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Arrays patents

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Managing array computations during programmatic run-time in a distributed computing environment

Managing array computations during programmatic run-time in a distributed computing environment

X-ray fluoroscopic imaging system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Arrays-related patents
 Method and apparatus to project image on retina at various focal depths utilizing flexible substrate containing optical array patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus to project image on retina at various focal depths utilizing flexible substrate containing optical array
The current invention relates to the method to achieve artificial vision with using flexible substrate based light emitting arrays, or optical passage arrays, to project image upon the retina of a human eye. Further, it relates to the method to detect the real-time focal length change of the eye-lens and modify the flexible substrate curvature and distance from the eye to vary global angle configurations of light beams that go into the eye to produce images on the retina at various focus depth of the eye to achieve re-focusable artificial vision..
 Focus detection sensor and optical apparatus using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Focus detection sensor and optical apparatus using the same
A focus detection sensor includes a line sensor comprised of a pair of sensor arrays in which a plurality of pixels are arranged. The sensor arrays include a pixel of a first type having an arrangement for transferring charges generated by a photoelectric conversion device to a corresponding memory device and causing the memory device to integrate the charges during a charge accumulation period, and a pixel of a second type having an arrangement for integrating, in the pixel, the charges generated by the photoelectric conversion device during the charge accumulation period without transferring the charges to the memory device until the end of the charge accumulation period, and transferring the charges to the corresponding memory device when the charge accumulation period has ended.
 Ac cable assembly interconnection technologies for microinverter array patent thumbnailnew patent Ac cable assembly interconnection technologies for microinverter array
Various ac cable assembly interconnection technologies for microinverter arrays are disclosed. In some embodiments, an ac cable assembly may include an ac cable connector having a plurality of spring contacts configured to contact an ac output connector of a microinverter.
 Travelling wave antenna feed structures patent thumbnailnew patent Travelling wave antenna feed structures
Techniques for implementing series-fed antenna arrays with a variable dielectric waveguide. In one implementation, coupling elements with optional controlled phase shifters are placed adjacent each radiating element of the array.
 Led with internally confined current injection area patent thumbnailnew patent Led with internally confined current injection area
Methods and structures for forming arrays of led devices are disclosed. The led devices in accordance with embodiments of the invention may include an internally confined current injection area to reduce non-radiative recombination due to edge effects.
 Metal gate transistor and  tuning metal gate profile patent thumbnailnew patent Metal gate transistor and tuning metal gate profile
A semiconductor device having arrays of metal gate transistors is fabricated by forming a number of dummy gate structures including a first gate dielectric layer and a dummy gate material layer overlying the first gate dielectric layer, depositing a tensile ild layer between the dummy gate structures, stressing the tensile ild layer, removing at least the dummy gate material to form a number of trenches, and depositing a metal gate material in the trenches, which have a tapered profile.. .
 Qfn package and  forming qfn package patent thumbnailnew patent Qfn package and forming qfn package
The present invention relates to a semiconductor package and a method for forming a semiconductor package. A lead frame adapted to a semiconductor package includes a first carrier, an adjacent second carrier, a first array of leads, and a second array of leads.
 Backward compatible head for quasi-static tilted reading and/or recording patent thumbnailnew patent Backward compatible head for quasi-static tilted reading and/or recording
The present invention, in some embodiments, relates to magnetic heads having modules with arrays of transducers able to read and/or write while the arrays are positioned at different angles relative to a magnetic medium, thereby enabling reading and/or writing in more than one data storage format. An apparatus according to one embodiment includes a first module having a first array of n+1 transducers, and a second module having a second array of n+1 transducers.
 Managing array computations during programmatic run-time in a distributed computing environment patent thumbnailnew patent Managing array computations during programmatic run-time in a distributed computing environment
A plurality of array partitions are defined for use by a set of tasks of the program run-time. The array partitions can be determined from one or more arrays that are utilized by the program at run-time.
 Electricity generator patent thumbnailnew patent Electricity generator
The present application concerns handheld electrical generators for charging mobile electronic devices. In one representative embodiment, a manually powered generator for charging a mobile device comprises a first magnet array having a plurality of magnets arrayed in an annular formation on a first surface, a second magnet array having a plurality of magnets arrayed in an annular formation on a second surface positioned opposite the first surface, and a torque input member.
new patent

