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Authentication patents


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 Terminal device, server device, and communication control method patent thumbnailTerminal device, server device, and communication control method
There is provided a communication system that performs a service based on prose under management of a communication operator. A process based on a procedure such as an announcement request, a monitoring request, or match reporting for discovering a proximity terminal is performed based on authentication of a server device operated by the communication operator.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Vehicle based trainable transceiver and authentication of user patent thumbnailVehicle based trainable transceiver and authentication of user
A method for authenticating a user prior to allowing the user to interact with a vehicle-based wireless trainable transceiver. The authentication method includes a separate user's device.
Gentex Corporation

 Communication control method, terminal device, server device, and communication system patent thumbnailCommunication control method, terminal device, server device, and communication system
There is provided a communication system that performs a service based on prose under the management of a communication provider. The communication provider performs a process based on a procedure of an announcement request, a monitoring request or a match report request for discovering a proximity terminal based on the authentication of a server device operated by the communication provider.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Systems, methods, and  geolocation platform mechanics patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and geolocation platform mechanics
Systems, apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture provide for geolocating a user and/or a user device, based on one or more location data sources. Some embodiments may include use of a user authentication process (e.g., a two-factor authentication service) to improve confidence in the determined location of a user device.
Gamesys Ltd.

 Mobile network-based tenant network service implementation method, system, and network element patent thumbnailMobile network-based tenant network service implementation method, system, and network element
A mobile network-based tenant network service implementation method and system and network elements are disclosed. The method includes: an mme of a mobile network performing identity authentication of a tenant network to which ue belongs on the ue; after the ue passes the identity authentication of tenant network, the mme selecting a local exchange node for the ue; the mme transmitting a creation/update message of a local exchange forwarding table to the local exchange node; the local exchange node creating or updating the local exchange forwarding table and generating a forwarding table entry of ue, wherein the forwarding table entry comprises identification information of ue; after ue bearers establishment are completed, the local exchange node writing ue bearer information into the forwarding table entry of ue; and the local exchange node implementing message forwarding of the tenant network according to the local forwarding table, thereby implementing a tenant network service..
Zte Corporation

 Context-related arrangements patent thumbnailContext-related arrangements
In one arrangement, a first device presents a display that is based on context data, derived from one or more of its sensors. This display is imaged by a camera in a second device.
Digimarc Corporation

 Method and  proximal authentication of wireless electronic device patent thumbnailMethod and proximal authentication of wireless electronic device
A method for communicating between devices is presented. The method includes dividing a first public key of a first device into at least two partial keys, transmitting the at least two partial keys through at least two communication channels having different physical characteristics, receiving a second public key of a second device through at least one of the at least two communication channels, authenticating the second device based on the received second public key, and performing secure communication with the second device using a public key generated based on the received second public key..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Cloud-based friend onboarding for wi-fi network communication authentication patent thumbnailCloud-based friend onboarding for wi-fi network communication authentication
Cloud-based onboarding authenticates potential friends on a network associated with a network owner. authentication can be an explicit confirmation of friendship with a real-time approval of a request automatically forwarded to the network owner.
Cloudmondo, Inc.

 Device, method, and system for augmented reality security patent thumbnailDevice, method, and system for augmented reality security
Devices and methods for authenticating a user of a mobile computing device to a content server include establishing a communication session between a target computing device and the content server that is identified by a session id. The target computing device generates a pairing token using the session id, which pairing token may be a two-dimensional bar code such as a quick response (“qr”) code, and presents the pairing token to the mobile computing device.
Intel Corporation

 Architecture and  controller secure message processing patent thumbnailArchitecture and controller secure message processing
A secure messaging communication system. A communication bus communicates messages between transmitting nodes.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Peer-to-peer wireless connection between server computing device and mobile client computing device for authentication and server management

A peer-to-peer wireless connection is established between a mobile client computing device and a server computing device, and information is communicated between the mobile client computing device and the server computing device over this connection. The information is sufficient for the server computing device and/or the mobile client computing device to authenticate the mobile client computing device with the server computing device.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Terminal switching method, access device, terminal, and system

