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Bandwidth patents

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Control plane architecture for multicast cache-fill

Software download method and software download apparatus

Bandwidth optimization in a non-volatile memory system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Bandwidth-related patents
 Method, device and system for detecting security of download link patent thumbnailMethod, device and system for detecting security of download link
A method, a device and a system for detecting security of a download link are provided. The method comprises: pre-acquiring an information set of download link security (s101); performing a feature matching between information of a download link and content of the information set of download link security (s102); and identifying security of the download link according to a result of the feature matching, and presenting an identification result to a user (s103).
 Control plane architecture for multicast cache-fill patent thumbnailControl plane architecture for multicast cache-fill
A multicast content delivery system can use both multicast and unicast streams to efficiently use available bandwidth to deliver content. Available multicast content can be identified to gateways serving consumption devices, and the gateways can receive requests for unicast content deliver, but honor the requests with multicast group sessions..
 Software download method and software download apparatus patent thumbnailSoftware download method and software download apparatus
A method for updating game software is performed at a first client device. While a game session related to the game software is running at the first client device, the first client device performs steps including: identifying updating data for the game software and predefined criteria for locating one or more other client devices that possess the updating data; locating at least one second client device in accordance with the predefined criteria; sending an outgoing downloading request to the located at least one second client device; and upon acceptance of the outgoing downloading request by the at least one second client device, downloading the updating data from the located at least one second client device.
 Bandwidth optimization in a non-volatile memory system patent thumbnailBandwidth optimization in a non-volatile memory system
A method of bandwidth optimization in a non-volatile memory system includes: retrieving hard data bits; generating soft information from the hard data bits; applying a lossless compression to the soft information for calculating syndrome bits; and executing a low density parity check (ldpc) iterative decode on the hard data bits and the syndrome bits.. .
 Systems/methods of encryption patent thumbnailSystems/methods of encryption
Encryption is provided via an algorithm that maps a block of n input bits onto a block of m output bits, wherein m≧n. Encryption also may be provided in accordance with bit/bandwidth expansion, wherein m>n.
 Data replication with dynamic compression patent thumbnailData replication with dynamic compression
A method for replicating data between two or more network connected data storage devices, the method including dynamically determining whether to compress data prior to transmitting across the network based, at least in part, on bandwidth throughput between the network connected data storage devices. If it has been determined to compress the data, the method involves compressing the data and transmitting the compressed data over the network.
 Bandwidth configurable io connector patent thumbnailBandwidth configurable io connector
Systems and methods of interconnecting devices may include an input/output (io) interface having one or more device-side data lanes and transceiver logic to receive a bandwidth configuration command. The transceiver logic may also configure a transmit bandwidth of the one or more device-side data lanes based on the bandwidth configuration command.
 Communication system, communication controller, communication control method, and medium patent thumbnailCommunication system, communication controller, communication control method, and medium
A communication system includes a transmitter configured to transmit a packet, a repeater configured to impose a bandwidth limit on the packet, a receiver configured to receive the packet on which the bandwidth limit is imposed, and a control device configured to set, when a reception interval of reception packets received by the receiver is longer than a transmission interval of packets transmitted to the repeater, a transmission rate in the transmitter in accordance with the reception interval.. .
 System and method for bandwidth-delay-product decoupler patent thumbnailSystem and method for bandwidth-delay-product decoupler
A system and method for bandwidth-delay-product (bdp) decoupler. A bdp decoupler mechanism is provided that enables an intermediate network device to facilitate an efficient transfer of traffic from a server to a client.
 Methods, systems, and products for indexing scenes in digital media patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and products for indexing scenes in digital media
Methods, systems, and products index digital scenes in digital media. A uniform resource locator is assigned to each different digital scene within the digital media.
System and method for coalescing market data at a network device
A network device coalesces data received from an exchange, and provides a user with the opportunity to receive fewer, but up-to-date, data updates from an exchange when duplicate prices become available or a large volume of prices becomes available suddenly. Accordingly, the trader can be assured of receiving non-duplicated prices that are fed at a rate that is cohesive with that trader's connection speed.
