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 Method and  enabling push-to-talk functionality of a mobile device patent thumbnailMethod and enabling push-to-talk functionality of a mobile device
A method and mobile device are provided that permits hands-free enablement of push-to-talk (ptt) functionality. When the mobile device is being used by a user, the mobile device determines, via an eye detector of the mobile device, a presence of an eye of a user and detects, via a microphone of the mobile device, an audio input from the user.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

 Automatic speaker setup patent thumbnailAutomatic speaker setup
In one embodiment, a computer-program product embodied in a non-transitory computer readable medium that is programmed for performing an automatic speaker setup is provided. The computer-program product includes instructions for wirelessly receiving, via near field communication (nfc), speaker information for at least one speaker in a speaker system.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

 Information processing device, information processing method, and program patent thumbnailInformation processing device, information processing method, and program
[solution] provided is an information processing device including: an audio signal output unit that causes measuring audio in an inaudible band to be output from a speaker; and a viewing position computation unit that computes a viewing position of a user based on the measuring audio picked up by a microphone.. .

 Method and  rendering sound signal, and computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailMethod and rendering sound signal, and computer-readable recording medium
A method of reproducing a multi-channel audio signal including an elevation sound signal in a horizontal layout environment is provided, thereby obtaining a rendering parameter according to a rendering type and configuring a down-mix matrix, and thus effective rendering performance may be obtained with respect to an audio signal that is not suitable for applying virtual rendering. A method of rendering an audio signal includes receiving a multi-channel signal includes a plurality of input channels to be converted into a plurality of output channels; determining a rendering type for elevation rendering based on a parameter determined from a characteristic of the multi-channel signal; and rendering at least one height input channel according to the determined rendering type, wherein the parameter is included in a bitstream of the multi-channel signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Binaural audio systems and methods patent thumbnailBinaural audio systems and methods
Some embodiments include a system for delivery of binaural audio to a consumer including a computing device with a processor, a non-transitory computer readable medium having stored instructions that when executed by the computing device, cause the computing device to perform operations for delivery of the binaural audio to the consumer through the consumer device. The operations can enable a delivery server to associate the consumer device with a binaural audio file associated with the event attended by the consumer.

 Hearing aid having an adaptive antenna matching mechanism and a  adaptively matching a hearing aid antenna patent thumbnailHearing aid having an adaptive antenna matching mechanism and a adaptively matching a hearing aid antenna
A hearing aid includes: a microphone for reception of sound and conversion of the received sound into a corresponding first audio signal; a signal processor for processing the first audio signal into a second audio signal compensating a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid; a wireless communication unit connected to the signal processor for wireless communication and being coupled with an antenna for emission and/or reception of an electromagnetic field; a detector connected to the wireless communication unit, the detector being configured to detect a signal strength of a communication signal; and an adjustable antenna matching mechanism configured to improve antenna reception and/or antenna emission of the antenna based on the detected signal strength of the received communication signal.. .
Gn Resound A/s

 Electronic device having a mode damped diaphragm patent thumbnailElectronic device having a mode damped diaphragm
The present disclosure generally provides an apparatus and method of forming an audio speaker that has an improved sound quality over conventional audio speaker designs and has a low manufacturing cost. In an effort to overcome the shortcomings of conventional sealed speaker designs that typically have diaphragms that generate undesirable levels of distortion, one or more of the embodiments of the disclosure provided herein include a speaker diaphragm that is formed from a mode damped diaphragm design.
Logitech Europe S.a

 Pre-processing of a channelized music signal patent thumbnailPre-processing of a channelized music signal
A method for pre-processing a channelized music signal to improve perception and appreciation for a hearing prosthesis recipient. In one example, the channelized music signal is a stereo input signal.

 Dynamic engine harmonic enhancement sound stage patent thumbnailDynamic engine harmonic enhancement sound stage
A method to produce a dynamic sound stage for engine harmonic enhancement (ehe). Dynamic refers to the ability to position the sound stage at different positions as the engine operates at various rpms and load.
Bose Corporation

 Audio preferences for media content players patent thumbnailAudio preferences for media content players
Disclosed herein are system, method, and tangible computer readable medium for creating a desired audio effect for a user. The method includes operations including: causing a plurality of speakers to play test signals, each test signal being specific to one of the speakers; receiving from a remote device recorded frequency responses of the speakers resulting from the playing of the test signals; creating one or more filters to match an audio profile selected by a user; applying the filters to the recorded frequency responses to obtain filtered transformations of the speakers; and transmitting the filtered transformations to the speakers; wherein the filtered transformations are applied at the speakers to thereby achieve the user audio profile..
Roku, Inc.

