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Bandwidth patents

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Technique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service

Controlling bandwidth allocations in a system on a chip (soc)

High bandwidth full-block write commands

Date/App# patent app List of recent Bandwidth-related patents
 Flexible channel stacking patent thumbnailFlexible channel stacking
A receiver includes a plurality of input paths for receiving and processing a plurality of input rf signals. The input paths isolate one or more portions of corresponding ones of the received input rf signals, and combine the isolated portions of the corresponding ones of the received input rf signals onto one or more output signals.
 Technique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service patent thumbnailTechnique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service
A request is received from a subscriber of a video content network offering a switched digital video service, to establish a new switched digital video session within a service group of the video content network, which group includes both preferred and standard subscribers and has a plurality of existing sessions. It is determined whether adequate bandwidth is available to establish the new switched digital video session without tearing down any of the existing sessions.
 Controlling bandwidth allocations in a system on a chip (soc) patent thumbnailControlling bandwidth allocations in a system on a chip (soc)
In one embodiment, a fabric of a processor such as a system on a chip includes at least one data buffer including a plurality of entries each to store data to be transferred to and from a plurality of agents and to and from a memory, a request tracker to maintain track of pending requests to be output to an ordered domain of the fabric, and an output throttle logic to control allocation into the ordered domain between write transactions from a core agent and read completion transactions from the memory. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
 High bandwidth full-block write commands patent thumbnailHigh bandwidth full-block write commands
A micro-architecture may provide a hardware and software of a high bandwidth write command. The micro-architecture may invoke a method to perform the high bandwidth write command.
 Local streaming proxy server patent thumbnailLocal streaming proxy server
A local application streaming proxy can create a virtual image of storage media, which allows cloud operators to rapidly deliver applications, or deliver any operating system remotely, while providing better security, network utilization, low power requirements, and consistent performance for streamed applications and operating systems. A station using its wifi/lan provides qos guarantees (or priority) for application streaming network communications to create a consistent user experience regardless of other application bandwidth utilization.
 Use of objective quality measures of streamed content to reduce streaming bandwidth patent thumbnailUse of objective quality measures of streamed content to reduce streaming bandwidth
A method includes identifying replaceable sections among first sections of video encoded at a first bitrate, and replacement sections of the video each encoded at a bitrate that is less than the first bitrate and having encoded therein the video of a corresponding one of the replaceable sections, each replacement section and the corresponding replaceable section having respective measured levels of objective quality that meet a predetermined criterion of objective quality. The method further comprises streaming the first sections of video except for the replaceable sections, and the replacement sections instead of the corresponding replaceable sections..
 Using quality information for adaptive streaming of media content patent thumbnailUsing quality information for adaptive streaming of media content
Different representations are associated with an instance of media content, and a representation can include multiple portions of media content. A respective quality value and bitrate can be associated with each of the portions.
 Method and device for spectral expansion for an audio signal patent thumbnailMethod and device for spectral expansion for an audio signal
A method and device for automatically increasing the spectral bandwidth of an audio signal including generating a “mapping” (or “prediction”) matrix based on the analysis of a reference wideband signal and a reference narrowband signal, the mapping matrix being a transformation matrix to predict high frequency energy from a low frequency energy envelope, generating an energy envelope analysis of an input narrowband audio signal, generating a resynthesized noise signal by processing a random noise signal with the mapping matrix and the envelope analysis, high-pass filtering the resynthesized noise signal, and summing the high-pass filtered resynthesized noise signal with the input narrowband audio signal. Other embodiments are disclosed..
 Noise reduction devices and noise reduction methods patent thumbnailNoise reduction devices and noise reduction methods
A noise reduction device may be provided. The noise reduction device may include: an input configured to receive an input signal including a representation in a frequency domain of an audio signal, wherein the representation includes a plurality of time frames and a plurality of coefficients for each time frame; a noise detection circuit configured to determine a first indicator being indicative of a bandwidth of a coefficient over at least two time; a noise reduction circuit configured to reduce based on the first indicator a noise component in the audio signal; and an output configured to output an output signal including a representation in the frequency domain of the audio signal with the reduced noise component..
 Location assisted service capability monitoring patent thumbnailLocation assisted service capability monitoring
A digitally stored map can indicate the signal quality for each of the map's regions. A device can determine its location, speed, and direction using global positioning system (gps) and other sensors.
