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 Smart home-care security device patent thumbnailSmart home-care security device
A smart home-care security device includes a security device that includes a master control board and installed for home use. The master control board is electrically connected with an image-taking module that recognizes a target body, a communication module connectable with multiple electrical appliances, and a detection module, and a reminder module for indicating and reminding.

 System and  software defined behavioral ddos attack mitigation patent thumbnailSystem and software defined behavioral ddos attack mitigation
Systems and methods for software defined behavioral ddos attack mitigation are provided. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for controlling multiple distributed denial of service (ddos) mitigation appliances.
Fortinet, Inc.

 Sensor data analytics and alarm management patent thumbnailSensor data analytics and alarm management
Systems and methods for analyzing sensor data can be implemented to monitor and correct, malfunctioning, inoperative, and/or inefficient appliances across multiple locations. In embodiments, a system for analyzing sensor data includes a plurality of sensors, a sensor controller unit, a local server, an event preprocessor, an event stream processing engine, a complex event processing engine, an alert and analytic dashboard, a business rules engine, and a database..
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

 Method for, in particular preventive, maintenance of a non-computing appliance, such as a kitchen appliance patent thumbnailMethod for, in particular preventive, maintenance of a non-computing appliance, such as a kitchen appliance
Method for maintenance of a non-computing appliance, such as a kitchen appliance, comprising the steps consisting in a2) identifying a datum representative of the lifetime of at least one component of the appliance, and determining a threshold value of the said datum beyond which a risk of malfunction of the component may occur, b2) monitoring the current value of the said datum of an appliance in a user's site, c2) performing a maintenance operation in respect of the appliance as soon as the said current value exceeds the said threshold value, with a view to undertaking for example the replacement of the said component, characterized in that step a2) comprises sub-steps consisting in obtaining a reference value of the said datum, obtaining information for one and the same component of several identical or similar appliances in users' sites, and calculating the said threshold value on the basis of the said reference value and the said information.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

 Portable solar hvac system with all-in-one appliances patent thumbnailPortable solar hvac system with all-in-one appliances
This invention relates to a portable or fixed solar powered heating ventilation air conditioner (hvac) system. The disclosed invention consists of the following major components.

 Pump assembly for appliance patent thumbnailPump assembly for appliance
Pump assemblies and methods for operating pump assemblies of appliances are provided. A method includes actuating a motor of the pump assembly to begin operation of a pump of the pump assembly, receiving an electrical signal level between a first electrical contact and a second electrical contact provided for sensing fluid flow through the pump, and deactuating the motor when the electrical signal level falls outside of a predetermined electrical signal range..
General Electric Company

 Smart home-care health device patent thumbnailSmart home-care health device
A smart home-care health device includes a health device including a master control board for household application. The master control board is electrically connected with multiple modules arranged in the health device.

 Methods and apparatus notifying a user of the operating condition of a household appliance patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus notifying a user of the operating condition of a household appliance
Sounds, alarms or other indications of conditions of potential interest that are produced by appliances and other household devices are detected by one or more sensors to trigger a notification signal that is sent to a remotely located user. The signals produced by the sensors are advantageously compared with a database of signals representing conditions of potential interest produced by known appliances and devices, producing the appropriate notification signal when a match is found.
Twin Harbor Labs, Llc

 Scheduling for air conditioners and other appliances patent thumbnailScheduling for air conditioners and other appliances
Methods and arrangements for computing a schedule for central air conditioning. Inputs are received, including: a monetary budget relative to a predetermined time period; an occupancy profile relative to the predetermined time period; and at least one of: electricity rates relative to the predetermined time period, and technical specifications of the central air conditioning.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Hinge for furniture or domestic appliances patent thumbnailHinge for furniture or domestic appliances
A hinge comprises a hinge part, which can be secured on a door of the shutter and is mounted on a side part such that it can be pivoted via a carrying lever and a guide lever, also comprises at least one spring, by means of which the hinge part, in a self-retracting region of the hinge, is prestressed into a closed position, and further comprises a linear damper with a piston rod, which can be moved relative to a damper housing and is intended for damping a closing and/or opening movement of the hinge part, wherein a deflecting element is provided, said deflecting element being mounted on the side part such that it can be rotated about an axis and being arranged between the damper and the guide lever so that, during a closing movement of the hinge part, it moves the damper in order to generate a damping force, wherein, during an opening movement of the hinge part, the deflecting element moves the damper in order to generate a damping force before the fully open position of the hinge part has been reached. This makes it possible to avoid hard impact of a door in the opening direction..
Hettich-oni Gmbh & Co. Kg

