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Augmented Reality patents


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 System and  broadcast ar layer patent thumbnailSystem and broadcast ar layer
A method is provided for enabling enhanced viewing of a broadcast by a user through an augmented reality device. An application is provided on the augmented reality device which is programmed for acquiring a camera feed of at least a portion of a broadcast displayed on a display device, which includes an ar layer.
Globalive Xmg Jv Inc.

 Digital image processing device and digital image controlling method patent thumbnailDigital image processing device and digital image controlling method
Disclosed are a digital image processing device and a digital image controlling method. A digital image processing device comprises: a camera unit for capturing an object; a communication unit for receiving information of a first camera unit from a first terminal device having the first camera unit; a control unit for generating an augmented reality (ar) image on the basis of the received information of the first camera unit; and an output unit for outputting the generated ar image, wherein the control unit can detect the location of the first camera unit from the image of the first camera unit captured by means of the camera unit, generates in three dimensions a viewing angle ar image, of the first camera unit, indicating the range being captured by means of the first camera unit, and control the output unit so as to output the viewing angle ar image, of the first camera unit, generated on the basis of the detected location of the first camera unit..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Automated review of forms through augmented reality patent thumbnailAutomated review of forms through augmented reality
The present invention discloses a system and method for automatic review of forms with filled boxes in a sheet and digital processing of the image using augmented reality patterns, a form with binary codes on the edges of a printed template on each sheet, an optical device to read binary codes and a central processing unit for processing data from the binary codes. The form includes binary boxes on the edges of a printed template on each sheet.
Invenciones TecnolÓgicas Spa

 Augmented reality contents generation and play system and method using the same patent thumbnailAugmented reality contents generation and play system and method using the same
The present disclosure relates to an augmented reality contents generation and play system. The augmented reality contents generation and play system includes an image acquisition unit configured to include a preview mode in which an image which is input through a lens is displayed on a screen and a shooting mode in which, if an image to be shot is displayed in the preview mode, the image is captured by operating a shooting button and the captured image is converted into an image file; a storage unit configured to store an image which is obtained from the image acquisition unit when the shooting button is pressed and video information which is automatically obtained for a predetermined time based on a shooting point of time; a mapping unit configured to map the image which is stored in the storage unit onto a video which is stored in the storage unit; an augmented reality processing unit configured to recognize an image corresponding to a marker from the image which is obtained by the image acquisition unit, configured to call the video mapped onto the image, and configured to overlay the video on a position of the marker on a screen in the preview mode; and a control unit configured to control a process of generating and playing contents by using an augmented reality contents..

 Apparatus and  providing projection mapping-based augmented reality patent thumbnailApparatus and providing projection mapping-based augmented reality
An apparatus and method for providing projection mapping-based augmented reality (ar). According to an exemplary embodiment, the apparatus includes an input to acquire real space information and user information; and a processor to recognize a real environment by using the acquired real space information and the acquired user information, map the recognized real environment to a virtual environment, generate augmented content that changes corresponding to a change in space or a user's movement, and project and visualize the generated augmented content through a projector..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Automatic modification of augmented reality objects patent thumbnailAutomatic modification of augmented reality objects
For automatic modification of augmented reality objects, a processor identifies an object of interest displayed by an augmented reality device. The processor identifies an obstruction object that obscures viewing the object of interest within the augmented reality device.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Grasping virtual objects in augmented reality patent thumbnailGrasping virtual objects in augmented reality
An augmented reality system which enables grasping of virtual objects is described such as to stack virtual cubes or to manipulate virtual objects in other ways. In various embodiments a user's hand or another real object is tracked in an augmented reality environment.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Interface interaction apparatus and method patent thumbnailInterface interaction apparatus and method
An interface interaction method and apparatus for actively interacting with a virtual interface only by rotating a user head, and pertaining to the field of augmented reality technologies. The disclosure includes obtaining rotation parameters of the user head, where the rotation parameters include a rotation direction, a rotation angle, and a rotation angular acceleration, determining an interaction instruction according to the obtained rotation parameters and a preset instruction determining rule, and executing the determined interaction instruction to implement interaction control of interfaces displayed by a display component.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Augmented reality proximity sensing patent thumbnailAugmented reality proximity sensing
Technologies are generally described for employing proximity sensing mechanisms augmented reality (ar) systems. Sensors strategically placed on ar eyeglasses in locations such as right and/or left arms, bridge, or flip-up feature of the eyeglasses may be used to detect ar eyeglass usage for power management and/or to provide user interface elements like volume control, display controls, user input, and comparable ones.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Beam angle sensor in virtual/augmented reality system patent thumbnailBeam angle sensor in virtual/augmented reality system
A virtual image generation system for use by an end user comprises a projection subsystem configured for generating a collimated light beam, and a display configured emitting light rays in response to the collimated light beam to display a pixel of an image frame to the end user. The pixel has a location encoded with angles of the emitted light rays.
Magic Leap, Inc.

Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, computer program, and computer-readable recording medium

Provided herein is a control method of an electronic apparatus. The control method of an electronic apparatus includes: determining a position of a vehicle that is being operated; detecting information of a guidance point positioned in front of the determined position of the vehicle by a predetermined distance using a map data; generating an object indicating the guidance point using the information of the guidance point; and outputting the generated object through augmented reality..
Thinkware Corporation

Virtual reality smoking system

A virtual or augmented reality smoking system is provided herein. A smoker using the system can experience a virtual reality of smoking by puffing on a cigarette shaped article and experiencing the taste or aroma from the article while simultaneously viewing a generated image of a burning cigarette and exhaled and sidestream smoke.
Philip Morris Usa Inc.

Emergency resource location and status

augmented reality techniques are employed to improve emergency response and related tasks based upon data gathered from wireless monitoring of emergency equipment.. .
En-gauge, Inc.

