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Aspect Ratio patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Aspect Ratio-related patents
 Nitrile copolymer latex composition and nitrile copolymer rubber composition patent thumbnailnew patent Nitrile copolymer latex composition and nitrile copolymer rubber composition
A nitrile copolymer latex composition containing a latex of a nitrile copolymer rubber (a) having α,β-ethylenically unsaturated nitrile monomer units in 10 to 75 wt %, conjugated diene monomer units in 5 to 89.9 wt %, and cationic monomer units and/or monomer units able to form cations in 0.1 to 20 wt %, an inorganic filler (b) having an aspect ratio of 30 to 2,000, and a plasticizer (c) having an sp value by the hoy method of 8 to 10.2 (cal/cm3)1/2, wherein a content of said plasticizer (c) is 0.1 to 200 parts by weight with respect to said nitrile copolymer rubber (a) as 100 parts by weight is provided.. .
 Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip patent thumbnailnew patent Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip
It is intended to obtain a photosensitive resin composition that is capable of forming a highly fine pattern with a high aspect ratio while attaining the high adhesion of the pattern to a substrate, having low autofluorescence, and being exceedingly suitable for producing a biochip that causes exceedingly low damage on cultured cells. The photosensitive resin composition for forming a biochip of the present invention contains: an epoxy compound (a1) of a particular structure having an oxycyclohexane skeleton having an epoxy group; an epoxy compound (a2) of a particular structure which is a polyvalent carboxylic acid derivative having an epoxidized cyclohexenyl group; a cationic photoinitiator (b); and a solvent (c)..
 Lighting device patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting device
According to one embodiment, a lighting device includes a light source with a directivity and a light-transmitting cover including a light-transmitting area configured to emit light from the light source to the outside. The light-transmitting cover is in a dome shape and formed of a material doped with scattered fillers dispersed in a volume thereof.
 Thermoplastic resin composition for reflector, reflector plate, and light-emitting diode element patent thumbnailnew patent Thermoplastic resin composition for reflector, reflector plate, and light-emitting diode element
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a thermoplastic resin composition for a reflector plate with which it is possible to obtain a molded article having excellent moldability, high mechanical strength, excellent heat resistance and a high reflectance that is stable over time, and it is possible to obtain a reflector plate with which there is little reduction in reflectance due to heating. The thermoplastic resin composition for a reflector of the invention comprises 30 to 80 weight % of a thermoplastic resin (a) having structural units containing carbonyl groups and a melting point or glass transition temperature of 250° c.
 Multilayer line trimming patent thumbnailnew patent Multilayer line trimming
Substantially simultaneous plasma etching of polysilicon and oxide layers in multilayer lines in semiconductors allows for enhanced critical dimensions and aspect ratios of the multilayer lines. Increasing multilayer line aspect ratios may be possible, allowing for increased efficiency, greater storage capacity, and smaller critical dimensions in semiconductor technologies..
 Multiple aspect-ratio design patent thumbnailMultiple aspect-ratio design
The instant application discloses, among other things, techniques to allow publications suitable for varying aspect ratios and resolutions to be designed and stored, with an appropriate design selected at the time the publication is displayed.. .
 Acicular strontium carbonate fine powder patent thumbnailAcicular strontium carbonate fine powder
An acicular strontium carbonate fine powder having a mean length of 150 nm or less and a mean aspect ratio of 1.5 or more and containing acicular strontium carbonate particles having a length of 200 nm or more in an amount of 5% or less in terms of number of acicular particles is improved in its dispersibility in hydrophobic organic solvent by treating the acicular strontium carbonate fine powder with a combination of polycarboxylic acid having a side chain of a polyoxyalkylene group or its anhydride and amine having a polyoxyalkylene group and a hydrocarbyl group.. .
 Image bearing member protecting agent, protective layer forming device, and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage bearing member protecting agent, protective layer forming device, and image forming apparatus
Provided is an image bearing member protecting agent which contains a fatty acid metal salt and an inorganic lubricant, wherein an aspect ratio (average major axis length/average minor axis length) of the inorganic lubricant is 60 to 400, and a mass ratio of the fatty acid metal salt to the inorganic lubricant (fatty acid metal salt/inorganic lubricant) is 98/2 to 85/15.. .
