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Audio Signals patents


This page is updated frequently with new Audio Signals-related patent applications.

new patent Multi-channel mixing console
A battery powered, portable multi-channel audio mixing console is disclosed. The mixing console is configured to be easily held in a user's hand like a remote control.
Braven Lc

new patent Headset wireless charging dock
A method and system for a headset wireless charging dock, where the charging dock comprises a radio frequency (rf) radio, a charging induction coil, and a proximity sensor. The method may comprise sensing a presence of a headset using the proximity sensor, wirelessly charging a battery in the headset utilizing the charging induction coil, and wirelessly communicating commands, using the rf radio, to the headset to power down at least a portion of circuitry in the headset.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

new patent Audio devices and related methods for acquiring audio device use information
Audio devices and related methods are disclosed. An audio device includes audio inputs configured to receive audio signals from a media player, speaker elements configured to convert the audio signals to acoustic waves, and control circuitry.
Skullcandy, Inc.

new patent Systems and methods for use in a vehicle for detecting external events
There is provided a vehicle comprising a microphone positioned to receive sounds originated from outside of the vehicle, an analog-to-digital converter configured to covert the sounds received by the microphone to digital audio signals, a memory storing a sound processing software and one or more known audios, and a hardware processor configured to execute the sound processing software. In one implementation the sound processing software performs comparing the digital audio signals with the one or more known audios stored in the memory, determining, in response to the comparing, a match between the digital audio signals and a first audio of the one or more known audios stored in the memory; and taking an action in response to the determining of the match between the digital audio signals and the first audio..
Karma Automotive, Llc

Playback based on number of listeners
Systems, methods, and apparatus to process audio signals based on a number of listeners are disclosed. An example implementation involves a playback device processing, via an audio processing component, an audio signal for playback according to a first audio characteristic.
Sonos, Inc.

Multi-channel digital microphone
The present invention relates to a multi-channel digital microphone, comprising: an array pickup unit and a processing unit, the array pickup unit comprises a plurality of pickup modules, arranged in array form, wherein each of the pick-up modules picks up the audio signals of the spatial domain component, the array pickup unit converts a plurality of the audio signals of the spatial region component to a plurality of digital signal and outputs it; the pickup unit is connected to the processing unit, configured to extract and denoise the plurality of digital signals. The present invention adds a spatial domain based on the time domain and frequency domain so that a pick-up de-noising process can be done for these received signals from different spatial directions..
Yutou Technology (hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Throwable microphone
Some embodiments of the invention include a throwable microphone device. The throwable microphone device may comprise a housing.
Peeq Technologies, Llc

Transform encoding/decoding of harmonic audio signals
An encoder for encoding frequency transform coefficients of a harmonic audio signal include the following elements: a peak locator configured to locate spectral peaks having magnitudes exceeding a predetermined frequency dependent threshold. A peak region encoder configured to encode peak regions including and surrounding the located peaks.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Method and the insertion of audio cues in media files by post-production audio & video editing systems
A system and method for post-production insertion of audio cues into media files is described, comprising a media transcoder loading into memory a first media file comprising audio tracks arranged along a timeline and an identifier identifying a location on the timeline of the first media file at which an item is to be presented, generating an audio cue tag comprising an audio cue having two or more inaudible audio signals, wherein the audio cue uniquely identifies the item associated with a web page to be accessed by a mobile device, and transcoding the first media file to encode at least some of the one or more audio tracks, embed the audio cue into a first audio track of the first media file, and determining not to compress at least a portion of the first audio track comprising the audio cue while compressing other portions of the first media file.. .
Mkues, Inc.

Sound event detection
A system and method for the use of sensors and processors of existing, distributed systems, operating individually or in cooperation with other systems, networks or cloud-based services to enhance the detection and classification of sound events in an environment (e.g., a home), while having low computational complexity. The system and method provides functions where the most relevant features that help in discriminating sounds are extracted from an audio signal and then classified depending on whether the extracted features correspond to a sound event that should result in a communication to a user.
Google Inc.