Location- assisted service capability monitoring
A digitally stored map can indicate the signal quality for each of the map's regions. A device can determine its location, speed, and direction using global positioning system (gps) and other sensors.
Method to re-provision bandwidth in p-otn network based on current traffic demand
A method, comprises measuring, by circuitry of a computer system, a first bandwidth of data traffic of a transport path over a time period, the transport path passing through a plurality of nodes and conforming to a protocol using a number of time slots to allocate a second bandwidth to the transport path. The method further includes passing a signal, from the computer system to at least one of the nodes of the transport path, the signal including at least one instruction that when executed by circuitry of the at least one node causes a change to the number of time slots allocated to the transport path..
Low latency in-line data compression for packet transmission systems
Deep packet inspection (dpi) techniques are utilized to provide data compression, particularly necessary in many bandwidth-limited communication systems. A separate processor is initially used within a transmission source to scan, in real time, a data packet stream and recognize repetitive patterns that are occurring in the data.
Managing network bandwidth
A system for using one or more via sites to manage network bandwidth, according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a first call manager at a source site receiving an offer message to connect a call. The offer message includes an endpoint media settings list.
Method and apparatus for soft buffer management for carrier aggregation
An apparatus and a method therein include selecting a size of a soft buffer memory partition per component carrier in a carrier aggregation scenario. The method supports multiple carriers to select a size of a soft buffer memory partition, the partition associated with receiving data on at least one component carrier, the multi-carrier system comprising at least two component carriers, each component carrier is associated with a configured bandwidth, the apparatus comprising the processor configured to select a size of a soft buffer memory partition for the first component carrier based at least in part on a first total number of soft channel bits, a first number associated with hybrid automatic retransmit request processes, and the configured bandwidth of the first component carrier..
Method and device for allocation of resource location with frequency hopping function
The disclosure provides a method and device for allocating a resource location with a frequency hopping function. The method includes: an uplink bandwidth of a long term evolution (lte) communication system is acquired; it is determined whether frequency hopping information needs to be allocated to uplink continuous frequency-domain resource location information in a multi-antenna port transmission mode, and when the frequency hopping information needs to be allocated, a length of a resource location and frequency hopping bit indicator and a length of frequency-domain resource location information are obtained according to the uplink bandwidth; a difference value_d between the length of the resource location and frequency hopping bit indicator and the length of the frequency-domain resource location information is calculated; and frequency hopping information is allocated to the frequency-domain resource location information according to the difference value_d.
Prach signals with different bandwidths
The present disclosure concerns radio communication. More particularly, the present disclosure concerns random access procedures used in communication between user equipments (ues) and radio network nodes, such as evolved nodeb's.
Distributed satcom aperture on fishing boat
Embodiments of a mobile communications system to service multiple users in fishing boats over same spectrum in a communication satellite network and a method for the system are generally described herein. Signals of data streams for transmission to user equipment (ue) in spoke-and-hub configurations will utilize multiple transponders of satellites.
Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) and duplication signaling within wireless communications
Communications are supported between wireless communication devices using ofdma signaling and duplicate processing. An ofdma frame, which includes first data intended for a first recipient device and second data intended for a second recipient device, is transmitted via a first sub-channel, and a duplicate of the ofdma frame is transmitted via a second sub-channel.
Systems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations
A method of managing printing of documents includes receiving documents at a cloud processing arrangement external to a local network; rendering the documents into rasters at the cloud processing arrangement; delivering the rasters to at least one printer of the local network; monitoring delivery of the rasters; and when delivery of the rasters fails to meet a threshold condition, diverting at least some portion of the documents to at least one server of the local network for rendering of those documents into rasters and for delivering those rasters to the at least one printer of the local network.. .
Imaging service using outdoor lighting networks
A system and methods to provide imaging service using outdoor lighting networks. The system uses outdoor lighting networks to manage/control video/image sensors connected to the network, e.g.