Dynamically displaying multiple virtual and augmented reality views on a single display

One variation of a method for dynamically displaying multiple virtual and augmented reality scenes on a single display includes determining a set of global transform parameters from a combination of user-defined inputs, user-measured inputs, and device orientation and position derived from sensor inputs; calculating a projection from a configurable function of the global transform parameters, context provided by the user and context specific to a virtual and augmented reality scene; rendering a virtual and augmented reality scene with the calculated projection on a subframe of the display; and repeating the previous two steps to render additional virtual and augmented reality scenes.. .
Dropbox, Inc.

System and augmented reality with complex augmented reality video image tags

Disclosed is a complex augmented reality system implementing a mobile device to display complex augmented reality on a display device. A user captures one or more live images from the display device via a camera on the mobile device, which sends the images to a server.
Bally Gaming, Inc.

Path visualization for motion planning

An augmented reality device includes one or more sensors for imaging and/or detecting an environment and a transparent display for displaying virtual objects. The augmented reality device monitors various biometric attributes of a user and determines the user's location within the environment.
Daqri, Llc

Providing augmented reality service, display apparatus and providing system for augmented reality service comprising the same

A providing apparatus for an augmented reality service includes: a parameter calculating unit calculating camera parameters of a plurality of respective cameras; a mesh information processing unit converting point cloud information based on images obtained from the plurality of respective cameras into mesh information for the plurality of respective cameras and converting the mesh information into a world coordinate for a target space photographed by the plurality of cameras by using the camera parameters; a map generating unit generating a whole map for the target space by considering an area where the converted mesh information for the plurality of respective cameras is duplicated; and an augmentation processing unit augmenting a virtual object to the whole map.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

System for inspecting objects using augmented reality

A method of comparing measured three-dimensional (3d) measurement data to an object is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a three dimensional measurement device configured to measure 3d coordinates of points on the object and a computing device having a camera and display.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Task management system and method using augmented reality devices

A wearable computing device is provided. The wearable computing device includes at least one processor, a display element configured to display augmented reality (ar) content to a wearer, a location sensor providing location information, and a task management engine executed by the at least one processor.
Daqri, Llc

Optical narrowcasting augmented reality

Systems and methods for optical narrowcasting are provided for transmitting various types of content. Optical narrowcasting content indicative of the presence of additional information along with identifying information may be transmitted.
Surefire Llc

Augmented reality device based on recognition of spatial structure and method thereof

An augmented reality device based on recognition of a spatial structure includes: a point cloud normal vector extracting unit extracting a normal vector for a point cloud from image data input from a camera; a plane object segmenting unit segmenting a plane in the image data by using the extracted normal vector; a representative plane selecting unit selecting a representative plane among the segmented planes; a spatial structure extracting unit recognizing a spatial structure by using the representative plane; and a virtual object matching unit matching a virtual object in the recognized spatial structure.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

System and augmented reality reduced visibility navigation

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide an augmented reality reduced visibility navigation system for detecting objects under reduced visibility conditions using a vehicle radar system and an augmented reality display on a windshield or a rearview mirror. More specifically, in one embodiment, a radar-based vehicle control system of a first vehicle detects objects, such as other vehicles, in the vicinity of the first vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Optical engine for creating wide-field of view fovea-based display

Methods, systems, components, and techniques provide a retinal light scanning engine to write light corresponding to an image on the retina of a viewer. As described herein, a light source of the retinal light scanning engine forms a single point of light on the retina at any single, discrete moment in time.
Meta Company

Augmented reality system

A method and system for generating augmented reality images for display on a computing device is disclosed. Embodiments of the method include acquiring at least one visual scene using a camera device of the computing device, the acquired visual scene including at least a first reference marker having predetermined characteristics.
Idvision Limited

Text functions in augmented reality

Various systems and methods for implementing text functions in augmented reality are described herein. A system for implementing text functions in augmented reality includes a display to display a field of view to a user of the system; a gesture detection module to detect a selection gesture performed by a user of the system, the selection gesture defining a selection area in the field of view; a camera array to capture an image of the selection area; a text module to perform a text operation on text identified in the image; and a presentation module to present an indication of the text operation to the user..

Method and system for outputting augmented reality information

A method and system are disclosed for outputting augmented reality information to a first user. In an embodiment, the method includes acquiring first information, including image information, depth information, coordinate information and combinations thereof, the first information relating to at least one of a medical device and a medical examination of a patient; creating the augmented reality information, relating to the medical device and/or the medical examination of the patient, based on the first information; and outputting the augmented reality information such that the augmented reality information is perceivable in a field of view of the first user..
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Numeric keypad encryption for augmented reality devices

Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and systems for numeric keypad encryption using an augmented reality device. The method may include establishing a secure connection to an augmented reality device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Multi-component profiling systems and methods

A multi-component profile is determined for a person. The profile is determined from the analysis of empirical data gather by the person's own digital devices which are used as surveillance devices.

Cooling system for head mounted device

A cooling system is provided for a head mounted device for augmented reality applications. The head mounted device has a visor housing having one or more exhaust vents and one or more intake vents, a motherboard disposed within the visor housing, at least one processor mounted to the motherboard and at least one camera mounted to the motherboard.
Sulon Technologies Inc.

Augmented reality display system with variable focus

A near-eye optical display system that may be utilized in augmented reality applications and devices includes a diffractive waveguide having diffractive optical elements (does) configured for in-coupling, exit pupil expansion, and out-coupling. An electrically-modulated tunable liquid crystal (lc) lens is located between the diffractive grating and the eyes of the user.

