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Multi-beam ros imaging system

Mechanic's creeper

Code reading device and code reading method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aster-related patents
 Composition for treating aids and associated conditions patent thumbnailComposition for treating aids and associated conditions
An aids and associated conditions related to aids treating compositions is disclosed. The compositions comprise: a medicament selected from an extract of at least one of the following plant families; apocynaceae (pleioscarpa bicarpellata); annonaceae (cleistopholis patens); dichapetalaceae (dichapetehan madagasca riense); annoceae (uvaristrum pierreanum); cynocynaceae (strophantus gratus); asclepiadaceae (gongronema latifolium); combretaceae (combretum racemosum); apocynaceae (alostonia boonei); amaranthaceae (alternanthera pungens); aroceae (anchomanes differmis); cyperaceae (seleria voivinil); anacardiaceae (lannea acida); bignoniaceae (kigelia africana); bombacaceae (ceiba pentanota); anarcardiaceae (antrocaryon micraster); bombacaceae (bombax bounopozense); anarcardiaceae (spondias mombin); caricaceae (carica papaya); a glyceryl ester of any of the foregoing extracts; a saponin of any of the foregoing extracts; an alkaloid of any of the foregoing extracts; a protein of any of the foregoing extracts; a fat of any of the foregoing extracts; a sugar of any of the foregoing extracts; and any mixture of any of the foregoing..
 Multi-beam ros imaging system patent thumbnailMulti-beam ros imaging system
A multiple-beam imager includes multiple light sources (e.g., laser diodes) that transmit light beam pulses (energy doses) along parallel paths onto print plate spots disposed in a circumferential target region during each imaging period. The beam pulses are coordinated with rotation of the imaging cylinder such that, as a selected print plate spot is rotated through the target region, it is sequentially positioned during successive imaging periods to receive light beam pulses from each of the sequentially-aligned light sources, whereby the selected print plate spot receives multiple energy doses (e.g., one during each raster-scan) as it passes through the target region, thereby gradually heating and then evaporating the fountain solution predisposed over the selected print spot.
 Mechanic's creeper patent thumbnailMechanic's creeper
Pockets (39) are formed on each side of the buttocks-receiving section (33), and radiused surfaces (41) extend from the side surfaces of the buttocks-receiving section (33) to the pockets (39) for the comfort of the user. The bottom surface (22) includes a plurality of parallel recesses (47) extending under all of the sections of the top surface (21).
 Code reading device and code reading method patent thumbnailCode reading device and code reading method
A code reading device includes a neighbor searching and voting unit that, for each of a part of dot marks located in a matrix displaced from virtual lattice points, votes on coordinate values of four neighboring dot marks, using each of the part of the dot marks as a reference point, in a plane; a direction detecting unit that determines first and second directions from the voting results; an order determining unit that determines a raster order for the part of the dot marks based on the directions; and a code detecting unit that detects a relative position of each of lattice points determined based on coordinate values of the part of the dot marks and the raster order, to a closest dot mark among the part of the dot marks according to the raster order, thereby encoding the part of the dot marks to provide the positional information.. .
 Transportable hybrid power system patent thumbnailTransportable hybrid power system
A transportable, deployable power system comprising a hybrid power box containing solar panels, wind turbine(s), fuel cells, fuel reformers, and other energy sources. The system could also include waste water and potable water inlet and outlet ports for water treatment.
 Patient support apparatus having an auxiliary wheel patent thumbnailPatient support apparatus having an auxiliary wheel
A patient support has caster devices supporting a frame for movement in relation to a supporting surface. A lift supports an auxiliary wheel in relation to the frame.
 Generation of graphical effects patent thumbnailGeneration of graphical effects
A method for managing a page, involving: obtaining an electronic document having a main object and multiple parameters defining an effect for the main object; generating a display list for the page having multiple scaled-down graphical primitives corresponding to a scaled-down version of the main object; generating a scaled-down tile having the scaled-down version of the main object by rasterizing the multiple scaled-down graphical primitives; generating an effect tile comprising a scaled-down version of the effect by applying the multiple parameters to the scaled-down tile; rasterizing the effect tile into a framebuffer for the page by up-scaling the effect tile; and outputting the framebuffer for the page.. .