Flame-retardant polyamide compositions

The present invention relates to polyimide-based compositions comprising at least one filler from the group consisting of aluminum oxide, boron nitride and triclinic aluminum silicate and also the use of these compositions for producing products having relatively high flame resistance requirements, particularly preferably products having relatively high glow wire requirements, in particular components for electric current- and voltage-conducting components in domestic appliances.. .
Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

Coated dental articles and related methods of manufacture

Provided are dental articles, and methods of making articles, having an aesthetic inorganic coating based on zirconia at least partially stabilized with yttrium oxide, calcium oxide, cerium oxide, or magnesium oxide. Stabilized zirconia coatings were found to provide a smooth, low friction surface having high abrasion resistance.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Systems and methods for fabricating dental appliances or shells

Systems and methods are disclosed for cutting and trimming dental molds and oral appliances by receiving a digital model of teeth, determining a cutting loop path and applying a drape wall to the cutting loop to generate a simplified tooth base in a dental mold having an inner arch curve and an outer arch curve. The oral appliance may be formed on the dental mold and a cutter may be applied using a sweeping motion across the inner and outer arch curves..
Ulab Systems, Inc.

Three-dimensional printed dental appliances using support structures

Systems and methods are disclosed for fabricating a dental or oral appliance utilizing support structures. A three dimensional representation of the dentition of a patient may be captured and reconfigured for correcting one or more malocclusions.
Ulab Systems, Inc.

Three-dimensional printed dental appliances using lattices

Method and apparatus for fabricating an oral appliance are described for correcting malocclusions on a dentition of a subject. A three-dimensional representation of the dentition may be captured and a free-form structure having a lattice structure which matches at least part of a surface of the dentition is generated.
Ulab Systems, Inc.

Tooth modeling system

Systems and methods are disclosed for treating teeth to correct for malocclusions. This may be accomplished by applying a series of labels to a digital dental model and applying a rolling ball process to identify tooth boundaries separating one tooth from a neighboring tooth and to also determine the crown/gum margin.
Ulab Systems, Inc.

Integrated oven with a tablet computer/flat panel display

Integration of a tablet computer and/or flat panel display with an oven brings numerous added functionalities to an oven that is not currently possible with current stand alone oven. It creates a new kitchen appliance that can be used for cooking, entertainment, shopping and provides a platform for displaying information and advertisement to the user.
Geniuss Inc.

Tracking building locations of fixed wireless devices

A system for generating a database containing the internal locations (e.g., floor, compass direction, room number, nearest fixed landmark, etc.) of fixed wireless devices within a building. To collect data for the database, a report-provider traverses a building with a mobile reporting device.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Location monitoring via a gateway

A remote location monitoring system, for example, a home monitoring or weather monitoring system may include one or more sensors and/or receivers at a first location such as a residence or business to be monitored. The sensors and receivers may communicate with a remote central server via a gateway device and the detection data received from the sensors and receivers may be displayed via display circuitry coupled to a processor of the gateway device.
La Crosse Technology, Ltd.