Silicon waveguides with embedded active circuitry

The present disclosure discloses silicon waveguides with embedded active circuitry fabricated from silicon wafers utilizing photolithographic microfabrication techniques to define waveguide structures and embedded circuit recesses for receiving integrated circuitry. The method of fabricating the waveguides utilizes a double masking layer, one layer of which at least partially defines at least one waveguide and the other layer of which at least partially defines the at least one waveguide and at least one embedded circuit recess.
new patent

Color filter arrays, and image sensors and display devices including color filter arrays

A color filter array, an image sensor including a color filter array, and a display device including a color filter array are disclosed. In the color filter array, color filters are configured in such a way that, for light corresponding to its own color, each of the color filters has a refractive index that is higher than the refractive indices of other ones of the color filters that pass different colors..
new patent

Engineered sers substrates employing nanoparticle cluster arrays with multiscale signal enhancement

Defined nanoparticle cluster arrays (ncas) with dimensions up to 25.4 μm square are fabricated on a 10 nm gold film using template guided self-assembly. Structural parameters are precisely controlled, allowing systematic variation of the number of nanoparticles in the clusters (n) and edge to edge separation (Λ) between 1<n<20 and 50 nm≦Λ≦1000 nm, respectively.
new patent

X-ray fluoroscopic imaging system

The present invention may perform fluoroscopic imaging simultaneously on the subjects in at least two channels using only one electron accelerator, at least two sets of x-ray beams and at least two sets of detector systems, through the design of the electron accelerator, the shielding and collimating device, the at least two detector arrays and various mechanical composite structures. The x-ray fluoroscopic imaging system according to the present invention may be designed in specific forms of a stationary type, an assembled type, a track mobile type or vehicular mobile type, etc., and has advantages such as simple structure, low cost, strong function, good image quality and the like..
new patent

Systemic discovery, maturation and extension of peptide binders to proteins

The invention comprises systems, methods and arrays for identification and optimization of novel peptide binders to protein targets. Embodiments include steps of peptide binder discovery, core peptide maturation, n-terminal and c-terminal extension and kinetics analysis of the final peptide binder..
new patent

Optical monitoring system

An optical monitoring system comprising first and second sensor arrays interrogated via first and second optical connections from an interrogator location. The system is configured such that no wavelength is carried bi-directionally in the first and second optical connections.
new patent

Gene expression profiles associated with metastatic breast cancer

A gain-of-function retroviral cdna screen reveals that coco, a secreted antagonist of tgf-β ligands, induces solitary mammary carcinoma cells, which have disseminated to others sites and undergone an extended period of dormancy, to exit from dormancy at lung metastatic sites. Evidence indicates that coco awakens tumor progenitor cells that have extravasated into the lung by inhibiting stroma-derived bone morphogenetic proteins (bmp).
new patent

Integrated photonic electronic sensor arrays for nucleic acid sequencing

Devices and methods for detecting, identifying, and sequencing, compounds, complexes, and molecules are described. Electronic detection is combined with optical excitation to determine the presence or identity of an analyte of interest.
new patent

Pixel mapping and printing for micro lens arrays to achieve dual-axis activation of images

A visual display assembly adapted for use as an anti-counterfeiting device on paper currency, product labels, and other objects. The assembly includes a film of transparent material including a first surface including an array of lenses and a second surface opposite the first surface.
new patent

Ink jet recording apparatus

An ink jet recording method for recording an image on a recording medium using a recording head includes executing relative movement between the recording medium and the recording head in a second direction intersecting a first direction in which a plurality of recording elements are arrayed. The recording head is controlled so that the plurality of recording elements in each group of respective driving blocks of recording elements are driven in order and at a predetermined time interval between respective driving blocks.
new patent

Combinatoric encoding methods for microarrays

A microarray for detecting a presence of one or more target analytes in a sample includes an array of particles having one or more binding sites thereon for binding with the one or more target analytes present in the sample. The array of particles has at least two particle subsets.

