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Method for providing episodic media on a dedicated channel

Methods and apparatus for presenting subsitute content in an audio/video stream using text data

Methods and systems for using a mobile device for application input

Date/App# patent app List of recent Audio-related patents
 System for synchronising and centralising event instructions and/or indicators in video/audio systems patent thumbnailSystem for synchronising and centralising event instructions and/or indicators in video/audio systems
The invention relates to a system and method for the provision of video, audio and/or additional services, said system including one or more devices which allow user interaction with said system to control the operation of the same and the provision of selected video, audio and/or additional services therefrom and which can be accessed via said devices. A server is provided for the storage of data relating to the services which are available to the said users in the future and said system includes the ability for a user, via a device, to generate an instruction to the server for an indicator relating to an event on a particular service to be generated at a time in the future to indicate to the user of the occurrence of the event..
 Method for providing episodic media on a dedicated channel patent thumbnailMethod for providing episodic media on a dedicated channel
A personalized media service provides, e.g., user customization of radio channel selections, immediate availability of multiple pre-programmed and/or customized channels, the ability to intersperse different types of content including periodically refreshed information content, availability of personal radio functions on devices such as car audio systems, pdas, smartphones, mp3 players, etc. Available channels include, e.g., pre-programmed channels selected for the user based on an interest profile, user-owned content, user-specified recorded content, etc.
 Methods and apparatus for presenting subsitute content in an audio/video stream using text data patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for presenting subsitute content in an audio/video stream using text data
Various embodiments of apparatus and/or methods are described for skipping, filtering and/or replacing content from an audio/video stream using text data associated with the audio/video stream. The text data is processed using location information that references a segment of the text data of the first audio/video stream to identify a location within the first audio/video stream.
 Methods and systems for using a mobile device for application input patent thumbnailMethods and systems for using a mobile device for application input
A instance of a runtime environment at each of a first and second computing device can allow an application at the first computing device to access hardware resources of the second computing device via the runtime environment. For instance, one device can comprise a mobile device and the other device can comprise a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a home entertainment device.
 Cross-platform conferencing interface patent thumbnailCross-platform conferencing interface
A cross-platform conferencing interface includes a graphical user interface (gui) that displays multiple conferencing options, including a web conferencing option. Beginning at a home screen of the conferencing interface, a user can connect a web conference call through one of multiple web conference applications, or providers, in as few as two clicks.
 Systems and methods for semi-automatic audio problem detection and correction patent thumbnailSystems and methods for semi-automatic audio problem detection and correction
One exemplary embodiment involves receiving identifications of audio problems in a segment of audio and identifications of corrections for applying to attempt to correct the audio problems, wherein the audio problems were identified by a device applying one or more audio problem detection algorithms to the segment of audio. The exemplary embodiment further involves displaying a user interface comprising representations of the audio problems and representations of the corrections and, in response to receiving a command through the user interface to initiate application of a correction of the corrections, initiating application of the correction..
 Multiple-mode system and method for providing user selectable video content patent thumbnailMultiple-mode system and method for providing user selectable video content
The method of providing audiovisual content to a client device configured to be coupled to a display. The method detects a selection of a graphical element corresponding to a video content item.
 Cloud based audio recording system patent thumbnailCloud based audio recording system
The present disclosure relates to a cloud based system for compiling a series of brief recordings made by a plurality of different users sequentially to form an aggregated audio presentation. The system stores a plurality of user audio files which corresponding to a single audio presentation such as a song, conversation or presentation.
 Multimedia system and method for interfacing between multimedia unit and audio head unit patent thumbnailMultimedia system and method for interfacing between multimedia unit and audio head unit
Provided are a multimedia system and a method of interfacing a multimedia unit and an audio head unit. The present invention relates to a method in which an audio front panel of a vehicle is detached from a center fascia of the vehicle to secure a free space, and then, in mounting a multimedia unit in the secured free space, the multimedia unit is operably connected to a pure audio head unit through only a wiring without a separate intermediate medium, such as a trip computer, for manipulating the pure audio head unit of the vehicle, and overcomes limitations of the mounting convenience and manipulability of the multimedia unit..
