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Associations patents


This page is updated frequently with new Associations-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Associations-related patents
 Data storage using vectors of vectors patent thumbnailData storage using vectors of vectors
The systems and methods described here can reduce the storage space required (memory and/or disk) to store certain types of data, provide efficient (fast) creation, modification and retrieval of such data, and support such data within the framework of a multi-version database. In some embodiments, the systems and methods can store each field of a set of records as a vector of values, e.g., a data vector.
Kinaxis Inc.

 Topical preparations comprising hyaluronic acid, verbascoside and glycerophosphoinositol patent thumbnailTopical preparations comprising hyaluronic acid, verbascoside and glycerophosphoinositol
The present invention relates to new synergistic associations of hyaluronic acid sodium salt (hana), verbascoside (vb) and glycero-phospho-inositol (gpi), and the use of said associations in therapy, in particular in the topical treatment of inflammatory and painful conditions of the mucosa and/or skin, such as dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, ulcers, decubitus ulcers, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, and in particular vulvodynia and urethritis.. .
Altergon S.a.

 Automated percentage of breast density measurements for full field digital mammography patent thumbnailAutomated percentage of breast density measurements for full field digital mammography
An automated percentage of breast density measure (pda) that analyzes signal dependent noise (sdn) based on a wavelet expansion using full field digital mammography (ffdm). A matched case-control dataset is used with images acquired from a specific direct x-ray capture ffdm system.

 Obituary alerting system and  use patent thumbnailObituary alerting system and use
A method of using an obituary alerting system, comprising: associating a plurality of users with one another in said obituary alerting system 100 based on a one or more associations; indexing a one or more obituary sources; and updating a one or more living users of the deal and related information for a one or more deceased users among said plurality of users based on said one or more obituary source and said one or more associations.. .

 Real-time performance monitoring and improvement technology with tiered access patent thumbnailReal-time performance monitoring and improvement technology with tiered access
A centralized real-time performance monitoring and improvement technology, including methods and system which permit multiple tiers of users, including a manager tier, an interviewer tier and a representative tier to collaborate using a same database to select, under directions from a manager, clients to undergo telephone interviews, by an interviewer perform the telephone interview and provide the results, and a representative review the results of interviews. Personalized results based on tier and client associations are available to representatives in real time to track performance with respect to individual clients and over time.

 Methods and systems for inventory control patent thumbnailMethods and systems for inventory control
According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a method for inventory control. In one embodiment, the method includes storing and maintaining expected associations between international mobile equipment identity (imei) values and international mobile subscriber identity (imsi) values, monitoring signaling in a wireless network to determine observed associations between imei values and imsi values, and determining whether an observed association involving an imei value and an imsi value differs from the expected association for the imei or imsi value.
Device Cloud Networks

 System and  reconstructing cardiac signals associated with a complex rhythm disorder patent thumbnailSystem and reconstructing cardiac signals associated with a complex rhythm disorder
Reconstruction of cardiac information representing a complex rhythm disorder is facilitated by assigning activation onsets to non-discernible beats in low confidence signals based upon time associations relative to activation onsets in adjacent high confidence signals.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Automated response to detection of threat to cloud virtual machine patent thumbnailAutomated response to detection of threat to cloud virtual machine
An approach for responding to a threat in a networked computing environment (e.g., a cloud computing environment) is provided. In an embodiment, a set of associations to a virtual machine (vm) instance are established, each association indicating a relationship between the vm instance and a related vm instance.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Steganographic embedding of executable code patent thumbnailSteganographic embedding of executable code
A method for digital immunity includes identifying a call graph of an executable entity, and mapping nodes of the call graph to a cipher table of obscured information, such that each node based on invariants in the executable entity. A cipher table maintains associations between the invariants and the obscured information.
Digital Immunity Llc

 Method and system for determining political affiliation and attitude trends patent thumbnailMethod and system for determining political affiliation and attitude trends
A method and a system are provided for determining political affiliation and/or attitude trends of a plurality of payment card holders. The method includes retrieving from one or more databases a first set of information comprising payment card transaction information of a plurality of payment card holders, and retrieving from the one or more databases a second set of information comprising external information.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Detection of unauthorized tags

Systems and methods for detecting unauthorized tags are provided. A tag transmission report is received from a tag reader that receives wireless transmissions from a plurality of tags.
Sony Corporation


Dynamic highlighting of repetitions in electronic documents

In a method for dynamically highlighting repetitive text in electronic documents, obtaining one or more user preferences related to a user reading an electronic document. The method further includes determining whether the electronic document contains one or more repetitive text associations, wherein a repetitive text association is data that provides one or more indications of repetitive text segments interspersed within a document.
International Business Machines Corporation