Semiconductor device with device separation structures

A semiconductor device includes a first gate electrode structure, a second gate electrode structure, a device separation structure, and cell separation structures. The first gate electrode structure is buried in a semiconductor portion in a first cell array at a distance to a first surface of the semiconductor portion.
Infineon Technologies Dresden Gmbh

Apparatus and fine-tuning magnet arrays with localized energy delivery

One embodiment relates to an apparatus for adjustment of local magnetic strength in a magnetic device. A stage holds the magnetic device, and a sensor measures a magnetic field at locations above the magnetic device so as to generate magnetic field data.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Resistance-change nonvolatile memory device

A selection circuit that selects a memory cell from a memory cell array and a read circuit for reading a resistance state of a resistance change element in the selected memory cell are provided. In memory cells of odd-numbered-layer and even-numbered-layer memory cell arrays that constitute a multilayer memory cell array, each memory cell in any of the layers has a selection element, a first electrode, a first resistance change layer, a second resistance change layer, and a second electrode that are disposed in the same order.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Access signal adjustment circuits and methods for memory cells in a cross-point array

Embodiments of the invention relate generally to semiconductors and memory technology, and more particularly, to systems, integrated circuits, and methods to generate access signals to facilitate memory operations in scaled arrays of memory elements, such as memory implemented in third dimensional memory technology formed beol directly on top of a feol substrate that includes data access circuitry. In at least some embodiments, a non-volatile memory device can include a cross-point array having resistive memory elements disposed among word lines and subsets of bit lines, and an access signal generator.
Unity Semiconductor Corporation

System and performing sram access assists using vss boost

A method and a system are provided for performing memory access assist using voltage boost. A memory access request is received at a storage cell array that comprises two or more subarrays, each subarray including at least one row of storage cells.
Nvidia Corporation

Hierarchical file block variant store apparatus and operation

A system and apparatus intermediates between a centralized remote file service and several distributed virtual machine data center servers. When several file blocks are committed by applications running in virtual machines, they are aggregated together into a fewer number of file write operations to exploit the parallelism of multi-disk arrays.
Ic Manage, Inc.

Addressing auto address assignment and auto-routing in nand memory network

A topology for memory circuits of a non-volatile memory system reduces capacitive loading. For a given channel, a single memory chip can be connected to the controller, but is in turn connected to multiple other memory devices that fan out in a tree-like structure, which can also fan back in to a single memory device.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Parallel migration of data objects to clustered storage

Data objects can be migrated, while live, to virtualized clustered storage arrays in an efficient manner to allow for efficient transition from non-clustered storage to the virtualized clustered storage arrays. A data migration specification indicates data objects to be migrated and parameters for the migration.
Netapp, Inc.

Method and forecasting solar radiation and solar power production using synthetic irradiance imaging

In an embodiment, measurements are simulated of direct normal irradiance, diffuse horizontal and global horizontal irradiance from groups of two or more photovoltaic arrays and/or irradiance sensors which are located in close proximity to each other and which have different tilt and azimuth angles. 5 irradiance measurements derived from solar power system power measurements are combined with measurements made by irradiance sensors to synthesize an image of ground level global horizontal irradiance which can be used to create a vector describing motion of that image of irradiance in an area of interest.
Neo Virtus Engineering, Inc.

Subsea equipment monitoring system

Systems and methods for monitoring subsea equipment are described herein. In one embodiment, such a system can include a plurality of acoustic sensor arrays that each include at least two acoustic sensors, wherein at least a first acoustic sensor array is mounted on an outer surface of subsea equipment being monitored and at least a second acoustic sensor array is positioned remote from the subsea equipment.
General Electric Company

Multi-linear x-ray scanning x-ray scanning

An x-ray scanner includes an x-ray source producing a fan beam of x-rays, an x-ray detector array, a collimator, a second motor moving tdi detector arrays, and an x-ray processing unit. The detector array has the tdi arrays and detects x-rays from the source.
Visuum, Llc

Three-dimensional tomographic imaging camera

A detection apparatus and method for fmcw lidar employ signals whose frequencies are modified so that low-cost and low-speed photodetector arrays, such as ccd or cmos cameras, can be employed for range detection. The lidar is designed to measure the range z to a target and includes a single mode swept frequency laser (sfl), whose optical frequency is varied with time, as a result of which, a target beam which is reflected back by the target is shifted in frequency from a reference beam by an amount that is proportional to the relative range z to the target.
Telaris Inc.

