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Synchronization signals in a wireless communication system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Associations-related patents
 Methods for and apparatus for providing advice based upon total personal values patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for and apparatus for providing advice based upon total personal values
The present invention provides methods and apparatus for associating products with emotional qualifiers and decision makers with emotional motivators. The associations may then be used to provide advice on a decision to decision or other decision..
 Synchronization signals in a wireless communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronization signals in a wireless communication system
Cell-specific or transmission point (tp)-specific information is indicated to a ue based on the subframe in which a cell/tp transmits its primary and secondary synchronization sequences (pss and sss). The principal scenario of interest is a dense deployment of picocells/tps which are under the control of an overlaid macrocell's enodeb.
 Systems and methods for distributing limited edition digital artwork patent thumbnailSystems and methods for distributing limited edition digital artwork
Systems and methods for distributing limited edition digital artwork in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a digital art gallery server system includes a digital edition distribution server that includes a plurality of files containing digital artworks; a digital edition database containing data describing the digital artworks, a plurality of user accounts, the digital artworks specific user accounts are authorized to access, associations between digital edition entries referencing specific digital artworks and specific user accounts; and a digital edition management server configured to generate a limited number of digital edition entries referencing the digital artworks, generate a user interface that includes information regarding at least one digital edition for sale, associate a specific digital edition entry in the digital edition database with a specific user account upon the sale of each digital edition reflecting a chain of title indicating ownership to the sold digital edition..
 Medical device management using associations patent thumbnailMedical device management using associations
Via communications with an association management resource, an operator of a respective fluid delivery system can associate a medical device (fluid pump) with a particular entity such as a patient, location, one or more other medical devices, the caregiver, etc. Thereafter, the operator of the fluid delivery system is able to better manage use of the fluid delivery system based on relevant medical information, which is accessible as a result of creating the association.
 Domain classification based on client request behavior patent thumbnailDomain classification based on client request behavior
Systems and methods for domain classification using the network request behavior of clients are provided. The network requests of a plurality of clients are analyzed to determine a domain corresponding to each request.
 Method and apparatus for maintaining wireless network devices in wireless networks patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for maintaining wireless network devices in wireless networks
An apparatus for maintaining a wireless network includes an input/output interface (io) to receive notification of a maintenance package and to communicate with wireless access points of the wireless network, and a controller to communicate with the wireless access points in response to the notification. In a first phase, the controller triggers each of the wireless access points that reaches a state of having no wireless associations to suspend accepting requests for wireless associations and install the maintenance package.
 Provisioning and redundancy for rfid middleware servers patent thumbnailProvisioning and redundancy for rfid middleware servers
The present invention provides for the provisioning and redundancy of rfid middleware servers. Middleware servers can be automatically provisioned and rfid device/middleware server associations can be automatically updated.
 Finding time-dependent associations between comparative effectiveness variables patent thumbnailFinding time-dependent associations between comparative effectiveness variables
Embodiments of the invention relate to arrangements for ascertaining time-dependent associations between inputted comparative effectiveness research (cer) variables from patient data are. Each cer variable is represented via at least one unit time series, and a similarity metric with respect to pairs of cer variables is determined.
 Ball bat including multiple failure planes patent thumbnailBall bat including multiple failure planes
A composite ball bat includes multiple failure planes within a barrel wall. By including multiple failure planes in a barrel wall, the bat exhibits a drop in performance when subjected to rolling or other extreme deflection, with no temporary increase in barrel performance.
 Cross channel conversion tracking system and method patent thumbnailCross channel conversion tracking system and method
A cross channel conversion tracking system and method provides online marketers with information regarding which ads lead to conversion transactions, such as purchases. The system and method provides means to track purchases made when a particular user receives a marketing exposure on one device or channel but purchases on another device or channel.
Method and server for determining associations between pools of core network nodes and base stations
The present invention relates to positioning in a communication network. In long term evolution, lte networks the positioning server e-slmc needs routing information in order to communicate with individual base stations, enodebs.
Characteristics of security associations
Authentication of a user or a wireless transmit/receive unit may be based on an obtained measure of authentication strength, which may referred to as an assurance level. For example, a user, via a wtru, may request access to a service controlled by an access control entity (ace).
