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Audio Signals patents


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 Video audio processing device, video audio processing method, and program patent thumbnailVideo audio processing device, video audio processing method, and program
A video/audio processing apparatus includes a video generator, a selector, and a volume controller. The video generator generates a video signal for display video in which a plurality of regions, in each of which a moving image is displayed, automatically move in a display screen in a predetermined direction.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Hands-free bluetooth car system patent thumbnailHands-free bluetooth car system
A hands-free bluetooth system is described. The bluetooth system comprises a base unit and a controller unit.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Digital signal router for vehicle replacement sound system patent thumbnailDigital signal router for vehicle replacement sound system
An aftermarket digital signal router that is installed in a vehicle when a factory loudspeaker system is replaced with an aftermarket loudspeaker system. The digital signal router comprises a first and a second analog signal receiver to receive at least two sources of audio from the vehicle.
Automotive Data Solutions, Inc.

 Device and  bandwidth extension for audio signals patent thumbnailDevice and bandwidth extension for audio signals
An audio signal decoding apparatus is provided that includes a receiver that receives an encoded information, a memory, and a processor that demultiplexes low-band encoding parameters, index information, and scale factor information from the encoded information. The processor also decodes the low-band encoding parameters to obtain a synthesized low frequency spectrum, replicates a high frequency subband spectrum based on the index information using the synthesized low frequency spectrum, and adjusts an amplitude of the replicated high frequency subband spectrum using the scale factor information.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Redundancy in watermarking audio signals that have speech-like properties patent thumbnailRedundancy in watermarking audio signals that have speech-like properties
A method for a machine or group of machines to watermark speech audio transmissions includes receiving a speech audio signal, receiving a watermark signal including a message of multiple bits, each bit having one of two values, each value represented by one of two symbols, each of the symbols corresponding to a respective audio segment, and at a time t1, transmitting a first transmission including at least some of the multiple bits in multiple spectral channels of the speech audio signal, each spectral channel corresponding to a different frequency range, wherein a first one of the multiple spectral channels carries a first bit from the multiple bits while at the same time a second one of the multiple spectral channels carries a second bit from the multiple bits different from the first bit.. .
Tls Corp.

 Inserting watermarks into audio signals that have speech-like properties patent thumbnailInserting watermarks into audio signals that have speech-like properties
A method for a machine or group of machines to watermark an audio signal includes receiving an audio signal and a watermark signal including multiple symbols, and inserting at least some of the multiple symbols in multiple spectral channels of the audio signal, each spectral channel corresponding to a different frequency range. Optimization of the design incorporates minimizing the human auditory system perceiving the watermark channels by taking into account perceptual time-frequency masking, pattern detection of watermarking messages, the statistics of worst case program content such as speech, and speech-like programs..
Tls Corp.

 Seamless linking of multiple audio signals patent thumbnailSeamless linking of multiple audio signals
In one embodiment, an apparatus includes: a first demodulator to demodulate a digital signal into a first demodulated audio signal; a second demodulator to demodulate an analog signal into a second demodulated audio signal, the first and second demodulated audio signals including common content; and a delay determination circuit to determine a delay value between the common content of the two demodulated audio signals based at least in part on a first delay estimate having a first resolution and a second delay estimate having a second resolution.. .
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

 Audio signal processing method and audio signal processing apparatus patent thumbnailAudio signal processing method and audio signal processing apparatus
An audio signal processing method and an audio signal processing apparatus for synchronizing audio based on synchronization error between audio signals.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Synchronising an audio signal patent thumbnailSynchronising an audio signal
A method of synchronising one or more wirelessly received audio signals with an acoustically received audio signal is provided. The method comprises: receiving an electromagnetic signal using a first wireless communication method, the electromagnetic signal comprising: the one or more wirelessly received audio signals and a wirelessly received metadata relating to a remote audio content, determining a delay between the acoustically received audio signal and the one or more wirelessly received audio signals by referring the acoustically received audio signal to the wirelessly received metadata; and delaying the one or more audio signals by the determined delay.
Power Chord Group Limited

 Methods and  recording impulsive sounds patent thumbnailMethods and recording impulsive sounds
Loud sounds with fast rise times, like gunfire and explosions, can cause noise-induced hearing loss (nihl). Unfortunately, current models do not adequately explain how impulsive sounds cause nihl, which makes it difficult to predict and prevent nihl on battlefields and other hostile or rugged environments.