Method and apparatus for processing application program, and mobile terminal therefor
The present disclosure, pertaining to the field of computer technologies, discloses a method and apparatus for processing an application program, and a mobile terminal therefor. The method includes: determining a current running state of an application program currently opened on a mobile terminal; performing a corresponding operation for the opened application program according to the determined running state.
Recovering data from quadrature phase shift keying modulated optical signals
Systems, devices and techniques for processing received qpsk modulated optical signals include sampling the received signal at twice the baud rate, thereby producing samples that are then processed as 9-qam symbols using a decision directed least squares optimization method. Data bits are then recovered from the resulting symbol estimates.
Downstream burst transmission in passive optical networks
An olt comprising a processor configured to calculate a downstream bandwidth map that indicates an active period of time when the olt is scheduled to transmit a data frame to an onu, and generate a message comprising the downstream bandwidth map, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to send the message to the onu via a pon, wherein the message instructs the onu to power off at least one onu receive data processing unit outside the active period. Also disclosed is a computer program product comprising computer executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium such that when executed by a processor cause an onu to receive a message indicating an active period, wherein the active period indicates a scheduled period during which data communicated over a pon is relevant to the onu and power down an onu receive data processing unit outside the active period..
Optical communication based on polarization dependent coherent optical nyquist frequency division multiplexing
An optical transmitter transmits a dual polarization optical nyquist frequency domain multiplexed signal. The signal includes a first polarization component and a second polarization component.
Personalized bandwidth extension
A personalized (i.e., speaker-derivable) bandwidth extension is provided in which the model used for bandwidth extension is personalized (e.g., tailored) to each specific user. A training phase is performed to generate a bandwidth extension model that is personalized to a user.
Managed degradation of a video stream
A system and a method for simultaneous transmission of multiple media streams in a fixed bandwidth network are disclosed herein. The system is comprised of a central gateway media server and a plurality of client receiver units.
Apparatus and method for adaptive layer selection and server having the same
An apparatus and method for adaptive layer selection and a server having the same are provided. The adaptive layer selecting apparatus includes a monitoring unit monitoring a connection state of at least one channel connected through a communication network, a channel managing unit detecting available channels to be used for providing a service based on a result of the monitoring, and a layer managing unit determining the number of adaptive layers to be used for encoding based on bandwidths of changed available channels when the number of the available channels is changed..
System and method for satellite link budget analysis (lba) optimization
A method of optimizing a link budget analysis comprising performing a first lba based on a target modulation and coding pair (modcod), the modcod having a symbol energy to noise density ratio (es/no), a target setting of a power amplifier, or a target antenna size, determining an excess margin and increasing or decreasing a maximum available modcod accordingly, iteratively performing a second lba, calculating a ratio of allocated bandwidth to peb and adjusting at least one of the modcod, amplifier power, and antenna size, summing a contribution to a final ratio of allocated bandwidth to peb of the plurality of communications links, accessing a look up table and selecting a new modcod or adjusting the amplifier size or antenna size is based on the ratio of allocated bandwidth to peb and altering one or more transmission or receiving parameters to apply the optimal modcod, amplifier size, or antenna size.. .
Method and apparatus for a 1 mhz long training field design
An approach is provided for defining a 1 mhz preamble of a packet. The approach involves determining a preamble sequence of a packet, the preamble sequence having a determinable length.
Systems and methods for policy-based intelligent provisioning of optical transport bandwidth
Policy-based, on-demand provisioning of optical transport bandwidth is disclosed. In one of many possible embodiments, a system is provided for policy-based, on-demand provisioning of optical transport bandwidth.
Communication system, mobile station device, and communication method
A mobile station device includes an information acquisition unit that is configured to and/or programmed to acquire information, which specifies a system bandwidth and a carrier frequency of a second downlink carrier component different from a first downlink carrier component, transmitted using rrc signaling via a physical downlink shared channel within the first downlink carrier component and a communication unit that is configured to communicate with the base station device by aggregate use of both the first downlink carrier component and the second downlink carrier component, where the first downlink carrier component and the second downlink carrier component have different carrier frequencies and each of the first downlink carrier component and the second downlink carrier component has its own downlink system bandwidth.. .
