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Planar magnetic electro-acoustic transducer having multiple diaphragms

Planar magnetic electro-acoustic transducer having multiple diaphragms

Planar magnetic electro-acoustic transducer having multiple diaphragms

New York University

Polymerized microarrays

Date/App# patent app List of recent Arrays-related patents
 Fully digitally controller for cantilever-based instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Fully digitally controller for cantilever-based instruments
A controller for cantilever-based instruments, including atomic force microscopes, molecular force probe instruments, high-resolution profilometers and chemical or biological sensing probes. The controller samples the output of the photo-detector commonly used to detect cantilever deflection in these instruments with a very fast analog/digital converter (adc).
Oxford Instruments Afm Inc.
 Ultrasound system for real-time tracking of multiple, in-vivo structures patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound system for real-time tracking of multiple, in-vivo structures
An ultrasound tracking system for tracking shallow structures by acquiring and processing a sequence of images is provided. The system comprises a transducer, a beamformer, and computational processing hardware, wherein the transducer has a plurality of sub-arrays with a gap between adjacent sub-arrays, the sub-arrays in generally parallel relation to one another, the sub-arrays comprising at least 12 elements, the beamformer in electronic communication with the sub-arrays, and the computational processing hardware comprising instructions for transforming signals from the sub-arrays into a plurality of data sets.
 Implantable head mounted neurostimulation system for head pain patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable head mounted neurostimulation system for head pain
An implantable head-mounted unibody peripheral neurostimulation system is provided for implantation in the head for the purpose of treating chronic head pain, including migraine. The system may include an implantable pulse generator (ipg) from which multiple stimulating leads may extend sufficient to allow for adequate stimulation over multiple regions of the head, preferably including the frontal, parietal and occipital regions.
Syntilla Medical Llc
 Soluble microneedle arrays for buccal delivery of vaccines patent thumbnailnew patent Soluble microneedle arrays for buccal delivery of vaccines
A buccal microneedle patch may be provided for vaccination. The buccal microneedle patch may include at least one of microneedles.
Theraject, Inc.
 Method for identifying agents capable of inducing respiratory sensitization and array and analytical kits for use in the method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for identifying agents capable of inducing respiratory sensitization and array and analytical kits for use in the method
The present invention relates to an in vitro method for identifying agents capable of inducing respiratory sensitization in a mammal and arrays and diagnostic kits for use in such methods. In particular, the methods include measurement of the expression of the biomarkers listed in table 1a, table 1b and/or table 1c in mutz-3 cells exposed to a test agent..
Senzagen Ab
 Polymerized microarrays patent thumbnailnew patent Polymerized microarrays
Micropatterns of glycan-bearing brush polymers generated by the initiation of oligomerization of acrylate and methacrylate monomers from thiol-terminated surfaces. Chain lengths are controlled in situ by varying exposure time, and these multivalent glycan scaffolds detect glycan binding proteins at sub-micromolar concentrations..
New York University
 Battery assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Battery assembly
A battery stack is provided having lower and upper battery tiers each formed of at least two battery cell arrays. A pair of brackets are provided for connecting the lower arrays along a top surface of the lower tier and connecting the upper arrays to a bottom surface of the upper tier.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc
 Planar magnetic electro-acoustic transducer having multiple diaphragms patent thumbnailnew patent Planar magnetic electro-acoustic transducer having multiple diaphragms
The planar magnets many have a vertical arrangement, a sideways arrangement, a staggered arrangement, and may comprise stators and/or a low reluctance backing plate or channel piece. The planar magnet arrays can be linear or circular..
 Wireless subsea seismic sensor and data collection methods patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless subsea seismic sensor and data collection methods
A wireless subsea seismic sensor capable of independent location and operation in arrays, and methods of data collection from arrays of such sensors.. .
Vetco Gray Controls Limited
 Led luminaire patent thumbnailnew patent Led luminaire
An led luminaire includes a thermal management system and features minimal glare while allowing for use of traditional luminaire housing. The luminaire of the depicted embodiments comprises a luminaire housing, an led light module, an led driver, a diffuser, and reflectors.
Atlas Lighting Products, Inc.
new patent

