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Armrest patents

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Theater seating system with reclining seats and comfort divider

Ergonomic armrests for use with hotplate

Armrest expansion device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Armrest-related patents
 Self-adjustable arm rest assembly patent thumbnailSelf-adjustable arm rest assembly
An auto-adjustable armrest mechanism for reclining seats is disclosed. The armrest mechanism causes the armrests to follow a more natural movement of an occupant's arms when adjusting the seatback to different angles.
 Theater seating system with reclining seats and comfort divider patent thumbnailTheater seating system with reclining seats and comfort divider
A seating system for improved user comfort and convenience while maximizing auditorium floor space utilization. The seating system is composed of two modular components: (1) a reclining theater seat assembly and (2) a comfort divider.
 Ergonomic armrests for use with hotplate patent thumbnailErgonomic armrests for use with hotplate
An ergonomic armrest includes an outer surface layer formed of a pliable electrostatic discharge (esd)-safe material. The ergonomic armrest also includes a first metal layer configured to structurally support the outer surface layer and transfer heat from a first edge of the ergonomic armrest proximate to a heat source to a second edge of the ergonomic armrest opposite the heat source.
 Armrest expansion device patent thumbnailArmrest expansion device
An armrest expansion device. The armrest expansion device can include two or more planar housings and couplings for reversibly coupling the device to a pre-existing armrest, for example a commercial passenger vehicle's armrest, or any other desired armrest.
 Strong collapsible chair patent thumbnailStrong collapsible chair
A strong collapsible chair has a frame and a soft panel attached to the frame. The frame has right and left front tube legs, right and left rear legs, right and left armrest bars pivotally linked to respect right front and right rear legs and respect left front and left rear legs, right and left front lower legs slidably inserted in respective right and left front tube leg, right and left front feet fixed to right and left front lower legs, right and left front supporters respectively fixed to right and left front legs, a pair of front scissoring bars, right and left seat bars, right and left backrest bars, right and left first sleeves, right and left reinforcement bars, right and left rear feet, and a pair of rear scissoring bars..
 Armrest for a door of a motor vehicle patent thumbnailArmrest for a door of a motor vehicle
A crash structure is provided as an internal support in an armrest on a door lining of a motor vehicle. The crash structure has cross-shaped recesses.
 Chair with integrated back plate cell patent thumbnailChair with integrated back plate cell
A chair capable of allowing positions of armrests and a back plate to be simultaneously adjusted having an integrated back plate cell including a backrest portion and armrest portions extending forward from the backrest portion, a lower frame including a seat plat support portion and an armrest support portion which extends upward from the seat plat support portion and is coupled to each of the armrest portions, and a fixing lever which fixes the armrest portion to the armrest support portion, wherein the integrated back plate cell is obliquely movable relative to the lower frame.. .
 No-tools chair and chair arm assembly patent thumbnailNo-tools chair and chair arm assembly
A no-tools chair and chair arm assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes an armrest support configured and arranged to connect to a seat of a chair.
 Armrest device for a vehicle seat patent thumbnailArmrest device for a vehicle seat
An armrest device for a vehicle seat, in particular for a flight passenger seat, having an armrest that is connected to a seat component via a joint unit such that said armrest can be swiveled about a swivel axis. The armrest device comprises a locking unit for locking the joint unit, which has a bearing unit that is provided for the mobile mounting of the armrest..
 Adjustable armrest patent thumbnailAdjustable armrest
An adjustable armrest with an central core with a longitudinal channel, a locking slide slidably received in the longitudinal channel, and locking members retained by the central core. The locking slide has a first position wherein the locking members are pressed to a position projecting outboard of the elongate central core and a second position wherein the locking members are permitted to retract within the elongate central core.
Lounge chair having adjustable armrests
Described is an adjustable lounge chair having adjustable armrests. The lounge chair comprises an upper section, a middle section, a lower section, legs, support members, and armrests.
Adjustable armrest device
An adjustable armrest includes a housing with opposite walls. Each of the walls has a bore formed in it.
Armrest for vehicle
The present invention relates to an armrest that includes a rotating shaft, an intake port, an exhaust port, an internal duct and a cup holder. The rotating shaft is disposed in the rear end of the armrest body and configured to pivotally connect the armrest body to a seat so that the armrest body may alternate between a retracted position in which the armrest functions as a seatback and an unfolded position in which the armrest functions as an armrest.
