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This page is updated frequently with new Audio-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Audio-related patents
 Multi-mode wireless intercom patent thumbnailMulti-mode wireless intercom
Technology for a wireless intercom system is disclosed. A system comprises an intercom device comprising a digital processor, one or more speakers and one or more microphones.

 Method and  generating drive signals for loudspeakers patent thumbnailMethod and generating drive signals for loudspeakers
An audio apparatus generates drive signals for a plurality of loudspeakers (101) and comprises a receiver (103) for receiving an audio signal. A divider (105) divides typically a low frequency part of the audio signal into a plurality of audio subbands thereby providing a subband signal for each audio subband of the audio subbands.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Adaptive diffuse signal generation in an upmixer patent thumbnailAdaptive diffuse signal generation in an upmixer
An audio processing system, such as an upmixer, may be capable of separating diffuse and non-diffuse portions of n input audio signals. The upmixer may be capable of detecting instances of transient audio signal conditions.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Rendering of multichannel audio using interpolated matrices patent thumbnailRendering of multichannel audio using interpolated matrices
Methods which uses interpolated primitive matrices to decode encoded audio to recover (losslessly) content of a multichannel audio program and/or to recover at least one downmix of such content, and encoding methods for generating such encoded audio. In some embodiments, a decoder performs interpolation on a set of seed primitive matrices to determine interpolated matrices for use in rendering channels of the program.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Adaptive ambisonic binaural rendering patent thumbnailAdaptive ambisonic binaural rendering
A user equipment (ue) includes a memory element and a processor. The memory element is configured to store a plurality of head-related transfer functions.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

 Method and device for audio recording patent thumbnailMethod and device for audio recording
An acquisition system includes a processor, one or more sensors operatively coupled to the processor where the one or more sensors acquire at the ear, on the ear or within an ear canal, one or more of acceleration, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure or heart-rate, and the one or more sensors configured to monitor a biological state or a physical motion or both for an event. The event can be a detection of a discrepancy when compared with a set of reference data by the one or more sensors or the biological state or the event can be one of a detection of an abrupt movement of a headset operatively coupled to the processor, a change in location of an earpiece operatively coupled the processor, a touching of the headset, a recognizing of a voice command, a starting or ending of a phone call, or a scheduled time..
Personics Holdings, Llc

 Media content playback system and method patent thumbnailMedia content playback system and method
A media apparatus for selecting a media source to provide media content to a playback device that plays back the media content as at least one of audio and video content may include a controller programmed to detect a media zone that includes a playback device, detect a presence of a portable user device that provides media content, determine a number of media sources that are available in the media zone, select a first media source of the number of media sources as a preferred media source based on a hierarchy table, determine whether the preferred media source includes the media content that is provided by the portable user device, and control the preferred media source to provide the media content to the playback device.. .
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

 Partner microphone unit and a hearing system comprising a partner microphone unit patent thumbnailPartner microphone unit and a hearing system comprising a partner microphone unit
The application relates to a partner microphone unit comprising a) a multitude microphones for picking up a sound from the environment providing corresponding electric input signals, each comprising a target signal component and a noise signal component; b) a multi-input unit noise reduction system for providing an estimate Ŝ of the target sound s comprising the person's voice and comprising a multi-input beamformer filtering unit coupled to said input units and configured to determine filter weights for providing a beamformed signal, wherein signal components from other directions than a direction of the target signal source are attenuated, whereas signal components from the direction of the target signal source are left un-attenuated; c) antenna and transceiver circuitry for establishing an audio link to another device; and wherein the multi-input beamformer filtering unit comprises an adaptive beamformer. An improved quality of a target signal from a speaker or communication partner is provided.
Oticon A/s

 Modifications for hearing deficiencies patent thumbnailModifications for hearing deficiencies
This invention relates to a hearing assistance that corrects hearing deficiency of individuals and thus serves to provide a realistic hearing capability/experience to those suffering from hearing loss. The modification of the frequency response of earbuds is the method of modification discussed here.

 Automated sound processor patent thumbnailAutomated sound processor
A method includes determining a first feature of a first audio signal at a first location in a signal processing path and determining, using the first feature, a first environmental classification of the first signal. Further, the method includes, based on the first environmental classification, enabling, modifying or disabling one or both of a first signal processing mode at the first location and a second signal processing mode at a second location in the signal processing path.


Amplifiers for parametric loudspeakers

Systems and methods of audio processing and control for improved audibility and performance in a parametric loudspeaker system. The parametric loudspeaker system includes a parametric loudspeaker providing a capacitive load, an output stage having a plurality of switches interconnected in a bridge configuration and connected to the capacitive load of the parametric loudspeaker, and a controller operative to generate a series of pulse width modulation (pwm) pulses, and to generate a plurality of control signals synchronized with the series of pwm pulses for switchingly controlling the plurality of switches in the bridge configuration, thereby driving the capacitive load of the parametric loudspeaker..


Handheld electronic apparatus, sound producing system and control sound producing thereof

A handheld electronic, a sound produce system and control method of sound producing thereof are provided. The sound produce system includes a speaker, a feedback unit, a gain unit and a compensation unit.
Htc Corporation


Multi-microphone source tracking and noise suppression

Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for improved multi-microphone source tracking and noise suppression. In multi-microphone devices and systems, frequency domain acoustic echo cancellation is performed on each microphone input, and microphone levels and sensitivity are normalized.
Broadcom Corporation


Method and system for audio sharing

The present invention provide a method and system of audio sharing aimed to revolutionize the way people listen and share music and to give multiple uses to a wireless headphone referred to as hedphone. A communication protocol referred to as hedtech protocol is used in a hed system to allow users to share music amongst a plurality of hedphones while using a single audio source.


