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This page is updated frequently with new Arrays-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Arrays-related patents
 Magnetic contacting array patent thumbnailMagnetic contacting array
An adaptive magnetic contacting device is described that comprises a plurality of magnets mounted on a flexible printed circuit board. The mounting configuration allows for local bending of the flexible printed circuit board at the point of attachment of each magnet, allowing for direct mating contact between magnetic arrays of devices despite manufacturing variances.
I-blades, Inc

 Device and  receiving signals by a plurality of receiving arrays patent thumbnailDevice and receiving signals by a plurality of receiving arrays
Device and method for receiving signals by a plurality of receiving arrays. The device includes a plurality l of receiving arrays, each of the l receiving arrays including: a respective number l1, l2, .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Collector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules patent thumbnailCollector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules
An interconnected arrangement of photovoltaic cells is achieved using laminating current collector electrodes. The electrodes comprise a pattern of conductive material extending over a first surface of sheetlike substrate material.

 Releasable magnetic device patent thumbnailReleasable magnetic device
A magnetic device is described for releasably connecting a pair of assemblies; the device may serve as a mechanical connection or as an electrical connection, or both. The device comprises an inner core of high permeability material, a permanent magnet surrounding the inner core, and an outer excitation coil surrounding the permanent magnet.
I-blades, Inc.

 Vibration isolator with displacement structure patent thumbnailVibration isolator with displacement structure
A vibration isolator is provided comprising a base structure, a load structure, a displacement structure and at least one vertical air gap formed by opposing and substantially parallel walls of the base structure and the load structure. The opposing walls being at least partly covered by respective arrays of permanent magnets, neighboring magnets in the arrays having alternating magnetization directions, an arrangement of the permanent magnets in the arrays being such that a gravitational force on the load structure is substantially compensated by a net magnetic force of the base structure on the load structure.
Asml Netherlands Bv

 Multi-task concurrent/pipeline nand operations on all planes patent thumbnailMulti-task concurrent/pipeline nand operations on all planes
This invention provides a 2-level bl-hierarchical nand memory architecture and associated concurrent operations applicable to both 2d and 3d hinand2 memory arrays. New latch designs in block-decoder and segment-decoder with one common dedicated metal0 power line per one 2n-bit dynamic page buffer (dpb) formed in corresponding 2n broken-lbl metal1 line capacitors for program and per one 2n-bit segment dpb formed in corresponding 2n local lbl metal1 line capacitors for read are provided for performing concurrent and pipeline operations of multiple-wl program, read, erase-verify, and program-verify in dispersed blocks in a same or multiple different nand planes with much enhanced array flexibility and multiple-fold performance improvements..

 Leakage-current abatement circuitry for memory arrays patent thumbnailLeakage-current abatement circuitry for memory arrays
In one memory array embodiment, in order to compensate for bit-line leakage currents by off-state bit-cell access devices, a leakage-current reference circuit tracks access-device leakage current over different process, voltage, and temperature (pvt) conditions to generate a leakage-current reference voltage that drives a different leakage-current abatement device connected to each different bit-line to inject currents into the bit-lines to compensate for the corresponding leakage currents. In one implementation, the leakage-current reference circuit has a device that mimics the leakage of each access device configured in a current mirror that drives the resulting leakage-current reference voltage to the different leakage-current abatement devices..
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

 Efficient emulation and logic analysis patent thumbnailEfficient emulation and logic analysis
An emulation environment includes a host system and an emulator. The host system configures the emulator to load a design under test (dut) and the emulator emulates the dut.
Synopsys, Inc.

 Method and device for distributing holdup energy to memory arrays patent thumbnailMethod and device for distributing holdup energy to memory arrays
The various embodiments described herein include methods and/or devices used to protect data in a storage device. In one aspect, a method includes performing a power fail operation on a first section of the storage device, the first section of the storage device comprising one or more memory group modules.
Sandisk Enterprise Ip Llc

 Efficient memory architecture for low density parity check decoding patent thumbnailEfficient memory architecture for low density parity check decoding
A low density parity check (ldpc) decoder integrated on a single semiconductor substrate may comprise one or more arrays of first-type memory cells and one or more arrays of second-type memory cells. The ldpc decoder may be configured to store intrinsic messages in the array of first-type cells and to store extrinsic messages in the array of second-type cells.
Maxlinear, Inc.