Feeding matching apparatus of multiband antenna, multiband antenna, and radio communication device
The present disclosure relates to the field of antenna technologies and discloses a feeding matching apparatus of a multiband antenna, a multiband antenna, and a radio communication device to improve a bandwidth and efficiency of a lower frequency band. The feeding matching apparatus of a multiband antenna includes: a grounding portion; a feeding portion connected to a signal source, where a signal of the signal source is input into the feeding portion; and two or more ground cable branches with different lengths, where one end of each ground cable branch is electrically connected to the feeding portion, the other end is electrically connected to the grounding portion, at least one ground cable branch is connected in series to a signal filtering component, and the signal filtering component is capable of preventing a signal lower than a frequency point corresponding to the signal filtering component from passing through it..
Receiver device, multi-frequency radar system and vehicle
A receiver device for a radar system comprises a receive antenna module arranged to simultaneously receive a plurality of radar signals; a mixer module connected to the antenna module and arranged to simultaneously convert the plurality of radar signals into a plurality of intermediate frequency signals, each of the plurality of intermediate frequency signals having a frequency that is comprised in a different corresponding one of a plurality of intermediate frequency ranges; and a wideband analog-to-digital-converter module connected to the mixer module, arranged to simultaneously convert the plurality of intermediate frequency signals into a digital representation, and having a bandwidth comprising a plurality of non-overlapping bandwidth portions, wherein each of the plurality of intermediate frequency ranges is comprised in a different one of the non-overlapping bandwidth portions.. .
Secured media distribution system and method
A media distribution system provides controlled distribution of media owned by various parties hosted on a local media access device. The media access device may store temporary media, such as rented or leased media, on a separate provider controlled storage partition.
Server determined bandwidth saving in transmission of events
A system for receiving a driving event comprises an interface and a processor. An interface is configured to receive a portion of data regarding a driving event.
Allocating resources and transmitting data in mobile telecommunication systems comprising machine type communication applications
A method of communicating data in a wireless telecommunications system between plural base stations and plural terminal devices using plural orthogonal frequency division multiplex, ofdm, sub-carriers spanning a first frequency bandwidth. The method includes: communicating data between a first base station and a first terminal device using a first group of the ofdm sub-carriers distributed across the first frequency bandwidth, communicating data between a second base station, geographically separated from the first base station, and a second terminal device using a second group of the ofdm sub-carriers distributed across a second frequency bandwidth, and communicating control-plane data between the first base station and the first terminal device using a combination of the first and second groups of the ofdm sub-carriers.
Rf/optical shared aperture for high availability wideband communication rf/fso links
An rf/optical shared aperture is capable of transmitting and receiving optical signals and rf signals simultaneously. This technology enables compact wide bandwidth communications systems with 100% availability in clear air turbulence, rain and fog.
Bus-based optical network system
A bus-based optical network system comprising optical fibers, optical line terminals (olts), and a plurality of optical network units (onus) is revealed. The olt consists of the near part (oltn) and the far part (oltf).
Sending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol
Technology is discussed for increasing the spectral efficiency of an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol. Spectral efficiency can be increased by adding information to a band edge of the ofdm symbol in connection with measures taken to reduce oob spectral leakage from the ofdm symbol.
Methods and arrangements to mitigate collisions in wireless networks
Logic for collision mitigation between transmissions of wireless transmitters and receivers operating at different bandwidths. Logic of the receivers may be capable of receiving and detecting signals transmitted at narrower bandwidths.
Multi-tier switch interface unit arbiter
Systems and methods for arbitrating among traffic from a coherence point to a switch fabric. A multi-level arbiter is used to avoid starvation while providing fairness and high bandwidth on the connection path between the coherence point and the switch fabric.
Backward compatibility of pucch formats
The invention relates to an apparatus including at least one processor and at least one memory including a computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to: configure data symbols for being conveyed by using a first signaling format and a second signaling format, and configure reference signal symbols for being conveyed by using the first signaling format and the second signaling format for obtaining payload extension for uplink control information on a physical uplink control channel, wherein the first signaling format is an extended payload format and the second signaling format is a legacy format, and a bandwidth of the extended payload format is larger than that of the legacy format, and the first signaling format and the second signaling format utilize at least partly same frequency and code domain resources.. .
Method and device for spectrum aggregation
Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and a device for spectrum aggregation. The method for spectrum aggregation includes: combining a first channel bandwidth (cbw) and a second cbw to form an aggregated cbw, where the aggregated cbw includes a first bandwidth portion formed by the first cbw and a second bandwidth portion formed by the second cbw; and sending data to a receiving end on the aggregated cbw.
