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Antimicrobial patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Antimicrobial-related patents
 Advanced electrolytic device--bimetallic wound dressing patent thumbnailnew patent Advanced electrolytic device--bimetallic wound dressing
An advanced electrolytic device-bimetallic wound dressing that provides galvanic current and has antimicrobial properties. The dressing comprises a pliable base material, along with a pattern of deposited metal powder and flakes.
 Antimicrobial multilayer wound dressing patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial multilayer wound dressing
A wound dressing includes one or more layers containing an antimicrobial agent and optionally at least one of: a chelating agent, a second antimicrobial agent, a zinc-containing agent, a cell-signaling agent, and an additional active ingredient or agent.. .
 Treatment and prevention of mastitis patent thumbnailnew patent Treatment and prevention of mastitis
Treating and preventing mastitis employing cationic steroidal antimicrobials (csas). Treating or preventing clinical mastitis in a mammal includes administering a cationic steroidal anti-microbial compound (csa) formulation to the intra-mammary organ of a mammal (e.g., a dairy cow), such as by injection into the mammary organ (e.g., through the teat of the mammary organ), and/or topical application.
 Antimicrobial agent patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial agent
There is described a method for the decontamination of (whole) fruit and/or vegetables comprising: (i) an optional first step of pre-washing the fruit and/or vegetables in high concentration of the decontaminant to deal with heavy spoilage; (ii) washing the fruit and/or vegetables in a low concentration of the decontaminant to deal with any residual microbial presence; wherein the decontaminant comprises an acidulant, such as sodium hydrogen sulphate, citric acid, lactic acid and tannic acid.. .
 Antimicrobial glass-ceramics patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial glass-ceramics
The application discloses the formation of antimicrobial glass-ceramic articles having an amorphous phase and a crystalline phase and an antimicrobial agent selected from the group consisting of silver, copper and a mixture of silver and copper. The antimicrobial glass-ceramic can have a log reduction of >2..
 Pharmaceutical composition for the preparation of infusion solutions of antimicrobial preparations, its production process (variations) patent thumbnailnew patent Pharmaceutical composition for the preparation of infusion solutions of antimicrobial preparations, its production process (variations)
The proposed compositions and methods for preparation thereof relate to pharmacology, medicine, veterinary science and pharmaceutical industry. The compositions can be used for preparing infusion solutions of antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) preparations increasing therapeutic efficiency thereof.
 Bioactive aniline copolymers patent thumbnailnew patent Bioactive aniline copolymers
Aniline copolymers and the synthesis thereof for use as antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral material) material for the manufacture of antimicrobial objects, suitable for use in the health, food, packaging, water, paint, wood, textile, poultry, glass, paper, rubber, ceramic, seafood, sports, plastic and agricultural industries. The copolymer may be for example (a): where for example r3=h5—co2h, —co2me, or co2et, r is typically h or a c1-c6 alkyl, x is an integer between 1 and 0 and m indicates the degree of polymerization.
 Green approach in metal nanoparticle-embedded antimicrobial coatings from vegetable oils and oil-based materials patent thumbnailnew patent Green approach in metal nanoparticle-embedded antimicrobial coatings from vegetable oils and oil-based materials
The present invention generally relates to a method of making nanoparticles and uses thereof. In particular, the invention relates to methods of making metal nanoparticles (mnps).
 Antimicrobial hydrogel formulation patent thumbnailAntimicrobial hydrogel formulation
A hydrogel formulation is provided for use with a film. The hydrogel formulation includes a medical-grade hydrogel and an antimicrobial substance.
 Foaming topical antimicrobial cleaning compositions patent thumbnailFoaming topical antimicrobial cleaning compositions
Provided are largely aqueous topical antimicrobial cleaning composition which provides an antimicrobial benefit, as well as methods for their production and methods for their use. The compositions comprise at least two different cationic surfactants which provide a primary antimicrobial benefit, and as a predominant further surfactant an amine oxide surfactant.
Synergistic antimicrobial composition of 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one and tris(hydroxymethyl)nitromethane
A synergistic antimicrobial composition containing 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one and tris(hydroxymethyl)nitromethane.. .
Paenibacillus spp. and methods for fermentation of lignocellulosic materials
Provided herein are methods for producing a fermentation product, such as ethanol, by co-culture of a member of the genus paenibacillus and an ethanologenic microbe, such as yeast or e. Coli.
Antimicrobial furniture and method of making
A plastic furniture item having a base, a seat, the seat connected to the base, and a back, the back operatively connected to the seat, wherein at least the seat is made of plastic, wherein integrated with the plastic is a silver-containing antimicrobial agent, is herein disclosed.. .
Method and apparatus for sealing a food zone of an ice machine from external contaminants
Disclosed are methods and devices for sealing components and areas of the food zone of an ice machine, including systems that transport fluids and devices used for the production and harvest of ice. Due to the form, fit, and function of food zone components, gaps or pathways may exist in that unwanted fluids or solids may enter the food zone.
Antimicrobial haloalkyl heterocycle compounds
This application describes compounds useful as anti-microbial agents, including as antibacterial, disinfectant, antifungal, germicidal or antiviral agents.. .
