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This page is updated frequently with new Aster-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aster-related patents
 Method and  coverage enhancement patent thumbnailMethod and coverage enhancement
The present invention is method and apparatus for coverage enhancement. An embodiment of the present invention includes detecting a cell with primary synchronization signal (pss) and/or secondary synchronization signal (sss), detecting reference signal based on the detected synchronization signal, detecting broadcasting channel based on the detected reference signal and decoding master information block on the broadcasting channel, detecting system information block on a downlink data channel, transmitting random access preamble on random access channel based on a system information obtained from the system information block and receiving random access response corresponding to the random access preamble..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Data encoding and decoding patent thumbnailData encoding and decoding
A video encoding method comprises partitioning each image of a video signal into an array of coding tree units; partitioning the array of coding tree units of each image into a portion pattern of rectangular portions for independent encoding such that the prediction dependencies of samples within a portion do not extend into any other portion and the entropy encoding parameters of one portion are independent of those of any other portion, the portion pattern being such that each row of coding tree units is partitioned into at least two of the portions; encoding the coding tree units within each portion using wavefront parallel processing in which, for each portion, successive rows of coding tree units within the portion are encoded so that encoding dependencies are not broken at row boundaries and encoding parameters are propagated from an intermediate position along each row to the start of the next row of coding tree units; and outputting the encoded coding tree units according to an order with respect to the array of coding tree units which is different to a raster order of coding tree units within successive respective portions.. .
Sony Corporation

 Fast high-fidelity flood-filling on vector artwork patent thumbnailFast high-fidelity flood-filling on vector artwork
Techniques are disclosed for performing flood-fill operations on vector artwork. In one embodiment, a region under a point of interest (poi) of vector artwork is rasterized and flood-filled, and an initial bounding shape around that area is used as a first guess as to the area to be filled.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Flash copy for disaster recovery (dr) testing patent thumbnailFlash copy for disaster recovery (dr) testing
In one embodiment, a computer program product for disaster recovery (dr) testing includes a computer readable storage device having program code embodied therewith. The program code is readable and/or executable by a hardware processor to define a dr family including one or more dr clusters accessible to a dr host and one or more production clusters accessible to a production host, create a backup copy of data stored to the one or more production clusters, store the backup copy to the one or more dr clusters, establish a time-zero in the dr family, create a snapshot of each backup copy stored to the one or more dr clusters, share a point-in-time data consistency at the time-zero among all clusters within the dr family and perform dr testing.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Methods for providing unified storage for backup and disaster recovery and devices thereof patent thumbnailMethods for providing unified storage for backup and disaster recovery and devices thereof
A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and device that providing a unified storage for backup and disaster recovery includes capturing a recent snapshot of one or more file systems associated with a client computing device. The captured recent snapshot is stored in a secondary storage device.
Netapp, Inc.

 Host device, printing system, and data processing method patent thumbnailHost device, printing system, and data processing method
Text data is acquired from print request data, print content is expressed as raster data and print data is generated using a printer command based on the print request data, the acquired text data is added to the print data using the command, and the print data is sent with the text data to the printer.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Control apparatus, control method, and control program patent thumbnailControl apparatus, control method, and control program
A control apparatus includes a first predicting unit configured to predict a rasterizing time for each of predetermined units of processing of a first print job, an allocating unit configured to allocate a plurality of divided jobs acquired by dividing the first print job into the units of the processing to a plurality of rasterizing units, an acquiring unit configured to acquire an actual value of a rasterization speed of each of the rasterizing units, and a second predicting unit configured to predict completion times of rasterization processing of a second print job in each of the rasterizing units based on the actual values of the rasterization speed of each of the rasterizing units and processing states of each of the rasterizing units. In this case, the allocating unit divides and allocates the print jobs to each of the rasterizing units based on the prediction results..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Bi-level work platform for iso tanks patent thumbnailBi-level work platform for iso tanks
A bi-level work platform includes a landing vertically spaced from and cantilever supported above a u-shaped base. A folding platform is pivotally connected to the landing by a pivotal platform and by gas struts.
Garlock Safety Systems Inc.

