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Integrated process for the production of biofuels from solid urban waste

Thermoplastic elastomer compositions having excellent thermal resistance

Immobilized heteropoly acids and the use of the same for electrode stabilization and enhancement

Date/App# patent app List of recent Automotive-related patents
 Media delivery to limited capability platforms patent thumbnailMedia delivery to limited capability platforms
An ad proxy generates a playback manifest for delivery to a destination platform via a content distribution network (cdn). The playback manifest provided to the destination device includes hosted locations, such as network addresses, of both primary media files and advertising content.
 Integrated process for the production of biofuels from solid urban waste patent thumbnailIntegrated process for the production of biofuels from solid urban waste
The biofuels thus obtained can be used as such, or in a mixture with other fuels, for automotive.. .
 Thermoplastic elastomer compositions having excellent thermal resistance patent thumbnailThermoplastic elastomer compositions having excellent thermal resistance
Disclosed is a thermoplastic elastomer composition having excellent thermal resistance, and which includes a hard segment of a resin component, an elastic soft segment of a rubber component and the like. The thermoplastic elastomer composition has properties of both a plastic and a rubber, and, in particular, it has an elasticity as a function of a rubber at room temperature, and is further plasticized at high temperatures so as to be molded.
 Immobilized heteropoly acids and the use of the same for electrode stabilization and enhancement patent thumbnailImmobilized heteropoly acids and the use of the same for electrode stabilization and enhancement
The use of fuel cells to produce electricity are known as an environmentally clean and reliable source of energy, and show promise as an automotive power source if the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell can be made less expensive, more durable, reduce or eliminate humidification of the reactive gases, and operate at temperatures encountered during automotive operating conditions. The use of an electro-catalyst formed from heteropoly acids immobilized by a conductive material, such as carbon or platinum black, and stabilizing a metallic black with the immobilized conductive material addressed these automotive fuel cell needs.
 System and method for controlling a sinusoidal-drive brushless dc electric motor for an automotive power actuator patent thumbnailSystem and method for controlling a sinusoidal-drive brushless dc electric motor for an automotive power actuator
A control system (14) for controlling a brushless electric motor (1) for an automotive power actuator (10), having a rotor (3) operable to rotate with respect to stator windings (2a, 2b, 2c), the control system (14) is provided with: a position sensing unit (4a-4c, 30) coupled to the rotor (3), to sense its angular position and to provide a sensed position (θ); and a generation unit (24), to generate driving voltages and/or currents for the stator windings (2a, 2b, 2c), as a function of the angular position of the rotor (3). A position estimation module (25) is coupled to the position sensing unit (4a-4c, 30), to receive the sensed position (θ) and to correct the value of the sensed position (θ), thereby providing a corrected angular position (θr) to the generation unit (24)..
 Automotive vehicle inverter control apparatus patent thumbnailAutomotive vehicle inverter control apparatus
In an automotive vehicle inverter control apparatus of the related art, a limp-home mode is provided, but six power sources including transformers are required for respective gate circuits of the respective igbt drive circuits. Therefore, a reduction in size and a reduction in weight cannot be achieved, and a demand of the improvement of mountability or the improvement of fuel consumption as described above cannot be satisfied.
 Harmonic drive disc recliner for automotive vehicle seat patent thumbnailHarmonic drive disc recliner for automotive vehicle seat
A disc recliner for a seat assembly includes a fixed plate secured to a seat cushion and a rotatable plate secured to a seat back. Each of the fixed and rotatable plates has a plurality of teeth, the number of teeth not being equal.
 Magnetic sensor packaging for transmissions patent thumbnailMagnetic sensor packaging for transmissions
Designs to package a magneto-elastic torque sensor in an automotive transmission for volume production applications are provided. One transmission includes an output shaft and a magnetic torque sensor.
 System and method for controlling an automatic stop-start engine system in an automotive vehicle having an electric parking brake patent thumbnailSystem and method for controlling an automatic stop-start engine system in an automotive vehicle having an electric parking brake
A system and method for controlling an automatic stop-start system of an automotive vehicle is disclosed. The system monitors the status of the parking brake to determine if the parking brake is in a state of transition between an applied state and a released state (in either direction).