Embodiments of the present invention relate to the wireless communications field, and provide a terminal switching method, an access device, a terminal, and a system. The method includes: establishing, by a first access device, an nfc connection to a second access device; receiving, by the first access device, an authentication parameter that is sent by the second access device by using the nfc connection; and performing access authentication on a to-be-switched terminal according to the authentication parameter, and establishing a second connection to the to-be-switched terminal after the authentication succeeds.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Communication system and controlling the same, image forming apparatus and controlling the same, and storage medium

In a communication system including a first terminal and a second terminal, a management server manages the first terminal and the second terminal, and a relay server relays communication between the first terminal and the second terminal, upon authenticating the first terminal, the management server notifies the first terminal of first authentication information for requesting authentication to the relay server and connection information for connecting to the relay server, and upon authenticating the second terminal, the management server notifies the second terminal of second authentication information for requesting authentication to the relay server. In response to a request from the first terminal, the relay server creates access information and transmits it to the first terminal.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Improved end-to-end data protection

The present disclosure generally relates to the field of network authentication. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a technique of determining a set of authentication protocols for authentication between a terminal and an authentication server of a communication network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium

An information processing system includes an information processing apparatus, a first server, and one or more second servers configured to manage authority to use different applications. The information processing apparatus includes: a first request information transmitter configured to transmit first request information containing application identifying information that identifies an already-installed application, to the first server; a server specifying information receiver configured to receive server specifying information from the first server as a response to the first request information; a second request information transmitter configured to transmit second request information containing the use authority authentication information corresponding to the already-installed application to a second server that is specified by the server specifying information; a use authority information receiver configured to receive the use authority information from the second server as a response to the second request information..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Security device provisioning

The provisioning of a security token object to a user is disclosed. The security token object is used for accessing a computing resource through a mobile device.
Secureauth Corporation

Encryption key updates in wireless communication systems

In an aspect, a wireless communication between a transmitter and a receiver involves determining updated keys according to a key management process for mac layer encryption. Such key is propagated to a transmitter mac and though a receiver key management process to a receiver mac.
Imagination Technologies Limited

Method for accessing communications network by terminal, apparatus, and communications system

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for accessing a communications network by a terminal, an apparatus, and a communications system, relate to the communications field, and can effectively reduce a resource waste on a network side that is caused when wlcp is triggered by a malicious application on a terminal. A first message sent by a second device is received, where the first message includes a second message and an authentication parameter, the authentication parameter is a token or a user datagram protocol udp port number, and the second message includes the encrypted authentication parameter; or the first message includes a second message, and the second message includes an encrypted authentication parameter; or the first message includes a second message and an authentication parameter; and the second message is sent to a terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Embedded authentication in a service provider network

Systems and methods are described for extending the trust relationship established with a network interface device that provides access to a service provider network that includes an ip-based overlay network. The trust relationship is extended to a consumer premises equipment (cpe) device operating on the overlay network.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Enhanced multi factor authentication

In one embodiment, a network element comprises one or more processors, and a memory module communicatively coupled to the processor. The memory module comprises logic instructions which, when executed by the processor, configure the processor to receive, via a first communication channel, a primary authentication request transmitted from a user from a first device, process the primary authentication request to determine whether the user is authorized to access one or more resources, in response to a determination that the user is authorized to access one or more resources, initiate, a secondary authentication request, and transmit the secondary authentication request from the network element to the user via a second communication channel, different from the first communication channel..
Phonefactor, Inc.

Authentication method, authentication system, and controller

A first controller generates a first group key, executes first mutual authentication with devices within a group, and shares a first group key with devices that have succeeded in authentication. At least one controller within the group decides a coordinator that manages a group key used in common in the group, from controllers including one or more controllers and a second controller newly joined in the group, in accordance with attributes of the controllers.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

User login method and system capable of analyzing user face validity

A user login method and system capable of analyzing user face validity is disclosed to request the user provide a digital authentication information containing the username and password and to simultaneously capture the user face instant video streaming, and then to analyze and obtain the valid physiological characteristic information of the user face instant video streaming, and then to get the valid face image from the captured user face instant video streaming, and then to output the valid physiological characteristic information, the valid face image and the digital authentication information for use as valid login credentials, improving the authenticity and accuracy of the login credentials.. .
Solid Year Co., Ltd.

