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Case management system and method for mediating anomaly notifications in health data to health alerts

System and method for asynchronous explanation and propagation-based constraint solving

Date/App# patent app List of recent Async-related patents
 Systems and methods for providing a collaboration place interface including data that is persistent after a client is longer in the collaboration place among a plurality of clients patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for providing a collaboration place interface including data that is persistent after a client is longer in the collaboration place among a plurality of clients
In some embodiments, the disclosed systems and methods provide a client-server infrastructure capable of supporting a variety of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration activities in a so-called collaboration place. Some of these activities include chatting, viewing and/or editing one or more data files, and sharing one or more applications, data files, and/or displays.
 System and method for asynchronous explanation and propagation-based constraint solving patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for asynchronous explanation and propagation-based constraint solving
Embodiments of a system and method for asynchronous explanation and explanation-based constraint problem solving are generally described herein. In one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes an asynchronous constraint satisfaction problem solving module (acspsm), the acspsm can be executable by one or more processors.
 Case management system and method for mediating anomaly notifications in health data to health alerts patent thumbnailnew patent Case management system and method for mediating anomaly notifications in health data to health alerts
A system and method for mediating anomaly notifications in health data to health alerts using data structures and logic to organize, contain, and disposition identified health anomalies. Multiple generators of anomaly notifications operating asynchronously and independently can be processed.
 Determining top-dead-center (tdc) of reciprocating compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Determining top-dead-center (tdc) of reciprocating compressor
Various embodiments include approaches for determining a top-dead-center (tdc) of a reciprocating compressor. In some cases, an apparatus includes: a pressure transducer configured to measure pressure fluctuations inside a compressor cylinder and convert the pressure fluctuations into an asynchronous waveform; and at least one computing device operably connected with the pressure transducer, the at least one computing device configured to: extract a data set representing piston angles over a single revolution of a piston within the compressor cylinder from the asynchronous waveform; remove data representing invalid piston angles from the data set to form a refined data set; determine an average piston angle for the single revolution from the refined data set; and adjust the refined data set to identify a top-dead-center (tdc) position of the piston within the compressor cylinder..
 Method for asynchronous calculation of network traffic rates based on randomly sampled packets patent thumbnailnew patent Method for asynchronous calculation of network traffic rates based on randomly sampled packets
A method for calculating rates based on random sampling includes updating at least one state variable when sampled information is received. The method further includes calculating a rate value based on the state variable and the elapsed time since the state variable was previously updated..
 Power managed synchronizers for asynchronous input signals patent thumbnailnew patent Power managed synchronizers for asynchronous input signals
Clock-gated synchronizer circuitry includes a number of clock-gated synchronizers, with each clock-gated synchronizer configured to synchronize an asynchronous input signal into a clock domain. The circuitry also includes a clock gater coupled to a clock input of the plurality of clock-gated synchronizers and coupled to receive an input clock and an enable signal.
 System and method for writing checkpointing data patent thumbnailSystem and method for writing checkpointing data
In part, the invention relates to a system and method for writing checkpointing data to a computer having a standby virtual machine for each checkpointed component on a computer having an active virtual machine. In one embodiment, the checkpointing data is processed on a per virtual machine basis.
 System and method for asynchronous event reporting patent thumbnailSystem and method for asynchronous event reporting
Systems and methods for event reporting are provided. In a method for event reporting in a system that includes an event source and a plurality of event consumers, notifications from the event source are received at an event reporter.
 Process for payment by cell phone to a merchant object of the invention patent thumbnailProcess for payment by cell phone to a merchant object of the invention
The cell phone user interested in paying for his/her purchases in commercial establishments without the need to physically use a credit card installs in his/her cell phone an mpay application configured to make payments through the cell phone. The commercial establishment, in which the mpay customer has made his/her purchase, makes from his/her mpos application, configured to accept payments from cell phones provided with mpay, a payment request to the mpay/mpos server, which is the remote system which allows asynchronous communication between the mobile payment application of the customer's cell phone and the mpos application of the commercial establishment, sends a push message to the customer's cell phone activating therewith the mobile payment application thereof..
