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 Processing  for device to device (d2d) discovery patent thumbnailProcessing for device to device (d2d) discovery
A processing method and device for device to device (d2d) discovery are provided. The method includes that: a broadcaster terminal acquires a radio resource in a d2d discovery process; and the broadcaster terminal sends a mode indicator and a broadcast identifier through the radio resource, wherein the mode indicator is used for indicating whether a terminal corresponding to the broadcast identifier is the broadcaster terminal or a target terminal which the broadcaster terminal expects to discover.
Zte Corporation

 Pixel mapping systems and processes using raster-based and vector representation principles patent thumbnailPixel mapping systems and processes using raster-based and vector representation principles
A pixel mapping method for transferring an electronically generated image onto a physical substrate upon which a plurality of lighting elements are applied, the method comprising changing the control points associated with each lighting element by computing the bezier segments interconnecting all of the control points by interpolating two or more control points for each original control point, locating a two-dimensional position of each lighting element, integrating the bezier segments using a numerical approximation algorithm to determine a new two-dimensional position of each lighting element, and storing the new two-dimensional positions of the lighting elements. Thereafter, a dmx control protocol is initiated by computing a pixel position for each lighting element of a source media by interpolating its previously computed position relative to the actual dimensions of the media, applying the rgb color on the source media at each interpolated pixel position, and writing the colors to a dmx buffer..

 System and  generating scalar vector graphics image in an imaginary console patent thumbnailSystem and generating scalar vector graphics image in an imaginary console
The present subject matter discloses system and method for generating a scalar vector graphics (svg) image in an imaginary console. The system receives one or more image parameters, corresponding to the image, from the user.
Intellicus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

 Storage virtual machine relocation patent thumbnailStorage virtual machine relocation
One or more techniques and/or devices are provided for storage virtual machine relocation (e.g., ownership change) between storage clusters. For example, operational statistics of a first storage cluster and a second storage cluster may be evaluated to identify a set of load balancing metrics.
Netapp Inc.

 Mobile, personsize display system and  use patent thumbnailMobile, personsize display system and use
A mobile personsize display system and method of use; in general, a platform, a support frame, a module display frame, an led panel display formed of a plurality of led display modules having a plurality of pixels, four or more casters, a battery powered supply, a media player (electrically communicating with the plurality of display modules for controlling the display of an image(s) on the led panel display, and a removable content storage device and; thus, functions as a rugged person size mobile, light weight, battery powered display to inform customers and passers-by about product and service offerings via a rugged person size mobile light weight battery powered display.. .
Nanolumens Acquisition, Inc.

 System and  printable document job submission patent thumbnailSystem and printable document job submission
In some embodiments, a method which includes receiving an indication of the presence of a first message from a first client device, the first message including a first specification file and a first network address associated with a first print data file. The method includes retrieving the first print data file from the first network address.
Pti Marketing Technologies Inc.

 Raster log digitization system and method patent thumbnailRaster log digitization system and method
A raster log digitization system and method are disclosed. The system and method receives a raster log in which the raster log has one or more values of one or more measurements of a well and each value of each measurement being recorded at a plurality of depths of the well.
Drillinginfo, Inc.

 Thermoplastic polymeric nanocomposite films and related methods patent thumbnailThermoplastic polymeric nanocomposite films and related methods
The disclosure relates to a nanocomposite polymeric film including a thermoplastic polymer matrix such as polypropylene or other polyolefin, a coupling agent-modified organoclay reinforcement, and a polymeric compatibilizer bound to the coupling agent-modified organoclay, in particular as a thin film with controllable thicknesses. The disclosure further relates to masterbatch additives formed from the coupling agent-modified organoclay and the polymeric compatibilizer bound to the coupling agent-modified organoclay as well as related methods for making the nanocomposite polymeric film and/or processing recycled plastics.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