Armrest for vehicle
The present invention relates to an armrest for a vehicle. The armrest includes: an intake port which is formed in a front surface of a front end of an armrest body; an exhaust port which is formed in a rear end of the armrest body; a blower which is installed in the armrest body and connected to the intake port by an intake duct; a plurality of cup holders which are arranged in a row above the intake duct; an exhaust duct which extends from the blower and branching off into a plurality of diverged parts that pass by the respective cup holders and are connected to the exhaust port; and a thermoelement which is provided on each of the cup holders and is brought into close contact with the exhaust duct..
Armrest for vehicle
The present invention discloses an armrest for a vehicle, the armrest having a front end, a rear end, and two sides; an intake port formed in the front end of an armrest body; an exhaust port formed in the rear end of the armrest body; a blower installed in the armrest body, the blower being connected to the exhaust port by an exhaust duct, and to the intake port by an intake duct, wherein the intake duct is configured to extend rearward from the intake port, branch off into a plurality of diverged parts, and converge prior to connection with the blower; a plurality of cup holders arranged in a row and positioned forward of the blower and proximate to the diverge parts of the intake duct; and a thermoelement disposed on each of the cup holders, the thermoelement being brought into close contact with the intake duct. .
Core for armrest
To provide a core for armrest, the core including a stopper pin for restricting rotation, and exhibiting higher resistance to loads. A core for armrest includes a framed body being made of resin, a stopper pin being made of metal, the stopper pin being subjected to insert molding in the framed body so as to protrude a leading-end side thereof toward an outer side of the framed body, and being hooked onto a stopper of a seat, thereby being restricted from rotating, and a rib being integrally molded onto the framed body inside the framed body, and being disposed so as to overlap with respect to a base-end face of the stopper pin in an axial direction of the stopper pin..
Armrest assembly
An adjustable armrest for a chair is disclosed herein and comprises an assembly of a mounting plate, a support column, an anti-rotation feature, and two arms. The adjustable armrest's mounting plate is positionable laterally and rotationally about the support column when the anti-rotation feature is disengaged, and is restrained when the anti-rotation feature is engaged.
Arm rest arrangement for a seat, in particular for a vehicle seat
The invention relates to an arm rest arrangement for a seat, in particular for a vehicle seat, with an arm rest which is pivotably connected by means of a bearing axis to an arm rest support, wherein a latching and adjusting device is provided for setting an angle of inclination between the arm rest and the arm rest support in a usage position and for folding down the arm rest from the usage position into a non-usage position, wherein the latching and adjusting device is mounted so as to be rotatable in a rotary element within a housing of the hi armrest and the latching and adjusting device is mounted so as to be rotatable about its longitudinal axis (l) in the housing for setting of the angle of inclination.. .
Secure herringbone arrangement for the armrest of a seat, seat and two seat assembly provided with such an arrangement
In herringbone seats of the prior art, armrests on the closed angle side form an obstacle for the passengers in the seat in case of a shock, since the latter are generally projected along the axis of the vehicle and thus towards the armrest thus creating a high risk of injury for the passenger in case of a shock. The present invention.
Mri/cat scan patient arm support
A mri/cat scan patient arm support assembly comprising a lower frame including a pair of horizontal side members positioned parallel to each other, at least one cross member connecting the pair of horizontal side members, the pair of horizontal side members and the at least one cross member forming a mri/cat scan bed-engaging surface, an upper frame connected to and extending angularly upward from the lower frame, the upper frame having a pair of vertical side members positioned parallel to each other, a handle interconnecting the pair of vertical side members, the handle oriented in a substantially horizontal manner and positioned above the lower frame, the handle vertically adjustable along the vertical side members, and at least one removable armrest connected to one of the vertical side members of the upper frame, the removable armrest rotatably adjustable about the vertical side member and adjustable along the vertical side member.. .
