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 Identification of call participants patent thumbnailIdentification of call participants
In an example, an audio stream such as a voice call or live-streaming service may have mixed therein a user identification, which may identify the user as an authorized participant in the audio stream. For example, a user may identify himself to a smart phone, and then initiate a call with his bank.
Mcafee, Inc.

 Location-based audio messaging patent thumbnailLocation-based audio messaging
Mobile devices provide a variety of techniques for presenting messages from sources to a user. However, when the message pertains to the presence of the user at a location, the available communications techniques may exhibit deficiencies, e.g., reliance on the memory of the source and/or user of the existence and content of a message between its initiation and the user's visit to the location, or reliance on the communication accessibility of the user, the device, and/or the source during the user's location visit.

 Method to display context dependent information to a user in or from a vehicle patent thumbnailMethod to display context dependent information to a user in or from a vehicle
A method for a user electronic device to present information to a user. A status of a short range communication link between the user electronic device and a vehicle electronic device of a vehicle is monitored.
Blackberry Limited

 Camera based adjustments to 3d soundscapes patent thumbnailCamera based adjustments to 3d soundscapes
Systems and methods may provide for obtaining an image of an individual wearing a headset and determining a head orientation of the individual based on the image. Additionally, a soundscape delivered to the individual via the headset may be adjusted based on the head orientation of the individual.

 Driving parametric speakers as a function of tracked user location patent thumbnailDriving parametric speakers as a function of tracked user location
Described herein are various technologies pertaining to parametric speakers. A parametric speaker is driven based upon a determined location of an ear of a listener.
Microsoft Corporation

 Audio calibration and adjustment patent thumbnailAudio calibration and adjustment
The subject disclosure is directed towards calibrating sound pressure levels of speakers to determine desired attenuation data for use in later playback. A user may be guided to a calibration location to place a microphone, and each speaker is calibrated to output a desired sound pressure level in its current acoustic environment based upon the attenuation data learned during calibration.
Microsoft Corporation

 Audio spatial rendering apparatus and method patent thumbnailAudio spatial rendering apparatus and method
An audio spatial rendering apparatus and method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the audio spatial rendering apparatus includes a rendering unit for spatially rendering an audio stream so that the reproduced far-end sound is perceived by a listener as originating from at least one virtual spatial position, a real position obtaining unit for obtaining a real spatial position of a real sound source, a comparator for comparing the real spatial position with the at least one virtual spatial position; and an adjusting unit for, where the real spatial position is within a predetermined range around at least one virtual spatial position, or vice versa, adjusting the parameters of the rendering unit so that the at least one virtual spatial position is changed..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Binaural decoder to output spatial stereo sound and a decoding method thereof patent thumbnailBinaural decoder to output spatial stereo sound and a decoding method thereof
A binaural decoder for an mpeg surround stream, which decodes an mpeg surround stream into a stereo 3d signal, and a decoding method thereof. The method includes dividing a compressed audio stream and head related transfer function (hrtf) data into subbands, selecting predetermined subbands of the hrtf data divided into subbands and filtering the hrtf data to obtain the selected subbands, decoding the audio stream divided into subbands into a stream of multi-channel audio data with respect to subbands according to spatial additional information, and binaural-synthesizing the hrtf data of the selected subbands with the multi-channel audio data of corresponding subbands.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Directional audio notification patent thumbnailDirectional audio notification
Various embodiments related to providing an audio notification to a listener via a dual-mode speaker system are provided. In one embodiment, a computing device and associated dual-mode speaker system are configured to be selectively operable in a non-directional broadcast mode and a directional broadcast mode.
Microsoft Corporation

 System and  producing a personalized earphone patent thumbnailSystem and producing a personalized earphone
This disclosure relates to a system and method for producing a personalized earphone unit forming a comfort fit with ears of a user. The system comprises a mobile application installed in an electronic communication device and/or a website accessible by any networkable device for capturing images and video of the ears of the user.