 Renewable replacements for carbon black in composites and methods of making and using thereof patent thumbnailRenewable replacements for carbon black in composites and methods of making and using thereof
Biocarbon is presented as an alternative to synthetic carbon black. Master batches having biocarbon for usage in raw plastics and/or the production of composites.
University Of Guelph

 Caster tip for a continuous casting process patent thumbnailCaster tip for a continuous casting process
A caster tip for a twin roll continuous strip caster for non-ferrous metals. The caster tip includes a caster tip body made primarily of a ceramic material, and an electric resistance heater thermally connected to the caster tip body for pre-heating the caster tip body to a predetermined temperature..
Pyrotek Engineering Materials Limited

Cinematic mastering for virtual reality and augmented reality

An entertainment system provides data to a common screen (e.g., cinema screen) and personal immersive reality devices. For example, a cinematic data distribution server communicates with multiple immersive output devices each configured for providing immersive output (e.g., a virtual reality output) based on a data signal.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Methods to avoid i2c void message in i3c

System, methods and apparatus offer improved coexistence of devices on a serial bus. A bus master coupled to a serial bus transmits a start condition on the serial bus, and a first series of pulses on a clock line of the serial bus, the pulses having a duration that is less than a maximum duration for spikes to be filtered in accordance with the i2c protocol.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Asynchronous and concurrent ray tracing and rasterization rendering processes

Rendering systems that can use combinations of rasterization rendering processes and ray tracing rendering processes are disclosed. In some implementations, these systems perform a rasterization pass to identify visible surfaces of pixels in an image.
Imagination Technologies Limited

Print control device, print system, print control method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

A print control device includes a receiver that receives a print job and a processor that generates image data by rasterizing data of each page of the print job in parallel with a reception of the print job and controls a page order for rasterizing the data of each page. The processor rasterizes the data of each page in an order from a front page until a finish of a reception of data of a predetermined page determined according to a binding format of an output document to be prepared by the print job.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Blockchain system for natural language processing

A blockchain configured system includes a router and a blockchain configured record bank. The router collects data and converts it in a format in accordance with a defined standard.
Netspective Communications Llc

Systems and methods for application-consistent disaster recovery using a virtual storage controller and remote storage

An information handling system may include a processor and a first storage management console comprising a program of executable instructions embodied in non-transitory computer-readable media accessible to the processor, and configured to, when read and executed by the processor: (i) manage input/output between an application and a primary physical storage controller to perform input/output between the application and a storage resource communicatively coupled to primary physical storage container; (ii) asynchronously mirror application-consistent snapshots of data associated with the application from the primary physical storage controller to a storage virtual controller configured to emulate a physical storage controller such that the storage virtual controller stores the snapshots to remote storage geographically remote from the information handling system; (iii) store metadata associated with the application and data stored to the storage resource and the remote storage; and (iv) copy the metadata to a second storage management console executing on a second information handling system geographically remote from the information handling system.. .
Dell Products L.p.

Device expected state monitoring and remediation

In a disaster recovery context, device operation states can he automatically changed from their expected operating states for steady-state operation as soon as a disaster recovery event is triggered. Every operating device with a first expected operating state for steady-state operation may be automatically changed to a second expected operating state when a disaster recovery event is triggered.
Unisys Corporation

Automated energy load forecaster

Energy load forecasts are generated via model(s) for the grid hierarchy elements for different forecast time scale periods as a function of different sets of prioritized contextual influencing factors for respective associated combinations of grid hierarchy elements and forecast time scale periods. Relative priority values of the sets of the contextual influencing factors are iteratively weighted until a revised energy load forecast generated as a function of the weighted values via the model(s) is within a threshold value of a historic energy load data value for the associated combination of the grid hierarchy element and forecast time scale period..
International Business Machines Corporation

Refrigeration apparatus

A refrigeration apparatus (10) is configured to be shipped in generally flat boxes and assembled near a location of use. A plurality of enclosure panels (12) bound an interior area (15).
Danby Products Limited