Acoustic processor having low latency

An audio system having low latency includes a digital audio processor as well as sensor inputs coupled to the processor. The sensor inputs may be microphone inputs.
Avnera Corporation

System and data transmission and power supply capability over an audio jack for mobile devices

A system and method for data transmission and power supply capability over an audio jack for mobile devices are disclosed. A particular embodiment includes: a peripheral device including an energy storage component, a microphone using a microphone bias voltage, and a select switch configured to provide a first switch position wherein charging of the energy storage component using the microphone bias voltage via the microphone conductor is enabled, the select switch being configured provide a second switch position wherein charging of the energy storage component using the microphone bias voltage via the microphone conductor is disabled; and a mobile device and an application (app) executable in the mobile device to produce a switching tone on the audio signal conductor of the audio jack, the switching tone causing the select switch to transition to the first switch position or the second switch position..
Lntel Corporation

Sound capture method and apparatus

A method and apparatus to capture sound produced by an audio device including a sound source and a loudspeaker. The apparatus includes a microphone support coupleable to the loudspeaker and a microphone mounted on the support, the microphone being locatable within a volume surrounded by a diaphragm of the loudspeaker and being arranged to detect pressure waves caused by movement of a vibrating element of the loudspeaker.
Sam Systems 2012 Limited

System with wireless earphones

Apparatus comprises adapter and speaker system. Adapter is configured to plug into port of personal digital audio player.
Koss Corporation

Tactile vibration drivers for use in audio systems, and methods for operating same

A tactile vibration driver for use in a headphone includes a support structure, at least one suspension member suspending at least one rigid member relative to the support structure, and a plurality of magnetic members attached to the at least one rigid member and configured to drive oscillating movement of the at least one rigid member and the at least one suspension member so as to produce tactile vibrations during operation of the tactile vibration driver. An audio system includes the tactile vibration driver.
Skullcandy, Inc.

Personalized soundtrack

Systems, devices and methods are described to provide a personalized soundtrack by a set top box, media player or other media receiver device. The device obtains viewer preference data that describes the viewer's musical preference.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Method for sound recognition task trigger

A system and method is described for monitoring a program signal for certain content, and performing a set of tasks when target content is recognized. Target content may be identified by using acoustic or video fingerprinting hardware or software to identify characteristic components of the program signal, and performing a lookup in a database of known content.

Camera-connection-type sound recording apparatus

A sound recording apparatus is provided which is hdmi-connected to a camera and another device, which outputs a video image signal from the camera to the other device without processing, and which outputs to the other device, without degradation, an audio signal recorded separately from the camera. A sound recording apparatus is hdmi-connected to a camera and a backup image recording apparatus.
Teac Corporation

Video audio processing device, video audio processing method, and program

A video/audio processing apparatus includes a video generator, a selector, and a volume controller. The video generator generates a video signal for display video in which a plurality of regions, in each of which a moving image is displayed, automatically move in a display screen in a predetermined direction.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Integrated internet camera system and method

An internet direct device comprises an imaging system to capture at least one of audio, still images and video images, and a microprocessor. The microprocessor transmits at least one of the captured audio, the captured still images and the captured video images to a web site archive and review center and/or another internet direct device upon image capture over a communications network.
Alex Is The Best, Llc

Audio quality in teleconferencing

A method and system for improved audio quality in teleconferencing are provided. The method includes analyzing the audio signal of multiple input lines in a teleconferencing system to detect if any two input lines contain substantially the same audio signal with a delay shorter than that of a conventional echo caused by an input line's own audio feedback via a teleconferencing server.
International Business Machines Corporation

Event prompting

An event prompting method for use in a terminal includes judging whether the terminal is playing predetermined audio information via a wireless headphone connected with the terminal when an event to be prompted is received, and sending a silent prompt command to the wireless headphone according to the event to be prompted if the terminal is playing the predetermined audio information. The silent prompt command is configured to control the wireless headphone to perform a silent prompt operation..
Xiaomi Inc.

