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Systems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aster-related patents
 Disaster recovery in a networked computing environment patent thumbnailnew patent Disaster recovery in a networked computing environment
In general, embodiments of the present invention provide a dr solution for a networked computing environment such as a cloud computing environment. Specifically, a customer or the like can select a disaster recovery provider from a pool (at least one) of disaster recovery providers using a customer interface to a dr portal.
 Robust laser cutting methods for ophthalmic surgery patent thumbnailnew patent Robust laser cutting methods for ophthalmic surgery
A method and apparatus for performing ophthalmic laser surgery using a pulsed laser beam is provided. The method includes establishing an initial cutting pattern comprising a plurality of original photodisruption points, establishing an enhanced cutting pattern comprising a plurality of enhanced photodisruption points selected to decrease potential adverse effects due to patient movement and having increased density over a fixed area as compared with the plurality of original photodisruption points, and performing an ocular surgical procedure according to the enhanced cutting pattern.
 Systems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations
A method of managing printing of documents includes receiving documents at a cloud processing arrangement external to a local network; rendering the documents into rasters at the cloud processing arrangement; delivering the rasters to at least one printer of the local network; monitoring delivery of the rasters; and when delivery of the rasters fails to meet a threshold condition, diverting at least some portion of the documents to at least one server of the local network for rendering of those documents into rasters and for delivering those rasters to the at least one printer of the local network.. .
 Method and apparatus for extending control signalling in an lte network patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for extending control signalling in an lte network
A method for a wireless network node to support an extended control signaling is provided. The method comprises configuring a control signaling message over extended control symbols on a layer 1 (l1) downlink control channel, the control signaling message encoded over an increased aggregation of control channel elements (cces) in a time domain; placing the controlling signaling message in a designated set of subframes on the l1 downlink control channel; indicating a support for the extended control signaling to one or more ues; indicating to the one or more ues a position of the designated set of the subframes in a spare field of the master information block (mib); and transmitting the control signaling message to the one or more ues over the l1 downlink control channel..
 Stacking and nesting chair patent thumbnailStacking and nesting chair
A stackable and nestable chair includes a seat assembly, a pair of rear legs spaced apart by a first distance, and a pair of front legs spaced apart by a second distance different than the first distance. The front legs and the rear legs mutually connected by a crossbar, and the seat assembly is supported by the crossbar when the seat is in an operable position.
 Method and apparatus for sheet and carton blank aligning using caster effect patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for sheet and carton blank aligning using caster effect
An improved apparatus and method for properly orienting and aligning flat sheets or strip material, such as in the form of folding carton blanks, on a conveying system such as used in carton folders/gluers is disclosed. A moving sheet is engaged on at least one surface by plural non-driven movable casters oriented at an angle relative to the sheet's intended direction of travel, or target direction.
 Smart caster having function of preventing free rolling patent thumbnailSmart caster having function of preventing free rolling
Disclosed therein is a smart caster having a function of preventing free rolling, which prevents a rotation irrelevant to a user's intention in a stopped state. The smart caster includes: a wheel part having a wheel rotatably joined to a wheel shaft and a bearing interposed between the wheel and the wheel shaft; and a braking part rotatably joined to the wheel shaft, the braking part getting in contact with a wheel inner wall in a stopped state to provide braking force to the wheel and releasing a contact state between the braking part and the wheel inner wall in a rolling state of the wheel to remove the braking force of the wheel..
 Content creation method and media cloud server patent thumbnailContent creation method and media cloud server
A method and a media cloud server for creating content are disclosed. The method includes: recording and storing a real-time broadcast content transmitted through a broadcaster system; dividing the stored broadcast content according to a predetermined method and storing the segments; storing metadata including descriptions of the segments; and creating a user content by extracting at least one segments using the metadata and synthesizing the extracted segments in response to a request from a client device..
 Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide secondary content in association with primary broadcast media content patent thumbnailMethods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide secondary content in association with primary broadcast media content
Example methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide media content are disclosed. A disclosed example method includes receiving an audio signal output by a first media presentation device, the audio signal being associated with first media content, decoding the audio signal to extract a code from the audio signal, the code identifying at least one of the first media content or a broadcaster of the first media content, setting a clock using a timestamp associated with the code, obtaining second media content based on the code and the timestamp, the second media content comprising a plurality of pieces of secondary content for respective ones of a plurality of timestamps, and presenting, at a second media presentation device, a first of the plurality of pieces of secondary media when its respective timestamp substantially corresponds to a time value obtained from the clock..
