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Synchronization of audio channel timing

Summit Semiconductor

Synchronization of audio channel timing

Techniques for testing compatibility of a wireless communication device

Pctest Engineering Laboratory

Techniques for testing compatibility of a wireless communication device

Techniques for testing compatibility of a wireless communication device


System and method for handset operation in a wireless communication network

Date/App# patent app List of recent Audio-related patents
 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
An information processing apparatus includes a communication unit; and a controller configured to control the communication unit to perform one of transmission and reception of second identification information for communication through a predetermined communication path with a different apparatus, and to establish connection with the different apparatus by using the second identification information, during an audio call with the different apparatus, the audio call using first identification information for an audio call, the second identification information being associated with the first identification information.. .
Sony Corporation

 Synchronization of audio channel timing patent thumbnailSynchronization of audio channel timing
Synchronization of plural outputs of data transported by a wireless network is facilitated by bandlimiting a sample clock signal controlling a rate at which data is processed by the network's devices and/or bandlimiting wall time data controlling the real time for presenting a datum.. .
Summit Semiconductor Llc

 Techniques for testing compatibility of a wireless communication device patent thumbnailTechniques for testing compatibility of a wireless communication device
Techniques for testing a wireless communications device are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system and method for testing a wireless communications device.
Pctest Engineering Laboratory, Inc.

 System and  handset operation in a wireless communication network patent thumbnailSystem and handset operation in a wireless communication network
User equipment (ue) is configured to automatically detect the presence of an access point (ap) in any one of a plurality of venues and to transmit identification information to the ap to authenticate the ue. The venue receiving the authentication request transfers the authentication request and identification information to an authentication server to determine whether the us is a registered device.
Mobilitie, Llc

 Apparatus and  reproducing recorded audio with correct spatial directionality patent thumbnailApparatus and reproducing recorded audio with correct spatial directionality
An apparatus comprising: an input configured to receive from at least one co-operating apparatus at least one audio signal; an audio signal analyser configured to analyse the at least one audio signal to determine at least one audio component position relative to the at least one co-operating apparatus recording position; and a processor configured to determine an position value based on the at least one cooperating recording position and the apparatus position, and further configured to apply the position value to the at least one audio component position, such that the at least one audio component position is substantially aligned with the apparatus position.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Virtual rendering of object-based audio patent thumbnailVirtual rendering of object-based audio
Embodiments are described for a system for virtual rendering of object based audio through binaural rendering of each object followed by panning of the resulting stereo binaural signal between a plurality of cross-talk cancelation circuits feeding a corresponding plurality of speaker pairs. In comparison to prior art virtual rendering utilizing a single pair of speakers, the described embodiments improve the spatial impression for both listeners inside and outside of the cross-talk canceller sweet spot.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Neural induced enhancement of audio signals patent thumbnailNeural induced enhancement of audio signals
Neural induced enhancement of audio signals is provided to facilitate improving the listening pleasure of a user. An audio processor component can detect brain waves of a user at different frequency bands, analyze the brain wave signal in each of the different frequency bands, and can adjust one or more audio enhancement effects based at least in part on the results of the analysis.
City University Of Hong Kong

 Controlling acoustic echo cancellation while handling a wireless microphone patent thumbnailControlling acoustic echo cancellation while handling a wireless microphone
An audio system has a base station, a speaker and one or more wireless microphones. The audio system operates to receive audio information from both a far-end audio source and a near-end audio source and to process the audio information for transmission to a far-end audio system.

 Mechanism and  seamless voice wake and speaker verification patent thumbnailMechanism and seamless voice wake and speaker verification
Technologies are described herein that allow a user to wake up a computing device operating in a low-power state and for the user to be verified by speaking a single wake phrase. Wake phrase recognition is performed by a low-power engine.
Intel Corporation

 Object-based audio loudness management patent thumbnailObject-based audio loudness management
A method and apparatus for processing object-based audio signals is provided. The apparatus receives a plurality of object-based audio signals.
Dts, Inc.


Processing of audio signals for a tinnitus therapy

A method for processing audio signals in particular for a therapy of subjective tinnitus with an individual tinnitus frequency. The method includes: providing a first audio signal, determining a blocking range in the frequency spectrum of the first audio signal with a predefinable frequency width, creating a second audio signal from the first audio signal using a filter, and determining an auditory energy of the first audio signal or the second audio signal within at least one predefined therapeutically applicable frequency range and specifying an evaluation parameter for the second audio signal..
Sonormed Gmbh


Resource manager

A hearing aid includes: an input transducer configured to output an audio signal based on a signal applied to the input transducer; a processor configured to compensate a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid and to output a hearing loss compensated audio signal; an output transducer configured to output an auditory output signal based on the hearing loss compensated audio signal, wherein the auditory output signal is to be received by a human auditory system; a wireless communication unit; and an operating system configured to control the wireless communication unit to perform communication with one or more devices, wherein the operating system comprises a scheduler configured to receive communication requests associated with respective communication tasks and to schedule at least one of the communication tasks based on a task priority and a state of a power supply of the hearing aid.. .
Gn Resound A/s