Wireless communication apparatus and method for wireless communication
A wireless communication technology which realizes high-speed transmission while making effective use of existing frequency bands. A wireless communication apparatus includes a communication unit to perform a wireless communication with a target communication device by simultaneously using a plurality of carrier frequency bands each of which has a specified bandwidth and is discontinuous between each carrier frequency-band interval..
Contextual and predictive prioritization of spectrum access
A method for optimizing network spectrum utilization of a wireless communications network utilizing a radiofrequency spectrum includes determining, by a processor, spectrum resources at a location by determining the properties of the communication nodes and the utilization of bandwidth by all priority classes of user terminals in a defined area. Future geo-located contextual network needs for users terminals of a plurality of priority classes in the defined area is predicted by the processor based on historical profiles.
Spectrum allocation system and method for multi-band wireless rf data communications
A dual band spectrum allocation system and method for wireless data communications uses discrete bands for upstream and downstream data communications. A preferred embodiment uses unlicensed unii bands for license-free data transmissions from a subscriber to a hub, and uses relatively interference free licensed bands for data transmissions from a hub to subscribers, thereby allowing use of greater bandwidth, simplifying system licensing and reducing filtering requirements for subscribers..
High-frequency rms-dc converter using chopper-stabilized square cells
An rms-dc converter includes a chopper-stabilized square cell that eliminates offset, thus enabling high-bandwidth operation. The chopper-stabilized offset requires only a small portion of the circuitry (i.e., a single component square cell) which operates at high frequencies, and is amenable to using high-bandwidth component square cells.
Pulsed laser sources
Modelocked fiber laser resonators may be coupled with optical amplifiers. An isolator optionally may separate the resonator from the amplifier.
Broadband circularly polarized bent-dipole based antennas
Technologies are presented for providing circularly polarized antenna topologies based on multiple bent-dipole elements over a ground plane configuration. In some examples, moxon based cross radiating elements may be fed through a hybrid 90° quadrature coupler.
System and method for reconstruction of sparse frequency spectrum from ambiguous under-sampled time domain data
System and method for converting a high bandwidth analog signal to a digital signal including: receiving the high bandwidth analog signal; splitting the high bandwidth analog signal to m parallel channels; delaying the split signal in each channel with n*t delays, respectively; sampling each m delayed signals by m relatively prime sampling rate, wherein the sampling rate for each m delayed signal is smaller than the nyquist frequency of the high bandwidth analog signal; upsampling each m sampled signal, wherein the upsampling rate for each m sampled signal satisfies the nyquist frequency of the high bandwidth analog signal; combining the m up sampled signals into a combined signal; and reconstructing the combined signal to generate a digital signal representing the high bandwidth analog signal.. .
Circular antenna array for vehicular direction finding
The circular antenna array for vehicular direction finding applications is a circular disc having a plurality of microstrip antennas radially spaced around the disc at equal angles. In one embodiment, the circular antenna array includes v-shaped antennas, and in another embodiment, the antennas are yagi antennas.
Microelectromechanical bulk acoustic wave devices and methods
Micromachined gyroscopes, such as those based upon microelectromechanical systems (mems) have the potential to dominate the rate-sensor market mainly due to their small size, low power and low cost. As mems gyroscopes are resonant devices requiring active excitation it would be beneficial to improve the resonator q-factor reducing the electrical drive power requirements for the excitation circuitry.
Dynamically allocating network resources for communication session
A primary call admission controller (cac) system receives a request from a client to allocate a network resource such as a network bandwidth. The primary cac system may determine subordinate cac to delegate the allocation and transfer the request to the subordinate cac.
