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Current re-using wideband low-noise active balun

High-frequency, broadband amplifier circuit

Microwave energy-delivery device and system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Balun-related patents
 Microwave energy-delivery device and system patent thumbnailMicrowave energy-delivery device and system
A microwave ablation device including a cable assembly configured to connect a microwave ablation device to an energy source and a feedline in electrical communication with the cable assembly. The microwave ablation device further includes a balun on an outer conductor of the feedline, and a temperature sensor on the balun sensing the temperature of the balun..
 Current re-using wideband low-noise active balun patent thumbnailCurrent re-using wideband low-noise active balun
Some aspects of the present disclosure relate to a low-noise amplifier (lna) having a balun configuration. The lna includes a dc current path coupling a first dc supply node to a second dc supply node.
 High-frequency, broadband amplifier circuit patent thumbnailHigh-frequency, broadband amplifier circuit
According to one embodiment, a high-frequency, broadband amplifier circuit includes two drive elements, a matching circuit, a balun circuit, a power supply, and a power supply circuit. The matching circuit includes two pattern circuits.
 Microwave energy-delivery device and system patent thumbnailMicrowave energy-delivery device and system
A method of manufacturing a microwave ablation device, the method including applying a balun short circumferentially about an outer conductor of a coaxial feedline and applying a dielectric material circumferentially about the outer conductor of the coaxial feedline and in contact with the balun short to form a balun. The method further including extending a temperature sensor along the coaxial feedline such that the sensor contacts the balun short, securing the temperature sensor to the coaxial feedline with a first heat shrink material, and securing the dielectric material, balun short, and temperature sensor in contact with each other and to the coaxial feedline using a second heat shrink material..
 Wideband doherty amplifier network patent thumbnailWideband doherty amplifier network
The present invention is directed to an amplifier system that includes a main amplifier configured to amplify and a peak amplifier that operates only in a high power mode. An impedance matching network is coupled to at least the peak power amplifier.
 Balun printed on substrate patent thumbnailBalun printed on substrate
A balun includes an input port, a first output port, a second output port and a coupling microstrip group including an input line connected to the input port, a first output line connected to the first output port, a first coupling line, a second output line connected to the second output port and a second coupling line. The input line includes a first coupling section connected to the input port, a second coupling section opposite to the first coupling section and a connecting section connected between the first coupling section and the second coupling section.
 Integrated receive filter including matched balun patent thumbnailIntegrated receive filter including matched balun
A duplexer includes a transmit filter and an integrated receive filter configured to filter a receive signal from an antenna. The integrated receive filter includes a receive filter portion having multiple acoustic resonator filter elements and a matched balun configured to convert a single-ended input signal, received at a single-ended input of the matched balun from a single-ended output of the receive filter portion, to a differential output signal.
 Symmetric baluns and isolation techniques patent thumbnailSymmetric baluns and isolation techniques
Wideband balun having good performance characteristics for use in feeding differential antenna elements in array antennas, balanced amplifier circuits and other applications is described. Also described is a common mode isolation circuit suitable for integration with the balun..
 Signal generation device patent thumbnailSignal generation device
A device for generating a signal, including: a balun; and a circuit capable of summing up, on a first access terminal of the balun, currents representative of signals received on first input terminals of the device, and on a second access terminal of the balun, currents representative of signals received on second input terminals of the device.. .
 Receiver circuit, phased-array receiver and radar system patent thumbnailReceiver circuit, phased-array receiver and radar system
A receiver circuit, comprises an input balun circuit comprising a balanced balun output and being capable of receiving rf signals, an input amplification circuit comprising a balanced amplifier input and a balanced amplifier output, a single balanced in-phase mixing circuit comprising a first unbalanced rf mixer input and a balanced in-phase mixing frequency input, and a single balanced quadrature mixing circuit comprising a second unbalanced rf mixer input and a balanced quadrature mixing frequency input. The balanced amplifier input is connected to the balanced balun output, a first terminal of the balanced amplifier output is connected to provide an amplified rf signal to the first unbalanced rf mixer input and a second terminal of the balanced amplifier output is connected to provide a phase-shifted amplified rf signal to the second unbalanced rf mixer input..