Maximizing bandwidth utilization in networks with high latencies and packet drops using transmission control protocol
Disclosed is a method of maximizing the utilization of currently available network path bandwidth by tcp transmissions. Embodiments of the present invention allow to automatically detect and utilize a larger portion of the currently available bandwidth (or even the entire bandwidth) for every specific connection and network path that utilizes the invention.
Method and system for ultrasonic signaling, ranging and location tracking
An indoor ultrasonic location tracking system that can utilize standard audio speakers to provide indoor ranging information to modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The method uses a communication scheme based on linearly increasing frequency modulated chirps in the audio bandwidth just above the human hearing frequency range where mobile devices are still sensitive.
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
An information processing apparatus is provided, which includes: a signal initialization unit that acquires an initial value of a pressure signal that is obtained after receive, by a receiving unit, of an elasticity wave from an object; an impulse response initialization unit that acquires an initial value of an impulse response of the receiving unit; and an output unit that outputs a modified pressure signal, wherein the output unit has: a signal modifying unit that modifies the pressure signal in use of the impulse response; a signal constraining unit that modifies the pressure signal based on a plurality of constraint conditions; an impulse response modifying unit that modifies the impulse response; and an impulse response constraining unit that modifies the impulse response based on constraint conditions which are time-bandwidth characteristics, and wherein the output unit generates the modified pressure signal by iteratively executing the processes.. .
Device and method for enhancing covert operations in hostile environments by reducing bandwidth and power requirements
A compact sensor system with intelligent processing capabilities to reduce power usage and transmission bandwidth requirements is disclosed. The compact sensor system comprises a housing containing at least one sensor, processor, and processor readable media.
Adaptive lossy framebuffer compression with controllable error rate
The device and method described in this application relate generally to graphics processing systems utilizing the tile based rendering technique and more specifically relate to the processing of the framebuffer data in graphics processing applications. The present invention discloses techniques to reduce the bandwidth needed to access the color data stored in the framebuffer.
Adaptive streaming for digital content distribution
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for adapting playback bit rate to available delivery bandwidth in a content delivery system comprising a content server and a content player. A content player periodically estimates whether a given playback bit rate can feasibly provide complete playback for a given title assuming currently available bandwidth.
Systems and methods for allocating bandwidth in switched digital video systems based on interest
Systems and methods for allocating bandwidth in a switched digital video (sdv) system based on charmed interest. In some embodiments, bandwidth is deallocated from channels and allocated to requested channels having a higher interest.
Multi-tier trace
The disclosure relates to methods and systems for trace solutions in a computer processing system. More specifically, the disclosure relates to methods and systems for a multi-tier trace architecture.
Non-volatile memory program failure recovery via redundant arrays
Non-volatile memory program failure recovery via redundant arrays enables higher programming bandwidth and/or reduced latency in some storage subsystem implementations, e.g. A solid-state disk.
Intelligent receive buffer management to optimize idle state residency
Methods and systems may provide for determining a plurality of buffer-related settings for a corresponding plurality of idle states and outputting the plurality of buffer-related settings to a device on a platform. The device may determine an observed bandwidth for a channel associated with a receive buffer and identify a selection of a buffer-related setting from the plurality of buffer-related settings based at least in part on the observed bandwidth.
Computer arbitration system, bandwidth, allocation apparatus, and method thereof
The bandwidth allocation apparatus includes a high bandwidth arbitration module, a low bandwidth arbitration module and a multiplexer. The high bandwidth arbitration module is used to select one downstream device from the high bandwidth downstream device group for allowing uplink.
On-chip bus arbitration method and device thereof
A method and device for on-chip bus arbitration are disclosed. The method includes: dividing devices into a first level, a second level and a third level from high to low; and in each arbitration period, calculating remaining processing time of each real-time transaction, and upgrading a device making a request required to be processed immediately to the first level in the current arbitration period; monitoring bandwidth usage amount of devices of the first level and the second level respectively, and downgrading a device whose bandwidth usage amount exceeds a preset bandwidth threshold value to the third level in the current arbitration period; and in devices making requests for a bus use right, if a device of the highest level is the device of the first level, authorizing the device of the first level; and if it is not the device of the first level, authorizing a device making continuous requests..