System and robust simultaneous driver measurement for a speaker system

A system and method for measuring the performance of a plurality of transducers integrated in one or more loudspeakers is described. The method simultaneously drives each transducer to emit sounds corresponding to distinct orthogonal test signals.
Tiskerling Dynamics Llc

Ear pressure sensors integrated with speakers for smart sound level exposure

Systems and methods may provide for a headset including a housing and a speaker positioned within the housing and directed toward a region external to the housing such as, for example, an ear canal when the headset is being worn. The headset may also include an ear pressure sensor positioned within the housing and directed toward the same region external to the housing.

Voice coil former stiffener

A voice coil former for an audio transducer is described. The voice coil former has a corrugated circumferential surface for providing improved rigidity.
Strata Audio Llc

Adaptive detector and auto mode for dynamics processor

A dynamic processor for compressing an incoming audio signal is provided. The processor includes an adaptive detector, an adaptive module, and an amplifier.
Harman International Industries, Inc.

Real-time combination of ambient audio and a secondary audio source

A combined ambient sound and secondary audio system comprises at least one microphone for receiving ambient sound, at least one receiver for receiving secondary audio from a secondary audio source not audible in the ambient sound. The system further includes a memory storing one or more sets processing parameters comprising instructions for processing the ambient sound and the secondary audio and a processor coupled to the memory, the microphone, and the receiver configured to generate combined ambient and secondary sound by combining the ambient sound and the secondary audio as directed by a selected set of processing parameters retrieved from the memory..
Doppler Labs, Inc.

Audio apparatus having dynamic ground break resistance

A method for audio signal processing, where an audio amplifier drives a load through a connector, using 1) an input audio signal, and 2) a signal from a return pin of the connector. Output headroom of the audio amplifier is automatically detected, while the amplifier is driving the load.
Apple Inc.

Phi-based enclosure for speaker systems

A speaker system with an enclosure having a pathway is presented. The speaker system includes an electro-acoustic transducer that generates sounds according to an audio input.
Colorado Energy Research Technologies, Llc

Headphone structure for adjusting audio frequencies

A headphone structure for adjusting audio frequencies is provided, which comprises a front housing, a rear housing, a sound-producing unit in the front housing and an elastic ear-contacting body sleeving the front housing. The front housing has at least one slot or recess, and the elastic ear-contacting body sleeves the front housing to form at least one gap.
Huiyang Dongmei Audio Products Co., Ltd.

Proximity ear buds for earphone listening

A set of earphones for listening to audio including: a first ear bud; a second ear bud; a first proximity sensor on the first ear bud; a second proximity sensor on the second ear bud, wherein the first proximity sensor and second proximity sensor detect placement of each respective ear bud into a user's ear and each proximity sensor activates and deactivates a audio player based upon placement of each ear bud; a first connectivity cord, extending from the first ear bud; and a second connectivity cord, extending from the second ear bud.. .

Hearing device, automatically enabling monitoring mode within said hearing device

Aspects of the invention relate to a hearing device for automatically enabling monitoring within the hearing device including an electronic module arranged for collecting environment data of the hearing device, wherein environment data is based on events in the vicinity of the hearing device, at least one sound reproducing unit arranged for receiving a first audio signal, wherein the electronic module includes a processor arranged to mix the received first audio signal and a monitored ambient sound signal based on the collected environment data. Aspects of the invention also related to a system and a method for automatically enabling monitoring within the hearing device..
Sony Corporation

Headphones with pendant audio processing

Systems and methods for the use of headphones are provided. The systems and methods can offer ease of carrying, comfort, and/or use of headphones, particularly portable headphones that provide for a user adjustment of an audio equalizer setting directly at the headphones for a desired audio data frequency/amplitude profile.
Roam, Llc

Wireless sound equipment

There is disclosed a wireless sound equipment includes a case; a first holder and a second holder provided in both sides of the case, respectively; a first receiver and a second receiver coupled to and decoupled from the first holder and the second holder, respectively; a first winding device gear rotatably mounted in the case, the first winding device comprising a first gear formed in an outer circumference; a second winding device rotatably mounted in the case, the second winding device comprising a second gear formed in an outer circumference to engage with the first gear; a first audio cable connected between the first receiver and the first winding device to be wound around the circumference of the first winding device; and a second audio cable connected between the second receiver and the second winding device to be wound around the circumference of the second winding device.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Noise reducing memory foam earbuds

