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Antibody patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Antibody-related patents
 Method of screening antibodies with high antigen selectivity patent thumbnailnew patent Method of screening antibodies with high antigen selectivity
Provided is a method of screening a target-specific antibody for an antigen that undergoes structural change in a particular physiological condition.. .
 Bispecific antibody patent thumbnailnew patent Bispecific antibody
Provided are bispecific antibodies comprised of a single-chain unit having specificity to an immune cell and a monovalent unit having specificity to a tumor cell or a microorganism. The single-chain unit includes a single-chain variable fragment (scfv) fused to an fc fragment and the monovalent unit includes a light chain and heavy chain pair.
 Flourescent in-situ detection of lipid particle apolipoproteins within primary electrophoretic matrix patent thumbnailnew patent Flourescent in-situ detection of lipid particle apolipoproteins within primary electrophoretic matrix
The present invention relates to, among other things, a gel electrophoresis system for detecting the level of specific apolipoproteins and/or lipoprotein particles present in intact lipid particles in a biological sample. The system includes a gel substrate to receive a biological sample, at least two lipoprotein-binding complexes.
 Antibodies to modified human igf-1/e peptides patent thumbnailnew patent Antibodies to modified human igf-1/e peptides
High-specificity antibodies can distinguish between modified (e.g, higf-1/ea 3mut) and endogenous wild-type human igf-1 proteins. These antibodies have little or no cross-reactivity with higf-1 or higf-2.
 Polymeric carriers for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization patent thumbnailnew patent Polymeric carriers for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
Certain disclosed embodiments of the present invention concern the synthesis, derivatization, conjugation to immunoglobulins and signal amplification based on discrete, relatively short polymers having plural reactive functional groups that react with plural molecules of interest. Reactive functional groups, such as hydrazides, may be derivatized with a variety of detectable labels, particularly haptens.
 Methods for measuring hdl subpopulations patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for measuring hdl subpopulations
This invention provides a capture/detection antibody-based method for measuring the amount of a high density lipoprotein (hdl) subpopulation present in a sample, wherein each particle of the hdl subpopulation being measured is characterized by the presence of a plurality of defined protein epitopes. This invention also provides related analytical and diagnostic methods, as well as kits for performing same..
 Artificial introns patent thumbnailnew patent Artificial introns
The invention concerns the field of recombinant gene engineering. It concerns novel artificial introns and compositions comprising such introns as well as a method to improve expression of polypeptides from nucleic acids such as cloned genes, especially genes encoding antibodies and antibody derived fragments, and the production of various polypeptides in eukaryotic host cells using said novel artificial intron sequences..
 Intact mass determination of protein conjugated agent compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Intact mass determination of protein conjugated agent compounds
The present invention provides methods and systems for the rapid determination of the intact mass of non-covalently associated antibody heavy chains (hc) and light chains (lc) which result from the attachment of drug conjugates to interchain cysteine residues. By analyzing the antibody-drug conjugate (adc) using native desalting conditions, the intact-bivalent structure of the adc, which ordinarily would decompose as a consequence of denaturing chromatographic conditions typically used for lcms, is maintained.
 Immunoassay for detecting kratom, its constituents and their use patent thumbnailnew patent Immunoassay for detecting kratom, its constituents and their use
The invention relates to the field of drug detection and describes antibody-based components methods and kits for the detection and quantification of alkaloids of the plant kratom. The invention is underpinned by novel antibodies which specifically bind to mitragynine alkaloids found in the kratom plant and their metabolites..
 Diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones, methods and compositions therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones, methods and compositions therefor
Methods of detecting, diagnosing, monitoring and treating kidney stones are disclosed. In some embodiments, methods of detecting, diagnosing or monitoring kidney stones comprise contacting a urine sample with anti-claudin-14 antibody, and detecting quantity of a complex comprising claudin-14 and the antibody, wherein an increase compared to control levels is diagnostic for kidney stones.
new patent Antibody for detecting epithelial ovarian cancer marker and method for diagnosing epithelial ovarian cancer
It is intended to find a highly specific epithelial ovarian cancer marker and to provide an antibody capable of specifically recognizing and detecting the marker or a fragment of the antibody. The present invention provides an anti-β1,6-n-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 5b antibody for diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer, i.e., an antibody for detection of a glycosyltransferase β1,6-n-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 5b as an epithelial ovarian cancer marker.