Bluetooth communication bracelet

A bluetooth communication bracelet includes a main body and a bluetooth earphone. The main body includes a wearing member, a charging plate, an usb interface, and an audio jack.
1more Inc.


Relevancy improvement through targeting of information based on data gathered from a networked device associated with a security sandbox of a client device

A method, apparatus, and system related to relevancy improvement through targeting of information based on data gathered from a television associated with a security sandbox of a mobile device are disclosed. In one aspect, a system may include a television to generate a fingerprint data.


Video quality and audio quality adjustment

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a system having a controller that increasing a first quality of first media content to achieve an adjusted quality, by adjusting a number of first encoded video portions, first encoded audio portions or both allocated to a presentation of first video and first audio of the first media content. A digital stream having a total bandwidth includes the first media content and second media content.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Method and managing personal content

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, obtaining first personal content associated with a first mobile communication device, obtaining recognition information associated with a target individual where the recognition information is associated with at least one of images of the target individual and audio of the target individual, obtaining second personal content associated with the first mobile communication device, and performing recognition analysis on the second personal content using the recognition information to detect the target individual being present in second images of the second personal content, where a communication device associated with the target individual is provided with access to the second images. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Control of large screen display using wireless portable computer and facilitating selection of audio on a headphone

A multi-window user interface (ui) on a control device such as a tablet computer communicates commands to a display controller, which may be implemented by a game console. The controller controls presentation on a large screen display according to the commands.
Sony Corporation


Method for playing back and separately storing audio and video tracks in the internet

In the method an indefinite number of audio tracks are stored separately for each video film, in order to be played back in sync with the video in the internet. Hence, a video can be stored in any number of languages, and at any time the language can be changed in real time during the playback of the video without having to reload the video.


Distribution of digital media files

Methods and systems are described for preparing digital media files containing visual and/or audio information for distribution, and for sharing the files so as to prevent unauthorised use and/or distribution. The method comprises: copying the digital media file to create a second media file; selecting at least one part of the second digital media file; removing the at least one part from the remainder of the second digital media file; processing the at least one part so as to obfuscate or camouflage the information therein, and inserting the at least one processed part into the remainder of the second digital media file to create a camouflaged digital media file.
The Panama Bureau Limited


Geospatial media recording system

A computer implemented geospatial media recording system which receives a global positioning signal from a global positioning system, a video stream from a video recorder and an audio stream from an audio recorder and encodes the global positioning system signal as global positioning data continuously embedded at intervals in the video stream or the audio stream at a frequency at the upper end or outside of the human audible range as a combined data stream which by operation of a geospatial media program can be concurrently displayed as a video in a first display area with a geospatial representation in second display area on a display surface with a plurality of coordinate location indicators located in the geospatial representation each at the coordinate location associated with the global positioning data embedded in the video.. .
Remote Geosystems, Inc.


Audio signal level estimation in cameras

A camera system includes a first microphone, a second microphone, and a microphone controller. The first microphone and the second microphone are configured to capture audio over a time interval to produce a first captured audio signal and a second captured audio signal, respectively.
Gopro, Inc.


Ceiling medallion projection system

The ceiling medallion projection system is a means of housing and concealing a ceiling mounted high definition video projection system. The assembly is typically located between a pendant light fixture and the ceiling.


Belt system for use with video/audio recording devices

A law enforcement belt with an audio/video recording system is provided. The system includes a belt maintaining a plurality of receptacles, each receptacle configured to hold a law enforcement device, and a recording device configured to receive signals from the plurality of receptacles, the recording device configured to continuously record audio and/or video, thereby providing an audio and/or video recording.
Creative Law Enforcement Resources, Inc.


Systems and methods for positioning a user of a hands-free intercommunication system

A hands-free intercom may include a user-tracking sensor, a directional microphone, a directional sound emitter, a display device, and/or a communication interface. The user-tracking sensor may determine a location of a user so the directional microphone can measure vocal emissions by the user and the directional sound emitter can deliver audio to the user.
Elwha Llc


Method in an electronic mobile device, and such a device

A method in a first electronic mobile device for adapting audio performance parameters is provided. The first electronic mobile device performs an audio interaction with a second electronic device.
Sony Corporation


Method and device of filtering address

The present disclosure relates to a method and device of filtering an address. The method includes: acquiring a uniform resource locator (url) address corresponding to a material resource of a webpage, wherein the material resource of the webpage includes at least one of a picture resource, an audio resource, a video resource and a literal resource; searching whether the url address is stored in an address caching list, wherein the address caching list is used to store url addresses having been matched by a predefined matching algorithm; and if the url address is not stored in the address caching list, performing a matching operation on the url address according to the predefined matching algorithm to determine whether the url address is a url address needing filtering..
Xiaomi Inc.