Person support apparatus with braking system

A person support apparatus includes a base frame with a plurality of caster wheel assemblies, each of the caster wheel assemblies including a caster brake actuator movable between a total braking position and a non-braking position. A linkage system is coupled to the caster brake actuators for controlling the caster brake actuators and is operable to move the caster brake actuators between their total braking positions and their non-braking positions.
Stryker Corporation

Prodrug comprising a drug linker conjugate

Wherein the dashed line indicates the attachment to the amine of the biologically active moiety and wherein r1, r1a, r2, r2a, r3, r3a, x, x1, x2, x3 have the meaning as indicated in the description and the claims and wherein l1 is substituted with one to four groups l2-z and optionally further substituted, provided that the hydrogen marked with the asterisk in formula (i) is not replaced by a substituent; wherein l2 is a single chemical bond or a spacer; and z is a carrier group. The invention also relates to a-l, wherein a is a leaving group, pharmaceutical composition comprising said prodrugs and their use as medicaments..

Compositions for reducing hair loss and/or increasing hair regrowth

The invention relates to a composition comprising 2% to 5% minoxidil, 0.01% to 15% finasteride and 0.01% to 15% of a prostaglandin analogue. In one embodiment, the prostaglandin analogue is latanoprost.
Triple Hair Inc.

Overbed table

An overbed table may have a base support frame with at least three casters and a rechargeable battery. A motor housing with a top wall having an opening may be attached to the base support and a telescoping column that is hollow tubular is attached at a bottom end to the motor housing over the opening to extend upwardly.

System and interacting with a broadcaster via an application

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for facilitating audio access to radio stations via a call-to-listen application on a device. A server can provide a listing of radio stations via an application on a user device, such as a smartphone, receive a selection of a radio station by a user and obtain a phone number associated with the selection.
Audionow Ip Holdings, Llc

Sensor systems and methods utilizing adaptively selected carrier frequencies

A sensor system utilizing adaptively selected carrier frequencies is disclosed. The system includes a system bus, a bus master, and a sensor.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Information processing transmitting images

An information processing apparatus includes an image converter configured to extract a plurality of vertices of an object in a raster image and at least one line connecting the plurality of vertices, and to convert the raster image into vector information expressed by information of the plurality of vertices and the at least one line; and a transmitter configured to transmit the vector information.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Method and system for targeted broadcast advertising

A system and a method for using the system for targeted broadcast advertising includes a broadcasting medium are provided. The system includes a broadcaster configured to provide a multimedia stream to a viewing device through the broadcasting medium; the multimedia stream including a close captioning string; wherein: the broadcaster is further configured to provide advertisements in the multimedia stream according to a correlation between the close captioning string and a plurality of vendor keywords..
Paypal, Inc.

Adaptive baud rate in light-based communication

Light-based communication (lcom) techniques are disclosed for adaptively adjusting the baud rate of a luminaire to optimize the lcom signal transmitted for an intended receiver device. The adaptive baud rate can be adjusted by a process that includes, for example: determining decoding parameters of the receiver device, the device including a camera for receiving lcom signals, and a display.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Sub-sampling raster lines in rolling shutter mode for light-based communication

Light-based communication (lcom) techniques are disclosed for decoding lcom signals using a sub-raster line sampling process. In accordance with an embodiment, a system is provided that is configured to sub-sample each raster line to capture data at a much faster sampling rate, which in turn allows for longer lcom messages and faster response time.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Apparatus and implementing flexible finite differences in a graphics processor

An apparatus and method are described for implementing flexible finite differences in a graphics processor. For example, one embodiment of a graphics processor comprises: pixel shading logic to perform pixel shading operations on pixels associated with a rasterized primitive using covered pixels and uncovered pixels; and helper pixel selection logic to select helper pixels in the rasterized primitive, the helper pixels to be used by the pixel sharing logic for gradient computations, wherein for one or more of the covered pixels, the helper pixel selection logic attempts to identify one or more suitable covered helper pixels and, if no suitable covered helper pixels exist, identifies one or more uncovered helper pixels..