Anomaly detection/diagnostic method and anomaly detection/diagnostic system
Provided are an anomaly detection/diagnostic method and an anomaly detection/diagnostic system whereby it is possible, in equipment such as a plant, to detect anomalies promptly and with high sensitivity, wherein anomaly detection is carried out using operating information such as the operating time of the equipment and output signals from a plurality of sensors appended to the equipment, and wherein maintenance logs such as written procedure reports comprising procedure logs and instances of past countermeasures such as replacement part information are targeted to make associations between detected anomalies and countermeasures, and create links between anomaly detection and past maintenance logs, making reference to equipment records as well, while classifying and presenting anomalies that require action, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy.. .
Peer-to-peer video on demand techniques
Techniques for delivering video-on-demand content via peer-to-peer connections are provided. A video-on-demand distribution service maintains associations of viewer devices that have specific video-on-demand content.
Application equivalence map for synchronized positioning of application icons across device platforms
Technologies are presented for synchronizing associations between application icons and application functions across platforms. According to some examples, a layout and positioning of icons for different applications that perform similar functions may be synchronized across different devices.
Method and system for indicating and documenting associations, disclosures and instructions using visually identifiable description
Methods and system for a unique coding framework used to create, manage and track instructions for documentation and dissemination of instructions, indicate a particular association or activate a given process. In one example, the present disclosure relates to the online publishing of documentation to demonstrate relationships of parties and compliance with regulatory and other requirements.
System and method for logging website interactions
The present disclosure relates to computer-implemented systems and methods for logging website interactions. An example non-transitory computer-readable medium may have embodied thereon instructions executable by one or more processors.
Methods and systems for pharmacy location
Methods and systems for pharmacy location are described. In one embodiment, a plurality of pharmacy network associations of a member is determined.
Needle enhancement in diagnostic ultrasound imaging
A needle is enhanced in a medical diagnostic ultrasound image. The image intensities associated with a needle in an image are adaptively increased and/or enhanced by compounding from a plurality of ultrasound images.
Providing-replay protection in systems using group security associations
A method and apparatus is disclosed which enables detection of undesired packets received at a device in a network, where the device is a member of a group of devices in the network. A registration table stores transform identifiers for each member of a group and controls the forwarding of the transform identifiers to the members of the group as members are added and deleted.
System and method for deploying preconfigured software
Automated deployment of a software application to be installed via a software installation package onto different user devices for different users. An initial software installation package, is obtained, along with information representing (a) associations between the users and the user devices, (b) user attributes from which access privilege level information for individual users is determinable, and (c) device attributes for each of the plurality of user devices, including network connectivity information.
Systems and methods for processing patient data history
Described herein are systems and methods for processing data. In some embodiments, a system may include a natural language processing (nlp) engine configured to transform a data set into a plurality of concepts within a plurality of distinct contexts, an ontology configured to structure the plurality of concepts by annotating relationships between and creating aggregations of the concepts, and a data mining engine configured to process the relationships of the concepts and to identify associations and correlations in the data set.
Identifying endorsers for a candidate
Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and computer systems for acquiring talent for organizations. A candidate for a job in an organization can be identified based on comparing social associations of the candidate with multiple job criteria that collectively represents requirements for the job.
Identifying candidate referrers
Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and computer systems for acquiring talent for organizations. Multiple job criteria that collectively represent requirements of a job are received.
System and methods for identifying possible associations and monitoring impacts of actual associations between synergistic persons, opportunities and organizations
A system, including apparatuses and methods, and a service employing such system for identifying opportunities and enabling persons to become associated with opportunities in which persons can make an impact, for identifying individual and collective synergies and commonalities between persons, opportunities, organizations, groups and partners, for capturing and monitoring the impact of persons associated in opportunities, and for visually presenting the impact of persons, opportunities, organizations, and the system through multi-level aggregation, or roll-up, of key performance indicator data. The system orders synergistic matches and permits user selection, via a slider control, of the extent of synergy to be used in selecting and displaying matches.
Searching for candidates for a job
Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and computer systems for acquiring talent for organizations. Multiple job criteria that collectively represent requirements for a job are received.
Sp1 polypeptides, modified sp1 polypeptides and uses thereof
Sp1 and modified sp1 variant polypeptides capable of forming reversible molecular associations with substances, compositions-of-matter comprising same, and uses thereof are provided.. .
Load balancing and inter-cell interference coordination for heterorgeneous networks
Embodiments of the claimed subject matter provide a method and apparatus performing inter-cell load-balancing and inter-cell interference coordination. Some embodiments of the method include partitioning cells into groups that include a different subset of the plurality of cells.
Architecture for variable pressure mouse
User input devices with variable pressure buttons are configured. A user may specify a range of pressure to be associated with a pressure level.
