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Autoimmune Disease patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Autoimmune Disease-related patents
 Quinic acid derivative, process for preparation and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Quinic acid derivative, process for preparation and uses thereof
The present invention relates to a quinic acid derivative, preparation process of the same and pharmaceutical uses thereof. The quinic acid derivative has a quinic acid-like structure which binds to cd28, blocks t-cell signal 2 pathway via cd28, and suppresses t-cell activation.
 Therapeutic compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic compounds
The invention provides compounds of formula (i) or a salt thereof as described herein. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising a compound of formula (i), processes for preparing compounds of formula (i), intermediates useful for preparing compounds of formula (i) and therapeutic methods for treating cancer or treating autoimmune diseases or preventing transplant rejection using compounds of formula (i)..
 Azathioprine oral suspensions and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Azathioprine oral suspensions and methods of use
Compositions of azathioprine oral suspensions are disclosed. Disclosed azathioprine oral suspensions may be used to administer azathioprine to subjects such as children and geriatric patients that may have difficulty in swallowing solid dosage forms.
 Novel compounds useful for the treatment of metabolic and inflammatory diseases patent thumbnailnew patent Novel compounds useful for the treatment of metabolic and inflammatory diseases
These compounds may be prepared as a pharmaceutical composition, and may be used for the prevention and treatment of a variety of conditions in mammals including humans, including by way of non-limiting example inflammatory conditions, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, diseases involving impairment of immune cell functions, cardiometabolic diseases, and/or proliferative diseases.. .
 Treatment of cancer, inflammatory disease, and autoimmune disease patent thumbnailnew patent Treatment of cancer, inflammatory disease, and autoimmune disease
A method of treating cancer, inflammatory disease, and autoimmune disease by administering to a subject in need thereof an effective amount of one or more 1,5-dipenylpenta-1,4-dien-3-one compounds. The compounds feature either or both of the phenyl rings being substituted with hydroxyl, diethyl(2-alkoxyethyl)amine, 1-(2-alkoxyethyl)piperidine, sulfonate, phosphinate, or phosphate..
 Codon signature for neuromyelitis optica patent thumbnailnew patent Codon signature for neuromyelitis optica
The present invention provides for the diagnosis and prediction of neuromyelitis optica (nmo) in subject utilizing a unique a codon signature in b cells that has now been associated with nmo and not with any other autoimmune disease. More particularly, the method may comprise the steps of (a) providing a 10 b-cell containing sample from a subject, or dna or rna isolated therefrom; (b) determining the vh1 and/or vh4 structure of vh1nh4-expressing b-cells from said subject, (c) determining the mutational frequency vh1 and/or vh4 genes; (d) identifying the presence or absence of a codon signature associated with nmo or risk of nmo; and (e) selecting patients exhibiting said codon signature..
 Methods and reagents for evaluating autoimmune disease and determining antibody repertoire patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and reagents for evaluating autoimmune disease and determining antibody repertoire
The invention provides methods and kits for determining an antibody or t-cell receptor repertoire in a sample containing b-cells and/or t-cells, and provides a method for evaluating a patient for the presence of an autoimmune disorder.. .
 Modified epitopes for boosting cd4+ t-cell responses patent thumbnailnew patent Modified epitopes for boosting cd4+ t-cell responses
The present invention relates to immunogenic peptides comprising a t-cell epitope. Said peptides are modified such that cd4+ t-cell responses are obtainable that are much stronger than the cd4+ t-cell responses obtained with the same peptides not comprising said modification.
 Methods for the treatment or prevention of systemic sclerosis patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for the treatment or prevention of systemic sclerosis
The invention is in the field of molecular immunology, more in particular, in the field of the prevention or treatment of autoimmune diseases, more in particular, systemic sclerosis or scleroderma. The invention is based on the observation that ssc patients have an elevated plasma level of cxcl4.
 Preventive and/or ameliorative agent for diseases, stamina enhancement agent, anti-fatigue agent, and pharmaceutical and food and drink using them patent thumbnailnew patent Preventive and/or ameliorative agent for diseases, stamina enhancement agent, anti-fatigue agent, and pharmaceutical and food and drink using them
A purple non-sulfur bacteria useful in preventing and/or ameliorating at least one disease selected from the group consisting of inflammatory diseases, allergic diseases, and autoimmune diseases and having high safety is provided. A preventive and/or ameliorative agent is for at least one disease selected from the group consisting of inflammatory diseases, allergic diseases, and autoimmune diseases and includes at least one of a purple non-sulfur bacteria and a culture material obtained by culturing the purple non-sulfur bacteria.
new patent Camptothecin conjugates of anti-cd22 antibodies for treatment of b cell diseases
Disclosed herein are compositions and methods of use comprising combinations of anti-cd22 antibodies with a therapeutic agent. The therapeutic agent may be attached to the anti-cd22 antibody or may be separately administered, either before, simultaneously with or after the anti-cd22 antibody.