Method and system for delivering media data

For use in media communications, e.g., in the delivery of video and audio or in teleconferencing, a media file or title is partitioned for secured, efficient delivery. A data sequence representing the file is partitioned into smaller subsequences, with a first subsequence being chosen to convey a degrade-quality representation of the data, and the other sequences for complementing the first subsequence to obtain a superior-quality representation.
Fiveopenbooks, Llc


Audio-video data switching and viewing system

A computer system and method providing for viewing and switching of audio-video data. The system comprises: a plurality of audio/video sources containing information referring to an event; a streaming server, streaming the contents of a first audio signal and a first video signal from the audio and video sources to a user; a feed distributor controllably feeding the first audio signal and first video signal to the streaming server; and a user-operated control unit communicating with the feed distributor and controlling operation of the feed distributor, so as to instruct the feed distributor to switch between audio or video.


Decoding of encrypted file

A method and system for decoding an encrypted file. A recipient computer of a recipient: extracts an encoded address from a filename of the encrypted file, wherein the encoded address identifies where a voice check ticket is stored, wherein a prior name of the encrypted file and the encoded address are merged together within the filename; accesses the voice check ticket at the encoded address; receives, from the voice check ticket, voice check text; displays the received voice check text visually on a computer display of the recipient computer; receives an audio signal from a reading aloud, by the recipient, of the displayed voice check text; transmits the received audio signal to a server computer that includes a voice check server; receives an encryption key from the voice check server; and decrypts the received encrypted file using the received encryption key..
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and analog and digital audio blend for hd radio receivers

A method and apparatus are provided for blending analog and digital portions of a composite digital radio broadcast signal by processing compressed audio packets to compute corresponding digital audio quality indicator values, storing the compressed audio packets in an audio blend buffer, processing audio information from each compressed audio packet stored in the audio blend buffer with an audio decoder to generate decompressed digital audio signal samples, and using the digital audio quality indicator values to guide a blending process for combining analog audio signal samples with the digital audio signal samples to produce an audio output by preventing unnecessary blending back and forth between analog and digital if the digital audio quality indicator values indicate that the compressed audio packets are degraded or impaired.. .
Ibiquity Digital Corporation


Method and controlling and powering an electronic accessory from a mobile digital device

Various energy harvesting and control techniques are used to power and control electronic accessories from the audio output channels and microphone input channel of mobile digital devices while preserving audio input and output functionality. One technique uses one of the stereophonic audio channels to generate power, and the other in conjunction with the microphone jack to enable bi-directional communications while preserving audio input and output.
Inkoti Llc


Techniques for distortion reducing multi-band compressor with timbre preservation

Distortion reducing multi-hand compressor with timbre preservation is provided. Timbre preservation is achieved by determining a time-varying threshold in each of a plurality frequency bands as a function of a respective fixed threshold for the frequency band and, at least in part, an audio signal level and a fixed threshold outside such frequency band.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Electronic device and playing back image data

The present disclosure provides an electronic device and method for playing image data. The method for playing back image data in an electronic device includes storing an audiovisual (a/v) data for a predetermined period of time in a memory of the electronic device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Real-time emotion tracking system

Devices, systems, methods, media, and programs for detecting an emotional state change in an audio signal are provided. A number of segments of the audio signal are analyzed based on separate lexical and acoustic evaluations, and, for each segment, an emotional state and a confidence score of the emotional state are determined.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Digital audio supplementation

A computer-implemented method is disclosed that includes identifying a digital sound file that contains data for producing audible sound content; identifying and selecting a digital source of supplemental sound content; and adding the supplemental sound content to the audible sound content to produce supplemented sound content, wherein the supplemental sound content is added at a sub-audible intensity level so as to cause unique brain activations in users who listen to the supplemented sound content. .
Fideliquest Llc


Selective post filter

In another aspect, there is provided an audio decoding method with a decoding step followed by a post-filtering step, including interharmonic noise attenuation, and being characterized in a step of disabling the post filter in accordance with post filtering information encoded in the bit stream signal. Such a method is well suited for mixed-origin audio signals by virtue of its capability to deactivate the post filter in dependence of the post filtering information only, hence independently of factors such as the current coding mode..


System and narrow bandwidth digital signal processing

The present invention provides methods and systems for narrow bandwidth digital processing of an input audio signal. Particularly, the present invention includes a high pass filter configured to filter the input audio signal.


Audio encoder and decoder

This disclosure falls into the field of audio coding, in particular it is related to the field of spatial audio coding, where the audio information is represented by multiple signals, where the signals may comprise audio channels or/and audio objects. In particular the disclosure provides a method and apparatus for reconstructing audio objects in an audio decoding system.
Dolby International Ab


Audio splitting with codec-enforced frame sizes

A method and apparatus for splitting the audio of media content into separate content files without introducing boundary artifacts is described.. .
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Concept for combined dynamic range compression and guided clipping prevention for audio devices

The invention provides a concept for combined dynamic range compression and guided clipping prevention for audio devices. An audio decoder for decoding an audio bitstream and a metadata bitstream related to the audio bitstream according to the concept includes an audio processing chain including a plurality of adjustment stages including a dynamic range control stage for adjusting a dynamic range of the audio output signal and a guided clipping prevention stage for preventing clipping of the audio output signal; and a metadata decoder configured to receive the metadata bitstream and to extract dynamic range control gain sequences and guided clipping prevention gain sequences from the metadata bitstream, at least a part of the dynamic range control gain sequences being supplied to the dynamic range control stage, and at least a part of the guided clipping prevention gain sequences being supplied to the guided clipping prevention stage..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Audio decoder and providing a decoded audio information using an error concealment modifying a time domain excitation signal