 Handicapping services patent thumbnailHandicapping services
The instant application discloses, among other things, techniques to allow analysis, predictions, or other observations made by a professional, for example a sports handicapper, a weather forecaster, or a stock analyst, to be obtained by subscribers through various communication options.. .
 Consumer spending forecast system and method patent thumbnailConsumer spending forecast system and method
A system and method of forecasting consumer spending including accumulating a database of spending data, the database including data from a plurality of merchants and transaction devices, conducting a time series analysis of the spending data using, communicating the results of the time series analysis to a spending forecaster, the forecaster applying an algorithm to the time series results to predict future spending, and generating an output of the future spending prediction.. .
 Picking system, picking gate, and article assortment method patent thumbnailPicking system, picking gate, and article assortment method
Picking facilities are flexibly configured so that a desired article can be accurately picked from a storage location in a short time. A picking system is configured to include a container of which the upper surface is opened to contain the article; a caster rack of which the front surface is opened and where upper and lower plural stages of shelves on which the container is mounted are installed; a picking gate where upper and lower plural stages of horizontal bars attached with indicators of picking information are installed between vertical posts; and a picking information processing apparatus which processes the picking information and includes a management computer, a controller which controls operations of the indicators, and a handy terminal and an inspection processing terminal which transmit and receive information with the management computer..
A method for attribute based broadcast encryption with permanent revocation
The invention is a method for broadcast encryption that allows a broadcaster to send encrypted data to a set of users such that only a subset of authorized users can decrypt said data. The method comprises modifications to the four stages of the basic cipher-text policy attribute-based encryption techniques.
Synchronized multiple imager system and method
One embodiment relates to a synchronized multiple imager system includes a plurality of imagers. One or more respective sensors are coupled to the imagers.
System and method for slave-based memory protection
A system includes a bus slave coupled to a plurality of bus masters via one or more interconnects. The system also includes a memory protection unit (mpu) associated with the bus slave, the mpu having a set of access permissions that grants access to the bus slave from a first bus master and denies access to the bus slave from a second bus master.
System and method for per-task memory protection for a non-programmable bus master
A system includes a non-programmable bus master. The non-programmable bus master includes a memory protection unit (mpu) to operate in a first configuration with a first set of access permissions and a second configuration with a second set of access permissions, and hardware logic.
Storing data and metadata in a distributed storage network
A method begins with receiving a data search criteria. The method continues by accessing a master database that includes a plurality of entries, wherein an entry includes a data name field, a metadata field, a data dsn address, and a metadata dsn address.
Privacy management policy hub
A system architecture is disclosed that includes a privacy management system. In particular, the privacy management system provides a policy hub for maintaining and managing customer privacy information.
Semiconductor cleaner systems and methods
In an embodiment, the present invention discloses a euv cleaner system and process for cleaning a euv carrier. The euv cleaner system comprises separate dirty and cleaned environments, separate cleaning chambers for different components of the double container carrier, gripper arms for picking and placing different components using a same robot handler, gripper arms for holding different components at different locations, horizontal spin cleaning and drying for outer container, hot water and hot air (70 c) cleaning process, vertical nozzles and rasterizing megasonic nozzles for cleaning inner container with hot air nozzles for drying, separate vacuum decontamination chambers for outgassing different components, for example, one for inner and one for outer container with high vacuum (e.g., <10−6 torr) with purge gas, heaters and rga sensors inside the vacuum chamber, purge gas assembling station, and purge gas loading and unloading station..
Image data encoding for access by raster and by macroblock
Access encoding/decoding of image data has at least two preferred access modes, raster access and macroblock access. Arriving rasters containing pixels from an image sensor are converted to encoded macroblocks to support later random macroblock and raster access.