Variants of tnfsf15 and dcr3 associated with crohn's disease

Described herein are methods and compositions related to the discovery of associations in tnfsf15 15 and dcr3 genetic loci across in caucasian, puerto rican, and korean crohn's disease, as demonstrated via trans-ethnic fine mapping. The present invention provides methods of quantifying risk and diagnosing susceptibility to crohn's disease in a subject by determining the presence of one or more risk variants are at the tnfsf15 (or tl1a) and/or dcr3 genetic loci..
Cedars-sinai Medical Center


System and managing thematic information aggregations

Data processing systems, user interfaces and methods are provided, which allow a user to select information sources, to rearrange associations between links to content items in the information sources and thematic information aggregations including the links and to access any of the information sources via the thematic information aggregation which contains the respective link. The user interface may be graphic, highly interactive, user-modifiable and zoomable, and implement elements of semantic analysis to allow the user arrange multiple content items from various sources into thematic information aggregations sharing unified interface, using only links to the content items.
Red Trex Limited


Telematic system with multiple network access devices in a multi-network environment

The present disclosure relates to controlling a terminal system. An example computer-implemented method for controlling a terminal system, which is connectable to multiple provider networks and comprises multiple network access devices (nads) and a computer system, includes reading information on the physical and/or logical location of the terminal system, reading user configurations and provider service layer agreements, and, based on the read information, user configurations, and provider service layer agreements, creating associations between applications to be run on the nads or the terminal system, the nads, and the multiple provider networks.
Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh


Apparatus and reestablishing a security association used for communication between communication devices

A communication apparatus monitors a communication situation of a communication performed using each of a plurality of security associations established between the communication apparatus and a counterpart apparatus, and stores information indicating the communication situation. When a first security association in the plurality of security associations is disconnected, the communication apparatus determines whether the counterpart apparatus uses the disconnected first security association, based on the information.
Fujitsu Limited


Method and managing multimedia content

The invention includes a system, apparatus, and method for storing media content within a service provider network. The system includes multi-service servers associated with access points adapted to allow end-user devices to access the service provider network.
Sound View Innovations, Llc


Initiate events through hidden interactions

System, method, and computer program product to perform an operation comprising defining a plurality of associations between each of a plurality of triggers and a respective event, of a plurality of events, monitoring a communication in a virtual environment between a first user represented by a first avatar and a second user represented by a second avatar, the communication having an explicit meaning to the first and second users, determining that the communication has a predefined meaning between the first user and the second user, determining that the communication is defined as a first trigger, of the plurality of triggers, based on the communication having the predefined meaning, identifying a first association, of the plurality of associations, between the first trigger and a first event, of the plurality of events, and triggering the first event in the virtual environment based on the first association.. .
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


System and content collection, cataloging, and collaboration

Mobile and web applications for the collection of digital media (photos, video, audio, documents, etc.), cataloging (using metadata in the form of tags), and collaborating (using storage and collaboration software). The applications allow an individual to collect digital content by using the native capabilities on their mobile device, or by uploading content already captured (in storage) and associating it with events and sessions.
Visual Mobile Technologies, Inc.


Device for managing operations of accessories

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus having a processor to detect a gaming accessory stimulation associated with a programmable layer of a number of programmable layers. The processor identifies a substitute gaming accessory stimulation of the programmable layer of the number of programmable layers of the gaming accessory.
Steelseries Aps


Domain classification based on client request behavior

Systems and methods for domain classification using the network request behavior of clients are provided. The network requests of a plurality of clients are analyzed to determine a domain corresponding to each request.
Opendns, Inc.


Securing peer-to-peer and group communications

Systems, methods and apparatus embodiments are described herein for leveraging security associations to enhance security of proximity services. Existing security associations are leveraged to create security associations that are used by proximity services.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Serialized child associations in parent record

A parent record is created, and the parent record includes a cache for children. Child records are created, and each child record belongs to a parent.
Weebly, Inc.


Systems and methods for analyzing document coverage

A system including a memory storing a meaning taxonomy is provided. The meaning taxonomy includes meaning loaded entities and associations between meaning loaded entities and syntactic structures.
Northern Light Group, Llc


Correlating nameserver ipv6 and ipv4 addresses

Nameserver addresses are correlated in a multi-tier name server hierarchy comprising a first level authority for a domain, and one or more second level authorities to which the first level authority delegates with respect to a particular sub-domain associated with the domain. Preferably, the first level authority is ipv4-based and at least one second level authority is ipv6-based.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.


