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Atmosphere patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Atmosphere-related patents
 Modified atmosphere packaging apparatus and method with automated bag production patent thumbnailModified atmosphere packaging apparatus and method with automated bag production
An automatic packaging apparatus is provided, having a conveyor, a continuous longitudinally folded web, cutting and sealing mechanisms for forming flexible pouches from the web. The apparatus also includes processing stations for loading the pouches, transferring fluids (typically gases) into and out of the pouches, and sealing the pouches.
Treatment of modified atmosphere packaging
The invention relates to a device for preserving, sanitizing, ripening, and preventing or suppressing the growth of microbials within a package used for the transport and storage of various items, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and other perishables and parcels. The device includes an enclosed container and at least one sack operably disposed adjacent the container, wherein the sack encloses an agent and the agent releases gases in the container upon the presence of humidity within the container..
 Container and blank patent thumbnailContainer and blank
The invention relates to a container and a blank for forming a container. In particular, the invention relates to a container for receiving a food product and having an improved hermetic seal to allow modified atmosphere packaging techniques to be used to extend the life of the container contents.
 Packaging for modified atmosphere packaging patent thumbnailPackaging for modified atmosphere packaging
The invention relates to a method for providing a packaging for modified atmosphere packaging, which method comprises the steps of: providing an unfolded sheet for folding a box; folding the unfolded sheet to a box having at least an access opening and flange parts bordering the access opening, which flange parts compose an endless circumferential flange; providing a plastic foil; heating the plastic foil; pressing the heated plastic foil against the inner wall of the box and covering the circumferential flange, such that the plastic foil is laminated to box. The invention further relates to a packaging..
 Dough composition patent thumbnailDough composition
Described are dough compositions and methods, wherein the dough composition is prepared using a metabolized portion of dough comprising bubbles, metabolically active yeast, and developed dough matrix, combined with non-metabolized yeast, and wherein the dough composition preferably has useful properties such as yeast-leavened freezer-to-oven capabilities, without the need for chemical leavening agents or modified atmosphere packaging.. .
 Apparatus with opposing housings for modified atmosphere packaging of products placed in trays patent thumbnailApparatus with opposing housings for modified atmosphere packaging of products placed in trays
When the opposing housings (1, 8) of the apparatus are closed, they form between them a small main chamber (p) delimited above by the film (h) for covering the tray and below by the tray (v) itself containing the product (m), and laterally by any suitable mechanical interface structure which surrounds the perimeter of said film and connects it to the perimeter of the upper edge (b) of the tray, this interface structure having holes (22) which are suitably distributed, are located outside the perimeter of the tray, and communicate with said main chamber (p). One or more of these holes (22) open(s) on at least one side of the tray and is/are connected to a first circuit (23, 24), while another one or more of said holes (22′) open(s) on at least one opposing side of the tray and is/are connected to a second circuit (17) which in turn is connected to the inner chambers of the two housings (1, 8).

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