Method of performing one-time password (otp) authentication using color code and otp authentication server using color code

A method of performing one-time password (otp) authentication using a color code is provided. The method includes generating, by an otp terminal and an authentication server, an otp using a reference time, generating, by the otp terminal, a color code corresponding to a binary code representing the otp, displaying, by a display device, the color code, obtaining, by a camera, the displayed color code, decoding, by the authentication server, the obtained color code into the color code and generating a password which refers to the decoded binary code, and performing, by the authentication server, authentication by comparing the generated otp and the password..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Push content to a currently utilized device among client devices

In one example, a system includes an authentication server that is configured to receive an authentication request for a primary application, provide time-based authentication credentials for the primary application, receive an updated authentication request for the primary application, wherein the updated authentication request includes a client device identifier (id) corresponding to a client device from which the authentication request is received, and transmit the client device id; the system may further include a push server that is configured to receive the transmitted client device id, and push an update to the client device having the client device id.. .
Empire Technology Development Llc

Method for managing user accounts in a hosted application

A method for managing user accounts in an application of an application provider, includes: receiving a request for proof of authentication to authenticate a user attempting to access the application, the user being registered with an identity provider having a trust relationship with the application provider; obtaining, from a local database, user data including authentication data and access rights data; authenticating the user by the authentication data; determining the user right to access the application, by the access rights data; determining the existence or absence of a user account associated with the user, by querying an external database managed by the application provider; if the user has the right to access the application and there is no user account associated with the user: triggering provisioning of the user account at an entity, generating a proof of authentication associated with the user, sending the proof of authentication to the application provider.. .

Emulation of federative authentication

A method for emulating authentication federation between a source domain and a target domain. A user in the source domain wishes to gain access to a target application in the target domain.
Authasas B.v.

Strong authentication with feeder robot in a federated identity web environment

Method, system, and programs for performing two-factor authentication for a controlled access application via one or more third-party host verification servers. An example method includes receiving a request to a controlled access application after a user has successfully logged into an enterprise system with a first identifier (id) factor, the controlled access application requiring additional authentication with a second id factor, obtaining first information to complete the second id factor, at least some of the first information being obtained from the user, and generating a first web form using the first information., Inc.

Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium

An information processing device including a communication interface that exchanges data with a first device and a second device; and a processor that performs authentication of the first device; receives content data from the first device via the communication interface; and controls the communication interface to send the content data in real time to the second device based on an access control setting, which indicates a restriction on sending the content data.. .
Sony Corporation

Image based key derivation function

Embodiments of the invention relate to methods of generating and using an image-based derived key. In various embodiments, the image-based derived key may be used to facilitate user authentication and data encryption.

Mobile terminal apparatus and control method

Disclosed is a mobile terminal apparatus including one or more processors configured to execute a process. The process includes storing content data acquired in a specific mode in a storage, acquiring an address corresponding to authentication information at authentication when the content data are acquired in the specific mode, generating a first mail to which the content data are attached and setting the address in the first mail as a transmission destination, transmitting the generated first mail to the address, and controlling deleting the stored content data and a transmission history of the transmitted first mail..
Fujitsu Limited

System and secured password management for industrial devices

An industrial process/safety control and automation system is provided. The system includes a user interface device and an industrial device/controller.
Honeywell International Inc.

Method and system for user authentication

Disclosed are methods and systems for user authentication. User-specific data is aggregated by an authentication system.
Total System Services, Inc.

System and building intelligent and distributed l2-l7 unified threat management infrastructure for ipv4 and ipv6 environments

A security gateway appliance is configured to evaluate network traffic according to security rules that classify traffic flows according to specifically identified application programs responsible for producing and/or consuming the network traffic and to enforce policies in accordance with network traffic classifications. The appliance includes an on-box anti-virus/anti-malware engine, on-box data loss prevention engine and on-box authentication engine.
Symantec Corporation

System and providing network support services and premises gateway support infrastructure

A service management system communicates via wide area network with gateway devices located at respective user premises. The service management system remotely manages delivery of application services, which can be voice controlled, by a gateway, e.g.
Kip Prod P1 Lp

Rfid secure authentication

authentication systems and methods for a population of devices each associated with an rfid tag are described. For each device, a secret key is combined cryptographically with a publicly-readable unique identifier (uid) of an rfid tag to obtain a unique authorization signature.
Covidien Lp

Providing device, terminal device, providing method, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, and authentication processing system