Contextual and holistic credibility

Some embodiments provide a credibility platform for a multi-dimensional, holistic, and real-time derivation and presentation of entity credibility. The holistic derivation of credibility is predicated on attributing context to subjective data using objective data.
Credibility Corp.


Systems and methods for establishing or maintaining a personalized trusted social network

Automated systems and methods are provided for establishing or maintaining a personalized trusted social network for a community of users, with little or no input from any given user. To establish the personalized trusted social network, one or more trusted sources are identified for a given user.
Yahoo! Inc


Composite term index for graph data

This application is directed to an indexing system for graph data. In particular implementations, the indexing system uses a database index infrastructure that provides for flexible search capability to data objects and associations between data objects.
Facebook, Inc.


Method of integrating remote databases by automated client scoping of update requests prior to download via a communications network

A system and method enable the selection of a time range of database records for download from a source database source and for transfer to a recipient database. A specifically bounded time period is selected to limit the number of data records selected for download in a particular action to those records that are individually associated with date time stamp values falling within the specified time period.
Sesame Software Inc.


Dynamic uplink-downlink configuration

A method and apparatus can be configured to determine an uplink-downlink configuration. The method also transmits an indication of the uplink-downlink configuration.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


System and financial transaction management

A system and method providing a financial transaction management tool operable to provide contextual information relating to particular financial transactions is provided. The financial transaction management tool is operable to highlight associations between bank data, source documents and manual or automated financial data.
Wave Accounting Inc.


Personalized product recommendation based on brand personality scale

Brands and users are matched by determining their personalities and pairing them based on user-brand associations. Modeling parameters are estimated based on the personalities of each pair.
International Business Machines Corporation


Dynamic highlighting of repetitions in electronic documents

In a method for dynamically highlighting repetitive text in electronic documents, obtaining one or more user preferences related to a user reading an electronic document. The method further includes determining whether the electronic document contains one or more repetitive text associations, wherein a repetitive text association is data that provides one or more indications of repetitive text segments interspersed within a document.
International Business Machines Corporation


Authorable content rating system

Techniques for generating customized rating systems for use in a dvr are described. According to one technique, a user submits a rating system definition that comprises two or more different ratings of the user's choosing.
Tivo Inc.


Creating associations to a service subscriber

Creating an association between an identity of a telecommunication service subscriber and one or more reviews related to a telecommunication operator providing the service, wherein one or more review values and one or more subscriber features are assigned to one or more defined review topic.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Personalized document content aggregation and document association implemented in a digital rights management system

Methods for managing contents of multiple digital documents for individual users, to generate aggregated documents from multiple documents and/or create associations among multiple documents, based on the user's interactions with multiple digital documents. A document content aggregation method can, on a personalized basis, aggregate contents from multiple digital documents into an aggregated document based on a user's past interactions with the documents.
Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.


Time-variant scheduling of affinity groups on a multi-core processor

Methods and systems for scheduling applications on a multi-core processor are disclosed, which may be based on association of processor cores, application execution environments, and authorizations that permits efficient and practical means to utilize the simultaneous execution capabilities provided by multi-core processors. The algorithm may support definition and scheduling of variable associations between cores and applications (i.e., multiple associations can be defined so that the cores an application is scheduled on can vary over time as well as what other applications are also assigned to the same cores as part of an association).
Green Hills Software, Inc


Retrieving/storing images associated with events

Retrieving and/or storing images associated with events is described. For example, streams of event data comprising text are analyzed to detect an event and a language component builds an event language model for the event, comprising a plurality of words.
Microsoft Corporation


Implementing management of associations between organization structure elements

An information management solution is disclosed that overcomes drawbacks associated with the ability of traditional hierarchy structures to support complex organizational structures. The information management solution uniquely implements a two-level entity associating map for depicting relationships between entities of a group of entities.
Schoox Inc.


Engine analysis and diagnostic system

A system for analyzing an engine of a vehicle may comprise a computer including a computer processor, a sensor connected to a portion of the vehicle and being configured to provide an engine signature to the computer, a simulator module configured to utilize the computer processor to generate simulated signature features associated with a simulated vehicle having prescribed defects, and a self-learning module configured to utilize the computer processor to learn associations between the simulated signature and prescribed defects. The computer processor may be configured to compare the engine signature with the associations of the self-learning module to produce a probability indicator that the engine has the prescribed defect at a specified intensity associated with a diagnosis of the engine..
Angel Enterprise Systems, Inc.