System and providing computer network security

This disclosure relates generally to computer network, and more particularly to a system and method for providing computer network security. In one embodiment, a method is provided for providing computer network security.
Wipro Limited

Acoustical electrical switch

An electrical switch responds to acoustic inputs. A microphone integrated into the electrical switch generates electrical signals in response to the acoustic inputs.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Virtual appliance on a chip

Various embodiments provide for a system that integrates 64 bit arm cores and a switch on a single chip. The risc style processors use highly optimized sets of instructions rather than the specialized set of instructions found in other architectures (e.g., x86).
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

Smart timer for refrigerators and similar appliances

In order to permit use of a refrigerator by observant jews during holiday times, normal and holiday modes are established. During holiday mode, repetitive fixed frequency and fixed duty cycle time cycles are established, each time cycle having “on” and “off” portions.
United Electrical Systems Llc

System and improving efficiency of ssl/tls connections

A system for optimizing network traffic is described. The system includes a plurality of appliances, each having an ssl session exchange module.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

User interface for a remote control application

A hand-held electronic device having a remote control application user interface that functions to displays operational mode information to a user. The graphical user interface may be used, for example, to setup the remote control application to control appliances for one or more users in one or more rooms, to perform activities, and to access favorites.
Universal Electronics Inc.

Water leakage detection based on smart electricity meter

Embodiments of the present invention relate to water leakage detection. Data obtained by a smart electricity meter during a predefined time period is collected, where the smart electricity meter is associated with a water-consuming unit.
International Business Machines Corporation

Washing machine dispenser cup

Dispenser cups for washing machine appliances are provided. A dispenser cup includes a container which includes a side wall and a bottom wall, the side wall having a top end.
General Electric Company

Vehicle key apparatus

A vehicle key apparatus, mounted on an outer wall of a vehicle and a driver dashboard of the vehicle and the surroundings, including an electronic cipher keyboard, an rfid reader/writer (20), a biological features recognizer, wherein a portable electronic key comprises multi-functional appliances such as a mobile phone, a watch and the like, and an anti-theft system lock extension switch (5) is set beside an engine switch (3) of the vehicle; the door lock of the vehicle, the anti-theft system lock, the engine, the air-conditioner and the cargo hold are opened and closed and recorder data is read and so forth by means of the cipher, rfid, biological features, remote control, radio induction and the like. Due to the convenient use of the apparatus, there is no need or less need to carry keys, which enhances the performance of key management..

System and provision of appliance control functionality to a smart device

A system for use in issuing commands to a plurality of appliances each of a specific one of a plurality of different appliance types includes a smart device adapted to transmit command communications and a plurality of low-energy consuming controllers each adapted to transmit a command to a one of the plurality of appliances of a specific one of the plurality of different appliance types in response to receipt of a command communication originating from the smart device.. .
Universal Electronics Inc.

Method and system for remote management of access to appliances

Embodiments described herein include methods and systems for remotely managing appliances associated with a user. A mobile phone is but one example of a controlled appliance.
Payjoy Inc.

Apparatus and control of thermal appliances

A mobile communications device for controlling a thermal appliance. The device comprises a first communications interface configured to communicate over a wireless local area network and a second communications interface configured to communicate over a wide area network.
British Gas Trading Limited

Supervision and control preventing poor air quality and fire as well as issuing an alarm of a dangerous condition

A supervision and control method for preventing poor air quality and fire uses an indicator unit mounted to the ceiling or on a wall and provided with an air quality sensor, and one or more control and supervision units as additional devices or as integrated or programmatic characteristics connected to home appliances or electrical devices. The air quality information measured by the air quality sensor is sent from the indicator unit to the control and supervision unit, which monitors, ventilates, and controls the operation and/or energy supply of home appliances or electrical devices on the basis of air quality information.
Innohome Oy

Hinge for furniture or domestic appliances

The disclosure relates to a hinge for furniture or domestic appliances, comprising a lateral part on which a hinge part is pivotally mounted via two levers. A damping device is provided having a movable damping element which is mounted in a movable manner between guide elements for damping purposes and which can be moved via a first actuation element during a closing movement of the hinge before reaching the closed position.
Hettich-oni Gmbh & Co. Kg

Operating device

The invention relates to a portable operating device (2), in particular in the form of a remote control device for lifting and industrial appliances, having a housing arrangement (4) which has an accommodating housing (6) for accommodating control electronics (12), a housing handle (8) which extends away from the accommodating housing (6), and a protective fork (10) which extends from an end (32), which is averted from the accommodating housing (6), of the housing handle (8) to the accommodating housing (6) and which, in so doing, covers the housing handle (8) at least to one side. Here, it is provided that the protective fork (10) has, at least in regions, two spaced-apart fork parts (36)..

