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Anterior patents

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Capsulotomy device with suction cup compression chamber

Reusable multi-purpose bag formed of nonwoven fibrous material

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anterior-related patents
 Femoral head prosthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Femoral head prosthesis
A femoral head prosthesis (110) comprises an articulating surface (112) which is more than hemi-spherical; an internal recess (114) having a longitudinal axis defining a pole p of the articulating surface (112), the longitudinal axis passing through the centre of curvature of the articulating surface (112); a first edge (116) which constitutes a posterior edge in use, and a second edge (118) which constitutes an anterior edge and/or an antero-inferior edge in use. The first edge (116) is further from the pole p than the second edge (118).
 Capsulotomy device with suction cup compression chamber patent thumbnailnew patent Capsulotomy device with suction cup compression chamber
A surgical device and procedure are provided for smoothly and easily accessing tissue to perform microsurgery, including a capsulotomy of a lens capsule of an eye. The device includes a handpiece with a tip for insertion into an incision in the cornea of the eye.
 Support structure for administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation patent thumbnailnew patent Support structure for administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation
The present invention relates generally to a support structure for fixating a patient to a treatment unit, and especially to a support structure for fixating the patient to a cardiopulmonary resuscitation unit. An embodiment of the support structure comprises a back plate for positioning behind said patient's back posterior to said patient's heart and a front part for positioning around said patient's chest anterior to said patient's heart.
 Prone workout assisting instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Prone workout assisting instrument
An assisting instrument allows a person to effectively train his/her inner unit by movements in twisting directions or one leg raises, and allows the twisting movements in a prone posture. A first body part is comprised of a rectangular parallelepiped part and an integrated semicircle pillar section.
 Reusable multi-purpose bag formed of nonwoven fibrous material patent thumbnailnew patent Reusable multi-purpose bag formed of nonwoven fibrous material
Described herein is a reusable, multi-purpose bag, comprising a flexible, resiliently deformable body comprising a first material and a second material. The first material has a first degradation temperature and an absorption ratio of at least two to one of absorbed water weight to bag weight.
 Apparatus for imaging an eye patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for imaging an eye
A slit lamp mounted eye imaging a slit lamp integrated, a handheld, oct integrated, or attached to a separate chinrest-joystick assembly apparatus for producing a wide field and/or magnified views of the posterior or the anterior segments of an eye through an undilated or dilated pupil. The apparatus images sections and focal planes and utilizes an illumination system that uses one or more leds, shifting optical elements, flipping masks, and/or aperture stops where the light can be delivered into the optical system on optical axis or off axis from center of optical system and return imaging path from the eye, creating artifacts in different locations on the eye image.
 Knee replacement prosthetic patent thumbnailKnee replacement prosthetic
A knee replacement system for enabling natural knee movement in a leg comprising a prosthetic is provided. The prosthetic includes a tibial portion at least partially implantable on a resected surface of a tibia; a plate portion attached to the tibial portion and at least partially implantable in a meniscal space; wherein the plate portion comprises a top surface having a medial recess and a lateral recess and a bottom surface attached to a top surface of the tibial portion wherein the tibial portion and the plate portion are one piece, wherein a medial side surface, a lateral side surface, a posterior side surface and an anterior side surface are attached to at least a portion of the top surface and at least a portion of the bottom surface and defining a medial side edge, a lateral side edge, a posterior side edge and an anterior side edge respectively, where in at least a portion of one of the medial side edge, lateral side edge, posterior side edge, and anterior side edge is oblique..
 Intervertebral cage with anterior fixation and stabilization patent thumbnailIntervertebral cage with anterior fixation and stabilization
A spinal implant. The spinal implant includes a spacer having an upper surface for contacting a superior vertebral body, a lower surface for contacting an inferior vertebral body, a first insertion end portion, and a second end portion opposite the first insertion end portion; a fixation frame coupled to the second end portion of the spacer and including a bridge portion oriented substantially coplanar with the spacer and at least one arm extending from the bridge portion; and at least one fixation element having a first insertion end for penetrating the superior or inferior vertebral bodies and a second end coupled to the at least one arm of the fixation frame..
 Anterior corneal shapes and methods of providing the shapes patent thumbnailAnterior corneal shapes and methods of providing the shapes
Methods of determining a desired shape for the anterior surface of the cornea in vision correction procedures.. .