Hearing aid radio power supply

A hearing aid includes: an input transducer configured to output an audio signal based on a signal applied to the input transducer; a processor configured to compensate a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid and output a hearing loss compensated audio signal; an output transducer configured to output an auditory output signal based on the hearing loss compensated audio signal, wherein the auditory output signal is to be received by a human auditory system; a wireless communication unit configured to communicate wirelessly with another device; an energy storage unit coupled to supply the wireless communication unit with power; and a current limiting unit coupled for control of replenishment of the energy storage unit with energy from a power supply.. .
Gn Resound A/s


Condenser microphone

In a condenser microphone that has a function of attenuating a low frequency component and can effectively suppress distortion or thermal noise and external noise of a signal, an impedance converter converting a change in capacitance between a diaphragm and a fixed electrode of a condenser microphone unit into an audio signal is included. An output signal of the impedance converter is supplied to a low frequency inversion signal generation circuit including a low-pass filter and a phase inversion circuit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica


Audio signal processing device

An audio signal processing device includes: a frequency-domain conversion unit that generates a plurality of pieces of frequency-domain information from a plurality of audio input signals acquired at different positions; a relative value calculation unit that calculates, for each piece of frequency-domain information, a relative value between a time-frequency component included in one frequency-domain information and a time-frequency component included in another frequency-domain information; a mask generation unit that compares the relative value with an emphasized range set based on a relative value threshold stored in advance to generate a time-frequency mask that decreases a value of the frequency-domain information corresponding to the relative value which is outside the emphasized range; a mask multiplication unit that multiplies the time-frequency mask by the frequency-domain information to generate emphasized frequency-domain information; and a time-domain conversion unit that converts the emphasized frequency-domain information into an audio output signal indicated as being time-domain information.. .
Jvc Kenwood Corporation


Headset noise-based pulsed attenuation

A headset having a talk-through microphones incorporates an audio circuit that disconnects or compresses a signal representing sounds detected by the talk-through microphones in response to the audio circuit detecting the onset of a peak in the signal that exceeds a predetermined voltage level, and that does so with a rate of change in voltage level that exceeds a predetermined rate of change in voltage level. The duration of the disconnection or compression may be controlled by a timing circuit set to a predetermined period of time that may be retriggerable while amidst the predetermined period of time..
Bose Corporation


Listen to people you recognize

Systems, devices, and methods are described for recognizing and focusing on at least one source of an audio communication as part of a communication including a video image and an audio communication derived from two or more microphones when a relative position between the microphones is known. In certain embodiments, linked audio and video focus areas providing location information for one or more sound sources may each be associated with different user inputs, and an input to adjust a focus in either the audio or video domain may automatically adjust the focus in the another domain..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Contact hearing system with wearable communication apparatus

Contact hearing devices for use with a wearable communication apparatus are disclosed to provide the user with an open ear canal to hear ambient sound and sound from an audio signal. The disclosed devices and systems have an advantage of providing sound to user from the audio signal, in many embodiments without creating sound that can be perceived by others.
Earlens Corporation


Remotely controlling a hearing device

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media are provided for remotely controlling a hearing device. A hearing device configured to communicate with a control device transmits status data, including settings, to the control device.
Apple Inc.


Loudspeaker having a passive radiator

A loudspeaker includes a rigid enclosure, and a sound projecting region formed in a wall of the rigid enclosure. The sound projecting region includes one or more active driver speakers rigidly connected with the rigid enclosure, the active driver speakers to project sound outward from the sound projecting region and to reflect sound waves within the rigid enclosure.
Treefrog Developments, Inc.


Audio unit and generating a safety critical audio signal

An audio unit, connected or connectable to a safety-critical apparatus, or integrated or integrable in the apparatus, is proposed. The audio unit may comprise a driver unit, a detection unit, and an alert unit.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


System and broadcasting video with a secondary audio source

Embodiments of the disclosed invention include an apparatus, method, and computer program product for providing a video source with a secondary audio source. For example, in one embodiment, a content provider receives a broadcast signal that includes a video component and an audio component from a content producer.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc


Systems and methods for using video metadata to associate advertisements therewith

A system for using metadata from a video signal to associate advertisements therewith, comprising (i) a segmentation system to divide the video signal into video clips, (ii) a digitizing system for digitizing the video clips, (iii) a feature extraction system for extracting audio and video features from each video clip, associating each audio feature with respective video clips, associating each video feature with respective video clips, and saving the audio and video features into an associated metadata file, (iv) a web interface to the feature extraction system for receiving the video clips, and (v) a database, wherein video signals and associated metadata files are stored and indexed, wherein the associated metadata file is provided when a video player requests the corresponding video signal, enabling selection of a relevant advertisement for presentment in conjunction with respective video clips based on the associated audio and video features of the respective video clip.. .
Tivo Inc.


Timestamped commentary system for video content

A video commentary system receives video content items from users in a community. Such video content items are presented to viewers in the community.
Comment Bubble, Inc.


Pre-buffering audio streams

One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for identifying and pre-buffering audio/video stream pairs. The method includes the steps of predictively identifying for pre-buffering at least one audio/video stream pair that may be selected for playback by a user subsequent to a currently playing audio/video stream pair, computing a first rate for pre-buffering an audio portion of the at least one audio/video stream pair and a second rate for pre-buffering a video portion of the at least one audio/video stream pair, downloading the audio portion at the first rate and downloading the video portion at the second rate, and storing the downloaded audio portion and the downloaded video portion in a content buffer..
Netflix, Inc.


