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 Techniques for remote communication with a photocontrol device patent thumbnailTechniques for remote communication with a photocontrol device
Disclosed are various embodiments for remote lighting control by a processor of photocontrol device for a light fixture. The photocontrol receives, via a wireless network interface, a request to establish a communication session with a remote device using the wireless network interface.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

 802.1x access session keepalive method, device, and system patent thumbnail802.1x access session keepalive method, device, and system
The present invention relates to the field of communications. Disclosed are an 802.1x access session keepalive method, device, and system.
Zte Corporation

 Method and system for managing security in mobile communication system patent thumbnailMethod and system for managing security in mobile communication system
A method, an apparatus, and a system for solving and managing security problems, which may occur during a handover of a user equipment (ue) between plmns in a mobile communication network, by using a non-access stratum (nas) protocol are provided. By the method, a ue can perform a security mode command and an authentication with a network.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Preemptive authorization automation patent thumbnailPreemptive authorization automation
Techniques are disclosed relating to automating permission requests, e.g., in the context of multi-factor authentication. In some embodiments, based on a change in one or more automation criteria (e.g., based on a mobile device entering a particular geographic region) a mobile device is configured to preemptively indicate to an authorization system to automatically authorize a subsequent attempt to perform an action, without transmitting the permission request to the mobile device., Inc.

 Enhanced secure identity generation patent thumbnailEnhanced secure identity generation
An authentication system includes a first authentication key associated with a first device, the first authentication key having a corresponding authentication level, a second authentication key associated with a second device, the second authentication key having a corresponding authentication level, and an enhanced authentication key generated when the first and second authentication keys are combined, the enhanced authentication key having an authentication level that represents a higher authentication level than the authentication level of the first authentication key and the authentication level of the second authentication key.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Methods, systems, and media for recommending collaborators of media content based on authenticated media content input patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and media for recommending collaborators of media content based on authenticated media content input
Methods, systems, and media for recommending collaborators of media content based on authenticated media content input are provided. In some implementations, the method comprises: receiving a request from a content creator to initiate presentation of broadcasted media content using a media device, wherein the request invites a plurality of users to participate in the broadcasted media content; determining that a user of the plurality of users has interacted with the broadcasted media content, wherein the user has been permitted to interact with the broadcasted media content in response to providing user authentication information; determining collaborator information associated with the user based on the user authentication information; and automatically causing, without user interaction, the determined collaborator information to be presented to the content creator for associating with the broadcasted media content..
Google Inc.

 Device administration system and device patent thumbnailDevice administration system and device
A device administration system includes a device and a first server. The first server transmits restriction information, for restriction on use of a function of the device, and first destination information, indicating a destination of transmission of authentication information for cancel of the restriction, to the device without a request of the device.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Voice and/or video communication patent thumbnailVoice and/or video communication
A method and apparatus for voice and/or video communication are disclosed. The method includes: a primary terminal device searching for one or more secondary terminal devices; wherein wireless communication modules are set in both the primary terminal device and the secondary terminal device; the primary terminal device sending an authentication request to a searched secondary terminal device; after the primary terminal device receives an authentication response of the secondary terminal device, the primary terminal device establishing a connection with the secondary terminal device via respective wireless communication modules to form a communication group; and the primary terminal device and the secondary terminal device in the communication group performing end-to-end voice and/or video communication according to the respective wireless communication modules..
Zte Corporation

 Automated authorization response techniques patent thumbnailAutomated authorization response techniques
Techniques are disclosed relating to automating permission requests, e.g., in the context of multi-factor authentication. A mobile device may display an option to allow a user to automate responses to future permission requests to perform an action., Inc.

