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Authentication patents


This page is updated frequently with new Authentication-related patent applications.

 Connecting a circuit-switched wireless access network to an ip multimedia subsystem patent thumbnailConnecting a circuit-switched wireless access network to an ip multimedia subsystem
A network device performs a delayed registration in connection with phone call setup, if the network device does not know a phone number of a user in question at the time of updating the location updating. In addition, the network device performs user authentication and creates and maintains an encrypted and secure network connection between the network device and an ip multimedia subsystem by using data security mechanisms of a terminal of the ip multimedia subsystem and the authentication and data security parameters of the terminal received from the ip multimedia subsystem..
Intermec Ip Corp.

 Method and system of device-to-device tunnel establishment between small cells patent thumbnailMethod and system of device-to-device tunnel establishment between small cells
Disclosed are a method and a system of device-to-device tunnel establishment between small cells, applied to a wireless backhaul management device, a first small cell and a second small cell. The method comprises: matching the first small cell and the second small cell according to a first discovery response and a second discovery response; submitting a match report; replying with a match report response; conducting a d2d connection authentication procedure between the second small cell and the first small cell; wirelessly connecting the second small cell and the first small cell, conducting a connection test and submitting a connection test report; replying with a d2d tunnel establishment decision according to the connection test report; and establishing a d2d tunnel between the second small cell and the first small cell..
Industrial Technology Research Institute

 Communication management and wireless roaming support patent thumbnailCommunication management and wireless roaming support
A user-operated communication device stores security association information that is initially used to wirelessly connect the user-operated communication device to a first wireless access point made available by a first private wireless network service provider. Assume that the user-operated communication device roams out of a first wireless coverage region supported by the first wireless access point into wireless range of a second wireless access point operated by a second private wireless network service provider.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

 Voice service handover method and apparatus in single radio voice call continuity patent thumbnailVoice service handover method and apparatus in single radio voice call continuity
The present invention discloses a single radio voice call continuity handover method and apparatus. An mme records whether a bearer deletion request message sent by a gateway device is received, and if the mme determines that the bearer deletion request message is received, the mme does not send a bearer deletion instruction message to the gateway device, and does not delete a local voice service bearer resource.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Method, system and  enhancing security of beacon device patent thumbnailMethod, system and enhancing security of beacon device
A method, system and apparatus for enhancing the security of a beacon device are herein disclosed. A service device includes a service communication unit and a service control unit.
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

 Method, system and  enhancing security of beacon device patent thumbnailMethod, system and enhancing security of beacon device
A method, system and apparatus for enhancing the security of a beacon device are herein disclosed. A service device includes a service communication unit and a service control unit.
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

 Triggering a usage of a service of a mobile packet core network patent thumbnailTriggering a usage of a service of a mobile packet core network
A method is provided for using a service of a mobile packet core network in a communication system comprising a mobile device, a node, a mobile packet core network and a wireless radio access network. The mobile device accesses the mobile packet core network via the wireless radio access network.
Vodafone Gmbh

 Communication device with video caller authentication and methods for use therewith patent thumbnailCommunication device with video caller authentication and methods for use therewith
Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a communication device that includes a communication interface that facilitates a call from a user of the communication device to a communication device of a called party via a network, the call including voice communications of the user. An imaging sensor captures video of the user.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Method and device for external operation of a device patent thumbnailMethod and device for external operation of a device
A method for external use of a device having a wireless communication interface by a program of a mobile device. External use is possible only when a key device serving as an authentication token communicates with the program.
Volkswagen Ag

 Security information update system, information processing device, security information update method, and security information update program patent thumbnailSecurity information update system, information processing device, security information update method, and security information update program
A security information update system includes a service providing server and information processing devices, the service providing server including: an authentication information memory that stores a pair of security information and identification information; and a service providing unit that provides a service to the information processing device, and the information processing devices including: a policy acquisition unit that acquires a security policy; a security information memory that stores security information; a process executing unit that transmits a pair of the same identification information and security information to the service providing server and receives a service; an authentication information acquisition unit that acquires security information after update; an update unit that updates security information with the acquired security information after the update date and time; and a prohibition unit that prohibits execution of a process of receiving a service after the update date and time until update with the security information.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Detection of bypass vulnerabilities