Optical apparatus and manufacturing method using the same

An optical apparatus and a manufacturing method using the optical apparatus are disclosed. The optical apparatus includes a stage supporting a substrate, first optical systems providing a first light onto the substrate, a gantry supporting the first optical systems to transfer them on the stage, and second optical systems disposed between the gantry and the stage and detecting displacement of the first optical systems.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Microdisplay optical system having two microlens arrays

The technology provides an optical system for converting a source of projected light to uniform light for a liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay in a confined space, such as in a near-eye display device. The optical system may include a first microlens array, a second microlens array, and a polarizer device disposed between the first microlens array and the second microlens array.


Assay supports comprising a peg support, said support attached from a peg solution in cloud point (theta solvent) conditions

Assay supports, such as microarrays and similar devices, and methods of use and manufacture thereof, are described. The assay support is capable of assaying binding and/or activity of a bioactive entity, such as a bioactive molecule or a cell.
Societe De Commercialisation Des Produits De La Recherche Appliquee-socpra-sci


Permanently installed hide-away christmas light panel

The “permanently installed hide-away christmas light panels” provide a platform to house a variety of led light displays in a rigid framework that can be permanently installed on the outside of any house or building that has a roof overhang and recessed soffit face. The panels are constructed using a mold injection process.


Multi-phase fluid flow profile measurement

Described herein are devices, systems, and methods for analyzing multi-phase fluid flow profile and flow field distribution by utilizing heating wires and thermal sensing arrays to detect transient thermal response and generate a dynamic temperature profile. The thermal sensing arrays include a plurality of thermal sensors disposed linearly along the length of the array.
Halliburton Energy Services ,inc.


Engineered renal tissues, arrays thereof, and methods of making the same

Disclosed are renal tissues and arrays thereof that include a layer of renal interstitial tissue, the renal interstitial tissue comprising renal fibroblasts and endothelial cells; and a layer of renal epithelial tissue, the renal epithelial tissue comprising renal tubular epithelial cells, the renal epithelial tissue in contact with the layer of renal interstitial tissue to form a three-dimensional, engineered, biological renal tissue. Also disclosed are methods of fabricating and using the same..
Organovo, Inc.


Printing apparatus and driving control printhead

A printing apparatus including a printhead and a print control unit, wherein the printhead includes two nozzle arrays, each arranged in a first direction and including nozzles arranged along a second direction, the print control unit performs a first operation of expanding print data onto a memory, a second operation of selecting, for each nozzle array, some of the nozzles as non-driving nozzles and the remaining nozzles as driving nozzles, and a third operation of distributing the expanded print data to the two nozzle arrays such that dots corresponding to the non-driving nozzles of one nozzle array are printed by the driving nozzles of the other nozzle array.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Printing apparatus and driving method therefor

A printing apparatus comprising a printhead including two nozzle arrays neighboring in a first direction, each array including nozzles arrayed in a second direction, a determining unit for determining discharge nozzles and non-discharge nozzles for each array, a conveying unit for conveying a sheet to the first direction, a unit configured to perform (a) determining printing data such that dots corresponding to the non-discharge nozzles in one array are printed by the discharge nozzles in another array, (b) inserting null data into the printing data based on a shift amount of between printing positions of the two nozzle array, and (c) newly determining discharge nozzles and non-discharge nozzles by the determining unit based on the printing data including the null data.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Printing apparatus and driving method therefor

A printing apparatus comprising a printhead including two nozzle arrays neighboring in a first direction, each including nozzles arrayed along a second direction, a conveying unit for conveying a sheet in the first direction, a driving unit for driving the printhead so that each nozzle performs preliminary discharge on the sheet, and a unit configured to perform selecting some nozzles as non-driving nozzles and the remaining nozzles as driving nozzles for every column data in image data, determining image data to be assigned to each array as a first data so that a dot corresponding the non-driving nozzle in one of the two arrays is printed by the driving nozzle in the other, determining data for preliminary discharge as a second data so that each driving nozzle performs preliminary discharge, and oring the first and second data.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Temperature sensing apparatus, laser processing system, and temperature measuring method

A temperature sensing apparatus configured to measure a temperature distribution of a surface to be measured is provided. The temperature sensing apparatus includes a lens set, a filtering module, a plurality of sensor arrays, and a processing unit.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Space-filling polyhedral sorbents

Solid sorbents, systems, and methods for pumping, storage, and purification of gases are disclosed. They derive from the dynamics of porous and free convection for specific gas/sorbent combinations and use space filling polyhedral microliths with facial aplanarities to produce sorbent arrays with interpenetrating interstitial manifolds of voids..
Blackpak, Inc.