Audio system based on in-vehicle optical network and broadcasting method thereof

An audio system based on an in-vehicle optical network and a broadcasting method thereof are provided. The audio system according to an exemplary embodiment includes: a multi-channel router which is connected to an in-vehicle optical network to receive a multi-channel audio signal from audio signals received from the optical network; and a plurality of speakers which are connected to the multi-channel router to receive the multi-channel audio signal through the multi-channel router.
Korea Electronics Technology Institute

Signal quality-based enhancement and compensation of compressed audio signals

A sampler module may divide an audio signal into a series of sequential samples. A signal quality detector module may identify a consistent brick wall frequency of the audio signal spanning a plurality of the sequential samples at an outset of the audio signal and determine a signal treatment indication proportional to the brick wall frequency.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

Multi-channel speaker output orientation detection

A method is disclosed for determining a relative orientation of speakers that receive audio signals from a portable audio source device. In an embodiment, a microphone coupled with the portable audio source device receives a first sound from a first speaker and a second sound from a second speaker.
International Business Machines Corporation

Offset cartridge microphones

Offset cartridge microphones are provided that include multiple unidirectional microphone cartridges mounted in an offset geometry. Various desired polar patterns and/or desired steering angles can be formed by processing the audio signals from the multiple cartridges, including a toroidal polar pattern.
Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

Server providing a quieter open space work environment

A server for providing a quieter environment in an open work space that has a plurality of work places used by a plurality of users comprises a processor configured to receive digital audio signals corresponding to ambient noises captured by microphones at the work places, compute average values that represent current noises at the work places, compute a threshold value that represents a current noise in a neighbourhood of a first work place as a function of p values that represent the current noises at p work places that are neighbors of the first work place, compare each digital audio signal with the threshold value, determine the digital audio signals that are greater than the threshold value to determine at least one work place that corresponds to a digital audio signal that is greater than the threshold value, and send a warning to a user of the determined at least one work place.. .
Alcatel Lucent

Telecoil hum filter

A system and/or method is provided for enhanced listening of audio signals acquired via a telecoil by performing hum filtering. The system may include a telecoil and a telecoil hum filter.
Etymotic Research, Inc.

System and digital signal processing

The present invention provides methods and systems for digitally processing audio signals. Some embodiments receive an audio signal and converting it to a digital signal.

Voice activity detector for audio signals

According to one aspect, a method for detecting voice activity is disclosed, the method including receiving a frame of an input audio signal, the input audio signal having an sample rate; dividing the frame into a plurality of subbands based on the sample rate, the plurality of subbands including at least a lowest subband and a highest subband; filtering the lowest subband with a moving average filter to reduce an energy of the lowest subband; estimating a noise level for each of the plurality of subbands; calculating a signal to noise ratio value for each of the plurality of subbands; and determining a speech activity level of the frame based on an average of the calculated signal to noise ratio values and a weighted average of an energy of each of the plurality of subbands. Other aspects include audio decoders that decode audio that was encoded using the methods described herein..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Filling of non-coded sub-vectors in transform coded audio signals

A spectrum filler for filling non-coded residual sub-vectors of a transform coded audio signal includes a sub-vector compressor configured to compress actually coded residual sub-vectors. A sub-vector rejecter is configured to reject compressed residual sub-vectors that do not fulfill a predetermined sparseness criterion.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

System and treating patients having conditions that affect walking

A method for treating certain patients with walking impediments, such as stroke patents, are trained to walk more effectively by providing audio signals to them to reinforce them when they are walking properly, or to warn them to take remedial action when they are walking improperly. Sensors in an insert or shoe sense distribution of weight and foot strikes against a ground surface while walking, and an imu senses foot movement.
Twd Sports Tech, Llc

