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Aspect Ratio patents

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Tobacco material containing non-isometric calcium carbonate microparticles

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aspect Ratio-related patents
 Method of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the through-silicon via patent thumbnailnew patent Method of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the through-silicon via
A method for fabricating through-silicon vias (tsvs) for semiconductor devices is provided. Specifically, the method involves utilizing copper contact pads in a back-end-of-line wiring level, wherein the copper contact pads act as cathodes for performing an electroplating technique to fill tsvs with plated-conductive material (e.g., copper) from an electroplating solution.
 Capacitor forming methods patent thumbnailnew patent Capacitor forming methods
A capacitor forming method includes forming an electrically conductive support material over a substrate, forming an opening through at least the support material to the substrate, and, after forming the opening, forming a capacitor structure contacting the substrate and the support material in the opening. The support material contains at least 25 at % carbon.
 Novel tissue culture platform for screening of potential bone remodeling agents patent thumbnailnew patent Novel tissue culture platform for screening of potential bone remodeling agents
The present disclosure provides methods for identifying candidate compounds having bone anti-resorption activity or bone pro-formation activity. The methods involve the use of ex vivo-derived mineralized three-dimensional bone constructs.
 Formulations and methods for oxidation protection of composite articles patent thumbnailnew patent Formulations and methods for oxidation protection of composite articles
A composition comprises at least one carrier fluid, precursors of a phosphate glass, and a plurality of filler nanoparticles having a mean aspect ratio of at least about 100. The composition can be applied to a composite substrate to form an oxidation protection coating including at least one phosphate glass barrier layer with a plurality of filler nanoparticles.
 Panels of medium density fibreboard patent thumbnailnew patent Panels of medium density fibreboard
Disclosed are panels of medium density fibreboard (mdf). The panels comprise wood fibres, the largest dimension of which is 7 mm or below, pressed together with an adhesive.
 Multiple anode plasma for cvd in a hollow article patent thumbnailnew patent Multiple anode plasma for cvd in a hollow article
A method and apparatus for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition to an interior region of a hollow, tubular, high aspect ratio workpiece are disclosed. A plurality of anodes are disposed in axially spaced apart arrangement, to the interior of the workpiece.
 Rinse-off skin care compositions containing cellulosic materials patent thumbnailnew patent Rinse-off skin care compositions containing cellulosic materials
The compositions and methods of this invention relate to a rinse-off skin care composition containing hydrophobic, linear cellulose particles having an average length of from about 1 to about 1000 μm, a particle aspect ratio from about 1000 to about 2 and a thickness of from about 1 to about 500 μm; at least one cleansing agent selected from the group consisting of a saponified fat and a surfactant; and a cosmetically acceptable carrier.. .
 3d-rendering method and device for logical window patent thumbnailnew patent 3d-rendering method and device for logical window
A 3d-rendering method for a logical window is provided, including: drawing a 2d image of a target logical window; projecting the 2d image into a preset 3d coordinate space with aspect ratio of the 2d image being maintained, to obtain a 3d model of the target logical window; performing, in the preset 3d coordinate space, a 3d transformation on the 3d model of the target logical window; acquiring a correcting coordinate value and a correcting ratio value of the 3d model; and perspectively projecting the 3d model after the 3d transformation in the preset 3d coordinate space into a target projection plane. A 3d-rendering device is further provided..
 Piston ring patent thumbnailnew patent Piston ring
Either or both the upper and lower sides of the piston ring are covered with a resin-based film containing a fibrous filler with a mean fiber diameter of 50 to 500 nm and an aspect ratio of 30 to 500. The fibrous filler content is 0.5 to 10 vol % with respect to the total resin-based film.