 Polyol ester based drive-train fluid for high stress automatic transmissions patent thumbnailPolyol ester based drive-train fluid for high stress automatic transmissions
The use of certain polyol ester (poe) based fluids has been found to be surprisingly effective in, e.g., automotive automatic transmissions, such as, for example, racing automotive automatic transmissions. The use of select poe based fluids has been found to lower operating temperatures, improve torque convertor engagement and torque convertor lock-up due to improved efficiency, performance and friction properties, allowing improved efficiency in high stress applications..
Satellite communication centre
The invention provides a computer-implemented system (and corresponding method) arranged and configured to manage, manipulate or monitor a plurality of devices provided in association with a unit. The unit may be a vehicle or structure, such as an automotive vehicle, a boat, a trailer or building.
Automotive rotary electric machine
The automotive rotary electric machine according to the present invention includes: a rectifier and a voltage regulator that are disposed outside a first axial end of a casing; and a resin protective cover that is formed so as to have a cup shape that is constituted by a bottom portion and a cylindrical peripheral wall portion, and that is mounted onto a casing so as to cover the rectifier and the voltage regulator. The protective cover is held by a circuit board of the rectifier by coupling by snap-fitting a plurality of projections that are disposed so as to protrude from an inner circumferential wall surface of the peripheral wall portion to a plurality of projection-engaging portions that are formed on an outer peripheral wall surface of the circuit board so as to be separated circumferentially..
Liquid spraying device for a wiper blade
The invention relates to a liquid projection device (12) intended to be mounted on an end-piece (11) that can be attached to a longitudinal end of a wiper blade (70), comprising a body (23) and a liquid flow channel (13) made as a single unit, wherein said channel (13) comprises an inlet opening (15) and a spraying opening (16), and wherein the body (23) comprises an inner wall (29) that defines a recess (27) for receiving the end piece (11). The invention can be used in the automotive industry..
Submersible suction box
A submersible suction arrangement for providing paint sludge removal from one or more contaminant tanks in an automotive paint line systems. The contaminant tank is filled with a liquid mixture and includes a horizontal plane defined by the walls of the contaminant tank.
Interlaced painting
A system and method of applying coating to automotive workpieces is disclosed. A first coating dispensing robot dispenses coating at least a portion of an engine compartment, trunk and internal surfaces of a bed of an automotive workpiece during a first time interval, while a second robot dispenses coating on the exterior surface of fenders and passenger doors of the workpiece over the first time interval.
Automotive vehicle container handling system
A number of variations may include a container handling system for an automotive vehicle having a generally horizontal cargo bed area including a container for holding cargo. The container may have an alignment surface.
Vehicle with wheelchair positioning mechanism
The vehicle with wheelchair positioning mechanism includes an automotive vehicle that is modified to assist a disabled person to enter, operate and exit the vehicle. The modification includes a wheelchair lift adjacent the rear of the vehicle.
Sliding winch lift system
A number of variations may include a container handling system for an automotive vehicle having a generally horizontal cargo bed area may include a wheeled container for holding cargo, the container may have an alignment surface adjacent a front end of the container; a powered winch connected on the vehicle having a cable for connection with the container, the winch imparting vertical movement to the container; and a guide structure connected on the vehicle for guiding vertical and horizontal movement of the container by interacting with the container alignment surface.. .
Elliptical unit block for preparing core using soft magnetic metal powder and magnetic powder core prepared using the same
The present invention relates to an elliptical unit block for preparing a core using soft magnetic metal powder and a core with excellent high current dc bias characteristics using the same, and more specifically, to an elliptical unit block for preparing a core using soft magnetic metal powder used in an inductor for an automotive electronic sub-assembly using a high current buck or boost inductor or a three phase line reactor or fuel cell system for power factor correction (pfc), and a powered magnetic core prepared using the same.. .
Method of monitoring the capacitive filter of a battery charger
A device for charging a battery, or a battery of an electric traction automotive vehicle, based on a three-phase or single-phase power supply network, including a filtering stage including a capacitive assembly and configured to be connected to the power supply network. The device includes a mechanism to monitor capacitive assembly and to detect a deviation in value of the capacitance of at least one capacitor of the capacitive assembly on the basis of voltages and currents measured across the input terminals of the filtering stage..
Rotor wipe
One or more techniques, systems, or both are disclosed for an automotive container comprising a water dispersible, pre-moistened wiping product for an associated rotor. The wiping product may comprise a flexible substrate carrying a cleaning composition wherein the cleaning composition may comprise 1) about 70% to about 90% water; 2) about 1% to about 10% corrosion inhibitor; and 3) about 10% to about 25% surfactant.