A noise reducing memory foam earbud comprising of a speaker assembly to receive electrical signals and to convert the electrical signals into audio signals, a housing, an elongated speaker canal tube built into the end of the housing and a memory foam fitted around the elongated speaker canal tube covering the whole body of the elongated speaker canal tube wherein the audio signals generated by the speaker assembly passes through the elongated speaker canal tube without any obstruction and when the noise reducing memory foam earbud is pushed into the ear canal of a user, said memory foam conforms to the irregular shape of ear canal and the noise reducing memory foam earbud gets firmly, securely and comfortably lodged into the ear canal thus reducing ingress of ambient noise into the ear canal and preventing leakage of audio signals generated by the speaker assembly out of the ear canal.. .

Method, electronic device, and computer program product

According to one embodiment, a method by an electronic device includes: receiving audio data including a voice of a user; performing voice recognition to translate the audio data to text including a first character string corresponding to the voice; determining whether the first character string is registered in conversion information; displaying, when the first character string is registered in the conversion information, a second character string associated with the first character string in the conversion information; receiving, when an instruction is received from the user and when the first character string is not registered in the conversion information, a third character string obtained by editing the first character string; and registering, when the third character string is found in program information, the third character string in the conversion information so as to associate the third character string with the first character string.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Processing audio-video data to produce metadata

A system for processing audio-video metadata for each of multiple portions of av content to produce an output signal for an individual user, comprises an input for receiving multi-dimensional metadata having m dimensions for each of the portions of av content and for receiving individual parameters for one or more of the m dimensions for the individual user. An input is arranged to receive general parameters for each of the m dimensions.
British Broadcasting Corporation

System and synchronizing media output devices connected on a network

A media output device operates to receive audio and/or video data for a content item. The audio and/or video data can be communicated from another device over a network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Video display device, terminal device, and method thereof

A terminal device acquires a part of an audio-visual content regenerated by a video display apparatus. The terminal device acquires contents information of the audio-visual content based on the part of the audio-visual content.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Transmitting a prioritized audio stream along with multimedia content

A method includes retrieving multimedia content from a first content source. The multimedia content includes a video stream and a native audio stream.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Teleconference method, storage medium storing program for teleconference, and terminal apparatus

A storage medium stores: a first acquiring instruction of, when newly starting the program, acquiring conference room information for identifying a teleconference of a connection target; a determining instruction of, by referring to particular information, determining whether there is an existing conference process executed by the program that is connected to a same teleconference identified by conference room information matching the conference room information acquired by the first acquiring instruction; and an audio processing instruction of performing at least one of first and second audio processes when there is no existing conference process in a new conference process without performing either the first or second audio process when there is the existing conference process, the first audio process relating to sound collected by a sound collector of the terminal apparatus, the second audio process relating to audio data received by a communicator of the terminal apparatus connected to the network.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Technologies for audiovisual communication using interestingness algorithms

Technologies for audiovisual communication include an audiovisual server and a number of audiovisual client devices, including a presenter device and a number of audience devices. Each audience device captures an audiovisual stream and transmits the audiovisual stream to the audiovisual server.

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing in-app live support functionality

In accordance with disclosed embodiments, there are provided systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing in-app live support functionality. According to a particular embodiment such an apparatus may be embodied by a user client device which includes, for example: a processor and a memory to execute instructions at the user client device; an application to execute upon the user client device via the processor and the memory; a graphical interface; an audio interface; a communications interface to communicatively link the user client device with a remote service over a network; the graphical interface to receive a user event within the application triggering a user initiated service call to the remote service via the network; the communications interface to receive an audio and video stream from the remote service via the network responsive to the triggering of the user initiated service call, the audio and video stream displaying at least video of a customer service agent and establishing two way audio communication between the user client device and the remote service; and wherein the communications interface further transmits audio captured at the user client device to the remote service and transmits a representation of the application as displayed via the graphical interface of the user client device to the remote service., Inc.