 Heater and glow plug including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Heater and glow plug including the same
A heater of the present invention includes an insulating base, a resistor embedded in the insulating base, a lead embedded in the insulating base. One end of the lead is joined to the resistor, and the other end is led out as a terminal portion on the surface of the insulating base.
new patent Silver nanowire-containing composition, biosensor strip comprising the same and its preparation method
Provided is a silver nanowire-containing composition for a biosensor strip, a biosensor strip comprising the same and its preparation method. The biosensor strip comprises a conductive pattern layer made of the silver nanowire-containing composition.
new patent Tobacco material containing non-isometric calcium carbonate microparticles
A smoking article formed from a tobacco material that includes tobacco non-isometric precipitated calcium carbonate microparticles is provided. The non-isometric microparticles typically have a mean diameter of from about 50 nanometers to about 3 micrometers, in some embodiments from about 80 nanometers to about 1 micrometer, in some embodiments from about 100 nanometers to about 400 nanometers, and in some embodiments, from about 200 nanometers to about 300 nanometers.
Polyester powder compositions, methods and articles
Powder compositions and articles and methods of forming articles from powder compositions are provided. In one embodiment the powder compositions include at least one polyester polymer powder and an amount of reinforcing particles having an aspect ratio of preferably at least about 5:1.
Image projection apparatus and image projection method
An image projection method includes: reflecting, by a concave mirror, light having transmitted through one or more lenses after forming an intermediate-focused image of the light; and projecting an image onto a projection plane through reflecting the light reflected by the concave mirror by a plane mirror that has an aspect ratio of 1.9 or more.. .
Apparatus and method for rapid human detection with pet immunity
A method and apparatus where the apparatus performs the steps of detecting a moving object within a secured area, determining a size of the moving object, determining that the size exceeds a predetermined threshold value associated with an animal, determining an aspect ratio of the moving object, determining that the aspect ratio meets a predetermined aspect threshold value associated with an animal or crawling human, but not an upright human, retrieving an indicator from memory that establishes whether an animal is present or not present within the secured area and setting an alarm upon detecting that the moving object exceeds the predetermined size threshold, that the determined aspect ratio meets the aspect ratio of an animal or crawling human and that the indicator establishes that there is no animal present in the secured area.. .
Compact multi-viewing element endoscope system
The present specification is directed towards endoscopes, such as colonoscopes, that provide a broader field of view and allow extended access of surgical tools and also enable efficient packing of all necessary elements in the tip section, while maintaining their functionality. Also described are methods and systems for capturing and displaying still and video images using an endoscope corresponding to a left-side looking, a front-looking and a right-side looking viewing element of an endoscopic tip generated in a native aspect ratio..
Anti-burn engine oil and preparation method thereof
Provide is an anti-burn engine oil, which comprises a base oil, and copper powder or ceramic powder having the particle diameter of 110 nm-300 nm and the aspect ratio of no greater than 3:1, wherein the amount of copper powder or ceramic powder is 25 g-100 g in per liter the base oil. The copper powder or ceramic powder contained in the engine oil can increase the potential energy of the towed particles in the cylinder and form a variety of complex movements under the relative movement of friction pair so as to not only greatly reduce the dry friction, but also have a good lubricating property and avoid the engine oil burning.
Silicon dioxide-polysilicon multi-layered stack etching with plasma etch chamber employing non-corrosive etchants
Multilayered stacks having layers of silicon interleaved with layers of a dielectric, such as silicon dioxide, are plasma etched with non-corrosive process gas chemistries. Etching plasmas of fluorine source gases, such as sf6 and/or nf3 typically only suitable for dielectric layers, are energized by pulsed rf to achieve high aspect ratio etching of silicon/silicon dioxide bi-layers stacks without the addition of corrosive gases, such as hbr or cl2.
