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Date/App# patent app List of recent Arrays-related patents
 Abnormal clock rate detection in imaging sensor arrays patent thumbnailAbnormal clock rate detection in imaging sensor arrays
Various techniques are provided to detect abnormal clock rates in devices such as imaging sensor devices (e.g., infrared and/or visible light imaging devices). In one example, a device may include a clock rate detection circuit that may be readily integrated as part of the device to provide effective detection of an abnormal clock rate.
 Reconfigurable access network encryption architecture patent thumbnailReconfigurable access network encryption architecture
An access platform or other network elements can include multiple line cards configured to encrypt data. The platform and/or each of the line cards may receive encryption management data that conforms to a predefined encryption management data interface.
 Preventing access loss when device adapter affinity to a node changes patent thumbnailPreventing access loss when device adapter affinity to a node changes
Provided are a computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for maintaining state information. An available node affiliated with an unavailable device adapter and an unavailable node affiliated with an available device adapter are identified, wherein the available node is assigned a first subset of disk arrays, and wherein the unavailable node is assigned a second subset of disk arrays.
 Optical hydrology arrays and system and method for monitoring water displacement during treatment of patient tissue patent thumbnailOptical hydrology arrays and system and method for monitoring water displacement during treatment of patient tissue
A system that monitors water displacement in tissue during patient therapy includes a generator supplying electrosurgical energy to tissue, a spectrometer operably coupled to the generator, and a processor communicating with the generator and with the spectrometer having a light source for exposing tissue to light and a light sensor. The light sensor is configured to sense changes in light through tissue in response to tissue treatment and communicate the changes to the processor to determine tissue hydration levels and motility.
 Image capture for large analyte arrays patent thumbnailImage capture for large analyte arrays
Analyte arrays such as solutes in a slab-shaped gel following electrophoresis, and particularly arrays that are in excess of 3 cm square and up to 25 cm square and higher, are imaged at distances of 5 cm or less by either forming sub-images of the entire array and stitching together the sub-images by computer-based stitching technology, or by using an array of thin-film photoresponsive elements that is coextensive with the analyte array to form a single image of the array.. .
 Addressable electrode arrays in multiple fluidic compartments and uses thereof patent thumbnailAddressable electrode arrays in multiple fluidic compartments and uses thereof
Methods and apparati for performing measurements of electrical signals in a multi-compartmented fluidic array format where the signal to noise ratio is improved are disclosed.. .
 Biomarkers for autoimmune liver diseases and uses thereof patent thumbnailBiomarkers for autoimmune liver diseases and uses thereof
The present invention relates to a method for diagnosis or prognosis of liver autoimmune diseases by means of detecting specific biomarkers in biological samples. The invention refers also to a method of monitoring an autoimmune liver disease pathology status after treatment with surgery and/or therapy in a subject with autoimmune liver disease, to kits and microarrays to perform said methods..
 Methods for detecting and measuring specific nucleic acid sequences patent thumbnailMethods for detecting and measuring specific nucleic acid sequences
The invention provides novel oligonucleotides and methods of using the same for detection or measurement of specific nucleic acid molecules. The invention also features nucleic acid arrays comprising the oligonucleotides of the invention.
 Organ-specific proteins and methods of their use patent thumbnailOrgan-specific proteins and methods of their use
The present invention relates generally to methods for identifying and using organ-specific proteins and transcripts. The present invention further provides compositions comprising organ-specific proteins and transcripts encoding the same, detection reagents for detecting such proteins and transcripts, and diagnostic panels, kits and arrays for measuring organ-specific proteins/transcripts in blood, biological tissue or other biological fluid..
 Central node apparatus and method for transmitting wireless signals between central office node and remote node using beam patterns and antenna polarization patent thumbnailCentral node apparatus and method for transmitting wireless signals between central office node and remote node using beam patterns and antenna polarization
A central office node using beam patterns and antenna polarizations, a remote node, and a wireless communication method between the nodes. The central office node includes: a first antenna array with first polarization attributes; a second antenna array with second polarization attributes; and a transmitter unit configured to transmit data to a plurality of remote nodes using beam patterns generated during beamforming and the polarization of the first and second antenna arrays..
Dual-gate bio/chem sensor
A dual gate extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator transistor with asymmetric gate dielectrics is provided. This structure can improve the sensor detection limit and also relieve the drift effects.