Optical communication and charging device and use

Techniques for remote interactions with devices, such as charging, communications, and user interaction, are provided. Specifically, systems and methods to provide charging of devices, such as, remote charging by photovoltaic (pv) cells, infrared (ir) illumination, audio signals, and leds such as laser leds to charge devices such as watches, jewelry, car panels, headphones and phones, are presented..
Flextronics Ap, Llc

Relaying device, audio communication system, and audio signal relay method

[solution] an audio communication system comprises: a master relaying device; one or more slave relaying devices connected to the master relaying device via a communication network; and one or more terminal devices connected to each relaying device via a communication network. Each slave relaying device transfers, to the master relaying device, audio signals received from the terminal device in charge of the slave relaying device.

Audio transmission and charging system and use

Techniques for charging and communication with electronic devices, such as headphones, are provided. Specifically, systems and methods to provide charging of, and communication with, audio devices, such as by photovoltaic (pv) cells, infrared (ir) illumination, audio signals, and leds such as laser leds, are disclosed..
Flextronics Ap, Llc

Audio encoder and decoder for interleaved waveform coding

There is provided methods and apparatuses for decoding and encoding of audio signals. In particular, a method for decoding includes receiving a waveform-coded signal having a spectral content corresponding to a subset of the frequency range above a cross-over frequency.
Dolby International Ab

Methods, systems, and device for remotely-processing audio signals

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and devices for remotely-processing one or more audio signals received at a hearing device. An example method includes a hearing device receiving from a media device a command to send to the media device an audio signal.

A class d amplifier chip with duty ratio limiting functions and the device thereof

The present invention discloses a class d amplifier chip with duty ratio limiting functions and the device thereof, a class d amplifier chip includes triangle wave modules, pwm modulation modules, duty ratio detection modules and logic control modules, the input differential audio signals and triangle wave signals generated by the triangle wave module are converted into low voltage pulsed pwm signals through the pwm modulation module, then gets driving processed and generates high voltage pulses; the duty ratio detection module real-time detects the duty ratio of pwm signals, when the logic control module decides the duty ratio of the pwm signals is larger than the preset maximum value, the pwm module is controlled to stop working, equals to close the audio output of the class d amplifier device; which limits the amplitude of the output audio signals, avoids burning the speaker due to an overlarge amplitude.. .
Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronic Co., Ltd.

Method and calibrating an audio playback system

A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to facilitate calibration of an audio playback system with a video presented upon a display. In the context of a method, information about a display from a first location is received.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Underwater alert device with shark deterrent

This document presents a multiple alert and deterrent device that may be used in underwater environments to present visual and audio signals to alert other divers, and simultaneously generate a voltage that serves as a deterrent to sharks. The activation of all alert and deterrent components occurs simultaneously when a user activates the device.

Matrixed audio settings

Methods and systems are provided for matrixed audio settings. In an audio system that comprises at least one audio output element operable to output audio signals, a first user input that comprises a selection of audio mode may be received, and based on the selected audio mode, one or more audio settings applicable during generating, processing, and/or outputting of the audio signals may be determined.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Wedge shape headphones

Wedge shape headphone structures are disclosed. Wedge shape headphone structures can be constructed using plastics, metal, glass, or wood, which assembled a smooth tapered narrow audio outlet channel.

Microphone monitoring and analytics

Microphone monitoring and analytics are provided. An initiation of a new contact session is determined that includes a communication interaction between a contact center agent (cca) having a microphone and a contacting individual (ci).
Avaya Inc.