Digital converter

A digital converter device to distribute audio/video programs into an ip network, for example a home network, or a wifi lan. It can receive one or more transport streams containing audio and/or video programs, and has plurality of programmable operational blocks that can selectively process transport stream sections, as well as an ip packet generator.
Ali Europe Sari


Broadcast receiving device and method for receiving broadcast thereof

A broadcast receiving device and a method for receiving a broadcast thereof are provided. The broadcast receiving device includes a channel receiving unit which receives a channel broadcasting signal, generates a first parallel signal from the received channel broadcasting signal, converts the parallel signal into a serial signal, and outputs the serial signal; and a main body unit which receives the serial signal output from the channel receiving unit, reconverts the received serial signal into a second parallel signal, processes the second parallel signal, and outputs a video signal, an audio signal, and an additional data signal extracted from the processed second parallel signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Synchronous audio distribution to portable computing devices

Analog audio inputs are processed by a digital signal processor and rebroadcast over a local wireless network synchronous with a separate broadcast device or in real time with a live audio source. A software application on a portable computing device provides end-users the option to select from a plurality of audio source streams, cached translations of preprocessed audio streams and speech-to-text captioning.
Wtf Technology Partners, Inc.


Real-time process and technology using image processing to maintain and ensure viewer comfort during capture, live transmission, and post-production of stereoscopic 3d imagery

This process and invention may be used for “live” (on-line, recorded, real-time, or transmitted) stereoscopic image generation, post-production, and viewing to ensure the imagery, from the cameras through the systems to the final screens, maintains an acceptable level of viewer comfort and actively causes an action if an image becomes “uncomfortable” to view. The invention will use image-processing hardware and software to monitor stereoscopic 3d image data, and will generate an output response based on qualifying the imagery.
3ality Digital Systems, Llc


Managing complex video call scenarios in volte calls

A device may determine to adjust from a first state for an existing communication between the device and another device. The first state may be associated with utilizing a first audio and/or video configuration for communication.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless


Method for implementing telepresence technology and telepresence device

Disclosed are a method for implementing telepresence technology and a telepresence device. The method comprises: a first telepresence device establishes a communication connection with a second telepresence device, wherein the first telepresence device performs a first capability negotiation with the second telepresence device during the communication connection establishment; the first telepresence device performs a tip capability negotiation with the second telepresence device; the first telepresence device and the second telepresence device determine, according a result of the first capability negotiation and a result of the tip capability negotiation, an audio and video coding/decoding mode used in the following communication; and the first telepresence device communicates with the second telepresence device according to the determined audio and video coding/decoding mode.
Zte Corporation


Enhanced output for multi-media device

A support for a multi-media device, such as a television, is provided. The support can include a first lateral element housing a first speaker and a second lateral element housing a second speaker.


Spatial multiplexing in a soundfield teleconferencing system

The present document relates to audio conference systems. In particular, the present document relates to the mapping of soundfields within an audio conference system.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Method for improving perceptual continuity in a spatial teleconferencing system

The present document relates to audio conference systems. In particular, the present document relates to improving the perceptual continuity within an audio conference system.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


System and automated voice quality testing

A system for automated audio quality testing, comprising a plurality of endpoint emulators, call engines, and optionally audio generator devices and head and torso simulator devices, and a method for using such a system for testing of audio quality over a variety of system architectures for optimization of contact center operations and improvement of customer experience.. .
Cyara Solutions Pty Ltd


Intuitive computing methods and systems

A portable computing device (e.g., a tablet or smartphone) senses audio and/or imagery from a user's environment, and acts to fulfill inferred or requested user desires. In one arrangement, a portable tablet computing device comprising: a wireless communications interface; a touch screen display; a camera for capturing video imagery; a microphone for capturing audio; a device input for initiating a discovery mode, in which the discovery mode includes processing camera-captured video imagery or microphone-captured audio to obtain identification of an object depicted in camera-captured video imagery or to obtain identification of microphone-captured audio, an identification obtained through the wireless communications interface; one or more multi-core processors; and memory storing software instructions for configuring said one or more multi-core processors for: responsive to a request received via said device input, initiating a discovery mode including processing real-time video imagery captured with said camera; causing a sensor pane to be displayed on said touch screen display, in which real-time captured video imagery is displayed along with augmented reality graphics within the sensor pane, and causing user-selectable graphic icons to be displayed within a first area of said touch screen display; causing highlighting of an object represented in captured real-time video imagery that is displayed within the sensor pane; and causing a user-selectable graphic icon to be displayed on said touch screen display to facilitate switching discovery modes from image to audio.
Digimarc Corporation


Wireless receiver and controlling the same

The present invention discloses a wireless receiver capable of outputting a notification on an event occurred in a mobile terminal and remotely controlling the mobile terminal and a method of controlling therefor. To this end, a wireless receiver may include an earphone, a short-range communication unit configured to communicate with the mobile terminal and if the mobile terminal receives an incoming signal, a controller configured to control a first audio data including information on a caller of the incoming signal to be received from the mobile terminal and control the first audio data to be outputted via the earphone..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Slice-and-stitch approach to editing media (video or audio) for multimedia online presentations

Systems and methods for driving workflow and dynamic configuration of streaming media in an electronic slide-based presentation may be provided. Software may be provided to create audio/video presentations using a slideshow.
Knowledgevision Systems Incorporated


Messaging application for transmitting a plurality of media frames between mobile devices

A system and method for transmitting a plurality of media frames between mobile devices is described. The media frames comprise video data, photo data, textual data, graphical data and/or audio data..
Yacha, Inc.


