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Suspension for wheeled vehicles


Suspension for wheeled vehicles

Suspension for wheeled vehicles

Radio Flyer

Hand powered vehicle

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aster-related patents
 Method and  data storage patent thumbnailnew patent Method and data storage
In response to detecting a failure on a secondary storage device, a transmission of a data write request to the primary storage device is suspended. Identifying an outstanding data write request, wherein the outstanding data write request has been performed by the primary storage device, but has not been performed by a disaster recovery (dr) storage device.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Catalyst masterbatch patent thumbnailnew patent Catalyst masterbatch
The present invention further relates to the use of the catalyst masterbatch according to any one of the preceding claims 1 to 11 in a cable layer.. .
 Raster image processor with printhead profile compensation for a multi level digital printing machine patent thumbnailnew patent Raster image processor with printhead profile compensation for a multi level digital printing machine
A system and method of calibration, screening, and compensation is presented for multiple gray-level digital presses. Unequal quantization of the input range is employed with compensated overlapping of sub-ranges.
 Imaging forming apparatus, control  image forming apparatus, and recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging forming apparatus, control image forming apparatus, and recording medium
An image forming apparatus capable of receiving a raster image from an image processing controller includes: a transmitting unit transmitting device information of the image forming apparatus to an external device via the image processing controller; a determining unit determining whether the image processing controller is in a first power condition or in a second power condition consuming lower power than the first power condition; and a control unit allowing the transmitting unit to transmit the device information to the external device in a case where the determining unit determines that the image processing controller is in the first power condition, and in a case where the determining unit determines that the image processing controller is in the second power condition, restrict the transmitting unit to transmit the device information to the external device until the image processing controller returns to the first power condition from the second power condition.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Hand powered vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Hand powered vehicle
A hand-powered vehicle is provided for transportation and entertainment purposes. The vehicle has a frame supporting a pair of side wheels that are driven by the user.
Radio Flyer Inc.
 Suspension for wheeled vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Suspension for wheeled vehicles
A wheelchair suspension comprises a frame, at least one pivot arm, at least one front caster, at least one rear caster, a stabilizing system, and a sensor. The pivot arm is coupled to the frame.
Invacare Corporation
 Method of separating a glass sheet from a carrier patent thumbnailnew patent Method of separating a glass sheet from a carrier
A method of separating a thin glass substrate from a carrier plate to which edge portions of the glass substrate are bonded, including irradiating a surface of the glass substrate with a pulsed laser beam, the laser beam moving along a plurality of parallel scan paths within a raster envelope, producing relative motion between the raster envelope and the glass substrate so that the raster envelope is moved along an irradiation path on the unbonded central portion. The irradiating produces ablation of the glass substrate along the irradiation path that forms a channel having a width w1 at the first surface greater than a width w2 at the second surface and extending through the thickness of the glass substrate, thus separating a thin glass sheet from the glass substrate-carrier plate assembly..
Corning Incorporated
 Real-time bidding system and method therefore for placing a video advertisement in an advertisement slot patent thumbnailReal-time bidding system and method therefore for placing a video advertisement in an advertisement slot
A system and method for bidding on placement a video advertisement in an advertisement slot. The method includes receiving a bid request for placing an advertisement in an advertisement slot is received from a broadcaster, wherein the bid request is received immediately prior to a timing of the advertisement slot in a broadcast content; matching the bid request against different sets of bidding rules, wherein each set of bidding rules is defined by a different advertisement agency; computing a bidding score for each advertisement agency based on the matching to the bidding rules; selecting a winning bid based, in part, on bidding scores computed for each advertisement agency; and responding with the winning bid from the broadcaster..
Sizmek Technologies Ltd.
 Additive masterbatch with a c3-c5 alpha-olefin homo- or copolymer in the carrier patent thumbnailAdditive masterbatch with a c3-c5 alpha-olefin homo- or copolymer in the carrier
The present invention relates to a polyethylene composition comprising: a) a polyethylene having cross-linkable silicon-containing groups (a); and b) a masterbatch comprising—one or more additives; and—a carrier comprising a c3-c5 alpha-olefin homo or copolymer (b). The present invention further relates to a cross-linked polyethylene composition obtainable by treating the composition according to any one of the preceding claims under cross-linking conditions.
Borealis Ag
 Prodrug comprising a drug linker conjugate patent thumbnailProdrug comprising a drug linker conjugate
Wherein the dashed line indicates the attachment to the amine of the biologically active moiety and wherein r1, r1a, r2, r2a, r3, r3a, x, x1, x2, x3 have the meaning as indicated in the description and the claims and wherein l1 is substituted with one to four groups l2-z and optionally further substituted, provided that the hydrogen marked with the asterisk in formula (i) is not replaced by a substituent; wherein l2 is a single chemical bond or a spacer; and z is a carrier group. The invention also relates to a-l, wherein a is a leaving group, pharmaceutical composition comprising said prodrugs and their use as medicaments..