 Method and system for implementing consistency groups with virtual machines patent thumbnailMethod and system for implementing consistency groups with virtual machines
Disclosed is an approach for implementing disaster recovery for virtual machines. Consistency groups are implemented for virtual machines, where the consistency group link together two or more vms.
Lexicon based systems and methods for intelligent media search
A computer image search system for rapid retrieval of media files images corresponding to a sequence of input display commands, the system comprising: a programmable data processor operating under the control of a program to convert the display commands into data entries in an array of multi-bit data characters and words, each entry of the array corresponding to a set of descriptions of the image to be displayed; and a scanned-raster display device for generating illuminated points on a display surface in response to applied data signals causing the programmable data processor to perform a set of operations.. .
Analyzing performance indicators
Techniques for performing a time period change analysis include identifying a performance indicator associated with a set of data, the performance indicator representing a statistical metric associated with the set of data; identifying one or more master data measures associated with the performance indicator from a plurality of master data measures, the performance indicator based on the one the master data measures; for each time period of a plurality of times periods, determining a value of the one or more master data measures; for each master data measure, determining a difference between the values of the master data measure associated with two time periods of the plurality of time period; and preparing the determined difference for display to a user through a graphical user interface.. .
Risk assessment method and system for the security of an industrial installation
The present invention relates to a risk assessment method and system for the security of an industrial installation of at least one company, wherein the method comprises the following phases: analyzing a first plurality of data for determining an index of potential threats to the security of the industrial installation; analyzing a second plurality of data for determining a vulnerability index for the security of the industrial installation; identifying a security risk value on the basis of the indexes of potential threats and vulnerability determined; the risk assessment method is characterized in that the phase of analyzing the first plurality of data comprises the following phases: receiving at least one piece of information in the form of textual data from at least one information storage unit; effecting a correspondence analysis between the textual data and a plurality of data included in a master database of the at least one company; assigning a first relevance value to the at least one piece of information according to the result of the correspondence analysis.. .
Method for producing rubber composition
A method for producing a rubber composition containing by weight 5 to 95 parts of natural rubber (nr), 95 to 5 parts of chloroprene rubber (cr), and 20 to 90 parts of carbon black (cb), using a kneading machine, includes a first step of producing a master batch (m1) containing nr and cb; a second step of producing a master batch (m2) containing cr and cb, and a third step of mixing the m1 and m2 with each other to produce a master batch (m3) containing nr, cr, and cb, wherein the amount of cb contained in the m2 is from 40 to 70% by weight relative to the total amount of cb in the rubber composition, and when the m2 is discharged from the kneading machine after the second step, the actually measured temperature of the rubber composition is from 100 to 130° c.. .
Golf ball
The present invention, by forming the outermost layer of a golf ball cover from a specific resin composition that includes a thermoplastic resin and a color masterbatch having mutually similar specific gravities, provides a golf ball which is imparted with an excellent durability of markings thereon, a uniform and evenly colored appearance, and an excellent manufacturability.. .
Method and apparatus for printing html content
A method, apparatus, and computer program product are described herein for generating printer commands for controlling a printing device, based on html. More specifically, the example embodiments of the system described herein provide for receiving html representing a label that comprises, in some examples, a barcode or other print content, transforming the html to a printer control language, and rasterizing the image on a printing device in preparation for printing, all while preserving barcode print quality and high speed printing and scanning..
Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus using the same
A print-data generating section generates print data in accordance with a high-resolution raster image generated by a high-resolution rasterizing processor. A low-resolution rasterizing processor generates a low-resolution raster image having lower resolution than that of the high-resolution raster image.
Conservative bounding region rasterization
A method for rendering paths. The method includes accessing data comprising a path, stenciling the path, wherein a bounding region of a plurality of stencil samples updated during the stenciling is accumulated, and provoking gpu hardware to produce a rasterized region for covering the bounding region as one object without interior edges..
