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Antibiotic patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Antibiotic-related patents
 Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors patent thumbnailNon-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Are hiv reverse transcriptase inhibitors, wherein r1, r2, re, l, m and z are defined herein. The compounds of formula i and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are useful in the inhibition of hiv reverse transcriptase, the prophylaxis and treatment of infection by hiv and in the prophylaxis, delay in the onset or progression, and treatment of aids.
 Methods of treating acne patent thumbnailMethods of treating acne
A method of treating acne in a human in need thereof comprising administering systemically to said human a tetracycline compound in an amount that is effective to treat acne but has substantially no antibiotic activity, without administering a bisphosphonate compound.. .
 Enzyme inhibiting compounds and methods patent thumbnailEnzyme inhibiting compounds and methods
The invention provides compounds, compositions, and methods for studying the rohmer pathway and for treating bacterial infections or parasitic infections. The parasitic infection can be a protozoan infection, such as malaria.
 Method of inhibiting clostridium difficile by administration of oritavancin patent thumbnailMethod of inhibiting clostridium difficile by administration of oritavancin
Glycopeptide antibiotics, such as oritavancin, demonstrate significant activity against both a vegetative form of c. Difficile and c.
 System and method for producing biomaterials patent thumbnailSystem and method for producing biomaterials
A bioreactor system for manufacturing and extracting a desired biomaterial from a microorganism by fermenting the microorganism in the bioreactor. The system includes a horizontal reactor vessel, one or more vertical discs rotatably mounted around a hollow shaft, a motor to power the shaft, and one or more spray nozzles arranged to spray required liquids on to the discs.
 Compositions and methods for enhancing production of a biological product patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for enhancing production of a biological product
The invention provides compositions and methods for producing a biological product from a host cell. In various embodiments, the biological product is a polypeptide, a metabolite, a nutraceutical, a chemical intermediate, a biofuel, a food additive, or an antibiotic.
 Method for producing an implant coating, and corresponding implant patent thumbnailMethod for producing an implant coating, and corresponding implant
A medical implant which, on at least part of its surface, has a coating with an osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive top layer based on calcium phosphate and/or calcium carbonate, wherein an antibiotic active substance, which is soluble in aqueous medium, is coated over the osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive top layer in patches, leaving gaps on the osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive top layer.. .
 Lantibiotic nai-802, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, compositions and uses thereof patent thumbnailLantibiotic nai-802, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, compositions and uses thereof
The present invention concerns novel lantibiotic compounds, processes for the isolation and preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, pharmaceutical acceptable salts thereof, and methods of use of the lantibiotics as antibacterial agents.. .
 Measurement method and measurement kit of antibiotics concentration patent thumbnailMeasurement method and measurement kit of antibiotics concentration
A method and kit for measuring a concentration of an antibiotic are provided. The method of measuring a concentration of an antibiotic includes preparing magnetic particles bound to an antibiotic, preparing silica-coated fluorescent particles to which at least one antibody of the antibiotic is bound, allowing the magnetic particles to react with the silica-coated fluorescent particles, and irradiating the reacted silica-coated fluorescent particles with laser beams..
 Nanoparticle - biocide treatment of biofilms patent thumbnailNanoparticle - biocide treatment of biofilms
A system of stabilized metallic nanoparticles is described that includes metallic nanoparticles coated with a hydrophilic polymer that has been reacted with a catechol-based ligand. Also described are stable, metallic nanoparticles that can be used alone or in conjunction with biocides, antibiotics, or other treatment systems in a method to disrupt a biofilm and facilitate its removal from a surface.
Use of a feed composition for reducing methane emission in ruminants, and/or to improve ruminant performance
The present invention relates to the field of reduction of methane emission in ruminants. Particularly, it relates to the use of a feed composition or a feed additive comprising at least one antibiotic and at least one organic molecule substituted at any position with at least one nitrooxy group for reducing the production of methane emanating from the digestive activities of ruminants, and/or to improve the ruminant performance..
Novel solid forms of antibiotics
The invention relates to novel solid forms of fluoroquinolones, in particular to complex co-crystals and to solvates, hydrates and polymorphs thereof. These substances can be used to prepare a pharmaceutical composition containing same as an active ingredient, which can be used as an antibiotic.