Hands-free bluetooth car system

A hands-free bluetooth system is described. The bluetooth system comprises a base unit and a controller unit.
International Business Machines Corporation

Digitized voice alerts

Methods, systems, and processor-readable media for providing instant/real-time voice alerts automatically to remote electronic devices. An activity can be detected utilizing one or more sensors.
Verna Ip Holdings, Llc

Systems and methods for location-based content sharing

Systems and methods for location-based content sharing on a network are disclosed. The systems and methods disclosed are directed to sending and receiving various types of content items, including text, images, audio files, and video.
Jbk Media Llc

Synchronized playback of streamed audio content by multiple internet-capable portable devices

Playback of an audio stream is synchronized on multiple connected digital devices by using synchronization fingerprints. Playback actions may furthermore be synchronized on all devices, such as skips and pauses.
Amp Me Inc.

Method for selecting sequences of frames and corresponding electronic device, computer readable program product and computer readable storgae medium

A method for selecting sequences in a signal including a plurality of audio and/or video frames is described. According to an embodiment, the selecting takes into account a value of a quantified indicator assigned to one of said frame and a time slot of said sequences.
Thomson Licensing

Electronic device, communication transmitting/receiving audio and video data

An electronic device includes a display unit, a network element and a processing unit, wherein the processing unit is arranged to connect to a first server via the network element to download a webpage displayed on the display unit, wherein when a specific icon in the webpage is selected, the processing unit receives an authentic information from the first server, and transmits/receives an audio video data with the authentic information and a second server.. .
Browan Communications Inc.

Pre-buffering audio streams

One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for identifying and pre-buffering audio/video stream pairs. The method includes the steps of predictively identifying for pre-buffering at least one audio/video stream pair that may be selected for playback by a user subsequent to a currently playing audio/video stream pair, computing a first rate for pre-buffering an audio portion of the at least one audio/video stream pair and a second rate for pre-buffering a video portion of the at least one audio/video stream pair, downloading the audio portion at the first rate and downloading the video portion at the second rate, and storing the downloaded audio portion and the downloaded video portion in a content buffer..
Netflix Inc.

Ad hoc one-time pairing of remote devices using online audio fingerprinting

A system and method for sharing electronic data between participants of a phone conference, such as an online presentation, without a need to exchange passwords to link two devices together for data transfer nor go through a login procedure to access the data resource. To achieve this, the participants use a device or software application that samples the audio of the phone conversation and creates a stream of audio fingerprints.
Barco N.v.

System and encryption of digital content based on a modified one time pad algorithm

The present invention provides for a hybrid encryption and decryption apparatus using elements of object-related encryption. The system utilizes a one time pad algorithm and allows for encryption of any digital data, including but not limited to text, picture, audio and video by using an arbitrary object as an information carrier enabling the creation of encryption keys of non-restrained length.

Automatic membership in social networks based on current location information

A social networking website system with automatic registration based on a current location information. Individuals are automatically enrolled into social network services based on a current location determined from their mobile devices.

Aggregate electronic mail message handling

Techniques for aggregating one or more electronic mail messages (e.g., a subscribed to email) are described, including receiving at an aggregating domain, electronic mail communicated from another domain, parsing the electronic mail to selectively extract content identifiers for content (e.g., text, images, audio, video, media) included in the electronic mail, generating a tile object from selectively extracted content identifiers, and displaying the tile object on a display grid for viewing by a subscriber (e.g., user) of one or more of the electronic mail messages. A plurality of tiles may be generated for a plurality of different email messages and the display grid may display all or a portion of the plurality of tiles.
Socialmail Llc

Method and system for communicating between a sender and a recipient via a personalized message including an audio clip extracted from a pre-existing recording

A method of communicating between a sender and a recipient via a personalized message is disclosed comprising: (a) identifying text, via the user interface of a communication device, of a desired lyric phrase from within a pre-existing audio recording; (b) extracting audio substantially associated with the desired lyric phrase from the pre-existing recording into a desired audio clip; (c) inputting personalized text via the user interface; (d) creating the personalized message with the sender identification, the personalized text and access to the desired audio clip; (e) sending an electronic message to the electronic address of the recipient, wherein the electronic message may be an sms/ems/mms message, instant message or email message including a link to the personalized message or an ems/mms or email message including the personalized message. An associated method of earning money from the communication along with associated systems are also disclosed..
Rednote Llc