Magnetic resonance imaging systems for integrated parallel reception, excitation and shimming and related methods and devices

Systems, methods and devices are configured for integrated parallel reception, excitation, and shimming (ipres). Parallel transmit/receive (which can include b?1#191 shimming and/or parallel imaging capabilities) and b1 shimming employ the same set of localized coils or transverse electromagnetic (tem) coil elements, with each coil or tem element working in both an rf mode (for transmit/receive and b1 shimming) and a direct current (dc) mode (for b0 shimming) simultaneously.
Duke University

Process for the manufacturing of glycochips

The present invention relates to a process for the manufacturing of solid supports functionalized by saccharide type molecules (glycochips or carbohydrate arrays or alternatively oligosaccharide arrays). The present invention also relates to the glycochips directly obtained by such a manufacturing process and to their use, in particular for biological analysis and especially for the screening of saccharides or proteins such as hepatocyte growth factors (hgfs) or for the study of saccharides/proteins interactions..
Azbil Corporation

Molecular malignancy in melanocytic lesions

Disclosed are methods for determining whether a melanocyte-containing sample (such as a nevus or other pigmented lesion) is benign or a primary melanoma. These methods can include detecting (at the molecular level, e.g., mrna, mirna, or protein) the expression of at least two disclosed genes in a biological sample obtained from a subject.
John Wayne Cancer Institute

Liquid jet head and liquid jet apparatus

A liquid jet head includes a piezoelectric body substrate including a plurality of groove arrays in which a long and narrow ejection groove and a long and narrow non-ejection groove are alternately arrayed in a reference direction. The other side end portion of the ejection groove included in a one side groove array, and a one side end portion of the non-ejection groove included in the other side groove array do not overlap in a thickness direction of the piezoelectric body substrate, and the other side end portion of the ejection groove included in the one side groove array, and a one side end portion of the ejection groove included in the other side groove array communicate, or overlap in the reference direction, of adjacent groove arrays..
Sii Printex Inc.

Transfection systems, methods and media

Systems, methods and media for transfection are provided. In an example embodiment, a method of printing layered arrays of spots onto a substrate includes printing a first array of spots onto the substrate and allowing the first array of spots to dry.

Systems and methods for displaying advertising and other information on athletic surfaces

A system for displaying information on a basketball court, boxing ring or other athletic surface. The system includes: a plurality of light arrays configured to be embedded in a top layer of the athletic surface and oriented to emit light upwards through the athletic surface; and a control system for selectively controlling activation of the light arrays to display advertising and other information in the athletic surface..

Method and system for directional enhancement of sound using small microphone arrays

Herein provided is a method and system for directional enhancement of a microphone array comprising at least two microphones by analysis of the phase angle of the coherence between at least two microphones. The method can further include communicating directional data with the microphone signal to a secondary device, and adjusting at least one parameter of the device in view of the directional data.
Personics Holdings, Inc.

Switch device

An object of the invention is to provide a switch device, which achieves high expandability, high layout freedom, and low losses. A switch device of an embodiment includes a splitter unit, a first switch unit, a second switch unit, a fiber array which connects the splitter unit to the two switch units, and a control board.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Distributed on-package millimeter-wave radio

Embodiments described herein generally relate to phased array antenna systems or packages and techniques of making and using the systems and packages. A phased array antenna package may include a distributed phased array antenna comprising (1) a plurality of antenna sub-arrays, which may each include a plurality of antennas, (2) a plurality of radio frequency dies (rfds), each of the rfds located proximate and electrically coupled by a trace of a plurality of traces to a corresponding antenna sub-array of the plurality of antenna sub-arrays, and (3) wherein each trace of the plurality of traces configured to electrically couple an antenna of the plurality of antennas to the rfd located proximate the antenna, wherein each trace of the plurality of traces is configured to transmit millimeter wave (mm-wave) radio signals, and wherein the plurality of traces are each of a substantially uniform length..

