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Antimony patents

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Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device

Antimony and germanium complexes useful for cvd/ald of metal thin films

Date/App# patent app List of recent Antimony-related patents
 Heat transfer system additive package patent thumbnailHeat transfer system additive package
Disclosed herein is heat transfer system, comprising a brazed aluminum component, and a heat transfer fluid in fluid communication with the brazed aluminum component, wherein the heat transfer fluid comprises a liquid coolant, an oxy-anion of molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, phosphorus, antimony, or a combination thereof, and a corrosion inhibitor. Also disclosed is a method of preventing corrosion in the heat transfer system, and a heat transfer fluid and additive package for use in the heat transfer system..
 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a semiconductor device
A soldering method achieves little void and good joint condition in soldering an insulated circuit board and a semiconductor chip using a tin—high antimony solder material. A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes the steps of preparing a solder plate having a u-shape; mounting the solder plate on a substrate; mounting a semiconductor chip on the solder plate; fusing the solder plate in a reducing gas atmosphere; and reducing a pressure of the reducing gas atmosphere to a pressure lower than the atmospheric pressure when melting the solder plate..
 Antimony and germanium complexes useful for cvd/ald of metal thin films patent thumbnailAntimony and germanium complexes useful for cvd/ald of metal thin films
Antimony, germanium and tellurium precursors useful for cvd/ald of corresponding metal-containing thin films are described, along with compositions including such precursors, methods of making such precursors, and films and microelectronic device products manufactured using such precursors, as well as corresponding manufacturing methods. The precursors of the invention are useful for forming germanium-antimony-tellurium (gst) films and microelectronic device products, such as phase change memory devices, including such films..
 Non-aqueous electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium ion cell patent thumbnailNon-aqueous electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium ion cell
An electrolyte for use in electrochemical cells is provided. One type of non-aqueous magnesium electrolyte comprises: at least one organic solvent; at least one electrolytically active, soluble, inorganic magnesium salt complex represented by the formula: mgnzx3+(2*n), in which z is selected from a group consisting of aluminum, boron, phosphorus, titanium, iron, and antimony; x is a halogen and n=1-5.
 Conductive silver paste for a metal-wrap-through silicon solar cell patent thumbnailConductive silver paste for a metal-wrap-through silicon solar cell
A conductive silver via paste comprising particulate conductive silver, a vanadium-phosphorus-antimony-zinc-based-oxide, a tellurium-boron-phosphorus-based-oxide or a tellurium-molybdenum-cerium-based-oxide and an organic vehicle is particularly useful in providing the metallization of the holes in the silicon wafers of mwt solar cells. The result is a metallic electrically conductive via between the collector lines on the front side and the emitter electrode on the back-side of the solar cell.
 Systems and methods for tin antimony plating patent thumbnailSystems and methods for tin antimony plating
Systems and methods for tin antimony plating are provided. One plating method includes doping a tin (sn) plating solution with antimony (sb).
 Process for producing chlorinated hydrocarbons patent thumbnailProcess for producing chlorinated hydrocarbons
The preparation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as pentachloropropanes, such as 1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane, from tetrachloropropanes, such as 1,1,1,3-tetrachloropropane, in the presence of a polyvalent antimony compound that includes a pentavalent antimony compound, such as antimony pentachloride, is described. Also described are methods for preparing optionally chlorinated alkenes, such as, tetrachloropropenes, from chlorinated alkanes, such as pentachloropropanes, in the presence of ferric chloride and a polyvalent antimony compound that includes a pentavalent antimony compound..
 Antimony compounds useful for deposition of antimony-containing materials patent thumbnailAntimony compounds useful for deposition of antimony-containing materials
Precursors for use in depositing antimony-containing films on substrates such as wafers or other microelectronic device substrates, as well as associated processes of making and using such precursors, and source packages of such precursors. The precursors are useful for deposition of ge2sb2te5 chalcogenide thin films in the manufacture of nonvolatile phase change memory (pcm) or for the manufacturing of thermoelectric devices, by deposition techniques such as chemical vapor deposition (cvd) and atomic layer deposition (ald)..
 Non-asbestos friction material composition patent thumbnailNon-asbestos friction material composition
Provided by the present invention are: a non-asbestos frictional material composition containing a binder, an organic filler, an inorganic filler, and a fiber substrate, wherein, in the non-asbestos frictional material composition, content of a copper is 5% or less by mass as a copper element, content of a metal fiber other than a copper fiber and a copper alloy fiber is 0.5% or less by mass, and a titanate salt is contained therein with antimony trisulfide or zinc powders, with content of the titanate salt being in the range of 10 to 35% by mass; and a frictional material and a friction member that use the said non-asbestos frictional material composition.. .