 Reset extender for divided clock domains patent thumbnailReset extender for divided clock domains
A clock divider may provide a lower speed clock to a logic block portion, but during reset, the clock divider may not operate properly, causing the logic block portion to be reset at a clock frequency greater than the frequency for which that logic was designed. However, an extended reset may be employed in which the clock divider is reset normally first before the logic block portion, allowing that logic to be reset according to the divided clock (e.g., rather than a higher speed clock).
Function switching with fast asynchronous acquisition
A method of analysing a sample is disclosed comprising transmitting a first population of ions through a mass spectrometer and switching a state or mode of the mass spectrometer to produce a second population of ions. A sequential stream of mass spectra is acquired asynchronously with respect to switching the state or mode of the mass spectrometer.
Storage system which realizes asynchronous remote copy using cache memory composed of flash memory, and control method thereof
The first storage apparatus provides a primary logical volume, and the second storage apparatus has a secondary logical volume. When the first storage apparatus receives a write command to the primary logical volume, a package processor in a flash package allocates first physical area in the flash memory chip to first cache logical area for write data and stores the write data to the allocated first physical area.
Person-to-person wagering system using accomplishment-based games and applications to record score, achievement or time in an asyncronous manner using public or private networks
Various techniques are described for facilitating implementation and use of accomplishment-based games or applications for wager-based challenges (collectively “game” or “challenge”) for the purpose of facilitating person-to-person, business-to-business, and/or business-to-consumer wagering in an asynchronous environments.. .
Method and system for distance education based on asynchronous interaction
The invention facilitates asynchronous interaction between a geographically separated facilitator and at least one user. The said invention provides asynchronous interaction between rural classrooms (teacher-student community) and expert teachers to increase the outreach of the expert teachers much beyond that is permitted with the teachings of the prior art..
Electronic device for recognizing asynchronous digital pen and recognizing method thereof
An electronic device for receiving an input by a digital pen having a waveform generation means is provided. The electronic device includes at least three reception sensors and a processor.
Method and system for providing commentary
The invention discloses a system having electronic means for providing commentary audibly and/or visually, which electronic means is adapted to provide such commentary asynchronously. The system includes multiple asynchronous group triggering on channels.
Data bus synchronizer
A data bus synchronizer includes a plurality of registers arranged in a cascade, configured to generate a synchronized output in response to sampling an asynchronous bus without an enable signal, where the plurality of registers receive a value on the asynchronous bus. A last register of the plurality of registers is configured to generate the synchronized output in response to a load enable signal.
Maintaining consistent globally unique identifiers via an asynchronous interface
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for maintaining consistent globally unique identifiers (guids) for content items accessible via an asynchronous interface in a multi-user network-based content management environment (storage environment). The example content management system can make a content item within a data storage available to an authorized user via the asynchronous interface, and receive, from a client device, content item change information derived from data generated by an operating system function at the client device.
Tag latency monitoring and control system for enhanced web page performance
Embodiments are directed towards employing a plurality of tag states to control tag suspension based on an asynchronous process that proactively monitors tag performance, response times, and latency. Tags may be in one of multiple states.
Using access count of the remote site to optimize file transfer order for asynchronous replication
According to one embodiment, a method for determining a transfer order of files includes acquiring the access count of a replicated file at a production site and at a remote site, these access counts being reflected in the order for asynchronous replication. In addition, the access count of backed up files at the remote site is also acquired and reflected in the order for asynchronous replication according to another embodiment.
System and method for asynchronously controlling a vehicle system
A method includes identifying power outputs to be provided by propulsion-generating vehicles of a vehicle system for different locations along a route and calculating handling parameters of the vehicle system at the locations along the route. The handling parameters are representative of at least one of coupler forces, coupler energies, relative vehicle velocities, or natural forces exerted on the vehicle system.
Asynchronous interactive game play
Systems and methods of asynchronous interactive game play are described. In some embodiments, a method permits a first player to access a first game instance of a multiplayer online game and access a second game instance of the multiplayer online game.
Design for test (dft) read speed through transition detector in built-in self-test (bist) sort
A memory is disclosed that can operate in a normal mode of operation or a testing mode of operation. In the testing mode of operation, the memory can measure various benchmarks of performance, such as read speed.
Method and system for asynchronous die operations in a non-volatile memory
A mass storage memory system and method of operation is disclosed. The memory includes an interface adapted to receive data from a host, a plurality of flash memory die and a controller, where the controller is configured to receive a first command and read or write data synchronously across the plurality of die based on a first command, and to receive a second command and read or write data asynchronously and independently in each die based on a second command.
