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Date/App# patent app List of recent Antibodies-related patents
 Separation of acetylated proteins from unacetylated proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Separation of acetylated proteins from unacetylated proteins
The invention relates to a process for separating acetylated proteins from unacetylated proteins. In particular, the invention relates to a process of using multimodal chromatography to separate acetylated proteins from unacetylated proteins.
 Diagnostic use of prosomatostatin patent thumbnailnew patent Diagnostic use of prosomatostatin
The present invention relates to a method for the diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and risk assessment of disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract activity and/or function and/or disturbances of the nutritional condition, with the exception of somatostatinoma, in a patient comprising the steps of: providing a sample of a bodily fluid of a patient; determining the level of prosomatostatin 1-64 or fragments thereof in said sample; correlating the level of prosomatostatin 1-64 or fragments thereof to the diagnosis, prognosis and risk assessment of disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract activity and/or function and/or disturbances of the nutritional condition, with the exception of somatostatinoma, in said patient, wherein said fragments have a length of at least 6 amino acid residues. The invention also relates to an antibody and a kit containing at least two antibodies..
 Retroviral vector particles and methods for their generation and use patent thumbnailnew patent Retroviral vector particles and methods for their generation and use
The present invention relates to methods of host cell transduction utilising ecotropic retroviral vector particles. The retroviral vector particle may comprise an envelope of friend murine leukaemia virus, in particular the envelope encoded by molecular clone pvc-211 and the host cell may be engineered to recombinantly express the rec1 receptor.
 Purification of biological products by constrained cohydration chromatography patent thumbnailnew patent Purification of biological products by constrained cohydration chromatography
Materials and methods for use of constrained cohydration agents in the purification of biological materials such as antibodies, viruses, cells, and cellular organelles in connection with convective chromatography, fluidized bed or co-precipitation applications.. .
 Biological systems for production of highest quality proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Biological systems for production of highest quality proteins
Vaccines and therapeutic proteins, including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, must be maximally pure and stable in their most active native form. This is a requirement for their maximal efficacy, specificity and stability as well as for precluding immune responses against erroneous or damaged moieties.
 Posaconazole immunoassays patent thumbnailnew patent Posaconazole immunoassays
Methods, compositions and kits are disclosed directed at posaconazole fragments, immunogens, signal generating moieties, antibodies that bind posaconazole and immunoassays for detection of posaconazole.. .
 Group a streptococcal m-related proteins and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Group a streptococcal m-related proteins and methods of use
Immunogenic group a streptococcus m-related polypeptides and peptides and immunogenic compositions comprising these m-related polypeptides and peptides are provided herein that evoke cross-opsonic and cross-protective anti-gas and anti-sdse antibodies in animals. Also provided are preparations comprising immunogenic compositions that comprise m-related polypeptides, peptides, or fusion proteins and that further comprise at least one additional group a streptococcus immunogen, such as an m peptide or spa peptide..
 Method for removing immunosuppressive properties of hiv envelope glycoproteins patent thumbnailnew patent Method for removing immunosuppressive properties of hiv envelope glycoproteins
The present invention concerns a method for removal of immunosuppressive effects of envelope glycoproteins derived from human immunodeficiency virus, such as for vaccination purposes and for generation of neutralizing antibodies to hiv. The invention further concerns vaccines and antibodies obtainable by the method, as well as the use of such vaccines and antibodies..
 Prolactin receptor binding proteins and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Prolactin receptor binding proteins and uses thereof
The present invention encompasses prlr binding proteins. Specifically, the invention relates to antibodies that are chimeric, cdr grafted and humanized antibodies.
 Anti-mcam antibodies and associated methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-mcam antibodies and associated methods of use
Described herein are anti-mcam antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof that are capable of inhibiting the interaction between mcam and its ligand, a protein comprising a laminin α-4 chain. These anti-mcam antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof may be useful for, for example, treating inflammatory conditions characterized by the infiltration of mcam-expressing cells into a site of inflammation in the body..
new patent Amyloid-beta binding proteins
The present invention relates to amyloid-beta (aβ) binding proteins. Antibodies of the invention have high affinity to aβ(20-42) globulomer or any aβ form that comprises the globulomer epitope.