Rounded zinc peroxide particles, rounded zinc oxide particles, method for prodcution thereof, cosmetic and heat releasing filler
An object of the present invention is to provide rounded zinc peroxide particles having a large particle diameter, the rounded zinc peroxide particles having excellent performance because they have an average particle diameter of 0.04 μm or more, a small aspect ratio and a shape close to a spherical shape; rounded zinc oxide particles which are obtained by calcinating the rounded zinc peroxide particles and which have a small aspect ratio and a sharp particle size distribution; a method for production thereof; and a cosmetic and a heat releasing filler each containing the rounded zinc oxide particles. Provided are rounded zinc peroxide particles having an average particle diameter of 0.04 μm or more and an aspect ratio of 2.0 or less, and rounded zinc oxide particles which are obtained by thermally decomposing the rounded zinc peroxide particles and which have an average particle diameter of 0.04 μm or more and an aspect ratio of 2.0 or less..
Dynamic image layout for personalized packages
A method of determining a layout of a structural document may include receiving a plurality of images, determining a design associated with a structural document, determining a number of facets associated with the structural document based on the determined design, determining an image area associated with the structural document, and determining a layout associated with the structural document based on the determined image area. The method may include determining an image aspect ratio associated with each of the plurality of received images, determining an area aspect ratio associated with each of the one or more areas, assigning each received image to one of the one or more areas based on the determined aspect ratio associated with the image and the determined area aspect ratio associated with the area, and causing a graphical representation of the structural document to be displayed..
Silicide formation in high-aspect ratio structures
Embodiments of the present invention include methods of forming a silicide layer on a semiconductor substrate. In an exemplary embodiment, a metal layer may first be deposited above a semiconductor substrate using a chemical vapor deposition process with a metal amidinate precursor and then the semiconductor substrate may be annealed, causing the semiconductor substrate to react with the metal layer forming a metal-rich silicide layer on the semiconductor substrate.
Negative electrode mixture or gel electrolyte, and battery using said negative electrode mixture or said gel electrolyte
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a zinc negative electrode mixture for forming negative electrodes of safe and economic batteries exhibiting excellent battery performance; and a gel electrolyte or a negative electrode mixture which can be suitably used for forming a storage battery exhibiting excellent battery performance such as a high cycle characteristic, rate characteristic, and coulombic efficiency while suppressing change in form, such as shape change and dendrite, and passivation of the electrode active material. Another purpose of the present invention is to provide a battery including the zinc negative electrode mixture or the gel electrolyte.
Aluminum plated steel sheet having excellent corrosion resistance with respect to alcohol or mixed gasoline of same and appearance and method of production of same
The means for solving this is characterized by defining the si, mg, ca, and ti ingredients in the aluminum plating layer and controlling the cooling method after hot dip aluminum coating so as to make mg2si particles with a long axis of 10 μm or less and an aspect ratio of 1 to 3 finely disperse in the plating layer. Due to the mg2si particles, it is possible to give an excellent corrosion resistance to flex fuels and suppress the deterioration in appearance due to mgo..
High-strength steel sheet excellent in impact resistance and manufacturing method thereof, and high-strength galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
[summary] the present invention provides a high-strength steel sheet excellent in impact resistance. The high-strength steel sheet contains predetermined contents of c, si, mn, p, s, al, ti, n, and o, with the balance being iron and inevitable impurities, and has a steel sheet structure in which, in a ⅛ thickness to ⅜ thickness region across ¼ of a sheet thickness, 1 to 8% retained austenite is contained in volume fraction, an average aspect ratio of the retained austenite is 2.0 or less, an amount of solid-solution mn in the retained austenite is 1.1 times an average amount of mn or more, and tin grains having a 0.5 μm average grain diameter or less are contained, and a density of aln grains with a 1 μm grain diameter or more is 1.0 pieces/mm2 or less, wherein a maximum tensile strength is 900 mpa or more..
Contextual matte bars for aspect ratio formatting
Systems, methods, and devices for adding contextual matte bars to format image data to another aspect ratio are provided. For example, a method may include receiving image data of a first aspect ratio into a processor.
High aspect ratio patterning using near-field optical lithography with top surface imaging
Rolling mask lithography may be performed to expose selected portions of a radiation sensitive layer to a radiation pattern that leaves selected portions of a top surface of the radiation sensitive layer resistant to development by a developer and non-selected portions susceptible to development by the developer. A structure of the selected portions is then rendered resistant to an etch process.