 Compressible device patent thumbnailCompressible device
An electro-stimulation device for the treatment of anterior and posterior pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is reversibly compressible and is fully self-contained. The device requires no external power sources or control and may be inserted into the vagina or anus through the use of an applicator.
Dynamic spinal plating system
Dynamic spinal plating systems that can be placed on the anterior aspect of the spine to aid in spinal fusion and surgical methods for using the dynamic spinal plating systems are disclosed. The dynamic spinal plating systems including a plate and at least one bone attachment mechanism.
Electronic cigarette with simulation filter tip structure
The present application is directed to an electronic cigarette with a simulation filter tip structure, including an atomizer element and a battery element situated within the cigarette stem. The surface of the cigarette stem is covered by a sticker piece.
Sensory motor stimulation garments and methods
The disclosed method is for making a shirt that includes an anterior portion and a posterior portion. The method includes seamlessly weaving at least a posterior portion of a shirt from a first thread having a first elasticity; and seamlessly weaving a plurality of bands into the posterior portion of the shirt using a second thread having a second elasticity different from the first elasticity..
Expandable interbody (lateral, posterior, anterior) multi-access cage for spinal surgery
An interbody cage can be utilized in a multi-access approach. Such a device can be inserted in an mis exposure and then can be expanded insitu.
Target therapy delivery site selection
In some examples of selecting a target therapy delivery site for treating a patient condition, a relatively high frequency electrical stimulation signal is delivered to at least two areas within a first region (e.g., an anterior nucleus of the thalamus) of a brain of a patient, and changes in brain activity (e.g., as indicated by bioelectrical brain signals) within a second region (e.g., a hippocampus) of the brain of the patient in response to the delivered stimulation are determined. The target therapy delivery site, an electrode combination, or both, may be selected based on the changes in brain activity..
Surgical aiming device
A hinged pivoting guide for positioning a femoral tunnel in anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction locates a drilling hole for placement that optimally penetrates a minimal depth of soft tissue (skin, muscle, etc.) yet directs drilling into a sufficiently rigid and structurally sound area of the femur. The hinged guide allows placement of an aimer point at a desired drilling exit location on the femur.
System for acl reconstruction using retrograde cutter
A system for anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction using holes in bone created by retrograde cutting. A rotary cutter, mounted onto an insertion post of a tibial guide, is inserted through an anteromedial portal and the rotary cutter placed on the anatomical origin of an acl tibial insertion.
Ophthalmologic laser device and method for preventing and treating aftercataract
An ophthalmologic laser device includes a pulsed laser configured to produce radiation focused along at treatment beam path. A variably adjustable beam deflector unit and a focusing lens system are disposed in the treatment beam path.
System and method of performing femtosecond laser accomodative capsulotomy
Disclosed is a system and method for making a first incision in an anterior capsule of a capsular bag, the first incision being less than or equal to approximately 3.5 mm in diameter and making a second incision in the anterior capsule, the second incision being less than or equal to approximately 3.0 mm in diameter. The first incision and the second incision are positioned off-center from a center portion of the anterior capsule.
Systems and methods for treating post-operative infections
An infection treatment system includes a first intramedullary rod for placement within an intramedullary canal and including a superior portion having a superior end, an inferior portion having an inferior end, and a shaft extending longitudinally between the superior and inferior portions. The shaft includes longitudinally extending channels.
Integrated oral appliance for sleep-disordered breathing
An integrated oral appliance for treating breathing obstruction, snoring and restriction of the upper airway during sleep with a tongue restraint. Oral appliances of the invention may include an oral cavity engagement device including one or more trays, a tongue restraint with a tongue contact portion, a spring force element operatively coupled between the at least one tray and the tongue restraint, wherein the spring force element is adjustable anteriorly and posteriorly relative to the tray(s), and an air conduit inside the tongue restraint with a front opening of the air conduit extending beyond an anterior end of the tray(s) and a rear opening of the air conduit at a posterior end of the of the oral cavity engagement device configured to extend to a posterior surface of a tongue..
Ankle replacement system and method
A position adjustment device having a tool holder is locked to at least two pins projecting from respective anterior facing locations near a distal end of a tibia of a patient. The position adjustment device is adjusted.
Spinal implant apparatus and methods
A method of inserting and positioning an intervertebral spacer is provided. The spacer includes a longitudinal axis, an on-axis interface coincident with or parallel to the longitudinal axis, and an off-axis interface angled to the longitudinal axis.