A method and proxy device for detecting bypass vulnerabilities in a cloud-computing platform are provided. The method includes identifying an access attempt by a client device to a cloud-based application hosted in the cloud-computing platform; identifying login information corresponding to the identified access attempt; requesting authenticated login information from a central authentication system; correlating the login information corresponding to the access attempt with the authenticated login information; determining, based on the correlation, whether a bypass vulnerability exists; and generating a bypass event when it is determined that the bypass vulnerability has been exploited wherein the bypass event indicates that the access attempt to the cloud-based application has not been properly authenticated..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Fast multicast messaging encryption and authentication

To prevent legitimate message recipients from forging new messages and to encrypt messages for a specific set of recipients (channel), a root key is encrypted and combined with a base session management key to render a combined root key, which in turn is encrypted with a public key of at least one recipient device render a session management key. The public key of each “n” intended recipient device encrypts the combined root key to render “n” session management keys.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc

Monitoring for authentication information

Information stored in a hypertext transfer protocol (http) session is monitored. Based on the monitoring, authentication information in the information stored in the http session is identified..
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

File downloading method, apparatus, and system

The present invention discloses a file downloading method, a server, a download access node, and a distributed storage system, which pertains to the field of communications technologies, and is designed to resolve a problem in the prior art that load on the server increases, and an authentication speed and a response speed for downloading a file are reduced. The file downloading method includes: acquiring, by a server, download permission that is set, and generating an access control list parameter of the download permission; and releasing, by the server, a download link that includes the access control list parameter, so that a terminal acquires the download link and generates a download request that includes the access control list parameter..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for secure online credential authentication

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable medium are disclosed includes for secure online credential authentication. One method includes receiving, over an electronic network, identification information from an identity provider; accessing, from a database, previously stored hashed identification information stored in association with a previous identity provider; comparing the identification information to previously stored hashed identification information; and storing the identification information in association with the identity provider that provided the identification information in the database when the hashed identification information does not match previously stored hashed identification information.., Inc.

Authentication method and authentication system

A controller and a first device perform mutual authentication, create a group key, and share the group key, and the first device is set as a reference device. Thereafter, at a group key update timing when the controller and the reference device update the group key to an updated group key, the controller and a second device, which is not the reference device, perform mutual authentication, and the updated group key is also shared by the second device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Wearable device authentication

A wearable device is used to authenticate a user into a user account at a user device of the user. In particular, the wearable device may include a sensor configured to detect a body chemistry of the user.
Paypal, Inc.

Mobile multifactor single-sign-on authentication

Features are disclosed for authentication of mobile device applications using a native, independent browser using a single-sign-on system. An authentication module within the mobile application can direct the mobile device's native browser to a url to initiate authentication with an authentication appliance.
Secureauth Corporation

Directional sensing mechanism and communications authentication

The present invention is directed toward an rfid device that includes a motion sensing mechanism. The motion sensing mechanism is adapted to sense motion of the rfid device and then selectively allow or restrict the rfid device's ability to transmit messages, which may include sensitive data, when the rfid device is placed in an rf field.
Assa Abloy Ab

Security electric vehicle power transfer

A security method and apparatus for an electric vehicle (ev) power transfer system can prevent abuse of privacy information or financial information which is stored in an in-vehicle controller, and block fee charging and authentication. A security method for the ev power transfer system, performed by a charging controller installed in an ev, includes steps of: receiving an authentication request from a communication controller installed in the ev; authenticating second key information included in the authentication request based on first key information which is learned or stored beforehand; and when the authentication succeeds, starting a charging process..
Hyundai Motor Company

System and low energy double authentication between mobile device and server nodes

Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for bluetooth low energy (ble) double authentication between a mobile device and server nodes. A system using ble authentication can receive at a mobile device, an identifier of a dongle attached to a server that enables wireless communication and can establish a wireless low energy connection with the dongle without paring.
Quanta Computer Inc.

