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Arrays patents


This page is updated frequently with new Arrays-related patent applications.

new patent Ac led light engine
A light engine driven directly from the ac power line has multiple series connected arrays of leds each with an associated current limiting transistor. The current from each current limiting transistor goes through a corresponding current sensing resistor and all these resistors are connected in series.
Eptronics, Inc.

new patent Led circuit with multiple switch configurations
An led dimmer circuit has a constant current source, a dual pole, dual throw (dpdt) switch and two arrays of leds. In one position of the dpdt switch, the arrays are in series; in the other position the arrays are in parallel.
Luminaire Led, Inc.

new patent Method and communicating channel state information in full-dimensional mimo system
The present disclosure relates to a communication method and system for converging a 5th-generation (5g) communication system for supporting higher data rates beyond a 4th-generation (4g) system with a technology for internet of things (iot). The present disclosure may be applied to intelligent services based on the 5g communication technology and the iot-related technology, such as smart home, smart building, smart city, smart car, connected car, health care, digital education, smart retail, security and safety services.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

new patent Balloon equipped with a concentrated solar generator and employing an optimised arrangement of solar cells to power said balloon in flight
A balloon comprises an envelope containing a lifting gas and a concentrated solar radiation solar generator. The solar generator includes a reflector, one or two arrays of photovoltaic solar cells forming a first active face directed towards the reflector and a second active face directed towards the exterior of the envelope of the balloon.

new patent Method to provide solderless electrical interconnections to a high speed photonic package applying an anisotropic silicone-filled interposer
An assembly that provides solderless electrical interconnection between two devices provided with electrical contact lands that are distributed in plane land grid arrays (lga's). One of the devices can be a package containing an electronic or opto-electronic device and the other device can be a pcb.
Brphotonics Produtos Optoeletronicos Ltda.

new patent Memory cells, memory arrays, and methods of forming memory cells and arrays
Some embodiments include methods of forming memory cells. Heater structures are formed over an array of electrical nodes, and phase change material is formed across the heater structures.
Micron Technology, Inc.

new patent Graphene fet devices, systems, and methods of using the same for sequencing nucleic acids
Provided herein are devices, systems, and methods of employing the same for the performance of bioinformatics analysis. The apparatuses and methods of the disclosure are directed in part to large scale graphene fet sensors, arrays, and integrated circuits employing the same for analyte measurements.
Edico Genome, Corp.

new patent Mtp-thyristor memory cell circuits and methods of operation
An mtp (many times programmable) memory cell for integrated circuit memory arrays is described. The cell includes an mtp device and a thyristor interconnected so that the mtp device triggers the thyristor to turn on during a read or verify operation.
Kilopass Technology, Inc.

new patent Micro mirror array, manufacturing the micro mirror array, and floating display device including the micro mirror array
Discussed is a manufacturing method of a micro mirror array including forming a mirror surface on a polymer film, bonding a plurality of polymer films, each having the mirror surface formed thereon, cutting the bonded polymer films to manufacture a primary micro mirror array, forming an additional mirror surface on the manufactured primary micro mirror array, bonding a plurality of primary micro mirror arrays, each having the additional mirror surface formed thereon, and cutting the bonded primary micro mirror arrays. The micro mirror array is used to form a high-quality floating image..
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent Optical phased arrays
An optical phased array formed of a large number of nanophotonic antenna elements can be used to project complex images into the far field. These nanophotonic phased arrays, including the nanophotonic antenna elements and waveguides, can be formed on a single chip of silicon using complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) processes.

new patent

Down conversion

The present invention relates inter alia to an array comprising i times j array elements, wherein the array elements may comprise at least one quantum dot and/or at least one photoluminescent compound. Further the present invention relates to devices comprising these arrays.
Merck Patent Gmbh

new patent

Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces

A method and apparatus for the manipulation of colloidal particulates and biomolecules at the interface between an insulating electrode such as silicon oxide and an electrolyte solution. Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces relies on the combination of three functional elements: the ac electric field-induced assembly of planar aggregates; the patterning of the electrolyte/silicon oxide/silicon interface to exert spatial control over the assembly process; and the real-time control of the assembly process via external illumination.
Bioarray Solutions, Ltd.