An audio decoder for providing a decoded audio information on the basis of an encoded audio information. The audio decoder has an error concealment configured to provide an error concealment audio information for concealing a loss of an audio frame, wherein the error concealment is configured to modify a time domain excitation signal obtained for one or more audio frames preceding a lost audio frame, in order to obtain the error concealment audio information..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Audio signal processing device, audio signal processing method, and audio signal processing program

An audio signal processing device comprises a discontinuity detector configured to determine an occurrence of a discontinuity from a sudden increase of an amplitude of decoded audio obtained by decoding the first audio packet which is received correctly after an occurrence of a packet loss, and a discontinuity corrector for correcting the discontinuity of the decoded audio.. .
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Audio bandwidth extension by insertion of temporal pre-shaped noise in frequency domain

An audio decoder device for decoding a bitstream includes a bitstream receiver configured to receive the bitstream and to derive an encoded audio signal from the bitstream; a core decoder module configured for deriving a decoded audio signal in a time domain from the encoded audio signal; a temporal envelope generator configured to determine a temporal envelope of the decoded audio signal; a bandwidth extension module configured to produce a frequency domain bandwidth extension signal; a time-to-frequency converter configured to transform the decoded audio signal into a frequency domain decoded audio signal; a combiner configured to combine the frequency domain decoded audio signal and the frequency domain bandwidth extension signal in order to produce a bandwidth extended frequency domain audio signal; and a frequency-to-time converter configured to transform the bandwidth extended frequency domain audio signal into a bandwidth-extended time domain audio signal.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Multi-channel decorrelator, multi-channel audio decoder, multi-channel audio encoder, methods and computer program using a premix of decorrelator input signals

A multi-channel decorrelator for providing a plurality of decorrelated signals on the basis of a plurality of decorrelator input signals is configured to premix a first set of n decorrelator input signals into a second set of k decorrelator input signals, wherein k<n. The multi-channel decorrelator is configured to provide a first set of k′ decorrelator output signals on the basis of the second set of k decorrelator input signals.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Electronic device and operating voice recognition

Provided is an electronic device that includes a first processor for receiving an audio signal, performing first voice recognition on the audio signal, and transferring a driving signal to a second processor based on a result of the first voice recognition. The second processor performs second voice recognition based on a voice signal by the first voice recognition or the audio signal, in response to the driving signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Clock switching in always-on component

In an embodiment, a system on a chip (soc) may include one or more central processing units (cpus), a memory controller, and a circuit configured to remain powered on when the rest of the soc is powered down. The circuit may be configured to receive audio samples and match those audio samples against a predetermined pattern.
Apple Inc.


Audio buffer catch-up apparatus and method with two microphones

A first microphone is operated in a low power sensing mode, and a buffer at the first microphone is used to temporarily store at least some of the phrase. Subsequently the first microphone is deactivated, then the first microphone is re-activated to operate in normal operating mode where the buffer is no longer used to store the phrase.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Intelligent text-to-speech conversion

Techniques for improved text-to-speech processing are disclosed. The improved text-to-speech processing can convert text from an electronic document into an audio output that includes speech associated with the text as well as audio contextual cues.
Apple Inc.


Active noise cancellation in audio output device

An audio output device controls the application of active noise cancellation (anc) levels based on a current status of the device. The audio output device includes a communication interface configured to provide a wired or wireless connection to a playback device, a signal detector configured to detect an audio signal provided through the communication interface, an anc module configured to apply a first-level anc to the audio signal, and a control unit configured to determine a level of the anc to be applied by the anc module.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Multi-rate system for audio processing

A multi-rate audio processing system and method provides real-time measurement and processing of amplitude/phase changes in the transition band of the lowest frequency subband caused by the audio processing that can be used to apply amplitude/phase compensation to the higher subband(s). Tone signals may be injected into the transition band to provide strong tonal content for measurement and processing.
Dts, Inc.


Audio reduction and/or elimination of distortion

An audio system for reduction and/or elimination of distortion provides a microphone or instrument sound pick up for the various musical instruments and singers within the performance venue. The sound provided by the microphone or audio pick up is coupled to an amplifier, the output of which is coupled to a speaker system.


Multi-touch piano keyboard

A musical keyboard touch sensor pad having a plurality of integrated sensors disposed in an array is disclosed. The plurality of integrated sensors represents a keyboard key.


Mutable direct box and integrated phantom-powered music instrument tuner

Apparatuses, systems and methods are presented which provide for a musical instrument direct box combined with a musical instrument tuner which may be phantom powered from an external audio system. In some embodiments, an apparatus is presented that includes a direct box (di) module and a musical instrument tuner module coupled to the di module.
Sonic Nuance Electronics, Llc


System for audio-tactile learning with reloadable 3-dimensional modules

As the user explores the tactile surface, the system is continually alert for a signal from the user that he/she would like to know more about a particular feature or sub-region of the surface. When such a signal is detected, the system automatically plays a specific audio recording containing information associated with that region of the tactile surface.


Fitness and wellness system with dynamically adjusting guidance

A system is provided that provides guidance (e.g., audio content) to a user while exercising. This audio content is tailored to the particular user and is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the exercising.
Pear Sports Llc


Object proximity alarm system

An object proximity alarm system comprising: a receiving bracelet, wherein said receiving bracelet includes a plurality of led indicators; a plurality of transmitters, where each transmitter is associated with a led indicator on the receiving bracelet and each transmitter transmit a signal to the receiving bracelet; a predetermined range associated with each signal transmitted; and an alarm on the receiving bracelet, where the alarm is triggered when on of the transmitter signal goes beyond the predetermined range associated with the transmitter. The alarm may include at least one of audio alarm, visual alarm associated with each led indicator and a vibrating alarm.