An armrest attachable to a seat back includes: an arm frame; and a clutch through which the arm frame is rotatably supported by the seat back. The clutch includes: an inner member (inner race) configured to be fixed to one of the arm frame and the seat back; an outer race provided radially outward of the inner member and spaced apart from the inner member, and configured to be fixed to the other one of the arm frame and the seat back; an unlocking member provided coaxially with the inner member and the outer race and configured to be rotatable relative to both of the inner member and the outer race; and an unlocking manipulation mechanism configured to actuate the unlocking member to unlock a locked state..
Articulated chair having universal reclining armrest system
A universal reclining armrest system for use with an articulated examination chair. The system includes an armrest adapter having a universal aperture for receiving a post portion of an armrest assembly.
Support for human body parts
A support for parts of the human body, for example a bicycle saddle, padded support elements, cushions, chairs, armchairs, armrests, supports for triathlon bike handlebars, the support including a support shell, a padding positioned on said shell and a coating which covers the padding. The padding includes at least one first gel portion in the vicinity of the coating and a second foam portion in the vicinity of the support shell, the first gel portion being in the form of a layer with a progression which reproduces substantially the form of the upper supporting surface of the support.
Adjustment mechanism for armrest
An adjustment mechanism for armrests is revealed. An armrest includes an armrest surface and a lower plate fastened to form a space for receiving a movable block.
Adjustable seat assembly
An aircraft seat assembly including multiple seats together having a total seating area. The aircraft seat assembly also includes an armrest separating a first seat of the multiple seats from a second seat of the multiple seats and a sliding mechanism coupled to the armrest.
Wheelchair slipcover
A wheelchair slipcover is provided that includes a first covering member and a second covering member that is adjustable for different wheelchair sizes and configurations. The first covering member has a back covering portion covering a back of the wheelchair, armrest covering portions extending around from both sides of the back covering portion and attaching vertically along the seat portion of the wheelchair.
Armrest folding device for a foldable stroller
A foldable stroller includes a stroller frame having two side frame portions, each of which includes a push rod, a leg rod, a pivot joint, and an armrest assembly including an armrest and an armrest folding device. The pivot joint has an upper joint member connected to the push rod, and a lower joint member connected to the leg rod.
Adjustable armrest assembly
An adjustable armrest for a chair is disclosed herein and comprises an assembly of a mounting plate, a mounting base, and two arms. The adjustable armrest's mounting plate is vertically positionable, such that when the mounting plate is depressed, the motion of the mounting plate is restrained relative to the mounting base.
Seating assembly
A seating assembly 10 having a pair of armrests 12, 14; a footrest 20; a backrest 30, and a seat portion 24 which may each be independently and selectively moveable.. .
Vehicular door trim
A vehicular door trim includes a trim body having a mounting portion, an armrest projecting toward a compartment inner side and including an upper wall portion having amounting hole therethrough, the armrest including a fitting recess at an opening edge of the mounting hole, a mounting member fitted to the mounting hole and including a fitting projection on its one end portion and including a fitting portion on its another end portion, the fitting projection fitted to the fitting recess and the fitting portion fitted to the mounting portion, and an armrest surface skin covering at least an upper surface of the upper wall portion and includes an surface skin extended portion covering the opening edge of the mounting hole and a part of the fitting recess, and the part of the fitting recess and the fitting projection hold a part of the surface skin extended portion.. .
Rear-seat armrest locking apparatus
A rear-seat armrest locking apparatus includes a release lever installed in an armrest to generate a pulling force, a link guide connected with the release lever through a release cable to provide a pulling force, and installed inside the armrest to move up and down, a link connected with the link guide to turn an up-and-down linear movement to a lateral movement, a locking pin connected with the link to laterally move by means of the pulling force transferred from the link, and being released from a locking hole of a side fixing plate, and a spring installed on the locking pin to return the locking pin to an original position of the locking pin and insert the locking pin into the locking hole. The rear-seat armrest locking apparatus prevents the armrest from being unfolded forward in a forward collision, thereby preventing an accident..
Sleigh-type rocking chair and method of manufacture
A sleigh-type rocking chair includes a pair of armrest/stile/riser assemblies joined to a pair of rocker/leg assemblies, a seat joined by mortise and tenon joints to the armrest/stile/riser assemblies, a front stretcher and a rear stretcher joined to each of the rocker/leg assemblies, a crest rail joined to an upper portion of the armrest/stile/riser assemblies, and a plurality of spindles joined to and extending upwardly from the seat and joined on the other end of the spindle to the crest rail. The assemblies, stretchers, seat, spindles and crest rail are preferably formed using a computer numerical control cutting device..