new patent Anti-axl antibodies and uses thereof
The present invention relates to anti-axl antibodies and uses thereof in diagnostic and therapeutic methods. More particularly, the present invention relates to a monoclonal antibody having specificity for axl comprising an heavy chain variable region comprising seq id no:2 in the h-cdr1 region, seq id no:3 in the h-cdr2 region and seq id no:4 in the h-cdr3 region; and a light chain variable region comprising seq id no: 6 in the l-cdr1 region, seq id no:7 in the l-cdr2 region and seq id no:8 in the l-cdr3 region.
new patent Antibodies to human signal peptide-containing proteins
The invention provides a human signal peptide-containing proteins (sigp) and polynucleotides which identify and encode sigp. The invention also provides expression vectors, host cells, antibodies, agonists, and antagonists.
new patent Methods of treating and diagnosing pancreatitis
The present invention provides nucleotide and amino acid sequences that identify and encode novel expressed chemokines (panec-1 and panec-2) from human pancreas cells. The present invention also provides for antisense molecules to the nucleotide sequences which encode panec-1 and panec-2, expression vectors for the production of purified panec-1 and panec-2, antibodies capable of binding specifically to panec-1 and panec-2, hybridization probes or oligonucleotides for the detection of panec-1- or panec-2-encoding nucleotide sequences, genetically engineered host cells for the expression of panec-1 and panec-2, diagnostic tests for chemokine activation based on panec-1- and panec-2-encoding nucleic acid molecules and antibodies capable of binding specifically to the protein..
new patent Agents that engage antigen-presenting cells through dendritic cell asialoglycoprotein receptor (dc-asgpr)
The present invention includes compositions and methods for making and using anti dc-asgpr antibodies that can, e.g., activate dcs and other cells.. .
new patent Bovine fusion antibodies
Disclosed herein are immunoglobulin constructs comprising at least one immunoglobulin domain or fragment thereof; and a therapeutic polypeptide or derivative or variant thereof attached to or inserted into said immunoglobulin domain. Also provided are immunoglobulin constructs comprising a mammalian immunoglobulin heavy chain comprising at least a portion of a knob domain in the complementarity-determining region 3 (cdr3h) or fragment thereof; and a therapeutic polypeptide attached to or inserted into said knob domain of the cdr3h.
new patent Nogo receptor antagonists
Disclosed are immunogenic nogo receptor-1 polypeptides, nogo receptor-1 antibodies, antigen-binding fragments thereof, soluble nogo receptors and fusion proteins thereof and nucleic acids encoding the same. Also disclosed are nogo receptor antagonist polynucleotides.
new patent Modified proteins and peptides
The present disclosure relates to modified proteins and peptides that have reduced ability to bind to pre-existing antibodies. Such modified protein/peptide molecules can comprise c-terminal additions, extensions or tags and/or certain amino acid substitutions.
new patent Humanized anti-cmet antagonists
The invention provides therapeutic anti-c-met antibodies, and compositions comprising and methods of using these antibodies.. .
new patent Monoclonal antibodies that neutralize anthrax protective antigen (pa) toxin
The present invention relates to monoclonal antibodies that bind or neutralize anthrax protective antigen (pa) toxin. The invention provides such antibodies, fragments of such antibodies retaining anthrax pa toxin-binding ability, fully human or humanized antibodies retaining anthrax pa toxin-binding ability, and pharmaceutical compositions including such antibodies.
new patent Predictive biomarker for cancer treatment with adcc-enhanced antibodies
The present invention is directed to methods for identifying which patients diagnosed with cancer will most benefit from treatment with an anti-cancer therapy comprising an adcc-enhanced antibody.. .
new patent Combination therapy of anti-her3 antibodies
The present invention relates to the combination therapy of anti-her3 antibodies with certain anti-her antibodies.. .
new patent Antigen binding molecules that bind egfr, vectors encoding same, and uses thereof
The present invention relates to antigen binding molecules (abms). In particular embodiments, the present invention relates to recombinant monoclonal antibodies, including chimeric, primatized or humanized antibodies specific for human egfr.
new patent Methods for identifying antibodies with reduced immunogenicity
The disclosure describes methods of identifying a variant of a reference antibody with reduced immunogenicity as compared to the reference antibody. The disclosure further describes variants of a reference anti-tnf-α antibody having reduced immunogenicity as compared to the reference anti-tnf-α reference antibody..
new patent Stable formulations of antibodies to tslp
The present invention relates to stable formulations of antibodies against human tslp, or antigen binding fragments thereof.. .