System and providing alerts regarding occupancy conditions

Disclosed are a system and method for providing alerts regarding occupancy conditions. At least one analog motion detection sensor detects occupancy and/or behavior, at least one microwave motion detection sensor detects occupancy and/or behavior; and at least one sound microphone detects at least one audio frequency associated with an audio source.
Ipvideo Corporation


Automated banking machine with remote user assistance

In an example embodiment, an automated banking machine that allows a customer to employ a mobile wireless device for performing banking transactions. The customer may request assistance from a teller or other bank personnel at a remote location.
Diebold Self-service Systems, Division Of Diebold, Incorporated


System and remotely controlling an electronic gaming device from a mobile device

A system and method for controlling an electronic gaming machine (“egm”) from a mobile device during a remote access play session. The egm is switched between a local access mode in which the inputs on the egm are active and a remote access mode in which the inputs on the egm are de-activated and a player interfaces the egm using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer.
Novomatic Ag


Online game with matching of different data types

An online game mechanic matches requests and responses of different data types that include text, image and audio. Request values corresponding to a first data type are sent to users in a distribution list, and those users send response values corresponding to a second data type.
Zynga Inc.


Musically contextual audio advertisements

audio advertisements for music services can be created and played to minimize any perceived discontinuity by a listener from a preceding song. Specifically, a voice-over content item (e.g., a spoken advertisement produced without music) may combined with a non-song musical content item (e.g., backing music specifically produced for advertisements) to create an audio advertisement to be played after a song on a streaming music service.


Device, summarizing agreements

A computerized system for summarizing agreements between two or more parties, comprises one or more processors. The processors may be configured to capture data relating to the agreement, such as agent screen data during an interaction with a customer.
Nice-systems Ltd.


Visual assist system and wearable device employing same

A visual assist system includes an audio module, a detecting module, an image identifying module, and a processing module. The detecting module detects a distance and a dimension of objects in front of a user of the visual assist system and output detection data.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited


Exercise management system

This invention pertains to a system for providing exercise programs to users based on regimens prepared by health care practitioners. Each regimen is automatically converted into a set of exercise sessions, each session consisting of one or more exercises.


A unique methodology combining user roles and context aware algorithms for presenting clinical information, audio, video and communication controls to safely capture caregiver attention, reduce information overload, and optimize workflow and decision support

A system for generating a role-based user interface includes a patient information database which stores patient data relating to a plurality of patients being treated by one or more caregivers. A caregiver information system stores caregiver data relating to the role, status, and location of the one or more caregivers.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Systems and methods for content selection based on search query correlation with broadcast media

An audience measurement service may monitor broadcasts in a region, ingesting closed captioning data, metadata, displayed text or logos, performing facial recognition on people, and/or generating audio/video fingerprints of broadcast content to create a database of content and associated keywords, along with times at which the content was broadcast. The audience measurement service may receive user search queries from a search provider and detect “spiking” queries.
Google Inc.


Including control data in a serial audio stream

Including control data in a serial audio stream is presented herein. A device can include a clock component that is configured to send, via a clock pin of the device, a bit clock signal directed to a slave device.
Invensense, Inc.


Deep linking of mobile apps by barcode, sound or collision

Jane and bob are near each other, with mobile devices. Jane runs an app.


User interface and assisting a user with the operation of an operating unit

User interface and process to support a user in the operation of a touch-sensitive control unit. A presence of a means of input, such as a finger of the user, is detected in a predefined first area relative to the control unit.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Display apparatus and operating same

A display apparatus includes a display; an audio output module; and a controller that controls the display to display objects selectable by a user on a screen of the display and controls the audio output module to output audio data corresponding to the displayed objects, in response to an input from a control device, during a mute activation state or a voice explanation off state of the display apparatus.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Mobile interface for loudspeaker optimization

A system for providing an audio processing interface at a mobile device configured to detect an audio processor, present, via a user interface, a display screen to receive user input to initiate audio testing, iteratively present a series of testing screens, each including at least one instruction and test status, and present another instruction and test status in response to receiving and indicative of a successful sample at a previous microphone location.. .
Harman International Industries, Inc.


Method for audio correction in electronic devices

A method of adjusting frequency based audio levels in an electronic device to compensate for hearing loss without the aid of additional apparatus is disclosed. The device supplies a user with audio stimulus, such as a tone at a set frequency and decibel level, and prompts the user with a question as to whether the tone was audible.


Dynamic 2d and 3d gestural interfaces for audio video players capable of uninterrupted continuity of fruition of audio video feeds

A method of manipulating an audio video visualization in a multi-dimensional virtual environment implemented in a computer system having a display unit for displaying the virtual environment and a gesture driven interface, the method manipulating the visualization in response to predetermined user gestures and movements identified by the gesture driven interface.. .