Dual sided safety-enhancing and tensioned parallel-strap strengthened mesh panel arrays, for one or more arrays and/or series of trampolines

Dual sided safety-enhancing mesh panel arrays are provided for use along bounding area perimeter-sides of a plurality of trampoline mats in one or more arrays or series of trampolines. Each mesh panel array comprises a reinforced perimeter interiorly supporting principally parallel, longitudinally-tensionable straps distributed laterally at generally evenly-spaced apart intervals, such that a mesh material secured intermediate parallel straps and upper and lower perimeter-side portions of the array forms each mesh panel.


Adult disposable absorbent articles and arrays comprising improved product lengths

In one embodiment, an array of packages may comprise two or more different sizes of disposable absorbent articles. The array average length difference of at least the first and second absorbent articles in the array is less than about 65 mm and greater than about negative 10 mm.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Concave ultrasound transducers and 3d arrays

A multiple aperture ultrasound imaging (maui) probe or transducer is uniquely capable of simultaneous imaging of a region of interest from separate apertures of ultrasound arrays. Some embodiments provide systems and methods for designing, building and using ultrasound probes having continuous arrays of ultrasound transducers which may have a substantially continuous concave curved shape in two or three dimensions (i.e., concave relative to an object to be imaged).


Microneedle arrays for biosensing and drug delivery

Methods, structures, and systems are disclosed for biosensing and drug delivery techniques. In one aspect, a device for detecting an analyte and/or releasing a biochemical into a biological fluid can include an array of hollowed needles, in which each needle includes a protruded needle structure including an exterior wall forming a hollow interior and an opening at a terminal end of the protruded needle structure that exposes the hollow interior, and a probe inside the exterior wall to interact with one or more chemical or biological substances that come in contact with the probe via the opening to produce a probe sensing signal, and an array of wires that are coupled to probes of the array of hollowed needles, respectively, each wire being electrically conductive to transmit the probe sensing signal produced by a respective probe..
Sandia Corporation


Modular reconfigurable carcass system for furniture

At least two vertical supports have vertical arrays of edge shelf-receiving protrusions and notches that support shelving in the notches with bottom recessions to fit over the protrusions. Top tabs and bottom tab receiving caps enable vertical expansion of the vertical supports in vertically stacked arrays.


Systems and methods for localizing audio streams via acoustic large scale speaker arrays

In one example embodiment, a system for localizing an audio stream includes a processor. The processor is configured to determine channel state information of an acoustic channel between a plurality of speakers and at least one device of a plurality of devices, the at least one device requesting the audio stream from among available audio streams.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Cloud consistency technology

A method, system, and computer program product for data consistency, the system comprising sending an auto propagating message from a management host to hold io for devices of a consistency group to at least one storage array of a set of storage arrays, and causing each storage array of the set of storage arrays, upon receiving the message, to send the hold message to each storage array to which they have connectivity.. .
Emc Corporation


Increasing the spatial and spectral brightness of laser diode arrays

Techniques for increasing the spatial and spectral brightness of laser arrays such as laser diode arrays are provided. Passive cavity designs are described that produce wavefront phase locking across the face of large arrays.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Transistor-containing constructions and memory arrays

Some embodiments include transistor-containing constructions having gate material within an opening in a semiconductor material and spaced from the semiconductor material by gate dielectric material. The opening has a wide lower region beneath a narrow upper region.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Substrate for alternative semiconductor die configurations

A method of assembling semiconductor devices with semiconductor dies of alternative different configurations uses the same substrate panel. The dies of the selected configuration are placed in an array, mounted, and connected to internal electrical contact pads on a first face of the panel using main fiducial markings and an array of subsidiary fiducial markings corresponding universally to arrays of semiconductor dies of the different alternative configurations.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Magnet arrays

An array of paired bar magnets (200) provides a reinforced magnetic field (203) on a first side and a nearly canceled magnetic field (204) on a second side of each pair. The array may be a planar array (600) with a plurality of parallel, coplanar pairs (620).


Power reduction in thyristor random access memory

A volatile memory array using vertical thyristors is disclosed together with methods of reducing power consumption in such arrays.. .
Kilopass Technology, Inc.


Gaming machine

A gaming machine includes: a display device; a storage device configured to store payout data indicative of relation between symbols and payouts; a controller configured to modify a setting of the group of reel strips, at a time of the second game so that the symbol arrays used in the second game leads to a higher expectation value for a payout determined based on a single set of the payout data, as compared with the symbol arrays used in the base game; and an input device for entering a selection of selectable targets displayed on the display device, the selectable targets including a selectable target corresponding to success and a selectable target corresponding to fail. When a payout is determined in the second game and the selectable target corresponding to success is selected through the input device, the controller executes a process of upgrading the payout through a predetermined calculation..
Aruze Gaming America, Inc.


