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new patent System and reducing power consumed obtaining system information from a cell
A system for, and method of, reducing power consumed obtaining system information from a cell, the system information contained in at least a master information block, a scheduling information block and a system information block. In one embodiment, the system includes: (1) a broadcast control channel (bcch) frame cache configured to buffer received bcch frames bearing portions of the system information and (2) a system information verifier associated with the bcch frame cache and configured to determine version consistency in the master information block and the scheduling information block by employing the check numbers associated therewith..
Nvidia Corporation

new patent Flow-control based switched group video chat and real-time interactive broadcast
Real-time interactive broadcast sessions for client devices include: for each client device in the interactive broadcast session, configuring downstream video and audio ports for the interactive broadcast session between a central controller and the client device; receiving from each client device a selected broadcaster corresponding to a broadcaster flow control signal; in response to receiving the selected broadcaster from each client device, sending video and audio streams of the selected broadcaster to each client device over the interactive broadcast session; receiving a request from a given client device on the interactive broadcast session to interact with the selected broadcaster; configuring upstream and downstream video ports for one-to-one video chat session between the central controller and the given client device; and sending the video and audio streams of the given client device, and the video and audio streams of the selected broadcaster, to each client device over the interactive broadcast session.. .

new patent Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
An information processing apparatus generates intermediate data to convert input print data into raster image data. The information processing apparatus includes a decoding unit configured to decode coded compression data of an image object to be drawn in an image based on the print data, and a rendering unit configured to generate raster image data by performing rendering for each region of the image with reference to image data of the image object stored by a storing unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Multiple points in time disk images for disaster recovery
An enterprise disaster recovery system, including at least one data disk, a processor for running at least one data application that reads data from the at least one data disk and writes data to the at least one data disk over a period of time, a recovery test engine that (i) generates in parallel a plurality of processing stacks corresponding to a respective plurality of previous points in time within the period of time, each stack operative to process a command to read data at a designated address from a designated one of the at least one data disk and return data at the designated address in an image of the designated data disk at the previous point in time corresponding to the stack, and (ii) that generates in parallel a plurality of logs of commands issued by the at least one data application to write data into designated addresses of designated ones of the plurality of data disks, each log corresponding to a respective previous point in time, wherein the plurality of previous points in time within the period of time are specified arbitrarily by a user of the system.. .
Zerto Ltd.

new patent Dynamic mirroring
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for dynamic mirroring. A first storage node and the second storage node within a first storage cluster may locally mirror data between one another based upon a local failover partnership.
Netapp Inc.

new patent System and datacenters disaster recovery
Method and system for asynchronously dispersing disaster recovery (dr) enabling data between a plurality of storage sites. The method comprises: receiving, at a primary storage site, a written block and a write frequency counter associated with the written block.
Storone Ltd.

new patent Multi-rpo data protection
A system for disaster recovery including a controller (i) for controlling bandwidth usage of a disaster recovery system in accordance with a plurality of recovery point objectives (rpos), each rpo designating a maximal time loss constraint for data recovery for an enterprise production system, and a corresponding bandwidth allocation for the disaster recovery system to use in replicating data for the enterprise production system, wherein the rpos are applied in accordance with a calendar-based schedule of dates and times, and (ii) for issuing an rpo alert when the rpo maximal time loss constraint for a current date and time is not satisfied.. .
Zerto Ltd.

new patent Blends of thermoplastic elastomers based on styrene (s-tpe) and polyolefins
Polymer blend comprising components a, b and c: a: 1 to 19.5% by weight of an elastomeric block copolymer a based on styrene (s-tpe); b: 0.5 to 8% by weight of a compatibilizer component b; and c: 80 to 98.5% by weight of at least one semi-crystalline olefin homo- or copolymer c. The invention further relates to a composition comprising thermoplastic elastomers based on styrene (s-tpe) for use as compatibilizer of s-tpe block copolymers and polyolefins, a process for the preparation of the polymer blend, a master batch for the preparation of the polymer blend, and single- and multilayer films comprising said polymer blend and their use for food packaging and as shrink hood..
Ineos Styrolution Group Gmbh

new patent Process for producing modified poly(propene), the modified poly(propene) and the use thereof, and the polymer blend
The present application refers to a process for the modification of polypropylene, wherein amount, size and configuration of the branches are controlled, the process comprising the steps of (a) preparing a bis(sulphonazide) (bsa) masterbatch by dispersing bsa in polyolefin; (b) adding (i) at least one fatty acid salt with metal cation having valence of 1+ to 3+; and (ii) the bsa masterbatch prepared in step (a) to the polypropylene to be modified. Said modified polypropylene of the present invention possesses properties suitable for use in foaming, blowing, thermoforming, recoating, film extrusion, bopp, spinning processes and other processes and applications, and it is also suitable to be in contact with food products..
Braskem S.a.