 Anti-frost coating patent thumbnailAnti-frost coating
[means for resolution] provided is a coating composition for preventing frost from enlarging and becoming enormous by making the frost deposited on a surface of an object to be easily peeled and removed from the surface by forming a coating film on the surface of the object, in which 0.2% by mass to 0.5% by mass of antimony-doped tin oxide or indium tin oxide that absorbs an infrared ray so as to hardly influence the hue, with respect to components of a coating material, is added to a water-repellent coating composition such as a fluororesin-based coating material, thereby making the frost adhered on the surface easily peeled from the surface.. .
Flame-retardant agent and flame-retardant resin composition
The present invention provides a composite flame retardant which can be produced without using any toxic metal such as antimony trioxide or any halogen such as bromine and chlorine and can exhibit excellent flame retardancy compared with magnesium hydroxide when added in a smaller amount; and a flame retardant resin composition having excellent flame retardancy and excellent physical properties. The present invention relates to a flame retardant including: (a) 100 parts by mass of a reaction product of piperazine with one phosphorus compound selected from phosphoric acid, pyrophosphoric acid, and polyphosphoric acid; (b) 10 to 1000 parts by mass of a reaction product of melamine with a polyacid selected from cyanuric acid, phosphoric acid, pyrophosphoric acid, and polyphosphoric acid; and (c) 0.1 to 100 parts by mass of a reaction product of calcium or magnesium with silicic acid..
Thermoelectric evaluation and manufacturing methods
A means for determining the electrical resistance and resistivity of thermoelectric material allows quality control at all steps in the construction of a bismuth telluride and antimony telluride thermoelectric generator. The method involves measuring negative thermoelectric voltage with no current flowing and then a measure of negative thermoelectric voltage while forcing known current through the material in the same direction as shorted to accurately determine thermoelectric resistance.
Method of olefin metathesis using a catalyst based on a spherical material comprising oxidised metal particles trapped in a mesostructured matrix
A process for metathesis of olefins, bringing olefins into contact with a catalyst activated by heating to a temperature in the range 100° c. To 1000° c.
Fabrication method for metal battery electrode with pyrolyzed coating
A method is provided for forming a metal battery electrode with a pyrolyzed coating. The method provides a metallorganic compound of metal (me) and materials such as carbon (c), sulfur (s), oxygen (o), and combinations of the above-listed materials, expressed as mexcynzsxxoyy, where me is a metal such as tin (sn), antimony (sb), or lead (pb), or a metal alloy.
Fire and water resistant cable
The present invention relates to lead-free, halogen-free, and antimony-free cables containing insulations made of (a) a polyolefin; (b) a maleic anhydride modified polyolefin; (c) a butadiene-styrene copolymer; (d) a non-halogen flame retardant; and (e) a silane compound. The cable contains a fire retardant tape between the conductor and the insulation when the insulation thickness is greater than about 75 mils for a 1/0 awg cable..
Fire and water resistant cable cover
The present invention relates to cable covering compositions (insulation or jacket) for wires and cables that are fire and water resistant. Significantly, the composition contains no significant amount of lead, halogen, and antimony; and is flame retardant (ul 1685 cable tray bum test); and has excellent mechanical and water resistance properties.
Photovoltaic device
An article, such as a photovoltaic device, and methods for making such articles, are provided. For example, one embodiment is an article comprising a plurality of layers comprising an absorber layer and a window stack.
Thermoelectric evaluation and manufacturing methods
A means for determining the electrical resistance and resistivity of thermoelectric material allows quality control at all steps in the construction of a bismuth telluride and antimony telluride thermoelectric generator. The method involves measuring negative thermoelectric voltage with no current flowing and then a measure of negative thermoelectric voltage while forcing known current through the material in the same direction as shorted to accurately determine thermoelectric resistance.
Resin composition for laser direct structuring, resin-molded article, and method for manufacturing molded article with plated layer
Provided is a resin composition excellent in mechanical strength while maintaining lds activity. The resin composition for laser direct structuring comprises, relative to 100 parts by weight of a polycarbonate resin component, 10 to 100 parts by weight of a glass filler and 1 to 30 parts by weight of a laser direct structuring additive, wherein the polycarbonate resin component consists of 80 to 30% by weight of a polycarbonate resin and 20 to 70% by weight of a styrene-based resin, or consists of a polycarbonate; and the laser direct structuring additive comprises antimony and tin..