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
In an image processing apparatus, fast error diffusion processing is performed without increasing the size of an error diffusion processing circuit, even in cases where the print data to be generated is 12 colors data or similarly large data. More specifically, with quantization by error diffusion, binarized image data for 12 colors is obtained by causing an image processing circuit that executes 6 colors quantization processing to operate twice.
Measuring device and processing system using same
A measuring device is configured to measure a height of a mold. The measuring device includes a laser generator, a raster, a camera module, and a controller.
Multi-scheme downhole tool bus system and methods
A multi-scheme downhole tool bus system is provided. The system may comprise a tool bus master and a number tool bus slaves coupled together via a communications link the communications link may include an uplink communication and a downlink communication.
User propelled ride-on vehicle
A user-propelled vehicle is adapted for use as a ride on vehicle. The user-propelled ride on vehicle has a frame, a rider support platform, a steering column, a front cross member, a rear cross member, and a plurality of a caster assemblies coupled to the front and rear cross members at a front forward tilting angle to the vertical axis..
Mitigating risks during a high availibility and disaster recovery (ha/dr) rehearsal
A method of mitigating risks during a high availability and disaster recovery (ha/dr) rehearsal comprises, with a processor, performing a number of checks on a number of applications to determine the operational performance of the applications, and with the processor, determining if the applications comprise design patterns that indicate potential ha/dr risks.. .
Method for color and size based pre-filtering for visual object searching of documents
A method for pre-filtering visual objects on a document is disclosed. A selection of a template visual object with constituent components from a subsection of the document is received.
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Provided are a rubber composition in which microfibrillated plant fibers are sufficiently uniformly dispersed to improve tire performance requirements in a balanced manner, and a pneumatic tire formed from the rubber composition. The present invention relates to a rubber composition formed from a masterbatch containing a rubber latex and microfibrillated plant fibers, the masterbatch being obtained by stirring the microfibrillated plant fibers in a solvent with a circulation type or continuous homogenizer and mixing the resulting microfibrillated plant fiber solution with the rubber latex and a cationic polymer, the microfibrillated plant fibers having a mean fiber length of 10 to 150 μm, the microfibrillated plant fiber solution containing 0.1 to 2.0% by mass of the microfibrillated plant fibers, and the amount of the cationic polymer being 0.01 to 5 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component of the rubber latex..
Multi-functional spinning staple fiber master-batches
The invention relates to multi-functional spinning staple fiber master-batches, mainly comprising a multi-functional ester fiber chip serving as a base material. Main components of the multi-functional ester fiber chip comprise alumina, zirconium oxide, magnesium oxide, tourmaline, zinc oxide, silver ions, porphyries andesite and rare trace elements of deep seaweed mud.
Methods for visual content processing , and systems and computer program codes thereto
Computer implemented methods, systems and computer program codes for creating visual content to be output. The methods and systems are applicable in content visualizations wherein the content to be output is to be formed in a layered manner.
System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
Novel helicopter tug system
A helicopter tug system features a helicopter with skids. A powered track assembly features a microprocessor connected to a power supply, a drive hub and an idler hub, a track located on the drive hub and the idler hub, a motor connected to the drive hub and the power supply, a receiver connected to the microprocessor, and a clamp located on a track assembly top.
Stackable pallet system
A stackable pallet system for holding items has a stand and stackable pallets. The stand has a top end, a bottom end, and sides.
Method and apparatus for adaptive power management of memory subsystem
A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing adaptive memory power management in a system employing a cpu and a memory subsystem. A cpu throttle control (thr) module generates a cpu throttle control signal indicating when the cpu is idle.
