of service cannot be achieved using ofdm wireless data transmission, and the application proceeds by either renegotiating qos and data rate, or waiting until they requested rate and qos are met.. .
Method and system for radio resource allocation
The present technology provides a computer-implemented method and system for performing frequency selective scheduling between a user equipment (ue) and a base station. The ue selects a sub-band within a predetermined system bandwidth based on observed radio conditions.
Systems and methods a high gain bandwidth low power trans-impedance voltage gain amplifier (tiva) topology
An amplifier and oscillator system includes a mems resonator and a two stage amplifier topology. The mems resonator is configured to generate a resonator signal.
Method and apparatus of an input resistance of a passive mixer to broaden the input matching bandwidth of a common source-gate lna
A cascode common source and common gate lnas operating at 60 ghz are introduced and described. The cascode common source lna is simulated to arrive at an optimum ratio of upper device width to the lower device width.
Object detecting system for imaging-based barcode readers
An apparatus includes a light emitting diode operative to emit mostly invisible light within an invisible bandwidth, and a scattering surface configured to scatter a first portion of the invisible light from the light emitting diode out of the window. The scattering surface is also partially transparent to allow a second portion of the invisible light from the light emitting diode to pass through the scattering surface and strike the reflector that is configured to reflect at least some of the second portion of the invisible light towards the window.
Dynamic menus for multi-prefix interactive mobile searches
The present invention includes systems and methods for retrieving information via a flexible and consistent targeted search model that employs interactive multi-prefix, multi-tier and dynamic menu information retrieval techniques that provide context-specific functionality tailored to particular information channels, as well as to records within or across such channels, and other known state information. Users are presented with a consistent search interface among multiple tiers across and within a large domain of information sources, and need not learn different or special search syntax.
Storage architecture for server flash and storage array operation
A storage architecture of a storage system environment has a storage connector interface configured to exchange data directly between flash storage devices on a server and a storage array of the environment so as to bypass main memory and a system bus of the server. According to one or more embodiments, the storage connnector interface includes control logic configured to implement the data exchange in accordance with one of a plurality of operational modes that deploy and synchronize the data on the flash storage devices and the storage array.
Reconfigurable hardware structures for functional pipelining of on-chip special purpose functions
A method and apparatus for reconfiguring hardware structures to pipeline the execution of multiple special purpose hardware implemented functions, without saving intermediate results to memory, is provided. Pipelining functions in a program is typically performed by a first function saving its results (the “intermediate results”) to memory, and a second function subsequently accessing the memory to use the intermediate results as input.
Content-driven download speed
A network device may receive a request for content; determine a bandwidth of a communication link between a client device and the network device; select a download speed based on the determined bandwidth; and choose, for transmission from the network device to the client device, a content segment among a plurality of content segments in a directory associated with the download speed based on an amount of the content already downloaded. The plurality of content segments may include variable bit rate content segments.
Client-side class-of-service-based bandwidth management in over-the-top video delivery
A client device downloads content from a content delivery network as segments encoded at respective bitrates selected from distinct encoding bitrates. Downloading is paced per a class of service having an associated abort timeout increasing with higher classes of service.
Enhanced multi-processor waveform data exchange using compression and decompression
Configurable compression and decompression of waveform data in a multi-core processing environment improves the efficiency of data transfer between cores and conserves data storage resources. In waveform data processing systems, input, intermediate, and output waveform data are often exchanged between cores and between cores and off-chip memory.
Regulating data storage based on popularity
Technology is disclosed for regulating data storage based on a popularity of data files (“the technology”). Various embodiments of the technology includes maintaining a fixed durability level of data files stored in a storage system by regulating a number of copies of the data files stored in the storage system.
Method and apparatus for power cutback in a simultaneous dual frequency band call
A method and apparatus can cut back power in a simultaneous dual frequency band call. The method may operate a dual frequency band transmit device.
Wireless communication method, tracking error management device, and mobility management device
A paging signal is transmitted to plural base stations which are prioritized with the use of communication results between a wireless communication terminal and the base stations to provide means for suppressing a control signal traffic, and a bandwidth used for a control signal can be effectively used.. .
Method and arrangement related to interference between systems
Methods and arrangements for use in a respective node and mobile terminal in a first system associated with a first frequency band for radio communication, for supporting avoiding or reducing interference in a second frequency band associated with a second system, which second frequency band is adjacent to the first frequency band. The method for use in the node comprises detecting activity of the second system in the second frequency band and adjusting the bandwidth used by the node for communication, based on characteristics of the detected current activity of the second system in the second frequency band, such that interference to the second frequency band, from radio communication associated with the node, is adapted to the second system activity in said second frequency band.
Method and apparatus for pre-loading information over a communication network
Data is downloaded to a wireless device before needed by the user. The data may be downloaded before needed, for example while connected to a high-bandwidth network, slowly over a bandwidth constrained network, during a time when the network is not busy, or when the network operator has reduced tariff for data usage.
Method and device for sending data in passive optical network
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for sending data in a passive optical network. A central office processing device records a downstream superframe number of a downstream data frame.
Optical channel monitor
In one example, an optical channel monitor includes a tunable filter, a deinterleaver, first and second optical receivers, and a control module. The tunable filter is configured to receive an optical signal having a plurality of channels spaced at a nominal channel spacing.
Optical channel monitor
In one example, an optical channel monitor includes a tunable filter, a deinterleaver, first and second optical receivers, and a control module. The tunable filter is configured to receive an optical signal having a plurality of channels spaced at a nominal channel spacing.
Reducing memory bandwidth consumption when executing a program that uses integral images
Methods and apparatuses to reduce memory bandwidth consumption when executing a program that uses integral images are provided. A first integral image representation of a grayscale image may be computed using a first number of bits per pixel.
Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically adjusting link
A method, a system, and an apparatus for dynamically adjusting a link, where the method includes: determining, by a transmitting end, link adjustment information according to the data traffic change when detecting a change of data traffic, where the link adjustment information contains the number of required working links; and adjusting, by the transmitting end, the number of working links on an interface of the transmitting end according to the determined link adjustment information, and sending a configuration request to a receiving end, where the configuration request includes the link adjustment information; and after receiving the configuration request, adjusting, by the receiving end, the number of working links on an interface of the receiving end according to the configuration request. In the embodiments of the present invention, data transmission on an original working link is not affected, thereby saving bandwidth and power consumption..

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