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
In aspects of the invention, an n-type epitaxial layer that forms an n− type drift layer is formed on the upper surface of an n-type semiconductor substrate formed by being doped with a high concentration of antimony. A p-type anode layer is formed on a surface of the n− type drift layer.
Use of dopants with different diffusivities for solar cell manufacture
A method of tailoring the dopant profile of a substrate by utilizing two different dopants, each having a different diffusivity is disclosed. The substrate may be, for example, a solar cell.
Sheet of float glass having high energy transmission
The invention relates to a sheet of extra-clear glass, that is to say a sheet of glass having high energy transmission, which can be used in particular in the field of solar energy. More specifically, the invention relates to a sheet of float glass having a composition which comprises, in a content expressed as percentages of the total weight of glass: sio2 60-75%; al2o3: 0-10%; b2o3: 0-5%; cao: 0-15%; mgo: 0-10%; na2o: 5-20%; k2o: 0-10%; bao: 0-5%; total iron (expressed as fe2o3): 0.001 to 0.06%; antimony (expressed as sb2o3): 0.02 to 0.07%..
White antimicrobial copper alloy
Copper based alloys exhibiting a white/silver hue. The alloys contain copper, nickel, zinc, manganese, sulfur, and antimony..
Beta-quartz glass-ceramics with a controlled transmission curve and a high iron oxide content; articles comprising said glass-ceramics, and precursor glasses
β-quartz lithium aluminosilicate (las) glass-ceramics contain neither arsenic oxide nor antimony oxide, are fined with tin oxide and include vanadium oxide, chromium oxide and a high iron oxide content (>950 ppm), and have a controlled transmission curve. Articles such as cook-tops can be made from such glass-ceramics..
Hardened silver coated journal bearing surfaces and method
An article comprises a metal alloy substrate and a plated wear interface layer disposed over a surface of the metal alloy substrate. The wear interface layer has a chemical composition including between about 0.005 wt % and about 0.050 wt % of antimony (sb), and the balance silver (ag) and incidental impurities..
Methods for depositing films on sensitive substrates
Methods and apparatus to form films on sensitive substrates while preventing damage to the sensitive substrate are provided herein. In certain embodiments, methods involve forming a bilayer film on a sensitive substrate that both protects the underlying substrate from damage and possesses desired electrical properties.
Beta-quartz glass-ceramics with a controlled transmission curve and a high content of iron oxide and of tin oxide; articles in said glass-ceramics, precursor glasses
β-quartz lithium aluminosilicate (las) glass-ceramics contain neither arsenic oxide nor antimony oxide, are fined with tin oxide and include vanadium oxide, chromium oxide and a high iron oxide content (>1500 ppm), and have a controlled transmission curve. Articles such as cook-tops can be made from such glass-ceramics..
Method for producing a thermoelectric solid element
The present invention relates to a method 931 for producing a solid element, which comprises the thermoelectrically active material beta-zn4sb3. The method utilizes that is possible to directly synthesize and press pellets of zn4sb3 starting from powders of zn and sb, by mixing 930 powders of zn and sb so as to obtain a mixed powder comprising elemental zinc and elemental antimony, placing 932 the mixed powder in a container and simultaneously applying 936 a pulsed current, such as to heat up the powders, and applying 938 a pressure such as to compact the powder mix.
Transparent, colorless, tin-fined las glass-ceramics with improved microstructure and optical properties
Transparent, essentially colorless and non-diffusing β-quartz glass-ceramics and glass compositions for forming the same have a composition, free of arsenic oxide, antimony oxide and rare earth oxides except for inevitable trace amounts, which contains, expressed as percentages by weight of oxides 62-72% of sio2, 20-23% of al2o3, 2.8-5% of li2o, 0.1-0.6% of sno2, 1.9-4% of tio2, 1.6-3% of zro2, less than 0.4% of mgo, 2.5-6% of zno and/or bao and/or sro, less than 250 ppm of fe2o3; and their crystallites present in the β-quartz solid solution have an average size of less than 35 nm. The glass-ceramics exhibit low thermal expansion and are easily obtained at an industrial scale..