High speed overlay of idle i2c bus bandwidth
High-speed serial communications between programmable devices connected to an i2c bus that includes a serial clock channel (scl) and a serial data channel (sda), having at least a logical low state and a logical high state. The programmable device determines if the scl channel is idle, indicated by a logical high state.
Techniques for guaranteeing bandwidth with aggregate traffic
Methods, systems, and apparatus guarantee bandwidth for a network transaction. A network is logically organized as a tree having a plurality of nodes.
Adaptive streaming method with rtsp protocol
The invention discloses a method for reception of an audio-visual programme transmitted via portions over a network, the method using a real-time transport protocol and a real-time control protocol between a server and a receiver, the audio-visual programme being available on the server in a plurality of versions corresponding to the programme coded in different resolutions and enabling its transmission at different bitrates according to requests of the receiver. The method comprising a regular measurement of the bandwidth of the network by the receiver in order to adjust the transmission bitrate according to the state of the network..
Systems and methods for improved multisite management and reporting of converged communication systems and computer systems
The present invention discloses improved systems and methods for multisite management of computer server systems and in particular converged communication systems based on a decentralized architecture. Certain and various aspects relating to atomic error handling, transaction-based authentication/security, intelligent bandwidth management, decoupled data/configuration messaging, improved scalability, auto-detection functions, business metrics, etc., also are disclosed.
Video replication and placement method
A video replication and placement method for a cloud-based center with a plurality of storage units is disclosed. The cloud-based center receives a plurality of video data according to users' demands and calculates the demand bandwidth of each video.
Apparatus and method for generating bandwidth extension signal
An apparatus for generating a bandwidth extended signal includes an anti-sparseness processing unit to perform anti-sparseness processing on a low-frequency spectrum; and a frequency domain high-frequency extension decoding unit to perform high-frequency extension encoding in the frequency domain on the low-frequency spectrum on which the anti-sparseness processing is performed.. .
Distributed processing management server, distributed system and distributed processing management method
A distributed processing management server generates a network model in which a device in a network and a piece of data to be processed is respectively represented by a node, the node representing the piece of data and the node representing a data server storing the piece of data are connected by an edge, the nodes representing the device in the network are connected by an edge, and an available bandwidth for a communication channel among the devices are set as a restriction of the edge connecting the nodes representing the devices, and generates, when one or more pieces of data are specified, data-flow information that indicates a route between a processing server and each of the specified pieces of data and a data-flow rate of the route to maximize a total amount of data received per unit time by at least a part of the processing servers indicated by a set of processing server identifiers, on the basis of the network model.. .
Systems and methods for reliable backup of media
The present disclosure describes systems and methods for reliable backup of data, by initially providing transcoded, down-sampled, or low resolution versions of media data files for backup when a network has low bandwidth or intermittent connectivity, and subsequently providing the original or high resolution copy to replace the transcoded version, either on a second, faster or more reliable network, or over time on the first network. Accordingly, even with poor network conditions, data may be backed up quickly in a reduced size in case of damage to or loss of the device, providing a “better low resolution than no resolution” safety margin..
Maximizing end-user's quality of experience within a mobile data plan
Currently existing mechanisms to optimize the quality of experience (qoe) in accordance with user data plans are rather based on user self-managed usage of his mobile user data plan with, for example, help from external applications which continuously evaluate the limits reached. There is thus a need for deployment of intelligence in the network, in order to avoid abrupt downgrades in the qoe for subscribers that go over the monthly quota of their data plan.
Dynamic bandwidth assignment in hybrid access network with passive optical network and another medium
An optical line terminal (olt) configured to receive transmission requests from a plurality of both network elements (ne) and customer premises equipment (cpe), allocate a timeslot to each ne for transmission on an optical distribution network (odn), and a timeslot to each cpe for transmission on an electrical distribution network (edn), wherein each ne intermediates between the olt and the cpes. Included is a ne configured to transmit a timeslot to a cpe for transmission on an edn allocated by an olt, receive data frames from the cpe during the timeslot, and forward the data frames to the olt without rescheduling.