Novel antibacterial combination therapy
An antibacterial composition is provided including a combination of a β-lactam antibiotic that has a binding affinity for bacterial penicillin-binding protein 2; and a non-antibiotic compound which may be a thienopyridine or a non-thienopyridine compound. A method of treatment using the composition is also provided..
Methods for preparing purified lipopeptides
The present invention relates to crystalline and crystal-like forms of lipopeptides, including daptomycin, a lipopeptide antibiotic with potent bactericidal activity against gram-positive bacteria, including strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics. The present invention relates to methods of purifying lipopeptides, including daptomycin, a lipopeptide antibiotic with potent bactericidal activity against gram-positive bacteria, including strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics.
Methods for antimicrobial resistance determination
The present invention relates to methods and systems for determining the antibiotic-resistance status of microorganisms. The invention further provides methods for determining the antibiotic-resistance status of microorganisms in situ within a single system..
Antimicrobial constructs
The invention is based on the recognition that known antimicrobial compounds, such as nisin or other lantibiotics, can be made to form a long lasting antimicrobial surface coating by linking the peptide with a block polymer, such as pluronic® f108 or an end group activated polymer (egap) in a manner to form a flexible tether and/or entrap the peptide. The entrapped peptide provides antimicrobial action by early release from entrapment while the tethered peptide provides longer lasting antimicrobial protection.
Compositions comprising siloxane polymer
Compositions comprising siloxane polymers are disclosed. The compositions are useful as thixotropic bases for a variety of components, such as antimicrobial agents, sterilants, medicaments, antibiotics, analgesics, essential oils, preservatives, colorants, fragrances, and the like.
Detection of endotoxins
A complex comprises a polyene macrolide antibiotic and an endotoxin. Methods and devices detect the complex.
Anti-fouling paints and coatings
Disclosed herein are a materials such as a coating, an elastomer, an adhesive, a sealant, a textile finish, a wax, and a filler for such a material, wherein the material includes an proteinaceous molecule such as a peptide and/an enzyme that confer a metal binding, an anti-fouling and/or an antibiotic property to the material. In particular, discosed herein are marine coatings such as a marine paint that comprise an anti-fouling peptide sequence that reversibly binds a metal cation that is toxic to a fouling organism.
Use of secnidazole in treatment of dental infections
The invention relates to the combination of secnidazole with an antibiotic of the macrolide family, preferably azithromycin 11, for oral treatment of dental infections, which enables a considerable reduction in the length of treatment and the doses administered in comparison with the conventional treatment.. .
Method for treating rhinitis and sinusitis by rhamnolipids
The present invention is directed to methods for treating rhinitis or sinusitis in a subject. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of: identifying a subject in need thereof, and administering intranasally to the subject a formulation comprising an only active ingredient of an effective amount of rhamnolipid.
Inhibition of biofilms in plants with imidazole derivatives
Disclosure is provided for methods of preventing, removing or inhibiting microbial biofilm formation or microbial infection in a plant or plant part thereof, including applying thereto a treatment effective amount of an active compound as described herein, or an agriculturally acceptable salt thereof. Methods of enhancing a microbicide (e.g., including a copper, antibiotic, bacteriophage, etc.) and/or plant defense activator are also provided, including applying an active compound as described herein.
Antibacterial phage, phage peptides and methods of use thereof
The present invention is directed to the field of phage therapy for the treatment and control of bacterial infections. In particular, the present invention is directed to the novel bacteriophage f387/08, f391/08, f394/08, f488/08, f510/08, f44/10, and f125/10, isolated polypeptides thereof, compositions comprising one or more of the novel bacteriophage and/or isolated polypeptides, as well as to methods for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections using same, either alone or in combination with other antibacterial therapies, e.g., antibiotics and/or other phage therapies..
Imidazole carbonyl compound
To develop an antibiotic having a novel mechanism of action, the present inventors have searched for a compound that has weak cytotoxicity, the physical property of high solubility in water, the effect of inhibiting both dna gyrase gyrb and topoisomerase iv pare subunits, and sufficient antibacterial activity. As a result, the present inventors have completed the present invention by finding that a compound of the present invention represented by the general formula (1), a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof, and a prodrug thereof have desirable properties.