Head-mounted display device, control the same, and computer program

A head-mounted display device includes an image display unit which displays an image. The head-mounted display device includes: a microphone unit including an audio input unit which converts a sound into an electrical signal and capable of switching a position of the audio input unit between a plurality of positions; a position determination unit which determines which position of the plurality of positions the audio input unit is located at; and a mode switching control unit which switches an operation of the audio input unit and a display mode of the image display unit, respectively, on the basis of the determined position..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Vehicle-mounted video system with distributed processing

A vehicle-mounted system for recording video and audio. The system uses distributed processing, including encoding the video and audio at their source(s), and a high-speed, e.g., ethernet, bus connecting the various system components and external devices.
Digital Ally, Inc.


Showerhead with audio assembly

A showerhead including a diverter assembly, a pivoting sprayface supported by a housing and having a plurality of spray openings, the plurality of spray openings including a first set of spray openings defining a first spray pattern and a second set of spray openings defining a second spray pattern, a first waterway fluidly connecting the diverter to the first set of spray openings of the sprayface, a second waterway fluidly connecting the diverter to the second set of spray openings of the sprayface, an audio device releasably coupled to the housing, wherein the diverter is configured to switch between the first and the second spray patterns by directing fluid to one of the first waterway and the second waterway.. .
Delta Faucet Company


Computerized yo-yo

There described a computerized yo-yo toy that uses an acceleration measuring device, a computation and control device, a communication device and entertaining devices to enhance the entertaining experience of playing with the computerized yo-yo toy. The acceleration measuring device measures the acceleration values of the computerized yo-yo toy.


System and managing audio and video channels for video game players and spectators

A computer-implemented system and method are described for managing audio chat for an online video game or application. For example, a system according to one embodiment comprises: an online video game or application execution engine to execute an online video game or application in response to input from one or more users of the video game or application and to responsively generate audio and video of the video game or application; and a chat subsystem to establish audio chat sessions with the one or more users and one or more spectators to the video game or application, the chat subsystem establishing a plurality of audio chat channels including a spectator channel over which the spectators participate in audio chat and a user channel over which the users participate in audio chat..
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc


Golf swing training device

A golf swing training device and method that provides audio feedback during practice swings for club head speed, orientation and release. The audible golf swing training device comprises: a whistle having an air inlet on the front end and an air outlet on the top; an air funnel affixed or integral to the front end to direct air into the air inlet; an air throttle means affixed over or between the air funnel and the air inlet to adjust the amount of air received by the whistle through the air funnel; and a connecting means affixed or integral to the base of the whistle for removably affixing the training device to a golf club..


Golf gps device with a clip and changing user interface of the device based on clipping

The disclosure herein provides a golf gps device with a sensor mechanism to automatically switch between video and audio only modes of the device. More particularly, when a player attaches the golf gps device to a piece of clothing or hat, the device automatically switches to audio-only mode.
Deca System Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for facilitating post-implant acoustic-only operation of an electro-acoustic stimulation ("eas") sound processor

An exemplary system includes 1) an electro-acoustic stimulation (“eas”) sound processor located external to a patient, 2) a cochlear implant communicatively coupled to the eas sound processor and implanted within the patient, 3) an electrode array communicatively coupled to the cochlear implant and located within a cochlea of the patient, and 4) a receiver communicatively coupled to the eas sound processor and configured to be in communication with an ear of the patient. The eas sound processor operates in accordance with an acoustic-only mode during a post-implant time period and detects audio content presented to the patient, directs the receiver to apply acoustic stimulation, and prevents the cochlear implant from applying electrical stimulation representative of audio content presented to the patient during the post-implant time period.
Advanced Bionics Ag


Utilization of different loudness encoding schemes in cochlear implant systems

An exemplary sound processor included in a cochlear implant system associated with a patient may 1) identify a loudness level of an audio signal presented to the patient, 2) determine that a stimulation pulse amplitude corresponding to the loudness level is greater than a maximum stimulation pulse amplitude allowed by a compliance voltage associated with a cochlear implant implanted within the patient, and 3) direct, in response to the determination that the stimulation pulse amplitude is greater than a maximum stimulation pulse amplitude allowed by the compliance voltage, the cochlear implant to represent the loudness level to the patient by directing the cochlear implant to generate and apply one or more stimulation pulses to the patient in accordance with at least one of a first encoding scheme that includes pulse density modulation and a second encoding scheme that includes a combination of pulse amplitude modulation and pulse width modulation.. .
Advanced Bionics Ag


Systems and methods for measuring electrode impedance during a normal operation of a cochlear implant system

An exemplary sound processor may include a stimulation management facility that 1) receives an audio signal presented to the patient during a normal operation of the cochlear implant system, and 2) directs a cochlear implant of the cochlear implant system to generate and apply an electrical stimulation pulse representative of the audio signal by way of an electrode included in a plurality of electrodes coupled to the cochlear implant. The sound processor may further include an impedance management facility that determines an impedance of the electrode by directing the cochlear implant to measure a voltage level associated with the electrode while the electrical stimulation pulse is being applied by way of the electrode.
Advanced Bionics Ag


System and detecting infant swallowing

According to an aspect of some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a method of detecting at least one infant swallowing event comprising: obtaining at least one signal segment of an audio recording of an infant during a breastfeeding session; automatically detecting a first, a second and a third peak region in the at least one signal segment; automatically calculating a first duration from the end of the first region to the start of the second region, and a second duration from the end of the second region to the start of the third region; automatically determining an infant swallowing event if the first duration falls within a first signature time range, and if the second duration falls within a second signature time range; and outputting a signal indicative of the infant swallowing event to a user so that the user is aware of the infant swallowing event.. .
Momsense Ltd.