Vehicle armrest mounted control device with remote display
Vehicle mounted control device and display allow a driver to control vehicle accessories and functions while minimizing distraction. The control device may be mounted at a forward position on the armrest or consul, and is preferably angled forward and downward at about a 45 degree angle.
Adjustable armrest for a seating unit
An armrest assembly is provided for adjusting an armrest of a seating unit in three degrees of motion. The armrest assembly includes an angle-adjustment mechanism that allows the armrest to pivot and to translate forward, and a lift mechanism that enables vertical articulation of the armrest.
Tray with armrest clamp
A tray attached to a pivot housing, support arm, and armrest clamp may be easily and quickly detached and reattached to an armrest on a chair. The tray may rotate around an arm hub when a stationary lower index plate in the arm hub is displaced from an upper index plate in the index housing.
Vehicular seats
Certain embodiments of the present invention include a vehicular seat having a seatback, a seat cushion, a table and an armrest. The seatback is preferably tiltably connected to a seat cushion.
Multi-part equipment piece for a vehicle and connecting method
An equipment piece includes first and second components, such as a vehicle door armrest and a vehicle door. The first component is insertable in a recess, such as a slot, in the second component.
Handicap accessible bar stool
A handicap accessible bar stool may include a main chair unit. The main chair unit may include a chair sub frame, a back cushion, a seat cushion, and at least one armrest.
Multi-dimensional abdomen exercise machine
An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a track frame having a higher end and a lower end.
Multi-dimensional abdomen exercise machine
An exercise machine applicable for strengthening a user's abdominal muscles is described. The exercise machine can include a track frame having a higher end and a lower end.
A chair is provided with a seat, a chair back control unit, a chair back, and two armrest units. The chair back is pivotally coupled to the seat by sleeving the engaging portions of the seat onto the clamp members of the chair back.
Collapsible and portable rocking chair
A collapsible and portable rocking chair includes left and right frame side assemblies collectively defining forward and rear leg portions, armrests, and back support members. The chair also includes cross-members connecting the left and right frame said assemblies and collectively defining a seat support in the set-up condition of the chair.
Bath bag assembly for time-saving and water-saving
This present invention discloses a bath bag assembly that is time-saving, water-saving, space-saving, ergonomic, and for a whole-body bathing. Furthermore, a heating device is utilized to circulate and keep the water in a plastic reservoir of the bath bag assembly at a constant temperature.
One piece chair with integral arm rest
A chair and method of construction with the chair being comprised of a single flat sheet of a bendable material capable of supporting a human body. A longitudinal slit extends between the upper and lower edges and is spaced from the upper edge.
Convertible furniture system base and modular applications including armchairs, tables, and storage cabinets
The present invention pertains to a modular furniture system in which a flat-foldable or easily assembled and disassembled rigid base structure composed of rectangular-cross-sectioned pieces each with specific dimensions serves variously, once assembled, as the supporting framework for a flat-foldable chair seat-and-backrest module, which configured together with the base structure serves as either an upright dining chair with armrests or as a lower and more reclined lounge chair with armrests, or alternatively as configured for supporting the connectable or foldable components of a flat planar surface module to be used for dining or to serve as a desktop, or alternatively as configured for supporting a storage cabinet module with drawers or doors.. .
Simple self-assembly chair for health
A self-assembly chair for health comprises at least two pairs of leg members which are formed such that trenches are formed in parallel with each other at a coaxial part; at least two horizontal members which are inserted into the trenches formed on each pair of said leg members, and in which protrusions are formed upwardly; a seat member having openings through which the protrusions of said horizontal members are penetrated; armrest members which have concave grooves into which upper ends of said leg members are inserted on the upper part of said leg members, and have one end on which horizontal grooves are formed; and a backrest member in which protrusions inserted into the horizontal grooves of said armrest members are protruded therefrom.. .