Multi-coloured light sources

Described herein is a light array for luminaires which comprises a plurality of coloured light-emitting diode (led) elements that are arranged within the array to provide better uniformity of illumination. The light array may be rectangular and include equal numbers of colored led elements of four colors.
new patent

Color imaging element and imaging device

A color filter array is configured with a 3×3 basic array pattern repeatedly disposed in a horizontal and a vertical direction. The basic array pattern is configured with a g filter array formed by disposing a g filter in the horizontal direction, and first and the second rgb filter arrays formed by disposing rgb filters in the horizontal direction.
Fujifilm Corporation
new patent

Area saving in latch arrays

A cmos device includes a pmos transistor and an nmos transistor. The cmos device further includes a poly interconnect connecting together a drain of the pmos transistor and a drain of the nmos transistor.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Encoder and servomotor

An encoder includes a disc having one or more slit arrays having multiple slits aligned in a circumferential direction of the disc, and an optical module positioned to face a portion of the slit array such that the slit array moves relative to the optical module in the circumferential direction of the disc. The optical module includes two or four light sources aligned along a direction corresponding to the circumferential direction and one or more light receiving arrays aligned along the direction corresponding to the circumferential direction, the light sources are positioned to irradiate light upon a portion of the slit array, and the light receiving array includes multiple light receiving elements positioned to receive the light irradiated by the light sources and light affected by actions of the slits..
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki
new patent

Light-emitting device having light-emitting elements

A light-emitting device including a substrate, a first electrode pad and a second electrode pad disposed on the substrate and spaced apart each other, and at least two arrays connected in parallel between the first and the second electrode pads. The at least two arrays include a first array and a second array, each of the at least two arrays include gan-based light-emitting elements connected in series, the first electrode pad and the second electrode pad are disposed on a non-light-emitting first region of the substrate spaced apart from a light-emitting second region of the substrate, and the first electrode pad and the second electrode pad surround at least a portion of outer edges comprising a circumference of the at least two arrays..
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
new patent

Printed digital microfluidic devices methods of use and manufacture thereof

Embodiments of the present disclosure digital microfluidic arrays that may be fabricated by a printing method, whereby digital microfluidic electrodes arrays are printed, via a printing method such as inkjet printing, onto a suitable substrate. In some embodiments, a substrate and/or ink is prepared or modified to support the printing of electrode arrays, such as via changes to the surface energy.
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto
new patent

Photovoltaic dc sub-array control system and method

A photovoltaic energy conversion system, apparatus, and method for controlling dc sub-arrays of a photovoltaic array are disclosed. The method may include coupling each of n homerun branches from n sub-arrays to an inverter via n switches and monitoring current through each of the n homerun branches.
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
new patent

Composition and planting beneath solar panels blends containing mostly fine fescue mixtures

A seed composition suitable for planting beneath and around one or more solar panel arrays, said seed composition consisting mostly of a blend of fine fescues that results in under panel grass growth requiring little to no regular mowing. One preferred version includes: (a) about 20-50% by weight hard fescue; (b) about 20-50% by weight creeping red fescue; and (c) about 20-50% by weight chewings fescue..

Secure data erasure system

An erasure system and method for sorting, tracking, and erasing a plurality of data storage devices using enterprise hardware and software designed for data storage. The erasure system may include a server, drive arrays having receptacles for communicably coupling with the data storage devices, and a drive array controller configured for communicably coupling the server with the drive arrays.
Synetic Technologies, Inc.