 Information processing system, access method, and terminal device patent thumbnailInformation processing system, access method, and terminal device
An system comprises: a first storage that stores access destination information, characteristic information, and first identification information in a manner associated with one another; a transmitter that transmits a captured image of a medium; a first-acquiring-unit that extracts the characteristic information and acquires the access destination information and the first identification information associated with the characteristic information, access based on the access destination information being controlled by an authentication device comprising a second storage that stores second identification information allocated to each medium, third identification information corresponding to the first identification information, and collation information indicating an access source in a manner associated with one another; a second-acquiring-unit that acquires fourth identification information allocated to each medium from the captured image; and an access unit that transmits the first identification information, the fourth identification information, and the collation information when accessing an access destination indicated by the access destination information.. .
Ricoh Company, Limited

Subscriber management using a restful interface

A controller provides authentication, authorization, and accounting (aaa) services for a network, the controller comprising a control unit having one or more processors and a representational state transfer (rest) interface executed by the control unit to receive application data that specifies an interface method and a resource identifier for a resource, the resource identifier conforming to a subscriber management resource model. The rest interface determines, based on the resource identifier, a record for a subscriber management construct corresponding to the resource.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Authentication system, authentication method, authentication apparatus, and recording medium

An authentication system includes a communications terminal, an authentication apparatus providing a function to the communications terminal using an access token, a first request part requesting the authentication apparatus to transmit client information for issuing the access token, a first transmitter generating the client information to be transmitted to the communications terminal in response to the request from the first request part, a second request part transmitting the client information to the authentication apparatus and requesting the authentication apparatus to provide the access token, a determination part determining whether the received client information is the client information transmitted from the first transmitter in response to the request from the second request part, a generator generating the access token when determining that the received client information is the client information transmitted from the first transmitter, and a second transmitter transmitting the generated access token to the communications terminal.. .

Enterprise authentication via third party authentication support

Methods and systems are disclosed for providing approaches to enterprise authentication via third party authentication support. The methods and systems may include transmitting, by a computing device to an authentication device, a request to authenticate a client device application via a forms login protocol, and transmitting, by the computing device to the client device application, a first credential form retrieved from an authentication device generated by an extension device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Smartcard based multifactor banking authentication

A multifactor authentication (mfa) enforcement server provides multifactor authentication services to users and existing services. During registration, the mfa enforcement server changes a user's password on an existing service to a password unknown to the user.
Tyfone, Inc.

Integrated circuit device that includes a secure element and a wireless component for transmitting protected data over a local point-to-point wireless communication connection

An integrated circuit device that includes a wireless component and a secure element is herein disclosed and enabled. The integrated circuit device includes a protected memory area for storing protected data that is implemented to be not accessible by a user, but is accessible by a memory controller included in the integrated circuit device.
Flexiworld Technologies, Inc.

Method and network node for obtaining a permanent identity of an authenticating wireless device

A network node, such as a wi-fi access point/authenticator, is able to obtain a permanent device identity of a wireless device requesting authentication, in case the wireless device has only provided an alias. This is achieved by the network node intercepting an authentication message from the wireless device, wherein the authentication message includes a signaled identity of the wireless device, and extracts the signaled identity.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Wearable electronic devices

Wearable electronic device technology is disclosed. In an example, a wearable electronic device can include a handling portion that facilitates donning the wearable electronic device on a user.

Method, system and authentication using application

The present invention relates to a method, system and apparatus for authentication using an application. Particularly, this invention can use an integrated id by acquiring a reliable relationship between applications installed in a single terminal, or can perform the authentication of other applications by sharing authentication information through a representative application among applications.
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

Cloud authentication

A cloud authentication system is disclosed. A request for an authentication setup for a first user of a first service provider is received.
Ravenwhite Inc.

Automated authorization response techniques

Techniques are disclosed relating to automating permission requests, e.g., in the context of multi-factor authentication. In some embodiments a mobile device receives permission requests that specify sets of one or more automation criteria., Inc.

Authenticating a data access request to a dispersed storage network

A method includes sending, by a user device, a plurality of data access requests to storage units. The method further includes sending, by one the storage units, an authentication request to an authenticating module.
Cleversafe, Inc.

Queue management and load shedding for complex authentication schemes

Using a stochastic queuing model to determine adjustments to be made to authentication system operation. In light of operational parameter values and the stochastic queuing model, a determination is made that adjusting the value of a particular parameter for handling authentication requests is likely to improve some aspect of system performance, and the request handling parameter is adjusted accordingly..
International Business Machines Corporation

Providing secure seamless access to enterprise devices

In an embodiment, a system includes at least one processor having at least one core including a reservation control logic to receive a request from a user device for access at a future time to an enterprise device. The reservation control logic may grant a reservation to the user device to enable the access and schedule delivery of an authentication message to the user device including a credential to enable the user device to set up an ad hoc wireless connection with the enterprise device at the future time, without involvement of a user of the user device.

