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Avidin patents

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Multimeric biotinidase resistant multimodality probes

Date/App# patent app List of recent Avidin-related patents
 Adjuvant compositions with 4-1bbl patent thumbnailnew patent Adjuvant compositions with 4-1bbl
Streptavidin(sa)-4-1bbl and tlr agonists such as monophosphoryl lipid a (mpl) exhibit surprising synergy as adjuvants, inducing immune responses against weak antigens. Accordingly, there are provided adjuvant compositions comprising 4-1bbl and a toll-like receptor (tlr) agonist, such as mpl, methods of inducing an immune response against an antigen in a subject, comprising administering to the subject (a) the antigen, (b) a tlr agonist and, (c) 4-1bbl, and methods of treating a tumor or a cancer in a subject, comprising administering to the subject (a) an antigen associated with the tumor or cancer, (b) a tlr agonist, and (c) 4-1bbl..
 Multimeric biotinidase resistant multimodality probes patent thumbnailMultimeric biotinidase resistant multimodality probes
The present invention describes multimeric multimodality probes. In particular, the present invention discloses (strept)avidin specific multimeric biotinidase resistant multimodality probes..
 Pharmaceutical composition of oxidised avidin suitable for inhalation patent thumbnailPharmaceutical composition of oxidised avidin suitable for inhalation
The present invention describes oxidized avidin, suitable for inhalation, for conditioning the lung affected by inoperable/diffuse diseases, enabling the targeted delivery of biotinylated therapeutic agents to it.. .
 Cell separation method using a release system for cell-antibody-substrate conjugates containing a polyethylene glycol spacer unit patent thumbnailCell separation method using a release system for cell-antibody-substrate conjugates containing a polyethylene glycol spacer unit
The invention is directed to a releasable conjugate comprising a biotinylated ligand having a biotin moiety, a ligand moiety (ligand1) and a biotin-binding molecule (bbm) bound to the biotin moiety of the biotinylated ligand. The ligand moiety of the biotinylated ligand may be separated by a spacer group consisting of polyethylene glycol.
 Oxidized cardiolipin and uses to detect cardiolipin antibodies patent thumbnailOxidized cardiolipin and uses to detect cardiolipin antibodies
Compositions, methods and devices for the detection of anti-lipoidal antibodies and the diagnosis of disease, for example, syphilis, are described. In particular, oxidized cardiolipins, which may be conjugated with a variety of attachment molecules, such as bsa, klh, biotin, synthetic protein maps, igy, streptavidin, or avidin, are described.
 Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay method patent thumbnailElectrochemiluminescence immunoassay method
Disclosed is an electrochemiluminescence immunoassay method, using a full reaction of a ru(bpy) marked protein-primary antibody, a biotinylated protein-secondary antibody to be tested, and a sample to be tested; addition of a streptavidin-coated magnetic particle to form a complex comprising an antigen, an antibody, and a magnetic particle; adsorption to an electrode surface by the magnetic particle; addition of a dibutyl ethanolamine solution; testing by means of an electrochemical method. Also disclosed is a corresponding electrochemiluminescence immunoassay detection kit..
 Streptavidin-coupled magnetic particles and manufacturing method for same patent thumbnailStreptavidin-coupled magnetic particles and manufacturing method for same
The streptavidin-coupled magnetic particle of the present invention, and the streptavidin-coupled magnetic particle manufactured by the manufacturing method of the present invention are useful in clinical diagnosis.. .
 Bacterium-based microrobot capable of targeting cancer tissue patent thumbnailBacterium-based microrobot capable of targeting cancer tissue
To provide a bacterium-based microrobot which can be specifically targeted to cancer in vivo, the present invention provides a drug delivery system for cancer tissue, comprising a bacterium, and a microbead encapsulated with at least one drug, wherein biotin is bound to a surface of the bacterium and a surface of the microbead is coated with streptavidin.. .
 Methods of capturing bindable targets from liquids patent thumbnailMethods of capturing bindable targets from liquids
A bindable target such as a bacterial cell, virus, or molecule is captured from a liquid by contacting the liquid with magnetically attractable particles have an affinity for the target, and causing said particles to move repeatedly through said liquid to at least one solid support zone by attractive magnetic forces to capture the target onto said particles. The particles may be ferromagnetic, paramagnetic or superparamagnetic particles and may bear antibody, antibody binding fragments, a substance having an epitope capable of reacting in a specific manner with an antibody, an aptamer, a nucleic acid sequence or a nucleic acid analogue sequence, biotin, avidin or streptavidin.
 Modified tamavidin patent thumbnailModified tamavidin
The present invention provides modified tamabidin 2, which is a modified biotin-binding protein comprising an amino acid sequence represented by seq id no: 2, an amino acid sequence having one or more amino acid mutations in the amino acid sequence of seq id no: 2, or an amino acid sequence having an identity of not less than 80% to the amino acid sequence of seq id no: 2 and having biotin-binding activity, wherein an asparagine residue at position 115 of seq id no: 2 is replaced with cysteine. The modified biotin-binding protein has remarkable heat resistance..
Analytical device and analytical method
The present invention provides a technique capable of simply analyzing a target to be analyzed. An analytical device of the present invention includes a basal plate; a nucleic acid element; and a detection section of detecting a signal.
Complex of labeled probes and water-soluble carrier
The purpose is to produce, with high reproducibility, a complex of labeled probes and a carrier, said complex being to be used for detecting and measuring a target substance to be measured with high sensitivity and high stability. The means for accomplishing the purpose is that a label is bound to a probe-water soluble carrier conjugate using specific binding of an avidin compound such as avidin, streptavidin, etc.
Method for enrichment and isolation of endogenous transcription factor and complexes thereof and corresponding tandem arrays of concatenated transcription factor response elements