new patent Heteroaryl inhibitors of sumo activating enzyme
Disclosed are compounds of formula (i); or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; wherein y, ra, ra′, rc, rf, x2, rd, rd′, re, re′2, m, and g have the values described herein and stereochemical configurations depicted at asterisked positions indicate absolute stereochemistry, useful as inhibitors of sumo activating enzyme (sae). Further provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising a compound of the disclosure and methods of using the compositions in the treatment of proliferative, inflammatory, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases or disorders..
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

new patent

Caster wheel

A caster wheel comprising a wheel mount and a bearing plate, both having a pivot pin extending through them such that the wheel mount may pivot relative to the bearing plate. The wheel mount and bearing plate both have at least two magnets each, arranged such that pivoting movement of the wheel mount may position the magnets in registry with one another.
Sauder Manufacturing Co.

new patent

Automated printing images on a surface

A system for printing an image on a surface includes a robot, a printhead having a reference line printing mechanism, and a reference line sensor. The robot has at least one arm.
The Boeing Company

new patent

2-d straight-scan on imaging surface with a raster polygon

A 2-d scanning system uses a fast-rotating raster-polygon as a single scanning component to produce straight scan lines over a 2-d image surface. An approach angle of incident light beams to the raster-polygon is selected to minimize pin-cushion distortion of scan lines introduced by polygon scanning on the image surface, and a tilt angle of the rotational axis of the raster-polygon is selected to position said polygon-scanning distortion symmetrically on the image surface.
Prysm, Inc.

Cloud computing infrastructure

A first node comprises a web server with a network interface configured to connect the web server to a plurality of second nodes of a cloud infrastructure. The first node has physical storage, connected to the web server, the physical storage comprising at least a master database of a multi-master database system of the cloud computing infrastructure, the master database configured to store atomic code units and data redundantly as part of the multi-master database system, the atomic code units defining the dynamic web application.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Data access and anonymity management

Techniques described herein provide data access and data anonymity management within various implementations of content distribution networks. In some embodiments, a data anonymity management system may include multiple different data stores configured to store identity data, user data, and/or linking data, as well as a data anonymity server configured to support data anonymity features such as active user data anonymity, one-way linking and permanently breakable links between user identity data and associated user data.
Pearson Education, Inc.

Scalable proxy clusters

The invention enables high-availability, high-scale, high security and disaster recovery for api computing, including in terms of capture of data traffic passing through proxies, routing communications between clients and servers, and load balancing and/or forwarding functions. The invention inter alia provides (i) a scalable cluster of proxies configured to route communications between clients and servers, without any single point of failure, (ii) proxy nodes configured for implementing the scalable cluster (iii) efficient methods of configuring the proxy cluster, (iv) natural resiliency of clusters and/or proxy nodes within a cluster, (v) methods for scaling of clusters, (vi) configurability of clusters to span multiple servers, multiple racks and multiple datacenters, thereby ensuring high availability and disaster recovery (vii) switching between proxies or between servers without loss of session.
Elastic Beam, Inc.

High-speed hotspot or defect imaging with a charged particle beam system

An inspection tool includes a controller that is configured to generate a scan pattern for an electron beam to image areas of interest on the wafer. The scan pattern minimizes dwell time of the electron beam on the surface of the wafer between the areas of interest.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Apparatus and dynamic polygon or primitive sorting for improved culling

An apparatus and method are described for dynamic polygon or primitive sorting for improved culling. For example, one embodiment of an apparatus comprises: a rasterization unit to receive a plurality of polygons to be rasterized in an original ordering; and depth test evaluation logic to determine whether a current polygon is fully visible, partially visible or occluded; and reordering logic to incrementally alter the original ordering by swapping each occluded polygon with another polygon positioned relatively lower in the original ordering and by swapping each fully visible polygon with another polygon positioned relatively higher in the original ordering..