Hybrid mobile entity, for interfacing a plurality of hybrid mobile entities with a computer system, and a set for a virtual or augmented reality system

Disclosed is a hybrid mobile entity for a device for interfacing a plurality of mobile entities with a computer system, the hybrid mobile entity including at least one location module including: a unit for emitting an electromagnetic signal making it possible to determine the position of the location module; and a unit for receiving an activation signal and, according to at least one item of information of the activation signal, activating the unit for emitting an electromagnetic signal. The hybrid mobile entity further including: an inertial measurement unit rigidly joined to the location module; and a unit for communication with the device, for transmitting data relative to a movement of the inertial measurement unit..

System and recharging battery in augmented reality game system

In an aspect, an augmented reality game system is provided including a mobile smart device such as a smart phone and a remotely controlled drone. The mobile smart phone device is programmed to display an augmented environment, being the real environment viewed by the camera and a virtual environment superimposed over images of the real environment.
Spin Master Ltd.

Range-gated depth camera assembly

An augmented reality (ar) includes a depth camera assembly (dca) to capture images of various depth zones of scenes of a local area. The dca can focus on specific ranges in a scene, important aspects, and/or regions of interest.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Mobile tele-immersive gameplay

Techniques for displaying an augmented reality environment. Embodiments capture a visual scene for display.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Haptic augmented reality to reduce noxious stimuli

Systems, apparatuses and methods may provide for classifying a physical proximity event with respect to a wearable device based on one or more of a haptic input or a scent input. Additionally, the classified physical proximity event may be correlated with an augmented reality (ar) effect, wherein the ar effect may be initiated via the wearable device.

Transitioning augmented reality objects in physical and digital environments

Described are apparatuses, methods and storage media associated with transitioning an augmented reality object between physical and digital environments, wherein the augmented reality object is embodied in at least two information carrying objects, which information carrying objects comprise a sensor-enabled physical object and a digital object.. .
Intel Corporation

Combining video-based and optic-based augmented reality in a near eye display

Apparatus, including a retaining structure (54), positioned near a subject's eye that has a pupil with a diameter, an optical combiner (52a) mounted on the structure before the eye, and a pixelated screen (60a) having an array of variably transparent pixels coating the combiner. There is an image capturing device (68a) mounted on the structure to capture an image of a scene viewed by the eye, and a projector (64a) is mounted on the structure to project at least one of a portion of the captured image and a stored image onto a section of the screen at a selected location thereof.
Augmedics Ltd.

Body-centric mobile point-of-view augmented and virtual reality

Embodiments of a system and methods for displaying virtual or augmented reality are generally described herein. An image of a user may be captured using a camera.

System and method to modify display of augmented reality content

A system and computer-implemented method of modifying display of augmented reality content are disclosed. The method comprises detecting an interaction between a person and a user of a mixed reality system, the mixed reality system displaying the augmented reality content to the user, the interaction being detectable by the mixed reality system when a gaze interaction of the person is detected as directed towards the user and accordingly a sensor of the mixed reality system; determining an urgency of the interaction according to further interaction between the person and the user; determining that an element of the display of the augmented reality content is obscuring the interaction; selecting a transition effect for modifying display of the element from a plurality of transition effects according to the determined urgency of the interaction, and modifying the display of the element according to the selected transition effect..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Multi-user virtual reality processing

A multi-user virtual reality and/or augmented reality cluster system enabling the projection and tracking of users in a simulated environment is described. The disclosed cluster system enables both timely user action display in the first person and a timely view of a user's action by other participants of the simulation.
Worldviz Llc

Augmented reality recommendations in emergency situations

A method of providing augmented reality recommendations, includes notifying a user about an emergency situation, wherein the notification is provided to the user via a mobile device, and activating a software application on the mobile device to provide an augmented reality (ar) visualization of at least one current event, at least one predicted event and at least one action recommendation in relation to the emergency situation.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for augmented near-eye wearable displays

Wearable augmented reality display systems are provided. One or a plurality of emissive display elements are embedded in the bridge area of an eyeglass frame.
Ostendo Technologies, Inc.

Wide angle beam steering in sunglasses for virtual reality and augmented reality

A beam steering device includes a first substrate; a second substrate that is distinct from the first substrate; a first alignment layer located adjacent to the first substrate between the first substrate and the second substrate, and a second alignment layer located adjacent to the second substrate between the first substrate and the second substrate. The first alignment layer has a first periodic circular pattern, and the second alignment layer has a second periodic circular pattern that corresponds to the first periodic circular pattern.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Text enhancements for head-mounted displays

Various systems and methods for implementing text enhancements in augmented reality content presented in a head-mounted display are described herein. A head-mounted display system for implementing enhancements in augmented reality content includes a see-through display device to display augmented reality content in a field of view to a user of the system, the augmented reality content in an initial format; an accelerometer; and a controller to: detect a trigger event, the trigger event based on motion of the head mounted display system as measured by the accelerometer; and present an enhanced version of the augmented reality content when the trigger event is detected..

Systems, delivery of location-oriented information

An augmented reality guiding system for delivery of to information, including a location server, a database coupled to the location server, and at least one mobile locating device. The database is configured to store target information relating to target points of interest.

Systems and methods to direct foot traffic

Systems and methods for directing foot traffic are disclosed. Crowd data is gathered from one or more crowd data sources to monitor crowd densities of a geographic area.
Intel Corporation

Mixed reality imaging system, apparatus and surgical suite

System and method for use of mixed and augmented reality imaging surgical suite and an augmented reality device are provided. A 2d/3d virtual grid having a head-up display with augmented reality is provided.
Medilux Capitol Holdings, S.a.r.l.

Systems and methods for creating and sharing a 3-dimensional augmented reality space

A 3-dimensional augmented reality (ar) world is a version of our “real” physical world augmented with virtual 3d objects that may be experienced by a user, such as someone who “sees” the virtual 3d objects through a smartphone or special eyewear. A shared 3d ar world is one in which multiple individuals can simultaneously experience the same augmented reality, even if they are not using the same devices.