Cryptographic web service

A system that supports cryptographic web services is provided. A program running on program computing equipment may call a local cryptographic function.
Voltage Security,inc.

System for, and , authenticating a supplicant, and distributing group keys to group members, in a multi-hop wireless communications network with enhanced security

An authenticator receives an authentication request from a supplicant requesting access to a wireless multi-hop network, and forwards the authentication request to one or more relays operative for relaying the authentication request to an authentication server. The server generates an authenticator key known to the authenticator, generates a supplicant key known to the supplicant, encrypts the supplicant key with the authenticator key, and transmits an authentication success message with the encrypted supplicant key to the authenticator to enable the supplicant to be added to the network without any relay having knowledge of the supplicant key.
Motorola Solutions, Llc.

Face based secure messaging

In an embodiment, a system includes at least one core and a trusted execution environment (tee) to conduct an identity authentication that includes a comparison of streamed video data with previously recorded image data. Responsive to establishment of a match of the streamed video data to the previously recorded image data via the comparison, the tee is to generate an identity attestation that indicates the match.
Intel Corporation

Cleartext gateway for secure enterprise communications

A gateway computing system includes a memory storing cleartext gateway software and a programmable circuit communicatively connected to the memory. The programmable circuit is configured to execute computer-executable instructions including the cleartext gateway software.
Unisys Corporation

Protecting customer virtual local area network (vlan) tag in carrier ethernet services

In the subject system, a customer virtual local network (vlan) tag is protected using, for example, media access control security (macsec). Macsec authentication is performed on a packet by including the vlan tag in an integrity check value (icv) computation.
Broadcom Corporation

Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium

An information processing device including a communication interface that exchanges data with a first device and a second device; and a processor that performs authentication of the first device; receives content data from the first device via the communication interface; and controls the communication interface to send the content data in real time to the second device based on an access control setting, which indicates a restriction on sending the content data.. .
Sony Corporation

Network gateway configuration

Methods, systems, and computer program products for configuring wireless local area network gateways to provide visitors with network access, are provided. A nearby client device of a user is provided a first level of access through the wireless local area network gateway to access a cloud-based service provider in a remote network.
Google Inc.

Backup and invalidation of authentication credentials

A method for a re-issuance of an attribute-based credential of an issuer of the attribute-based credential for a user may be provided. The user is holding backup values derived from a first credential previously obtained from the issuer, wherein the first credential is built using at least a first value of at least one authentication pair.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and trustzone attested authenticators

A method includes receiving a challenge from an authentication consumer. The method also includes generating for display a figure associated with an identification, a public certificate, and a private key after receiving the challenge.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Secure router authentication

Systems and methods involving secure device authentication using aspects of a zero-knowledge password proof approach are disclosed. In one example, a device may generate a self-authenticating message including its identity and/or its capabilities.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Methods and apparatuses for binding token key to account

A method for binding a token key to an account is provided. The method includes: sending a binding request message including information regarding the account, for a security authentication server to generate a certification link and a first token key corresponding to the account; receiving the certification link and the first token key from the server; generating display information based on the certification link and the first token key; receiving encrypted information from the server, wherein the encrypted information is generated according to the first token key and included in an access request message from a mobile terminal to the server; obtaining a second token key based on the encrypted information; determining that the second token key matches the first token key; and sending a binding success message to the server..
Xiaomi Inc.

Power line communication (plc) network nodes using cipher then segment security

Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for a cipher then segment approach in a power line communication (plc). A node or device generates frames to be transmitted to a destination node in the plc network.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Handshake authenticated coded locked container

A system and method for a handshake authenticated coded locked container are provided. In example embodiments, a digitally encoded lock mechanism that is used by a sender to lock a container before shipping is determined.

Method and performing authentication services

A method of authenticating information associated with a consumer in connection with a third party transaction is disclosed and includes receiving transaction information descriptive of a transaction initiated between a consumer and a third party. The method may include determining a type verification to be performed based on the transaction information, and receiving an input associated with authentication of information associated with the consumer.
Moneygram International, Inc.