Methods and systems for comparing vertical axis turbine arrays and providing configurations thereof

A method for providing potential flow elements including a vortex to capture rotation of a turbine, a dipole to capture a blockage effect of the turbine, a sink to capture extracted energy from wind by the turbine, and a source to capture recovery of flow due to inflow from around the turbine is described. Methods for providing configurations of a vawt array based on a desired attribute of the array, using a low-order model when the array is subject to physical constraints are also described..
California Institute Of Technology

Piezoelectric microcantilever sensors for biosensing

A piezoelectric microcantilever for sensing compounds or molecules. The piezoelectric microcantilever, may include at least one electrode, an insulation layer, a receptor, an immobilization layer, a non-piezoelectric layer and a piezoelectric layer the sensor is capable of self actuation and detection.
Drexel University

Detection of viral infection

The present invention relates to methods of detecting an increased likelihood of virus infection in a subject. In particular, the present invention relates to methods of detecting an increased likelihood of virus infection in a subject by detecting an altered level of at least one microrna (mirna), as well as methods of treating or preventing virus infection.
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation

Blood-based gene detection of non-small cell lung cancer

The present invention provides a method for early detection of non-small cell lung cancer based on the abundance of rnas from blood samples as well as diagnostic tools such as kits and arrays suitable for such method.. .
Universitat Zu Koln

Electrical connector having an array of signal contacts

Electrical connector including a connector body having a mating side with a communication array of signal and ground contacts and first and second mounting sides with respective mounting arrays of signal and ground contacts. Each of the first and second mounting sides is configured to be mounted to a corresponding circuit board.
Tyco Electronics Corporation

Crystal block array and manufacture

A novel method of making a crystal block array (configured for coupling with photodetectors as part of an integrated detector module useful in advanced pet scanner systems) is disclosed herein. The novel method comprises a series of cutting, polishing, and assembling steps that utilize reflective sheet material.
Zecotek Imaging Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

All-protein implantable, resorbable reflectors

The invention provides for compositions and process for fabricating an optical reflector constructed from biocompatible and bioresorbable silk fibroin proteins. For example, the silk retroreflectors may be built based on millimeter size microprism arrays to rotate the image plane of imaged cortical layers, thus enhancing the amount of photons that are detectable in the reflected direction when inserted in a sample to be analyzed, and ultimately increasing in contrast ratio in multiphoton microscopy.
Tufts University / Trustees Of Tufts College

Increasing signal to noise ratio of acoustic echoes by a group of spaced apart acoustic transciver arrays

A method and a system for evaluating a content of a bin, the method may include: transmitting by multiple acoustic transceiver arrays, a plurality of acoustics pulses in an at least partially overlapping manner towards an expected location of the content to generate an acoustic interference pattern that comprises multiple fringes; detecting by an acoustic transceiver array a first fringe of the acoustic interference pattern and providing a fringe detection signal; and processing the first fringe detection signal to assist in a provision of a first estimate related to the content. A distance between a pair of acoustic transceiver arrays is at least ten times a distance between transducers of a same acoustic transceiver array..

Movable system for measuring a content of a bin

A method and a system for evaluating a content of a bin, the method may include (a) transmit multiple acoustic pulses by multiple acoustic transceiver arrays towards different areas of an upper surface of the content when the acoustic transceivers are positioned at different locations; wherein the multiple acoustic transceiver arrays are connected to a device that is moved according to a movement pattern between the different locations; receive by the multiple acoustic transceiver arrays multiple echoes of the multiple acoustic pulses; process by the multiple acoustic transceiver arrays the multiple echoes to provide multiple estimates of the different areas; associate with the multiple estimates of the different areas timing information indicative of a timing of the receiving of the multiple echoes to a computer; and obtain by an acoustic based location device, location information readings related to locations of the device at multiple points of time. .

Group of spaced apart acoustic transciver arrays and a measuring a content of a bin

A method and a system for evaluating a content of a bin, the method may include: transmitting at a first point in time and by a first acoustic transceiver array, a first acoustic pulse; receiving by a second acoustic transceiver array an echo of the first acoustic pulse; and processing the echo of the first acoustic pulse to assist in a provision of a first estimate related to the content; wherein the second acoustic transceiver array differs from the first transceiver array; wherein a distance between the first and second acoustic transceiver array is at least ten times a distance between transducers of the second acoustic transceiver array.. .