 Decorated beverage can tabs patent thumbnailDecorated beverage can tabs
A decorated tab for a beverage container has a lift end, a nose end, and central webbing. An enclosed portion of the central webbing has a coating.
Rexam Beverage Can Company

 Hand-held ergonomic jackhammer holder for concrete floor chipping, jackhammer and holder assembly, and  use thereof patent thumbnailHand-held ergonomic jackhammer holder for concrete floor chipping, jackhammer and holder assembly, and use thereof
A self-adjusting hand-held ergonomic holder for jackhammer for manual use by an operator in chipping a hardened ground surface along a continuously variable chipping strike angle. The holder includes a rigid main frame with an upper load bearing handle and a cradle receiving a pneumatically powered hammer with a reciprocatable elongated pneumatically controlled bit operatively mounted to one end thereof.
Rnp Industries Inc.


Antimicrobial articles of manufacture produced from masterbatches

The invention relates to use of masterbatches containing high concentrations of antimicrobial materials such as copper salts, particularly copper iodide. These masterbatch compositions are added to other materials which are used to form various articles of manufacture with antimicrobial properties.
Agienic, Inc.


Zero-coverage rasterization culling

In accordance with some embodiments, a zero coverage test may determine whether a primitive such as a triangle relies on lanes between rows or columns or lines of samples. If so, the primitive can be culled in a zero coverage culling test..
Intel Corporation


High availability and disaster recovery in large-scale data warehouse

Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the management of data centers. According to various embodiments, a first query dispatcher at a first data center may be disabled.
Turn Inc.


Kernel state and user state data exchange disaster recovery of virtual container system

The present invention relates to a kernel state and user state data exchange method for disaster recovery of a virtual container system. In one disaster recovery backup of a virtual container, data needs to be exchanged between a kernel state and a user state.
Tsinghua University


Polyester compounds having enhanced hydrophobic surface properties

A masterbatch having reactive silicone as a hydrophobic additive, the polyester compound that the silicone-containing masterbatch has been let down into, and the plastic articles and films from such compounds having enhanced hydrophobic properties are disclosed. Films having a water contact angle of at least 76° (astm d7490-08) are exemplified..
Polyone Corporation


Adenine derivatives having immunomodulating anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity

In which the stereochemical chiral centre indicated with an asterisk can be r (rectus), s (sinister) or racemic, including the tautomers of the adenine ring and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts, for use in the treatment of inflammatory disorders or of pain disorders.. .


Drive system for imaging device

A drive mechanism for a mobile imaging system comprises a main drive geared into a drive wheel for propelling the imaging system, including a base and one or more imaging components, across a surface. The drive mechanism can also include a scan drive that moves the drive mechanism and the one or more imaging components along an axis relative to the base to provide an imaging scan, and a suspension drive that extends the drive wheel relative to a bottom surface when the imaging system is in a transport mode and retracts the drive wheel relative to the bottom surface of the base when the imaging system is in an imaging mode.
Mobius Imaging, Llc


Integrated work desk encouraging and tracking standing

A work desk system is disclosed which is integrated into a corporate work environment. The work desk system includes a work desk which can be raised and lowered to promote performing various activities such managing email, carrying out a telecon, participating in a webinar, while standing rather than seated.
Tome, Inc.


Limited error raster compression

Embodiments of the invention relate to an image or raster compression method for a multi-dimensional array of pixels. A user specifies a maximum error allowable per pixel for the compression algorithm.
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.


Automated registration of three-dimensional vectors to three-dimensional linear features in remotely-sensed data

A system for automated vector updating, comprising a database that stores raster and vector information, and a vector processing server that algorithmically processes vectors for updates, and methods for algorithm-based vector updating.. .
Digitalglobe, Inc.


