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This page is updated frequently with new Aster-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aster-related patents
 Fine grain rights management of streaming content patent thumbnailFine grain rights management of streaming content
The present invention provides methods, apparatuses, and systems for delivering protected streaming content to a receiving device. In an aspect of the present invention, a broadcaster provides streaming content.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Serial peripheral interface daisy chain communication with an in-frame response patent thumbnailSerial peripheral interface daisy chain communication with an in-frame response
In one example, a master device connected in a serial-peripheral interface (spi) daisy chain configuration with a plurality of servant devices, wherein the master device is configured to output a master data output to a first servant data input of a first servant device of a plurality of servant devices, wherein the plurality of servant devices are connected in a serial-peripheral interface (spi) daisy chain configuration with the master device. The master device further configured to receive a master data input from a last servant device of the plurality of servant devices, wherein the master data input comprises an in-frame response of the plurality of servant devices, and wherein the in-frame response is received by the master device in a single spi communication frame..
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Dynamic protection of storage resources for disaster recovery patent thumbnailDynamic protection of storage resources for disaster recovery
A recovery manager discovers replication properties of datastores stored in a storage array, and assigns custom tags to the datastores indicating the discovered replication properties. A user may create storage profiles with rules using any combination of these custom tags describe replication properties.
Vmware, Inc.

 Drifting kart patent thumbnailDrifting kart
Drifting karts in accordance with embodiments of the invention are described that include a front wheel drive train and rear caster wheels that can be dynamically engaged to induce and control drift during a turn. One embodiment of the invention includes a chassis to which a steering column is mounted, where the steering column includes at least one front steerable wheel configured to be driven by an electric motor, a battery housing mounted to the chassis, where the battery housing contains a controller and at least one battery, wiring configured to provide power from the at least one battery to the electric motor, two caster wheels mounted to the chassis, where each caster wheel is configured to rotate around a rotational axis and swivel around a swivel axis, and a hand lever configured to dynamically engage the caster wheels to induce and control drift during a turn..

 Printing an authentication pattern with multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer patent thumbnailPrinting an authentication pattern with multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer
A method for printing an authentication pattern wherein, using a multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer, the pattern is printed on a substrate and only contains a small number of black pixels per raster. The resolution in the travel direction x of the substrate and in direction y of the rasters is thereby largely improved compared with printing in dot-matrix mode..
Markem-imaje Holding

 Creeper tool device patent thumbnailCreeper tool device
A creeper tool device ensures that tools and fasteners are readily accessible while working on an underbody of a vehicle. The device includes a support member having a top surface, a bottom surface, a first end, a second end and a pair of opposed sides extending between the first end and the second end.

 Modular storage and work station patent thumbnailModular storage and work station
A modular storage of modular storage units defined by plural hollow elongate support members having longitudinal ends including apertures into which vertical connection members can be inserted to connect adjacent modules. The inserts may be of a predetermined length to connect two horizontally adjacent modules or a length twice the predetermined length to connect two horizontally adjacent modules.
Hmc Holdings, Llc

 Image forming apparatus and image forming method patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus and image forming method
A sheet size determining portion determines, upon start of execution of a print job, whether or not a sheet size corresponding to raster image data to be printed in the print job matches a sheet size of a sheet conveyed in the print job. A size error detecting portion determines, in a case where the sheet size corresponding to the raster image data does not match the sheet size of the sheet, whether or not a print pixel to be printed exists in an excess region of the raster image data that is outside the sheet size of the sheet.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Method and  dimensional proximity sensing for the visually impaired patent thumbnailMethod and dimensional proximity sensing for the visually impaired
A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and apparatus for providing a dimension and a proximity of an object are disclosed. For example, the method receives a three dimensional depth map expressed as a two dimensional array of gray values, rasterizes the two dimensional array of gray values into vertical scan lines and horizontal scan lines for a left speaker and a right speaker and converts the vertical scan lines and the horizontal scan lines into a double beep, wherein a first beep of the double beep represents a vertical dimension of the object, the second beep of the double beep represents a horizontal dimension of the object, an intensity of each beep of the double beep represents the proximity of the object and a frequency spectrum of the double beep represents a shape of the object..
Xerox Corporation

 Filtered shadow mapping patent thumbnailFiltered shadow mapping
A layered, filtered shadow mapping algorithm may be used for motion blurred shadows. The algorithm is divided into two passes, namely a shadow pass and a lighting pass.
Intel Corporation


Accounting exchange and automated settlement systems and methods

Example embodiments include systems using computer hardware processors receiving user input and a master database storing transaction information. The processor receives transaction information from a buyer or seller and treats the transaction information based on desired formats and/or information in the master database.