Emergency responder systems and methods

Systems and methods for aiding emergency responders are described. An exemplary system may include a primary device and a secondary device.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Method and system for transmitting information using ultrasonic messages

A device includes an audio capture device for receiving an audio signal in an ultrasonic frequency range. The device includes a processor to determine whether the received audio signal corresponds to an ultrasonic message.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Method and automatically controlling gain based on sensitivity of microphone in electronic device

The present disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for automatically controlling a gain in an electronic device based on a sensitivity of microphone. The method according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes outputting a reference audio to a speaker and obtaining a sound signal output by the speaker through a microphone, comparing a parameter of the obtained sound signal with a stored parameter, and adjusting a gain of the microphone based on a result of the comparing..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Wireless microphone mute control override

An audio system is configured to support a number of wireless microphones, and each of the wireless microphones has one or more touch sensitive mute switches and a touch sensitive mute guard band switch. The mute guard band switch is connect to an electrically conductive surface that is proximate to a microphone peripheral surface that a user is likely to touch when they move the microphone.


Adaptive rail voltage regulation on power supplies

The system comprises a digital signal processing module, a power supply unit and an audio amplifier. In the digital signal processing module, the level of the digital audio signal is detected for adjusting the rail voltage in the amplifier.
Bang & Olufsen A/s


Forward and backward compatible 5 pole audio plug and jack syste

A backward compatible five-contact audio plug and jack system that provides for connecting to five separate channels of an audio accessory including two speaker channels and two microphone channels. The audio plug includes an added smaller diameter ring contact positioned within a longitudinal position normally occupied by tip contact of a conventional 4-contact audio plug and specifically located within 5.1 mm of a tip of the five-contact audio plug.


Non-uniform dielectric layer capacitor for vibration and acoustics improvement

A non-uniform dielectric layer, multi-layer-ceramic-capacitor (mlcc) has upper and lower dielectric layers separating upper and lower electrode layers, where the lower dielectric layers have a greater vertical thickness than the upper dielectric layers to reduce piezoelectric effect driven capacitor reaction forces on a printed circuit board (pcb) on which the capacitor is mounted. Such an mlcc may include an upper set of dielectric layers that separate adjacent pairs of upper electrode layers in a top portion of the mlcc, and a lower set of dielectric layers that separate adjacent pairs of lower electrode layers in a bottom portion of the mlcc.
Apple Inc.


Content output device and program

At the time of device starting or channel switching in a content output device, even when buffering of a sufficiently large size is performed in order to address multimedia processing at the time of start of a device and content switching, slow reproduction in which video and audio are synchronized with each other can be performed without keeping a user waiting for a long time, and at an arbitrary reproduction rate with the extent of not giving the user feeling of unnaturalness. The broadcasting reception unit initializes the delay amount to a predetermined start value, then gradually increases it with lapse of time, and stops the increase when the delay amount reaches a predetermined end value.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Voice activity detector for audio signals

According to one aspect, a method for detecting voice activity is disclosed, the method including receiving a frame of an input audio signal, the input audio signal having an sample rate; dividing the frame into a plurality of subbands based on the sample rate, the plurality of subbands including at least a lowest subband and a highest subband; filtering the lowest subband with a moving average filter to reduce an energy of the lowest subband; estimating a noise level for each of the plurality of subbands; calculating a signal to noise ratio value for each of the plurality of subbands; and determining a speech activity level of the frame based on an average of the calculated signal to noise ratio values and a weighted average of an energy of each of the plurality of subbands. Other aspects include audio decoders that decode audio that was encoded using the methods described herein..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Effecting voice communication in a sound-restricted environment

A headset is provided for use by a user to effect voice communication in a sound-restricted environment. The headset includes a microphone that converts the user's voice at a first sound level to produce a first audio signal.
The Boeing Company


Reconstructing an audio signal with a noise parameter

A method for reconstructing an audio signal having a baseband portion and a highband portion is disclosed. The method includes decoding an encoded audio signal to obtain a decoded baseband audio signal, filtering the decoded baseband audio signal to obtain subband signals, and generating a high-frequency reconstructed signal by copying a number of consecutive subband signals.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Audio encoder and bandwidth extension decoder

An audio encoder for providing an output signal using an input audio signal includes a patch generator, a comparator and an output interface. The patch generator generates at least one bandwidth extension high-frequency signal, wherein a bandwidth extension high-frequency signal includes a high-frequency band.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Order format signaling for higher-order ambisonic audio data

In general, techniques are described for signaling an order format for higher-order ambisonic audio data. An audio decoding device including a memory and a processor may perform the techniques.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multifunctional audio signal generation apparatus

A sample counter in each channel performs counting operation at a given rate. Independently for each channel, the rate and an initial value for the counter are set, and start and stop of the counting operation of the counter are controlled, so that a partial portion of an original waveform corresponding to a count range from the set initial value to a count stop point is reproduced in the channel.
Yamaha Corporation


Multi-channel audio content analysis based upmix detection

Forensic audio upmixer detection is described. Feature sets are extracted from an audio signal that has two or more individual channels.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Storytelling environment: distributed immersive audio soundscape

Systems, methods and articles of manufacture for outputting an audio effect on a remote device are disclosed. Embodiments select a device from a plurality of devices within a physical environment for use in outputting an audio effect.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Systems and methods for recommending responses

Various of the disclosed embodiments concern systems and methods for identifying and recommending interesting user responses that are obtained by an interactive device (e.g., audio responses to a virtual character as part of a virtual interaction). In some embodiments, a user may interact with one or more virtual characters via a mobile device, tablet, desktop computer, or the like.
Toytalk, Inc.