Mid-primitive graphics execution preemption
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for mid-primitive execution preemption. When preemption is initiated no new instructions are issued, in-flight instructions progress to an execution unit boundary, and the execution state is unloaded from the processing pipeline.
Generating random sampling distributions using stochastic rasterization
Stochastic rasterization may be used as a flexible volumetric sampling mechanism. By bounding and tessellating the sampling domain, uniform sampling distributions over an arbitrary domain can be efficiently generated in up to five dimensions.
Systems and methods for on-line backup and disaster recovery
A data recovery system includes a plurality of customer computers to be backed-up, each customer computer running a client software to communicate back-up data files; a system management platform coupled to the client software over the internet, the system management platform receiving inputs from a web user portal to control operations of the client software and the system management platform to back up the customer computer; and two or more data storage silos, each including: a plurality of storage directors communicating with the client software; and a clustered data storage array.. .
Provide an appliance like test vehicle for it disaster recovery
A high availability/disaster recovery appliance test vehicle that contains a preconfigured high availability/disaster recovery solution for quick implementation at a test environment. The hardware and software components may be preconfigured with test applications and data and all the necessary networking, san and operating system requirements.
Systems and methods for on-line backup and disaster recovery with local copy
Systems and methods are disclosed for rapidly restoring client data set for a computer by storing the client data and one or more pat sets required to revert to one or more version of the client data on a remote server; storing a local copy of the replicated client data on a local data storage device coupled to the computer; receiving a request to revert to a predetermined version of the client data; using the local copy as a seed, receiving a patch set corresponding to a predetermined version; and updating the local copy using the patch set to generated the predetermined version.. .
Client application software for on-line backup and disaster recovery
Systems and methods communicate back-up data files to one or more data storage silos by at a customer computer, installing and running a client software; providing a system management platform coupled to the client software over the internet; and receiving inputs from a user web portal to control operations of the client software and the system management platform to back up the customer computer.. .
Integration scenario for master data with software-as-a-service system
According to one general aspect, a method may include replicating, to a software-as-a-service application, a plurality of pieces of master data from a physically remote master database. The method may also include converting the plurality of pieces of master data into one or more pieces of local data of the software-as-a-service application.
Method and apparatus for implementing new carrier type (nct) in a wireless communication system
A method and apparatus for implementing new carrier type (nct) are disclosed. The method includes including a pdcch (physical downlink control channel) for a standalone nct in part of dl (downlink) bandwidth, wherein bandwidth for the pdcch is indicated in a mib (master information block) field.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a reading unit that reads image data, a drawing data storage unit that stores object data comprising the read image data so as to allow the stored object data to be distinguished between a vector object and a raster object, a vector gray determination unit that determines whether each of stored vector objects is formed of an achromatic color, a raster gray determination unit that determines whether each of stored raster objects is formed of an achromatic color, and an output data creation unit that converts the stored object data into multicolor when the stored object data includes a chromatic color and converts the stored object data into monochrome when the stored object data is formed only of achromatic colors.. .
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
An image processing apparatus includes an extracting unit extracting custom color identification data that identifies each of one or more custom colors different from multiple predetermined basic colors from drawing data for every page; a separation data generating unit generating separation data that indicates an object to be drawn for each color in accordance with the drawing data for one page without waiting for the completion of the extraction of the custom color identification data for the pages other than the one page; a raster data generating unit generating raster data concerning each color in accordance with the separation data; an acquiring unit acquiring mixing ratio data; and a combining unit combining the raster data concerning the custom color with the respective pieces of raster data concerning the basic colors in accordance with the mixing ratio data.. .
Microlithographic illumination system
A microlithographic illumination system can include a light distribution device that can generate a two-dimensional intensity distribution in a first illumination plane. A first raster array of optical raster elements can generates a raster array of secondary light sources.
Programmable blending in multi-threaded processing units
A technique for efficiently rendering content reduces each complex blend mode to a series of basic blend operations. The series of basic blend operations are executed within a recirculating pipeline until a final blended value is computed.
Method and apparatus for assisting users of conventional stand alone walkers
A system of attaching a trailing seat attachment to a walker so a person can sit down while using the walker without the need to turn around. The system comprising a pair of facing identical wheeled walkers coupled by an extension rod there between, where the walker includes spring loaded casters to restrict rolling when downward forces are applied to the walker seat or grips..
