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Autoimmune Disease
Immune Diseases
Autoimmune Diseases
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Autoimmune patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Autoimmune-related patents
 Line leaf inula flower lactone a and methods for preparing and using the same for treating multiple sclerosis patent thumbnailnew patent Line leaf inula flower lactone a and methods for preparing and using the same for treating multiple sclerosis
Line leaf inula flower lactone a has therapeutic effects on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae) model, and is used to develop drug for treating multiple sclerosis (ms). Line leaf inula flower lactone a drug is a combination containing the active ingredient of line leaf inula flower lactone a and conventional pharmaceutically carrier, and may be in forms of tablets, dispersible tablets, mouth collapse tablets, retard tablets, capsule, soft capsule, dropping pill, granules, injection, powder injection, or aerosol.
 Line leaf inula flower lactone a and methods for preparing and using the same for treating myocarditis patent thumbnailnew patent Line leaf inula flower lactone a and methods for preparing and using the same for treating myocarditis
The compound shows positive therapeutic activity against coxsackie virus and significant dose dependent correlation. The line leaf inula flower lactone a prevents disease in mouse models of experimental autoimmune myocarditis and onset of the process by intraperitoneal injection of a dose of 20 mg/kg/d.
 Ip-10 antibodies and their uses patent thumbnailnew patent Ip-10 antibodies and their uses
The present invention provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human antibodies, that bind to ip-10 with high affinity, inhibit the binding of ip-10 to its receptor, inhibit ip-10-induced calcium flux and inhibit ip-10-induced cell migration. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies of the invention, expression vectors, host cells and methods for expressing the antibodies of the invention are also provided.
Medarex, L.l.c.
 C1q peptides and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent C1q peptides and uses thereof
Isolated c1q peptides, fusion proteins and compositions comprising such and fusion proteins comprising are provided. Isolated fusion proteins comprising x4wx5yx6 as defined herein and compositions comprising such are also provided.
The Feinstein Institute For Medical Research
 Immune modulation by peri-lymphatic or intra-lymphatic cell therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Immune modulation by peri-lymphatic or intra-lymphatic cell therapy
Disclosed are compositions of matter, methods of treatment, and protocols useful for therapeutic immune modulation using cell therapy administered perilymphatically or intralymphatically. In one particular embodiment, the invention provides means of treating an autoimmune condition by perilymphatic administration of a mesenchymal stem cell population.
 Antagonists of il-17 isoforms and their uses patent thumbnailnew patent Antagonists of il-17 isoforms and their uses
The invention relates to antagonists of il-17 isoforms and their uses in diagnosis and therapy, especially for the treatment or prevention of cancers or autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.. .
Orega Biotech
 Cytokines and neuroantigens for treatment of immune disorders patent thumbnailnew patent Cytokines and neuroantigens for treatment of immune disorders
The present invention provides methods of regulating an immunological disorder comprising administering to a subject an effective amount of (i) an autoimmune antigen in conjunction with (ii) an anti-inflammatory cytokine. Compositions including the same are also provided..
East Carolina University
 Analogs of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (pacap) and methods for their use patent thumbnailnew patent Analogs of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (pacap) and methods for their use
This invention relates to novel analogs of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (pacap), which are agonists for the pacap/vasoactive intestinal peptide (vip) receptors: pac1, vpac1 and vpac2 receptors. These pacap analogs can be used as prophylactic/therapeutic agents for a wide range of medical disorders, including (but not limited to) cancer and autoimmune disease.
The Administrators Of The Tulane Educational Fund
 Carboxylic acid compounds patent thumbnailCarboxylic acid compounds
The present disclosure concerns at least one entity chosen from compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof: (i) wherein the variable groups x, r1, r2, r3 m, n and p are as defined herein. The present disclosure also relates to methods for the preparation of at least one such entity, and intermediates useful in the preparation thereof, to pharmaceutical compositions containing at least one such entity, to the use of at least one such entity in the preparation of medicaments, and to the use of at least one such entity in the treatment of conditions such as, for example, allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, viral diseases, and cancer..
Astrazeneca Aktiebolag
 Protein biomarkers and therapeutic targets for autoimmune and alloimmune diseases patent thumbnailProtein biomarkers and therapeutic targets for autoimmune and alloimmune diseases
A method for characterizing the risk a subject will develop an autoimmune and/or alloimmune disease following tissue transplant includes obtaining a biological sample from the subject, wherein the subject has received the tissue transplant determining in the biological sample a level of at least one protein selected from tables 1-4, comparing the measured level of the at least one protein to a control value, and characterizing a subject as at greater risk of developing an autoimmune disease and/or alloimmune disease if the level of at least one protein determined is increased or decreased compared to the control value.. .
Case Western Reserve University