 Anti-reflection sheet, display element and display device patent thumbnailAnti-reflection sheet, display element and display device
An anti-reflection sheet includes a transparent substrate; and a resin layer formed on a surface of a transparent substrate. The resin layer includes a first surface that faces the surface of the transparent substrate; a second surface that faces away from the surface of the transparent substrate; and a plurality of projections arranged on the second surface of the resin layer so as to form a projection layer.
 Apparatus, method, and storage medium patent thumbnailApparatus, method, and storage medium
According to an aspect of the present invention, an apparatus includes an area setting unit configured to set, in a case where it is not determined that a page of an aspect ratio can be set in an application, a data arrangement area which the data to be printed is arranged, in a page setting of the application, so that an aspect ratio of the data arrangement area fits to the aspect ratio of the printing area, and a scaling setting unit configured to set a scaling of the page in which the data arrangement area set by the area setting unit, so that the page is scaled in accordance with the printing area and the data arrangement area, based on a size of the page and the size of the printing area.. .
Image display control apparatus, image display apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium, and image display method
An image display control apparatus includes a division unit and a display controller. The division unit divides a rectangular display area into plural rectangular sub-areas in a direction in which one side of the display area extends.
Support lines to prevent line collapse in arrays
Methods for preventing line collapse during the fabrication of nand flash memory and other microelectronic devices that utilize closely spaced device structures with high aspect ratios are described. In some embodiments, one or more mechanical support structures may be provided to prevent the collapse of closely spaced device structures during fabrication.
Solar roof panel system with edge and surface treatments
A roof-mounted solar power system for generating electrical power that includes a plurality of solar modules adapted for generating electrical power from sunlight, and with each of the plurality of solar modules having substantially the same size, aspect ratio and surface coloring. The plurality of solar modules are mounted on the deck of a roof to form a bank of solar modules having at least one irregular edge.
Method of sorting abrasive particles, abrasive particle distributions, and abrasive articles including the same
A method of making an abrasive particle distribution includes: sorting an initial lot of abrasive particles into a plurality of sublots including first and second sublots of the abrasive particles according to their average particle diameter and aspect ratio, and combining the first and second sublots. The initial lot conforms to an abrasives industry specified nominal grade.
Generating a user interface
A method and apparatus provide the ability to generate a graphical user interface. Two user interface groups are defined that both contain two or more user interface (ui) components that are used to perform operations in an image processing application.
Article with soft nonwoven layer
An article having as a component a nonwoven material, which includes a layer of spunbond fibers. The fibers of the nonwoven material are made of a composition that includes a first polyolefin, a second polyolefin that is a propylene copolymer and is different from the first polyolefin and a softness enhancer additive.
Cathode active material for a lithium ion secondary battery and a lithium ion secondary battery
A cathode active material for a lithium secondary battery, includes secondary particles, each being formed of a large number of primary particles whose mean particle size is equal to or larger than 0.01 μm and equal to or smaller than 5 μm, and includes the following features. An oriented ratio of a (003) plane is equal to or larger than 60%.
Process for producing ferromagnetic particles, anisotropic magnet, bonded magnet and compacted magnet
The present invention relates to ferromagnetic particles capable of exhibiting a high purity and excellent magnetic properties from the industrial viewpoints and a process for producing the ferromagnetic particles, and also provides an anisotropic magnet, a bonded magnet and a compacted magnet which are obtained by using the ferromagnetic particles. The ferromagnetic particles comprising an fe16n2 compound phase in an amount of not less than 80% as measured by mössbauer spectrum and each having an outer shell in which feo is present in the form of a layer having a thickness of not more than 5 nm according to the present invention can be produced by subjecting aggregated particles of an iron compound as a starting material whose primary particles have a ratio of [(average deviation of major axis lengths of particles)/(average major axis length of particles)] of not more than 50%, uc of not more than 1.55, cg of not less than 0.95, cg2 of not less than 0.40, an average major axis length of 40 to 5000 nm, and an aspect ratio (major axis diameter/minor axis diameter) of 1 to 200, to dispersing treatment; then subjecting the iron compound particles passed through a mesh screen to reducing treatment at a temperature of 160 to 420° c.; and subjecting the resulting particles to nitridation treatment at a temperature of 130 to 170° c..