Clock recovery using remote arrival timestamps
Methods and systems may provide for a sink module that receives packets from a source module, wherein each of the packets has a source timestamp corresponding to a source module packet arrival time. A reference timestamp may be associated with the source timestamp of the most recent packet having a program clock reference.
Method enabling member financing of media productions
A system for financing of film and media productions of individual movies or slates of movies which provides non-monetary enhancements to return on investment for subscribing members who may be television and media broadcasters such as cable systems and satellite broadcasters. The system enhanced return on investment such as earlier broadcast rights and advertisement availments for subscribing members as well as monetary return from revenues..
System and method for reconciling one or more financial transactions
A system, method and computer program product for reconciling one or more financial transactions of one or more business units. The method includes capturing transaction data from the financial transactions using a first set of data logics.
Chasing rewards associated with accounts
The present invention is directed to a method for linking accounts corresponding to different products together to create a group so that group processing can be performed at the group level while independent processing of the accounts is performed at the account level. The method links the accounts into a group by linking a financial record for each account to group master data for the group.
System for verifying accuracy of a raster scanned image of a document
A system for verifying accuracy of a raster scanned image of a document (20) includes an input tray (30) that holds documents prior to imaging; an input imaging device (40) that captures an image of a document in the input tray; transmitting the captured input tray image to an image processor (100); transporting the document through a document scanner (10); a raster capture device for capturing a raster scanned image of the document with; transmitting the raster scanned image to the image processor; and verifying the accuracy of the raster scanned image by comparing the raster scanned image of the document to the input tray image of the document.. .
Optimizing triangle topology for path rendering
A technique for efficiently rendering path images tessellates path contours into triangle tans comprising a set of representative triangles. Topology of the set of representative triangles is then optimized for greater rasterization efficiency by applying a flip operator to selected triangle pairs within the set of representative triangles.
Coarse grid design methods and structures
A layer of a mask material is deposited on a substrate. A beam of energy is scanned across the mask material in a rasterized linear pattern and in accordance with a scan pitch that is based on a pitch of conductive structure segments to be formed on the substrate.
Methods and apparatus for data transfer optimization
Methods, apparatus and computer software product for optimization of data transfer between two memories includes determining access to master data stored in one memory and/or to local data stored in another memory such that either or both of the size of total data transferred and the number of data transfers required to transfer the total data can be minimized. The master and/or local accesses are based on, at least in part, respective structures of the master and local data..
Seamless playback of composite media
A streaming composition system is described herein that provides easy workflow and playback capabilities for content producers to create composite media assets from existing and on-going media content and for streaming clients to seamlessly playback composite multimedia streams provided from different sources. These assets provide broadcasters an option to quickly turn around highlights for an on-going event.
Blending single-master and multi-master data synchronization techniques
Architecture that maintains the user experience as close as possible to the user experience when dealing with the usual/regular forms and data provided in an office application when dealing with hybrid forms and hybrid data. Synchronization of the hybrid data to single-master and multi-masters systems is accomplished when the associated hybrid client goes offline, changes are made to the hybrid data, and then the client comes back online.
Source record management for master data
A method, system, and computer program product for source record management for master data are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A set of data records is received from a set of data sources.
Enabling synchronization with a difference unaware data source
A system and a method are disclosed for updating a master data list with data from a difference unaware information repository and a difference aware information repository. A master synchronization engine may synchronize to the difference unaware information repository and the difference aware information repository via connectors coupled to each information repository.
Frame, and electronic apparatus
A frame includes a base frame that is formed of a framework formed in a substantially rectangular shape by square pipes and is provided with plural cutout portions on the lower surface sides of the square pipes that are long sides of the framework, a bracket that includes a plate section on which a caster is mounted, and in which a portion of the plate section is fitted into the cutout portion, and the caster that is mounted on the plate section and located further to the inside than an outer periphery of the framework when the base frame is viewed from the upper surface side.. .
Inventory and anti-theft alarm system
An inventory and anti-theft alarm tag system that has (1) one or more rfid tags and (2) a master database. The rfid tags can include an rfid transmitter and an rfid inlay having a unique item number encoded therein.
Shopping cart
A shopping cart includes a handle with a basket attached to the handle. A frame is attached to the handle and includes opposing sections.