Authentication methods and apparatus

Methods and apparatus for authenticating a user equipment device (ue) requesting services through a session border controller (sbc) are described. In some embodiments the sbc stores the challenge and response for a successfully authenticated ue and uses this information to authenticate the ue when the ue seeks access to a service, e.g., establishing a new tcp connection.
Sonus Networks, Inc.

Systems, apparatuses, methods, and non-transitory computer readable media for authenticating user using history of user

Provided is a system and method for authenticating a user using history of the user. One or more example embodiments provide a system and method that enables a server to perform an authentication or an additional authentication of a user based on use history of the user associated with a service when the server provides the service to an electronic device over a network..
Line Corporation

Determination apparatus, determination method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium

A determination apparatus according to an embodiment includes a receiving unit, an acquisition unit, and a determination unit. The receiving unit receives a request for authentication of identity of a user who uses a terminal device.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Key hierarchy for network slicing

A method is provided for facilitating service-specific security while avoiding a full authentication and key agreement exchange each time a service is activated on a device. Multiple services on a single device and sharing the same session link (e.g., radio link or radio bearer) and the same physical network may nonetheless obtain distinct service-specific network connectivity root keys from which service-specific security/session keys may be derived.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Accessing network services using a network access service

A network access service operates as an intermediary between client applications and network services. The network access service is configured to perform one or more authentication processes required by the network services on behalf of the client applications.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Multi-factor user authentication framework using asymmetric key

A multi-factor user authentication framework using asymmetric key includes a host device, a user agent, a gesture system, and an authentication system. The multiple factors include a user credential as well as a user gesture that indicates that the user is present.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Resource access system and method

A system for enabling an endpoint residing in an external network to perform resource operations on an internal resource, the system including a directory service managing authentication and authorization operations for the internal resource, a gatekeeper device residing in the external network, and a gateway device residing in an internal network. The gatekeeper device is configured to receive a resource operation request from the endpoint, the resource operation request is associated with a user and transmit the resource operation request to the gateway device.
Fullarmor Corporation

Mitm proxy having client authentication support

Methods, systems and computer readable media for a mitm proxy that supports client authentication are described.. .
Avaya Inc.

Vehicle system and authentication method

Provided is a vehicle system constituted by a master ecu and a general ecu. The general ecu attaches a digital signature to transmission data including the data (for example, a digest value of a program) and transmits the transmission data to the master ecu.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and implementing a one-time-password using asymmetric cryptography

A system, apparatus, method, and machine readable medium are described for authentication with asymmetric cryptography. For example, a method in accordance with one embodiment comprises: generating a challenge at a server; encrypting the challenge at the server using a public encryption key; transmitting the encrypted challenge to a connected device having a first connection over a network with the server; providing the encrypted challenge from the connected device to a user device; decrypting the encrypted challenge using a private encryption key corresponding to the public encryption key to determine the challenge; converting the challenge to a converted challenge, the converted challenge having a different format than the original challenge; receiving the converted challenge at the connected device and providing the converted challenge from the connected device to the server; and validating the converted challenge at the server to authenticate the user..
Nok Nok Labs, Inc.

Techniques for authenticating devices in wireless power delivery environments

Techniques are described for authenticating device in wireless power delivery environments. In some embodiments, a request for energy delivery is received from devices.
Ossia Inc.

Geo-location estimate (gle) sensitive physical access control methods of operation

A method operates a server that is coupled to a network controlling door actuators at physical geo-locations. The server receives through a wireless communication network a request to enable physical access at a portal using a secure channel and a geo-location estimate from a mobile device.

Method of and system for verifying authenticity of packaged items

During manufacture and packaging of items whose authenticity is to be verified, the items are marked with individual item characteristics, and placed in a package. A first item authentication code is determined from the individual item characteristics of the marked items.
Zortag, Inc.