Cochlear implant headpiece

A headpiece for use with a cochlear implant including a headpiece housing, a retention magnet within the headpiece housing that generates a retention magnetic field, the retention magnet including a bottom surface that faces the cochlear implant, a top surface opposite the bottom surface, and an outer radial surface between the top and bottom surfaces, an induction coil within the headpiece housing that transmits audio signals to the cochlear implant by generating a telemetry magnetic field, and a retention flux guide within the headpiece housing and adjacent to the top surface of the retention magnet.. .
Advanced Bionics Ag

Audio circuit

A d/a converter converts digital audio data din into analog differential audio signals vp and vn. A differential to single-ended conversion circuit converts the differential audio signals vp and vn into a single-ended audio signal vse.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Methods and systems for performing signal analysis to identify content types

Systems and methods are configured to process audio signals to identify content-types. Audio content is received at an audio decoder which decodes the audio content.
Cyber Resonance Corporation

Estimation of background noise in audio signals

The invention relates to a background noise estimator and a method therein, for supporting sound activity detection in an audio signal segment. The method comprises reducing a current background noise estimate when the audio signal segment is determined to comprise music and the current background noise estimate exceeds a minimum value.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Method and watermarking an audio signal

Improvement of water-mark detection in watermarked microphone audio signals picked up in the presence of surrounding noise is achieved by using at encoder side not only the originally received signal for the calculation of the masking threshold and the watermarking strength, but by also taking into account the level of the surrounding noise. This enables an adaptation of the watermarking strength to the current sound pressure level spl of the surrounding noise.
Thomson Licensing

System and continuing an interrupted broadcast stream

A client, such as a mobile phone, receives an audio signal from a microphone; the sound comes from a broadcast signal such as a radio or television program. The client sends a segment of audio data from the broadcast program to a detection system, such as a server.
Soundhound, Inc.

Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding object-based audio signals

Provided are an audio encoding method and apparatus and an audio decoding method and apparatus in which audio signals can be encoded or decoded so that sound images can be localized at any desired position for each object audio signal. The audio decoding method generating a third downmix signal by combining a first downmix signal extracted from a first audio signal and a second downmix signal extracted from a second audio signal; generating third object-based side information by combining first object-based side information extracted from the first audio signal and second object-based side information extracted from the second audio signal; converting the third object-based side information into channel-based side information; and generating a multi-channel audio signal using the third downmix signal and the channel-based side information..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Speaker alignment

A controller for controlling a system of speakers, the system of speakers being configured to play out audio signals. The controller is configured to, for each speaker of the system of speakers, (i) transmit a signal to that speaker comprising identification data for that speaker, and (ii) transmit a signal to that speaker comprising an indication of a playout time for playing out an identification sound signal comprising the identification data of that speaker.
Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Speaker location determining system

A controller for determining the location of speakers in a system of speakers configured to play out audio signals received according to a wireless communications protocol. The controller configured is to, for each speaker of the system of speakers, transmit a signal to that speaker comprising an indication of a playout time for playing out an identification sound signal comprising the identification data of that speaker.
Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Method and polyphonic audio signal prediction in coding and networking systems

A method, device, and apparatus provide the ability to predict a portion of a polyphonic audio signal for compression and networking applications. The solution involves a framework of a cascade of long term prediction filters, which by design is tailored to account for all periodic components present in a polyphonic signal.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Audio signal processing system

An audio processing system includes an audio receiving module, a sound source separation module and a noise suppression module. The audio receiving module receives at least two audio signals.
National Central University

Independent game and chat volume control

Methods and systems are provided for independent audio volume control. For example, an audio component (e.g., implemented in an element of an audio setup) may control generation and/or outputting of a combined-game-and-chat audio signals.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Enabling near field communications using indicators

Embodiments of the present invention provide time-efficient and effective systems and methods for enabling near field communications (nfc) on electronic devices using one or more indicators. Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods that capture and utilize indicators such as, motion of the electronic device or of a user, electromagnetic wave signals, and audio signals to more easily establish an nfc link between a source computer system and a target computer system..
International Business Machines Corporation

Neural network-driven frequency translation

Disclosed herein, among other things, are apparatus and methods for neural network-driven frequency translation for hearing assistance devices. Various embodiments include a method of signal processing an input signal in a hearing assistance device, the hearing assistance device including a receiver and a microphone.