Injection compression molding of amorphous alloys
Various embodiments provide methods and apparatus for forming bulk metallic glass (bmg) articles using a mold having a stationary mold part and a movable mold part paired to form a mold cavity. A molten material can be injected to fill the mold cavity.
High aspect ratio sample holder
An elongated member is formed which has a frontal and a distal end, and a length axis. The frontal end satisfies vacuum sealing and maneuverability specifications of a sample holder for a particle beam microscope.
Active imaging device having field of view and field of illumination with corresponding rectangular aspect ratios
Active imaging devices can include a camera and an illuminator that provides light to the scene under observation. Most often, a laser beam combined with projector optics is used to generate a field of illumination while a telescope and a camera are use to acquire the images in its field of view.
Standoff generating devices and processes for making same
Standoff generating devices, arrays, and processes are disclosed for producing standoffs of various shapes, aspect ratios, and mechanical properties on a receiving surface for production of, e.g., vacuum-insulated glass units (vigus).. .
Method of etching a high aspect ratio contact
Methods and an etch gas composition for etching a contact opening in a dielectric layer are provided. Embodiments of the method use a plasma generated from an etch gas composed of c4f8 and/or c4f6, an oxygen source, and a carrier gas in combination with tetrafluoroethane (c2f4) or a halofluorocarbon analogue of c2f4..
Method for generating a singlet oxygen
The invention provides a method for generation of a singlet oxygen comprising the following steps: irradiating with light on a metal nanoparticle at a specific wavelength; and transmitting a photon energy to sensitize a molecular oxygen to generate the singlet oxygen; wherein, the amount of the singlet oxygen is dependent on the wavelength of excitation light and aspect ratio of the metal nanoparticle.. .
Cellulose nanofibers and method for producing same, composite resin composition, and molded body
Cellulose nanofibers have an average degree of polymerization of 600 or more to 30000 or less, an aspect ratio of 20 or more to 10000 or less, an average diameter of 1 nm or more to 800 nm or less, and an iβ-type crystal peak in an x-ray diffraction pattern, in which a hydroxyl group in the cellulose nanofibers is esterified and has a modification degree of 1.0 or more based on all of the hydroxyl groups.. .
Cellulose nanofibers and method for producing same, composite resin composition, molded body
Cellulose nanofibers have an average degree of polymerization of 600 or more to 30000 or less, an aspect ratio of 20 or more to 10000 or less, an average diameter of 1 nm or more to 800 nm or less, and an iβ-type crystal peak in an x-ray diffraction pattern, in which a hydroxyl group is chemically modified by a modifying group.. .
Large diameter cutting tool
An abrasive cutting tool includes a body in a shape of a large diameter disk having an outer diameter of at least about 60 centimeters. The body has an aspect ratio defined as a ratio (d:t) between the outer diameter to an axial thickness of the body of at least about 10:1.
3-d integration using multi stage vias
A tsv can be formed having a top section via formed through the top substrate surface and a bottom section via formed through the bottom substrate surface. The top section cross section can have a minimum cross section corresponding to design rules, and the top section depth can correspond to a workable aspect ratio.
Capacitor electrodes for lead-acid battery with surface-modified additives
Electrodes, which may be composite capacitor electrodes, include carbon fibers, illustratively chopped carbon fibers having an aspect ratio of from about 100-5000, have been treated with a non-ionic surfactant, specifically the polyoxyethyleneglycol octophenyl ether, triton x-100, to increase the hydrophilicity of the fibers. The capacitive electrodes prepared with the surface-modified carbon fibers exhibit increased charge acceptance..