Apparatus for multiple bus master engines to share the same request channel to a pipelined backbone
In accordance with embodiments disclosed herein are mechanisms for enabling multiple bus master engines to share the same request channel to a pipelined backbone including: receiving a plurality of unarbitrated grant requests at an agent bus interface from a plurality of masters, each requesting access to a backbone connected via a common request channel; determining which of the unarbitrated grant requests is to issue first as a final grant request; storing a master identifier code for the final grant request into a fifo buffer, the master identifier code associating the final grant request with the issuing master among the plurality of masters; waiting for a backbone grant; and presenting the master identifier code for the final grant request to an agent bus interface, wherein the agent bus interface communicates a command and data for processing via a backbone responsive to the backbone grant to fulfill the final grant request.. .
Dynamic distributed-sensor thermostat network for forecasting external events
Systems and methods for forecasting events can be provided. A measurement database can store sensor measurements, each having been provided by a non-portable electronic device with a primary purpose unrelated to collecting measurements from a type of sensor that collected the measurement.
System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
System, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
System, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
High resolution printing technique
A pattern having exceptionally small features is printed on a partially fabricated integrated circuit during integrated circuit fabrication. The pattern is printed using an array of probes, each probe having: 1) a photocatalytic nanodot at its tip; and 2) an individually controlled light source.
Cell reselection and handover with multimedia broadcast/multicast service
A method and apparatus for providing wireless communication services, (e.g., multimedia broadcast multicast services (mbms)), are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) detects a plurality of target cell evolved node-bs (enodebs) that neighbor a serving cell enodeb.
Printing system and image forming device, and control method and program of the printing system
A printing system, in which an image forming device receives a print job containing pdl data and print settings from a printer server for printing, has a problem that the print setting upon printing an image on a print paper can be changed, but the print setting reflected upon rasterizing the pdl data can not be changed. A printing system is provided with an image forming device comprising an information terminal for generating a print job composed of pdl data and print settings, a printer server to store the print job therein, and an image forming device for printing the print job stored in the printer server, the image forming device rasterizing the pdl data to generate a raster image and printing the raster image according to the print setting, wherein the image forming device can change the print setting before rasterizing the pdl data..
Layered light field reconstruction for defocus blur
An algorithm may reconstruct defocus blur from a sparsely sampled light field. Light field samples are generated, using stochastic rasterization or ray tracing as examples.
Manual shopping chair
The manual shopping chair includes a frame supported by a left rear wheel, a right rear wheel, a left front caster wheel and a right front caster wheel. A wheel lock disk with a plurality of radially extending slots is connected to each rear wheel.
Organic electroluminescent element, material for organic electroluminescent element, and ligth emitting device, display device and lighting device each using organic electroluminescent element
An organic electroluminescent element which has a substrate, a pair of electrodes disposed on this substrate and composed of an anode and a cathode, and at least one organic layer disposed between these electrodes and including a light-emitting layer, and in which a compound expressed by general formula 1-1 is contained in at least one layer of the aforementioned light-emitting layer(s) exhibits high luminous efficiency, excellent blue color purity, and little change in chromaticity accompanying drive deterioration. (r1 to r10 [each] represent a hydrogen atom or a substituent, and at least one of r1 to r10 is a substituent expressed by general formula 1-2; however, a pyrene skeleton is never contained in r1 to r10; the asterisk indicates the bonding position with a pyrene ring; x1 to x5 [each] represent a carbon atom or a nitrogen atom, and at least one of x1 to x5 is a nitrogen atom; r11 to r15 [each] represent a hydrogen atom or a substituent, and at least one of r11 to r15 is an alkyl group or a silyl group; however, if x1 to x5 represent nitrogen atoms, there is no r11 to r15 bonded on these nitrogen atoms.).
Disaster recovery in a networked computing environment
In general, embodiments of the present invention provide a dr solution for a networked computing environment such as a cloud computing environment. Specifically, a customer or the like can select a disaster recovery provider from a pool (at least one) of disaster recovery providers using a customer interface to a dr portal.