new patent Predicting tumor response to anti-erbb3 antibodies
A diagnostic method for predicting quantitatively whether a human tumor will be sensitive or resistant to treatment with an erbb3 inhibitor, e.g, an anti-erbb3 antibody, is disclosed. The method is based on measurement of nrg1 expression at the rna level, or at the protein level, in a tissue sample from the tumor..
new patent Kits and methods for in vitro analyte detection using precipitating compound and polarizers
The invention provides inexpensive kits and methods for determination of an analyte in a sample with very high sensitivity. Analyte can be determined using an analyte binding member such as an antibody or an oligonucleotide, which can be directly or indirectly linked to an enzyme.
new patent Vaccine composition capable of inducing memory antibody response from single point immunization
The present investigation relates to entrapment of carbohydrate antigen such as vi polysaccharide of salmonella typhi in poly (dl) lactide (pdlla) and polylactide-co-glycolide (plga) polymer particles. The formulated product not only elicits primary antibody titers from single dose application but also evokes memory antibody titer against the t independent antigen..
new patent Antibodies and antibody fragments targeting sirp-alpha and their use in treating hematologic cancers
The invention relates to modulating the sirpα—cd47 interaction in order to treat hematological cancer and compounds therefor. In particular, there is also provided sirpα antibodies and antibody fragments, preferably used for treating hematological cancer..
new patent Methods and composition for testing, preventing, and treating aspergillus fumigatus infection
As a result of the analysis by an sst-rex method so as to identify a target molecule for treating and testing an aspergillus fumigatus infection, a ymaf1 protein has been found out, which is mainly localized in the cell wall of aspergillus fumigatus. Moreover, it has been found out that ymaf1 protein-deficient aspergillus fumigatus has reduced spore-forming ability and pathogenicity.
new patent Dosing regimens for treatment of cea-expressing cancers
The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating cea-expressing cancers. Methods for dosing a patient with an antibody that binds to cea and human cd3 are also provided..
new patent Multispecific mutated antibody fab fragments
The invention relates to multispecific antibody constructs comprising fab fragments having mutations at the interface of the ch1 and cl domains, said mutations preventing heavy/light chain mispairing.. .
new patent Antibody variants and uses thereof
Described herein are polypeptides and related antibodies comprising a variant fc domain. The variant fc domain provide for stabilized fc:fc interactions when the polypeptide(s), antibody or antibodies are bound to its target, antigen or antigens on the surface of a cell, thus providing for improved effector functions, such as cdc-response..
new patent Cartilage/bone destruction suppressor
An object of the present invention is to provide a cartilage/bone destruction suppressor which can suppress the destruction of cartilage or bone seen in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone metastasis of malignant tumor, or the like. The present invention relates to a cartilage or bone destruction suppressor comprising an antibody against folate receptor β or a complex of the antibody and a biologically or chemically active substance..
new patent Anti-icam-1 antibodies to treat multiple-myeloma related disorders
The invention relates to the use of an antibody or an antigen-binding fragment thereof with binding specificity for icam-1, or a variant, fusion or derivative of said antibody or an antigen-binding fragment with binding specificity for icam-1, for the treatment of a multiple-myeloma-related disorder. The invention also relates to methods for the administration of such antibodies, fragments, variants, fusion and derivatives thereof..
new patent M-csf specific monoclonal antibody and uses thereof
M-csf-specific rx1-based or rx-1 derived antibodies are provided, along with pharmaceutical compositions containing such antibody, kits containing a pharmaceutical composition, and methods of preventing and treating bone loss in a subject afflicted with an osteolytic disease.. .
new patent Frizzled 2 as a target for therapeutic antibodies in the treatment of cancer
Disclosed herein are methods of treating cancer in a subject, and methods for inhibiting growth, migration and/or invasion of a cancer cell in the subject, comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of an antibody or antigen binding fragment thereof that downmodulates fzd2. The antibody may specifically bind fzd2, and may promote internalization of the fzd2 receptor by the cancer cells and/or prevent ligand binding to fzd2.
Calicheamicin derivative-carrier conjugates
Methods for preparing monomeric cytotoxic drug/carrier conjugates with a drug loading significantly higher than in previously reported procedures and with decreased aggregation and low conjugate fraction (lcf) are described. Cytotoxic drug derivative/antibody conjugates, compositions comprising the conjugates and uses of the conjugates are also described.
