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Portable gear stand

Portable gear stand

Date/App# patent app List of recent Associations-related patents
 Detecting behavioral patterns and anomalies using metadata patent thumbnailnew patent Detecting behavioral patterns and anomalies using metadata
A method and a system are provided that include retrieving, from one or more databases, a first set of information including metadata of electronic communications of one or more entities, and retrieving, from one or more databases, a second set of information including metadata of telecom communications of the one or more entities. The method and system also include analyzing the metadata of the electronic communications and the metadata of the telecom communications to determine one or more interconnection associations of the one or more entities, and identifying activities and characteristics attributable to the one or more entities based on the one or more interconnection associations.
Mastercard International Incorporated
 Facilitating health management of subjects patent thumbnailnew patent Facilitating health management of subjects
A peer system of subjects with health-related issues is formed based on an association of subjects and a particular type of electronic device or devices which provides information related to a specific health-related issue or issues obtained from particular subjects. By means of such associations, subjects can transmit to and receive messages from other subjects associated with the same type of electronic device.
Ideal Life Inc.
 Portable gear stand patent thumbnailnew patent Portable gear stand
A portable gear stand capable of storing and organizing protective motorcycle or atv riding equipment is provided. The portable gear stand contains hinged and extendible elements that allow for the quick and easy folding of the stand into a space-saving portable configuration.
 Detection of infected network devices and fast-flux networks by tracking url and dns resolution changes patent thumbnailDetection of infected network devices and fast-flux networks by tracking url and dns resolution changes
A system and method for detecting fast-flux malware are presented. Domain name system (dns) lookup requests to dns servers from a local area network (lan) to a wide area network (wan) are monitored.
The Boeing Company
 System and  bridging divergent information networks patent thumbnailSystem and bridging divergent information networks
A computer system is provided that enables secure, on demand communications across it infrastructures that may be divergent, and that may be associated with legacy components, different communication protocols, and frequent system changes. The system includes one or more bridge utilities, each bridge utility comprising two or more anchor components, each anchor component being connected to one or more associated devices or computer systems, the anchor components automatically locating and communicating with one or more span utilities, wherein the anchor components and the span utilities execute functionality for automatically creating and configuring connections between them so as to establish the bridge utility, and wherein the anchor components and span utilities are operable to send and receive signalling communications between them for configuring anchor to anchor connections, including hierarchical connections for implementing hierarchical relationships between the associated devices or computer systems, thereby establishing peer-to-peer anchor associations and parent-to-child anchor associations; and once data connections are established between anchor components in a peer-to-peer anchor association (“peer anchor components”), data communications between peer anchor components carry communications automatically between their associated devices or computer systems on a secure and on demand basis; and wherein the one or more bridge utilities enable secure, on demand communications across the it infrastructures, even if these are divergent, thereby giving effect to information processes across such it infrastructures..
Karos Health Incorporated
 Systems and methods for disease knowledge modeling and clinical decision support patent thumbnailSystems and methods for disease knowledge modeling and clinical decision support
Systems and methods are described herein for disease knowledge modeling and clinical treatment decision support. Disease or indication information, including identification of biomolecular entities associated with the indication may be culled through data mining to create a knowledge model of the indication.
Molecular Health Gmbh
 Transmucosal drug delivery system patent thumbnailTransmucosal drug delivery system
Disclosed are preparations and formulations of high thermodynamic activity lipophilic associations (la), in which there is pairing between an ionizable pharmaceutical agent and a lipophilic species having ionic characteristics opposite to that of the pharmaceutical agent. Such lipophilic associations manifest high thermodynamic activity, as evidenced by their being predominantly in a liquid phase at room temperature or solvated in a lower-than-water dielectric solvent.
Pharmaceutical Productions Inc.
 Process for selecting individuals and designing a breeding program patent thumbnailProcess for selecting individuals and designing a breeding program
The presently disclosed subject matter provides methods for improving the efficacy of a plant breeding program aimed at altering phenotypic traits for which associations with genetic markers can be established. Genome-wide genetic values of individuals are computed based on the individuals' marker genotypes and the associations established between genetic markers and phenotypic traits.
Syngenta Participations Ag
 Syndication of associations relating data and metadata patent thumbnailSyndication of associations relating data and metadata
Methods and systems for passively relating data to metadata are disclosed. associations are created, at a first computer system, that relate data in a first database to metadata in a second database.
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
 Database language extended to accommodate entity-relationship models patent thumbnailDatabase language extended to accommodate entity-relationship models
Embodiments extend the relational model and language of standard sql, to recognize features of higher level entity-relationship models (erms). Sql extensions implemented in the data design language (ddl) incorporate entities (and views) having custom-defined/semantic structure, rather than being limited to primitive types (e.g.
Sap Ag