Benzoimidazol-2-yl pyrimidine modulators of the histamine h4 receptor
Benzoimidazol-2-yl pyrimidines, purification methods for the same, and pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of disease states, disorders, and conditions mediated by h4 receptor activity, including allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and pruritus.. .
Method of making monomethyl fumarate
Methods of making monomethyl fumarate, which can then also be used in methods of making prodrugs of monomethyl fumarate, are disclosed. Monomethyl fumarate and prodrugs of monomethyl fumarate are useful for treating neurodegenerative, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, irritable bowel disorder, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, parkinson's disease, huntington's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis..
Triazolopyridine derivatives as a tyrosine kinase inhibitor
Provided is a novel triazolopyridine derivative having irreversible tyrosine kinase inhibiting activities, and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the same which can be useful for prevention or treatment of inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, proliferative diseases or hyperproliferative diseases, immunologically mediated diseases, cancers or tumors.. .
Antispasmodic 1,2-diols and 1,2,3-triols
The present invention is directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising antispasmodic c4-c8aliphatic-1,2-diols and c4-c8aliphatic-1,2,3-triols and their use to relieve the spasms associated with pain. These agents may be administered topically or orally and may be combined with anti-inflammatory agents such as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or a corticosteroid.
Method for increasing specificity of diagnostic tests for autoimmune diseases
Provided is a method for increasing the specificity of an antibody-based test to help in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases by contacting a subject's sample with a blocking antigen prior interfering antibody present in the sample. More specifically, a method for increasing specificity of an antibody-based autoimmune disease assay comprising the steps of providing a sample from a subject, contacting the sample with a dfs70 derived antigen, reacting the sample with an autoimmune disease target and detecting antibodies to the autoimmune disease target is disclosed..
Egfr and par2 regulation of intestinal permeability
The present invention provides methods for diagnosing an immune-mediated disease, e.g., an autoimmune disease, an allergy or an inflammatory disease. Diagnosis is made by detecting a heterozygous or homozygous genotype of haptoglobin 2 or by detecting and quantifying pre-haptoglobin 2 mrna or protein.
Nanocell drug delivery system
Nanocells allow the sequential delivery of two different therapeutic agents with different modes of action or different pharmacokinetics. A nanocell is formed by encapsulating a nanocore with a first agent inside a lipid vesicle containing a second agent.
Processes for the preparation of (r)-2-(7-(4-cyclopentyl-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzyloxy)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocyclopenta[b]indol-3-yl)acetic acid and salts thereof
The present invention relates to processes and intermediates useful in the preparation of (r)-2-(7-(4-cyclopentyl-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzyloxy)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocyclopenta[b]indol-3-yl)acetic acid of formula (ia) and salts thereof, an s1p1 receptor modulator that is useful in the treatment of s1p1 receptor-associated disorders, for example, diseases and disorders mediated by lymphocytes, transplant rejection, autoimmune diseases and disorders, inflammatory diseases and disorders (e.g., acute and chronic inflammatory conditions), cancer, and conditions characterized by an underlying defect in vascular integrity or that are associated with angiogenesis such as may be pathologic (e.g., as may occur in inflammation, tumor development and atherosclerosis).. .
Diamino-pyridine, pyrimidine, and pyrazine modulators of the histamine h4 receptor
Diamino-pyridine, pyrimidine and pyridazine compounds which may be used as h4 receptor modulators, and in pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of disease states, disorders, and conditions mediated by h4 receptor activity, such as allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and pruritis.. .
Novel urea and thiourea derivatives
The present application discloses compounds of formula (i) wherein x is ═o, ═s, ═nh, ═noh and ═no-me; a is —c(═o)—, —s(═o)2—, —c(═s)— and p(═o)(r5)—; b is, —o—, —(ch2)3-6—, and o—(ch2)2-5—; d is, —o—, —cr7r8— and —nr9; m is 0-12, n is 0-12, m+n is 1-20; p is 0-4; r1 is opt.sub. Heteroaryl; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and prodrugs thereof.
Applications of an immune system-released activating agent (israa)
The present invention relates to applications of an immune system-released activating agent (israa) polypeptide, which is induced by a nervous stimulus and which has been found to mediate the transmission of signals between the immune system and the nervous system following an immune challenge. Here, the israa polypeptide is for use in a method of treatment of patients with immunodeficiency, immunosuppression or autoimmune disease; cancer; neurologic diseases and disorders; or muscular diseases and disorders..