Stream-processing data

A method for stream-processing data including a missing part in real time and thereafter updating the result of the stream processing. A technique for processing data is included.
International Business Machines Corporation


High availability protection for asynchronous disaster recovery

A computer-implemented method, carried out by one or more processors, for a modified asynchronous replication session. In an embodiment, the method comprises the steps of acquiring a lock on a volume configuration, where the lock prevents changes to the volume configuration between a first volume and a second volume at a remote site.
International Business Machines Corporation


Disaster recovery system

Disclosed herein is a computer implemented method of performing recovery for a customer server system that has an associated backup of server system data of the customer server system, the method comprising the steps of: receiving a server recovery request at a portal for a rebuild of at least part of the customer server system; and, sending a request from the portal to a cloud-based data centre for on-demand provisioning of cloud-based server resources, wherein the request includes information on the location of at least part of the backup of the server system data to enable the deployment of a rebuild of at least part of the customer server system at the cloud-based data centre. Advantages include a user being able to easily manage disaster recovery testing as well as actual live recovery operations.
Silverstring Ltd.


Multi-site disaster recovery consistency group for heterogeneous systems

Methods and arrangements for managing a consistency group for computing sites. A plurality of computing sites are communicated with, each of the sites comprising one or more of (i) and (ii): (i) at least one virtual machine; and (ii) at least one server.
International Business Machines Corporation


Offline deduplication for solid-state storage devices

A method for managing a flash storage system includes reading flash data units from flash memory into a buffer, wherein each of the flash data units includes host data units, and determining an identifier for each host data unit. The method includes selecting a set of unique identifiers from the determined identifiers based on a number of host data units sharing the respective unique identifier.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Consistent data retrieval in a multi-site computing infrastructure

Embodiments of the invention relate to dynamic application migration in a shared pool of configurable computer resources with disaster recovery support. Write operations are executed by an application at a first data site.
International Business Machines Corporation


Consistent slip masterbatch for polyethylene films

A masterbatch of additives is useful for maintaining a constant and reduced coefficient of friction in polyethylene (pe) based films. The masterbatch is a compounded blend of siloxane additive in conjunction with a mineral, a cyclic olefin copolymer and, optionally, an antioxidant.
Ingenia Polymers, Inc.


Article receiving device

A receiving device that is connected to a sheet processing device to receive a sheet comprising: a receiving port that receives the sheet discharged from a discharge port of the sheet processing device: casters that support the receiving device on a floor; and a roller that rides up a support part provided with the sheet processing device at the time of connecting the receiving device and the sheet processing device to receive a part of the weight of the receiving device on the support part, wherein when the roller rides up the support part, a part of the casters floats up from the floor, and the receiving port is positioned to the discharge port.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Mounted apparatus and system

A mounted apparatus includes a base portion and a caster provided to the base portion. The caster moves along an installation surface, whereby the mounted apparatus is detachably attached to a mounting apparatus; in a state where the mounted apparatus is attached to the mounting apparatus, the base portion is disposed in a region where the base portion overlaps with a base portion of the mounting apparatus with respect to an mounting direction; and the base portion of the mounted apparatus is disposed at a position that does not interfere with the base portion of the mounting apparatus in a height direction..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus control method

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment performs ultrasonic scans having a plurality of times of ultrasonic transmission and reception as a basic unit, and acquires reception signals respectively for reception rasters allocated with respect to a predetermined region of a subject. The apparatus generates first signals corresponding to the reception rasters respectively by performing adding processing or low-pass filtering having a time of the ultrasonic scan as a unit with respect to the reception signals respectively acquired for the reception rasters, and acquires power information of a moving body in the predetermined region based on a second signal to be obtained by performing an mti filtering with respect to the first signals.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Structured channel rasters for unlicensed spectrum

Techniques for structured channel rasters for unlicensed spectrum are described. In an aspect, a first channel raster is identified, where the first channel raster is determined from a set of carrier frequencies and is used over an unlicensed or shared spectrum for a wireless wide area network (wwan).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Password protected stream receivers

A content stream caster can transfer playing of a content stream from the content stream caster to any of a plurality of stream receivers. The content stream caster wirelessly initiates contact with one of a plurality of stream receivers after which the content stream caster must authenticate with the receiver before the receiver permits the receiving of a url identifying the location of the content source.
Vizio Inc.


Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium

An image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of points defining a plurality of line segments constituting an outline of an object, an identification unit configured to identify a first line segment constituting the outline and having a shorter distance to a second line segment constituting the outline in a predetermined direction than a threshold by calculating a distance in the predetermined direction between the first line segment and the second line segment based on coordinates of the plurality of points, a correction unit configured to perform correction relating to an end point of the identified first line segment which is included in the plurality of points, and a rasterization unit configured to rasterize the object based on the plurality of corrected points.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Server clustering in mobile computing environment

A clustered server system and a method for maintaining a server cluster involve a plurality of servers that collectively form a server cluster. A master database stores configuration information concerning the server cluster.
Sybase 365, Inc.


System and displaying an elevation line from a raster image

A computer-implemented method includes receiving an input that includes a start point and an end point on a raster image. The method further includes generating a line of interest on the raster image that connects the start point and the end point.
Caterpillar Inc.


Position-only shading pipeline

In position-only shading, two geometry pipes exist, a trimmed down version called the cull pipe and a full version called the replay pipe. Thus, the cull pipe executes the position shaders in parallel with the main application, but typically generates the critical results much faster as it fetches and shades only the position attribute of the vertices and avoids the rasterization as well as the rendering of pixels for the frame buffer.


Image forming apparatus and image processing device

An image forming apparatus includes an image forming section and an image processing section. The image forming section forms an image on a recording medium.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Chained cpp command

A chained command/push/pull (cpp) bus command is output by a first device and is sent from a cpp bus master interface across a set of command conductors of a cpp bus to a second device. The chained cpp command includes a reference value.
Netronome Systems, Inc.


Systems and methods for resynchronizing mirroring partners in a storage system

Systems and methods which provide for managing multiple minor resources in a storage distribution network are provided. In some embodiments, a system provides for both high availability and disaster recovery functionality at different mirroring locations.
Netapp Inc.


System and handling multi-node failures in a disaster recovery cluster

A system and method for handling multi-node failures in a disaster recovery cluster is provided. In the event of an error condition, a switchover operation occurs from the failed nodes to one or more surviving nodes.
Netapp, Inc.


System and printable document job submission

In some embodiments, a method which includes receiving an indication of the presence of a first message from a first client device, the first message including a first specification file and a first network address associated with a first print data file. The method includes retrieving the first print data file from the first network address.
Pti Marketing Technologies Inc.


Leak-proof gel casting device for vertical protein electrophoresis system

Disclosed is a leak-proof gel casting device for a vertical protein electrophoresis system which includes a gel caster which has a plurality of compartments and a sealing pad which is inserted to the compartments of the gel cater, and is formed to wrap around both sides and an edge of a lower side of a plate set. The present invention with a simple structure is capable of being manufactured at a low cost, does not require frequent replacement because of its long-term durability, and is highly effective in preventing the leakage of the gel placed in the gap between the plates..


Extruded deposition of polymers having continuous carbon nanotube reinforcements

A composite part is fabricated by rastering a deposition head over a substrate, and additively forming part features by extruding a polymer having an entrained continuous nanotube reinforcement from the deposition head onto a substrate.. .
The Boeing Company


Extruded deposition of fiber reinforced polymers

A fiber reinforced polymer part is fabricated by rastering a deposition head over a substrate, and additively forming part features by extruding a polymer having an entrained continuous reinforcement from the deposition head onto a substrate.. .
The Boeing Company


Method and pre-fetching remote resources for subsequent display on a mobile computing device

A computer-implemented method and system for pre-fetching remote resource data from a remote mapping system for display on a client computing device is disclosed. Data received at a client device from an online mapping system in response to a query from the client device includes vector and remote resource data.
Google Inc.