Composition, energy storage device, and related process
A positive electrode composition is provided. The positive electrode composition includes at least one electroactive metal selected from the group consisting of titanium, vanadium, niobium, molybdenum, nickel, iron, cobalt, chromium, manganese, silver, antimony, cadmium, tin, lead, copper, zinc, and combination thereof, an alkali metal halide, and aluminum, present in an amount of at least 0.5 weight percent, based on the weight of the positive electrode composition.
Use of surfactants to control island size and density
Methods of controlling island size and density on an omvpe growth film may comprise adding a surfactant at a critical concentration level, allowing a growth phase for a first period of time, and ending the growth phase when desired island size and density are achieved. For example, the island size and density of an omvpe grown ingan thin film may be controlled by adding an antimony surfactant at a critical concentration level..
Resistive random access memory cells having doped current limiting layers
Provided are semiconductor devices, such as resistive random access memory (reram) cells, that include current limiting layers formed from doped metal oxides and/or nitrides. These current limiting layers may have resistivities of at least about 1 ohm-cm.
Method for selective precipitation of iron, arsenic and antimony
A method for selectively processing a polymetallic oxide solution containing a plurality of base metals comprising at least one of: cu, co, ni, zn associated with iron, comprising acid leaching the solution; recovering a filtered leachate; oxidizing the leachate; and adjusting the ph of the leachate in presence of a complexing agent; wherein the acidic solution is one of: i) a hydrochloric acid solution and ii) a sulfuric acid solution at a ph lower than about 1.5, and the complexing agent is one of: i) ammonium chloride and ii) ammonium sulfate, the step of adjusting the ph comprising raising the ph to a range between about 2.5 and about 3.5.. .
Constructing bismuth antimony thin films with anisotropic single-dirac cones
A bi1-xsbx thin film is provided that includes a dirac-cone with different degrees of anisotropy in their electronic band structure by controlling the stoichiometry, film thickness, and growth orientation of the thin film, so as to result in a consistent inverse-effective mass tensor including non-parabolic or linear dispersion relations.. .
Electrodeless lamp
An electrodeless discharge lamp suitable for the use in solar simulators, with an emission spectrum following, as much as possible, the am1.5g standard. According to a preferred embodiment the lamp has a quartz bulb is filled with a composition comprising an inert gas, for example n2, he, ne, ar, kr, xe or a mixture thereof, and a first and a second active components, the first active component being an antimony or bismuth halide or a mixture of antimony halides; while the second component is sni2 a mixture of halides of: in, sn, ag, bi, cu.
Flameproofed alicyclic polyimide resin composition and thin-walled molded body of same
The present invention relates to an alicyclic polyimide resin composition including 100 parts by mass of an alicyclic polyimide resin (a) having a specific structure and from 1 to 13 parts by mass of a cyano-modified cyclic phenoxy phosphazene compound (b), and a thin-wall molded article formed of the alicyclic polyimide resin composition which is produced by casting a solution of the resin composition and then heating the cast solution. The present invention aims at obtaining an alicyclic polyimide resin composition that is imparted with a good flame retardancy without adding a halogen-based flame retardant, an antimony-based flame retardant, an inorganic metal hydrate, a phosphoric acid salt, etc., thereto, and also is excellent in transparency, heat resistance and insulating property, and a thin-wall molded article obtained from the resin composition..
Catalyst for decomposing nitrogen oxide and preparation method thereof
Provided is a catalyst including: a support including titanium oxide; an active catalyst component including vanadium oxide; and a co-catalyst including antimony and cerium, in which the catalyst is included in a denox reduction reaction that decomposes nitrogen oxide. The catalyst may improve sulfur poisoning tolerance characteristics while improving the denox efficiency at a temperature in a wide range from low temperature to high temperature..
Pigment paste composition
A pigment paste composition includes a) a flame retardant including a combination of antimony oxide, zinc borate, and zinc sulfide; b) a coloring agent; c) a solvent comprising a plasticizer; and d) a wetting and dispersing agent. Further included is a fabric including at least one fiber coated with the aforementioned pigment paste composition dispersed within a polymer base..
The invention relates to an electrical iron. An iron comprises a sole plate, of a glass or ceramic substrate bearing an electrical heating element.
Transparent electrode for electronic displays
A transparent electrode is described and includes metallic nanowires and a polymeric overcoat layer for protecting the nanowires from corrosion and abrasion. The polymeric overcoat layer includes nanoparticles selected from the group consisting of antimony tin oxide, zinc oxide and indium tin oxide, and has a sheet resistance of greater than about 107 ohm/sq.