Radio frequency antenna assembly for hydrocarbon resource recovery including adjustable shorting plug and related methods
A radio frequency (rf) antenna assembly configured to be positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery may include an rf transmission line and an rf antenna coupled to the rf transmission line. The rf antenna assembly may also include an adjustable balun that may include a tubular balun housing surrounding the rf transmission line and defining a space therebetween.
Integrated transformer balun with enhanced common-mode rejection for radio frequency, microwave, and millimeter-wave integrated circuits
Apparatus and method example embodiments provide an improved common mode rejection ratio in high frequency transformer baluns. According to an example embodiment of the invention, an apparatus comprises a first winding of at least one turn forming a primary coil, having first and second differential leads oriented in a first direction, the primary coil formed in a first conductive layer over a substrate and the first differential lead of the primary coil being grounded; and a second winding of at least one turn forming a secondary coil, having a third and fourth differential leads oriented in a second direction offset by an angle of greater than zero degrees and less than 180 degrees from the first direction, the secondary coil formed in a second conductive layer separated by an insulating layer from the first conductive layer..
Apparatus for heating hydrocarbons with rf antenna assembly having segmented dipole elements and related methods
The apparatus includes an rf antenna assembly to be positioned within a wellbore and coupled to an rf source. The rf antenna assembly includes a first tubular dipole element having opposing proximal and distal ends, an rf transmission line extending through the proximal end of the first tubular dipole element and including an inner conductor, an outer conductor, and a dielectric therebetween.
Stacked bowtie radiator with integrated balun
A turnstile antenna element and balun for use in a phased array are described. The antenna includes a plurality of stacked bowtie radiators.
Apparatus for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation including a fluid balun and related methods
An apparatus is provided for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation having a wellbore extending therein. The apparatus includes a radio frequency (rf) antenna configured to be positioned within the wellbore, a transmission line configured to be positioned in the wellbore and coupled to the rf antenna, and an rf source configured to be coupled to the transmission line.
Multiband hybrid antenna
An antenna including a high band generating assembly having a first end and a second end, the high band generating assembly including a feed point and a bifurcated conductive element coupled to the feed point and having an angularly bent tip, the feed point defining the first end of the high band generating assembly, the angularly bent tip defining the second end of the high band generating assembly, at least one low band generating assembly, the at least one low band generating assembly including the high band generating assembly and at least one pair of dipole arms extending from the bifurcated conductive element, and a balun portion coupled to the feed point.. .
Marchand balun structure and design method
Aspects of the invention provide for a marchand balun structure and a related design method. In one embodiment, a marchand balun structure includes: a first trace for an unbalanced port on a first metal layer, the first trace comprising: an unbalanced line including a first width for a first half and a second width for a second half, wherein the second width can be different from the first width; a pair of traces for balanced ports on a second metal layer, the pair of traces comprising: a pair of balanced lines; and a ground plane on a third metal layer, the ground plane comprising: a pair of openings directly under the pair of traces for balanced ports, wherein a center of the unbalanced line of the first trace is offset from a center of the pair of balanced lines of the pair of traces..
Transceiver and related switching method applied therein
A transceiver includes: a power amplifying circuit arranged to generate differential output signals during a transmitting mode of the transceiver; a balance-unbalance circuit arranged to convert the differential output signals into a single-ended output signal; a switchable matching circuit arranged to receive the single-ended output signal on a signal port of the transceiver during the transmitting mode, and to convert a single-ended receiving signal on the signal port into a single-ended input signal during a receiving mode of the transceiver; and a low-noise amplifying circuit arranged to convert the single-ended input signal into a low-noise input signal during the receiving mode. The power amplifying circuit, the balun, the switchable matching circuit, and the low-noise amplifying circuit are configured as a single chip..