Computer chair
The present invention relates to a computer chair comprising a seat support, a leg support, a monitor mount, a rotatable keyboard and mouse support and double rotatable armrests centred on a power seat which allows sitting posture to be adjusted so as to match the body form of the user. The object of the present invention is to make computer usage environments more ergonomic than hitherto, and to provide a computer usage environment which allows the user to perform more work effectively as they feel less tired even when operating a computer for a long time..
Multi-functional structure for armchair armrest pad
A multi-functional structure for armchair armrest pad comprises an armrest frame connecting unit, a block slider, a movable fixing unit, a rotary positioning unit, a fixing unit, an inclined movable unit, a pressing unit, an armrest pad and a top board, wherein the unlocked position can easily get when pressing the pressing unit, thus the armrest pad can be adjusted to the front, back, left, right, and be rotated to the right and the left, and the locked position can easily get when letting go the pressing unit, thus the armrest pad can be fixed and remained the angle which is adjusted.. .
Foldable stroller capable of folding a seatback automatically
A foldable stroller includes a frame body, a recline adjustment mechanism and a linking component. The frame body includes a seat, a push handle, an armrest, a front leg, a rear leg, and a seatback pivoted on the seat.
Article of furniture with modular construction
An article of furniture is disclosed. The article of furniture comprises a base frame assembly configured to support an attached seating unit.
Lighted vehicle interior accessory assembly and method
A lighted interior accessory assembly for a vehicle includes an interior accessory such as an armrest or console and a plurality of fasteners mounting the interior accessory on the interior panel. A mounting plate has a light pipe mounted thereon and emitting light along the length of the light pipe.
Armrest assemblies for vehicle doors
An armrest assembly for a door of a vehicle includes a substrate component configured for attachment to the door and defining a plurality of furrows. The armrest assembly further includes a cover component mated to the substrate component, wherein the cover component is formed from a foam and fills each of the plurality of furrows.
Door trim structure of automotive vehicle
A pocket member includes a flat-shaped first floor portion located forward and extending substantially horizontally and a flat-shaped second floor portion located in back of the first floor portion and rising obliquely rearward from the first floor portion. A trim recess portion recessed outward in a vehicle width direction is formed at a portion which is located above a trim opening portion and between a door armrest portion and a speaker storage portion which respectively protrude toward a vehicle-compartment side.
Armrest lock for vehicle seat
A lock assembly for selectively and releasably holding a pivoting armrest of a vehicle in place relative to an adjacent seat back is disclosed. The lock assembly includes a first locking element fixedly attached to the seat back and a second locking element movably attached to the armrest.
Fold-down tablet assembly for chair
A fold-down tablet used in a chair is disclosed. The tablet includes a board, a torsion positioning mechanism, a shaft and an armrest.
Folding chair
A folding chair may include an upper frame, two armrests, two side frames, a front linking unit and a rear linking unit. When the user moves the armrests down to start chair folding process, the front linking unit and rear linking unit start to shrink and bring the side frames closer to each other.
Swimming resistance trainer
A swimmer's resistance trainer having a base frame comprising two long slide rail sides and two short bench mount sides attached to each other to form a generally rectangular form, a bench rail attached to the two short sides using a vertical mount that extends between an end of the bench rail and each short side; a padded bench mounted onto a pivotal bench mount mounted onto a slide body that slideably attached to the bench rail; a padded head support attached to a headrest body that is slideably attached to the bench rail; at least one slideable padded armrest attached to an arm support post attached to a slideable arm rest body slideably attached to at least one of the long slide rails of the base frame, the at least one padded armrest comprises an arm resistance mechanism.. .
Portable airplane armrest cushion
The present invention relates to a portable cushion device for temporary attachment to an airplane armrest structure or a passenger's arm. The portable cushion device is preferably comprised of a base, a cushion positioned atop of said base, an antimicrobial cover covering all or a substantial portion of said base and said cushion, and a plurality of elastic straps attached to said base and capable of encircling an airplane armrest without unduly interfering with passenger controls that may be located on said airplane armrest.
Aircraft seating arrangement accommodating high-percentile hip widths
An aircraft seating arrangement for accommodating high-percentile hip widths including a seating unit including a plurality of adjacent, side-by-side seats and a plurality of armrests including end armrests positioned at opposing ends of the seating unit and middle armrests positioned between adjacent seats, wherein the end armrests are narrower than the middle armrests to maximize available hip space.. .