Systems with memory segmentation and systems with biasing lines to receive same voltages during accessing

Memory devices, memory arrays, and methods of operation of memory arrays with segmentation. Segmentation elements can scale with the memory cells, and may be uni-directional or bi-directional diodes.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Lighting apparatus

There is disclosed a lighting apparatus including t light emitting unit including a light emitting part having a led, a base part in which the light emitting part is mounted, a plurality of heat pipes fixed to the base part, and a plurality of heat radiation plates comprising a plurality of insertion holes to pass the plurality of the heat pipes there through and a flow hole for flowing external air there through, respectively, wherein a plurality of auxiliary pin arrays comprising a plurality of auxiliary pins inclined a preset angle are provided in each of the heat radiation plates, and a turbulence generation unit for generating turbulence flow when external air is flowing is provided in the auxiliary pin.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Linear high packing density for led arrays

Apparatus for providing energy to a process chamber are provided herein. In one embodiment, the apparatus include a supporting substrate, a first plurality of solid state light sources disposed on a first surface of the supporting substrate, and a second plurality of solid state light sources disposed on the top surface of the supporting substrate, wherein the first and second plurality of solid state light sources are aligned and electrically isolated from each other, and the first plurality of solid state light sources is in physical contact with the second plurality of solid state light sources..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Power conversion and connection for photovoltaic (pv) panel arrays

A solar energy collection and power generation element is described. The solar energy and collection element includes: a photovoltaic (pv) panel having a set of dc outputs; and a power management module coupled to the pv panel.
Quietside, Inc.

System for combining direct current power from multiple inputs

A system for combining multiple direct current power sources is provided. The system is operable to combine multiple feeds from an array of power generating elements, such as solar panel arrays and combine the feeds into a single voltage output.
Solarbos, Inc.

Object dimensioning system and related methods

A method and apparatus for dimensioning and, optionally, weighing an object. A platform with a surface is used for supporting an object.
Quantronix, Inc.

Carrier-bonding methods and articles for semiconductor and interposer processing

A thin sheet (20) disposed on a carrier (10) via a surface modification layer (30) to form an article (2), wherein the article may be subjected to high temperature processing, as in feol semiconductor processing, not outgas and have the thin sheet maintained on the carrier without separation therefrom during the processing, yet be separated therefrom upon room temperature peeling force that leaves the thinner one of the thin sheet and carrier intact. Interposers (56) having arrays (50) of vias (60) may be formed on the thin sheet, and devices (66) formed on the interposers.
Corning Incorporated

Methods and systems for forming flexible multilayer structures

Techniques are described for fabricating multilayer structures having arrays of conducting elements or apertures in a conductive grid which can be used to form frequency selective surfaces (fsss), antenna arrays and the like on flexible substrates. Fabrication techniques can include use of a polymer mask or direct dielectric molding.
Microcontinum, Inc.

Tapered involute sector gear and variable ratio rack recirculating-ball style steering gearbox

A recirculating-ball style gearbox for a vehicle steering system is provided. The gearbox has a rack with rack-teeth that are capable of providing variable ratio steering, where the rack-teeth are in mesh with the involute-teeth of a tapered sector gear.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Buffer testing for reconfigurable instruction cell arrays

A reconfigurable instruction cell array (rica) is provided that includes a plurality of master switch boxes that are configured to read and write from a plurality of buffers through a cross-bar switch. A master built-in-self-test (mbist) engine is configured to drive a test word into the write path of at least one master switch box and to control the cross-bar switch so that the driven test word is broadcast to all the buffers for storage.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Efficient memory organization

A computer system and method is disclosed for efficient cache memory organization. One embodiment of the disclosed system include dividing the tag memory into physically separated memory arrays with the entries of each array referencing cache lines in such a way that no two cache lines, which are consecutively aligned in data cache memory, reside in the same array.
Synopsys, Inc.