Selectable low-gain/high-gain beam implementation for victs antenna arrays

An antenna array employing continuous transverse stubs as radiating elements includes a first conductive plate structure including a first set of continuous transverse stubs arranged on a first surface, and a second set of continuous transverse stubs arranged on the first surface, wherein a geometry of the first set of continuous transverse stubs is different from a geometry of the second set of continuous transverse stubs. A second conductive plate structure is disposed in a spaced relationship relative to the first conductive plate structure, the second conductive plate structure having a surface parallel to the first surface.
Thinkom Solutions, Inc.

Memory arrays for both good data retention and low power operation

Designs and programming schemes can be used to form memory arrays having low power, high density and good data retention. High resistance interconnect lines can be used to partition the memory array can be partitioned into areas of high data retention and areas of low data retention.
Intermolecular, Inc.

Method and treating a workpiece with arrays of nozzles

The present invention provides a tool for treating microelectronic workpieces with one or more treatment materials, including liquids, gases, fluidized solids, dispersions, combinations of these, and the like.. .
Tel Fsi, Inc.

Methods of fabricating micro- and nanostructure arrays and structures formed therefrom

Methods of fabricating micro- and nanostructures comprise top-down etching of lithographically patterned gan layer to form an array of micro- or nanopillar structures, followed by selective growth of gan shells over the pillar structures via selective epitaxy. Also provided are methods of forming micro- and nanodisk structures and microstructures formed from thereby..
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

Memory cells, memory cell arrays, methods of using and methods of making

A semiconductor memory cell and arrays of memory cells are provided in at least one embodiment, a memory cell includes a substrate having a top surface, the substrate having a first conductivity type selected from a p-type conductivity type and an n-type conductivity type; a first region having a second conductivity type selected from the p-type and n-type conductivity types, the second conductivity type being different from the first conductivity type, the first region being formed in the substrate and exposed at the top surface; a second region having the second conductivity type, the second region being formed in the substrate, spaced apart from the first region and exposed at the top surface; a buried layer in the substrate below the first and second regions, spaced apart from the first and second regions and having the second conductivity type; a body region formed between the first and second regions and the buried layer, the body region having the first conductivity type; a gate positioned between the first and second regions and above the top surface; and a nonvolatile memory configured to store data upon transfer from the body region.. .
Zeno Semiconductor, Inc.

Uv sensor with nonvolatile memory using oxide semiconductor films

A ultra-violet sensor has a gate on a substrate, a dielectric formed over the gate and the substrate, an oxide semiconductor formed over the dielectric, and a source electrode and a drain electrode formed at the edges of the oxide semiconductor. A memory device has an array of ultra-violet sensors, each sensor having a gate on a substrate, a dielectric formed over the gate and the substrate, an oxide semiconductor formed over the dielectric, and a source electrode and a drain electrode formed at the edges of the oxide semiconductor, an array of ultra-violet light sources corresponding to the array of ultra-violet sensors, an array of detectors electrically coupled to the array of ultra-violet sensors, driving circuitry attached to the array of sensors and the ultra-violet light sources to allow addressing of the arrays, and a reset mechanism..
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Techniques for accessing a dynamic random access memory array

Examples are disclosed for accessing a dynamic random access memory (dram) array. In some examples, sub-arrays of a dram bank may be capable of opening multiple pages responsive to a same column address strobe.