Jitter buffer control based on monitoring of delay jitter and conversational dynamics

Some implementations involve analyzing audio packets received during a time interval that corresponds with a conversation analysis segment to determine network jitter dynamics data and conversational interactivity data. The network jitter dynamics data may provide an indication of jitter in a network that relays the audio data packets.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Recording apparatus

In a recording system comprising a plurality of recording apparatuses connected in cascade to increase the number of audio channels, a desired audio signal can be monitored. In the recording apparatus, when a digital audio signal is input from a digital input terminal and an analog audio signal is input from an analog audio input terminal, the analog audio signal is converted to a digital signal, which is further embedded in the digital audio signal and output from an output terminal.
Teac Corporation

Relaying device, communication system, and communication method

A relaying device includes an uplink interface that continuously receives an audio signal in communication, a wireless apparatus interface to which a repeater acting as a wireless relaying apparatus is connected, a voice buffer that buffers the audio signal, and a control unit. The control unit performs a vox processing of detecting whether or not a level of the audio signal is equal to or higher than a preset threshold.
Icom Incorporated

System and digital signal processing

The present invention provides for methods and systems for digitally processing an audio signal to reproduce high quality sounds on various materials. In various embodiments, a method comprises filtering the signal with a low shelf filter and/or high shelf filter, passing the signal through a first compressor that, filtering the signal again with a low shelf filter and/or high shelf filter, processing the signal with a graphic equalizer based on a selected material profile, passing the signal through a second compressor, and outputting the signal to a transducer..

Multipath digital microphones

Multipath digital microphone systems comprising a multipath digital audio combiner component are described. Exemplary multipath digital microphone systems can switch from conveying one digital audio signal to conveying another digital audio signal based on one or more switching criteria determined by an exemplary multipath digital audio combiner component.
Invensense, Inc.

Multiband vehicular antenna assembly

Exemplary embodiments are disclosed of multiband vehicular antenna assemblies with global navigation satellite system (gnss) capabilities. In exemplary embodiments, a multiband antenna assembly is operable with more than two satellite navigation system frequencies (e.g., global positioning system (gps), beidou navigation satellite system (bds), the russian global navigation satellite system (glonass), etc.).
Laird Technologies Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Card operated power plug interruptor/monitor and use

A device that is placed between the electrical power source and electrical equipment such that power going to the equipment can be controlled, regulated, and monitored. An individual may request access to use the electrical equipment by means of unique identification.

System and automatic video editing with narration

A method and a system for automatic video editing with narration are provided herein. The method may include: obtaining a plurality of media entities comprising at least one video entity having a visual channel and an audio channel; analyzing the media entities, to produce content-related media meta data indicative of a content of the media entities; automatically selecting media portions from the plurality of media entities, wherein at least one media portion is a subset of the said video entity of said plurality of media entities; receiving from a user a narration being a media entity comprising at least one audio channel; and automatically combining the narration and the selected media portions, to yield a narrated video production, wherein the combining is based on the content-related media meta data.
Magisto Ltd.

Active noise cancellation improving voice recognition performance

In at least one embodiment, a vehicle active noise cancellation (anc) apparatus including an anc controller is disclosed. The anc controller is operably coupled to at least one error microphone.
Harman International Industries, Inc.

Method and system for suppressing noise in speech signals in hearing aids and speech communication devices

A method for speech enhancement in speech communication devices and more specifically in hearing aids for suppressing stationary and non-stationary background noise in the input speech signal signals is disclosed. The method uses spectral subtraction wherein the noise spectrum is updated using quantile-based estimation without voice activity detection and the quantile values are approximated by dynamic quantile tracking without involving large storage and sorting of past spectral samples.
Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay

Frequency warping in a speech recognition system

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for receiving a sequence representing an utterance, the sequence comprising a plurality of audio frames; determining one or more warping factors for each audio frame in the sequence using a warping neural network; applying, for each audio frame, the one or more warping factors for the audio frame to the audio frame to generate a respective modified audio frame, wherein the applying comprises using at least one of the warping factors to scale a respective frequency of the audio frame to a new respective frequency in the respective modified audio frame; and decoding the modified audio frames using a decoding neural network, wherein the decoding neural network is configured to output a word sequence that is a transcription of the utterance.. .
Google Inc.