Systems, methods, and devices using stretchable or flexible electronics for medical applications

System, devices and methods are presented that integrate stretchable or flexible circuitry, including arrays of active devices for enhanced sensing, diagnostic, and therapeutic capabilities. The invention enables conformal sensing contact with tissues of interest, such as the inner wall of a lumen, a nerve bundle, or the surface of the heart.
Mc10 Inc.

Flexible embedded sensor arrays and methods of making the same

A flexible embedded sensor array includes a first substrate, an electrically conductive pad disposed on at least a portion of the first substrate, and a plurality of sensors disposed on at least a portion of electrically conductive pads. Further, the flexible embedded sensor array includes an electrically non-conductive adhesive material disposed in proximity to one or more of the plurality of sensors, a second substrate, and an electrical contact disposed between at least a portion of the sensor and at least a portion of the second substrate..
General Electric Company

Interferometric-modulator-based reflective labels and tags and methods for their manufacture

The current disclosure is directed to labels and tags that employ two-dimensional arrays of self-parallelizing interferometric modulators (“spims”) to display digits, characters, and other symbols. Each spim functions as a discrete display element, containing a plurality of electrodes disposed on a bottom plate, a fixed top plate, and a movable plate separated by a cavity.
Unipel Technologies, Llc

Display device

In a display device that a terminal of a display panel is connected to bumps of the driver ic via an acf, the driver ic includes input-side and output-side bump arrays arranged along mutually facing long sides. In configurations of the driver ic, a width a of a short side thereof ≧1.45 mm, a thickness thereof b ≧0.20 mm, a dimension c between input-side and output-side bumps ≧1.10 mm, a length d of each bump ≧98 μm, a minimum dimension f between the bumps ≦15 μm, a number of arrays g of the output-side bump ≧2 (two arrays) and a particle size e of a conductive particle contained in the anisotropic conductive film ≦3.5 μm, not more than six configurations are included..
Japan Display Inc.

Image sensor and image capturing system

An image sensor and an image capturing system are provided. The image sensor includes a pixel array, and the pixel array includes a plurality of image sensing arrays and a focus sensing pixel group.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

Intra-frame control of projector on-off states

A “concurrent projector-camera” uses an image projection device in combination with one or more cameras to enable various techniques that provide visually flicker-free projection of images or video, while real-time image or video capture is occurring in that same space. The concurrent projector-camera provides this projection in a manner that eliminates video feedback into the real-time image or video capture.
Microsoft Corporation

Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer array with switched operational modes

Switchable micromachined transducer arrays are described where one or more switches, or relays, are monolithically integrated with transducer elements in a piezoelectric micromachined transducer array (pmut). In embodiments, a mems switch is implemented on the same substrate as the transducer array for switching operational modes of the transducer array.

Vertical cross point arrays for ultra high density memory applications

An ultra-high-density vertical cross-point array comprises a plurality of horizontal line layers having horizontal lines interleaved with a plurality of vertical lines arranged in rows and columns. The vertical lines are interleaved with the horizontal lines such that a row of vertical lines is positioned between each consecutive pair of horizontal lines in each horizontal line layer.
Unity Semiconductor Corporation

Device and minimizing the effect of ambient conditions on the operation of a heat exchanger

The present invention for includes a method for minimizing the undesired effect of wind on the operation of a heat exchanger system for cooling liquid having a plurality of finned tube arrays and a plurality of fans for inducing air through the finned tube array, the method comprising the steps of: setting the angle of deflection of the wind deflectors other than the angle of deflection of the uppermost position of the wind deflectors; collecting readings of outlet temperature sensor of the heat exchanger, ambient temperature, wind sensor and inlet air pressure sensor of the heat exchanger; recording readings of outlet temperature sensor of the heat exchanger, ambient temperature, wind sensor and inlet air pressure sensor of the heat exchanger; comparing readings of outlet temperature sensor of the heat exchanger, ambient temperature, wind sensor and inlet air pressure sensor of the heat exchanger to previous readings; and carrying out a correction command if the readings have changed.. .