Method and estimating absolute motion values in image sequences

Absolute motion values between two frames of a sequence of successive image frames are estimated based on a determination of a plurality of pyramid levels of gaussian pyramid representations of the two frames. The gaussian pyramid representations of the two frames are pyramid level-wise compared to generate arrays of pixel-by-pixel distance measures between corresponding pyramid levels.
Thomson Licensing


Reducing edge effects within segmented acoustic imaging systems

An acoustic imaging system can include an array of transducers in acoustic communication with a substrate configured to receive a subject for imaging. The transducers can independently or cooperatively send an acoustic pulse into the substrate toward the subject.
Apple Inc.


Ecc word configuration for system-level ecc compatibility

In some examples, a memory device includes memory arrays configured to store pages of data organized into multiple ecc words. The memory device also includes at least one input/output pad for each ecc word associated with a page, such that a first level of error correction may be performed by the memory device on each of the ecc words associated with a page and a second level of error correction may be performed on the data output by each of the input/output pads during a particular period of time.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Method and approximating detection of overlaps between memory ranges

A computer-implemented method for managing loop code in a compiler includes using a conflict detection procedure that detects across-iteration dependency for arrays of single memory addresses to determine whether a potential across-iteration dependency exists for arrays of memory addresses for ranges of memory accessed by the loop code.. .
Intel Corporation


Sparse space-time adaptive array architecture

A sparse multichannel array includes a plurality of array elements, a receiver behind each array element, and a doppler filter bank behind each receiver, whereby within each doppler bin is placed spatial nulls at selected angles of undesired interference. The invention enables doppler processing to be performed on sparse arrays, such as nested or coprime arrays, used in nonlinear adaptive beamforming to mitigate the impact of unintentional interference and hostile jamming on the received signal..
The Govemment Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Real-time multi-array sum power spectrum control

Power control for a radar system issues power draw commands to each array in the radar system. Each power draw command controls direct current (dc) power draw by the respective radar array on a dwell-by-dwell basis, based on total energy resources (including stored energy) available to the respective array at the start of a dwell period, a power spend rate expected for the respective array during the dwell period, and a rate of “waste” power set to be dispersed to reduce excess power at the respective array during the dwell period.
Raytheon Company


System and palletless shipment of gas cylinder arrays

A system and method are provided for palletless shipment of gas cylinder arrays. A three-dimensional array of gas cylinders is formed from a plurality of vertically-stacked two-dimensional subarrays.


Ink jet print head protective guide system

A method for printing includes the use of a protective guide system that protects a print head nozzle plate from physical contact with objects such as a curled print medium. The print head nozzle plate includes a nozzle array including a plurality of nozzles arranged in a plurality of subarrays.
Xerox Corporation


Microdeposition system for a biosensor

A microdeposition pin having a contact surface with at least one concave edge for creating microarrays and the like. The microdeposition pin may be used either alone or with a plurality of microdeposition pins in conjunction with a holder.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Nanomechanical resonator array and production method thereof

In the present invention, a nanomechanical resonator array (1), which is suitable being used in an oscillator and production method of said nanomechanical resonator array are developed. Said resonator array (1) comprises at least two resonators (2), which are in the size of nanometers, which are vertically arrayed and which are preferably in the form of nano-wire or nano-tube; at least one coupling membrane (3), which mechanically couples said resonators (2) from their one ends, and at least one clamping element (4), which supports mechanical coupling by clamping said coupling membrane (3).
Koc Universitesi


Display device integrated with solar cell panel and methods for producing the same

The present invention discloses a solar cell panel integrated on a display unit, a display device integrated with the solar cell panel and methods for producing the same. The solar cell panel integrated on a display unit according to the present invention comprises a photoelectric material layer with rgb colors comprising red units, green units and blue units, wherein the red units, green units and blue units are arranged corresponding to pixel arrays in the display unit, and one or two of the red units, green units and blue units are made of the photoelectric active material.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming cross-point memory arrays

Some embodiments include vertical stacks of memory units, with individual memory units each having a memory element, a wordline, a bitline and at least one diode. The memory units may correspond to cross-point memory, and the diodes may correspond to band-gap engineered diodes containing two or more dielectric layers sandwiched between metal layers.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Three-dimensional non-volatile nor-type flash memory

The present invention provides a design of three-dimensional non-volatile nor flash memory devices consisting of arrays of basic nor memory group in which individual memory cells (field-effect-transistors) are stacked along a direction (or directions) either out of or parallel to the plane of the substrate and electrically connected in parallel to achieve high storage densities approaching 1 tb with lower manufacturing cost. Offering full random access to every individual memory cells and also capability of parallel programming/erasing in blocks of memory cells, such three-dimensional non-volatile nor flash memory can be widely used for both executable-code storage and mass data storage applications..


