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Antimicrobial patents


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 Antimicrobial copper sheet overlays and related methods for making and using patent thumbnailAntimicrobial copper sheet overlays and related methods for making and using
Control panels with antimicrobial copper sheet overlays are disclosed. In some embodiments, the antimicrobial copper used in the copper sheet overlays can be selected from copper or copper alloys containing from about 60 to about 100 wt % copper.
Mr Label Company

 Antimicrobial copper sheet overlays and related methods for making and using patent thumbnailAntimicrobial copper sheet overlays and related methods for making and using
Control panels with antimicrobial copper sheet overlays are disclosed. In some embodiments, the antimicrobial copper used in the copper sheet overlays can be selected from copper or copper alloys containing from about 60 to about 100 wt % copper.
Mr Label Company

 Template-fixed peptidomimetics with antimicrobial activity patent thumbnailTemplate-fixed peptidomimetics with antimicrobial activity
These β-hairpin peptidomimetics can be manufactured by processes which are based on a mixed solid and solution phase synthetic strategy.. .

 Modified antimicrobial peptides patent thumbnailModified antimicrobial peptides
The present invention relates to modified antimicrobial peptides which incorporate a histidine tag, are conjugated with a fatty acid and/or are pegylated and their use in the treatment of microbial infections.. .
Novabiotics Limited

 Antimicrobial compounds patent thumbnailAntimicrobial compounds
The present invention relates to a compound of formula (i) aa-aa-aa-r1-r2 (i) wherein, in any order, 2 of said aa (amino acid) moieties are cationic amino acids and 1 of said aa is an amino acid with a lipophilic r group, the r group having 14-27 non-hydrogen atoms; r1 is a n atom, which may be substituted by a branched or unbranched c1-c10 alkyl or aryl group, which group may incorporate up to 2 heteroatoms selected from n, o and s; and r2 is an aliphatic moiety having 2-20 non-hydrogen atoms, said moiety being linear, branched or cyclic. The invention further relates to formulations containing these compounds, solid supports having these compounds attached thereto, the use of these compounds in therapy, particularly as antimicrobial, anti-tumour or anti-biofilm agents and non-therapeutic uses of these compounds, particularly their use in inhibiting biofilm formation or removing a biofilm..
Lytix Biopharma As

 System and  generation of reactive oxygen species and applications thereof patent thumbnailSystem and generation of reactive oxygen species and applications thereof
Reactive oxygen species formulations as well as methods for making and using such formulations. Reactive oxygen species formulations comprising one or more parent oxidants, such as peroxides, or peroxyacids, and one or more reactive oxygen species.
Clean Chemistry, Inc.

 Hemostatic and antimicrobial bone matrix patent thumbnailHemostatic and antimicrobial bone matrix
Implantable matrices are provided that include at least one therapeutic agent having hemostatic and antimicrobial activity. The implantable matrices are configured to be implanted into a hone defect.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

 Antimicrobial 4-oxoquinolizines patent thumbnailAntimicrobial 4-oxoquinolizines
This invention provides novel 4-oxoquinolizine compounds and their uses for a series of broad-spectrum antibiotics having no cross-resistance to existing or emerging classes of antibiotics. In addition the novel 4-oxoquinolizine compounds are useful against cdc category a and b pathogens the invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising certain 4-oxoquinolizines in combination with subinhibitory concentrations of polymyxin b against clinical isolates which are resistant to quinolones, carbapenems and other antimicrobial agents..
Emergent Product Development Gaithersburg Inc.

 Antimicrobial uv-c treatment for automotive hvac systems patent thumbnailAntimicrobial uv-c treatment for automotive hvac systems
Methods and systems for reducing microbial contamination and growth in an automotive hvac system by irradiating one or more air contacting surfaces of the hvac system with antimicrobial uv-c light.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Amidine substituted beta-lactam compounds, their preparation and use as antibacterial agents patent thumbnailAmidine substituted beta-lactam compounds, their preparation and use as antibacterial agents
The present invention relates to novel β-lactam compounds, their preparation and use. In particular, this invention relates to novel β-lactam compounds which are amidine substituted monobactam derivatives useful as antimicrobial agents and their preparation..
Aicuris Gmbh & Co. Kg

Antimicrobial compositions containing free fatty acids

The invention concerns antimicrobial compositions comprising free fatty acids emulsified with membrane lipids or hydrolysed derivatives thereof, and pharmaceutical formulations comprising same. The compositions can be used in the treatment of prophylaxis of microbial infections.