Encoded audio metadata-based equalization

A system for producing an encoded digital audio recording has an audio encoder that encodes a digital audio recording having a number of audio channels or audio objects. An equalization (eq) value generator produces a sequence of eq values which define eq filtering that is to be applied when decoding the encoded digital audio recording, wherein the eq filtering is to be applied to a group of one or more of the audio channels or audio objects of the recording independent of any downmix.
Apple Inc.

Encoding/decoding audio and/or speech signals by transforming to a determined domain

A method and apparatus to encode and/or decode a speech signal and/or an audio signal. The apparatus includes a first domain transforming unit, a frequency domain encoding unit, and a multiplexing unit to encode the speech signal and/or an audio signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Coding numbers of code vectors for independent frames of higher-order ambisonic coefficients

In general, techniques are described for coding a number of code vectors for independent frame of higher order ambisonic coefficients. An audio decoding device comprising a memory and a processor may perform the techniques.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and determining in a 2nd screen device whether the presentation of watermarked audio content received via an acoustic path from a 1st screen device has been stopped

For determining in a 2nd screen whether or not watermarked audio content received from a 1st screen has been stopped, a watermark symbol detection in the received audio content and a related detection strength value determination is carried out. In case no watermark symbol has been detected, a received expected detection strength value is compared with a detection strength threshold value.
Thomson Licensing

Encoded audio extended metadata-based dynamic range control

An audio encoder encodes a digital audio recording having a number of audio channels or audio objects. A dynamic range control (drc) processor produces a sequence of encoder drc gain values, by applying a selected one of a number of drc characteristics to a group of one or more of the audio channels or audio objects.
Apple Inc.

Insertion of characters in speech recognition

One embodiment provides a method, including: receiving, from an audio capture device, speech input; converting, using a processor, the speech input to machine text; receiving, from an alternate input source, an input comprising at least one character; identifying, using a processor, a location associated with the machine text to insert the at least one character; and inserting, using a processor, the at least one character at the location identified. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Smart necklace with stereo vision and onboard processing

A wearable computing device includes an input/output port for communicating with an external mobile device, a microphone for receiving speech data, a speaker for outputting audio feedback data, and a mobile processor. The mobile processor is designed to receive detected speech data corresponding to a request to open an application on the external mobile device, transmit the request to the external mobile device, and receive a description of content within the application from the external mobile device.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Mechanism and seamless voice wake and speaker verification

Technologies are described herein that allow a user to wake up a computing device operating in a low-power state and for the user to be verified by speaking a single wake phrase. Wake phrase recognition is performed by a low-power engine.
Intel Corporation

Tourniquet with audio instructions

A tourniquet with audio instructions comprising: a tourniquet with a belt, clip, securing strap, and instruction module; a release switch can be activated when the tourniquet is put in use so that audio instructions are provided to the user for using the tourniquet. The invention can include the instruction module being carried by a holster that also carries the tourniquet.
North American Rescue, Llc

Integrated system and method providing users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment.

An integrated system and method that provides users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment. The said integrated system and method allows users to create questions that utilise one or more of the manipulated items, present questions to a student, collect the said students answer and assess the said students answer.
Rising Software Australia Pty Ltd.

Apparatus and supervising audio system during battery mode

An approach for supervision of an audio path within an audio system that conserves power while operating in battery mode by temporarily turning off pre-determined audio components of the audio system when not performing supervision tasks and no audio is present on the audio path.. .
Siemens Schweiz Ag

Intelligent door lock system with audio and rf communication

A wireless access control system is provided to lock or unlock a first door at a dwelling of a user. A user remote access device transmits a first signal and a second signal.
August Home Inc.