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video using intra prediction mode dependent adaptive quantization matrix
A method of encoding video using intra prediction mode dependent quantization matrix includes: calculating an array of quantizers for each size of block unit (100); encoding the arrays of quantizers into header of compressed video stream (102); selecting one scanning order based on a selected intra prediction mode among a plurality of scanning orders (112); scanning the array of quantizers to obtain a block of quantizers based on the selected scanning order (114).. .
Leakage-current abatement circuity for memory arrays
In one memory array embodiment, in order to compensate for bit-line leakage currents by off-state bit-cell access devices, a leakage-current reference circuit tracks access-device leakage current over different process, voltage, and temperature (pvt) conditions to generate a leakage-current reference voltage that drives a different leakage-current abatement device connected to each different bit-line to inject currents into the bit-lines to compensate for the corresponding leakage currents. In one implementation, the leakage-current reference circuit has a device that mimics the leakage of each access device configured in a current mirror that drives the resulting leakage-current reference voltage to the different leakage-current abatement devices..
Memory cells, non-volatile memory arrays, methods of operating memory cells, methods of writing to and writing from a memory cell, and methods of programming a memory cell
In one aspect, a method of operating a memory cell includes using different electrodes to change a programmed state of the memory cell than are used to read the programmed state of the memory cell. In one aspect, a memory cell includes first and second opposing electrodes having material received there-between.
Power modules and power module arrays having a modular design
Power modules and power module arrays are disclosed. In one embodiment, a power module includes a module support, a high temperature module, and a module cap.
Three-dimensional tomographic imaging camera based on compressive sensing
A detection apparatus and method for fmcw lidar employ signals that are modified so that low-cost and low-speed photodetector arrays, such as ccd or cmos cameras, can be employed for range detection. The lidar is designed to measure the range to one or more targets and includes a single mode swept frequency laser (sfl), whose optical frequency is varied with time, as a result of which, a target beam which is reflected back by the one or more targets is shifted in frequency from a reference beam by an amount that is proportional to the relative range to the one or more targets.
Charge redistribution method for cell arrays
A topology is described in which each pair of cells in a string shares a single inductor. Switches permit the single inductor to selectively charge one or the other of the cells.
Distributed energy storage and power quality control in photovoltaic arrays
A solar electric system comprises photovoltaic elements having integrated energy storage and control, ideally on each pv-panel. The energy storage media may be primary or secondary cylindrical cells interconnected into a battery and/or an array of capacitors (or super-capacitors) and are accompanied by an electronic control circuit which may perform a variety of functions, including but not limited to: power quality control, load following, pulse powering, active line transient suppression, local sensing, remote reporting, wireless or wired communications allowing two way programmable control through local or remote operation.
Memory arrays and associated methods of manufacturing
Memory arrays and associated methods of manufacturing are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a memory array includes an access line extending along a first direction and a first contact line and a second contact line extending along a second direction different from the first direction.
Thermal interface material
A thermal interface material includes a low melting point metal matrix and a number of carbon nanotube arrays disposed in the low melting point matrix. The low melting point metal matrix includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface.
Wind uplift-resistant photovoltaic roofing elements and photovoltaic roofing systems
The present invention relates generally to the photovoltaic generation of electrical energy. The present invention relates more particularly to photovoltaic arrays for use in photovoltaically generating electrical energy.
Collector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules
An interconnected arrangement of photovoltaic cells is achieved using novel interconnection components. The interconnection component may comprise a current collector structure, an interconnection structure, or a combination of a current collector and interconnection structure..
Methods of localizing nucleic acids to arrays
Methods are disclosed relating to localizing nucleic acids to arrays such as silane-free arrays, and of sequencing the nucleic acids localized thereby.. .
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
The present invention describes a method for identifying one or more of a plurality of sequences differing by one or more single base changes, insertions, deletions, or translocations in a plurality of target nucleotide sequences. The method includes a ligation phase, a capture phase, and a detection phase.
Processes for detecting or quantifying more than one nucleic acid in a library
This invention provides novel compositions and processes for analyte detection, quantification and amplification. Nucleic acid arrays and libraries of analytes are usefully incorporated into such compositions and processes.