Pharmaceutical compositions
The present invention relates to carrier systems useful for pharmaceutical compositions. These carriers comprise an emulsifier, and also in further embodiments a polymeric dissolution aid.
Mitrecin a polypeptide with antimicrobial activity
The present invention provides a mitrecin a polypeptide useful in prevention and treatment of one or more bacteria. Also provided is a method to kill or prevent growth of one or more bacteria comprising contacting the one or more bacteria with a mitrecin a polypeptide.
Extracts from plants of the tsuga genus and uses thereof in the treatment of inflammation, irritation and/or infection
Extracts derived from plants of the tsuga genus having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are provided. The tsuga extracts are suitable for the treatment of inflammation, irritation and/or infection.
Synergistic antimicrobial effect
The present invention is related to the field of bioprotection, in particular to an antimicrobial composition comprising a lactobacillus rhamnosus strain and/or a lactobacillus paracasei strain. Furthermore, the present invention concerns uses for such an antimicrobial composition, food, feed and pharmaceutical products comprising such an antimicrobial composition, a method of manufacturing such food, feed and pharmaceutical products and a method for reducing the content of unwanted microorganisms of such food, feed and pharmaceutical products..
Antimicrobial membranes
The present invention discloses the preparation of antimicrobial membranes by inclusion of low leaching, control release silver-based antimicrobial additives as described in claim 1 into the polymer matrix and forming this into a semipermeable membrane. The antimicrobial agents protect the membrane system against bacterial and/or algal decay and assist in maintaining a high efficiency of the membrane filtration process..
Adhesive, washable, antimicrobial insert liner for shoes and method of manufacturing the same
A shoe insert liner or no-show sock configured to detachably adhere to an interior cavity of a shoe is provided. In one embodiment, the shoe insert liner includes a liner having an exterior surface and an adhesive bonded to at least a portion of the exterior surface of the liner.
Multilayered perspiration controlling garments
Described herein are multi-layered fabrics that can be used to absorb perspiration. In certain aspects, these fabrics can be used to control, reduce, or prevent perspiration from bleeding through and being shown on the outer surface of a garment.
Template-fixed peptidomimetics with antimicrobial activity
These β-hairpin peptidomimetics can be manufactured by processes which are based on a mixed solid- and solution phase synthetic strategy.. .
Compositions and methods for culturing spirochetes
The present invention relates to methods for culturing spirochetes, in particular borrelia burgdorferi. The present invention also provides methods of identifying spirochetes present in a biological sample.
Methods for antimicrobial resistance determination
The present invention relates to methods and systems for determining the antibiotic-resistance status of microorganisms. The invention further provides methods for determining the antibiotic-resistance status of microorganisms in situ within a single system..
Silver chloride compositions for deodorization and disinfection
An antimicrobial system including inert carrier particles coated with a silver salt in combination with a primary disinfectant is disclosed. Some aspects relate to a disposable wipe for use in cleaning and disinfecting, the disposable wipe including a antimicrobial system.
Antimicrobial constructs
The invention is based on the recognition that known antimicrobial compounds, such as nisin or other lantibiotics, can be made to form a long lasting antimicrobial surface coating by linking the peptide with a block polymer, such as pluronic® f108 or an end group activated polymer (egap) in a manner to form a flexible tether and/or entrap the peptide. The entrapped peptide provides antimicrobial action by early release from entrapment while the tethered peptide provides longer lasting antimicrobial protection.
Compositions comprising siloxane polymer
Compositions comprising siloxane polymers are disclosed. The compositions are useful as thixotropic bases for a variety of components, such as antimicrobial agents, sterilants, medicaments, antibiotics, analgesics, essential oils, preservatives, colorants, fragrances, and the like.
Conjugated polyelectrolyte capsules: light activated antimicrobials
Hollow conjugated polyelectrolyte (hcpe) microcapsules contain at least one conjugated polyelectrolyte and at least one other polyelectrolyte of complementary charge and the microcapsule has a hollow core. The conjugated polyelectrolyte is a polymer with a multiplicity of charged repeating units where a portion of the charged repeating units form a pi-conjugated sequence.
Method and apparatus pertaining to a retroactive application of a flexible sheet of antimicrobial copper
An apparatus comprises a flexible sheet comprised of antimicrobial copper that is configured to retroactively wrap conformably about at least one predetermined touch surface. The apparatus can further include a securement mechanism that is configured to secure that flexible sheet to the predetermined touch surface..
Antimicrobial peptides and uses thereof
The subject invention pertains to methods and materials for enhancing microbial resistance in plants. Specifically exemplified herein are grapevines transformed with polynucleotides that express a peptide which confers antimicrobial activity..
Hydrophilized antimicrobial polymers
A bactericidal or antimicrobial polymeric composition includes a hydrophilic first comonomer copolymerized to a second comonomer to produce a polymeric composition that is more hydrophilic or more bactericidal or antimicrobial in an aqueous solution than either of the comonomers alone. Methods for identifying bactericidal or antimicrobial polymers, methods for rendering materials bactericidal or antimicrobial, and methods for using bactericidal or antimicrobial compositions to kill or reduce bacterial or microbial growth are also described.