Compliant bipolar micro device transfer head with silicon electrodes

A compliant bipolar micro device transfer head array and method of forming a compliant bipolar micro device transfer array from an soi substrate are described. In an embodiment, a compliant bipolar micro device transfer head array includes a base substrate and a patterned silicon layer over the base substrate.
Luxvue Technology Corporation


Gaming machine and game control method

There are provided highly entertaining games. A gaming machine includes: a lower image display panel configured to variably display a plurality of symbol arrays with a plurality of symbols including normal symbols and special symbols each of which regarded as any one of the normal symbols, and then display a game result by rearranging the symbols in a symbol display region containing a matrix of display blocks, and a game controller configured to run the game, and award, to a player, a payout according to the game result.
Aruze Gaming America, Inc.


Combined sensor arrays for relief print imaging

One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for producing a relief print image. Two or more sensor arrays can be combined, and an electroluminescent layer can be deposited over the combined arrays.
Ib Korea Ltd.


Optical device and manufacturing the same

Provided is an optical device capable of adjusting astigmatism due to a manufacturing error to attain excellent imaging performance while securing optical efficiency. The optical device includes: an imaging optical system including multiple lens arrays in an optical axis direction, the multiple lens arrays each including multiple lens units arrayed in a first direction perpendicular to the optical axis direction; a light source including multiple light-emitting points arrayed in the first direction; and first changing means for changing a first distance in the optical axis direction between the light source and one of the lens arrays, closest to the light source.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Light-emitting device and related light source system

A light-emitting device (1) and a related light source system. The light-emitting device (1) comprises a laser light source (11, 21, 31) and a light collecting system (12, 22).
Appotronic China Corporation


Adaptive electronically steerable array (aesa) system for interceptor rf target engagement and communications

An aesa system comprises a plurality of arrays, each comprising a plurality of radiating elements, each array configured for placement on a forward-facing surface of a different one of a plurality of aerodynamic control surfaces on an interceptor. A plurality of rf transmissive radome elements, each having an aerodynamic shape complementary to the aerodynamic control surface, are placed over one of the arrays.
Raytheon Company


Systems and methods for hydromotive machines

Hydromotive machines, e.g. Hydroturbines and pumps with integral low head loss shut off valves are described.


Fabrication of nanofiber ribbons and sheets

Fabricating a nanofiber ribbon or sheet with a process that includes providing a primary assembly by arranging carbon nanotube nanofibers in aligned arrays, the arrays having a degree of inter-fiber connectivity, drawing the carbon nanotube nanofibers from the primary assembly into a sheet or ribbon, and depositing the sheet or ribbon on a substrate.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Methods and compositions for assessment of pulmonary function and disorders

The present invention provides methods for the assessment of risk of developing lung cancer in smokers and non-smokers using analysis of genetic polymorphisms. The present invention also relates to the use of genetic polymorphisms in assessing a subject's risk of developing lung cancer, and the suitability of a subject for an intervention in respect of lung cancer.
Synergenz Bioscience Ltd


Nucleic acid sequencing with nanoscale electrode pairs

Sequencing methods, devices, and systems are described. arrays of nanoscale electronic elements comprising two electrodes separated by an insulating layer are used to provide sequence information about a template nucleic acid in a polymerase-template complex bound proximate to the insulating region.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Method for combinatorial particle manipulation for producing high-density molecule arrays, in particular peptide arrays, and molecule arrays that can be obtained by means thereof

The present invention relates to a method for combinatorial particle manipulation for producing high-density molecule arrays, and to the high-density molecule arrays obtained therefrom. In particular, the present invention relates to a method for producing high-density molecule arrays, in particular peptide or oligonucleotide arrays, by combinatorial patterning of particles, wherein the patterning is achieved by the selective and direct action of electromagnetic radiation..
Karlsruher Institut FÜr Technologie


Welded high-density low-profile interconnect system

An electronic device may have printed circuits to which electrical components are mounted. The printed circuits may have metal traces that form signal lines and contact pads.
Apple Inc.


Dual omnidirectional microphone array (doma)

A dual omnidirectional microphone array noise suppression is described. Compared to conventional arrays and algorithms, which seek to reduce noise by nulling out noise sources, the array of an embodiment is used to form two distinct virtual directional microphones which are configured to have very similar noise responses and very dissimilar speech responses.


High speed free-space optical communications

High power, high speed vcsel arrays are employed in unique configurations of arrays and sub-arrays. Placement of a vcsel array behind a lens allows spatial separation and directivity.
Trilumina Corp.