Pronunciation learning through correction logs

A new pronunciation learning system for dynamically learning new pronunciations assisted by user correction logs. The user correction logs provide a record of speech recognition events and subsequent user behavior that implicitly confirms or rejects the recognition result and/or shows the user's intended words by via subsequent input.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and noise cancellation in a wireless mobile device using an external headset

A method, system, and apparatus for noise cancelation is disclosed herein, which may be used in a wireless unit (wu) and a headset removably connected to the wu. The wu may include a processor, a memory, a user interface, internal microphones and internal speakers.


Active noise control with compensation for acoustic leak in personal listening devices

An acoustic noise cancellation (anc) process is performed during in-the-field use of a personal listening audio device, using a control filter to produce anti-noise by the device. The process includes computing an s_hat filter that estimates a signal path between an earpiece speaker of the device and an error microphone that are at a user's ear.
Apple Inc.


Method and down-mixing of a multi-channel audio signal

A method for down-mixing of a m-channel audio signal (l, r, c, ls, rs, rss, lss) into a n-channel audio signal (ro, lo, rso, lso), where m is an integer for which holds m>n and n is an integer for which holds n≧2, including the step of generating one of the n-channel audio signals of one side (right or left) of a listener (ro, lo, rso, lso), by a combination of: a first term including a signal component (r, l, rs, ls) of the m-channel audio signal of the same side only, and a second term dependent of m, including one or more of further signal components of the m-channel audio signal (c, ls, rs, rss, lss) of the same side only, multiplied by at least one respective filtering function (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, h7, h8), said filtering function being dependent on: a frequency characteristic of the transmission path between the position of the loudspeaker of the respective signal component of the further m-channel audio signal, and a position of the right ear or left ear, respectively, of a listener in an m-channel reproduction situation, and a frequency characteristic of the transmission path between the position of a loudspeaker of the said one of the n-channel audio down-mixed signals, (ro, lo, rso, lso), and a position of the right ear or left ear, respectively, of a listener in an n-channel reproduction situation.. .
Institut Fur Rundfunktechnik Gmbh


Multimedia display board

A multimedia display board capable of storing and displaying information is provided. The display board facilitates communication through a plurality of messaging surfaces and a digital text display.


Providing an and audio and/or video component for computer-based learning

A technique for generating a composite audio or video file for reproduction to a user as an audio or video component of a learning session for computer-based learning is provided. The technique involves receiving a user-definable preferred duration for the session and selecting one or more learning items from a database of learning items according to a selection rule.
Eopin Oy


Audio based remote control functionality

Novel tools and techniques are described for providing remote control of consumer electronics devices, and, more particularly, for providing audio-based remote control of consumer electronics devices (which, in some cases, may not have dedicated remote controllers).. .
Biscotti Inc.


Wearable article with self-defense alarm

A cocktail-ring with self-defense alarm that allows a person in distress to trigger a loud audio alarm from the cocktail-ring. The cocktail-ring comprises a trigger assembly, a ring head base, and a ring shank.
Smart Siren Technology, Inc.


Synchronizing audio in a bank of gaming machines

Systems and methods for synchronizing audio in a bank of gaming machines, such as video slot and video poker machines. Audio tracks of a game may be provided to a plurality of gaming machines and synchronized.


Device for delivery service

In some cases, a handheld electronic device may operate in a voice input mode or a scanner input mode. When operating in the voice input mode, the handheld electronic device may record and store audio data in memory.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Delivery service system

In some cases, a delivery service system may include a handheld electronic device for use with a delivery service (e.g., a grocery delivery service). When operating in a voice input mode, the handheld electronic device may record and store audio data in memory.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Frame and app for smartphone for audio reading coded text

A small fold-down optical frame holds a smart phone that is provided with reading software that enables those with vision impairment to be able to hear the written word as audible speech. The frame has a tray and a base and legs connecting them.


Online health service program, systems, and methods

An online medical program, systems, and methods for providing improved health care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. The system involves the ability for a health care provider to prescribe medication.
Stat Health Services, Inc.


Adding on-the-fly comments to code

A system and method of adding on-the-fly comments to source code are described. In some embodiments, audio data comprising a comment for source code in a source code file is received.
Ebay Inc.


Method and system for controlling the playback of multimedia content

The present disclosure provides method and system for controlling the playback of multimedia content. The method includes: enumerating currently running multimedia input sources to determine a number of currently running multimedia input sources by calling a system application programming interface (api), each multimedia input source having a corresponding multimedia player; determining, when the number of the currently running multimedia input sources is greater than 1, that the multimedia input sources conflict; and controlling, when the multimedia input sources conflict, a corresponding multimedia player to pause or close so as to remove the conflict.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Voice augmentation for industrial operator consoles

A method includes receiving first audio data from an operator associated with an industrial control and automation system. The method also includes identifying one or more recognition events associated with the first audio data, where each recognition event is associated with at least a portion of the first audio data that has been recognized using at least one grammar.
Honeywell International Inc.