Multilayered perspiration controlling garmets

Described herein are shields adapted for permanent attachment or removable attachment in the armpit area of a shirt. The shields are multi-layered fabrics that absorb perspiration, and in certain aspects, are used to control, reduce, or prevent perspiration from bleeding through and being shown on the outer surface of a garment.
Enes Apparel Corp

Synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial non-color forming silver-silica nanocomposite

The present invention relates to, inter alia, a composition, a nanocomposite material, and a method for preparing the nanocomposite material. The nanocomposite material includes: a dielectric-silver nanocomposite material, the dielectric-silver nanocomposite material including a silver nanoparticle having a silver ion, and a dielectric material encapsulating the silver nanoparticle, where the silver ion chelates with a matrix of the dielectric material, and a surface plasmon band absorption of the dielectric-silver nanocomposite material lies outside a range of a visible region..
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Test apparatus

Provided is a test apparatus in which a test for bacterial identification or antimicrobial susceptibility can be promptly determined. A division state of bacteria is monitored by performing microscopic observation of shapes and the number of the bacteria in each of wells in a culture plate for bacterial identification culture or an antimicrobial susceptibility test, and it is determined whether or not the bacteria grow in a stage shifted from an induction phase to a logarithmic phase, with reference to an image obtained through microscopic observation.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Belt pro

The invention discussed includes a durable antimicrobial strap made using a soft-cotton material, which have been enhanced through the integration of antimicrobial material adapted to prevent microbes. The antimicrobial seat-belt covering may be used in applications including seat belts in child safety seats where the seat-belt covering controls the level of cross-contamination by preventing unwanted microbes that contact the seat-belt and thereby, prevents the spread of disease and infections..

System and producing mold-resistant paper with wet scrubber assembly

Embodiments of a system and a method for preparing mold-resistant paper comprising a wet scrubber assembly in fluid communication with at least one collection plenum disposed at an operational area of a paper manufacturing line. The wet scrubber assembly can be operated to draw a stream of exhaust air from the operational area of the paper manufacturing line through the wet scrubber assembly to remove particulate from the exhaust stream.
United States Gypsum Company

Antimicrobial articles produced by additive manufacturing

An antibiotic-eluting article for implantation into a mammalian subject, produced by an additive manufacturing process wherein a polymeric material is concurrently deposited with a selected antibiotic. The additive manufacturing process may be a selective laser sintering process or a selective laser melting process or a selective heat sintering process or an electron beam melting process.
Orthopaedic Innovation Centre

Antimicrobial clay compositions and methods of using

The present invention provides antimicrobial feed supplement compositions comprising clay, and methods of treating microbial infections in an animal using the antimicrobial compositions.. .
Nutriquest, Llc

Inhibitors of kidney stone formation and calcium deposition

A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of pathological calculus and plaque formation is provided. The composition includes conjugates of polymers and metal binding agents that are particularly effective in inhibiting crystal nucleation, growth, and aggregation in the body, such as that observed in the formation of kidney stones.

Antimicrobial metal-binding polymers

An antimicrobial composition for the treatment of drug-resistant pathogens is provided. The composition includes antimicrobial compounds and chelating agents assemblies that are particularly effective in inhibiting drug-resistant bacteria and biofilm growth.

Treatment of animal carcasses

Described is a method of sanitizing animal carcasses using aqueous streams having an antimicrobial composition added to the stream. Preferably, the antimicrobial composition includes a mixture of one or more carboxylic acids having up to 18 carbon atoms and one or more peroxycarboxylic acids having up to 12 carbon atoms, preferably a mixture of a c2-c4 peroxycarboxylic acid and a c8-c12 peroxycarboxylic acid.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Antimicrobial sanitizer compositions and their use

The present invention relates to antimicrobial sanitizing compositions for use as skin sanitizers, especially sanitizers for the hands and feet, and air sanitizers and deodorisers. The sanitizing compositions comprise a combination of three ammonium compounds (ie.
Gfs Corporation Aus Pty Ltd

Antimicrobial polymers formed by bulk polyaddition

Cationic antimicrobial polymers have been synthesized by a bulk addition polymerization of a nucleophilic agent comprising two tertiary amines and an electrophilic agent that comprises two leaving groups and an aromatic ring between the leaving groups. The reaction solvent for the polymerization is chosen to allow precipitation of the cationic polymer at the polymerization temperature, thereby limiting molecular weight.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Modified antibiotic peptides having variable systemic release

The invention relates to modified antibiotic peptides, in particular derivatives of apidaecin and oncocin, preferably having increased stability, reduced immunoreaction, and improved pharmacokinetics. In the invention, the peptide antibiotics are reversibly protected by means of a linker having the polymer polyethylene glycol (peg).
Universitat Leipzig

Boronic acid derivatives and therapeutic uses thereof

Disclosed herein are antimicrobial compounds compositions, pharmaceutical compositions, the use and preparation thereof. Some embodiments relate to boronic acid derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents..
Rempex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Antimicrobial air sanitizer compositions and their use