Method of classifying antibody, method of identifying antigen, method of obtaining antibody or antibody set, method of constructing antibody panel and antibody or antibody set and use of the same
The present invention relates to an isolated antibody against her1, an isolated antibody against cd147, an isolated antibody against cd73, and an isolated antibody against epcam; reagents and compositions including said antibodies; and uses of said reagents, compositions, and antibodies. The present invention also relates to nucleic acids and vectors expressing said antibodies.
Mouse anti-aggrus monoclonal antibodies
The present invention provides a monoclonal antibody or a functional fragment thereof, capable of recognizing aggrus epitope comprising an amino-acid sequence represented by a sequence id 1, 3, or 4, and the monoclonal antibody or the functional fragment thereof produced from a hybridoma with deposit id of ferm bp-11446, ferm bp-11447, ferm bp-11448 or ferm bp-11449. The present invention provides the hybridoma, and further an aggrus-clec-2 binding inhibitor and a pharmaceutical composition for inhibition of platelet aggregation, prevention of cancer metastasis, or treatment of tumor or cancer, comprising the monoclonal antibody or the functional fragment thereof..
Identification of antigen-specific adaptive immune responses using arm-pcr and high-throughput sequencing
Disclosed is a method for correlating at least one amino acid sequence from an antibody isolated from human or animal blood with at least one dna sequence corresponding to the antibody in the immunorepertoire of the human or animal. The method also provides a means for pairing heavy and light chains to produce synthesized monoclonal antibodies..
Methods for preparing single domain antibody microarrays
The present invention relates to a method for preparing sd ab microarray comprising the step consisting of: —i) providing a host cell capable of expressing a biotinylation enzyme —ii) transforming said host cell with a nucleic acid encoding for a fusion protein wherein a single domain antibody is fused at its carboxy terminal end to a biotinylation peptide —iii) culturing said host cell in presence of biotin in such a way that said fusion protein and biotinylation enzyme are expressed, resulting in biotinylation of said fusion protein —iv) lysing said host cell as cultured at step iii) —v) spotting the lysate obtained at step iv) on a solid sup port coated with an agent selected from the group consisting of avidin, streptavidin and/or any art known derivative of these agents a further object of the invention relates to a sd ab microarray obtainable by the method of the invention.. .
Immunoglobulin fc polypeptides
Methods and compositions involving polypeptides having an aglycosylated antibody fc domain. In certain embodiments, polypeptides have an aglycosylated fc domain that contains one or more substitutions compared to a native fc domain.
Ultra-sensitive detection of analytes
The present invention provides devices and methods for ultra-sensitive detection of analytes of interest in a rapid and convenient manner. A portable handheld device having replaceable cartridges adaptable for detection of a wide array of analytes (e.g., biological, environmental, and the like) is provided.
Measurement and comparison of immune diversity by high-throughput sequencing
High-throughput long read sequencing is used to perform immunogenomic characterization of expressed antibody repertoires in the context of vaccination. Informatic analysis allows global characterizations of isotype distributions, determination of the lineage structure of the repertoire and measure age and antigen related mutational activity.
Cell culture improvements
The invention describes improved methods and compositions for producing a recombinant protein, e.g., an antibody, in mammalian cell culture. In addition, the invention provides improved cell culture media, including improved production media, feed solutions, and combination feeds, which may be used to improve protein productivity in mammalian cell culture..
Process for antibody g1 glycoform production
The current invention comprises a method for producing an immunoglobulin or immunoglobulin fragment or immunoglobulin fusion with g1 glycostructure comprising incubating with a galactosyltransferase, a sialyltransferase, a beta-1,4-galactosidase and a sialidase, whereby the galactosyltransferase is added in more than one aliquot during the incubating.. .
Heterologous intron within an immunoglobulin domain
The invention concerns the field of recombinant gene engineering. It concerns novel introns and compositions comprising such introns as well as a method to improve expression of polypeptides from nucleic acids such as cloned genes with heterologous introns, especially genes encoding antibodies and antibody derived fragments, and the production of various polypeptides in eukaryotic host cells using said novel intron sequences as heterologous introns..
Methods for optimizing domain stability of binding proteins
Provided are methods for measuring the inherent stability of intrachain disulphide-containing domains (e.g., antibody variable domains) and for optimizing the positioning of intrachain disulphide-containing domains within a protein (e.g., a multispecific binding protein, e.g., a dvd-ig). Also provided are methods of making multispecific binding proteins (e.g., dvd-ig molecules) comprising two or more antibody variable domains in which the antibody variable domains are optimally positioned within the multispecific binding proteins to enhance stability of the multispecific binding protein.