Compositing and transmitting contextual information during an audio or video call

Aspects of the subject disclosure are directed towards providing contextual information (such as high resolution still images) during an audio or video call. A receiver of the contextual information may send commands to the sending device to specify a desired resolution and frame rate of such images.
Microsoft Corporation

Network camera data management system and managing method thereof

Disclosed is a network camera data management system for managing camera data of a network camera, including: a data importing device, a splitting and storing device, and a data retrieving device. A management method utilized by the network camera data management system includes the steps of: splitting the imported camera data into a camera audio data and a camera video data based on the respective data formats; storing the camera audio data and the camera video data respectively in different servers and/or in different server storage areas that have non-sequential storage addresses with each other in one server; and retrieving, according to a retrieval condition, a fragment of the camera audio data and/or a fragment of the camera video data from the camera audio data and/or the camera video data stored..
Amaryllo International, Inc.

Method and audio processing

An audio apparatus comprises a circuit (201) for applying a dynamic range adjustment processing to an input signal to generate an output signal for rendering by a loudspeaker (101). The dynamic range adjustment processing is dependent on a set of dynamic range adjustment parameters.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Voice-messaging with attachments

A network method for using a network telephone voice-mail service, by which a caller may leave a voice-message that includes the identification of an attachment, which may include, as examples only, audio, video, text, programs, spreadsheets and graphic attachments. A video, text, spreadsheet or graphic attachment may be converted to an audible attachment to the voice-mail at the caller's or the voice-mail subscriber's request.
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.


A handphone is configured to receive a first audio signal of a telecommunication conversation from a telecommunication device and send a second audio signal of the telecommunication conversation to the telecommunication device. A modulated ultrasound frequency audio signal that is directional is created from the first audio signal of the telecommunication conversation.
New York University

Systems and methods for improved quality of a visualized call over network through scenario based buffer modulation

Systems and methods for improving quality of a call over network (con) are provided. Call quality may be improved via buffer length modulation based upon the call scenario type.

Novel approach for enabling mixed mode behavior using microphone placement on radio terminal hardware

Method for operating a portable communication device (pcd) (100) such as a land mobile radio (lmr) involves, when operating the pcd in a half-duplex mode, a first speaker (330) adjacent a first end of the pcd being selectively used to reproduce received audio. In this mode, a first microphone (324a) is used to acquire a transmitted audio input for the pcd, and a second microphone (325) is used to acquire audio information for a first noise cancellation process.
Harris Corporation

Wireless transmission of sound signals to multiple discrete speakers

Systems and methods for wireless communication of sound signals to multiple discrete speakers to establish a rich wireless audio system for use in multiple environments is provided. In one embodiment of the present disclosure, a computing device receives a multiplexed audio signal containing multiple audio channels and demultiplexes the signal and transmits separate demultiplexed signals to wireless speakers, where the separate wireless signals are played by the individual wireless speakers.

Audio system including multiband audio dynamics processor

An audio system includes a level controller receiving an input audio signal from an audio medium. The level controller includes a gain adjust module producing an output audio signal based on the input audio signal.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Reducing audio artifacts in a system for enhancing dynamic range of audio signal path

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an apparatus for providing an output signal to an audio transducer may include a control circuit. The control circuit may be configured to predict, based on a magnitude of a signal indicative of the output signal, an occurrence of an event for changing a selectable digital gain and a selectable analog gain and an audio signal path, and responsive to predicting the occurrence of the event, change, at an approximate time in which a zero crossing of the signal indicative of the output signal occurs, the selectable digital gain and the selectable analog gain..
Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Audio switching amplifier

A switching amplifier includes a compensation circuit to compensate for dc offset in the amplifier, to enhance operation of the switching amplifier. The compensation circuit may comprise a sar adc, where the dac element can be used to provide a compensation voltage.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method, device, terminal, and system for audio recording and playing

A recording method includes receiving a mark start instruction in a process of recording audio data and establishing a mark event according to the mark start instruction. The mark event is configured to mark the audio data.
Xiaomi Inc.