Orthodontic appliance for distalization and/or space closure

The invention relates to orthodontic appliances that simulate the center of resistance in orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic appliance includes at least one bonding pad for attaching said appliance to a corresponding lingual side of a tooth and a netted structure extending in a mesial-distal direction substantially below the at least one bonding pad.

Fluid circulation system for dishwasher appliances

Fluid circulation systems for dishwasher appliances are provided. A fluid circulation system includes a sump and a pump.
General Electric Company

Fluid circulation system for dishwasher appliances

Fluid circulation systems for dishwasher appliances are provided. A dishwasher appliance includes a tub that defines a wash chamber.
General Electric Company

Method and provisioning virtual network functions from a network service provider

A method and apparatus facilitates an enterprise to lease virtual appliances from network services provider. The method operates by deploying a converged networking and computing device at a service location, downloading a virtual network function to the converged networking and computing device, activating the virtual network function by a service in the wide area network, and connecting the virtual network function to a provisioned network path over the wide area network.
Ciena Corporation

Determination of a state of operation of a domestic appliance

Determination of a state of operation of a domestic appliance in one embodiment it is provided a method for determining a state of operation of a domestic appliance (2) in a plurality of domestic appliances (2), having: receiving (s10), from the domestic appliance (2), a time series (51, 52, 53, 54) of data (5) relating to the operation of the domestic appliance (2) over a cycle (4, 7) of operation; and determining (s20) the state of operation of the domestic appliance (2) based on comparing the received time series (51, 52, 53, 54) with a model of time series (151, 152, 153, 154; 251, 252, 253, 254, 255; 351, 352, 353, 354, 355) of data (50) corresponding to the operation of the plurality of domestic appliances (2) over a cycle (4, 7) of operation.. .
British Gas Trading Limited

System and retrieving information while commanding operation of an appliance

Media rendering system including a remote control device and associated docking station. The remote control device interfaces with a remote server to stream media content for local and/or external playback.
Universal Electronics Inc.

Spatial modeling and other data analytics enabled energy platform

Methods and systems are disclosed for identifying consumers likely to adopt a particular clean energy solution (e.g. Solar solutions, such as rooftop panels or community solar offerings; electric battery storage; an electric vehicle; electric vehicle charging infrastructure; energy efficient appliances; etc.), which in some instances includes satellite image analysis of buildings used by consumers.
Powerscout, Inc.

Device and estimation operation statuses of individual electrical appliances

A device includes an electric power usage measurement unit, a time variation calculation unit, an electrical-appliance type identification unit, a corresponding likelihood estimation unit, and an operation-status estimation unit. The calculation unit calculates jump electric power.
Town Equity Management System Foundation

Configurable power supply circuit for lighted shelves in a refrigerator

Illustrative embodiments of systems and methods for powering lighted shelves in refrigerator appliances are disclosed. In one embodiment, a refrigerator appliance may comprise a cabinet having a temperature-controlled compartment defined therein and a plurality of electrical connectors disposed at a plurality of shelf mounting positions within the temperature-controlled compartment.
Whirlpool Corporation

Mounting system for mounting of equipment in particular electrical appliances

A fastening system for assembling appliances, in particular electrical appliances, comprising at least one profile rail provided with openings and comprising at least one quick-fastener which has a body in which at least one internal thread is formed, is characterized in that the body has over its length (l) at least two spaced-apart internal threads, wherein, in an exact position of the quick-fastener relative to the profile rail, each of the internal threads is brought into alignment with one of the openings of the profile rail, and in that a clamping blade having the same length l as the body is attached to the body, which clamping blade forms between it and the body a gap for receiving the profile side and holds the body against the profile rail by friction.. .
Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

Methods for controlling additive deposition in washing machine appliances

A method for controlling additive deposition in a washing machine appliance includes transmitting, after a first agitation of a load within a tub of the washing machine appliance, an additive deposition signal to a user of the washing machine appliance. The method further includes beginning a timer, the timer set to run for a predetermined time period.
General Electric Company