Control apparatus and correction method

A control apparatus includes: a displacement detection unit adapted to detect, based on a result of acquiring audio outputted from an output apparatus, the result of acquiring being acquired in a display apparatus that displays an image in accordance with motion, and the image that the display apparatus displays, displacement between coordinate axes of an image space according to the image that the display apparatus displays and coordinate axes of an acoustic space according to audio outputted by the output apparatus; and a correction unit adapted to correct the displacement of the coordinate axes detected by the displacement detection unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems, methods and applications for using and enhancing vehicle to vehicle communications, including synergies and interoperation with satellite radio

Various applications, systems and methods for using, and enhancing v2v communications for various purposes are described. These systems and methods leverage various aspects of satellite radio broadcasts in combination with v2v communications.
Sirus Xm Radio Inc.

Virtual photorealistic digital actor system for remote service of customers

A system for remote servicing of customers includes an interactive display unit at the customer location providing two-way audio/visual communication with a remote service/sales agent, wherein communication inputted by the agent is delivered to customers via a virtual digital actor on the display. The system also provides for remote customer service using physical mannequins with interactive capability having two-way audio visual communication ability with the remote agent, wherein communication inputted by the remote service or sales agent is delivered to customers using the physical mannequin.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program

There is provided an information processing apparatus for automatically generating information representing a context surrounding a user, the information processing apparatus including: a recognition processing unit configured to perform, on the basis of user environment information including at least any of location information representing a location where a user is present, image information relating to an environment surrounding a user, and audio information relating to the environment, an analysis process of at least any of the location information, the image information, and the audio information included in the user environment information, at a predetermined time interval, and to recognize a context surrounding the user, using the acquired result of analysis relating to the user environment; and a context candidate information generating unit configured to generate context candidate information representing a candidate of the context surrounding the user, the context candidate information including, at least, information representing the context surrounding the user and information representing the user's emotion in the context, using the result of context recognition performed by the recognition processing unit.. .
Sony Corporation

Use of a tag and reader antenna for a simulated theremin effect

The present disclosure provides methods and apparatuses for providing an audible feedback based on a proximity or a link quality between an external reader and a tag. The external reader transmits power to the tag with a radio frequency electromagnetic signal.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

Real time multispecialty telehealth interactive patient wellness portal (ipwp)

In summary the ability of the patient portal system to provide real time, multiple simultaneously communicating health care providers with real time biometric information (including the onsite or tele pharmacist) is a novel process not limited to the single provider video/audio access currently patented. This new dimension to telehealth promises a telehealth experience that at a minimum matches the diagnostics ability and access of a multispecialty clinic or traditional hospital setting while exceeding the clinical/diagnostic ability of a single health care provider's office or clinic that is more accessible at a 50% reduced cost and resulting in better health outcomes..

Systems and methods for addressing a media database using distance associative hashing

A system, method and computer program utilize a distance associative hashing algorithmic means to provide a highly efficient means to rapidly address a large database. The indexing means can be readily subdivided into a plurality of independently-addressable segments where each such segment can address a portion of related data of the database where the subdivided indexes of said portions reside entirely in the main memory of each of a multiplicity of server means.
Vizio Inscape Technologies, Llc

Systems and methods for addressing a media database using distance associative hashing

A system, method and computer program utilize a distance associative hashing algorithmic means to provide a highly efficient means to rapidly address a large database. The indexing means can be readily subdivided into a plurality of independently-addressable segments where each such segment can address a portion of related data of the database where the subdivided indexes of said portions reside entirely in the main memory of each of a multiplicity of server means.
Vizio Inscape Technologies, Llc

Systems and methods for enabling information exchanges between devices

Described is a computer-implemented method performed in connection with a computerized system incorporating an audio capture device, a central processing unit, a display device and a memory, the computer-implemented method involving: capturing an audio signal using the audio capture device; using the central processing unit to analyze the captured audio signal; when the audio signal satisfies a predetermine criterion, using the central processing unit to generate a hash of the captured audio signal; finding a similar audio signal hash among a plurality of stored audio signal hashes; and identifying a device associated with the captured audio signal using the found similar audio signal hash.. .

Method, apparatus and computer program for selecting an audio track

A server or networked server system comprising: means to receive a request for an audio track having an identifier from a requesting apparatus; means to process the request to determine a plurality of differently performed versions of the requested audiotrack; and means to provide the plurality of differently performed versions of the audio track to the requesting apparatus.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

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