Sql enhancements simplifying database querying

Disclosed are techniques employed alone or in combination, to further enhance a database language and improve conciseness and comprehensiveness of query statements in application code. Embodiments may build upon an initial extension of database language to accommodate concepts of entity-relationship models (erms).
Sap Ag

Methods for genome-wide screening and construction of genetic interaction maps

The present invention provides methods for conducting screens using nucleic acid elements (e.g., interfering rnas) to confidently identify hit genetic elements. The present invention further comprises constructing vectors that contain two or more nucleic acid elements to knock down all pairwise combinations of the hit genetic elements identified from the screen.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Zone policy administration for entity tracking and privacy assurance

The present invention includes entity tracking, privacy assurance, and zone policy administration technologies allowing for the creation of zone policies, including the definition of zones and managed entities, the zone policies including rules that apply to the managed entities within or in relation to the zones, and privacy policies assuring privacy of sensitive data. The technologies also provide for the definition of sensors, rule event objects, and default event objects, and for the establishment of associations between rules and managed entities, sensors, and rule event objects so as to create zone policies.
Microsoft Corporation

Impact analysis of change requests of information technology systems

A method for impact analysis of change requests of a computing system is provided. The method includes, identifying artifacts and tasks that are impacted by a change request on a target project based on a change request repository, an artifact dependency network and a task-artifact mapping repository.
International Business Machines Corporation

Portable information processing device and information processing method

A portable information processing device includes: a sensor configured to detect physical amount which changes according to a location within predetermined space; a first storage unit configured to store an association between the information of the physical amount and location information; a first processor configured to execute an application program; a second storage unit of which the storage capacity is smaller than that of the first storage unit, configured to store a part of the associations; and a second processor, which is connected to the sensor, configured to acquire the current location from the information of the physical amount detected by the sensor, and the associations stored in the second storage unit; wherein the first processor extracts a part of the associations from the associations stored in the first storage unit according to change in the current location due to movement of the portable information processing device.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Method, system and determining a property of an image

A method of determining a property of an image (176) captured by a camera (127), is disclosed. Vanishing points (320, 330, 340) in the image (176).
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Handover proactive association clearing support method and system

A handover proactive association clearing support method and system supports minimizing handover times for at least one netsurfing end system, and optimizing a given market satisfaction function (msf0) potentially depending on internet-applications for whichever underlying ho technique, by potentially establishing pre-ho for free x/yz-, netsurfing x/yz-, and/or sxyzj-association, called “clearing” them. An ho of an ayz is optimal if its ho-time is “basically zero” and it complies with msf0.

Systematic discovery of business ontology

A system is provided that implements a more systematic process for obtaining business knowledge that is more efficient and timely. The process automatically reads business documents and produces a business ontology.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Event-driven, asset-centric key management in a smart grid

A security management system comprises a key management sub-system, an asset/workload management sub-system, and an event management sub-system. The event management sub-system detects events.
International Business Machines Corporation

Interactive comparative display of information

A system for a computer implemented interactive comparative display of information organizes a visual screen display to a user in such a way that the user is able to efficiently select information content, be presented with topical associations relating to that content, and readily compare different information content from a single display. The information content represented by each selectable result indicator is comparable with the information content represented by other selectable result indicators, wherein the information content is of a same type of information content but from a different perspective, vantage point, or provides a different alternative.
Track180, Inc.

Association limit in relay network

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. In aspect, a first apparatus receives from a second apparatus information related to an ability of the second apparatus to associate with other apparatuses, and limits associations at the first apparatus based on the information.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and constructing information structures for knowledge information system management and for searching information structures for information

The present invention relates to a system and method for constructing information structures for knowledge information system management and for searching the information structures for information which enables searching for desired information by constructing associations between each piece of information as a visible structure and verifying the association and the order of rank between the pieces of information from the information structure. Information objects are created by receiving data from the user.