Power rail for preventing dc electromigration

A method is disclosed that includes the operations outlined below. A first criteria is determined to be met when directions of a first current and a second current around a first end and a second end of a metal segment respectively are opposite, in which the metal segment is a part of a power rail in at least one design file of a semiconductor device and is enclosed by only two terminal via arrays.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

High performance intelligent virtual desktop infrastructure using volatile memory arrays

Certain aspects of the disclosure relate to a system and method for performing intelligent virtual desktop infrastructure (ivdi) using volatile memory arrays. The system has a hypervisor server and a storage server in communication via a file sharing protocol.
American Megatrends, Inc.

Configurable multiply-accumulate

Field programmable gate arrays (fpga) contain, in addition to random logic, also other components, such as processing units, multiply-accumulate (mac) units, analog circuits, and other elements, configurable with respect of the random logic, to enhance the capabilities of the fpga. A circuit for a filed configurable mac unit is provided to allow various configurations of add, subtract, multiply and shift functions.
Scaleo Chip

Modulator arrays, and modulation devices and medical imaging apparatuses including the same

The modulator array includes a first optical modulator, which changes a shape a wavefront of an incident light into first wavefronts to modulate the incident light which passes through the first optical modulator; and a second optical modulator that changes a shape at least one of the first wavefronts into second wavefronts to modulate the light output from the first optical modulator.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Quantitative analysis of carbohydrate-protein interactions using glycan microarrays: determination of surface and solution dissociation constants

A method, system and device to identify, study and/or mimic carbohydrate-protein interactions on cell surfaces and in solution measured by a glycan microarray. In some instances the method, system and device uses very small quantities of carbohydrate as low as attomol.
Academia Sinica

Arrays of long nanostructures in semiconductor materials and methods thereof

An array of nanowires and method thereof. The array of nanowires includes a plurality of nanowires.
Alphabet Energy, Inc.

Efficient signal processing for receive and transmit dbf arrays

In a phased-array communications system with a distributed processing architecture, channelized beamforming is used to minimize sampling and computational requirements, as well as reduce the data rates required for the communication of data and control information between system components. A central processor within the phased array system performs parallelized synthesis of channelized beams to form beams composite beams in sub-bands that overlap multiple channels.
Cubic Corporation

Dual-port semiconductor memory and first in first out (fifo) memory having electrically floating body transistor

Multi-port semiconductor memory cells including a common floating body region configured to be charged to a level indicative of a memory state of the memory cell. The multi-port semiconductor memory cells include a plurality of gates and conductive regions interfacing with said floating body region.
Zeno Semiconductor, Inc.

Liquid election apparatus, pattern group recording method, tilt angle detection method and computer readable medium

Each of unit patterns includes: a first region which is recorded on a recording medium by liquid ejected from ejection openings of both first and second ejection opening arrays of ejection opening arrays; and at least one second region which is recorded on the recording medium by liquid ejected from the ejection openings of one of the first and the second ejection opening arrays, the first region is a region formed based on dot allocation with which an optical characteristic varies in accordance with intervals of dots formed by the impacted liquid in a fourth direction which is orthogonal to a first direction, and the at least one second region is a region formed based on dot allocation with which the optical characteristic varies in accordance with intervals of the dots formed by the impacted liquid in the first direction.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Antenna radome with removeably connected electronics module

In one embodiment, an antenna assembly in a cellular network has a radome that houses a plurality of antenna arrays and an electronics module. The electronics module has a weatherproof housing that encloses electronics for processing signals received by and transmitted from a first of the antenna arrays.
Andrew Llc

Ultrasonic universal wireless charging

Methods and systems may provide for detecting a location of an adjacent ultrasonic receiver of a battery powered device relative to a charging surface of a contactless charger. The charging surface may include an ultrasonic array of transmitter sub arrays, wherein one or more of the transmitter sub arrays may be selectively activated based on the location to focus an ultrasonic beam on the adjacent ultrasonic receiver.