Method for processing data for the estimation of mixing parameters of audio signals, mixing method, devices, and associated computers programs

A method and apparatus are provided for processing data for estimating mixing parameters of at least one audio spot signal captured by a sound recording device, called a spot microphone, arranged in the vicinity of a source among a plurality of acoustic sources constituting a sound scene, and a primary audio signal captured by an ambisonic sound recording device, arranged to capture said plurality of acoustic sources of the sound scene.. .

Band-limited beamforming microphone array

This disclosure describes a band-limited beamforming microphone array made by augmenting a beamforming microphone array with non-beamforming microphones that includes: a plurality of first microphones configured as a beamforming microphone array to resolve first audio input signals within a first frequency range; one or more additional microphones configured to resolve second audio input signals within a restricted second frequency range; and an augmented beamforming module that includes a processor that executes software program steps to: receive the resolved first audio signals from the beamforming microphone array; receive the resolved and restricted second audio input signals; perform beamforming on the received and resolved first audio input signal; and combine the beamformed first audio input signal with the resolved and restricted second audio input signals to create an audio signal within a band-limited frequency range.. .
Clearone Inc.

Utune acoustics

An assembly and method for automatic real time enhancement of audio signal on the basis of listening environment and ambience noise, wherein said assembly comprises one or more audio sensing device such as microphone, a computer implemented system further comprising a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing instructions and components to analyze and process audio signals; and a method to capture the sound in listening environment using the audio sensors whereby plurality of audio sensors are located at plurality of locations to capture the proximal sound signals and transferring the captured signal to a system, whereby, the instructions stored in memory on execution by the computer analyze and process the sound signals to provide enhanced sound signal which are transferred to plurality of speakers.. .

Method and device for processing audio signals

Method and device of processing audio signals are disclosed. The method includes: obtaining a set of data, the set of data comprising lsp parameters for an audio signal; determining a set of sampling data points from the set of lsp parameters using a predetermined sampling rule, the set of sampling data points including spectrum amplitude values for a plurality of sampled frequency values; identifying one or more local maxima among the set of sampling data points, and a respective preceding local minimum and a respective succeeding local minimum for each of the identified local maxima; for each of the identified local maxima, shifting one or more of the set of data comprising lsp parameters located between the respective preceding local minimum and the respective succeeding local minimum of an identified local maximum towards the identified local maximum; and adjusting the set of data comprising lsp parameters using an energy coefficient..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Systems and methods for encoding audio signals

Some embodiments relate to techniques for encoding an audio signal represented by a plurality of frames including a first frame. The techniques include using at least one computer hardware processor to perform: obtaining an initial discrete spectral representation of the first frame; obtaining a primary discrete spectral representation of the initial discrete spectral representation at least in part by estimating a phase envelope of the initial discrete spectral representation and evaluating the estimated phase envelope at a discrete set of frequencies; calculating a residual discrete spectral representation of the initial discrete spectral representation based on the initial discrete spectral representation and the primary discrete spectral representation; and encoding the residual discrete spectral representation using a plurality of codewords..
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Detecting distorted audio signals based on audio fingerprinting

An audio identification system generates a probe audio fingerprint of an audio signal and determines amount of pitch shifting in the audio signal based on analysis of correlation between the probe audio fingerprint and a reference audio fingerprint. The audio identification system applies a time-to-frequency domain transform to frames of the audio signal and filters the transformed frames.
Facebook, Inc.