Engineered three-dimensional connective tissue constructs and methods of making the same
Disclosed are engineered, living, three-dimensional connective tissue constructs comprising connective tissue cells. In some embodiments, the connective tissue cells are derived from multi-potent cells such as mesenchymal stem/stromal cells.
Crystal block array and method of manufacture
A novel method of making a crystal block array (configured for coupling with photodetectors as part of an integrated detector module useful in advanced pet scanner systems) is disclosed herein. The novel method comprises a series of cutting, polishing, and assembling steps that utilize a curable bonding agent, removable wire spacers, and a series removable protective glass end plates.
Method and apparatus for acoustic area monitoring by exploiting ultra large scale arrays of microphones
Systems and methods are provided to create an acoustic map of a space containing multiple acoustic sources. Source localization and separation takes place by sampling an ultra large microphone array containing over 1020 microphones.
Embedded led assembly with optional beam steering optical element, and associated products, and/or methods
Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to laminated led arrays, products including such laminated led arrays, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, leds may be disposed on a flexible sheet and chained together in an array.
Printed flexible display having grating
A printed flexible display having grating, comprising a printable layer, a printing ink layer, a grating layer, an electrode layer a, an electrically-controlled optical switch layer, and an electrode layer b which are arranged successively from top to bottom. The printable layer is a flexible insulating material that is foldable and printable.

Imager arrays, array camera modules, and array cameras in accordance with embodiments of the invention utilize pixel apertures to control the amount of aliasing present in captured images of a scene. One embodiment includes a plurality of focal planes, control circuitry configured to control the capture of image information by the pixels within the focal planes, and sampling circuitry configured to convert pixel outputs into digital pixel data.
Inkjet recording apparatus and recording position adjustment method
The present invention preferentially sets an adjustment value of a nozzle array having a deviation amount in a conveyance direction which exceeds a threshold amount, and sets the adjustment value in such a manner that the total of deviation amounts of a plurality of nozzle arrays can be minimized.. .
Fluidized bed conveyor belt freezer system
A fluidized bed conveyor belt freezer system that includes at least one wire mesh conveyor belt in a freezer with a plurality of coil arrays and fans that produce a high volume of cold air directed upward into a plurality of air deflection vanes mounted under the belt. The vanes are equally spaced apart and longitudinally aligned under the conveyor belt to evenly distribute the cold air in the fan chamber through the belt to efficiently fluidize and freeze product transported on the belt with minimal waste.
Reducing penalties for cache accessing operations
A computer program product for reducing penalties for cache accessing operations is provided. The computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and storing instructions for execution by the processing circuit for performing a method.
Method for ultrasonic inspection of irregular and variable shapes
A system and a method for enabling ultrasonic inspection of multiple or varying radii of a composite part without making mechanical adjustments to compensate for changes in the radius dimension. The system may comprise one or more ultrasonic pulser/receivers, one or more ultrasonic transducer arrays, a probe body or shoe to hold and position the array(s), ultrasonic data acquisition application software to drive the array(s), and ultrasonic data acquisition application software to select the best signal response for each column of pixels to be displayed.
Tethered lipoplex nanoparticle biochips and methods of use
Disclosed are compositions and methods for the use of lipoplex nanoparticle chips and arrays in the detection of/diagnosis of a disease or condition.. .
Colon cancer gene expression signatures and methods of use
A gene expression signature of colon cancer, microarrays including them and methods of using the colon gene expression signature are provided. The gene expression signature is especially useful for determining the prognosis of a patient diagnosed with colon cancer, such as stage ii colon cancer.
Wagering game including multiple arrays of reel symbols
A gaming system displays a first array of symbols and a second array of symbols for a wagering game. The second array of symbols includes at least one second-array reel.
Front-side illuminated, back-side contact double-sided pn-junction photodiode arrays
The present application is a photodiode detector array for use in computerized tomography (ct) and non-ct applications. Specifically, the present application is a high-density photodiode arrays, with low dark current, low capacitance, high signal to noise ratio, high speed, and low crosstalk that can be fabricated on relatively large substrate wafers.