Animal travel system
An animal carrier for installation into an automotive seat is described. The animal carrier has a frame that is formed by the attachment of the bottom edge of a substantially vertical back panel to the back facing edge of a substantially horizontal floor panel, and the further attachment of a spine to both the top edge of the vertical back panel and the forward facing edge of the floor panel.
Out-the-door pricing system, method and computer program product therefor
Embodiments provide consumers browsing and shopping online for durable goods such as new vehicles with out-the-door prices for user-specified vehicle configurations. A vehicle data system can obtain automotive registration data from various sources, identify true taxes versus fees, process them into separate groups, associate them to vehicle configurations, and persist the associated taxes and fees in a database.
Systems and methods for self-service recycling of automotive parts
Systems and methods for self-service recycling are provided. In particular, some embodiments include graphical user interfaces and backend systems that allow users to identify the market for used automotive parts.
Automotive camera system and the data processing method based on its shooting angle changing synchronously with the automotive speed
An automotive camera system and a data processing method based on its shooting angles synchronizing with automotive speeds are provided. The method comprises the following steps: obtain a current velocity value through a velocity acquisition device; determine a corresponding automotive speed grade; look up a prestored correspondence relationship table and finding out a synchronized camera lens zoom number synchronizing with automotive speed grades; control a camera focal motor zooming a camera lens to the number, and achieving the synchronization of the shooting angle and the automotive speed.
Measuring system and method for determining new points
A geodetic measuring system having at least one reference component which defines a reference point, wherein an absolute position of the reference point is known, and at least one new-point determination component which derives a relative new-point position. It is also possible to derive mutual relative reference information between the reference component and the new-point determination component, in particular for the purpose of referencing with respect to the reference-point position.
Controlling method and system based on the automotive lighting system illumination angle synchronizing with the automotive speed
A controlling method and its application system based on the lighting system illumination angle of the automobile synchronizing with the automotive speed, comprises the following steps: turn on the synchronizing function after received the user's instructions; read and obtain the current automotive speed, look up the prestored correspondence relationship table, find out the specific synchronous angle according to current speed grade; then control the lighting system switching to the found specific illumination angle synchronizing with current speed grade, and achieve the synchronization of illumination angles and automotive speeds. Through applying the method and the application system stated in the present invention, the best illumination effects for an automobile can be achieved.
System and method for identifying retail tire sales
The present invention describes a system and method for evaluating an automotive service center's opportunities for retail tire sales and service, including projecting potential sales and generating other business information for creating a tire service center at an existing repair service center. The present invention may be utilized for service centers which are independent or part of a dealership.
Automotive catalyst composites having a two-metal layer
Provided are catalyst composites whose catalytic material is effective to substantially simultaneously oxidize carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and reduce nitrogen oxides. The catalyst composites have a two-metal layer on a carrier, the two-metal layer comprising a rhodium component supported by a first support comprising a refractory metal oxide component or a first ceria-zirconia composite; a palladium component supported by a second support comprising a second ceria-zirconia composite; one or more of a promoter, stabilizer, or binder; wherein the amount of the total of the first and second ceria-zirconia composites in the two-metal layer is equal to or greater than the amount of the refractory metal oxide component.
Ball joint for automotive suspension
A ball joint comprising: a housing having an inner cavity defined inward of a seat end, a side wall and a closure end having an opening, an edge about the opening in an assembly position extending upwardly; a ball stud having: a lower ball end with an outer convex spherical surface, a middle portion, and a connector end; a first bearing, slidably housed within the cavity, having an inner concave spherical surface; a retention plate, housed within the cavity inward of the edge about the opening, wherein the edge of the opening extends inwardly engaging an outer surface of the retention plate in a closed position; a first disc annular recess disposed in: an outward surface of the first bearing; an inward surface of the retention plate; or an inward surface of the seat end of the housing, and a first disc spring disposed in the first disc annular recess, the first disc annular recess laterally restraining: an outer circular edge of the first disc spring; or an inner circular edge of the first disc spring, during compression of the first disc spring, and a peripheral annular shoulder adjacent the first disc annular recess axially limiting axial movement, thereby limiting compression of the first disc spring.. .
Vision system for vehicle
A vision system for a vehicle includes a single forward facing camera and a control having a processor, with the camera and processor disposed in a unitary module installed in the vehicle. The processor, responsive to processing of captured image data, detects headlights of oncoming vehicles and the control, responsive to the detection, provides an output for a headlamp control system of the vehicle.