Rhythm adaptation audio playback

The rhythm adaptation method provides an automatic adjustment of the rhythm and tempo of music played by electronic playback devices to the beats and frequencies of external acoustical or visual signals. The adaptation is done through detection of discernible frequencies, beats, or vibrations from ambient acoustical and/or visual signals with a subsequent adjustment of the musical tempo so as to bring it to a correspondence with the ambient signals..
Irina Smirnoff


Non-negative matrix factorization regularized by recurrent neural networks for audio processing

Sound processing techniques using recurrent neural networks are described. In one or more implementations, temporal dependencies are captured in sound data that are modeled through use of a recurrent neural network (rnn).
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Selectively broadcasting audio and video content

Disclosed herein is a technique for selectively broadcasting content to a destination device. An operating system (os) executing on a source device is configured to generate an os user interface (ui) and execute a plurality of applications, where each application of the plurality of applications is configured to generate a respective application ui.
Apple Inc.


Filter module to direct audio feedback to a plurality of touch monitors

Multiple users may interact with the multiple touch monitors simultaneously. For example, a point-of-sale (pos) system may include two touch monitors (e.g., one facing the cashier and another facing the customer) that are controlled by the same operating system.
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation


Sound to haptic effect conversion system using waveform

A haptic conversion system is provided that intercepts frames of audio data, such as a digital audio signal, converts the frames into a haptic signal, and plays the created haptic signal through an actuator to produce haptic effects. The haptic signal is based on a maximum value of each audio data frame, which defines a magnitude of the haptic signal.
Immersion Corporation


Snorkel apparatus

A snorkeling device that permits the user to expeditiously initiate and continue freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and crawl swimming strokes while listening to audio and without having to repeatedly tilt the body, or turn the head and without having water enter the top inlet of the device.. .


Driver protection cameras with motion activation and beacon locator

A camera system used to record audio/video data includes an internal visual recording unit, an external visual recording unit, a remote control, and a remote data storage device. The internal visual recording unit and the external visual recording unit are controlled by the remote control.


Vehicle hvac noise control system

A vehicle hvac noise control system includes an air handler, a blower motor, an audio event device and a controller. The air handler is connected to a passenger compartment.
Nissan North America, Inc.


Language translating doll

The present invention language translating doll provides a doll preferably costumed in a manner representative of a particular nation or language speaking area within which a speech recognition apparatus is supported. The doll further supports an audible speech receiving apparatus such as a microphone together with an audible speech output apparatus such as an electro-acoustic transducer such as a speaker.


Interactive video game with toys having functionality that is unlocked through game play

A video game system for use in connection with a toy, where each of the toys includes an identification device such as an rfid tag. Each of the toys is also associated with a corresponding game character or object.
Activision Publishing, Inc.


Item and luggage loss prevention system

Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing item or luggage loss prevention, which, in some cases, is based on weight measurement. In some embodiments, a device with a processor can be placed under a bag's handle, within an interior compartment of the bag, below or in the feet or wheels of the bag, and/or the like.
Trikaz, Inc.



Disclosed are sweetened consumables and methods of forming said sweetened consumables that comprise certain sweeteners and at least one sweetness enhancer in a concentration near its sweetness detection threshold. The sweeteners include sucrose, fructose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, xylose, arabinose, rhamnose, erythritol, xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, inositol, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, neotame, sucralose, saccharine, or combinations thereof.
Givaudan S.a.


Stevioside blends

Sweetener compositions comprising particular glycoside blends are described in this paper. The glycoside blends comprise any or all of rebaudioside a, rebaudioside b, and rebaudioside d together with stevioside in various proportions.
Cargill, Incorporated


Techniques for executing a handoff profile between telecommunications networks

Examples are disclosed for executing a handoff profile for a hybrid mobile device. Communication link handoff logic may be executed by a processor component to detect an 802.11 network access point while in a communication session between a mobile device and a call server over a cellular communication link.
Bandwidth.com, Inc.


Method for transmitting audio information and packet communication system

audio information is transmitted from a transmission node as packets (p1, p2, . .
Nec Corporation


Network setting-up a network system

A network system and a method of setting-up the network system are disclosed. The network system can be used to safely transmit sensitive information such as service set identifiers and keys.
Aevoe International Ltd.


Mobile communication terminal, communication method, and communication system

A mobile communication terminal used in a communication system in which audio based on an audio signal transmitted from a given mobile communication terminal having speaking rights is output from another mobile communication terminal, the given mobile communication terminal being selected by a server storing priority rank information indicating a priority rank pertaining to acquisition of the speaking rights for each of a plurality of mobile communication terminals, the mobile communication terminal including a rank signal receiver receiving, from the server, a priority rank signal based on the priority rank information stored by the server and indicating the priority rank for at least a subset of the mobile communication terminals and a display displaying a terminal priority rank based on the priority rank signal when the rank signal receiver receives the priority rank signal.. .
Kyocera Corporation


Sound control apparatus, program, and control method

An apparatus may include a hardware processor and a storage medium. The storage medium may be coupled to the processor, and may store instructions.
Sony Corporation


Content-aware audio modes

An audio system for manipulating audio material for playback based on the content of the material includes an input for receiving input audio signals, an output for providing output audio signals to loudspeakers, and an audio processor that processes the input audio signals to produce the output audio signals. The audio processor determines a type of content represented by the input audio signals, selects a set of processing instructions to control the spatial presentation of the audio material based on the determined type, and applies the selected set of processing instructions to the input audio signals..
Bose Corporation


Systems and methods for fitting an auditory prosthesis

System and methods for fitting an auditory prosthesis include testing a subset of sound channels for the audio prosthesis. Adjustment values are determined for the tested sound channels, which can be electrodes in a cochlear implant.