Hybrid digital and analog beamforming for large antenna arrays

A hybrid digital and analog beamforming device for a node operable with an antenna array is disclosed. In an example, the hybrid digital and analog beamforming device can include computer circuitry configured to: segment antenna elements of an antenna array into at least two groups of antenna elements; map antenna ports for transmission chains to one group of the antenna elements; constrain digital precoding weights for a digital precoder for the antenna elements, where the digital precoding weight in dudes a digital phase and amplitude; and determine analog precoding weights for an analog precoder for the antenna elements, where the analog precoding weight includes an analog phase..


Solar generator with focusing optics including toroidal arc lenses

We disclose here a new type of solar generator using an optical concentrator in which sunlight is concentrated successively in each of two dimensions. Sunlight is first reflected toward a linear focus by a large, deeply-curved, cylindrical trough reflector of parabolic shape.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


Oriented bottom-up growth of armchair graphene nanoribbons on germanium

Graphene nanoribbon arrays, methods of growing graphene nanoribbon arrays and electronic and photonic devices incorporating the graphene nanoribbon arrays are provided. The graphene nanoribbons in the arrays are formed using a scalable, bottom-up, chemical vapor deposition (cvd) technique in which the (001) facet of the germanium is used to orient the graphene nanoribbon crystals along the [110] directions of the germanium..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Dense arrays and charge storage devices

There is provided a monolithic three dimensional array of charge storage devices which includes a plurality of device levels, wherein at least one surface between two successive levels is planarized by chemical mechanical polishing.. .
Sandisk 3d Llc


Anti-fuse type one-time programmable memory cell and anti-fuse type one-time programmable memory cell arrays

An anti-fuse type otp memory cell includes a first anti-fuse transistor having a first channel width, a first selection transistor sharing a first active region with the first anti-fuse transistor and having a second channel width that is greater than the first channel width, a second anti-fuse transistor sharing a program gate with the first anti-fuse transistor and having a third channel width, and a second selection transistor sharing a second active region with the second anti-fuse transistor and having a fourth channel width that is greater than the third channel width.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Nand array hiarchical bl structures for multiple-wl and all-bl simultaneous erase, erase-verify, program, program-verify, and read operations

Several 2d and 3d hinand flash memory arrays with 1-level or 2-level broken bl-hierarchical structures are provided for multiple whole-wl and all-bl simultaneous operations in dispersed blocks. The global bit line (gbl) is divided to multiple 1 (top)-level broken metal2 gbls plus optional lower-level broken metal1 local bit lines (lbls).


System of sequential kernel regression modeling for forecasting financial data

A monitoring system for determining the future behavior of a financial system includes an empirical model to receive reference data that indicates the normal behavior of the system and input pattern arrays. Each input pattern array has a plurality of input vectors, while each input vector represents a time point and has input values representing a plurality of parameters indicating the current condition of the system.
Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.


Printing apparatus and printing method

Provided is a printing method of performing printing onto a recording medium to be transported with a plurality of recording element arrays. The printing method includes a storing step of storing a perimeter of a timing roller upon acquiring correction data in association with the correction data, an obtaining step of obtaining the perimeter during printing after the storing step of storing the perimeter upon acquiring the correction data, and a modifying step of modifying the correction data during the printing in accordance with the perimeter upon acquiring the correction data and the perimeter during the printing..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Fingerprint sensing and calibration apparatus

Methods and apparatuses are provided for a thin high contrast optical acquisition system for fingerprint recognition. In one embodiment, a method of capturing images of a fingerprint may include emitting light from a set of light sources to generate a scattered light from the fingerprint, determining a set of sensor arrays located between an inner boundary and an outer boundary from the set of light sources based on thickness and refractive index of one or more panels between the set of light sources and the fingerprint, activating the set of sensor arrays to capture the scattered light from the fingerprint, and processing the scattered light captured by the set of sensor arrays in parallel to generate a topography of the fingerprint..
Secugen Corporation


Fibre channel storage array having standby controller with alua standby mode for forwarding scsi commands

Storage arrays, systems and methods for processing commands to enable scsi-level forwarding between an active controller and a standby controller are provided. In one example, the standby controller has ports that operate in an asymmetric logical unit access (alua) standby (sb) mode.
Nimble Storage, Inc.


Fibre channel storage array methods for handling cache-consistency among controllers of an array and consistency among arrays of a pool

Storage arrays, systems and methods for operating storage arrays for maintaining consistency in configuration data between processes running on an active controller and a standby controller of the storage array are provided. One example method includes executing a primary process in user space of the active controller.
Nimble Storage, Inc.