new patent Antibody-sn-38 immunoconjugates with a cl2a linker
The present invention concerns improved methods and compositions for preparing sn-38 conjugates of proteins or peptides, preferably immunoconjugates of antibodies or antigen-binding antibody fragments. More preferably, the sn-38 is attached to the antibody or antibody fragment using a cl2a linker, with 1-12, more preferably 6 or less, most preferably 1-5 sn-38 moieties per antibody or antibody fragment.
new patent Anti-mucin antibodies for early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer
Described herein are compositions and methods of use of anti-pancreatic cancer antibodies or fragments thereof, such as murine, chimeric, humanized or human pam4 antibodies. The antibodies show novel and useful diagnostic characteristics, such as binding with high specificity to pancreatic and other cancers, but not to normal or benign pancreatic tissues and binding to a high percentage of early stage pancreatic cancers.
new patent Humanized anti-hla-dr antibodies
The present invention concerns compositions and methods of use of humanized anti-hla-dr antibodies. In preferred embodiments, the antibodies induce apoptosis and inhibit proliferation of lymphoma cells without inducing cdc or adcc.
Axmi270 toxin gene and methods of use
Compositions and methods for conferring pesticidal activity to bacteria, plants, plant cells, tissues and seeds are provided. Compositions comprising a coding sequence for a toxin polypeptide are provided.
Compositions and methods for detection of methadone metabolite
Methods and reagents are disclosed for conducting assays for eddp. The reagents include a moiety selected from the group consisting of poly(amino acid) label moieties, non-poly(amino acid) label moieties, poly(amino acid) immunogenic carriers, non-poly(amino acid) immunogenic carriers, non-label poly(amino acid) moieties, and non-immunogenic carrier poly(amino acid) moieties linked to 2-ethylidene-1,5-dimethyl-3,3-diphenylpyrrolidine at the 3-position of one of the phenyl rings.
B cell lineage based immunogen design with humanized animals
Non-human animals with humanized immunoglobulin loci and methods of using them in vaccine design are described, as well as methods for making broadly neutralizing antibodies against infectious agents and pathogens are provided. Non-human animals with humanized immunoglobulin loci used in b-cell-lineage immunogen design in vaccine development are provided, as are methods of carrying out such design..
Humanization of rabbit antibodies using a universal antibody framework
The present invention relates to an universal antibody acceptor framework and to methods for grafting non-human antibodies, e.g., rabbit antibodies, using a universal antibody acceptor framework. Antibodies generated by the methods of the invention are useful in a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic applications..
Anti-human p-cadherin (cdh3) recombinant antibody
It is an object to provide a recombinant antibody that is an anti-cdh3 antibody having cytotoxicity on cdh3-expressing cells, which is anticipated to have fewer side effects than antibodies derived from animals other than humans and to maintain its therapeutic effects for a long period of time. The present invention provides a recombinant antibody which specifically reacts with an epitope existing in the amino acids at positions 108 to 131 or at positions 551 to 654 of the amino acid sequence shown in seq id no: 38 that is the extracellular region of human cdh3, and has cytotoxicity against cdh3-expressing cells..
Activation of sodium potassium atpase
Activation sites on the alpha subunit of sodium potassium atpase have been discovered. It has also been discovered that certain antibodies that bind to the alpha subunit of sodium potassium atpase dramatically increase enzyme activity.
Synthetic antibodies
Methods for synthetic antibodies, methods for making synthetic antibodies, methods for identifying ligands, and related methods and reagents.. .
Mass dots: nanoparticle isotope tags
Compositions and methods are provided for the use of nanoparticles, which may be referred to herein as mass dots, as mass tags for probes such as antibodies, aptamers, nucleic acids, etc. In multiplexed bioassays with icp-ms detection..
The current invention relates to a method for identifying a subject at risk of developing an idiopathic inflammatory myopathy and/or diagnosing a subject suffering from an idiopathic inflammatory myopathy, preferably wherein said idiopathic inflammatory myopathy is inclusion body myositis. The invention provides methods in diagnosis, use of specific antigens, and kits for use in studying the presence or absence of (auto)antibodies in samples derived from subjects..
Automated analyzer and analyzing method
An analyzer provides conditions suitable for a reagent for performing latex immunoassay with a high sensitivity using a method of measuring scattered light. Irradiation light having a wavelength in the range of 0.65 to 0.75 μm is used, and scattered light generated from a reaction solution is received at a light-receiving angle of 15° to 35° with respect to the irradiation direction during the rotational movement of the reaction container.