Wireless audio distribution system

A system for wirelessly distributing audio, the system including a controller for receiving audio content from a source external to the controller, one or more speakers wirelessly coupled to the controller, a wireless communications interface coupled to or integrated within the controller for wirelessly distributing the audio content to the one or more speakers, a memory for storing a sonic characteristic of at least one of the one or more speakers, and a processor for associating at least some elements of the audio content with the at least one of the one or more speakers based at least in part on the sonic characteristic.. .
Dolby International Ab


Speaker device and audio signal processing method

A speaker apparatus includes an input portion to which audio signals of a plurality of channels are input, a plurality of speakers, a directivity controlling portion that delays the audio signals of the plurality of channels input to the input portion and distributes the delayed audio signals to the plurality of speakers so that the plurality of speakers output a plurality of sound beams, and a localization adding portion that applies a filtering processing based on a head-related transfer function to at least one of the audio signals of the plurality of channels input to the input portion and inputs the processed audio signal to the plurality of speakers.. .
Yamaha Corporation


Audio signal correction and calibration for a room environment

Disclosed are an apparatus and method of processing an audio signal to optimize audio for a room environment. One example method of operation may include recording the audio signal generated within a particular room environment and processing the audio signal to create an original frequency response based on the audio signal.
Amx Llc


Audio output device and determining a speaker cone excursion

An audio output device is described comprising a speaker; an audio output circuit configured to receive a first audio signal and configured to supply the first audio signal and a second audio signal to the speaker, wherein the second audio signal comprises a higher frequency than the first audio signal; a microphone configured to receive an acoustic signal from the speaker in response to the first audio signal and the second audio signal and to convert the acoustic signal into a received audio signal and a determiner configured to determine a phase of a frequency component of the received audio signal corresponding to the second audio signal and to determine an excursion of the speaker by the first audio signal based on the phase.. .



The present invention provides an earphone including a speaker unit, a rear cavity of the earphone, an audio signal wire and an extension tube which connects to the rear cavity of the earphone and accommodates the audio signal wire. The earphone also includes a sound guide tube which is located in the extension tube and extends in the same direction as the extension tube and connects the rear cavity of the earphone with the exterior space of the earphone.


Method and device for supplying power for active noise cancelation earphone by utilization of power source of electronic equipment

A method and device for supplying power for an anc (active noise cancelation) earphone by utilization of a power source of an electronic equipment. According to the power supplying method, power is supplied to a noise canceling circuit of the anc earphone and its related circuits by the power source of the electronic equipment through a microphone contact, a left channel audio contact, or a right channel audio contact of an earphone jack of the electrical equipment.
Anpac Semiconductor Limited


Adjustable earpiece device

An audio device (100) provides an on-ear speaker housing (110), an adjustable shaft (120), and a malleable ear loop (130) coupled to the adjustable shaft. The adjustable shaft (120) controls vertical movement of the malleable ear loop (130).
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Glasses watching display image

A glasses apparatus which works in conjunction with a display apparatus which operates in a multi-view mode to combine and output a plurality of contents. The glasses apparatus includes: a first interface module which receives a synchronization signal in a first wireless communication method; first and second glasses mounted on a glasses frame and which are driven in synchronization with one of the plurality of contents based on the synchronization signal; a second interface module which receives an audio signal of at least said one content in a second wireless communication method; a controller which selects an audio signal of said one content from among audio signals corresponding to the plurality of contents, and an audio outputter which outputs the audio signal of the selected content, and which is integrally formed with the glasses frame..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and providing a loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system description

An apparatus for providing a current loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system description of a loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system is provided. The apparatus has a first transformation unit for generating a plurality of wave-domain loudspeaker audio signals.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Supplementary earpiece for moving display

A method and system for providing a moving-screen sound system for a portable communication device such as a cell phone employs a fixed, pivoted, or hinged display screen driven directly or indirectly by an audio actuator. While the frequency response of the screen may have defects that would negatively impact overall sound quality from the device, in embodiments a supplemental audio transducer is placed adjacent the screen or elsewhere on the device so as to supplement or correct the frequency response of the screen.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Modular quick-connect a/v system and methods thereof

A modular speaker system, comprising an exoskeleton, configured to mechanically support and quick attach and release at least one functional panel and an electrical interface provided within the exoskeleton, configured to mate with a corresponding electrical connector of the functional panel. An optional endoskeleton is provided to support internal components.
Sonic Blocks Inc.


Method and video device for accessing information

A method and video device are disclosed for accessing information. In an embodiment of the present invention, part of data included in a title, being played, read from a storage medium or extracted from a broadcast signal is extracted and sent to a server over a network, and information corresponding to the part of the data (i.e., information related to the data and complete data of the data) is received from the server and played.
Lg Electronics Inc.