Augmented reality alignment system and method

Various embodiments of an augmented reality alignment system and method are disclosed. An exemplary alignment system and method therefor may correct for image misalignment, distortion, and image deflection of graphic images that are projected within an operator's field of view.
N.s. International, Ltd

Augmented reality workspace transitions based on contextual environment

One embodiment provides a method, including: receiving, at a head mounted display, data indicating a contextual environment; identifying, using a processor, the contextual environment using the data; and altering, using a processor, data displayed by the head mounted display based on the contextual environment identified, the altered data comprising one or more virtual objects. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

System and delivering augmented reality using scalable frames to pre-existing media

An augmented reality system that provides multi-media presentations super-imposed on and presented in conjunction with a standard printed book. The multi-media presentation may either be superimposed on the printed book itself; or on a scalable frame, called a virtual portal.

Information superimposed image display device, non-transitory computer-readable medium which records information superimposed image display program, and information superimposed image display method

An unusable area selection unit (130) selects, from a photographic image (191) showing an information processing display device, a display area of the information processing display device, as an unusable area. An ar image generation unit (140) generates an ar image (194) by superimposing superimposing information (192) over a photographic image to avoid an unusable area.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

System and tool mapping

A server receives datasets from mobile devices. Each dataset identifies a task selected in an augmented reality application of a corresponding mobile device and an identification of a tool detected at the corresponding mobile device.
Daqri, Llc

Device and testing function or use of a head worn see through augmented reality device

A method and device to create a realistic and flexible test environment for the evaluation of augmented reality application and device. The test method and the test device for testing the function and/or use of a head worn see through augmented reality device by means of a virtual reality environment, comprises a head mounted device.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Head-mounted augmented reality display

Compact and low mass augmented and fully virtual head mounted display designs are disclosed. The disclosed displays employ a display located between the eye and the main optical element of the head mounted display.
Fakespace Labs, Inc.

Augmented reality sonar imagery systems and methods

Techniques are disclosed for systems and methods to provide augmented reality sonar imagery for mobile structures. An augmented reality sonar imagery system includes a portable imaging device, a sonar transducer assembly, and a logic device in communication with the sonar transducer assembly and the portable imaging device.
Flir Systems, Inc.

Robot system equipped with video display apparatus that displays image of virtual object in superimposed fashion on real image of robot

A robot system according to the present invention comprises a control apparatus for controlling a robot, and a video display apparatus connected to the control apparatus. The video display apparatus comprises a display unit which displays an image of a real space containing the robot, in real time as the image is taken by a camera, and an augmented reality image processing unit which causes a virtual image of an end effector or robot peripheral equipment of the robot to be displayed on the display unit in superimposed fashion on a real image of the robot taken by the camera.
Fanuc Corporation

Haptic mechanism for virtual reality and augmented reality interfaces

According to at least one aspect, a haptic mechanism is provided. The haptic mechanism includes an anchoring element configured to be worn about a portion of a subject, a tensioning cable coupled to the anchoring element, and a retraction mechanism coupled to the tensioning cable.
Palm Laboratories Inc.

Powering unpowered objects for tracking, augmented reality, and other experiences

A mechanism is described for facilitating powering of unpowered objects for tracking, augmented reality, and other experiences according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments, as described herein, includes scanning, by a scanner of a computing device, an object, where the object includes an unpowered object, and where the scanner is further to detect a smart tag at the object.
Intel Corporation

Automatic guided capturing and presentation of images

A system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program and a computer-implemented method for facilitating automatic-guided image capturing and presentation are presented. In some embodiments, the method includes capturing an image of an item, removing automatically a background of the image frame, performing manual mask editing, generating an item listing, inferring item information from the image frame and automatically applying the inferred item information to an item listing form, and presenting an item listing in an augmented reality environment..
Ebay Inc.

Methods and systems for providing presentation security for augmented reality applications

In some embodiments, an augmented reality system is provided that provides output security. In some embodiments, an operating system of the augmented reality system provides trusted management support for presenting virtual objects from untrusted applications executing in multiple isolated processes.
University Of Washington

Application latency determination wearable display devices

The present invention relates to latency determination for wearable display devices. In particular, the invention is particularly useful with regards to virtual reality (vr) headsets, augmented reality (ar) headsets or head mounted displays (hmd).
Basemark Oy

Systems and methods for object-based augmented reality navigation guidance

The disclosure relates to augmented reality assisted navigation. More particularly, the disclosure relates to the use of augmented reality display in providing object-based navigation guidance..
Superb Reality Ltd.

Augmented reality system and image processing of obscured objects

A method of displaying augmented reality images for an obscured object relative to a real world scene. An image exterior of a vehicle is captured by an image capture device.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Holographic waveguide hud side view display

A method of displaying augmented reality images as captured by a primary image capture device. An image is captured exterior of a vehicle by the primary image capture device.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Virtual light in augmented reality

A head-mounted display system includes a see-through display that is configured to visually augment an appearance of a physical environment to a user viewing the physical environment through the see-through display. Graphical content presented via the see-through display is created by modeling the ambient lighting conditions of the physical environment..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Adapting content to augmented reality virtual objects

Technologies for adapting content to augmented reality virtual objects include a content consumption device to render selected content and a mobile computing device to render a virtual object within the physical environment of the mobile computing device. The mobile computing device may transfer the virtual object to the content consumption device.
Intel Corporation

Augmented surgical reality environment

The present disclosure is directed to an augmented reality surgical system for viewing an augmented image of a region of interest during a surgical procedure. The system includes an image capture device that captures an image of the region of interest.
Covidien Lp

Augmented reality commercial platform and method

An augmented reality commercial platform is provided to simulate a product in an environment. The augmented reality commercial platform may include a merchant component, consumer component, augmentation engine, illustrator component, and monetization component.
Nimbus Visualization, Inc.