Apparatus for modular implementation of multi-function active optical cables
Apparatus enabling modular implementation of active optical cable (aoc) with multiple integrated functions including: integration of different types of data on the aoc via media conversion; distribution of electrical power over the aoc; electrical multiplexing data channels for optical fibers; integration of voltage regulators enabling aoc operation at different supply voltages; integration of voltage regulators to provide stable, low noise power source; ruggedized, blind-mateable electrical connectors; integration of electronics and optoelectronics inside a connector backshell; implementation of health monitoring and test channel enabling monitoring, test, and control of both ends of the aoc and monitoring and control of upstream systems and components; and enabling a form, fit, function replacement of existing electrical cables to improve swap, electromagnetic interference resiliency, length-bandwidth product, electromagnetic pulse resistance, signal integrity, system reliability, testability and maintenance. Aocs are customized for different connectors, pin-outs, electrical data combinations, power distribution and power supplies with minimal redesign/requalification..
Datacenter optics (dco) edge mount transciever assembly and plug connector
Embodiments include a high bandwidth optical connection system suitable for interconnecting servers, for example within a rack of a datacenter. An edge mount optical connector assembly includes an edge-mount housing providing topside socket contacts proximate to a first end of the housing and a port at a second end to receive an optical plug connector.
Performance and bandwidth efficient fractional motion estimation
Described herein are techniques related to motion estimation for video encoding. In particular, integer estimation is performed on a reference video frame, and a best size macro block is determined.
Methods and arrangements for phase tracking for multi-mode operation in wireless networks
Logic may comprise a single phase tracking implementation for all bandwidths of operation and the logic may adaptively change pre-defined and stored track parameters if the receiving packet is 1 mhz bandwidth. Logic may detect a packet and long training fields before performing a 1 mhz classification.
Modulation of vertical cavity laser (vcsel) for enhanced range of multi-modal fiber communication
Technologies are described for enabling vcsels to transmit phase or frequency modulated signals, which may have a substantially smaller transmission bandwidth and are more robust to transmission in a highly dispersive media such as multi-mode fibers. By applying an electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic field across one or more reflector layers of the vcsel, a refractive index of the reflector layer(s) may be modified.
Methods and apparatus for broadband frequency comb stabilization
Feedback loops can be used to shift and stabilize the carrier-envelope phase of a frequency comb from a mode-locked fibers laser or other optical source. Compared to other frequency shifting and stabilization techniques, feedback-based techniques provide a wideband closed-loop servo bandwidth without optical filtering, beam pointing errors, or group velocity dispersion.
Method and apparatus for synchronizing popularity value of cache data and method, apparatus, and system for distributed caching
Embodiments of the present invention include a method for synchronizing a popularity value of distributed cache data, a method, an apparatus, and a system for cooperative and distributed caching. The synchronizing method includes: receiving, by a first base station, a request for accessing a packet domain service sent by a user equipment; if the first base station determines that the packet domain service is locally cached, sending the packet domain service to the user equipment and incrementing a current popularity value of the packet domain service in a list of locally cached content of the first base station according to a preset function; and sending, when the current popularity value of the packet domain service is accumulated to a preset threshold, the current popularity value to a popularity information synchronizing node for synchronization, and clearing the current popularity value locally cached.
Radio terminal, radio base station, channel signal forming method, and channel signal receiving method
A base station communicates with a terminal, for which an uplink component carrier and downlink component carriers are configured. The base station adjusts a payload size of control information, transmitted in a downlink control channel, based on a basic payload size, and maps the control information onto a search space in at least one of the downlink component carriers.
Method and apparatus for transmitter optimization based on allocated transmission band
First and second inputs are received. The first input indicates a frequency offset of a frequency band allocated for signal transmission.
Managing multicast groups and schedule to improve telecommunication bandwidth utilization and power efficiency
A method may include receiving, by a transceiver, an upload content from a device among a plurality of devices, determining, by a controller, use conditions associated with each of the plurality of devices, forming a group of more than one device among the plurality of devices, based on the upload content and the use conditions; and transmitting, by the transceiver, the upload content to the group of more than one device simultaneously.. .
Method and apparatus for device-to-device communication
A first user equipment (ue) receives information regarding a signal configuration from a network entity on a first carrier, and a reference signal from a second ue on a second carrier. The second carrier is associated with a transmission bandwidth configuration and a channel bandwidth.
Effective bandwidth path metric and path computation method for wireless mesh networks with wired links
Enhanced mesh network performance is provided by computation of a path metric with respect to multi-hop paths between nodes in a mesh network and determination of a path through the mesh network that is optimal according to the path metric. Information is communicated in the mesh network according to the determined path.