Method and apparatus for lithographic manufacture of multi-component polymeric fiber plates
Embodiments of the invention relate to microfabrication of three dimensional polymeric structures incorporating a large number of identical elements each having one or more materials. In specific embodiments, the structures are large area fiber optic plates and associated structures, wherein the fibers are precisely located relative to each other and can serve as optical readout, such as optical readout for high density microarrays of biomaterial and other chemicals or pharmaceuticals.
Method for fabrication of nano-structures
Methods of fabricating nano-structures on a substrate surface are provided including the use of small initial pilot nano-structures patterned in a writing layer which are enlarged upon transfer to a pattern transfer layer among process layers applied to the substrate material, before removal of the writing layer to reveal the enlarged nano-structures. Enlarged nano-structures are transferred to the substrate by etch techniques to produce desired final enlarged nano-structures in the substrate surface.
Method and equipment for quantum vacuum energy extraction
Embodiments of the present invention comprise different methods and equipment for efficiently and relatively inexpensively producing casimir cavities for use in quantum vacuum energy extraction. The methods include without limitation, sintering; submicron porous filter materials; web roll-to-roll produced mesh or foil layers; nanotube arrays; web roll-to-roll produced porous membranes such as graphene, metallically doped; web roll-to-roll produced metallic crystals with self assembling arrays of nano-channels; three-dimensional prototyping; charged particle deposition; metal wire bundles; metal tube bundles; and metallically doped or metallically coated glass or polymer wire bundles..
Equipment for quantum vacuum energy extraction
Embodiments of the present invention comprise different equipment for efficiently and relatively inexpensively producing casimir cavities for use in quantum vacuum energy extraction. The equipment includes without limitation, sintered materials; submicron porous filter materials; web roll-to-roll produced mesh or foil layers; nanotube arrays; web roll-to-roll produced porous membranes such as graphene, metallically doped; web roll-to-roll produced metallic crystals with self assembling arrays of nano-channels; materials produced by three-dimensional prototyping; materials produced by charged particle deposition; metal wire bundles; metal tube bundles; and metallically doped or metallically coated glass or polymer wire bundles..
Fabrication of high efficiency, high quality, large area diffractive waveplates and arrays
An apparatus and method is presented for fabricating high quality one- or two dimensional diffractive waveplates and their arrays that exhibit high diffraction efficiency over large area and being capable of inexpensive large volume production. Employed is a generally non-holographic and aperiodic polarization converter for converting the polarization of a coherent input light beam that may be of a visible wavelength into a pattern of continuous spatial modulation at the output of said polarization converter.
Small-profile lensless optical microscopy imaging and tomography instruments and elements for low cost and integrated microscopy
Arrangements for small-sized, inexpensive, and innovative lensless and other micro-optic microscopy imaging and tomography are presented. An imaging region comprising flat or curved surfaces is provided with an illumination source proximate to the imaging region or arranged for collimated illumination.
Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback
Electronic devices may use touch pads that have touch sensor arrays, force sensors, and actuators for providing tactile feedback. A touch pad may be mounted in a computer housing.
Local voltage control for isolated transistor arrays
Self-biasing transistor switching circuitry includes a main transistor, a biasing transistor, a first capacitor, and a second capacitor. The body of the main transistor is isolated from the gate, the drain, and the source of the main transistor by an insulating layer.
Polyphasic multi-coil electric device
A polyphasic multi-coil generator includes a drive shaft, at least first and second rotors rigidly mounted on the drive shaft so as to simultaneously synchronously rotate with rotation of the drive shaft, and at least one stator sandwiched between the first and second rotors. A stator array on the stator has an array of electrically conductive coils mounted to the stator in a first angular orientation about the drive shaft.
Applications of contact-transfer printed membranes
The disclosed embodiments provide sensitive pixel arrays formed using solvent-assisted or unassisted release processes. Exemplary devices include detectors arrays, tunable optical instruments, deflectable mirrors, digital micro-mirrors, digital light processing chips, tunable optical micro-cavity resonators, acoustic sensors, acoustic actuators, acoustic transducer devices and capacitive zipper actuators to name a few..
Support lines to prevent line collapse in arrays
Methods for preventing line collapse during the fabrication of nand flash memory and other microelectronic devices that utilize closely spaced device structures with high aspect ratios are described. In some embodiments, one or more mechanical support structures may be provided to prevent the collapse of closely spaced device structures during fabrication.