Laser beam based gesture control interface for mobile devices
A method of receiving control instructions for a device, comprising receiving two or more video frames, analyzing the video frames for at least one foreground image and at least one background image, evaluating each video frame for a two dimensional aspect comprising a first area having a relatively higher channel intensity value in one or more channels than the channel intensity values of a second area, recording coordinates associated with the aspect in each of the video frames, evaluating the coordinates to determine a motion trajectory, and matching the motion trajectory to a prerecorded motion trajectory in a matching table, wherein the matching table contains associations of motion trajectories and control instructions, and obtaining the control instruction associated with the prerecorded motion trajectory.. .
Method for managing a system of geographical information adapted for use with at least one pointing device, with creation of associations between digital objects
A method is proposed for managing a geographical information system adapted for use with at least one pointing device. The geographical information system includes a central unit accessing a data base containing a plurality of digital objects.
System and method for dynamic analysis tracking object associations for application dataflow
Data source information is recorded into a source tracking object embedded in a wrapper object pointing to a data object from the data source. Tracking event information is recorded into a flow tracking object embedded in a wrapper object copy as the tracking event processes the wrapper object copy.
Model augmentation in a model-driven application development environment
A principal model is configured to facilitate automatic generation of at least one resource for use by a computer-executable application. The principal model includes a group of classes, references, attributes, and associations between any of the classes.
Efficient management of computer memory using memory page associations and memory compression
A method for managing memory operations includes reading a first memory page from a storage device responsive to a request for the first memory page. The first memory page is stored to a system memory.
Modeled associations for business object data structures
A service request to execute an operation on a business object is received. Thereafter, a metadata repository is polled to obtain a modeled association corresponding to the service request.
Automated categorization of products in a merchant catalog
A system and method is described for large-scale, automated classification of products. The system and method receives information about products, wherein such information includes one or more text metadata fields associated with each product, receives a set of categories, and automatically selects one or more categories from the set of categories to which each product belongs based upon at least one of the one or more text metadata fields associated with each product.
Electronic device and method for adjusting volume levels of audio signal outputted by the electronic device
An electronic device includes an audio sensor, an audio output unit, a pulse width modulation (pwm) unit connected to the audio output unit, and a control chip. When the audio output unit outputs the audio signal, the audio sensor detects a volume level of the environment sound.
Methods and systems for providing user selection of associations between information handling resources and information handling systems in an integrated chassis
In accordance embodiments of the present disclosure a method may include receiving a user indication of a desired association between at least one of a plurality of modular information handling systems and at least one or one or more information handling resources. The method may also include communicating one or more control signals to one or more switching elements housed in a chassis configured to house the plurality of modular information handling systems and the one or more information handling resources, such that a selected modular information handling system is communicatively coupled to a selected information handling resource in accordance with the user indication of the desired association..
Peer-to-peer social network
A social network includes a relay server and two or more mobile internet devices (“mids”) coupled to the relay server. Each of the mids includes a relay agent for interfacing with the relay server, a web server, an application for operating the web server, and a memory for storing social networking information comprising a contacts list, one or more access groups, one or more albums, and one or more associations between the one or more access groups and the one or more albums to specify which contacts can view which albums..
Silyl monomers capable of multimerizing in an aqueous solution, and methods of using same
Described herein are silyl monomers capable of forming a biologically useful multimer when in contact with one, two, three or more other monomers in an aqueous media. Such multimer forming associations of monomers may be promoted by the proximal binding of the monomers to their target biomolecule(s).
Phase detection in mesh network smart grid system
A method, wireless network, and device are disclosed for determining the phase with which a device on an electrical distribution network is associated. At least one device on the electrical distribution network may be associated with a known phase out of multiple possible phases.
Visual representations of structured association mappings
A method performed by one or more processors, comprising: receiving genomic data and trait data representative of a plurality of traits of one or more individuals; determining a structure of one or more of the genomic data and the trait data; selecting, in response to the determined structure, a structured association algorithm for execution with the genomic data and the trait data; generating, based on execution of the selected, structured association algorithm against the genomic data and the trait data, structured association data indicative of associations among the genomic data and the trait data, wherein the associations are at least partly identified based on the structure; and generating data for a graphical user interface, that when rendered on a display device, comprises: a visual representation of at least a portion of the structured association data.. .
Methods and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of electronic data storage and transmission
An electronic data storage and transmission system. A plurality of electronic data objects may be associated to a plurality of electronic data indicators, and the associations may be combined.