Methods and improved cell re-selection with autonomous search function

Apparatus and methods are described for identifying candidate cells on at least one frequency, where each of the candidate cells is associated with a cell quality, storing information related to each of the candidate cells in a candidate list, sorting the candidate list, and decoding a master information block (mib) and one or more system information blocks (sibs) for a subset of the candidate cells based on the sorting.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

Dental device, and linking physical and digital data for diagnostic, treatment planning, patient education, communication, manufacturing, and data transfer purposes

A dental device and/or process include at least one scaled and shaped linking component (26) to be supported by a dental model (28) or an imaging template (40). The process includes scaling, aligning, and orienting data (50, 56) from different data acquisition sources (44, 48, 54) with the scaled and shaped linking component (26), and combining the data (50, 56) from different data acquisition sources into a master data file (52).

Fragranced water-sensitive film

A film formed from a water-soluble polymer matrix containing a fragrance is provided. The film is water-sensitive so that upon contact with a sufficient amount of water, the matrix loses its integrity to increasingly expose the fragrance to the ambient environment for releasing its odor.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Equine encephalitis virus vaccines and methods of using thereof

Disclosed herein are nucleotide sequences which encode a plurality of structural proteins, except the capsid, of an equine encephalitis virus, wherein the nucleotide sequence is codon-optimized for mammalian expression. The nucleotide sequences are codon-optimized for expression in humans.

Bit-count texture format

A system, method, and computer program product are provided for using a bit-count texture format. A rasterized coverage bit mask is received by a texture processing unit from a bit-count format texture map, the rasterized coverage bit mask is converted to a scalar value, and the scalar value is processed while the rasterized coverage bit mask is retained in the bit-count format texture map.
Nvidia Corporation

System, method, and computer program product for redistributing a multi-sample processing workload between threads

A system, method, and computer program product are provided for redistributing multi-sample processing workloads between threads. A workload for a plurality of multi-sample pixels is received and each thread in a parallel thread group is associated with a corresponding multi-sample pixel of the plurality of pixels.
Nvidia Corporation

Caster active geometry control system

A caster active control system that is mounted on a suspension including a strut assembly for automatically adjusting a cater angle of a wheel of a vehicle, may include a fixed frame that is fixed to a vehicle body, a movable frame slidably mounted on a bottom of the fixed frame and configured to reciprocate in a front-rear direction of the wheel, a strut mount unit fixed to the movable frame and connected with an upper end of the strut assembly, and an operation module disposed between the fixed frame and the movable frame and engaged with the movabkle frame, wherein the operation module is driven by a motor to move the movable frame in the front-rear direction of the wheel.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Battery powered all terrain wheelchair

A battery powered all terrain wheelchair includes a frame comprising a front portion, a rear portion, sides, a top portion and a bottom portion. A seat attaches to the top portion of the frame.

Automated migration to a new copy services target storage system to manage multiple relationships simultaneously while maintaining disaster recovery consistency

A method according to one embodiment includes receiving instruction to change from an original target storage subsystem in a disaster recovery configuration-to a new target storage subsystem. Second copy services relationships are created between one or more new target volumes on the new target storage subsystem and one or more source volumes on a source storage subsystem using multi-target functionality.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems of brain-like computing virtualization

The invention discloses the technology of brain-like computing virtualization. Brain-like computing means the computing technology to mimic human brain and generate human intelligence automatically with computer software.
Transoft (shanghai), Inc.