Multi-channel tape head having asymmetric channel arrays

In one general embodiment, an apparatus includes an inner module comprising an array of first transducers of a first type; and first and second outer modules flanking the inner module. Each outer module includes an array of second transducers of a second type that is different than the first type.
International Business Machines Corporation

Quasi-statically tilted head having offset reader/writer transducer pairs

Aspects of the present invention relates generally to apparatuses with transducer arrays having offset transducers. Various embodiments are particularly suited to tilting for tape dimensional instability compensation.
International Business Machines Corporation

Display assembly and system for paint sample cards

A display assembly is provided with a base, and a plurality of receptacles supported by the base. Each of the plurality of receptacles is sized to receive a plurality of cards.
Behr Process Corporation

Method and calibrating a three-dimensional (3d) image in a tiled display

Provided are methods and apparatuses for calibrating a three-dimensional (3d) image in a tiled display including a display panel and a plurality of lens arrays. The method includes capturing a plurality of structured light images displayed on the display panel, calibrating a geometric model of the tiled display based on the plurality of structured light images, generating a ray model based on the calibrated geometric model of the tiled display, and rendering an image based on the ray model..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and performing close-loop programming of resistive memory devices in crossbar array based hardware circuits and systems

Method and apparatus for performing close-loop programming of resistive memory devices in crossbar array based hardware circuits and systems. Invention provides iterative training of memristor crossbar arrays for neural networks by applying voltages corresponding to selected training patterns.
The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary

System and independent, direct and parallel communication among multiple field programmable gate arrays

Representative embodiments are disclosed for data transfer between field programmable gate arrays (fpgas). A representative system includes: a pcie communication network comprising a pcie switch and a plurality of pcie communication lines; a host computing system coupled to the pcie communication network; a nonblocking crossbar switch; a plurality of memory circuits; and a plurality of field programmable gate arrays, each field programmable gate array configurable for a plurality of data transfers to and from the host computing system and any other field programmable gate array of the plurality of field programmable gate arrays, with each data transfer including a designation of a first memory address, a file size, and a stream number.
Pico Computing, Inc.

Device for distributed maximum power tracking for solar arrays

A system for providing power from solar cells whereby each cell or cell array is allowed to produce its maximum available power and converted by an operatively connected dc/dc converter. Each cell or cell array has its own dc/dc converter.
Tigo Energy, Inc.

Downhole elastic anisotropy measurements

A downhole acoustic logging tool includes at least one acoustic transmitter and first and second arrays of acoustic receivers deployed on a tool body. The first array of acoustic receivers includes a plurality of axially spaced apart acoustic receivers and the second array of acoustic receivers includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart acoustic receivers.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

A marine geophysical deflector for towing of seismic arrays

A marine geophysical deflector for towing seismic arrays includes a float main body with one or more deflector wings extending downwards into the sea, and one or more slender top float elements arranged generally in a longitudinal direction on top of the main body. The number of the top float elements may be two or more.
Ulmatec Baro As

Transponder device

A transponder system including first and second arrays of receiving and transmitting antenna elements arranged in spaced apart relationship with a predetermined spacing. The antenna elements of the first array are connected, via respective transmission modules, to respective antenna elements of the second array in accordance with their positions in the arrays thus forming receiving and transmitting pairs of antenna elements, which are operable together to receive an input signal and transmit a collective output signal that is indicative of the received input signal.
Elta Systems Ltd.

Spatial positioning of spectrally labeled beads

Devices, systems, kits, and methods for detecting and/or identifying a plurality of spectrally labeled bodies well-suited for performing multiplexed assays. By spectrally labeling the beads with materials which generate identifiable spectra, a plurality of beads may be identified within the fluid.
Life Technologies Corporation

Active chemically-sensitive sensors with in-sensor current sources

Methods and apparatus relating to fet arrays for monitoring chemical and/or biological reactions such as nucleic acid sequencing-by-synthesis reactions. Some methods provided herein relate to improving signal (and also signal to noise ratio) from released hydrogen ions during nucleic acid sequencing reactions..
Life Technologies Corporation

Method and vapor signature with heat differential

A method for sensing analyte. The method includes the steps of sensing one or more parameters in reaction to the presence of one or more analytes and outputting a current therefrom in accordance with level of the sensed parameter by each of a plurality of sensors, each of the plurality of sensors being provided in one or more sensor array columns, selectively heating one or more of the sensor array columns by a heating element, and receiving an output current from one of the plurality of sensors from each of the plurality of sensor arrays by a voltage controlled oscillator (vco) arranged in a vco array.
Sensorbit Systems, Inc.