A system and method to mask incoming calls for a communication device connected to an automotive telematics system
In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for masking an in-coming call from a portable communication device (pcd) in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a controller that is configured to receive a driver status signal indicative of a driver being one of a primary driver and a secondary driver.
Elastomeric shaft seal formed without oven post curing
An elastomeric seal (20), such as a shaft seal for automotive vehicle applications, includes an elastomeric compound (22) chemically coupled to a metal sealing ring (24) and is formed without an oven post curing step. The elastomeric seal (20) provides exceptional physical properties, similar to those of elastomeric seals of the prior art formed with an oven post curing step.
Flexible, semiconducting nanocomposite materials based on nanocrystalline cellulose and polyaniline
A new approach is conceived for the development of organic polymeric conducting materials synthesized from nanocomposites of nanocrystalline cellulose (ncc) and polyaniline (pani). The process involves oxidative-radical polymerization of aniline in the presence of ncc using either in situ or emulsion polymerization.
Modified sprag assemblies for one-and two-way clutch applications
A modified sprag clutch, which can freewheel in both directions until its locking function is employed at which time it will lock in one direction and freewheel in the other, or lock in both directions depending on the placement of the sprag elements, is described. Among other applications, the present modified sprag clutch permits conventional clutch packs and sprag clutches currently employed in automotive transmissions to be retrofitted to eliminate the high-wear friction discs, and to replace conventional one-way sprag clutches.
Selectable one-way torque transmitting device using control rail
A torque transmitting device for use in an automotive transmission is provided. The device includes a first annular race and a second annular race disposed concentrically around the first annular race.
Fin structure for heat exchanger for automotive applications, in particular for agricultural and on-site machines
A heat exchanger for heat exchange between air and a heat exchange medium includes a plurality of heat transfer conduits arranged parallel to each other as flow paths for the heat exchange medium and a plurality of fin members. The fin members are configured to provide: an air inlet end for air inflow, an air outlet end for air outflow, and an air flow path.
Pneumatic tire for use in two-wheeled automotive vehicle
A tread 4 of a tire 2 includes a center region ta, in an axial direction, including an equator plane, and a pair of shoulder regions tb located outward of the center region ta in the axial direction. Each shoulder region tb includes a base layer 20, a middle layer 22 layered outward of the base layer 20 in a radial direction, and a top layer 24 layered outward of the middle layer 22 in the radial direction.
Lightweight, crash-sensitive automotive component
The present invention provides a casting having increased crashworthiness including an an aluminum alloy of about 6.0 wt % to about 8.0 wt % si; about 0.12 wt % to about 0.25 wt % mg; less than or equal to about 0.35 wt % cu; less than or equal to about 4.0 wt % zn; less than or equal to about 0.6 wt % mn; and less than or equal to about 0.15 wt % fe, wherein the cast body is treated to a t5 or t6 temper and has a tensile strength ranging from 100 mpa to 180 mpa and has a critical fracture strain greater than 10%. The present invention further provides a method of forming a casting having increased crashworthiness..
Method and apparatus for analysis and selective catalytic reduction of nox-containing gas streams
An apparatus and method for measuring and controlling the nox and ammonia slip content of a nox-containing gas stream such as, for example, a combustion engine exhaust stream discharged from a selective catalytic reduction (scr) system. The apparatus includes an analyzer container which preferably has an ammonia slip catalyst element and a pair of automotive type nox sensors positioned therein.
High gain display screen with rotated microlens array
A transparent screen includes a microlens array. The microlens array includes microlenses that are individually rotated to reflect a projected image to a common eyebox.
Resistance determination for temperature control of heated automotive components
Electrical resistance of a heated component is determined for temperature control and monitoring. A voltage-representation signal, which is proportional to a voltage across a heater component, is received.
Resistance determination with increased sensitivity for temperature control of heated automotive components
Electrical resistance of a heated component is determined for temperature control and monitoring. A voltage-representation signal, which is proportional to a voltage across a heater component, is received.