Duct fitting apparatus with reduced flow pressure loss and method of formation thereof
A duct fitting apparatus comprising a duct fitting having an aspect ratio of generally 1:1 at each end and transitioning toward a middle section having a non-uniform aspect ratio up to about 2.4:1. The transition section may have an elliptical cross-sectional shape.
Visually patterned and oriented compositions
Structured personal care compositions comprising a particle having an aspect ratio of greater than 1.5 are contemplated, as well as methods for using such compositions. The compositions provide a visually distinguishable, oriented pattern that is aesthetically pleasant to provide consumer appeal and product identification..
Void-free metallic filled high aspect ratio openings
One embodiment is a device which includes at least one filled via or trench wherein the at least one filled via or trench includes void-free filled metal or alloy, and the filled via or trench has an aspect ratio in a range from 9:1 to about 28:1.. .
Bounding box gesture recognition on a touch detecting interactive display
The invention provides a method and apparatus for identifying gestures performed by a user to control an interactive display. The gestures are identified based on a bounding box enclosing the points at which a user contacts a touch sensor corresponding with the display surface.
Air battery
The preset invention is to provide an air battery including, in an air electrode layer, a needle-shaped carbon material having more reaction starting points of oxygen reduction reaction than conventional carbon materials. Disclosed is an air battery including at least an air electrode, a negative electrode and an electrolyte layer disposed between the air electrode and the negative electrode, wherein the air electrode is provided with at least an air electrode layer, and the air electrode layer contains a needle-shaped carbon material having an average aspect ratio of 10 or more and a dig ratio of 0.1 or more..
Aircraft with integrated lift and propulsion system
A vertical take off and landing (vtol) aircraft is designed to be so efficient that it can be commercially competitive with runway dependent aircraft operating in a range of 100 to 1000 miles. Improvements include a high efficiency tilting rotor and wing design that enable both vertical takeoff and efficient high speed cruising, a high aspect ratio wing, and a variable speed propulsion system that is efficient in both hover and cruise flight.
Mosaic display systems and methods for intelligent media search
A computer image search system for rapid retrieval of media files images configured to determine a grid width attribute, and a height attribute, a width attribute and an aspect ratio attribute for each media file. The system configured to iteratively process each media file by determining a next media file, an average height and average width of the media files, reconfiguring the media files such that each of the reconfigured media files has the average height and the average width attribute, determining a total image width attribute of the media files by adding the average width attribute for each of the media files, and configured to assign a designated position to a next media file on the grid while the total image width attribute is less than the grid width attribute, and to dynamically display each processed media file at a corresponding designated position on the grid..
Alkaline secondary battery
In an alkaline secondary battery including a gelled negative electrode containing zinc alloy powder, an aspect ratio of a particle of the zinc alloy powder is within a range of 2.0-2.4, and the zinc alloy contains 150-350 ppm of bismuth, and 600-1500 ppm of indium.. .
Composite flame retardant, resin composition and molded article
The composite flame retardant contains (i) 100 parts by weight of magnesium hydroxide particles (a) having an average thickness of 10 to 100 nm, an average width of 2.4 μm or more and an average aspect ratio of 20 to 120 and (ii) 100 to 900 parts by weight of magnesium hydroxide particles (b) having an average width of 1 μm or less and an average aspect ratio of less than 20.. .
Integrated microchannel synthesis and separation
An integrated microchannel reactor and heat exchanger comprising: (a) a waveform sandwiched between opposing shim sheets and mounted to the shim sheets to form a series of microchannels, where each microchannel includes a pair of substantially straight side walls, and a top wall formed by at least one of the opposing shim sheets, and (b) a first set of microchannels in thermal communication with the waveform, where the waveform has an aspect ratio greater than two.. .