Method and synchronizing audio and video signals

A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to synchronize audio signals with video images that are replayed with a modified motion. In a method, a trajectory is determined for each audio object of an audio signal.
Nokia Corporation

Method of singing voice separation from an audio mixture and corresponding apparatus

Separation of a singing voice source from an audio mixture by using auxiliary information related to temporal activity of the different audio sources to improve the separation process. An audio signal is produced from symbolic digital musical score and symbolic digital lyrics information related to a singing voice in the audio mixture.
Thomson Licensing

High-band signal coding using mismatched frequency ranges

A method includes generating a first signal corresponding to a first component of a high-band portion of an audio signal. The first component has a first frequency range.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Temporal gain adjustment based on high-band signal characteristic

The present disclosure provides techniques for adjusting a temporal gain parameter and for adjusting linear prediction coefficients. A value of the temporal gain parameter may be based on a comparison of a synthesized high-band portion of an audio signal to a high-band portion of the audio signal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Temporal gain adjustment based on high-band signal characteristic

The present disclosure provides techniques for adjusting a temporal gain parameter and for adjusting linear prediction coefficients. A value of the temporal gain parameter may be based on a comparison of a synthesized high-band portion of an audio signal to a high-band portion of the audio signal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Derivation of probabilistic score for audio sequence alignment

A match score provides a semantically-meaningful quantification of the aural similarity of two chromae from two corresponding audio sequences. The match score can be applied to the chroma pairs of two corresponding audio sequences, and is independent of the lengths of the sequences, thereby permitting comparisons of matches across subsequences of different length.
Google Inc.

Mobile device indoor navigation

An audio playback system receives digitally watermarked audio programming and distributes it to audio speakers in a venue, enabling a variety of location and product dependent services to be delivered to mobile devices in the venue. Mobile devices sense audio from speakers and decode digital identifying information, including characteristics to distinguish audio sources.
Digimarc Corporation

Apparatus and multichannel direct-ambient decompostion for audio signal processing

An apparatus for generating one or more audio output channel signals depending on two or more audio input channel signals is provided. Each of the two or more audio input channel signals comprises direct signal portions and ambient signal portions.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Signal decorrelation in an audio processing system

audio processing methods may involve receiving audio data corresponding to a plurality of audio channels. The audio data may include a frequency domain representation corresponding to filterbank coefficients of an audio encoding or processing system.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

System for perceived enhancement and restoration of compressed audio signals

A system for processing compressed audio includes a signal enhancer module configured to generate one or more signal treatments. The one or more signal treatments may be generated by the signal enhancer module based on analysis of the incoming audio signal.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

Method of providing voice command and electronic device supporting the same

An electronic device, a method, and a chip set are provided. The electronic device includes a memory configured to store at least one of audio feature data of audio data and speech recognition data obtained by speech recognition of audio data; and a control module connected to the memory, wherein the control module is configured to update a voice command that is set to execute a function through voice, the function being selected based on at least one of the audio feature data, the speech recognition data, and function execution data executed in relation to the audio data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Operating microphones and electronic device supporting the same

An electronic device which includes a plurality of microphones and an audio data processing module is provided. The plurality of microphones is operatively coupled to the electronic device, and the audio data processing module is capable of being implemented with at least one processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Synthesized audio message over communication links

A communication device establishes an audio connection with a far-end user via a communication network. The communication device receives text input from a near-end user, and converts the text input into speech signals.
Apple Inc.