Demand advertisement method for shared mesh protection path computation
A method includes the steps of: (1) generating, by circuitry of a first node, an advertising message including (a) a working path bandwidth demand; (b) an identification of at least two communication links in a shared risk link group of the working path; and (c) at least one protecting path and a bitmap indicative of failure of at least one first communication link in the shared risk link group that causes the at least one protecting path to be used; and (2) transmitting the advertising message from the first node to second nodes within a mesh network.. .
Method and system for enhancing user experience for remoting technologies
The disclosure herein describes a client-side system that enhances user experience on a remoting client without consuming additional network bandwidth. During operation, the system receives a sequence of frame updates for a display screen, and determines a sequence of frames corresponding to the frame updates.
Multi-user mimo receiver and method for receiving data units over a wideband channel
A multiple-input multiple output (mimo) receiver includes circuitry to receive a mimo transmission through a plurality of antennas over a channel comprising two or more 20 mhz portions of bandwidth. The mimo transmission comprises a plurality of streams, each transmitted over a corresponding spatial channel and configured for reception by multiple user stations.
Methods and systems for high bandwidth chip-to-chip communications interface
Systems and methods are described for transmitting data over physical channels to provide a high bandwidth, low latency interface between integrated circuit chips with low power utilization. Communication is performed using group signaling over multiple wires using a vector signaling code, where each wire carries a low-swing signal that may take on more than two signal values..
System and method for self-adaptive streaming of multimedia content
The embodiment provides a method for transmitting optimal video over a network channel. The method includes coding a video into a plurality of frames, estimating bandwidth associated with the network channel, and determining whether the estimated bandwidth associated with the network channel reaches a bandwidth threshold.
Embedded meta-carrier with code progression message reassembly
A method of embedding and transmitting a meta-data message in an original burst carrier signal for message reassembly comprising spreading a meta-carrier signal using a direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) spreading code having a pseudo-random noise (prn) spreading code sequence, the meta-carrier signal comprising one or more bits of meta-data information about the original burst carrier signal, lowering a power spectral density of the meta-carrier signal using the prn spreading code such that interference with the original signal is reduced, combining the original burst carrier and the meta-carrier signals using a modulator such that a composite burst carrier signal results wherein the meta-carrier signal occupies at least a portion of a bandwidth of the original carrier, and transmitting the composite burst carrier using a transmitter over a telecommunications channel in which only one burst carrier signal is expected to be present within a predetermined frequency bandwidth at a point in time.. .
Reducing the maximum latency of reserved streams
An embodiment may include circuitry that may facilitate, at least in part, assignment, at least in part, of at least one bandwidth reservation for at least one packet stream and/or at least one stream reservation class. The at least one bandwidth reservation may be greater than an expected communication bandwidth of the at least one packet stream.
Mobile communications system, infrastructure equipment, base station and method
A mobile communications system includes one or more mobile communications terminals and a mobile communications network including a radio network having one or more base stations communicating data to/from the mobile communications terminals. The radio network can provide low and high bandwidth communications interfaces formed from respective low and high bandwidth carriers for one or more of the communications terminals to communicate data to/from the mobile communications network with relatively low or high bandwidths.
Additional carrier types for lte
A method for transmitting and receiving a carrier segment in a wireless communications system, including a base station and a user equipment, is disclosed. The carrier segment includes a first band having a first bandwidth and a second band having a second bandwidth, wherein a first segment gap is disposed in a frequency domain between the first band and the second band..
Method and apparatus for providing channel state information (csi) measurement and reporting for a segment carrier
Methods, apparatus and computer program products provide channel state information (cs1) measurement and reporting for a segment carrier in certain situations. An apparatus such as a base station may determine whether csi is needed for a channel of a segment carrier comprising a segment portion and a contiguous bandwidth extension of a backward compatible carrier utilized by a base station for wireless communications with a mobile terminal.
Apparatus and method for enhanced application coexistence on an access terminal in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for dynamically allocating an available bandwidth among different applications running at an access terminal operating in a wireless communication system that may be subject to certain bandwidth constraints. In particular, management of the allocation of resources when such resources are determined to be constrained may be implemented at the access terminal itself, for example, by reducing a requested bandwidth corresponding to at least one application flow from among a plurality of application flows.