Method and device for playing modified audio signals

A method and a device are provided for modifying audio signals in accordance with hearing capabilities of an individual who is listening to audio signals played by a music player. The method comprises the steps of: providing a music player operative to play audio signals, wherein the music player comprises a processor configured to modify audio signals that are about to be played, by taking into account the hearing capabilities of the individual; providing information that relates to the hearing capabilities of the individual; forwarding the information that relates to the hearing capabilities of the individual, from an electronic device to the music player; and using the music player processor to modify audio signals when the individual is listening to audio signals being played by the music player, wherein the audio signals are modified before they are played by taking into account the individual's hearing capabilities..
Meq Inc.

Processing audio signals with adaptive time or frequency resolution

In some aspects, a method performed in an audio processing apparatus for decoding an audio signal encoded with variable time-frequency resolution is disclosed. The method includes receiving the encoded audio signal, extracting from the encoded audio signal a frame of spectral coefficients, dividing the frame of spectral coefficients into a plurality of frequency bands, and extracting from the encoded audio signal a time-frequency resolution parameter for each of the plurality of frequency bands.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Measurement of distance between devices using audio signals

audio signals may be used for distance measurement with good autocorrelation properties which provides for the possibility of sub-sample delay measurement. Continuous playback and recording by all devices during the distance measurement process (including recording of the own playback) allows exclusion of random start/stop delays and subsequent large random errors..
Intel Corporation

Neck-wearable communication device with microphone array

A wearable electronic device includes a neck-wearable housing, generally u-shaped, with an electrical connector; two in-ear earphones; two cords, with one end connected to one of the earphones and the other end connected to the connector. The two cords are mechanically connected to the housing.

Smart audio routing management

Examples described herein automatically route audio signals associated with applications to appropriate audio endpoints when a computing device is operating in a disjoint mode. Smart audio routing management of audio signals is based on content output destinations for applications associated with the audio signals.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Conversion of peripheral sensor interface signals into audio signals

The present invention relates to a peripheral sensor interface (psi5) system. The psi5 system includes a psi5 controller and an audio converter.
Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

Portable group communication device and use

A portable communication device comprises a housing having therein: a microphone interface for receiving a first audio signal generated by a microphone connected thereto; an audio processing block in electronic communication with the microphone interface so as to receive the first audio signal, the audio processing block configured to generate a second audio signal corresponding to the first audio signal; a transmitter in electronic communication with the audio processing block so as to be configured to transmit the second audio signal; a receiver configured to receive third audio signals; an audio receive block in electronic communication with the receiver so as to generate a plurality of fourth audio signals, each fourth audio signal corresponding to a respective one of the third audio signals; and a speaker interface for connection to a speaker configured to emit audio corresponding to the fourth audio signals.. .
Loose Cannon Systems, Inc.

Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing intelligent vehicular systems and services

A system is provided for updated processing of audio signals in a vehicle. The system includes a microphone, a transceiver and head unit.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Systems and methods for spoof detection and liveness analysis

Spoof-detection and liveness analysis is performed using a software-based solution on a user device, such as a smartphone having a camera, audio output component (e.g., earpiece), and audio input component (e.g., microphone). One or more audio signals are emitted from the audio output component of the user device, reflect off a target, and are received back at the audio input component of the device.
Eyeverify Inc.

Crowd-sourced audio data for venue equalization

Mobile devices may capture audio signals indicative of test audio received by an audio capture device of the mobile device; and send the captured audio and the zone designation to a sound processor to determine equalization settings for speakers of the zone of the venue. An audio filtering device may receive the captured audio signals from the mobile devices; compare each of the captured audio signals with the test signal to determine an associated reliability of each of the captured audio signals; combine the captured audio signals into zone audio data; and transmit the zone audio data and associated reliability to a sound processor configured to determine equalization settings for the zone based on the captured audio signals and the test signal..
Harman International Industries, Inc.