Reverberator and reverberating an audio signal

A reverberator for reverberating an audio signal includes a feedback delay loop processor for delaying at least two different frequency subband signals representing the audio signal by different loop delays to obtain reverberated frequency subband signals.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Musical modification effects

Systems, including methods and apparatus, for applying audio effects to a non-ambient signal, based at least in part on information received in an ambient audio signal. Exemplary effects that can be applied using the present teachings include generation of harmony notes, pitch-correction of melody notes, and tempo-based effects that rely on beat detection..
The Tc Group A/s

Method and motion tracking during simulation of clinical emergency settings

An apparatus for motion tracking during a simulation of a clinical emergency setting includes a camera configured to capture a clinical emergency training area used for the simulation, a wearable microphone associated with a participant in the simulation, a wearable identifier associated with the participant, and a computer system interoperably coupled to the camera and the microphone and configured to capture data received during the simulation from the camera and data received during the simulation from the wearable microphone, process the data received from the camera and the data received from the wearable microphone, present visual traces indicative of position of the participant on a map of the clinical emergency training area as a function of time, and present audio derived from the wearable microphone in synchronization with the presented visual traces.. .
Laerdal Medical As

System and automatic alert and lockdown

An apparatus and method for generating and transmitting alerts in response to an indication of an emergency in a facility. The apparatus comprises an emergency and mass notification system (emns) configured to be connected to a plurality of mobile devices each having an app installed thereon for communication with the emns over a network.

Do-not-disturb system and apparatus

A product for detecting people approaching an isolated user, discouraging the detected people from disturbing the user, and for taking messages from the approaching people. The product may be embodied in noise-canceling headphones that the user is wearing, for example.
Harman International Industries, Inc.

Avatar-based transfer protocols, icon generation and doll animation

Systems and methods may provide for identifying one or more facial expressions of a subject in a video signal and generating avatar animation data based on the one or more facial expressions. Additionally, the avatar animation data may be incorporated into an audio file associated with the video signal.
Intel Corporation

Method and device for determining a set of modifiable elements in a group of pictures

A method for determining a set of modifiable elements in a group of pictures of a coded bit-stream representative of an audio video content is disclosed. The method comprises determining a set of a candidate modifiable elements wherein a candidate modifiable element comprises a modified value of the coded bit-stream and a spatial propagation map associated with the modified value, a spatial propagation map comprising pixels whose decoding is impacted when the modified value is placed in the coded bit stream ; determining a heat map for each reference frame, the heat map comprising, for each pixel of the reference frame, an information representative of the usage of said pixel for temporal prediction during the decoding of said part of the coded bit-stream coding a group of pictures; obtaining a set of modifiable elements among candidate modifiable elements, a modifiable element having a spatial propagation map that does not overlap with corresponding heat map..
Thomson Licensing

Methods and systems for digitally capturing and managing attendance

An embodiment is directed to an attendance management system having a client device and a server device. The client device includes a first transceiving module for receiving one or more parameters from a host; a display module for displaying one or more modes of interaction for selection to the host, the modes of interaction being an audio interaction mode and a visual interaction mode; and an attendance module for capturing and assigning an attendance to one or more members based on a selection of the at least one of the modes of interaction.
Xerox Corporation

System and license detection and generating license reminders

A system and method for license detection is provided. Embodiments may include receiving, at a device, a recording of a speech signal associated with an audio recording application and determining if the audio recording application has an active license.
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Integrated the acquisition, processing and production of health care records and services

The highly secure method and system acquires, processes and produces health care (hc) data and service records from multiple local devices, notwithstanding different operating systems (os) in such devices, and all accessed and controlled by a cloud computing network. Devices have memories, displays, keypads, cameras and microphones.

System and digital video retrieval involving speech recognition

Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer readable media for retrieving digital images. The method embodiment includes converting a descriptive audio stream of a digital video that is provided for the visually impaired to text and then aligning that text to the appropriate segment of the digital video.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

System and methods for creation and use of a mixed media environment

A mixed media reality (mmr) system and associated techniques are disclosed. The mmr system provides mechanisms for forming a media document that includes media of at least two types (e.g., printed paper as a first medium and digital content and/or web link as a second medium).
Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Generating visualizations from keyword searches of color palettes

Systems and methods are described herein to generate visualizations associated with color palettes identified from keyword searches. Color palettes may include colors determined by human color preferences.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

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