Raster image processor with printhead profile compensation for a multi level digital printing machine

System and method of calibration, screening, and compensation for multiple gray-level digital presses. Unequal quantization of the input range is employed with compensated overlapping of sub-ranges.


Power management device

A power management device managing electric power in a load facility group including plural load facilities includes: a detector that detects an instantaneous value of power consumption for each of the plural load facilities; a forecaster that forecasts an instantaneous value of power consumption for each of the plural load facilities; an operation unit that obtains a difference between the value detected by the detector and the value forecasted by the forecaster, for each of the plural load facilities; a controller that outputs a storage command or a discharge command based on whether the difference obtained by the operation unit is positive or negative; and a storage/discharge device that stores/discharges electricity based on the storage command or the discharge command output by the controller. The power management device can respond to instantaneous and steep power consumption amount change in a load facility to enable efficient use of power..
Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation


Artificial turf field paint remover and extraction machine

A self-propelled field paint removal and extraction machine for removing paint from artificial turf athletic fields. The machine includes a self propelled, zero-turn rolling chassis including a frame defining a longitudinal axis of the machine; a brush assembly supported by the frame rearward of first and second front wheel caster assemblies and including a first outer brush rotating about a first brush axis of rotation and a second other brush rotating about a second brush axis, the brush assembly movable between a retracted position and a ground-contacting position; and a vacuum assembly supported by the frame rearward of the brush assembly and including a ground-contacting vacuum pad having a plurality of suction ports, the vacuum pad extending parallel to a lateral axis of the machine; and wherein the first and second brushes, in the retracted position of the brush assembly, are within a front footprint of the rolling chassis..
The Pioneer Manufacturing Company


Method for manufacturing asphaltic sheet materials including expandable graphite

A method for producing an asphaltic sheet having expandable graphite dispersed in one or more asphaltic components thereof, the method comprising preparing a masterbatch by combining asphalt binder and polymeric modifier at a first temperature, cooling the masterbatch to a second temperature, where the second temperature is lower than the first temperature, adding, after said step of cooling, expandable graphite to the masterbatch to thereby form an asphaltic composition including expandable graphite, and fabricating a sheet with the asphaltic composition including expandable graphite.. .
Firestone Building Products Co., Llc


Rubber composition comprising emulsion-polymerized conjugated diene polymer and silica suspension, and producing same

Provided are: a rubber composition (a silica master batch) that contains silica in a highly dispersed state, which is prepared by mixing a suspension with an emulsion of an emulsion-polymerized conjugated diene polymer and then coagulating the resultant mixture, wherein the suspension is prepared by highly dispersing wet silica, which does not undergo secondary coagulation yet, or silica, which is prepared by mechanically dissociating secondary coagulation masses of silica, in water and the emulsion-polymerized conjugated diene polymer contains a functional group that is reactive with silica or has high affinity for silica; and a method for producing the rubber composition. A clam (a small mass of a rubber) which contains silica in a highly dispersed state is hardly dried.
Nippon A&l Inc.


An efficient process for separation of diastereomers of 9-[(r)-2-[[(r,s)-[[(s)-1-(isopropoxycarbonyl)ethyl]amino]-phenoxyphosphinyl] methoxy]propyl]adenine

The present invention relates to an efficient process for the separation of diastereomers of 9-[(r)-2-[[(r,s)-[[(s)-1-(isopropoxycarbonyl)ethyl]amino]-phenoxyphosphinyl]methoxy]propyl]adenine and to a process for preparing 9-[(r)-2-[[(r)-[[(s)-1-(isopropoxycarbonyl)ethyl]amino]phenoxyphosphinyl]methoxy]propyl]adenine and 9-[(r)-2-[[(s)-[[(s)-1-(isopropoxycarbonyl)ethyl]amino]phenoxyphosphinyl]methoxy]propyl]adenine.. .
Cipla Limited


Pallet for transportation of flammable gases

A pallet for transportation of flammable gases allows tanks containing flammable gas to be securely transported. The pallet is manufactured from steel or aluminum alloy, and provides apertures for a forklift to lift and carry the pallet.