Multiple media fail-over to alternate media
The present invention is a system and method for failing over from a current network access medium to an alternative network access medium. A customer premises equipment (cpe) box has ports for connections to a network through several network access media, such as high speed cable connections, dsl connections and dial-up connections.
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a lower bandwidth graphics processor with a higher bandwidth display using framelock signals
Embodiments of the invention may include an apparatus that may include a graphics processor operable to generate video frames. Further, a screen refresh controller may be communicatively coupled with the graphics processor, wherein the screen refresh controller is operable to receive generated video frames from the graphics processor and send framelock signals to the graphics processor.
Phase-based ranging for backscatter rfid tags
A rf tag reader may use spatial averaging to compensate for the limitations of performing multi-frequency continuous-wave ranging (mfcw) in a bandwidth-limited environment. Although mfcw provides an estimate of the separation distance between a rf tag and the tag reader with errors that vary widely, the error values form a pattern based on the separation distance.
Current canceling gain control for high frequency wideband cross-coupled amplifiers
An embodiment of the present invention provides a configuration of a cross-coupled common-source differential amplifier stage which enables performing a gain step down (attenuation) while maintaining good step flatness over a large relative bandwidth.. .
Method for implementing compensation filter and apparatus for signal bandwidth compensation
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for implementing a compensation filter and an apparatus for signal bandwidth compensation. The apparatus includes: a digital predistortion filtering unit, a compensation filter, a conversion unit, and a power amplifier; where the digital predistortion filtering unit receives an original signal, performs predistortion processing on the original signal; the compensation filter receives the predistortion signal, compensates for distortion caused during a process of transmitting the predistortion signal to the power amplifier, and outputs a compensated predistortion signal to the conversion unit; the conversion unit receives the compensated predistortion signal, converts the compensated predistortion signal into an analog signal, performs frequency mixing processing, and outputs a predistortion signal experiencing the frequency mixing to the power amplifier; the power amplifier receives the predistortion signal experiencing the frequency mixing, amplifies the predistortion signal experiencing the frequency mixing, and outputs an amplified signal..
Method and apparatus for single port modulation using a fractional-n modulator
A method and apparatus for single port modulation of a phase locked loop frequency modulator includes a phase locked loop with a voltage controlled oscillator (vco) and a integer loop for multiplying up the output of the vco which is divided by a fractional-n modulator and divider in the feedback control. The integer loop enables the use of a high frequency reference oscillator that allows a closed loop response of the phase locked loop having a bandwidth that is wider than the modulation bandwidth..
Adjustable pole and zero location for a second order low pass path filter used in a phase lock loop circuit
This invention provides a loop filter device and a method for ic designers to adjust the pole or zero location of a phase lock loop (pll) circuit. The pole and zero location are controlled by an amplifier and some on-chip resistor and capacitor components.
Fractional-n frequency synthesizer with low quantization noise
A fractional-n frequency synthesizer with low quantization noise includes a phase frequency detector, a charge pump, a loop filter, a voltage controlled oscillator a divider and a delta-sigma modulator. The delta-sigma modulator computes “n” to the loop filter in the output current of the charge pump.
Width scalable connector for high bandwidth io interfaces
Disclosed is a scalable input/output interface that has multiple bays and includes a housing surrounding a plurality of pairs of substrates. A first substrate of the pair of substrates may have a first contact surface and a second substrate of the pair of substrates may have a second contact surface that opposes the first contact surface, wherein each substrate has a connection edge.
In-line transistor bandwidth measurement
A method and apparatus measure transistor bandwidth of a device under test in-line and on-wafer. The method includes disposing a measurement circuit on a chip within a wafer, the measurement circuit including a ring oscillator generating an oscillation frequency for transition through the device under test on the wafer, and obtaining an amplitude gain based on the measurement circuit for the corresponding frequency..
Porosity control in piezoelectric films
A piezoelectric film having a porosity between 20 and 40%, a thickness ranging from tens of microns to less than a few millimeters can be used to form an ultrasonic transducer ut for operation in elevated temperature ranges, that emit pulses having a high bandwidth. Such piezoelectric films exhibit greater flexibility allowing for conformation of the ut to a surface, and obviate the need for couplings or backings.

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