Polyoma virus jc peptides and proteins in vaccination and diagnostic applications
The present invention relates to the field of vaccination or immunization, in particular therapeutic vaccination, and diagnosis. Pharmaceutical compositions and kits capable of eliciting a protective immune response against polyoma virus jc (jcv) are disclosed, which may be used e.g., for therapy or for prevention of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (pml) and/or progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (pml-iris).
Adoptive cell therapy with specific regulatory lymphocytes
The present invention comprises a method of treatment of an autoimmune disease involving a specific tolerance induction (“sti”) event, wherein the method includes: collecting a first sample from the patient prior to the sti event; detecting an sti event or performing a procedure that correlates in time to an sti event; collecting a second sample from the patient after the sti event; preparing lymphocytes from the first and second samples; preparing and sequencing dna or cdna from the prepared lymphocytes; identifying sequences of prevalent t or b cell receptors (“prevalent receptor sequences”) among the lymphocytes of the second sample; selecting a regulatory lymphocyte that carries at least one prevalent receptor sequence, which selected regulatory lymphocyte (i) expresses at least one prevalent receptor sequence or (ii) is generated from an autologous or allogeneic naïve lymphocyte, which naïve lymphocyte is engineered and induced to become a regulatory lymphocyte that expresses at least one prevalent receptor sequence; culturing the selected regulatory lymphocyte, thereby generating daughter cells of said regulatory lymphocyte; and administering the daughter cells to the patient.. .
Compounds and therapeutic uses thereof
The invention relates to compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods useful for treating cancer, systemic or chronic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity, t-cell mediated autoimmune disease, ischemia, and complications associated with these diseases and disorders.. .
Pyrrolo carboxamides as modulators of orphan nuclear receptor rar-related orphan receptor-gamma (rory, nr1f3) activity and for the treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
The invention provides modulators for the orphan nuclear receptor rorγ and methods for treating rorγ mediated diseases by administrating these novel rorγ modulators to a human or a mammal in need thereof. Specifically, the present invention provides pyrrolo carboxamide compounds of formula (1) and the enantiomers, diastereomers, n-oxides, tautomers, solvates and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof..
Therapeutic agent for autoimmune diseases or allergy, and method for screening for the therapeutic agent
Disclosed is a therapeutic agent for treating a cellular immune disease, comprising as an active ingredient a substance that inhibits binding between sema3a and a neuropilin-1/plexin-a1 heteroreceptor. The substance includes, for example, a sema3a neutralizing antibody, a neuropilin-1 neutralizing antibody, or a soluble neuropilin-1 or derivative thereof.
Novel phytosphingosine derivatives, and composition comprising same for preventing and treating inflammatory skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, and hyperkeratosis diseases
A phytosphingosine derivative of chemical formula ia or ib, and a composition comprising the phytosphingosine derivative for preventing and treating inflammatory skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, and hyperkeratotic diseases. The phytosphingosine derivatives of the present disclosure are involved with transcription factors related to inflammation, autoimmune diseases and hyperkeratotic diseases, the expression and the generation of inflammatory mediators, signal transduction mechanisms, and the expression and the activity of relevant enzymes and the like..
Methods of monitoring conditions by sequence analysis
There is a need for improved methods for determining the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with conditions, including autoimmune disease and cancer. Provided herein are methods for using dna sequencing to identify personalized biomarkers in patients with autoimmune disease and other conditions.
Mutant hsp70i to prevent autoimmune disease
A vaccine and method of treatment suitable for treating autoimmune diseases, such as vitiligo, by using variant peptides representing a sequence of amino acids found in heat shock protein 70. The vaccine includes a peptide derived from inducible heat shock protein 70 and a plasmid containing a full inducible heat shock protein 70 dna sequence encoding the peptide..
Use of pdl1 expressing cells to convert t cells into regulatory t cells
The present invention provides methods and compositions for converting a t cell into a cell that exhibits at least one regulatory t cell phenotype. The converted t cell is generated by contacting a t cell with a cell that is modified to comprise an agent capable of activating pd1 signaling in a t cell.
Human-derived bacteria that induce proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
Species of human-derived bacteria belonging to the clostridia class have been shown to induce accumulation of regulatory t cells (treg cells) in the colon and suppress immune functions. Pharmaceutical compositions containing these bacteria can be used to prevent and treat immune-mediated diseases such as autoimmune diseases..
Anti-human cd52 immunoglobulins
The present invention relates to humanized immunoglobulins, mouse monoclonal antibodies and chimeric antibodies that have binding specificity for human cd52. The present invention further relates to a humanized immunoglobulin light chain and a humanized immunoglobulin heavy chain.