Powered personal mobility vehicle with rotating wheels

An electric powered personal mobility vehicle that includes at least one front wheel and an electric motor that provides rotational force to a wheel of the vehicle. The electric motor is supported by the vehicle and is powered by a rechargeable battery that is also supported by the vehicle.
Razor Usa Llc


Fixed and rotating cart caster

The present invention relates to a fixed and rotating cart caster that is installed on each of the edges of a bottom surface of a manned and unmanned cart to carry a product through a rolling motion, and more particularly, to a fixed and rotating cart caster that is automatically converted into a fixed or rotating caster according to a forward/backward traveling direction of a cart to ensure safe travel and thereby easily carry a product and improve work conditions. According to the present invention, since the fixed and rotating cart caster is automatically converted into a fixed or rotating caster by an operation of a fixed and rotating unit including an auxiliary wheel that is closely attached to a wheel according to the forward/backward movement of the cart so as to rotate in only one direction and a fixing pin inserted into a coupling hole of a fixing plate, safe travel may be ensured in order to easily carry a product and improve work conditions..


Caster assembly

A caster assembly includes a caster support leg, a protective shell, a wheel and an axle bolt. The protective shell has a caster support leg housing to receive the caster support leg therein and a sloped side, and the wheel has a tread, a hub and a bearing.


Imaging forming apparatus, control image forming apparatus, and recording medium

An image forming apparatus capable of receiving a raster image from an image processing controller includes: a transmitting unit transmitting device information of the image forming apparatus to an external device via the image processing controller; a determining unit determining whether the image processing controller is in a first power condition or in a second power condition consuming lower power than the first power condition; and a control unit allowing the transmitting unit to transmit the device information to the external device in a case where the determining unit determines that the image processing controller is in the first power condition, and in a case where the determining unit determines that the image processing controller is in the second power condition, restrict the transmitting unit to transmit the device information to the external device until the image processing controller returns to the first power condition from the second power condition.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


High availability internet protocol address solution for disaster recovery

A system, a method, and a computer program product for providing a high availability internet protocol address are disclosed. At a first customer routing domain, a high availability internet protocol (“ha ip”) address is generated and configured on a first computing device located within the first customer routing domain.


Composite scan path in a charged particle microscope

The invention relates to a scanning-type charged particle microscope and a method for operation of such a microscope. Disclosed is a novel scanning strategy to the raster scan or serpentine scan.
Fei Company


Complex network modeling for disaster recovery

A cloud based method and system for the backup and recovery of a computer or computer system is provided with the ability to determine a network model that emulates the network environment of the computer or computer system being backed up. Should a disaster event occur, the network model is used by a disaster recovery computer to construct a virtual network environment that emulates the network environment of the backed up computer or computer system..
Unitrends, Inc.


Pneumatic tire and manufacturing the same

Separation in a chafer edge is suppressed, thereby improving durability of a bead part. In a pneumatic tire including a bead core embedded in a bead part, a carcass ply folded around the bead core and locked, and a chafer having a reinforcing cord embedded therein arranged so as to cover the carcass ply around the bead core, a rubber sheet is prepared using a wet masterbatch containing natural rubber and/or polyisoprene rubber, and carbon black, and the rubber sheet is interposed between a folded part of the carcass ply and an edge of the chafer overlapping the folded part..
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.


Printhead calibration and printing

The invention relates to a method of printing a two-dimensional bit-mapped image having a number of pixels per row, the printhead having a row of ejection channels and each ejection channel having associated ejection electrodes to which voltages are applied in use. During printing, in order to cause volumes of fluid to be ejected from selected ejection channels of the printhead for printing, voltage pulses having values of predetermined amplitude and duration as determined by respective image pixel bit values generated by a raster image processor are applied, at a given pulse period, to the electrodes of the selected ejection channels.
Tonejet Limited


Partial rasterization of web page tiles

A method and device for rasterizing content includes partitioning a webpage into webpage tiles that are associated with a front buffer and a back buffer. A rasterized version of each of the tiles may be stored in the associated front buffer, and each may include new content.