Signal processing apparatus, method and computer program for dereverberating a number of input audio signals

A signal processing apparatus for dereverberating a number of input audio signals, where the signal processing apparatus includes a processor configured to transform the number of input audio signals into a transformed domain to obtain input transformed coefficients, the input transformed coefficients being arranged to form an input transformed coefficient matrix, determine filter coefficients upon the basis of eigenvalues of a signal space, the filter coefficients being arranged to form a filter coefficient matrix, convolve input transformed coefficients of the input transformed coefficient matrix by filter coefficients of the filter coefficient matrix to obtain output transformed coefficients, and the output transformed coefficients being arranged to form an output transformed coefficient matrix.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Led lamp with speaker

A light emitting diode (led) lamp with at least one speaker is provided. The led lamp includes a lamp base, a lamp cup installed on the lamp base, and a lamp socket installed under the lamp base.
Sengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Method and device for estimating sound recognition score (srs) of a subject

Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose an estimation device for the estimation of sound recognition score. The device estimates a sound recognition score (srs), to determine the hearing ability of that subject.
Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing (c-dac)

Multi-channel mixing console

A battery powered, portable multi-channel audio mixing console is disclosed. The mixing console is configured to be easily held in a user's hand like a remote control.
Braven Lc

Headset wireless charging dock

A method and system for a headset wireless charging dock, where the charging dock comprises a radio frequency (rf) radio, a charging induction coil, and a proximity sensor. The method may comprise sensing a presence of a headset using the proximity sensor, wirelessly charging a battery in the headset utilizing the charging induction coil, and wirelessly communicating commands, using the rf radio, to the headset to power down at least a portion of circuitry in the headset.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Audio devices and related methods for acquiring audio device use information

Audio devices and related methods are disclosed. An audio device includes audio inputs configured to receive audio signals from a media player, speaker elements configured to convert the audio signals to acoustic waves, and control circuitry.
Skullcandy, Inc.

Systems and methods for use in a vehicle for detecting external events

There is provided a vehicle comprising a microphone positioned to receive sounds originated from outside of the vehicle, an analog-to-digital converter configured to covert the sounds received by the microphone to digital audio signals, a memory storing a sound processing software and one or more known audios, and a hardware processor configured to execute the sound processing software. In one implementation the sound processing software performs comparing the digital audio signals with the one or more known audios stored in the memory, determining, in response to the comparing, a match between the digital audio signals and a first audio of the one or more known audios stored in the memory; and taking an action in response to the determining of the match between the digital audio signals and the first audio..
Karma Automotive, Llc

Playback based on number of listeners

Systems, methods, and apparatus to process audio signals based on a number of listeners are disclosed. An example implementation involves a playback device processing, via an audio processing component, an audio signal for playback according to a first audio characteristic.
Sonos, Inc.

Multi-channel digital microphone

The present invention relates to a multi-channel digital microphone, comprising: an array pickup unit and a processing unit, the array pickup unit comprises a plurality of pickup modules, arranged in array form, wherein each of the pick-up modules picks up the audio signals of the spatial domain component, the array pickup unit converts a plurality of the audio signals of the spatial region component to a plurality of digital signal and outputs it; the pickup unit is connected to the processing unit, configured to extract and denoise the plurality of digital signals. The present invention adds a spatial domain based on the time domain and frequency domain so that a pick-up de-noising process can be done for these received signals from different spatial directions..
Yutou Technology (hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Throwable microphone

Some embodiments of the invention include a throwable microphone device. The throwable microphone device may comprise a housing.
Peeq Technologies, Llc

Transform encoding/decoding of harmonic audio signals

An encoder for encoding frequency transform coefficients of a harmonic audio signal include the following elements: a peak locator configured to locate spectral peaks having magnitudes exceeding a predetermined frequency dependent threshold. A peak region encoder configured to encode peak regions including and surrounding the located peaks.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Method and the insertion of audio cues in media files by post-production audio & video editing systems

A system and method for post-production insertion of audio cues into media files is described, comprising a media transcoder loading into memory a first media file comprising audio tracks arranged along a timeline and an identifier identifying a location on the timeline of the first media file at which an item is to be presented, generating an audio cue tag comprising an audio cue having two or more inaudible audio signals, wherein the audio cue uniquely identifies the item associated with a web page to be accessed by a mobile device, and transcoding the first media file to encode at least some of the one or more audio tracks, embed the audio cue into a first audio track of the first media file, and determining not to compress at least a portion of the first audio track comprising the audio cue while compressing other portions of the first media file.. .
Mkues, Inc.