Back loaded iol insertion cartridge
A rear-loaded injector cartridge for an intraocular lens (iol) having a proximal opening that provides a haptic slot. The haptic slot receives a leading haptic of an iol loaded therein, and temporarily retains the leading haptic while the optic of the iol is inserted into a holding area of the cartridge.
Patient-specific convertible guides
A method of intraoperatively selecting between a partial knee arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty includes mounting a patient-specific three-dimensional surface of a convertible patient-specific guide in a unique position mating to a corresponding surface of a distal femoral bone. The convertible patient-specific guide includes an anterior portion and a distal portion a patellofemoral guide.
Instruments for minimally invasive surgery total knee arthroplasty
An anti-backout stylus comprising a stylus and a locking stylus holder. The locking stylus holder engages the stylus at a series of discrete positions during insertion of the stylus into the holder.
Ocular pressure regulation
Disclosed are devices and methods of treating an ocular disorder including forming a self-sealing incision in a cornea into an anterior chamber of an eye; introducing through the incision a fluid drainage tube having a distal end, a proximal end and a longitudinal, internal lumen extending through the fluid drainage tube, wherein at least the proximal end passes through the anterior chamber; and implanting the distal end of the fluid drainage tube in fluid communication with the suprachoroidal space such that the proximal end of the fluid drainage tube remains in fluid communication with the anterior chamber.. .
Stationary anterior phased array coil for simultaneous pet-mr imaging
A pet-mr apparatus includes an mr imaging system for acquiring mr signals and a pet system for acquiring pet emissions of the patient. The pet-mr apparatus also includes an anterior surface coil configured to receive mr signals from a volume-of-interest of the patient in the bore and resulting from the emitted rf pulse sequence and a coil positioning structure mounted to the pet-mr apparatus and configured to receive the anterior surface coil thereon and position the anterior surface coil proximate to the volume-of-interest of the patient without coming in contact with the patient, with the coil positioning structure being configured to provide both a vertical adjustment of the anterior surface coil relative to a coronal plane of the patient and an angular adjustment of the anterior surface coil relative to the coronal plane of the patient..
Endoluminal introducer
An introducer for use during endoscopic procedures provides insufflation, washing, and aspiration functions, and provides for the protection of the endoluminal surface during laparoscopic examination of an anastomosis or suture line following low anterior resection of the bowel. The introducer may be designed for the insertion of an endoscope capable of white light and/or near infra-red fluorescence imaging into the rectum for analysis of an anastomosis following low anterior resection of the bowel..
Apparatus for treating anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapse
The invention disclosed herein includes an apparatus for treating anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapse. The apparatus is a graft having a central body portion and a first and second wing portions extending in distinct directions from the central body.
Dental implant
The invention provides a dental implant including a body portion, an abutment portion and a connection portion. The body portion has a body outer diameter.
System and method for maxillary protraction in class iii malocclusion patients
The embodiments herein provide a maxillary protraction device is provided for treating maxillary transverse discrepancies in young orthodontic patients and in skeletally mature patients using only local anesthesia and without administering general anesthesia. The maxillary protraction device comprises a hyrax provided with an adjustable screw and a plurality of bands connected to the hyrax through a connecting wire.
Cyclodextrin nanotechnology for ophthalmic drug delivery
The invention provides an ophthalmic composition which is an aqueous suspension comprising drug, cyclodextrin and water, the composition having an aqueous phase of from about 0.1% (w/v) to about 90% (w/v) of the drug in solution, as dissolved free drug and as dissolved drug/cyclodextrin complex(es), and a solid phase of from about 10% (w/v) to about 99.9% (w/v) of the drug as solid drug/cyclodextrin particles, suspended in the aqueous phase; the size of the solid particles being from about 10 nm to about 1 mm, the drug/cyclodextrin particles being capable of dissolving in aqueous tear fluid within 24 hours of application to the eye surface. The aqueous eye suspension can be in the form of eye drops, eye gel or eye mist.
Safety cutting device
A safety cutting device includes a slidable insert that moves longitudinally within a cavity of a housing. The slidable insert has a cutting blade attached and moves within the housing from a safe position in which the blade is covered to an exposed position for cutting.
Edge design for reducing unwanted photic effects in intraocular lenses
An intraocular lens (iol) has an optic, a peripheral rim, and a reduced thickness region connecting the optic to the peripheral rim. The peripheral rim has a continuously curving outer edge that it does not include any tangents parallel to the optical axis either along its length or at the intersection of the outer edge with the anterior or posterior surfaces of the iol..