Assembly for an electrically operated valve
The invention relates to an assembly for an electrically operated valve in the automotive field aimed to increase the injection pressure of fuel distributed to combustion chambers, said assembly comprising both a coil unit, wherein a solenoid can control the movements of the electrically operated valve in a housing along a given axis, and an hydraulic unit to provide fuel at the injection pressure, a clip ring being located into a cavity of the coil unit and a cavity of the hydraulic unit to maintain the coil unit and the hydraulic unit associated. The invention is characterized in that the coil unit presents a plurality of slots providing access to the clip ring, across the coil unit, from the exterior of the assembly..
Vehicle turning efficiency improving apparatus
A vehicle turning efficiency improving apparatus is applicable to an automotive vehicle (20) of a type equipped with either a braking system (4l, 4r, etc.) or a driving train (6), which is capable of performing a braking force control or a driving force control separately on vehicle wheels (1l and 1r) and a steering unit (3) capable of steering the left and right vehicle wheels (1l and 1r) separately. A control unit (9) is provided for performing a turn assist control, in which a time difference is generated in steering operation of the left and right vehicle wheels (1l, 1r) and a braking/driving force difference is generated in the left and right vehicle wheels (1l, 1r) to thereby generate a yaw moment..
Adaptive emergency brake and steer assist systems based on driver focus
An automotive vehicle includes a driver analyzer and a driver assistance system, both of which are coupled to a controller. The controller includes a non-transitory storage medium storing instructions for causing the controller to determine a level of attentiveness of a driver of the automotive vehicle and to adapt a response of the driver assistance system in response to the determined level of attentiveness..
Vehicle communications via wireless access vehicle environment
Vehicle communications using ieee 802.11p wave functionality includes structure and method whereby a smart phone (sp) linked to an on board unit (obu) having wave functionality, and incorporating automotive telemetry protocol (atp), has at least one processor to configure the sp as a gui for the obu, and to enable wave authentication of the sp through a networked road side unit. Preferably, the obu opens, after a command from an atp client, a virtual connection for streaming data between the vehicle data bus and a remote server providing an automotive scan tool.
Resin fuel tube
A resin fuel tube is provided, which includes at least one resin layer, wherein the resin layer is made of a resin composition comprising: (a) a polypropylene prepared through polymerization with the use of a metallocene catalyst; and (b) a polypropylene material having a melting point of 137° c. To 160° c., the resin composition having a mixing weight ratio of the components (a) and (b) satisfying (a)/(b)=95/5 to 50/50, wherein the resin layer has a structure such that a soft structural portion (y) of the component (a) intrudes into a space between crystalline structural portions (x) of the component (b).
Detachable positioning and reinforcement structure and method of disassembling a front end assembly for a vehicle
A detachable positioning and reinforcement structure includes a first wing structure operably coupled to a first automotive component. Also included is a second wing structure operably coupled to a second automotive component.
Multi-modal fluid condition sensor platform and system therefor
This invention encompasses embodiments for multi-modal integrated simultaneous measurement of various aspects of fluids contained in circulating systems such as automotive reciprocating engines and vehicle transmissions. These circulating systems perform constant internal lubrication, and heat and contaminant removal to protect the internal moving parts from the inherent friction and damage in normal operation.
Multi-modal fluid condition sensor platform and system therefor
This invention encompasses embodiments for multi-modal integrated simultaneous measurement of various aspects of fluids contained in circulating systems such as automotive reciprocating engines and vehicle transmissions. These circulating systems perform constant internal lubrication, and heat and contaminant removal to protect the internal moving parts from the inherent friction and damage in normal operation.
Map distribution server for automotive navigation systems, map data distribution system, and road difference data production method
Automotive navigation map data has a multilevel structure in which links have a relationship of association with one another among the minutest level and upper levels that are different from the minutest level in scale. A lowermost-level translation unit uses as original data items old and new rdb-form map data items of the minutest level to produce rdb-form difference data of the minutest level.
Heater for an automotive vehicle and method of forming same
A heated seat comprising: a cushion with one or more trench areas; a heater comprising: a carrier with a periphery, the carrier further including: a first electrically functional layer that is made of a conductive material that substantially circumscribes at least a portion of the carrier; and a second electrically functional layer that is made of a resistive material; one or more electrical conductors attached to the first electrically functional layer; a trim layer that covers the cushion when the heater is placed over the cushion; and wherein the periphery includes a first side edge and a second side edge, and each side edge includes a cutout, and the cutouts are located adjacent to each other forming a neck portion; wherein the heater is attached to the cushion by placing an attachment device over the neck portion of the heater and securing one or both ends of the attachment device to the cushion so that the neck portion is pulled into the trench; wherein the neck portion is free of the second electrically functional layer; and wherein the first electrically functional layer and the second electrically functional layer form a checkered pattern.. .