Sound event detection

A system and method for the use of sensors and processors of existing, distributed systems, operating individually or in cooperation with other systems, networks or cloud-based services to enhance the detection and classification of sound events in an environment (e.g., a home), while having low computational complexity. The system and method provides functions where the most relevant features that help in discriminating sounds are extracted from an audio signal and then classified depending on whether the extracted features correspond to a sound event that should result in a communication to a user.
Google Inc.

Audio system based on in-vehicle optical network and broadcasting method thereof

An audio system based on an in-vehicle optical network and a broadcasting method thereof are provided. The audio system according to an exemplary embodiment includes: a multi-channel router which is connected to an in-vehicle optical network to receive a multi-channel audio signal from audio signals received from the optical network; and a plurality of speakers which are connected to the multi-channel router to receive the multi-channel audio signal through the multi-channel router.
Korea Electronics Technology Institute

Signal quality-based enhancement and compensation of compressed audio signals

A sampler module may divide an audio signal into a series of sequential samples. A signal quality detector module may identify a consistent brick wall frequency of the audio signal spanning a plurality of the sequential samples at an outset of the audio signal and determine a signal treatment indication proportional to the brick wall frequency.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

Multi-channel speaker output orientation detection

A method is disclosed for determining a relative orientation of speakers that receive audio signals from a portable audio source device. In an embodiment, a microphone coupled with the portable audio source device receives a first sound from a first speaker and a second sound from a second speaker.
International Business Machines Corporation

Offset cartridge microphones

Offset cartridge microphones are provided that include multiple unidirectional microphone cartridges mounted in an offset geometry. Various desired polar patterns and/or desired steering angles can be formed by processing the audio signals from the multiple cartridges, including a toroidal polar pattern.
Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

Server providing a quieter open space work environment

A server for providing a quieter environment in an open work space that has a plurality of work places used by a plurality of users comprises a processor configured to receive digital audio signals corresponding to ambient noises captured by microphones at the work places, compute average values that represent current noises at the work places, compute a threshold value that represents a current noise in a neighbourhood of a first work place as a function of p values that represent the current noises at p work places that are neighbors of the first work place, compare each digital audio signal with the threshold value, determine the digital audio signals that are greater than the threshold value to determine at least one work place that corresponds to a digital audio signal that is greater than the threshold value, and send a warning to a user of the determined at least one work place.. .
Alcatel Lucent

Telecoil hum filter

A system and/or method is provided for enhanced listening of audio signals acquired via a telecoil by performing hum filtering. The system may include a telecoil and a telecoil hum filter.
Etymotic Research, Inc.

System and digital signal processing

The present invention provides methods and systems for digitally processing audio signals. Some embodiments receive an audio signal and converting it to a digital signal.

Voice activity detector for audio signals

According to one aspect, a method for detecting voice activity is disclosed, the method including receiving a frame of an input audio signal, the input audio signal having an sample rate; dividing the frame into a plurality of subbands based on the sample rate, the plurality of subbands including at least a lowest subband and a highest subband; filtering the lowest subband with a moving average filter to reduce an energy of the lowest subband; estimating a noise level for each of the plurality of subbands; calculating a signal to noise ratio value for each of the plurality of subbands; and determining a speech activity level of the frame based on an average of the calculated signal to noise ratio values and a weighted average of an energy of each of the plurality of subbands. Other aspects include audio decoders that decode audio that was encoded using the methods described herein..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Filling of non-coded sub-vectors in transform coded audio signals

A spectrum filler for filling non-coded residual sub-vectors of a transform coded audio signal includes a sub-vector compressor configured to compress actually coded residual sub-vectors. A sub-vector rejecter is configured to reject compressed residual sub-vectors that do not fulfill a predetermined sparseness criterion.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

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