Methods predicting risk of an adverse clinical outcome
Provided are methods for evaluating the risk of an adverse clinical outcome in a subject, deciding whether to discharge or continue treating a subject (e.g., treatment on an inpatient basis), or to initiate or terminate treatment, selecting a subject for participation in a clinical study, and selecting a therapeutic treatment for a subject that include determining a level of st2 in a biological sample from the subject and determining a level of galectin-3 in a biological sample from the subject. Kits are also provided that contain an antibody that specifically binds to st2, an antibody that specifically binds to galectin-3, and instructions for using the kit to evaluate the risk of an adverse clinical outcome in a subject, to decide whether to discharge or continue treating a subject (e.g., treatment on an inpatient basis) or to initiate or terminate treatment, to select a subject for participation in a clinical study, and/or to select treatment for a subject..
Immunoassay methods
The invention relates to a method of detecting a disease state or disease susceptibility in a mammalian subject which comprises detecting an antibody in a test sample comprising a bodily fluid from said mammalian subject wherein said antibody is a biological marker of a disease state or disease susceptibility, the method comprising: (a) contacting said test sample with a plurality of different amounts of an antigen specific for said antibody, (b) detecting the amount of specific binding between said antibody and said antigen, (c) plotting or calculating a curve of the amount of said specific binding versus the amount of antigen for each amount of antigen used in step (a) and (d) determining the presence or absence of said disease state or disease susceptibility based upon the amount of specific binding between said antibody and said antigen at each different antigen concentration used.. .
Anti-cd40 antibodies and uses thereof
The present invention includes compositions and methods for the expression, secretion and use of novel compositions for use as, e.g., vaccines and antigen delivery vectors, to delivery antigens to antigen presenting cells. In one embodiment, the vector is an anti-cd40 antibody, or fragments thereof, and one or more antigenic peptides linked to the anti-cd40 antibody or fragments thereof, including humanized antibodies..
Antigen-binding molecule capable of binding to plurality of antigen molecules repeatedly
An objective of the present invention is to provide methods for promoting antigen uptake into cells by antigen-binding molecules, methods for increasing the number of times of antigen binding by one antigen-binding molecule, methods for promoting reduction of the antigen concentration in plasma by administering antigen-binding molecules, and methods for improving the plasma retention of an antigen-binding molecule, as well as antigen-binding molecules that allow enhanced antigen uptake into cells, antigen-binding molecules having an increased number of times of antigen binding, antigen-binding molecules that can promote reduction of the antigen concentration in plasma when administered, antigen-binding molecules with improved plasma retention, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the above antigen-binding molecules, and methods for producing them. The present inventors revealed that the above objective can be achieved by using antigen-binding molecules that show calcium-dependent antigen-antibody reaction..
Therapeutic agent for use in a method of treating psoriasis or atopic dermatitis
The present invention provides a therapeutic agent for psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, and comprises anti-staphylococcus aureus antibodies as the active ingredient. A therapeutic agent for psoriasis or atopic dermatitis is specifically provided.
Antibody and antibody-containing composition
For many diseases due to microbes or the like, proliferation of microbes themselves is a cause of a symptom. However, there were cases where a substance released by the microbes is a cause of a symptom.
Method and reagent for diagnosis and/or evaulation of progression of graft-versus-host disease
Disclosed is a method of diagnosing graft-versus-host disease, comprising measuring the level of ccl8 protein in a sample obtained from a subject as an indicator for the diagnosis or course of graft-versus-host disease. Also a diagnostic reagent for graft-versus-host disease comprising an anti-ccl8 antibody is disclosed.
Monoclonal antibody against human non-small cell lung carcinoma and use thereof
The invention discloses a monoclonal antibody against human non-small cell lung carcinoma and a use of the monoclonal antibody. The monoclonal antibody is secreted by a hybridoma cell strain which is deposited as cctcc access number no.: c201172.
Adjuvant therapy for staphylococcal infection with enterotoxin specific mabs
Antibodies to seb, fragments thereof, and compositions comprising such are provided. Therapies for staphylococcal infection are provided, as well as assays for identifying additional agents useful in such therapies.
Methods for treating a tumor using an antibody that specifically binds grp94
Combinations of agents that have a synergistic effect for the treatment of a tumor are disclosed herein. These combinations of agents can be used to treat tumors, wherein the cells of the cancer express a mutated braf.