Color match verification of multi-layer coatings utilizing precoated color chips
Precoated color chips having a reference colored basecoat and at least one reference effect appearance midcoat partially covering a portion of the basecoat are used to verify the colors of multi-layer automotive coatings when they are applied to automotive components. Visual characteristics of multi-layer automotive coatings may be verified by comparing an applied colored basecoat to the corresponding reference colored basecoat of the precoated color chips, followed by comparing an applied effect appearance midcoat to the corresponding reference effect appearance midcoat of the precoated color chips.
Component transferring system for automotive assembly line
A component transferring system for a vehicle assembly line may include a carriage unit that is operated by an electrical signal to move along a vehicle assembly line, the carriage unit including a cylinder unit that is disposed at both sides of a front side and a rear side to move up and down in accordance with the moving direction, a both side conveyor that is disposed along a moving route of the carriage unit, and a carriage lifting unit that is disposed at an inside of the both side conveyor in at least one area of the vehicle assembly line to move an object loaded on the carriage unit to the both side conveyor.. .
Sub frame structure of automotive vehicle
A sub frame attached to a vehicle-body rear portion from below comprises a pair of right-and-left side members and a front cross member which interconnects substantially respective central portions, in a vehicle longitudinal direction, of the side members. As attachment portions for attaching lower links, there are provided a central attachment portion which is provided at an interconnection portion between the side member and the front cross member, a front attachment portion which is provided at the side member at a position located in front of the interconnection portion, and a rear attachment portion which is provided at the side member at a position located in back of the interconnection portion.
Electric brake device
To provide an electric brake device in an automotive vehicle, which a freezing that takes place while the automotive vehicle is parked can be assuredly avoided with a simplified mechanism. The electric brake device includes an electric motor (2), a braking force application mechanism (4), a lock mechanism (5), a temperature sensor (6) for measuring an ambient temperature of the automotive vehicle, and a freezing preventive power supply unit (7).
Process for manufacturing a thermoelectric device, especially intended to generate an electrical current in an automotive vehicle, and thermoelectric device obtained by such a process
The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a thermoelectric device comprising a plurality of thermoelectric components (4) for creating an electric current from a temperature gradient applied between two faces (3a, 3b) thereof. In the method, a thermally conductive support (30) is provided in contact with a hot or cold source, a thermally conductive and electrically insulating material is thermally sprayed on the support (30) to produce a coating (21), and an electrically conductive material is thermally sprayed onto the coating (21) to form electric conduction tracks (22) which are intended to receive the thermoelectric components (4) via the faces (3a, 3b) thereof.
Uses for an acetal based composition and method of thinning/cleaning/stripping
An acetal-based composition is described which includes an acetal of formula r—o—ch2—o—r′. R and r′ are mutually independent alkyl or alkoxyalkyl substituents with at least three carbon atoms.
Valve actuation mechanism and automotive vehicle comprising such a valve actuation mechanism
A valve actuation mechanism for an internal combustion engine includes rockers moved by a camshaft, each rocker being adapted to exert a valve opening force on at least a portion of a opening actuator of each cylinder, via an activation piston of the rocker movable with respect to the rocker under action of a fluid pressure raise in a chamber, from a first position to a second position, in which a cam follower of the rocker is adapted to read at least one auxiliary valve lift sector of a cam of the camshaft so as to perform an engine operating function. Each rocker includes a valve for releasing fluid from the chamber, wherein the valve actuation mechanism includes, for each rocker, a stopper fast with a housing of the engine and adapted to exert, on a member of the rocker, a variable force for opening the fluid releasing valve..
Method of torque prediction for automotive air conditioning compressor
The torque of a vehicular air-conditioning compressor is predicted by the steps of starting a vehicle air-conditioning system having an engine and engine control module for controlling multiple vehicle functions, calculating a steady state torque value using an rpm value from the engine, calculating an engine rpm transient torque value using the rpm value from the engine, calculating a electronic control valve current transient torque value using a current value applied to an electronic control valve, selecting a final torque value from a group consisting of the steady state torque value, the engine rpm transient torque value, and the electronic control valve transient torque value, and providing a final torque value to the vehicle engine control module to control a predetermined vehicle function.. .