Nanocell drug delivery system

Nanocells allow the sequential delivery of two different therapeutic agents with different modes of action or different pharmacokinetics. A nanocell is formed by encapsulating a nanocore with a first agent inside a lipid vesicle containing a second agent.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Cd40l-specific tn3-derived scaffolds and methods of use thereof

The present invention provides tenascin-3 fniii domain-based scaffolds that specifically bind to cd40l. The invention further provides engineered variants with increased affinity for the target.
Medlmmune, Llc

Methods of treating a patient having an autoimmune disorder by administering a baff antagonist

Therapeutic regimens for administration of baff antagonists for treatment of immunologic and related disorder are described. Regimens involve a short-term baff antagonist administration course followed by an extended no-treatment period prior the round or administration..
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase

Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Pharmacyclics, Inc.

Histidyl-trna synthetases for treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods comprising histidyl-trna synthetase polypeptides or other specific blocking agents for the treatment autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory diseases, including those related to jo-1 antibodies.. .
Atyr Pharma, Inc.

Cyclobutane and methylcyclobutane derivatives as janus kinase inhibitors

The present invention relates to cyclobutane and methylcyclobutane derivatives, as well as their salts, compositions, and methods of use, which are janus kinase (jak) inhibitors useful in the treatment of jak-associated diseases including, for example, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, as well as cancer and myeloproliferative disorders.. .
Incyte Corporation

Substituted fused pyrimidine compounds

The present invention discloses substituted fused pyrimidine compounds of formula (i), their tautomers, polymorphs, stereoisomers, solvates, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, or pharmaceutical compositions containing them and methods of treating conditions and diseases that are mediated by adenosine receptor (ar) activity; the compounds of the present invention are useful in the treatment, prevention or suppression of diseases and disorders that may be susceptible to improvement by antagonism of the adenosine receptor, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, angiogenesis, pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, allergic diseases, inflammation, reperfusion injury, myocardial ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, congestive heart failure, retinopathy, diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammatory gastrointestinal tract disorders, and/or autoimmune diseases.. .
Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited

Cyclobutyl substituted pyrrolopyridine and pyrrolopyrimidines derivatives as jak inhibitors

Wherein x, y, z, l, a, r5, n and m are defined above, as well as their compositions and methods of use, that modulate the activity of janus kinases (jaks) and are useful in the treatment of diseases related to the activity of jaks including, for example, inflammatory disorders, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and other diseases.. .

Amine compound and use thereof for medical purposes

Wherein each symbol is as described in the description, which has a superior peripheral blood lymphocyte decreasing action, and is useful for the treatment or prophylaxis of autoimmune diseases; prophylaxis or suppression of resistance or acute rejection or chronic rejection of transplantation of organ or tissue; treatment or prophylaxis of graft-versus-host (gvh) disease due to bone marrow transplantation; or treatment or prophylaxis of allergic diseases.. .