Mobile security monitoring

Systems and methods are disclosed for security monitoring using a mobile device by detecting an activation condition associated with an emergency; and capturing and sending emergency data stream including images or video, audio, and positioning coordinates to a cloud-based processor to store and forward to a predetermined circle of family and friends to allow them to view the stream of audio, images/video and positioning coordinates in real time.. .


Methods, systems and apparatus to affect rf transmission from a non-linked wireless client

Embodiments of the present application relate generally to wireless electronics, wireless portable electronics, wireless media presentation devices, audio/video systems, and more specifically to passive or active rf proximity detection of wireless client devices in an environment that may or may not include wireless access points. A wireless client device may be forced, triggered, or configured to broadcast a wireless scan (e.g., an active wifi scan) that includes data (e.g., packets) that may be discovered by a wireless media device (e.g., received by rf circuitry in the media device) and information from the wireless scan may be used by the wireless media device to detect presence of the wireless client device and/or its user, to establish a wireless data communications link with the wireless client device, to determine proximity of the wireless client device to the wireless media device, and for near field communication (nfc) with the wireless client device..


Audio output balancing

An example implementation involves a first playback device receiving audio content to be played back by the first playback device and a second playback device in synchrony. The audio content includes a first stereo component to be played by the first playback device and a second stereo component to be played by the second playback device.
Sonos, Inc.


Multidimensional virtual learning system and method

A process and system for generating three dimensional sound conferencing includes generating a virtual map with a plurality of positions, each participant selecting one of the positions, determining a direction from each position to each other position on the map, determining a distance from each position to each other position on the map, receiving sound from each participant, mixing the received sound, transforming the mixed sound into binaural audio, and directing the binaural audio sound to each participant via a speaker associated with the virtual position of the speaking participant. The result is a clarified sound that gives to the listening participant a sense of where the speaking participant is positioned relative to the listening participant..
Gleim Conferencing, Llc


Method for determining a stereo signal

A method for determining an output stereo signal comprising determining a first differential signal and determining a second differential signal; determining a first power spectrum based on the first differential signal and determining a second power spectrum based on the second differential signal; determining a first weighting function and a second weighting function as a function of the first power spectrum and the second power spectrum; and filtering a first signal, which represents a first combination of the first input audio channel signal and the second input audio channel signal, and filtering a second signal, which represents a second combination of the first input audio channel signal and the second input audio channel signal.. .


Method and device for audio signal processing

To this end, provided are a method for processing an audio signal including: receiving multi-audio signals including multi-channel or multi-object signals, each of the multi-audio signals including a plurality of subband signals, and the plurality of subband signals including a signal of a first subband group having low frequencies and a signal of a second subband group having high frequencies based on a predetermined frequency band; receiving at least one parameter corresponding to each subband signal of the second subband group, the at least one parameter being extracted from binaural room impulse response (brir) subband filter coefficients corresponding to each subband signal of the second subband group; and performing tap-delay line filtering of the subband signal of the second subband group by using the received parameter and an apparatus for processing an audio signal using the same.. .


Clustering of audio files using graphs

Systems and methods to perform speaker clustering determine which audio segments appear to include sound generated by the same speaker. Speaker clustering is based on creating a graph in which a node represents an audio segment and an edge between two nodes represents a relationship and/or correspondence that reflects a probability, likelihood, or other indication that the two nodes represent audio segments of the same speaker.
The Intellisis Corporation


Method for augmenting hearing

One variation of a method for augmenting sound includes: at a mobile computing device and a connected audio output device, outputting a tone in a hearing test; based on a response to the tone entered by a user, generating a hearing profile for the user and corresponding to the mobile computing device and the audio output device; receiving an audio signal; qualifying the audio signal as a particular audio type from a set of audio types; selecting, from a set of sound profiles, a particular sound profile corresponding to the particular audio type; at the mobile computing device, transforming the audio signal into a processed audio signal according to the particular sound profile and the hearing profile of the user; and outputting the processed audio signal at the connected audio output device.. .
Symphonic Audio Technologies Corp.


Loudspeaker having electrically conductive membrane transducers

An improved loudspeaker having pump cards that include an array of electrically conductive membrane transducers (such as polyester-metal membrane pumps). The array of electrically conductive membrane transducers combine to generate the desired sound by the use of pressurized airflow.
Clean Energy Labs, Llc


Audio output balancing

An example implementation involves a first playback device receiving audio content to be played back by the first playback device and a second playback device in synchrony. Such audio content may include a first and second stereo component.
Sonos, Inc.


Speaker protection for surround sound systems

An audio/video receiver configured to limit the power delivered to its speakers based on real time calculations. First, power delivered to the speakers is limited to the power rating of the speakers during short durations.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.


Audio apparatus and methods

An apparatus for augmenting audio capabilities of a mobile computing device, including: a housing transiently encasing a portion of the mobile computing device; a communication module arranged within the housing, downloading a hearing profile of a user from the mobile computing device, and receiving an output audio signal from the mobile computing device; a processor arranged within the housing and processing the output audio signal according to the hearing profile; a secondary audio output module arranged within the housing adjacent an integrated loudspeaker within the mobile computing device and outputting a processed form of the output audio signal in place of output of the output audio signal by the integrated loudspeaker; a secondary microphone arranged within the housing adjacent an integrated microphone within the mobile computing device, the communication module transmitting an input audio signal from the secondary microphone to the mobile computing device.. .
Symphonic Audio Technologies Corp.