Method and forming associations and communicating between devices

The present invention relates to the field of proximity communications and especially methods for establishing associations, transferring power and communicating data between devices. Devices are proposed to interact with each other, initially by being brought into close proximity to initiate transfer of data that enables the device to communicate with other devices similarly brought together.
Xped Holdings Pty Ltd

Devices for reporting uplink information

A user equipment (ue) for reporting information is described. The ue includes a processor and instructions stored in memory that is in electronic communication with the processor.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and apparatus to diagnose current sensor polarities and phase associations for a three-phase electric power system

A system for a three-phase electric power system includes a plurality of voltage sensors sensing three-phase voltages of the three-phase electric power system; a plurality of current sensors sensing three-phase currents of the three-phase electric power system; and a number of analog-to-digital converters converting the sensed three-phase voltages and the sensed three-phase currents of the three-phase electric power system to corresponding digital values. A processor calculates from the corresponding digital values at least two phase angles between voltage and current for at least two of three phases of the three-phase electric power system, diagnoses polarities and phase associations for at least two of the current sensors based on, for each of the at least two current sensors, a predetermined wiring configuration of the three-phase electric power system and a corresponding one of the at least two phase angles being within a corresponding predetermined angular range, and outputs corresponding diagnosis results..
Eaton Corporation

Application of dynamic tokens

A method assigns token requirements to service subscriptions in a service platform, such as a service platform containing entities, such as end-users, contacts, sponsors, membership associations or databases, or a database associating, referencing, or containing a plurality of said entities or databases. The operator of the service platform establishes customization factors and maintains records reserving particular data services associated with token requirements for delivery to entities.

Method and system for risk assessment analysis

An engineering management system including one or more processors configured to receive input defining one or more requirements for a product. The engineering management system may generate a first risk prevention document based on one or more of the product requirements and receive risk parameter input related to the first risk prevention document.
Omnex Systems, Llc

Formulaic conjoined project effort instance display method and search system process thereof

A dynamic live system for collecting, inputting, storing, and reporting element effort event data, whose processes upon query enable the reporting of well formatted formulaic conjoined project effort instance (cpei) reports per the system's who did what in phasetime effort instance formulas in primary, secondary, tertiary, auto displays, and inferences, not stored as displayed in systems base tables. The formulas 5th element permits effort instances to be reported as past, present and future cpei displays, regardless if said element effort event data was inputted by an element directly or generated automatically by the system's use of ai type techniques.

Techniques for routing from an endpoint with simultaneous associations to multiple networks

A node within a wireless endpoint device may be coupled to multiple heterogeneous networks simultaneously. The node is configured to select between the different networks based on various constraints associated with the endpoint device, applications executing on the endpoint device, traffic routed by the endpoint device, and constraints associated with the multiple networks.
Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

Selectively allowing reference to object on unlock display screen

Methods and devices for selectively allowing a reference to an object to be included on an unlock display screen are described. In one embodiment, a processor-implemented method is described.
Blackberry Limited

Methods and system of pooling storage devices

A system and method are provided for pooling storage devices in a virtual library for performing a storage operation. A storage management device determines a storage characteristic of a plurality of storage devices with respect to performing a storage operation.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Dynamic authorization to features and data in java-based enterprise applications

Systems and methods are presented for dynamically controlling role-based access to enterprise applications. The access includes both a user's ability to access a requested functionality (hereinafter referred to as “features”) in an enterprise applications, as well as the user's ability to access the specific data (and request filtering of the data) within the enterprise applications.
Siemens Corporation

Service profile handling in the ims

A home subscriber server for handling ip multimedia subsystem subscriptions comprises means for maintaining associations between public user identities and service profiles, where two or more public user identities can be associated with a common service profile, and means for identifying to a network node all public user identities that are associated with a common service profile.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Packet discovery and learning for vlan provisioning

A method and system for performing vlan provisioning using packet discovery and learning allows a network transport device to support existing vlan configurations in a new network environment. When ethernet frames having a vlan tag are received from a client-side device, an association of the vlan tag with the client port is recorded at the network transport device.

Signal distribution interface

A user interface for a distributed antenna system (das) is provided. When executed by a processor, a signal distribution engine receives information about signals transported by the das and components of the das.
Andrew Llc

Deriving component statistics for a stream enabled application

A technique for generating component usage statistics involves associating components with blocks of a stream-enabled application. When the streaming application is executed, block requests may be logged by block id in a log.
Numecent Holdings, Inc.

Propagating attributes between network addresses

In one embodiment, a technique is provided for propagating network address to attribute associations between network addresses. One or more profiles are obtained that maintain an association between a first network address and one or more attributes, the association produced from network address observations of the first network address by one or more source devices in communication with a network.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

Mapping/translation techniques for generating associations between network addresses and attributes that were not directly observed

In one embodiment, a mapping/translation technique is provided for generating an association between an observed network address and one or more attributes that are not directly observed. A network address is observed that is associated with a source device.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

Identification of semantic relationships within reported speech

Methods and computer-readable media for associating words or groups of words distilled from content, such as reported speech or an attitude report, of a document to form semantic relationships collectively used to generate a semantic representation of the content are provided. Semantic representations may include elements identified or parsed from a text portion of the content, the elements of which may be associated with other elements that share a semantic relationship, such as an agent, location, or topic relationship.
Microsoft Corporation

System, method, and data structure for automatically generating database queries which are data model independent and cardinality independent

Systems and methods are provided for performing a query in a distributed system. In one example, a query generation system receives an identification of data item components and associations between the data item components, wherein the data item components include a measure and a category, and wherein the identified association indicates that the measure is independent of another data item component, indicates that the measure is dependent on another data item component, or indicates that two or more data item components are correlated.
Sas Institute Inc.