Robust laser cutting methods for ophthalmic surgery
A method and apparatus for performing ophthalmic laser surgery using a pulsed laser beam is provided. The method includes establishing an initial cutting pattern comprising a plurality of original photodisruption points, establishing an enhanced cutting pattern comprising a plurality of enhanced photodisruption points selected to decrease potential adverse effects due to patient movement and having increased density over a fixed area as compared with the plurality of original photodisruption points, and performing an ocular surgical procedure according to the enhanced cutting pattern.
Systems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations
A method of managing printing of documents includes receiving documents at a cloud processing arrangement external to a local network; rendering the documents into rasters at the cloud processing arrangement; delivering the rasters to at least one printer of the local network; monitoring delivery of the rasters; and when delivery of the rasters fails to meet a threshold condition, diverting at least some portion of the documents to at least one server of the local network for rendering of those documents into rasters and for delivering those rasters to the at least one printer of the local network.. .
Method and apparatus for extending control signalling in an lte network
A method for a wireless network node to support an extended control signaling is provided. The method comprises configuring a control signaling message over extended control symbols on a layer 1 (l1) downlink control channel, the control signaling message encoded over an increased aggregation of control channel elements (cces) in a time domain; placing the controlling signaling message in a designated set of subframes on the l1 downlink control channel; indicating a support for the extended control signaling to one or more ues; indicating to the one or more ues a position of the designated set of the subframes in a spare field of the master information block (mib); and transmitting the control signaling message to the one or more ues over the l1 downlink control channel..
Stacking and nesting chair
A stackable and nestable chair includes a seat assembly, a pair of rear legs spaced apart by a first distance, and a pair of front legs spaced apart by a second distance different than the first distance. The front legs and the rear legs mutually connected by a crossbar, and the seat assembly is supported by the crossbar when the seat is in an operable position.
Method and apparatus for sheet and carton blank aligning using caster effect
An improved apparatus and method for properly orienting and aligning flat sheets or strip material, such as in the form of folding carton blanks, on a conveying system such as used in carton folders/gluers is disclosed. A moving sheet is engaged on at least one surface by plural non-driven movable casters oriented at an angle relative to the sheet's intended direction of travel, or target direction.
Smart caster having function of preventing free rolling
Disclosed therein is a smart caster having a function of preventing free rolling, which prevents a rotation irrelevant to a user's intention in a stopped state. The smart caster includes: a wheel part having a wheel rotatably joined to a wheel shaft and a bearing interposed between the wheel and the wheel shaft; and a braking part rotatably joined to the wheel shaft, the braking part getting in contact with a wheel inner wall in a stopped state to provide braking force to the wheel and releasing a contact state between the braking part and the wheel inner wall in a rolling state of the wheel to remove the braking force of the wheel..
Content creation method and media cloud server
A method and a media cloud server for creating content are disclosed. The method includes: recording and storing a real-time broadcast content transmitted through a broadcaster system; dividing the stored broadcast content according to a predetermined method and storing the segments; storing metadata including descriptions of the segments; and creating a user content by extracting at least one segments using the metadata and synthesizing the extracted segments in response to a request from a client device..
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide secondary content in association with primary broadcast media content
Example methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide media content are disclosed. A disclosed example method includes receiving an audio signal output by a first media presentation device, the audio signal being associated with first media content, decoding the audio signal to extract a code from the audio signal, the code identifying at least one of the first media content or a broadcaster of the first media content, setting a clock using a timestamp associated with the code, obtaining second media content based on the code and the timestamp, the second media content comprising a plurality of pieces of secondary content for respective ones of a plurality of timestamps, and presenting, at a second media presentation device, a first of the plurality of pieces of secondary media when its respective timestamp substantially corresponds to a time value obtained from the clock..
Method and system for implementing consistency groups with virtual machines
Disclosed is an approach for implementing disaster recovery for virtual machines. Consistency groups are implemented for virtual machines, where the consistency group link together two or more vms.