A providing device according to the present application includes a detecting unit and a providing unit. The detecting unit detects a function, from among functions used for communication with an authentication server that authenticates the identity of a user by verifying a signature of authentication result information that is information created by adding the signature using a predetermined key to an authentication result obtained by an authentication device that performs personal authentication on the user and that is information processed by a specific authentication procedure, that is not held by a terminal device that is used by the user.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Secure offline authentication

A user workstation stores a vendor identifier and encrypted data comprising a first string of randomized data, a second string of randomized data, and encrypted text, the encrypted text further comprising a first security answer. The user workstation receives credentials information and a second security answer.
Bank Of America Corporation

Authentication to enable/disable guided surface wave receive equipment

Disclosed are various embodiments of apparatuses, systems, and methods for restricting functionality of guided surface wave receive equipment to unauthorized users. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a network interface adapted to receive a valid key code, and a guided surface wave receive structure configured to obtain electrical energy from a guided surface wave traveling along a lossy conducting medium, wherein the guided surface wave is embedded with a user key code.
Cpg Technologies, Llc

Method of and system for gaming

A gaming system comprising a gaming server, and a plurality of user terminals, the gaming server and the gaming machines being connected via a network; the gaming server providing a database to store a plurality of records, each record having an account number as a key value; each of the gaming machines comprising a biometric interface for requesting a user's biometric data for storing with the account; and means for handling e-wallet cash information of the user; and wherein at least one user terminal is adapted as a cash out terminal to provide cash payout of the users e-wallet to the user upon authentication by means of the biometric interface and the stored biometric data.. .
Novomatic Ag

Device enabled identity authentication

Described is a flexible and customizable physical access control system that allows for a smart device to execute an authentication application that users subscribe to for various physical locations with pre-determined rule sets that correspond to registration information of the physical location's qualifications and rules sets. A user's smart device is used as a credential for large number of locations so long as that location is in the subscriber network..
Tyco Integrated Security, Llc

Consensus based authentication and authorization process

In accordance with one or more embodiments, authorization and/or authentication protects against unauthorized use of devices and/or features. Devices managing authorization and/or authentication may be connected to communications services, such as the internet or a social network.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Device security management apparatus, financial processing system, device security management method, and program

A device security management apparatus includes: a communication unit that communicates with a device, via a network within a building; a memory unit that memorizes biometric information for each of a plurality of operators; a biometric information acquisition unit that acquires biometric information from the device via the communication unit; a biometric authentication unit that compares the acquired biometric information with the memorized biometric information, to identify an operator corresponding to the acquired biometric information; and a device control unit that notifies the device of control information for bringing the device into an operable state in a case where the biometric authentication unit has identified the operator corresponding to the acquired biometric information, and notifies the device of control information for bringing the device into an inoperable state in a case where the biometric authentication unit has not identified the operator corresponding to the acquired biometric information.. .
Laurel Bank Machines Co., Ltd.

Creating, verification, and integration of a digital identification on a mobile device

Described herein are apparatuses, methods, and computer readable media for verifying access of an instance of a digital identification on a mobile device. An exemplary method comprises establishing a first communication channel from a mobile device to a data transformation system; receiving an authentication credential on the first communication channel; verifying the authentication credential; and providing access to the instance of the digital identification.
Linq3 Technologies Llc

Controlling access to data

A system for controlling access to data includes: one or more interfaces operable to receive: an account identifier associated with a financial account and authentication criteria associated with the financial account, the authentication criteria identifying required authentication data based on a value of the transaction; one or more interfaces operable to receive a proposed transaction message, the proposed transaction message including a value of a proposed transaction, an account identifier, and a location of the proposed transaction; one or more processors communicatively coupled to the one or more interfaces, the one or more processors operable to: determine a financial account associated with the received account identifier and determine required authentication data for the proposed transaction based on the received account identifier and received value of the proposed transaction, the required form of authentication including one or more of: biometric authentication and location authentication.. .
Bank Of America Corporation

Virtual payment cards issued by banks for mobile and wearable devices

Provided is a method for issuing single-use and multiple-use virtual payment cards via a mobile and wearable device. The method may include receiving a card issuance request from a user, prompting the user to enter a user authentication information, accessing a user account maintained by a card issuer, generating the virtual payment card based on payment data of the user account, and providing the virtual payment card to the mobile and wearable device.