Dipole antenna
A dipole antenna, comprising: a dipole arrangement comprising at least a pair of antenna arms, each antenna arm having a feed end and a distal end, the feed ends positioned in proximity to each other; a feed structure, coupled to said dipole arrangement, comprising a balun for providing the antenna with a balanced feed; wherein, each antenna arm comprises: a conductive end plate, located at the distal end of the respective antenna arm; and an inductive coil, located at the feed end of the respective antenna arm.. .
Feed network
A feed network includes three radio frequency (rf) devices constructed in a suspended-substrate stripline configuration that provides a five-port microwave device having a sum port and four feed ports. The three rf devices include at least one coupled-line quadrature hybrid and at least one marchand balun.
Integrated circuit package
An integrated circuit package comprising a substrate and at least one semiconductor die is described. A connection unit may provide electrical connections between the substrate and the semiconductor die.
Wide-band active antenna system for hf/vhf radio
An active antenna system for receiving electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below 100 mhz. The system includes a vertical support mast; a front end electronics unit including an active balun, the front end electronics unit affixed to the support mast; two crossed-dipole antennas affixed oriented at about 90 degrees to each other, each crossed-dipole antenna having two arms formed of electrically conductive material, each arm having an isoceles triangular frame with an apex of the frame electrically connected to a feedpoint of the front end electronics unit, each arm also having a longitudinal member extending from the apex to the center of the base of the triangular shape and a cross member extending between sides of the triangular frame.
Baw-filter operating using bulk acoustic waves
The present invention relates to a baw filter operating with bulk acoustic waves, which has a multilayer construction, wherein functional layers of a baw resonator operating with bulk acoustic waves are realized by the multilayer construction, and wherein an interconnection of passive components is furthermore formed by the multilayer construction, said interconnection forming a balun, wherein the balun has at least one inductance (l1, l2, l3) and at least one capacitance (c1, c2) which are formed from structured functional layers of the baw resonator. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for producing the baw filter..
Compact cylindrically symmetric uhf satcom antenna
A cylindrically symmetric satellite antenna that provides directional and omnidirectional operating modes in a compact form factor. Feed points located at the top of the cylindrical structure provide increased platform isolation.
Multiturn mri coils in combination with current mode class d amplifiers
Example systems, apparatus, and circuits described herein concern a multi-turn transmit surface coil used in parallel transmission in high field mri. One example apparatus includes a balun network that produces out-of-phase signals that are amplified to drive current-mode class-d (cmcd) field effect transistors (fets) that are connected by a coil that includes an lc (inductance-capacitance) leg.
Balun with integrated decoupling as ground shield
An apparatus is provided. Transmission line cells are formed in a first region.
Dual polarization current loop radiator with integrated balun
A dual polarization current loop radiator realized with a via, probe, or exposed coaxial feed using part of a vertical metal structure of the radiator to guide current to a feed point of a horizontal metal plate capacitively coupled to the vertical metal structure is described. The vertical metal structure may be either stamped and attached to the ground plane or it can be formed along with metal backplane structure of the radiator.
Dipole antenna and radio-frequency device
A dipole antenna is disclosed. The dipole antenna includes a feed-in terminal, a balun, a first radiator and a second radiator.
Large area ground monitoring
A municipal infrastructure maintenance system uses a ground vehicle to move an antenna array in back-and-forth sweeps over large areas or distances. The antenna array comprises dozens of compartmentalized radio dipole antennas arranged laterally, shoulder-to-shoulder across the width of each sweep.
Dual band interleaved phased array antenna
The height of crossed-dipoles antenna elements can be reduced by including an additional bend/segment in the feed-line and/or tuning-stub of the antenna dipole having the upper slot. The extra bend allows the crossed-dipoles antenna element to be shortened by as much as twenty percent without reducing the feed-line length.
Signal converting circuit capable of reducing/avoiding signal leakage and related signal converting method
A signal converting circuit includes: a first switching circuit; a second switching circuit; and a first balance-unbalance circuit (balun) having a first signal terminal coupled to an antenna, a second signal terminal coupled to the first switching circuit, and a third signal terminal coupled to the second switching circuit; wherein when the first balance-unbalance circuit operates in a first signal converting mode, the first switching circuit and the second switching circuit are arranged to couple the second signal terminal and the third signal terminal, respectively, to a first signal processing circuit, and when the first balance-unbalance circuit does not operate in the first signal converting mode, the first switching circuit and the second switching circuit are arranged to couple the second signal terminal and the third signal terminal, respectively, to a reference voltage.. .