Augmented reality glasses for medical applications and corresponding augmented reality system

The invention describes augmented reality glasses (1) for medical applications configured to be worn by a user, comprising a frame (15) that supports a glasses lens (2a, 2b), wherein the frame (15) comprises an rgb lighting system comprising rgb-emitting devices (16a, 16b, 16c) configured to emit light beams (b1, b2, b3); first optical systems (17a, 17b, 17c) configured to collimate at least partially said beams (b1, b2, b3) into collimated beams (b1c; b2c; b3c); wherein the frame (15) further comprises a display (3) configured to be illuminated by the rgb lighting system (16) by means of the collimated beams (b1c; b2c; b3c); to receive first images (i) from a first processing unit (10); to emit the first images (i) as second images (ie1) towards the glasses lens (2a, 2b), wherein the lens (2a, 2b) is configured to reflect the second images (ie1) coming from the display (3) as images projected (ip) towards an internal zone (51) of the glasses corresponding to an eye position zone of the user who is wearing the glasses in a configuration for use of the glasses. The invention moreover describes an augmented reality system for medical applications on a user comprising the augmented reality glasses (1) of the invention, biomedical instrumentation (100) configured to detect biomedical and/or therapeutic and/or diagnostic data of a user and to generate first data (d1) representative of operational parameters (op_s) associated with the user, transmitting means (101) configured to transmit the first data (d1) to the glasses (1); wherein the glasses (1) comprise a first processing unit (10) equipped with a receiving module (102) configured to receive the first data (d1) comprising the operational parameters (op_s) associated with the user..
Glassup S.r.l.

Augmented reality for table games

A method includes acquiring media content of a wagering game table at a wagering game establishment with a camera of a mobile device. A location of the mobile device is determined when the media content is acquired.
Bally Gaming, Inc.

Apparatus and providing augmented reality interaction service

Provided is a method of providing an augmented reality interaction service, the method including: generating reference coordinates based on a 3-dimensional (3d) image including depth information obtained through a camera; segmenting a region corresponding to a pre-set object from the 3d image including the depth information obtained through the camera, based on depth information of the pre-set object and color space conversion; segmenting a sub-object having a motion component from the pre-set object in the segmented region, and detecting a feature point by modeling the sub-object and a palm region linked to the sub-object based on a pre-set algorithm; and controlling a 3d object for use of an augmented reality service by estimating a posture of the sub-object based on joint information of the pre-set object provided through a certain user interface (ui).. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Interactively augmented reality enable system

Interactively augmented reality enable system includes a wearable interactive display apparatus, and a cloud server. The wearable interactive display apparatus includes a display portion having a visual-field direction, a positioning portion, a transmit/receive module, and a computing module.
Inventec Corporation

Fast interest point extraction for augmented reality

The subject technology provides embodiments for performing fast corner detection in a given image for augmented reality applications. Embodiments disclose a high-speed test that examines intensities of pairs of pixels around a candidate center pixel., Inc.

Collaborative augmented reality

augmented reality presentations are provided at respective electronic devices. A first electronic device receives information relating to modification made to an augmented reality presentation at a second electronic device, and the first electronic device modifies the first augmented reality presentation in response to the information..
Open Text Corporation

Audiovisual surround augmented reality (asar)

A system and method to enable realistic augmented reality 2d or 3d audiovisual imagery, integrating virtual object(s) and audio source data in the vicinity of a user/wearer of a head-mounted device (hmd), the hmd integrated with a mobile communication device. The system includes a hmd to facilitate enhancement of the user/wearer's audiovisual capabilities, a mobile communication device integrated with the hmd.
Imagine Mobile Augmented Reality Ltd.

Injection of 3-d virtual objects of museum artifact in ar space and interaction with the same

A method is provided for injecting a 3d virtual museum artifact in augmented reality space for interaction therewith by a user of a mobile device. Through the mobile device, a camera feed of a scene in a museum is acquired, which includes a flat surface.
Globalive Xmg Jv Inc.

Methods and systems for augmented reality

The invention relates to methods and systems for augmented reality. The invention more particularly provides head-mounted devices for the display and visualization of computer-generated information content by a wearer.
Essilor International (compagnie Générale D'optique)

Virtual reality sports training systems and methods

Virtual and augmented reality sports training environments are disclosed. A user interacts with virtual players in a simulated environment of a virtual reality sporting event.
Eon Reality Sports, Llc

Protective headgear with display and methods for use therewith

Protective headgear includes, for example, a headgear body that is wearable on a head of a baseball umpire. At least one sensor is configured to generate imaging data that includes a batter in proximity to home plate.

Real-time mobile device capture and generation of ar/vr content

Various embodiments describe systems and processes for generating ar/vr content. In one aspect, a method for generating a three-dimensional (3d) projection of an object is provided.

Real-time mobile device capture and generation of art-styled ar/vr content

Various embodiments describe systems and processes for generating ar/vr content. In one aspect, a method for generating a 3d projection of an object in a virtual reality or augmented reality environment comprises obtaining a sequence of images along a camera translation using a single lens camera.

Augmented reality model comparison and deviation detection

An aspect of providing augmented reality model comparison and deviation detection includes receiving a three-dimensional (3d) model of an object that is associated with a domain, determining a set of characteristics of the object from the 3d model, and searching a domain-specific database for data matching the set of characteristics. The domain-specific database corresponds to the domain associated with the object.