Method of grouping axes of user-selectable elements

A method is presented to combine a plurality of arrays of computer-readable files along a common collation function. The arrays can be embodied as axes of documents disposed along a timeline.


Dithered displays and dithering processes and apparatus

In one innovative aspect of the disclosure, a method includes patterning a first region and a first portion of a second region of a substrate using a first reticle. The method also includes patterning the second region and a first portion of the first region using a second reticle.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Heat sink for solid state lamps

A heat sink of compact design that allows for direct mounting of solid state lights such as led arrays to the heat sink, while providing a physical arrangement that maximizes the surface area available for effective heat dissipation, is provided. The heat sink of the present invention features a hollow, polyhedral core body and an outer structure comprised of a plurality of mounting surfaces for solid state lights.


End treatments and transitions for water-ballasted protection barrier arrays

An end treatment array for crash attenuation includes a transition barrier module formed of side walls, end walls, a top wall, and a bottom wall, wherein the module walls together define an enclosed interior space. The end treatment array further includes a containment impact sled having an axially extending frame.
Traffix Devices, Inc.


Systems and methods for expression-based classification of thyroid tissue

A system for classifying thyroid nodule tissue as malignant or benign is provided that is based on the identification of sets of gene transcripts, which are characterized in that changes in expression of each gene transcript within a set of gene transcripts can be correlated to with either malignant or benign thyroid nodule disease. The thyroid classification system provides for sets of “thyroid classifying” target sequences and further provides for combinations of polynucleotide probes and primers derived there from.
Genomedx Biosciences, Inc.


Methods and cell culture array

Method and systems that provide improved handling and/or culturing and/or assaying of cells, chemically active beads, or similar materials in microfluidic systems and microfluidic culture arrays.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Core making method and apparatus

A ceramic mixture is shaped to form a ceramic core having a configuration which corresponds to the configuration of a cavity in an airfoil. The ceramic core is positioned between a plurality of arrays of burners.
Pcc Airfoils, Inc.


Hybrid metal and carbon or glassy carbon mems u-ecog electrode and microelectrode structures

Microelectromechanical system are disclosed that include at least one electrode, microelectrode or combination thereof, wherein the at least one electrode comprises a carbon material, a glassy carbon material or a combination thereof. Contemplated systems are suitable for μ-ecog arrays.
San Diego State University Research Foundation (sdsurf)


Banded papers, smoking articles and methods

Wrapper for cigarette manufacture includes transversely extending band regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The band regions comprise starch, an anti-wrinkling agent such as 1,2 propylene glycol or glycerin, and optionally calcium carbonate.
Philip Morris Usa Inc.


Interconnect for battery packs

Provided are interconnect circuits for interconnecting arrays of battery cells and methods of forming these interconnect circuits as well as connecting these circuits to the battery cells. An interconnect circuit may include a conductive layer and one or more insulating layers.
Cellink Corporation


Compact human presence detector

A multimodal and highly compact human presence detector that includes, on a same silicon chip made using cmos technology, a first array of pixels, made sensitive to far-infrared radiation by depositing a pyroelectric layer, converting the received far-infrared radiation into electrical charges, juxtaposed with at least one second array of pixels sensitive to visible light, converting the received visible light into electrical charges, and a circuit for reading the charges generated in each of the arrays by the visible light or the far-infrared radiation, the detector further including, on top of the silicon chip, an optical element for focusing the far-infrared radiation on the first array, and an optical element for focusing the visible light on the second array.. .


Array-based computations on a storage device

An instruction from an application server to perform a computation is received at a network-attached storage (nas) device. The computation uses arrays of data that are stored by the nas device as inputs.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Antenna cross connect scheme for lte

A radio and antenna combination with 4×n mimo on the downlink path, with antenna arrays spaced 1 wavelength apart, and n×4 mimo (or simo) on the uplink path, with 3 to 10 wavelengths or more separation of the antenna arrays.. .
Commscope Technologies, Llc


Lead assembly for connecting solar panel arrays to inverter

A lead assembly includes at plurality of drop line joined to a feeder cable at joints each having a compression lug that is preferably surrounded by undermolding and overmolding. In use, each drop line is connected to a solar array, and the feeder cable is connected to an inverter.


High resolution structured light source

A structured light source comprising vcsel arrays is configured in many different ways to project a structured illumination pattern into a region for 3 dimensional imaging and gesture recognition applications. One aspect of the invention describes methods to construct densely and ultra-densely packed vcsel arrays with to produce high resolution structured illumination pattern.
Princeton Optronics Inc.