Antibodies binding human collagen ii
The present invention relates to antibodies against human collagen ii, polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding human collagen ii antibodies or fragments thereof, and methods of making and using the foregoing.. .
Vmp-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia species and strains
The present invention relates to dna sequences encoding vmp-like polypeptides of pathogenic borrelia, the use of the dna sequences in recombinant vectors to express polypeptides, the encoded amino acid sequences, application of the dna and amino acid sequences to the production of polypeptides as antigens for immunoprophylaxis, immunotherapy, and immunodiagnosis. Also disclosed are the use of the nucleic acid sequences as probes or primers for the detection of organisms causing lyme disease, relapsing fever, or related disorders, and kits designed to facilitate methods of using the described polypeptides, dna segments and antibodies..
Compositions and methods for detecting microbial infections
Provided herein are vaccine compositions for control of trypanosoma cruzi infection and chagas disease. The compositions comprise plasmids encoding o gpi-anchored genes asp-2, tcg-1, tcg2 and tcg4 from trypanosoma cruzi; plasmids encoding cytokines il12 and gm-csf; and plasmids encoding a gene expression system.
Immunization compositions and methods
The present invention provides methods and compositions to induce neutralizing antibodies in mammals to serotypes of dengue virus, measles virus, mumps virus, rubella and/or vzv virus.. .
Methods of modulating hvem, btla and cd160 cis complex response or signaling activity with soluble light polypeptide sequences
The invention provides hvem cis complexes which include, for example, hvem/btla, hvem/cd160 and hvem/gd cis complexes. The invention provides ligands and agents that bind to hvem cis complexes, such as antibodies.
Anti-c (epsilon)mx antibodies capable of binding to human mige on b lymphocytes
The invention pertains to the generation and utility of antibodies that can bind effectively to cεmx domain on membrane-bound ige (mige) expressed on the surface of human b lymphocytes. The cεmx domain of 52 amino acid residues, located between the ch4 domain and the c-terminal membrane-anchor peptide on human membrane-bound epsilon chain, had been suggested as an antigenic site for immunological targeting of b cells expressing mige.
Antibodies to lrp6
Anti-lrp6 antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising such antibodies and antigen-binding fragments are described. These anti-lrp6 antibodies can be used to enhance wnt activity and/or antagonize dkk1 activity.
Anti-cd154 antibodies
The present invention provides peptides, and fragments thereof, and antibodies, or fragments thereof comprising the same, wherein the peptide comprises at least one amino acid substitution compared to wild type 5c8 antibody. The present invention also provides compositions and methods of treating cd154-related diseases or disorders in a subject..
Antibodies directed against signal peptides, methods and uses thereof
Provided are methods employing antibodies directed against the signal peptide (sp) domain of various disease-associated polypeptides. These anti-sp antibodies detect cell surface expression of these sp domains and are used in methods of diagnosis and/or therapy.
Chymase compositions, antibodies, diagnostics, and therapeutic methods related thereto
The disclosure relates to chymase, antibodies to chymase, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods relates thereto. It has been discovered that above certain circulating levels of chymase, a patient has a high likelihood of avf nonmaturation.
Pthrp, its isoforms and antagonist thereto in the diagnosis and treatment of disease
The present invention is directed to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, preferably the inhibition of tumor growth and its progression to metastatic sites, through the inhibition of the production of pthrp, its isoforms or pthrp signalling. The present invention is also directed to methods of inhibiting the pthrp1-173 isoform through antagonists thereof, including monoclonal antibodies and sirna directed there against.
Antibody- endostatin fusion protein and its variants
Methods of inhibiting the growth of tumors comprising administering chimeric fusion molecules comprising endostatin mutants and all or a portion of anti-her2 or anti-egfr antibodies.. .
Polypeptides and polynucleotides, and uses thereof as a drug target for producing drugs and biologics
This invention relates to a novel target for production of immune and non-immune based therapeutics and for disease diagnosis. More particularly, the invention provides therapeutic antibodies against vsig1, ildr1, loc253012, ai216611, clorf32 or fxyd3 antigens, which are predicted co-stimulatory family members and which are differentially expressed in cancers including, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer, and diagnostic and therapeutic usages.
Variants of humanized immunomodulatory monoclonal antibodies
The present invention relates to humanized monoclonal antibodies, pharmaceutical compositions that include the same, and use thereof for the treatment of a variety of indications, particularly cancer and immunodeficiency disorders. In particular, the present invention provides modified antibodies or fragments thereof having specific amino acid modifications compared to the humanized monoclonal immunomodulatory antibody termed hbat-1..