System and providing integrated media

Methods and system deliver media to users of media presentation systems. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a media server communicates with a media presentation system, such as a media player for streaming video and audio, to present subscription and non-subscription media to the user of the media presentation system.
Intel Corporation


Method and managing audio visual, audio or visual content

To manage audio visual content, a stream of fingerprints is derived in a fingerprint generator and received at a fingerprint processor that is physically separate from the fingerprint generator. Metadata is generated by processing the fingerprints to detect the sustained occurrence of low values of an audio fingerprint to generate metadata indicating silence; comparing the pattern of differences between temporally succeeding values of a fingerprint with expected patterns of film cadence to generate metadata indicating a film cadence; and comparing differences between temporally succeeding values of a fingerprint with a threshold to generate metadata indicating a still image or freeze frame..
Snell Limited


Bandwidth modulation system and method

A method and computing system for monitoring an av synchronous communication session of a user. The av synchronous communication session includes an audio channel and a video channel.
Google Inc.


Method and device for processing an audio input state

A method and device for processing an audio input state is provided. The method includes: a sending end acquire audio input state information of the sending end, wherein the audio input state information indicates that the audio input is turned on or off; and the sending end sends the audio input state information to a receiving end.
Zte Corporation


Video conference window activator

A method for activating a video conference between at least one local watcher using a local communication enabled device and at least one remote watcher using a remote communication enabled device is provided. The method may include detecting the at least one local watcher and the at least one remote watcher at each respective communication enabled device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Near-end indication that the end of speech is received by the far end in an audio or video conference

Embodiments of client device and method for audio or video conferencing are described. An embodiment includes an offset detecting unit, a configuring unit, an estimator and an output unit.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


On demand experience sharing for wearable computing devices

Examples of on-demand experience sharing for wearable computing devices are described. In some examples, on-demand travel assistance can be provided via a live video-chat.


Supplementary media validation system

A method for preparing supplementary media content for coordinated transmission with multimedia content includes accepting the multimedia content including an audio portion, accepting the supplementary media content associated with the multimedia content, and validating the supplementary media content according to the audio portion of the multimedia content.. .
Nexidia Inc.


Retrofit combination video recorder and microphone, with screen display and instant playback, for first-responder type radios

An apparatus including a first handheld device and a known radio pack. The first handheld device may include a radio microphone, and an integrated video recorder.


System and selecting, capturing, and distributing customized event recordings

A system that enables an event or moments within an event to be captured and provided in a record that preserves at least some aspects of the participant's perspective of the event. In particular, the present invention involves centralized recording of the event in one or more modes including video, audio, and still image recordings and a system that enables a participant (i.e., one who perceives the event) to select portions of the event recording substantially contemporaneously with the event occurrence.


Methods, systems, and products for alternate audio sources

audio and video signals are synchronized for pleasing presentation of content. As content is streamed to a device, an audio portion may lag or lead a video portion.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Testing communication system and method therefor

Testing apparatuses and methods are provided. The solution comprises establishing a digital connection with an external controller, receiving from the external controller on the digital connection test parameters and a command to establish a wireless connection to a given subscriber address, establishing a wireless phone call connection to the given subscriber address, receiving sample audio data on the connection, and transmitting information related to the received sample audio data to the external controller using the digital connection..
Anite Finland Oy


Providing a customized visual interface based on a dialed number

A system may be configured to receive an indication that a call has been placed (e.g., to a call center), and may provide a customized visual interface. The customized visual interface may include information that is potentially relevant to a user who has placed the call, and may be based on, for example, a user profile or history information, a purchase history of goods or services offered by an entity associated with the called party.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Cellular network communications wireless headset and mobile device

A headset that communicates with a mobile device through a local radio frequency (rf) communication link to conduct a telephone call is described. The headset includes a local rf communication modem that receives downlink packets from the mobile device through the local rf communication link.
Apple Inc.


Enabling push notifications from websites

Techniques for enabling push notifications from websites are described. In at least some embodiments, a push notification generally represents a way for a website to push information to a client device.
Microsoft Corporation


Message exchange between a native application and a web browser

There is provided a system and method for exchanging messages between a native application and a web browser using a server. The server configured to receive a message from a communication application of a first client device for delivery to the second client device, determine if the second client device includes the communication application, create a link to a webpage for rendering the message on the webpage when the second client device does not have the communication application, transmit the link to the second client device, render the message on the webpage to the second client device in response to receiving a request, receive a reply message from the second client device, and transmit the reply message to the first client device for rendering by the communication application.
Smith Micro Software, Inc.


Systrem and advertisement augmentation via a called voice connection

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for streaming audio via a telephone call. The method includes receiving a telephone call from a user via a client device, presenting available audio streams to the user and receive an audio stream selection from the user, contacting a website associated with the selection and communicating the selected audio stream with the user, and while streaming the audio stream, replacing advertisements with new advertisements selected from an advertisement database.
Alpine Audio Now, Llc


Asynchronous audio and video in an environment

Embodiments of an electronic system for asynchronous audio and video in and environment includes a server with a connection to a wireless access point or a personal digital device that communicates with the server through the wireless access point. The server receives and stores an audio track that is to accompany a public display.
Exxothermic, Inc.

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