High data rate broadcast channel systems, devices, and methods
Methods, systems, and devices are provided that may enable wireless communications systems that utilize flexible bandwidths to transmit at the same or similar rates as wireless communications systems that utilize normal bandwidths. Some embodiments identify a target rate for a broadcast channel of a first bandwidth carrier system and transmit broadcast information utilizing the target rate.
Optimal energy efficient bandwidth aggregation system
A novel optimal, energy-efficient, and deployable bandwidth aggregation system for multiple interface enabled devices has been developed which satisfies the goal of achieving a user defined throughput level with optimal energy consumption over multiple interfaces, deployability without changes to current legacy servers, and leveraging incremental deployment to achieve increased performance gains.. .
Inferring connectivity among network segments in the absence of configuration information
The present system includes a system, method and device for inferring connectivity between unconnected network segments. In operation, unconnected network segments are identified.
Controlling congestion controlled flows
A flow in a flow set having an access control (“ac”) policy assigned is monitored. A bandwidth used by the flow is determined.
Controlling non-congestion controlled flows
A packet is received. A flow associated with the packet is determined.
Cognitive hub for self-healing and self-forming network with hybrid communication technologies
The present invention relates to the development of a device, cognitive communication hub (cch) that combines multiple and hybrid physical layers to collaborate and establish a unified network. The heterogeneous network so formed supports a whole range of bandwidth and spectrum while providing quality of service and class of service.
Load and short current measurement by current summation technique
Methods for monitoring one or more load currents corresponding with one or more voltage regulators used during operation of a semiconductor memory are described. The one or more load currents may be due to the biasing of memory cells within a memory array or due to the presence of shorts between lines in the memory array.
System and method of leveraging gpu resources to enhance performance of an interact-able content browsing service
A system and a corresponding method of leveraging gpu resources to enhance performance of the interact-able content browsing (icb) service are to utilize the computation capacity of the gpu of the graphics card to share the computation load originally taken by the cpu. The raw images depicted by the browser application program executed in the server can be directly retrieved from the vram of the graphics card by the encoder inside the gpu to be further encoded and streamed before being forwarded directly to distant clients.
Ultra-broadband offset cassegrain dichroic antenna system for bidirectional satellite signal communication
An ultra-wide bandwidth multi-channel offset cassegrain dichroic antenna system serves for bidirectional signal transmission between a ground-based system and at least one satellite. By properly selecting the high and low frequency band, ultra wide bandwidths for both high and low frequency band signals are provided.
Antennas with unique electronic signature
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for manufacturing antennas with a unique signature and for identifying an antenna using its unique signature. An exemplary antenna comprises a radiating element and a ground element, between which a resistor-inductor-capacitor (rlc) circuit is connected.
Extended variable gain amplification bandwidth with high-frequency boost
An apparatus having a circuit is disclosed. The circuit may be configured to (i) receive an input signal from a communication channel and (ii) generate an intermediate signal by amplifying the input signal (a) by a low-frequency gain in response to an amplitude control signal and (b) by a high-frequency gain in response to a boost control signal..
High bandwidth signal probe tip
A high bandwidth signal probe device and a method of probing a high bandwidth signal are provided. The high bandwidth signal probe device includes a probe tip for probing a stub of a backdrilled via of a printed circuit board.
Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing
A test and measurement instrument including a splitter configured to split an input signal having a particular bandwidth into a plurality of split signals, each split signal including substantially the entire bandwidth of the input signal; a plurality of harmonic mixers, each harmonic mixer configured to mix an associated split signal of the plurality of split signals with an associated harmonic signal to generate an associated mixed signal; and a plurality of digitizers, each digitizer configured to digitize a mixed signal of an associated harmonic mixer of the plurality of harmonic mixers. A first-order harmonic of at least one harmonic signal associated with the harmonic mixers is different from an effective sample rate of at least one of the digitizers..