Head-mounted display device with a camera imaging eye microsaccades

In one embodiment, a head-mounted display device comprises an augmented reality display, a camera positioned to capture images of at least one eye of the user at different times, an ambient light sensor, a speaker, and one or more processors that process the images to determine a change in size of at least one pupil of the user independent of a change in output from the ambient light sensor, determine at least one of an eye microsaccade amplitude, an eye microsaccade frequency, an eye gaze direction, and vergence, and provide a form of audio alert signal or a form of display alert signal when the change in size of at least one pupil indicates constriction or dilation and the eye microsaccade amplitude passes an eye microsaccade amplitude threshold, the eye microsaccade frequency passes an eye microsaccade frequency threshold, the eye gaze direction changes, or the vergence changes.. .

Context based management for secure augmented reality applications

An example system that allows a camera enabled application, such as an augmented reality application, to run in a protected area may include a first device including a camera, the camera including a secure mode of operation and a display, an image processing module configured to convert image data from the camera to encoded data when the camera is in the secure mode and protect image data stored in the system, an encryption module configured to encrypt encoded data from the image processing module, and a protected audiovisual path mechanism configured to securely send augmented encoded data to the display.. .
Intel Corporation

Augmented reality to display flight data and locate and control an aerial vehicle in real time

A system for displaying information related to the flight of an aerial vehicle that is comprised of a display, a camera that captures real-time video input from its surrounding environment, and a computing device that is coupled to, and communicates with the camera, a display, and one or more aerial vehicles. The computing device maps the current location and orientation of the camera to a display coordinate system.
Black Swift Technologies Llc

Augmented reality light guide display

augmented reality light guide display techniques are described. In one or more implementations, an apparatus includes a housing configured in a hand-held form factor, one or more sensors configured to detect a position and orientation of the housing in three dimensions in a physical environment of the housing, a light guide that is at least partially transparent and supported by the housing, a light engine that is optically coupled to the light guide, and one or more modules disposed within the housing and implemented at least partially in hardware.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Apparatus and estimating hand position utilizing head mounted color depth camera, and bare hand interaction system using same

The present invention relates to a technology that allows a user to manipulate a virtual three-dimensional (3d) object with his or her bare hand in a wearable augmented reality (ar) environment, and more particularly, to a technology that is capable of detecting 3d positions of a pair of cameras mounted on a wearable display and a 3d position of a user's hand in a space by using distance input data of an rgb-depth (rgb-d) camera, without separate hand and camera tracking devices installed in the space (environment) and enabling a user's bare hand interaction based on the detected 3d positions.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Virtual or augmented reality customization system and method

A software application for execution upon an electronic device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, headgear, wearable, etc.) for a potential consumer of real estate. The software application may provide a completely virtual setting that is customizable (e.g., via a user interface or voice recognition) by the user.
Lennar Pacific Properties Management, Inc.

Planogram resetting using augmented reality in a retail environment

augmented reality may be used to facilitate a planogram (pog) reset in a retail environment. The system may include a location benchmark positioned adjacent a retail display, and a display generator located relative to the location benchmark.
Target Brands, Inc.

Gesture-based object measurement method and apparatus

In the field of man-machine interaction technologies, a gesture-based object measurement method and apparatus, which are used to improve measurement efficiency. According to this method, after image information is collected, contour information of a to-be-measured object is automatically extracted and partitioned off, and a measurement parameter value such as a length, an area, or a volume is calculated on this basis.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Augmented reality system eye relief adjustment mechanism

A head mounted display (hmd) may comprise an adjustable crown band, a crown band circumference adjusting mechanism coupled to the adjustable crown band and configured to adjust a crown band circumference to releasably secure the crown band to the user's crown, an armature including left and right arms, each of the left and right arms mounted at a respective proximal end to corresponding left and right hmd attachment structures, a display mounted at left and right sides to respective distal ends of the left and right arms, and an eye relief distance adjustment mechanism configured to move the left and right arms in a timed manner toward and away from the crown band along a substantially linear path, to thereby adjust an eye relief distance from the display to an eye of a the user when the crown band is fitted on the crown of the user.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Apparatus and using a remote control system in surgical procedures

A system and method for using a remote control to control an electrosurgical instrument, where the remote control includes at least one momentum sensor. As the surgeon rotates their hand mimicking movements of a handheld electrosurgical instrument, the movements are translated and sent to the remote controlled (rc) electrosurgical instrument.
Covidien Lp

Health assessment via eye movement biometrics

Methods and systems for assessing a health state of a person via eye movement-driven biometric systems are provided. Examples of the health states that it would be possible to detect with such a system are but not limited to brain injuries (e.g., concussions), dementia, parkinson's disease, post-traumatic stress syndrome, schizophrenia, fatigue, cybersickness, autism, bipolar disorder and other health conditions that manifest themselves in abnormal behavior of the human visual system.
Texas State University

Depth mapping with a head mounted display using stereo cameras and structured light

A an augmented reality (ar) headset includes a depth camera assembly that combines stereo imaging with structured light (sl) to generate depth information for an area of interest. The depth camera assembly includes at least two image capture devices and a sl illuminator and determines an imaging mode based on a signal to noise ratio or spatial variance of images captured by one or more of the cameras.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Method and content association and history tracking in virtual and augmented reality

A machine-implemented method includes establishing a virtual or augmented reality entity, and establishing a state for the entity having a state time and state properties including a state spatial arrangement. The data entity and state are stored, and are subsequently received and outputted at a time other than the state time so as to exhibit a “virtual time machine” functionality.
Atheer, Inc.

Augmented reality e-commerce for in store retail

The augmented reality e-commerce may maximize limited physical space within a store by providing virtual displays of products in predetermined physical spaces. A virtual shelf blueprint that includes positional information for virtual display locations on a virtual shelf may be received.
3d Product Imaging Inc.

Augmented reality e-commerce for home improvement

augmented reality e-commerce may be useful for home improvement store chains that offer products and services. Initially, environmental data that includes spatial data or image data may be received from scanning sensors.
3d Product Imaging Inc.