Pneumatic tire and rubber masterbatch

Provided are pneumatic tires having good processability and achieving a balanced improvement in wet-grip performance, fuel economy, abrasion resistance, flex fatigue resistance, and durability. The invention relates to a pneumatic tire including at least one selected from the group consisting of a tread, a sidewall, and a tire internal component, the at least one being formed from a rubber composition containing carbon black, silica, and an emulsion-polymerized rubber that has an acetone extractable content of at most 2.5% by mass when determined by an acetone extraction method; or a pneumatic tire including at least one selected from the group consisting of a tread, a sidewall, and a tire internal component, the at least one being formed from a rubber composition containing carbon black, silica, and an emulsion-polymerized rubber that has a soap content of at most 2.5% by mass and an organic acid content of at most 2.5% by mass..


Durable, quiet hubless caster technology

Embodiments of the present invention provide a hubless caster that is at least as aesthetically pleasing as prior art hubless casters but that is significantly more durable. In one aspect, a hubless caster is provided that includes a frame member having two opposed sides.


Method of continuous casting

A method of controlling the amount of hydrogen in steel for consistent heat transfer in continuous casting by adding a hydrocarbon to the molten metal. A heat of molten steel is formed in a ladle metallurgy furnace adapted for use in continuous casting.


Whole body exercise machine capable of circular orbital movement of waist

The present invention relates to a whole body exercise machine, and more specifically, to a whole body exercise machine capable of a circular orbital motion of waist and of strengthening the waist, back and abdomen through longitudinal rotation and lateral-torsional rotation of the waist, back and abdomen. The whole body exercise machine which is for exercising an upper body, waist and lower body and which is capable of a circular orbital motion of the waist according to the present invention comprises: an upper body exercise part which supports a head or shoulder of a human body, enables an upper body exercise and moves in association with a waist exercise part; the waist exercise part which supports the waist or hip of the human body and enables the circular orbital motion; and a lower body exercise part which supports a leg of the human body and is horizontally movable to the right and left.


Compact wheelchair assembly with removable wheels and methods therefor

A wheelchair (100) includes a chassis (101) defining a seat (102), a backrest (103), one or more armrests (104,105), and an undercarriage (106). One or more front caster wheels (118,119) are coupled to, and selectively detachable from, the undercarriage.


Custom linkable imaging and multifunctional tray

A multifunctional diagnostic tray configured to clasp an oral structure when positioned in a mouth. The tray may be digitally designed from surface scan data of the mouth and manufactured.


Reel mower

A reel mower has a double a arm suspension that lowers a reel cutting unit into a cutting position in a tail down orientation and that levels the reel cutting unit out as it lifts the reel cutting unit into a transport position. The reel cutting unit yaws during turns about a substantially vertical axis having a negative caster angle.


System and interacting with a broadcaster via an application

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for facilitating audio access to radio stations via a call-to-listen application on a device. A server can provide a listing of radio stations via an application on a user device, such as a smartphone, receive a selection of a radio station by a user and obtain a phone number associated with the selection.


Apparatus & methods for image processing optimization for variable data printing

Apparatus and methods for providing a pre-rasterized print job for variable data printing are disclosed. In one embodiment, a set of printer characteristics may be determined and then transferred to a typesetting system.


An optical element for obtaining a skylight appearance and a luminaire

An optical element for use in front of a light source 102 for obtaining a skylight appearance, and a luminaire are provided. The optical element comprising a plurality of light transmitting cells in a raster structure 140, a diffuser 145 and an edge wall 130.