Preparation of specimen arrays on an em grid

The invention provides methods and compositions for preparation of complex specimen arrays for analysis by electron microscopy. These methods and compositions can permit high throughput screening of samples on single em grid supports using sample volumes in the nanoliter and picoliter range..
The Scripps Research Institute

Drawing apparatus, and manufacturing article

The present invention provides a drawing apparatus which performs drawing on a substrate with a plurality of charged particle beams, the apparatus comprising two blanker arrays each including a plurality of first blankers which blank a plurality of charged particle beams individually and a plurality of second blankers which blank a plurality of charged particle beams in common, wherein the plurality of first blankers and the plurality of second blankers in each of the two blanker arrays are arranged such that one of the plurality of charged particle beams passes through corresponding one of the plurality of first blankers of one of the two blanker arrays and corresponding one of the plurality of second blankers of the other of the two blanker arrays.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Modular acoustic horns and horn arrays

A modular horn type loudspeaker and a modular horn array formed of modular loudspeakers. An acoustic horn includes a first acoustic module.
Bose Corporation

Mobile solar power deploying same

A mobile solar power system provides electricity to various electronic devices needing a source of electricity in remote locations. The mobile solar power system may be transported in a compact form to a remote location by a trailer configured for securely transporting the mobile solar power system.
Solarover, Inc.

Method and database

A method for representing a database in a computer readable medium. Accessing a first table in the database.
Tightdb Inc

Ultrasound transducer arrays

An ultrasound transducer array for an ultrasound probe is presented. The ultrasound transducer array includes a support structure.
General Electric Company

Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of micro-volume liquid reactions

Disclosed herein are apparatuses and methods for conducting multiple simultaneous micro-volume chemical and biochemical reactions in an array format. In one embodiment, the format comprises an array of microholes in a substrate.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method for forming semiconductor device

A method for forming a semiconductor device includes providing a wafer having a plurality of chip regions, in which each chip region includes a sensing array on a front side of the wafer. A plurality of through silicon vias is formed in the wafer from a back side of the wafer, in which the plurality of through silicon vias is electrically connected to the plurality of sensing arrays.
Silicon Optronics, Inc.

Migration support for bit indexed explicit replication

A method and network device are disclosed for multicast forwarding. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving at a node configured to use a bit-indexed forwarding table a multicast message comprising an incoming message bit array.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Ultrasound transducer arrays with variable patch geometries

A two dimensional ultrasonic array transducer receives echo signals from increasing depths of a volumetric region. The 2d array is configured into patches of elements which are processed by a microbeamformer and summed signals from a patch are coupled to a channel of an ultrasound beamformer at the shallowest depth the 2d array receives echoes from small patches in the center of the aperture.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Multi-word line erratic programming detection

Techniques are presented to detect word line failures (such as word line to word line shorts, control gate to substrate shorts, broken word lines, and so on) in non-volatile memory arrays. A first simultaneous read of multiple word lines is performed, followed by a second simultaneous read of the same word lines, where the read conditions of the two reads are shifted by a margin.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Cross-point memory cells, non-volatile memory arrays, methods of reading a memory cell, methods of programming a memory cell, methods of writing to and reading from a memory cell, and computer systems

Cross-point memory cells, non-volatile memory arrays, methods of reading a memory cell, methods of programming a memory cell, and methods of writing to and reading from a memory cell are described. In one embodiment, a cross-point memory cell includes a word line extending in a first direction, a bit line extending in a second direction different from the first direction, the bit line and the word line crossing without physically contacting each other, and a capacitor formed between the word line and the bit line where such cross.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Optical article for directing and distributing light

An optical article for directing and distributing light including an optically transmissive light diffusing sheet and a reflective grid disposed in energy exchange relationship with the diffusing sheet. The reflective grid includes one or more parallel arrays of reflective surfaces configured to partially transmit and partially redirect a parallel beam of light into one or more directions that are not coincident with the original propagation direction of the incident light beam..

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