Secure association
To enable formation of secure associations between ip-enabled devices when they have not previously connected, a method is proposed where a declaration of ownership of a target device is made by the subscriber of a originating device and that subscriber giving that declaration is authenticated by means of a sim card, say. The originating device establishes secure connection to a first server.
Input associations for touch sensitive surface
There is disclosed a method of collaborative working at a touch sensitive surface of a collaborative input system, the method comprising: a. Selecting, by touch, at the touch sensitive surface, a displayed icon; b.
Systems and methods for delivering content to a mobile device based on geo-location
Described herein are a system and method for delivering content to a mobile computing device, where the content is selected for presentation to a member of a social network service based on the current geo-location of the member (device) and one or more associations and/or relationships between entities represented in a social graph of the social network service. A particular embodiment includes providing, by use of a data processor, a user interface to notify a member of a social network service of his or her proximity to another entity that is represented in the social graph of the social network service.
Systems and methods for delivering content to a mobile device based on geo-location
Described herein are a system and method for delivering content to a mobile computing device, where the content is selected for presentation to a member of a social network service based on the current geo-location of the member (device) and one or more associations and/or relationships between entities represented in a social graph of the social network service. A particular embodiment includes providing, by use of a data processor, a user interface to notify a member of a social network service of his or her proximity to another entity that is represented in the social graph of the social network service.
Method and apparatus for managing multimedia content
The invention includes a system, apparatus, and method for storing media content within a service provider network. The system includes multi-service servers associated with access points adapted to allow end-user devices to access the service provider network.
Knowledge management for solution design during sales and pre-sales
Techniques, a system and an article of manufacture for designing integrated enterprise solutions. A method includes aggregating multiple work-products pertaining to solutions submitted in response to one or more previous solution requests, segmenting the multiple work-products into multiple segments based on content category, annotating each of the multiple segments with a tag based on one or more semantic associations with the content of each of the segments, adding each of the segments and each of the tags into a database, performing a search in the database to identify a set of one or more of the segments with at least one tag that corresponds to content of a current solution request, and ranking each of the segments in the set based on a degree of semantic matching with one or more parts of the current solution request..
Systems and methods for managing, selecting, and updating visual interface content using display-enabled keyboards, keypads, and/or other user input devices
A system for managing visual interface content encompassing primary visual interface content and adjunct visual interface content includes a processing unit, a primary display apparatus, a memory, and a set of display-enabled user input apparatuses. The system can be configured to direct or perform visual interface content management operations including selectively establishing associations or mappings between particular adjunct visual interface content and portions of a display-enabled user input apparatus and possibly portions of the primary display apparatus in response to user input; displaying primary visual interface content using the primary display apparatus; displaying adjunct visual interface content using a display-enabled input apparatus, where the first adjunct visual interface content includes visual information that corresponds to a portion of a visual environment absent from the primary display apparatus and which indicates an in-application event; and progressively displaying updated adjunct visual interface content on an automatic basis and/or in response to user input during application program execution using a display-enabled user input apparatus..
Techniques for evaluating and managing cloud networks
Techniques for evaluating and managing cloud networks are provided. Geographical locations for cloud processing environments are combined with attributes and usage metrics to form associations between each cloud processing environment's geographical location and that cloud's corresponding attributes and usage metrics.
Searching entity-key associations using in-memory objects
Disclosed are a method and system for searching entities and keys that are associated with each other using entity-key associations stored in an in-memory object. When a query is issued for retrieving entity-key associations, the disclosed technique searches an in-memory object, such as a binary large object (blob) containing a plurality of entity-key association strings that represent the entity-key associations.
Managing targeting of advertisements based on user associations with social networking objects
An entity provides a competitive block list for one or more of its objects in a social networking system. The competitive block list identifies advertisers or other entities prevented from targeting advertisements based on connections between users and objects of the entity.
Systems and methods for load balancing of modular information handling resources in a chassis
A chassis may be configured to receive a plurality of modular information handling systems and a plurality of modular information handling resources including one or more storage controllers, and have at least two internal switching fabrics for communicating data between the modular information handling systems and the information handling resources. The chassis management controller disposed in the chassis may be configured to retrieve information regarding at least one of relative priorities among modular information handling systems disposed in the chassis, associations between modular information handling systems disposed in the chassis and storage resources disposed in the chassis, and input/output metrics from storage resources disposed in the chassis.