Speakers and headphones related to vibrations in an audio system, and methods for operating same

A speaker assembly includes a support structure and a tactile vibrator coupled to the support structure. The tactile vibrator includes a plurality of rigid members coupled to a plurality of suspension members.
Skullcandy, Inc.


Ultrasonic filter for microphone

A measurement system is provided for measuring operational characteristics of ultrasonic emitters, such as their frequency response. A low pass acoustic filter is provided to filter out the ultrasound portion of a modulated ultrasonic signal emitted by an ultrasonic emitter, thereby allowing only the audio portion of the modulated ultrasonic signal to pass through to a measurement microphone.
Turtle Beach Corporation


Methods, systems, and computer program products for categorizing/rating content uploaded to a network for broadcasting

Methods, systems, and computer program products that automatically categorize and/or assign ratings to content (video and audio content) uploaded by individuals who want to broadcast the content to others via a communications network, such as an iptv network, are provided. When an individual uploads content to a network, a network service automatically extracts an audio stream from the uploaded content.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Method, apparatus and system of synchronizing audio with video

The present disclosure provides a method, apparatus and a system of synchronizing audio with video. A receiving device receives a video signal embedded with a video sync signal and an audio signal embedded with an audio sync signal provided by a sending device; searches for the video sync signal in the video signal, searches for the audio sync signal in the audio signal; and processes the video signal and the audio signal according to a time when the video sync signal occurs in the video signal and a time when the audio sync signal occurs in the audio signal to make the processed audio signal synchronized with the processed video signal during playback..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Video display system

The present disclosure relates to a system for multiplexing (i.e. Combining multiple signals into one signal) both a plurality of video content (live and deferred time) and multiple video access mediums (such as cable television, satellite, internet video (clips, programming and movies), video games, dvd players, etc.) in a viewer friendly manner to enhance entertainment and other entertainment possibilities.
Skreens Entertainment Technologies, Inc.


Electric shaver with imaging capability

System and method for improving the shaving experience by providing improved visibility of the skin shaving area. A digital camera is integrated with the electric shaver for close image capturing of shaving area, and displaying it on a display unit.
May Patents Ltd.


Method and coviewing video

A method, apparatus, and system to provide the ability for a user to make audio and/or audio-video phone calls simultaneously while watching (co-viewing) provider video content in remote locations. A control system is provided to set up call, direct provider video content, and provide for the phone calls and video content to be delivered and then synchronized.
Nettalk.com, Inc.


Audio commenting and publishing system

An audio commenting and publishing system including a storage database, media content and a computing device all coupled together via a network. The computing device comprises a processor and an application executed by the processor configured to input audio data that a user wishes to associate with the media content from an audio recording mechanism or a memory device.
Soundlink, Inc.


Audio based discovery and connection to a service controller

Techniques for automatically connecting to a service controller are described herein. In one example, a service controller device includes a processor and a computer-readable memory storage device storing executable instructions that cause the processor to broadcast at least one of an access credential, connection information or an access credential hash embedded in an audio signal.
Microsoft Technolgy Licensing, Llc


Establishing a secure connection between a master device and a slave device

A method (200) of establishing a secure connection (213) between a master device (101) and a slave device (102), sharing at least a first communication channel, is provided. The method comprises transmitting (201) an identifier idm of the master device over the first communication channel, generating (202) a proof-of-possession xs of a key ks, using ks idm, and a first identifier i dsi of the slave device, generating (202) a key mks using idm, i dsi, and ks storing (204) mks, and transmitting (203) i dsi and xs to the master device.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Systems and methods for mutual authentication of electronic devices

Embodiments are provided for mutually authenticating a pair of electronic devices. According to certain aspects, the electronic devices may connect to each other via an out-of-band communication channel.
Google Inc.


Distributed method and system to improve collaborative services across multiple devices

A distributed system and method to improve collaborative service across multiple sensors on various devices. According to one embodiment, multiple devices may be used to train and then utilize a common algorithm for purposes including but not limited to recognizing a source to perform some action, control, command, calculation, storage, retrieval, encryption, decryption, alerting, alarming, notifying or as in some embodiments, to authenticate.
Nxt-id, Inc.


Techniques for preventing voice replay attacks

Technologies for authenticated audio login by a user of a computing device include generating a security token having a plurality of token characters. The computing device renders the generated security token to a current user of the computing device on an output device of the computing device.


Adaptive jitter buffer

The present disclosure relates to an adaptive jitter buffer for buffering audio data received via a network. The adaptive jitter buffer comprises an adaptive audio sample buffer, which comprises an adaptive resampler that receives a number of audio samples of the audio data and that outputs a first number of audio samples, which are resampled from the received number of audio samples according to a resampling factor, an audio sample buffer that buffers audio samples, wherein the outputted first number of audio samples are written to the audio sample buffer during an input access event and a second number of audio samples are read from the audio sample buffer during an output access event, and an audio sample buffer fill quantity controller that controls a fill quantity of the audio sample buffer based on controlling the resampling factor of the adaptive resampler..
Binauric Se

Audio topics: Communications, Speech Recognition, Aspect Ratio, Computer Program, Crystallin, Steviol Glycosides, Liquid Fraction, Critical Point, Rebaudioside, Chromatograph, Adsorption, Electrical Outlet, User Interface, Central Processing Unit, Alarm System

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