Accommodative intraocular lens
An accommodating intraocular lens implant includes an anterior floating lens unit, a posterior lens unit, an anterior lens link, a posterior lens link, and an anterior rim link, which comprises an anterior rim jointed element. An anterior rim complex is disposed such that the anterior floating lens unit is movable toward and away from the anterior rim complex, in an anterior-posterior direction.
Curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens
A curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens is provided in which the anterior surface of the intraocular lens undergoes dynamic change in curvature to focus light from distant objects to those nearby. The lens utilizes fluid movement from bladders defined as junctions between haptic elements and lens element or bladders positioned between the haptic elements and lens element periphery to change the curvature..
Accommodating intraocular lens
An accommodating intraocular lens (iol) comprises an anterior lens, a posterior surface and an articulating member joining the anterior lens and the posterior surface to define an enclosed cavity. The articulating member comprises anterior and posterior arms coupling the anterior lens and the posterior surface, respectively.
Kit for placing fixation devices
The invention disclosed herein includes an apparatus for treatment of prolapse in a pelvic region of a patient, the apparatus comprising an implant member having anterior straps, mid-line straps, and posterior straps, sutures coupled to the implant to secure the implant to the pelvic region of the patient.. .
Plush figure including multi-chamber storage system
One example includes a body formed of body fabric, the body defining a body pocket opening, a body pocket disposed in an interior of the body and coupled to the body pocket opening and body plush disposed in the interior of the body, between the body pocket and the body fabric. The example includes a head formed of head fabric, the head having a posterior portion of the head coupled to the body at an anterior portion of the body, the head defining a head pocket opening disposed on an anterior portion of the head, a head pocket disposed in an interior of the head and coupled to the head pocket opening and head plush disposed in the interior of the head, between the head pocket and the head fabric.
Method and a security module configured to enforce processing of management messages
A method and a security module configured to enforce processing of management messages. The security module is associated to a multimedia receiver configured to receive broadcast access controlled multimedia services.
Method for inserting a decoration in an external timepiece element deposited by electroforming and an external element made in accordance with this method
To fabricate an external timepiece element in which there is inserted at least one decoration, the decoration is formed of anterior and posterior parts respectively intended to emerge from the external element and to serve as a mechanism of anchoring the decoration in the external element. A master mold is provided, the master mold including a hollow pattern cavity matching dimensions of the anterior part of the decoration.
Patient interface assembly with self-adjusting anchor points
A patient interface assembly having an improved support for use in securing a patient interface device to the head of a patient overcomes the shortcomings of conventional headgear. The improved support provides a self-adjusting anchor point situated anterior to the ear of the patient that provides enhanced stability in mounting the patient interface device to the patient..
Heel-suspending protective boot
A protective boot adapted to be worn by individuals when lying in a reclining position. The boot has leg and forefoot portions that provide foot and lower leg support for a wearer while suspending the wearer's heel.
Polyaxial articulating instrument
A polyaxial instrument suitable for preparing the intervertebral disc space of a patient through an anterior, posterior, transforaminal or anterolateral approach. The trial can be partially inserted into a disc space and then its angle adjusted to ease its further insertion into the disc space.
Method and system for providing an intraocular lens having an improved depth of field
A method and system provide an ophthalmic device. The ophthalmic device includes an ophthalmic lens having an anterior surface, a posterior surface, an optic axis and at least one diffractive grating pattern.
Epicardial clip
An epicardial clip for reshaping the annulus of the mitral valve of a heart. The epicardial clip includes a curved member having an anterior segment configured to be positioned in the transverse sinus of the heart, a posterior segment configured to be positioned on the posterior side of the heart, such as on or inferior to the atrioventricular groove, and a lateral segment extending between the anterior segment and the posterior segment.
Methods and devices for portal fixation to the spine
A method and device for attaching a curvilinear access device having a movable top and an expandable working portal to the spine, the attachment including a holding arm assembly, posterior tang, anterior tang and/or a portal fixation pin.. .
Vertebral screw arrangement with locking pin
Techniques for anterior partial transpedicular stabilization are disclosed. The techniques may be realized as a vertebral stabilization assembly including a first vertebral screw having a shaft with a first end, a threaded portion, and an engaging portion, and a second vertebral screw having a shaft with a first end, a threaded portion, and an engaging portion, the threaded portions configured for threading engagement of the vertebral screw with a vertebral body of a first vertebra.