Device and system for electronic fund transfer

A terminal device for making payments, comprises: a memory containing a stored payment amount; a local communication unit to carry out an authentication handshake with a second device located nearby and to carry out a contactless payment by altering said stored payment amount in a complementary manner at said terminal device and said second device respectively; and a synchronization unit to synchronize said stored payment amount with a server(s) over an electronic network following alteration due to the payment. As an alternative, the second device may be located remotely, and communication with the second device may be via the server..
Tracopay Limited

Authentication systems and methods

A method of remotely activating a transaction device includes receiving, at a computing system, a mobile device identifier from a mobile application executed on a mobile device. A selection of the transaction device is received from the application.
First Data Corporation

Printing apparatus, sheet-processing apparatus, control methods thereof, storage medium, and printing system

The present invention is characterized by requesting a user to login if the user has not been authenticated when executing sheet processing on a sheet with a post-processing apparatus without performing printing by a printing apparatus, authenticating the user in accordance with acquired user information, and, when authentication is successful, causing the post-processing apparatus to execute the sheet processing on the sheet, and recording an execution history of the sheet processing by the sheet processing apparatus as an execution history of the authenticated user.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and the detection of digital watermarks for instant credential authentication

A portable hand-held device for use in authenticating documents includes a camera for capturing images from the document to be authenticated as well as on-board computer-implemented instructions to capture and analyze digitally watermarked images and output an indication as to whether the document is authentic or not authentic.. .
Morphotrust Usa, Llc

Methods and systems for enrollment and authentication

authentication methods for recognition of a candidate person. During authentication, a previously stored enrollment image is presented on a display to a candidate person.

Biometric authentication device and biometric authentication method

A sensor reads an image of a pattern of a living body. A processor extracts a plurality of feature points from the pattern, and calculates a feature amount of each combination of the feature points.
Fujitsu Limited

System and off-host abstraction of multifactor authentication

An information handling system includes a first processor, a second processor, and a third processor. The first processor requests a single-factor authentication from the second processor.
Dell Products, Lp

Instrument control system, instrument control device, instrument control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium recorded with program

An authentication setting device includes an authentication setting unit to transmit a setting request requesting setting of instrument authentication information. An authentication execution device includes: an authentication information generation unit which, upon reception of the setting request, sets instrument authentication information; an authentication unit which, upon acquisition of an authentication request, outputs a collection request requesting collection of instrument attribute information; and a collection unit which, upon acquisition of the collection request, collects instrument attribute information of the time the collection request is acquired, and outputs the collected instrument attribute information.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Authentication system and method

An authentication system and method is provided. The system: (a) provides a keyboard comprising a letters in a m×n format, ‘m’ represents rows, and n represents columns, each row or column includes a sub-set of the letters, (b) provides input receiving identifiers, each input receiving identifier specific to at least one row or column, (c) processes an input on at least one input receiving identifier from the set of input receiving identifiers, (d) identifies a first intended letter from a first sub-set of letters from a corresponding row or column based on the input, (e) repeats steps (c) and (d) until a last intended letter from a last sub-set of letters is identified to obtain intended identified letters, (f) performs a comparison between the intended identified letters with a pre-registered set of letters stored in a memory, and (g) triggers at least one action based on the comparison..
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

User authentication method, device for executing same, and recording medium for storing same

The present invention relates to a user authentication method, a device for executing the same, and a recording medium for storing the same. A user authentication method executed in a user authentication device according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a step of, when image data of a user is received from an image photographing device, detecting a facial area and a facial feature point using each frame image of the image data; a step of performing a face authentication by matching the facial area with a predetermined face template; a password authentication step of detecting an eye winking using an image of an eye area extracted using the facial feature point, recognizing a password according to a state of the eye winking on the basis of a preconfigured reference, and checking whether the recognized password matches with a preconfigured password; and a step of determining that the user authentication is successful, on the basis of the results obtained from the face authentication and the password authentication..

Biometric mobile authentication for real-time communications

The present invention relates to systems and methods that authenticate a user and a mobile device via the mobile device. The systems and methods utilize biometric data for authenticating a user and a mobile device in a network-based environment during a real-time communications session with other network elements and applications..
Securelogix Corporation

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