Display apparatus incorporating high-aspect ratio electrical interconnects
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for enabling a display to have a faster switching rate and an increased aperture ratio by using looped electrical interconnects with a reduced footprint. In one aspect, a display apparatus includes an array of display elements and a high-aspect ratio electrical interconnect connected to at least one display element in the array of display elements, wherein the high-aspect ratio electrical interconnect forms a loop that defines a closed boundary..
Image output method and device, and image display
First and second division patterns are defined so that main areas a and a′ are similar to each other in shape, having the same horizontal-to-vertical ratio. Even if an image output apparatus is connected to a display unit having both first and second display screens, the image output apparatus generates an identical image for the main area a or a′ regardless of the aspect ratio of the display screen.
Multi-chip led diode apparatus
In one aspect, there is an apparatus that comprises a plurality of light emitting chips that each have active areas that have elongated aspect ratios. This chips are mounted in a generally rectangular package.
Abrasive particles having complex shapes and methods of forming same
An abrasive grain is disclosed and may include a body. The body may define a length (l), a height (h), and a width (w).
Brush section for an electric toothbrush
A brush section for use with an electric toothbrush includes a relatively large brush head portion having a generally rectangular shape, although oblong, elliptical and other such shapes having a length to width aspect ration greater than 1 may be employed. The brush head portion is secured to a shaft portion of the brush section that may be configured to couple to a handle section.
Method and apparatus for displaying screen in electronic device
A method for displaying a screen of an electronic device is provided. The method includes detecting a first gesture, moving a content according to the first gesture so that part of the content corresponding to a first particular region of the screen is placed at a center of the screen, displaying an aspect ratio scroll in a second particular region of the screen, detecting a second gesture for controlling the aspect ratio scroll, and magnifying or demagnifying the content based on the center of the screen, according to the second gesture..
Detergent products, methods and manufacture
A water-soluble pouch suitable for use in machine dishwashing and which comprises a plurality of compartments in generally superposed or superposable relationship, each containing one or more detergent active or auxiliary components, and wherein the pouch has a volume of from about 5 to about 70 ml and a longitudinal/transverse aspect ratio in the range from about 2:1 to about 1:8, preferably from about 1:1 to about 1:4. The water-soluble pouch allows for optimum delivery of dishwashing detergent.
Fluid stream imaging apparatus
A fluid stream imaging apparatus having either optics for manipulating the aspect ratio or sensing elements configured for manipulating the aspect ratio of an image of the fluid stream. This application may also relate to a system for acquiring images of a portion of a fluid stream at high speeds for image processing to measure and predict droplet delays for individual forming particles..
Sequential atomic layer deposition of electrodes and resistive switching components
Provided are methods of forming nonvolatile memory elements using atomic layer deposition techniques, in which at least two different layers of a memory element are deposited sequentially and without breaking vacuum in a deposition chamber. This approach may be used to prevent oxidation of various materials used for electrodes without a need for separate oxygen barrier layers.
Resin composition for heat dissipation and heat dissipating substrate manufactured by using the same
Disclosed herein are a resin composition for heat dissipation, including: an insulating material; a first filler added to the insulating material and having a plate shaped carbon material; and a second filler added to the insulating material, and having a carbon material having a higher aspect ratio than the first filler.. .
Disk and process for producing base material for disk, and disk roll
The present invention relates to a process for producing a base material for disks of disk rolls, in which the disk roll contains a rotating shaft and a plurality of the disks fitted on the rotating shaft by insertion whereby the outer peripheral surface of the disks serves as a conveying surface, in which the process contains molding a slurry raw material containing inorganic fibers, an inorganic filler having an aspect ratio of from 1 to 25 and an inorganic binder into a plate shape; and drying the molded plate.. .
Screen control module of a mobile electronic device and controller thereof
A screen control module of a mobile electronic device has at least one controller formed on a circuit board. The circuit board has multiple solder pads formed on the circuit board and respectively aligning along a first direction and a second direction.
Conductive metal composition
A conductive metal composition comprising 40 to 88 wt % of silver particles having an average particle size in the range of 10 to 100 nm and having an aspect ratio of 3 to 1:1, 2 to 20 wt % of a poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) resin having a weight-average molar mass of 50,000 to 500,000 and 10 to 58 wt % of a solvent for the poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) resin.. .