Multifunctional chair
A chair according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a seat frame, a plurality of legs, a backrest and an armrest. The plurality of legs are rotatably coupled to the seat frame at front and rear portions of the seat frame.
Seat divider with recessed top panel and two-way viewing window
A seat divider for an automobile configured to create a barrier between children seated in the back seat of an automobile also allows visual contact and communications between them through a two-way viewing window and a top divider panel that can be raised and lowered when needed. The seat divider holds recessed desk top tables that can be extended and supported through their legs or by the armrests on the back seat for use by the children to read, write, watch dvd's, or play with toys.
Height adjustment mechanism for armrest
A height adjustment mechanism for armrests is revealed. The height adjustment mechanism includes a tubular base disposed with positioning holes, an outer sleeve disposed around the tubular base and having an opening arranged at a top end thereof, a strip rack mounted in the outer sleeve and disposed with an insertion slot on a lower part thereof, a pull handle mounted in the strip rack, a positioning member arranged at a lower end of the pull handle and inserted through the insertion slot of the strip rack to be locked in the positioning hole of the tubular base, a press member passed through the opening of the outer sleeve to be connected to a top end of the pull handle, and an alignment member disposed on corresponding surfaces of the strip rack and the pull handle for limiting vertical displacement of the pull handle and the strip rack..
Deployable armrests for a vehicle
A deployable armrest system for a vehicle is provided. The system having: a pair of side walls configured to be located in a facing spaced relationship with respect to each other to define an operator area therebetween; and a pair of deployable armrests movably secured to the pair of side walls and configured for movement between a stowed position and a deployed position, wherein each of the pair of deployable armrests have a support member that can be flush with a surface of the pair of side walls when the pair of deployable armrests are in the stowed position and wherein the support member of each of the pair of deployable armrests extends outwardly from the surface of the pair of side walls when the pair of deployable armrests are in the deployed position..
Portable armrest
A portable armrest having a first foam layer made of memory foam positioned near an arm supporting upper surface of a cover for supporting a user's arm. A second foam layer is disposed in the lower portion of the chamber for stabilizing the armrest where the foam density of the second foam layer is less than the first foam layer..
Detachable chair
A chair includes a base, a seat board, a frame unit, a backrest and two armrests. The base has a cylinder, legs, and casters.
Chair with foldable armrest and armrest locking mechanism
A chair that facilitates user ingress and egress has a chair support structure and a seat, a backrest, and at least one armrest coupled to the chair support structure. A lower portion of the armrest is coupled to the chair support structure and an upper portion of the armrest is coupled to the lower portion to allow rotation of the upper portion with respect to the lower portion around a horizontal axis that splits the armrest into the two portions.
Vehicle console with storage compartment and concealed armrest hinge
A storage console assembly for an automotive vehicle includes a console base, a rear panel enclosing the rear of the console base, a console mounting bracket mounted to a floor of the vehicle, a console bin disposed in the console base and defining a storage compartment, and a lid pivotally mounted to the console mounting bracket by a hinge. The lid encloses the console bin.
A heavy-duty, load bearing, partially sun-screening, water-resistant, suv soft-top for perpendicular suspension between two to four anchor points includes a rectangular panel flat-hemmed along two long sides joined by webbing for fastening around poles by means of metal tension buckles. Hemmed sleeves form each side of the soft-top and receive webbing that extends from the ends of the hemmed sleeves around parallel poles to be secured by a tension buckle.
Full memory armrest assembly
An armrest is pivotally coupled to a seat back for movement between a stowed position and a use position. The armrest comprises a support frame and a cam.
Securing element, particularly suitable for use with tablet-arm chairs
The invention can be used to secure writing tablets to different types of chairs with legs of different thicknesses and diameters, such that writing tablets can be installed on simple chairs with no armrests. The invention is essentially characterised in that it comprises: a main part having two through-holes therein, namely a first hole for receiving and housing the tubular support of the writing tablet and a second hole dimensioned to be coupled to one of the legs of the chair, and a vertical rod; and a pivoting part connected to the main part by means of the rod, aligned with the second hole and adapted to open and close such that the securing element can be released from the leg of the chair..

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