Using augmented reality to determine information

Systems, methods, and computer program products for identifying objects of interest and providing relevant information about the objects of interest using augmented reality devices are disclosed. For example, a computer-implemented method may include identifying an object of interest among a plurality of objects present in an image view, determining real-time information for the object of interest based on the identifying, presenting the determined real-time information for the object of interest as part of the image view, and processing a transaction involving the object of interest based on a user selection associated with the image view..
Paypal, Inc.

System and augmented reality and virtual reality applications

A multi dynamic environment and location based active augmented reality (ar) system is described. Scanning and imaging are performed by an hmd worn by a user in the physical environment.
Sulon Technologies Inc.

Pushing system and method based on natural information recognition, and a client end

Disclosed are a push method and electronic devices based on natural information recognition, the method includes, at an electronic device, receiving natural information about an object to be recognized and determining the category of the natural information; performing recognition according to the category of the natural information; analyzing the natural information so as to determine feature meaning of the natural information; and retrieving and determining matching push information according to the feature meaning, the push information preferentially comprising an augmented reality file. The push method and electronic devices provided in the embodiments of the disclosure are beneficial for a user to learn relevant information about anything of the surrounding rapidly, which realizes the pushing of specific information of a specific thing, improving user experience..
Lecloud Computing Co., Ltd.

Wide area augmented reality location-based services

Apparatus, methods and systems of providing ar content are disclosed. Embodiments of the inventive subject matter can obtain an initial map of an area, derive views of interest, obtain ar content objects associated with the views of interest, establish experience clusters and generate a tile map tessellated based on the experience clusters.
Nant Holdings Ip, Llc

Software design tool for a user interface and the administration of proximity responsive information displays in augmented reality or virtual reality environments

A method, computer program product, and system for creating and modifying an information display for an ar/vr environment, including for a display containing functional content to be responsive without the user needing to know any computer coding or web-development languages. The method, computer program product, and system allow the user to create a multitude of different tile arrangements and configurations through a simple user interface, and to position them so that they are responsive based on inputs such as apparent proximity of the viewer to the information display within the ar/vr environment or end-user gestures or verbal commands.
Livetiles Llc

System and haptic feedback by referral of sensation

A system and method is presented to increase the sense of immersion in virtual and augmented reality systems by means of touch stimulation (haptic output) that is referred from the point of actual stimulation to the perceived point or points of contact with virtual objects and/or surfaces.. .
Castar, Inc.

Augmented reality visual wi-fi signal

A method includes identifying a location of at least on of a plurality of electronic devices within an area of interest. The method includes, based on at least the location of the at least one of the plurality of electronic devices, determining signal strength at a plurality of points within the area of interest.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Synchronizing an augmented reality video stream with a displayed video stream

Synchronizing an augmented reality video stream with a displayed video stream includes: accessing an augmented reality video stream which corresponds to a displayed video stream and accessing synchronizing metadata associated with the augmented reality video stream for synchronizing the augmented reality video stream to the displayed video stream; the synchronizing metadata includes processed key frames of the displayed video stream. Processed key frames are selected frames from the displayed video stream which have been processed to provide data usable to compare images of frames.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method of immersive rendering for wide field of view

A method, apparatus, and system is presented by which images of virtual objects displayed in augmented reality systems, virtual reality systems, or immersive display systems for realistic rendering of wide field of view, may be corrected to provide for reduction of registration errors regarding real objects or locations.. .
Castar, Inc.

Interactive table

An interactive table created with textured stones from around the world. More specifically, a table having a digital interactive interface and surrounding walls that become digital panels.

Augmented reality display system, terminal device and augmented reality display method

An augmented reality display system includes: a data producing system that produces position information of an object; a cloud server that receives the position information produced by the data producing system; and a terminal device connectable to the cloud server through a network. The terminal device includes: an imaging unit that produces an image data; a camera attitude estimating unit that estimates an attitude of the imaging unit from the image data; a data receiving unit that receives a content and the position information regarding the content from the cloud server; a data overlaying unit that transforms the position information correspondingly to the attitude of the imaging unit estimated by the camera attitude estimating unit, and overlays the content on the image data based on a reference position indicated by the transformed position information to obtain an overlay image data; and a display unit that displays the overlay image data..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Control method and information processing system

A system includes circuitry configured to acquire a first image, extract a plurality of candidate areas each including an object having a shape corresponding to a shape of a marker to be used for augmented reality, control a display to display a first composite image that applies a predetermined graphical effect on the candidate areas in the first image, receive selection of a first area from among the candidate areas, acquire identification information corresponding to a first marker included in the first area from a source other than the first image, receive an input corresponding to a first position on the first image as an arrangement position of content to be virtually arranged with reference to the first marker, convert the first position into positional information in a coordinate system corresponding to the first area, and store the positional information, the identification information, and the content.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Overlay for camera field of vision

One or more computer processors generate an augmented reality overlay for camera field of vision. The one or more processors determine a field of view of an imaging device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Museum augmented reality platform

A museum augmented reality platform that interacts between computer devices and a server via a communication network. The augmented reality platform includes a multimedia recognition application located on the computer device, which receives live, real-time content and converts it into coordinates, and a client application located on the computer devices that transmit raw data packets including the coordinates.
Arm23, Llc

Image based tracking in augmented reality systems

Systems and methods for image based location estimation are described. In one example embodiment, a first positioning system is used to generate a first position estimate.
Snapchat, Inc.

Dynamically created and updated indoor positioning map

A system for creating and/or dynamically updating indoor positioning maps includes an augmented reality (ar) device and a computing device communicatively coupled to the ar device. The ar device has a display for displaying ar content to a user that overlaps the ar device's perspective view of an environment.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

Private virtual object handling

A system and method allows for a virtual object to be privately shared, exchanged, and/or viewed. The virtual object is associated with a real world location and may be viewed through a user device as part of a virtual reality and/or augmented reality world..
Paypal, Inc.