Systems and methods for priming an intraocular pressure sensor in an intraocular implant
An iop monitoring device for implantation in an eye of a patient may include a first tube having a first opening, the first tube being configured to extend into the anterior chamber. An intraocular pressure sensing (iop) device for implantation in an eye of a patient may include a pressure sensor, a pressure sensor cap, and a tube coupled to a chamber inlet.
Surgical mesh for prolapse repair
A surgical mesh for prolapse repair is anchored into the anterior longitudinal ligament of the sacrum and then adjusted. On the sacral end of the mesh, synthetic anchors are placed into the anterior longitudinal ligament of the sacrum.
Traction device and maxillary traction device
A traction device includes an engaging assembly engaging with a mouthpiece to be attached to a maxilla inside a mouth of a human body and a support assembly supporting the engaging assembly in contact with a face of the human body, wherein the engaging assembly pulls the mouthpiece in an anterior direction of the human body. The support assembly includes an upper contact body configured to be in contact with a forehead of the face and a lower contact body configured to be in contact with an area of the face below the forehead and above a mandible..
Multi-channel endorectal coils and interface devices therefor
An intracavity probe for use with a magnetic resonance system includes: a pair of coil loops arranged in a phased array configuration; a pair of decoupling circuits; a pair of output cables; and a spacer material positioned adjacent to an anterior surface of the coil loops. Each coil loop has a drive capacitor and a tuning capacitor.
Diaper and method for its manufacture
A diaper and method for its manufacture are disclosed. The diaper comprises one gathered lengthwise edge with an elastic material for that edge to expand and contract.
Lower anterior resection 90 degree instrument
An articulating surgical instrument is disclosed, and includes an end effector and a drive assembly operably coupled with the end effector. The end effector includes a first drive shaft defining a first axis, and a second drive shaft operably engaged with and extending away from the first drive shaft.
Minimally invasive intervertebral staple distraction devices
Multiple, small, staple-like supports are inserted through a small tube into the disc space then rotated into position on the edge of the vertebral bodies. The tooth-like geometry of the proximal and distal faces of these staples mates with the outer edge of the vertebral body, extending past the front of the endplate anteriorly.
Anti-dysphotopic intraocular lens and method
An intraocular lens implant includes a lens having an anterior portion, a posterior portion, and a circumferential edge located therebetween. An annular notch is formed in the anterior portion and oriented in an anteriorly-directed orientation..
Intraocular lens for inhibiting cell growth and reducing glare
An intraocular lens implantable in an eye includes an optic for placement in the capsular bag of the eye and for directing light toward the retina of the eye. The optic has a central optical axis, an anterior face, an opposing posterior face and a peripheral edge between the faces.
Midline referencing femoral sizing caliper
A sizing caliper for facilitating the selection of a femoral component of a knee prosthesis includes a caliper body, two drill guide bodies, a stylus tower configured to be slidably linked to each other wherein as the caliper body and the stylus tower are linearly displaced at an equal rate relative to the drill guide body portions and the drill guide holes remain located at the midpoint of an anterior/posterior dimension defined by the distance between the tip of the stylus and the base portion. The caliper body comprises a base portion configured to couple and decouple from the caliper body using a sliding mechanism..
Patient-specific acetabular guide for anterior approach
An orthopedic device includes a patient-specific acetabular guide that can be used for preparing an acetabulum of a patient to receive an acetabular implant. The acetabular guide has a body with an outer three-dimensional surface configured to match an acetabulum of a specific patient's hip joint designed from data of the patient's hip joint.
Patient-specific acetabular guide for anterior approach
An orthopedic device includes a patient-specific acetabular guide that can be used for preparing an acetabulum of a patient to receive an acetabular implant. The acetabular guide has a dome-shaped body with a peripheral annular rim and an outer three-dimensional surface configured to match an acetabulum of a specific patient's hip joint from three-dimensional medical images of the patient's hip joint.
Universal double offset surgical instrument
Instruments for use in anterior approach total hip arthroplasty. Instruments according to certain embodiments of the invention connect to a shaping member such as a broach, reamer or osteotome that is used to prepare the intramedullary canal of a desired femur or other bone for total hip arthroplasty.
Suprachoriodal drainage tube in a flow control system
Described herein is a treatment device for the drainage of fluid within an eye of a patient. The treatment device comprises a drainage tube and a flow system in fluid communication with the drainage tube.
Kinematic system
A kinematic system is described. The kinematic system includes a kinematic device to train a subject to move in an optimal form during functional activities.

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