Digitizer, stylus and method of synchronization therewith
A method for operating a digitizer with an autonomous asynchronous stylus includes sampling outputs from a digitizer, detecting from the outputs at least one pulsed signal transmitted from an autonomous asynchronous stylus at a defined rate, determining a location of the stylus interaction with respect to the digitizer, and tracking stylus interaction with the digitizer over subsequent pulsed signals transmitted from the stylus.. .
Apparatus and methods for converting analog signal to n-bit digital data
An apparatus includes a sample holding circuit, a comparator, a digital-to-analog converter, a clock generator, a successive approximation logic circuit, and a background calibration circuit. The apparatus converts an analog signal into digital data based on an asynchronous clock signal.
Mechanism for facilitating modular processing cell framework and application for asynchronous parallel singulated semiconductor device handling and testing
A mechanism is described for facilitating and employing a modular processing cell framework according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments may include accepting one or more semiconductor devices in one or more media at a modular processing cell framework (“framework”) including a plurality of test cells, moving the one or more semiconductor devices from the one or more media to one or more test cells for testing; and testing the one or more semiconductor devices..
Dc power-supply apparatus
A dc power-supply apparatus of converting an ac input voltage rectified to a dc voltage and supplying it to a load, by performing on-and-off control of a switching element connected in series to a reactor, includes a control circuit, which operates in floating state with respect to a after-rectified ground line and controls an on-width of the switching element based on a value of current flowing through the reactor and the load connected in series with the reactor; and an oscillation circuit, which controls a switching frequency of the on-and-off control by the control circuit, asynchronously with energy release timing of the reactor.. .
Extrusion blow molding machine and blow molding method using the machine
An extrusion blow molding machine comprises an extrusion apparatus, an electrically-driven parison thickness programming apparatus, an electrically-driven mold-clamping apparatus with a dual-driving function, and a frame, wherein the extrusion apparatus, the parison thickness programming apparatus and the mold-clamping apparatus with a dual-driving function are installed on the frame. The mold-clamping apparatus with a dual-driving function comprises a driving assembly, a mold-opening/closing assembly, a mold-moving assembly, and a base.
Cancellable command application programming interface (api) framework
Embodiments are provided that include the use of a cancellable command application programming interface (api) framework that provides cooperative multitasking for synchronous and asynchronous operations based in part on a command timing sequence and a cancellable command api definition. A method of an embodiment enables a user or programmer to use a cancellable command api definition as part of implementing a responsive application interface using a command timing sequence to control execution of active tasks.
Asynchronous programmable jtag-based interface to debug any system-on-chip states, power modes, resets, clocks, and complex digital logic
An asynchronous debug interface is disclosed that allows tag agents, jtag-based debuggers, firmware, and software to debug, access, and override any functional registers, interrupt registers, power/clock gating enables, etc., of core logic being tested. The asynchronous debug interface works at a wide range of clock frequencies and allows read and write transactions to take place on a side channel, as well as within the on chip processor fabric without switching into a debug or test mode.
Managing fast to slow links in a bus fabric
Systems and methods for managing fast to slow links in a bus fabric. A pair of link interface units connect agents with a clock mismatch.
Use of internet information services logging to collect user information in an asynchronous manner
Techniques for collecting information about client devices utilizing iis logging in a secure and asynchronous manner are described. A method may comprise collecting information associated with one or more programs resident on a client device.
Asynchronous replication correctness validation
A method for backing up a client data set on a computer by generating a manifest of the client data set and storing the manifest on a remote server along with a server data set corresponding to the client data set; taking a snapshot of the server manifest and data set; and comparing the manifest to the remote server data set and synchronizing the client dataset if a difference is detected.. .
Lightweight synchronization of mirrored disks
In a process for migrating a virtual machine's storage from a source disk to a destination disk, during a steady state (i.e., wherein the contents of the virtual machine stored on the source disk and the destination disk are equal), a virtual machine monitor receives a set of write requests from a guest operating system (“guest”) of the virtual machine, provides confirmation of the completion of the set of writes to the source disk, and asynchronously replicates the set of write requests to the destination disk. Upon receipt of a flush request from the guest, the virtual machine monitor confirms completion of the flushing of the destination disk following replication of the write requests to the destination disk.

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