Methods and arrangements to determine station assignments to restricted access windows in wireless networks

Logic may implement a restricted access window association scheme that uses information provided in traffic indication map (tim) bitmap and restricted access window (raw) parameter set (ps) to determine stations associated with raws. The tim information element (ie) may comprise a bitmap indicating paged and unpaged stations.


Interfrequency and inter-technology neighbor planning on a self-organizing network

In an example, a self-organizing network (son) provides automated interfrequency load balancing for a base station such as a nodeb. The nodeb may provide a plurality of carriers, such as in a plurality of uarfcn frequencies, and the son may provide configuration directives for increasing efficiency.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Interfrequency and inter-technology neighbor planning on a self-organizing network

In an example, a self-organizing network (son) provides automated interfrequency load balancing for a base station such as a nodeb. The nodeb may provide a plurality of carriers, such as in a plurality of uarfcn frequencies, and the son may provide configuration directives for increasing efficiency.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


System and integrating data link messages with a flight plan

In one embodiment, an aerospace system is provided. The aerospace system comprises at least one display unit configured to display flight data and a memory configured to store one or more flight plan associations.
Honeywell International Inc.


Colorstream inventory management system and methodology

An inventory management system and methodology employing a base association algorithm in the assessment of graphical images for an inventory (or safety stock/forecast/supply and/or purchase order) management and engaging procedure designed for systematic calculation of inventory adjustments based on graphical components interpretation and user defined rules. Instead of working with underlying numbers, the disclosed system and methodology works with associative numbers assigned to each component in every time bucket of a graphical chart in reference to its distinct base or calculated runrate.


Application pattern discovery

Api associations among a plurality of service application programming interfaces may be identified by analyzing service api call logs, which contain data associated with invocation of the plurality of application programming interfaces by a plurality of applications, wherein sets of apis that are determined to be called together are identified. For a set of service apis, a plurality of applications that invoke the apis in the set is identified.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for pre-commissioning a wireless lighting control system

Systems and methods for pre-commissioning a wireless lighting control system. The method includes the steps of defining a name of a space having a lighting control installed, scanning in at least one wireless lighting component using a mobile application (“mobile app”), scanning in at least one gateway unit using the mobile app, scanning in at least one peripheral control unit using the mobile app, creating associations with the at least one wireless lighting component, the at least one peripheral control unit, and the at least one gateway unit, installing the at least one wireless lighting component, the at least one peripheral control unit, and the at least one gateway unit, uploading a complete list of products in the space to a system web application using the mobile app, uploading the complete list of products in the space to a gateway unit that controls the space using the system web application, and powering on all of the products in the space..
Ideal Industries, Inc.


Business analysis tool using attribute groups

A single automated accounting and business analysis system is employed to acquire, organize, record, analyze and plan all the relevant financial and non-financial metrics utilized by an individual or group. This includes all the internally generated metrics and external metrics such as data related to the economy, a particular industry, weather conditions, etc.
3-d Business Tools, Llc


System and associating keywords with a web page

A web page optimization engine for optimizing a web page is described. The web page optimization engine includes a keyword mapping engine configured to generate a keyword map including a listing of keywords, where each keyword is associated with one or more web pages.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


System and providing evidence-based evaluation

An approach is provided for determining associations and/or propensity among the word occurrences during a therapy interaction for supporting a procedure. The approach involves parsing captured therapy interaction data to identify one or more word occurrences.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Methods and systems for improved risk scoring of vulnerabilities

A security tool can identify vulnerabilities in a computing system and determine a risk level of the vulnerabilities based on base and optional cvss vectors and additional factors that represent the evolving nature of vulnerabilities. Likewise, the security tool can determine an overall risk for vulnerabilities, an asset, and/or a collection of assets that encompasses a global view of an asset's risk and/or collection of assets' risk, business considerations of an entity that own and controls the asset and/or the collection of assets, and the entity's associations..
Rapid7 Llc


System for searching, recommending, and exploring documents through conceptual associations

According to an aspect, searching, recommending, and exploring documents through conceptual associations includes a method for receiving a plurality of documents and extracting concepts from each of the documents. A degree of relation between each of the documents and concepts in a knowledge base is calculated.
International Business Machines Corporation


System for searching, recommending, and exploring documents through conceptual associations

According to an aspect, searching, recommending, and exploring documents through conceptual associations includes receiving a plurality of documents and extracting concepts from each of the documents. A degree of relation between each of the documents and concepts in a knowledge base is calculated.
International Business Machines Corporation