Microwave ablation catheter and method of utilizing the same
A microwave ablation catheter is provided. The microwave ablation catheter includes a coaxial cable connected at its proximal end to a microwave energy source and at its distal end to a distal radiating section.
Balun transformer
A balun transformer includes an unbalanced terminal, two balanced terminals, a directional coupler, a low pass filter, and a high pass filter. The directional coupler includes first, second, third and fourth terminals.
Thin film balun
A thin film balun that can be made smaller and thinner while maintaining required balun characteristics is provided. A thin film balun 1 includes: an unbalanced transmission line ul including a first coil portion c1 and a second coil portion c2; a balanced transmission line bl including a third coil portion c3 and a fourth coil portion c4 that are positioned facing and magnetically coupled to the first coil portion c1 and the second coil portion c2 respectively; an unbalanced terminal ut connected to the first coil portion c1; a ground terminal g connected to the second coil portion c2 via a c component d; and an electrode d2 connected to the ground terminal g and facing a part of the second coil portion c2.
Planar balun transformer device
An electric transformer device (balun) is formed on a support plate having a first base face and an opposite second base face. The balun includes a first port (40) connectable to an electrical line for a differential signal and a second port connectable to an electrical line for a single-ended signal.
Balanced-to-unbalanced converter
A balanced-to-unbalanced converter (balun) is provided, including: a converting circuit having a first processing circuit including a first inductor and a first capacitor connected in series, a second processing circuit including a second capacitor and a second inductor connected in series, the second capacitor being electrically connected to the first inductor, and two balanced output ends connected to the first processing circuit and the second processing circuit, respectively; and a preprocessing circuit connected to the converting circuit and including an unbalanced input end for converting real impedance at the unbalanced input end into complex impedance at the balanced output ends. Accordingly, the balun satisfies the need of the wireless communication chips by providing differential signals with complex impedance.
Ultra-wideband extremely low profile wide angle scanning phased array with compact balun and feed structure
A phased array antenna comprising a dielectric superstrate material, a ground plane material, a plurality of dipole structures located between the superstrate and ground plane materials, and a plurality of balun and matching networks in electrical communication with the plurality of dipole structures, wherein the phased array antenna is adapted to achieve a bandwidth of at least about 7:1.. .
Laminated structural type balun
A laminated structural type balun includes a low pass filter that is provided between an unbalanced terminal inputting and outputting unbalanced signals and a first balanced terminal inputting and outputting balanced signals and includes a first coil and a first capacitor; and a high pass filter that is provided between the unbalanced terminal and a second balanced terminal inputting and outputting balanced signals and includes a second capacitor and a second coil. The first capacitor and the second capacitor are arranged in a different area from the first coil and the second coil in a laminated direction..
Electrosurgical devices having dielectric loaded coaxial aperture with distally positioned resonant structure and method of manufacturing same
An electrosurgical device for directing energy to a target volume of tissue includes a coaxial feedline having an inner conductor, an outer conductor and a dielectric material disposed therebetween. A proximal cylindrical dielectric sleeve is coupled to the inner conductor at a distal end of the coaxial feedline.
Conformable antenna
A polymorphic antenna, including a metallic template configurable in at least first and second possible different three-dimensional shapes, the antenna, when configured in the at least first and second different three-dimensional shapes, having a common antenna feed point, a common balun coupled to the common antenna feed point; and a common dipole coupled to the common antenna feed point and to the common balun. The antenna operates in a common frequency band when configured in either of the at least first and second different three-dimensional shapes when fed via the common antenna feed point..
Cmos linear differential distributed amplifier and distributed active balun
A cmos distributed amplifier with distributed active input balun is disclosed. Each gm cell within the distributed amplifier employs dual-output two-stage topology that improves gain and linearity without adversely affecting bandwidth and power..