Methods and systems for personalized gamification of media content

Systems and methods for increasing consumer engagement with a multimedia content distribution system through the use of temporal metadata and gamification techniques. Personalized game-like tasks are created, whereby a consumer is enticed to find and access multimedia content containing a specific content element, or “easter egg,” to earn a reward.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Reliance measurement technique in master data management (mdm) repositories and mdm repositories on clouded federated databases with linkages

Provided are techniques for determining trustworthiness of data. Each customer record is assigned a single customer view identifier in a master data management repository.
International Business Machines Corporation

Prioritization of users during disaster recovery

Two or more users of a system are determined. The system includes at least one resource.
International Business Machines Corporation

Data synchronization

One or more techniques and/or computing devices are provided for data synchronization. For example, an in-flight log may be maintained to track storage operations that are received by a first storage node, but have not been committed to both first storage of the first storage node and second storage of a second storage node that has a replication relationship, such as a disaster recovery relationship, with the first storage node.
Netapp Inc.

Resynchronization with compliance data preservation

One or more techniques and/or computing devices are provided for implementing resynchronization operations. For example, a disaster recovery relationship may be established between a source storage volume, hosted by a source storage node, and a destination storage volume hosted by a destination storage node, such that data is replicated from the source storage volume to the destination storage volume for disaster recovery purposes.
Netapp Inc.

Device and system for viewing content using head-mounted display

Provided is a content viewing system using a head-mounted display (hmd), which enables a user to know a popular broadcaster content in real time. A device to be used for content viewing includes: a display unit configured to display, on the head-mounted display, a plurality of virtual displays arranged in a virtual space; a selecting unit configured to select one of the virtual displays based on movement detected by a detector of the head-mounted display; and a playing unit configured to play a content associated with a selected virtual display.
Colopl, Inc.

Microlayer coextrusion for compounding, pelletizing, and masterbatches

The present disclosure generally relates to pelletizing and compounding extrusion die systems. In particular, the present disclosure relates to the cyclical extrusion of materials to generate small sized grain features, generally in the range of micro and nanosized grain features..
Guill Tool & Engineering, Co., Inc.

Side dam with pocket

A side dam for a continuous twin roll caster with a body of refractory material shaped to form a side dam and having edge portions adapted to engage end portions of casting rolls of a twin roll caster and having a nip portion adapted to be adjacent a nip between the casting rolls and having upper portions extending across the side dam to form a lateral restraint for a casting pool of molten metal during operation in the twin roll caster; and a pocket between 5 and 50 mm in depth formed in the body between the edge portions and forming shoulder portions in the body between the edge portions and the pocket adapted to be worn as a casting campaign continues until the pocket is reached and continuing to be worn away at level of base portions of the pocket until casting is completed.. .
Nucor Corporation

Fitness auxiliary device

A fitness auxiliary device includes first and second support boards, a holding rod, a top rod, a pull rod, a caster seat, a buckle member, and casters. The top rod is transversely disposed at upper ends of inclined surfaces of the first and second support boards.

Walking aid device

A walking aid device includes a support body inclusive of a plurality of support elements extending toward the ground. Each support element is coupled to a caster and a brake unit.

Dither mask generation

The dither mask generation method includes: a process of setting a nozzle relative ejection rate which is a control target of the nozzle ejection rate and stipulates a relative using ratio of the individual nozzles; a process of setting a nozzle pattern indicating correspondence relation between individual pixels of the dither mask and the nozzles in charge of recording at respective pixel positions; a process of setting an upper limit to the nozzle ejection rates of the individual nozzles for each raster in a main scanning direction, regarding at least some thresholds; and a process of setting the thresholds to the pixels of the dither mask based on the nozzle relative ejection rate, the nozzle pattern and a limitation by the upper limit.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

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