Sensor pixels, arrays and array systems and methods therefor
One sensor pixel includes amplifying transistor, coupled between first bias line and data line; switch transistor, operated by control line and coupled between data line and gate of amplifying transistor; storage capacitor, coupled to second bias line; and sensor being coupled to gate of amplifying transistor. Another sensor pixel includes first amplifying transistor coupled between first bias line and data line; second amplifying transistor being coupled between second bias line and data line; switch transistor being operated by control line and being coupled between data line and gates of first and second amplifying transistors; storage capacitor coupled to gates of first and second amplifying transistors; and sensor coupled to gates of first and second amplifying transistors.
Multifunctional static or semi-static photovoltaic skylight and/or methods of making the same
Improved building-integrated photovoltaic systems according to certain example embodiments may include concentrated photovoltaic skylights or other windows having a cylindrical lens array. The skylight may include an insulated glass unit, which may improve the solar heat gain coefficient (shgc).
Parallel processing device, parallel processing method, optimization device, optimization method and computer program
[solution] this invention is provided with: a divided task acquisition unit (101) for acquiring tasks into which an application has been divided; a simultaneous-execution task number setting unit (102) for setting the number of simultaneously executed tasks in each thread array; an in-array thread number setting unit (103) for setting the number of threads in each thread array; a total-number-of-arrays setting unit (104) for setting the total number of arrays; a thread array control unit (105) for generating the threads and thread arrays; a resource allocation unit (106) for securing a resource for the number of simultaneously executed tasks in each of the thread arrays; a processing task determination unit (107) for determining the task to be processed by each thread; and a task execution unit (108) for causing the task thus determined to be executed by each of the threads.. .
Method, apparatus and system for handling data faults
Techniques and mechanisms for handling data faults in a memory system which includes multiple integrated circuit (ic) dies, each die including a respective one of multiple memory arrays. In an embodiment, control logic monitors for a die failure of the multiple dies, and further monitors for a request to perform error correction for the multiple memory arrays.
Systems and methods for real time multispectral imaging
Multispectral filter arrays and methods of making and using the arrays are described herein. Multispectral imaging systems and methods of making and using the systems are also described.
Detection and differentiation of demodex mites
Methods of detecting d. Gatoi or d.
Immunosignaturing: a path to early diagnosis and health monitoring
Health is a complex state that represents the continuously changing outcome of nearly all human activities and interactions. The invention provides efficient methods and arrays for health monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care.
Methods for forming arrays of small, closely spaced features
Methods of forming arrays of small, densely spaced holes or pillars for use in integrated circuits are disclosed. Various pattern transfer and etching steps can be used, in combination with pitch-reduction techniques, to create densely-packed features.
Isolating target cells from a biological fluid
A micro-fluidic device operable to isolate target cells from a biological fluid comprises: an inlet operable to receive the biological fluid, the biological fluid comprising target cells and other components; a waste outlet operable to receive at least the other components of the biological fluid; a plurality of parallel arrays of cell isolation wells coupling the inlet with the waste outlet, each parallel array of cell isolation wells supporting a flow of the biological fluid from the inlet to the waste outlet in response to a pressure differential thereacross, each array of cell isolation wells comprising a plurality isolation wells, each isolation well being dimensioned to mechanically trap the target cells therein whilst permitting flow of other components of the biological fluid; and at least one pressure maintenance structure operable to assist in maintaining a predetermined pressure differential across each of the plurality of parallel arrays of cell isolation wells.. .
Ultrasound image processing apparatus and program
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus generates doppler waveform images whose visibility is improved appropriately in accordance with changes in measurement conditions. The ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a frequency-analyzing unit that generates frequency spectrum data on doppler shift frequency components of ultrasonic waves that are received after being transmitted towards a subject and reflected in the subject, and a line data generating unit for generating line data, wherein arrays of multiple pixels are stipulated according to the corresponding frequencies and each pixel value represents the magnitude of the doppler shift frequency component, based on the frequency spectrum data.
Memory array device and method for reducing read current of the same
A memory array device is disclosed, which includes a plurality of memory array rows, each memory array row including a plurality of subsidiary memory arrays and a switch arranged between every adjacent two subsidiary memory arrays; wherein each subsidiary memory array includes: a memory unit for storing a data; a programming indication bit arranged prior to the memory unit for indicating whether the subsidiary memory array has been programmed; and an inversion indication bit arranged subsequent to the memory unit for indicating whether a data had been inverted before being written in the memory unit of the subsidiary memory array. A method for reducing a read current of a memory array device is also disclosed..