Redigitization system and service

A system and method to error correct extant electronic documents is disclosed. An electronic document may be rasterized to obtain a pixel representation of the electronic document (e.g., raster image).

Easily dissociable wheelchair

A wheelchair (10) comprising:—a seat module (10) including a seat frame (11) supporting a seat (12);—a backrest module (20) including a backrest frame (21) connected to said seat frame (11) and supporting a backrest (22);—a front frame module (30) including a front frame (31), said front frame (31) including left and right bended legs (31a, 31b) removably connected at their upper end to said seat frame (11) and at their lower end to a footrest (32), said bended legs (31a, 31b) being supported by caster wheel assemblies (35, 36) via caster sup port (34);—a rear wheel module (40) including left and right rear wheels (41a, 41b) pivotally connected to an axle (42), said rear wheel module (40) being removably connected to said seat module (10) through left and right connecting elements (43a, 43b); wherein said seat frame (11) consists in left and right longitudinal profiles (11a, 11b) extending in the same plane.. .
Invacare International Sarl

Thermoplastic compositions containing biobased materials and processes for forming an article therewith

A masterbatch of dried distillers solubles and at least one thermoplastic resin and processes for forming the masterbatch, wherein the dried distillers solubles is greater than 70% by weight of the masterbatch are generally disclosed. The masterbatch generally includes compounding a mixture of dried distillers solubles and at least one thermoplastic resin to form a flowable solid medium, wherein the dried distillers solubles is greater than 70% by weight percent based on a total weight of the mixture and has a moisture content of less than 25% by weight of the dried distillers solubles.
Gs Cleantech Corporation

Easy radio station network

A method and system for providing a digital platform including interactive tools to a plurality of consumers to enable a consumer to be a broadcaster of content, via streaming, by hosting a personal radio station of the consumer and simultaneously to be a consumer of content broadcasted, via streaming, by other consumers are disclosed. The content can include music, video, graphics, photographs, slide show, audio and other multimedia content..
Live365, Inc.

Computer system, data allocation management method, and program

A computer system comprises a plurality of computers for executing a service by using databases constructed of storage areas included in the plurality of computers. Each of the plurality of computers is configured to hold performance management information for managing respective performances of the plurality of computers.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Medicine registration apparatus and program

A medicine registration apparatus includes a storage unit, a processor and a display unit. The storage unit stores a medicine master database including information regarding a required disposal method of a medicine.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Antimicrobial and antifungal polymer fibers, fabrics, and methods of manufacture thereof

High-melting antimicrobial polymer fibers and antimicrobial fabrics comprising such fibers are prepared by preparing a masterbatch of polymer pellets (e.g., pet), silver and copper salts, and a compounding agent which provides free flowing polymer pellets which can be prepared in advance, with a long shelf life. Polymer masterbatches prepared by the methods of the invention can produce limited color or off-white antimicrobial fibers and fabrics using conventional melt spinning manufacturing methods.
Purthread Technologies, Inc.

Printing control device, printing control method, and printing control program

A printing control device includes an image fetching unit configured to fetch image files expressing a page containing objects, a decision unit configured to divide the page into a plurality of bands, and configured to, for each band, decide whether or not to expand to a band unit raster format image data based on features of the objects contained in the band, an image expansion unit configured to expand to the image data according to drawing command for drawing the objects contained in the band, and a transfer unit configured to, for a band that has been expanded to the image data, transfer the expanded band unit image data to a printing unit, and, for a band that has not been expanded to the image data, transfer drawing command for drawing the objects contained in the band to the printing unit.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Method and system for printing an object

A method prints an object, for example a vehicle and specifically the body thereof, wherein at least one area of the surface of the object is printed. The method includes: providing an image; three-dimensionally measuring at least the area; generating a number of spatial points in correspondence with the area; generating a three-dimensional net corresponding with the area; generating path data, i.e.
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

Chair with ball-casters

A chair is mounted on ball-casters. Each leg of the chair is mounted on a caster wheel that is surrounded by a ring of small metal balls, such as ball bearings, enabling the chair to roll freely without scuffing or scratching the floor or dulling the floor polish, and making it virtually impossible for the occupant to lean back in the chair with any stability..