Sheet for led light cover application
Disclosed herein is a sheet comprising a polymeric material; light diffusing particles disposed in the polymeric material; and a non-random surface texture on a surface of the sheet; wherein the surface texture comprises hemispherical structures, partial hemispherical structures, ellipsoidal structures, immersed spherical beads, ellipsoidal beads, “bell-shape” bump, complex lens shape structures, pyramidal structures, reversed pyramidal structures, or combinations comprising at least one of the foregoing. The sheet has excellent hiding power and transmission at the same time and is suitable for led light cover applications.
System and method for matching a camera aspect ratio and size to an illumination aspect ratio and size
A system including an imaging device configured to capture an image of a target at a first aspect ratio and with a first field of view on the target, a light source configured to illuminate the target with a light at a second aspect ratio and with a second field of view on the target, and at least one optical baffle configured to shape the light at the target. The second aspect ratio equals the first aspect ratio and the second field of view equals the first field of view.
System, method, and computer program product for optically lifting a latent print over a long distance
A system including an imaging device, located a distance from a surface, configured to capture an image of a latent print or a contaminant on the surface at a first aspect ratio and with a first field of view on a surface, and a light emitting device, located a distance from the surface, configured to illuminate at a ultraviolet-c wavelength or a long wave infrared wavelength at the surface at a second aspect ratio equal to the first aspect ratio and with a shape of a field of view on the surface equal to the first field of view on the surface is disclosed. The captured image illustrates a reflected light image of the latent print or contaminant in a visible spectrum.
Display apparatus incorporating vertically oriented electrical interconnects
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for enabling a display to have a faster switching rate and an increased aperture ratio by using vertically oriented electrical interconnects with a reduced footprint. In one aspect, a display apparatus includes an array of display elements and an electrical interconnect connected to at least one display element in the array of display elements.
Scintillator, method of fabricating the same and x-ray detector including the scintillator
A scintillator, which can prevent a data error due to light diffusion or spreading by improving light collimation, a method of fabricating the same and an x-ray detector including the scintillator are disclosed. The scintillator includes a substrate and a scintillator layer fanned on the substrate and having columnar crystals and non-columnar crystals, wherein each of the columnar crystals has an aspect ratio of 80:1 or greater..
Oil absorbing material and processes of recycling absorbent articles to produce the same
An oil absorbing material is generally provided. The oil absorbing material can includes sorbent particles having an average aspect ratio of about 5 to about 500 and a mean average particle diameter of about 10 μm to about 1 millimeter.
Nitric oxide-releasing nanorods and their methods of use
In one aspect, the subject matter disclosed herein is directed to no-releasing functionalized nanorods having a desirable aspect ratio. The nanorods are also capable of releasing a desirable amount of no (nitric oxide).
Printed material and photographic material
A printed material includes a printed material body with a surface, and an optical element disposed on the surface of the printed material body. The optical element includes multiple structures formed at a pitch not longer than the wavelength of visible light.
Electroplated metallic interconnects and products
One embodiment of the present invention is a device including at least a portion of a void-free electroplated metallic interconnect embedded in an opening, said opening having sidewalls, said sidewalls include at least one dielectric layer, wherein the opening has an aspect ratio in a range from 7:1 to 20:1, and wherein the portion of the electroplated metallic interconnect includes a material selected from a group consisting of cu, ag, and alloys including at least one of these metals.. .
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with an son structure having a thick cavity inside a semiconductor substrate is disclosed. The method forms a plurality of trenches with a predetermined distance between adjacent trenches.
Aircraft with integrated lift and propulsion system
A vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft is designed to be so efficient that it can be commercially competitive with runway dependent aircraft operating in a range of 100 to 1000 miles or more, with glide ratios of at least 24. Improvements include a combination of high efficiency tilting rotor and wing design that enable both vertical takeoff and efficient high speed cruising, a high aspect ratio wing, and a variable speed propulsion system efficient in both hover and cruise flight.