 Systems and methods for programmatically interacting with a media player patent thumbnailSystems and methods for programmatically interacting with a media player
A media player can comprise a playlist parsing module configured to parse a playlist comprising a plurality of nested elements of a media presentation and select an element of the media presentation for generating output. The playlist can comprise a nested structure of objects representative of the elements of the media presentation, with at least one declared trait applicable to one or more elements.
Portable digital vault and lending of same
A portable digital vault and related methods are disclosed that can provide a digital equivalent to the physical act of lending copyrighted content (such as a book or cd) while also providing security to prevent copying of the content. The vault acts as a self-contained authority that contains permissions relating to actions that can be taken with respect to the vault and vault contents.
System and method for audio and video portable publishing system
A system that allows consumers to manage content and create audio/video presentations in a small portable media device, and to share media files with other users of small portable media devices, without requiring access to a computer.. .
Methods and apparatuses for presenting content
Methods and apparatuses are described for organizing audio/visual content and prefetching selected audio/visual content configured to be displayed to a user. In one embodiment, the methods and apparatuses for presenting content identifies a preference corresponding to a user; detects a current display window; and prefetches at least one audio/visual content in response, in part, to the current display window and the preference..
System and method for message clustering
The disclosure describes systems and methods delivering communications associated with delivery conditions in which the occurrence of the delivery condition is determined by monitoring information received from a plurality of sources via multiple communication channels. The message delivery systems allow messages to be delivered to any “who, what, when, where” from any “who, what, when, where” upon the detection of an occurrence of one or more “who, what, when, where” delivery conditions.
System and method for search and display of content in the form of audio, video or audio-video
The invention relates to the field of computer search on a network and is particularly directed to searching for and displaying content in the form of audio, video and/or audio-video (“a-v”) results wherein the content that results from the search includes a textual transcript associated with the content. A system and method provide seamless delivery of audio, video and a-v results that are auto-populated into a media player on a computer system..
Prioritizing synchronization of audio files to an in-vehicle computing device
Technology is disclosed for synchronizing audio files from a computing device of a user to an in-vehicle computing device, such as an audio system, installed in an automobile. In one example, when the user plays an audio file on the in-vehicle computing device from the computing device, the audio file is copied at the in-vehicle computing device.
Methods and systems for accessing a computer resource over a network via microphone-captured audio
The disclosure relates to accessing computer resources by sensing audio with a microphone. One claim recites a system comprising: a software module comprising instructions for controlling a wireless device to: i) extract identifying data from microphone-captured audio by applying a hashing algorithm to the microphone-captured audio; ii) obtain device information for a class of devices associated with the wireless device; iii) control communication of the identifying data and the device information; and iv) control a user interface to facilitate access to a third party computer resource based on a service received by said software module in response to communication of the identifying data and the device information, in which the service is configured to facilitate access in response to audio prompting; and a network resource comprising a data registry, the data registry comprising a correlation between identifying data, device information and sponsored links, the network resource configured to provide the service to the software module including providing a sponsored link to the software module, the sponsored link being associated with the identifying data and the device information.
Promotion operable recognition system
A recognition system is employed in conjunction with a subscriber's cellular phone and the network serving the subscriber. According to an embodiment, a subscriber can use a cellular phone to receive and capture data signals, from, for example, an audio output.
Local advertising responses
A computer-implemented method managing telephonic connections is disclosed. The method includes transmitting from a computer server system, for display on an electronic communication device, an advertisement from an advertiser; receiving from the electronic communication device a request to be connected telephonically with the advertiser; automatically playing a predetermined audio message after connecting telephonically with the advertiser; and connecting the electronic communication device telephonically with the advertiser after playing the predetermined audio message..
Method and system for generating an audio metadata quality score
A method including the steps of assessing at least two metadata parameters associated with an audio bitstream (e.g., an encoded dolby digital (ac-3), dolby digital plus, or dolby e bitstream), determining individual metadata parameter quality values, each of the individual metadata parameter quality values indicative of quality (e.g., correctness) of a different one of the at least two metadata parameters, and generating data indicative of a metadata score, where the metadata score is a value determined by a combination (e.g., a linear combination or other weighted combination) of the individual metadata parameter quality values. The metadata score is indicative of overall quality (e.g., correctness) of the at least two metadata parameters.
Method and apparatus for optimizing timing of audio commands based on recognized audio patterns
An approach is provided for timing application information presentation based on audio patterns. The audio platform processes and/or facilitates a processing of one or more audio samples to determine a conversational state of one or more users.