Method and architecture for improving defect detectability, coupling area, and flexibility of nvsram cells and arrays
Several preferred embodiments of 1s1f 16t nvsram, 1s1f 20t nvsram, 1s2f 22t nvsram, 1s2f 14t nvsram cells are proposed, regardless of 1-poly, 2-poly, pmos or nos flash cell structures. Two separate sourcelines for the paired flash strings are also proposed for easy adding ability for the nvsram circuit to detect the marginally erased vt0 and marginally programmed vt1 of the paired flash cell.
3d memory configurable for performance and power
A 3d memory that is configurable for performance and power. An embodiment of a memory device includes a dynamic random-access memory (dram) including multiple memory dies, each memory die including multiple memory arrays, each memory array including peripheral logic circuits and a configurable logic.
Edge-lit light panel
An edge-lit light panel is disclosed, which includes a generally planar, transparent light guide. Light, such as from one or more solid state light source arrays, is coupled into the light guide through its lateral edge, and propagates generally laterally within the light guide via total internal reflection.
Illumination devices using array of reflectors
Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatuses and systems for providing illumination for projectors. Two or more sets of reflectors are used to combine light beams emitted by two or more two-dimensional arrays of light sources to provide a combined light beam with high brightness toward a pupil of a projection system.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a controller configured to adjust ink ejection amounts from nozzles in a downstream nozzle array on a basis of a bypassing air flow degree. The bypassing air flow degree is calculated based on an ejection density of ink ejected from nozzles in an upstream nozzle array on a recording medium and indicates a generation degree of a bypassing air flow generated when a transfer air flow generated by transfer of the recording medium bypasses a self-generated air flow generated by ink ejected from the nozzles in the upstream nozzle array.
Methods and apparatus for fragmented phased array radar
Methods and apparatus for a phase array radar system having a fragmented array. In one embodiment, subarrays forming a generally rectangular shape are disposed on the surface of a truncated cone or a dome so that gaps are formed between adjacent segments of subarrays or between every adjacent subarrays..
Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter
A successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter is provided which includes first and second capacitor arrays configured to generate first and second level voltages, respectively; a comparator configured to compare the first and second level voltages to output a comparison signal; sar logic configured to generate a digital signal in response to the comparison signal; and a variable common mode selector configured to compare a first analog input voltage and a common mode voltage and to supply one of the first analog input voltage and the common mode voltage to top plates of the first and second capacitor arrays according to a comparison result.. .
Resonator arrays for wireless energy transfer
Described herein are improved configurations for an apparatus that may include a plurality of resonators electrically interconnected and arranged in an array to form a composite resonator for wireless power transfer, each one of the plurality of resonators may include a block of a magnetic material having a conductor wire wrapped around a cross section thereof to form at least one loop enclosing an area substantially equal to the cross section, wherein the plurality of resonators are may be oriented so that a dipole moment of each one of the plurality of resonators is aligned with a dipole moment of each other one of the plurality of resonators.. .
Tire vulcanization forming mold and method for manufacturing tires using the same
A tire vulcanization forming mold and a tire manufacturing method using the same. In the forming mold, a plurality of segment blocks divided in a circumferential direction are equal in circumferential length and are formed with tread forming patterns of plural kinds on which blades for forming tread patterns on a tire are arranged in different arrays.
Injection molded microoptics
A wafer-scale apparatus and method is described for the automation of forming, aligning and attaching two-dimensional arrays of microoptic elements on semiconductor and other image display devices, backplanes, optoelectronic boards, and integrated optical systems. In an ordered fabrication sequence, a mold plate comprised of optically designed cavities is formed by reactive ion etching or alternative processes, optionally coated with a release material layer and filled with optically specified materials by an automated fluid-injection and defect-inspection subsystem.
Systems and methods for scanning with radiation detectors
Systems and methods for scanning with radiation detectors are provided. One system includes at least one radiation scanning camera-head, an array of at least one pixelated radiation detector having an imaging surface including a two dimensional array of pixels, and a scanning unit positioned between the radiation detector and the object.

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