Gp100-specific t cell receptors and related materials and methods of use
The invention provides human cells, particularly human t cells, comprising a murine t cell receptor (tcr) having antigen specificity for the cancer antigen gp100. Isolated or purified tcrs having antigenic specificity for amino acids 154-162 of gp100 (seq id no: 1), as well as related polypeptides, proteins, nucleic acids, recombinant expression vectors, host cells, populations of cells, antibodies, or antigen binding fragments thereof, conjugates, and pharmaceutical compositions, are further provided.
Pro-drug form (p2pdox) of the highly potent 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin conjugated to antibodies for targeted therapy of cancer
Disclosed are methods, compositions and uses of conjugates of prodrug forms of 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin (p2pdox) with antibodies or antigen-binding fragments thereof (adcs), with targetable construct peptides or with other targeting molecules that are capable of delivering the p2pdox to a targeted cell, tissue or pathogen. Once delivered to the target cell, the adc or peptide conjugate is internalized, a highly toxic 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin (2-pdox) is released intracellularly.
Il-11r binding proteins and uses thereof
The present disclosure provides proteins comprising antigen binding sites of antibodies that bind to interleukin-11 (il-11) receptor alpha (il-11rα) and uses thereof, e.g., in therapy.. .
Dosages of immunoconjugates of antibodies and sn-38 for improved efficacy and decreased toxicity
The present invention relates to therapeutic immunoconjugates comprising sn-38 attached to an antibody or antigen-binding antibody fragment. The antibody may bind to egp-1 (trop-2), ceacam5, ceacam6, cd74, cd19, cd20, cd22, csap, hla-dr, afp or muc5ac and the immunoconjugate may be administered at a dosage of between 4 mg/kg and 24 mg/kg, preferably 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16 or 18 mg/kg.
Antibodies with improved folding stability
The present invention relates to methods for improving the folding stability of antibodies, to antibodies with improved folding stability, nucleic acid and vectors encoding such antibodies, and to uses of such antibodies, nucleic acid and vectors.. .
Peptides, devices, and methods for the detection of ehrlichia antibodies
The invention provides peptide compositions and mixtures useful for the detection of antibodies that bind to ehrlichia antigens. The peptide compositions and mixtures comprise polypeptide sequences based on an immunogenic fragment of the ehrlichia outer membrane protein 1 (omp-1) protein.
Methods and compositions for single chain variable region enox2 antibodies for cancer detection and diagnosis
All neoplastic cells express one or more members of a unique family of cell surface ubiquinone (nadh) oxidase proteins with protein disulfide-thiol interchange activity (ecto-nox proteins) that are characteristically inhibited by quinone site inhibitors with anti-cancer activity and a common amino acid sequence disclosed herein that allows for cancer-specific antibody recognition as well as for detection of certain critical reference proteins that provide loading controls. Cancers of different cellular or tissue origins express different enox2 cancer isoforms or combinations of isoforms and shed these proteins into the circulation.
Fet sensors with subtractive probes for indirect detection and methods
The present invention relates to compositions on a fet sensor for detecting wide variety of biological entities. The composition of the fet sensor comprises a linker probe having a region for binding a biological entity, and enzymatic region that can cleave or change the position of a cargo molecule bound to the linker probe.
Immunological methods and compositions for the treatment of alzheimer's disease
The present invention relates to immunogenic compositions and peptides comprising residues 4-10 (frhdsgy) of the amyloid peptide abeta42. The invention further relates to antibodies that bind to the abeta(4-10) antigenic determinant.
Glycopeptide and uses thereof
A glycolipopeptide comprising a carbohydrate component, a peptide component and a lipid component, for use as a therapeutic or prophylactic vaccine. Also provided are monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that recognize the glycolipopeptide of the invention, as well as uses thereof..
Novel hiv-1 envelope glycoprotein
The present application relates to novel hiv-1 envelope glycoproteins, which may be utilized as hiv-1 vaccine immunogens, and antigens for crystallization, electron micrsocopy and other biophysical, biochemical and immunological studies for the identification of broad neutralizing antibodies. The present invention encompasses the preparation and purification of immunogenic compositions, which are formulated into the vaccines of the present invention..
Klebsiella antigens
The present invention relates to an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding an antigen, a vector comprising such nucleic acid molecule and a host cell comprising such vector. Furthermore, the invention provides antigens from klebsiella species, fragments and variants thereof, a process for producing such antigens, and a process for producing cells expressing such antigens.