Powered personal mobility vehicle with rotating wheels

An electric powered personal mobility vehicle that includes at least one front wheel and an electric motor that provides rotational force to a wheel of the vehicle. The electric motor is supported by the vehicle and is powered by a rechargeable battery that is also supported by the vehicle.
Razor Usa Llc

Double brake structure for caster wheel

A double brake structure for a caster wheel contains a body, a connecting shaft, a cover, a central post, two rollers, a locking piece, a fixing member, a braking seat, a resilient element, and a bottom cap. The body includes a groove having a square hole and includes a receiving chamber.

Caster wheel structure

A caster wheel structure contains a body and a connecting shaft. The connecting shaft includes an engaging tab arranged around a bottom end thereof, and the engaging tab has an abutting rim arranged around an upper end thereof the body is injection molded and coupled with a holder by using the connecting shaft.

Multi-tenant disaster recovery management intelligently and optimally allocating computing resources between multiple subscribers

A multi-tenant disaster recovery management system and method for intelligently and optimally allocating computing resources between multiple subscribers, the system comprising: one or more multi-tenant disaster recovery management server logically connected to one or more production site and one or more cloud based disaster recovery site; a network connecting said multi-tenant disaster recovery management server with said production site and said cloud based disaster recovery site, wherein said multi-tenant disaster recovery management server is provided with at least one disaster recovery (dr) manager module, at least one drill scheduler module, at least one drill executor module, at least one ws interface module, at least one usage monitor module and at least one report manager module.. .
Sanovi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Discovery of related entities in a master data management system

Methods and arrangements for discovering entity types for a set of records. A set of records is input, with each record comprising attributes with associated attribute values.
International Business Machines Corporation

Vehicle having independently driven and controlled right and left drive wheels

A self-propelled vehicle includes a maneuvering unit, a drive unit including first and second drive sections, which are driven and controlled by drive wheel control commands, a drive wheel unit including left and right drive wheels driven by the first and second drive sections, respectively, at least one caster wheel which is controlled by a caster wheel control command, a bank detector for detecting a degree of bank of the vehicle and a control unit including a drive wheel control section for generating the drive wheel control commands. The control unit further includes a caster wheel control section which generates the caster wheel control command for controlling the steering angle of the caster wheel during a bank traversing travel, based on the bank degree so as to resolve a difference between a target travel and the actual travel which occurs during the bank traversing travel..
Kubota Corporation

Method for preparing a masterbatch of diene elastomer and silica

Preparation of a masterbatch of diene elastomer and silica including preparing at least one silica dispersion in water; bringing into contact and mixing an elastomer latex and the aqueous silica dispersion in the presence of a metal salt having an at least divalent metal element, in order to obtain a coagulum; and recovering the coagulum and drying same in order to obtain the masterbatch. The metal cation molar ration, defined as the number of moles of metal cations of the metal salt per bet unit area of the silica, is between 9.375*10−7 and 1.875*10−5 mol/m2..
Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

Method of processing graphics with limited memory

A method for combining layers of an image represented using an intermediate format receives at least two layers from the plurality of layers to be combined and estimates resources required to combine the received layers using a first combining operation. The first combining operation comprises at least rasterising data of the received layers.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Buffer display techniques

Buffer display techniques are described. In one or more implementations, at least part of an off-screen buffer is rasterized by an application to generate an item for display by the computing device.
Microsoft Corporation

Support for food articles

The present utility model relates to an improvement introduced in a support for food articles (10), preferably, for receiving easter eggs, comprising a material piece consisting of a base (20); at least two side walls (30, 30′) extending vertically; at least one fastening element (40, 40′) located at the end of each of said at least two side walls (30, 30′): and at least two projections (60, 60′), opposite each other, extending from the base (20), said at least two projections extending vertically.. .
Intercontinental Great Brands Llc

Laser melt particle injection hardfacing

A method for hardfacing a surface including: depositing a powder (68) having alloy particles onto a surface (70) of a substrate (66); rastering a laser beam (60) across the surface to melt the powder and to form a weld pool (78) having a width (64); directing particles (74) of a material exhibiting a different property than the substrate into the weld pool in a spray pattern having a width less than the width of the weld pool; and establishing the rastering and directing steps such that material circulation within the weld pool is effective to distribute the particles in the weld pool into a pattern having a width greater than the width of the spray pattern prior to re-solidification of the weld pool.. .