Mini slat folding door

The invention provides a flexible folding door adopted to be attached to an existing door jamb comprising a plurality of mini slats. A subplurality of mini slats are bounded on a forward end by a clip to establish a non-folding bound panel segment of the door.
Hoggan Internacional Sa


Transport dollies

In one embodiment, a transport dolly includes a base having a generally horizontal platform adapted to support an object to be moved and generally vertical side walls that extend downward from edges of the platform toward a floor or ground surface, and casters mounted to a bottom surface of the platform between the side walls, the casters being dimensioned such that bottom edges of the side walls nearly touch the floor or ground surface such that the casters are enclosed and protected by the side walls.. .


Patient care bed

A caster locking mechanism includes a foot movable between retracted and extended positions, a lock bar movable from an unlocked to a locked position, a release bar movable from an initial to a release position, and a lock and release assembly. The lock and release assembly includes a guide plate defining a slot, a rocker coupled to the lock bar and including a protrusion slidably disposed within the slot, and a release member coupled to the release bar and including a protrusion slidably disposed within the slot.
Drive Medical Design & Mfg.


Encrypted streams to receivers

Techniques to ensure that a content stream will be encrypted prior to it being served it to the stream receiver if either the stream receiver returned an initial status to the stream caster indicating that only encrypted streams will be accepted or if the user of the stream caster optioned that only encrypted streams will be cast. The invention consists of a stream casting device capable of locally sourcing and encrypting streams, a content stream server capable of sourcing encrypted streams and encrypting streams on the fly, a stream receiver device, and software applications and/or hardware devices to manage key exchanges, encryption, and decryption across the devices serving streams, and stream receiving devices.
Vizio Inc.


Enhanced anti-aliasing by varying sample patterns spatially and/or temporally

A raster unit is configured to generate different sample patterns for adjacent pixels within a given frame. In addition, the raster unit may adjust the sample patterns between frames.
Nvidia Corporation


Enhanced anti-aliasing by varying sample patterns spatially and/or temporally

A raster unit is configured to generate different sample patterns for adjacent pixels within a given frame. In addition, the raster unit may adjust the sample patterns between frames.
Nvidia Corporation


Printer control device and non-transitory computer readable medium

A printer control device includes: a rasterized data generation unit that generates rasterized data for a first printer; a setting information obtainment unit that obtains setting information that is related to drawing of a mark image for a second printer in the generated rasterized data and a mark drawing unit that draws the mark image for the second printer in the generated rasterized data on the basis of the setting information.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

An illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus includes an optical integrator that includes an array of optical raster elements. A condenser superimposes the light beams associated with the optical raster elements in a common field plane.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Method of preparing antimicrobial 3d-printing filament

Disclosed is a method of preparing an antimicrobial 3d-printing filament, comprising: providing a first mixture comprising a plastic resin and at least one antimicrobial agent selected from the group consisting of an inorganic antimicrobial agent, an organic antimicrobial agent, a metal antimicrobial agent, an ammonium salt antimicrobial agent, a guanidine antimicrobial agent, a copper compound antimicrobial agent, a sustained-release polymer antimicrobial agent, and a natural antimicrobial agent; providing a master batch by extruding the first mixture; and preparing an antimicrobial filament by excluding a second mixture containing the master batch and the plastic resin.. .
Bnk Co., Ltd.


Method for producing a metal strip by casting and rolling

A method for producing a metal strip (1) by casting and rolling, wherein first a slab (3) is cast in a caster (2) by dispensing metal from a mold (4), wherein the slab (3) is deflected from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction in the region of a strand guide (5), wherein the slab (3) is then tempered in a furnace (6), wherein the slab (3) is rolled in a rolling train (7) after the furnace (6) and wherein the slab (3) is processed either in discontinuous batch operation or in continuous or semi-continuous operation in dependence on a specified manner of operation. According to the invention, in order to create optimal process conditions for all desired operating modes, the slab (3) to be rolled or the metal strip (1) being rolled is subjected to heating in the region of the rolling train (7) at least between two roll stands (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) by means of an inductor (15)..
Sms Siemag Ag


Combination physiologic sensor

A multi sensor module especially designed for use in sleep-study applications includes a pvdf film piezoelectric transducer enclosed between an upper layer of a single-sided adhesive tape strip and a lower layer of a double-sided adhesive tape strip. Also adhesively affixed to the upper single-sided adhesive tape strip, but not overlaid by the lower double-sided adhesive tape strip are first and second conductive electrodes.
Dymedix Corporation


Expandable animal crate

An expandable animal crate that expands and retracts in order to receive various sized animals therein. The expandable animal crate includes a first enclosing member adjustably disposed within a second enclosing member, wherein each enclosing member includes a base, one or more sidewalls, an open sidewall, and a top wall.