Outboard drive device
An outboard drive device (10) comprising a motor (11) having a crankshaft (16), wherein said outboard drive device (10) further comprises a propeller shaft (12) with a propeller which propeller is below the hull (13) of a boat when said outboard drive device (10) is operated, and a power coupling system for transferring power from the motor (11) to the propeller shaft (12). The motor (11) is an automotive motor or an industrial base engine, wherein the crankshaft (16) is substantially horizontal and substantially parallel to the propeller shaft (12) when said outboard drive device (10) is operated.
Non ionic/electrolyte, liquid/gaseous, mechanically refined/nanoparticle dispersion building materials/high wear-heat resistant part brushes, windings, battery cells, brake pads, die cast molding, refrigeration, polarized/integrated optical, spectrometric processors, central processor unit processors, electronic storage media, analogous series/parallel circuit generators/transceivers, particulate matter pm carbonaceous-polyamide, crystalline silica, and cellulosic filament extraction/miners suit
The variable hydraulic press and distillation reservoir process scientific formula non ionic or electrolyte mechanically refined and nanoparticle dispersion preform slurry extrusion with or without ionic suspension preform slurry high wear-heat resistant parts electronic composite coils, windings, annealing, drawn, spun, coils, windings, wire, woven textile mesh, shielding, parts brushes, inductors, antinode couplers, electric rheostats, starters, motors, alternators, generators, ionic suspension enhanced composite coils, composite windings, spun wound coils and windings beryllium be4, magnesium mg12, copper cu29 and carbon nanofoam c6, electronic parts capacitors, ionic suspension circuit battery cells, electronic parts rheostats, resistors, transformers, transducers, rectifiers, power supplies, or heat sinks preform slurry high wear-heat resistant parts aerospace, automotive, and transportation brake calipers, rotors, pads, and bushings preform slurry non ionic or electrolyte mechanically refined and nanoparticle high wear-heat resistant parts precision casting molds 2.5 phase die cast molding building materials fine concrete, mortar, brick, and tiles.. .
Automotive lamp system
An automotive lamp system adapted for providing illumination for a vehicle includes an led, a controlling motor and a reflecting mirror module. The reflecting mirror module is connected to the controlling motor via a driving shaft.
Automotive headlamp apparatus
An automotive headlamp apparatus includes a light source, in which a plurality of led chips are arranged at intervals from each other, and a projection lens for projecting the light, emitted from the light source, toward a front area of a vehicle as a light source image. The semiconductor light-emitting elements may be located within than a focal point of the projection lens.
Rotor for automotive alternator
A rotor includes a rotating shaft and a pair of first and second pole cores fixed on the rotating shaft. Each of the first and second pole cores includes a plurality of magnetic pole claws each having a root portion and a distal end.
Collapsible automotive storage container
In an embodiment, a collapsible storage container for a bed of a vehicle includes a set of panels, a connection system, and a support system. The set of panels are configured to form an enclosed area in a bed of a vehicle.
Super-compressible piston shock absorber
Piston-in-cylinder type shock absorbers are disclosed that are compressible to less than half of their extended length, thereby eliminating the current need for automotive suspensions to accommodate unwieldy shock absorbers that, even when fully compressed, must be longer than the amount of permitted axial suspension travel at the shock absorber's connection point. Since the disclosed shock absorbers are super-compressible, they are also super-extendable, which is extendable beyond double their compressed length.
Unitary solar roof and glass structure
Disclosed is a solar roof structure unified with glass, more particularly a solar roof structure unified with glass having transparency at a part where viewing therethrough is required and having a dye-sensitized solar cell panel equipped inside a transparent support, thus being applicable as a power source while ensuring viewability therethrough, and hence being applicable to, for example, an automotive sunroof.. .
Casing structure for an internal combustion engine
A casing structure of an automotive internal combustion engine includes an upper/lower divided crankcase structure. A crankshaft and a first transmission shaft of a pair of transmission shafts parallel to the crankshaft of a transmission are axially supported by a dividing surface of the upper crankcase and the lower crankcase.
Friction material
The present invention relates to the friction material for the use of disc brake pads and brake shoes for automotive brake devices, and an object of the present invention is to provide the friction material with sufficiently stable braking force and sufficient mechanical strength. In the friction material without a metal or a metal alloy, the friction material includes the plate-like titanate with average particle diameter of 10 to 50 μm and the hydrous magnesium silicate.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Automotive for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Automotive with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.

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