new patent

System and pitch detection and analysis

Systems and methods are shown for pitch detection involving a first linear array with multiple detection devices for detecting an object mounted on a base for positioning near the front of home plate, adjacent the front edge of the home plate. Some examples include an indicator on each detector to indicate detection.

new patent

Systems and methods for making and using connector contact arrays for electrical stimulation systems

A connector for an implantable electrical medical device includes an elongated connector body; a connector lumen to receive a lead or lead extension; a non-conductive carrier disposed in the connector body and including at least two rails extending parallel to the connector lumen and pairs of contact holders spaced-apart along the rails; contacts with each contact disposed between one of the pairs of contact holders; and connector conductors coupled to the contacts. Instead of carrier and contacts, the connector can include contact assemblies, each contact assembly including a non-conductive contact carrier defining two nodes, and two contacts, each contact disposed in one of the two nodes, each contact including a coil and a sheath disposed around at least a portion of the coil.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

new patent

Microperfusion needle or fistula needle with protective element

A microperfusion needle or fistula needle with a protective element comprises a first component comprising a cannula, a body rigidly joined to the cannula, and having grasping wings extending therefrom, a second component comprising an elongate body having a cavity for slidably receiving the first component between an operating position of the cannula and a safety position of the cannula, the elongate body having lateral slots for the grasping wings to extend therethrough, the grasping wings being suitable for elastically bending around and contacting opposed portions of the elongate body. The elongate body comprises two arrays of projections, which are contacted by the wings when bent.
Artsana S.p.a.

new patent

Display assembly and system for paint sample cards

A display assembly is provided with a base, and a plurality of receptacles supported by the base. Each of the plurality of receptacles is sized to receive a plurality of cards.
Behr Process Corporation

Grid arrays with enhanced fatigue life

Reliability is improved for the mechanical electrical connection formed between a grid array device, such as a pin grid array device (pga) or a column grid array device (cga), and a substrate such as a printed circuit board (pcb). Between adjacent pcb pads, a spacing pattern increases toward the periphery of the cga, creating a misalignment between pads and columns.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Apparatus and methods for individual addressing and noise reduction in actuator arrays

Apparatus for generating a target physical effect, at least one attribute of which corresponds to at least one characteristic of a digital input signal sampled periodically, the apparatus comprising a multiplicity of electrostatic actuator elements, each comprising a moving element moving between first and second electrodes, the multiplicity of electrostatic actuator elements including nr first subsets (r-subsets) of actuator elements and nc second subsets (c-subsets) of actuator elements, wherein a first partitioning of the multiplicity of actuator elements yields the nr first subsets (r-subsets) and a second partitioning of the multiplicity of actuator elements yields the nc second subsets (c-subsets); a first plurality of nr electrical connections (r-wires) interconnecting the moving elements of actuator elements in each r-subset, such that the moving element of any actuator element in each individual r-subset is electrically connected to the moving elements of all other actuator elements in the individual r-subset, and electrically isolated from the moving elements of all actuator elements not in the individual r-subset; a second plurality of nc electrical connections (a-wires) interconnecting the first electrodes of actuator elements in each c-subset, such that the first electrode of any actuator element in each individual c-subset is electrically connected to the first electrode of all other actuator elements in the individual c-subset, and electrically isolated from all actuator elements not in the individual c-subset; a third plurality of nc electrical connections (b-wires) interconnecting the second electrodes of actuator elements in each c-subset, such that the second electrode of any actuator element in each individual c-subset is electrically connected to the second electrode of all other actuator elements in the individual c-subset, and electrically isolated from all actuator elements not in the individual c-subset; and a controller electrically.. .
Audio Pixels Ltd.