System and remote shadow rendering in a 3d virtual environment

A method for rendering shadows in a 3d virtual environment includes generating a depth rasterization map corresponding to a plurality of objects in a three-dimensional virtual environment and a shadow interval map with reference to the depth map and a predetermined path of a light source in the environment that casts light onto at least one object in the plurality of objects that generates a shadow in the three-dimensional virtual environment with a server computing device. The method includes transmitting the shadow interval map from the server to a client and generating, with a processor in the client, a graphical depiction of the virtual environment including at least one shadow generated with reference to the shadow interval map, the at least one shadow corresponding to the light source and the plurality of objects in the virtual environment..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Image raster rotation

A method allows changing an image raster direction from an application raster direction to a screen raster direction, in-flight while pixel values of an image are transferred successively from an application output memory to a display unit. A single buffer memory array is implemented between the application output memory and the display unit.
St-ericsson Sa


Method and system for validating information

A method for maintaining the validity of data includes receiving, by a master data management (mdm) system and from a requesting system, a request to view information stored in master data of the mdm system. The mdm system communicates the information to the requesting system.
Accenture Global Services Limited


Bus master, bus system, and bus control method

There is provided: an access generation unit (111) that generates a command information item including a transfer type indicating a type of transfer request requesting a data transfer and a transfer target address of a bus slave to which the transfer request is directed; a command queue (112) that stores a plurality of command information items generated by the access generation unit (111); a transfer request output sequence control unit (114) that selects second command information item before first command information item as output target command information item from the plurality of command information items stored in the command queue (112), the second command information item including a transfer target address possessed by a second bus slave that responds more slowly than a first bus slave possessing the transfer target address included in the first command information item; and a transfer request output unit (115) that outputs the command information item selected by the transfer request output sequence control unit (114).. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Storage policy-based automation of protection for disaster recovery

Exemplary methods, apparatuses, and systems include a recovery manager receiving selection of a storage profile to be protected. The storage profile is an abstraction of a set of one or more logical storage devices that are treated as a single entity based upon common storage capabilities.
Vmware, Inc.


Preventing migration of a virtual machine from affecting disaster recovery of replica

A storage migration engine and a recovery manager are provided that enable failover operations to be performed in situations where storage migration and array-based replication are involved. The storage migration engine stores information related to storage migrations directly into a source datastore and a destination datastore, which are then replicated over to a recovery site.
Vmware, Inc.


Preventing migration of a virtual machine from affecting disaster recovery of replica

To prevent a user from initiating potentially dangerous virtual machine migrations, a storage migration engine is configured to be aware of replication properties for a source datastore and a destination datastore. The replication properties are obtained from a storage array configured to provide array-based replication.
Vmware, Inc.


Swivel caster

A mobile cart such as a jogging stroller includes a frame and a swivel caster coupled to the frame. The swivel caster is arranged to swivel relative to the frame about a swivel axis..
Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc.


Live video broadcasting mobile application for social sharing

An approach for creation of a live video broadcasting mobile application for social sharing of digital streamed video data focused on providing the individual broadcaster with a quality of service normally provided to professional live broadcasting networks that senses the type of environment a user is currently using and provides all the features including global reach, unlimited viewer scaling, viewing control, viewer notification, high quality video delivery, and features that provide payout to viewers based on advertising revenue.. .


Configuration of peered cluster storage environment organized as disaster recovery group

A technique efficiently configures a peered cluster storage environment. The configuration technique illustratively includes three phases: a discovery phase, a node setup phase and a cluster setup phase.
Netapp, Inc.


Disaster recovery with a central conferencing routing server

Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for collaboration conferencing with multiple participants over a communications network, and more specifically for a conferencing routing service for managing and routing collaboration participants. In one embodiment, the conferencing routing server is configured to respond to a failure in a conference bridge to allow for repair to the network and/or account for split conferences that may occur due to the bridge failure.
Level 3 Communications, Llc


Time-continuous collision detection using 3d rasterization

We present a technique that utilizes a motion blur (three dimensional) rasterizer to augment the pcs culling technique so that it can be used for continuous collision detection, which to the best of our knowledge has not been done before for motion blur using a graphics processor.. .