Utilizing enhanced cardholder authentication token

Methods and systems for authorizing an online purchase transaction. In some embodiments, during an online transaction a merchant plug-in (mpi) application of a merchant server receives a cardholder authentication message including an enhanced accountholder authentication variable (aav) from an issuer access control server (acs).
Mastercard International Incorporated

System and carrying strong authentication events over different channels

A system, apparatus, method, and machine readable medium are described for performing authentication over multiple channels. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: performing authentication over a network with an authentication service to authenticate a client; responsively generating a token at the authentication service, the token including identification information for the client, a service, and a type of authenticator used for the authentication, the token further including verification data; transmitting the token to the client; transmitting the token from the client to the service, the service using the verification data to verify the token and allowing one or more transactions with the client in accordance with a policy based, at least in part, on the type of authenticator used for the authentication..
Nok Nok Labs, Inc.

Secure multi-factor user authentication on disconnected mobile devices

Embodiments described herein disclose a mobile device system for providing access to a subset of data within an application executed by the mobile device. During a first time period, when the mobile device is connected to a network, authentication information corresponding to a user account with a payment services provider is received.
Paypal, Inc.

Mobile terminal and operation method thereof

A mobile terminal is provided. The mobile terminal includes a display unit, a wireless communication unit to exchange information on payment for a product with a payment terminal, a memory to store the information on the payment, and a control unit coupled with the display unit, the wireless communication unit and the memory, wherein the control unit is further capable of: displaying information for indicating completion of payment authentication for the product, if a condition corresponding to easy payment information comprising a time range and a location range..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method for object recognition and/or verification on portable devices

A method for recognition and/or verification of authenticity of digital, and/or physical objects, comprising the steps of codebook training, object enrollment, and object verification, the latter consisting in object recognition and/or object authentication. The method uses two types of features, of codebooks, and of databases, which are specifically designed for identification, respectively authentication, the identification database and authentication database having different organizations.
Université De Genève

Method and user authentication using raman spectrum

A user authentication apparatus using a raman spectrum is provided. The user authentication apparatus includes a raman spectrum analyzer configured to analyze user characteristic information from a raman spectrum of a user, and an authenticator configured to authenticate the user, based on the analysis..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and detecting biometric region for user authentication

A method of detecting a biometric region, the method including receiving an input image; setting a plurality of regions of interest (roi) corresponding to a plurality classifiers, respectively, the plurality of classifiers corresponding to a plurality of multi-stages, respectively, the plurality of rois having different sizes with respect to each other, each roi of the plurality of rois including a biometric region of the input image; calculating a plurality of similarity values for the plurality of classifiers, respectively, based on the rois corresponding to the plurality of classifiers from among the plurality of rois; and detecting a first biometric region for a user authentication based on at least one of the plurality of similarity values.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

On-screen optical fingerprint capture for user authentication

Example methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for on-screen optical fingerprint capture for user authentication are presented. These allow for the authentication of a fingerprint where the fingerprint image is propagated in a glass layer before being captured by a camera.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and system for marking manufactured items to detect unauthorized refilling

A method for marking a manufactured item is provided, the manufactured item comprising a container and a removable closure for the container, the method comprising: generating a first code for the container, generating a second code for the closure, marking the container with the first code, and marking the closure with the second code, wherein the first code and the second code are interrelated such that at least a portion of one of the first code and the second code can be derived from the other of the first code and the second code. In an authentication process one of the first or second codes or a portion of the first or second code, in encrypted or unencrypted form, may be compared with a value derived from reading the other of the first or second code..
Inexto Sa

In-band peripheral authentication

This document describes techniques (300, 400) and apparatuses (100, 500, 600, 700) for in-band peripheral authentication. These techniques (300, 400) and apparatuses (100, 500, 600, 700) may communicate via a non-media channel allowing host device (102) to authenticate peripheral (106), enable an enhanced operational mode of the host device (102), and/or provide content configured for the peripheral (106) without the use of out-of-band signaling..
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Vehicle network system whose security is improved using message authentication code