User interface for augmented reality enabled devices
Method and apparatus for displaying augmented reality contents are disclosed. The method may include controlling a camera to scan an environment in view of a user, identifying a set of surfaces in the environment for displaying user interface windows according to characteristics of the environment, prioritizing a set of augmented reality contents for display with respect to the set of surfaces in the environment, and displaying the set of augmented reality contents on the set of surfaces in a display.
Stacked via structure for metal fuse applications
A back end of the line (beol) fuse structure having a stack of vias. The stacking of vias leads to high aspect ratios making liner and seed coverage inside the vias poorer.
Etch process with pre-etch transient conditioning
A method for etching features with different aspect ratios in an etch layer is provided. A plurality of cycles is provided wherein each cycle comprises a pre-etch transient conditioning of the etch layer, which provides a transient condition of the etch layer, wherein the transient condition has a duration and etching the etch layer for a duration, wherein the duration of the etching with respect to the duration of the transient condition is controlled to control etch aspect ratio dependence..
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
A semiconductor device that may prevent an unexposed substrate and generation of bowing profile during a process for forming an open region having a high aspect ratio, and a method for fabricating the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a first material layer formed over a substrate, an open region formed in the first material layer that exposes the first material layer, a second material layer formed on sidewalls of the open region, wherein the second material layer is a compound material including an element of the first material layer, and a conductive layer formed inside the open region..
Methods for depositing ultra thin low resistivity tungsten film for small critical dimension contacts and interconnects
Provided are methods of void-free tungsten fill of high aspect ratio features. According to various embodiments, the methods involve a reduced temperature chemical vapor deposition (cvd) process to fill the features with tungsten.
Electrostatic image developer
An electrostatic image developer having little change in charge amount, no generation of fog and excellent environmental stability under all of low temperature and low humidity environment, normal temperature and normal humidity environment, and high temperature and high humidity environment is provided. Disclosed is an electrostatic image developer comprising a colored resin particle containing a binder resin and a colorant, and an external additive, wherein the external additive contains an alumina fine particle in plate-like shape subjected to a hydrophobicity-imparting treatment having a number average primary particle diameter of 20 to 120 nm and an aspect ratio of 3 to 15, and a content of the alumina fine particle is in the range from 0.05 to 1 part by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the colored resin particle..
Compact integrated-drive pumps
Pump assemblies are disclosed that have a magnetically driven pump-head subassembly and a pump-driver subassembly coupled thereto, wherein the pump-driver subassembly includes a pump-driver enclosure. The pump-head subassembly comprises a rotatable magnet contained in a magnet cup extending into the pump-driver enclosure.
High aspect ratio daylight collectors
Lighting devices and methods for providing daylight to the interior of a structure are disclosed. Some embodiments disclosed herein provide a daylighting device including a tube having a sidewall with a reflective interior surface, a light collecting structure, and a light reflector positioned to reflect daylight into the light collector.
Camera viewfinder comprising a projector
A viewfinder is described that is constructed using a projection system contained within the viewfinder housing. The projection system enables the viewfinder to offer a selectable display resolution and configurable aspect ratio.
Wrap-around trench contact structure and methods of fabrication
A wrap-around source/drain trench contact structure is described. A plurality of semiconductor fins extend from a semiconductor substrate.
Vacuum insulated glass (vig) unit including nano-composite pillars, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to composite pillar arrangements for vig units that include both harder and softer materials. The softer materials are located on the outside or extremities of the central, harder pillar material.
Fiber optic cables allowing fiber translation to reduce bend attenuation
A cable includes a channel with an aspect ratio that houses optical fibers therein. The cable includes first and second stranded conductors on opposing sides of the channel.
Method and apparatus for reframing and encoding a video signal
Reframing is used to re-size an image or video content, e.g. For displaying video signals with a given aspect ratio on a display having a different aspect ratio.