Dental implant positioning

Methods, devices, systems, and series of appliances are provided for dental implant positioning. One method for positioning an implant with dental treatment includes determining an implant location based on a virtual model of an optimized dental occlusion, moving one or more teeth using a first number of a series of dental appliances, from a first orientation to a second orientation, the second orientation exposing the implant location, placing an implant at the exposed implant location using a landmark included in at least one of the series of dental appliances, repositioning one or more teeth using a second number of the series of dental appliances, from the second orientation to a successive orientation..
Align Technology, Inc

In-home legacy device onboarding and privacy enhanced monitoring

Detecting and monitoring legacy devices (such as appliances in a home) using audio sensing is disclosed. Methods and systems are provided for transforming audio data captured by the sensor to afford privacy when speech is overheard by the sensor.
Arris Enterprises Llc

Systems and methods for conveying utility information

Systems and methods for providing energy management utilize wireless wide-area network broadcast signals and a decentralized receiver architecture to allow customers to make informed choices with regard to energy consumption and load shedding for particular appliances. A receiver assembly embedded within an appliance receives a broadcast signal, e.g., an fm subcarrier signal, including tariff data and other electrical grid data.
E-radio Usa Inc.

Method and system for extending functionality of inter-connected primary and secondary electronic appliances

The present disclosure relates to a method for extending the functionality of a primary electronic appliance interconnected with one or more secondary electronic appliances in a communication network. In an embodiment a functionality detection unit is configured in each of the electronic appliances.
Wipro Limited

Container for orthodontic appliances

Provided packaged orthodontic assemblies and methods compressively retain an orthodontic appliance in a container along opposing sides of the appliance adjacent the bonding surfaces of its base. This can be done using a mechanism that limits contact between the appliance and the container while accommodating a substantial range of transverse base dimensions.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Bracket system

A bracket system for orthodontic appliances including a bracket combinatorial library having a plurality of brackets each interchangeably fixedly mountable to each of a plurality of teeth within a dentition group in a dental arch, whereby the plurality of brackets can be configured to provide incremental variation in tipping force moments, in-out force moments, and torqueing force moments over the entire useful range of orthodontic mechanics, allowing an orthodontic practitioner to prescribe a combination of tipping force moments, in-out force moments, and torqueing force moments unique for each tooth in relation to the plurality of teeth of a patient.. .

Tooth-positioning appliance, systems and methods of producing and using the same

Tooth-positioning appliances and apparatuses, components, methods, and techniques for producing and using tooth-positioning appliances are provided. An example tooth-positioning appliance for adjusting the position of teeth of a patient includes a tooth-clasping arrangement shaped to secure the orthodontic appliance to at least one tooth and a flexible arrangement connected to the tooth-clasping arrangement.

Orthodontic appliances configured to receive and transmit biologic stimulation

An orthodontic appliance that is configured to receive and transmit stimulation to a patient's teeth to enhance movement of such teeth, which includes an aligner that is configured to be fittingly and reversibly applied to a patient's teeth. The aligner includes a first area that is adapted to receive and transmit stimulation to one or more targeted underlying teeth (to enhance movement of the targeted underlying teeth).

Adapter and spray assembly for a dishwasher appliance

Adapters and spray arm assemblies for dishwasher appliances are provided. An adapter defines an axial direction, a radial direction, and a circumferential direction.
General Electric Company

System for mounting, accessing, moving and folding away articles on, under or along a surface

It is the objective of the present invention to create additional functional, flexible and accessible work and storage area in the home, office, workshop, automobile, medical and industrial environments by providing means to firmly and securely mount, store and access articles such as appliances (e.g., flat panel video displays/monitors, can openers, weighing scales) and organizing/storage vessels (e.g., spice racks, first aid kits, sewing boxes, knife blocks, tool kits) on downwardly facing surfaces, such as the underside of cabinets and shelves, and on vertical surfaces (such as cabinet doors and frames) and by enhancing access to those articles on horizontal surfaces such as countertops. The invention performs its functions using a small number of readily manufacturable, modular, standardized components.
Beanius, L.l.c.

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