Sequencing analysis of circulating dna to detect and monitor autoimmune diseases

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are provided for diagnosing auto-immune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) based on the sizes, methylation levels, and/or genomic characteristics of circulating dna molecules. Patients provide blood or other tissue samples containing cell-free nucleic molecules for analysis.
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

Methods and compositions for treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus and related conditions

Embodiments of the present invention relate to compositions and methods of treating type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus or other conditions relating to metabolic dysfunction that may impact insulin secretion or action by administering an islet neogenesis agent in combination with an agent or agents that selectively inhibits, blocks or destroys the autoimmune destruction of pancreatic cells or agents that optimize function within existing islets in patients with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and related conditions.. .
Curedm Group Holdings, Llc

Novel compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of proliferative disorders

The present invention relates to compounds, methods for their production, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same, and their use in the prophylaxis and/or treatment of inflammatory conditions, type 2 diabetes, neurological and/or neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, proliferative diseases (in particular metastatic diseases, and/or cancer), abnormal angiogenesis associated diseases, degradation of cartilage, and/or disruption of cartilage homeostasis, in particular in the prophylaxis and/or treatment of cancer. The present invention also discloses methods of treatment using the same compounds, for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of said diseases by administering the compound of the invention..

Novel compounds

The present invention is directed to novel retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (rorγ) modulators, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing these modulators, and their use in the treatment of inflammatory, metabolic and autoimmune diseases mediated by rorγ.. .
Glaxo Group Limited

Method for improving therapy for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis

In the present invention, a method using a combination of iguratimod or a salt thereof and one or more immunosuppressants is useful as a method for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and with this method adverse effects are lessened. A pharmaceutical composition containing this combination is useful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd.

Cationic liposomal drug delivery system for specific targeting of human cd14+ monocytes in whole blood

This invention concerns a liposome comprising lipids and at least one active ingredient, wherein at least one of the lipids is a cationic lipid; said liposome exhibiting a net positive charge at physiological conditions at which said liposome preferentially adheres to monocytes in freshly drawn blood when compared to adherence to granulocytes, t-lymphocytes, b-lymphocytes and/or nk cells in freshly drawn blood, to a lipid-based pharmaceutical composition comprising said liposomes and their use in monocytic associated prophylaxis, treatment or amelioration of a condition such as cancer, an infectious disease, an inflammatory disease, an autoimmune disease or allergy.. .
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Prevention of inflammatory disorders in domestic non-human mammals

The present invention regards use of a bacterial superantigen for administration onto the mucous membrane of a domestic non-human mammal for the prevention of inflammatory disorder, such as allergies, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.. .
Premune Ab

Methods of modulating immune responses by modulating tim-1, tim-2 and tim-4 function

The invention relates to methods of modulating immune responses in a subject such as by administering to the subject agents which modulate tim-1, tim-2 or tim-4 activity, or which modulate the physical interaction between tim-1 and tim-4 or between tim-2 and a tim-2 ligand. Immune responses include, but are not limited to, autoimmune disorders, transplantation tolerance, and th1 and th2-mediated responses and disorders.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

Methods for amelioration of autoimmune disease using stem cells transduced with t cell receptors from il-10 secreting t cells

Methods, cells and vectors are provided for treating a subject for an autoimmune disease using stem cells transduced with genes encoding t cell receptors from il-10 secreting regulatory t cells. The il-10 secreting regulatory t cells are obtained from a donor of stem cells, the donor having been immunized with peptidic compositions used in the treatment of the autoimmune disease..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Inhibitors of furin and other pro-protein convertases

Disclosed herein are furin/pc inhibitors for inhibiting furin and other propprotein convertases. Method of making the furin/pc inhibitors, chemical and biological characterization of the furin/pc inhibitors, and the use of the furin/pc inhibitors to treat infectious diseases, cancers, and inflammatory/autoimmune disorders, are also disclosed..
Sanford-burnham Medical Research Institute

Benzo lipoxin analogues

Benzolipoxin analogs, methods of their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds are provided. The compounds and compositions are useful in methods for treatment of various diseases, including, inflammation, autoimmune disease and abnormal cell proliferation..
University Of Southern California

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