Low impedance interface circuit to maximize bandwidth and provide bias control
A multichannel application specific integrated circuit (asic) for interfacing with an array of photodetectors in a positron emission tomography (pet) imaging system includes a front end circuit configured to be coupled to the photodetectors and to receive discrete analog signals therefrom. The asic further includes a time discriminating circuit operably coupled to the front end circuit and configured to generate a hit signal based on a combination of the discrete analog signals, and an energy discriminating circuit operably coupled to the front end circuit and configured to generate a summed energy output signal based on each of the discrete analog signals and summed row and column output signals based on each of the discrete analog signals.
Systems and methods for image handling and presentation
Certain embodiments provide systems and methods for adaptive compression, transmission, and display of clinical images. Certain embodiments provide a method for adaptive compression of image data for transmission and display at a client workstation.
Tunable sector buffer for wide bandwidth resonant global clock distribution
A wide bandwidth resonant clock distribution comprises a clock grid configured to distribute a clock signal to a plurality of components of an integrated circuit and a tunable sector buffer configured to receive the clock signal and provide an output to the clock grid. The tunable sector buffer is configured to set latency and slew rate of the clock signal based on an identified resonant or non-resonant mode..
Dynamic management of heterogenous memory
A method of operating a computing device includes dynamically managing at least two types of memory based on workloads, or requests from different types of applications. A first type of memory may be high performance memory that may have a higher bandwidth, lower memory latency and/or lower power consumption than a second type of memory in the computing device.
Data compression and encryption in sensor networks
Apparatus and methods for the collection, processing, storage, communication and use of data generated by an array of sensors connected to some physical structure in which bandwidth allocation methods are used in response to known and predictable propagation of signal events through the network. Use of these data allocation methods further enable the efficient use of data compression and encryption techniques..
System and method for improved distribution of market information
A data distribution system and method are described herein to improve the distribution of market information to subscribing client devices. Market information updates are provided to subscribing devices over a communication link every time a change in the market occurs.
Fast detection of collocated rf jammers facilitating optimized gain setting selection of front-end receiver amplifiers
In collocated radios, interference is mitigated to permit concurrent radio operation. In response to detection of imminent transmission of interfering wireless (i.e., rf jammer) signals, gain settings of one or more stages of front-end receiver amplifiers may be quickly configured to permit concurrent frequency division operation instead of consecutive time-division operation.
Advertiser supported bandwidth platform
Among other things, a content item is received that is associated with an offer for wireless network credit. The wireless network credit is redeemable for free or discounted data usage of one or more metered wireless networks.
Operation of radio devices for long-range high-speed wireless communication
Methods and apparatuses for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission/communication of high bandwidth signals. High bandwidth signals may be efficiently transmitted by a radio device having a pair of reflectors separated by an isolation choke boundary.
Method of allocating upstream bandwidth resource and method of transmitting upstream data in orthogonal frequency division multiple access-open optical subscriber network
There are provided a method of allocating upstream bandwidth resources and a method of transmitting upstream data in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access-open optical subscriber network. The method of allocating an upstream bandwidth resource according to an embodiment of the invention includes receiving queue status information from each optical network unit (onu), and allocating an upstream bandwidth by providing to each onu a 2-d upstream bandwidth map on a subcarrier-time resource through a frame synchronized at constant cycles, based on the queue status information received from each onu..
Post conversion mixing
An input signal having at least one modulated signal is captured. At least four analog sample streams are generated from the input signal.
Multicolor photonic crystal laser array
A multicolor photonic crystal laser array comprises pixels of monolithically grown gain sections each with a different emission centre wavelength. As an example, two-dimensional surface-emitting photonic crystal lasers comprising broad gain-bandwidth iii-nitride multiple quantum well axial heterostructures were fabricated using a novel top-down nanowire fabrication method.
Method and system for high power parametric amplification of ultra-broadband few-cycle laser pulses
A system and method for high power parametric amplification based on performing amplification in a frequency domain after time domain pulses are optically fourier transformed, to overcome bandwidth limitations. In a nutshell, a first optical fourier transformation of a seed spectrum is performed and parametric amplification is carried out in this spatially dispersed frequency plane.