Data visualization methods, data visualization devices, data visualization apparatuses, and articles of manufacture

Data visualization methods, data visualization devices, data visualization apparatuses, and articles of manufacture are described according to some aspects. In one aspect, a data visualization method includes accessing a plurality of initial documents at a first moment in time, first processing the initial documents providing processed initial documents, first identifying a plurality of first associations of the initial documents using the processed initial documents, generating a first visualization depicting the first associations, accessing a plurality of additional documents at a second moment in time after the first moment in time, second processing the additional documents providing processed additional documents, second identifying a plurality of second associations of the additional documents and at least some of the initial documents, wherein the second identifying comprises identifying using the processed initial documents and the processed additional documents, and generating a second visualization depicting the second associations..
Battelle Memorial Institute


Task association analysis in application maintenance service delivery

Analyzing task associations may compute artifact associations for a plurality of artifacts based on historical task submission logs. From the computed artifact associations, shared artifacts that have artifact association with targeted artifacts that are associated with planned tasks, may be determined.
International Business Machines Corporation


Use of nano-sized phyllosilicate minerals in viscoelastic surfactant fluids

Nano-sized clay minerals enhance the viscosity of aqueous fluids that have increased viscosity due to the presence of viscoelastic surfactants (vess). In one non-limiting theory, the nano-sized phyllosilicate mineral viscosity enhancers associate, link, connect, or relate the ves elongated micelles into associations thereby increasing the viscosity of the fluid, possibly by mechanisms involving chemisorption or surface charge attractions.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Radio communication method, terminal, and base station

A radio communication method including: storing each of a plurality of associations between each resource size and each data size by a terminal, each data size indicating each size of data capable of being transmitted using an associated resource size, receiving specified data, first control information, and second control information from a base station by the terminal, the specified data being mapped across a plurality of radio resources, each of the plurality of radio resources having each specified frequency bandwidth and each specified time period, the first control information indicating the number of the plurality of radio resources, the second control information indicating an individual resource size allocated for the specified data in each of the plurality of radio resources, obtaining a total data size of the specified data by the terminal based on the first control information, the second control information, and the plurality of associations.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Constructing a graph that facilitates provision of exploratory suggestions

Various technologies pertaining to exploratory suggestions are described herein. A computer-implemented graph is constructed, where the graph includes nodes that are representative of aspects and edges that are representative of associations between aspects.
Microsoft Corporation


Method for group update of associations between addresses of a mobile terminal

The invention relates to a method for transmitting a message for updating associations between at least one first address and one second address of a mobile terminal, implemented by a mobile terminal attached, by a plurality of first addresses, to first devices of at least one first packet-switching mobile communication network, said first devices being capable of directing a plurality of communication flows toward the mobile terminal, the method including: a step of obtaining a second address when the mobile terminal is attached to a second device of a second network; a step of generating a group update message, including individual information relating to the plurality of first devices, and information relating to the second device; a step of transmitting the group message to a management device previously associated with the mobile terminal and capable of generating and transmitting individual update messages, from the group update message, to the first devices.. .


Mobile electronic communications using internet protocol

A database stores unique associations between account identifiers and mobile-network telephone numbers assigned by a mobile network to mobile communications devices. The account identifiers are also associated with voice-over-ip (voip) telephone numbers.
Enflick Inc.


System and identifying unauthorized activities on a computer system using a data structure model

A computer implemented method includes monitoring activity on the virtual machine. A plurality of activities being performed at the virtual machine is identified.
Countertack Inc.


Automatic association and triggers for natured pairings of devices

A system and method for associating remote devices and corresponding paired computing devices is disclosed. The system includes a database manager that correlates pairings with logged data in order to determine previous associations and the nature of the detected pairing.
Orbotix, Inc.


Techniques for overindexing insights for schools

A method can include receiving a request for content including an attribute for a school. The method can analyze a social graph to identify a first set of nodes representing members, which can connect to a first node representing a first school, the social graph can be represented by a graph data structure having nodes representing various entities and edges representing associations between entities.
Linkedln Corporation


Personalizing query rewrites for ad matching

Systems and methods for rewriting queries based on data features are disclosed. A data source contains a history of queries and results associated with the queries.
Yahoo! Inc.