Secure authentication system and method

Apparatuses, methods, and systems pertaining to the verification of portable consumer devices for 3-d secure systems are disclosed. In one implementation, a verification token is coupled to a computer by a usb connection so as to use the computer's networking facilities.

Systems and methods for transaction pre authentication

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for mobile-based transaction pre-authorization. One example method comprises receiving, from a device (such as a mobile device), a pre-authorization request including at least selection of a payment method, and generating a pre-authorization for a purchase based on the selected payment method.
Capital One Financial Corporation

Automatic payment code display system

Automatic payment code display systems and methods include a user device detecting a beacon system at a physical merchant location. The user device establishes a background communication process with the beacon system that occurs without user intervention subsequent to detecting the beacon system.
Ebay Inc.

Face authentication device and face authentication method

A face authentication device has a face image acquisition unit that continuously acquires face images of a user, a user identification unit that identifies the user based on a first face image acquired by the face image acquisition unit, a parameter acquisition unit that acquires a face parameter based on a second face image acquired by the face image acquisition unit, the face parameter being a parameter associated with a facial expression or a face direction of the user, a tracking unit that extracts a region of a part of a face included in the first face image, and to track the region between the plurality of continuously-acquired face images, and an authentication unit that makes a determination of successful authentication when the user identified by the user identification unit is a registered user, when the acquired face parameter satisfies a predetermined condition.. .
Omron Corporation

Digitised handwritten signature authentication

A method is provided for creating a contextualized, digitized signature, which is representative of a signature made by a user on a signature input device for a given action. The method includes: obtaining at least one piece of data relative to a context; obtaining a signature, delivering a digitized signature; and combining the digitized signature and the at least one piece of context data, delivering the contextualized, digitized signature..
Ingenico Group

One time password generation device and authentication method using the same

Disclosed are a one time password generation device and an authentication method. The one time password generation device includes: a reference information generator that generates reference information; a virtual input means generator that generates a virtual input means in which a blank is provided; and a password generator that generates a one time password using an initial value, reference information, and a blank..

Center device

A center device communicates with one or more controller devices operated by one or more users. The center device is operable to: execute at least one application program; detect a respective connection with each of the one or more controller devices and to select one of the one or more controller devices for authentication; query the user of the selected one of the controller devices for requested authentication information; receive, from the selected one of the controller devices, authentication information provided by the user of the selected one of the controller devices; and permit the execution and manipulation of the output of the application program only when the authentication information provided by the user, and received from, the selected one of the controller devices matches the requested authentication information..
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Authentication method using liveness verification

An authentication method requires receiving an order from a server to perform an act which is then verified by the server for liveness. The act may comprise shining a color on an object such as the face of the user, holding a flash at a particular location or a combination of these and other similar acts..
Brivas Llc

Systems and methods for granting access to a computing device using a wearable device

Certain embodiments herein relate to authenticating access to a computing device by a user. Such authentication can be performed by processing information received from a wearable device transmitting a signal, including access credentials data, through the user's body to a computing device in electrical contact with the computing device.

Authentication system that utilizes biometric information

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a highly accurate authentication system in a biometric authentication system. The authentication system includes: a measurement device that acquires biometric modality information from a living body of a first user; an input unit that generates at least one item of input information from the biometric modality information; a storage device that stores first feature information acquired from the biometric modality information of the first user, and second feature information acquired based on a correlation between the biometric modality information of the first user and biometric modality information of a second user; and an authentication unit that authenticates the first user by collating the input information with the first feature information and collating the input information with the second feature information..
Hitachi, Ltd.

User identity authentication techniques for on-line content or access

On-line course offerings can be made available to users using computational techniques that reliably authenticate the identity of individual student users during the course of the very submissions and/or participation that will establish student user proficiency with course content. authentication methods and systems include applications of behavioral biometrics..
Kadenze, Inc.

Method, module, and computer program product for identifying user of mobile device

A module for authenticating a user of a mobile device. The mobile device has an orientation sensor and a touch screen sensor.
National Central University

Online biometric authentication without saving biometric data

The invention provides a device and a method for biometric user authentication during client-server communication. The device is a sensor for recording of a user's biometric data and an access card which belongs to the user.