Conveyorized object dimensioning system and related methods

A method and apparatus for dimensioning and, optionally, weighing an object. A platform with a surface is used for supporting an object.
Quantronix, Inc.

Combing cylinder for comber

A combing cylinder of a comber includes a base and comb segments. The base includes mounting slots.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Systems and methods for processing fluids

Systems and methods for processing fluid samples are disclosed. Fluid sample processing is accomplished using a series of microfluidic bump arrays include an automated and integrated system for sorting particles from a biological sample, lysing those particles to expose total rna or dna, purifying the rna or dna, processing the rna or dna by chemical or enzymatic modification, to select rna or dna molecules by size, or to generate, optionally, a sequencing library.
Sage Science, Inc.

High altitude gravity energy storage

The present invention is realized by apparatus and methods for harvesting, storing, and generating energy by permanently placing a large rigid buoyant platform high in the earth's atmosphere, above clouds, moisture, dust, and wind. Long, strong and light tethers can connect the buoyant structure to the ground which can hold it in position against wind forces.

Apparatus and recording

A recording apparatus includes a recording control unit and an adjusting unit. The recording control unit controls a recording head so that a plurality of alignment measuring patterns are recorded between recording areas of images at predetermined intervals with first and second nozzle arrays.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Occupant support with longitudinally spaced turn assist members, associated graphical user interface, and methods of providing access to portions of the occupant support or to occupants thereof

An occupant support includes a turn assist layer which includes left and right side arrays of two or more longitudinally distributed turn assist members. Each array member comprises one or more longitudinally distributed turn assist bladders.
Hill-rom Services, Inc.

Ac-powered led light engines, integrated circuits and illuminating apparatuses having the same

An ac-powered led light engine coupled between a rectifier and a plurality of extrinsic led sub-arrays is provided. The ac-powered led light engine comprises a plurality of normally closed bypass switches, a normally closed current regulator, and a plurality of switch controllers.
Groups Tech Co., Ltd.

Control circuits, integrated circuits and illuminating apparatuses having the same

Disclosed are control circuits capable of auto-configuring two led arrays either in parallel when the two led arrays are operating off of 100±20% v ac voltage sources or in series when the two led arrays are operating off of 200±20% v ac voltage sources according to the detection of the ac input voltage magnitude. The disclosed control circuits, ruling over the parallel or series configuration of the two led arrays, could be implemented in discrete forms or as integrated circuits (ic)..
Groups Tech Co., Ltd.

Using subarrays of a beamformer for transmissions in a forward link

Methods, systems, and devices are described for transmitting across a broad azimuth using an antenna array. In one example, a method is described that includes forming two subarrays from an antenna array.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Low noise differential microphone arrays

A differential microphone array (dma) is provided that includes a number (m) of microphone sensors for converting a sound to a number of electrical signals and a processor that is configured to apply linearly-constrained minimum variance filters on the electrical signals over a time window to calculate frequency responses of the electrical signals over a plurality of subbands and sum the frequency responses of the electrical signals for each subband to calculate an estimated frequency spectrum of the sound.. .
Northwestern Polytechnical University

Image sensor having nmos source follower with p-type doping in polysilicon gate

An image sensor array has a tiling unit comprising a source follower stage coupled to buffer signals from a photodiode when the unit is read onto a sense line, the source follower stage differs from conventional sensor arrays because it uses an n-channel transistor having a p-doped polysilicon gate. In embodiments, other transistors of the array have conventional n-channel transistors with n-doped polysilicon gates..
Omnivision Tecnhologies, Inc.

Dual pixel pitch imaging array with extended dynamic range

An integrated focal plane provides two co-aligned, overlapping pixel arrays in two formats, one with large pixels and low pixel count, the other with small pixels and high pixel count. Typically, the large pixels are 10 to 100 times larger in area than the small pixels.

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