Differential high power amplifier for a low profile, wide band transmit array
An integrated differential high power amplifier-radiator array that overcomes the prior art impedance match issues is described. An impedance matching balun is used to feed a high output impedance, differential hpa, which in turn drives a wide band radiator or array of radiators having a matching input impedance to provide a highly efficient, compact transmit system.
Balanced antenna system
The invention relates to a balanced antenna system comprising a radiator connected via a matching circuit to a balun. In certain embodiments, the radiator comprises a first radiating element and a second radiating element and the matching circuit comprises a first impedance-matching circuit connected to the first radiating element and a second impedance-matching circuit connected to the second radiating element.
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the technical field of rf circuits, and in particular, to a balun. In an embodiment of the present invention, a balun is provided which comprises at least two coaxial cables, each of which is wound into at least one loop, and the inner and outer conductors of one end of all coaxial cables are connected respectively to each other and the inner and outer conductors of the other end are also connected to each other.
Rf and high-speed data cable
A cable is disclosed for transmitting high speed digital baseband signals together with analog rf signals between first and second components. The rf signals may be transmitted between an antenna in the first component and an rf transceiver in the second component at operating frequencies such as for example 70 mhz to 6 ghz.
Imbalance detection and reduction for wideband balun
A circuit converts a single-ended signal to differential signals that are balanced to have the same amplitudes and opposite phases relative to a reference point of the differential signals. The circuit includes a balance tunable balun, a detector, and a controller.
Amplitude modulation utilizing a leaky wave antenna
Methods and systems for amplitude modulation using a leaky wave antenna are disclosed and may include amplitude modulating an output of one or more power amplifiers in a wireless device by modulating a bias current in the power amplifiers that are coupled to one or more leaky wave antennas. The leaky wave antennas may include a balun that may be integrated on the chip, on a package to which the chip may be affixed, and/or integrated on a printed circuit board to which the chip may be affixed.
Signal conversion during transmission of serial data streams
The disclosed embodiments provide a system that facilitates transmission of a serial data stream. The system may include, in a receiver of the serial data stream, a first mechanism for converting from single-ended signaling to differential signaling, wherein the first mechanism facilitates rejection of common mode noise in the serial data stream.
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
In a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment, a transmitting coil applies a radio-frequency magnetic field to a subject placed in a static magnetic field. A receiving coil receives a magnetic resonance signal emitted from the subject owing to an application of the radio-frequency magnetic field.
Figure 8 balun
A balun includes a first conductor winding having a first figure eight shape and a second conductor winding have a second figure eight shape. The first figure eight shape includes a first loop and a second loop.
Phased array antenna
A dual-polarized antenna array is disclosed. The antenna array includes a plurality of self supporting, electrically conductive members.
Measurement bridge in a printed circuit board
A measurement bridge, in particular for a network analyzer, including a reference port, a central output port and a balun having a first balun input connector and a first and a second balun output connector. The first balun output connector is connected to a first signal path and the second balun output connector is connected to a second signal path.
Duplexer with balun
A duplexer is proposed with a substrate which has at least one patterned metallization plane and on which, at least to some extent, a transmission path (tx) and a reception path (rx) are arranged, both of which are connected to an antenna connection (ant). The duplexer comprises a transmision filter (txf) which is arranged in the transmission path (tx) and which has a first acoustic wase filter (baw1) with one or more resonators.
Superluminal antenna
A superluminal antenna element integrates a balun element to better impedance match an input cable or waveguide to a dielectric radiator element, thus preventing stray reflections and consequent undesirable radiation. For example, a dielectric housing material can be used that has a cutout area.
Microwave frequency tunable filtering balun
A microwave frequency tunable filtering balun is provided. The microwave frequency tunable filtering balun comprises a first microwave split ring transmission line resonator and a second microwave split ring transmission line resonator arranged in a bilaterally symmetrical manner, a fourth variable capacitor and a fifth variable capacitor of same parameters.