Augmented reality system and augmented reality interaction method

An augmented reality interaction method includes: capturing an identification tag; capturing a depth information corresponding to the identification tag; generating a virtual object according to the identification tag; generating an augmented reality image; and displaying the augmented reality image; wherein, the augmented reality image comprises the virtual object, and when a processor detects that a tactile feedback device touches the virtual object in the augmented reality image according to the depth information, the processor transmits a control signal to the tactile feedback device for controlling the tactile feedback device, and the tactile feedback device provides a hand tactile effect.. .
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.

Augmented reality gaming systems and methods

An augmented reality (ar) game system is disclosed wherein real-world objects are transformed into ar terrain elements and ar events generate real-world impact. The game environment is set up using real-world objects that include everyday objects and game pieces on a field of play.
Trigger Global Inc.

Augmented reality imaging system for cosmetic surgical procedures

An augmented reality imaging system for cosmetic surgical procedures. In a breast augmentation procedure, a virtual breast image is generated and overlaid on a target marker covering a patient's real breasts such that the patient can see her real body with virtual breasts at the location of her real breasts.
Illusio, Inc.

Interacting with data fields on a page using augmented reality

Embodiments described herein provide approaches for interacting with data fields on a page using an augmented reality (ar) device. Specifically, a way for a user to interact with a page having preprinted content and a user's handwritten content within a real world scene using a display screen of the ar device is provided.
International Business Machines Corporation

Navigation system applying augmented reality

A navigation system includes a measurement unit that outputs a positioning signal associated with positioning coordinates, a navigation unit that obtains guidance indication and that outputs a navigation signal, and an image unit that includes a capturing module capturing a series of planar images, a computation module and an augmented reality module. The computation module generates an optical flow signal for obtaining the positioning coordinates, and further outputs a registration signal.
National Yunlin University Of Science & Technology

Providing advertisements in an augmented reality environment

A computer-implemented method for providing advertisements in an augmented reality environment to a user includes receiving data related to a marker, the marker placed amongst one or more physical objects captured by the video camera. The computer-implemented method also includes retrieving dynamic digital content associated with the marker.
Excalibur Ip, Llc

Tracking hand/body pose

Tracking hand or body pose from image data is described, for example, to control a game system, natural user interface or for augmented reality. In various examples a prediction engine takes a single frame of image data and predicts a distribution over a pose of a hand or body depicted in the image data.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Wearable augmented reality eyeglass communication device including mobile phone and mobile computing via virtual touch screen gesture control and neuron command

Provided are an augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality eyeglass communication device method via eye movement tracking and gestures. The eyeglass communication device may comprise an eyeglass frame, and a right earpiece and a left earpiece connected to the frame.

Ultrasound simulation system and tool

Embodiments of flexible ultrasound simulation devices, methods, and systems described herein may facilitate various medical procedure training by rendering realistic ultrasound images in accordance with the end user interaction with an anatomy model, an ultrasound probe replica and a medical tool. An ultrasound probe replica may be adapted with a low friction tip, such as a roller ball.
Virtamed Ag

Augmented reality with direct user interaction

augmented reality with direct user interaction is described. In one example, an augmented reality system comprises a user-interaction region, a camera that captures images of an object in the user-interaction region, and a partially transparent display device which combines a virtual environment with a view of the user-interaction region, so that both are visible at the same time to a user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Direct volume rendering in virtual and/or augmented reality

Performing volume rendering in a virtual reality environment by applying an adapted monte carlo integration, grid accelerator-based view ray tracing, image filtering, and user-movement detected adapted frame compensation.. .
Arivis Ag

Augmented reality providing system and method, information processing device, and program

An augmented reality providing system and method, an information processing device, and a non-transitory computer readable recording medium recorded with a program are provided. An augmented reality providing system includes a unit for acquiring three-dimensional data, a unit for generating three-dimensional shaping data of a first model from the three-dimensional data, a unit for shaping and outputting a shaped object on the basis of the three-dimensional shaping data, imaging a unit for imaging the shaped object, a unit for calculating a camera parameter from the captured image, a unit for generating a second model including a region of interest that is a non-shaping target from the three-dimensional data, and a unit for determining a depth relationship between the shaped object and the second three-dimensional model on the basis of the camera parameter, and a virtual object of the region of interest in front of the shaped object is displayed..
Fujifilm Corporation

Method and sytem for presenting a digital information related to a real object

The invention is related to a method of presenting a digital information related to a real object, comprising determining a real object, providing a plurality of presentation modes, wherein the plurality of presentation modes comprises an augmented reality mode, and at least one of a virtual reality mode and an audio mode, providing at least one representation of a digital information related to the real object, determining a spatial relationship between a camera and a reference coordinate system under consideration of an image captured by the camera, selecting a presentation mode from the plurality of presentation modes according to the spatial relationship, and presenting the at least one representation of the digital information using the selected presentation mode.. .
Metaio Gmbh

3d analytics actionable solution support system and apparatus

The claimed invention relates to a system and method for generating actionable intelligence and information by utilizing a multi-sensor, multi-temporal; multi-spatial, multi-format data (mstsfa) architecture stored in a nosql data architecture to qualify spatial (accuracy) and contextual information integrated into a real time engineering grade location based analysis and predictive analytics engine returning users based queries in a 3d visualization including virtual reality (vr)/augmented reality functionality. The present invention is a systemized platform for handling geospatial, geophysical, financial, temporal and attribute data input directly to analyze the datasets to serve the operational and business needs of the industries such as transportation, water, environmental, engineering, telecommunication, finance, energy, natural resources, defense and security..

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