Voice recognition device and voice recognition method
The voice recognition device according to the present disclosure includes a communication interface that communicates with an external device, a first microphone that collects sound to produce audio data, and a controller that analyzes the audio data produced by the first microphone, determines contents of a designation corresponding to an analysis result, and then controls its own device based on a determination result, and yet controls its own device to urge a user to use the external device when the contents of the designation corresponding to the analysis result cannot be determined.. .
Method and system for interference suppression using blind source separation
A method of interference suppression is provided that includes receiving a first audio signal from a first audio capture device and a second audio signal from a second audio capture device wherein the first audio signal includes a first combination of desired audio content and interference and the second audio signal includes a second combination of the desired audio content and the interference, performing blind source separation using the first audio signal and the second audio signal to generate an output interference signal and an output audio signal including the desired audio content with the interference suppressed, estimating interference remaining in the output audio signal using the output interference signal, and subtracting the estimated interference from the output audio signal to generate a final output audio signal with the interference further suppressed.. .
Bandwidth extension of audio signals
Audio decoder and method therein for supporting bandwidth extension (bwe) of a received signal. The method involves receiving a first signal representing the lower frequency spectrum of a segment of an original audio signal; receiving a second signal, being a bwe signal, representing a higher frequency spectrum of the segment of the original audio signal.
Translating languages
A method, performed on a server, of translating between languages includes receiving first audio data for a first language from a mobile device, translating the first audio data to second audio data for a second language, receiving an indication that the mobile device has moved between two locations, and sending the second audio data to the mobile device in response to the indication.. .
Generating an adapted audio file
The present idea refers to an apparatus for generating an adapted audio file. The apparatus comprises an identification unit (51) for supporting identification of a frequency range (fr) associated with an auditory disorder of a user of the apparatus, and an adaptation unit (52) for adapting a frequency characteristic of an audio file (af) representing a track of music which adaptation is subject to the identified frequency range (fr).
Ear-related devices implementing sensors to acquire physiological characteristics
Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing and audio devices for monitoring health and wellness. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing signals representing physiological characteristics sensed from tissue at or adjacent an ear of an organism.
Sensing physiological characteristics in association with ear-related devices or implements
Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing and audio devices for monitoring health and wellness. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing signals representing physiological characteristics sensed from tissue at or adjacent an ear of an organism.
Sound virtualization method and apparatus
Disclosed are a sound virtualization method and apparatus. The sound virtualization method includes generating virtual sound devices, generating virtual audio devices on the basis of an audio device, acquiring a mapping relation between sounds created by the virtual sound device and sounds output by the virtual audio device, acquiring the sounds from memories on the basis of the mapping relation, and outputting the sounds through the virtual audio devices according to the mapping relation.
System, device and method for providing presence information using audio data
This invention relates to a system, device, and method for providing presence information using audio data. This invention provides a terminal device that displays a user list when predetermined input information is detected, receives, from a service device, presence information and audio information associated with the presence information of other user selected from the displayed user list, and controls an output unit, when the received presence information and audio information are displayed through the output unit, to implement audio data contained in the audio information.
Method and apparatus for nearby group formation by combining auditory and wireless communication
An approach is provided for group formation based on a synchronized response mechanism. A group platform may determine a request to form at least one group of one or more devices.
Communication with a mobile basestation
The invention, a mbs system, process, and/or network, for communication of voice and/or audio, has a multitude of informational, social, professional, and/or consumer applications.. .
Emergency mobile notification handling
Systems and methods for handling emergency notification messages such as commercial mobile alert system (cmas) alerts. In one example, a mobile communications device receives a text-based emergency alert message, converts at least some of the message content into an audio format, and then audibly plays the message.
Vehicle-mounted audio device and automobile
The present invention provides a vehicle-mounted audio device including a casing, a tuner, an audio output unit, a housing chamber, an opening of the housing chamber, a housing, a lock mechanism, and a casing connector. The tuner is disposed in the casing.
System, method, and apparatus for assisting in the development of good oral hygiene habits among young children
Brushing systems include a base configured to assist in keeping the system in an upright position. The base is coupled to a stand being sized, shaped, and positioned so as to couple the base and a support structure.

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