Two-stage precombustion chamber for large bore gas engines
In certain embodiments, a two-stage precombustion chamber may be used to reduce engine nox levels, with fueled precombustion chambers, while maintaining comparable engine power output and thermal efficiency. One or more fuel admission points may be located in either the first prechamber stage or the second prechamber stage.
Zooming display method and apparatus
An object-recognition based zoom-in display method and apparatus are disclosed. One or more objects in a displayed image are recognized.
Hexagonal prism-shaped zinc oxide particles, method for production of the same, and cosmetic, heat releasing filler, heat releasing resin composition, heat releasing grease, and heat releasing coating composition comprising the same
It is an object of the present invention to provide hexagonal prism-shaped zinc oxide particles which have a specific particle diameter and a specific aspect ratio, and high ultraviolet blocking performance and transparency, and therefore can be suitably used as a cosmetic and a heat releasing material. Provided are hexagonal prism-shaped zinc oxide particles having a primary particle diameter of 0.1 μm or more and less than 0.5 μm and an aspect ratio of less than 2.5..
Rare earth element oxyflouride powder spray material and sprayed article
A spray material comprising rare earth element oxyfluoride particles having an aspect ratio of up to 2, an average particle size of 10-100 μm, and a bulk density of 0.8-2 g/cm3, and containing not more than 0.5 wt % of carbon and 3-15 wt % of oxygen is suitable for air plasma spraying. An article having a sprayed coating of rare earth element oxyfluoride has high resistance against plasma etching and a long lifetime..
Colored web material comprising a plurality of discrete extended elements
A colored web material comprising a plurality of discrete extended elements. The colored web material comprises a colorant incorporated in the material itself or a colorant disposed on at least one surface of the web material.
Semiconductor having a high aspect ratio via
The present disclosure provides various embodiments of a via structure and method of manufacturing same. In an example, a via structure includes a via having via sidewall surfaces defined by a semiconductor substrate.
Content-sensitive and context-sensitive user interface for an intelligent television
An intelligent television can provide various interfaces for navigating processes associated with providing content. The user interfaces include unique visual representations and organizations that allow the user to utilize the intelligent television more easily and more effectively.
Method and apparatus for sequentially displaying a plurality of images including selective asynchronous matching of a subset of the images
A process for receiving, manipulating and displaying images having different initial or input sizes and aspect ratios, wherein post manipulation images are resized and cropped in accordance determined aspect ratios and common frame size to be displayed one at a time within the common frame. Switching of the display of the post manipulation images within the common frame is in response to a viewer scrolling over or providing some indication (or alternatively merely timing).
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
The present invention relates to an electrophotographic photosensitive member including a support and a photosensitive layer formed on the support. The electrophotographic photosensitive member has a surface layer containing a polyarylate resin and acicular inorganic fillers.
Directly metallizable polyarylene sulfide composition
A thermoplastic composition is described that can be directly coated with a metal according to a metallization process with no intervening base coat formation process necessary. The thermoplastic composition includes a polyarylene sulfide and a filler having a selectively controlled average length and aspect ratio.
Hexagonal plate-shaped zinc oxide particles, method for production of the same, and cosmetic, heat releasing filler, heat releasing resin composition, heat releasing grease, and heat releasing coating composition comprising the same
An object of the present invention is to provide hexagonal plate-shaped zinc oxide particles which can be used as a cosmetic raw material, a heat releasing filler and the like, a method for production of the same, and a cosmetic, a heat releasing filler, a heat releasing resin composition, a heat releasing grease and a heat releasing coating composition each comprising the same. Provided are hexagonal plate-shaped zinc oxide particles having hexagonal-shaped surfaces, wherein the primary particle diameter is 0.01 μm or more and the aspect ratio is 2.5 or more, and 50% or more of 250 particles in a transmission electron microscope photograph satisfy both the requirements (1) the particle has a hexagonal-shaped surface; and (2) dmin/dmax≧0.3, where dmax: a length of the largest diagonal line of three diagonal lines of the hexagonal-shaped surface of the hexagonal plate-shaped zinc oxide particle; and dmin: a length of the smallest diagonal line of three diagonal lines of the hexagonal-shaped surface of the hexagonal plate-shaped zinc oxide particle..