Image processing techniques

Techniques are described that can delay or even prevent use of memory to store triangles associated with tiles as well as processing resources associated with vertex shading and binning triangles. The techniques can also provide better load balancing among a set of cores, and hence provide better performance.


System and matching identities among disparate physician records

Event records are matched to stored files in a master database. Each new event record is compared to entries in the stored files to determine whether a perfect match, a consistent match, or a fuzzy match is found.
Truthmd, Llc.


Method for avoiding conflicts in database cluster

A method for avoiding conflicts in a multi-master database cluster is provided. A set of hot spots is identified in the database cluster.
Codership Oy


System, image processing apparatus, server and controlling thereof

The present invention includes an image processing apparatus provided with a storage unit storing a setting value for defining operation content of the image processing apparatus and specification management information relating to a specification of the setting value; when the stored setting value is changed, information relating to the change to the setting value is communicated to a server configured to manage master data for the setting value, and when information concerning a change to the master data of the server is received, stored setting information is changed, and the specification management information is transmitted to the server.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Shape inspection device

A raised and depressed plate has a base surface, a raised surface, and a depressed surface. A mask processing section is configured to use mask data in which a given region and the remaining region in each of the base surface, the raised surface and the depressed surface are defined as a valid region and an invalid region, respectively, to extract measurement data of the valid regions from measurement data obtained from the sidewall surface of the master disk.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Resin additive masterbatch and polyolefin resin composition to which said resin additive masterbatch has been admixed

The resin additive masterbatch is characterized by comprising, with respect to 100 parts by mass of (a) a polyolefin resin: 50 to 200 parts by mass of (b) a resin additive having a melting point of not higher than 65° c.; and 10 to 20 parts by mass of (c) an inorganic layered compound.. .


Rubber products based on improved nbr masterbatch

Processes for dispersing nanocarbon into nbr rubber in a substantially uniform manner, nanocarbon-reinforced nbr produced by the process, and articles of manufacture produced from the nanocarbon-reinforced nbr are disclosed. The process involves preparing a nanocarbon dispersion, which optionally includes a surfactant, stabilizing agent and/or dispersant, ensuring that the nanocarbon does not include agglomerates, and mixing the dispersion with an nbr latex.


Novel intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner

The present invention relates to the field of dust collectors, in particular to a novel intelligent clean robot. The present invention provides a novel intelligent clean robot, which comprises a main body and drive wheels, cleaning brushes, a caster, induction lamp assemblies, a suction port assembly, a storage box assembly, a fan assembly and a battery pack disposed in the main body and further comprises a front bumper disposed on the outside of the main body.
Shenzhen Bona Robot Technology Co., Ltd.


Method and device for automatic insertion of proof sheets in running printing applications in digital printing systems

In a method or controller to execute a proof job of a copy print job, the proof job including a printing of a proof sheet, at a first point in time first raster data for the print sheet of the copy print job is provided. After expiration of a first provisioning time period at least one first job is inserted for printing a plurality of copies of the print sheet into a print buffer.
Oce Printing Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg


Methods and systems for replicating an expandable storage volume

Machine implemented method and system for generating a disaster recovery copy of an expandable storage volume having a namespace for storing information for accessing data objects stored at a data constituent volume is provided. A transfer operation for transferring a point in time copy of the expandable storage volume from a first location to a second location is generated.
Netapp Inc.


Replication of virtualized infrastructure within distributed computing environments

A management platform, which includes a plurality of virtual machines, wherein one virtual machine utilizes a first hypervisor and is linked to resources in a first virtual environment of an enterprise data center, and one virtual machine uses a second heterogeneous hypervisor and is linked to resources in a second virtual environment of a cloud. A user interface allows a user to set a policy with respect to disaster recovery of the computing resources of the enterprise data center.
Onecloud Labs, Inc.


Impact-modified polyamide compositions

Described herein are polyamide compositions and processes for producing polyamide compositions, comprising: (i) a polyamide, (ii) an olefin-maleic anhydride copolymer (on its own or in a master batch form), and (iii) an impact modifier (or an elastomeric polymer with an optional compatibilizer), which exhibit enhanced ambient and low temperature impact strength complimented by excellent thermal, tensile and flexural properties.. .