Sound collection apparatus and method

There is provided a sound collection apparatus, including a directionality formation unit configured to form a directionality in a direction of a target area for input signals from a plurality of microphone arrays, a target area sound extraction unit configured to correct a delay between a target area and each of the microphone arrays, and a power of a target area sound component for an output from the directionality formation unit, suppress a non-target area sound by using each output after correction, and extract a target area sound, an area sound enhancement filter formation unit, and an area sound emphasis unit.. .
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Image pickup device and method

In an image pickup device and method using a lens unit in which a plurality of lens arrays, are arranged and a lens holding unit is provided between the lens arrays, light emitted from the area corresponding to the lens holding unit can be detected. A moving mechanism that moves a lens unit or the observation target holding unit and the detection unit, and a moving mechanism control unit are provided.
Fujifilm Corporation

Apparatus and methods for tunable power amplifiers

A power amplifier is described. The power amplifier including at least a first amplifier stage, and at least a first tunable matching network.
Tdk Corporation

Hybrid energy system for general applications

The hybrid energy system for onshore and for offshore applications to include buildings infrastructure, and vessels respectively an assortment one or more arrays of integrated piezoelectric devices, wind turbine array and solar panels characterized in that they are to produce renewable energy for on demand use and for battery bank storage. Accordingly the onshore application includes a kinetic energy turbine farm, and also offshore methods for kinetic energy turbine farms, mega buoys and mega vessels to supply extra electric energy to other vessels and to shunt net power to utility grid companies, and mega-barges produce net power in onboard giant battery bank containers to rent by shipping to utility consignment locations coastally..

Array antenna

An array antenna is provided. The array antenna includes at least one pair of interleaved tr antenna arrays in a continuous arraying direction, where the tx arrays and rx arrays of two adjacent tr antenna arrays are interleaved.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Omni directional broadband coplanar antenna element

The present invention provides an omni-directional antenna element configuration having a compensated radiation pattern. Broadband antenna elements are coplanarly disposed on a suitable planar dielectric material.
Intel Corporation

Method and calibration in radio frequency module

An apparatus and a method for phase calibration in an radio frequency (rf) module that constitutes a wireless communication device are provided. The apparatus and method include a test signal is emitted by a forward transmission antenna array of a first antenna array, and the emitted test signal, which is transferred by a member that covers the first and second antenna arrays, is received through a forward reception antenna array of the second antenna array.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Traction battery assembly with dual sided thermal plate

A battery assembly includes a thermal plate having a pair of opposing thermal surfaces and a coolant flow field defined therebetween. Each of the thermal surfaces defines at least one threaded hole that extends into the flow field.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Photovoltaic plant

Described herein is a photovoltaic plant (1; 1′; 1″; 1′″) including a plurality of photovoltaic modules (pv) arranged in arrays (2) spaced with respect to each other, and wherein the photovoltaic modules (pv) of each array (2) have a first assigned inclination (α-l) with respect to a reference direction. Each array (2) of photovoltaic modules (pv) is associated to an array (4; 4′; 4′″) of mobile reflection devices (rf) set adjacent thereto, and at least one array (4; 4′; 4′″) of mobile reflection devices (rf) is located in a space between successive arrays (2) of photovoltaic modules.
Archimede Research S.r.l.

Connectible nanotube circuit

Carbon nanotube template arrays may be edited to form connections between proximate nanotubes and/or to delete undesired nanotubes or nanotube junctions.. .
Deep Science, Llc

Dual mode memory array security apparatus, systems and methods

Read-only (“ro”) data consisting of a physically unclonable function (“puf”) pattern is written to a ferroelectric random-access memory (“fram”) memory array. The fram array is baked to imprint the puf pattern with a selected average depth of imprint and a corresponding average read reliability.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Memory circuit using resistive random access memory arrays in a secure element

A memory circuit using resistive random access memory (reram) arrays in a secure element. The reram arrays can be configured as content addressable memories (cams) or random access memories (rams) on the same die, with the control circuitry for performing comparisons of reference patterns and input patterns located outside of the reram arrays.