The present invention relates to antimicrobial sanitizing compositions for use as air sanitizers and deodorisers. The sanitizing compositions comprise a combination of an alkoxy silyl ammonium compound, a benzalknonium chloride or benzethonium chloride and a polymeric biguanide in a glycol carrier.
Air Sanz Holdings Pty Ltd

Compositions for delivering a cooling sensation

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising combinations of one or more cooling agents with additional cooling agents, inactive drug ingredients, food additives, antimicrobials, corticosteroids, compounds known to be used in the production of home, personal care, and pet care products, and smokable materials. Further disclosed are foodstuffs, medicaments, personal care products, home products, pet care products, warming compositions, probiotic supplements and smoking articles produced by incorporating the disclosed combinations..
Senomyx, Inc.

Use of an antimicrobial composition

C) penicillium notatum;. .

Ocular formulations

Compositions and methods for providing anesthesia to the eye, for treating or preventing inflammatory disorders in the eye, or for treating or preventing ocular infections, are disclosed. The compositions include a glycosaminoglycan, such as hyaluronic acid, in a concentration suitable for achieving a desired viscosity, as well as an active agent, such as an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiproliferative, antimetabolite, prostaglandin, antioxidant, tgf-beta, or mitomycin c..
Encompass Development, Inc.

Silica-based antimicrobial oral compositions

Oral compositions containing a carrier, a cationic antimicrobial compound, and a silica and/or silicate material are disclosed. These compositions can provide a controlled release of the antimicrobial compound..
J.m. Huber Corporation

Ear cleaner

The present invention is an ear cleaner designed to have limited insertion into the ear canal so as not to impact ear wax, also known as cerumen, or damage the ear drum. The ear cleaner has several possible embodiments.

Method for imparting an article or a hygiene product with antimicrobial activity and the article and the hygiene product imparted with the antimicrobial activity

A method for imparting an article or a hygiene product with antimicrobial activity includes a step of applying an antimicrobial agent including an antimicrobial polyaminosilane to the article or the hygiene product. The antimicrobial polyaminosilane is prepared by subjecting an aminosilane monomer to a hydrolysis and condensation reaction.
Leader Optronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Synergistic antimicrobial composition

A synergistic antimicrobial composition comprising 2-methyl-1,2-benzothiazol-3(2h)-one and (b) 4-chloro-3-methylphenol.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Method of detecting at least one mechanism of resistance to carbapenems by mass spectrometry

The present invention pertains to a method of detection, by mass spectrometry, of at least one marker of at least one mechanism of resistance to at least one antimicrobial, resistance of at least one microorganism contained in a sample, characterised in that the antimicrobial is a carbapenem, and said resistance markers are proteins or peptides. Preferably, said proteins or peptides are proteins from said microorganism..
Biomerieux, Inc.

Detergents capable of cleaning, bleaching, sanitizing and/or disinfecting textiles including sulfoperoxycarboxylic acids

The present invention relates to novel combined laundry detergent, bleach, and antimicrobial composition incorporating novel sulfoperoxycarboxylic acid compounds, and methods for making and using them. The sulfoperoxycarboxylic compounds used in compositions of the invention are storage stable, water soluble and have low to no odor.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Peptide antagonist of ll-37

This disclosure is related to the peptide antagonist of ll-37, an antimicrobial peptide that has multiple functions in both innate and adaptive immune response. Specifically, the identified peptide antagonists of ll-37 provide inhibition to detrimental autoimmune inflammatory response, whereas at the same time retain ll-37's antibacterial activity..
Janssen Biotech, Inc.

Novel antimicrobial peptides and their application

The present invention relates to a compound of formula (i) and to compositions comprising said compound, as well as the use of said compound and/or said compositions to prevent fungal and/or bacterial growth.. .
Infinitec Activos S.l.

Novel endotracheal tube for the reduction of intubation-related complication in neonates and babies

This disclosure relates to medical devices incorporating one or more cationic steroidal antimicrobials (csas). The csas are incorporated into the medical devices to provide effective antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and/or tissue-healing properties.
Brigham Young University

Anion-paired cationic metallocene-containing compounds and polymers as antimicrobial agents

Anion-paired metallocene-containing compounds are generally provided, along with methods of making the same. In one embodiment, the anion-paired metallocene-containing compound includes a cationic metallocene moiety covalently connected to an organic functional group, and an anion paired to the cationic metallocene moiety.
University Of South Carolina

Antimicrobial gels

The present invention pertains to antimicrobial compositions comprising inter alia at least one alkenyl- and/or alkynyl-substituted polysiloxane, at least one polysiloxane comprising silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms, and at least one hydrosilylation catalyst, as well as antimicrobial silicone gels, wound dressings, and methods of preparing the above.. .
MÖlnlycke Health Care Ab

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