Portable flow sink

A portable sink includes a container for holding wash water, an inlet line to bring fresh water into the container, and an outlet line to remove wastewater from the container. A float valve on the inlet line maintains wash water at a selected level within the container.


Particulate solid metering and mixing system for rotary seed broadcaster used for sowing in agricultural sowing machines

A metering and mixing system of particulate solids for seed rotary dispenser in agricultural equipment for sowing, where the seed rotary dispenser is of a type comprised by a cylindrical compartment with circular cross-section and low height, which is mounted under a small seed feeder bin; being such seed rotary dispenser driven at the bottom by a miter gear coupled to the planter driving system, which provides rotation to a spinning disc provided with a number of calibrated orifices and with a ring which is mounted facing the disc and which has an passage opening through which the seeds housed in the disc holes fall in a given point of the device, given point of the device, being provided between the seed bin and the rotary dispenser a metering and mixing equipment for particulate solids.. .


Image decoding device and method

The present disclosure relates to an image decoding device and method capable of suppressing an increase in an encoding or decoding load. The present disclosure includes: a decoding section configured to decode encoded data obtained by encoding image data for each of a plurality of certain areas obtained by dividing a picture using a plurality of blocks obtained by dividing the area as processing units, for each of the areas; a reordering section configured to reorder decoding results of the encoded data of the respective blocks obtained for the respective areas by the decoding section in a raster scan order of the entire picture; and a transform section configured to transform the decoding results of the respective blocks reordered in the raster scan order of the entire picture by the reordering section and generate decoded image data.
Sony Corporation


Scaling up and scaling out of a server architecture for large scale real-time applications

Scaling up and scaling out of a server architecture for large scale real-time applications is provided. A group of users may be provisioned by assigning them to a server pool and allotting them to a group.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Target and initiator mode configuration of tape drives for data transfer between source and destination tape drives

Systems and methods that substantially or fully remove a commanding server from a data path (e.g., as part of a data migration, disaster recovery, and/or the like) to improve data movement performance and make additional bandwidth available for other system processes and the like. Broadly, a network interface card (e.g., host bus adapter (hba)) of a tape drive may be configured in both a target mode to allow the tape drive to be a recipient of control commands from a server to request and/or otherwise obtain data from one or more source tape drives, and in an initiator mode to allow the tape drive to send commands to the one or more tape drives specified in the commands received from the server to request/read data from and/or write data to such one or more tape drives..
Oracle International Corporation


Synchronization testing of active clustered servers

In a computing device that performs synchronization testing of a plurality of active clustered servers, a request to check synchronization between slave data stored and master data is received. The request includes master synchronization test values computed by a master node that include a number of records included in a dataset and a sum of modification time values for the records.
Sas Institute Inc.


Vehicle service platform

A vehicle service platform supporting a user while working underneath a dashboard of a vehicle. The vehicle service platform includes an upper frame, a lower frame, a scissor lift, a jackscrew, a plurality of casters, a support cushion, a headrest and an actuating crossbar.


Enhanced node b (enb) and mtc coexistence

Embodiments of a machine-type communication (mtc) user equipment (ue) and methods for configuring a mtc ue using an evolved node b (enb) are generally described herein. A method for configuring a ue for communication performed by circuitry of an evolved node b (enb) may include broadcasting, from the enb, a physical downlink control channel (pdcch) transmission on a licensed band, transmitting, from the enb to the ue, a physical broadcast channel (pbch) transmission multiplexed with a machine-type communication (mtc) pbch (m-pbch) transmission, the m-pbch transmission including a mtc master information block (m-mib) in a mtc region of the licensed band, wherein the mtc region includes a subset of frequencies of the licensed band, and transmitting, from the enb to the ue, a first data transmission on the mtc region in a downlink..


Automatic cloud-based disaster recovery system

Restoration devices in a cloud storage system are paired with source containers associated with a mainframe computer, and series of commands are generated based on the pairings to cause copies of data at the source containers to be stored to the restoration devices. A point-in-time copy of the copy of the data at the source containers may be stored to some restoration devices, and a second copy of the data may be stored to other restoration devices.
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Transportable hybrid power system

A transportable, deployable power system comprising a hybrid power box containing solar panels, wind turbine(s), fuel cells, fuel reformers, and other energy sources. The system could also include waste water and potable water inlet and outlet ports for water treatment.

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