Performance rules and storage units

Disclosed herein are techniques for managing the performance of a storage system. A subset of a plurality of storage units is associated with a rule that specifies a number of input and output transactions and a number of bits per time unit.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Memory device, computer system, and controlling memory device

An example of the invention is a memory device including a controller and a plurality of randomly accessible memories that are capable of storing user data from a host. The controller includes data management information managing correspondence relations between address areas to be designated by the host and the plurality of memories, and compression policy management information managing associations of the address areas to be designated by the host with priorities in compressing user data to be stored in the plurality of memories.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Persistent network resource and virtual area associations for realtime collaboration

Apparatus and methods relating to persistent network resource and virtual area associations for realtime collaboration include managing and displaying an object associated with a virtual area that supports establishment of respective presences of communicants operating respective client network nodes. Examples of the object include an object that has one or more user-modifiable property fields and an object that is associated with screen sharing functionality of the client network node..
Social Communications Company


Systems and methods for data and model-driven image reconstruction and enhancement

Systems and methods are disclosed for image reconstruction and enhancement, using a computer system. One method includes acquiring a plurality of images associated with a target anatomy; determining, using a processor, one or more associations between subdivisions of localized anatomy of the target anatomy identified from the plurality of images, and local image regions identified from the plurality of images; performing an initial image reconstruction based on image acquisition information of the target anatomy; and updating the initial image reconstruction or generating a new image reconstruction based on the image acquisition information and the one or more determined associations..
Heartflow, Inc.


System and determining associations between users and multiple communication devices

In accordance with a method for determining a likelihood that two or more communication devices are associated with a common user, clickstream data from a plurality of clickstream events is received from each of a plurality of communication devices in response to a web page being loaded by each of the communication devices. The clickstream events received over a period of time are arranged into a datastream such that each of the datastreams contains clickstream events from only a single communication device.
Run, Inc.


Bra assembly

Bras and methods of forming bras suitable for nursing activities and closure assemblies that are convenient to manipulate. The bra assembly includes a pair of breast cups that are secured to a torso band.
Getter Right Llc


Agent ranking

A method and system for ranking agents is provided. The method includes retrieving historical assignment data describing past associations with agents and associated tickets.
International Business Machines Corporation


Patent mapping

Systems and computer implemented methods for patent mapping are provided. In one embodiment, a system comprises a database of patent portfolios and a database of patents, each patent stored in the database of patents associated with one or more patent portfolios stored in the database of patent portfolios, and one or more specially-configured modules, each including a computer processor executing on software, to perform certain operations.
Black Hills Ip Holdings, Llc


Systems and methods for determining lexical associations among words in a corpus

Systems and methods are provided for identifying one or more target words of a corpus that have a lexical relationship to a plurality of provided cue words. The cue words and statistical lexical information derived from a corpus of documents are analyzed to determine candidate words that have a lexical association with the cue words.
Educational Testing Service


Method and system for managing peripheral devices for virtual desktops

An electronic device is provided for managing assignment of peripheral devices in a virtualization environment. The electronic device can include a user interface configured to display one or more representations of virtual desktops.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


System and generating a power receiver identifier in a wireless power network

Embodiments in the present disclosure may be directed to a system and method that may be used to generate a unique identifier for one or more wireless power devices such as one or more wireless power receivers, wireless power transmitters, gui management devices, and system management servers among others, within a wireless power network. The method may use automated software embedded on a chip that may run when a wireless power device boots up for the first time.
Energous Corporation


Using status of sign-on to online services for content item recommendations

An sso provider—i.e., a provider of user accounts that a number of other online services accept as a sign-on technique—identifies the online services to which its users sign on, as well as the digital content items that those users access. The sso provider uses this information to associate particular content items with particular online services, or combinations of online services.
Google Inc.


Application whitelisting using user identification

Methods and systems for protecting a virtual machine network are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method involves storing an application whitelist including application-to-user associations in memory such that the application whitelist is immutable by a guest virtual machine, receiving a request to execute an application including an application identifier and a user identifier, comparing the application identifier and the user identifier of the request with the application whitelist, and generating an execution decision indicating whether the requested application can execute on the guest virtual machine..
Vmware, Inc.


System and organizing artistic media based on cognitive associations with personal memories

A system and method for cognitive media association including a tracking unit configured to track an output of media over time for a particular user and create a list of the output media for the particular user, a link generation unit configured to generate a link between the media and at least one of a person, a place, an event, an era, an emotion, a theme, a photo, a video, or a social media post, an events recording unit configured to create a comprehensive experience of a specific event including at least one of music played at the specific event, photos displayed at the specific event, videos played at the specific event, social media posts about the event, people present at the specific event, or any combinations thereof.. .
Life Music Integration, Llc


Systems and methods for carrier aggregation

A user equipment (ue) for performing carrier aggregation is described. The ue includes a processor and instructions stored in memory that is in electronic communication with the processor.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Consolidated performance metric analysis