Apparatus for automatically aligning bill and skew control unit

An apparatus for automatically aligning bills includes: a plurality of skew control units including a driving roller unit, a body, a first gear unit, and a second gear unit; a first motor unit connected with the first gear unit through a first power transmission member and providing a driving force to the driving roller unit; a second motor unit connected with the second gear unit through a second power transmission member and providing torque to the body; and ball caster units having a spherical shape and coming in contact with a second side of the bill.. .


System and adjusting a wheelchair seat

A wheelchair including a base assembly that has a first side and a second side. At least one caster and a drive wheel are mounted to each of the first and second sides.


Wheelchair reconfiguration methods

Methods are disclosed, according to the present invention, which enable reversible reconfiguration of a wheelchair by a user between a.) an original load-bearing configuration utilizing the conventional caster wheels of the wheelchair, and b.) a modified load-bearing configuration which confers improved functionality to the wheelchair, especially for traversing difficult or uneven terrain.. .


Fine grain rights management of streaming content

The present invention provides methods, apparatuses, and systems for delivering protected streaming content to a receiving device. In an aspect of the present invention, a broadcaster provides streaming content.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Serial peripheral interface daisy chain communication with an in-frame response

In one example, a master device connected in a serial-peripheral interface (spi) daisy chain configuration with a plurality of servant devices, wherein the master device is configured to output a master data output to a first servant data input of a first servant device of a plurality of servant devices, wherein the plurality of servant devices are connected in a serial-peripheral interface (spi) daisy chain configuration with the master device. The master device further configured to receive a master data input from a last servant device of the plurality of servant devices, wherein the master data input comprises an in-frame response of the plurality of servant devices, and wherein the in-frame response is received by the master device in a single spi communication frame..
Infineon Technologies Ag


Dynamic protection of storage resources for disaster recovery

A recovery manager discovers replication properties of datastores stored in a storage array, and assigns custom tags to the datastores indicating the discovered replication properties. A user may create storage profiles with rules using any combination of these custom tags describe replication properties.
Vmware, Inc.


Drifting kart

Drifting karts in accordance with embodiments of the invention are described that include a front wheel drive train and rear caster wheels that can be dynamically engaged to induce and control drift during a turn. One embodiment of the invention includes a chassis to which a steering column is mounted, where the steering column includes at least one front steerable wheel configured to be driven by an electric motor, a battery housing mounted to the chassis, where the battery housing contains a controller and at least one battery, wiring configured to provide power from the at least one battery to the electric motor, two caster wheels mounted to the chassis, where each caster wheel is configured to rotate around a rotational axis and swivel around a swivel axis, and a hand lever configured to dynamically engage the caster wheels to induce and control drift during a turn..


Printing an authentication pattern with multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer

A method for printing an authentication pattern wherein, using a multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer, the pattern is printed on a substrate and only contains a small number of black pixels per raster. The resolution in the travel direction x of the substrate and in direction y of the rasters is thereby largely improved compared with printing in dot-matrix mode..
Markem-imaje Holding


Creeper tool device

A creeper tool device ensures that tools and fasteners are readily accessible while working on an underbody of a vehicle. The device includes a support member having a top surface, a bottom surface, a first end, a second end and a pair of opposed sides extending between the first end and the second end.


Modular storage and work station

A modular storage of modular storage units defined by plural hollow elongate support members having longitudinal ends including apertures into which vertical connection members can be inserted to connect adjacent modules. The inserts may be of a predetermined length to connect two horizontally adjacent modules or a length twice the predetermined length to connect two horizontally adjacent modules.
Hmc Holdings, Llc


Image forming apparatus and image forming method

A sheet size determining portion determines, upon start of execution of a print job, whether or not a sheet size corresponding to raster image data to be printed in the print job matches a sheet size of a sheet conveyed in the print job. A size error detecting portion determines, in a case where the sheet size corresponding to the raster image data does not match the sheet size of the sheet, whether or not a print pixel to be printed exists in an excess region of the raster image data that is outside the sheet size of the sheet.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Method and dimensional proximity sensing for the visually impaired