Graphene and its growth
The present invention provides graphene nuclei including monolayer single-crystalline graphene nuclei and a method of growing from them two-dimensional graphene dendrites, with aspect ratio of the main branches increasing with growth time, on catalytic metal surface using thermal chemical vapor deposition. By controlling the supply rates of the carbon etching gas and the carbon deposition species, it results in graphene branches being merged to form a two-dimensional monolayer single-crystalline graphene plate and further allows multiple graphene plates to merge and form a large-area continuous monolayer graphene plate..
Lighting device having highly luminescent quantum dots
Lighting devices having highly luminescent quantum dots are described. In an example, a lighting apparatus includes a housing structure or a substrate.
Reinforced pct compositions
The invention relates to polymer compositions comprising pct (poly((cyclohexylene-dimethylene) terephthalate)) polymer and a fibrous glass filler having a non-circular cross-sectional aspect ratio of greater than at or about 4.. .
Zinc oxide particles, method for production of the same, and cosmetic, heat releasing filler, heat releasing resin composition, heat releasing grease, and heat releasing coating composition comprising the same
It is an object of the present invention to provide zinc oxide particles which have excellent ultraviolet blocking performance and also excellent dispersibility, and therefore can be suitably used as an ultraviolet blocking agent for cosmetics. Provided are zinc oxide particles having a primary particle diameter of less than 0.1 μm, an aspect ratio of less than 2.5 and an oil absorption/bet specific surface area of 1.5 ml/100 m2 or less..
Circuit pattern with high aspect ratio and method of manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a circuit pattern with high aspect ratio is disclosed. A plurality of parallel lines and supporting lines intersecting the parallel lines are formed.
Photovoltaic devices with enhanced efficiencies using high-aspect ratio nanostructures
Photovoltaic devices and techniques for enhancing efficiency thereof are provided. In one aspect, a photovoltaic device is provided.
Visual treatment for a tile-based user interface in a content integration framework
In a method, system, and computer-readable medium having instructions for a visual treatment for a user interface in a content integration framework, information is received on a tile size for a matrix of tiles and the matrix has one or more tiles with the tile size displayed on a user interface, one or more content images is received for display on the user interface, a position is determined within a first tile of the matrix for rendering a first content image from the one or more content images, a first area of excess space is determined within the tile after positioning the first content image within the first tile and the first area of excess space is dependent on at least one of an aspect ratio of the first content image and a size of the first content image, a reflection of the first content image is rendered within at least a portion of the first area of excess space within the first tile, the first content image is rendered within the first tile of the matrix, and descriptive text associated with the first content image is displayed so that the descriptive text overlays the reflection and not the first content image.. .
Metal-based particle assembly
There is provided a metal-based particle assembly comprising 30 or more metal-based particles separated from each other and disposed in two dimensions, the metal-based particles having an average particle diameter in a range of from 200 to 1600 nm, an average height in a range of from 55 to 500 nm, and an aspect ratio, as defined by a ratio of the average particle diameter to the average height, in a range of from 1 to 8, wherein the metal-based particles are disposed such that an average distance between adjacent metal-based particles may be in a range of from 1 to 150 nm. This metal-based particle assembly presents significantly intense plasmon resonance and also allows plasmon resonance to have an effect over a range extended to a significantly large distance..
Displays with coherent fiber bundles
A display may have an array of display pixels that generate an image. A coherent fiber bundle may be mounted on the display pixels.
Interferometer for tsv measurement and measurement method using same
Provided herein is a tsv measuring interferometer that uses a variable field stop that adjusts such that a light is focused at an inlet and at a bottom surface of a tsv when measuring a diameter and depth of the tsv, thereby reducing a measurement time and result data, the interferometer also using a telecentric lens that adjusts the light injected into the tsv to be a straight line, so as to obtain a sufficient amount of light reaching the bottom surface to improve the accuracy of measurement even in a tsv having a large aspect ratio.. .