Doped multiwalled carbon nanotube fibers and methods of making the same
In some embodiments, the present invention pertains to carbon nanotube fibers that include one or more fiber threads. In some embodiments, the fiber threads include doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes, such as doped double-walled carbon nanotubes.
Growth of antimony doped p-type zinc oxide nanowires for optoelectronics
In a method of growing p-type nanowires, a nanowire growth solution of zinc nitrate (zn(no3)2), hexamethylenetetramine (hmta) and polyethylenemine (800 mw pei) is prepared. A dopant solution to the growth solution, the dopant solution including an equal molar ration of sodium hydroxide (naoh), glycolic acid (c2h4o3) and antimony acetate (sb(ch3coo)3) in water is prepared.
Optical layered body, polarizer, and image display device
An optical layered body including a light-transmitting substrate and a hard coat layer on at least one surface of the light-transmitting substrate, wherein the hard coat layer contains antimony pentoxide and a urethane resin, and the antimony pentoxide is dispersed in the hard coat layer while forming a three-dimensional net structure.. .
Antimony-free glass, antimony-free frit and a glass package that is hermetically sealed with the frit
An antimony-free glass comprising teo2 and/or bi2o3 suitable for use in a frit for producing a hermetically sealed glass package is described. The hermetically sealed glass package, such as an oled display device, is manufactured by providing a first glass substrate plate and a second glass substrate plate and depositing the antimony-free frit onto the first substrate plate.
Group iii-v compound semiconductor photo detector, method of fabricating group iii-v compound semiconductor photo detector, photo detector, and epitaxial wafer
An object of the present invention is to provide a group iii-v compound semiconductor photo detector comprising an absorption layer having a group iii-v compound semiconductor layer containing sb as a group v constituent element, and an n-type inp window layer, resulting in reduced dark current. The inp layer 23 grown on the absorption layer 23 contains antimony as impurity, due to the memory effect with antimony which is supplied during the growth of a gaassb layer of the absorption layer 21.
Hydride removal and methane conversion process using a supersonic flow reactor
Methods and systems are provided for converting methane in a feed stream to acetylene. The method includes removing at least a portion of hydrides of arsenic, phosphorus, antimony, silicon, and boron from a hydrocarbon stream.
Insert molded article
Provided is an insert molded article provided with a resin member, which has superior heat shock resistance, flame resistance, and hydrolysis resistance, and an insert member. The insert molded article is provided with the insert member and resin member, and a polybutylene terephthalate resin composition in which a halogenated epoxy compound (b) having a specific molecular weight, an antimony oxide compound (c), and a carbodiimide compound (d) are mixed into a polybutylene terephthalate resin (a) is used for the starting material for the resin member.
Copper containing infrared reflective pigment compositions
Pigment compositions are described that advantageously increase total solar reflectance. Also described are methods of making pigment compositions.
Cast iron containing niobium and component
Known cast iron alloys have use limits in respect of the temperature. An alloy (in a weight percentage) including silicon 2.0%-4.5%, carbon 2.9%-4.0%, niobium 0.05%-0.7%, molybdenum 0.3%-1.5%, optionally cobalt 0.1%-2.0%, manganese≦0.3%, nickel≦0.5%, magnesium≦0.07%, phosphorus≦0.05%, sulphur≦0.012%, chromium≦0.1%, antimony≦0.004%, and, iron, is provided..
Bimodal type anode active material and lithium secondary battery including the same
Where m is any one independently selected from the group consisting of titanium (ti), tin (sn), copper (cu), lead (pb), antimony (sb), zinc (zn), iron (fe), indium (in), aluminum (al), and zirconium (zr) or a mixture of two or more thereof; and x, y, and z are determined according to an oxidation number of m.. .
Spherical material comprising metallic nanoparticles trapped in a mesostructured oxide matrix and its use as a catalyst in refining processes
An inorganic material is described, constituted by at least two elementary spherical particles, each of said spherical particles comprising metallic nanoparticles having at least one band with a wave number in the range 750 to 1050 cm−1 in raman spectroscopy and containing one or more metals selected from vanadium, niobium, tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten, said metallic nanoparticles being trapped in a mesostructured matrix based on an oxide of an element y selected from silicon, aluminium, titanium, tungsten, zirconium, gallium, germanium, tin, antimony, lead, vanadium, iron, manganese, hafnium, niobium, tantalum, yttrium, cerium, gadolinium, europium and neodymium. Said matrix has pores with a diameter in the range 1.5 to 50 nm and amorphous walls with a thickness in the range 1 to 30 nm.