Moems apparatus and a method for manufacturing same
An apparatus is formed from a double active layer silicon on insulator (dsoi) substrate that includes first and second active layers separated by an insulating layer. An electrostatic comb drive is formed from the substrate to include a first comb formed from the first active layer and a second comb formed from the second active layer.
Image pickup apparatus with inclination guide display
An image pickup apparatus is disclosed which provides an appropriate inclination guide display in accordance with an aspect ratio of a picked-up image and the like. The image pickup apparatus includes an inclination detector which detects an inclination of the image pickup apparatus, a display device capable of superimposedly showing an inclination guide display corresponding to a detection output from the inclination detector, on a picked-up image, and an aspect ratio setter which sets the aspect ratio of a picked-up image.
Systems and methods for clustering particles by liquid-phase electric plasma discharge
The disclosed technology includes systems and methods for clustering particles, especially water contaminants, by liquid-phase electric plasma discharge. According to certain implementations, the discharge may be applied continuously, and may be of relatively low power, e.g., a voltage between 300 v and 5000 v and an amperage between 0.1 a and 1 a.
Layered product for fine pattern formation and method of manufacturing layered product for fine pattern formation
Disclosed is a layered product for fine pattern formation and a method of manufacturing the layered product for fine pattern formation, capable of easily forming a fine pattern having a thin or no remaining film in order to form a fine pattern having a high aspect ratio on a processing object. The layered product for fine pattern formation (1) of the present invention used to form a fine pattern (220) in a processing object (200) using a first mask layer (103) includes: a mold (101) having a concavo-convex structure (101a) on a surface; and a second mask layer (102) provided on the concavo-convex structure (101a), wherein in the second mask layer (102), a distance (lcc) and a height (h) of the concavo-convex structure (101a) satisfy formula (1) 0<lcc<1.0 h, and a distance (lcv) and the height (h) satisfy formula (2) 0≦lcv≦0.05 h..
Structured placement of latches/flip-flops to minimize clock power in high-performance designs
A latch placement tool determines a shape for a cluster of latches from a preliminary layout (or based on a netlist), including an aspect ratio of the shape, and generates a template for placement of the latches in conformity with the shape. Latches are placed around a local clock buffer (lcb) based on latch size, from largest latch first to smallest latch last, and based on their ideal locations given the target aspect ratio.
Method and apparatus continuing action of user gestures performed upon a touch sensitive interactive display in simulation of inertia
A method and apparatus for identifying user gestures to control an interactive display identifies gestures based on a bounding box enclosing points at which a user contacts a touch sensor corresponding with the display surface and permits use of inexpensive and highly reliable grid-based touch sensors that provide a bounding box to describe contact information. In identifying gestures, position, motion, shape, and deformation of the bounding box may be considered.
High density storage applicance
A high-density storage appliance comprises a printed circuit board (pcb) to which a plurality of solid state drives (ssds) are coupled. Each of the ssds has a connector positioned along a width of the ssd, which is shorter than a height of the ssd.
Integration of chips and silicon-based trench capacitors using low parasitic silicon-level connections
Methods and apparatuses are described for integration of integrated circuit die and silicon-based trench capacitors using silicon-level connections to reduce connection lengths, parasitics and necessary capacitance magnitudes and volumes. A trench capacitor can be fabricated on silicon and mounted on or embedded in a chip or one or more sides of a through silicon interposer (tsi) for silicon-level connections to chip circuitry.
Adhesive metal nitride on glass and related methods
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for an adhesive metal nitride layer on glass. In one aspect, a glass substrate having a surface is provided.
Stiction-free drying process with contaminant removal for high-aspect ratio semiconductor device structures
Embodiments of the invention generally relate to a method of cleaning a substrate and a substrate processing apparatus that is configured to perform the method of cleaning the substrate. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to a method of cleaning a substrate in a manner that reduces or eliminates the negative effects of line stiction between semiconductor device features.

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