Dynamic presentation of waveform tracings in a central monitor perspective
Methods, computer systems, and computer storage media are provided for automatically populating a central monitor perspective with waveform tracings having a predetermined aspect ratio. A selection of a unit location is received, and monitoring devices connected to patients at the unit location are detected.
Methods for manufacturing three-dimensional devices and devices created thereby
In certain exemplary embodiments of the present invention, three-dimensional micro-mechanical devices and/or micro-structures can be made using a production casting process. As part of this process, an intermediate mold can be made from or derived from a precision stack lamination and used to fabricate the devices and/or structures.
Fluid dispensing systems for pump dispenser
A pump dispenser has a large ergonomic actuator designed to ergonomically deliver a composition to a substrate in the consumer's hand without the consumer having to pick up the pump dispenser. The ergonomic design allows the composition to be delivered in a proper aspect ratio to the substrate.
Run-flat tire
A run-flat tire with an aspect ratio of 50% to 60%, which comprises a carcass consisting of a single ply of cords extending between bead cores through a tread portion and sidewall portions, a pair of sidewall reinforcing layers each with a crescent cross-sectional shape and disposed axially inwardly of the carcass in each sidewall portion, the sidewall reinforcing layers made of rubber having a complex elastic modulus of from 6 to 12 mpa, and a pair of bead apex elements which extending radially outwardly of the tire from bead cores, each bead apex element having a height of from 0.30 to 0.48 times a tire section height from a bead base-line, wherein the tire has certain relations with respect to thicknesses of sidewall reinforcing layers and sidewall rubber elements.. .
Abrasive article comprising abrasive particles of a composite composition
An abrasive article including a body having a bond material and abrasive particles contained in the bond material, the abrasive particles including a composite composition having alumina (al2o3), iron oxide (fe2o3), and silica (sio2). The abrasive particles further include an aspect ratio of at least 1:1 and an average porosity in a range of about 0 vol % to not greater than about 15 vol %..
Image display device, image display method, and image display program
An image display device is capable of realizing an effective corrected shape of the image. The image display device includes an image input section to which an image is input, an aspect ratio determination section adapted to determine an aspect ratio of the image input to the image input section, a correction section adapted to perform a correction on the image input to the image input section so that the image has an aspect ratio corresponding to an aspect ratio determined by the aspect ratio determination section, and a projection section adapted to project the image on which the correction is performed by the correction section..
Stacked via structure for metal fuse applications
A back end of the line (beol) fuse structure having a stack of vias. The stacking of vias leads to high aspect ratios making liner and seed coverage inside the vias poorer.
Method of manufacturing high aspect ratio silver nanowires
A process for manufacturing silver nanowires is provided, comprising: providing a silver ink core component containing ≧60 wt % silver nanoparticles dispersed in a silver carrier; providing a shell component containing a film forming polymer dispersed in a shell carrier; providing a substrate; coelectrospinning the silver ink core component and the shell component depositing on the substrate a core shell fiber having a core and a shell surrounding the core, wherein the silver nanoparticles are in the core; and, treating the silver nanoparticles to form a population of silver nanowires, wherein the population of silver nanowires exhibit an average length, l, of ≧60 μm.. .
Resin molding, method for manufacturing the same, and metal mold for manufacturing the same
A resin molding is provided. A main body is comprised of 100 parts by weight of thermoplastic resin and 0.1 to 4 parts by weight of bright material having the aspect ratio of 30 to 50.
Power light emitting diode and method with uniform current density operation
A light emitting diode device has a bulk gallium and nitrogen containing substrate with an active region. The device has a lateral dimension and a thick vertical dimension such that the geometric aspect ratio forms a volumetric diode that delivers a nearly uniform current density across the range of the lateral dimension..
Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes positioned substantially transverse to a direction of airflow through the heat exchanger and arranged in a plurality of tube rows extending substantially along the direction of airflow. The heat exchanger further includes a plurality of webs substantially integral to two or more tubes of the plurality of tubes, each web extending between and connected to adjacent tubes of the plurality of tubes.

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