A vehicle network system employing a controller area network protocol includes a bus, a first electronic control unit, and a second electronic control unit. The first electronic control unit transmits, via the bus, at least one data frame including an identifier relating to data used for a calculation for obtaining a message authentication code indicating authenticity of transmission content.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Screen sharing server, sharing screen, and program for screen sharing server

A screen sharing server receives a connection request each from a sender's user terminal and a receiver's user terminal, receives an authentication number to specify the sender's user terminal with which a screen is to be shared, in response to the connection request, allows the receiver's user terminal to display a prompt to ask for an input of the authentication number, authenticates the authentication number in response to receiving the authentication number from the receiver's user terminal, receives shared screen data from the sender's user terminal and sequentially transfers the shared screen data to the receiver's user terminal, if the authentication number is correct, detects that the sender's user terminal discontinues transmitting the screen data, and makes an inquiry to the receiver's user terminal with an authenticated authentication number about whether or not to transmit the shared screen data, in response to the detection.. .
Optim Corporation

System and authentication with a computer stylus

A method for securing operation of a computing device operated with a stylus includes recognizing a pre-defined gesture performed by a stylus on a touch screen, the pre-defined gesture defined as a user command to lock an item displayed on the touch screen, determining a location of the gesture, determining identity of the stylus, locking an item displayed at the location determined, and recording identity of the stylus. A method for operating a computing device with a stylus includes receiving a command with a stylus to add restricted annotations to a document, receiving identity of the stylus, linking an annotation to the identity, restricting display of the annotation on the document to a computing device receiving input from the stylus; and displaying the document absent the at least one annotation on a computing device on which input from the stylus is not received..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Continuous authentication of mobile device users

Technology for performing continuous authentication of a mobile device utilizes user activity context data and biometric signature data related to the user. A biometric signature can be selected based on the activity context, and the selected biometric signature can be used to verify the identity of the user..
Sri International

Identification, authentication, and/or guiding of a user using gaze information

According to the invention a system for authenticating a user of a device is disclosed. The system may include a first image sensor, a determination unit, and an authentication unit.
Tobii Ab

System and performing authentication using data analytics

A system, apparatus, method, and machine readable medium are described for performing authentication using data analytics such as machine learning. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: selecting a set of parameters related to user activity on a client device; receiving a request to authenticate the user for a current transaction; responsively calculating a distance between parameters associated with the current transaction and historical parameters from an existing dataset; determining a risk level associated with the current transaction based on the calculated distances between the parameters associated with the current transaction and the historical parameters; selecting one or more authentication techniques required to authenticate the user based on the risk level; performing the one or more authentication techniques to attempt to authenticate the user and generating an authentication result; and updating the historical parameters using the parameters associated with the current transaction and the authentication result..
Nok Nok Labs, Inc.

Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and authentication method

An information processing apparatus includes a plurality of interfaces each capable of receiving identification information identifying a user and input authentication information being a character string that is input by the user and circuitry that identifies one of the plurality of interfaces that has been used by the user to input the identification information and the input authentication information, as a used interface, selects, from among a plurality of items of authentication information for verification respectively provided for the plurality of interfaces, authentication information for verification that is provided for the used interface and corresponds to the identification information of the user, and authenticates the user based on a match between the input authentication information and the acquired authentication information for verification.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Configurable input / output connector in a camera

A camera includes an input/out system and one or more input/output ports. The camera configures the pins of the input/output port according to a default pin configuration.
Gopro, Inc.

Screen sharing terminal, screen sharing, and program for screen sharing terminal

The present invention is to provide a screen sharing terminal which easily authenticates and identifies the other terminals to share the screen, and enables to share a screen with the identified terminals and devices communicatively connected to the identified terminals. Between the screen sharing terminal and the communication terminal that share the screen, the terminals are easily identified by the authentication which is initiated by outgoing and incoming phone call between the terminals through the telephone network.
Optim Corporation

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