Compositions and methods for detecting tlr3
The present invention relates to antibodies, antibody fragments, and derivatives thereof that specifically bind to tlr3 cell receptors present on the surface of cells. The invention also relates to hybridomas producing such antibodies; methods of making such antibodies; fragments, variants, and derivatives of the antibodies; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same; methods of using the antibodies to detect tlr3 levels on the surface of cells, and the use of such antibodies and compositions for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in subjects..
Methods for preventing toxic drug-drug interactions in combination therapies comprising anti-erbb3 agents
Methods are disclosed for preventing toxic drug-drug interactions during combination cancer therapy with a drug that is an anti-erbb3 agent, such as an anti-erbb3 antibody, together with a drug that is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and/or a drug that binds to alpha-1 acid glycoprotein (e.g., erlotinib). Health care practitioners obtaining any one of the drugs are warned that when co-administering the drug that is an anti-erbb3 agent with either or both of a drug that is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and a drug that binds to alpha-1 acid glycoprotein, at least one of the co-administered drugs should be administered using a reduced dosage to prevent toxicity.
Vaccibodies targeted to cross-presenting dendritic cells
The present invention relates to recombinant fusion proteins targeted to dendritic cells and uses thereof. In particular, the present invention relates to fusion proteins comprising an antibody component and a targeting components, and uses of such fusion proteins to trigger immune responses..
Scfv antibodies which pass epithelial and/or endothelial layers
Scfv antibodies which specifically bind selected antigens and are obtainable by a method comprising (i) selecting from a pool of soluble and stable antibody frameworks a soluble and stable framework matching best the framework of a non-human antibody against the antigen with a certain binding specificity, (ii) either providing said soluble and stable framework with cdrs that bind specifically to said antigen, or mutating the framework of said non-human antibody towards the sequence of said soluble and stable framework, to generate scfv antibodies, (iii) testing the generated antibody for solubility and stability, and testing the generated antibody for antigen binding, and (iv) selecting an scfv that is soluble, stable and binds to the antigen specifically. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising said scfv antibody, methods of treatment and diagnosis for diseases related to over expression of antigens that are specifically bound by said antibody..
Soluble polypeptides
The invention relates generally to polypeptides, such as antibody molecules, that demonstrate high stability and solubility. In particular, the invention relates to polypeptides comprising paired vl and vh domains that demonstrate soluble expression and folding in a reducing or intracellular environment.
Antibody-mediated transduction of heat shock proteins into living cells
The invention provides for a fusion protein comprising a 3e10 fv joined to a hsp-70, hsp-27, hsp-90 or grp-78or portion thereof, and optionally, the 3e10 fv comprising an amino acid sequence agih at its amino terminus.. .
Methods of treatment using bevacizumab
Methods for treating pterygium recurrence following pterygiectomy, and for treating keloid recurrence, following surgical removal of the keloid, are disclosed. The methods include administering an anti-vegf agent (e.g., antibody (e.g., bevacizumab) or small molecule inhibitor of vegf signaling), or a combination therapy that includes co-administering an anti-vegf agent, with an anti-inflammatory steroid and/or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (nsaid) to a subject..
Human tissue factor antibody and uses thereof
The invention relates to a humanized form of an antibody capable of preventing tissue factor (coagulation factor f3) signaling but which does not interfere with factor vii binding or fx binding to tissue factor and does not prolong coagulation time. The antibody of the invention is useful in treating conditions, such as tumor progression, in which the associated cells express tissue factor and tissue factor signaling occurs..
Treatment of neurological conditions
The present invention is directed to a method for treating an inflammatory neurodegenerative condition of the cns in a subject comprising administering to said subject a g-csf or g-csfr inhibiting agent selected from the group consisting of an antibody specific for g-csf, a soluble g-csfr or a g-csf-binding portion thereof and a 20 to 30 nucleotide sense or antisense molecule targeted to a nucleic acid molecule encoding g-csf.. .
Method of modulating the activity of functional immune molecules
The invention relates to a method for controlling the activity of an immunologically functional molecule, such as an antibody, a protein, a peptide or the like, an agent of promoting the activity of an immunologically functional molecule, and an immunologically functional molecule having the promoted activity.. .
Therapeutic combinations of anti-cd20 and anti-gm-csf antibodies and uses thereof
The present disclosure describes a pharmaceutical combination of an anti-cd20 antibody and an anti-gm-csf antibody. Said combinations are highly efficacious in the treatment of b cell malignancies and inflammatory disorders..