Optical sensor device and image processing unit for measuring chemical concentrations, chemical saturations and biophysical parameters
Optical sensor devices, image processing devices, methods and computer readable code computer-readable storage media for detecting biophysical parameters, chemical concentrations, chemical saturations, vital signs and physiological information such as a malignant condition are provided. In some embodiments, the optical sensor includes an array of photodetectors, where each photodetector is configured to detect a spectrum of light.
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Disclosed herein are pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Crystalline forms of a bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor
Described herein is the bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk) inhibitor 1-((r)-3-(4-amino-3-(4-phenoxyphenyl)-1h-pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-1-yl)piperidin-1-yl)prop-2-en-1-one, including crystalline forms, solvates and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions that include the btk inhibitor, as well as methods of using the btk inhibitor, alone or in combination with other therapeutic agents, for the treatment of autoimmune diseases or conditions, heteroimmune diseases or conditions, cancer, including lymphoma, and inflammatory diseases or conditions..
Silicon-containing fumaric acid esters
The present invention is directed to silicon-containing fumaric acid esters of the formulae i-iv. The silicon-containing fumaric acid esters of formulae i-iv are useful in transplantation medicine and for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and autoimmune-related diseases.
Utility of insulin-like 6 (insl6) for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
The present invention is directed to compositions and methods to treat an autoimmune disease in a subject, comprising an insulin-like 6 (insl6) agent, such as an insl6 polypeptide or variant or fragment thereof, or a nucleic acid encoding insl6 poly peptide or variant or fragment thereof. Aspects of the present invention relate to use of insl6 agents to reduce t-regulatory (treg) cells in the subject and to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in a subject with an autoimmune disease such as a muscle autoimmune disease.
Fusion protein
A new fusion protein which can specifically suppress the autoantibodies, which can effectively prevent or treat the autoimmune disease of autoantibody type, and which can be expressed in an amount sufficient for industrial production. A fusion protein, characterized in that, a protein (x) containing a site recognized by autoantibodies which are a cause of the autoimmune disease of autoantibody type is connected to a protein (a) containing a fragment of the antibody heavy chain constant region which exhibits the antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity with a linker peptide (l) consisting of one or more amino acid(s), wherein the protein (x), the linker peptide (l) and the protein (a) are connected in this order by means of peptide bond from n terminal to c terminal..
Immunoglobulin constant region fc receptor binding agents
Ivig replacement compounds are derived from recombinant and/or biochemical creation of immunologically active biomimetic(s). These replacement compounds are then screened in vitro to assess each replacements compound's efficiency at modulating immune function.
Small molecule inhibitors of stat3 with anti-tumor activity
The present invention concerns compounds, compositions containing these compounds, and methods of using these compounds and compositions as inhibitors of stat3 signaling, stat3 dimerization, stat3-dna binding, stat5-dna binding, and/or aberrant cell growth in vitro or in vivo, e.g., as anti-cancer agents for treatment of cancer, such as breast cancer. The compounds of the invention include, but are not limited to, nsc 74859 (s31-201), nsc 42067, nsc 59263, nsc 75912, nsc 11421, nsc 91529, nsc 263435, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and analogs of the foregoing.
Inhibitors of c-fms kinase
Wherein z, x, j, r2 and w are set forth in the specification, as well as solvates, hydrates, tautomers and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, that inhibit protein tyrosine kinases, especially c-fms kinase. Methods of treating autoimmune diseases; and diseases with an inflammatory component; treating metastasis from ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, hairy cell leukemia; and treating pain, including skeletal pain caused by tumor metastasis or osteoarthritis, or visceral, inflammatory, and neurogenic pain; as well as osteoporosis, paget's disease, and other diseases in which bone resorption mediates morbidity including rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, prosthesis failure, osteolytic sarcoma, myeloma, and tumor metastasis to bone with the compounds of formula i, are also provided..
Her2/neu-specific antibodies and methods of using same
This invention relates to antibodies that specifically bind her2/neu, and particularly chimeric 4d5 antibodies to her2/neu, which have reduced glycosylation as compared to known 4d5 antibodies. The invention also relates to methods of using the 4d5 antibodies and compositions comprising them in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory disorders, and infectious disease..
Mesenchymal stem cells and uses therefor
Methods of treating autoimmune diseases, allergic responses, cancer, or inflammatory diseases in an animal, promoting would healing, repairing epithelial damage and promoting angiogenesis in an organ or tissue of an animal by administering to the animal mesenchymal stem cells in an effective amount.. .

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