Antibiotic compositions for the treatment of gram negative infections
Provided herein are novel compounds and novel protected compounds that can be derived from polymyxin, including, e.g., polymyxin a. The novel compounds have antibacterial properties against a diverse range of gram negative bacteria and reduced toxicity compared to polymyxins such as polymyxin a.
Antimicrobial preparation and methods for making and using the same
An antibiofilm complex formed of a polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp) backbone, iodine anchored to the pvp backbone, rifampin anchored to the pvp backbone, and a second antibiotic selected from the group consisting of tobramycin and gentamicin anchored to the pvp backbone.. .
Use of calixarenes associated with an antibotic in the treatment of bacterial infections
A product comprising a calixarene for its use in the treatment of pathologies involving at least one bacterial strain having a resistance to at least one defined antibiotic, on patients undergoing simultaneous or sequential treatment with a given antibiotic to which said bacterial strain optionally has a resistance.. .
Antibiotic tolerance inhibitors
The present disclosure relates to benzimidazole-benzamide derivatives, and the use thereof, e.g., to treat infections.. .
Cyclohexane compounds and their use as antibiotics
The present invention relates to compounds according to general formula (i), pharmaceutical compositions comprising compounds according to general formula (i) and the use of the compounds for the treatment of a bacterial infection, particularly for use as an antibiotic.. .
Use of calixarenes associated with an antibiotic in the treatment of bacterial infections
A product comprising at least one given antibiotic and a calixarene for use as medicament.. .
Medical implants and methods for regulating the tissue response to vascular closure devices
Devices and methods for reducing, eliminating, preventing, suppressing, or treating tissue responses to hemostatic devices e.g., biological sealants or vascular procedures are disclosed. The invention employs a combination of resorbable, biocompatible matrix materials and a variety of therapeutic agents, such as antiproliferatives or antibiotics, applied to a vascular puncture or incision to achieve hemostasis following diagnostic or interventional vascular catheterizations and to treat neointimal hyperplasia and stenosis.
Staphylococcus haemolyticus prophage phish2 endolysin is lytic for staphylococcus aureus
Methicillin-resistant (mrsa) and multi-drug resistant strains of staphylococcus aureus are becoming increasingly prevalent in both human and veterinary clinics. S.
Prophylaxis and treatment of enteropathogenic bacterial infection
In accordance with the present invention, methods are provided for the prevention and/or treatment of enteropathogenic bacterial infection in the gastrointestinal tract of a subject, and the diarrhea associated with the infection, by administration to the subject of a low molecular weight polyethylene glycol, as well concurrent administration with other antibiotic and antidiarrheal agents. Methods for reduction or suppression of inflammation, and inhibition of β1-integrin expression in the gastrointestinal mucosa are also provided.
Oxazolidinone containing dimer compounds, compositions and methods to make and use
Wherein n is a non-negative integer; wherein each z is an oxazolidinone-containing moiety having antibiotic activity in vivo upon cleaving, wherein m is independently or1 or nr1r2; wherein r1 and r2 are independently selected from the group consisting of h, an optionally-substituted hydrocarbyl residue or a pharmaceutically acceptable cation; wherein the compound in the dosage form or a pharmaceutical composition is present in an amount effective for treating or preventing an antibacterial infection in a mammalian subject. Methods of preparing and using these dosage forms or pharmaceutical compositions are also disclosed..
Supercoiled minivectors as a tool for dna repair, alteration and replacement
In some embodiments the present disclosure provides a composition for targeted alteration of a dna sequence and methods of altering the targeted dna sequence using the composition. In some embodiments such a composition comprises a minivector comprising a nucleic acid sequence template for homology-directed repair, alteration, or replacement of the targeted dna sequence within a cell in vivo or in vitro, where the minivector lacks both a bacterial origin of replication and an antibiotic selection gene, and wherein the minivector has a size up to about 2,500 base pairs.
Methods, devices and formulations for targeted endobronchial therapy
The present invention provides an improved means of treating tracheobronchitis, bronchiectasis and pneumonia in the nosocomial patient, preferably with aerosolized anti gram-positive and anti-gram negative antibiotics administered in combination or in seriatim in reliably sufficient amounts for therapeutic effect. In one aspect, the invention assures this result when aerosol is delivered into the ventilator circuit.