Piecewise linear irregular rasterization

One embodiment of the present invention includes a method for rendering a geometry object in a computer-generated scene. A screen space associated with a display screen is divided into a set of regions.
Nvidia Corporation

Method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects using one-line raster image data

A method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects are provided. For at least a first rectangle drawing object and a second rectangle drawing object, a determination is made if the second rectangle drawing object satisfies a predetermined condition with respect to the first rectangle drawing object.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Methods and a multiple master bus protocol

Embodiments of the invention provide systems, methods, and apparatus for arbitrating a multi-master computer bus. The embodiments include a multi-master serial computer bus; a first master coupled to the bus; a second master coupled to the bus; a slave device coupled to the bus; a first i/o line from the first master going to the second master and the slave device; and a second i/o line from the second master going to the first master and the slave device.
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings Ag

Mobile ladder support assembly

A mobile ladder support assembly provides stable lateral and rear support, and transportability for operation of a ladder. A lateral support bar restricts lateral tilting by the assembly.

Process for producing masterbatch

Provided is a method of producing a masterbatch, in which a reduction in the viscosity of a polyester resin is inhibited and thereby a metal salt compound can be incorporated in a large amount. This method is a method of producing a masterbatch that comprises 0.4 to 10 parts by mass of at least one metal salt compound selected from the group consisting of metal benzoates, metal aliphatic carboxylates, metal aromatic phosphates, metal salts of sulfonamide compounds and metal salts of sulfonimide compounds with respect to 100 parts by mass of a polyester resin, wherein when the polyester resin and the metal salt compound are fed to an extruder and kneaded, the cylinder temperature of the extruder is controlled in a range of (the melting point of the polyester resin—60° c.) to (the melting point of the polyester resin—10° c.)..
Adeka Corporation

Table saw extension

Disclosed is an extension platform for securement to a conventional table saw that allows for the accurate cutting of larger workpieces. The extension platform is formed from a support wall with a resistant free, height adjustable, material rest to allow movement of an oversize workpiece without marring the workpiece.

Bingo game system with bingo listener and subpool bonus feature

A bingo game system provides for new features and functionality for a bingo game platform, including a bingo listener for relaying messages from a bingo broadcaster to at least one mobile client device (e.g., via a bingo connection proxy).. .
Gamesys Ltd.

Compositions for reducing hair loss and/or increasing hair regrowth

The invention relates to a composition comprising 2% to 5% minoxidil, 0.01% to 15% of a 5α-reductase inhibitor or an androgen receptor antagonist, and 0.01% to 15% of a prostaglandin analogue. In one embodiment, the prostaglandin analogue is latanoprost.
Triple Hair, Inc.

Storage assembly with pull-out arrangement

A storage assembly includes a storage cabinet having an interior space and a slide-out storage assembly operable between open and closed positions relative to the storage cabinet. The slide-out storage assembly includes a base assembly having one or more integrally formed mounting brackets formed thereon.
Steelcase Inc.

Methods for performing machine type communication for the purpose of coverage enhancement apparatuses and systems for performing the same

A method of performing a downlink machine type communication from a base station to a mtc (machine type communication) terminal includes, at the base station, transmitting at least one of a system information—the system information excluding a master information block (mib)—, a control information and data to the mtc terminal using a system bandwidth having a predetermined size. The base station performs frequency hopping using a frequency hopping pattern in a unit of narrow band on the at least one of the system information—the system information excluding a master information block (mib)—, the control information and the data to transmit to the mtc terminal, and the narrow band is less than the system bandwidth..

Apparatus and replacing conventional commercials with targeted advertisements in online live streams

A method and apparatus for performing user-targeted advertisement replacement for http live streams includes receiving a content request from a client, generating a content stream playlist file and video segment uris based on unix (epoch) time information of request time corresponding to the content stream playlist file generated by a content delivery network without sending any http requests to the content delivery network. A vast request is sent from a server side application to receive a targeted vast creative m3u8 playlist.
Viviso Inc.

Error correction data in a video transmission signal

A transmitter transmits a raster-type video signal. For each one of a plurality of active video segments of a frame of the video signal, the transmitter derives redundant data from the respective active video segment and inserts the redundant data into a horizontal blanking segment of the video signal..
Semtech Canada Corporation

Methods and systems for object based geometric fitting

Described herein are various implementations of a process and a system for automatically performing object based geometric fitting. The process may include spatially superimposing a mask dataset comprising mask-objects on a raster image comprising image-objects, and locally superimposing individual mask-objects on individual image-objects, until a dataset is obtained wherein mask-objects are geometrically fitted to image-objects..
Myheat Inc.