Raster methodology, apparatus and system for electron beam layer manufacturing using closed loop control
A method for layer-by-layer manufacturing of a three-dimensional work piece, including: (a) delivering a metallic feed material into a feed region; (b) emitting an electron beam; (c) translating the electron beam through a first predetermined raster pattern frame that includes: (i) a plurality of points within the feed region; and (ii) a plurality of points in a substrate region that is outside of the feed region; (d) monitoring a condition of the feed region or the substrate region for the occurrence of any deviation from a predetermined condition; (e) upon detecting of any deviation, translating the electron beam through at least one second predetermined raster pattern frame that maintains the melting beam power density level substantially the same, but alters the substrate beam power density level; and (f) repeating steps (a) through (e) at one or more second locations for building up layer-by-layer.. .
Laminar body for making greenhouse roofs and methods of greenhouse cultivation
The invention relates to a laminar body for making greenhouse roofs, comprising at least one laminar layer, which defines at least one main surface of the laminar body and comprises a polymer matrix and nano-particles of titanium dioxide ti02 in the anatase and/or rutilium form, dispersed in the polymer matrix. The nano-particles have dimensions not greater than 100 nm.
Modeling a bus for a system design incorporating one or more programmable processors
Systems and methods for modeling a bus for a system design are provided. In an embodiment, the method operates by accepting a virtual bus model, wherein the model simulates behavior for a bus master and slave device, such that the model accurately simulates the timing and behavior of the transfer of data from master to slave, and, from slave to master devices.
Process for physically foaming a masterbatch
The ingredients of this masterbatch are applied as a nucleating agent masterbatch during the production of polyethylene foam.. .
Building boundary detection for indoor maps
A computer-implemented method for detecting a boundary of a building from an indoor map includes providing an electronic raster image of the indoor map. A floor plan included in the map is a first color and a background of the image is a second color.
Order-preserving distributed rasterizer
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for rendering graphics primitives in parallel while maintaining the api primitive ordering. Multiple, independent geometry units perform geometry processing concurrently on different graphics primitives.
Cycle time reduction masterbatches and their use in thermoplastic compounds
A masterbatch for a thermoplastic compound is disclosed, comprising fly ash and/or cinders and a carrier thermoplastic resin, compatible with or the same as the thermoplastic resin used in the compound. The amount of fly ash and/or cinders comprises at least 50 percent by weight of the masterbatch.
Method and apparatus for broadcasting scan patterns in a scan-based integrated circuit
A broadcaster, system, and method for reducing test data volume and test application time in an ate (automatic test equipment) in a scan-based integrated circuit. The scan-based integrated circuit contains multiple scan chains, each scan chain comprising multiple scan cells coupled in series.
Remote data protection in a networked storage computing environment
Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach for protecting and restoring data within a networked (e.g. Cloud) storage computing environment through asynchronous replication and remote backup of data and its associated metadata.
Connecting multiple slave devices to a single master
A device comprising: a bus master, including a bi-directional data and clock lines, configured to produce a select signal output for enabling data transmission on the bi-directional data line to first/second different data busses supporting multiple slave devices configured to receive/transmit data over a respective data bus and to receive a clock signal from the bus master from the clock line; and a de-multiplexer including an input, first and second outputs and a control input, the input coupled to the bi-directional data line of the bus master, first/second outputs of the de-multiplexer coupled to first/second data busses, respectively, and the control input configured to receive the select signal from the bus master that is configured to communicate to a first slave device when the select signal is in a first state, and a second different slave device when the select signal is in a second different state.. .
Handling and processing of massive numbers of processing instructions in real time
A system is designed for processing instructions in real time during a session. This system comprises: a preloader for obtaining reference data relating to the instructions, the reference data indicating the current values of each specified resource account data file, and the preloader being arranged to read the reference data for a plurality of received instructions in parallel from a master database; an enriched instruction queue for queuing the instructions together with their respective preloaded reference data; an execution engine for determining sequentially whether each received instruction can be executed under the present values of the relevant resource account files and for each executable instruction to generate an updating command; and an updater, responsive to the updating command from the execution engine (for updating the master database with the results of each executable instruction, the operation of the plurality of updaters being decoupled from the operation of the execution engine..

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