Hierarchical phase shift array antenna weight look ahead, elaboration, and beam-splitting methods

An array antenna system consists of layered construct of subarrays. Each beam pointing angle requires an antenna weight vector (awv).


Battery assembly with snap-in arrays

A traction battery assembly includes a tray and a pair of adjacent cell arrays disposed on the tray. Each array includes a plurality of stacked cells and a plurality of cell spacers interleaved with the cells.
Ford Global Technologies Llc


Optical systems fabricated by printing-based assembly

Provided are optical devices and systems fabricated, at least in part, via printing-based assembly and integration of device components. In specific embodiments the present invention provides light emitting systems, light collecting systems, light sensing systems and photovoltaic systems comprising printable semiconductor elements, including large area, high performance macroelectronic devices.
Semprius, Inc.


Method to form self-aligned high density nanocrystals

Methods for fabricating dense arrays of electrically conductive nanocrystals that are self-aligned in depressions at target locations on a substrate, and semiconductor devices configured with nanocrystals situated within a gate stack as a charge storage area for a nonvolatile memory (nvm) device, are provided.. .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Ion guiding device and ion guiding method

An ion guiding device (3) and method, the ion guiding device (3) having: a group of electrode arrays distributed along an axis in space, and a power supply providing an asymmetric alternating current (ac) electric field substantially along the axis; the ac field asymmetrically alternates between positive and negative along the axis to drive the ions move in the direction corresponding to said ac electric field such that ions are guided into said ion guiding device (3) in a continuous or quasi-continuous flow manner while being guided out in a pulsed manner along the axis.. .
Shimadzu Research Laboratory (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for controlling miniaturized arrays of ion traps

Apparatus and methods for controlling miniaturized arrays of ion traps, including cylindrical ion traps, rectilinear ion traps, and linear ion traps. Improved methods for applying supplemental ac signals to individual ion traps in an ion trap array.
Bayspec, Inc.


Non-volatile memory with multi-word line select for defect detection operations

A stress mode for use in testing non-volatile memory arrays for a number of types of defects is described. More specifically, a multi-word line select option for a given block can be used for a group of selected word lines to be set to the a programming or other high voltage, while the unselected word lines of the block are set to a pass voltage to minimize electric field differences in order to avoid disturb.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Apparatuses including a memory array with separate global read and write lines and/or sense amplifier region column select line and related methods

Apparatuses and methods related to memory arrays with separate global read and write lines and/or sense amplifier region column select lines are disclosed. An example apparatus includes first and second memory sections, and further includes a sense amplifier region.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Graph processing using a mutable multilevel graph representation

A mutable multilevel data structure representing a graph structure may include multiple read-only levels and a single writable level. Each read-only level may include a vertex table (which includes references to edge tables on the same level or a different level containing elements of adjacency lists for some vertices) and an edge table (which includes elements of adjacency lists that changed since the previous read-only level).
Oracle International Corporation


Monitoring control device

A monitoring control device includes a plug-in management unit that dynamically loads a plug-in made up of a plurality of actions, and that calls a predefined common function, declared in a program of the plug-in, in order to control the execution of an action stored in the plug-in, and extend a function of the monitoring control system, and an action-parameter management unit that holds arrays, in each of which an action parameter is stored, that is a parameter needed for an individual action included in the plug-in, by the number of actions described in a job file, and that designates an identifier and an element index of the arrays in order to read or write a value of the action parameter.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Systems, methods, and sensitive thermal imaging

The high-pixel-count uncooled thermal imaging arrays disclosed herein have liquid crystal (lc) microcavity transducers separate from the read-out integrated circuit (roic). The transducer converts incident infrared (ir) radiation in birefringence changes that can be measured with visible light.


Estimating subsurface formation and invasion properties

An estimated value for invasion depth of an invasion zone in a subsurface measurement zone is calculated in a one-dimensional optimization procedure based on multi-array laterolog measurement data. A one-dimensional optimization problem is defined as having the invasion depth as a sole variable measurement zone parameter.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Spectral imaging system for remote and noninvasive detection of target substances using spectral filter arrays and image capture arrays

An approach to noninvasively and remotely detect the presence, location, and/or quantity of a target substance in a scene via a spectral imaging system comprising a spectral filter array and image capture array. For a chosen target substance, a spectral filter array is provided that is sensitive to selected wavelengths characterizing the electromagnetic spectrum of the target substance.
Innopix, Inc.


Encapsulated arrays with barrier layer covered tiles

Encapsulated arrays with tiles covered with a barrier layer are disclosed. Tiles formed of silicon carbide, and wrapped with a barrier layer, are encapsulated with a base metal formed of a steel alloy.
Spokane Industries

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