Rapid clearance of antigen complexes using novel antibodies
The present invention relates to rapid clearance molecules that bind target antigens and fcγriib with increased affinity as compared to parent molecules, said compositions being capable of causing accelerated clearance of such antigens. Such compositions are useful for treating a variety of disorders, including allergic diseases, atherosclerosis, and a variety of other conditions..
Rapid clearance of antigen complexes using novel antibodies
The present invention relates to immunoglobulins that bind ige and fcγriib with high affinity, said compositions being capable of inhibiting cells that express membrane-anchored ige. Such compositions are useful for treating ige-mediated disorders, including allergies and asthma..
Humanized anti-factor d antibodies and uses thereof
The invention relates to anti-factor d antibodies, their nucleic acid and amino acid sequences, the cells and vectors that harbor these antibodies and their production and their use in the preparation of compositions and medicaments for treatment of diseases and disorders associated with excessive or uncontrolled complement activation. These antibodies are useful for diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of disease..
Antibodies specific for urokinase-type plasminogen activator and methods of use thereof
The present disclosure relates to antibodies specific for urokinase-type plasminogen activator (upa). According to certain embodiments, the anti-upa antibody specifically binds to the active form of upa.
Multiple-variable dose regimen for treating tnfalpha-related disorders
Multiple-variable dose methods for treating tnfα-related disorders, including crohn's disease and psoriasis, comprising administering tnfα inhibitors, including tnfα antibodies, are described. Multiple-variable dose methods include administration of a tnf-inhibitor in an induction or loading phase followed by administration of the agent in a maintenance or treatment phase, wherein the tnf-inhibitor is administered in a higher dosage during the induction phase..
Anti-properdin antibodies and uses thereof
This invention relates to selective inhibition of the alternative pathway (ap) of the complement system using an anti-properdin antibody. Specifically, the invention relates to methods of treating an ap-mediated pathology or ap-mediated condition in an individual by contacting the individual with an anti-properdin antibody..
Therapeutic use of anti-cd22 antibodies for inducing trogocytosis
Disclosed are methods and compositions of anti-b cell antibodies, preferably anti-cd22 antibodies, for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of b-cell associated diseases, such as b-cell malignancies, autoimmune disease and immune dysfunction disease. Preferably, the antibodies induce trogocytosis of b-cell antigens, such as cd19, cd20, cd21, cd22, cd79b, cd44, cd62l, or β7-integrin.
Anti-tnf-alpha antibodies and their uses
The present disclosure relates to antibodies directed to the tumor necrosis factor alpha (“tnf-α”) and uses of such antibodies, for example, to treat diseases associated with the activity and/or overproduction of tnf-α.. .
Methods for treating cancer using anti-pd-1 antibodies in combination with anti-ctla-4 antibodies
The present invention provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human monoclonal antibodies, that specifically bind to pd-1 with high affinity. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies of the invention, expression vectors, host cells and methods for expressing the antibodies of the invention are also provided.
Therapeutic antibodies
A pharmaceutical comprising a therapeutic protein that hinds to a therapeutic target, the protein being modified with a compound that inhibits binding of the protein to the therapeutic target, the modified protein being effective for reducing an immune response against the protein and for producing a therapeutic effect by binding to the therapeutic target. The therapeutic protein may be an antibody that includes an antibody combining site that binds to the therapeutic target..
Manipulation of immunoglobulin gene diversity and multi-antibody therapeutics
The invention provides improved non-human vertebrates and non-vertebrate cells capable of expressing antibodies comprising human variable region sequences. The present invention is directed to the provision of long hcdr3s from non-human vertebrates and cells.
Methods of treating tnf-alpha-mediated diseases using chimeric tnf-alpha antibodies
Anti-tnf antibodies, fragments and regions thereof which are specific for human tumor necrosis factor-α (tnfα) and are useful in vivo diagnosis and therapy of a number of tnfα-mediated pathologies and conditions, as well as polynucleotides coding for murine and chimeric antibodies, methods of producing the antibody, methods of use of the anti-tnf antibody, or fragment, region or derivative thereof, in immunoassays and immunotherapeutic approaches are provided.. .
Anti-cea antibodies
The present invention provides antigen binding molecules (abms) which bind membrane-bound cea, including abms with improved therapeutic properties, and methods of using the same.. .

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