Mounting plate and castor, if appropriate with a mounting plate

The invention relates to a mounting plate (4) which is placeable on a fork (3) or a rotary bearing of a caster (1) and which is connectable to the fork (3) or to a part of the rotary bearing (43), the invention also relating to a caster (1) comprising a fork (3) and/or a rotary bearing (43), and also a wheel (2), and a mounting plate (4) that is disposed at the upper side of the fork (4) and/or the rotary bearing (43), as well as a caster (1) comprising a wheel (2) and a fork (3), the fork (3) being rotatable relative to a locking part (33) about a vertical axis (a), and a first spring part (21) that is fixed to the fork being provided for interacting with the locking part (33) with regard to rotational locking. In order to provide a configuration of a mounting plate that is advantageous with regard to a lockable caster, and/or to provide an advantageous caster having a locking device and a mounting plate, and/or to provide an advantageous embodiment of a caster having a locking device, it is proposed that a transmission part (7) is provided on the underside on the mounting plate (4) and is connected thereto for locking the caster (1), the transmission part (7) to be acted on by a sliding part (8) that likewise is connected to the mounting plate (4)..
Tente Gmbh & Co. Kg

Method for making functionalized silica for rubber masterbatch

A method for blending functionalized silica with styrene butadiene rubber or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber can include silica and an organosilane chemically and covalently bound to a surface of the silica. The organosilane can be derived from an organic silane with a functional group.
Lion Copolymer Holdings, Llc

Airworthy can bus system

The invention relates to an airworthy can bus system having a plurality of subscribers which are networked to one another by a can bus having dual redundancy and are able to interchange data, wherein a bus master polls the other bus subscribers at regular intervals and supplies them with data, and the bus master and all the other bus subscribers are of two-channel design, with each channel independently delivering data and at the same time being able to concomitantly read the data from the respective other channel.. .
Cassidian Airborne Solutions Gmbh

Caster mounting interface for industrial cart

An industrial cart has a caster interface which allows for the quick changing of wheel casters on the cart without the use of tools. The caster interface forms a three-sided pocket into which a wheeled caster seats.
Greenlee Textron Inc.

Integrated system of independently-variable multi-wheel steering and road contact geometry

Wheel assembly for a vehicle includes a wheel, at least one lower suspension link and an upper attachment joint, both being able to be attached to the vehicle, the wheel being able to rotate at 360° to steer the vehicle around a pivot line positioned by said at least one lower suspension link and said upper attachment joint once attached to the vehicle, a projection of the pivot line onto a vertical projection plane comprising a vertical axis passing through a contact point between the wheel and ground defining a caster angle with said vertical axis. The caster angle can be adjusted within a predetermined range, whatever the orientation of the projection plane.

Process for preparing a conductive composition using a masterbatch

The present invention relates to a composition comprising polystyrene or modified-polystyrene or a mixture thereof, said polystyrene or modified-polystyrene or mixture thereof further comprising carbon nanotubes; wherein the composition comprises a polyolefin; and wherein the composition comprises at most 1.90% by weight of carbon nanotubes, based on the total weight of the composition. The present invention also relates to a method for the preparation of the composition, wherein the carbon nanotubes are provided in polyolefin or styrenic copolymer masterbatch..
Total Research & Technology Feluy

System and data disaster recovery

A system includes a production computer machine that includes an operating system and a driver stack. The driver stack includes a file system layer, a recovery driver, a storage layer, a driver layer, a bus driver layer, and a storage device.
Ca, Inc.

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