Performance metrics may be received from multiple data processing elements associated with a performance metric domain and a consolidated performance metric may be determined. Grouping the performance metrics into performance metric groups may be performed based on their respective associations with different aspects of the data processing elements..
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Updating assets rendered in a virtual world environment based on detected user interactions in another world

A settings controller outputs a settings interface through which a user may select from among multiple selectable options to specify one or more data associations in databases accessed by an asset location controller to selectively assign a detected user interaction in another world to a displayable rendering in a virtual world based on a selection of the one or more data associations applicable to the detected user interaction and the virtual world. The settings controller, responsive to a user selecting, through the settings interface, one or more particular selectable options to enter one or more particular data associations for one or more particular databases, assigns the one or more particular data associations to the one or more particular databases for specifying the displayable rendering of the detected user interaction in the another world to the displayable rendering in the virtual world..
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for determining political affiliations and attitudes

A method and a system are provided for determining political affiliations and/or attitudes of payment card holders. The method involves retrieving from one or more databases a first set of information including payment card transaction information, and retrieving from one or more databases a second set of information comprising external information.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Identification of layout and content flow of an unstructured document

Some embodiments provide a method for analyzing an unstructured document that includes a number of glyphs, each of which has a position in the unstructured document. Based on positions of the glyphs in the unstructured document, the method creates associations between different sets of glyphs in order to identify different sets of glyphs as different words.
Apple Inc.


Simultaneous formation of associations among multiple members of a social network

A system, apparatus, and method are provided for facilitating simultaneous formation of associations or connections among multiple users of a professional network service, a social network service or other application or service in which users form relationships with each other. One user submits a request or suggestion to the system and identifies the multiple users (e.g., by username, by electronic mail address, by telephone number).
Linkedln Corporation


Real-time priority-based media communication

Representative embodiments are disclosed of a real-time priority-based communication system and method for communicating media streams made up of multiple media message sub-streams, the communication system comprising a chunk configurator for dividing media message sub-streams into chunks, a state machine configured to translate between information regarding the media message sub-streams and the chunks and state associations to the information, the state associations written into a header for each of the chunks, a queue for holding the chunks waiting to be transmitted, and a processor for executing a scheduling algorithm, wherein the scheduling algorithm determines ones of the chunks in the queue to transmit next.. .
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Method, system and computer program product for automating expertise management using social and enterprise data

A method includes performing contextual association of entities using multi-source data. For each context the method performs co-clustering to identify distinct expert-skill associations; constructing single-entity unipartite graph representations and performing a random walk within each single-entity unipartite graph; for each single-entity unipartite graph, obtaining steady state distributions using the random walks to obtain clusters of experts and skills; performing a weighted two-way random walk across entity graphs (graph edges), giving preference to traversal within members of the same co-cluster; and performing link prediction for each context by dynamically adding edges, and obtaining overall skills predictions, analyses and inferences by merging the contexts and weighting the links of each context.
International Business Machines Corporation


Computer-implemented methods and systems for organizing information in three-dimensional concept maps

Computer-implemented methods and systems enable users to systematically organize various kinds of information utilizing three-dimensional concept maps, in the form of graphical structures shown on a display of a user device. Such information organization enables exploitation of human visual and spatial memory as well as language metaphors and implicit associations generation to facilitate user understanding and memorization of a domain of knowledge..
Aitoc, Inc.


Self learning radio frequency monitoring system for identifying and locating faults in electrical distribution systems

Electrical faults are detected in electrical distribution systems (eds) by detection and location of radio frequency (rf) emissions generated by the fault with multiple time-synchronized radio frequency monitors (rfm) distributed about the eds. The rfms are coupled to a self-learning, electrical fault monitor (efm) that characterizes and/or locates electrical faults based on operating state (os) patterns learned from transmission of test signals generated within the eds.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Gene fusions and gene variants associated with cancer

The disclosure provides gene fusions, gene variants, and novel associations with disease states, as well as kits, probes, and methods of using the same.. .
Life Technologies Corporation


Method and system for selection in multi-device scenario

According the present invention there may be provided a method of determining which user device (ud) of a plurality of user devices should receive a session initiation protocol, sip, request (rq) for a communication service on a telecommunications system, the system comprising: a plurality of user devices (ud) adapted to run a communication service; an application server (as) in communication with the plurality of user devices on which there is comprised a registry of the plurality of user devices (ud), the registry comprising associations between user devices and sip instances, each user device being associated with a respective user identity; and, a telecommunication network in communication with the plurality of user devices (ud) and with the application server (as), wherein the method comprises, at the application server (as): receiving a sip request (rq) for establishing a communication service, the sip request intended for a user identity from the telecommunication network; and, dynamically determining which sip instance should receive the sip request (rq) based on the user identity for which the sip request is intended and parameters associated with the user device or sip instance on the registry. A corresponding application server and computer readable medium are also provided..
Vodafone Ip Licensing Limited