Real-time context aware recommendation engine based on a user internet of things environment

The disclosure relates to a recommendation engine that may monitor, aggregate, filter, and otherwise process relevant information associated with a user internet of things (iot) environment to provide personal and context-aware recommendations based on relevant real-time knowledge about various iot devices and other items in the iot environment. For example, the recommendations may be generated based on ranked associations between the user and the various items in the iot environment, which may be determined from profiles, states, usage patterns, proximities, and other contextually relevant information about the iot environment.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Autonomous transport layer connection setup by a transport layer concentrator

The present disclosure concerns wireless communication. More particularly, a method and an apparatus (e.g.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Methods and configuration of control devices

Methods and apparatus for configuration of a physical control panel (120). In some embodiments at least one property (128) of a physical control panel (120) is detected at a mobile device (150); a plurality of events (122, 124, 126) that can be generated by the physical control panel (120) are identified; one or more control actions (154) are associated with one or more of the identified events, at the mobile device (150); and those associations are transmitted (159) to a controller (130)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Data mining using associative matrices

A method of mining frequent items in data is described. Categorical associations between elements of data are the core of information contained in the data and are all that is needed to perform data mining.
Speedtrack, Inc.

Selecting images associated with content received from a social networking system user

A composer interface allows a user to provide input, such as text data, to the social networking system. One or more images may be presented to the user via the composer interface, allowing the user to select one or more images to associate with the input.
Facebook, Inc.

Dynamic association and documentation

Methods, systems, and computer-storage media are provided for enabling a user to dynamically create associations and take actions with respect to a clinical finding associated with a patient. After selecting a clinical finding that is of interest in a first workflow application, a graphical user interface is automatically presented.
Cerner Innovation, Inc.

Providing user-specific malware assessment based on social interactions

Embodiments are directed to determining a risk of encountering malware based on social context, to determining malware threats based on social associations and to ranking antimalware programs according to the program's ability to protect against specific threats. In one scenario, a computer system receives a malware notification associated with a user that identifies a type of malware encountered by the user.
Microsoft Corporation

Systems and methods for acquiring, categorizing and delivering media in interactive media guidance applications

Systems and methods are discussed for providing guidance for internet-delivered media. In some embodiments, information on available media on the internet is gathered.
United Video Properties, Inc.

Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications

A system and method for analyzing chemical data including a processor and one or more classifiers, stored in memory and coupled to the processor, which further includes an indication predictive module configured to predict whether a given chemical treats a particular indication or not and a side effect predictive module configured to predict whether a given chemical causes a side-effect or not. A correlation engine is configured to determine one or more correlations between one or more indications and one or more side effects for the given chemical and a visualization tool is configured to analyze the one or more correlations and to output results of the analysis..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications

A system and method for analyzing chemical data including a processor and one or more classifiers, stored in memory and coupled to the processor, which further includes an indication predictive module configured to predict whether a given chemical treats a particular indication or not and a side effect predictive module configured to predict whether a given chemical causes a side-effect or not. A correlation engine is configured to determine one or more correlations between one or more indications and one or more side effects for the given chemical and a visualization tool is configured to analyze the one or more correlations and to output results of the analysis..
International Business Machines Corporation

Ontology-driven construction of semantic business intelligence models

Techniques are described for modeling information from a data source. In one example, a method for modeling information from a data source includes identifying one or more lexical clues associated with each of one or more data item headings from the data source based on a set of lexical clue detection rules.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method of collecting data from community associations

A method of collecting data from community associations, including documents that are publicly available as well as internal documentation, can involve scanning the information into a searchable format. Certain key words can be used to search the documents to help determine which, if any, legal issues presented, by a review of the context of the search, may be material to a purchaser and such issues can be highlighted for consideration.

Layout algorithm for entity relation model diagram

This disclosure generally relates to devices, systems, and computer-implemented methods for providing a graphical model editor that automatically arranges model entities and their relationships in a graphical manner. Specifically, methods are described herein for a graphical open data protocol model editor that automatically models entity relationships for a customized design of software applications.