Lexicon based systems and methods for intelligent media search
A computer image search system for rapid retrieval of media files images corresponding to a sequence of input display commands, the system comprising: a programmable data processor operating under the control of a program to convert the display commands into data entries in an array of multi-bit data characters and words, each entry of the array corresponding to a set of descriptions of the image to be displayed; and a scanned-raster display device for generating illuminated points on a display surface in response to applied data signals causing the programmable data processor to perform a set of operations.. .
Analyzing performance indicators
Techniques for performing a time period change analysis include identifying a performance indicator associated with a set of data, the performance indicator representing a statistical metric associated with the set of data; identifying one or more master data measures associated with the performance indicator from a plurality of master data measures, the performance indicator based on the one the master data measures; for each time period of a plurality of times periods, determining a value of the one or more master data measures; for each master data measure, determining a difference between the values of the master data measure associated with two time periods of the plurality of time period; and preparing the determined difference for display to a user through a graphical user interface.. .
Risk assessment method and system for the security of an industrial installation
The present invention relates to a risk assessment method and system for the security of an industrial installation of at least one company, wherein the method comprises the following phases: analyzing a first plurality of data for determining an index of potential threats to the security of the industrial installation; analyzing a second plurality of data for determining a vulnerability index for the security of the industrial installation; identifying a security risk value on the basis of the indexes of potential threats and vulnerability determined; the risk assessment method is characterized in that the phase of analyzing the first plurality of data comprises the following phases: receiving at least one piece of information in the form of textual data from at least one information storage unit; effecting a correspondence analysis between the textual data and a plurality of data included in a master database of the at least one company; assigning a first relevance value to the at least one piece of information according to the result of the correspondence analysis.. .
Method for producing rubber composition
A method for producing a rubber composition containing by weight 5 to 95 parts of natural rubber (nr), 95 to 5 parts of chloroprene rubber (cr), and 20 to 90 parts of carbon black (cb), using a kneading machine, includes a first step of producing a master batch (m1) containing nr and cb; a second step of producing a master batch (m2) containing cr and cb, and a third step of mixing the m1 and m2 with each other to produce a master batch (m3) containing nr, cr, and cb, wherein the amount of cb contained in the m2 is from 40 to 70% by weight relative to the total amount of cb in the rubber composition, and when the m2 is discharged from the kneading machine after the second step, the actually measured temperature of the rubber composition is from 100 to 130° c.. .
Golf ball
The present invention, by forming the outermost layer of a golf ball cover from a specific resin composition that includes a thermoplastic resin and a color masterbatch having mutually similar specific gravities, provides a golf ball which is imparted with an excellent durability of markings thereon, a uniform and evenly colored appearance, and an excellent manufacturability.. .
Method and apparatus for printing html content
A method, apparatus, and computer program product are described herein for generating printer commands for controlling a printing device, based on html. More specifically, the example embodiments of the system described herein provide for receiving html representing a label that comprises, in some examples, a barcode or other print content, transforming the html to a printer control language, and rasterizing the image on a printing device in preparation for printing, all while preserving barcode print quality and high speed printing and scanning..
Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus using the same
A print-data generating section generates print data in accordance with a high-resolution raster image generated by a high-resolution rasterizing processor. A low-resolution rasterizing processor generates a low-resolution raster image having lower resolution than that of the high-resolution raster image.
Conservative bounding region rasterization
A method for rendering paths. The method includes accessing data comprising a path, stenciling the path, wherein a bounding region of a plurality of stencil samples updated during the stenciling is accumulated, and provoking gpu hardware to produce a rasterized region for covering the bounding region as one object without interior edges..
Mid-primitive graphics execution preemption
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for mid-primitive execution preemption. When preemption is initiated no new instructions are issued, in-flight instructions progress to an execution unit boundary, and the execution state is unloaded from the processing pipeline.
Generating random sampling distributions using stochastic rasterization
Stochastic rasterization may be used as a flexible volumetric sampling mechanism. By bounding and tessellating the sampling domain, uniform sampling distributions over an arbitrary domain can be efficiently generated in up to five dimensions.

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