The present invention provides a method for enrichment and isolation of endogenous transcription factors and their complexes. Also, this invention provides corresponding tandem arrays of concatenated transcription factor response elements (cattfre).
Method of determination of autoantibody level by means of enzyme immunoassay
The method for quantitative determination of the level of natural autoantibodies in human biological fluids, when as a solid phase of physical sorption is used the solid phase of physical sorption, coated with streptavidin, and the solid phase of physical sorption is treated with preliminary biotinylated antigen and blocking agent for closing the sites of nonspecific binding at the solid phase of physical sorption, for which purpose are used proteins, biotinylated according to standard procedure. As the conjugate-containing solution are used enzyme-labeled monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, which react with one or all isotypes of human immunoglobulins.
Synthesis of fluorescent noble metal nanoparticles
A process for the production of fluorescent nanoparticles selected from noble metal, silica or polymer nanoparticles which comprises: 1. A process for the production of fluorescent nanoparticles selected from noble metal or silica nanoparticles which comprises: (1) providing a platform of nanoparticles; (2) covering the surfaces of the nanoparticles to saturation with thiol-terminated polymers by one of the following methods: 1.
High through-put analysis of transgene borders
A method of analyzing, in chromosomal dna having a transgene incorporated therein, a dna flanking region derived from the chromosome which is adjacent to the transgene. Wherein, the dna flanking region is characterized by isolation and digestion of genomic dna with a restriction enzyme, ligation of a double stranded adapter to the isolated and digested genomic dna, a primer extension reaction of the adapter ligated genomic dna, and the isolation of the primer extension reaction product via a streptavidin-biotin interaction.
Streptavidin and biotin-based antigen delivery system
The present invention provides an innovative versatile system, which allows delivery of one or several antigens or biologically active molecules into or onto targeted subset of cells. The invention is in particular directed to a combination of compounds and in particular to a composition, which comprises: (i) a fusion polypeptide comprising a streptavidin (sa) or avidin polypeptide and one or several effector molecule(s), wherein said fusion polypeptide retains the property of sa and avidin polypeptides to bind biotin; (ii) biotinylated targeting molecule(s), which are capable of targeting subset(s) of cells and/or cell surface molecule(s), and in particular dendritic cells (dc), subsets of dc and/or surface molecule(s) (including surface receptor(s)) of dc.
Protein substrate and its manufacturing method
A protein substrate includes a base having micro-passages and reaction grooves, a polyethyleneimine (pei) fixed on the base and a specific protein fixed on the pei. The base is modified by plasma stripper to make the pei bonded on the base.
Signal amplification for immunoassays by use of avidin-biotin linkages
In sandwich-type immunoassays that capture a protein analyte between a capture antibody, typically bound to a solid phase, and a detection antibody that is coupled to a reporter group, the number of reporter groups associated with each molecule of analyte is increased by a variety of methods that utilize avidin-biotin-type binding in conjunction with such features as immunological binding to the reporter group on the detection antibody or multiple biotin-avidin-type binding sites.. .
Tetrameric streptavidin mutein with reversible biotin binding capability
The present invention relates to a new streptavidin muteins. This mutein is the muteins are capable of oligomerization to form tetramers, with relatively strong subunit interactions, dissociation constant (kd) for biotin in this mutein in the range of 10−7 to 10−8m, off-rate (koff) for the bound biotin in the streptavidin-biotin complex in the range of 10−4 sec−1, stable enough to allow reuse, and producible producable with reasonable production yield via secretion in a soluble functional state without the requirement of refolding streptavidin via the tedious and expensive denaturation and renaturation processes..
Recombinant multimeric influenza proteins
The invention relates to immunogenic compositions comprising recombinant multimeric influenza proteins or parts thereof fused to a streptavidin affinity tag, preferably recombinant trimeric influenza virus hemagglutinin and/or recombinant tetrameric influenza virus neuraminidase, or vectors comprising nucleic acid sequences encoding such influenza proteins. The inventions further relate to methods for the preparation of such immunogenic compositions and uses thereof and methods for eliciting an immune response in an individual..
Preparation method of antigen-immobilized immuno- fluorescence slide and immuno-fluoroscence slide prepared thereby
A method of preparing an antigen-immobilized immuno-fluorescence slide, the method comprising: immobilizing a c-reactive protein on a slide to prepare a protein chip; mixing an antibody that specifically binds to a target protein, with streptavidin to label the antibody with a fluorescent nanoparticle; immuno-reacting the antibody by competitive mixing, assaying with a fluorescence camera, wherein the immobilizing of the c-reactive protein on the slide comprises: modifying the slide with 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane to prepare a modified slide; hydrating the slide modified with 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane; activating the modified slide by using a glutaraldehyde solution; dissolving a c-reactive protein at a concentration of 0.01-0.5 mg/ml in a 30-70 mm phosphate buffer solution (ph 6.5-7.8) to prepare an antigen solution for immobilization; placing a petri dish comprising the slide on a spotting guide and spotting 1-100 μl of the antigen solution on spotting points; and performing a reaction on the slide prepared as described above for 1-6 hours to immobilize the antigen, and an immune-fluorescence slide prepared by using the method.. .
Method for immobilizing streptavidin on a self-assembled monolayer
Provided are a method for increasing an amount of streptavidin to be immobilized on the self-assembled monolayer and a sensor which comprises streptavidin immobilized with the method. The method of the current technology is characterized by that one molecule of an amino acid is interposed between the self-assembled monolayer and the molecule of streptavidin..

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