System and method that applies relational and non-relational data structures to medical diagnosis

A medical diagnosis system comprises one or more databases configured to store a plurality of relational tables within a relational data structure and a non-relational table within a non-relational data structure. The plurality of relational tables comprise a symptom table configured to associate a plurality of symptoms having symptom name fields with a corresponding plurality of symptom identifier fields (symptom id).


System for genome analysis and genetic disease diagnosis

The method for genome analysis translates the clinical findings in the patient into a comprehensive test order for genes that can be causative of the patient's illness, delimits analysis of variants identified in the patient's genome to those that are “on target” for the patient's illness, and provides clinical annotation of the likely causative variants for inclusion in a variant warehouse that is updated as a result of each sample that is analyzed and that, in turn, provides a source of additional annotation for variants. The method uses a genome sequence having the steps of entering at least one clinical feature of a patient by an end-user, assigning a weighted value to the term based on the probability of the presence of the term, mapping the term to at least one disease by accessing a knowledge base containing a plurality of data sets, wherein the data sets are made up of associations between (i) clinical features and diseases, (ii) diseases and genes, (iii) genes and genetic variants, and (iv) diseases and gene variants, assigning a truth value to each of the mapped terms based on the associated data sets and the weighted value, to provide a list of results of possible diagnoses prioritized based on the truth values, with continuous adjustment of the weightings of associations in the knowledge base based on updating of each discovered diagnosis and attendant clinical features, genes and gene variants.
The Children's Mercy Hospital



An internally-constrained cyclic oligopeptide comprising a ring of at least six amino acids for specifically binding to a target ligand, wherein the ring comprises a plurality of amino acid domains, each domain comprising at least two epitope-forming amino acids, and two or more associating functional groups positioned so that they form one or more intra-cyclic associations; whereby the cyclic oligopeptide is constrained in a single conformation so that the epitope-forming amino acids form an epitope in each domain, each epitope being capable of specifically binding to a target ligand.. .
Lexcicon Limited


Automatic calibration of probe request received signal strength indication (rssi) threshold to control associations

System and methods are provided for dynamically setting a threshold signal-to-noise ratio for probe requests for one or more access points in a wireless network based on several factors, including density/distance between access points and/or current and expected load on access points. By dynamically adjusting a threshold signal-to-noise for probe requests, the systems and methods described herein may efficiently utilize resources based on current and/or expected conditions.
Aruba Networks, Inc.


Methods and systems for improving accurancy of merchant aggregation

A method and a system that involve retrieving, from one or more databases, a first set of information including merchant aggregated payment card transaction data, and retrieving, from one or more databases, a second set of information including merchant hierarchical organizational structure. The method and the system further involve analyzing the first set of information and the second set of information to identify one or more associations between the merchant aggregated payment card transaction data and the merchant hierarchical organizational structure, and updating the merchant aggregated payment card transaction data based on the one or more associations.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Adjustable multi-pass heat exchanger system

In various implementations, a heat exchanger system may include one or more flow paths. At least one of the flow paths may be associated with more than one pass and/or fluid flow through the flow path may be restricted.
Lennox Industries Inc.


Methods to manage services over a service gateway

In activating a service, a service gateway retrieves a service table entry using a service or server address of the service entry, where the service table entry has an association with another service entry. An association to the service entry is added and a marker value is set to indicate associations with two service entries.


Validating relationships between entities in a data model

Various embodiments of systems and methods to validate relationships between entities are described herein. In one aspect, upon receiving a selection of an object associated with a source entity, a list of associations corresponding to the source entity is provided, where each association defining a related target entity.


Identifying movements using a motion sensing device coupled with an associative memory

A kinematic system. The system includes a kinematic measurement device having one or more sensors configured to detect a plurality of physical positions of a part of an object.


Contextual promotions

A database of available promotions may be accessed. The promotions may be associated with one or more sellers, one or more product lines, one or more themes, and so on.


Development of dynamic business data for marketing to moving spatiotemporal phenomena and events

Embodiments are directed to a computer implemented method of developing data for use by a business system. The method includes identifying, by a processor circuit, an occurrence having at least one characteristic that changes over time.

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