Method and device for identification of one carbon pathway gene variants as stroke risk markers, combined data mining, logistic regression, and pathway analysis
The disclosure provides method and device using a whole genome association analysis toolset for a total stroke case, versus a control group, which demonstrated significant associations with p less than 1.00e.03 for 5 genes, including polymorphisms in mthfr, mtrr, and bhmt. These gene polymorphisms in mthfr may remove or create intron and exon splice enhancer sites that affect alternative splicing activity as well as appropriate mrna and protein production..
Integrated number management module and service order system
A number inventory system is disclosed. The number inventory system manages the relationships between sim cards, imsi numbers, and msisdn for a mobile telecommunications service provider.
Pose tracking through analysis of an image pyramid
Techniques for tracking a pose of a textured target in an augmented reality environment are described herein. The techniques may include processing an initial image representing the textured target to generate feature relation information describing associations between features on different image layers of the initial image.
Method of adding expression to text messages
A string of input characters is received through an input device and associated with an audio stream with at least one character of the string being associated with at least one sound of the audio stream, and each association is stored in a memory for synchronized playback. An electronic text message is associated with an image file, the association including an instruction to output the electronic text message concurrently with the image file such that the image file is output as a background image to the electronic text message.
Optical fiber analysis device, system, and method
An optical fiber analysis device, comprises at least one computer processor, computer memory and wireless network interface. The device also comprises a computer program stored in the computer memory and executable by the at least one processors to: receive and utilize optical fiber field test equipment results, associate the results with newly identified or already known test results, logical connection data, and/or geographical location data, and store the results and their associations in a central object database with similar historic data for the purpose of assessing the integrity of the individual optical fiber segments, the overall level of performance of the individual optical fiber segments, and any change in performance of the individual optical fiber segments over time..
Malicious object detection
Malicious object detection is disclosed. An apparatus includes one or more processors, and one or more memories including computer program code.
Media production application
Some embodiments provide a media production application. The application receives a script of a media project and parses the script to identify (i) story sections of the media project and (ii) characters in the media project.
Application component testing
Systems and methods described here include embodiments for generating component test code for use in an application test generation program used to test an application under test. Certain embodiments include a computer server running the application test generation program with an integrated custom engine and function libraries, the custom engine configured to allow a user to define a component, allow the user to select at least one application area, allow the user to define a component step for the defined component, wherein defining a component step includes, an object repository associated with the selected application area, at least one object option associated with the selected object repository, wherein the selection of the object option determines subsequent sets of object options for selection by the user, repeating, and to generate the component test code, via associations in the function libraries between component test code portions and the defined component steps..
Systems, apparatus, and methods for range extension of wireless communication
Systems, methods, and devices for communicating data in a wireless communications network are described herein. In some aspects, a relay may associate with an access point and then clone the access point by transmitting the service set identifier of the access point.
Rodent containment cage monitoring apparatus and methods
Methods, apparatuses and systems for convenient management of animals within a rodent containment cage system that includes labeling components, receiving data, associating the data, reporting the data and/or associations and locating components within the cage system. The management of the system may be self-contained, networked through a controller, local server and/or main server..
System and method for enabling search and retrieval operations to be performed for data items and records using data obtained from associated voice files
A method and system are provided for using the contents of voice files as a basis for enabling search and other selection operations for data items that are associated with those voice files. Voice files may be received having associations with other data items, such as images or records.
Payment processing with a user identifier
According to an embodiment, a payment is processed. It is determined that a user should receive a payment.
Determining ad targeting information and/or ad creative information using past search queries
Ad information, such as ad targeting keywords and/or ad creative content for example, may be determined using aggregated selected document-to-query information associations. For example, popular terms and/or phrases also associated with a selected document may be used as ad targeting keywords and/or ad creative content for an ad having the document as a landing page.
Techniques for forecasting retail activity
Techniques for forecasting retail activity are provided. External events to a retailer are evaluated in view of attributes and associations of the retailer and in view of operational metrics associated with the retailer.
Systems and methods for carrier aggregation
A user equipment (ue) for performing carrier aggregation is described. The ue includes a processor and instructions stored in memory that is in electronic communication with the processor.
Tag management of information technology services improvement
Alert messages are generated containing a text description of an interruption of service of a component in a networked computer system infrastructure; a service provider identity tag that identifies a type of service provider personnel required to engage the computer system infrastructure and abate or diagnose the service interruption; and one or more component tags that identify a component associated with the service interruption. A message board system posts the generated alert message on a support message board that is accessible by support team service provider professionals, each identified by the service provider identity tag and the component tags.
System and method for tracking content through the internet
Server systems and methods to provide targeted advertising use tracking of digital content. The digital content may include real estate content.

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