Visual audio processing apparatus

An apparatus comprising: an image element determiner configured to determine at least one visual image element; a spatial audio analyser configured to determine, using at least two audio signals, at least one audio source with a location associated with the at least one visual image element; a user interface controller configured to provide at least one control input associated with the at least one visual element, and an audio processor configured to process the at least one audio source to change at least one audio characteristic of the at least one audio source based on the at least one control input.. .
Nokia Corporation

Operation device operating a reproduction control system

The dj controller 10 has a load operation member 82 that loads audio signals to each channel, a synchronization button 84 that realizes a beat synchronization function, and a channel fader 85 that reproduces the loaded audio signals by the fader start function corresponding to each channel.. .
Pioneer Dj Corporation

Processing analog audio signals

An analog audio signal derived from a vinyl recording is processed via an input transducer, such as a moving magnet or moving coil device. A phono input stage (209) has an adjustable input impedance.
Entotem Limited

Automatic generation of a database for speech recognition from video captions

A system and method for automatic generation of a database for speech recognition, comprising: a source of text signals; a source of audio signals comprising an audio representation of said text signals; a text words separation module configured to separate said text into a string of text words; an audio words separation module configured to separate said audio signal into a string of audio words; and a matching module configured to receive said string of text words and said string of audio words and store each pair of matching text word and audio word in a database.. .

Wrist-worn pulse transit time sensor

A wrist-worn device heart-monitoring device is presented. The wrist-worn heart-monitoring device includes a radial tonometer configured to output a pressure signal indicating a pulse pressure wave at a user's wrist, two or more electrodes configured to output an electrical signal indicating a user's heart has been commanded to contract, and a microphone configured to output an audio signal indicating a closing of a user's aortic valve.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Relaying device, audio communication system, program and relaying method

[solution] this relaying device is provided with a network communication unit, a storage unit, and a control unit. The network communication unit is connected to a communication network and communicates with a plurality of terminal devices over said communication network.

Encoding device and method, decoding device and method, and program

A signal encoding unit encodes audio signals and outputs a resultant signal code string. A coefficient encoding unit encodes mixing coefficients for use in a mixing process of the audio signals and outputs a resultant coefficient code string.

Multichip dynamic range enhancement (dre) audio processing methods and apparatuses

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a multichip circuit for processing audio signals having dynamic range enhancement information over two or more integrated circuits may include a host integrated circuit and a client integrated circuit. The host integrated circuit may be configured to determine a dynamic range enhancement gain for a digital audio input signal, process the digital audio input signal in accordance with the dynamic range enhancement gain, and transmit audio data based on the processed digital audio input signal.
Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Mirror transmission method

A mirroring transmission method is provided. The present method retrieves image frames and audio signals of a transmitter and transmits the retrieved image frames and retrieved audio signals to a receiver to be displayed wirelessly.
Awind Inc.

Communication channel creation using sound stream

Multiple devices with access to similar audio signals can join a communication channel in order to share data such as files, links, and documents. The communication channel may be created based on audio present in a geographical location of each device.
Soundover, Inc.

Voice activity detection technologies, systems and methods employing the same

Voice activity detection technologies are disclosed. In some embodiments, the voice activity detection technologies determine whether the voice of a user of an electronic device is active based at least in part on biosignal data.
Intel Corporation

Decoding device, encoding device, decoding method, and encoding method

A decoding device includes: a separating unit separating first encoded data, a spectrum including a low-band spectrum of audio signals having been encoded, and second encoded data, a high-band spectrum of a higher band having been encoded, based on the first encoded data; a first decoding unit decoding the first encoded data and generating a first decoded spectrum; a first amplitude normalizer dividing amplitude of the first decoded spectrum into sub-bands, normalizing the spectrum of each sub-band by the largest amplitude of the first decoded spectrum within each sub-band, and generating a normalized spectrum; an addition unit adding noise spectrum to the normalized spectrum and generating a noise-added normalized spectrum; a second decoding unit decoding the second encoded data using the noise-added normalized spectrum, and generating a second noise-added spectrum; and a converter performing time-frequency conversion regarding a spectrum coupled based on the first decoded spectrum and second noise-added spectrum.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

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