System and dynamically generated challenge-response passwords

A device and method for challenge-response authentication are described herein. A challenge may be presented to a user on a computing device that includes visual information.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Activating display and performing user authentication in mobile terminal with one-time user input

Disclosed is a mobile terminal including a touch screen display, a power button and an activation button for turning on the touch screen display. Upon detection of one-time pressing of the activation button while the touch screen display is turned off, the terminal is configured to turn on the touch screen display and perform a fingerprint authentication function in addition to turning on the touch screen display.
Firstface Co., Ltd.

Image forming apparatus and image forming method

An image forming apparatus may include an image forming unit configured to form an image on a printing medium and a control unit configured to perform at least one of a user authentication operation, an image forming preparation operation, and an image forming operation according to distance information between a portable electronic device and the image forming apparatus.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Printer and consumables

If an authentication unit authenticates the consumables manager, a determination unit determines whether or not a ink cartridge is past a recommended use-by date, which is calculated from the manufacturing date the recommended stop period and the like, based on the recommended use-by date and the number of days that have elapsed since the manufacturing date of the ink cartridge. Then, a notification unit displays a message as a warning on an operation panel, the message indicating that the ink cartridge is close to its use-by date, if the determination unit determines that the ink cartridge is past the recommended use-by date, and if the warning cycle has passed since the warning point of the last warning issuance judged from the warning information stored in a memory in the ink cartridge and the warning cycle stored in a memory..
Riso Kagaku Corporation

Device pairing

A technique for facilitating connection establishment between wireless devices is provided. According to an example embodiment, the technique comprises storing, at an apparatus for wireless communication, one or more default authentication keys for authenticating a wireless device that is not paired with the apparatus; selectively operating the apparatus in one of predefined states, said states comprising at least a first state where the apparatus is connectable but not discoverable by other wireless devices; verifying, in response to having received, when the apparatus is operated in said first state, a connection request from a first wireless device that is not paired with the apparatus, whether at least one of said authentication keys is a valid authentication key for said first wireless device, and establishing, in response to having found at least one of said authentication keys to be a valid authentication key for said first wireless device, an authenticated connection with said first wireless device..
Nokia Technologies Oy

Wireless connection system and wireless connection method

A wireless connection system having at least one host device and at least one client device is disclosed. The client device is brought close to the host device, near field wireless communications are performed and an authentication process of authenticating the client device is performed with connection setting information through the near field wireless communications when wireless communications are performed between the host device and the client device based on a predetermined wireless communication standard.
Sony Corporation

Classification of unauthenticated ip users in a layer-2 broadband aggregation network and optimization of session management in a broadband network gateway

A network device, method, and computer program product to perform an operation, the operation comprising defining, in a routing device, a data channel for unauthenticated devices on a virtual local area network (vlan), wherein the data channel is associated with a reserved media access control (mac) address, receiving a first sign of life (fsol) packet from a device, and upon determining that an authentication process for the device has failed, sending, by the routing device to the device, an unsolicited link layer advertisement with the reserved mac address as the link layer address for the data channel.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Simplified mobile communication device

A first communication device is detected as being substantially collocated with a second communication device using a short-range wireless network. A connection is established between the first and second communication devices over the short-range wireless network.
Mcafee, Inc.

System and unified authentication in communication networks

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method comprising authenticating, by a server comprising a processor, a communication device to a first communication network, in accordance with authentication information stored in a first repository of the first communication network. The method also comprises determining, by the server, that a second communication network is accessible to the communication device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Method and device for authenticating a mobile station on an alternative communications network

A method of authenticating a mobile station on an alternate communications network is disclosed, the mobile station being associated with a default communications network. The mobile station comprises a baseband processor to manage the antenna-related functions and a sim card to accommodate a default sim associated with the default communications network for receiving network credentials from the baseband processor.
Knowroaming Ltd

Method and optimizing internet communications

An apparatus and a method by a terminal in a wireless communication system are provided. The method includes transmitting first information including a public land mobile network identifier (plmn id) for a sponsored service, to a first server operated by a service provider, receiving, in response to the first information, second information including a token related to the sponsored service from the first server, transmitting third information requesting the sponsored service based on the token to a second server operated by a network operator corresponding to the plmn id, and receiving authentication information from the second server..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Creation and consumption of transient user profiles

Transient user profiles are generated and broadcast to nearby recipient devices. In some implementations, a transient user profile is generated from a master user profile that includes user information.
Apple Inc.