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and apparatus for providing a dimension and a proximity of an object are disclosed. For example, the method receives a three dimensional depth map expressed as a two dimensional array of gray values, rasterizes the two dimensional array of gray values into vertical scan lines and horizontal scan lines for a left speaker and a right speaker and converts the vertical scan lines and the horizontal scan lines into a double beep, wherein a first beep of the double beep represents a vertical dimension of the object, the second beep of the double beep represents a horizontal dimension of the object, an intensity of each beep of the double beep represents the proximity of the object and a frequency spectrum of the double beep represents a shape of the object..
Xerox Corporation


Filtered shadow mapping

A layered, filtered shadow mapping algorithm may be used for motion blurred shadows. The algorithm is divided into two passes, namely a shadow pass and a lighting pass.
Intel Corporation


Accounting exchange and automated settlement systems and methods

Example embodiments include systems using computer hardware processors receiving user input and a master database storing transaction information. The processor receives transaction information from a buyer or seller and treats the transaction information based on desired formats and/or information in the master database.


Stream-processing data

A method for stream-processing data including a missing part in real time and thereafter updating the result of the stream processing. A technique for processing data is included.
International Business Machines Corporation


High availability protection for asynchronous disaster recovery

A computer-implemented method, carried out by one or more processors, for a modified asynchronous replication session. In an embodiment, the method comprises the steps of acquiring a lock on a volume configuration, where the lock prevents changes to the volume configuration between a first volume and a second volume at a remote site.
International Business Machines Corporation


Disaster recovery system

Disclosed herein is a computer implemented method of performing recovery for a customer server system that has an associated backup of server system data of the customer server system, the method comprising the steps of: receiving a server recovery request at a portal for a rebuild of at least part of the customer server system; and, sending a request from the portal to a cloud-based data centre for on-demand provisioning of cloud-based server resources, wherein the request includes information on the location of at least part of the backup of the server system data to enable the deployment of a rebuild of at least part of the customer server system at the cloud-based data centre. Advantages include a user being able to easily manage disaster recovery testing as well as actual live recovery operations.
Silverstring Ltd.


Multi-site disaster recovery consistency group for heterogeneous systems

Methods and arrangements for managing a consistency group for computing sites. A plurality of computing sites are communicated with, each of the sites comprising one or more of (i) and (ii): (i) at least one virtual machine; and (ii) at least one server.
International Business Machines Corporation


Offline deduplication for solid-state storage devices

A method for managing a flash storage system includes reading flash data units from flash memory into a buffer, wherein each of the flash data units includes host data units, and determining an identifier for each host data unit. The method includes selecting a set of unique identifiers from the determined identifiers based on a number of host data units sharing the respective unique identifier.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Consistent data retrieval in a multi-site computing infrastructure

Embodiments of the invention relate to dynamic application migration in a shared pool of configurable computer resources with disaster recovery support. Write operations are executed by an application at a first data site.
International Business Machines Corporation


Consistent slip masterbatch for polyethylene films

A masterbatch of additives is useful for maintaining a constant and reduced coefficient of friction in polyethylene (pe) based films. The masterbatch is a compounded blend of siloxane additive in conjunction with a mineral, a cyclic olefin copolymer and, optionally, an antioxidant.
Ingenia Polymers, Inc.