Compositions containing moxifloxacin for treating otic infections
Ophthalmic, otic and nasal compositions containing a new class of antibiotics (e.g., moxifloxacin) are disclosed. The compositions preferably also contain one or more anti-inflammatory agents.
Apparatus and methods for microbiological analysis
Methods and systems for identification of microorganisms either after isolation from a culture or directly from a sample. The methods and systems are configured to identify microorganisms based on the characterization of proteins of the microorganisms via high-resolution/mass accuracy single-stage (ms) or multi-stage (msn) mass spectrometry.
Trace elements
The invention discloses a trace element solution, which comprises at least one metal selected from the group comprising selenium, copper, zinc, manganese and chromium; and at least one component selected from the group comprising a vitamin, a vaccine, a growth stimulant, a dewormer, iron dextran, an antibiotic and a synchronisation preparation. The synchronisation preparation is a combination of injectable hormonal preparations, inplantable hormonal preparations, intravaginal hormonal preparation and other slow release hormonal preparation.
Antibiotic delivery system and method
The invention provides a system and method for delivering antibiotic powder to a surgical wound that reduces the likelihood of contamination. A pre-packaged, sterile antibiotic powder delivery system comprises a container; a measured dosage of an antibiotic powder disposed within the container; and a sieve top attached to the top of the container, wherein the container and sieve top are sealed as a unit in a sterile packaging.
Assay for arginyl hydroxylase activity
The present invention relates to assays for monitoring activity of ycfd activity, in particular, to assays for identifying modulators of ycfd activity. The present invention also relates to the use of ycfd inhibitors as antibiotics.
Nanocapsulation of essential oils for preventing or curing infectious diseases alone or with an antibiotic
A composition, an encapsulated composition and/or nanoparticles comprising at least one essential oil having a large spectrum antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal activity and/or a plant antipathogen, optionally at least one antibiotic and optionally a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier is disclosed. Methods for treating infectious diseases and especially bacterial, parasitic, fungal and/or plant infectious by using this composition, encapsulated composition and/or nanoparticles are also disclosed..
Methods for treating bacterial infection
This invention relates to methods for treating bacterial infection, which methods find utility in the treatment of, for example, infected ulcers, optionally infected diabetic ulcers. In particular, this invention relates to treating bacterial infection, for example, infected diabetic ulcers by topical administration of at least one aminoglycoside antibiotic at the site of infection, in combination with at least one antibacterial agent, which antibacterial agent is administered remote from the site of infection, preferably administered systemically.
Compounds for use in the treatment of bacterial infection
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; wherein r1 to r4, r7, r9 to r12 and y are as defined herein. The invention further relates to pharmaceutical composition comprising said compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; and method of using same for reducing or reversing bacterial resistance to at least one aminoglycoside antibiotic..
Genes and proteins for the biosynthesis of the lantibiotic 107891
The invention relates to the field of lantibiotics, and more specifically to the isolation of nucleic acid molecules that code for the enzymes required for the biosynthetic pathway of the lantibiotic 107891 and the homologues thereof.. .
Beneficial effects of bacteriophage treatments
The invention relates to use of one or more bacteriophages in vivo in a human or animal in order to induce sensitivity to chemical antibiotics in bacterial cells, where such susceptibility is heritable, independent of continuing bacteriophage metabolism within those cells, and does not relate to the destruction of a biofilm to induce such sensitivity.. .
Selective poly-n-substituted glycine antibiotics
Antimicrobial peptoid compounds and related compositions as can be used against bacteria effectively and selectively.. .
Paste-like bone cement
A paste contains at least one monomer for radical polymerisation, at least one polymer that is soluble in said at least one monomer for radical polymerisation, and at least one filling agent that is poorly soluble or insoluble in said at least one monomer for radical polymerisation. The filling agent is a particulate inorganic calcium salt comprising the following properties: at least 90% by weight of the particulate inorganic calcium salt have a particle size of less than 63 μm, as determined by means of sieve analysis; and the solubility in water of the particulate inorganic calcium salt at 20° c.

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