Dynamic authentication using distributed mobile sensors

Systems and techniques are provided for dynamic authentication using distributed mobile sensors. According to an embodiment of the disclosed subject matter, signals may be received from sensors.
Google Inc.

Enabling user entropy encryption in non-compliant mobile applications

Methods and systems for preventing unsecured mobile applications from accessing encrypted resources are presented. In some embodiments, a mobile device may determine that a background process associated with a mobile application is requesting to access an encrypted resource.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Secure communications methods for use with entrepreneurial prediction systems and methods

Secure communications methods for use with entrepreneurial prediction systems and methods are provided herein. An example method can include a two factor authentication of both a communications channel used by the entrepreneur (either by device or message attributes) and an identification of an identity of the entrepreneur from biometric parameters.
Kountable, Inc.

Electrocardiogram (ecg) biometric authentication

Electrocardiogram, better known as ecg or ekg, is a method used to measure and record the electrical potential generated by the heart on the skin. Ecg data is unique to a user and can be used for authentication systems such as access or financial cards or for granting access to computing devices such as mobile devices.

Authentication and authorization using device-based validation

A method includes authenticating a user of a client device and sending a response to the client device. The response includes browser code configured to retrieve respective first values for a plurality of device properties from the client device.
Ca, Inc.

Credential collection in an authentication server employing diverse authentication schemes

An aspect of the present invention facilitates flexible credential collection in an authentication server employing diverse authentication schemes. In an embodiment, an access manager in the authentication server determines that an authentication scheme is to be used for allowing access to a resource requested by a user.
Oracle International Corporation

Authentication to a remote server from a computing device having stored credentials

authentication to a remote-server from a computing device having stored credentials for the remote server is described. In one example, a method of authenticating a user to a remote server through a client application executing on a computing device includes: receiving, by the client application, a request to authenticate the user to the remote server using credentials stored on the computing device; prompting, by the client application, the user for gesture-based password; authenticating, by the client application, the gesture-based password; and sending, by the client application, the stored credentials to the remote server for authentication in response to successful authentication of the gesture-based password..
Vmware, Inc.

Methods, apparatuses & computer program products for utilizing visual authentication tokens as cross-platform credentials

An apparatus is provided for facilitating cross-platform authentication. The apparatus may include at least one memory and at least one processor configured to detect that a visual token includes data indicating one or more authentication credentials for accessing a communication device in response to scanning the visual token.
United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.

Continuous authentication confidence module

Generally, this disclosure describes a continuous authentication confidence module. A system may include user device including processor circuitry configured to determine presence data; a confidence factor including at least one of a sensor configured to capture sensor input and a system monitoring module configured to monitor activity of the user device; memory configured to store a confidence score and an operating system; and a continuous authentication confidence module configured to determine the confidence score in response to an initial authentication of a specific user, update the confidence score based, at least in part, an expectation of user presence and/or selected presence data, and notify the operating system that the authentication is no longer valid if the updated confidence score is within a tolerance of a session close threshold; the initial authentication configured to open a session, the confidence score configured to indicate a current strength of authentication during the session..
Intel Corporation

System and supporting security in a multitenant application server environment

In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method for providing security in a multitenant application server environment. In accordance with an embodiment, per-partition security configuration includes: per-partition security realm (including configuration for authentication, authorization, credential mapping, auditing, password validation, certificate validation, and user lockout); ssl configuration, including keys, certificates, and other configuration attributes; and access control for partition and global resources.
Oracle International Corporation

Participation thresholding for extending communication security functionality

Systems and methods can support change management thresholds within human machine interfaces. An operation or feature may be introduced into a multi-user information system where a benefit is conveyed to specific benefited instances of events.
Targetproof, Llc

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