Array voltage regulating technique to enable data operations on large memory arrays with resistive memory elements

Embodiments of the invention relate generally to semiconductors and memory technology, and more particularly, to systems, integrated circuits, and methods to preserve states of memory elements in association with data operations using variable access signal magnitudes for other memory elements, such as implemented in third dimensional memory technology. In some embodiments, a memory device can include a cross-point array with resistive memory elements.
Unity Semiconductor Corporation

System and radar imaging using distributed arrays and compressive sensing

A method and system for generating a high resolution two-dimensional (2d) radar image, by first transmitting a radar pulse by a transmit antenna at an area of interest and receiving echoes, corresponding to reflection the radar pulse in the area of interest, at a set of receive arrays, wherein each array includes and a set of receive antennas that are static and randomly distributed at different locations at a same side of the area of interest with a random orientation within a predetermined angular range. The the echoes are sampled for each receive array to produce distributed data for each array.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

System for molecular imaging

Charged and neutral particles, photons (13), photonic optics, detectors (15) and sensor arrays are used for application to molecular imaging, communication with biological organisms and monitoring and learning biological activity inside living organisms. The living organisms include among others living tissue, biological organs, cells (10), eukaryotes, prokaryotes, viruses and phages.

Heterogeneous surfaces for patterned bubble arrays, enhanced heat transfer, & advanced heat exhanger applications

Heterogeneous surfaces to tailor bubble nucleation, bubble sites, and bubble dynamics. In some embodiments, piezoelectric inkjet printing is employed to deposit hydrophobic polymer dot arrays having any predetermined pattern.

Thrust reverser staggered translating sleeve

Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a thrust reverser of an aircraft. Aspects are directed to a first array of cascades, a second array of cascades, and a sleeve configured to selectively block or unblock the first and second arrays of cascades.
Rohr, Inc.

Enzymatic biosensors with enhanced activity retention for detection of organic compounds

Enzymatic biosensors and methods of producing distal tips for biosensor transducers for use in detecting one or more analytes selected from organic compounds susceptible to dehalogenation, organic compounds susceptible to oxygenation and organophosphate compounds susceptible to hydrolysis are disclosed herein, as well as biosensor arrays, methods of detecting and quantifying analytes within a mixture, and devices and methods for delivering reagents to enzymes disposed within the distal tip of a biosensor.. .
Colorado State University Research Foundation

Operation of printing systems

Operations of printing systems are disclosed. According to examples, a deposition sequence for depositing printing fluids onto a substrate location is dynamically controlled.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Pressure distributing aligned arrays of cushioning void cells

Implementations described and claimed herein include a cellular cushioning system comprising a first matrix of void cells, and a second matrix of void cells opposing the first matrix of void cells, wherein one or more peaks of each void cell in the second matrix is attached to one or more peaks of each void cell in the first matrix, and wherein the void cells of the first matrix have a higher cell resolution than the void cells of the second matrix. In another implementation, a method of manufacturing a cushioning system includes molding a first matrix of void cells, molding a second matrix of void cells, the void cells of the first matrix having a higher cell resolution than the void cells in the second matrix, and attaching peak surfaces of the void cells of the first matrix and peak surfaces of the void cells of the second matrix together..
Skydex Technologies, Inc

Systems and methods for multi-source array processing

The present disclosure is directed to methods and systems for processing replacements to a target array by a plurality of source arrays. Selected tokens in a target array may be replaced with corresponding tokens from a source array to generate a region of identical tokens, which may be processed or removed.
Funkitron, Inc.