Laminate-type electronic device with filter and balun
An electronic device comprising a laminate constituted by pluralities of insulation layers on which conductor patterns are formed; ground electrodes being formed on an upper-surface-side insulation layer and a bottom-surface-side insulation layer in the laminate; the laminate being partitioned to first and second regions by a first shield constituted by a line of via-holes electrically connecting the upper-surface-side ground electrode to the bottom-surface-side ground electrode; conductor patterns constituting a first filter for a first frequency band and conductor patterns constituting a first balun for the first frequency band being arranged in the first and second regions, respectively; pluralities of terminal electrodes being formed on bottom or side surfaces of the laminate; one of terminal electrodes of the first filter, which acts as an unbalanced port, being adjacent to a terminal electrode of the first balun, which acts as an unbalanced port, with no other terminal electrode than a ground electrode existing therebetween; and the first filter and the first balun being not electrically connected.. .
Embedded printed edge - balun antenna system and method of operation thereof
An antenna module having a side-edge balance-to-unbalance (balun). The antenna module may include a flexible substrate with one or more layers that may be configured to receive one first and second conductive patterns, the substrate may have opposed first and second ends which may define a longitudinal length and/or opposed side edges situated between the first and second ends.
Wideband dual-polarized radiation element and antenna of same
A wideband dual-polarized radiation element includes two pairs of cross polarized dipoles and baluns which correspondingly feed current to each dipole in a balanced manner. Each dipole includes a pair of unit arms aligned on a top end of the corresponding balun.
Signal splitter for use in moca/catv networks
There is provided a splitter circuit means for use with a catv network comprising a signal input (34) in communication with a transformer or balun (32) to supply two signal outputs (36, 38), with a resistor (52) connected in parallel between the outputs (36, 38) and wherein additional capacitive, inductive and resistive elements (48, 50, 52, 54) are associated with the resistor (42), thereby to give an insertion loss in to out in the range of 3 to 10 db and isolation 10 out to out of <17 db for signal frequencies in the range 1125 mhz to 1700 mhz, while at the same time maintaining good rf performance in the frequency range 5 mhz to 1000 mhz.. .
Six-port circuit
A six-port circuit (100) with two input ports and four output ports, comprising a balun (110) for converting signals at one input port into first (112) and second (113) balanced signals, and a filter (105), with first and second input ports and four output ports as the four output ports of the circuit. The six-port circuit also comprises a splitter (120) for splitting second input signals at the other input port into first (121) and second (122) parts.
Broadband balun
For broadband applications of a balun in a magnetic field, the balun includes at least three line transformers each having two transformer sides. At least two transformer sides of the balun that belong to different line transformers of the at least three line transformers are embodied for the same voltage drop at least in terms of magnitude.
Wideband, differential signal balun for rejecting common mode electromagnetic fields
Provided are assemblies and processes for efficiently coupling wideband differential signals between balanced and unbalanced circuits. The assemblies include a broadband balun having an unbalanced transmission line portion, a balanced transmission line portion, and a transition region disposed between the unbalanced and balanced transmission line portions.
Device and use of the device for measuring the density and/or the electron temperature and/or the collision frequency of a plasma
The invention relates to a device and method for measuring the density of a plasma by determining an impulse response to a high-frequency signal coupled into a plasma. The density, electron temperature and/or collision frequency as a function of the impulse response can be determined.
Integrated circuit comprising an integrated transformer of the "balun" type with several input and output channels
An integrated circuit includes an integrated transformer of the balanced-to-unbalanced type with n channels, wherein n is greater than 2. The integrated transformer includes, on a substrate, n inductive circuits that are mutually inductively coupled, and respectively associated with n channels..
Balun with intermediate non-terminated conductor
A balun comprising first and second transmission lines having a shared intermediate conductor. The first transmission line may include first and second conductors.
Double-layer pcb of low power wireless sensing system and manufacturing method
The invention discloses a double-layer pcb of a low power wireless sensing system and a manufacturing method thereof. The low power wireless sensing system includes a first layer and a second layer.
Tunable active directional couplers
Active directional couplers are provided. In accordance with certain embodiments of the invention, the subject active directional couplers are tunable.

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