Optical scanning and imaging systems based on dual pulsed laser systems
The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (cdsl) are disclosed and some applications thereof.
Packet switch and switching method for switching variable length packets
A packet switch for switching variable length packets, wherein each of output port interfaces includes a buffer memory for storing transmission packets, a transmission priority controller for classifying, based on a predetermined algorithm, transmission packets passed from a packet switching unit into a plurality of queue groups to which individual bandwidths are assigned respectively, and queuing said transmission packets in said buffer memory so as to form a plurality of queues according to transmission priority in each of said queue groups, and a packet read-out controller for reading out said transmission packets from each of said queue groups in the buffer memory according to the order of transmission priority of the packets while guaranteeing the bandwidth assigned to the queue group.. .
Method and apparatus for establishing a time-frequency reference signal pattern configuration in a carrier extension or carrier segment
Methods, apparatus and computer program products are provided for establishing a time-frequency reference signal pattern configuration in a carrier extension or a carrier segment, such as for cell-specific reference signals (crs) and/or demodulation reference signals (dm rs). One method includes receiving information regarding a time-frequency reference signal pattern configuration in a carrier extension or carrier segment.
Precoding for segment sensitive scheduling in wireless communication systems
Techniques to enhance the performance in a wireless communication system using segments called subbands and using precoding are shown. According to one aspect, the bandwidth for transmission to an access terminal is constrained to a preferred bandwidth which is less than the bandwidth available for transmission to an access terminal and precoding information related to the subcarriers within the constrained bandwidth is provided to a transmitter.
Data caching in a communication network
A communications network comprising: multiple base stations, each capable of communicating wirelessly with one or more wireless terminals; and a network core communicatively coupled to the base stations, the network core comprising: a data cache to which base stations can write data received from terminals, accessible from outside the network core in such a way that users external to the network core can write data to the data cache at times that are not scheduled by the network core; and a network controller capable of controlling the operation of the base stations, the network controller being configured to schedule the propagation to the terminals of data stored in the data cache by allocating base station transmission bandwidth for the transmission of the data to one or more of the terminals.. .
Method and corresponding device for improved bandwidth utilization
Method and corresponding device for improved bandwidth utilization featuring optimized transmission of information packets on a backhaul connection, by concatenating a few voip packets into a big packet with optional internal header compression. The concatenated packets are transmitted efficiently through the backhaul channel and rearranged at the receiving side.
Multi-user mimo via active scattering platforms
Aircrafts flying near earth or naval vessels are used as active scattering platforms in a multipath communications channel in mimo communications systems. These man-made platforms in a communications channel, with techniques of beam forming and wavefront multiplexing in both transmitters at source and receivers at destinations enhance the ability to coherently combine the power of the communication signals, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio in addition to the mimo advantage of multiple times of channel capacity over a finite bandwidth via frequency reuse.
Method of performing direct communication between terminals, method of supporting same, and apparatus for same
A method for performing communication by a device-to-device (d2d) user equipment (ue) performing d2d communication in a wireless communication system supporting the d2d communication, comprises receiving a transmission request signal for d2d communication from at least one other d2d ue; measuring a received signal power or a signal-to-noise ratio (snr) of the received at least one transmission request signal; generating, based on the measurement, d2d link information including at least one of received signal power or snr information about a d2d link between the d2d ue and the at least one other d2d ue and information about an interference level caused by the at least one other d2d ue; and transmitting the generated d2d link information and a bandwidth request for d2d communication to a base station.. .
Method for frequency division duplex communications
The high quality pcs communications are enabled in environments where adjacent pcs service bands operate with out-of-band harmonics that would otherwise interfere with the system's operation. The highly bandwidth-efficient communications method combines a form of time division duplex (tdd), frequency division duplex (fdd), time division multiple access (tdma), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm), spatial diversity, and polarization diversity in various unique combinations.

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