Minimally invasive splaying microfiber electrode array and methods of fabricating and implanting the same

An electrode array having a splayable bundle of fibers having heat-sharpened tips. A method of manufacturing an electrode array including heat-sharpening a tip of each of a plurality of fibers; and bundling the plurality of fibers.
Trustees Of Boston University

Multi-site electrode arrays and methods of making the same

A multi-site electrode array (100) can include a microneedle array and a set of electrically active sites (115). The microneedle array includes a plurality of microneedles (105) supported on a base substrate (110).
University Of Utah Research Foundation

Single use insulated expandable food delivery bag

A flexible, expandable, insulated food delivery bag system for maintaining heated foodstuffs at temperature having plural arrays of openings for permitting heated moist air to escape from the interior of the bag system to prevent the contained foodstuffs from becoming soggy. The bag system closure is effected by adhesion of paired hook and loop strips located on the elongated closure flap and on the bag exterior or an adhesive strip located on the closure flap and overlaid onto the exterior of the bag system with a tear strip located in the flap for reopening the bag upon delivery..

Flexible substrate with adaptable parameters for integrated led arrays

A patterned conductive layer on a flexible substrate includes pads for mounting an array of leds, conductive strips, and conductive tabs that couple the conductive strips to the pads. The desired circuit configuration is created by removing select tabs by punching holes or otherwise piercing the flexible substrate at the location of the tabs.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Wearable electronic accessory with led, bluetooth and rfid/nfc technology to receive information from connected devices, and for personal identification and data storage/exchange

The wearable electronic accessory in the form of a bracelet is equipped with hardware architecture (application processor) based on an arm microprocessor, softpc reconfigurable or similar and flexible, reconfigurable, adaptive firmware architecture connectable via radio transmission to electronic devices according to bluetooth protocol or similar suited to the notification and reprocessing of specific and/or general information and signalling via touch screen display, led or flexible oled display, one or more led arrays, loudspeaker, and vibracall. The device identifies the person for access to remote services according to the standards in use via an rfid/nfc chip and the communication protocols implemented.

Systems and methods for generating depth maps using a camera arrays incorporating monochrome and color cameras

A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels.
Pelican Imaging Corporation

Image stitching in a multi-camera array

Images captured by multi-camera arrays with overlap regions can be stitched together using image stitching operations. An image stitching operation can be selected for use in stitching images based on a number of factors.
Gopro, Inc.

Image stitching in a multi-camera array

Images captured by multi-camera arrays with overlap regions can be stitched together using image stitching operations. An image stitching operation can be selected for use in stitching images based on a number of factors.
Gopro, Inc.

Method and system for a reconfigurable over-indexed antenna array

A method and system for reconfiguring over-indexed antenna arrays in mobile devices are provided. For example, the method includes receiving sensor input that indicates an object blocking a first subset of reconfigurable antenna elements but not blocking a second subset of reconfigurable antenna elements of an over-indexed antenna array.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Multi-mixer reducing interference within multi-mixer system

A multi-mixer system includes an amplifier module and a plurality of channels. The amplifier module is arranged for receiving signals from an antenna or antenna arrays to generate a plurality of radio frequency (rf) input signals.
Mediatek Inc.

Radiance capture techonolgy

I. Radiance capture technology [rct] uses established science, in thermal and wave generated energy, which is “captured” in and through a central “capture core” of a totally new design and aided by 21st century digial processing platforms.

Tunable negative bitline write assist and boost attenuation circuit

An apparatus and method are provided for implementing write assist with boost attenuation for static random access memory (sram) arrays. The apparatus includes a memory array comprising a plurality of sram cells.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and manipulating objects in a computational acoustic-potential field

A novel system and method based on three-dimensional acoustic-manipulation technology is disclosed. By changing the distribution of an acoustic-potential field generated by ultrasonic phased arrays, objects can be levitated and animated.
Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

Image stitching in a multi-camera array

Images captured by multi-camera arrays with overlap regions can be stitched together using image stitching operations. An image stitching operation can be selected for use in stitching images based on a number of factors.
Gopro, Inc.

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