Modified thermoplastic polyurethane rolling film and preparation method

This present invention discloses a modified thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) rolling film and relates to a preparation method thereof. The modified thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) rolling film comprises: 100 parts by weight of tpu resin, 3 to 8 parts by weight of thermoplastic polyolefin (tpo) resin, 5 to 10 parts by weight of thermo plastic silicone vulcanizate (tpsiv) resin, 5 to 15 parts by weight of tpu color masterbatch, 0.5 to 1.5 parts by weight of antioxidant, 0.5 to 1.5 parts by weight of light stabilizer, 10 to 15 parts by weight of flame retardant, and 0.03 to 0.1 parts by weight of compound lubricant.
Fuzhou University

Provision of inorganic powders with reduced hazard

Provision of inorganic powders with reduced hazard: acid chlorides which have use in polymer production can be incorporated into a masterbatch with the addition of a silane compound to reduce the corrosiveness of the masterbatch pellets and reduce variability of pellet size. This presents advantages in transport and handling costs and facilitates downstream processing..
William Blythe Limited

Caster wheels with torsion spring assembly

A wheel assembly for a material handling vehicle includes a chassis, a first caster wheel mounted to the chassis, a second caster wheel mounted to the chassis, a torsion bar coupling the first caster wheel to the second caster wheel, and a torsion spring coupled to the torsion bar.. .
The Raymond Corporation

Abrasion controlled caster wheel

An abrasion controlled caster wheel is described. When a sideways force is applied to a rear of a grocery shopping or material cart either during normal operation or when gathered in the parking lot, the caster wheel, at the rear position of the cart, will redirect its direction of travel or change its mount rigidity rather than scraping sideways across the wheel circumference..

Method for an automatic patient lift

A method and apparatus for lifting a patient is disclosed to include a base with wheels on the back side and casters on the front side; a pair of extendable legs extended or withdrawn from the frontal side of the base to maintain balance when lifting a patient; vertical masts connected to a three-prong hanger; three durable cables used with a sling assembly to lift the patient; a foldable chair provides temporary rest for the patient on the patient lift; and a control panel having a micro-controller for remotely controlling the patient lift.. .
Ton Duc Thang University

Generating a breast parameter map

The present invention relates to a medical imaging device for generating a breast parameter map in order to improve mammographic images. The medical imaging device comprises an image unit, a raster unit, a definition unit, a generating unit, and a provision unit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method for indicating cell coverage enhancement mode and base station

A transmitter, configured to send system information to a terminal, where the system information is used for indicating to the terminal whether a cell covered by the base station supports coverage enhancement, and the system information includes a master information block mib and/or a system information block sib. According to the base station provided in an embodiment of the present invention, a transmitter sends, to a terminal, system information used for indicating whether a cell covered by the base station supports coverage enhancement, so that the terminal can accurately learn whether the cell supports communication in a coverage enhancement mode, and the terminal is notified in a timely manner when the cell does not support communication in the coverage enhancement mode, which avoids blind access of the terminal and reduces power consumption of the terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

System acquisition mechanism for fixed devices in mobile broadband networks

Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a fixed device synchronizes with a downlink channel of a network, acquires a master information block including a last system update time; and executes cell selection without acquiring other system information if the last system update time is before the last system access time. Furthermore, the fixed device may listen only for system information block messages that it needs, and ignore other system information blocks.
Intel Corporation

Vulcanizates and tire components prepared from compositions including mercapto-functional siloxanes

A vulcanizate prepared by a method comprising introducing an elastomer, a filler, and a mercapto-functional siloxane to form a masterbatch and introducing a curative to the masterbatch to form a vulcanizable composition.. .
Bridgestone Corporation

Apparatus and generating bitmap of 3-dimensional model

Disclosed are an apparatus and method for generating a bitmap of a three-dimensional (3d) model. The apparatus for generating a bitmap of a 3d model includes a plane generator configured to generate a plurality of planes including an outline of a cross section obtained by cutting a 3d model in a direction parallel to an output direction of a 3d printer, a rasterizer configured to rasterize the plurality of planes in a direction perpendicular to the output direction, calculate a weight of a pixel using a weight transition point based on outline segments constituting the outline, and determine a type of each pixel generated through the rasterization based on the weight, and a bitmap generator configured to merge pixels having the same coordinate in the output direction to generate a bitmap for a plane perpendicular to the output direction..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

Flexible panel and sealable bag with sorbent

A flexible panel in a sealable bag for disaster recovery has permeable inner layers and an impermeable outer layer affixed together so as to provide a plurality of cavities for receiving sorbent material. The cavities are arranged in a pattern across the flexible panel.
Stasis Lmps Limited

Device and receiving system information

A communication device comprises a storage unit for storing instructions and a processing means coupled to the storage unit. The processing means is configured to execute the instructions stored in the storage unit.
Htc Corporation

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