Gst cmp slurries
The present invention provides chemical-mechanical polishing (cmp) compositions suitable for polishing a substrate comprising a germanium-antimony-tellurium (gst) alloy. The cmp compositions of the present invention are aqueous slurries comprising a particulate abrasive, a water-soluble surface active agent, a complexing agent, and a corrosion inhibitor.
Method of making a multicomponent film
Described herein is a method and liquid-based precursor composition for depositing a multicomponent film. In one embodiment, the method and compositions described herein are used to deposit germanium tellurium (gete), antimony tellurium (sbte), antimony germanium (sbge), germanium antimony tellurium (gst), indium antimony tellurium (ist), silver indium antimony tellurium (aist), cadmium telluride (cdte), cadmium selenide (cdse), zinc telluride (znte), zinc selenide (znse), copper indium gallium selenide (cigs) films or other tellurium and selenium based metal compounds for phase change memory and photovoltaic devices..
Preparation of nanocrystals for thermoelectric and solar cell applications using sulfide-based nanocrystal precursors in colloidal systems
Disclosed herein is a method of synthesizing a nanocrystal. The method can include reacting a bismuth material, an antimony material, and a ligand together with a heat source.
Antimony trioxide free flame retardant thermoplastic composition
There is provided herein a flame retardant thermoplastic composition comprising: a. At least one thermoplastic polyester or polyamide; b.
Low power phase change memory cell
A memory may include two electrodes and phase change material having an amorphous reset state and a partially crystalized set state, coupled between the two electrodes. The phase change material in the set state may have a highly nonlinear current-voltage response in a subthreshold voltage region.
Thermoplastic resin composition, resin molded article, and method of manufacturing resin molded article with plated layer
Provided is a thermoplastic resin molded article excellent in bending strength, flexural modulus and charpy impact strength, on which the plated layer may be formed in a successful manner. The thermoplastic resin composition for laser direct structuring comprising, per 100 parts by weight of the thermoplastic resin, 10 to 150 parts by weight of an inorganic fiber and 1 to 30 parts by weight of a laser direct structuring additive, the laser direct structuring additive containing at least one of copper, antimony and tin, and having a mohs hardness 1.5 or more smaller than the mohs hardness of the inorganic fiber..
Matrazen-oder kissenbezugsstoff
Described is a single or multilayer mattress or pillow cover fabric (1, 10) with at least one knitted or woven layer made of a polyester yarn, with the knitted or woven layer being knitted or woven entirely from an antimony-free polyester yarn. Further described is a mattress or pillow cover and a protective mattress or pillow pad..
Optoelectronic component having doped layers
The invention relates to an organic electronic or optoelectronic component, comprising an electrode and a counter-electrode and a layer system between the electrode and the counter-electrode, wherein the layer system contains at least one organic layer and at least one doped layer, wherein the dopant in the doped layer represents a stronger lewis acid than antimony pentafluoride (sbf5) or a stronger lewis base than 1,8-bis(dimethylamino)napthalene based on the calculation of fluoride ion affinity.. .
Al-sb-te phase change material used for phase change memory and fabrication method thereof
The present invention discloses an al—sb—te phase change material used for pcm and fabrication method thereof. Said phase change material, which can be prepared by pvd, cvd, ald, pld, ebe, and ed, is a mixture of three elements aluminum (al), antimony (sb) and tellurium (te) with a general formula of alx(sbyte1)1-x, where 0<x≦0.85, 0.67≦y≦7.
Low softening point glass composition, bonding material using same adn electronic parts
A low softening point glass composition, which is substantially free from lead, bismuth and antimony and comprises oxides of vanadium, phosphorous, tellurium and iron, a softening point of the composition being 380° c. Or lower..
Energy-shielding plastics film
A plastics film with improved energy-shielding properties, suitable for application on a transparent or translucent surface, such as glass, and which is at least 50% transparent for visible light, further characterized in that it includes at least one plastic carrier layer with on top thereof as a functional layer a metallic layer consisting of antimony and/or arsenic together with indium and/or gallium, wherein the plastics film contains a total of indium (in), gallium (ga), antimony (sb) and arsenic (as) together, which are present as an alloy, such as indium andmonide, gallium andmonide, indium arsenide, indium gallium arsenide and/or gallium arsenide, of at least 4.0 ppm by weight and at most 25.0 ppm by weight. A glass plate to which the film is attached, is described as are objects provided with the glass plate.

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