Antibody constant domain regions and uses thereof
The invention provides recombinant protein (e.g., a recombinant antibody or soluble receptor) having (i) a binding domain capable of specific binding to an epitope (for example an antibody variable domains, a receptor, a growth factor, a cytokine, or a fragment of any of the foregoing which is capable of specifically binding the desired epitope) and (ii) an effector domain comprising a constant domain region which is derived from immunoglobulin of a first species which is a companion mammal, e.g. Dog, cat, or horse, having engineered substitutions at one or more positions and having an altered interaction with one or more fcrs or other ligands, and optionally enhanced effector function, relative to the parent constant domain region..
Method for therapeutic angiogenesis
The present invention relates to the e2epf ucp-vhl interaction and the uses thereof, more precisely a method for increasing or reducing vhl activity or level by regulating ucp activity or level to inhibit cancer cell proliferation or metastasis or to increase angiogenesis. The inhibition of ucp activity is accomplished by any ucp activity inhibitor selected from a group consisting of a small interfering rna (rnai), an antisense oligonucleotide, and a polynucleotide complementarily binding to mrna of ucp, a peptide, a peptide mimetics and an antibody, and a low molecular compound.
Stomatological composition
A stomatological composition is provided. The stomatological composition is capable of stably compounding an antibody obtained from a hen egg yolk, and preventing diseases in an oral cavity such as odontonecrosis and periodontal disease from occurring, or improving such diseases in the oral cavity.
Use of tnf alpha inhibitor for treatment of erosive polyarthritis
The invention describes methods of treating erosive polyarthritis comprising administering a tnfα antibody, or antigen-binding portion thereof. The invention also describes a method for testing the efficacy of a tnfα antibody, or antigen-binding portion thereof, for the treatment of erosive polyarthritis..
Modified variable domain molecules and methods for producing them b
The present disclosure provides an isolated, engineered or non-naturally occurring protein comprising an antibody light chain variable domain (vl) which may comprise at least one negatively charged amino acid positioned between residues 49 to 56 according to the numbering system of kabat, the protein capable of binding specifically to an antigen.. .
Methods of treating a tauopathy
The present disclosure provides methods of treating a tauopathy, involving administering an anti-tau antibody. The present disclosure also provides anti-tau antibodies, and formulations comprising same, for use in the methods..
Resonant mass sensor
A separate excitation and high sensitive resonant type mass sensor is provided. The resonant type mass sensor 1 includes: an oscillator 3; an vibrator 2 placed on the oscillator 3; and a detecting unit 5 for detecting the resonant frequency of the vibrator 2, and is characterized in that the vibrator 2 and the oscillator 3 are not coupled mechanically and that the vibrator 2 is not mechanically coupled to any members.
Viral clearance methods
The invention provides methods for separating a polypeptide of interest (such as an antibody) from a virus. In some embodiments, the methods involve eluting the polypeptide of interest from a protein a resin with an elution buffer have a particular range of conductivity values that minimizes the amount of virus that co-elutes with the polypeptide of interest..
Constructs and libraries comprising antibody surrogate light chain sequences
The invention concerns constructs and libraries comprising antibody surrogate light chain sequences. In particular, the invention concerns constructs comprising vpreb sequences, optionally partnered with another polypeptide, such as, for example, antibody heavy chain variable domain sequences, and libraries containing the same..
Methods and compositions for improved f-18 labeling of proteins, peptides and other molecules
The present application discloses compositions and methods of synthesis and use of 18f- or 19f-labeled molecules of use in pet, spect and/or mr imaging. Preferably, the 18f or 19f is conjugated to a targeting molecule by formation of a complex with a group iiia metal and binding of the complex to a bifunctional chelating agent, which may then be directly or indirectly attached to the targeting molecule.
Inhibitors of beta integrin-g protein alpha subunit binding interactions
Provided herein are compounds that inhibit a binding interaction between a β integrin and a g protein subunit, as well as compositions, e.g., pharmaceutical compositions, comprising the same, and related kits. In some embodiments, the compound is an antibody or antibody analog, and, in other embodiments, the compound is a peptide or peptide analog.
Detection and assay devices and methods of making and using the same
An article such as a biomolecular detector or biosensor having a nonfouling surface thereon includes: (a) a substrate having a surface portion; (b) a linking layer on the surface portion; and (c) a polymer layer formed on the linking layer; and (d) a first member of a specific binding pair (e.g., a protein, peptide, antibody, nucleic acid, etc.) bound to the polymer layer. Methods of making and using the articles are also described..

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