Article receiving device

A receiving device that is connected to a sheet processing device to receive a sheet comprising: a receiving port that receives the sheet discharged from a discharge port of the sheet processing device: casters that support the receiving device on a floor; and a roller that rides up a support part provided with the sheet processing device at the time of connecting the receiving device and the sheet processing device to receive a part of the weight of the receiving device on the support part, wherein when the roller rides up the support part, a part of the casters floats up from the floor, and the receiving port is positioned to the discharge port.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Mounted apparatus and system

A mounted apparatus includes a base portion and a caster provided to the base portion. The caster moves along an installation surface, whereby the mounted apparatus is detachably attached to a mounting apparatus; in a state where the mounted apparatus is attached to the mounting apparatus, the base portion is disposed in a region where the base portion overlaps with a base portion of the mounting apparatus with respect to an mounting direction; and the base portion of the mounted apparatus is disposed at a position that does not interfere with the base portion of the mounting apparatus in a height direction..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus control method

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment performs ultrasonic scans having a plurality of times of ultrasonic transmission and reception as a basic unit, and acquires reception signals respectively for reception rasters allocated with respect to a predetermined region of a subject. The apparatus generates first signals corresponding to the reception rasters respectively by performing adding processing or low-pass filtering having a time of the ultrasonic scan as a unit with respect to the reception signals respectively acquired for the reception rasters, and acquires power information of a moving body in the predetermined region based on a second signal to be obtained by performing an mti filtering with respect to the first signals.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Structured channel rasters for unlicensed spectrum

Techniques for structured channel rasters for unlicensed spectrum are described. In an aspect, a first channel raster is identified, where the first channel raster is determined from a set of carrier frequencies and is used over an unlicensed or shared spectrum for a wireless wide area network (wwan).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Password protected stream receivers

A content stream caster can transfer playing of a content stream from the content stream caster to any of a plurality of stream receivers. The content stream caster wirelessly initiates contact with one of a plurality of stream receivers after which the content stream caster must authenticate with the receiver before the receiver permits the receiving of a url identifying the location of the content source.
Vizio Inc.


Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium

An image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of points defining a plurality of line segments constituting an outline of an object, an identification unit configured to identify a first line segment constituting the outline and having a shorter distance to a second line segment constituting the outline in a predetermined direction than a threshold by calculating a distance in the predetermined direction between the first line segment and the second line segment based on coordinates of the plurality of points, a correction unit configured to perform correction relating to an end point of the identified first line segment which is included in the plurality of points, and a rasterization unit configured to rasterize the object based on the plurality of corrected points.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Server clustering in mobile computing environment

A clustered server system and a method for maintaining a server cluster involve a plurality of servers that collectively form a server cluster. A master database stores configuration information concerning the server cluster.
Sybase 365, Inc.


System and displaying an elevation line from a raster image

A computer-implemented method includes receiving an input that includes a start point and an end point on a raster image. The method further includes generating a line of interest on the raster image that connects the start point and the end point.
Caterpillar Inc.


Position-only shading pipeline

In position-only shading, two geometry pipes exist, a trimmed down version called the cull pipe and a full version called the replay pipe. Thus, the cull pipe executes the position shaders in parallel with the main application, but typically generates the critical results much faster as it fetches and shades only the position attribute of the vertices and avoids the rasterization as well as the rendering of pixels for the frame buffer.


Image forming apparatus and image processing device

An image forming apparatus includes an image forming section and an image processing section. The image forming section forms an image on a recording medium.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Chained cpp command

A chained command/push/pull (cpp) bus command is output by a first device and is sent from a cpp bus master interface across a set of command conductors of a cpp bus to a second device. The chained cpp command includes a reference value.
Netronome Systems, Inc.


Systems and methods for resynchronizing mirroring partners in a storage system

Systems and methods which provide for managing multiple minor resources in a storage distribution network are provided. In some embodiments, a system provides for both high availability and disaster recovery functionality at different mirroring locations.
Netapp Inc.


System and handling multi-node failures in a disaster recovery cluster

A system and method for handling multi-node failures in a disaster recovery cluster is provided. In the event of an error condition, a switchover operation occurs from the failed nodes to one or more surviving nodes.
Netapp, Inc.


System and printable document job submission

In some embodiments, a method which includes receiving an indication of the presence of a first message from a first client device, the first message including a first specification file and a first network address associated with a first print data file. The method includes retrieving the first print data file from the first network address.
Pti Marketing Technologies Inc.

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