Foaming alcohol compositions with selected dimethicone surfactants
Foaming alcohol compositions with selected dimethicone surfactants are disclosed. The dimethicone surfactants are peg-8 to peg-12 linear dimethicone surfactants and in particular peg-10 linear dimethicone surfactant.
Antimicrobial and radioprotective compounds
The present invention relates to a method of treatment and/or prophylaxis of a microbial infection, comprising the step of administering an effective amount of a compound of formula (i), in which x and y are either the same or different and selected from a heteroatom; is a double or single bond depending on the heteroatoms x and y; r1 to r5 are either the same or different and selected from hydrogen or a non-deleterious substituent; and r6 and r7 are either the same or different and selected from hydrogen and a non-deleterious substituent or one of r6 and r7 are absent when there is a double bond present, pharmaceutically acceptable salts or derivatives, pro-drugs, tautomers and/or isomers thereof. The present invention also relates to a method for protecting a subject from radiation damage, a method of cancer radiotherapy and use as an antimicrobial or radioprotective agent of the compound of formula (i) defined above.
Pharmaceutical compositions with phosphonium antimicrobial agents
The present invention is related to pharmaceutical compositions that include a phosphonium antimicrobial agent. In a preferred embodiment, the present invention relates to an otic, nasal or ophthalmic composition (e.g., an aqueous ophthalmic solution) that includes a phosphonium salt compound as an antimicrobial agent.
Antimicrobial action of copper in glass
The disclosure is directed to glass compositions that incorporate copper into an otherwise homogeneous glass and to a method for making such glass. This incorporation of the copper into the glass composition imparts significant antimicrobial activity to the glass.
Antioxidant and antimicrobial wound dressing materials
A wound dressing material comprising a polymeric substrate, a silver salt, and a dyestuff to photostabilize the silver salt. The substrate may comprise collagen and/or oxidized regenerated cellulose complexed to ag+, and the dyestuff may for example be an aniline or acridine dye..
New endolysin plyp40
The present invention relates to a polypeptide with an amino acid sequence according to seq id no:1. The present invention further relates to the nucleic acid molecules comprising a nucleotide sequence coding for the polypeptide, vectors comprising the nucleic acid molecules, and host cells for the expression of the polypeptides.
Topical compositions and methods of use
Compositions and methods of treatment are disclosed using compositions of extracts from the fruit of the synsepalum dulcificum tree, which when applied topically in mammals, can provide benefit for dermatological and joint conditions. The extracts also contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and spermicidal activity in vitro..
Antimicrobial alcoholic foamable compositions
An antimicrobial alcoholic foamable composition comprising an alcohol, a waxy component, water, and a dissolvable gas, where the composition is dispensed and foamed without requiring the use of a porous filter, meshed screen, or hazardous propellant.. .
Plant pathogen inhibitor combinations and methods of use
Combinations, compositions and methods of use for modulating plant pathogen infection using plant extracts containing anthraquinone derivatives which induce resistance to plant phytopathogens and an antimicrobial agent, a biological control agent and/or a surfactant having fungicidal activity. .
Inhibition of antimicrobial targets with reduced potential for resistance
The application describes targets and methods that can inhibit bacterial growth in gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. A bacterial enzyme, 2-epimerase, is common to both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and contains an allosteric site that can be targeted to disrupt the enzyme.
Antiviral and antimicrobial compounds
Disclosed are guanidine and biguanidine derivatives which have anti-viral and antibacterial activity. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds as an active ingredient, and anti-viral and anti-bacterial methods utilizing such compounds.
Topical formulation for treatment of hyperkeratotic skin
The present invention relates in general to topical compositions having improved antimicrobial effect useful for the treatment of hyperkeratotic skin conditions. More specifically, the present invention relates to topical compositions comprising a combination of one or more alfa-hydroxy acids, urea, glycerol, and panthenol, as well as the use of such compositions for the treatment of hyperkeratotic skin conditions, in particular on the feet, and also on other body areas where thick skin is noted and where infections should be avoided..
Citrobacter freundii antibacterial agents and their use
Provided herein are methods for treating planktonic bacteria or a biofilm. The methods include contacting the planktonic bacteria or biofilm with an effective amount of an isolated citrobacter freundii colicin a polypeptide, wherein the polypeptide has an antibacterial activity against the planktonic bacteria or the biofilm.
Coated, antimicrobial, chemically strengthened glass and method of making
The disclosure is directed to a chemically strengthened glass having antimicrobial properties and to a method of making such glass. In particular, the disclosure is directed to a chemically strengthened glass with antimicrobial properties and with a low surface energy coating on the glass that does not interfere with the antimicrobial properties of the glass.
Antimicrobial preparation and methods for making and using the same
An antibiofilm complex formed of a polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp) backbone, iodine anchored to the pvp backbone, rifampin anchored to the pvp backbone, and a second antibiotic selected from the group consisting of tobramycin and gentamicin anchored to the pvp backbone.. .

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