Reporting congestion in access networks to the core network

A network node in a core network is provided information about congestion in an access network coupled to the core network. The information about congestion includes a congestion identifier associated with a bearer that can be sent from an access node in the access network to a network node in the core network.
Cygnus Broadband, Inc.

Accessing stored electronic resources

A method for configuring a computer system to provide access to stored electronic resources may be described. The method can include determining a topic framework between stored electronic resources and topic names by determining topic names for topic framework by generating topic names based on names assigned to storage sets and generating topic names based on attributes of resources.
Chesterdeal Limited

Method for document assembly with margin, page size, and font controls by county and document

A system and method, using a computer or computer program, to calculate and determine certain document features, such as paper/page size, document margins, font styles, font weight, and font sizes, that are applied to a document or form generated or managed by a system. The calculation and/or determination of the document features is made pursuant to a system and method, using a computer or computer program, of associating the document feature elements with certain characteristics of the document or form being created or managed by the system, of which the characteristics may include, but are not limited to, associations with certain counties, destination recording offices or filing locations, and document types..

Report discrepancy identification and improvement

Systems, methods, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for identifying one or more discrepancies between a customer credit report or one or more credit report factors and customer information are presented. A comparison of the credit report factors may be performed to identify any discrepancy and corrective measures may be taken.
Bank Of America Corporation

System and verifying associations between intiating devices and notifications applicances in alarm systems

A method for verifying associations between initiating devices and notification appliances in an alarm system. The method may include including actuating an initiating device of the alarm system, thereby activating one or more notification appliances that are associated with the initiating device.

Scheduler training for multi-module byte caching

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for dynamic caching module selection for optimized data deduplication. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for dynamic caching module selection for optimized data deduplication is provided.
International Business Machines Corporation

Native language support for intra-and interlinked data collections using a mesh framework

A mesh structure can be a type concept that extends internal tables or other data structures of a business programming languages (e.g., abap) by associations, as known from a data object meta-model. A mesh can include a set of operations, such as for example iteration via an iterator object and selection of instances expressed by a path language.
Sap Ag

Method and subscriber account selection

For a given “consumer” having associations with multiple “provider” accounts that are possible targets for charging with respect to a chargeable event involving the consumer, it is advantageously recognized herein that only one or a relative handful of those provider accounts are likely to be actual candidates for charging with respect to any given chargeable event. Correspondingly, a network node maintains provider account status information indicating whether a given provider account is a candidate for charging in a general sense and in a consumer-specific sense.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Home screen user interface for electronic device display

A user interface overlay is presented over a native graphical user interface (gui) of a device. By way of example, the overlay can include a graphical presentation layer (gpl) that can selectively mask and/or expose functionality of the native gui of the device.

Customer support solution recommendation system

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium and a method for automatically providing support solutions in response to user feedback items. The method comprises receiving user feedback items and corresponding support solutions.

Launch surface control

Example apparatus and methods concern controlling context associations while maintaining a user experience. A memory stores information concerning a context associated with a shared launch surface in a multi-user system running on an apparatus.

Apparatus and representing and manipulating metadata

Mechanisms are described for providing visual representations of metadata so as to allow for an easier, more intuitive, and more entertaining way for a user to manage metadata by allowing a user to execute operations relating to the metadata through interactions with the visual representations of that metadata. A user can further define visual objects and use such objects for searching media content items, such as by using a visual representation of metadata as a filter and displaying graphical depictions of associations between the visual representations of metadata and the associated media content item.

Expanding high level queries

One or more computer processors identify words in a natural language query that have previously-established associations with stored data upon which the query will be executed. The natural language query is formatted to a query template that includes at least one first component and at least one second component.

Deduplication for a storage system

A method and system for deduplication of data to be stored on a storage system. A deduplication system performs a method that includes the steps of: segmenting a storage object into a plurality of data segments; generating a content similarity key indicative of a content of a data segment as well as associating a physical position on the storage medium for the data segment with the generated content similarity key; storing the association in deduplication index information; and using the stored associations for optimizing the deduplication..

Content associations and sharing for scheduled events

Sharing content includes verifying occurrence of an event, determining participants of the event, gathering related content generated by the participants, where the related content corresponds to the event, and disseminating the related content to the participants. The event may be a business meeting.

Candidate selection apparatus and candidate selection method utilizing voice recognition

A candidate selection apparatus utilizing voice recognition includes an association unit that associates target candidates with candidate numbers so that numerals of the target candidates coincide with numerals of the candidate numbers when the target candidates to be displayed in list form are character strings representing the numerals of the candidate numbers, and a display control unit that displays the target candidates and the candidate numbers in list form in accordance with the associations made between the target candidates and the candidate numbers.. .

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